Donald Asaph, s.Daniel, tailor, and Lucy, Jan.1,1844.
Lucy Ann, d.Donald, tailor, b. Scotland, and Lucy, Apr.6,1845.
Margaret, d.Daniel, tailor, and Lucy P., Mar.18,1848.

Sally, d.David and Patty, Aug.30,1803.

Vol. 1
Page 20
Bridget, d.John, laborer, and Hannah, both b. Ireland, in Ireland, 末蔓末,1849.
Mary, d.John, laborer, and Hannah, both b. Ireland, in Ireland, 末蔓末,1847.

Julia Ann, d.Lyman, farmer, Dec.15,1847.

CARROLL, see Caryl.

Edwin, s.Jeremiah J. and Sophia P., Nov.5,1842.
Henrietta, d.Jeremiah J., farmer, and . Sophia P., Oct.15,1844.
Jerimiah Jaquith, s.Ezra and Anna, at Wilmington, 末 末, 末末. [bef. 1820?]
Sophia Prescott, d.Jeremiah J. and Sophia P., Jan.30,1841.
Sumner, s.Ezra and Anna, June5,1818.

Benjamin, at Canterbury, CT, Dec.10,1722. GR1
Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Ede, Jan.31,1748-9.
Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Ede, Nov.24,1761.
Ede, d.Benjamin and Ede, Oct.30,1757.
Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Ede, May9,1751.
Joseph, s.Benjamin, bp. Dec.24,1752. CR1
Joseph, s.Benjamin, bp. July21,1754. CR1
Martha, d.Benjamin and Ede, Dec.9,1759.
Mary, d.Benjamin and Ede, Dec.28,1765. [1764? bp. Jan.6,1765. CR1]
Polly, d.Jonathan and Mary, Feb.13,1779.
Polly, 2d, d.Jonathan and Mary, 末蔓末,1792. GR2
Rebecca, d.Benjamin and Ede, Feb.3,1766.
Sally, d.Jonathan and Mary, Oct.18,1783.
Sarah, d.Benjamin and Ede, Sept.13,1746.
Thomas, s.Benjamin and Ede, Sept.4,1755.

Charles, s.Moses and Nancy, July23,1828.
Edwin, s.Moses and Nancy, May27,1834.
George, s.Moses and Nancy, Mar.4,1824.
Henry, s.Moses and Nancy, Jan.30,1822.
Mary, d.Moses and Nancy, Oct.16,1819.
Nancy, d.Moses and Nancy, May7,1836.
Orpha Ann, d.Moses and Nancy, Sept.26,1831.
Sarah, d.Moses and Nancy, Apr.16,1826.

CHAMBERLAIN (see also Chamberlin)
Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Esther, Mar.5,1756.
Vol. 1
Page 21
Rebecca, d.Samuell, bp. Mar.3,1728. CR1
Rebeckah, d.Ephraim and Esther, Apr.6,1754.
Sarah, d.Samuel, jr. and Sarah, Nov.20,1755.
Susanna, d.Jane, bp. May20,1733. CR1

