* Intentions also recorded
Asaph, of Concord, NH, and Hannah E. Whitcomb of Boxborough, May13,1834. PR2

FANNWORTH (see also Farnsworth)
Hannah, of Harvard, and Josiah Butterfield, int. Apr.9,1737.

Gilbert, of Tewksbury, and Mary Wright, Oct.30,1832.*
John, and Lydia Richardson, both of Chelmsford, Jan.24,1788.
Nathanel, of Littleton, and [wid. int.] Abigail Blogget, June2,1795.*
Rebecca, and Andrew Betties, jr. of Chelmsford, Dec.6,1765.*
Silas, and Mrs. Beulah Read, both residents in Westford, int. Mar.29,1837.

FARNSWORTH (see also Fannworth)
Calvin, of Washington, and Lydia Bixby, Dec.28,1799.

Levy, of Littleton, and Eunice Hadley, at Littleton, Dec.17,1775.*
Nathaniel, of Littleton, and Abigail Foster, at Littleton, Feb.17,1768.*

Vol. 1
Page 160
Elizebath, of Pepperell, and Timothy Cumings, int. June13,1813.
Hannah, and John Leighton, Sept.3,1789.*
Joseph, and Rebecca Wyman, int. Mar.28,1772.
Mary, of Concord, and [Ens. int.] John Abbott, jr., June22,1780.*
Rebecca, and Abel Read, Nov.24,1778.*

Lydia, and William Bixby, int. Sept.5,1776.

Benjamin O., and Mary Horn of Lowell, Dec.22,1842.*
George, and Lucia [Lucia Ann. int.] Kilburn, Dec.29,1840.*
Henry [jr. int.], of Groton, and Sarah Taylor, at Groton, June3,1761.*
Martha, a.28y., d.Samuel and Polly, and Rodney Fuller of Hudson, NH, a.23y.,
farmer, b. Hudson, NH, s.Daniel and Ruth, Mar.14,1848.*
Samuel, and Mary Lawrance, May2,1774.*
Samuel [jr. int.], and Mary Parker, Jan.19,1813.*
Samuel [jr. int.], and. Harriet Horn, Oct.8,1839.*
Sarah, of Tyngsborough, and Warren Wright, int. Nov.15,1844.

FASSET (see also Fassett)
Abigail, and Benjamin Read, Jan.2,1755.*
Abigail, and Peter Stone of Groton, at Groton, Sept.14,1773.*
Amaziah, and Eade Richardson, May17,1768.*
Amiziah, and Eunice Fletcher, Oct.12,1742.*
Benjamin, and Rebecca Russell of Litchfield, Apr.17,1753.*
Debroah, and Enoch Cleaveland of Pomfret, Dec.20,1744.*
Esther, and Benjamin Chamberlain of Chelmsford, Jan. 77, 1731-2.*
Eunice, wid., and James Spaulding, Jan.15,1771.*
Katharine, and Timothy Comings, int. Mar.5,1776.
Lydia, and Benjamin Hildreth, Jan.20,1731-2.*
Mary, and William Tomson of Chelmsford, Jan.18,1743.*
Mary, and John Underwood, int. Apr.3,1779.
Samuel, jr., and Katharine Read, Jan.1,1741.*
Samuel, and Rebecca Powers of Littleton, at Littleton, Nov.25,1790.*
Sarah, and Thomas Comings, Sept.26,1733.*
Susanna, and Zacheriah Fletcher, at Concord, Sept.23,1735.*

Vol. 1
Page 161
FASSETT (see also Fasset)
Joshua, and Sarah Priest of New Ipswich, NH, int. Nov.12,1768.

Charlotte, of Acton, and Avery Reed, int. Apr.9,1825.

Fredric, of Salem, and Sally Read, int. June4,1805.

Rhoday, and Seth Read, Mar.20,1804.*

Daniel G., of Southborough, and Lorenza Pierce, Dec.3,1818.*
David, and Sarah Barron of Acton, int. June20,1767.

