* Intentions NOT recorded
Sarah of Spencer, and Isaac Rice Jr. of Sudbury, Jan. 14, 1771, in Spencer.*

Solomon of Marlborough, and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Willis, Apr. 6, 1837. [Mrs. Mary. CR2]

Caroline W. of Grafton, and Abner Rice, int. Aug. 18, 1843.
Mary E. of Grafton, and Alpheus D. Loker, int. May 28, 1842.

John of Sudbury, and Hepzibeth Stimson of Reading, July 28, 1730, in Reading.*

Azubah, Mrs., of Peperell, and Silas Flagg, int. Mar. 20, 1831.
Dana and Mrs. Lydia Maynard of Waltham, int. Apr. 4, 1845 - "April 19, 1845 Received a writing forbidding the Banns of the last named persons, form Jesse Viles, Nathan Hagar, and John Williams by their attorneys Mellen & Smith. "
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William [int. Lawrance Jr.] of Weston, and Susanna Tilton, July 7, 1791.
William F. of Newton, and Nancy Noyes, June 13, 1839. [Nancey. CR1]

Phillip of Boston, and Mary Moran, int. Jan. 4, 1849.

LEARNARD (see Learned)
Benjamin Gibson of Cambridge, and Lucy Learnard, Apr. 30, 1809. [Learned, and Lucy Learned. CR1]
Daniel and Rebecah Roby, int. Nov. 3, 1804. [Rebecca, m. Dec. 13. CR1]
Hannah and Capt. William Curtis, May 14, 1807. [Learned. CR1]
Lucy and Benjamin Gibson Learnard of Cambridge, Apr. 30, 1809. [Learned, and Benjamin Gibson Learned. CR1]
Nancy and Dr. Erasmus V. Freeman of Effingham, NH, int. Dec. 28, 1808.

LEARNED (see Learnard)
Abigail of Sherbarn, and John Woodward of Sudbury, Mar. 10, 1739-40, in Sherborn.*
Daniel Jr. and Mary Stone of Sudbury, int. Mar. 10, 1816.

Arathusa [int. Arrathusa] and James Smith of Weston, Mar. 7, 1819. [Arethusa. ]
Caroline and Levi Colby of W. Cambridge, Oct. 9, 1839.
Cyrus and Maria Bond, Mar. 8, 1832.
Elenor of Concord, and James Haines of Sudbury, Aug. 14, 1741, in Concord.*
Joseph of Concord, and Ruth Goodnow of Sudbury, Oct. 8, 1713, in Watertown.*
Mary L. and William Ward Jr., int. Oct. 18, 1849.
Samuel and Mary Underwood, int. Feb. 16, 1805. [m. Mar. 24. CR1]
Susan, d. Cyrus, and William Ward [int. Jr.], shoemaker, s. William Sr., May 1, 1844.

Daniel of Sherburn, and Eliza Heard, int. Nov. 30, 1805. [Lealand, m. Jan. 21, 1806. CR1]
Ebenezer, Sr. of Sherborn, and Mary Hunt of Sudbury, Aug. 29, 1721, in Sherborn.*

Nabby of Sudbury, and James Smith, int. Nov. 20, 1806.

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LIVERMOORE (see Livermore)
William of Weston, and Tabitha Tilton, int. Dec. 7, 1799.

LIVERMORE (see Livermoore)
Abijah of Weston, and Anna Graves of Sudbury, Nov. ––, 1760, in Weston.*
David of Weston, and Sarah Tilton, Oct. 4, 1787.*
Ephraim of Weston, and Betsy [int. Betsey] Tilton, May 25, 1789.
Joseph of Spencer, and Martha Maynard, June 15, 1786.*
Lois of Weston, and Samuel Livermore of Sudbury, Mar. 4, 1756, in Weston.*
Mary of Watertown, and John Goodnow of Sudbury, Aug. 17, 1724, in Watertown.*
Mehitable of Weston, and Eliakim Rice of Sudbury, May 14, 1730, in Weston.*
Miranda of Weston, and Joseph Moore, int. ––– 19, 1802.
Sally of Weston, and Ephraim Staples, June 30, 1799, in Weston.
Samuel of Sudbury, and Lois Livermore of Weston, Mar. 4, 1756, in Weston.*

Caleb of Tewksbury, and Bular R. Loker, May 25, 1831.

