JACINTH (Jaycinth)


Abigail, w.John, d.Ebenezer Cleaveland and Susannah (Folger),末蔓末,1831.PR38

Clark, colored, Dec.末,1829, in Boston.CR3

Henry, suddenly, Oct.5,1835, a.abt. 61y.1m., in Plymouth.PR62

Hephzibah [Jackson, w.末末望, ch.Robert Coffin and Jemima, 14:11m:1801.CR4 [Hepzibah Jackson, w.Timothy, 13:11m:.PR38; Hepsibeth Jackson, 14:11m:, a.67y.2m.[sic].PR63]

John, h.Abigail Finch (d.Jerusha Coffin), brother of Timothy, 22:[22 written above 26] 2m:1772.PR38 [26:2m:PR63]

John, 13:12m:1807.PR63

Mary Ann, w.David E., d.Peter Boston, Nov.21,1837, a.29y.3m.PR62

Sarah, Miss, b. Ireland consumption, Jan.29,1846, a.19. [d.David and Mary Ann., colored, 28:1m:, a.17y.8m.PR38]

Susanna, 18:12m:1761.PR63

Timothy, h.Hepzibah (d.Robert Coffin and.Jemima), 19:3m:1823.PR38


末末, 4 chn. Edwin and Sarah G. (Cash),末蔓末, 末末, "young."PR38

末末, ch.Francis, 3:9m:1784.PR63

末末, ch.Arnold, 21:4m:1811.PR63

末末, ch.Francis Jr., Sept.9,1819, a.1.PR63

Adam, see Henry.

Alonzo, canker rash, Feb.6,1843, a.2y.8m.[s.Thomas S. and Eliza Ann (Bump).PR38]

Betsey, d.Francis, 14:12m:1794.PR63

Betsey, d.Thomas and Heart Bird of Newport, RI, 21:8m:1815.PR38

Emily C., d.Thomas and 末末, measles, Feb.3,1847, a.4.

Francis, h.Elizabeth Milton, s.Thomas and Heart Bird of Newport, RI, 31:3m:1819, a.59.PR38

Francis, h.Deborah (d.George Manter), s.Francis and Elizabeth Milton, 20:12m:1823.PR38

Heart Bird, w.Thomas of Newport, RI, 6:3m:1809.PR38 [Hart.PR63]

Henry, Capt., July14,1821.GR1 [Henry, "named Adam in 1800," single, s.Francis and Elizabeth Milton.PR38]

John, 12:11m:1781.PR63

John R., ch.Jonathan and Polly, Sept.12,1835, a.4y.4m.19d.GR1 [violent fever, a.4y.3m.PR62]

Jonathan, Feb.12,1840, a.44.GR1 [h.Polly (d.Francis James), s.Sally.PR38]

Joseph C., adopted s.Roland Coleman and Mary, drowned, July10,1839, a.13y.5m.GR4 [s.Francis James Jr.PR62]

Joseph, h.Anna (d.Winslow Waldron and Polly [dup. Martha]), s.Francis and Elizabeth Milton,末蔓末,1846.PR38

Louisa, ch.Jonathan and Polly, June26,1835, a.16y.2m.GR1 [d.Jonathan and Polly (James), 28:6m:.PR38; suddenly, June26, in, Mattapoiset.PR62]

Polly, d.Francis, 14:12m:1794.PR63

Mary, w.Charles, Feb.5,1838, a.41.GR1 [Mary Smith James, w.Charles (s.Francis), "was a wid Randall of Cape Cod."PR38; Mary, violent fever, a.39y.6m.PR62]

Robert, 22:10m:1795.PR63

Rowland B., s.Edwin, measles, Jan.31,1836, a.1y.3m.PR62

Sarah G., w.Edwin (s.Francis), d.Elijah Cash and Phebe (Briggs) (Paul), 28:12m:1833.PR38

Thomas of Newport, RI, h.Heart Bird of Newport, 末:6m:1782.PR38 [7:6m:, a.76.PR63]


Ninian, "an Englishman belong to Halifax Nova Scotia Supposed to Drowned in the Harbour of Nantucket," Dec.11,1837, a.27.PR62


John, h.Nancy (d.Thaddeus Waterman and Hepzibah),末蔓末,1820, in London.PR38

JAY (Joy)

末末, ch.Reuben G., Oct.1,1841, a.1.

Gilbert, s.Francis and Mary (Swazey), "killed by a whale around Cape Horn,"末蔓末,1823.PR38


Rebecca, w.John (Jacinth), consumption, Sept.17,1847, a.29. [Jacinth, w.John of Fayal, d.John Weiderhold Jr. [Myrick written below Weiderhold].PR38]


Nancy, Mar.6,1830.CR2

Nancy, Jan.9,1834.CR2CR3


Abiah, 23:10m:1810, a.91.PR63

JENKINS (Jinkins)

末末, ch.Thomas, 24:5m:1730.PR63

末末, ch.Joseph, 末:8m:1737.PR63

末末, ch.Joseph, 末:5m:1744.PR63

末末, ch.Joseph, 8:8m:1756.PR63

末末, ch.Thomas, 17:9m:1765.PR63

末末, ch.Seth, 1:7m:1775.PR63

末末, ch.Jonathan, 5:11m:1778.PR63

末末, ch.Seth, 17:12m:1779.PR63

末末, ch.Jonathan, 7:7m:1782.PR63

末末, ch.Southward, 6:12m:1805.PR63

末末, ch.John, 19:2m:1811.PR63

末末, ch.Perez, 末:8m:1811.PR63

末末, ch.Bartlett, Jan.19,1821.PR63

Abigail, w.Peter, [dup. d.Ebenezer Gardner and Eunice] 28:1m:1769.CR4 [first w.Peter (s.Matthew and Mary), d.Ebenezer Gardner and Eunice (Coffin).PR38]

