Isabella and Dea.Matthias Bent, Jan.21,1796, in Framingham.

Jane of Lowell, and Joseph T. Moulton, int.Feb.14,1846.

Hannah E. of Charlestown, and Warren Parker, int.Oct.1,1847.

BACHELDOR (Batchelder, Batcheldor)

Hervy of New Ipswich, NH, and Sarah Bucannun, int.Mar.15,1832.

Jacob of Concord, NH, and Almira A. [int.Armelia] Smith, June30,1832


Lucy of Bedford, and Joseph Adams Willington [int.Wellington], Mar.25,1798, in Bedford.

Moses and Eliza Wilson, Dec.6,1816.*

Hezekiah of Watertown, and Mary Bond, int.Sept.5,1819.

Francis Walker and Harriet Elizabeth Plympton, Nov.15,1838.

Francis W., widr.[int.omits widr.], 38, s.Enoch and Sarah, and Jane Atkins Stratton, wid.[mt. Mrs., omits wid.], Sept.12,1848.

Elenor [int.Eleanor] S., 24, d.Daniel and Sophia, and Samuel T. Treat, Oct.2,1849.


Alice of Boston, and Isaac Sanderson Jr., int.Dec.18,1830.


Rachel S. and Jonas Clark Jr., Nov.4,1840.

BAILEY (Baily)

Ann Mariah and Calvin Tower, July4,1821.*

BAILY (Bailey)

Susan and Thomas Wright, int.Apr.5,1830.


Joel of Dorchester, and Diantha Alby, int.Mar.21,1824.


Jacob and Grace Billings, Mar.16,1741-2, in Sudbury.*

Mary and Abijah Addams, Jan.19,1742-3.* [Ahijah Adams.MR]

Elizebeth and Daniel Addams, Nov.22,1743.*[Elizabeth, and Daniel Adams.MR]

Anna and Joseph Underwood, Feb.26,1744, in Lexington.*

Robert of Concord, and Elisabeth Addams, Feb.26,1744.*[Elizabeth Adams.MR]

Timothy of Dedham, and Lois Brown, June21,1780.*

Charles and Abigail Park, int.May31,1807.

Mary of Lincoln, and Jonathan Fiske, int.Dec.6,1807.

Jacob and Lovina Minott, int.Apr.7,1816.

Augusta and Edwin Hall, May26,1839.

William G., 24, of Lowell, s.George T. and Priscilla, and Sarah M. Hobbs, Mar.1,1848.

George F., 31, s.George and Eunice, and Mary Jane Dudley, June15,1848


Daniel of Boston, and Silence [int.adds Clark] Adams, Oct.15,1822.

Phebe and Joseph Marshall, int.Nov.14,1824.


Sally and Maj. Allen Stone, Mar.29,1807.

Mary [? Balcom] of Sudbury, and Joshua Blake, int.Jan.17,1822.

Stephen W. and Allice Carlisle, May23,1822.


William of Westminster, and Sarah Ward, Mar.21,1773.*

Robert and Martha Brown, Apr.5,1803.

James F. and Mary S. Hardy, Apr.16,1834.

Robert M. and Julia Ann Prouty, int.June6,1835.

Robert M. and Lucinda W. Forbes, int.Feb.25,1843.

James F. and Laura H. Chase, int.Nov.7,1845.

Abby E. of Brighton, and Josiah Rutter, int.Dec.18,1847.


Patiance, Mrs., and Nehemiah Mills, Nov.23,1738.* [Patience.MR*]

John and Mrs.Lydia Perrey, Oct.4,1739.* [Perry.MR]

Mary and Samuel Chield, Dec.19,1745.*[Child.MR]

Lydia and Josiah Hastings, June4,1752, in Watertown.*

John and Mrs.Anna Harrington, Apr.26,1753.*

Elisabeth and Samuel Lamson, June7,1759.*

Bulah and William Cox, Nov.29,1759.*[Beulah Batt.MR]

Sarah and Nathan Smith, Oct.21,1762.

Martha and Benjamin Willington, Dec.4,1766.* [Wellington.MR]


Sophia P. and William Gleason, int.Feb.5,1830.


Nathaniel P. and Rebecca Greenwood, int.Jan.22,1815.

Rebecca and Nathaniel C. Sanger, Nov.25,1841.

Nathaniel P. Jr. and Mary I. Palmer, int.Mar.13,1847.


Samuel and Abigail Prince, June23,1772, in Newton.*


Harriot and Columbus Hubbard, Oct.30,1836.

Sophia of Cambridge, and Daniel E. Pope, int.July7,1837.

Martha A. of E. Cambridge, and George F. Adams, int.Apr.4,1841.


Sarah and John Harrington, Nov.13,1740.

