Aaron, jr., Sept.30,1762. [in his 50th y. GR1]
Vol. 1
Page 299
Aaron, Dec.19,1775, a.86y.7m.28d. GR1
Aaron, s.Capt. Aaron and Joanna, Aug.2,1802. [a.3y. GR2]
Aaron, Capt., Dec.29,1823, a.61y. PR3
Abigail, wid. John, June24,1820, a.69y. GR1
Addison, s.David and Lydia [May16,1836. in pencil; a.43y. CR2].
Anna, d.Capt. Aaron [and Joanna.GR2], Dec.16,1837. [in her 4th y. GR2]
Aron, Capt., Dec.29,1823.
Augustus, s.Thomas C. and Hannah, Jan.5,1830. [Jan.4,1831, a.18y. PR2]
Benjamin, s.David and Mathe, July17,1785. [a.10m.10d. GR1]
Benjamin, widr., farmer, b. Chelmsford, s.David and Phebe, mortification, Aug.7,1848, a.84y.5m.3d. [a.81y. PR2]
Betsy, m. [w. Benjamin. PR2], old age, Oct.10,1844, a.82y. [a.81y. PR2]
Bridget, w.Lt. Moses, Oct.19,1778, in her 56th y. GR1
Bridget, w.Isaac, at Weathersfield, VT, July16,1834, a.44y.
Calven, s.Lt. Levi and Abigail, Oct.9,1790. [a.6m. GR1]
David [h. Lydia], July8,1834, a.76y.
Ebenezer, Dec.29,1831. CR2 [a.83y. PR2]
Elisabeth, Miss [d. Lt. Moses and Bridget. GR1], Feb.20,1829. [a.80y. in pencil.]
Ephraim Hildreth, s.David and Lydia, Mar.16,1801.
Experience, w.Ebenezer, May27,1817, a.65y. GR1
Hildreth, s.Aaron, jr. and Lucy, Jan.1,1764.
[Horace, seven years physician in Gardner, June13,1829. in pencil; in his 34th y. GR1]
Hosea, s.Thomas C. and Hannah, June22,1820.
Isaac, s.Moses and Briget, June17,1753.
Isaac, s.Aaron, jr. [and Dorothy. dup.], June30,1756.
Isaac, at Byron, NY, Aug.27,1825, a.65y.
Jacob Osgood, Mar.末,1822. PR3 [Mar. 25, a.36y. GR1]
[Jacob Osgood, Apr.25,1826, a.56y. in pencil.]
Joanna, w.Capt. Aaron [d. Jonathan Fletcher. in pencil], Sept.4,1838. [Sept. 3, a.74y. PR2]
John, s.Moses and Bridget [Feb.5,1778. different ink; killed by a fall on ye ice with a stick of timber on his shoulder, a.20y.6m.22d. GR1].
John, Lt., Dec.15,1814, a.73y. GR1
Vol. 1
Page 300
Jonathan [unm. in pencil.], s.Samuel and Mary [at Rindge, NH, 末蔓末,1820. in pencil.].
Lucy, w.Aaron, jr., Oct.9,1763. [in her 22d y. GR1]
Lucy, May8,1811, a.20y. PR3
Lucy, d.Thomas C. and Hannah, July6,1826. [a.12y. GR1]
Lydia, d.Samuel, Feb.10,1774.
Lydia, w.David, June16,1834, a.74y.
Mary, w.Aaron, jr., Feb.20,1737. [in her 22d y. GR1]
Mary, w.Samuel, Nov.22,1757.
Mary, w.Joshua, Nov.30,1771. [a.33y.11m.2d. GR3]
Mathe, w.David, May10,1788. [in her 29th y. GR1]
Moses, s.Moses and Bridget, Dec.17,1775, a.20y.4m.4d. GR1
[Moses, Lt., July13,1797, a.79y. in pencil.]
Rachel Reed, wid. Jacob O., June15,1830, a.40y. GR1
Rebecca, d.Ebenezer and Experience, Apr.1,1808, a.24y.
Rebekah, w.[Lt. GR1] Levi, May10,1784. [a.29y. GR1]
Sarah, w.Samuel, Oct.12,1746.
末末, ch. Artimus, jr., 末蔓末,1834. PR2

Eliab, m., laborer, b. Sudbury, s.Eliab, heart complaint, June末,1848, a.84y.2m.

