Abigail G. of Boston, and Lewis Smith, int.Nov.23,1834.

Abby of Watertown, and Rev. Edward A. Lyon, int.July4,1840.

Miranda [male] and Muy Roff, June11,1837.

Sally Webber and Charles Hill, int.Dec.9,1827.

Thomas of Boston, and Eulalie M.A. Bright, Aug.4,1836.


Lucy Lyman and Russell Sturges, int.Mar.9,1828.


Alvan [mt. Alvin] and Dorcas B. Kimball [this name in pencil], Apr.8,1847.

Mary I. and Nathaniel P. Banks Jr., int.Mar.13,1847.

Stephen Jr. of Cambridge, and Mary Bemis, Mar.12,1777.*

PARK (Parks, Pearks)

Abigail of Linooln, and Charles Baker, int.May31,1807.

Anna and Conven [Converse.MR] Biglow, Oct.8,1778.*

Cyrus and Mary Sanderson, Jan.31,1813.

Hannah of Newton, and Thomas Codman, Sept.7,1792.*

Jerusha of Newton, and Isaac Randall, Dec.31,1780.*

Jerusha, Mrs., and Isaac Hagget, Oct.6,1796.

Penuel and Jerusha Gearfield, Nov.11,1790.*

Sally and Lewes McIntire, int.Mar.28,1818.


Anna and Ephraim Peirce Jr., Mar.16,1780.*

Charles F. Paker, 25, s.J.H. and Mary, and Martha M. Kellom, May24,1847.

Charlotte and Chancy [int.Chauncy] Newhall, Sept.27,1829.

Cynthia and David M. Bathrick, Dec.1,1836.

Elbridge H., 31, s.William and Martha, and Elizabeth H. Fillebrown, Nov.27,1845.

Elizabeth M. and William Allen, int.Apr.6,1844.

Ephraim of Reading, and Sophia Welch, int.Apr.10,1841.

George and Mary Walch, Nov.28,1844.*

Harriet and Lemuel K. Hodgkins, int.Mar.30,1833.

Henry F. and Miranda P. Bennett, int.May8,1847.

Hiram S. of Lexington, and Nancy Leavitt, int.Dec.9,1827.

Isaac and Lucy Dunsmore, int.Apr.2,1826.

James of Hillsborough, NH, and Susan Pratt, Apr.14,1822.*

John of Lexingto[torn], and Hannah Stearns, Feb.17,1785.*

Jonas and Percis Perkins, int.Apr.3,1841.

Jonas and Delilah Wentworth, int.Apr.25,1846.

Jonathan S. of Lexington, and Abigail Tuttle, Dec.30,1835.*

Lydia of Lexington, and Ephraim Peirce, Nov.5,1778, in Lexington.*

Lydia of Shirley, and John Foley Jr., int.Jan.4,1807.

Maria and William I. Sawyer, Jan.6,1848.

Molly of Lexington, and Jonas Smith, Oct.5,1775, in Lexington.*

Nathaniel and Lydia Hagar, Mar.28,1802.

Sarah of Needham, and Jonathan Underwood, Apr.12,1749.*

Warren and Hannah E. Babcock, int.Oct.1,1847.

William of Cambridge, and Martha Wellington, Dec.16,1807.

William of Newton, and Mary E. Maynard, int.Apr.14,1837.


Daniel of Weston, and Martha Gamage, Nov.6,1746.* [Parkhurst.MR]

Betty and Joel Bemis, Sept.1,1785.* [Parkhurst.MR]

Isaac and sarah Comey, Dec.4,1755.* [Parkhurst.MR]

Mary and David Stearns, Feb.6,1783.* [Parkhurst, and David Sterns.MR]

Nathaniel and Eunice Harrington, Feb.6,1744.* [Parkhurst.MR]

Ruth and Gideon French, Dec.4,1783.* [Parkhurst.MR]

Samuel and Kezia Bemis, Feb.16,1744.* [Parkhurst, Feb.6.MR]

Sarah and Janes Wiar, Nov.11,1742.* [James Wyer.MR]

Sarah and William Wheeler, Dec.12,1776.* [Parkhurst.MR]

PARKS (Park, Pearks)

Abigail [int.adds S.] and Jacob C. Whitney, Dec.31,1834.

Caroline M., 18, b. Lincoln, d.Jonas and Caroline, and William Locke, Mar.17,1846.

Cyrus and Elizabeth Head, Oct.18,1839.

Eunice of Lincoln, and Joel Flagg, int.Oct.15,1809.

