* Intentions NOT recorded
Anna of Waltham, and John Cutting, Oct. 5, 1780, in Waltham.*
James of Brighton, and Sarah Moore, Aug. 3, 1822.
Jonathan of Weston, and Abigail Beals of Sudbury, May 30, 1750, in Weston.*

Hannah M. and Daniel Haynes, Nov. 1, 1841, in Weston.
Ruth and David Rice, Apr. 9, 1788, in Waltham.*

Charles W., 23, shoemaker, s. Richard and Mary, and Irene W. Hammond, 19, d. Richard and Marcy, July 15, 1848.

Hiram, 28, farmer, s. Ezra and Charlotte, and Harriett [int. Harriet] Kent, 25, d. John and Mary, Jan. 6, 1847.

Lydea of Morlborough, and Abraham Beman of Moriborough, Feb. 13, 1782.* [Lydia of Marlboro, and Abraham Beaman of Marlboro. MR]

Louisa of Natick, and James B. Stone, housewright, s. Nevinson and w., May 3, 1849.
Rebecca of Needham, and Josiah Damon, int. Feb. 5, 1810.

GENERSON (see Jenison, Jenneson, Jennison)
Jane of Sudbury, and Hezekiah Howe, Oct. 11, 1746. in Framingham.*

Henry Esq. [int. Georgen, omits Esq.] of Montreal, and Cynthia [int. adds M.] Swift, May 5, 1811. [Henry Georgen Esq. of Montreal, and Cynthia M. Swift. CR1]

Isaac of Sudbury, and Lois Townsend, Jan. 2, 1755, in Hopkinton.*
Nathaniel of Sudbury, and Abigail Richardson of Woburn, Apr. 18, 1753, in Medford.*
Nathaniel of Sudbury, and Hannah Townsend, Mar. 5, 1761, in Hopkinton.*
Patty of Sudbury, and James Gould, Apr. 21, 1799, in Sudbury.

Rebecca of Sudbury, and Joseph Farnsworth of Groton, May 4, 1727, in Concord.*

Ellen E.A., 17, d. James and Catherine, and George W. Carter, 21, shoemaker, Nov. 29, 1849.

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GLEASON (see Gleazen, Gleazon, Glezen)
Abel and Elizabeth Mann of Orford, NH, int. Aug. 12, 1832.
Caroline and Rev. Ambrose P. Merrill of Frankfort, ME, int. July 11, 1841.
Dolly and Lawson Bruce, May 6, 1804.
Eliza [int. Glezen] and Nathaniel A. Jones of Needham, Nov. 25, 1832. [Gleason. CR1]
Isaac Jr. and Martha G. Macomber of Boston, int. Aug. 12, 1832.
Luther, widr. [int. omits widr.], 37, gentleman, s. Luther and Abigail, and Lucretia H. Stone, 22, d. Luke and Lydia, Mar. 20, 1847.
Phineas and Dolly c. Bigelow, July 25, 1841.
Ruth and Micajah Reed of Hubbardston, int. ––– 28, 1806. [Gleazen, m. Apr. 27. CR1]

GLEAZEN (see Gleason, Gleazon, Glezen)
Able and Mrs. Polly Noyes, int. Feb. 27, 1796.
Edward and Mrs. Anna Devan, int. Apr. 14, 1798.
Isaac and Rebecca Curtis, int. June 14, 1800.
Isaac, Capt., and Mrs. Dolly Parks of Cambridge, int. Aug. 2, 1812.
Luther and Abigail Staples, Jan. 8, 1797.
Nathan and Rebeca Whittemore [int. Rebeccah Whitemore], May 16, 1790.
Phinehas and Rebecca [int. Mrs. Rebecah] Pain, Feb. 15, 1791.

GLEAZON (see Gleason, Gleazen, Glezen)
Abigail of Sudbury, and Noah Morse of Sherborn, Nov. 4, 1714, in Sherborn.*
Reuben [int. Gleazen] and Polly Paine [int. Pane], July 22, 1792.