CHAMBERLIN (see also Chamberlain)
Abigail, d.Ephraim and Esther, June25,1760.
Asaph, s.Samuel, jr. and Sarah, May16,1764.
Becky Stevens, d.James and Joanna Stevens, Apr.13,1799.
Charles, s.twin, Phineas and Mary, Aug.10,1836.
Elijah, s.Ephraim ang Esther, Nov.14,1770.
Elijah, s.Thomas and Molly, Aug.20,1793.
Elisabeth, d.Samuel [jr. dup.] and Sarah, Apr.8,1758.
[Ephraim, s.Samuel and Rebecca, 末蔓末,1725. different ink.]
Ephraim, s.Phinehas, of Chelmsford, bp. Nov.14,1779. CR1
Hannah, d.Ephraim and Esther, Oct.14,1752.
Henry, s.twin, Phineas and Mary, Aug.10,1836.
James, s.Ephraim and Esther, Nov.13,1767. [bp. Nov. 8. CR1]
Jarvis, s.James and Joanna Stevens, Apr.1,1801.
Jesse, s.Samuel and Sarah, June26,1770.
Joanna Stevens, d.James and Joanna Stevens, Feb.21,1797.
Joel, s.Ephraim and Sally, Oct.19,1802.
Joel, s.Phinehas and Mary, July4,1832.
John, s.Ephraim and Esther, May24,1762.
John Murry, s.Phineas and Mary [Parker. PR25], June25,1840.
Jonas, s.Thomos and Molly, July27,1791.
Julia Ann, d.Phinebas and Mary, Aug.22,1830.
Lucinda, d.Thomas and Molly, June19,1797.
Luther, s.Thomos and Molly, Sept.2,1795.
Lydia, d.Benjamin, bp. Oct.13,1765. CR1
Maria, d.Phinehas and Mary [Parker. PR25], Jan.8,1828.
Marietta, d.Phineus and Mary, Sept.19,1838.
Marther, d.Samuell, jr. and Sarah, June16,1753.
Mary, d.Ephraim and Sally, June23,1808.
Molley, d.Samuel, jr. and Sarah, June6,1762.
Molly, d.Phinehas, bp. Aug.10,1788. CR1
Nathaniel, s.Ephraim and Esther, June27,1758.
Phineias, s.Ephraim and Sally, Dec.3,1803.
Porter, s.James and Joanna Stevens, Feb.22,1809.
Rebecca, d.Phinehas and Rebecca, Aug.29,1770.
Sally, d.Ephraim and Sally, May10,1806.
Vol. 1
Page 22
Sally Porter, d.James and Joanna Stevens, Mar.18,1805.
Samuel, s.Samuel, jr. and Sarah, Sept.20,1767.
Sarah, d.Ephraim and Esther, Sept.30,1776.
Sibbel, d.Samuel [jr. dup.] and Sarah, July12,1759.
Sophronia, d.Phineas and Mary, July12,1834.
Submit, d.Samuel, jr. and Sarah, Jan.5,1766.
Thomas, s.Ephraim and Esther, Nov.10,1764.
Thomas, s.Benjamin, bp. Dec.13,1767. CR1
Thomos, s.Thomos and Molly, Dec.12,1789.
Wilder, s.Samuell, jr. and Sarah, July11,1754.
Wilediar, s.Samuel and Rebecka, Feb.5,1730-31.

CHANDLER (see also Chandlor, Chanlor)
Aaron, s.William and Susanna, 末蔓末,1722.
Amos Newton, s.William and Rhoda, Feb.12,1818.
Augustus Hiram, s.William and Rhoda, Sept.1,1828.
Benjamin, s.William and Susanna, 末蔓末,1718.
Caroline Mariah, d.William and Rhoda, Jan.2,1832.
Charles Edwin, s.William and Rhoda, Sept.2,1833.
Dorothy, d.twin, Moses and Dorothy, May22,1744. [bp. May 20. CR1]
Dorothy, d.Moses and Dorothy, July4,1752.
Ebenezer, s.William, jr. and Dorcas, Mar.26,1753.
Eliza Jane, d.William and Rhoda, Mar.26,1830.
Emily M., d.William and Rhoda, 末蔓末,1835.
George Washington, s.William and Rhoda, Nov.7,1826.
Hannah, d.Moses and Dorothy, Aug.16,1742.
Henry, s.William and Susanna, 末蔓末,1727.
Henry, s.Moses and Dorothy, Oct.29,1749.
Henry, s.Moses and Elizabeth, Sept.17,1765.
Henry, s.Isaac and Betty, Mar.14,1768.
Henry Harison, s.William and Rhoda, Aug.29,1840.
Isaac, s.Willam and Susanna, Dec.7,1730.
Isaac, s.Isaac and Betty, June5,1760.
Jerome Milton, "d. " William and Rhoda, Sept.9,1825.
John, s.William and Susanna, 末蔓末,1725.
John, s.Isaac and Betty, Mar.17,1771.
John Murry, s.William and Rhoda, Sept.19,1823.
Joseph, s.Willem and Susanna, Jan.29,1728-9.
Ledia, d.Willem and Susanna, Dec.10,1735.
Lydia, d.Isaac and Betty, July20,1765.
Marcus Mortan, s.William and Rhoda, Jan.27,1839.
Mary, d.Silas and Mary, Mar.31,1804.
Mary Ann, d.William and Rhoda, Oct.14,1821.
Vol. 1
Page 23
Milley, d.William and Joanna, Mar.30,1793.
Moses, s.William and Susanna, 末蔓末,1720.
Moses, s.Moses and Dorothy, Aug.27,1757.
Nancy, d.William and Joanna, Sept.5,1795.
Rachel, d.Willem and Susanna, Apr.2,1732.
Samuel, s.William, bp. Apr.24,1737. CR1
Samuel, s.Moses and Dorothy, Aug.7,1745.
Sarah, d.Willem and Susanna, May17,1734.
Sarah, d.William and Susanna, Mar.18,1738-9.
Suseanah, d.twin, Moses and Dorothy, May22,1744. [bp. May 20. CR1]
Suseanah, d.Moses and Dorothy, July14,1747.
Suseanah, d.Moses and Dorothy, Dec.9,1754.
Warren, s.William and Rhoda, Sept.3,1836.
William, s.William and Susanna, 末蔓末,1719.
William, s.William, jr. and Dorcas, Dec.12,1751.
William Procter, s.William and Rhoda, Jan.19,1820.

