* Intentions NOT recorded
BABCOCK (see Badcock)
Rufus and Abigail Child of Weston, int. Sept. 20, 1817.

Abigail and Jesse Wheeler, May 28, 1826.
Caroline of Natick, and Colins Damon, int. Apr. 22, 1797.
Elijah and Mehitable Winch of Framingham, int. Jan. 21, 1825.
Ellen of Barnstable, and Rev. Edmund H. Sears, int. Oct. 9, 1839.
Fanny of Natick, and Elijah Este, int. Dec. 25, 1824.
John, Capt., of Barnstable, and Sukey Noyes, int. June 17, 1798.
John, Capt., of Barnstable, and Nabby Stone Noyes, int. Nov. 28, 1800.
Jonathan and Lydia Hammond of Natick, int. May 17, 1817.
Jonathan 2d of Natick, and Catherine C. Mills, ––– –– [int. Jan. 16] 1836.
Mary [int. Polly R.] and Charles Underwood, Dec. 31, 1829. [Mary. CR1]

BADCOCK (see Babcock)
Seth of Lincon, and Deborah Stone, Oct. 2, 1783.* [Seth of Lincoln. MR]

John Jr. of Natick, and Polly Haynes, int. Feb. 27, 1790.
John [int. Jr.] of Natick, and Rebecca [int. Rebeca] Travis, Dec. 6, 1830. [John Jr. of Natick, and Rebeca Travis. CR1]
William of Natick, and Harriot Rice, July 4, 1822. [Harriet. CR1]

Vol. 1
Page 51
BAILEY, see Baley.

Benjamin and Francis [sic] Lovell of Boston, int. Aug. 15, 1826.
Ephraim (see Ephraim Barker).
Nancy of Lincoln, and Daniel Rice Mills, int. June 28, 1812.
Simon and Comfort Parmenter of Sudbury, int. Aug. 20, 1818.
Thomas of Littleton, and Buelah Dakin of Sudbury, July 18, 1765, in Concord.*

Thankful of Sudbury, and Josiah Heywood of Concord, Apr. 7, 1755, in Concord.*

David and Lydia Curtis, June 16, 1783.*
David [int. Jr.] and Deborah [int. adds C.] Maynard, June 15, 1817. [David and Deborah Maynard. CR1]
David Esq. and Mrs. Rebecca Jenison of Worcester, int. Mar. 7, 1818.
Eliza of Lincoln, and Nathaniel Knowlten, int. Jan. 30, 1802.
Eunice of Natick, and David Heard, May 25, 1784.*
Frances, Mrs., and Asahel Goodenow, Apr. 27, 1780.*
Henry of Brighton, and Mary Brackett, Apr. 24, 1817.
Samuel of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Jones of Weston, Mar. 23, 1741-2, in Weston.*
William Esq. and Mrs. Dorcas Maynard, Apr. 25, 1782.*

Eliphalet and Abigail Choate, Feb. 5, 1784.* [Bailey. MR]
Richard of Sudbury, and Grace Rice of Leicester, Feb. 4, 1755, in Leicester.*

Aaron Jr. of Princeton [int. Princton], and Betsey Cory, Feb. 7, 1802.

Benjamin and Betsey Moore, int. Apr. 20, 1800.
Mary of Lynn, and John Merriam of Sudbury, Nov. 24, 1752, in Lynn.*

Elias S., 32, shoemaker, of Holliston, s. Nathan, and Abigail Loker, 32, d. Paul, July 2, 1844.

Ephraim, Lt., of Marlborough, and Elisabeth Crosby of Marlborough, Oct. 11, 1781.* [Elizabeth. MR]

Ephraim and Ruth Goodenow of Sudbury, Mar. 27, 1783.* [Baker. MR]

Vol. 1
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Daniel S. of Marlborough [int. Marlboro], and Martha Jane [int. Ann] Ward, Mar. 23, 1836. [Daniel S. of Marlborough, and Martha Ann Ward. CR2]

John of Sudbury, and Comfort Sparhawk of Natick, Dec. 14, 1779, in Natick.*
Thomas and Martha Bruce, Jan. 13, 1742-3, in Woburn.*

Francess and Thomas Kain, int. Mar. 13, 1848.
William of Sudbury, and Lois Parmenter, June 25, 1809.

Laura S. of Boston, and Thomas H. Dudley, int. Mar. 25, 1816.

Joseph, Dea, of Grafton, and Sarah Tilten, Sept. 21, 1780.* [Bachelor, and Mrs. Sarah Tilton. MR]

Samuel D.P. of Boston, and Margaret N. Bigelow of Weston, Sept. 29, 1840.* CR2

Abigail of Sudbury, and Jonathan Gale of Weston, May 30, 1750, in Weston.*

Alanson W. [int. Esq.], 23, trader, of Pittsfield, VT, s. James and Chloe B., and Mary C. Devan, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 20, Nov. 27, 1848.