John and Eunice Priest, May29,1751, in Weston.*

Jonas of Watertown, and Abigail Viles, Dec.7,1752, in Watertown.*

David of Watertown, and Lydia Warren, Oct.9,1766.*

Hannah of Watertown, and Josiah Sanderson, Feb.16,1769, in Watertown.*

Hannah and William Stone, Dec.29,1774.*

Sarah of Watertown, and John Randal, Dec.30,1778.* [Randall.MR]

Nathan and Sarah Wellington, Dec.6,1781.*

Jacob of Boston, and Grace Steams, May28,1815.

BARNES (Barns)

Phineas and Sally Spofford, int.Nov.8,1807.

Thomas and Adaline Lawrance, int.Nov.3,1823.

William of Roxbury, and Sarah A. Hall, Apr.21,1840.*

Adams G. and Jane S. Holt, int.Aug.10,1845.

Adaline and Leonard L. Brown, int.Jan.1,1848.


Joseph of Newton, and Sukey Parminter, int.May9,1813.

BARNS (Barnes)

Samuel and Grace Warren, July10,1775.*[Barnes.MR]

Lucy of Marlborough, and Joel Hagar, Sept.21,1784.* [Hager.MR]


Mary of Ashby, and Josiah Whitney Jr., int.Jan.10,1790.


Adeline and Matthew M. Bellis, May11,1843.

Cynthia, 27, b. Bridgewater, d.William and Cynthia, and John B. Hayden, Apr.3,1846.


William Jr. of Newton, and Acsey Priest, int.July12,1807.

George, widr., s.William and Esther, and Mary H. Ladd, Oct.31,1849.

BARTLET (Bartlett)

Sarah R., 23, d.Gilbert and Mary Kimball, and Thomas Waterhouse, Oct.29,1846.*

Joseph A. of Portland, ME, and Pauline R. Frost, Apr.6,1847.

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

William and Mary Hawkes, Nov.8,1801.

Josiah, Dr., of Concord, and Martha Tilden Bradford, int.Nov.24,1821.

Martha of Newton, and Jesse Glover, int.Nov.6,1834.


Abba [int.Abby] Ann and John E. [int.C.] Chase, Dec.4,1836


Martha Jane [int.Martha J. of Atkinson, NH.], 24, d.John and Mary, and Thomas W. Farnsworth, Jan.31,1847.

BATCHELDER (Bacheldor, Batcheldor)

Winthrop and Lydia R. Simonds, int.Oct.1,1820.

BATCHELDOR (Bacheldor, Batchelder)

Abby [int.Abbey] C. and Ashley Dole [int.Ashley D. Cole], Apr.13,1840.


John and Mary French, int.July25,1819.

Cyrenius of Cambridge [int.Cambridgeport], and Eunice Hazen, Nov.2,1837.

BATHRICK (Bathwick)

Puah and Silas Harrington, int.Dec.21,1805.

David M. and Cynthia Parker, Dec.1,1836.

John, 31, s.Stephen and Susan, and Elizabeth Jenkins, June13,1847.

BATHWICK (Bathrick)

Jason of Watertown, and Sarah Wyer, Feb.11,1766.* [Bathrick.MR]

BATRICK (Buttrick)

Tilly [int.Buttrick] of Princeton, and Mrs.Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Dix, May13,1802.


Mary J. and Samuel B. Wright, int.Jan.19,1838.

Daniel and Mary Farwell [int.Farewell], Sept.2,1838.

George R. of Providence, RI, and Matilda G. Bump, Nov.21,1839.

Valentine and [int.adds Mrs.] Zilpah Brown, Mar.29,1843.

Matilda G., wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 27, b. Oxford, NH, d.Leonard Bush and Sabra, and Epraim [int.Ephraim] S. Phelps, Jan.15,1846.

Orson A. and Martha A. Ames, int.May25,1849.


John [int.Rayne] and Bathsheba Bicknell [int.Becknell], Dec.1,1805.

John and Dolly Bruce, int.Feb.2,1834.

BEAL (Beals)

William of Watertown, and Mary Ann Brown Wheat, June17,1781.*

Stephen of Chelsea, and Sarah C. Merriam, int.Sept.24,1846.

BEALS (Beal)

Asa Jr. and Mary Stone, int.Sept.12,1824.


William and Mary Halley, Apr.8,1847.


Josiah and Louisa H. Plympton, int.Aug.25,1832.


Sarah of Ashby, and Jonathan Whitney, int.Oct.14,1804.


Mary, Mrs., and John Fox, int.Oct.14,1827.

Elizabeth and Amos White, int.Oct.19,1828.


Mary of Chester, and William Livermore, int.May8,1841.


