Clarence Porter, s.Ezekiel T. and Elizabeth,. Mar.19,1839. [s.Ezekiel T. and Elizabeth W., a.6m.GR]

Mary E., d.Ezekiel T. and Elizabeth, Dec.14,1843, a.3y.11m.GR

PAIRCE (Peirce, Pierce)

Mary, W. Joseph, Sept.10,1732, a.58.GR


Amanda F., typhus fever,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Oct.24,1843], a.21. [d.Jeduthum and Sarah, Oct.24,1843.GR]

PARK (Parkes)

Penuel, May6,1796.


George, ch.Isaac and Lucy, Nov.16,1832. [s.Isaac and Lucy P., a.1y.8m.GR]

Bernard, ch.Isaac and Lucy, May5,1836.

Charles Barnard, ch.Isaac and Lucy, Dec.31,1839.

Joseph, s.Isaac and Lucy, Mar.9,1842.

Lucy C., d.Isaac and Lucy, scarlet fever, July17,1845, a.1y.9m.25d.

William, ch.Jonas, Apr.10,1848, a.1.


Samuel, Sept.2,1768, a.80.GR


Susannah [dup. Susenah], d.Samuel [dup. Samuell] and Sarah, Jan.12,1740-1.

John [dup. Parkbust], s.Samuel [dup. Samuell] and Sarah, May4,1743, a.21.

Sarah [dup. Parkhust], w.Samuel, July18,1745.

Nathaniel [dup. Parkhust], s.Nathaniel and Eunice, May26,1750.

Eunice, d.Nathaniel [dup. Nathaniell] and Eunice, May28,1750.

Mary [dup. Parkhust], ch.Nathaniel and Eunice, Jan.13,1759.

Lucy [dup. Parkbust], ch.Nathaniel and Eunice, Oct.4,1762.

Esther, consumption,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Sept.9,1843], a.62.

末末, Sept.10,1843.

末末, ch.Zenas, dysentary, Aug.7,1848, a.1y.4m.


Lucy, ch.William and Lydia, May26,1836. [a.1y.10m.GR]

Lydia, w.William, Apr.9,1843, a.38.GR

Elizabeth, d.William and Marina, Aug.17,1848, a.2.GR


Mehitable, w.Eliphalet, Aug.15,1821, a.52.GR

Eliphalet, m., b. Salem, consumption, July13,1849, a.80. [July10,1848.GR]


Elvira, m., d.Rufus Lee and Mary, consumption, Apr.30,1845, a.33y.3m.30d.[Elvira Lee, w.John M.GR]

PEIRCE (Pairce, Pierce)

Isaac, Apr.16,1715, in 75th y.GR

Daniel, Mar.24,1723, in 84th y.GR

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Mar.4,1726, a.10y.2m.GR

John, Apr.26,1744.

Susanna, d.Lt. Isaac and Susanna, Dec.9,1745.GR

Joseph, Aug.29,1747, in 75th y.GR

Abigail, d.Samuel and Abigail, Sept.9,1747

Daniel, s.Samuel and Abigail, Sept.12,1747.

Elizabeth, Sept.20,1747, a.66.

Elisha, ch.John and Abigail, Oct.17,1771.

Isaac, Lt., Aug.21,1773, in 73d y.GR

Susanna [dup. Susannah], d.Isaac and Hannah, June29,1778.

Abigail, w.Capt. Abraham, May13,1783, in 45th y.GR

Grace(Harrington), w.Capt. Abraham, Feb.27,1790, a.34GR

Luther, s.Samuel and Ruth, Apr.10,1795, a.20.GR

Ephraim [ch.Ephraim and Anna], Jan.9,1796, a.13.

Phebe [dup. Pierce], ch.William and Phebe, Sept.10,1796.

Jonas, s.Jonas and Eunice, June15,1800, a.2y.3m.GR

Samuel Jr., Mar.24,1801, a.28.GR

Eunice, Sept.14,1803, a.96. [w.Isaac, a.97.GR]

Amasa, Mar.30,1804, a.36.GR

Ruth Lee, d.Amasa and Lucy, Aug.16,1804. a.5m.GR

末末, ch.Amasa, Aug.31,1804.

Samuel, Mar.30,1806, a.64GR

Ephraim, Dec.12,1811, a.54.GR

Eliza, ch.William and Phebe. Oct.5,1821, a.17.GR

Anna, w.Ephraim, Jan.末,1827, a.68.GR

Mary, Apr.4,1840, a.53.

Lydia, May27,1855, a.75.GR


Mary, "Hernia Strang,"末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Sept.23,1843], a.69.

PEREE (Perry)

Sarah, fever, Feb.15,1847. a.23.


Harriet N., w.John L., Apr.16,1842, a.25.

Charles A., s.Joshua Styles, dysentary, Aug.1,1848, a.5y.10m.[s.Joseph and Mary.GR]

Martha A., d.Joseph, Oct.18,1848, a.8m.4d.

Mary E., w.Joseph, Oct.26,1848, a.39y.4m.12d.[d.Joshua Stiles, a.39.GR]

Warren, typhus fever, Dec.6,1849, a.31.

