Ann Eliza, d.Ephraim, bp. Aug.末,1830. CR1
Frederick Bryant, s.Ephraim, bp. Aug.末,1830. CR1
Lewis Gould, s.Ephraim, bp. Aug.末,1830. CR1
Mary Bryant, d.Ephraim, bp. Aug.末,1830. CR1

Daniel, 3d, s.Daniel, jr. and Naomy, Mar.18,1784.
Daniel, 3d, s.Daniel, jr. and Naomy, Aug.20,1787.
Elisabeth, d.Daniel, bp. Oct.22,1758. CR1
Hephzibah, d.Daniel, bp. May23,1762. CR1
John, s.Daniel, bp. Aug.26,1764. CR1
Lydia, d.Daniel, jr. and Naomy, June25,1789.
Sally, d.Daniel, jr. and Naomy, Sept. 13, 1185.

READ (see also Reed)
Aaron, s.Eleazer and Joanna, Nov.27,1778.
Abel, s.Benjamin and Abigal, Mar.2,1757.
Abel, s.Abel and Rebekah, Nov.1,1782.
Abigail, d.John, jr. and Abial, July21,1743.
Abigail, d.Thomas, 3d and Susanna, Jan.5,1757.
Abigail, d.Silas and Hannah, Oct.6,1788.
Abigal, d.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.8,1758.
Abigal, d.Benjamin and Abigal, Oct.15,1759.
Vol. 1
Page 91
Abigal, d.Oliver and Abigal, Nov.25,1780.
Abigal [Osgood. PR9], d.Zaches and Polly [Mary. PR9], May27,1801.
Abijah, s.Abijah and Elizabeth, Aug.26,1789.
Abijah, s.Abijah and Susan, Feb.16,1796.
Abram, s.Rosel and Sybil, Jan.18,1824.
Alenutt, s.Lt. Thomas and Polly, Oct.16,1797.
Almira, d.Zacheus and Polly, Oct.19,1811.
Alvira, d.Abijah and Susan, Apr.7,1816.
Alvira Melvina, d.Jeremy B. and Nancy, Nov.20,1835.
Amos, s.Joshua and Mary, Aug.1,1768.
Amos Prescot, s.Amos and Rachel, Apr.7,1794.
Anna, d.Thomas [jr. CR1] and Susanna, Dec.5,1773.
Anna, d.Willard and Olive, May2,1788.
Anna Rebecca, d.Luther and Ann Thaxter, Feb.21,1831.
Asa, s.Willard and Olive, Dec.23,1792.
Augusta Maria, d.Amos and Rachel, Sept.4,1812.
Batsey, d.Silas and Hannah, May21,1784.
Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Sept.17,1758. CR1
Benjamin, s.Joshua and Mary, Dec.5,1760.
Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Abigail, June8,1768.
Benjamin, s.Abel and Rebekah, Jan.19,1779.
Benjamin Abbott, s.Benjamin and Brigit, Jan.30,1810.
Benjamine, s.Joseph and Ruth, Dec.31,1742.
Bethiah, d.Joel and Joanna, Dec.20,1818.
Bethuel, s.Amos and Rachel, May26,1792.
Bethyer, d.Leonard and Bethyer, June4,1770.
Betty, d.Silas and Hannah, Aug.2,1773.
Bridget, d.Samuel and Hannah, July14,1762.
Bridget, d.Silas and Hannah, July1,1796.
Bridget, d.Silas and Hannah, Apr.30,1801.
Catharine, d.Thomas, jr. and Olive, Oct.13,1750.
Catharine, d.Eleazer and Joanna, Apr.14,1764.
Catharine Manly, d.Luther and Ann Thaxter, Apr.26,1840.
Charles, s.Lt. Thomas and Phebe, Dec.11,1785.
Charles Boynton, s.Jeremy B. and Nancy, Dec.7,1833.
Charles Granderson, s.Joel and Joanna, Nov.7,1813.
Charles Hartwell, s.Abijah and Susan, Mar.29,1804.
Charlottee, d.Lt. Thomas and Phebe, Jan.25,1786.
