Augusta Ann, b. Chelmsford, d.Josiah and Hannah, consumption, Nov.24,1845, a.20y.8m.19d.
Martha G. [J. PR1], d.Josiah and Hannah, consumption, Nov.20,1849, a.19y.9m.
Mary Porter, Apr.末,1838. CR1 [a.23y. PR2]

WENDALL (see also Wendell)
Ansel, s.Jacob and Lydia, Aug.30,1819, a.21y. GR3
Jacob, jr., s.Jacob and Lydia, Sept.30,1813, a.23y. GR3
Potipher, s.Jacob and Lydia, Nov.18,1819, a.18y. GR3
Susanna, d.Jacob and Lydia, Oct.6,1796, a.4w. GR3

WENDELL (see also Wendall)
Jacob [drowned in Merrimack River at Tyngsborough. in pencil. dup.], June23,1809. [a.45y. GR3]

[Jesse G. GR1], Mr., 末蔓末,1838, a.30y. PR2 [Nov. 20. GR1]

WHIT (see also White)
Sarah, w.John, July19,1733.

WHITE (see also Whit)
Dorothy, w.Samuel, June20,1773. [in her 28th y. GR1]
Dorothy, d.Samuel and Dorothy, Aug.23,1775, a.2y.2m.13d. GR1
末末, Mrs., Mar.26,1819. PR3

WHITEING (see also Whiting)
Alonzo, s.William and Lucy, Mar.10,1804. [1803. a.7m. GR1]
Augustus, s.William and Lucy, 末蔓末,1795. [Apr.2,1796, a.4h. GR1]

WHITING (see also Whiteing)
Alonzo, s.William and Lucy [Apr.14,1828. in pencil; a.23y. GR1].
[Betsy, Mrs., d.Isaac and Lucy Day, at Groton. Sept.11,1838. in pencil; a.26y. PR2]
[Lucy Hildreth, w.William, May6,1845, a.80y. in pencil; a.81y.3m.18d. PR1]
[William, sr., Apr.19,1828, a.67y. in pencil.]
Vol. 1
Page 319
[William, jr. [s. William and Lucy. GR1], May6,1838, a.51y. in pencil.]
末末, Miss, Jan.13,18. 12, a.94y. PR3

WHITNEY (see also Whitny)
末末, ch. 末末, 末蔓末,1841. PR2

WHITNY (see also Whitney)
末末, ch. David, bur. June16,1843. PR1

末末, Mr., bur. Oct.27,1835. PR1

Joanna, d.Dea.Caleb and Mary, Oct.10,1837, a.24y. GR4
Nahum, Lt., Sept.18,1834, a.89y. GR4

Charles, 末蔓末,1847. PR2
末末, ch. Robert, Oct.20,1831. PR2
末末, ch. 末末, bur. Oct.16,1842. PR1

Polly, Mar.24,1812, a.43y. PR3

Hannah Spaulding, w.Henry, Aug.29,1816, a.45y. GR1
Henry, Dec.12,1821, a.55y. GR1
[John, Jan.20,1810, a.85y. in pencil.]
[John, Sept.5,1840, a.45y. in pencil.]
Lucy, Aug.15,1830. PR2
末末, ch. Rev. L., 末蔓末,1838, a.3y. PR2

WOOD (see also Woods)
Sally, Aug.29,1833. PR2
末末, Mrs. [bet. Oct.26,1820 and Jan.2,1821.] PR3

WOODARD (see also Woodward)
Alden, s.Hilliard E., lung fever, Dec.21,1844, a.9y.1m.6d.
Arvilla, w.Oliver, consumption, Feb.8,1845, a.65y.
末末, s.Theodore, July7,1835, a.11y. PR2

WOODS (see also Wood)
Amelia, d.Nahum, of Groton, Sept.6,1847, a.61y. GR4
Ann, b. Groton, d.Nahum and Jane, heart complaint, Jan.15,1845, a.38y.
Mary, d.Solomon and Mary, Mar.15,1811. [Mar. 14, a.5w. PR3]
Sarah, w.Solomon, May19,1809. [a.27y. GR2]
Vol. 1
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Sarah [F. GR2], d.Sollomon and Sarah, May29,1809. [a.4m.13d. GR2]
末末, ch. Mr., Sept.5,1833. PR2

WOODWARD (see also Woodard)
末末, ch. Parker, Dec.末,1833. PR2

Louisa, b. Boston, w.Joel, cancerous disease, July30,1849, a.54y.7m.15d.

