* Intentions also recorded
Leonard C., of Chelmsford, and Sarah E. Hartwell of Littleton, Oct. 5, 1837. PR2

Nancy, of Lowell, and James F. Whitney, int. Aug. 1, 1841.

SARGEANT (see also Sargent)
Martha Ann, a. 20 y., b. Strafford, VT, d. Noah and Lucinda [of Stratford, VT. CR1], and Charles A. Prescott, a. 20 y., trader, s. Asa and Sophia D., Feb. 22, 1848.*

SARGENT (see also Sargeant)
Charles G., of Lowell, and Harriet Read, int. Mar. 28, 1842.
Mary A., of FitzwilIiam, NH, and David Morison, int. Sept. 27, 1841.

SARLS (see also Searle)
Samuell, of Dunstable, and Mary Butrfield, Jan. 17, 1736-7.*

SARTEL (see also Sawtell)
Zecheriah, of Groton, and Abigail Bigsby, Sept. 11, 1733.*

SARTELL (see also Sawtell)
Esther, of Acton, and Smith Foster, at Acton, June 16, 1778.*
Simeon, of Townsend, and Abigail Cory, int. Aug. 25, 1772.

SARTLE (see also Sawtell)
Anna, and Thaddeus Read, int. Mar. 19, 1774.

Vol. 1
Page 234
Hannah, of Groton, and Thomas Smith, at Groton, Dec. 10, 1767.*

Nancy, of Littleton, and Asa Parker, int. May 14, 1825.

Richard L., of Boston, a. 25 y., merchant, b. Gloucester, s. William and Sally B., and Mary Byam, a. 26 y., d. Asaph and Mary, May 5, 1844.*

SAWTELL (see also Sartel, Sartell, Sartle, Sawtelle)
Lydia, of Groton, and Robert Wilkinson, at Groton, Feb. 16, 1795. [Feb. 19. int.]*
Lydia, and George Kidder, Mar. 31, 1831.*

SAWTELLE (see also Sawtell)
Homer, and Nancy Needham, Dec. 27, 1812.*

Caroline M., and Andl Davis [of Acton. int.], May 19, 1839.*
[Elize. in pencil.], and Ahimoaz Jewet, ––– ––, ––––. [after 1814?]
Frederick, and Mary W. Newton of Malden, int. Jan. 17, 1841.
John, Hon., of Detroit, MI, and Jane Abbot, Aug. 24, 1842.*
Samuel, and Sally Weathereby, Apr. 1, 1810.*
Samuel E., and Louisa E. Furbush of Carlisle, int. Apr. 21, 1844.
Sarah A., and James T. Flint, int. Mar. 22, 1845.
Thomas, and Olive Procter, Nov. 27, 1780.*
William, of Dunstable, and Elizabeth McLane, May 3, 1763.*

Hannah, Mrs., and William Usher of Charlestown, Feb. 25, 1824.
Mathew, Rev., and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Porter of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec. 16, 1779.*

SEARLE (see also Sarls, Searles, Searls, Serles)
Ellen E., of Lowell, a. 18 y., d. Augustus H. and Maria, and Russell A. Miller of Lowell, a. 21 y., operative, s. Samuel B. and Anna, Nov. 16, 1845.

SEARLES (see also Searle)
Betsey M., and John B. Gates, Mar. 3, 1836.*

Vol. 1
Page 235
SEARLS (see also Searle)
Abigail, of Concord, and Nathaniel Barret, Feb. 8, 1744.*
Augustus H., of Chelmsford, and Rebecca Wright, Dec. 8, 1831.*
Eliza Ann, and Jedediah Robbins, June 30, 1833.*
Jonathan, of Nottingham, and Thankful Bigsby, Oct. 12, 1748.

John, of Londonderry, and Abigail Parker, Mar. 11, 1742.*

SERLES (see also Searle)
James, and Betsey Peirce of Waltham, int. Mar. 26, 1808.