Hannah of Weston, and Thomas Williams, Nov.28,1780.*

Joseph Jr. of Lincoln, and Lydia Gearfield, Apr.17,1755.* [Garfield.MR]

Mary and John A. Hanaford, July3,1836.

Steaphen of Concord, and Abigail Garfield, Apr.12,1749.* [Stephen, and Abigail Gearfield.MR].

William of Lincoln, and Lucy Boynton, int.Sept.12,1819.

PARMENTE (Parmiter)

Esther of Newport, RI, and William E. Allen, int.May11,1846.

Harriett and Charles Harrington, int.Feb.2,1834.

Hepzibah of Framingham, and Henry Boynton, Oct.28,1838.

Jonas W. and Harriot Kingsbury, Jan.15,1840, in W. Needham.

PARMINTER (Parmenter, Parmiter)

Sarah of Sudbury, and Jacob Ryan, int.July16,1809.

Sukey and Joseph Barney, int.May9,1813.

PARMITER (Parmenter, Parminter)

Anna and Josiah Knights, Aug.31,1794.


Adolphus of Newton, and Almoner Minor, int July5,1845.


Amos and Rebecca Combs, int.Sept.15,1822.

Joseph, Rev., of Brookfield, and Mrs.Sarah Williams, Nov.24,1763.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Rev. Eliphelet [Rev. Eliphalet.MR] Williams, June12,1777.*


Sewall of Boston [int of Weston], and Mrs.[int omits Mrs.] Hannah P. Aiken, Nov.6,1842.


Elias and Esther Perry, Mar.5,1788.*

Lydia of Watertown, and ABa Borden, int.Mar.末,1821.

William and Lydia Weeks, int.Apr.13,1828.

William and Marina Weeks, Jan.31,1844.


Dexter B. and Eliza J. Wentworth, Mar.31,1847.*


Martha A., see Martha A. Potter.


Betsy of Salem, NH, and Lemuel Cutter, int.May11,1822.

Rufus and Lydia Fisk [int.Fiske], Mar.29,1818.


John and Susan K. Goodnow, Dec.1,1840.

PEARKS (Park, Parks)

John and Hannah Hammond, Nov.24,1748.* [Parks.MR]


Ira and Mary Longley, int.Nov.5,1809.


Titus of Westfield, and Mrs.Hannah Ryan, int.Oct.8,1831.


John of Chelmsford, and Elvira Lee, int.Oct.30,1831.


Mary of Lexington, and Isaac Child, Mar.6,1806.*

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Abigail and Jeremiah Knowlton, Apr.4,1771.*

Abijah and Thankful Brown, Sept.3,1751, in Watertown.*

Abraham and Abigail Harrington, Sept.11,1760.*

Abraham, Capt, and Deborah Gearfield, Apr.28,1791.*

Amos and Betsey Hobbs, Sept.9,1784, in Weston.*

Amos and Mrs.Anna Dutton, int.Nov.1,1812.

Anna and Silas Robison, Dec.14,1784.* [Robinson, Dec.4.MR]

Berice and John Whitney, Nov.28,1754, in Weston.*

Charles [int.Pierce] and Sarah Sanderson, Aug.14,1791.

Daniel and Martha Godding, June4,1752, in Watertown.*

David and Huldah Harrington, Jan.22,1755, in Worcester.*

Elisabeth of Lexington, and Timothy Fessendin, Nov.15,1753.*

Ephraim and Lydia White, May8,1753, in Watertown.*

Ephraim and Lydia Parker, Nov.5,1778, in Lexington.*

Ephraim Jr. and Anna Parker, Mar.16,1780.*

Grace, 28, d.Abraham Pierce and Mary, and Henry Wyman, Apr.3,1845.

Isaac and Martha Greaves, Oct.22,1755, in Weston.*

Isaac and Hannah Mason, Dec.13,1764, in Lincoln.*

Isaac Jr. and Patty Munroe, int.Oct.14,1804.

Isaac Jr. and Lydia Smith, int.Oct.18,1807.

Jonathan and Abigail Blanchard, Dec.25,1745.*

Joseph and Ruth White, June2,1748, in Watertown.*

Joshua and Mary Flagg, Mar.19,1767.*

Josiah and Sarah Gale, Mar.14,1744.*

Judith and Elisha Stearns, Nov.26,1778.*

Lois and Joshua Stearns, Oct.8,1772.

Loring and Sibyl Wellington, Dec.18,1806.

Lucy and George Wellington, Dec.24,1772.*

Martha, Mrs., and Eliakim Cook, Nov.5,1776.*

Mary [int.Pierce] and Ephraim Allen,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.Apr.11,1813].