Albert, June14,1832. PR2
Daniel, Jan.27,1829. PR2
J., Mar.13,1824. PR3
末末, w.Isaac, Mar.10,1811. PR3
末末, w.Isaac, Nov.20,1812. PR3

Augusta V., 末蔓末,1847. PR2
Claria V., d.Rufus and Sarah B., infantile, Oct.7,1849, a.7d.
Isaac, 末蔓末,1811. GR2
Isaac [h. Lydia], Oct.31,1836. [a.75y. PR2]
Jesse, jr., July24,1811, a.26y. PR3
Joseph, found dead in Spencer, Apr.7,1837.
Lydia, w.Isaac, Jan.8,1838. [a.73y. PR2]
[Rufus Orlando, s.Rufus and Sarah B., July12,1844. in pencil.]
Thomas, June23,1811, a.21y. PR3

Rhoda, d.John and Abigail, of Townsend, Feb.25,1844, a.83y. [a.92y. PR2 and CR2]

Vol. 1
Page 301
Ann Mariah, d.Theodore and Sally [Mar.10,1825. different ink; Mar. 11, a.18y. PR3].
[Jonathan C[arver. GR2], s.Theodore and Sally, Dec.12,1803, a.11m. in pencil.]
Sally, w.Theodore [d. Jonathan Carver. in pencil.], Sept.2,1837, a.53y. [1836, a.52y. PR2]
Theodore [h. Sally], Jan.2,1821, a.43y.2m.5d. [1822. GR2]

Mary, wid. [w. Obediah. CR2], old age, Sept.8,1844, a.83y. [a.92y. PR2 and CR2]

PHELPS, see Felps.

末末, ch. 末末, 末蔓末,1834. PR2

Nancy, pauper, 末蔓末,1840. PR2
Sarah, 末蔓末,1838. PR2
末末, Mr., Oct.1,1819. PR3

Abigail, w.Capt. James, Apr.19,1774, in her 67th y. GR1
James, Capt., Mar.7,1781, in his 73d y. GR1

