* Intentions also recorded
Lydia Ann, and John G. Rodgers, both of Lowell, Feb.10,1835. PR2

Francis, now resident in Westford, and Elizabeth M. Gilson, int. Mar.4,1841.

CALTON (see also Carlton)
Abigal, of Chelmsford, and James Keys, Nov.28,1799.*

Vol. 1
Page 143
Mary A. [Culver. PR2], of Boston, and Joseph K. Blanchard of Boxborough, Apr.7,1840. [Apr. 9. PR2]

CAMBLE (see also Campell)
Ann, of "Winham," and William Preson of Groton, June13,1745.

CAMPELL (see also Camble)
Daniel, and Lucy Perry, Nov.14,1841.*

David [Camptwell, resident in Westford. int.], and Polly [Patty. int.] Dutton, May22,1803.*

Betsey, of Leominster, and Avery Prescott, int. Nov.13,1815.

CARLTON (see also Calton)
Abigal, Mrs. [resident in Westford int.], and Isachar Keyes, May1,1817.*
Ascenah, of Chelmsford, and James Goodhue, July7,1803.*

Elizabeth, of Lowell, and John C. Hall, int. Sept.24,1842.

Moses, and Nancy Gage, Sept.12,1819.*

Ann C., and Otis Manning of Littleton, Dec.10,1833.*
Jeremiah J., and Sophia Prescott, Jan.31,1839.*
Michael, of Dunstable, and Hannah Smith, June10,1807.
Sarah, of Hollis, and Stephen Wright, int. Dec.8,1779.
Thadeus, of "Sandystream in the County of Lincoln," and Betsy Derumple of Groton, Aug.24,1797.

Benjamin, and Eade Fletcher, May23,1745.*
Edee, and Charles Procter, int. Feb.28,1778.
Jonathan, and Mary Procter, Aug.16,1774.*
Martha, and David Parker, at Littleton, June18,1782.*
Mary, wid., and Capt. Nathan Davis of Boston, int. May9,1813.
Rebecca [d. Benjamin. PR17], and Thomas Symmes, Aug.2,1789.*

Almira, Mrs., of Stow, and Francis Leighton, at Stow, Nov.10,1842.*

Vol. 1
Page 144
Asaph, of Acton, and Anna Read, Apr.18,1805.*
Reubin [resident in Westford. int.] , and Eunice Walcutt of Bolton, at Bolton, Dec.15,1788.*

CHAMBERLAIN (see also Chamberlin)
Anna, and Mark White of Acton, at Acton, May14,1742.*
Anna, of Acton, and WiIliam Cook, int. July9,1825.
Benjamin, of Chelmsford, and Esther Fasset, Jan.27,1731-2.*
Esther, of Chelmsford, and Joshua Atwood, int. Feb.16,1758.
Geen [Jane. int.], and Jonathan Fletcher, May5,1735.*
Joseph, and Anna Davis of Acton, int. Mar.19,1757.
Mary, and Joseph Robbins, Mar.21,1743-4.*
Mary, and Walter Fletcher, Aug.31,1828.*
Phineas, and Mary Parker of Chelmsford, int. Oct.1,1826.
Sarah, and Joseph [Jonas. int.] Barrett, jr. of Ashby, 末蔓末,1798. CR1 [Sept. 28. int.]*