Alvina Elizabeth, d.Daniel Webb, suddenly, June17,1838, a.1y.1m.PR62

Ammial, s.Thomas Sr., 25:11m:1764.PR63

Ammial, h.Nancy (d.David Lawrence), s.Seth and Dinah (Folger), yellow fever, 7:8m:1795.PR38

Ammial, s.John F. and Eliza (Pepoon), 16:6m:1819.PR38

Anna, ch.Matthew and Lydia, 24:9m:1800.CR4

Anna, w.Tristram, 16:11m:1824.CR4 [w.Tristram (s.Peter and Abigail), d.Francis Macy and Judith (Coffin), a.66.PR38]

Ann [dup. Anna], w.Joseph, [dup. ch.John Macy and Judith] 3:12m:1756.CR4 [Anna, w.Joseph (s.Matthew and Mary), d.John Macy Jr. and Judith (Worth).PR38; Ann.PR63]

Bartlett, May17,1821.CR3 [a.30y.3m.13d.GR1 h.Mary (d.Jesse Crosby and Susan), s.John and Susan Holmes.PR38; a.30y.3m.PR63]

Benjamin, ch.Matthew and Mary,末蔓末,1732, "abroad."CR4

Benjamin, h.Deborah (d.Jonathan Burnell and Deborah), s.Thomas and Judith (Folger),末蔓末,1782, in W.I.PR38

Christian, w.Peter, wid.Peter Folger, d.John Swain and Mary (Swett), 25:5m:1790.PR38 [22:5m:.PR63]

David, single, s.Peter and Abigail (Gardner), lost at sea,末蔓末,1780.PR38 [末 末,1781.PR63]

David, s.Peter and Rose Patty or Nessetton, 末:4m:1832.PR38

Dinah, w.William, [dup. d.Paul Starbuck and Elizabeth (third w.)] 29:11m:1788.CR4 [w.William (s.Peter and Abigail), d.Paul Starbuck and Elizabeth (Stretton) (Coffin) (third w.).PR38]

Dinah, w.Seth (s.Thomas and Judith), d.Abishai Folger and Dinah Starbuck (wid., second w.), 7:[dup. 27:] 9m:1821, a.76.PR38

Ebenezer, h.Keziah (d.William Starbuck), s.Peter and Abigail (Gardner), 23:5m:1820, a.77.PR38 [May15,1819, a.75y.2m.PR63]

Elisha, h.Sarah (d.Nathaniel Green), h.末末 Colwell (wid., of Boston), s.Thomas and Mary (Barnard), 18:5m:1848 [? in Hudson, NY].PR38

Eliza, w.Perez Jr., Aug.20,1835, a.35.GR1 [from Kennebeck Co., ME, violent fewer, a.35y.1m.PR62]

Elizabeth, d.John F. and Eliza (Pepoon), 27:9m:1816.PR38

Fred, see Irad.

George Beman, s.Perez Jr. and Jane T. Taber, 23:9m:1838, a.4.PR38 [violent fever.PR62]

Gilbert, h.Mary (d.Marshall Jenkins), h.Sarah (d.Shubael Worth), s.Thomas and Mary (Barnard), 5:4m:1849, a.74 [? in Hudson, NY].PR38

Hannah, ch.Tristram and Anna, 20:9m:1833.CR4 [sister of Deborah (w.Isaac Myrick).PR7; d.Tristram and Anna (Macy).PR38]

Irad, "eldest" s.Perez and Sarah, Jan.4,1820, a.21y.3m.GR1 [s.Perez and Sarah Blossom.PR38; Fred.PR63]

John, suddenly, June2,1826.CR3 [h.Susan Holmes of Osterville, s.Simeon and Hodiah, 29:5m:.PR38]

John Jr., June7,1827.CR3 [John, ship carpenter, h.Amelia (d.James Stubbs and Rebecca), s.John and Susan Holmes.PR38]

Jonathan, ch.Joseph and Ann, lost at sea,末蔓末,1768.CR4 [single, s.Joseph and Anna (Macy),末蔓末,1762.PR38]

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Burnell), lost at sea,末蔓末,1780.PR38 [末 末,1781.PR63]

Jonathan Sr., 3:1m:1795.PR38

Jonathan, h.Sarah, 23:10m:1816.PR38 [h.Sarah (d.John Waterman and Elizabeth), s.Jonathan and Leah, consumption.PR38; 22:10m:, a.65y.9m.PR63]

Joseph, h.Ann [dup. Anna] (d.John Macy and Judith), h.Ruth (Barnard) Clark, s.Matthew and Mary (Gardner),末蔓末,1805.PR38

Joseph Jr., single, s.Joseph and Anna (Macy), 20:2m:1830, a."nearly" 77.PR38

Josiah (Jinkins), s.John and Susanna, Sept.3,1805, a.1y.5m.27d.GR1

Judith, w.Thomas (s.Matthew and Mary), d.Nathan Folger and Sarah (Church), 10:6m:1765 [dup. 1764].PR38 [w.Thornas Sr., 10:6m:1765.PR63]