SHATHUCK (see also Shattuck)
Stephen, of Littleton, and Elezabath Robens, Sept. 3, 1734.*

SHATTUCK (see also Shathuck)
Jemima, of Pepperell, and Joseph [Josiah. int.] Spaulding, at Townsend, May 7, 1777.*

Elisha, of Chelmsford, and Emily Hildreth, June 2, 1840.*
Elisha, of Chelmsford, and Martha E. Lincoln, int. June 8, 1844.

SHED (see also Sheed)
Asa, of Ashby, and Elisabeth Comings, int. Feb. 6, 1779.
Jacob, jr., of Tewksbury, and Susanna Spaulding of Chelmsford, Sept. 11, 1803.
Rachel, of Pepperell, and John Proctor, at Pepperell, Feb. 5, 1794.*
Sophronia, and Stephen Hinkly of Gorham, ME, int. Oct. 3, 1829.
Susanna, and Christopher Way of Gorham, ME, May 29, 1836.*

SHEED (see also Shed)
Elisabath, of Billerica, and Nathanil Boynton, int. Sept. 13, 1735.

Charles, of Bedford, NH, and Betsy Wright, int. Oct. 9, 1824.

Vol. 1
Page 236
Samuel, of Chelmsford, and Sally Read, June 24, 1794.*

Joseph, and Eunice Parker of Groton, June 27, 1744.

Susan, of Chelmsford, and Hartwell Kemp, int. Nov. 9, 1840.

Mary, and John Whitney, both resident in Westford, int. Feb. 16, 1779.

Elizabeth, and John Davis of Chelmsford, Feb. 7, 1749.*

Benjamin, of Carlisle, and Nancy Raymond, int. May 4, 1818.

Benjamin, of Francestown, NH, and Ruth Hildreth, int. June 8, 1822. [Mar. 19, 1823. dup.]

Ballard [Pollard. dup.], of Dunstahle, and Prudance Griffin, May 31, 1803.*
Caroline, of Duxbury, and Charles Hewit, int, Aug. 22, 1833.
Daniel [jr. int.], of Exeter, NH, and Anna Read, Apr. 25, 1811.*
Francis, find Hannah Russel, Jan. 2, 1783.*
Hannah, and Michael Carter of Dunstable, June 10, 1807.
Hannah, and Joseph Wright, jr., Apr. 21, 1812.*
Jacob B., of Chelmsford, and Mary A. Griffin, int. Jan. 30, 1840.
John, and Martha Boynton, Apr. 9, 1811.*
Joseph, and Susan Spaulding, int. Dec. 10, 1820.
Lydia, and William Sweetser of Reading, int. Oct. 29, 1757.
Phillip, and Francis Bason, int. Dec. 17, 1776.
Polly, and Joseph Gould, June 5, 1806.*
Rebekah, and Thomas Heald, Apr. 7, 1808.*
Sally, and Jacob Wright, Mar. 18, 1807.*
Seth E., and Hannah H. Richardson of Lowell, int. Dec. 28, 1844.
Socrates, Rev., of New York City, and Lydia Maria Harwood, June 26, 1845. PR2*
Thomas [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Walton of Reading, at Reading, Feb. ––, 1762.*
Vol. 1
Page 237
Thomas, and Hannah Saunders of Groton, at Groton, Dec. 10, 1767.*
Thomas, and Molly Herrick, Mar. 3, 1772.*
Timothy, and Betsy Abbot, Sept. 12, 1815.*
William C., and Dorcas Dutton of Chelmsford, int. Feb. 17, 1823.
William H[oward, of Norton. int.], resident in Westford, and Rachel Blood, Oct. 14, 1818.*