Abigail, of Waltham, and Josiah Hayward, int. Nov.13,1823.
Anna, of Groton, and Theopelas Bixby, Mar.3,1805.

Joanna, and Eleazer Read, Mar.22,1754.*
Lydia, and Francis Leighton [Laughton. int.] of Littleton, Oct.20,1760.*
Polly, resident in Groton, and Samuel Reed, jr., at Groton, Dec.29,1795.
Samuell, and Joanna Kidder, Apr.24,1732.*

Allen [Dr. int.], and Sally Goodhue, Dec.26,1794.*
Almira [Elmira.int.], and Joel Balcom, Apr.27,1823. [Apr. 17. CR1]*
Mary S., of New Ipswich, NH, and Benjamin Prescott, int. Oct.11,1834.
Solomon, of Littleton, and Mary Hutchings, int. Sept.13,1827.

Abel, and Abigail Hildreth, June23,1768.*
Abel, and Susan Richardson of Chelmsford, int. Dec.10,1820.
Abel, and Mary Kimball, June16,1836.*
Abigail, and Eleazer French of Dunstable, Apr.16,1752.*
Abigail, and Josiah Fletcher, Apr.9,1786.*
Abigail, of Ashburnham, and Salmon Snow, int. Nov.16,1817.
Abigail, of Boxborough, and Elbridge Fletcher, int. Oct.11,1831.
Vol. 1
Page 162
Abigail D., and Theophilus C. Hersey of Portland, ME, Sept.24,1840.*
Abijah, and Louisa W. Lawrance of Hollis, NH, inL Feb.12,1831.
Adams, and Betsey Bateman of Chelmsford, May27,1806.
Adams, and Abigal Davis, Jan.29,1813. [Jan. 28. CR1]*
Almira, of Littleton, and George Fletcher. int. Sept.3,1825.
Almira, and Jesse Minott, Dec.23,1830.*
Amos, and Mary Perham, Sept.3,1741.*
Amos, and Rebecca Prescott, int. June15,1776.
Amy, of Dunstable, and Samuel Richardson, int. Sept.2,1803.
Andrew, and Lydia Wright, Nov.25,1784.*
Andrew, jr., and Rebeca Hutchins, Nov.28,1816.*
Andrew, Dea., and Mrs. Mary Hapgood [Hapwood. int.] of Acton, Dec.16,1819.*
Andrew, jr., and Lauera Chandler, Sept.27,1821.*
Andrew, Dea., and Mrs. Abigail Hildreth, 2d, Dec.13,1838.*
Anna, of Chelmsford, and Luther Bancroft of Pepperell, Feb.22,1803.
Asa, and Sarah Priest of Littleton, int. Sept.19,1829.
Asaph, and Sarah Green of Chelsea, at Chelsea, Oct.3,1776.*
Assenoth, and Ephraim Wright, June1,1820.*
Belinda A. [of Gardner. PR2], and Francis Richardson of Providence, RI, May15,1838.
Benjamin, and Bethiah Herrick, June29,1742.*
Benjamin, jr., and Rebeca Boynton, June14,1774.*
Benjamin, Capt., and wid. Elisabeth Symmes, Feb.9,1779.*
Benjamin, and Mehitable Robinson, Aug.27,1797.*
Betcy, and Simon [Simeon. int.] Stevens, Jan.1,1809.*
Betcy, of Ashburnham, and Joshua Fletcher Read, int. Apr.6,1815.
Betsy, and Calvin Howard of Chelmsford, Apr.20,1826.*
Betty, and Dr. William Little, int. Aug.15,1778.
Bettyah, and Jonathan Jones, jr. of Dracut, int. Dec.30,1778.
Bridgett, and Isaac Parker [jr. int.], Feb.8,1785.*
Calven, and Nancy Reed, Oct.10,1819.*
Charles L., and Sophia M[osely. dup.] Keyes, Apr.2,1844.*
Charlottee, and Samuel Towns of Boxford, May29,1808.*
Cyrus, and Clarisa Puffer of Stow, int. Mar.11,1831.
