* Intentions NOT recorded
Charles and Elisabeth I. Coggin of Natick, int. Aug. 14, 1847.

Henry D. and Jane Thurston of Southborough, int. Dec. 17, 1836.

Solomon G. and Elizabeth Ann Dudley, Dec. 27, 1835.

Joseph of Groton, and Rebecca Gibson of Sudbury, May 4, 1727, in Concord.*

FARRAR (see Farror)
Elisabeth and Abil Billings of Lincoln, May 30, 1780.* [Elizabeth and Abel Billing MR]

FARROR (see Farrar)
Zabediah of Lincoln, and Eunice Sherman, Aug. 31, 1780.* [Zebediah Farrar and Eunice Sharman. MR]
Zebadiah and Abigail Sherman, May 16, 1785.* [Farrar, and Abigail Shearman. MR]

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Ephraim and Susan Stone, Oct. 22, 1826.
Jacob of Fitchburg [int. Fitchburgh], and Anna Moore [int. Ann Moor], Mar. 19, 1816. [Jacob of Fitchburg, and Anna Moore. CR1]
Joseph of Concord, and Mrs. Matilda Reed, Apr. 26, 1827.

Lydia, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], of Westborough, and Altheus Abbot [int. Alpheus Abbott], Feb. 11, 1799, in Westboro.
Miriam [dup. Meriam] of Southborough [dup. Southboro], and Jesse Eames [dup. Emes Jr.], Nov. 5, [dup. Dec. 21], 1786, in Southborough.*

Asa of Needham, and Levina Newton, July 23, 1793.
John of Natick, and Hannah Loker, June 15, 1789.

William of Marlboro, and Catharine Hunt, Nov. 20, 1791.*

FERGUSON, see Forgason.

Mary K. of Shrewsbury, and John W. Bemis, int. Oct. 5, 1844.

Jason of Athol, and Sophia Merriam [int. Meriam], May 30, 1818. [Meriam. CR1]
Stephen of Reading, and Abigail Parks of Sudbury, Jan. 7, 1722-3, in Reading.*

FISK (see Fiske)
Charles C. of Framingham, and Lucy Frost of Framingham, May 4, 1834.*
Mary of Sudbury, and Nathan Fisk of Weston, Feb. 21, 1738, in Weston.*
Nathan of Weston, and Mary Fisk of Sudbury, Feb. 21, 1738, in Weston.*

FISKE (see Fisk)
Anna, Mrs., of Waltham, and Hopestill Bent of Sudbury, Apr. 26, 1763, in Waltham.*
George, widr. [int. omits widr.], 43, farmer, s. Robert and Nancy, and Eleanor Jane Travis, wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], 37, d. Jonathan Dunton and Eliza, Nov. 17, 1846.

Ephraim and Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] Saunderson, Dec. 1, 1803. [Rebecca Sanderson. CR1]
Hepsabeth and Grindley Jackson of Sudbury, May 30, 1753, in Framingham.*
John Jr. of Weston, and Lucy Curtis, Jan. 26, 1786.*
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Marshall and Sally Stiles of Boylston, "on or About" May 12, 1830.*
Silas of Waltham, and Dorcas Saunderson, Dec. 4, 1794.
Silas and Mrs. Azubah Lawrence of Peperell, int. Mar. 20, 1831.

Ann, Mrs., of Boston, and Samuel Haynes, int. Oct. 18, 1804.

William of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Stratton of Watertown, Dec. 13, 1734, in Watertown.*

FORSTER (see Foster)
Rebecca of Charleston, and Joseph Damon, int. May 3, 1817.

FOSTER (see Forster)
Fanny and Samuel Eliott of Brattleborough, int. Apr. 27, 1805. [Elliot Esq., m. May 26. CR1]
Joel, Rev., and Mrs. Mary Winship of Cambridge, int. Sept. 10, 1803.
Joseph of Bilerica [dup. Sudbury], and Margaret Brown of Sudbury, Jan. 27, 1714, in Marlboro [dup. Billerica].*

Isaac Jr. of Hopkinton, and Mary Stone, Dec. 22, 1842.

Lucy and Josiah R. Hodgdon of Newton, Oct. 20, 1842.
Mary P., 21, d. James and Lucy, and John Conant, widr. [int. omits widr.], 44 trader, s. James and Dorothy, Mar. 31, 1847.
Susan F. and Jackson Bigelow of S. Natick, June 16, 1842.

Erasmus V., Dr., of Effingham, NH, and Nancy Learnard, int. Dec. 28, 1808.

Josiah of Boston, and Rebecca [int. Rebeca] Wyman, Feb. 13, 1820. [Rebecca. ]
Ziba of Brighton, and Jane E. Damon, Aug. ––, 1835.

Edward, Dr., and Sarah Dix of Littleton, int. May 8, 1829.
Lois and Phinehas Goodnow of Sudbury, Jan. 30, 1752, in Framingham.*
Lucy of Framingham, and Charles C. Fisk of Framingham, May 4, 1834.*
Samuell [int. Samuel], Capt., of Framingham, and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Heard, Sept. 3, 1788.

Calvin [int. Calven] of Dedham, and Nabby [int. Abigail] Rutter, Dec. 5, 1817. [Galvin and Nabby Rutter. CR1]
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