CHAMBERLIN (see also Chamberlain, Chimberlim)
Abigail, and Nathaniel Hammond, both of Littleton, Mar.8,1732.
Abigail, and Isaac Green of Townsend, Nov.8,1780.*
Betsy, and Salathial Adams, int. Nov.19,1831.
Elizabeth, of Chelmsford, and Ezekiel Proctor, at Concord, Oct.24,1734.*
Ephraim, and Esther Boynton, Jan.9,1752.*
Ephraim [jr. int.] , and Persis Barrett of Concord, at Concord, June28,1786.*
Ephraim, and Sarah Haward of Chelmsford, int. Oct.10,1801.
Hannah, and Silas Read, June2,1772.*
Harriot, and Asa Stephens of Chelmsford, Apr.23,1832.*
Irena, and Moses P. Worthing of Lowell, Jan.1,1834.*
Jacob [of Chelmsford. int.], and [wid. int.] Ruth Hall, at Chelmsford, Feb.8,1780.*
James, and Joanna S[tevens. int.] Fletcher, Mar.9,1796.*
Loammi, 2d m., of Chelmsford, a.35y., stone-cutter, b. Chelmsford, s.Robert and Lydia, and Augusta A. Osgood, a.21y., d.Jacob and Patty, Dec.5,1848.*
Phineas, of Chelmsford, and Sibbel Hildreth, int. July4,1776.
Phinehas, and Rebecca Dutton, Nov.16,1769.*
Rebeca [Mrs. int.] , and Rev. Elijah Fletcher of Hopkinton, May24,1773.*
Rebecca, and Joseph Kidder, Feb.27,1752.*
Vol. 1
Page 145
Sally, and Brackley Rose of Lyndeborough. NH, Feb.4,1835.*
Samuel [Lt. int.], and Sibel Roper of Marlborough, Mar.27,1733.*
Samuel, jr., and Sarah Tinny of Littleton, Feb.27,1752.*
Sarah, and Abijah Boynton of Pepperell, Mar.23,1769.*
Tabitha, and Phinehas Byham of Narragansett, No. 6, int. Apr.25,1760.
Thomas, and Polly Barrit of Ashby, int. Dec.6,1788.

William, and Sally Keyes, May13,1798.*

CHAMPEY (see also Champney)
Hannah, of New Ipswich, and James Prescot, resident in Westford, int. Nov.16,1791.

CHAMPNEY (see also Champey)
Rebecca, a.29y., and James M. Wright, a.21y., int. Aug.12,1848.

CHANDLER (see also Chandlor)
Aaron, and Ruth Butterfield, Apr.4,1749.*
Benjamin, and Hannah Dutton, Oct.21,1743.*
Betty, and John Patch, June3,1784.*
Ebenezer, and Ruth Wright, Apr.17,1781.*
Ephraim, and Abigal Blood of Groton, int. Nov.12,1747.
Hannah, and Samuel Butterfield of Dunstable, Nov.12,1761.*
Henry, and Polly Procter, Apr.13,1796.*
Isaac, and Betty Procter [of Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford. Nov.1,1759.*
Isaac, and Rachel Procter of New Ipswich, int. Aug.30,1785.
Joanna, and Joel Read, Jan.7,1810.*
Julia, and Jonathan Crosby of New Ipswich, at Townsend, Dec.22,1757.
Lauera, and Andrew Fletcher, jr., Sept.27,1821.*
Lydia, and Jonah Crosbey of New Ipswich, int. Oct.15,1757.
Mary Ann, a.27y., and Asaph B. Cutter, a.28y., int. Apr.21,1849.
Moses, and Dorothy Marble, resident in Andover [of Andover. int.], at Andover, June28,1742.*
Moses, and Elizabeth Kindall of Litchfield, NH, Mar.19,1762.*
Nancy, and Jeremy B. Read, Jan.末,1831. CR1*
Parmilly, and Jepthah Trowbridge, Nov.10,1816.*
Rachel, and Thomas Spaulding, Aug.29,1757.*
Vol. 1
Page 146
Silas, and Mary Brown of Billerica, int. Oct.18,1802.
Susanna, and Reuben Fletcher, int. May4,1745.
William, jr., and Dorcas Blood, Nov.28,1750.*
William, jr., and Rhoda Procter of Dunstable, int. June2,1816.

CHANDLOR (see also Chandler)
Sarah, and Benjamin Spaulding of Dorchester, Canada, int. Feb.3,1759.
William, jr., and Joanna Read, int. Sept.26,1787.

Elvira, of Mason, NH, and Archiabald Wright, int. Feb.9,1831.

末末, [in pencil.], and Parmelia Reed, 末 末, 末末. [after 1825?]

Greenleaf Gennis, of Canterbury, NH, resident in Westford, and Hannah W. Hildreth, Apr.7,1818.*

Grace [Mrs. int.], and Rev. Samuel Whitman of Ashby, Dec.25,1780.*

James, and Nancy Bailey of Medfield, int. Feb.27,1836.
Jonathan G., and Adaline Patch, int. Sept.30,1843.

Nahum, of Lowell, and Elizabeth Wright, Nov.12,1833.*
Nancy, of Cambridge, and George B. Hildreth, int. Sept.8,1838.

