* Intentions NOT recorded
Phebe of Bolton, and Ezra Smith of Sudbury, Jan.12,1779, in Bolton.*

Abijah of Sudbury, and Lydia Parmenter of Framingham, Mar.末,1750, in Framingham.*
Daniel of Sudbury, and Dorothy Manning of Sudbury, Dec.13,1709, in concord.*
James D. and Nancy D. Allen, Apr.18,1837.
John of Sudbury, and Lydia Daniel of Sherborn, Mar.23,1740, in Sherborn.*
Lois of Sudbury, and James Bemis, Nov.29,1785, in Sudbury.*
Mary of Weston, and Benjamin Dudley of Sudbury, Dec.14,1752, in Weston.*
Matthias of Framingham, and Jame Moulten, Mar.14,1793.
Matthias [int. Mattheas Jr.] of Cambridge, and Lydia Brigham, Sept.9,1830. [Matthias. CR1]
William of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Stanhope of Bolton, May29,1777, in Bolton.*

Caroline, 31, of Lowell, d.Amos and Lydia, and Alfred Wiswell, widr., 34, carriage trimmer, of Framingham, s.Andrew and Emily, Sept.12,1849.*
Charles A. and Martha E. McKeen of Acworth, NH, int. June8,1849.
Emeline L., 18, d.William and Eunice, and Elijah Howe, 23, farmer, of Marlborough [int. Marlboro], s.Jabez and Roxana, Apr.19,1849.
Eunice H. and William H. [int. omits H.] Bemis, Dec.30,1841.
Martha Jane [int. Ann] and Daniel S. Barnard of Marlborough [int. Marlboro], Mar.23,1836. [Martha Ann and Daniel S. Barnard of Marlborough. CR2]
Mehetable, Mrs., of Needham, and Capt. Isaac Loker, int. Aug.27,1791.
Onea and Owen Pierce, int. May22,1848.
Samuel B. of Framingham, and Emily Rice of Waltham, May25,1842.*
William [int. Jr.], shoemaker, s.William Sr., and Susan Lee, d.Cyrus, May1,1844.
William Jr. and Mary L. Lee, int. Oct.18,1849.

Martha A. and Daniel B. Reed, Mar.15,1842, in Newton.

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Thomas J. and Mrs. Betsey Dutton, Apr.19,1842.

John of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Carson of Worcester, July24,1776, in Worcester.*
Lydia of S. Wilbreham, and Rev. Levi Smith, int. Apr.11,1829.
Susana of Worcester, and James Saunderson Jr., int. Dec.14,1799.

Lucy of Marlborough, and Dr. Ebenezer Ames, int. Dec.3,1814.

Sally and Thomas Hoten, int. Feb.6,1829.

WELLINGTON (see Willington)
Cherry of Waltham, and Zachariah Bryant of Sudbury, Oct.9,1764, in Waltham.*

Elizabeth of Lancaster, and Rev. Jacob Bigelow of Sudbury, Nov.23,1775, in Lancaster.*

WELSH, see Wilsh.

Hastings R. and Lydia D. Saunders of Framingham, int. Apr.29,1843.

Achsah and Thomas Reed 3d of Abington, int. May23,1840. [m. June 11. CR1]
Mary of Sudbury and Samuel Sawin of Worcester, June19,1760, in Worcester.*

Pliny Esq. of Stow, and Mrs. Catharine B. Whitney, int. Feb.末,1845.

Asa and Mrs. Emily Wheeler of Oxford, NH, int. Oct.2,1818.
Cyrus, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Concord, and Elizabeth Smith, Dec.19,1816. [Capt. Cyrus. CR1]
Elizabeth of Concord, and Elisha Rice of Sudbury, Feb.10,1707-8, in Concord.*
Emily, Mrs., of Oxford, NH, and Asa Wheeler, int. Oct.2,1818.
Esther of Concord, and Jonathan Simson of Sudbury, Oct.4,1731, in Charlestown.*
George of Concord, and Abigail Smith of Sudbury, Dec.3,1719, in Concord.*
Israil of Sudbury, and Susanna Carter, Apr.6,1786.*
Jesse and Abigail Bacon, May28,1826.
Mary H. of Sudbury, and Samuel Sherman, int. Mar.31,1833.
Polly of Concord, and Joseph Smith, int. Jan.4,1817.
Rebeca and Luther Sharman, int. 末蔓20,1803.
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Rhoda of Concord, and Abraham Smith of Sudbury, Jan.22,1750, in Concord.*
Susan F. of Acton, and Luther S. Noyes of Acton, Sept.2,1839.* [Sept. 22. CR2]
Thomas of Sudbury, and Dorcas Sherman [int. Shermon], Apr.22,1830. [Sherman. CR1]
Uriah of Sudbury, and Abigail Rice of Sudbury, Dec.28,1704, in Watertown.*

Caroline of Surry, NH, and Jefferson Loker, int. Mar.29,1836.

Jonathan of Marlboro, and Ann Stanhope of Sudbury, Nov.17,1737, in Marlboro.*

Eunice of Templeton, and Jonathan Cutting of Sudbury, Oct.27,1778, in Templeton.*

Elijah of Brighton, and Nancy Brackett, Apr.30,1809. [Bracket. CR1]

Alexander of Needham, and Mary Abbott, int. Aug.15,1800.

WHITEMORE (see Whittemore)
William of Weston, and Mary Smith, int. Oct.22,1829.

