Margaret H. and Samuel Cousens, Feb.25,1844.


Lois of Lincoln, and Phinehas Child, June2,1757, in Lincoln.*

DALZELL (Delzell)

Eliza and James Forsyth, int.Nov.12,1842.

William and Elizabeth C. Stone, int.Apr.26,1844.


Nancy of E. Sudbury, and Thomas Bigelow, int.May4,1817.

Jane B. of Scituate, and Joshua Converse, int.Sept.19,1835.


George of Cambridge, and Margarat [Margaret.MR] Clark, Feb.14,1764.*

Mary, Mrs., of Newton, and Josiah Fuller Jr., May25,1779.*

Elisha Whitney of Watertown, and Mrs.Ruth Wellington, Oct.13,1805.

Samuel, M.D., and Ann Theodora Willard, int.May14,1820.

Samuel L., Dr., and Augusta Willard, int.Sept.5,1829.


Clarissa of Newton, and William White, int.Mar.29,1812.

Jesse Jr. of Amherst, NH, and Sarah Wheaten, int.Oct.31,1824.

John of Lowell, and Sophia Haynes, int.July12,1829.

Eliza [int.Elizabeth P.] and Rev. [int.omits Rev.] John Morril [int.Morrill], Sept.29,1831.


John and Mary M. Craft, Apr.末, 末末. [int.Mar.26], 1842.

George W. and Mary Hagar, int.Oct.11,1829.

John of Needham, and Emeline Croft, int.Sept.18,1832.


Patrick and Susan Devlin, Aug.4,1844.*


John of Weston, and Lydia Harrington, June21,1810.

Clarissa of Boxborough, and William Clark, int.Jan.22,1815.

Elizabeth B. and James Field, int.Feb.10,1819.

Timothy and Abigail Wellington, int.Oct.7,1821.

Mary of Boxborough, and George Sawyer, int.Dec.25,1821.

Luther and Elizabeth W. Trowbridge, int.Dec.8,1822.

William of Watertown, and Marion Whitelow, June20,1826.*

Ruth and Tisdall Drake, int.Nov.30,1828.

Mary C. of Salem, and George H. Stone, int.Sept.22,1834.

Clarisa and Amasa Harrington, Aug.30,1835.

Rosanna and James Lee, int.Oct.28,1840.

George N. of Natick, and Lorinda Thurston, int.Apr.14,1845.

John, widr.[int.omits widr.], and Clarissa Abbot, Oct.30,1845.

Mary A., 23, d.Reuben and Mary, and Francis P. Pratt, Feb.17,1847.

Reuben P. and Caroline B. Colburn, int.Dec.22,1848.


Hannah of Needham, and Samuel Dix, Aug.3,1773, in Needham.*


Jonas and Mary Drury, int.Dec.6,1807.

Amos and Nancy R. Kempton, int.Apr.3,1814.

Polly of Rutland, and Oliver S. Hawes, int.Mar.30,1817.


Pamelia, 27, and David McKenney, Mar.24,1848.

DELAWAY (Dillaway)

Enoch Swett and Harriot [int.Hariot] Farrar, Apr.14,1816.

DELZELL (Dalzell)

Samuel and Margarett Forsythe, int.Sept.11,1836.

James [int.Dalzell Jr.] and Ann D. Boes [int.Bowes], Sept.24,1843.


John of Newton and Lois Stratton, Oct.29,1764.


Eunice, Mrs., and Samuel Hawkins, Feb.11,1778.


Mary of Weston, and Ebenezer Hobbs, int.Aug.8,1819.

James and Rhoda Crosby, int.Oct.31,1819.

Joel and Maria Curtis, int.Jan.27,1822.

Pardan and Marinda Whitney, int.June15,1822.

Sarah of Weston, and John Avery, int.Feb.3,1828.


Bridget, Irish, and Patrick Treson, May3,1846.


Susan and Patrick Daucherty, Aug.4,1844.

Mary and Timothy McCarty, Feb.2,1845.


James of Lexington, and Margaret White, int.Sept.11,1843.


Axel and Lucy Ann Watts, int.May13,1843.


John N. and Elizabeth Whitcomb, int.July29,1837.


Richard of Medford, and Martha Ann Whitney, int.Mar.6,1847.

DILLAWAY (Delaway)

Susan E. and Samuel B. Colburn, Sept.9,1849.


Nathaniel and Sarah Hardy, int.Sept.7,1822.


Jonas and Lydiah [Lydia.MR] Bemis, May9,1746.

Lydia and Philip Bemis, Feb.22,1749.*

John and Mrs.Rebecah [Mrs.Rebkah.MR] Wellington, Feb.14,1754.*

Abigail, Mrs., and John Symmes, Nov.7,1754.* [Symms.MR]

Elizabeth and Thomas Wellington, Apr.19,1759, in Lexington.*

Anna, Mrs., and Joseph Willington, Sept.18,1766.* [Wellington, Sept.8.MR]

Jonathan and Sarah Viles, Jan.14,1768.

Samuel and Hannah Day, Aug.3,1773, in Needham.*

Mary Jr. and Abijah Livermore, Jan.20,1774.*

Mary, Mrs., and Moses How, Sept.17,1776.