CHIMBERLIM (see also Chamberlin)
Abigill, of Chelmsford, and James Pollard, Dec.17,1734.*

Hannah, and Samuelキ Hoyt, Oct.6,1833.*

CLARK (see also Clerk)
Elias, and Phidelia Prescott of Lowell, int. Sept.28,1844.
Horatio [resident in Westford. int.], and Elizabeth Bigsby, Sept.14,1819.*
Joel, of Stanstead, Lower Canada, and Sally Stevens of Chelmsford, Jan.23,1821.

Vol. 1
Page 147
CLEAVELAND (see also Cleveland)
Elisabeth, of Acton, and Caleb Wright, int. Mar.29,1760.
Enoch, of Pomfret, and Debroah Fasset, Dec.20,1744.*
Enoch, jr., of Chelmsford, and Martha Butterfield, int. Jan.20,1753.
Lydia, of Acton, and Josiah Spaulding, Feb.15,1763.*

Betsy, and Daniel Read, int. Dec.5,1797.

CLERK (see also Clark)
Benjamin, of Gardner, and Martha Minott, May31,1787.*

CLEVELAND (see also Cleaveland)
Martha, and John Starns of Littleton, at Littleton, Mar.3,1773.*

Mary W., of Boston, and Stimpson Puffer, int. May14,1837.

Hannah, of Littleton, and Joshua A. Jewett, jr., int. Nov.20,1834.

COBOURN (see also Coburn)
Lemuel, of Dracut, and Meriam Read, Mar.3,1794. [Mar. 25. int.]*

COBURN (see also Cobourn, Colburn)
Franklin S., of Dracut, and Phebe L. Jewett [both of Dracut. CR1], May19,1844.
Washington, of Milford, NH, and Relief T. Wright, int. Oct.10,1841.

COOSWELL (see also Cogswill)
Eve, and Benjamin Kneeland, June26,1814.*
Jeremiah, of Littleton, and Sarah Fletcher, at Littleton, Oct.31,1771.*
Jonathan [Rev. int.], of Saco ["in the Distrect of Main. " int.], and Elizebath Abbott, May1,1811.*
Mary, and Capt. Leonard Jarvis of Cambridge, Sept.4,1808.*
Nancy, and Solomon Richardson, May8,1814.*
Rebecah, and Joel Mansfield of Chelmsford, Jan.1,1815.*

COGSWILL (see also Cogswell)
Lucy, of Littleton, and Dr. Samuel Maning, int. Sept.15,1801.

Vol. 1
Page 148
COLBURN (see also Coburn)
Lucy, of Dunstable, and William Cumings, int. July12,1734.

COLEMAN (see also Colman)
James, of Norridgewock, and Betsey Read, Feb.14,1808.*

COLMAN (see also Coleman)
Susanna, and Abijah Reed, Dec.26,1793.*

William S., and Almira Heyden, int. Mar.15,1845.

COMINGS (see also Cummings)
Abigail, and Samuell Read, Nov.23,1732.*
Betsey, and Jacob Tuttle of Littleton, June18,1795.*
Bridget, and Moses Parker, June6,1744.*
Bridget, and Peter Hildreth, jr., int. July24,1797.
Elisabeth, and Asa Shed of Ashby, int. Feb.6,1779.
Elisabeth, and John Jewett, Apr.30,1787.*
Ephraim, and Mary Hildreth, Oct.12,1742.*
Lucy, and Daniel Ozgood, int. Jan.18,1780.
Lydia, wid., and Dr. Charles Procter, Apr.30,1784.*
Mary, and Timothy Read, Nov.10,1732.*
Mary, and Jonathan Harwood of Chelmsford, int. Mar.8,1776.
Phebe, and N athaniell Abbott, Jan.3,1788.*
Samuel, and Sarah Spoulding of Chelmsford, int. Oct.21,1741.
Sarah, and Simeon Read, int. Jan.21,1779.
Thomas, and Sarah Fasset, Sept.26,1733.*
Thomas, 3d, and Elisabeth Hildreth, int. Jan.16,1779.
Timothy, and Katharine Fasset, int. Mar.5,1776.
Tryphena, and Benjamin Osgood, int. Oct.31,1778.

Adeline M., of Groton, and Levi Hildreth, int. Sept.17,1831.
Esther, Mrs., and Samuel Dodge of Beverly, Dec.11,1821.*
Josiah, of Pepperell, and Lydia Prescott, at Pepperell, Oct.5,1773.*

Margaret, of Littleton, and Jacob Gragg of Lancaster, Nov.16,1731.

