LACK (Lock, Locke, Lockee)

Jonathan of Tyringham, and Abigail Brown, Aug.1,1776.* [Lock of Framingham.MR]


William and Rachel Gale, Mar.20,1748-9.*


Samuel, 29, b. Piermont, NH, s.James and Hannah, and Mary D. [dup. and int.omit D.] Melvin [dup. Melvine], Nov.21,1822.

Mary H., 24, d.Samuel and Mary D., and George Barry, Oct.31,1849.*


Mary and Martin Eagan, int.Dec.18,1848.

Maria and Cornelius Riley, int.Jan.13,1849.


James H. and Sarah B. Greenleaf, June30,1842, in Lexington.


Samuel of Weston, and Elisabeth Ball, June7,1759.*

Samuel, Col., of Weston, and Elizabeth Sanderson, Dec.6,1787.*

Elijah [int.Lawton] and Sally M. Peirce, Oct.2,1806.

Isaac and Louisa P. Crossett, Dec.17,1835.

George and Mary L. Maynard, May19,1836.


Dustin [int.Lancey], 24 [int.of Natick], and Louisa A. Treat, Nov.27,1845.


Francis, Capt., of Ashburnham, and Hephzibah Coollidge, Sept.30,1779.* [Hepzibah Coolidge.MR]

Sukey of Bedford, and Samuel Hastings, int.Nov.10,1805.

Lucy and Ellis Allen, Apr.11,1814.

Frances L and James Courier, int.Apr.21,1832.

Isaac C. and Harriet Morse, int.Oct.20,1832.

Persis B., Mrs., and William C. Pope, int.Feb.23,1839.

Benjamin T. Jr., 26, s.Benjamin T. and Sophronia C., and Amanda Treat [int.Trent], Oct.4,1847.

Sophronia C., 19, d.Benjamin T. and Sophronia C., and Thomas H. Simpson [int.Stimpson], Mar.12,1848.

LARABE (Larabee)

Catherine and Alvarious Whitney, int.June29,1822.

LARABEE (Larabe)

Jonathan and Margaret Wellington, Apr.9,1782.

Ann and Dann Melvin, int.Apr.21,1824.


Bridgett of Boston, and Dennis Canin, int.Oct.22,1831.

LAROYD (Learoyd)

Elizabeth and Horatio A. Smith, int.Nov.9,1828.


Harriet D. of Waybridge, VT, and William P. Child, int.Mar.13,1847.


Patrick and Catherine Hines, int.June12,1849.

LAW (Laws)

Harriot and Addison Platts, May29,1836.

LAWANCE (Lawrance, Lawrence)

George Jr. and Esther Warren, Aug.29,1771.*

LAWRANCE (Lawance, Lawrence)

George and Grace Brown, May13,1742.* [Lawrence.MR]

Anna and Edward Harrington Jr., Apr.1,1756.* [Lawrence.MR]

Sarah and Josiah Whitney, June15,1762.* [Lawrence.MR]

Abigail and Jonathan Fisk, June7,1763.* [Lawrence.MR]

John Jr. and Sarah FiSk, Apr.16,1765.* [Lawrence.MR]

Eunice and Isaac Stearns Jr., Nov.17,1768.* [Lawrence.MR]

Phinehas and Elizabeth Stearns, Nov.15,1770.* [Lawrence.MR]

Adaline of Lexington, and Thomas Barnes, int.Nov.3,1822.

LAWRENCE (Lawance, Lawrance)

Esther and Leonard Green,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.July25,1813].

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Edward Harrington, May26,1772.*

Abigail and James Preist, Dec.27,1772.* [Priest.MR]

Mary and John Herrick, Feb.14,1782.

Susanna [int.Lawrance] and Rev. [int.omits Rev.] Nathan Underwood., Sept.26,1793.

Phinehas Jr. and Polly Wellington, Dec.22,1796.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and Abraham Wellington, Dec.12,1797.

Eunice and Samuel Sanderson, Mar.25,1802.

Grace and Leonard Green, Jan.23,1806.

Edward and Lucretia Hastings, Sept.5,1807.

Leonard and Nancy Green, Sept.25,1808.*

Abigail and Jonas Viles, Apr.12,1810.

Mary and Chester Lyman, Sept.23,1810.

Elijah and Sophia Johnson, int.Feb.16,1817.

Jacob and Hannah Brown, May15,1817.

Lucretia and David Kendall, int.Nov.7,1819.

Richard W. of Medway, and Betsey Tamblin, int.Feb.22,1824.