Clarissa, d.Rosel and Sybil, Aug.13,1828.
Cortes, s.Seth and Rhoda.Mar.27,1815.
Cynthia, d.Rosel and Sybil, Feb.2,1820.
Dana, s.John and Sally, Mar.22,1814.
Edwin, s.Zacheus and Polly, Nov.23,1814.
Edwin Ransome, s.Joel and Joanna, July2,1815.
Vol. 1
Page 92
Elazer, s.twin, Elazar, jr. and Elisabeth, Dec.26,1786.
Elbridge, s.Rosel and Sybil, Mar.27,1826.
[Eleazer. different ink.], s.Timothy and Mary,末蔓末,末末. [after 1738?]
Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Joanna, Mar.1,1760.
Eliakim, s.Eleazer and Joanna, Aug.1,1762.
Elihu, s.Eleazer and Joanna, Apr.2,1766.
Eliphalet, s.Eleazer, bp. Sept.23,1804. CR1
Elizabeth, d.Abijah and Elizabeth, Dec.31,1787.
Elizabeth, d.Eleazer, bp. Sept.23,1804. CR1
Ellen Amanda, d.Jeremy B. and Nancy, Aug.31,1839.
Elmira, d.Rosel and Sybil, Dec.25,1830.
Elnathan, s.Joshua and Mary, Oct.12,1758.
Ephraim, s.Silas and Hannah, Jan.3,1780.
Ephraim, s.Silas and Hannah, Apr.30,1782.
Francis, s.Amos and Rachel, Dec.28,1809.
Hannah, d.Thomas, jr. and Olive, May4,1754.
Hannah, d.Silas and Hannah, Jan.25,1777.
Hannah, d.Silas and Hannah, Apr.1,1786.
Harriet, d.Abijah and Susan, Mar.3,1806.
Harriet, d.Rosel and Sybil, Aug.19,1817.
Howard, s.Thomas, jr. and Olive, Feb.26,1762.
Huldah, d.Samuel, bp. Feb.28,1768. CR1
Isaiah, s.Joshua and Mary, Oct.14,1770.
[Isaiah. different ink.], s.Joshua and Mary [Mar.17,1778. different ink.].
Jacob, s.Thomas, jr. and Olive, Mar.18,1748-9.
James Madison, s.Abijah and Susan, Apr.30,1813.
Jane, d.Samuel, bp. July15,1770. CR1
Jemima, d.Thomas, 3d and Susanna, Nov.10,1761.
Jeptha, s.Eleazer, jr. and Elisabeth, 末蔓末,1790.
Jeremy Boynton, s.Abijah and Susan, Nov.9,1801.
Jesse, s.Samuel and Elizebeth, Dec.20,1779.
Joanna, d.Eleazer and Joanna, Oct.3,1754.
Joanna, d.Rosel and Sybil, July22,1815.
Joanna, d.Joel and Joanna, Apr.5,1817.
[Joel, s.Leonard and Bethiah, 末蔓末,1776. (?) different ink.]
Joel, jr., s.Joel and Joanna, Dec.29,1811.
John, s.John, jr. and Abigail, Sept.1,1740.
John, s.Willard and Olive, Mar.26,1775.
John, s.John and Sally, Aug.9,1805.
John Cummings, s.Silas and Hannah, Apr.7,1792.
Jonathan Minot, s.Willard, jr. and Miriam [d. Dea.sister of Dea.John White of Concord and Aaron White of Westford. in pencil. dup.], Jan.20,1804.
Vol. 1
Page 93
Joseph, s.Joseph and Ruth, Oct.9,1746.
[Joseph. different ink.], s.Joshua and Mary [Mar.13,1776. different ink.].
Joseph, s.Willard and Olive, July22,1779.
Joseph, s.Willard, jr. and Mariam, July20,1806.
Joseph Warren, s.Luther and Ann Thaxter, Dec.6,1836.
Joshua, s.Joseph and Ruth, Dec.1,1737.
Joshua, s.Joshua and Mary, Mar.6,1763.