Rufus, July21,1825, a.42y. GR1
William, pauper, Dec.22,1833. PR2

Dorithy, wid. Elijah, July26,1794, in her 72d y. GR1

Ephraim, Dec.26,1817. PR3

末末, Feb.26,1815. PR3

Abigail, w.Joseph, Apr.23,1804, a.48y. GR2
[Abram [at Utica, NY. PR2], 末蔓末,1846. in pencil; Dec.19,1845. PR21]
Almira, d.twin, Ebenezer [jr. dup.] and Hannah, Feb.20,1815.
Alvah, 末蔓末,1846. PR2
Amos, pauper, Sept.18,1833. PR2
[Anna, w.John, jr., Jan.26,1802, a.21y.3m. in pencil; 1801. PR8]
Augusta Maria, d.Asa and Sophia, Oct.18,1837. [a.3y. PR2]
Vol. 1
Page 302
Avery, jr. [s. Avery and Lucy. GR2], Sept.23,1830. PR2 [a.23y. GR2]
Avery, m., carpenter, s.Joseph, brain disease, Nov.13,1843, a.63y. [a.62y. PR2]
Banjamin, s.Jonas, jr. [and Elisabeth. dup.], Apr.3,1741.
Benjamin, s.Jonas, Aug.10,1804, a.29y. GR2
Benjamin, s.Oliver, Mar.7,1839, a.85y. PR21
Benjamin, 末蔓末,1840. PR2
Bethiah, w.Oliver, Oct.6,1813, a.84y. PR21
Bethiah, d.Oliver and Bethiah, Mar.17,1832, a.73セ y. PR21
Betsey, w.Isaiah, May31,1806. [a.40y. GR2]
Charles Franklin, s.Asa and Sophia, July27,1827.
Charlotte, w.Ebenezer, Mar.1,1820.
David, Feb.9,1774, a.45y.7m.3d. GR2
David, Nov.20,1813, a.62y. GR2
Ebenezer, Dec.1,1771. [a.71y.4m. GR2]
Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer [jr. dup.] and Hannah, Oct.17,1810.
Ebenezer [father of Ebenezer. GR2], Jan.23,1811, a.63y. PR3
Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer [jr. dup.] and Hannah, Feb.23,1815.
Ebenezer, s.Asa and Sophia, Oct.16,1837.
Ebenezer, 末蔓末,1841. PR2
Elisabeth, w.[2d w. dup.] Jonas, jr., Dec.27,1739.
Elisabeth, d.Oliver and Bethiah, May4,1821, a.65y. PR21
Elliah [Elijah. dup.], s.Jonas and Elisabeth, Mar.11,1732. [Mar. 10. GR1]
Esther, w.Jonas, Oct.4,1730.
Esther, d.Timothy and Lydia, Sept.23,1759.
Eunice, d.David and Abigail, June18,1770, a.9y.3m.9d. GR3
Ezra, Apr.29,1789, a.33y. GR2
Francis C., s.Avery and Betsey, May5,1822, a.3y. GR2
Franklin, s.Ebenezer [jr. dup.] and Hannah, drowned, July22,1812. [a.4y. GR2]
Franklin, s.Ebenezer and Charlotte, Feb.21,1815.
George, s.Ebenezer [jr. dup.] and Hannah, Nov.23,1801.
George, 末蔓末,1840. PR2
Hannah, w.Ebenezer, Sept.8,1812. [a.39y. GR2; a.29y. PR3]
Harriot, d.Ens. Isaac and Lucy, Sept.22,1799, a.10m.11d. GR2
Isaac, s.Jonas, jr. and Elisabath, Sept.17,1738.
Vol. 1
Page 303
Isaac, s.Oliver, Aug.16,1849, a.79y. PR21
Isaiah, s.Timothy and Lydia [at Concord, Aug.27,1838, a.75y. dup. in pencil].
Jackson [s. Abram, Mar. 3. PR21], 1841, a.22y. PR2
Jeptha, Jan.28,1816, a.37y. PR3
John, s.John and Martha [July25,1847, a.67y. in pencil.].
Jonas, Sept.9,1784, in his 83d y. GR2
Jonas [Lt. GR2], Mar.23,1813, a.86y. PR3
Jonas, Sept.2,1820. PR3
Joseph, Apr.1,1813. PR3 [a.64y. GR2]
Levi, May7,1839, a.67y. PR2
Lucinda, Feb.26,1846. GR1
Lucy, d.Timothy and Lydia, Oct.1,1759.
Lucy, d.Oliver and Bethiall, May末,1845, a.80y. PR21
[Lucy L. GR2], w.Avery, June28,1814. PR3 [a.31y. GR2]
Lucy [L., d.Avery and Lucy. GR2], Dec.12,1833, a.24y. PR2
Lydia, w.Timothy, May1,1798. [a.64y. GR2]
Mary, w.Jonas, Feb.17,1749.
Mary, d.Oliver and Bethiah, Jan.30,1766. [a.3y.8m. GR2]
Mary [B. GR2], wid. [w. David. GR2], old age, Aug.31,1843, a.90y.
Mary Jane, d.Asa and Sophia, Aug.17,1832. [Aug. 16. PR2]
Mary M. F[letcher. PR21], w.Henry A., Dec.22,1839, a.27y. [Jan. 22. PR21]
Mary Ollive, d.Benjamin and Mary S., June20,1836, a.7m. GR2
Olever, Dea.[father of Capt. Abraham. GR2], Jan.1,1803, a.77y.7m.
Olive, d.Amos and Polly, Aug.末,1811, a.2y. GR2
Olive, m. [w. Luther. dup.], d.Levi and Hannah Prescott, inflammation of the lungs, May13,1845, a.29y.10m.30d.
Oliver, s.Oliver and Bethiah, Dec.22,1843, a.83y. PR21
Patty, d.[Lt. GR2] Abraham and Polly, Jan.29,1802. [1801, a.5m.4d. GR2]
Peter, Mar.12,1813. PR3
Peter, Dec.28,1813, a.52y. GR2
Phebe, d.Oliver and Bethiah, Oct.13,1844, a.81y. PR21
Polly, w.[Lt. GR2] Abram, Dec.19,1800. [a.24y. GR2]
[Polly. GR2], w.Amos, Aug.23,1817. PR3 [a.44y. GR2]
Rachel, w.Joseph, Sept.15,1841, a.83y. CR2
Vol. 1
Page 304
Rebeccah, w.Lt. Jonas, May23,1795, a.65y. GR2
Rebeckah, w.Timothy, Mar.30,1805. [a.74y. GR2]
Stephen, s.John and Martha [Oct.7,1808, a.24y. in pencil.].
Timothy, s.Timothy and Lydia, Sept.25,1759.
Timothy, Apr.30,1808. [a.79y. GR2]
Timothy Jones, s.Ebenezer and Charlotte, killed by a horse, Sept.1,1820.
末末, ch. Isaiah and Betsy, Feb.21,1802. GR2
末末, ch. Levi, Feb.2,1812. PR3
末末, ch. David, Jan.14,1814. PR3
末末, ch. Jacob, Aug.12,1814. PR3
末末, ch. Asa, Oct.8,1815. PR3
末末, ch. Asa, Oct.16,1817. PR3
末末, ch. Levi, Jan.19,1818. PR3
末末, ch. Thomas, Sept.10,1819. PR3
末末, w.Buckley, Feb.15,1824. PR3
末末, ch. Asa, Sept.17,1824. PR3
末末, wid. Sampson, 末蔓末,1834. PR2
末末, ch. Benjamin, 末蔓末,1837. PR2
末末, ch. Asa, 末蔓末,1837, a.5y. PR2
末末, ch. Petter, bur. Aug.17,1842, a.15d. PR1
末末, ch. Luther, 末蔓末,1842. PR2
末末, ch. Peter, bur. Dec.24,1845. PR1
末末, w.Eben, at Dracut, 末蔓末,1845, a.95y. PR2
末末, w.Isaiah, pauper, 末蔓末,1847. PR2