Love, Apr.末,1829.CR3 [w.Charles, Apr.16, a.22 [sic] y.7m.GR1; w.Charles of Barnstable (s.Joseph Jr.), d.Matthew Pease and Betsey (Fitch), 17:[dup. 18:] 4m:.PR38]

Lydia, w.Prince, 26:11m:1795.PR63

Lydia, w.Matthew, 4:9m:1822.CR4 [w.Matthew Jr. (s.Peter), d.Jabez Macy and Sarah (Starbuck), a.88.PR38]

Margaret, w.Charles, [dup. ch.Tristram Swain and Phebe]末蔓末,1780.CR4 [w.Charles (s.Thomas), d.Tristram Swain and Phebe (Coffin) (first w.), 24:11m:1782.PR38; 24:11m:1782.PR63; Nov.24,1782.PR64]

Margaret, second w.Thomas (s.Thomas), formerly w.Paul Hussey (s.George), d.Robert Barker and Jedidah (Chase), 10:3m:1836, in Hudson.PR38 [wid.Thomas Esq., Mar.10, a.88y.8m.PR62]

Mirriam, ch.Joseph and Ann., 4:7m:1755.CR4 [Miriam, d.Joseph and Anna (Macy).PR38]

Marshall, father of Mary (w.Gilbert Jenkins), 末:10m:1819, a.74.PR38 [Oct.15, a.72y.6m.PR63]

Mary, w.Matthew, 14:4m:1761.CR4 [w.Matthew 1st (s.Peter and Sarah), d.Joseph Gardner and Bethiah (Macy).PR38; 15:4m:.PR63]

Mary, ch.Matthew and Mary, 15:10m:1811.CR4 [Mary Butler, w.William of Martha's Vineyard, d.Matthew Jenkins and Mary (Gardner).PR38; Mary Butler, wid.William B., a.84.PR63]

Mary, wid.Bartlett, Apr.12,1821, a.23y.11m.24d.GR1 [w.Bartlett (s.John), d.Jesse Crosby and Susan (Lumbert), 13:[dup. 18:] 3m:1822.PR38]

Mary, d.Charles and Eliza, diarhea, Aug.21,1845, a.5.

Matthew, h.Mary, 10:11m:1758.CR4 [h.Mary (d.Joseph Gardner and Bethiah), s.Peter and Sarah, 9:8m:1756 [dup. 10:11m:1758].PR38; 10:11m:.PR63]

Matthew, ch.Peter and Abigail, lost at sea,末蔓末,1757.CR4 [h.Lydia (d.Jabez Macy), s.Peter and Abigail (Gardner)末蔓末,1782 [sic].PR38]

Matthew, s.Tristram and Anna (Macy),末蔓末,1803, in W.I.PR38 [4:12m:.PR63]

Matthew, single, s.Thomas and Mary (Barnard), 15:10m:1819, a.39 [? in Hudson, NY].PR38

Nancy, Dec.末,1830.CR3 [d.John and Susan Holmes, consumption, 11:1m:1831.PR38]

Paul, s.William and Dinah (Starbuck), "burned to death," 21:2m:1844, at Quaise.PR38

Peres [dup. Perez], Jan.10,1832.CR3 [Perez, a.59.GR2; Perez, h.Sarah Blossom, s.Simeon and Hodiah, a.60y.1m.2d.PR38]

Perez, h.Eliza from Kenebeck Co., ME, h.Jane Taber of New Bedford, s.Perez and Sarah Blossom, violent fever, 20:8m:1835.PR38

Peter, h.Abigail, ch.Matthew and Mary, 29:5m:1780 [dup. 1790].CR4 [h.Abigail (d.Ebenezer Gardner), h.Christian (wid.Peter Folger, d.John Swain), s.Matthew and Mary (Gardner), 29:5m:1780 [dup. 1790].PR38; 23:5m:1790.PR63]

Peter, h.Rose Patty or Nessetton (wid., of England), s.Tristram and Anna (Macy), 24:6m:1828.PR38

Phoebe Jane, "only" d.Nathaniel and Sophronia, Aug.11,1840, a.2y.2m.GR2 [Phebe, d.Nathaniel W. and Sophronia (Chase).PR38]

Prince, m., brickmaker, s.Simeon and Hodiah, 末:8m:1815, a.52, in Ohio.PR38 [21:8m:.PR63]

Robert, Hon., h.Kitty (d.Hezekiah Dayton and Ruth), s.Seth and Dinah (Folger), 11:11m:1819, a.42 [sic].PR38 [Nov.23.PR63]

Sarah, d.Seth and Dinah (Folger), 19:11m:1819.PR38 [Sally, Nov.23.PR63]

Sarah, wid.Jonathan, consumption, June21,1844, a.87. [w.Jonathan (s.Jonathan and Leah), d.John Waterman and Elizabeth (Beard) (first w.), 20:6m:.PR38]

Sarah E., ch.Charles S. and Clarinda S., Aug.20,1845, a.4m.3d.GR3 [Sarah Elizabeth, d.Charles S. and Clarinda S. (Gardner) (second w.).PR38]

末末 [see Sarah E.], d.Charles, Sept.10,1845, a.3m.

