* Intentions also recorded
McLAIN (see also McLane)
John [McCoin. TC], and Mrs. Sarah Reald, both of Concord, Jan.3,1744.

McLANE (see also Mclain)
Elizabeth, and William Scott of Dunstable, May3,1763.*

MANING (see also Manning)
Samuel, Dr., and Lucy Cogswill of Littleton, int. Sept.15,1801.

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MANNING (see also Maning)
Esther, of Townsend, and Stephen Hildreth, at Townsend, Apr.3,1764.*
Otis, of Littleton, and Ann C. Carter, Dec.10,1833.*

Asaph, of Chelmsford, and Elizabeth S. Griffin. Apr.7,1840. [Apr. 9. PR2]*
Joel, of Chelmsford, and Rebecah Cogswell, Jan.1,1815.*
Rachel, and Stephen Wilson, both of Chelmsford, Mar.13,1791.

Dorothy, resident in Andover [of Andover. int.], and Moses Chandler, at Andover, June28,1742.*
Hannah, and Aaron Blood, Sept.1,1768.*
Isabel, and Lemuel Perham of Littleton, July3,1754.*

Lydia, of Chelmsford, and Silas Richardson, Oct.30,1797.*

Silas, and Polly [Mary. int.] Abbott, Apr.2,1809.*

John, of Nottingham West, and Thankful Baldwin, Feb.18,1752.*

Peggy [resident in Westford. int.], and Amiziah Hildreth, Mar.2,1796.*

MARTEN (see also Martin)
William, and . Mary R. Hadley of Lowell, int. Dec.1,1848.

MARTIN (see also Marten)
Charles, resident in Lynn [of Andover. int.], and Fanny Richardson, May28,1820.*

Aaron, of Concord, and Polly Hildreth, Oct.30,1797.*
Abigail, and Joel Fletcher, Dec.22,1803. [Dec. 25. dup.]*

MEAD (see also Meade, Meads)
Melvina D., and Albert G. Kittredge, both of Chelmsford, May7,1843. PR2
Thomas, and Lucy Read, int. Mar.26,1763.
Thomas, and Sarah Porter [Foster. int.] of Concord, at Concord, Nov.3,1778.*

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MEADE (see also Mead)
Stephen, resident in Westford, and Lucy Wright, Feb.15,1780.*

MEADS (see also Mead)
Mary, and Thomas Adams, July11,1759.*

Hannah, and Abner Baley of Tewksbury, Jan.28,1823.*
Molley, and Zebulen Spaulding, jr., both of Chelmsford, Mar.9,1791.
Rebeckah R., of Chelmsford, and William Mears, jr., int. Jan.7,1826.
William, jr., and Rebeckah R. Mears of Chelmsford, int. Jan.7,1826.

Abigal, of Concord, and Solomon Fletcher, int. Feb.20,1782.

MERRIAM, see Marriam.

MIER (see also Myer)
Henry, and Elizebeth Nutting of Groton, Dec.9,1822.*

Abner, of Shrewsbury, and Deborah Underwood, at Shrewsbury, June24,1773.*

Russell A., of Lowell, a.21y., operative, s.Samuel B. and Anna, and Ellen E. Searle of Lowell, a.18y., d.Augustus H. and Maria, Nov.16,1845.

MINOT (see also Minott)
Anna, of Chelmsford, and Phillip Robbins, int. June20,1750.
Elizabeth, and David Foster, at Winchendon, May27,1779.*
Esther, and Samuel Wright, Jan.15,1771.*
Joash, and Sally Hildreth, Mar.31,1794.*
Jonas, of Concord, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Hall, d.Rev. Willard, Jan.16,1759.*
Jonathan [jr. int.], of Chelmsford, and Esther Procter, Mar.6,1745-6.*
Jonathan [jr. int.], and Hannah Eastman of Hollis, at Concord, Sept.3,177-7.*
Mary, and James Wright, Apr.19,1781.*
Olive, and Willard Read, at Charlestown, Nov.30,1774.*
Sarah, and Luke Richardson, Jan.7,1768.*

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MINOTT (see also Minot)
Isaac, a.48y., farmer, s.Jesse, and Mary Ann Hildreth, a.34y., d.Jeremiah and Abigail, Aug.30,1844.*
Jesse, and Betty Adams, Sept.7,1784.*
Jesse, and Almira Fletcher, Dec.23,1830.*
Lucinda, of Hillsborough, NH, and Hosea Wright, int. Oct.24,1824.
Martha, and Benjamin Clerk of Gardner, May31,1787.*
Samuel, of Concord, and Sarah Prescott, at Concord, Mar.7,1731-2.*
Thomas, and Zoa A. Goodhue, May3,1818.*

George R., a.29y., wheelwright, b. Gardiner, ME, s.John and Myra, and Philinda Richardson, a.28y., d.Thomas and Philinda, Dec.31,1846.*

Abraham, of Wilton [NH. int.], and Anna Persons, Sept.15,1806.*
Henry, and Hannah Whitney of Chelmsford, Aug.25,1768.*

David, and Mary A. Sargent of Fitzwilliam, NH, int. Sept.27,1841.

Jerusha, of Athol, and Levy Fletcher, int. Jan.4,1783.

Sophia, and John Abbot, at Hampton, CT, May5,1805. PR16

MOULTON (see also Moultoun)
Catharine J., now resident in Westford, and Walter S. Kimball, int. Oct.3,1845.
Hannah, of Littleton, and Asia Hamlin, int. Oct.10,1845.

MOULTOUN (see also Moulton)
William, and Betsy Litchfield of Littleton, int. Aug.,1822.

William, jr., of Lexington, and wid. Molley Rogers, int. Mar.23,1782.

John, laborer, and Catharine Daly, both b. Ireland [both of Boston. PR2], Dec.9,1847.

MYER (see also Mier)
Henry, and Sibel Gilson, int. Feb.6,1819.
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