Cyrus, 2d m., a.46y., carpenter, s.Willard and Abigail, and Everline Hildreth, 2d m., a.43キ y., d.Jonas and Betsy Reed, Aug.7,1849.*
Daniel, of Acton, and Sarah Hartwell, at Acton, Nov.12,1741.*
Vol. 1
Page 163
David, and Mary Butterfield of Chelmsford, int. Nov.13,1742.
David, jr., and Johannah Steavens of Chelmsford, int. Oct.27,1774.
David, jr., and Sarah Richardson, Nov.22,1779.*
David, and Abigal Wright [wid. int.], June17,1784.*
David, and Anne Warran of Chelmsford, int. Nov.6,1819.
Debroah, and Benoni Jewel of Nottingham, Nov.15,1744.*
Dolly, and Sampson Fletcher, Feb.1,1785.*
Dolly, and [Ens. int.] Elias Parker, Nov.28,1796.*
Dolly, and Calvin Holms, int. June5,1828.
Dorothy, and Aaron Parker, jr., Apr.20,1738.*
Eade, and Benjamin Carver, May23,1745.*
Ebenezer, and Joanna Steams of Billerica, at Billerica, Aug.8,1754.*
Elbridge, and Abigail Fletcher of Boxborough, int. Oct.11,1831.
Eleazer, and Mary Fletcher, Jan.16,1755.*
Elijah, Rev., of Hopkint. n, and [Mrs. int.] Rebeca Chamberlin, May24,1773.*
Elisabeth, and Jonathan Keyes, Jan.20,1745-6.*
Elisabeth, and Elazer Read, jr., May4,1786.*
Elisha, and Abigail Wright of Littleton, int. Nov.29,1806.*
Elizabeth, and Benjamin Blogget of Chelmsford, Feb.14,1733.*
Elizabeth, and Joseph Cumings, Sept.12,1765.*
Emily A., and Sherman D. Fletcher, Nov.28,1839.*
Ephriam, and Hannah Roe, int. Sept.14,1731.
Esther, and Samuell Adams of Chelmsford, Aug.28,1734.*
Esther, and James Tarbel of Pepperell, int. Oct.25,1755.
Esther, and James Hildreth of Townsend, at Townsend, May20,1772.*
Esther, and Oliver Heild, Dec.26,1786.*
Eunice, and Amiziah Fasset, Oct.12,1742.*
Ezekiel, of Groton, and Bredget Parker, int. July25,1766.
Ezera, and Esther Taylor of Boxborough, int. May3,1828.
Fanny [G. int.], and Gardner Fletcher of Chelmsford, May9,1815.*
Francis, of New Ipswich, and Sarah Parker, June11,1760.*
Francis, and Esther B. Wright, int. June10,1839.
Gardner, of Chelmsford, and Fanny [G. int.] Fletcher, May9,1815.*
George, and Almira Fletcher of Littleton, int. Sept.3,1825.
Gershom, and Lydia Townshend, May28,1733.*
Vol. 1
Page 164
Gershom, jr., and Sarah Robinson, Dec.7,1769.*
Hannah, and David Taylor of Dunstable, Apr.16,1752.*
Hannah, and Samuel Parker, int. July28,1758.
Hannah, and Ebenezer Parker, both of Chelmsford, May29,1787.
Hannah, and Imla Keyes, Sept.30,1816.*
Hannah, and Perly Raymond of New Bedford, NH, Mar.22,1821.*
Hannath, Mrs. [wid. int.], and [Capt. int.] Eleazer Hamlin of Harvard, June3,1789.*
Harriet, and Nathan S. Hamlin, Nov.末,1829.*
Henry, and Deborah Parker, Nov.30,1773.*
Horatio, and Nancy Edwards of Acton, int. Sept.24,1826.
Isaac, and Ruth Parse [Peirce. CTR] of Groton, Sept.26,1784.*
Jacob, and Ruth Trol, Dec.11,1746.*
James, and Rebecca Prescott, Feb.21,1770.*
Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Perham of Dunstable, at Dunstable, Dec.11,1783.
Jese, and Lucy Keyes, Aug.8,1782.*
Joanna, and Seth Fletcher, June2,1772.*
Joanna, and Jacob Klatter, Oct.4,1784.*
Joanna, and Capt. Arron Parker, int. Mar.12,1791.
Joanna, and Ira Spaulding of Chelmsford, int. June21,1795.
Joanna, and Sherman Dewy of Hartford, VT, June26,1808.*
Joanna S[tevens. int.], and James Chamberlin, Mar.9,1796.*
Joel, and Abigail Maynard, Dec.22,1803. [Dec. 25. dup.]*
John, and Elisabeth Perry, Nov.30,1773.*
John, and Betesy Longley of Shirley, int. Feb.9,1823. [m. Apr.末,1823. in pencil.]
John B., and Joann Hildreth, Dec.6,1827.*
Jonathan, and Geen [Jane. int.] Chamberlain, May5,1735.*
Jonathan [jr. int.], and Sarah Spaulding [of Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford, Jan.22,1761.*
Jonathan [3d. int.], and Mary Lawrence of Littleton, at Littleton, Jan.28,1762.*
Joseph, and Elezabath Underwood, May21,1735.*
Joseph, Capt., and wid. Kezia Nutting, int. May5,1764.
Joseph, and Lucy Procter, both of Chelmsford, Nov.17,1791.
Joseph [Ens. int.], and Francis Grant Keyes, Apr.7,1794.*
Joseph, of Dunstable, and wid. Abigail Read, int. Aug.14,1797.
Joshua, and Elisabeth Raymond, int. June28,1755.
Vol. 1
Page 165
Joshua, and Lucy Jones of Ashburnham, int. Mar.4,1815.
Josiah, and Margaret Fletcher, at Littleton, Feb.25,1779.*
Josiah, and Abigail Fletcher, Apr.9,1786.*
Justice, and Sally Glynn of Tyngsborough, Sept.末,1806.*
Levi T., and Arney [Anna.int.] Richardson, Apr.14,1825.*
Levy, and Jerusha Morton of Athol, int. Jan.4,1783.
Louisa, and Foster Brooks, int. Apr.28,1832.
Lucy, and John Spaulding, 3d [of Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford, Jan.26,1786.*
Lucy, and Levi Snow, at Billerica, Oct.13,1789.*
Lucy, and Joseph Rockwood, jr. of Groton, Nov.26,1789.*
Lucy, and John Keepe of Fitchburg, Sept.14,1800.*
Lucy, and Willard [Hibbard. int.] Jones of Vershire, VT, Jan.23,1820.*
Lucy, and Moses Wheeler of New Ipswich, Oct.12,1823.*
Lucy Wheeler, and Abel Stevens, int. May25,1828.
Lydia, and Joseph Hildreth, 3d, Apr.7,1747.*
Lydia, and Timothy Prescott, Feb.22,1753.*
Lydia, and Silas Richardson of Ipswich, NH, Dec.28,1769.*
Lydia, and Eleazer Blood, int. Mar.15,1779.
Lydia, and Ephraim Butterick [jr. int.] of Dunstable, NH, at Tyngsborough, Nov.11,1835.*
Lyman, and Lois Gates of Ashburnham, at Ashburnham, Apr.20,1796.*
Margaret, and Josiah Fletcher, at Littleton, Feb.25,1779.*
Martha, and Joseph Read, jr., Nov.11,1771.*
Martha, and. Joshua Whidden [of Lowell. dup.], Oct.末,1832. [Oct. 28. dup.]*
Marthy, of New Ipswich, NH, and Jephtheh Read, int. Dec.14,1827.
Mary, and Josiah Spaulden of Chelmsford, July2,1733.*
Mary, and Eleazer Fletcher, Jan.16,1755.*