Seth, h.Dinah (d.Abishai Folger and Dinah), s.Thomas and Judith (Folger), "fell down a hatchway on one of his ships," 1:8m:[dup. 30:7m:] 1793, a.57.PR38

Seth Jr., h.Sally [dup. Sarah] (d.John Hathaway), s.Seth and Dinah (Folger), 19:8m:1831, in Hudson River.PR38

Silvanus F., h.Hannah Leggett, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Waterman), 末:12m:1818, a.36.PR38 [Dec.3, a.36y.7m.PR63]

Simeon, July5,1831.CR3 [Simeon Jr. of Barnstable, a.68.PR38]

Southard, h.Anna (d.Ebenezer Raymond of Cape Cod), h.Anna (wid.John Bocot, d.Nathaniel Bunker), s.Joseph and Bethiah, 29:6m:1827.PR38

Susan, Oct.25,1825.CR3 [Susan Holmes Jenkins of Osterville, w.John (s.Simeon and Hodiah), 末:11m:, a.61.PR38]

Thomas, ch.Matthew and Mary, 23:6m:1756.CR4 [h.Judith (d.Nathan Folger), s.Matthew and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Thomas, h.Mary (d.Matthew Barnard and Mary), h.Margaret (wid.Paul Hussey, d.Robert Barker), s.Thomas and Judith (Folger), 10:9m:1808 [dup. 1806, a.67. Thomas moved his family "To Hudson, NY. "].PR38

Tristram, h.Anna, 24:9m:1829.CR4 [h.Anna (d.Francis Macy and Judith), s.Peter and Abigail (Gardner).PR38]

Warren, s.John and Susannah, Sept.19,1807, a.10m.2d.GR1

William [dup. h.Dinah], ch.Peter and Abigail, lost at sea,末蔓末,1781.CR4 [h.Dinah (d.Paul Starbuck and Elizabeth), s.Peter and Abigail (Gardner).PR38]

William, h.Deborah (d.Reuben Russell and Ruth), s.William and Dinah (Starbuck), 末:9m:1807.PR38 [17:9m:PR63]

William C., s.Peter and Rose Patty or Nessetton, consumption, 29:1m:1836, a.20y.2m.PR38 [s.Peter dec壇 and Rose, "came home in the Ship Harvest. "PR62]


末末, ch.Samuel, 1:12m:1807.PR63

末末, ch.Robert Way Jenks, Oct.15,1819, a.1.PR63

末末, s.Samuel H. and Martha, consumption, June21,1844, a.4m.

Eliza, third w.Samuel H., d.James Williams of Boston, Aug.20,1822 a.21y.5m.GR3

Eunice (Coffin), Mar.10,1826.CR2 [second w.Robert Way Jerks (s.Samuel), d.Hon. Isaac Coffin and Margaret (Swain), 8:3m:1824, a.23y.9m.2d.PR38]

Eunice, second w.Samuel (s.Samuel), formerly w.Joshua Swain (s.John and Lydia), d.John Wyer and Hepsabeth, 7:2m:1841.PR38

Frances W., w.Robert W., June1,1822, a.24y.9m.GR3 [Fanny, w.Robert W. (s.Samuel), d.Hugh Wyer.PR38]

Francis Henry, see 末末 Jenks.

末末, inf.Samuel H. and Martha, June末,1836, a.20m.CR2 [Francis Henry, ch.Samuel H. and Martha W., May30, a.18m.GR3; Francis Henry, s.Samuel Haynes and Martha W. (Coffin), (fourth w.), 30:5m:.PR38; Francis Henry, s.Samuel Haynes, distressing fever and consumption, a.1y.6m.PR62]

Lydia G., first w.Samuel H., d.James Williams of Boston, June25,1814, a.18, in Boston.GR3

Lydia A., w.Samuel H., May17,1817, a.18, in Boston.GR3 [15:5m:.PR63]

Maria Louisa, d.Samuel H. and Lydia A., July13,1817.GR3 [a.3m.PR63]

Martha Coffin, ch.Samuel H. and Martha W., Aug.1,1825, a.18m.GR3

Mary, w.Samuel (s.Samuel and Mary), d.末末 Way of Philadelphia, PA, 23:1m:1833, in Boston.PR38


Edward, m., mariner, consumption, Oct.27,1846, a.33. [Capt. Edward S.GR2]


Judith, w.末末, formerly w.George Lawrence Jr., d.Oliver Spencer of RI and Judith (Allen),末蔓末,1821, in Alexandria.PR38


John, see John Gipson.


末末, ch.John, 29:8m:1773.PR63


Abigail, Jan.19,1822.CR3


Theodate, d.Francis Coffin, 8:7m:1815.PR63


Arthur C., ch.John B. and Mary C., dysentary, Sept.20,1847, a.4. y.3m.

Stephen, Dr., May末,1818.PR63

JINKINS (Jenkins)


Louino, 14:3m:1817, a.31.PR63


末末, d.James, 4:4m:1730.PR63

末末, ch.William, 13:6m:1788.PR63

末末, ch.William, 29:8m:1791.PR63

末末, Mr., 4th Mate of the Ship Ganges of Bristol, RI, lost at sea, Nov.2,1836.PR62

Ann, wid.Henry, consumption, July28,1845, a.38. [July24, a.43.GR6]

Daniel, 22:9m:1804.PR63

Edmund, h.Mary,末蔓末,1651.PR38

Eliza, "a Coloured Woman," b. Gay Head, Jan.26,1836, a.32y.9m.PR36

Eunice, 12:9m:1761.PR63

James Augustus, s.Henry and Ann, Aug.20,1845, a.1.GR6 [13:9m:.PR38]

Jedidah, w.Daniel (s.John and Sarah), d.Ebenezer Ellis (" from Darmouth") and Charity (Swain), 7:7m:1796.PR38 [29:6m:.PR63]

John, h.Sarah (d.John Clark), 25:1m:1750.PR38

John, single, b. VA, consumption, Sept.10,1848, a.45.

