Daniel D. and Harriett Ross, int.Jan.14,1832.


Harriot M. and Luther Moulton, int.Feb.14,1839.

Elizebeth [int.Elisabeth] and John P. Stearns, Mar.27,1843.

Peter of Woburn, and Mehitable B. Hardy, Sept.24,1843.

VIELS (Viles)

Dinah and John Watson, Apr.9,1761.* [Viles.MR]

VILES (Viels)

John and [int.adds Mrs.] Relief Viles,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.May30,1813].

Relief [int.adds Mrs.] and John Viles,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.May30,1813].

Abigail and Jonas Barnard, Dec.7,1752, in Watertown.

Sarah and Jonathan Dix, Jan.14,1768.*

Kezia and John Walton, Jan.16,1770.*

Lydia and David Wilson, Jan.24,1775.* [Willson.MR]

John and Hannah Warren, Nov.1,1775.*

Lizzy and Moses Mead Jr., May22,1777.* [Lizza.MR]

Jonas and Susanna Hastings, Apr.4,1782.* [Feb.14.MR]

John and Mary Warrin, Aug.26,1784.* [Warren.MR]

Nathan and Mrs.Sarah Hagar, Oct.14,1784.* [Hager, Oct.4.MR]

Jonas and Irene Hastings, May24,1787.*

Irene, Mrs., and Bezaleel Flagg Jr., Feb.2,1804.*

Sukey and John Whitney, int.May27,1804.

Susanna and John Whitney, July1,1804.*

John and Lydia Pierce [int.Peirce], Nov.29,1804.*

Elias and Susanna Gleason, May17,1807.

Nathan and Relief Reed, Sept.3,1807.

John and Louisa Harrington, Jan.21,1810.

Jonas and Abigail Lawrence, Apr.12,1810.

William and Nancy Fiske, int.Apr.2,1820.

Lydia and Nathan Whitney, int.Oct.11,1830.

Louisa and Mansir W. Marsh, int.Mar.12,1831.

Luther P. and Eliza Pierce, int.Apr.23,1832.

Susannah [int.Susanna] and Robert G. Lye, July15,1834.

Lydia and Nathan Viles, Dec.3,1835.

Nathan and Lydia Viles, Dec.3,1835.

Elizabeth and Asaph [int.Aseph] R. Carter, Apr.13,1837.

Samuel R. and Hannah O. Porter, Nov.25,1840.

Jonas Jr. and Elizabeth Wellington Smith, Jan.5,1843.

John Jr. and Maria Hale, Jan.8,1843.

William and Mary Ann Eastterbrook [int.Estabrooks], Apr.6,1843.

Jonas F., 23, s.William and Nancy, and Mary M. Follansbee, Jan.16,1848.

Cynthia Louisa, 28, d.John and Relief, and Ambrose M. Steams, July Aug. [sic] 1 [int.July14], 1849.

VINAL (Vinall)

Sally of Littleton, and Reuben Rice, int.June14,1821.

Lucy and Phineas Platts, July8,1838.

Sarah atld David Upton, Mar.24,1839.

Joel P. and Eliza M. Polly, Jan.28,1844.

VINALL (Vinal)

Ann of Watertown, and Francis Sanderson, int.Oct.1,1809.


Hiram, widr.[int.omits widr.], 42, s.Nathaniel and Prudence, and Mary Cogswell, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], Apr.19,1846.

VORCE (Vose)

Hannah B. of Framingham, and Elias Morse, int.Oct.5,1823.

VOSE (Vorce)

Mark and Sarah Conant, Mar.31,1794.*

Lucy and Micah Jennings, May30,1805.

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