BEEMAN (see Beman)
Bular of Bolton, and Daniel Moalton Jr., int. Oct. 13, 1825. "Oct. 24 A.D. 1825. This Publishment forbid by the Above Said Daniel Moulton Jur "

Joseph and Abigail Hunt of Sudbury, int. Dec. 18, 1813.

Sarah of Framingham, and William S. Brummot of Framingham, Sept. 26, 1844.* CR1

Elizabeth of Southborough, and Lot Rice, Apr. 7, 1778, in Southborough.*
Elizabeth of southborough, and Lot Rice Jr. [int. omits Jr.], May 15, 1788, in Westboro.
Louisa of Walpole, NH, and John W. Hayward, int. May 22, 1824.

BEMAN (see Beeman)
Abraham of Morlborough, and Lydea Gates of Morlborough, Feb. 13, 1782.* [Beaman of Marlboro, and Lydia Gates of Marlboro. MR]
Sarah of Lancaster, and Edmund Parmenter of Sudbury, June 5, 1759, in Lancaster.*

Vol. 1
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Daniell of Weston, and Polly Winch, Nov. 18, 1784.* [Daniel and Patty Winch. MR]
Ephraim S., 26, butcher, s. William and Lucy, and Lucy Ann Draper, 24, d. Ira, Oct. 15, 1844.
Henry and Mrs. Hannah Curtis, int. Oct. 21, 1827.
James and Lois Walker of Sudbury, Nov. 29, 1785, in Sudbury.*
John W. and Mary K. Fessenden of Shrewsbury, int. Oct. 5, 1844.
Mary J., 16, d. Luther and Rachael, and Simeon H. Sumner, 30, farmer, s. Joseph A. and Hannah, May 31, 1846.
William H. [int. omits H.] and Eunice H. Ward, Dec. 30, 1841.

Stephen of Brookline, and Sarah Carter, int. Sept. 2, 1804. [m. Jan. 23, 1805. CR1]
Stephin and Betsey Cummings of Troy, NH, int. Oct. 29, 1820.

Abigail and John L. Loker, May 19, 1831.
Experience of Sudbury, and Thomas Jenkinson [int. Jenkison], July 22, 1798, in Sudbury.
George and Esther Marshall of Roxbury, int. Dec. 3, 1820.
Harriett and Calvin H. Saunders, int. Oct. 8, 1848.
Hopestill of Sudbury, and Mrs. Anna Fiske of Waltham, Apr. 26, 1763, in Waltham.*
James M. and Martha T. Damon, int. May 4, 1838.
Lydia of Sudbury, and Joseph Underwood of Needham, Nov. 23, 1779, in Needham.*
Mary, 25, d. William and Mary, and George A. Rice, 25, farmer, s. Samuel and Dorcas, Jan. 6, 1848.
Micah and Anna Stone of Framingham, int. Nov. 18, 1809.
Olive and Samuell Moore, Oct. 23, 1783.* [Samuel. MR]
Poler of Sudbury, and Sarah Pratt of Newton, June 17, 1774, in Newton.*
Susannah and Lt. Josiah Willington, Aug. 4, 1782.* [Susanna and Lt. Josiah Wellington. MR]
William Jr. and Polly Coolidge of Natick, int. Apr. 2, 1808.

Nancy and Edmund Kimball of Sharburn, int. Feb. 2, 1801.

BIGELOW (see Biglow)
Alpheus H. of Framingham, and Martha Harrington, Dec. 8, 1842.
Charlotte A. of Weston, and Jonathan R. Newell, merchant, of Boston, Nov. 15, 1843.*
Dolly C. and Phineas Gleason, July 25, 1841.
Elizabeth H. of Weston, and Edwin C. Estes of NY, Oct. 22, 1835.* [Elisabeth H. and Edison C. Estes of NY, Oct. 26. CR2]
Vol. 1
Page 54
Jackson of S. Natick, and Susan F. Francis, June 16, 1842.
Jacob, Rev., of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Wells of Lancaster, Nov. 23, 1775, in Lancaster.*
Jonathan of Weston, and Mary Rice of Sudbury, Jan. 19, 1741-2, in Weston.*
Margaret N. of Weston, and Samuel D.P. Baxter of Boston, Sept. 29, 1840.* CR2
Thankful of Weston, and Ezra Graves of Sudbury, June 5, 1766, in Weston.*

BIGLOW (see Bigelow)
Mary and Dr. Joseph Dix of Worcester, int. Dec. 27, 1800.
Nancy, Mrs., and Uriah Gregory of Weston, June 1, 1826.
Solomon and Lydia Haven of Sherburn, int. Mar. 14, 1801.
Thomas of Waltham, and Nancy Damon, June 3, 1817. [Bigelow, June 8. CR1]

