Amos, Dec.6,1842, a.72y.
Benjamin, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, May21,1767.
Peter [pauper. PR2], 末蔓末,1842. CR2

Abigirl, w.Rev. Willard, Oct.20,1789. [a.84y. in pencil.]
Isaiah, s.Rev. Willard and Abigail, June16,1752, a.2y.4m.27d. GR1
Martha, d.Rev. Willard and Abigail, July13,1752, a.11y.1m.7d. GR1
Mary H.P., at Boston, Aug.18,1838. PR2
[Mehitable, w.Willis, Mar.4,1804, a.49y. in pencil.]
Stephen, s.Rev. Willard and Abigail, Apr.17,1740, a.4d. GR1
Stephen, s.Rev. Willard and Abigail [at Portland, ME, 末蔓末,1795. in pencil.].
Willard, Rev., Mar.19,1779. [a.77y. in pencil; in the 52d y. of his ministry. GR1]
Willis, s.Rev. Willard and Abigail [May13,1813. in pencil; May 23. PR3; a.66y. dup. in pencil.].
末末, w.Benjamin, Mar.1,1829. PR2

Eleazer, Maj. [father of Asia.dup. in pencil.], Dec.1,1807. [a.75y. dup. in pencil.]
Green, s.Eleazer and Sarah, July2,1798, a.16y.6m. GR1
[Hannabal. GR1], ch. Asia [and Susan. GR1], Aug.3,1813. PR3 [Aug. 2, a.1y. GR1]
[Hannabal. GR1], ch. Mr. [Asia and Susan. GR1], Feb.23,1814. PR3 [Feb. 2, a.6w. GR1]
Hannah, Mrs. [mother of Asia.PR1], July末,1837, a.90y. PR2 [bur. July 8. PR1]
Mary Antionet, d.Asia and Susan, Dec.9,1826, a.2y.9m. GR1
Susan R., w.Asia, consumption, at Groton, July22,1844, a.62y.11m.10d.

Alatheah C., d.George and Eliza H., June9,1838. GR1 [a.18m. PR1]

Vol. 1
Page 284
William, s.Oliver and Mary, at Concord, Feb.22,1785.

Jonathan [Hartwell. dup.], s.Ens. Jonathan and Saray, Feb.19,1738.

HARWARD (see also Harwood)
末末, ch. Mr., Oct.8,1819. PR3

HARWOOD (see also Harward)
Charles E., ch. Ephraim, bur. Mar.24,1849. PR1
Louisa C., m. [We Ephraim A. CR2], b. New Hampshire, d.Coffin and Rebecca B.
Cook, consumption, Nov.24,1848, a.26y.6m.27d.

HAYWARD (see also Heywood)
Daniel [Haywood, s.Josiah and Olive. GR2], Aug.29,1822, a.29y. PR3 [Aug. 30. GR2]
Josiah, Sept.15,1827, a.64y. GR2
Olive, w.Josiah, Jan.17,1823, a.55y. GR2
Sarah, 末蔓末,1837. PR2

HEALD (see also Heeld)
Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Sarah, Jan.24,1784.
Hanna, d.Thomes and Saraah, Mar.25,1736-7.
Saraah, d.Thomas and Saraah, Mar.15,1736-7.
Sarah, w.Josiah, Mar.24,1731-2.
Susanna, d.Ephraim and Sarah, Apr.7,1789.

HEELD (see also Heald)
Josiah, May26,1733.

Betsey H[ildreth. GR2], w.[Henry P. GR2], Apr.4,1841, a.29y. PR2
Joseph, s.Henry and Elizabeth, June7,1810.
Mary F., d.Henry and Elizabeth, May18,1824.
末末, Mrs. [bet. Apr. 20 and Sept. 1], 1820. PR3

HEYWOOD (see also Hayward)
Caroline, bur. May12,1843. PR1
Caroline A [twood. dup. in pencil], d.Amos and Lydia [B. GR1], consumption, Feb.18,1843, a.20y.6m. [Feb. 13. dup. in pencil.]
Francis [Frances A. GR1], s.Amos and Lydia, Feb.21,1836. [a.3y.7m. GR1]
Vol. 1
Page 285
Horatio Bardwell, s.Amos and Lydia [B. GR1], Mar.4,1819. [Mar. 3, a.6m. GR1]
Levi, m., farmer, b. Winchendon, s.Levi and Bewlah, consumption, Oct.23,1848, a.59y.2m.29d. [Oct. 25. PR1]
Levi B., unm., currier, s.Levi and Martha, consumption, Sept.23,1846, a.26y.4m.26d.
[Maria A., d.Levi and Martha, Feb.9,1839. in pencil; a.15y. PR2; a.14y. GR1]
[Martha, w.Levi, d.Jonathan Keyes, Feb.3,1839, a.50y. in pencil.]
Martha A., dressmaker, d.Levi and Martha, consumption, Nov.11,1847, a.30y.11m.11d.
[Samuel, Dec.末,1832. in pencil.]
Trueworthy, m., carpenter, s.Levi and Martha, typhus fever, Oct.16,1844, a.22y.11m.16d. [a.24y. PR2]
末末, ch. Amos, Mar.8,1819. PR3
末末, s.Amos and Lydia B., July11,1829, a.6d. GR1