Elisabeth and Andrew O'Donnell, May5,1844.*


Nancy [int adds Mrs.] and Harris P. Hill, Aug.6,1835, in Newton.

Matthew M. and Adeline Barron, May11,1843.

John S. and Caroline L. Hunt, int.Oct.28,1848.


Hephzibah and Simeon Underwood, May20,1804.


Dinah, Mrs., and Jonathan Stratton, Nov.1,1738.*

Grace and Joshua Chield, Apr.30,1741.* [Child.MR]

Kezia and Samuel Parkhust, Feb.16,1744.* [Parkhurst, Feb.6.MR]

Mary of Watertown, and Jonathan Sanderson Jr., Feb.21,1744- 5, in Watertown.*

Sarah and Bezaleal [Bezaleel.MR] Flagg, Mar.12,1746.*

Lydiah and Jonas Dix, May9,1746.* [Lydia.MR]

Elisha and Lucy Ellton, Feb.15,1748-9.*

Jonathan of Watertown, and Huldah Livermore, May4,1748.*

Benjamin and Sarah Bright, Sept.1,1748.*

Philip of Cambridge, and Lydia Dix, Feb.22,1749.*

Abraham and Susannah Flagg, May11,1749.*

Abijah and Dinah Hagar, Jan.29,1750-1.* [Hager.MR]

Josiah and Elizabeth Warrin, Oct.9,1750, m Weston.*

Anna of Watertown, and Samuel Hammond, Jan.9,1752, in Watertown.*

Susanna and Elisha Garfield, Nov.15,1753.*[Gearfield.MR]

Anna, Mrs., and Jonas Smith, Dec.5,1759.*

Abraham and Mrs.Mary Whitney, Mar.17,1768.*

Katharine of Watertown, and Ebenezer Everet, Apr.18,1775.*[Everett.MR]

Betty and John Frost, July6,1775.*

Abraham Jr. and Abigail Adams, Oct.10,1776.*

Esther of Watertown, and William Harrington [Feb.6,1777].*

Mary and Stephen Palmer Jr., Mar.12,1777.*

Thankfull of Watertown, and Phinehas Harrington, Mar.19,1778.* [Thankful.MR]

Sarah and Zechariah [Zachariah.MR] Smith, June17,1779.*

Isaac and Elizabeth Green, Nov.11,1779.*

Ruben and Abigail Phillips, Nov.18,1779, in Littleton.*

Josiah Jr. and Joanna Fisk, June14,1781.*

Eunice and Noah Russell, Sept.12,1782.*

Jonathan of Watertown, and Mary Stearns, Sept.22,1782.*

Nathaniel of Watertown, and Abigail Bridge, Sept.4,1783.*

Susannah and Nathan Smith, Sept.11,1783.* [Susanna.MR]

Esther and Jabez Stevens, July1,1784.*

Lydia and Amos Frost, Aug.4,1785.*

Joel and Betty Parkhust, Sept.1,1785.* [Parkhurst.MR]

Lois and Till Piper, June28,1787.*

Abigail and Cooper Frost, Sept.11,1787.*

Jacob and Hepsibah Phillips, Nov.26,1788.*

Anna and Capt Abijah Child, Dec.30,1790.*

Amos and Susanna Fisk, Feb.2,1792.*

Jonas and Tabitha Gave, Aug.28,1792, in Lincoln.

Phinehas of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Fisk, Aug.4,1793.*

Lot of Weston, and Sarah Brown, May11,1794, in Weston.

Mary and Rev. George Pickering, Aug.23,1796.

Isaac and Abigail Biglow, July3,1803.

Betsy and Charles Weston, May29,1804.

Converse and Sally Stearns, July8,1804.*

Elisha and Nancy Nolen, Nov.9,1808.

William and Lucy Stearns, Feb.6,1817.

Elenorn and Jacob Alls, int.Oct.24,1818.

Jonas of Lincoln, and Joana Gibbs, int.Mar.9,1823.

Lavina [int.Levina] and Pitts Fisher, Jan.12,1830.

George and Elizebeth N. Cook, int.Feb.20,1830.

Amory [int of Lincoln] and Susan B. Pickering, Sept.28,1830.

Lewis and Hannah S. Livermore, int.Sept.29,1830.

Nancy [int.adds Mrs.] and Joseph Corey [int.Cory], Oct.28,1835.

Frederic and Sarah J. Swan, int.Sept.3,1836.

Martha A. and Thomas L. Wellington, int.Nov.18,1843.

Charles W. and Lucy E. Howard, int.Sept.23,1846.

John D., 20, s.Luther and Rachael, and Mary A Rose, Apr.18,1847.

Charles W. and 'Harriet Menter, int Aug.28,1847.