WRIGHT (see also Right)
Abel, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Mar.15,1765.
Abel, 末蔓末,1841, a.70y. PR2 [Sept. 11, a.71y. GR4]
Abigail, w.Jacob, Nov.30,1761. [in her 65th y. in pencil.]
Abigail, mother of Nathan, Mar.24,1814, a.84y. PR3
Abigail, w.Martin, May10,1835, a.28y. GR4
Abijah, Sept.20,1834, a.54y. GR4
Abraham, s.Ephraim and Abigail, Oct.9,1752.
Abram, Nov.19,1827, a.30y. GR1
Amos, s.Amos and Dorcas, July25,1775. [a.4y.5m.15d. GR1]
Amos, jr., s.Lt. Levi and Rhoda, June17,1819, a.24y. GR1 [June 16. PR3]
Amos, Mar.19,1825, a.81y. PR3
Anna, Mrs., Jan.27,1812. PR3
Anna, d.Samuel and Esther, Feb.28,1812, a.31y. GR1
Azubah, d.Simeon and Dorcas, Oct.11,1758. [in her 7th m. GR1]
Benjamin, s.Jacob and Abiagal, Nov.2,1741.
Betsy, w.Phinas, Mar.3,1827, a.34y.
Betsy [w. Asa, pauper. PR2], old age, Mar.24,1846, a.83y. [a.84y. PR2]
Betty, d.Simeon and Dorcas, Mar.17,1760. [in her 7th m. GR1]
Calvin B., Sept.24,1839, a.39y. GR3
Deborah, pauper, 末蔓末,1847. PR2
Deliverance, w.Ebenezer, June8,1789, in her 85th y. GR1
Dolly, w.Oliver, Dec.16,1827, a.66y. GR2
Dorcas, d.James and Mary, Mar.15,1792, a.4y.10d. GR1
Dorcas, w.Simeon, July22,1793, in her 74th y. GR1
Dorcas, w.Amos, Apr.7,1818, a.74y. GR1
Dorothy, w.Joseph, May23,1773. [a.41y. GR3]
Ebenezer, s.John, Aug.16,1735. [a.69y.9m.5d. GR1]
Ebenezer, Aug.12,1781, a.76y. PR4
Vol. 1
Page 321
Ebenezer, s.Amos and Dorcas, June17,1795. [June 19, a.4y.2m.20d. GR1]
Edmond, s.Nathan and Betty, Oct.20,1795, a.1y.5m.23d. GR3
Edmund, s.Nathan and Betsey, Oct.20,1805.
Edmund T., s.Nathan and Betsy, Dec.20,1819, a.24y. GR4
[Eleazer, by accident, July31,1821, a.51y. in pencil.]
[Elizabeth. GR4], w.Nathan, July16,1835. PR2 [a.68y. GR4]
[Ellen. GR4], w.Walter, Dec.3,1830. PR2 [a.28y. GR4]
Emily, d.Erastus and Elizabeth, Aug.14,1841. GR4
Ephraim [s. Jacob and Abigail. dup.], Sept.14,1775. [in his 50th y. dup. in pencil.]
Ephriam, s.Ephriam and Abigail, at Littleton, Oct.20,1827.
Ester P., w.Reuben, Apr.4,1833, a.41y. GR3
[Esther Minot, w.Samuel, Dec.28,1821, a.74y. in pencil; Dec. 29. PR3]
Ezekiel, s.Z and A., Oct.3,1807, a.7y. GR1
Ezekiel, s.Zacheus and Abigail, Oct.23,1808.
Francis, s.Walter and Ellen, May14,1827, a.14m. GR4
[Franklin, s.Eleazer and Betsey, drowned in Forge Pond, Sept.5,1835, a.22y. in pencil; Sept. 6, a.21y. PR2]
George Henry, s.Jacob A. and Harriet A., Feb.18,1841.
Hannah, d.Simeon and Dorcas, July25,1753. [in her 5th y. GR1]
Hannah, d.Caleb and Elisabeth, Jan.末,1769.