Jonas Jr. and Elisabeth [Elizabeth.MR] West, Jan.20,1778.*

Jonathan and Mary Bullard, wid, Oct.18,1781, in Weston.*

Joel and Martha Wellington, May7,1782.*

Lydia and Nathan Upham, Nov.22,1798.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and David Townsend Jr., Jan.18,1802.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth], Mrs., and Tilly Batrick [int.Buttrick], May13,1802.

Henry Bryant and Abigail Livermore, Oct.28,1810.

Thomas and Betsy Hunt, int.Dec.24,1815.

Martha M. and William Walcott, int.May1,1831.

Mary H. of Dorchester, and George Green, int.Aug.27,1831.

Harriet L. and Daniel Cary, Apr.6,1834.

Thomas and Mary Houghton, Apr.2,1840.

Mary, 26, d Abigail and Henry B., and William Bradstreet, Apr.5,1847 [int.Mar.11,1848, sic].

Charles, 34, s.Henry B. and Abigail, and Emily Flagg, June1,1848.


Seth B. of Chelmsford, and Lucretia M. Johnson, int.Sept.7,1823.


Moses and Sally Richardson, int.Dec.28,1806.

Joseph M. and Lucy Johnson, int.Feb.24,1821.

Jefferson and Eliza Esty, int.Nov.16,1823.

Emily and Moses F. Webster, Apr.2,1839, in Boston. Harriet N., 20, and Wilbert[int.Willbert] Robbins, July3,1845.

Lucy A. and Charles H. Stetson, int.Dec.20,1844.

William F. and Nancy C. Kent, Aug.21,1849.*

DOHERTY (Daucherty)

Michael and Elizabeth Freeman, int.July10,1841.

Mary and John McGlarlen, int.Aug.29,1846.


Pert and Susan Martin, Nov.4,1844.

Michael and Mary Mahon, int.Nov.28,1847.


Ashley [int.Ashley D. Cole] and Abby [int.Abbey] C. Batcheldor, Apr.13,1840.


Lydia of Concord, and Thomas C. Mayo, int.May30,1823.

DONAHEW (Donehue)

Nelle negress and Cume [Cuffy.MR] Oxford, Dec.12,1758.

DONEHUE (Donahew)

Daniel J. [dup. Donahoe], s.末末 of Ireland, and Catherine McDermet [dup. McDermont, int.Dermot], May29,1844.

John [int.Donnahoe], Irish, and Mary Rogers, Apr.3,1846.

John, Irish, and Hannora Kellechen, Apr.28,1846.


Patrick and Mary Hart, int.Oct.28,1848.


Ellen and John Killdesey, int.Dec.13,1845.


Mary and Amos Wheeler, Sept.3,1801.


Tisdall of Dedham, and Ruth Davis, int.Nov.30,1828.


Nancy of Watertown, and William Leathe, Nov.28,1779.*

Mary Ann and Hezekiah Allen, int.Apr.24,1824.

Rufus F. and Polly Hemenway, int.Aug.15,1824.


George B. [int.P.] of Medford, and Margaret G. Sullivan, July1,1838.


Mary and Morris Gerry, int.Oct.5,1847.


Mary of Framingham, and Jonas Dean, int.Dec.6,1807.

Ephraim and Betsy Wheeler, int.Aug.28,1808.

Lucy and James Stone, int.Aug.5,1810.


Napolean [int.Napoleon], 17, and Margaret Maoulin [int.Maouhir], Jan.7,1849.


Benjamin of Weston, and Mary Stratton, Apr.16,1765.*

Silvia and John Jones, int.Apr.4,1816.

James H. of Weston, and Susan Morton, July末,1841.

Susan A. and James H. Swasey, int.June2,1847.

Mary Jane, 21, s.F.K. and Susan, and George F. Baker, June15,1848.


Michael, Irish, and Mary Moran, May3,1846.

DUGAN (Dugin)

William, Irish, and Nancy Murphy, Sept.10,1846.*

DUGIN (Dugan)

Hannah and William Cicy, int.Jan.18,1845.


Phillip and Catharine Welch, int.Apr.23,1848.


Henry G. of Watertown, and Mary Cram, int.Mar.20,1819.


Ann B. and Horatio Adams, M.D., int.May5,1832.


Lucy and Isaac Parker, int.Apr.2,1826.


Josiah of Mason, NH, and Ruth Sophia Fisk, int.Jan.5,1823.


William of Watertown, and Sarah R Hagar, int.Oct.5,1828.


Ruthy of Newton, and Jacob Adams, Oct.末,1841.*


Silas [int.Durgan], 24, b. Limerick, ME, of Charlestown, d.Silas Dugin and Betsey of Limerick, ME, and Sarah A. Lowell, Nov.26,1846.


Anna, Mrs., of Westford, and Amos Peirce, int.Nov.1,1812.

Abba E. of Sudbury, and Rufus P. Willis, int.Aug.10,1839.

Asenith [int.adds F.], 24, and Nathan Green, Mar.13,1845.

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