Ann Augusta, 19, s.Mrs.Joseph Corey, and George D. Lucus [int.Lucas], Dec.末 [int.Dec.4], 1847.

Izannah [int.Hannah] M., 22, d.Mrs.Josep Corey, and Samuel G. Bemis, Aug.24,1848.

Samuel G., 40, s.Jonas, and Izannah [int.Hannah] M. Bemis, Aug.24,1848.

BENJAMAN (Benjamin)

Annaball, Mrs., and Ebenezer Willington, May24,1739.* [Annabel Benjamin and Ebenezer Wellington.MR]

BENJAMIN (Benjaman)

Lydiah and Thadeus Ward, July26,1743.*[Lydia, and Thaddeus Ward.MR]

Mary and Jonas Gale, Mar.10,1747.* [1747-8.MR]

Daniel and Mrs.Lydiah [Lydia.MR] Warren, Apr.12,1749.*

Mary of Watertown, and John Whitney, July4,1753, in Watertown.*

Mary and Jonas Hastings, Feb.26,1756.*

William and Sarah Child, Jan.2,1760.*

Mehitable of Watertown, and Benjamin Ward, Dec.3,1767, in Watertown.*

Catee and James Cutter, June13,1768.* [Kate.MR]

Samuel Jr. of Watertown, and Tabitha Livermore, Jan.16,1782.*

William and Beulah Child, Feb.16,1786.


Miranda P. and Henry F. Parker, int.May8,1847.


Jane C. and Joseph W. Kimball, July4,1847.


George W. of Providence, RI, and Catherine Stetson, int.Nov.16,1833.

Mary of Grafton, and William Wallace, int.Aug.19,1847.


Hopestill of Sudbury, and Mrs.Anna Fisk, Apr.26,1763.*

Matthias of Framingham, and Mrs.Mary Coollidge, Oct.26,1780.* [Coolidge.MR]

Matthias, Dea., of Framingham, and Isabella Babcock, Jan.21,1796, in Framingham.

Asahel [int.adds W.] of Sudbury, and Hepzibah [int.Hephzibah] Sanderson, Nov.17,1840.

Betsey, Mrs., and Samuel Colburn, int.Dec.12,1840.

Elizabeth and Francis J. Brown, int.July15,1843.

Samuel, widr., 24, b. Wayland, of Framingham, s.George and Esther of Natick, and Emily Fletcher, Oct.25,1846.*


Nancy M. and William Meads, int.July28,1832.

Ansalnia and W.F. Mills, int.Feb.23,1849.


David Y. [int.Young] and Catharine [int.Catherine] Crane, Sept.19,1830.


Bathsheba [int.Becknell] and John Bayne [int.Rayne], Dec.1,1805.

BIGALOW (Bigelow, Biglow)

Lucy and Alvin Sawyer, int.Apr.13,1828.

BIGELOW (Bigalow, Biglow)

Susanna, Mrs., and Rev. Elijah Brown, Dec.13,1770.* [Biglow.MR]

Mary of Weston, and Jonathan Steams, Apr.29,1779, in Weston.*

Sarah and Williams Cushing, Apr.12,1781.*

Samuel [int.Biglow] and Betsy [int.Betsey] Sanger, Jan.末,1790, in Framingham.

Thomas and Nancy Damon, int.May4,1817.

Josiah and Elizabeth F. Burett [?] [int.Burtt], June10,1836.

Abigail M., 19, and George Nelson, Feb.14,1848.

BIGLOW (Bigalow, Bigelow)

Jacob and Mrs.Susanna [Susannah.MR] Mead, Dec.14,1738.*

Sarah and Elisha Livermore, Jan.3,1743-4.*

Josiah and Mary Harrington, July27,1749.*

Mary and Samuel Stearns Jr., May15,1760.*

Samuel and Mary Harrington, May30,1776.*

Conven and Anna Park, Oct.8,1778.* [Converse.MR]

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Joseph Field, Oct.29,1778.*

Abigail and Gershom Flagg, Nov.25,1779.*

Alpheus of Weston, and Eunice Mixer, May22,1783.*

Amos of Weston, and Lucy Savage, June9,1783.*

Thomas of Weston, and Miriam Hagar, Nov.3,1791.

Abigail and Isaac Bemis, July3,1803.

Thomas, Dea., of Weston, and Mrs.Abigail Hastings, int.Aug.16,1819.

Abijah and Mercy [Mary.MR] Amelia Sprig, Nov.30,1180.*


Grace and Jacob Baker, Mar.16,1741-2, in Sudbury.*


Orra of Boston, and Ruel Richardson, int.Aug.7,1808.

Horatio and Sybil Peirce, May10,1812.

Elizabeth and Moses C. Sanderson, int.June30,1839.

