INGALLS (Ingles)

Annie R. and Robert E. Jameson, Oct. 18, 1865.

David, Sen. (?), of Wilton, and Anna Winn, Apr. 6, 1779.

Elizabeth A., of Lynn, and Charles A. Fowler, at Lynn, May 9, 1850.

Ezra C., Mr., and Miss Ruthy B. Wyman, May 29, 1839.


George L. and Mary Luce, Oct. 29, 1866.

Irad S. and Julia A. Holt, Oct. 26, 1854.


Sarah, of Andover, and Joshua Swan, formerly of Haverhill, but now a mariner, Jan. 6, 1701.


Elizabeth and William Wilson, Jan. 30, 1820.

Sally, Miss, and Mr. William Nichols, June 1, 1825.


Maria S. and Charles E. Nelson, Sept. 19, 1847.


Elizabeth and Nicholas Davis, July 12, 1643.

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