Joshua, s.Amos and Rachel, Mar.2,1796.
Joshua [Fletcher. CR1], s.twin, Elazar, jr. and Elisabeth, Dec.26,1786.
Katharine, d.Timo[thy and Mary. TR in pencil], bp. June4,1738. CR1
Laura, d.Rosel and Sybil, Apr.24,1833.
Leonard, s.Joel and Joanna, Mar.12,1821.
Leornard, s.Joseph and Ruth, Apr.23,1750.
Levi, s.Thomas, jr. and Olive, Feb.15,1760. [bp. Feb. 10. CR1]
Lois, d.Leonard and Bethiah, Dec.26,1771.
Lowell, s.John and Sally, Feb.13,1810.
Lucy, d.John, bp. Nov.19,1727. CR1
Lucy, d.Thomas [jr. CR1] and Susanna, May16,1771.
Lucy, d.Samuel and Elizebeth, Apr.19,1781.
Lucy, d.Oliver and Abigal, Sept.22,1785.
Luther, s.Silas and Hannah, Feb.12,1799.
Luther Felton, s.Luther and Ann Thaxter, Feb.1,1838.
Luther Warren, s.Luther and Ann Thaxter, Dec.22,1828.
Luther Warren, 2d, s.Luther and Ann Thaxter, July26,1832.
Lydia, d.John, jr. bp. June18,1749. CR1
Lydia, d.Eleazer and Joanna, June7,1768.
Lydia, d Samson, bp. Dec.11,1774. CR1
Lydia, d.Lt. Thomas and Polly, May13,1798.
Lyman, s.Eleazer, bp. Sept.23,1804. CR1
Martha, d.Thomas, jr. and Olive, Mar.18,1758.
Martha, d Seth, bp. July27,1817. CR1
Martha Louisa, d.Jeremy B. and Louisa, May19,1827.
Mary, d.John, jr. bp. June7,1752. CR1
Mary, d Zaches and Polly [Mary. PR9], Dec.23,1798. [1799. PR9]
Mary Adeline, d.Eleazer, bp. June3,1810. CR1
Mary Ann, d.Abijah and Susan, Feb.8,1808.
Mary Elizabeth, d Benjamin A. and Betsey, May9,1835.
Merrick, s.Rosel and Sybil, Nov.29,1821.
Miriam, d.Eleazer and Joanna, Mar.27,1772.
Molly, d.Joseph and Ruth, Aug.31,1761.
Vol. 1
Page 94
Nancy Chandler, d.Joel and Joanna, Aug.30,1822.
Nancy Irene, d.Abijah and Susan, May27,1810.
Nancy Maria, d.Jeremy B. and Nancy, Oct.30,1831.
Nancy Thaxter, d.Luther and Ann Thaxter, Dec.16,1829.
Olive, d.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.13,1760.
Olive, d.Abel and Rebekah, Apr.30,1781.
Olive, d.Willard and Olive, Oct.16,1783.
Olive, d.John and Sally, May15,1824.
Oliver, s.William, bp. Aug.15,1756. CR1
Oliver, s.Oliver and Abigil, July25,1779.
Orpah, d.Abijah and Susan, Feb.1,1798.
Otis, s.Amos and Rachel, May18,1807.
Patty, d.William, jr. bp. Dec.9,1764. CR1
Patty, d.Joseph, jr. and Martha, Apr.4,1773.
Patty, d.Oliver and Abigal, Oct.22,1782.
Permelia, d.Abijah and Susan, Nov.27,1799.
Peter, s.Samuel, bp. Apr.27,1766. CR1
Peter, s.Abel and Rebeckah, Oct.15,1788.
Phebe, d.Samuel, bp. Sept.6,1772. CR1
Phebe, d.Lt. Thomas and Phebe, Sept.26,1784.
Phinehas, s.Joshua and Mary, Od.18, 1765.
Phisinda, d.Lt. Thomas and Polly, Nov.28,1803.
Polly, d.Willard and Olive, May1,1790.
Polly, d.Lt. Thomas and Polly, Apr.10,1795.