CHANDLOR (see also Chandler)
Betty, d.Isaac and Betty, Sept.10,1763.
Jacob, s.Moses and Elisabeth, Sept.2,1763.
Joanna, d.William and Joanna, Jan.28,1789.
Silas, s.William [jr. CR1] and Dorcas, May16,1755.
William, s.William and Joanna, Mar.25,1791.

CHANLOR (see also Chandler)
Pheebe, d.Ephram and Sarah, Sept.6,1733.

James F., s.Jonathan F., shoemaker, and Adeline, Aug.31,1846.

Enoch, s.Enoch [Enos. CR1], jr. and Martha, July26,1754.
Martha, d.Enoch, jr. and Martha, Apr.14,1753.

Adam Holden, s.Jonathan and Sally [grands. Capt. CR1], July29,1801.
George Fraderic, s.Jonathan and Sally, Aug.16,1799.
Sally Tuttle [Goodhue. CR1], d.Jonathan and Sally [grandd. Capt. CR1], Nov.14,1802.

Abba Hayden, d.William S., farmer, b. Foxborough, and Almira, b. Groton, at Foxborough, May29,1847.
Edwin Ruthven, s.William S., farmer, b. Foxborough, and Almira, b. Groton, Jan.16,1849.
Vol. 1
Page 24
William Wallace, s.William S., farmer, b. Foxborough, and Almira, b. Groton, at Bedford, Mar.4,1846.

COMING (see also Cummings)
Abigail, d.Ephraim and Mary, Apr.27,1744.
Abigail, d.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.23,1744-5.
Tryphena, d.Thomas, jr. and Lucy, Feb.5,1756.

COMINGS (see also Cummings)
Abigal, d.Ephraim and Mary, July16,1755.
Betsey, d.Isaac and Elisabeth, May25,1778.
Betty, d.Thomas, jr. and Lucy, Apr.2,1764.
Bridget, d.Thomas and Sarah, July16,1749.
Bridget, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Jan.5,1772.
Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.27,1743-4.
Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, July7,1769.
Elizabeth, d.Thomas, bp. Feb.24,1740. CR1
Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Mary, Sept.6,1747.
Isaac, s.Thomas and Sarah, Apr.13,1742.
Isaac, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, Dec.23,1780.
John, s.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.1,1745-6.
John, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, Jan.6,1772.
John, s.Nathaniel and Rebecca, Oct.9,1781.
Joseph, s.Thomas and Sarah, Oct.21,1736.
Joseph, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Jan.10,1768.
Luce, d.William, of Dunstable, bp. June19,1737. CR1
Lucy, d.Thomas, jr. and Lucy, July3,1760.
Lydia, d.Isaac and Elisabeth, Nov.26,1769.
Molly, d.Thomas, jr. and Lucy, July21,1767.
Nantsey, d.Isaac and Elisabeth, Sept.19,1783.
Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Rebecca, Sept.15,1778.
Phebe, d.Thomas, jr. and Lucy, Apr.2,1766.
Phebe, d.Thomas, jr. and Lucy, June2,1770.
Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, Nov.18,1742.
Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.21,1738-9.
Sarah, d.Thomas, jr. and Lucy, May11,1762.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Sarah, May29,1734.
Thomas, s.Thomas, jr. and Lucy, June16,1757.
Willson, s.Ephraim and Lydia, Sept.29,1775.
Wilson, s.Ephraim, bp. Aug.12,1753. CR1