Sophia, 17, b. France, d.Peter and Mary of Needham, and Isaac P. Pratt, Feb.1,1846.


Susan and Henry Coolidge, int.Nov.16,1823.


Ann S. of Newton, d.Nancy, and Amory Moore, June1,1847.


Roland of Weston, and Ruth Whitney, Dec.7,1780.* [Blackmore.MR]


William of Westminster, and Phebe A. Marshall, int.July7,1844.


Ebeneezer and Ann White, int.Sept.12,1829.


Joshua and Mary Balcom [?], int Jan.17,1822.


Abigail and Jonathan Peirce, Dec.25,1745.*

Love and John Randall, July27,1748.* [Randal.MR]

Esther and Nathan Oliver, May19,1816.


Joseph and Abigail Champney, int May8,1831.


Eunice, Mrs., and Abraham Wellington, int Apr.1,1833.

William A. and Caloline M. [int Caroline Matilda] Maynard, June12,1842.


Calvin Jr., 24, s.Calvin and Indianna, and Mary Ripley, Mar.13,1848.


Sarah Jane and Elijah Emerson, int June6,1846.

Mary, wid.[int Mrs., omits wid.], and Jacob Chase, Dec.24,1848.

BOES (Bowes)

Ann D. [int Bowes] and James Delzell [int.Dalzell Jr.], Sept.24,1843.

BOIES (Boyce)

John and Mercy Hishborn, int Sept.14,1800.

John and Sarah Porter, int.Aug.28,1803.

BOLTON (Boulton)

Afred and Sylvia Pratt,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int Jan.9,1814].

Nancy of Upton, and Austin Saunders, int Feb.20,1820.

Mary Ann and William D. Mason, int Mar.13,1820.

Alfred and Mrs.Sally Stone, int.July30,1820.


Benjamin of Weston, and Abigail Mixer, May4,1738, in Weston.*

Bethiah of Watertown, and Enoch Sawtell, Apr.13,1747, in Watertown.*

Elizabeth of Newton, and Samuel Trowbridge, Feb.2,1781.*

Betsey of Weston, and.Nathan Sanderson, Apr.26,1781, in Weston.*

Mary, wid.Weston, and Bezalel Flagg, Oct.18,1781, in Weston.*

Anna and Nathan Lock, June21,1785.*

Amos Esq. of Watertown, and Mrs.Abigail Livermore, July11,1792.

Mary and Hezekiah Bacon, int.Sept.5,1819.

Lucetta of E. Sudbury, and Levi Hawes, int.June2,1832.

Philenda T., 20, of Fitchburg, d.J. dec'd and Philenda dec'd, and Asa W. Foster, Aug.17,1845.

Edward L. [int.of Boston], 28, and Ellen R. Smith, Dec.4,1845.


Alonzo, 25, s.David and Dolly, and Susan Haynes, Apr.16,1848.


Thomas and Caroline Wellington, int.Jan.19,1821.

Asa and Lydia Patch, int.Mar.末,1821.

Isaac and Fini G. Maynard, int.May14,1824.

Caroline, Mrs., and Sewall Fisk, int.Dec.8,1827.


Harriett E. of Newton, and Jonas C. Wellington, Oct.17,1839, in Lexington.*

Alonzo P. and Elizabeth Hooper, int.Oct.28,1848.

BOULTON (Bolton)

Ann W. and Thomas Fowler, int.Aug.25,1818.

BOWEN (Bowin)

Andrew D. and Mary A. Puffer, Jan.1,1840.


Sarah of Charlestown, and Rev. Bernard Whitman, int.Feb.4,1832.

BOWES (Hoes)

Alice [int.adds W.] and Isaac Mansfield, Nov.29,1835.

Elizabeth G. [int.Gibson]. and Jeremiah Moulton, May24,1840.

BOWIN (Bowen)

John [int.Bowen] and Hezehiah [int.Kezia] Newman, Dec.22,1799, in Lexington.


Sarah, Mrs., and David Griffith, Nov.7,1757.*[1747 [sic].MR]


Betty of Cambridge, and William Bridge, Dec.11,1783, in Lexington.*

Lucy of Watertown, and Rev. Richard Rosswell Eliot, June17,1790.*

Francis Jr. of Lexington, and Elmira Wellington, int.Feb.18,1821.

BOYANTON (Boynton)

Nathan and Beulah Eaton, Dec.31,1778, in Sudbury.*

BOYCE (Boies)

Caroline and Thomas L. Quimby, Mar.28,1847.


Peter and Polly Cushing,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.Aug.15,1813].


Richard and Mary Agnes Hallarin, int.Dec.5,1846.

BOYNTON (Boyanton)

Lucy and William Parks, int.Sept.12,1819.