Hannah, d.Ephraim and Abigail, Aug.23,1775. [a.5y.6m.23d. GR3]
Hannah, d.Samuel and Esther, Feb.24,1797, in her 7th y. GR1
Hannah, d.John T. and Hannah, Oct.25,1800, a.3y.7m. GR2
Hannah, 2d w. Joseph, June20,1832, a.88y. GR3 [June 21, a.84y. PR2]
Harriet Maria [d. Jesse and Sybyl Stevens. GR1], scarlet fever, May25,1843, a.7y.1m. [May 26. GR1]
Henry, Dea., Apr.13,1771. [in his 72d y. GR1]
Henry, s.Walter and Ellen, July17,1828, a.5m. GR4
Henry, s.Martin and Eliza, Sept.15,1837, a.8m.9d. GR4
Henry Otis, s.Ephraim and Asenith, Feb.2,1835.
Hosea, Sept.4,1826, a.29y. GR1
Jacob [h. Abigail], Nov.25,1761. [a.65y. in pencil. dup.]
Vol. 1
Page 322
Jacob, s.Ephraim and Abigail, Aug.20,1775. [a.3y. in pencil. dup.]
James, s.John T. and Hannah, Oct.20,1800, a.2y. GR2
James Minot, s.Samuel and Esther, Apr.3,1778, a.19m.7d. GR1
Jeptha, s.Abel, Nov.3,1827, a.22y. GR4
Joanna, d.Samuel and Esther [Feb.28,1812. in pencil.].
Joel, s.Ebenezer and Deliverence, Dec.12,1758.
Joel [h. Sally Wright. PR22.], s.Joseph and Hannah, July22,1834.
John, late of Chelmsford, Oct.13,1730.
John, July1,1802, a.68y. GR3
John, Feb.27,1830. PR2 [a.44y. GR1]
Jonas, Apr.24,1829. PR2
Jonathan, s.Caleb and Elisabeth, Sept.11,1761.
Joseph, s.Joseph and Dorothy, at White Plains, NY. [in the Service of his Country. GR3], Feb.11,1777. [in his 19th y. GR3]
Joseph, s.Joseph and Hannah, Dec.2,1781. [in his 9th y. GR3]
Joseph, Apr.16,1813, in his 77th y. GR3
Joseph Minot, s.Samuel and Esther, Apr.3,1779.
Jotham, s.Ephraim and Abigail, Aug.22,1775. [a.7y. in pencil. dup.]
[Jotham Bruce, in Ohio, 末蔓末,1828. in pencil; May 22, a.36y. GR4]
Lavisa, d.Jacob and Lucy, Jan.19,1777.
Lefe, d.Abel, Oct.18,1810, a.10y. GR4
Lefe, w.Abel, July13,1835, a.64y. GR4
Lenora M., d.Hosea and Lucinda, Sept.21,1826, a.15m. GR1
Levi, s.Lt. Levi and Rhoda, Feb.11,1808. [a.3m.20d. GR1]
Levy, s.Simeon and Dorcas, Mar.14,1766. [in his 11th y. GR1]
Loring, s.Benjamin L. and Elizabeth, Sept.2,1835, a.12h.
Lucy S.A., d.Z. and A., May8,1808, a.2y. GR1
Lydia, d.Stephen and Sarah, Aug.8,1817, a.18y. GR2 [a.17y. PR3]
Lydia, Miss, Apr.3,1828, a.88y. GR1
Lydia, w.Walter, Jan.7,1841, a.52y. GR4
Maria, 末蔓末,1843, a.7y. PR2
Martin, s.Abijah and Polly, Sept.19,1805. [This name not in Abijah Wright's family.]
Vol. 1
Page 323
Mary, d.Thomas and Mary [末蔓末,1775. in pencil; Aug. 3, a.7y.4m.28d. GR3].
[Mary. GR4], w.Abijah, June20,1831, a.55y. PR2
Mary Alzina, d.Ephraim and Asenith, Dec.13,1834. [a.1y. PR2]