Amelia, d.Nahum and Eliza Ann, at Acton, Sept.20,1838.
Eliza Ann, d.Nahum and Eliza Ann, at Acton, Dec.29,1835. [Dec. 28. in pencil.]
Marcus, s.twin, Nahum and Eliza Ann, Oct.24,1842.
Vol. 1
Page 25
Nahum, s.Nahum and Eliza Ann, at Cambridge, Aug.23,1833.
Peter, s.Robert, bp. Dec.10,1727. CR1
Robert Chaffin, s.twin, Nahum, farmer, and Eliza Ann, June26,1845.
Susanna Chaffin, d.twin, Nahum, farmer, and Eliza Ann, June26,1845.
William, s.twin, Nahum and Eliza Ann, Oct.24,1842.

Betsey T., d.Capt. Enoch and Abigail, Apr.26,1791.
Levi, s.William and Anna, June14,1828.
Lucinda, d.Capt. Enoch and Abigail, Aug.30,1795.
Nathan, s.William and Anna, Jan.21,1830.
Stephen, s.William and Anna, May27,1827.
William, s.Capt. Enoch and Abigail, Feb.3,1793.

George Henry, s.William F., shoemaker, and Mary Jane, Sept.29,1845.

Abel, s.Abel and Hannah, Dec.15,1781.
Abel, s.Abel and Lucinda, Feb.8,1832.
Isaac, s.Abel and Hannah, July22,1784.
Isaac, s.Abel and Lucinda, Jan.5,1837.
John, s.Abel and Hannah, Feb.13,1798.
Lucy, d.Abel and Hannah, Oct.1,1778.
Lucy H., d.Abel and Lucinda, Aug.13,1833.
Mary, d.Abel and Hannah, Feb.22,1795.
Mary Jane, d.Abel and Lucinda, June28,1841.
Sarah Augusta, d.Abel, laborer, and Lucinda, Nov.16,1843.

COWDERY (see also Cowdry)
Abigal, d.John and Abigal, Mar.31,1737.

COWDREY (see also Cowdry)
John, s.John and Abigal, Mar.13,1731-2.

COWDRY (see also Cowdery, Cowdrey)
Betty, d.Nathanel and Rebeckah, Feb.13,1790.
Charlotte, d.Nathaniel and Rebecca, Mar.15,1794.
David, s.John and Hannah, Feb.18,1756.
John, s.John and Hannah, Apr.11,1750.
Jonathan, s.John and Hannah, Jan.30,1752.
Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Rebeckah, Mar.19,1781.
Lucy, d.Nathaniel and Rebeckah, July16,1774.
Mary, d.John and Hannah, Feb.2,1747-8.
Mighill, s.Nathaniel and Rebeckah, Oct.27,1784.
Vol. 1
Page 26
Naomi, d.Nathaniell and Rebeckah, Sept.20,1787.
Nathaniel, s.John and Hannah, 末 末, 末末. [1745?]
Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Rebeckah, July27,1776.
Rebeckah, d.Nathaniel and Rebeckah, Mar.27,1778.
Sameuell, s.John and Abigal, Sept.1,1734.
Susanna, d.John and Abigal, Oct.12,1739.

CRAFT (see also Croft)
Ephraim, s.Samuel, bp. Sept.15,1745. CR1
Ephriam, s.Samuell md Margrit, Apr.20,1739.
Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.28,1744.
Margrit, d.Samuell and Margrit, May1,1737.
Samuel, s.Samuel, bp. Aug.2,1747. CR1

CROFT (see also Craft)
Mary, d.Samuel [and Margret. dup.], Dec.13,1741.

CUMING (see also Cummings)
Isaac, s.Isaac, bp. Feb.20,1774. CR1
Nehemiah Whitman, s.Lt. Timothy and Betsey, Jan.17,1806.
Timothy, s.Lt. Timothy and Betsey, Mar., 16, 1808.