Abraham Jr. of Stow, and Marcy Perry of Sudbury, Dec.19,1745, in Stow.*
Betsey and William Sherman [int. Sharman], Apr.11,1802.
Catharine B., Mrs., and Pliny Wetherbee Esq. of Stow, int. Feb.末,1845.
Elisha of Watertown, and Sukey Cory, July24,1806.
Joseph Gay of Boston, and Rachell [int. Rachel] Harrington, Nov.10,1811. [Rachel. CR1]
Mary P. of Harvard, and Dexter Sherman, int. Mar.26,1842.
Maryann [int. Mary Ann] and Dana Stone, Sept.30,1830. [Mary Ann. CR1]
Micah of Leicester, and Meliscent Maynard of Sudbury, Apr.16,1755, in Leicester.*
Sophia of Cambridge, and Edward Mellen Esq., int. Mar.15,1831.
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Susan of Weston and Henry Parmenter, int. Feb.11,1826.
Susannah and William Alden of Needham, May1,1788, in Needham.*

WHITTEMORE (see Whitemore)
Loes and Benjamin Carter, Sept.4,1780.* [Lois. MR]
Rebeca [int. Rebeccah Whitemore] and Nathan Gleazen, May16,1790.

Experience of Sudbury and Josiah Richardson of Chelmsford, Oct.23,1728, in Chelmsford.*
Henry and Isabella Mann of Orford, NH, int. Apr.29,1848.
John B., Rev., and Sally Grout, Jan.1,1818. [Sarah. CR1]

WILES (see Willis)
Eliza of Dorchester, and Reuben Sherman Jr., int. Nov.2,1817.

Ebenezer and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Catharine Dunn, [torn] 7 [torn] [? 1788] [int. May17,1788].

Mary of Lancaster, and Moses Moseman of Sudbury, Apr.2,1775, in Lancaster.*

Almira and Henry Briggs of Boston, Feb.9,1834.
Benjamin S. of Hingham, and Martha S. Maynard, July9,1822.
Benjamin S. of Hingham, and Susan P. Goodnow, July6,1826. [Susan Plympton Goodenow. CR1]

WILLINGTON (see Wellington)
Josiah, Lt., and Susannah Bent, Aug.4,1782.* [Wellington, and Susanna Bent. MR]
Martha [int. adds Mrs.] and Luther Dudley, Oct.17,1791.

WILLIS (see Wiles)
Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Solomon Larkin of Marlborough, Apr.6,1837. [Mrs. Mary. CR2]
Reuben of Sudbury, and Ruth Goodnow, int. Nov.26,1802.
Samuel of Concord, and Mary Rice, Dec.7,1824.

Sally and Thomas Holton, Feb.24,1829.*

Michael and Margaret Branock, int. Aug.20,1848.

Benjamin of Roxbury, and Sally Payson, int. Oct.31,1802.
John [int. Willson] of Boston, and Susannah [int. Susanna] Davis, May8,1816. [Wilson, and Susannah Davis. CR1]
Robert of Lincoln, and Mary Woodward of Sudbury, Feb.22,1757, in Lincoln.*

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Eliza of Framingham, and Joseph Dudley, int. Nov.7,1812.
Jesse and Patty Brown of Framingham, Mar.末,1788, in Framingham.*
Joseph R. of Weston, and Mary Carver, int. Aug.14,1846.
Josiah of Framingham, and Patty [int. Polly] Moulten, May末,1789, in Framingham.
Margaret [int. Martha] and Lewis Dudley, Jan.7,1819. [Margaret. CR1]
Mehitable of Framingham, and Elijah Bacon, int. Jan.21,1825.
Polly and Daniell Bemis of Weston, Nov.18,1784.* [Patty and Daniel Bemis. MR]

Mary, Mrs., of Cambridge, and Rev. Joel Foster, int. Sept.10,1803.

Alfred, widr., 34, carriage trimmer, of Framingham, s.Andrew and Emily, and Caroline Ward, 31, of Lowell, d.Amos and Lydia, Sept.12,1849.*

Benjamin C. and Anna Haynes of Waltham, int. Oct.17,1835.

WOOD (see Woods)
Amos of Concord, and Dorothy Dakin of Sudbury, Feb.24,1763, in Concord.*
Ebenezer of Sudbury, and Abigail Rockwood of Groton, Dec.15,1744, in Groton.*
Rebecca of Sudbury, and Jonathan Blood of Concord, Apr.20,1733, in Concord.*
Samuel B. of Framingham, and Emily Price of Waltham, May25,1842.* CR2

Alice of Dorchester, and Timothy Mossman of Sudbury, May25,1744, in Dorchester.*

WOODS (see Wood)
Elizabeth of Marlboro, and Jonathan Loring of Sudbury, Jan.21,1740, in Marlboro.*

John of Sudbury, and Abigail Learned of Sherbarn, Mar.10,1739-40, in Marlboro.*
Mary of Sudbury, and Robert Wilson of Lincoln, Feb.22,1757, in Lincoln.*

Elisha W. and Lucy Jane Smith of Framingham, int. Dec.25,1838.
Josiah of Willmington, and Abigail Graves of Sudbury, Mar.28,1737, in Marlboro.*
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Luther, Rev., of Medway, and Anna Bridge, int. Nov.1,1799.
Wental of Waltham, and Betsey Moulton, Dec. 6 [int. Dec. 17, sic], 1828. [Dec. 6. CR1]

Abijah and Sophia Greenwood, 末 末, [int. Mar. 31] 1824.
Daneil [int. Daniel] and Lucy Bond, Apr.27,1830. [Daniel. CR1]
John of Roxbury, and Ann Payson, Oct.18,1795.
Nabby of Weston, and Joseph Cox, Mar.3,1796, in Weston.
Nancy [int. Nancey] and Joseph Arnold of Boston, Nov.25,1802.
Rebecca [int. Rebeca] and Josiah French of Boston, Feb.13,1820. [Rebecca.]
Sarah Noyes and Joseph Thayer of Boston, Nov.6,1823.
William and Anna Noyes, Sept.26,1780.*
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