Joseph, single, mariner, b. Scotland drowned, Mar.16,1846, a.22.

Lucy, coloured, d.Dorcas Wilber, suddenly, Oct.31,1834, a.25y.6m.PR62

Lydia, "youngest" ch.Mrs.Johnson, Sept.7,1783.PR64

Mary, w.William, d.Timothy Coffin and Priscilla (Cook), 11:9m:1844.PR38

Mercy, 23:4m:1781.PR63

Sarah, w.John, d.John Clark, 31:12m:1771.PR38

Seth, s.James and Elizabeth Potter, 3:9m:1759, a.14y.11m.PR38

Theodate, w.James, d.Stephen Hussey and Martha (Bunker), 25:9m:1744, a.44y.10d.PR38

William, 8:11m:1798.PR63


末末, ch.Hepsibeth, 末:12m:1742.PR63

末末, s.Silas, 14:11m:1768.PR63

末末, ch.Thomas, 1:12m:1769.PR63

末末, ch.John, 9:6m:1772.PR63

末末, ch.John, 4:10m:1776.PR38

末末, ch.Benjamin, 15:11m:1805.PR63

末末, ch.Barzillai, 11:12m:1805.PR63

末末, ch.Benjamin, 10:8m:1808.PR63

末末, ch.Barzillai, 15:8m:1808.PR63

末末, ch.Daniel, 29:12m:1808.PR63

末末, w.Ebenezer, 末:10m:1809.CR4 [Delight Davis Jones, w.Ebenezer (s.Thomas), 9:10m:.PR38; Delight, 9:10m:.PR63]

末末, ch.Robert, Sept.13,1818, a.2.PR63

末末, ch.Robert, Feb.6,1819, a.30d.PR63

末末, ch.Massena, Dec.17,1820.PR63

Abraham, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Swain), "drowned in the Sound," 19:1m:1791.PR38

Abram, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Macy) (second w.), "fell from aloft in the John Jay," 末:1m:1817.PR38 [Abraham, 18:1m:, a.22 [sic].PR63]

Amy, wid.Benjamin, sudden, Dec.5,1841, a.73. [w.Benjamin, (s.Hepsabeth), d.Stephen Skinner and Mary (Joy), 4:12m:.PR38]

Anna M., ch.Jacob and Diana, June8,1828, a.7m.GR6

Barzillai, h.Sally (d.Uriah Gardner and Sarah), s.Silas Jr. and Judith (Gardner), 14:5m:1811, "coming from England to New York. "PR38 [a.35.PR63]

Benjamin, h.Elizabeth (d.Richard Swain and Anna), h.Deborah (d.Shubael Macy and Eunice), s.Silas and Anna (Heath), 15:7m:[dup. 10m:] 1802.PR38 [15:10m:.PR63]

Benjamin Jr., h.Elizabeth (d.Humphrey Harris and Hepsibeth), s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Swain), 末:11m:1818.PR38 [Nov.10, a.42y.2m., in West Indies.PR38]

Benjamin, drownd, June16,1838, a.71, in the Asylum [h.Amy (d.Stephen Skinner and Mary), s.Hepsabeth (d.John), a.72.PR38 s.Hephzibah, "washing sheep," June18, a.72, "Drowned at Pocomo One Week past in Pocomo Harbour near Micajah Gardner's Farm."PR62]

Cyrus, h.Mary Ann (d.Joseph Long and Rebecca),末蔓末,1832 [? in Englewood, NJ].PR38

Daniel Jr., single, merchant, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, brain fever, Aug.18,1844, a.29y.8m.[Aug.16.GR3 s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Arthur) (second w.), 6:8m:, a.30y.8m.PR38; Aug.16.PR57]

Daniel, m., merchant, ch.Silas and Judith, consumption, Feb.10,1848, a.69. [Feb.9.GR3 h.Lydia (d.John Swain and Mary), h.Elizabeth (d.Andrew Arthur and Judith), s.Silas Jr, and Judith (Gardner), 9:[dup. 7:] 2m:, a.69y.9m.PR38; Feb.9.PR57; 9:2m:.PR60]

Deborah [w.末末望, ch.Shubael Macy and Eunice, 5:9m:1819.CR4 [w.Benjamin (s.Silas and Anna), d.Shubael Macy and Eunice (Gardner).PR38; wid.Benjamin, a.57y.10m.PR63]

Delight Davis, see 末末 Jones.

Ebenezer, h.Delight Davis of Falmouth, s.Thomas and Hannah Butler, 6:8m:1812, a.78.PR38 [a.78y.3m.PR63]

Edmund, Indian, 14:4m:1815, a.70.PR63

Eliza, w.Ezra, formerly of Falmouth, suddenly, Apr.9,1835, a.32y.2m.PR62

Elizabeth, see Betsy,

Elizabeth, w.Benjamin (s.Silas and Anna), d.Richard Swain and Anna (Gardner), 25:1m:1796.PR38 [25:3m:.PR63]

Betsy, w.Benjamin, 末:6m:1810.CR4 [Elizabeth, w.Benjamin (s.Benjamin. and Elizabeth), d.Humphrey Harris ("an Englishman") and Hepsabeth (Mooers), 30:6m:.PR38; Elizabeth, 30:6m:.PR63]

Elizabeth, 20:6m:1812, a.22y.4m.PR63

Emily, ch.Jacob and Diana, May24,1829, a.7d.GR6

Eunice, d.Deborah, 13:5m:1807.PR63

Frederick, m., mariner, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, consumption, Dec.23,1849, a.63. [h.Sally (d.George Newbegin), s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Swain), 21:12m:PR38 21:12m:.PR60]