HILDRETH (see also Hildrick, Hildrith)
Abba Francis, d.Jesse and Lucretia, infantile, Sept.24,1849, a.1m.17d.
Abel, s.James, jr. [and Lydia.dup.], Feb.14,1741. [1742. dup.]
Abel, widr., farmer [s. Amos and Priscilla.dup.], dropsy, May27,1842, a.76y. [June 27. GR2]
Abigail, w.John, Oct.30,1769. [a.24y.1m.25d. GR1]
Abigail, w.Joseph, June末,1780, in her 70th y. GR1
Abigail, July末,1837, a.45y. PR2
Ai, s.Lemuel and Molly, Apr.11,1810. [a.2y.7d. GR1]
Ai, s.Lemuel and Molly, June16,1810. [a.2m.3d. GR1]
Amaziah, pauper, Jan.1,1832. PR2
Amos, Sept.28,1807. [a.70y. GR2]
Benjamin, . Oct.2,1820. PR3
Benjamin, jr., Oct.8,1820. PR3
Betsey, d.Simeon and Ruth, July5,1808. [a.1y.16d. GR1]
Betty, w.John, Apr.13,1787, in her 38th y. GR1
Bridget, w.Lt. Nathaniel, Sept.11,1806.
Charles, July5,1830. PR2 [a.36y. GR2]
Deliverence, wid. Joseph, Mar.3,1776, in her 87th y. GR2
Deliverence [w. Jonas. GR2], Mar.1,1839. PR2 [a.67y. GR2]
Dolly, d.Nathaniel, Jan.24,1811, a.10y. PR3
Dorothy, w.James. Sept.3,1774, in her 75th y. GR1
Dorothy, Mrs. [wid. Dea.William. GR1], Sept.30,1813. PR3 [a.70y. GR1]
Easther, w.Hezekiah, June3,1789. [a.30y. GR1]
Vol. 1
Page 286
Edy [Miss. GR2], Sept.末,1819. PR3 [Sept. 16, a.47y. GR2]
Elijah, Mar.17,1798, a.47y.12d.
Elisabeth, d.Ephraham and Mary, Oct.17,1737. [a.5y.3m. GR1]
[Elizabeth. GR2], w.Zachariah, May1,1812, a.77y. PR3
Elizebeth, wid. Ephraim, Apr.5,1818, a.88y. GR1
Ephraim, Cornet, Dec.29,1783, in his 85th y. GR1
Ephraim, jr., Feb.27,1790. [1791, in his 66th y. GR1]
Ephraim, July15,1797, a.78y. GR2
Ezekel, s.Joseph and Abigail, Jan.末,1747, a.2y.2m. GR1
Frances A., d.Abijah and Susannah, Feb.10,1831.
Franklin, s.Jesse and Olive, Aug.10,1834. PR5
George, s.Jonas and Deliverance, Aug.19,1805. [a.2y. GR2]
Hannah, d.Joseph and Deliverance, May15,1726.
Hannah, d.Joseph and Phebe, Mar.8,1742, in her 4th y. GR1
Hannah, d.Ephraim, jr. and Priscilla, Apr.6,1746. [a.1y.6m. GR1]
Hannah, d.Ephraim, jr. and Priscilla, Apr.6,1752. [a.2y.11m. GR1]
Hannah, formerly w. Ebenezer Wright, Sept.18,1752, a.83y.1m.18d. GR1
Hannah, d.Elijah and Molly [末蔓末,1823. in pencil.].
Hartwell, Feb.2,1812, a.23y. PR3
Hezekiah, at St. Vincent, Nov.7,1809, in his 52d y.
Horace, s.Lemuel and Molly [Sept.14,1848. in pencil; a.44y. PR1].
Hosea [h. Experience], Dec.20,1776. [in his 33d y. GR1]
Huldah [d. Amos and Priscilla.GR2], Oct.2,1801. [a.22y. GR2]
Isaiah, June9,1813, a.49y. GR2
James, jr., at Cape Breton [at Louisburg. GR1], Oct.11,1745. [a.44y.4m. in pencil.]
James, s.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.26,1759. [in his 2d y. GR1]
James, Feb.25,1761. [Feb. 26, in his 63d y. GR1]
Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, June23,1789.
Jeremiah, Apr.17,1817. PR3
Jesse, Apr.22,1840, a.67y. PR2
John, Aug.13,1802, a.64y. GR1
John, m, farmer, s.John and Abigail, old age, Mar.12,1849 a.85y.9m.19d.
Vol. 1
Page 287
John Parker, unm., laborer, consumption, May24,1842, a.37y.
Jonas, Jan.14,1808. [a.45y. GR2]
Jonathan, s.Joseph and Deliverance, May22,1731.
[Jonathan [H. GR2], s.Levi [and Rebecca.GR2], June23,1819, a.3y. in pencil.]
Jonathan Hartwell, s.Elijah and Molly [末蔓末,1810. in pencil; Feb.3,1812, a.23y. GR2].
Joseph, Nov.17,1764. [a.75y.8m.14d. GR1]
Joseph, Jan.4,1780, in his 85th y. GR1
[Levi, s.Amos, Jan.16,1825, a.49y. in pencil.]
Lucy, d.Ephraim, jr. and Priscilla, July3,1766. [a.4y.2m.22d. GR2]
Lucy, d.Ephraim and Pricilla, Nov.19,1810, a.44y. GR2
Lucy, May30,1831, a 18y. PR2 [1830. PR5]
Lucy J., d.Horace and Everline [grandd. Jesse. GR1], dropsy on the brain, Sept.末,1842, a.6m.