Sidney of Lexington, and Anna Maynard, int.Mar.13,1829.

Phineas of Lexington, and Catherine Pierce, int.June11,1831.

Hannah of Cohassett, and Hiram Bruce, int.Nov.5,1831.

Fredrick [int.Frederic] and Jane S. [int.I. [? J.]] Smith, Dec.25,1834.

Edward and Nancy Stearns, Mar.* [int.Mar.12], 1842.

Dana, 36, b. Weston [dup. b. Wayland], of Wayland, s.William dec'd, and [int.adds Mrs.] Lydia Maynard., Apr.21,1845.

LAWS (Law)

Mary Ann, 18, and Samuel W. Hosley, Apr.21,1844 [in pencil].*


Elijah, see Elijah Lamson.

George and Roxellana A. Brownell, int.Dec.17,1842.


Maria C. of Watertown, and Charles Stetson, int.May21,1815.

Samuel S. of Watertown, and Adelaide Clark, int.Nov.12,1843.

LEAROYD (Laroyd)

Rachel and Ephraim Stearns, int.Nov.11,1821.


Hannah of Watertown, and Richard Leathe, June1,1779.*

Richard of Watertown, and Hannah Leathe, June1,1779.*

William of Watertown, and Nancy Draper, Nov.28,1779.*


Josiah and Lydia Sanderson, Feb.6,1777.*

Nancy and Hilam S. Parker, int.Dec.9,1827.


Woodis of Concord, and Ruth Warrin, Dec.20,1744.* [Warrren.MR]

Ruth and Samuel Peirce Jr., Dec.1,1768.*

Isaac of Concord, and Lucy Stearns, Oct.21,1790.*

Elvira and John Peck, int.Oct.30,1831.

Louisa A. and William Goodnow, Oct.17,1839.

James of Watertown, and Rosanna Davis, int.Oct.28,1840.

Mary W., 18, d.Rufus and Mary, and John Gilbert, Dec.17,1848.


David of Newton, and Lydia I. Mason, July14,1844.*


Eleazer of Sherburne, and Zilpah Hastings, int.Mar.18,1831.


Harriet [int.Leonards] and Fredrick W. [int.Frederic William] Moore, Aug.31,1834.

Thomas and Ann Branan, int Oct.3,1846.


John of Watertown, and Catherine Hembry, int.Feb.3,1848.


John and Lucy Farewell, Nov.16,1826.

LEVERING (Lovering)

John [int.Lovering] and Ruth Cummings, Apr.9,1795, in Woburn.


Jarvis and Lucy B. Tilden, Oct.6,1844, in Lexington.

Martha of Woburn, and Thomas C. Church, int.June14,1848.


Anna and Charles C. Phipps, int.Oct.14,1810.

William G. and Sarah S. Weston, Oct.13,1836.


Charles D. and Mary E. Corey, int.Dec.13,1845.


Jeremiah of Lowell, and Leonora Munroe, int.Nov.11,1827.

LITCHFIELD (Gitchfield)

Hannah and William Carr, int.Dec.10,1831.

Nathan and Sarah Merrell, int.Oct.3,1832.


Theodore and Sophia Hansom, int.Jan.16,1820.

Olive of Wells, ME, and Ebenezer Clark, int.Oct.20,1838.


Tabitha, Mrs., and John Gove, Jan.17,1737-8.*

Elisha and Sarah Biglow, Jan.3,1743-4.*

Huldah and Jonathan Bemis, May4,1748.*

Nathaniel and Martha White, Apr.11,1751, in Watertown.*

Lydia of Sudbury, and Samuel Garfield, Nov.2,1752, in Sudbury.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Rev. Nathaniel Potter, Nov.24,1755.*

Elijah and Hannah Clark, Apr.6,1762.*

Samuel Esq. and Mrs.Hannah Harrington, Jan.22,1765.*

Samuel Esq. and Mrs.Joanna Felton, May7,1767.*

Samuel Esq. and Mrs.Thankfull [Mrs.Thankful.MR] Cutting, Mar.15,1770.*

Mary and William Hammond, Apr.18,1770.*

Sarah and John Cobourn, Aug.23,1773.*

Abijah and Mary DiK Jr., Jan.20,1774.*

Eunice and Josiah MiKer Jr., Apr.6,1775.*

Martha and Elisha Brewer, Nov.17,1777.*

Tabitha and Samuef Benjamin Jr., Jan.16,1782.*

Thomas and Lois MiKer, May29,1783

Moses and Lydia Harrington, Sept.17,1783, in Shrewsbury.*

Elisha and Abigail White, July1,1784, in Watertown.*

John and Rachel Morse, July30,1786.*

Lydia and Ephraim Child, Nov.6,1787.*

Ruth and Nathanael [int.Nathaniel] Goodwin, Apr.6,1790.