CUMINGS (see also Cummings)
Artemas, s.Capt. Timothy and Elizebeth, Apr.2,1810.
Artemuss Ward, s.Col. Timothy and Elizabeth, Nov.26,1815.
Benjamin, s.Timothy and Catherine, Dec.6,1786.
Betsey, d.Timothy and Catharine, June25,1799.
Cartherine, d.twin, Capt. Timothy and Elizebath, Nov.21,1812.
Cate, d.Timothy and Catherine, Feb.25,1780.
Charity Ames, d.twin, Col. Timothy and Elisabeth, Feb.21,1818.
Charles, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, July31,1792.
Daniel Laighton, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Mar.3,1794.
Elizabeth, d.twin, Col. Timothy and Elisabeth, Feb.21,1818.
Frances, d.Col. Timothy and Elizabeth, July1,1822.
George Waldo, s.John W., farmer, and Mary Ann, Sept.28,1849.
Isaac, jr., s.Col. Timothy and Elisabeth, Feb.14,1821.
John, s.Timothy and Cartharine, May4,1797.
John Boynton, s.John, 2d and Sally, Oct.18,1838.
John Waldo, s.John and Lois, Mar.8,1809.
Martha Whitcomb, d.John and Lois, June11,1811.
Molley [Mary. CR1], d.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.31,1755.
Polley, d.Timothy and Catherine, Oct.6,1784.
Vol. 1
Page 27
Polly, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Apr.3,1776.
Rebeckah, d.Timothy and Catherine, Aug.9,1783.
Sarah, d.twin, Capt. Timothy and Elizebath, Nov.21,1812.
Timothy, s.Thomas and Sarah, Jan.15,1752.
Timothy, s.Timothy and Catherine, Oct.11,1776.
William, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, May23,1778.
Wilson, s.Ephriam, jr., bp. Nov.6,1774. CR1

CUMMINGS (see also Coming, Comings, Cuming, Cumings)
Almira B., d.Thomas and Lucinda, Feb.21,1833. PR10
Amanda J., d.Thomas and Lucinda, Dec.9,1835. PR10
Angelina, d.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Jan.18,1802.
Benjamin O., s.Thomas and Lucinda, Oct.26,1831. PR10
Charles M., s.Thomas and Lucinda, Feb.22,1839. PR10
Daniel, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Feb.28,1800.
Eliza Ama, d.Thomas and Lucinda, Mar.26,1830. PR10
Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Lucinda, Nov.14,1815. PR10
Elize, d.John and Louis, July21,1803.
Francis L., ch. Thomas and Lucinda, Aug.17,1842. PR10
George, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Dec.23,1795.
George, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Sept.6,1805.
George, s.twin, Thomas and Lucinda, Mar.25,1823. PR10
George W., s.Thomas and Lucinda, Jan.26,1824. PR10
Hezekiah, s.Thomas and Lucinda, Jan.20,1828. PR10
Isaac, s.John and Lois, Oct.29,1800.
John, s.Thomas and Lucinda, Oct.20,1834. PR10
Julia Aurelia, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Aug.30,1812. CR1
Lowisa, d.William and Rebecah, May24,1801.
Lydia, d.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Apr.13,1798.
Patty, d.Ephraim and Lydia, Sept.4,1777.
Rheuben W., s.Thomas and Lucinda, June22,1826. PR10
Rowland, s.William and Rebecah, Sept.7,1799.
Ruth, d.Timothy and Catherine, Jan.3,1790.
Sarah, d.Thimothy and Catherine, Oct.19,1791.
Sarah M., d.Thomas and Lucinda, May21,1837. PR10
Thomas, 末蔓末,1785. PR10
Thomas, s.Thimothy and Catherine, Mar.30,1794.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Lucinda, May26,1818. PR10
Thomas R., s.Thomas and Lucinda, May3,1821. PR10
Walton, s.Thomas and Lucinda, Mar.24,1817. PR10
Walton H., s.Thomas and Lucinda, Nov.19,1819. PR10
Washington, s.twin, Thomas and Lucinda, Mar.25,1823. PR10
Wyle Richardson, s.William and Rebecah, July27,1803.

Sarah, d.Enoch, bp. Aug.28,1774. CR1

Vol. 1
Page 28
John Elliot, s.William, schoolteacher, b. Lunenburg, and Margaret L.W., b. Boston, Jan.15,1849.

Asaph Byam, s.[Capt. CR1] John and Mary, June2,1821.
Eliza Sophia, d.John and Mary, July10,1828.
Emely Bissil, d.[Dea.PR2] John and Mary, Feb.25,1830.
John Emery, s.[Capt. CR1] John and Mary, May27,1819.
John Emery, s.[Dea.CR1] John and Mary, Apr.15,1825.
Vol. 1
Page 29

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