Mary Fletcher, d.Ephriam and Aseneth, Sept.7,1826.
Mary M., d.Timothy P. and Elnora, Jan.6,1839. [a.2y. PR2]
Mary Maria, d.James M. and Sarah, June9,1839. [a.3y.8m.21d. GR3]
Nathan, at Lowell, 末蔓末,1846. PR2 [Mar. 5, a.83y. GR4]
Nathan, jr., 末蔓末,1846. PR2 [June 17, a.57y. GR4]
Oliver, 末蔓末,1834. CR2 [May 28, a.75y. GR2]
Oscar, s.Benjamin L. and Elizabeth, Jan.29,1837, a.15d.
Otis, Feb.2,1835, a.11y. PR2
Pelatiah, Mar.1,1800, a.65y. GR3
Peter, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, May22,1752.
Prisilla, Nov.5,1831. PR2
Rachel, w.Zaccheus, Sept.27,1817.
Rachel, wid. Zaccheus, June27,1823, a.86y. GR1
Rebecah, formerly w. James Fletcher, Dec.1,1833, a.83y. GR2
Rebeccah, d.Stephen and Sarah, Oct.22,1817, a.14y. GR2 [Oct. 23, a.13y. PR3]
Relief, July13,1835. PR2
Reuben, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Dec.22,1759.
Reuben, 末蔓末,1835. PR2 [Oct. 22, a.72y. GR3]
[Samuel, Dec.28,1827, a.83y. in pencil.]
Sarah, d.Thomas and Elisabeth, May15,1752.
Sarah, d.Ephraim and Abigal, Feb.4,1762. [a.4y.4m.19d. GR3]
Sarah, w.Stephen, Sept.21,1817, a.52y. GR2
Sarah, w.Reuben, Sept.11,1839, a.73y. GR3
[Sarah Jane. GR1], 末末, ch. Abram [and Maria.GR1], Sept.24,1829. PR2 [Sept. 20, a.3y.10m. GR1]
Simeon, s.Simeon and Dorcas, at New Ipswich, Jan.13,1786.
Simeon, July7,1789. [a.71y.2m.29d. GR1]
Simon, s.James and Mary, Mar.27,179, a.1y.4m.6d. GR1
Sydney E., s.Joseph E. and Harriet A., lung fever, Mar.19,1846, a.7m.21d.
Thomas, Dec.10,1769. [in his 63d y. different ink. dup.]
Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary [末蔓末,177 5. in pencil; Aug. 4, a.3y.1m.13d. GR3].
Vol. 1
Page 324
Tilden B., s.Joel and Martha, Jan.23,1847, a.9m. GR4
Timothy G[ilbert. PR2], s.Timothy P. and Elnora, Jan.13,1839. [a.5y. PR2]
Walter, m., carpenter, s.Eleazer [and Betsey. dup. in pencil.], typhus fever, Nov.8,1842, a.31y.
William, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Dec.1,1762.
Zaccheus, Mar.20,1811, a.72y. PR3
Zacheus, s.Zachues, jr. and Abigal, Dec.10,1809. [a.3m. GR1]
Zacheus, Apr.15,1835, a.64y. GR1
Zilpah A., d.Joel and Sally, Nov.28,1840. [a.13y. PR2]
末末, ch. Joseph, Apr.16,1813. PR3
末末, ch. Asa, Mar.16,1814. PR3
末末, ch. Jacob, June9,1830. PR2
末末, ch. Jesse, Sept.29,1830. PR2
末末, ch. Charles, May7,1833. PR2
末末, ch. Charles, Sept.13,1833. PR2
末末, Mrs., pauper, 末蔓末,1833. PR2
末末, ch. George, 末蔓末,1844. PR2

Ebenezer, Dec.14,1813. PR3
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