* Intentions NOT recorded
Ellis of Bridgewater, and Nancy G. Reeves, Jan.1,1844.
Vol. 1
Page 96
Ellis, widr. [int. omits widr.], 27, shoe manufacturer, of Bridgewater, s.Micah and Lucinda, and Abby Heard, 22, d.Newell and Jerusha, June15,1847.

PAIN (see Paine)
Rebecca [int. Mrs. Rebecah] and Phinehas Gleazen, Feb.15,1791.

PAINE (see Pain)
Polly [int. Pane] and Reuben Gleazon [int. Gleazen], July22,1792.

PARK (see Parks)
Thomas of Brighton, and Margaret Johnson, int. Mar.31,1809.

Daniel [int. Nathaniel] and Persis [int. Percis] Stone, Dec.22,1816. [Daniel. CR1]
Hannah J. of Lowell, and John L. Loker, int. Mar.4,1844.
Nathaniel (see Daniel).
Richard of Reading, and Hannah Pool, July8,1794.

PARKS (see Park)
Aaron of Lincoln, and Anna Jennison, Dec.23,1783, in Lincoln.*
Abigail of Sudbury, and Stephen Fish of Reading, Jan.7,1722-3, in Reading.*
Anna, Mrs., and Ebenezer Staples, int. Dec.16,1805.
Dolly, Mrs., of Cambridge, and Capt. Isaac Gleazen, int. Aug.2,1812.
Emerson of W. Cambridge, and Sally Sherman, July4,1819.
Fanny and Lewis Whiting of N. Brookfield, June15,1837.
George S. of Shrewsbury, and Caroline Cutting [int. Cotting], Apr.12,1830. [Cotting. CR1]
Lucy, Mrs., of Charleston, NH, and Dr. Joseph Roby, Nov.19,1807.*

Anna of Sudbury, and Eli Sherman, int. Mar.7,1816.
Anna, Mrs., and Emery Hayns, int. Apr.14,1832.
Comfort of Sudbury, and Simon Baker, int. Aug.20,1818.
Edmund of Sudbury, and Sarah Beman of Lancaster, June5,1759, in Lancaster.*
Elizabeth of Sudbury, and Peter Stanhope of Bolton, Nov.30,1775, in Bolton.*
George and Mrs. Martha Harrington of Weston, int. Nov.8,1823.
George of Sudbury, and Abigail M. Brown of Framingham, Mar.28,1841.* [Mar. 23. CR2]
Hannah and Salathiel Davis, int. 末蔓3,1808.
Henry and Susan Whitney of Weston, int. Feb.11,1826.
Vol. 1
Page 97
Henry and Anna [int. Anne] Hemingway, Apr.24,1829. [Anna Hemmenway. CR1]
John of Sudbury, and Ruth Harrington of Weston, Oct.14,1756, in Weston.*
Jonas and Charlotte Travis, July3,1820.
Jonathan of Sudbury, and Mary Spring of Weston, Mar.30,1726, in Weston.*
Jonathan and Hannah Dana of Brookline, int. Sept.7,1793.
Jonathan Dana and Lois [int. adds M.] Damon, July16,1826.
Joseph and Lydia Rice, Mar.20,1799.
Lois and William Barrett of Sudbury, June25,1809.
Lucy of Sudbury, and Calvin Sherman, int. Sept.24,1836.
Lydia of Framingham, and Abijab Walker of Sudbury, Mar.末,1750, in Framingham.*
Moses [int. adds W.] and Levinia [int. Levinea W.] Dunn, June16,1831. [Moses and Lavinia Dunn. CR1]
Nancy and Charles Oliver, Apr.3,1817.
Phinehas of Framingham, and Zebudah Parmenter of Sudbury, June3,1736, in Framingham.*
Rebeccah and Isaac Gould, Dec.11,1786.*
Samuel of Sudbury, and Mary Tower of Concord, Nov.14,1751, in Concord.*
Solomon of Sudbury, and Deborah Pratt, July1,1717, in Framingham.*
Thomas G. and Rebecca Goodnow, May27,1840.* [Rebecca of Sudbury. CR2]
William of Sudbury, and Mary Pepper of Framingham, Sept.25,1740, in Framingham.*
Zebudah of Sudbury, and Phinehas Parmenter of Framingham, June3,1736, in Framingham.*

Abigail and Samuel Reeves, Feb.9,1786.*
Dorothy and Chever Kendall of Framingham, Aug.24,1780.* [Parus, and Chevey Kendall. MR]
Samuel [int. Jr.] and Mary [int. Polly] Brown of Framingham, May10,1789.

Ruth of Littleton, and Ephraim Sherman of Sudbury, Sept.18,1783, in Littleton.*
Samuel [int. Samuele] of Weston, and Betsy [int. Elizabeth] Sherman, Dec.12,1831. [Samuel of Weston, and Betsey Sherman. CR1]

Ann and John Wyman of Roxbury, Oct.18,1795.
Sally and Benjamin Wilson of Roxbury, int. Oct.31,1802.

Vol. 1
Page 98
Sarah of Deadham, and Benjamin Sumner, int. Feb.25,1819.