James, and Sukey Gilson of Groton, Apr. 28, 1796.*
Joanna, and Robert Spaulding of Chelmsford, Nov. 23, 1820.*
Jonathan, and Mrs. Sarah Parker, int. June 23, 1811.
Jonathan, and Sally Bohonon of New Chester, NH, int. Sept. 5, 1813.
Joshua [of Chelmsford. int.], and Lois Hildreth, at Chelmsford, May 28, 1761.*
Levi, and Lucy Fletcher, at Billerica, Oct. 13, 1789.*
Levi, Lt., and Mrs. Sarah Read of Stoddard, NH, int. May 9, 1823.
Levi, of New Ipswich, NH, and Louisa Read, Sept. 25, 1832.*
Louis, of Chelmsford, and Daniel Brooks, Nov. 16, 1797.*
Mary, and Joseph Harrington of Concord, May 3, 1821.*
Sally [Mrs. int.] , and Joseph Wright of Dedham, Sept. 3, 1811.*
Salmon, and Abigail Fletcher of Ashburnham, int. Nov. 16, 1817.
Salmon, and Nancy Law of Littleton, int. Apr. 23, 1821.

Mary, and Samuel Taylor, both of Waltham, Feb. 10, 1828.

John H., of Groton, and Martha Ann Hildreth, July 15, 1841.*

Emily, and Lendall Perry, ––– ––, ––––. [different ink.] [after 1820?]

SPAULDEN (see also Spaulding)
Josiah, of Chelmsford, and Mary Fletcher, July 2, 1733.*