Enoch [Capt. int.], of Groton, and [wid. int.] Abigail Buterfield, Sept.26,1790.*
Vol. 1
Page 149
James, and Rebecca Read, July14,1793.*
John, Capt., of Claremont, NH, and Molly Procter of Chelmsford, Apr.27,1797.
Louisa, of Meredith Village, NH, and Ephraim A. Harwood, int. Nov.8,1845.
Lucinda P[ets. int.], and William Laws [jr. int.] of Chelmsford, May4,1815.*
William, and Anna Chamberlain of Acton, int. July9,1825.

Alexander, of Natick, and Lydia Leighton, Apr.7,1823. [May 9. int.]*
Hannah, a.26y., b. Natick, d.Oren and Rebecca, and Abel L. Davis of Concord, a.21y., farmer, b. Concord, s.Abel and Rebecca L., jr., June26,1849.*
Timothy A., a.21y., and Sarah B. Davis of Concord, a.23y., int. July31,1848.
William [jr. int.], of Natick, and Anna Leighton, Apr.8,1824.*

Jane, and Barney Holmes, int. Sept.10,1842.

CORE (see also Corey)
Triphene, and Josiah Heild of Concord, int. Sept.16,1773.

COREY (see also Core, Cory)
Abel, and Hannah Raymond, int. Jan.16,1778.
Ebenezer, and Hannah Robbins, Apr.12,1753.*
Hezekiah, of New Ipswich [of Ipswich, NH. int.], and Sarah Fletcher, Jan.17,1764.*
Joanna, of Chelmsford, and Jonas Kemp, Sept.12,1769.*
Joseph, of Boston, and Polly [Mary. int.] Fletcher, Nov.17,1804.*
Lucy, and Judah Wheeler of Acton, May20,1762.*
Phebe, and Jeduthan Parker, both of Chelmsford, Jan.1,1793.
Priscilla, of Chelmsford, and David Rumril, at Billerica, Aug.20,1765.*
Samuel [jr. int.], of Littleton, and Sarah Read, Mar.3,1741.*
Stephen, of Littleton, and Luce Parker, June6,1744.*
Tabitha [of Chelmsford. int.], and Josiah Blood, at Chelmsford, July2,1767.*

CORY (see also Corey)
Abel, and Mrs. Lucinda C. Jones, Mar.8,1830.*
Vol. 1
Page 150
Abigail, and Simeon Sartell of Townsend, int. Aug.25,1772.
Ezra, and Pheobe Parker, both of Chelmsford, May3,1798.
Mary, and Abel P. Jones, Mar.9,1817.*
Olive, and William Bettyes, both of Chelmsford, June6,1785.

Abigal, and William Barret, resident in Westford, int. May25,1764.
Elizabeth N., and Nason S. Houghton of Bolton, int. Nov.29,1849.
Hannah, wid., and Peter Larkin of Boston, int. Oct.28,1769.
John, of Billerica, and Hannah Davis of Groton, May30,1744.
Lucy, and Wilson Cumings, Jan.11,1796.*
Mary Ann, and Alfred Kemp, Jan.27,1831.*
Nathaniel, and Rebecca Parker [of Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford, Mar.11,1773.*
Rebecca P., and Orville Peckens, Nov.27,1834.*
Silas H.P., of Chelmsford, and Catherine P. Johnson, Dec.30,1832.*

Esther, Mrs., and Isaac Patch, Jan.5,1813.*
Hannah, and Ebenezer Spaulding, Dec.4,1730.*
Hannah Read, and Jesse Worcester of Groton, int. Oct.30,1825.
Margrate, and James Kemp, int. Jan.8,1805.
Mary, and John Durant of Billerica, int. Mar.15,1744-5. [Mar. 1744-5, forbidden by Mary Craft.]
Mary, and William Barrit, Jan.27,1746-7.*
Mary, and Silas Wright, int. Jan.14,1764.
Sameuell, and Margit Richerdson, int. Aug.29,1735.
Samuel, and Hannah Read, Aug.23,1742.*
Samuel, and Margret Parret, int. Feb.14,1767.

Lucy W., of Lowell, and Aaron R. Foster, int. May22,1840.

John, of Littleton, and Abigail Blodget, int. Feb.5,1778.

Isaac, and Mary Ann Odall of Amherst, NH, int. May17,1828.