PEIRCE (see Pierce)
Asa of Weston, and Betsy Pike of Weston, Aug.28,1783.* [Betsey. MR]
Benjamin of Weston, and Eunice Jones of Weston, Nov.28,1782.*
Thomas of Westorn, and Lydia Underwood of Westorn, Feb.13,1783.* [Thomas of Weston, and Lydia Underwood of Weston. MR]

Joseph A. of Fitz William [int. Fitzwilliam], NH, and Catherine Loker, Apr.17,1838. [Joseph A. of Fitzwilliam, NH, and Catharine Loker. CR2]

Mary of Framingham, and William Parmenter of Sudbury, Sept.25,1740, in Framingham.*

Ira, Dr., 30, of Weymouth, s.Abel and Mitty, and Joanna Bullard, 25, d.Jotham and Anna, Apr.26,1849.
Marcy of Sudbury, and Abraham Whitney Jr. of Stow, Dec.19,1745, in Stow.*

Elizabeth and Elijah Allen of Weston, May10,1781, in Weston.*
Lydia of Weston, and David Sherman of Sudbury, Mar.7,1754, in Weston.*

Mary, Mrs., of Cambridge, and Maj. Thomas Brown Esq. of Sudbury, Mar.1,1703-4, in Cambridge.*

Caroline of Waltham, and George Allen, int. Apr.10,1830.

PIERCE (see Peirce)
Asa T., 24, farmer, of Natick, s.Joel and Sarah, and Emily [int. adds R.] Bond, 21, d.Artemas and Emily, May30,1849.
Charles [int. Peirce] of Boston, and Susan R. Rutter, Nov.9,1828. [Peirce. CR1]
Francis Jr. of Sudbury, and Ruth Graves of Sudbury, July23,1722, in Weston.*
Jonas, Capt. [int. Jr., omits Capt.], of Weston, and Susan [int. Susanna] Allen, Oct.18,1792, in Weston.
Mary of Needham, and Mirick Upham, int. Mar.14,1829.
Owen and Onea Ward, int. May22,1848.

Betsy of Weston, and Asa Peirce of Weston, Aug.28,1783.* [Betsey. MR]

Vol. 1
Page 99
Thomas and Nancy Dudley, May3,1808.

PLYMTON (see Plympton)
Thomas R. and Betsey Holden of Sudbury, int. Mar.23,1805.

PLYMPTON (see Plymton)
Mary of Sudbry, and Samuel Stone Noyes, int. Nov.11,1809.
Nancy of Sudbury, and Micah Maynard Rutter, int. Sept.14,1805.
Rebecca of Sudbury, and Elisha Cutting Jr., int. Nov.23,1811.
Thomas of Sudbury, and Ruth Thompson of Charlestown, Jan.17,1744-5, in Charlestown.*

Damaris and Thomas Rutter, June7,1795.
Hannah and Richard Parker of Reading, July8,1794.

William of Sudbury, and Lydia Coolidge of Weston, Feb.4,1762, in Weston.*

Anne and Joseph M. Dudley, Jan.2,1837.
Charles C., widr. [int. omits widr.], 27, stage-driver, of Upton, s.Calvin and Betsey, and Sarah Frances Moulton, 19, d.Nathan and Sarah, Mar.5,1848.
Deborah and Solomon Parmenter of Sudbury, July1,1717, in Framingham.*
Josiah of Sudbury, and Deborah Brooks of Sudbury, Dec.13,1715, in Concord.*
Josiah of Sudbury, and Ketuna Graves of Sudbury, 末蔓末,1734, in Stow.*
Lydia and Jonathan Rice of Sudbury, Nov.18,1714, in Framingham.*
Mary and Samuel Putnam of Sudbury, July27,1748, in Framingham.*
Phinehas of Sudbury, and Martha Puffer of Sudbury, Aug.4,1726, in Lancaster.*
Roxanna of Cohassett, and James Creed of Cohassett, Aug.末,1838.* [Roxanna of Cohasset, and James Creed of Cohasset. CR2]
Samuel of Waltham, and Roxana Moulton, Sept.19,1839. [Roxanna.]
Sarah of Newton, and Poler Bent of Sudbury, June17,1774, in Newton.*
Simoa of Framingham, and Lois Sherman, int. Oct.25,1788.

PRENTICE (see Prentiss)
Aphia of Belchertown, and Benjamin Cory, int. Nov.13,1805.

Vol. 1
Page 100
PRENTISS (see Prentice)
John [int. Prentice] of Rutland, VT, and Marthy [int. Martha] Bridge, Jan.23,1791.

Emily of Waltham, and Samuel B. Wood of Framingham, May25,1842.* CR2

John of Natick, and Amanda Dudley, Mar.29,1836.

Joshua and Mrs. Sarah Tower of Sudbury, int. Aug.1,1817.

Caty, Mrs., of Sudbury, and Uriah Cutting of Waltham, Feb.4,1773, in Waltham.*
Daniel and Mrs. Betsey Stone, Jan.17,1841, in Weston.
Emeline of Sudbury, and Curtis Robinson, int. Nov.26,1838.
Jabish of Sudbury, and Hannah Treadway of Framingham, Oct.18,1738, in Framingham.*
Jonas of Sudbury, and Mary Dakin of Sudbury, May12,1757, in Concord.*
Martha of Sudbury, and Phinehas Pratt of Sudbury, Aug.4,1726, in Lancaster.*
Mary, 18, of Sudbury, d.Otis, and John F. Nealley, 23, wheelwright, s.Benjamin F., July4,1844.
Olive M., 23, of Waltham, d.Otis, and Daniel A. Lovering, 23, bleacher, of Waltham, s.Joseph, May24,1846.*
Sarah A. and Jeremiah F. Whitney, Nov.11,1841, in Weston.
William of Sudbury, and Abigail Treadway of Framingham, June8,1742, in Framingham.*

Gideon of Boston, and Sarah Rice, June17,1823.
Samuel of Sudbury, and Mary Pratt, July27,1748, in Framingham.*
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Page 101

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