Rachel, d.Thomas, jr. and Olive, Aug.12,1756.
Rachel, d.Amos and Rachel, Aug.19,1790.
Rebecca, d.Benjamin and Abigal, Sept.3,1761.
Rebeckah, d.Silas and Hannah, June3,1794.
Rebekah, d.Abel and Rebekah, Aug.30,1786.
Rhoda, d.Eleazer and Joanna, Mar.1,1770.
Richard, s.Oliver and Abigal, Apr.22,1789.
Roswell, s.Lt. Thomas and Polly, Sept.19,1793.
Ruth, d.Joseph and Ruth, Jan.4,1739. [1740. dup.]
Ruth, d.Joseph, jr. and Martha, Dec.22,1771.
Ruth, d.Leonard and Bethyah, Nov.12,1774.
Sally, d.Willard and Olive, Mar.30,1786.
Sally, d.John and Sally, Mar.11,1812.
Samson, s.Josep and Ruth, May13,1754.
Samson, s.Samson, bp. Aug.8,1773. CR1
Samuel, s.Eleazer and Joanna, Mar.7,1756.
Samuel, s.William, jr. bp. Apr.24,1763. CR1
Samuel, s.Samuel, bp. Aug.26,1764. CR1
Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, May15,1774.
Samuel, s.Silas and Hannah, Dec.20,1789.
Sarah, d.John, jr. and Abial, June16,1738.
Vol. 1
Page 95
Sarah, d.Thomas, jr. and Olive, Apr.25,1747-8.
Sarah, d.Thomas, 3d [jr. CR1] and Susanna, June27,1766.
Sarah, d.Eleazer and Joanna, Mar.17,1776.
Sarah Ann, d.Benjamin A. and Betsey, Feb.16,1839.
Sarah Rosinia, d.Joel and Joanna, May21,1824.
Sebel, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Feb.24,1755.
Seth, s.Willard and Olive, July24,1781.
Silas, s.Samuel and Abigal, Apr.2,1737.
Silas, s.Silas and Hannah, Feb.6,1775.
Silas, s.Silas and Hannah, July12,1778.
Silas Cumings, s.Luther and Ann Thaxter, Sept.7,1834.
Simeon, s.John, jr. bp. May9,1756. CR1
Stephen, s.Thomas, 3d and Susanna, Mar.26,1754.
Stephen, s.Amos and Rachel, キMar.5,1799.
Susan, d.Abijah and Susan, June21,1794.
Susanna, d.Thomas, 3d and Susanna, May2,1759.
Susanna, d.Thomas, jr. and Susanna, Mar.29,1764.
Thadeus, s.William and Thankfull, May15,1742.
Thankful, d.William, bp. Dec.17,1758. CR1
Thomas, s.Samuel and Abigail, Feb.6,1732-3.
Thomas, s.Thomas, jr. and Olive, Aug.28,1752.
Thomas, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Mar.14,1766.
Thomas, s.Thomas [jr. CR1] and Susanna, Jan.5,1768.
Thomas, s.Samuel and Elizebeth, Oct.11,1778.
Timothy, s.Abel and Rebekah, Sept.18,1785.
Walter, s.John and Sally, Apr.1,1807.
Warren Abbot, s.Benjamin A. and Betsey, Feb.5,1837.
Willard, s.John, jr. and Abial, Aug.15,1746.
Willard, s.Willard and Olive, Jan.18,1777.
Willard, s.John and Sally, June11,1816.
William, s.Samuel and Abigal, Sept.24,1739.
William, s.William and Thankfull, July9,1753.
William Chandler, s.Joel and Joanna, Dec.17,1810.
Zaccheus, s.Joshua and Mary, Mar.8,1773.
Zaches [jr. dup.], s.Zaches and Polley [Mary. PR9], Jan.27,1796.
末末, s.Willard and Meriam, Mar.2,1802. GR2

REED (see also Read)
Abigail Winn, d.Joseph and [Abigail. different ink.], Mar.11,1811.