Henry and [int.adds Mrs.] Hepzibah Parmenter, Oct.28,1838.


Michael Gay of. Lowell, and Hannah Harrington, int.Apr.14,1827.

Joseph and Lucretia L. Hunt, int.Sept.5,1846.


William and Mary Rogers, May5,1846.


Alden, Rev., of Pownalborough [int.of Wiscassett], and Peggy Stevenson, Sept.24,1795.

Sarah Alden of Charlestown, and Rev. Samuel Ripley, int.Sept.13,1818.

Martha Tilden and Dr. Josiah Bartlett, int.Nov.24,1821.

Margaret S. and Seth Ames, int.Sept.17,1831.

Oren and Eunice I. [int.T.] Hubbard, July24,1834.


Ann Maria and Calvin Moulton, Mar.17,1836.

Eliza [int.Elisa] J. and Francis Field, Mar.16,1837.

William H. and Sarah H. Smith, Mar.4,1839.

Bridget and William Gaitea, int.May27,1843.

William, Irish, and Catherine McDevite [?], June15,1846.*


William, 40, of Chester, NH. [int.of Boston], s.Nathan and Phebe, and Mary Dix, Apr.5,1847 [int.Mar.11,1848, sic].

BRAMAN (Braman, Branan)

Otis C. and Jane Gray, Aug.4 [int.Aug.20. sic], 1836.

Ann and Thomas Leonard, int.Oct.3,1846.


Mary Ann of Boston, and John S. Ryan, Aug.19,1838.*


Elijah of Newton, and Sarah Ann Purroughs, int.Aug.30,1823.


Julia and Jeremiah Sheene, Jan.15,1845.*


Elisha and Martha Livermore, Nov.17,1777.*

Elizabeth and Joshua Wyeth, Apr.27,1780.*

Martha and Samuel Myrick, Apr.11,1786, in Watertown.*

Martha and James Warren Frost, Dec.6,1797.


Jane and John McClennen, int.Apr.11,1845.

BRIDGE (Bridges)

Nathaniel of Cambridge, and Mary Fisk, Apr.5,1753.*

Mary and William Coolidge Jr., Jan.11,1776.

Abigail and Nathaniel Bemis, Sept.4,1783.

William and Betty Bowman, Dec.11,1783, in Lexington.*

Sarah and Solomon Flagg, Apr.13,1790.*

Anna and Isaac Sanderson, Aug.23,1801.

Edwin and Miranda Staples, int.Nov.13,1834.

Samuel of Lexington, and Hannah Maria Wellington, June15,1836.


Mendal of Hanover, NH, and Thurza Flagg, Oct.27,1814.

BRIDGES (Bridge)

Rosanna and William Sawyer, int.Dec.7,1817.


Abigail of Marlborough, and David Waight, Jan.1,1781.*

Samuel and Lucy Osborn [int.Osborne], Jan.3,1799, in Sudbury.

Elijah and Mary [int.Polly] Gleason, Mar.20,1803.

Elijah and Mrs.Eleonora Fisk, int.Aug.12,1821.

Danforth Phipps and Hannah Walch, int.Mar.10,1827.

Nancy and Seth Brown, int.Mar.6,1830.

Eliza and Jefferson Reed, int.Aug.20,1833.

Cynthia and [int.adds Dea.] Adm Cummings, Nov.24,1841.

Henry [int.Dennison] of Marlboro [int.Marlborough], and Sarah Weeks, May23,1844.

Augusta and Francis W. Ayres, int.Aug.19,1844.

Lavina M. and R.L. Goddard, int.Aug.30,1845.

Martha Ann and Henry J. White, int.May28,1846.


Sarah and Benjamin Bemis, Sept.1,1748.*

Hannah of Watertown, and Josiah Sanderson, Apr.2,1772, in Watertown.*

Nathaniell of Watertown, and Susanna Brown, May26,1776.

John and Elizabeth Brown, Sept.24,1778.*

Henry and Abigail Fisk [int.Fiske], Aug.14,1817.

Eulalie M.A. and Thomas Page, Aug.4,1836.


Mary and Charles Haughton, int.Mar.23,1822.


Mary S. [int.Mary O'Brien of Boston] and Roger Thomas Harty, Jan.7,1844.


Martin and Bridget O'Neal, int.Oct.26,1848.


Emily [int.Emely] and Rowland Weatherbee [int.Wetherbee], Nov.3,1835.


Samuel of Medford, and Abigail Hastings, Apr.2,1747.*

Jacob and Thankful Sanderson, int.Sept.28,1817.

Elizabeth and Henry C. Wetherbee, int.July11,1819.

Silas [int.of Bedford] and Nancy Weeks, May3,1838.