PERRY (Peree)

Benjamin, s.James and Lydia, Jan.28,1782, in 14th [?] y.GR

Jonathan Pery, s.Jonathan and Margerett, June17,1828. [s.Jonathan and Margaret, a.16m.16d.GR]

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Margaret, July15,1834, a.8m.5d.GR

Nancy, d.Jonathan and Margaret, Sept.7,1836, a.15m.19d.GR

Samuel F., s.Samuel and Nancy B., Dec.4,1836, a.19d.GR

Caroline, d.Jonathan and Margaret, Sept.6,1837, a.21d.GR

Jonathan 3d, s.Jonathan and Margarett, Aug.28,1838, a.10m.13d.GR

Charles O., s.Samuel and Nancy B., Feb.10,1848, a.17m.GR

Margaret, w.Jonathan, Feb.21,1848, a.43.GR

Charles L, s.Samuel and Nancy B., Aug.29,1848, a.4m.GR


George Williston, s.Rev. George and Mary, Nov.6,1800.

George, Rev., m., b. Maryland, consumption, Dec.8,1846, a.77.

PIERCE (Pairce, Peirce)

Joseph [dup. Peirce], Nov.25,1713, in 70th y.GR

Nathaniel [dup. Peirce], s.Samuel and Abigail, Dec.24,1749.

Mary [dup. Peirce], d.Joseph and Ruth, Dec.8,1750.

Abigail [dup. Peirce], wid.Jonathan, Feb.5,1764, a.38.

Abraham, Capt. [dup. Peiree], Dec.11,1801. [a.68.GR]

Deborah [dup. Peiree], wid.Abraham, Oct.4,1802, m.43d y.[w.Capt. Abraham, Nov.4, a.44.GR]

Sylvanus [dup. Peirce], s.Isaac Jr. and Lydia, May20,1813.

Mary [dup. Peirce], d.Jonathan and Abigail, June23,1814, a.62.

William, Sept.4,1825, a.65.GR

Ruth, wid.Samuel, Oct.19,1829. [Oct.20, a.83.GR]

Jonathan, Nov.4,1841, a.48. [Peirce, ch.William and Phebe.GR]

Emily, [? d.] Abraham, consumption,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Sept.14,1843], a.19.

Ebenezier M., m., s.Isaac and Lydia, consumption, June8,1846, a.37.

Charles C., Jan.29,1849, a.6d.


Charles L., ch.Jacob and Sally, July8,1823. [Charles, a.4.GR]

Mary Ann, ch.Jacob and Sally, Dec.24,1824, [Jan.16,1825, a.3.GR]

Lydia Ann, ch.Jacob and Sally, June5,1827.

Nahum, ch.Nahum and Emeline, Feb.3,1829.

Mary Elizabeth, ch.Jacob and Sally, Nov.29,1829.

Nahum, Jan.5,1830, a.60.GR

Charlotte, Oct.30,1832, a.21.

Thomas Lilly, ch.Nahum and Emeline, Nov.3,1835, [Thomas, Nov.4, a.3y.6m.GR]

Nahum, Jan.21,1842, a.41. [Jan.25.GR]

Jacob, m., b. Sterling, s.Joshua and Elizabeth, black vomit, June12,1846, a.60y.1m.14d.


George Addison, ch.Addison and Harriet, Jan.21,1842. [a.1y.3m.GR]

Harriet Augusta, ch.Addison and Harriet, Jan.28,1842. [a.3y.5m.GR]

Henry, ch.Addison, dysentary, Sept.1,1847, a.4y.7m.

Joseph H., s.Addison and Harriet, Sept.3,1847, a.4y.7m.GR

Abby L, d.Phineas and Lucy, Mar.25,1849, a.3y.2m.GR


Mary Ann, d.Simon and Mary, Dec.3,1824, a.18.GR

POLLEY (Polly)

Francis K., d.[sic] Henry and Charlotte A., lung fever,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Feb.28,1846], a.10m.[s.Henry and Charlotte A., Jan.21.GR]

POLLY (Polley)

Ai, b. Townsend, s.Elnathan and Merriam, typhus fever, Oct.7,1846, a.21. [Al Polley.GR]


Susan Sophia, d.Daniel E. and Sophia, Nov.11,1841.


Catherine Ann, w.William, June12,1835. [Catharine A.GR]

William, s.William, Aug.23,1841, in NY. [ch.William and Catharine.GR]

Georgetta, ch.William and Catharine, Jan.10,1847.GR

Charles, old age, Apr.22,1847.


Clara Ann Frances, ch.Edwin A and Salome T., May1,1836. [Clara A, a.11m.GR]

Salome T., w.Edwin A., July30,1836, a.27.

Francis Howe, ch.Edwin A. and Salome T., Dec.20,1836. [a.5m.GR]

Charles, Mar.11,1848, a.1y.4m.[Charles E., Mar.10, a.20m.GR]


Horace, s.Thomas and w., canker, Jan.13,1845, a.1y.11m.29d.[s.Thomas A. and Hester A., a.2.GR]


Mercy, wid., Apr.30,1825, a.93.GR

Sewall H., s.Sewall and Mary, Nov.10,1827, a.17m.GR

William,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. May17,1843], a.11.

George T., s.Samuel, dysentary, Aug.28,1849, a.3y.5m.


Sarah, Mrs., Oct.7,1820.


Bethiah, d.John and Bethiah, Sept.19,1738.

Bethiah, d.John and Bethiah, Feb.2,1740-1.

Sarah, d.John and Bethiah,末蔓末,1742.

Martha, d.Jonas and Anna, Dec.16,1772, a.19y.9m.GR

Miranda T., m., b. Shirley, d.Joseph Edgarton and Mehitable, child bed, Feb.15,1846, a.34y.2m.9d.


John, July24,1840.


Feliare, b. Needham, d.Horrone and Celina, consumption, Oct.31,1846, a.4m.


Benjamin, m., old age, June26,1846, a.66.

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