Abijah, s.Abijah, bp. July3,1768. CR1
Albert Spaulding, s.Benjamin A. farmer, and Betsey, Jan.20,1845.
Alonzo, s.Joseph, June29,1823.
Vol. 1
Page 96
Alpheus, s.Joseph, Apr.27,1813.
Alpheus Joseph, s.Joseph, Nov.3,1815.
Amanda Jane, d.Joseph, June9,1827.
Anan, s.Joseph, Jan.1,1818.
Aronet, s.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末. [after 1812?]
Barnard, at Littleton, Apr.27,1780.
Barnard, jr., s.Barnard and Mary, at Littleton, Aug.7,1829.
Benjemen, s.[Capt. CR1] Thomas and Sarah, Sept.3,1732.
Betsey Wheet, d.Joseph, Apr.1,1819.
Beulah, d.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末. [after 1809?]
Charles, s.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末 [after 1810?]
Charlotte Augusta, d.Joshua and Charlotte, Nov.23,1816.
David, s.Barnard and Mary, at Acton, Aug.11,1824.
Debrah, d.Wilam and Hanah, July10,1729.
Deidamia, d.Barnard and Mary, at Littleton, Jan.18,1834.
Dorcas, d.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末 [after 1827?]
Edward Zacheus, s.Zacheus, jr. and Mary H. Aug.13,1825.
Edwin, s.Zaccheus and Mary, Mar.12,1807. PR9
Elezebeth, d.Timothy and Mary, Feb.2,1732-3.
Eliaser, s.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.22,1730-31.
Elisabeth Hartwell, d.Jeremy B. and Loisa, Feb.19,1824.
Elzira, d.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末 [after 1825?]
Emily Fletcher, d.Zacheus, jr. and Mary H. Aug.9,1837.
Ephraim, s.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末. [bet. 1821 and 1825 ?]
Francis Adelaide, d.Abijah, jr. and Sarah, Dec.22,1836.
George, s.Barnard and Mary, at Acton, June27,1819.
Georgianna Rebecca, d.Abijah, jr. and Sarah, Apr. 5, 1339.
Harriot Augusta, d.Jeremy B. and Loisa, Feb.28,1825.
James Henry, s.Abijah, jr. and Sarah, July9,1835.
Joseph Henry, s.Zacheus, jr. and Mary H. Aug.5,1835.
Josiah, s.Zaccheus and Mary, Mar.18,1804. PR9
Josiah, s.Barnard and Mary, at Acton, Sept.3,1822.
Levi, s.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末. [1832. in pencil.]
Lois, d.Wilam and Hanah, Feb.3,1733-4.
Louisa Ann, d.Charles and Beulah (G.), Jan.15,1821.
Martha Ann, d.Zacheus, jr. and Mary H. Sept.6,1828.
Mary, d.Timothy and Mary, Feb.22,1734-5.
Mary, w.Francis Leighton, 末蔓末,1790. GR2
Mary, w.Barnard, at Concord, July3,1794.
Mary, d.Zaccheus and Mary, Aug.5,1809. PR9
Mary Ann Manning, d.Timothy and Mary, Dec.22,1827.
Mary Elizabeth, d.Zacheus, jr. and Mary H. Sept.2,1823.
Mary H., w. Zacheus, jr. June30,1798.
Vol. 1
Page 97
Mary Jane, d.Barnard and Mary, at Acton, June6,1827.
Nancy, d.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末 [after 1832?]
Olive, d.Asa and Betsy, Nov.20,1821.
[Olive, d.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末末末. in pencil.] [after 1828?]
Parmelia, d.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末 [after 1811?]
Rufus, s.Asa and Betsy, Sept.6,1818.
Samuel, s.Samuel and Abagil, Jan.20,1734-5.
Sarah Matilda, d.Abijah, jr. and Sarah, Sept.24,1831.
Susan, d.Charles and Beulah (Gilson),末蔓末,末末. [bef. 1821?]
Susan Colman, d.Abijah, jr. and Sarah, Jan.3,1833.
Timothy, s.Timothy and Mary, Aug.30,1736.