Abil of Lincoln, and Elisabeth Farrar, May 30, 1780.* [Abel Billing and Elizabeth Farrar. MR]
Elisabeth of Lincoln, and John Adams, Nov. 16, 1780.* [Mrs. Elizabeth. MR]

Ezara of Carlisle, and Mrs. Mary Eveleth of Sudbury, Nov. 25, 1755, in Lexington.*
Jonathan of Concord, and Rebecca Wood of Sudbury, Apr. 20, 1733, in Concord.*

Artimas and Emily Roby, Feb. 11, 1821.* [Artemas. CR1]
Emily [int. adds R.], 21, d. Artemas and Emily, and Asa T. Pierce, 24, farmer, of Natick, s. Joel and Sarah, May 30, 1849.
John and Lois [int. Louis] Davis of Weston, Oct. 10, 1799, in Weston.
Lois of Westminster, and Aaron Rice, int. Dec. 13, 1806.
Louisa and Nathan S. Johnson, June 24, 1825.
Lucetta [int. Luetta] and Levi Hawes of Waltham, June 21, 1832. [Lucetta. ]
Lucretia and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Hervey Reeves, Apr. 14, 1816. [Capt. Hervey. CR1]
Lucy and Daneil [int. Daniel] Wyman, Apr. 27, 1830. [Daniel. CR1]
Maria and Cyrus Lee, Mar. 8, 1832.
Nancy of Westminster, and Edward Rice, int. May 31, 1817.
Nathan and Phebe Murdock of Newton, int. July 3, 1790.
Phebe and Hervey Reeves, May 30, 1814.
Vol. 1
Page 55
Polly of Lincoln, and Jessa Goodenow of Sudbury, Jan. 28, 1781.* [Josep. MR]
Thaddeas and Rebekah Glezen, Apr. 11, 1782.* [Thaddeus and Rebecca Gleason. MR]
Thaddius, Capt., of Wesminster, and Relief Damon, int. May 31, 1788.

John of Roxbury, and Ann Roby, Apr. 15, 1798.

Harriett, 23, d. Samuel and Lucy, and Alpheus D. Loker, 24, shoemaker, s. Paul and Abigail, Oct. 27, 1847.

Park of Derry [int. Barry], NH, and Frances J. Allen, Apr. 4, 1830. [Park of Derry, NH. CR1]

Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Thomas Rutter, Apr. 23, 1809.

BRACKET (see Brackett)
William and Anna Louchlen, Nov. 22, 1784.* [Lauchlin. MR]

BRACKETT (see Bracket)
John [int. of Weston] and Abigail Tilton, May 1, 1788.
Mary and Henry Baldwin of Brighton, Apr. 24, 1817.
Nancy and Elijah White of Brighton, Apr. 30, 1809. [Bracket. CR1]
Sarah [int. Sally W.] and Joel Damon, Aug. 7, 1831. [Sarah. CR1]

H. Baylies of Charlestown, and Elizabeth B. Noyes, int. Sept. 30, 1843.

Margaret and Michael Wilsh, int. Aug. 20, 1848.

Lucy and Asa Russell of Fitchburg, Jan. 7, 1782.* [Brown, and Asa Russell of Fitchburg. MR]

BRIANT (see Bryant)
Betsey and Seth Adams, int. ––– 7, 1804. [m. Dec. 9. CR1]
James M. of Leicester, and Sarah Ann Cowley of W. Springfield, July 19, 1842.*
Joel and Eunice Cutting, Apr. 23, 1797.
Judith and Sith [int. and dup. int. Seth] Adams, Nov. 13, 1796.

William and Christiann H. Allen, ––– ––, 1823.*

Anna and Rev. Luther Wright of Medway, int. Nov. 1, 1799.
Josiah and Irene Morse, int. Feb. 15, 1806. [Eirene, m. Feb. 2 [sic]. CR1]
Vol. 1
Page 56
Marthy [int. Martha] and John Prentiss [int. Prentice] of Rutland, VT, Jan. 23, 1791.
Sarah, Mrs., of Framingham, and Rev. David Kellogg of Framingham, May 27, 1781.*
Sarah and Rev. Alpheus [int. Alphues] Harding of Newsalem [int. New Salem], Oct. 10, 1808. [Rev. Alpheus of N. Salem. CR1]
William Esq. [int. omits Esq.] and Eunice Rutter, Nov. 23, 1824.

Henry of Boston, and Almira Williams, Feb. 9, 1834.