Mary, 3d, and Jonathan Robbins, Nov.13,1764.*
Mary, and Jonas Barret of Townsend, Nov.19,1766.*
Mary, and Thomas Barnes of Chelmsford, June4,1772.*
Mary, and Henry Spaulding, jr. of Chelmsford, int. Oct.28,1774.
Mary, and [Comet. int.] Thomas Kidder, June21,1780.*
Mary, and Samuell Foster, Aug.30,1787.*
Mary, and Joseph Gilbert Harwood, int. Aug.9,1828.
Mary, and Joseph Hildreth, 2d, int. June24,1830.
Mary, and Eli Tower of Concord, Dec.23,1833.*
Vol. 1
Page 166
Mary, and Thomas Richardson, Jan.23,1840.*
Mary Ann, and Leonard L[yman. CR1] Gibson of Boston, Dec.29,1825.*
Mary M., and Capt. Henry A. Prescott, Jan.10,1837.*
Nabby, and Jesse Hadley of Brattleborough, May29,1803.*
Nancy, and Fisher Blackint. n of Attleborough, Jan.4,1814.*
Nancy E., and Samuel H. Nicholes, Nov.末,1829.*
Nehemiah, and Mary Welch, Oct.21,1779.*
Olive, and Paul Thorndyke of Tewksbury, Feb.27,1772.*
Olive, and Jesse Hildreth, Mar.24,1801. [Mar. 27. PR5]
Olive, and Zaccheus Wright, May21,1818.*
Oliver, and Olive Procter, int. July7,1759.
Oliver, and Sarah Fletcher, Sept.22,1768.*
Orpah [Mrs. int.], and Thomas Fletcher, 3d, Aug.9,1812.*
Othiel, and Sophia Fletcher of Littleton, int. Apr.1,1829.
Othiel, and Asenath Lyford, int. Dec.11,1840.
Patty, and Grant Hauston of Tyngsborough, at Tyngsborough, June6,1796.*
Patty, and Jacob Osgood, Apr.9,1807.*
Patty, and John Osgood, June14,1807.*
Patty, and David Eastnun of Strafford, VT, May31,1815.*
Pelatiah, Capt., and wid. Betty Keyes, Oct.15,1782.*
Pelatiah, jr., and [Mrs. CR1] Beulah Haywood of Concord, June28,1803. [June 23. CR1]*
Pelatiah, and Susan Hamlin, May末,1830. CR1*
Peletiah, and Dorothy Hildreth, Jan.13,1757.*.
Pelletiah, jr., and Patty Keyes, Dec.5,1785.*
Pelletiah, of Ashburnham, and Salley Woodward, Sept.22,1788.*
Phebe, and Isaac Patch, jr., Feb.21,1786.*
Polly, and Abram Prescott, Oct.21,1798. [Dec. 26. PR21]*
Polly, and Abijah Wright, Sept.7,1800.*
Polly [Mary. int.], and Joseph Corey of Boston, Nov.17,1804.*
Polly, and Ebenezer Blood, Sept.9,1810.*
Polly, and Orville Richardson of Leominster, June29,1826.*
Rachel, and Simeon Fletcher, int. Oct.28,1758.
Rachel, and LeQnard Parker, jr., Aug.28,1788.*
Rebeca, and Isaiac Read [jr. int.] of Littleton, July9,1789.*
Rebecah, Mrs., and Samuel Wright, Apr.22,1823.*
Rebecah P., of Carlisle, and Edward Symmes, int. Nov.4,1840.
Rebecca, and Jonas Stone of Groton, May23,1765.*
Rebecca, and Levi Parker, Dec.11,1777.*
Vol. 1
Page 167
Rebecca, wid., and Jonas Wright, Sept.17,1783.*
Rebecca, of Groton, NH, and Levi Prescott, farmer, s.Levi and Hannah, Mar.30,1847.
Rebecca A[bbott. int.], and William W[arren. int.] Goodhue, Nov.末,1829.*
Reuben, and Susanna Chandler, int. May4,1745.
Roxana, and Jabez Parker [late of Westford. int.], Nov.9,1812.*