SPAULDING (see also Spaulden, Spawlding, Spolding, Spoulding, Spualding)
Abel, of Dunstable, and Lydia Powers, at Dunstable, Nov. 19, 1767.*
Vol. 1
Page 238
Abigail [of Chelmsford. int.], and Ebenezer Hadley, at Chelmsford, June 11, 1753.*
Abigail, and Thomas Richardson [jr. int.], Nov. 28, 1774.*
Alpheus, of Chelmsford, and Patty Osgood, Oct. 12, 1815.*
Amy, and Caleb Putnam of Wilton, NH, Mar. 8, 1775.*
Andrew, Dea., and Mrs. Mehitable Crosby of Andover, at Andover, Nov. 26, 1745.*
Benjamin, of Dorchester, Canada, and Sarah Chandlor, int. Feb. 3, 1759.
Benjamin, of Chelmsford, and Polly F. Prescott, Feb. 18, 1830.*
Betty, and Joseph Blanchard, both of Dunstable, Sept. 19, 1748.
Calvin, and Sally Wright, Jan. 14, 1823.*
Ebenezer, and Hannah Craft, Dec. 4, 1730.*
Edee, and James Cummings of Wilton, "in the County of Kenebeck," int. Oct. 7, 1804.
Eliza T., of Tyngsborough, and John Ingalls, int. Nov. 10, 1837.
Ephraim, of Fitchburg, and Lydia Spaulding of Chelmsford, Apr. 5, 1792.
Esther, Mrs., of Chelmsford, and Daniel Proctor, int. May 30, 1811.
George W., and Rhoda Frederic of Tyngsborough, int. Nov. 8, 1821.
Hannah, and Simeon Hildreth, Feb. 8, 1758.*
Hannah, wid., and Samuel Adams, Nov. 14, 1769.*
Hannah, and Henry Wilson, May 5, 1792.*
Hannah, and Joseph Jewet, Nov. 12, 1795.*
Hazadiah, of Chelmsford, and Moses Woods of Acton, Apr. 16, 1793.
Henrey, 3d, and Lydia Procter, both of Chelmsford, Dec. 22, 1791.
Henry, jr., of Chelmsford, and Mary Fletcher, int. Oct. 28, 1774.
Ira, of Chelmsford, and Joanna Fletcher, int. June 21, 1795.
Isaac, and Susannah Lawrence of Littleton, at Littleton, Sept. 15, 1761.*
Isaac, of New Ipswich, NH, and Mrs. Martha L. Parker, Apr. 27, 1837.*
Isaiah, and Patty Byam, both of Chelmsford, Sept. 12, 1813.
James, jr., and Hannah Barron, jr., Sept. 26, 1769.*
James, and wid. Eunice Fasset, Jan. 15, 1771.*
James, and Anna Tenna of Tyngsborough, Mar. 17, 1807.*
Vol. 1
Page 239
Joanna, and Benjamin Swallow of Dunstable, at Dunstable, Mar. 5, 1767.*
Joel, and Silvia Lawrence of Ashby, int. Oct. 2, 1797.
John, 3d [of Chelmsford. int.], and Lucy Fletcher, at Chelmsford, Jan. 26, 1786.*
Jonathan, and Lydia Richardson, Jan. 11, 1759.*
Joseph, of Westminster, and Bridget Crosby, int. Jan. 6, 1764.
Joseph [Josiah. int.], and Jemima Shattuck of Pepperell, at Townsend, May 7, 1777.*
Josiah, and Esther Adams [wid. Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford, Nov. 25, 1760.*
Josiah, and Lydia Cleaveland of Acton, Feb. 15, 1763.*
Josiah, and Marah Wesh [Mary Welsh. int.], Dec. 1, 1772.*
Josiah [of Pepperell. CR1], and Bethiah Read [both of Westford. int.], Apr. 30, 1792. [June 26. CR1]*
Loiza, and Parker Woodard, int. Nov. 10, 1827.
Lucy, and Ezra Jewett of Littleton, Jan. 14, 1768.*
Lucy, and Silas Pierce [of Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford, Mar. 26, 1771.*
Lydia, of Chelmsford, and Aaron Parker, jr., June 3, 1766.*
Lydia, of Chelmsford, and Ephraim Spaulding of Fitchburg, Apr. 5, 1792.
Lydia, and Caleb Pubnan of Wilton [NH. int.], Feb. 24, 1801.*
Mary, and Joshua Read, int. May 27, 1758.
Mary, of Ashburnham, and Jonas Nutting, int. June 1, 1805.
Mehitable, and Theodore Woodard, Apr. 11, 1816.*
Molly, of Chelmsford, and Jesse Stevens of Fitchburg, Nov. 25, 1790.
Molly, and [Lt. int.] Thomas Read, June 17, 1792.*
Oliver, and Sarah Reed, Nov. 25, 1730.*
Oliver, and Abigall Hall, Aug. 14, 1787.*
Phillep, and Elisabeth Obert of Acton, int. Apr. 10, 1762.
Phinehas, and Rebecca Jaqueth of Dnnstable, Nov. 18, 1779.*
Polly, of Chelmsford, and Dr. Asaph Byam, int. Apr. 11, 1817.
Rebecca, and Samuel Lawrence, jr., Jan. 28, 1762.*
Robert, and Hephsibah Ramond, int. Apr. 4, 1784.
Robert, of Chelmsford, and Joanna Snow, Nov. 23, 1820.*
Ruth, and Isaac Butterfield of Dunstable, Dec. 3, 1772.*
Sally, and Joshua Abbot Jewett, July 22, 1797.*
Sally, of Chelmsford, and Willard Fletcher, jr., int. Feb. 13, 1808.
Samuel, and Polly Read, Dec. 31, 1812.*
Vol. 1
Page 240
Samuel, of Tyngsborough, and Mary Ann Wright, Sept. 7, 1834.*
Sarah, and Henry Wright, jr., int. Jan. 13, 1753.
Sarah [of Chelmsford. int.], and Jonathan Fletcher [jr. int.], at Chelmsford, Jan. 22, 1761.*
Sarah, and Timothy Howard, both of Chelmsford, July 15, 1788.
Sarah Ann, of Tyngsborough, and Liberty C. Raymond of Boxborough, Apr. 6, 1843.
Sibbel, and Artemas Parker, both of Chelmsford, Jan. 20, 1807.
Solomon, and Jemima Read, May 3, 1780. [May 31. CR1]*
Susan, and Joseph Smith, int. Dec. 10, 1820.
Susanna, of Chelmsford, and Benjamin Butterfield [jr. int.], Sept. 26, 1748.*
Susanna., of Chelmsford, and Jacob Shed, jr. of Tewksbury, Sept. 11, 1803.
Thankful, and William Read, Dec. 29, 1741.*
Thomas, and Rachel Chandler, Aug. 29, 175·7.*
Thomas, jr., and Mary Hilton of Lunenburg, int. Oct. 31, 1818.
Timothy, and Hannah Richardson, Aug. 4, 1763.*
Zebulen, jr., and Molley Mears, both of Chelmsford, Mar. 9, 1791.
Zebulon [jr., of Chelmsford. int.], and Lydia Wright, at Chelmsford, Feb. 12, 1767.*
Zebulon, of Carlisle, and Dorcurs Parker, June 5, 1806.*
William, and Esther Dutton, Nov. 29, 1759.*

SPAWLDING (see also Spaulding)
Job, and Sarah Procter, Mar. 3, 1785.*

Sarah, of Groton, and Samuel Blodget, int. Oct. 13, 1744.