Abigail, Mrs., and Amos Bond [int.Esq.], July11,1792.

Lydia and Elijah Fisk, Sept.8,1793.

Lois and Thomas Sanderson, Sept.26,1793.*

Amos Jr. [Jr. crossed out in pencil] [int.Jr.] of Watertown, and Hannah Sanderson, June4,1795.

Nathaniell [int.Nathaniel] and Elizabeth Gleason, May11,1797.

Sarah and Francis Fisk, Oct.21,1798.

Grace and Asa Wood, Feb.7,1803.

Elisha and Elisabeth Gave, int.Feb.28,1808.

Jonas and Louisa Steams, Feb.16,1809.

Abigail and Henry Bryant DiK, Oct.28,1810.

Harriot and Prentiss Child, Apr.21,1811.

Elisha and Sarah Hubbard, int.Sept.26,1819.

Hannah S. of Watertown, and Lewis Bemis, int.Sept.29,1830.

Lydia and Leonard Childs, Jan.28,1835.

Elisha Jr. and Fathe S. Hoogs, int.Mar.14,1835.

Caroline and SUInner Hubbard, May10,1835.

Sarah Jane and Elbridge Goddard, int.Mar.28,1840.

William and Mary Beldin, int.May8,1841.

Jonas D. and Elizabeth A. Galbraith, May20,1841.

Sarah, Mrs., and Eli F. Smith, Feb.15,1843.

Sarah E., 19, d.Elisha, and Henry Sherman, Oct.2,1845.

Eunice A, 20, d.Elisha and Sarah, and Horatio Nelson Fiske [int.2d], Feb.22,1849.

LOCK (Lack, Locke, Lockee)

Nathan and Anna Bond, June21,1785.*

Nancy and Asa Fuller, Jan.20,1807.

William and Elizabeth Walcutt, int.Jan.2,1820.

LOCKE (Lack, Lock, Lockee)

Stephen and Precilla Wellington, int.Apr.27,1833.

Josiah and Sarah C. Hall, int.May6,1837.

Samuel E., 26, b. Hollowell, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, and Harriet Fletcher, Aug.25,1844.

William, 21, d.William dec'd and Elizabeth dec'd, and Caroline M. Parks, Mar.17,1846.

LOCKEE (Lack, Lock, Locke)

Roan[Roxanna?] and John Sanderson, int.Mar.1,1835.


William and Rhoda Moseman, int.Apr.2,1826.


Michael, s.末末 of Ireland, and Mary Nevan, May19,1844.

Catherine and Timothy O'Conners, int.Oct.13,1849.


Betsey and Samuel Gambles, int.Nov.22,1818.


Mary of Shirley, and Ira Pearson, int.Nov.5,1809.


Rhoda of Lexington, and William Evens, Sept.20,1807.


Christiana, Irish, and William O'Neal, Oct.2,1846.


Abiel and Susan Wade, int.Apr.19,1813.

Nancy and Emory Crosby, Sept.23,1828.

Caroline S. [int.Sophrona] and John Pike, Sept.3,1835.

LOVERING (Levering)

Daniel A. and Olive M. Puffer, int.May2,1846.


Hannah L. of Mt. Vernon, NH, and James M. King, int.Sept.16,1821.


Sarah A., 21, b. Salisbury, s.Simeon and Nancy of ME, and Silas Durgin [int.Durgan], Nov.26,1846.


Asa of Hopkinton, and Mrs.Sophia Haven, int.Sept.22,1832.


George D. [int.Lucas], 22, of Boston, s.Samuel and Mary, and Ann Augusta Bemis, Dec.末, [int.Dec.4], 1847.


Stephen of Hollis, NH, and Anna Willoughby, int.Jan.20,1828.


Francis and Ann Jennison, July26,1846.*


Robert G. of Lynn, and Susannah [int.Susanna] Viles, July15,1834.


Chester of Roxbury, and Mary Lawrence, Sept.23,1810.

Charles and Susan Pawell Warren, int.Mar.18,1827.


Bridget, Irish, and James Hayes, Sept.6,1846.*


Hannah and Daniel Higgins, int.Aug.18,1849.


Edward A., Rev., and Abby Page, int.July4,1840.

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