Dolly and Thomas Marshall, s.Thomas and Phebe Ellis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia and Isaiah Macy Jr., s.Isaiah and Phebe (Bunker), Sept.29,1814.*PR38

BACKUS (Bachus, Backhouse, Beckus)

Abby and William B. Stanton, both of N., Aug.30,1835. [Abby, d.Heman and Mehitable (Crocker), and William [dup. adds E.] Stanton, s.Giles E. and Hannah (Beebe).PR38]

Caroline N., and Charles Lovell, both of N., Nov.15,1836. [Caroline, d.Joshua of Cape Cod, and Charles Lovell, s.末末 of Cape Cod.PR38]

Caroline E. and Ebenezer Gould, Aug.20,1846.†

Eleazer [int.Eleazur] C., 23, of N., and Miss [int.omits Miss] Sarah Ann Swain, 21 [dup. and int.of N.], Oct.25,1843, in N. [Eleazar, s.Herman and Mehitable (Crocker), and Sarah Ann Swain, wid.Job.PR38]

Eliza Ann, d.Heman and Mehitable (Crocker), and John B. Stanton,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, 16, [d.] Thomas and May, and Thomas Eddry, 25, mariner, int.Oct.6,1844.

Elizabeth C., and William A. Young, Nov.7,1847.†

Francis (Backhouse) and Mercy Clark, Apr.20,1741.* [Backus and Mary [dup. Mercy] Clark, d.John and Mary (Challing), 20:4m:PR38]

Francis (Backhouse) and Deborah Gardner, Oct.30,1794. [Backus and Deborah Gardner, d.Shubael and Marv (Gardner).PR38]

George W., s.Herman and Mehitable (Crocker), and Sarah Whitney of Fall River,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Hannah (Bachus) [dup. and int.Backus] and Simon Raymmont [int.Raimmont], Oct.14 [dup. Oct.4], 1825. Ichabod and Sophonia [int.Sophronia] Small, Aug.21,1823. [Ichabod, S. Clark, and Sophronia Small. d.John and Stephen [sic].PR38]

Isaac (Backhouse) and Priscilla Chadwick, June11,1809. [Backus, 11:7m:PR38]

Joseph, s.Thomas and Mary (Bates), and Elizabeth Tyler,末蔓末, 末末. in Mobile, AL.*PR38

Lydia and Nathaniel Hinkley, Nov.24,1833. [Lydia, d.Heman and Mehitable (Crocker), and Nathaniel Hinckley.PR38]

Mary G., and Nymphas Lothrop, June12,1833. [Mary G., d.Heman and Mehitable (Crocker), and Nymphas Lothrop, s.Thomas.PR38]

Mary Ann and Andrew Dile, int.Mar.1,1835.

Oliver C. single, 23, mariner, b. Barnstable, s.Heman and Mahetable [int.Mahitable], and Eliza Ann Phinney, 21, b. Barnstable, d.David (Phinny) and Joana, all of N, Jan.24,1847, in N. [Oliver C., s.Heman and Mehitable (Crocker).PR38]

Paulina, d.Thomas and Mary (Bates), and 末末 Groves of New Redford,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Perlina and Peter Williamson of NY, int.Sept.27,1837.

Rebecca and Samuel Lowell, Dee. 20,1846.†

Theophilus C., and Lydia Bearse, both of Falmouth, Dec.19,1839. [Theophilas.PR38]

Tom (Beckus) and Mary Jacob, int.Oct.8,1774.