Timothy F., s.Timothy and Mary, June6,1826.
William, s.Barnard and Mary, at Acton, Oct.3,1820.
William, s.Charles and Beulah (G.), Feb.7,1825.

RICHARDSON (see also Richerdson)
Abiel, s.Abiel, bp. June5,1748. CR1
Abigail, d.Thomas, bp. June16,1771. CR1
Abigail, d.Thomas and Abigail, June13,1772.
Abigal, d.Abial and Sarah, at Pepperell, Sept.7,1754.
Abijah, s.Thomas, bp. Sept.4,1748. CR1
Albert P., s.Solomon and Sarah, at Jaffrey, NH. Mar.3,1843.
Alfred Austin, s.Joseph and Lucy Miranda, May19,1842.
Ama, d.Samuel and Ama, June16,1805.
Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Apr.20,1729. CR1
Betcy, d.Samuel and Ama, May11,1810.
Betsey, d.Lt. Wile and Fanny, Feb.22,1792.
Betty, d.Luke and Sarah, July4,1770.
Bridget, d.Wille and Bridget, Nov.10,1777.
Charles N., s.Solomon and Sarah, at Jaffrey, NH. Apr.12,1839.
Dorothy, d.Benjamin, bp. Sept.8,1734. CR1
Edee, d.Abiel and Sarah, Feb.9,1745-6.
Edward Francis, s.Edward P. and Louisa Dyer Hildreth, Sept.22,1838.
Elisabeth, d.Henry and Prissilla, Dec.12,1747.
Eliza Ann, d.Edward P. and Louisa D.H. June7,1842.
Eunice, d.Benjamin, bp. Apr.3,1737. CR1
Fanny, d.Lt. Wile and Fanny, Apr.7,1794.
Gardner Hamlin, s.Ira G. currier, and Sarah D. May14,1843.
George Washington, s.Thomas and Philinda, Oct.28,1811.
Hannah, d.Abiel and Sarah, Oct.28,1743.
Vol. 1
Page 98
Hannah, d.Thomas, bp. May6,1750. CR1
Hannah, d.Thomas and Abigail, Jan.23,1776.
Hannah, d.Lt. Wile and Fanny, Nov.11,1796.
Jesse, s.Thomas and Abigail, Jan.3,1773.
John, s.Luke and Sarah, Oct.28,1768.
John, s.Luke and Sarah, Oct.25,1772.
John, s.Abijah, bp. June6,1773. CR1
John Gilbert, s.Thomas and Philinda, Sept.27,1822.
Joseph Henry, s.Joseph and Lucy Miranda, Dec.26,1835.
Lucy Adams, d.Joseph and Lucy Miranda, Jan.23,1834.
Lucy Taylor, d.Samuel and Ama, May18,1814.
Luke, s.Henry and Prissila, Mar.6,1744-5.
Lydia, d.Samuel and Ama, Apr.12,1812.
Mariah, d.Thomas and Philinda, Nov.10,1826.
Mary, d.Lt. Wile and Fanny, June2,1799.
Mary, d.Samwel and Ama, Aug.8,1808.
Mary E., d.Solomon and Sarah, June15,1847.
Mary Eliza, bp. Nov.末,1837. PR2
Mary Eliza, d.Joseph and Lucy Miranda, Jan.20,1838.
Mary Jane, d.Thomas and Philinda, Nov.22,1824.
Milton Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.7,1843.
Nancy, d.Lt. Wile and Fanny, Aug.17,1803.
Olive, d.Henery and Priscilla, Apr.24,1742. [May 5. PR21]
Peter, s.Lt. Wille and Fanny, Mar.6,1784.
Philinda, d.Thomas and Philinda, Mar.26,1818.
Rebecca, d.Thomas, bp. Feb.2,1752. CR1
Rebeckah, d.Wille and Bridget, Jan.26,1779.
Robert, s.Abijah, bp. Oct.26,1783. CR1
Rufus Byam, s.Joseph and Lucy Miranda,末蔓末,末末 [after 1842.]