Luther, m., faqner, s.[twin. dup. in pencil.], Levi and Rebecca, typhus fever, Oct.30,1842, a.24y.
Lydia, d.James [jr. dup.] and Lydia, Oct.17,1736. [in her 5th y. GR1]
Lydia, w.Isaiah, Aug.31,1813, a.45y. GR2 [Aug. 30. PR3]
Martha C., d.Amos and Martha P., 2d, Oct.17,1847, a.3y.12d. [Oct. 15. GR1]
Mary, w.Ephraim, Jan.26,1770, in her 64th y. GR1
Mary, d.Lemiuel and Mary, July17,1826, a.23y. GR1
Mary, w.Sylvester, b. Townsend, strangulated hernia, Apr.5,1848, a.46y.7m.18d.
[Mary W., w.Elijah, sr., d.Peter Read, Feb.22,1843, a.83y. in pencil.]
Mehitable, d.Jesse and Olive, Apr.16,1836. PR5
Molly [Mary. GR1], w.Lemuel, apoplexy, Dec.1,1842, a.63y.9m.
Nancy, d.Simeon and Ruth, Apr.1,1809. [a.4y.20d. GR1]
Olive, d.James [jr. dup.] and Lydia, Oct.20,1736. [Oct. 29, in her 7th y. GR1]
Olive, d.Amos and Priscilla, June23,1772. [Aug. 23, a.2m. GR2]
Olive, d.Jesse and Olive, d.adopted, Abel and Ruth, Dec.13,1821, a.16y. GR2 [Dec.1,1820. PR5]
Oliver, s.Oliver and Mary, Feb.22,1780.
Oliver [bet. Aug. 8 and Dec. 20], 1821. PR3
Vol. 1
Page 288
Orilla Florinna, d.Augustus S. and Abigail, dysentery, Sept.8,1848, a.1y.5m.10d.
Patty [Miss. GR2], June8,1816. PR3 [a.48y. GR2]
Peter, s.Ephraim, jr. and Priscilla, Apr.7,1752. [a.4y.10m. GR1]
Peter, s.Ephraim and Mary, July19,1769, in his 26th y. GR1
Peter, May29,1819, a.66y. PR3
Phebe, w.Joseph, Jan.21,1743, in her 43d y. GR1
Phinehas, s.Joseph, Jan.19,1777, in his 52d y. GR2
Polly, d.John and Betsy, Oct.18,1802, a.18y. GR1
Pricilla, wid. Ephraim, Apr.15,1809, a.85y. GR2
Prissillah, w.Amos, May12,1810, a.67y. GR2
Rufus, s.Lemuel and Molly, Sept.29,1821. [a.1y.6m.10d. GR1]
[Rufus, s.twin, I. evi [and Rebecca.GR2], Oct.4,1837, a.19y. in pencil.]
Ruth, d.James [jr. dup.] and Lydia, Oct.28,1736. [in her 3d y. GR1]
Ruth, w.John, Mar.2,1802, a.57y. GR1
Ruth, Jan.5,1829. PR2
[Ruth. GR2], w.Abel, Feb.20,1829. PR2 [a.61y. GR2]
Ruth, Nov.20,1833. PR2
[Ruth, w.Simeon, Nov.29,1844. in pencil; a.68y. GR1]
Samuel, s.James, July17,1748.
Samuel, Oct.3,1759. [in his 24th y. GR1]
Sarah, d.John and. Abigail, Mar.末,1770. [Mar. 9, a.1y.8m.7d. GR1]
Seth, Sept.25,1801, a.26y. GR2
Silas, s.James, jr. [and Lydia.dup.], Feb.14,1741. [1742. dup.]
Simeon, s.Ephraim and Mary, May5,1731, a.3y. GR1
Soffia, d.Seth and Hitty, Sept.13,1801, a.4y. GR2
Susan Francis, d.Horace and Everline, brain fever, Dec.17,1844, a.1y.9m.27d.
Susanna, d.Hezekiah and Easther, Nov.16,1784. [a.7m. GR1]
Susannah, d.Jonas and Deliverance, Jan.13,1847, a.41y. GR2
Thankful, d.Ephraham and Mary, Oct.22,1737. [a.3y.20d. GR1]
Thankfull, d.James, jr. [and Lydia.dup.], Feb.19,1741.
Timothy, s.Joseph and Abigail, Jan.末,1747, a.8m. GR1
William, Dea., Feb.3,1800, in his 60th y. GR1
Vol. 1
Page 289
William, s.Lt. John and Elizabeth [Aug.21,1840, a.33y. in pencil.].
Zechariah, Lt., Apr.18,1784, in his 58th y. GR2
Zimri, s.Nathaniel and Bridget, Mar.26,1807.
Zimri, s.Lt. Nathaniel and Mary, July26,1807.
末末, ch. Benjamin, Feb.20,1815. PR3
末末, ch. Levi, June22,1817. PR3
末末, ch. Benjamin, Nov.14,1817. PR3
末末, d.Amaziah, July13,1818. PR3
末末, d.Amaziah, Oct.11,1820. PR3
末末, ch. Charles, June9,1821. PR3
末末, wid. Ephraim, Apr.5,1822. PR3
末末, ch. Asa, Aug.17,1833. PR2
末末, wid. Benjamin, pauper, 末蔓末,1838. PR2 [bur. Mar. 8. PR1]
末末, ch. Amos, bur. June18,1839. PR1
末末, ch. W[illiam. GR2], at Chelmsford, 末蔓末,1840. PR2 [Sept., a.6m. GR2]
末末, ch. Joseph, of Carlisle, Aug.23,1844, a.1y. PR1
末末, w.Jeremiah, 末蔓末,1845, a.72y. PR2
末末, ch. Augustus, 末蔓末,1848, a.2y. PR2