Hannah Butler, w.Thomas of Falmouth, 10:12m:1762.PR38

Henrietta D., ch.Jacob and Diana, Sept.14,1835, a.4.GR6

Hepzibah, d.John and Hepzibah (Dagger),末蔓末,1808.PR38 [Hepsibeth, 17:9m:.PR63]

Hepzibah, w.John (s.Thomas and Hannah), d.Jacob Dagget and Hannah (Skiff), 17:9m:1819.PR38

Hephsibah, 6:3m:1831.CR4 [Hepsibeth, w.Matthew (s.Silas), d.John Cartwright and Mary (Starbuck), 5:3m:.PR38]

Judith Jr., 18:7m:1832.CR4 [d.Silas Jr. and Judith (Gardner), 17:7m:.PR38; July18.PR57]

Judith [Jones, w.末末望, ch.Matthew Gardner and Susannah, 24:4m:1833.CR4 [Jones, w.Silas (s.Silas and Anna), d.Matthew Gardner and Susanna (Paddack), a.79y.5m.PR38]

Louisa F., w.Edward Coffin "formerly of Nantucket," d.Alfred Gibbs of New Bedford, Feb.19,1839, a.22y.4m.PR62

Love, d.Ebenezer and Delight Davis,末蔓末,1783.PR38 [6:1m:.PR63; "eldest" d.末末, consumption, Jan.7.PR64]

Lydia, w.Daniel, 末:2m:1805.CR4 [first w.Daniel (s.Silas Jr. and Judith), d.John Swain and Mary (Gardner), 16:2m:.PR38; 16:2m:.PR63]

Mary Abby, see Mary S.

末末 [see Mary], ch.Daniel, 26:2m:1805.PR63

Mary, d.Daniel and Lydia (Swain), 4:3m:1805.PR38

Mary, wid.Edmund, 13:4m:1816, a.65.PR63

Mary Ann, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Arthur) (second w.), 12:9m:1821.PR38

Mary S., d.Asa P., canker rash and scarlet fever, Jan.23,1843, a.5y.3m.[Mary Abby, d.Asa P. and Eunice (Smith), 22:1m:.PR38]

Massena, h.Mercy (Burseley) of Cape Cod, "killed by a horse," 19:10m:1827.PR38

Matthew, s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Arthur) (second w.), Jan.7,1812.PR38 [8:1m:, a.1y.6m.PR63]

Matthew, s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Arthur) (second w.), 10:5m:1813.PR38 [11:5m:.PR63]

Matthew, h.Hepzibah (d.John Cartwright and Mary), s.Silas Jr. and Judith (Gardner), 28:3m:1818, a.44y.1 gm.PR38

Nye of W. Barnstable, suddenly, Mar.8,1837, a.97.PR62

Phebe, d.Hepsibah (d.John), "burnt at the Asylum," 21:2m:1844, a.81.PR38

Ransom, h.末末 Williams, s.Silas and Anna (Heath), 末:8m:1809, in London.PR38

Reuben, s.Silas and Anna (Heath), 末:11m:1769.PR38

Reuben, h.Sally (d.Silvanus Coffin and Elizabeth), s.Silas Jr. and Judith (Gardner), 8:12m:1818.PR38

Robert, Aug.25,1817.PR63

Robert, "an Englishman," h.Phebe (d.Matthew Coleman and Hannah), 1:3m:1843.PR38

Sally, w.Barzillai (s.Silas and Judith), d.Uriah Gardner and Sally (Tilden) (Wendall), 26:[dup. 27:] 4m:1822.PR38

Sarah A., d.William J. and Mary (Worth), 5:9m:1827.PR38

Sarah Frances [d.Lemuel and Mehitable (Conant)], Oct.29,1840.PR32

Seth, m., s.Silas and Anna (Heath), 28:7m:[28:7m:written above 8:6m:] 1808, a.45, in Hudson.PR38

Silas, h.Judith (d.Matthew Gardner and Susanna), s.Silas and Anna (Heath), 24:12m:1811, a.63.PR38

Stephen A., s.Lemuel and Mehitable, Dec.22,1833, a.2y.5m.16d.GR1 [Stephen Agustus [s.Lemuel and Mehitable (Conant)].PR38]

Susanna, d.Silas and Anna (Heath), Dec.末,1765.PR38 [30:11m:.PR63]

Thankful, 20:4m:1837.CR4 [Thankful, d.Ebenezer and Delight Davis, 21:4m:at Friend's Asylum.PR38; Thankful, consumption, Apr.21, a.75 [sic].PR62]

Thomas, h.Hannah Butler, 21:2m:1748.PR38 [22:2m:, "old man. "PR60; 21:2m:.PR63]

William, ch.Benjamin and Mary, croup, Feb.7,1846, a.5.


末末, ch.Thomas, Sept.19,1841, a.9m.