Sally, d.Lt. Wille and Fanny, Nov.10,1786.
Samuel, jr., s.Samuel and Ama, Oct.25,1806.
Sarah, d.Abiel and Sarah, Jan.19,1741-2.
Sarah, d.Henry and Prisila, Aug.2,1750.
Sarah, d.Samuel and Ama, June14,1818.
Sarah Elizebeth, d.Thomas and Philinda, Nov.8,1828.
Sarah F., d.Solomon and Sarah, at Jaffrey, NH. Feb.7,1841.
Solomon, s.Lt. Wile and Fanny, Feb.12,1789.
Susan, d.Samuel and Ama, May14,1816.
Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.25,1747. CR1
Thomas, s.Abial and Sarah, at Pepperell, Jan.8,1751.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Abigail, Mar.9,1770.
Thomas, s.Willard and Mary, Feb.3,1803.
Warren, s.Thomas and Philinda, Jan.3,1814.
Vol. 1
Page 99
Willard, s.Thomas and Abigail, Mar.13,1774.
William, s.Abijah, bp. Oct.26,1783. CR1
Wily, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.14,1754. CR1
Zibiah, d.Thomas and Philinda, Mar.29,1820.

RICHERDSON (see also Richardson)
Lydia, d.Henry and Persiller, Oct.11,1738.

ROBBINS (see also Robins)
Abel, s.John and Sarah, July13,1769.
Almira, d.Lt. Benjamin and Huldah, Aug.9,1800.
Anna, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.18,1730. CR1
Anna, d.Philip, bp. Oct.20,1751. CR1
Anna, d.Phillip and Anner, Mar.23,1760.
Annis, d.Joseph, bp. Feb.3,1751. CR1
Asa, s.Jonathan, bp. Apr.30,1769. CR1
Benjamin, s.Zechariah and Elisabeth, July10,1758.
Benjamin Osgood, bp. July17,1842. PR2
Elisabeth, d.Zechariah and Elisabeth, Mar.21,1747.
Eliza, d.Lt. Benjamin and Huldah, Apr.18,1804.
Elizabeth, d.John, jr. of Chelmsford, bp. Apr.13,1740. CR1
Elizabeth, d.Zechariah, bp. Nov.18,1744. CR1
Elzina Elizabeth, bp. July17,1842. PR2
Ephraim, s.Joseph, bp. Nov.6,1748. CR1
Hulda, d.Lt. Benjamin and Huldah, Jan.3,1785.
Jacob, s.Jacob [and Lydia.different ink. TR], bp. Oct.14,1753. CR1
Jacob, s.Jacob and Lydia, Oct.28,1755.
Jacob, s.Jacob and Lydia, May3,1762.
James Adams, bp. July17,1842. PR2
James Delevan, s.Jedediah, farmer, and Eliza Ann, Jan.23,1846.
Jedediah, s.Lt. Benjamin and Huldah, Jan.7,1793.
Jeremiah, s.Phillip and Anner, Aug.14,1753.
Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Elisebeth, Apr.6,1781.
John [h. Sarah], Oct.15,1727.
Jonathan, s.Thomas, bp. June3,1739. CR1
Jonathan, s.Jonathan, bp. June24,1744. CR1
Jonathan, s.Jonathan, bp. Sept.8,1765. CR1
Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. June22,1746. CR1
Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Mar.28,1756. CR1
Joseph Lincoln, s.Joseph, jr. bp. Aug.24,1788. CR1
Levi, s.twin, Lt. Benjamin and Huldah, Nov.4,1790.
Luce, d.Joseph, bp. Feb.25,1753. CR1
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Lydia, d.Jacob and Lydia, Sept.5,1757.
Lydia, d.Zechariah and Elisabeth, Aug.1,1760.
Martha, d.Jonathan, bp. Feb.8,1767. CR1
Martha, d.Lt. Benjamin and Huldah, Oct.9,1788.
Mary, d.Joseph, bp. Nov.11,1744. CR1
Nathan, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.11,1736. CR1
Nathan, s.twin, Lt. Benjamin and Huldah, Nov.4,1790.