Ruth, and Willard Hall, jr., Jan.16,1755.*
Ruth, wid., and John Duren of Chelmsford, int. Feb.12,1763.
Sally, and Richard Adams, Dec.9,1806.*
Sally, and Lt. Amos Lawrance [jr. CR1] of Fitchburg, Mar.1,1807.*
Sally [Mrs. int.], and Abel Stevens, Sept.22,1814.*
Sally, and Ebenezer Prescott, Feb.1,1821.
Sally, and Sual Parkhust of Chelmsford, int. Jan.10,1828.
Sampson, and Dolly Fletcher, Feb.1,1785.*
Samuel, jr., of Chelmsford, and Mary Lawrence of Littleton, Sept.17,1729.
Samuel [jr. int.], and Olive Wright, Jan.15,1771.*
Samuel, jr., and Lucy Jones of Concord, int. June26,1777.
Samuel, jr., and Lydia Webber of Bedford, int. Mar.4,1805.
Samuel, jr., and Beulah Haywood, Apr.13,1815.*
Samuell, Dea., and Milla Keyes, Dec.14,1786.*
Sarah, and Samuel Parker, Jan.22,1739.*
Sarah, and Benjamin Darby of Concord, June25,1745.*
Sarah, and Hezekiah Corey of New Ipswich [of Ipswich, NH. int.], Jan.17,1764.*
Sarah, and Oliver Fletcher, Sept.22,1768.*
Sarah, and Jeremiah Cogswell of Littleton, at Littleton, Oct.31,1771.
Sarah, and Jeremiah Barritt of Ashby, Feb.9,1773.*
Sarah, resident in Westford, and Jonas Blodget, int. July23,1781.
Sarah, and Sampson Tuttle of Hancock, NH, at Littleton, Feb.24,1789.*
Sarah M., and Burknap Nichols of Gardner, May27,1833.*
Sarah P., and Stephen P. Wiley [now resident in Westford. int.], at the house of Joshua Whidden, May1,1842.*
Seth, and Joanna Fletcher, June2,1772.*
Seth, jr., and Selly Proctor, May30,1809.*
Sherman D., and Emily A. Fletcher, Nov.28,1839.*
Vol. 1
Page 168
Simeon, and Rachel Fletcher, int. Oct.28,1758.
Solomon, and Abigal Melven of Concord, int. Feb.20,1782.
Sophia, and George W [ade. int.; Wash. CR1] Jones of Vershire, VT, Jan.19,1825.*
Sophia, of Littleton, and Othiel Fletcher, int. Apr.1,1829.
Stephen, and Betty Hildreth, Nov.28,1796.*
Suel, and Mary Stone, int. Feb.1,1803.
Susanna, wid., and Capt. William Fletcher, at Medford, June22,1762.*
Susanna, and Joseph Parker, July18,1763.*
Susanna, and Simon Parker, both of Chelmsford, July5,1791.
Thomas, and wid. Sarah Hildreth, int. Jan.15,1763.
Thomas, jr., and Patty Jewett [Jewell. CTR], Feb.7,1786.*
Thomas, 3d, and [Mrs. int.] Orpah Fletcher, Aug.9,1812.*
Timothy, jr., and Bridget Richardson of Chelsmford, int. Feb.15,1745-6.
Timothy, jr., and Huldah Pearley of Boxford, int. May14,1774.
Timothy, jr., and Hannah Parker [Procter. int.], Nov.25,1778.*
Walter, and Mary Chamberlain, Aug.31,1828.*
Willard, and Abigail Hadley, at Chelmsford, Dec.26,1775.*
Willard, jr., and Sally Spaulding of Chelmsford, int. Feb.13,1808.
William, jr., and Elizabeth Remington, Mar.16,1731.*
William, Capt., and wid. Susanna Fletcher, at Medford, June22,1762.*
Zacheriah, and Susanna Fasset, at Concord, Sept.23,1735.*
Zechariah, and Eunice Keep, int. Aug.22,1761.