SPOLDING (see also Spaulding)
James, of Chelmsford, and Ame Underwood, int. Sept. 18, 1736.

SPOULDING (see also Spaulding)
Sarah, of Chelmsford, and Samuel Comings, int. Oct. 21, 1741.
Thankfull, and Joseph Boldwin of Townsend, July 7, 1741.*

Elisabeth, of Groton, and Ebenezer Prescott, Feb. 19, 1745-6.*
Vol. 1
Page 241
Elisabeth, and Zaccheus Barret of Narragansett, No. 6, int. Mar. 29, 1760.
Hezekiah, and Martha Prescott, Mar. 4, 1797.*

SPUALDING (see also Spaulding)
Rachel, of Billerica, and Jeremiah Warren of Chelmsford, Oct. 1, 1789.

Samuel [resident in Westford. int.], and Mary Hildreth, Apr. 10, 1764.*

STARNS (see also Stearns)
John, of Littleton, and Martha Cleveland, at Littleton, Mar. 3, 1773.*

STEARNS (see also Starns, Sternes, Sterns)
Joanna, of Billerica, and Ebenezer Fletcher, at Billerica, Aug. 8, 1754.*

STEAVENS (see also Stevens)
Johannah, of Chelmsford, and David Fletcher, jr., int. Oct. 27, 1774.

STEPHENS (see also Stevens)
Abel, and Betsey Putnum [of Fitchburg. dup.], Oct. 12, 1802.
Asa, of Chelmsford, and Harriot Chamberlin, Apr. 23, 1832.*
Susan, of Chelmsford, and Ezekiel Wright, int. Jan. 6, 1821.

STERNES (see also Stearns)
Salley M., of Bedford, and Stephen N. Nicholes, int. Oct. 3, 1829.

STERNS (see also Stearns)
John, of Chelmsford, and Lydia Crosbye of Carlisle, Aug. 27, 1789.
Samuel, and Amma Billash of Brookline, int. Feb. 17, 1806.

STEVENS (see also Steavens, Stephens)
Abel, and [Mrs. int.] Sally Fletcher, Sept. 22, 1814.*
Abel, and Lucy Wheeler Fletcher, int. May 25, 1828.
Abraham L., of Boston, and Levina Jenkins, June 7, 1807.*
Allen [Steward, resident in Westford. int.], and Molly Berry, at Littleton, Jan. 29, 1779. [May 15. int.]*
Benjamin, and Hannah Parker, both of Chelmsford, June 1, 1797.
Betsey [Mrs. int.], and Levi Worran of Littleton, May 20, 1812.*
Bill Wright, and Phebe Goald, both of Chelmsford, Nov. 29, 1792.
Vol. 1
Page 242
Bill Wright, and Rachel Woods of Groton, int. July 15, 1816.
Deliverance, of Chelmsford, and Ebenezer Wright, May 25, 1730.
Jesse, of Fitchburg, and Molly Spaulding of Chelmsford, Nov. 25, 1790.
Parker, and Catherine Parkhurst, both of Dunstable, May 27, 1799.
Rachel, and Josiah Parkhust, both of Chelmsford, May 3, 1792.
Ruth, of Chelmsford, and Joseph Richardson of Fitchburg, Feb. 14, 1791.
Sally, of Chelmsford, and Joel Clark of Stanstead, Lower Canada, Jan. 23, 1821.
Sampson, jr., and Edee P. Wright, Apr. 1, 1840.*
Samuel, of Chelmsford, and Ruth Wright, Mar. 4, 1731.*
Samuel S., of Gardner, and Martha Osgood, int. Oct. 5, 1830.
Simeon [of Chelmsford. int.] , and Elizabeth Wright, at Chelmsford, July 19, 1764.*
Simon [Simeon. int.], and Betcy Fletcher, Jan. 1, 1809.*
Sybel, of Chelmsford, and Jesse Wright, Jan. 10, 1828.*

Timothy, and Esther Taylor, int. July 26, 1755.