GLEZEN (see Gleason, Gleazen, Gleazon)
Anna and William Reed of Acton, Mar. 28, 1826.
Catharine and Capt. [int. omits capt.] Charles Cutting, July 2, 1821. [Capt. Charles. CR1]
Eliza [int. adds A.] and Horace Heard, Oct. 5, 1828.
Lois and Abel Heard, Apr. 28, 1830.
Lucy and Capt. Jonathan Hoar, Sept. 11, 1783.* [Glezin. MR]
Luther Jr. and Mary Eaton of Framingham, int. Mar. 18, 1831.
Maria and Jeremiah G. Hammond of Natick, ––– –– [rec. between Nov. 9 and Dec. 6][int. Nov. 8], 1828.
Nancy and Henry Reeves, June 16, 1816.
Rebekah and Thaddeas Bond, Apr. 11, 1782.* [Rebecca Gleason and Thaddeus Bond. MR]

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Elizabeth of Sudbury, and William Jennison, June 20, 1700, in Charlestown.*
Palmer of Sudbury, and Abagail Rice of Sudbury, Dec. 4, 1722, in Concord.*

GOLDTHWAIT (see Goldwate)
Anna and William Johnson 2d [dup. omits 2d], Apr. 6 [dup. Apr. 7], 1822. [William 2d, Apr. 6. CR1]
Willard of Weston, and Dolly Johnson, int. Mar. 27, 1819.

GOLDWATE (see Goldthwait)
Anna, Mrs., of Salem, and Capt. Caleb Moulten, int. Oct. 13, 1803.

Martha of Framingham, and Samuel Howe of Sudbury, Sept. 11, 1704, in Watertown.*

GOODENOUGH (see Goodenow, Goodnow)
Joseph [int. Goodnow Jr.] and Martha [int. Patty] Stone of Framingham, Nov. 30, 1799, in Framingham.
Levi, Dr., of Derby, VT, and Cynthia Rice, int. Jan. 8, 1830.

GOODENOW (see Goodenough, Goodnow)
Asahel and Mrs. Frances Baldwin, Apr. 27, 1780.*
Jesse of Sudbury, and Polly Bond of Lincoln, Jan. 28, 1781.* [Josep. MR]
Josiah of Sudbury, and Sarah Smith, June 4, 1786.*
Ruth of Sudbury, and Ephraim Barker, Mar. 27, 1783.* [Baker. MR]

Thaddeas of Waltham, and Mihitable Travis, July 10, 1783.* [Thaddeus and Mehitabel Travis. MR]

GOODNOW (see Goodenough, Goodenow)
Catherine, Mrs., of Sudbury, and Charles H. Sherman, int. Nov. 12, 1848.
Eleanor of Framingham, and Aaron Moulton, int. Apr. 8, 1829.
Jane and Edward Childs of Boston, int. Sept. 16, 1806.
Jesse and Ruammi Rice, int. Nov. 2, 1805. [Ruhamah, m. Jan. 23, 1806. CR1]
John of Sudbury, and Mary Livermore of Watertown, Aug. 17, 1724, in Watertown.*
Jonas [int. Goodenow] and Betsey [int. Elizabeth] Rice, June 21, 1795.
Joseph of Sudbury, and Dorothy Stratton of Concord, July 18, 1768, in Concord.*
Josiah of Sudbury, and Beaulah Treadway, Aug. 2, 1744, in Framingham.*
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Levi [int. Goodenow] and Sarah Haynes of Sudbury, Nov. 16, 1794, in Sudbury.
Luther of Sudbury, and Sally Abbott, int. Apr. 2, 1803.
Moses of Sudbury. and Lucy Russell of Lexington, Nov. 23, 1738, in Lexington.*
Phinehas of Sudbury, and Lois Frost, Jan. 30, 1752, in Framingham.*
Rebecca and Thomas G. Parmenter, May 27, 1840.* [Rebecca of Sudbury. CR2]
Ruth of Sudbury, and Joseph Lee of Concord, Oct. 8, 1713, in Watertown.*
Ruth and Reuben Willis of Sudbury, int. Nov. 26, 1802.
Susan P. and Benjamin S. Williams of Hingham, July 6, 1826. [Susan Plympton Goodenow. CR1]