BROWN (Browne)

Susanna, Mrs., and Henry Prentice, Jan.12,1737-8.* [Susannah.MR]

Mary, Mrs., of Concord, and Josiah Priest, Jan.16,1738-9.*

Grace and George Lawrance, May13,1742.* [Lawrence.MR]

Josiah and Hannah Flagg, Apr.20,1749.*

Sarah and Benjamin Hammond, Oct.5,1749.*

Abigail and Jonathan Mirick, Oct.26,1749.*

Thankful and Abijah Peirce, Sept.3,1751, in Watertown.*

David and Mindwell Cumins, Nov.25,1755.*[Cummings.MR]

Martha and Benjamin Green, Apr.1,1756.*

Hanah, Mrs., and Josiah Smith, Jan.12,1758.* [Mrs.Hannah.MR]

Abijah of Watertown, and Sarah Stearns, May24,1758, in Watertown.*

Jonas and Elizabeth Merriam, June22,1758, in Lexington.*

Joseph and Elizabeth Merriam, June22,1758, in Lexington.*

John of Lincoln, and Sarah Geameld, July19,1759.*

Susanna and John Wellington, Apr.10,1760.* [Susannah.MR]

Mary, Mrs., and Nathan Brown, May22,1760.*

Nathan of Lincoln, and Mrs.Mary Brown, May22,1760.*

Amos and Anna Sanderson, Jan.21,1762.* [Saunderson.MR]

Eunice, Mrs., and Rev. Stephen Farrar, Nov.29,1764.*[Unice.MR]

Elijah, Rev., of Sherburn, and Mrs.Susanna Bigelow, Dec.13,1770.* [Biglow.MR]

Josiah and Susanna Clark, Jan.2,1771.*

Susanna of Watertown, and Nathaniel Bright, May26,1776.*

Abigail and Jonathan Lack, Aug.1,1776.* [Lock.MR]

Elizabeth of Watertown, and John Bright, Sept.24,1778.*

Sarah and Rev. Ebenezer Wight, Jan.7,1779.*

Lois of Newton, and Timothy Baker, June21,1780.*

Rupamah of Lexington, and Thaddeus Wellington, Sept.26,1780, in Lexington.*

Anna and Eli Jones, Aug.23,1781.*

Edward and Susanna Garfield, Dec.30,1784.* [Gearfield.MR]

Elizabeth and Lemuel King, Nov.29,1787.*

Thomas and Susanna Kendall, June30,1793, in Cambridge.*

Sarah and Lot Bemis, May11,1794, in Weston.

Jonas Jr. and Relief Peirce, Feb.4,1795.

Amos Jr. and Esther Cutler, May3,1795.

Eunice and Jonas Pierce [int.Peirce], Mar.23,1797.

Elisabeth of Lexington, and Samuel Stearns Jr., int.Apr.5,1798.

Sarah of Lexington, and Thomas Stearns, int.Sept.16,1798.

Nathaniel and Sarah Stearns, Jan.1,1799.

John of Lexington, and Nancy Steams, int.Nov.2,1800.

Martha and Robert Baldwin, Apr.5,1803.

Enoch and Jemima Miles, Oct.13,1803.

Daniel and Sally Flagg, int.Mar.11,1810.

Anna and Amos Harrington, Dec.14,1815.

Hannah and Jacob Lawrence, May15,1817.

Sarah [int.adds Mrs.] and William W. Walker, Feb.9,1818.

Milo of Fairhaven, VT, and Mary Weston, int.June20,1819.

Mary Ann and Josiah Kendall, int.May6,1821.

Benjamin P. and Lucy Taylor, int.Sept.16,1821.

Angeline and Warren Cudworth, Dec.5,1822.

William and Eliza Kingsbury, int.Nov.30,1823.

Roxana and Darius Smith, int.Mar.9,1828.

Simeon W. and Rebecah H. Putnam, int.Jan.10,1830.

Seth of Weston, and Nancy Brigham, int.Mar.6,1830.

Israel D. of Hampleton, and Lydia Stone, int.Nov.8,1830.

Catherine and Jesse Edson Farnsworth, int.Mar.10,1832.

Elijah and Mary E. Fiske, int.July22,1832.

Marinda and Amory Moor, int.Aug.10,1833.

Olive H. and James F. Knowlton, Sept.30,1834.

Anna and Jesse E. Farnsworth, Oct.12,1834.

Abel of Louisville, KY, and Susannah D. Todd, Feb.22,1838.

Jonas and Susannah Wellington, Nov.29,1838.

George and [int.adds Mrs.] Susannah Brown, Sept.1,1840.

Susannah [int.adds Mrs.] and George Brown, Sept.1,1840.