Patty, and Luther Osborn, both of Concord, Nov.13,1808.

Amos, jr., of Walpole, NH, and Mary Laney, Jan.17,1808.*
Betsey, and John Daisy of Grafton, June7,1835.
Harriot, and William S. Walker, Mar.10,1836.*
James T., and Sarah A. Scott, int. Mar.22,1845.
Julia A., and Henry Wesson, both of Grafton, May1,1838.
Thomas, of Chelmsford, and Betsey Keyes, Sept.28,1806.*

Harriet N., of Lowell, and Benjamin F. Leighton, int. Nov.7,1847.

Vol. 1
Page 169
Ruth, of Acton, and Joseph Keyes, at Acton, May7,1768.*

Aaron R., and Lucy W. Cram of Lowell, int. May22,1840.
Abigail, and Nathaniel Farr of Littleton, at Littleton, Feb.17,1768.*
Almira, and Solomon Keyes, jr. of Littleton, Nov.23,1825.*
AlmIra, Mrs., and Nathan Hartwell of Littleton, June9,1842.*
David, and Elizabeth [Minot. int.], at Winchendon, May27,1779.*
Elias, jr., and Abigail Wheeler of Acton, int. Apr.12,1746.
Esther, and Nathaniel Jefs of Acton, Feb.27,1740.*
Hannah, wid., and Amos Russell, jr., int. Aug.17,1780.
James, of Goffstown, NH, and Hannah Gordon, resident in Westford, Dec.21,1820.*
Joseph, and Mary Adams, both of Chelmsford, Sept.24,1789.
Leonard, of Carlisle, and Dorando Tufts of Littleton, May29,1825.*
Martha, of Littleton, and John Bates, June7,1744.*
Mary, and Oliver Blood, both of Concord, Feb.14,1743.
Mary, and Jacob Warrin of Littleton, July3,1744.*
Mary, and Leonard Parker, Sept.20,1768.*
Obadiah, and Mary Goodhue, both of Chelmsford, July15,1790.
Sally, and Asa [Jesse. int.] Barker of Chelmsford, at Carlisle, Sept.18,1794.*
Samuell, and Mary Fletcher, Aug.30,1787.*
Sarah [resident in Westford. int.], and Eleazer Lawrance, Feb.28,1780.*
Smith, and Esther Sartell of Acton, at Acton, June16,1778.*
Sophia, and Vandolo Emroy Whitcomb of Littleton, May15,1828.*
Susannah, and Elijah Nutting of Groton, May18,1786.*

Ephriam, resident in Milford, NH, and Sally Parker of Carlisle, int. Apr.2,1819.

FRADRICK (see also Frederick)
Garge, of Chelmsford, and Rhode Read, Mar.18,1788.*
George, of Tyngsborough, and Elizabeth Russel, int. Apr.11,1829.

Vol. 1
Page 170
FREDERIC (see also Frederick)
Rhoda, of Tyngsborough, and George W. Spaulding, int. Nov.8,1821.

FREDERICK (see also Fradrick, Frederic, Fredrick)
George S., a.30y., and Eliza A. Hildreth, a.17y., int. Nov.11,1849.
Mary, and Thaddeus Blodgett, Feb.23,1817. PR13

FREDRICK (see also Frederick)
Samuel, and Lucindia Patten, Mar.21,1822.*

Elisabeth [wid. int.] , of Dunstable, NH, and Benjamin Dutton, Mar.14,1786.*

Eleazer, of Dunstable, and Abigail Fletcher, Apr.16,1752.*
Elisabeth, of Hollis, NH, and Ephraim Hildreth, 3d, int. Aug.25,1753.
Mary, of Dunstable, and Samuel [Lemuel. int.] Perham, at Dunstable, May29,1759.*
Samuel, of Dunstable, and Mary Johnson, at Groton, May7,1778.*

Sarah. wid., resident in Chelmsford, and Abel Russel, Nov.1,1781.*

Lavinia, of Dracut, and John F. Wright, int. Oct.7,1843.

Charles A.W., and Emily Vose, both of Lowell, June18,1843. PR2
Rodney, of Hudson, NH, a.23y., farmer, b. Hudson, NH, s.Daniel and Ruth, and Martha Farwell, a.28y., d.Samuel and Polly, Mar.14,1848.*

Louisa E., of Carlisle, and Samuel. E. Scott, int. Apr.21,1844.
Vol. 1
Page 171

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