Caroline [int. adds C.] and William H. Ingraham of Framingham, Jan. 17, 1843.
Elijah of Marlborough, and Mary Loker, int. May 4, 1827.
Ephraim [int. adds Col.] of Marlborough [int. Marlboro], and Mary Hubbert [int. Hubbard], Mar. 15, 1815. [Col. Ephraim of Marlborough, and Mary Hubbard. CR1]
Jotham of Marlborough, and Lucy Thompson of Sudbury, Dec. 1, 1784.* [Jonathan of Marlboro. MR]
Lucy of Princeton, and Samuel Russell, int. Oct. 11, 1806.
Lydia and Matthias [int. Mattheas] Walker [int. Jr.] of Cambridge, Sept. 9, 1830. [Matthias. CR1]
Sophia and Josiah Stone Jr. of Framingham, Mar. 1, 1830. [Mar. 21. CR1]

James M., wheelwright, of Sudbury, and Rebecca S. Oliver, Aug. 3, 1843, in Concord.

Deborah of Sudbury, and Josiah Pratt of Sudbury, Dec. 13, 1715, in Concord.*
Henry of Woburn, and Mary Graves of Sudbury, Dec. 9, 1692, in Woburn.*
Jonas of Jeffrey, NH, and Mary Tilton, int. Dec. 1, 1798.

Abigail M. of Framingham, and George Parmenter of Sudbury, Mar. 28, 1841.* [Mar. 23. CR2]
Aligail [sic] [int. Abigail] of Sudbury, and Josiah Dudley, Aug. 31, 1797, in Sudbury.
Elisabeth of Sudbury, and Isaac Stone of Framingham, July 24, 1722, in Watertown.*
Eliza and Leonard Spaulding of Boston, int. Jan. 12, 1818.
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth).
Hope of Sudbury, and Ruth Hosmer of Concord, July 18, 1765, in Concord.*
Vol. 1
Page 57
James, Dea., of Sudbury, and Johannah Singleterry of Framingham, May 20, 1731, in Framingham.*
Jonas of Sudbury, and Sally [int. Sarah] Dudley, Oct. 26, 1794.
Lucy (see Lucy Brewer)
Margaret of Sudbury, and Joseph Foster of Bilerica [dup. Sudbury], Jan. 27, 1714. in Marlboro [dup. Billerica].*
Mary [int. Polly] of Framingham, and Samuel Parris [int. Jr.], May 10, 1789.
Patty of Framingham, and Jesse Winch, Mar. ––, 1788, in Framingham.*
Polly (see Mary).
Rhoda of Weston, and William Eager, Apr. 22, 1827.
Samuel of Sudbury, and Zerriah Adams of Framingham, May 19, 1742, in Framingham.*
Thankful of Sudbury, and Joseph Hubbert of Sudbury, Aug. 4, 1698, in Boston.*
Thomas Esq., Maj., of Sudbury, and Mrs. Mary Phipps of Cambridge, Mar. 1, 1703-4, in Cambridge.
William and Betsey Harrington of Weston, Oct. 12, 1794.

Lawson and Dolly Gleason, May 6, 1804.
Martha and Thomas Barney, Jan. 13, 1742-3, in Worburn.*
Mary of Watertown, and Thomas Reed of Sudbury, Dec. 3, 1701, in Watertown.*

William S. of Framingham, and Sarah Bell of Framingham, Sept. 26, 1844.* CR1

BRYANT (see Briant)
Mary of Reading, and William Johnson of Sudbury, Oct. 20, 1737, in Reading.*
Zachariah of Sudbury, and Cherry Wellington of Waltham, Oct. 9, 1764, in Waltham.*

Emily and Ebenezer Johnson of Boston, int. Mar. 3, 1838. [m. Mar. 29. CR1]
George of Framingham, and Mary Cutting Bullard, June 13, 1833.
Joanna, 25, d. Jotham and Anna, and Dr. Ira Perry, 30, of Weymouth, s. Abel and Mitty, Apr. 26, 1849.
Joseph and Harriet Loker, May 8, 1834.
Jotham of Holiston, and Anna Cutting, June 2, 1803.
Mary Cutting and George Bullard of Framingham, June, 13, 1833.
William D., 25, shoemaker, s. Elijah and Olive D., and Adeliza Loker, 20, d. Otis and Betsey, Nov. 21, 1849.

Vol. 1
Page 58
Rebecca [int. Rebecaa] of Charlestown, and Samuel Haynes Jr., June 28, 1795, in Charlestown.

Edmund of Sudbury, and Irene Haynes, int. Nov. 19, 1836. [m. Dec. 13. CR1]

Bela and Elizabeth Seager, June 5, 1785, in Sudbury.*

Hannah and Sylvester Underwood, Nov. 25, 1841.
Lucinda and Reuben Sawin, Nov. 26, 1840.
Luther of Holliston, and Mary G. Smith, int. Apr. 14, 1837.

Eldad of Sherburne, and Charlotte Reed, int. Mar. 13, 1836.
Vol. 1
Page 59

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