Abigail, 32, d. Paul, and Elias S. Banfield, 32, shoemaker, of Holliston, s. Nathan, July 2, 1844.
Adeline A., 27, d. Paul and Abigail, and Ebenezer Loker, 32, farmer, s. Ebenezer and Betsey, Oct. 17, 1844.
Adeliza, 20, d. Otis and Betsey, and William D. Bullard, 25, shoemaker, s. Elljah and Olive D., Nov. 21, 1849.
Almira (see Elmira)
Alpheus D. and Mary E. Latham of Grafton, int. May 28, 1842.
Alpheus D., 24, shoemaker, s. Paul and Abigail, and Harriett Bowman, 23, d. Samuel and Lucy, Oct. 27, 1847.
Anna and William Devan, Oct. 24, 1790.
Bular R. and Caleb Livingston of Tewksbury, May 25, 1831.
Catherine and Joseph A. Penniman of Fitz William [int. Fitzwilliam], NH, Apr. 17, 1838. [Catharine and Joseph A. Penniman of Fitzwilliam, NH. CR2]
Charles of Brighton, and Eliza Kimball [int. Kemball], Oct. 30, 1828. [Kimball. CR1]
Charles and Zerviah C. Hammond [int. Hammon], June 24, 1835, in Natick.
Ebeneezer and Betsey Jenkison of Natick, int. Sept. 29, 1798.
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Ebenezer, 32, farmer, s. Ebenezer and Betsey, and Adeline A. Loker, 27, d. Paul and Abigail, Oct. 17, 1844.
Elmira [int. Almira] and John Cooper of Boston, Dec. 10, 1832. [Elmira. ]
Ephraim and Susanna Loker, Apr. 28, 1796.
Faithe [int. Faithee L.] and Samuel Coggin of Natick, Sept. 26, 1824. [Faith. CR1]
Hannah and John Felch of Natick, June 15, 1789.
Harriet and Joseph Bullard, May 8, 1834.
Isaac, Capt., and Mrs. Mehetable Ward of Needham, int. Aug. 27, 1791.
Isaac Jr. and Betsey Cutting, int. Dec. 28, 1793.
Jefferson and Caroline Whellock of Surry, NH, int. Mar. 29, 1836.
John L. and Abigail Bent, May 19, 1831.
John L. and Hannah J. Parker of Lowell, int, Mar. 4, 1844.
Judith and Oliver Allen of Weston, int. Mar. 25, 1826. [m. Apr. 12. CR1]
Loring and Hannah Smith of Needham, Feb. 1, 1832.
Louisa and Ira B. Draper, Mar. 20, 1838.
Mary and Elijah Brigham of Marlborough, int. May 4, 1827.
Otis and Betsey Allen, June 17, 1826.
Paul and Abigail Dudley, int. Nov. 29, 1799.
Paul Jr., 28, tradesman, s. Paul and Abigail, and Sarah B. Coggin, 23, d. Samuel and Faithee, June 24, 1847.
Polly and Windsor Moulten, Aug. 9, 1795.
Sarah of Sudbury, and Benjamin Mills Jr. of Needham, Jan. 16, 1779, in Needham.*
Sarah and William Russell, June 13, 1822.
Susanna and Ephraim Loker, Apr. 28, 1796.
William, 22, farmer, s. Paul and Abigail, and Eliza J. [int. Jane] Dudley, 17, Nov. 7, 1844.

William of Southborough, and Mrs. Esther Johnson, Sept. ––, 1832.

Jonathan of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Woods of Marlboro, Jan. 21, 1740, in Marlboro.*

Anna and William Bracket, Nov. 22, 1784.* [Lauchlin. MR]

LOVELL (see Lovewell, Lovwell)
Francis of Boston, and Benjamin Baker, int. Aug. 15, 1826.

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LOVERING (see Loving)
Daniel A., 23, bleacher, of Waltham, s. Joseph and Olive M. Puffer, 23, of Waltham, d. Otis, May 24, 1846.*

LOVEWELL (see Lovell, Lovwell)
Samuel [int. Lovwell] of Weston, and Chole [int. Chloe] Rice, Feb. 11, 1812. [Lovewell, and Chloe Rice. CR1]

LOVING (see Lovering)
Faith and Joseph Jenkinson of Sudbury, July 13, 1761, in Hopkinton.*

LOVWELL (see Lovell, Lovewell)
Samuel Jr. of Weston, and Lucretia B. Adams, int. Mar. 8, 1828.

Susanna of Weston, and Tolmon How of Weston, Oct. 9, 1782.* [Talmon. MR]
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