Mary and Moses Harrington, Apr.28,1757.*

Relief and Jonas Brown Jr., Feb.4,1795.

Reuben and Susanna Smith, Oct.20,1786, in Lexington.*

Ruth and Jonas Fisk, Mar.26,1793.

Samuel Jr. and Ruth Lee, Dec.1,1768.*

Sally M. and Elijah Lamson [int.Lawton], Oct.2,1806.

Sybil and Horatio Bird, May10,1812.

Thomas Dakin and Hannah Sanderson, int.Dec.23,1810.

William [int.Pierce] and Phebe Manning, May21,1790.


Robert Esq. of Roxbury, and Mrs.Hannah Potter, Sept.6,1775.*


Luther and Mary Jane Hall, int.Mar.16,1840.


John and Rebecca Pratt, May8,1821.

John L and Harriet N. Stone, int.Apr.1,1840.

John L. and Charlotte F. Howe, int.Oct.14,1843.

Joseph of Watertown, and Mary E. Stiles, int.Nov.8,1840.

Joseph, widr.[int.omits widr.], 36, s.Jeremiah and Harriet, and Abigail E. Chase, July8,1849.

Mary Hancock of Boston, and Calvin Clark, int.Mar.11,1843.

Percis of Lowell, and Jonas Parker, int.Apr.3,1841.

William R. of Reading, and Abigail Steams, Sept.30,1838.

PERREY (Perry)

Lydia, Mrs., and John Ball, Oct.4,1739.* [Perry.MR]

PERRY (Perrey)

Esther and Elias Patch, Mar.5,1788.*

John of Cambridge, and Persis Mixer, Feb.28,1775.*

Lydia of Cambridge, and Josiah Mixer, Nov.29,1773, in Cambridge.*

Mary and William Ruth, Dec.18,1838.

Obadiah and Catherine Still, June5,1746, in Watertown.*

Samuel and Nancy B. Foster, int.Sept.28,1832.


Hephzibah and Jeremiah Gay, Apr.25,1739.* [Hepzibah Paterson.MR]

Joseph Jr. of Newton, and FJiza Howe, int.Nov.2,1839.


Eunice P. and Elias M. Sawyer, Oct.* [int.Oct.16], 1841.


Epraim [int.Ephraim] S., 28, b. Union, ME, of Boston, s.Joel dec'd and Lydia dec'd, and Matilda G. Baxter, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], Jan.15,1846.


Abigail of Littleton, and Ruben Bemis, Nov.18,1779, in Littleton.*

Ebenezer of Weston, and Mary Warrin, Apr.27,1749.* [Warren.MR]

Hepsibah of Bedford, and Jacob Bemis, Nov.26,1788.


Thomas and Rebecca Sanderson, int.Dec.12,1835.


Chloe [int.Phiney] of Lexington, and John Stearns, May20,1794 [int.Feb.2,1795, sic], in Lexington.

Susanna [int.Sukey Phiney] of Lexington, and Peleg Stearns, May22,1794, in Lexington.


Charles C. of Watertown, and Anna Lincoln, int.Oct.14,1810.

William H. of Watertown, and Sarah P. Heart, int.Aug.30,1823.


Sarah Elizabeth and Thomas J. Ayers [int.Thomas Jefferson Ayer], Sept.19,1830.


Abigail B. and William W. Shaw, Jan.5,1836.

Alice B. and Henry A. Winslow, Apr.21,1835.

Caroline M. and John Clark Jr., Nov.8,1831.

Francis A. and Eliza Warren, int.Aug.12,1821.

George, Rev., of Boston, and Mary Bemis, Aug.23,1796.

Maria and Oliver Train, int.Aug.5,1821.

Susan B. and Amory Bemis, Sept.28,1830.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Abigail and Nathan Fish, Jan.27,1785.* [Pierce, and Nathan Fisk.MR]

Abigail and Jonas Fisk, Mar.27,1800.

Abraham, Capt. and Grace Harrington, Nov.18,1784.* [Pierce.MR]

Abraham [int.Peirce] and Polly Hagar, Nov.3,1808.

Alice [int Peirce] and Andrew Newell, Oct.30,1808.

Amasa and Lucy Smith, int.Apr.8,1802.

Amos of E. Livermore, ME, and Susan Walton, int.Feb.12,1845.

Beulah and John Coburn, Sept.30,1784.* [Beccah Peirce.MR]

Catherine and Phineas Lawrence, int.June11,1831.

Ebenezer M. and Mary Underwood, int.Oct.26,1833.

Eliza of Weston, and Luther P. Viles, int.Apr.23,1832.

