Patrick, s.Bernard, laborer, and Catherine, Dec. 3 [1847].

James, s.Mrs. J. bp. Sept.29,1840. CR2
William, s.Mrs. J., bp. Sept.25,1840. CR2

Abigail, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Albert, s.Albert, mechanic, and Cynthia, Nov.21,1843, in Natick.
Amos, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Ann, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Benjamin Aurgustine, s.Benjamin 2d and Patty, Sept.24,1815.
Benjamin Rendall, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Caroline Hayward, d.Benjamin and Patty, July22,1818.
Charlotte, d.Ephraim and Ame, Dec.6,1796.
Charlotte Augusta, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Cynthia Almira, d.Albert F., cordwainer, and Cynthia, Aug.22,1845.
Edward, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Elisha, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Frances M., d.Nathan C., yeoman, and Alice, Sept.27,1843.
Hannah, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Hannah Stephens, d.Benjamin 2d and Patty, Mar.23,1812. [Hannah Stevens Carter, d.Benjamin and Martha.CR1].
John, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
John Tilton, s.Benjamin and Patty, Jan.4,1821.
Lafayette, s.Elbridge J., shoemaker, and Lucy J., Sept.16,1849.
Lydia, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Martha Almeda, d.Benjamin 2d and Patty, Jan.19,1810, int Jeffery, NH.
Mary, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Mary Tilton, d.Benjamin 2d and Patty, Feb.23,1808.
Matilda, ch. Amos and w., bp. Apr.19,1824. CR1
Matilda Jane, d.Elbridge I., cordwainer, and Lucy Jane, Mar.18,1846.
Susan, d.Amos and w., bp. Oct.10,1824. CR1
Warren, s.Albert F., shoemaker, and Cynthia, Mar.18,1848.

Mary, d.Isaac and Mary, May18,1829.

William James, s.John, laborer, and Jane, Dec.13,1848.

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Matilda J., d.George and Adeline J., June18,1844.

Mary Ann, d.Thomas B. and Susana, bp. July11,1813. CR1

Nancy, d.William and Hannah, Mar.26,1783.
Sarah Tilton, d.William and Hannah, Oct.9,1786.

Roland A. [dup. Rollin, omits A.], s.Andrew A. [dup. yeoman] and Francis [sic] [dup. Fanny] P., May 20 [dup. May 18], 1843.

Harriet, w.Jude Damon, 末蔓末,1816. GR1

Margaret, d John, laborer, and Margaret, Mar.5,1846.

Mary Hoyt, d.Henry and Nancy, Apr.22,1841.

George, s.Isaac and Elizabeth, Dec.28,1812.

Hannah, d.Michael, laborer, and Mary, Oct. 6, [18]49.

Sophronia A.E., d.Esek (Cooms), laborer, and Sophronia, Sept. 25, [18]44.

John, s.John, farmer, and Almira, Sept.17,1848.

Catherine, d.Patrick, laborer, and Mahar, June26,1843.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, Jan.15,1797.

Lucy, d.Joseph and Abigail, Apr.13,1803.

Abigail, d.Joseph and Abigail, May21,1755.
Abigail, d.Capt. William, bp. July9,1809. CR1
Catharine, d.Joseph and Abigail, Dec.9,1775.
Catharine, d.Capt. William, bp. Oct.6,1811. CR1
Catherane, d.Joseph and Abigail, Apr.23,1767.
David, s.Joseph and Abigail, Apr.22,1753.
David, s.David and Abigail, Apr.7,1781.
Elijah, s.David and Abigail, Aug.末,1787.
Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Abigail, Aug.11,1759.
George, s.William and Hannah, bp. Nov.10,1816. CR1
Henry, s.David and Abigail, Apr.20,1783.
Jane, d.Joseph and Abigail, July24,1757.
John, s.David and Abigail, May末,1785.
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Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, July13,1765.
Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, Jan.2,1771.
Joseph, s.David and Abigail, Aug.18,1779.
Lucy, d.Joseph and Abigail, Apr.10,1761.
Lydia, d.Joseph and Abigail, Apr.19,1763.
Nabby, d.David and Abigail, Mar.11,1792.
Rebeckah, d.Joseph and Abigail, July7,1769.
William, s.Joseph and Abigail, May14,1774.
William, s.William and 末末, bp. July3,1814. CR1

Asbur, Jan.31,1809. [This entry crossed out.].

Ann Richards, d.Elisha Jr. and Rebecca, Nov.24,1812.
Anna, d.John and Anna, Mar.6,1781.
Caroline, d.Elisha and Hannah, Jan.30,1798.
Charles, s.Elisha and Hannah, Apr.29,1790.
Charles Alfred, s.Charles and Catharine, bp. May14,1823. CR1
Ebenezer Plympton, s.Elisha Jr. and Rebecca, Dec.13,1817.
Elisha, s.Elisha and Hannah, May22,1788.
Elisha, s.Elisha Jr. and Rebecca, Nov.15,1813.
Harriet Ardelia Fenno, d.Ephraim and Theoda, Oct.24,1818.
Jerusha, d.Robert Jr. and Deborah, Nov.18,1802.
Jesse Goodnow, s.Elisha Jr. and Rebecca, Aug.1,1819.
John, s.John and Anna, Dec.16,1785.
Jonathan Freeman, s.Elisha and Hannah, Aug.21,1802.
Josiah, s.John and Anna, Feb.14,1789.
Mary, d.Elisha Jr. and Rebecca, Nov.15,1820.
Polly, d.John and Anna, Oct.18,1783.
Rebecca Plymton, d.Elisha Jr. and Rebeca, Dec.25,1815.
Reynolds Seager, s.Elisha and Hannah, Aug.31,1795.
Robert, s.Robert Jr. and Deborah, July20,1805.
Sally, d.John and Anna, Apr.7,1782.
Sophia, d.Elisha and Hannah, Aug.21,1792.
Susanna [?m], Dec.25,1749. GR1
William, s.John and Anna, Apr.30,1787.
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