Olive, d.Zechariah, bp. May8,1763. CR1
Olive, d.Philip, bp. July14,1765. CR1
Patty, d.Zechariah, bp. Feb.2,1766. CR1
Perley, s.Lt. Benjamin and Huldah, June2,1786.
Phillip [s. Thomas, 末蔓末,1725. in pencil].
Phillip, s.Philip, bp. June12,1757. CR1
Phillip, s.Jeremiah and Elisibeth, Nov.9,1783.
Rebekah, d.Zechariah and Elisabeth, Nov.30,1753.
Sarah, w.John, at Concord, Nov.18,1732.
Sarah, d.Zechariah and Elisabeth, Apr.15,1751.
Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Apr.7,1774.
Sibbel, d.Zechariah and Elisabeth, Apr.14,1749.
Thomas, s.Jacob and Lydia, June20,1759.
Willard, s.John and Sarah, Aug.29,1771.
Zechariah [s. Benjamin, 末蔓末,1720. in pencil.].
Zechariah, s.Zechariah and Elisabeth, Mar.16,1756.

ROBBINSON (see also Robinson)
Francis Perley, s.John and Hannah, Feb.25,1812.
Harriet, d.twin, John and Hannah, Apr.19,1818.
Huldah, d.John and Huldah, Sept.23,1765.
Huldah, d.twin, John and Hannah, Apr.19,1818.
John, s.John and Hannah, May10,1810.
Mehitabel, d.John and Huldah, Aug.9,1767.
Walter, s.John and Hannah, Feb.7,1814.

ROBERSON (see also Robinson)
John, s.John, bp. July18,1784. CR1

ROBINS (see also Robbins)
Benjamin, s.John and Sarah, July2,1766.
Billy Hildreth, s.Jacob, jr. grands. Dea.William Hildreth, bp. June14,1789. CR1
David, s.Thomas, bp. Feb.10,1734. CR1
Dolly, d.Jacob, jr. and Dolly, Feb.28,1785.
Ezekiel, s.John and Sarah, Sept.4,1761.
Hannah, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Nov.24,1731.
Hannah, d.John and Sarah, May16,1757.
Vol. 1
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John, s.John and Sarah, Aug.12,1752.
Mary, d.Jacob and Lydia, Oct.10,1767.
Peter, s.John and Sarah, Mar.18,1755.
Samuel, s.John and Sarah, Aug.22,1759.
Timothy, s.John and Sarah, Oct.13,1763.
William, s.Jacob, jr. and Dolly, June29,1783.

ROBINSON (see also Robbinson, Roberson)
Betty, d.John and Huldah, May3,1770.
Harriot Mehitable, grandch. Col. Robinson's widow, bp. July20,1806. CR1
John, s.Col. John and Huldah, Feb.17,1781.
Rebecca [Robertson. CR1], d.John and Huldah, July7,1774.
Salla [Sarah. CR1], d.John and Huldah, May3,1772.

Molly, d.Thomas and Molly, May20,1774.
Molly, d.Thomas and Molly, Jan.2,1777.

Edwin R., s.John P. laborer, and Marian W. Feb.28,1848.

Joanna, d.David, bp. Feb.2,1766. CR1

Abel, s.Amos, bp. Sept.16,1753. CR1
Edwin, s.Charles, bp. [bef. Oct.13,1833.]. PR2
Hannah, d.Amos, bp. Aug.10,1755. CR1
Hannah, d.Amos, jr. bp. Sept.9,1781. CR1
James, s.twin, Charles, bp. [bef. Oct.13,1833.]. PR2
Mary, d.twin, Charles, bp. [bef. Oct.13,1833.]. PR2
Molly, d.Amos, bp. July9,1758. CR1
Polly, d.Amos, bp. Oct.31,1784. CR1
Rememberance, d.Amos, bp. Nov.4,1787. CR1
Ruth, d.Amos, bp. Dec.12,1784. CR1
Simeon, s.Jason, bp. Oct.2,1743. CR1
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