Elisabeth and Benjamin Harrington, Oct.5,1749.* [Peirce.MR]

Elisabeth and Timothy Flagg, Dec.17,1761.* [Peirce.MR]

Betsy [int Peirce] and James Serles, June5,1808.

Hannah [int Peirce] and Solomon Harrington, Apr.26,1796.

Isaac and Anna Sanderson, Mar.20,1786.* [Peirce.MR]

Jonas [int.Peirce] and Eunice Brown, Mar.23,1797.

Lois S. of W. Cambridge, and Amos Russell, June12,1838.*

Lucy, Mrs.[int.Peirce, omits Mrs.], and [int.adds Rev.] Nehemiah Coye, Jan.3,1805.

Lydia of Lexington, and Samuell Smith, Mar.25,1784.* [Peirce, and Samuel Smith.MR]

Lydia [int.Peirce] and John Viles, Nov.29,1804.

Martha [int.Pirce] and William Simonds, Dec.11,1836.

Mary and Joseph Smith, Feb.22,1835.

Nancy [int.Peirce] and Leonard Smith, May29,1808.

Ruhamah, Mrs., and John Child, Aug.15,1738.* [Peirce.MR]

Samuel and Mrs.Abigail Stearns, June30,1739.* [Peirce.MR]

Sarah and Hopestill Mead, Mar.13,1749-50.* [Peirce.MR]

Sally and Cyrus Hayward, Jan.8,1801.

Sybbil and Amos Russell, int.Feb.22,1833.

Susanna and William Simonds, Aug.18,1799.

Thankful [int.Peirce] and Gad Whitehead, May4,1796.


James R. and Angeline Nelson, int.May6,1848.

John of Watertown and Caroline S. [int.Sophrona] Lovejoy, Sept.3,1835.


Harriett of Newburyport, and Marshall Sanderson, int.Sept.3,1831.


Elias of Portsmouth, NH, and Mrs.Nancy Carlisle, int.Nov.7,1830.


Alexander H. and Clarissa Reed, int.July25,1818.

Eliza and Willard Adams, int.Nov.25,1821.

George W. and Almira Ann Couch, int.Jan.28,1843.

Harriett and Micah Maynard, int.Aug.16,1829.

Jacob and Sally Hagar, int.Oct.15,1809.

Mary E. and Ralph A. Carrier, int.Oct.2,1847.

Nahum Jr. and Emeline Reed, int.Dec.2,1827.

Susannah S. [int.Susanna Sweetser] and Luke Fisk [int.Fiske], Nov.23,1817.

Till and Lois Bemis, June28,1787.*


Addison and Harriot Law, May29,1836.

Phineas and Lucy Vinal, July8,1838.

PLIMPTON (Plympton)

Edward G. and Susan L. Richardson, int.Nov.24,1845.


Elizabeth, 27, and Lyman W. Wright, Feb.3,1848.

PLYMPTON (Plimpton)

Cecelia Jeannette and Isaac B. Skinner, int.July10,1847.

Harriet Elizabeth and Francis Walker Bacon, Nov.15,1838.

Louisa H. and Josiah Beard, int.Aug.25,1832.


Nancy of Harvard, and Samuel Butler, int.Jan.4,1807.

Rosanna and Thomas Tye, int.Jan.13,1844.

Stephen C. and Laura Fay, Nov.2,1834.

POLLEY (Polly)

Henry and Charlotte [int.adds A.] Kellom, Jan.4,1843.

POLLY (Polley)

Eliza M. and Joel P. Vinal, Jan.28,1844.

Lydia [int.Polley], 39, s.Elnathan, and John Jennison Jr. [int.Jenison, omits Jr.], May17,1848.


Frances and Benjamin Adams, June2,1778, in Newton.*


Andrew and Priscilla D. Williams, int.Aug.22,1819.


Daniel E. and Sophia Barker, int.July7,1837.

William C. and.Mrs.Persis B. Lane, int.Feb.23,1839.


Hannah S. and George Moore, July5,1840.

Hannah O. and Samuel R. Viles, Nov.25,1840.

Henry A. and Czarina Forristall, int.Mar.26,1842.

Jeremiah H., 21, s.Jeremiah and Harriet, and Lucy Jane Snowdeal, July5,1847.

Leonard W., 24, of Hopkinton, and Mary Hayward [int.Haywood], Jan.23,1845.

Lorinda, 16, d.Asa, and Amos W. Buttrick, Oct.16,1845.

Nancy A. and George Reed, Nov.1,1835.

Sarah of Worcester, and John Boies, int.Aug.28,1803.

William and Frances Kingman, int.Feb.6,1836.


Edwin A. and Sarah A. Sproul, Mar.2,1839.