末末, d.David Jr., 12:4m:1769.PR63

末末, ch.Reuben, 31:7m:1778.PR63

末末, ch.Obed, 7:7m:1791.PR63

末末, ch.Thaddeus, 8:8m:1805.PR63

末末, ch.Obed, 12:9m:1808.PR63

末末, ch.David.Jr., Aug.25,1817.PR63

末末, ch.Samuel, Apr.29,1820, a.3m.PR63

Abigail, wid.Joseph, 末:1m:1788.PR63

Alexander C., h.Lydia S. (d.Edward Macy and Eliza), s.Obed and Anna (Cartwright), 22:12m:[dup. 11m:] "1836 or 7," at sea.PR38 [Alexander Cartwright Jay, consumption, Jan.末,1837, a.26y.6m.," round Cape Horn. "PR62]

Ammiel, ch.Francis and Phebe, 19:1m:1777.CR4 [s.Francis and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

Ammial, h.Sarah (d.Grindall Gardner and Elizabeth), s.Reuben and Mary (Swain), 末:9m:1835 [4 written above 5].PR38 [Ammiel, "Chief Mate of the Ship Howard,. William Worth the Second, Master," dysentery, Sept.末,1834, a.37y.9m., "on the coast of Japan. "PR62]

Ammiel Hussey, s.Reuben Jr. and Mary, measles, Jan.24,1836, a.1y.8m.PR62

Anna, wid., 8:5m:1812.CR4 [w.Reuben, d.John Way, a.74y.6m.PR38; wid.Reuben, a.74. y.6m.PR63]

Benjamin Franklin, ch.Francis Jr., 16:9m:1799.CR4 [s.Francis and Jedidah (Coffin), 17:9m:.PR38]

Benjamin C., h.Mary (d.Libni Barnard and Lydia), s.Obed and Anna (Cartwright), 1:6m:1825.PR38

Charles, s.Edward and Eliza [sic], croup, Jan.19,1846, a.1y.3m.

David, h.Sarah (Gardner), 1:9m:1787.CR4 [h.Mary Taber, h.Sarah (d.Soloman Gardner and Ana), s.Samuel and Lydia of Dartmouth, a.80.PR38 David Sr.PR63]

David, h.Phebe, 15:3m:1818.CR4 [h.Phebe (Coffin), h.Phebe (Cartwright) Meader, s.David and Sarah (Gardner) (second w.).PR38; a.75y.9m.PR63]

Deborah, w.Moses Sr., billious fever, Apr.15,1842, a.59. [a.50.GR5 w.Moses (s.David Jr. and Phebe), d.Latham Macy and Lydia (Russell).PR38]

Dinah, d.Reuben and Anna (Way), 18:8m:1778.PR38

Ebenezer, h.Elizabeth (Covill) of New Bedford, brother of David, s.Samuel, 3:2m:1795.PR38

Eliza, d.Capt. David and Kezia, Feb.6,1809, a.6y.3m.24d.GR1 [5:2m:.PR63]

Eliza, d.Capt. David and Sally, Nov.11,1816, a.6y.11d.GR1 [13:11m:.PR63]

Eliza, first w.Edward C. (s.William), d.Elihu Wilson, 8:2m:1834, a.26y.3m.PR38

Eliza S., ch.Edward and Hannah, convulsions, Aug.17,1846, a.4m.10d.[Eliza Scudder Joy, d.Edward F. and Hannah L. (Bearse), 16:8m:1848.PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Francis and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末, "died young. "CR4 [d.Francis and Phebe (Folger), a.21d.PR38 28:4m:1775.PR63]

Elizabeth, w.Ebenezer, d.John Covill and Thankful (Bangs) of New Bedford, 末:1m:1787.PR38

Elizabeth, dysentary, Sept.22,1842, a.83. [second w.Francis, 21:9m:.CR4 second w.Francis (s.David), wid.Valentine Bunker (s.Joshua), d.Benjamin Barnard and Judith (Folger), 20:9m:.PR38]

Francis Jr., 26:5m:1795, in New York.CR4 [h.Jedidah (Coffin), s.Francis and Phebe (Folger), small pox.PR38 10:3m:1796.PR63]

Francis, 23:11m:1809.PR63

Francis, s.Thaddeus and Judith (Folger), suddenly, 14:7m:182.PR38

Francis, h.Phebe, h.Elizabeth, 30:9m:1822.CR4 [h.Phebe (Folger), h.Elizabeth (Barnard) Bunker, s.David and Sarah (Gardner) (second w.), 30:8m:.PR38]

Franklin, s.Francis, 17:10m:1799.PR63

Franklin C., s.Capt. David and Kezia, Dec.31,1808, a.10m.[sic, see Mary Ann].GR1

Frederick, s.William and Jedidah (Meader), 3:8m:1839, at sea.PR38 [consumption, a.24y.10m., "on board the Ship Reno of New Bedford, around Cape Horn. "PR62]

George Folger, see George.

George, s.George F. and Anna (Coggeshall), July2,1835, a.2y.10m.PR5 [George Folger Joy.s.George, suddenly, a.2y.11m.PR62]

George Coffin, s.Edward F. and Hannah L. (Bearse), Jan.19,1846, a.12m.PR38

George C., s.George and Anna, croup, Jan.23,1846, a.3y.8m.[s.George F. and Anna (Coggeshall).PR5PR38]

Jedidah, w.Francis, d.Micajah Coffin and Abigail, 11:11m:1792.CR4 [w.Francis (s.Francis and Phebe), d.Micajah Coffin and Abigail (Coleman), consumption, 12:11m:.PR38; w.Francis Jr., 12:11m:.PR63]

Kezia, w.Capt. David, Jan.26,1809, a.32y.6m.GR1 [d.Abner Coffin and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38; Keziah, w.David Jr., 25:1m:.PR63; Kezia, Jan.26.PR64]