STODDARD (see also Stodder)
Charles, Capt., and Fayette Turner of Pembroke, int. Mar. 4, 1805.
Grace, and Samuel Stone of Boston, Feb. 23, 1800.*

STODDER (see also Stoddard)
Mary, and Joseph Swasey, Jr. of [Edgartown. int.] Martha's Vineyard, Aug. 5, 1799.*

Eunice, of Lexington, and Abijah Tarbell, Aug. 4, 1794.
Jonas, of Groton, and Rebecca Fletcher, May 23, 1765.*
Mary, and Suel Fletcher, int. Feb. 1, 1803.
Naomi, and Charles Lawrance, int. Feb. 5, 1763.
Peter, of Groton, and Abigail Fasset, at Groton, Sept. 14, 1773.*
Ruth, and Leonard Keep, Oct. 7, 1765.*
Samuel, of Boston, and Grace Stoddard, Feb. 23, 1800.*

STRATON (see also Stratton)
Jonathan, and Hepsebeth Parlin of Concord, int. Feb. 24, 1780. [1781?]
Lydia, and William Read, jr., Oct. 24, 1785.*

Vol. 1
Page 243
STRATTON (see also Straton)
Abigal, of Concord, and William Hartwell, int. Nov. 21, 1761.
Lydia, and Amos Hardy, int. Aug. 6, 1768.

Adaline, of Shirley, and Abraham Durant, int. May 9, 1824.

Benjamin, of Dunstable, and Joanna Spaulding, at Dunstable, Mar. 5, 1767.*
Jonathan, of Groton, and Jemima Wilson, Mar. 18, 1788.*
Joseph, of Dunstable, and Esther Robbens, int. Oct. 25, 1751.
Kindal, of Dunstable, and Patty [Martha. int.] Keyes, Dec. 26, 1822.*

Ebenezer, jr., of Tyngsborough, and Mary E. Leighton, Sept. 23, 1830.*
Polly, and Ebnezer Persons, int. Mar. 26, 1791.

Joseph, jr., of [Edgartown. int.], Martha's Vineyard, and Mary Stodder, Aug. 5, 1799.*

SWEETSER (see also Switsir)
Elias, and Mary Adams of Chelmsford, int. Jan. 13, 1811.
Mary, and William M. Vose, int. Apr. 14, 1847.
Nathan W., and Betsy W. Adams of Carlisle, int. Sept. 1, 1831.
Sarah, and Eldall P. Bean of Chelmsford, int. Nov. 9, 1839.
William, of Reading, and Lydia Smith, int. Oct. 29, 1757.
William, of Boston [of Charlestown. CR1], and Sally Raymond, Nov. 8, 1807.*

SWITSIR (see also Sweetser)
Nathaniel [Sweetsar. int.], Capt., and Nancy Hutchins, Nov. 17, 1817.*

SYMMES (see also Symms)
Caleb, of Charlestown, and [Mrs. int.] Elizabeth Hall, Sept. 21, 1756.*
Ede F[letcher. PR17], and Cephas Drew of Boston [of Halifax. PR17], Apr. 2, 1823. CR1*
Edward, and Rebecah P. Fletcher of Carlisle, int. Nov. 4, 1840.
Elisabeth, wid., and Capt. Benjamin Fletcher, Feb. 9, 1779.*
Thomas, and Rebecca Carver [d. Benjamin. PR17], Aug. 2, 1789.*

Vol. 1
Page 244
SYMMS (see also Symmes)
Caleb, and Lydia Trobridge, Nov. 23, 1784.*

Esther, and Joseph Jewett, Dec. 20, 1785.*
Vol. 1
Page 245

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