Caroline A [ugusta.PR1], d.Thomas W. and Clarissa, bowel complaint, July25,1844, a.5m.

PROCOTTER (see also Proctor)
Sarah, wid. Gershom, Jan.26,1752, a.83y.8m. GR1

PROCTER (see also Proctor)
Agnes, d.Joseph and Agnes, Oct.14,1736.
[Anna, d.[Lt. GR1] Jonas and Lydia, Nov.29,1783, a.9w. in pencil.]
[Charles, M.D. in pencil], s.Phillip and Phebe [Mar.6,1817. PR3].
Esther, d.Ezekiel and Elisabeth, Aug.2,1747.
Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel, jr. and Elisabeth, June24,1766.
Ezra, s.Ezekiel, now of Hollis, and Elisabeth, at New York, May15,1776.
Isaiah, s.John, jr. and Molly [Apr.29,1764?].
[Jonas [Lt. GR1], s.Philip and Phebe, at Louisburg or Cape Breton, Nov.6,1783. in pencil; in his 35th y. GR1]
Vol. 1
Page 305
Joseph, s.Ezekiel and Elisabeth, Jan.24,1746.
Josiah, s.James and Hannah, Aug.10,1753.
Lydia, w.Leonard, Nov.17,1767. [1768, in her 31st y. GR2]
[Lydia, Mrs., formerly w. Capt. James Hildreth, jr., Apr.13,1797, a.87y. in pencil.]
[Lydia Adams, b. Chelmsford, w.Dr. Charles, Sept.末,1830. in pencil; Sept. 23. PR2]
Peter, Aug.1,1730.
Pheby, wid. Philip, and d. Joseph and Phebe Hildreth, Aug.13,1762, in her 41st y. GR1
Philip, Feb.27,1759, in his 33d y. GR1
Sarah, d.Ezekiel [and Elisabeth. dup.], Dec.11,1749.
Sebbell, d.Joseph and Agnes, Apr.14,1737.
Stephen, s.James and Hannah, Aug.8,1753.
Thomas, Sept.3,1774. [in his 76th y. GR1]

PROCTOR (see also Procotter, Procter, Procttor)
Agness, w.Joseph, May15,1790, a.87y.2m.7d. GR1
Ezekiel, Feb.21,1777.
Hosea, Mar.6,1796.
Jesse, Sept.22,1777.
John, Apr.17,1783, a.88y.6m. GR2
Joseph, Jan.16,1754. [Jan. 4, in his 51st y. GR1]
Joseph [Nov. 23. GR2], 1838, a.59y. PR2
Leonard [h. Mary], Jan.3,1827.
Levi, widr., farmer, b. Acton, s.Cotton and Tabitha, old age, bur. Chelmsford, d.Oct.6,1845, a.87y.7m.
Mary, w.John, Aug.9,1781, a.80y.3m.20d. GR2
Mary, w.Leonard, Sept.3,1827.
Mehittabel, w.Nathan, Jan.20,1761, a.48y.6m.10d. GR2
Nathan, Jan.16,1788, in his 90th y. GR2
Patience, wid. [Nathan. GR2], Sept.25,1819. PR3 [Sept. 26, a.53y. GR2]
Phebe, wid., Apr.7,1814, a.84y. PR3
Phinehas, jr., s.James, jr. and Esther, Oct.6,1790, a.2y.10m. GR2
William, Apr.29,1817. PR3

PROCTTOR (see also Proctor)
Anna, d.Philip and Phebe, Sept.27,1756, in her 3d y. GR1
Isaac, s.Philip and Phebe, Aug.15,1758, a.2d. GR1

Cynthia, Oct.1,1833. PR2

Vol. 1
Page 306
末末, w.John, May23,1811, a.56y. PR3

Ame, d.Caleb, of Wilton, and Arne, Sept.15,1783.
Vol. 1
Page 307

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