This compilation of the Marriage Intentions is printed under authority of an order of the City Council, approved Feb. 7, 1919. It includes all Marriage Intentions of record, from Dec. 2, 1699 (the date of the first entry) to Dec. 31, 1890, excepting those of parties whose marriage appears of record and has already been printed. In some instances. where there is more than the usual discrepancy between the date of the marriage intention and the marriage record, or where some other divergency in the two records appears, the marriage intention is given.

The manuscript for this publication was prepard twenty-five years ago. I have added, by way of footnotes, references to historical and genealogical information to be found in other volumes of the series; so that, to a certain extent, this volume is an index to considerable data printed in these other volumes. I have also inserted, in the text of this publication, the marriages of Woburn parties recorded in some neighboring cities and towns, some of which antedate the Woburn records.

The abbreviations VR stand for Vital Records, and the designations 2nd, 3rd, etc., mean that it is the individual's second, third, or other marriage.

I wish this publication might have included the record for the decade ending December 31, 1900, but, as already stated, the manuscript was prepared in the year 1894, and the City Council having voted to publish it this year, I did not think it advisable to delay the publication for the purpose of extending the printed record to Dec. 31, 1900.

I call attention to Appendices to Parts VIII and IX of the series [not included online] which give Woburn deaths and marriages published in the local papers, and not found on the city records.

Edward F. Johnson

March 26, 1919.

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