Hannah, Mrs., and Robert Pierpont Esq., Sept.6,1775.*

Henry A. and Susan Sproul, July10,1842.

Julia A. and Dwight A. [int.omits A.] Carrier, Nov.29,1843.

Martha A. [int.Pattin] and Leonard Stearns, Mar.20,1836.

Nathaniel, Rev., of Brookline, and Mrs.Hannah Livermore, Nov.24,1755.*

Sukey of Marlborough, and John Webber. int.Apr.24,1803.


Thomas A. and Hester A. Calderwood, Sept.末 [int.Sept.5], 1841.


Eunice, 20, b. Needham, d.Cyrus and Eunice of Needham, and Roswell O. Watkins, July22,1846.*

Francis P., 26 [int.of Concord, NH.], s.Stephen A. and Martha W., and Mary A. Davis, Feb.17,1847.

Isaac P., 22, b. Needham, s.Cyrus and Eunice of New York City, and Sophia Bird, Feb.1,1846.

Rebecca and John Perkins, May8,1821.

Samuel and Roxanna Moulton, int.Aug.26,1839.

Susan and James Parker, Apr.14,1822.*

Sylvia and Afred Bolton,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.Jan.9,1814].

PREIST (Priest)

James and Abigail Lawrence, Dec.27,1772.* [Priest.MR]

PRENTICE (Prentis, Prentss)

Henry of Cambridge, and Mrs.Susanna [Susannah.MR] Brown, Jan.12,1737-8.*

Kezia, Mrs., of Watertown, and Nathan Coolidge, June10,1777.*

PRENTIS (Prentice, Prentss)

Abigail [int.Abigial H.], 22, d.John, and Warren Maynard, July4,1845.

PRENTSS (Prentice, Prentis)

Henry of Cambridgeport, and Mary Wyman, int.Oct.21,1843.


Alfred A., 26, of Dedham, s.Mary and Jonathan, and Eliza Ann Ervin, Sept.16,1846.*

Louisa and Hiram Newhall, int.Sept.2,1827.

William P. [int.Perry] and Keziah S. [int.Sanderson] Hagar, Mar.27,1827.

PRIEST (Preist)

Abigail and Isaac Corey, Apr.12,1739, in Weston.*

Acsey and William Barry Jr., int.July12,1807.

Anna and Philip Gage, Mar.7,1744.*

Anna and Josiah Fuller, Jan.15,1761, in Newton.*

Eunice and John Barnard, May29,1751, in Weston.*

Grandvill and Nancy Mariah Tuffs, int.Aug.17,1828.

Jonas H. and Miranda Edgarton, int.Jan.5,1844.

Josiah and Mrs.Mary Brown, Jan.16,1738-9.*

Louisa and Samuel Croaks, Jan.21,1811.*

Martha and Amos Whitney, Jan.17,1811.

Mary and Zebediah Fisk Cook, Jan.5,1769.*

Sally [int.Sarah] and Uriah Moore, Nov.6,1803.


Abigail of Newton, and Samuel Barber, June23,1772, in Newton.*


Eliza D., Mrs., and Truman B. Sage, int.May8,1831.


Julia Ann of Spencer, and Robert M. Baldwin, int.June6,1835.


Amos of Saco, ME, and Lavina W. Sabins, int.Mar.8,1835.

Caty, Mrs., of Sudbury, and Uriah Cutting, Feb.4,1773.*

Clara and Charles Nealey, int.Apr.5,1848.

Jephthah and Nancy Warren, Aug.27,1815.

Lucy Ann and Benjamin Wyman, int.Oct.29,1840.

Mary A. and Andrew D. Bowen, Jan.1,1840.

Olive M. and Daniel A. Lovering, int.May2,1846.


Roxalyn and Bamabus Mann, Nov.21,1822, in Providence.

PURROUGHS (Burroughs, Burrows)

Sarah Ann and Elijah Breck, int.Aug.30,1823.


Arvilla and William Knight, int.Dec.10,1820.

Betsey and Christopher Whitney, int.Sept.15,1820.

Hannah and Elihu H. Hixon, int.Oct.24,1824.

Lucinda and Theodore Wyman, int.Feb.19,1825.

Mary and Levi Hartwell, mt. Mar.11,1821.

Mary Ann of Roxbury, and Calvin Smith, Apr.3,1842.

Rebecah H. and Simeon W. Brown, int.Jan.10,1830.

Sarah and Reuben Wright, int.Sept.19,1829.

Sarah F. arid George W. Butters, May5,1842.

Tryphosa and Caleb G. Knight, int.Mar.24,1821.

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