* Intentions NOT recorded
Ephraim [int. Aiger], 34, farmer, of Sterling, s. Uriah and Nancy, and Nancy Russell, 24, d. Ephraim and Rebecca; Dec. 31, 1846.
William and Rhoda Brown of Weston, Apr. 22, 1827.

EAMES (see Eams, Emes)
Appleton P. of Milford and Elizabeth D. Rice, int. Mar. 29, 1835. [m. Apr. 23. CR1]
Betsey of Framingham, and Walter Stone, Oct. 18, 1824, in Framingham.
Jesse [dup. Emes Jr.] and Miriam [dup. Meriam] Fay of Southborough [dup. Southboro], Nov. 5 [dup. Dec. 21], 1786, in Southborough.*
Nancy, Mrs., of Natick, and Joseph Alexander, int. Dec. 13, 1845.

EAMS (see Eames, Emes)
Anna of Framingham, and Samuel Knight of Sudbury, Apr. 23, 1740, in Framingham.*
Thomas of Sudbury, and Lucretia Maynard of Rutland, Oct. 9, 1773, in Rutland.*

Hannah and John Cheney of Sudbury, Dec. 11, 1753, in Framingham.*
Mary of Framingham, and Luther Glezen Jr., int. Mar. 18, 1831.

Samuel of Brattleborough, and Fanny Foster, int. Apr. 27, 1805. [Elliot Esq., m. May 26. CR1]

Elisha and Rebecca Sherman, June 9, 1839.

EMES (see Eames, Eams)
Emmeline [int. Emelin], Mrs., and Edward Childs of Boston, Jan. 2, 1820. [Mrs. Emmeline Emmes. CR1]
Hannah of Sudbury, and Matthew Stone, Jan. 24, 1794, in Sudbury.
Luther, Maj. [int. omits Maj.], and Mrs. Polly Cummings, Jan. 17, 1822.
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Sarah of Sudbury, and Benjamin Stone, May 3, 1785, in Sudbury.*
Timothy and Mary Johnson, May 15, 1788.

Anne of Concord, and Joshua Haynes of Sudbury, Jan. 26, 1709-10, in Concord.*
Emily of New Ipswich, NH, and Charles R. Damon, int. Aug. 19, 1845.
Lucy of Holden, and Luke Moore of Sudbury, Oct. 27, 1760, in Holden.*

ESTE (see Estes)
Elijah and Fanny Bacon of Natick, int. Dec. 25, 1824.

ESTES (Este)
Edwin C. of NY, and Elizabeth H. Bigelow of Weston, Oct. 22, 1835.* [Edison C. and Elisabeth H. Bigelow, Oct. 26. CR2]

Sherebiah of Milton, and Elizabeth Dudley, Jan. 29, 1795.

Mary, Mrs., of Sudbury, and Ezara Blood of Carlisle, Nov. 25, 1755, in Lexington.*

Susanna [int. Eurs] and Daniel Alexander of Ackworth [int. Aquith, NH], Jan. 21, 1809. [Ewers, and Daniel Alexander of Ackworth, NH. CR1]
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