HILDRICK (see also Hildreth)
Dorithey, d.James and Dorithey, Oct.12,1735.
Ephram, s.Jacob and Abigil, Dec.14,1734.

HILDRITH (see also Hildreth)
末末, ch. Amos, bur. May3,1842. PR1

Abigail, d.Nathanael and Abigail, Jan.末,1747, in her 11th y. GR1
Nathanael, s.Nathanael and Abigail, "at Quebec in ye serves of his King & Country," Mar.31,1760, in his 23d y. GR1

[Ebenezer. GR1], Aug.15,1812. PR3 [a.76y. GR1]

Matilda, w.Windsor, Jan.末,1839. CR2 [Jan.25,1837, a.55y. CR1]

Betsy, w.Calvin, palsy, June25,1842, a.50y.

末末, Mrs., of Littleton, Aug.30,1833, a.85y. PR2

Vol. 1
Page 290
John, July28,1829. PR2
Lydia [w. Simeon. GR1], 末蔓末,1837, a.78y. PR2 [Oct. 6, a.79y. GR1]
Simon, Apr.14,1821. PR3 [Apr. 13, a.65y. GR1]

Lucy, w.末末, of Tyngsborough, d.Samuel Read, May21,1839. PR1 [a.42y. GR1]

HUTCHENS (see also Hutchins)
Thomas, 末蔓末,1847. PR2
Varnum, at Illinois, 末蔓末,1840. PR2 [Aug. 28, a.25y.10m.13d. PR6]
末末, ch. John, 末蔓末,1834. PR2
末末, w.Thomas, 末蔓末,1838. PR2
末末, Mrs. 末蔓末,1839. PR2
末末, ch. Thomas, 末蔓末,1843. PR2

HUTCHINGS (see also Hutchins)
Sibbyl, w.Eliakim, jr., Aug.3,1827. [a.29y. GR2]

HUTCHINS (see also Hutchens, Hutchings)
Louisa, d.John and Lois, fits, bur. Chelmsford, d.Apr.22,1846, a.1y.5m.
Sarah D., d.Thomas and Sarah, throat distemper, bur. Chelmsford, d.May15,1845, a.9y.8m.29d. [a.8y. PR2]
Stephen, farmer, s.Eliakim and Mary, killed accidentally, Sept.10,1842, a.35y.
末末, Mrs., July30,1817. PR3
末末, ch. Eliakim, Apr.24,1819. PR3
末末, ch. John, Aug.26,1831. PR2
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