Zenas [int.of N.] and Sarah B. Norton [int.of Farmington], Nov.1,1838. [Zenas, s.Thomas and Mary (Bates), and Sarah R. Norton of Martha's Vineyard.PR38]

BAGLEY (Bailey)


Michael [int.Balisom] [and Mary Haynon] [int.Kainon], Dec.19,1831. [Bailisom and Mary Kainon.CR2]

BAILEY (Baily, Bayley, Bayly)

Benjamin [int.Baley and Abigail Gurrell] [int.Gurrill], July4,1811 [Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Abigail Gurrell, divorced, w.John, d.Reuben Folger and Mary (Ramsdell) (second w.)PR38]

Charles H., and Emma A. Hurlbert, Nov.11,1832. [Hurlburt.CR2 Charles H., s.Samuel and Eunice (Clark), and Emma Allen Hurlburt, d.William and Abigail (Allen).PR38]

Daniel J. [int.of CN] and Judith Andrews, Dec.10,1837. [David J. and Judith Andrews, d.Jacob and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Ebenezer (Baily) and Elizabeth Barker. int.May24,1776. [Ebenezar Jr., and Elizabeth Barker, d.Samuel and Christian (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Mary (Fitch), and Henry Clark of RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Frederick W., s.Samuel and Eunice (Clark), and Sarah Faulkner of Bloomingdale, NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George G. of Boston and Susan Coggeshall of N., Sept.20,1840. [Susan, d.Robert and Betsey (Coffin).PR38]

Hiram and Miss Phebe [int.adds J.] Folger, July31,1836. [Hiram [dup. Bagley], s.Benjamin and Abigail (Folger) (Gurrell) (second w.), and Phebe Folger, d.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy).PR38]

John (Baily) and Mehetable Clark, int.Oct.3,1778.

John M. (Bayley) [int.John Hazelton Baley] and Priscilla Morslander, Oct.19,1806. [John Hazleton Bailey and Priscilla Morselander, wid.Lindsay d.Samuel Marshall and Abigail (Coffin).PR38]

John W., single, 27, mariner, of N., b. Greenham, VT, s.Charles and Sarah of VT, and Sarah H. Chadwick, 17, of N., b. N., d.Oliver and Sarah of N., Nov.15,1847, in N.

Joseph (Baily) and Lydia Gardner, int.Apr.10,1773.

Judith and Asa Seymour, Dec.21,1845.†

Lydia M., and Erastus Blackmer, Sept.7,1834, [Lydia M. d.Samuel and Eunice (Clark).PR38]

Mary O. (Bayly) [int.Raley] and William Jones, July [int.July14], 1810. [Mary Macarty or Riley of Ireland and William Jones.s.Benjamin and Elizabeth.PR38]

Mary J. [int.I.], Miss, and Charles S. Jenkins, Sept.18,1836. [Mary I. Bayley, d.William and Lydia (Gardner), and Charles S. Jenkins, s.John Jr. and Amelia (Stubbs).PR38]

Mary N., and Charles C. Folger, int.Nov.4,1845.†

Richard and Ann Bennett, May5,1833. [Richard Jr. of New Bedford and Cynthia [dup. omits Cynthia] Ann Bennett, d.Charles C. and Celia [dup.末蔓末,1835].PR38]

Samuel (Bayley) and Lydia Marshall. int.Dec; 12,1818. [Bailey, S. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Barker), and Lydia Marshall, wid.William.d.Freeman Swain and Rebecca (Lewis), m,末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Samuel and Eunice Gladden,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Nov.4,1820]. [Nov.23,1820.CR2 Samuel, s.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Barker), and Eunice Glidden, wid.Tobias, d.Pelatiah Swain.PR38]

Samuel (Bayley) [int.Baley] and Eunice Clark, Feb.10,1805. [Bailey, s.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Barker), and Eunice Clark, d.Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner).PR38]

Sarah S., and Charles Ellis, both of N., Aug.22,1841. [Bayley [dup. Bailey], d.Samuel and Eunice (Swain) (Glidden) (third w.), and Charles H. [dup. George] Ellis, s.Henry and Rebecca (James) (Tweedy).PR38]

Stephen and Eliza Thompson, both of N., int.Mar.8,1840. [Stephen, s.Benjamin and Abigail (Folger) (Gurrell) (second w.), and Eliza Thompson (first w.), d.Isaac and Deidamia Elliott (second w.), m.末蔓末,1840.PR38]

Thomas (Baily) and Mary Fitch, June5,1729.* [Bailey [dup. Bayley] and Mary Fitch, d.Jedediah and Abigail (Coffin), 5:6m:.PR38]

BAILISOM (Bailasom)


Abijah and Catharine [int.Katharine] Pinkham, Nov.17,1785. [Catharine.NCR Catharine, wid.Benjamin, d.Reuben Bunker and Mary (Chase).PR38]

Abner, s.Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham), and Maria Crowell, d.Shubael,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Amos and Amy Coleman, Dec.4,1783.* [Amos of Cape Cod, and Amy Coleman, d.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer).PR38]

Anna of Yarmouth and James Kidder of N., July21,1774, in Yarmouth.

