LAIGHTON (see also Leighton)
Lydia, w.Francis, Feb.13,1801, a.63y.
Samuel, s.Francis and Lydia, July17,1804, a.21y.

Mercy [Adams. PR23.], w.Capt. Samuel, May23,1840, a.56y. GR1
Samuel B. [Adams. PR2; s. Capt. Samuel. PR1], at Lowell, 末蔓末,1846. PR2 [Apr. 14, a.23y. GR1; 1844, a.22y. PR23]

Alpheus, shipwrecked on the coast of Maine, Oct.29,1837. GR2
Andrew, canker rash, Feb.26,1843, a.5y. [Feb. 27. PR1]
Eleazer, Lt., who served in the French and Indian War, 末蔓末,1788. GR2
Sarah Foster, w.Lt. Eleazer, 末蔓末,1840. GR2
William, Apr.15,1751, a.1y.7m.9d. GR1
末末, w.末末, at Groton, 末蔓末,1841. PR2
末末, ch. 末末, Nov.2,1842, a.8m. PR1
末末, Mrs., 末蔓末,1843. PR2

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LEIGHTON (see also Laighton)
Abel, Nov.20,1845, a.50y. PR19
Almira [Whitney. GR2] b. Stow, w.Francis, Dec.18,1845, a.38y.
Amos [s. Dea.Reuben and Hannah. GR2], Mar.18,1811, a.21y. PR3
Augusta [Sarah Augusta.GR2], d.Reuben and Sally, fits, Oct.9,1842, a.24y. [Oct. 7. GR2].
Daniel, Nov.11,1784, a.6y. PR19
Frances, Mar.1,1763, a.67y. PR19
Francis, Apr.9,1806, a.72y. [a.73y. GR2]
George, Aug.21,1830. PR2 [a.28y. GR1]
Hannah, w.Reuben, Nov.1,1803, a.34y.
[Hannah (Farrar), b. Concord, w.John, Mar.26,1830, a.63y. in pencil.]
[Isaiah, Sept.14,1829, a.65y. in pencil; a.63y. GR1]
John, Mar.15,1773, a.80y. PR19
Levenah, daughter-in-law, Francis, Jan.13,1849. PR1
Martha, d.Isaiah and Martha, Dec.22,1809, a.9y.6m. GR1
[Martha, w.Isaiah, formerly w. Richard Kneeland, d.Rev. Willard Hall, Sept.4,1840, a.88y. in pencil.]
Martha, wid. Isaiah, spine disease, at Tyngsborough, Apr.20,1848, a.71y.8m.8d.
Mary M., d.Francis, Aug.26,1816. PR19
Mary [Reed. GR2], Mrs. [w. Francis. GR2], 末蔓末,1842. PR2
Reuben, jr. [so Dea.Reuben and Sally. GR2], May30,1824. PR3 [May 31, a.3y.3m.21d. GR2]
Reuben [Dea.CR2], m., farmer, s.Francis and Lydia, apoplexy, Sept.9,1844, a.82y.3m.19d.
Sarah A., Oct.7,1818. PR19
Sarah Agusta, Oct.7,1842, a.24y.6m. PR19
Warren, s.Albert and Hannah, fits, May6,1843, a.8y.7m. [a.7y. PR2]
末末, ch. George, Sept.12,1829. PR2
末末, w.John, Mar.25,1830. PR2

Andrew, s.Ira and Susan, May26,1827.
Andrew, Apr.25,1840. [a.37y. PR2]
Jonas, m. [father of Andrew. PR1; came to Westford from Sherburne. dup. in pencil.], farmer, consumption, Oct.4,1843, a.72y. [a.76y. GR1]
末末, ch. Joseph, bur. Aug.26,1840. PR1

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Martha, Mrs. [w. Daniel. GR2], 末蔓末,1847. PR2 [Oct. 24, a.59y. GR2]

Sarah Cochran, w.T.D.M., 末蔓末,1844 GR1

Albert [Albert Minot. GR1], s.Otis and Nancy [L. GR1], scarlet fever, July末,1843, a.3y. [July 18. GR1]

末末, Mrs., 末蔓末,1848. PR2

Alfred Ellery, s.[Rev. PR1] Leonard and Rebecca E.G., scarlet fever, June12,1842, a.9y.
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