Zilpah [int.adds Mrs.] and Valentine Baxter, Mar.29,1843.

Francis J. of Watertown, and Elizabeth Bent, int.July15,1843.

Marion [int.adds R.], 29, d.Elijah and Rhoda of Weston, and Fredrick W. Moore [dup. adds widr.], May21,1844, in Weston.

James, widr.[int.of Watertown, omits widr.], 45, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, and Mary D. Hobbs, Apr.30,1846.

Mary, Irish, and Sarah [sic] Hamey, Aug.20,1846.*

Marion R. and Elisha Skinner, int.Sept.19,1846.

Mary F. and Noah Giles, int.Apr.17,1847.

Leonard L. of Weston, and Adaline Barnes, int.Jan.1,1848.

Hiram, 21, d.Leonard and Dorcas, and Cynthia Newton Farrer, July30,1848.

Elizabeth H., 21, d.Calvin and Sally, and Frederick M. Stone, Dec.5,1849.

BROWNE (Brown)

Dana and Jenny Boyd Young, int.Sept.15,1848


Roxellana A. of Providence, RI, and George Lawton, int.Dec.17,1842.


Lucy Ann and Abel H. Maninm [?], int.Nov.23,1828.

Lewis of Marlborough, and Mary Webb Champney, int.Jan.11,1829.

Hiram and Hannah Lawrence, int.Nov.5,1831.

Dolly and John Bayne, int.Feb.2,1834.

Catharine [int.Catherine] and Richard Holbrook, Oct.13,1836.


Zechariah of Sudbury, and Chessy Willington, Oct.19,1769.* [Zachariah, and Cherry Wellington.MR]


Joseph, 30, b. Booth Bay, ME, of Boston, s.Joseph dec'd and Jane, and Sarah Jane Tilton, Jan.1,1845.*

BUCANNUN (Buchanan)

Sarah and Hervy Bacheldor, int.Mar.15,1832.

BUCHANAN (Bucannun)

James and Abigail Child, Apr.2,1797.*


Thomas and Azubah Whitney, int.Aug.16,1819.


Sarah and Cato Melo, Dec.10,1772.* [Bumphogh, negroes.MR]


Anna and Isaac Hager, Apr.26,1770.*

Mary, wid., of Weston, and Jonathan Dix, Oct.18,1181, in Weston.*


Matilda G. and George R. Baxter, Nov.21,1839.


Elizabeth F. [int.Burtt] and Josiah Bigelow, June10,1836


Maria N. and Lewis Sangar, int.Aug.11,1832.

Elizabeth M. [int.Burgess], 23, d.Josiah Burgessand Nancy, and John S. Whirlow, June17,1847.


Patrick and Grace McGinnis, int.Oct.11,1847.

Mary and William Nolan, int.May24,1849.

Patrick and Nancy McCabe, int.Dec.21,1849.


Orril of Norwich, VT, and Asa Goodnow, int.Jan.26,1812.

BURNS (Byrne, Byrnes, Byrns)

Mary Jane of Hudson, NH, and Bartlett Stodard, July末,1841.*


Augustus and Sarah G. Robinson, int.Sept.9,1837.


Eliza of Malden, and Henry Fiske, int.Sept.22,1848.

BURROUGHS (Burrows, Purroughs)

Eliza M. and Thomas J. Greenwood, int.Sept.10,1820.

Mary Ann and Paul Hills, int.Aug.3,1823.

BURROWS (Burroughs, Purroughs)

William O. of E. Cambridge, and Addaline A. Hastings, int.Feb.4,1832.


Daniel E. [int.G. [?] J.] and Elizabeth Cross, Apr.12,1842.


Samuel and Nancy Pollard, int.Jan.4,1807.


Charles of Bedford, and Louisa Emerson, Sept.6,1840.


George W. and Lucy Ann Smith.Dec.29,1835. George W. of Roxbury, and Sarah F. Putnam, May5,1842.

BUTTRICK (Batrick)

John and Lucretia Buttrick, int.Apr.13,1828.

Lucretia of Concord, and John Buttrick, int.Apr.13,1828.

Amos W., 25, and Lorinda Porter, Oct.16,1845.

Francis Jr., 32, s.Francis and Melissant, and Augusta M. Farwell, June8,1849.


William E., 29, of New Bedford, s.Peleg Jr. and Lydian of New Bedford, and Maria E. Adams, Oct.15,1846.*

BYRNE (Burns, Byrnes, Byrns)

Denis and Rose McArdle, int.June17,1846.

BYRNES (Burns, Byrne, Byrns)

James, Irish, and Ellen Murphy, Apr.3,1846.*

BYRNS (Burns, Byrne, Byrnes)

Daniel and Ellen Shey, int.June18,1845.

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