Vol. 1
Page 151
CROSBEY (see also Crosby)
Jonah, of New Ipswich, and Lydia Chandler, int. Oct.15,1757.

CROSBY (see also Crosbey, Crosbye)
Benjamin, of Chelmsford, and Mary Parrot, Jan.1,1767.*
Bridget, and Joseph Spaulding of Westminster, int. Jan.6,1764.
Clarissa, and Charles P. Kidder, int. Sept.6,1841.
Jonathan, of New Ipswich, and Julia Chandler, at Townsend, Dec.22,1757.
Mehitable, Mrs., of Andover, and Dea.Andrew Spaulding, at Andover, Nov.26,1745.*
Nathan, and Ann Hildrith, both residents in Westford, int. Dec.19,1829.
Phebe, and Jabez Keep, jr., July7,1757.*

CROSBYE (see also Crosby)
Lydia, of Carlisle, and John Stems of Chelmsford, Aug.27,1789.

Fanny, of Littleton, and Elisha Kent, int. June19,1800.

CUMING (see also Cummings)
Nancy, and Dr. Benjamen Osgood, Apr.19,1810.*

CUMINGS (see also Cummings)
Amos, and Betsey Wright, Oct.6,1793.*
Becca, of Dunstable, and Moses Thomas, at Pepperell, Jan.8,1795.*
Bridget, and Isaac Parker, int. Mar.30,1776.
Elizabeth, of Andover, and Dr. Sidney Drinkwater, int. July7,1847.
Ephraim [jr. int.], and Lydia Adams [of Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford, Nov.25,1773.*
Isaac, and Elizabeth Trowbridge, May17,1769.*
John, and Lois Tuttle of Littleton, at Littleton, . Nov.27,1798.*
John W[aldo. CR1], a.40y., farmer, s.John and Lois, and
Mary Ann Wight, a.37y., d.Caleb and Mary, Feb.1,1849.*
Joseph, and Elizabeth Fletcher, Sept.12,1765.*
Joseph, jr., and Hannah Leighton, Nov.3,1790.*
Lydia, and Joel Abott, Sept.4,1786.*
Martha W., and [Capt. int.] Jonas Prescott, May30,1839.*
Vol. 1
Page 152
Molly, and Jacob Abott of Cavendish, VT, int. July8,1787.
Patty, and James Kidder, Aug.5,1799.*
Thomas [jr. int.], and Lucy Lawrence of Littleton, at Littleton, Feb.20,1755.*
Thomas, jr., and Lucinda Wright, Sept.14,1815.*
Timothy, jr., and Alice Ditson, int. June10,1799.
Timothy, and Elizebath Farrar of Pepperell, int. June13,1813.
Walter H., of Tyngsborough, and Clarissa Reed, int. Sept.22,1845.
William, and Lucy Colburn of Dunstable, int. July12,1734.
Wilson, and Lucy Cowdry, Jan.11,1796.*

CUMMINGS (see also Comings, Cuming, Cumings)
Betty, and John Dalrumple, Sept.10,1787.*
Catharine, and Abel Abbott, Nov.24,1805.*
Eleazer, Capt., of New Ipswich, and wid. Mary Hildreth, June6,1803.*
Eliza, and Dr. Benjamin Osgood, Feb.21,1833.*
Isaac, and [Mrs. CR1] Polly Richardson, Dec.9,1804.*
James, of Wilton, "in the County of Kenebeck," and Edee Spaulding, int. Oct.7,1804.
John, jr., and Sally Boynton of Meredith, NH, int. Sept.28,1833.
Joseph, of Littleton, and Rebecal F. Procter, Dec.25,1832.*
Mary, and Fredrick Blood of Carlisle, Apr.27,1814.*
Polly, and Salathial Patch, int. July15,1804.
Rebecca, and Thommas Read, jr., Dec.8,1803.*
Ruth, and Salathial Patch [of Malden. int.], Feb.4,1817.*
Timothy, jr., and Betsey Whitman of Groton, int. Dec.22,1804.
William, of Tyngsborough, and Rebecca Richardson of Chelmsford, May22,1799.

Lois, and Joseph Herrick, both of Townsend, Nov.11,1742.

Asaph B., a.28y., and Mary Ann Chandler, a.27y., int. Apr.21,1849.
John, Capt., and Mary Prescott, Oct.21,1817.*
Vol. 1
Page 153

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