Lydia, d.William and Jedidah (Meader), consumption, 23:12m:1821.PR38

Maria, w.Alexander, d.Barzzillai Bunker and Lydia (Pinkham) 13:8m:1830.PR38

Mary Ann, d.Capt. David and Kezia, Mar.12,1808, a.4m.21d.[sic, see Franklin C. and Winifred].GR1 [28:2m:.PR63]

Mary, d.William and Jedidah (Meader), consumption, 24:5m:1817, a.16y.5m.PR38 [May29.PR63]

Mary Ann, d.Capt. David and Sally, June18,1817, a.3y.1m.15d.GR1

Mary, w.Reuben, May21,1841, a.73. [w.Reuben (s.Reuben and Anna), d.Peleg Swain and Elizabeth (Cartwright) (second w.) 20:[dup. 21:] 5m:.PR38]

Matthew P., h.Nancy (d.Benjamin Slade and Rhoda), s.Levi and Margaret (Pinkham), lost at sea, 20:11m:1820 [10:1m:1821 written. above 20:11m:1820], a.27.PR38

Merab, d.Anna, 23:1m:1815.CR4 [d.Reuben and Anna (Way).PR38; a.50y.7m.PR63]

Moses, m., cooper, ch.David, gravel, July4,1847, a.64. [h.Deborah, June4, a.66.GR5 h.Deborah (Macy), s.David Jr. and Phebe (Coffin), 4:6m:, a.66.PR38]

Obed, widr., mariner, ch.David and Mary, old age, Sept.26,1845, a.78. [ Sept.25.CR1 h.Anna (Cartwright), s.David Jr. and Phebe (Coffin).PR38]

Peleg S., single, s.Reuben and Mary (Swain), "killed by falling from a loft,"末蔓末,1824.PR38

Peter, single, s.David and Sarah (Gardner) (second w.), lost at sea,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Peter [dup. h.Phebe], s.Reuben and Anna, 3:[dup. 6:] 4m:1784.CR4 [h.Phebe (Coleman), s.Reuben and Anna (Way), lost at sea, 6:4m:"coming from Surinam."PR38; 3:4m:.PR63]

Phebe, w.David, [dup. d.David Coffin and Ruth] 25:1m:1782.CR4 [first w.David Jr. (s.David), d.David Coffin and Ruth (Coleman), 23:1m:1783.PR38; w.David Jr., 23:1m:1783.PR63]

Phebe, w.David, 1:3m:1795.CR4 [second w.David Jr. (s.David), wid.Nason Meader (s.John), d.Samuel Cartwright and Anna (Swain), 3:1m:[dup. 28:2m:].PR38; w.David 2d, 28:2m:.PR63]

Phebe, w.Francis, 28:4m:1805.CR4 [first w.Francis (s.David and Sarah), d.Barzillai Folger and Phebe (Coleman).PR38]

Phebe, ch.David and Phebe (first w.), 19:10m:1820.CR4 [d.David Jr. and Phebe (Coffin), 26:10m:.PR38; Oct.26, a.42y.2m.PR63]

Reuben, 3:7m:1779.PR63

Reuben [dup. h.Anna], ch.David and Sarah, 31:[sic] 2m:1781 [dup. 1:1m:1782].CR4 [h.Anna (Way), s.David and Sarah (Gardner) (second w.), 31:[sic] 2m:[dup. 31:12m:] 1782.PR38; Reuben Sr., 31:12m:g 1782.PR63; Dec.31,1782.PR64]

Reuben Jr., m., merchant, s.Reuben and Mary, consumption, Jan.3,1846, a.53. [h.Mary (Cottle), s.Reuben and Mary (Swain), fit, 2:1m:, a.54y.4m.18d.PR38]

Reuben G. Jr., ch.Reuben G., May11,1847, a.1.

Samuel, h.Susanna (Stubbs), s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Covill),末蔓末,1778.PR38

Samuel, master mariner, fell dead, Jan.3,1843, a.47. [Capt.GR1 h.Betsey (Turner), s.Reuben and Mary (Swain).PR38]

Sally, see Sarah.

Sarah (Gardner), w.David, 13:5m:1777.CR4 [w.David ("1st of Nant. "), d.Solomon Gardner and Anna (Coffin).PR38]

Sally, ch.Levi and Margaret, 3:10m:1797.CR4

Sally, d.Thaddeus, 21:2m:1812, a.8y.11m.PR63

Sarah, ch.Francis Jr., 1:1m:1819.CR4 [school teacher, d.Francis and Jedidah (Coffin), 11:1m:.PR38; Sally, d.Francis Jr., Jan.1,1818, a.28y.4m.PR63]

Susanna, w.Samuel (s.Ebenezer, brother of David Sr.), d.Benjamin Stubbs and Joanna (Coffin) (first w), 14:5m:1778.PR38

Thaddeus, h.Judith (d.Barzillai Folger and Miriam), s.Francis and Phebe (Folger), 11:1m:1821, a.51y.9m.PR38 [Jan.12,1821, a.49y.1m.PR63]

William, s.William and Jedidah (Meader), consumption, 2:12m:1822, a.24.PR38

William, mariner, consumption, Feb.5,1844, a.74y.1m.10d.[h.Jedidah (Meader), s.David Jr. and Phebe (Coffin.), a.74y.2m.7d.PR38]

Winifred, d.Capt. David and Kezia, Mar.25,1808, a.10m.13d.[sic, see Mary Ann].GR1 [25:3m:1808.PR63]

Winifred, d.Capt. David and Sally, Dec.13,1817, a.5y.6m.13d.GR1 [ch.David Jr., Dec.21.PR63]

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