Daniel F., 25, carpenter, and Sarah Diagley, 24, of Cambridge, Jan. 7, 1847.
Isaac and Rebeccah Parmenter, Dec. 11, 1786.*
James and Patty Gibbs of Sudbury, Apr. 21, 1799, in Sudbury.
John of Sudbury, and Pricilla ––––– of Sudbury, Jan. 2, 1737-8. in Sherborn.*
Nancy [int. Nancey] and Joseph Kendall [int. Kindall], July 21, 1806. [Nancy and Joseph Kendall. CR1]
Ruth of Sudbury, and Benjamin Harrington of Weston, June 30, 1762, in Weston.*

Nathaniel of Lincoln, and Jane Stone, Oct. 20, 1796.

Henry and Rebecca Moore, Mar. 29, 1829.

John of Sudbury, and Margaret Adams, Oct. 29, 1724, in Boston.*

GRAVE (see Graves)
Hepzibah [int. Hepzibath Graves] and Abijah Meed [int. Abigah Mede] of Fitzburg, July 3, 1788.

GRAVES (see Grave)
Abigail of Sudbury, and Josiah Wright of Willmington, Mar. 28, 1737, in Marlboro.*
Anna of Sudbury, and Abijah Livermore of Weston, Nov. ––, 1760, in Weston.*
Ezra of Sudbury, and Thankful Bigelow of Weston, June 5, 1766, in Weston.*
Ketuna of Sudbury, and Josiah Pratt of Sudbury, ––– ––, 1734, in Stow.*
Marcy and Jacob Jones, Feb. 24, 1785.* [Mary. MR]
Vol. 1
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Mary of Sudbury, and Henry Brooks of Woburn, Dec. 9, 1692, in Woburn.*
Mary (see Marcy).
Ruth of Sudbury, and Francis Pierce Jr. of Sudbury, July 23, 1722, in Weston.*
Thankful of Weston, and Isaac Rice of Sudbury, Apr. 26, 1769, in Weston.*

Artimas of Needham, and Sally Dudley, Oct. 19, 1823.
Sophia and Abijah Wyman, ––– –– [int. Mar. 31] 1824.

Phinehas, Lt., of Princeton, and Mary Jenneson of Natick, Oct. 15, 1794.*
Uriah of Weston, and Mrs. Nancy Biglow, June 1, 1826.

GRIFFIN (see Griffyn)
Almira and Walter Reeves, June 8, 1820.
Celinda and John Noyes Sherman, May 8, 1834.
Daniel and Sally Hews of Weston, Dec. 14, 1796, in Weston.
Deland A. and Sarah W. Jennings, Apr. 14, 1842.
Joseph and Hannah Carter, int. Aug. 16, 1799.
Martha and Abraham Hewes [int. Hews] of Weston, June 26, 1794.
Mary and Willard Richardson of Westford, Apr. 19, 1802.
Rachal and Aaron Damon, Jan. 12, 1786.*
Relief and David Damon, Jan. 20, 1785.* [Releif. MR]

GRIFFYN (see Griffin)
Abigail and Stephen Mireck of Prinston, Dec. 7, 1780.* [Griffin, and Stephen Merrick. MR]

Charles and Lucinda Adams, Apr. 23, 1818.
Eunice of Sudbury, and Jonathan Underwood of Weston, Sept. 16, 1766, in Weston.*
Jerusha and Newell Heard, Apr. 30, 1822.
Sally and Rev. John B. Wight, Jan. 1, 1818. [Sarah. CR1]
Silas and Susannah Clapp [int. Susanna Clap] of Sherborn [int. Sherburn], Aug. 21, 1788, in Sherborn.
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