Ann and William M. Morse, July27,1828.

Ann D., and Shubael M. Winslow, May22,1832. [Ann D. d.James and Ruth (Maxey), and Shubael Winslow, s.Benjamin.PR38]

Benjamin [and] Nancy Long, Apr.12,1832. [Nancy, formerly w.Valentine, d.Obed Luce and Desire (Crosby).PR38]

Charles or Baltimore, MD, and Mary Coleman, Ebenezer and Lydia (Pinkham) (Long) (second w.)末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Delia Maria and Joshua Coffin 2d, June28,1821. [Delia.d.Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham), and Capt. Joshua Coffin, s.Philip and Hannah (Wharton), May28.PR38]

David and Avis Barnard, Mar.18,1812 [sic. int.Feb.27,1813]. [David, s.James and Elizabeth Nickerson, and Avis Barnard, d.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack), 18:3m:1812.PR38]

David 2d and Phebe Ann Coffin, both of N., June10,1838. [David 2d, s.Prince and Mary (Maxey) (Coleman), and Phebe Ann Coffin, d.Thomas and Margaret (Paddack).PR38]

Deborah and Samuel Pittman [int.Pitman],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Sept.8,1827]. [Deborah, d.Prince and Mary, and Samuel Pitman, s.Charles and Susanna (Mooers).PR38]

Deborah and Jeptha Nicolson [int.Nickerson] of Dennis, Mar.11,1798. [Deborah, d.James and Elizabeth Nickerson, and Jeptha Nickerson of Cape Cod.PR38]

Dorcas and Matthew Addams, int.Oct.22,1774.

Eliza and Daniel Bennet [int.Bennett], June16,1828. [Eliza, wid, William, d.Benjamin Jones and Amy (Skinner), and Daniel Bennett.PR38]

Betsey B., d, Charles and Betsey (Crowell), and Zimri Wheeler of Cape Cod,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth and Uriah Swain 3d,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.30,1802, int.Nov.7,1801]. [Elizabeth, d.James and Elizabeth Nickerson, and Uriah Swain, s.Paul and Susanna Chase.PR38]

Elizabeth, d.George Theodore and Priscilla (Pinkham), and Abner Fisher of Boston,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth and Henry Folger, Aug.29,1782. [Elizabeth.d.Seth of Cape Cod, and Henry Folger, s.James and Mary (Aldridge).PR38]

Elizabeth and David Chadwick, Oct.9,1782.* [Elizabeth of Cape Cod and David Chadwick, S. Richard and Deborah (Swain).PR38]

Betsey and Nathaniel Gorham, Nov.24,1814. [Betsy, d.Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham), and Nathaniel Gorham, s.Josiah and Eunice.PR38]

Elizabeth and John Pease, int.Apr.24,1831.

Elizabeth and Shubael F. Wood, both of N., Feb.14,1839. [Elizabeth, d.David and Avis (Barnard), and Shubael F.F. Wood, S. David.PR38]

Emeline and Charles S, Chadwick, Nov.10,1831. [Emeline, d.Jonathan C. and Hannah (Smith), and Charles S. Chadwick, s.Seth and Nancy (Sanford).PR38]

Frederick P. s.Charles and Betsey (Crowell), and Hannah Crowell, d.Ezekiel.末蔓末, 末末.PR38

George Theodore, see Theodore.

Graftin and Ruth Drown, Feb.5,1807. [Grafton, s.James and Elizabeth Nickerson, and Ruth Brown, d.Francis and Anna (Brock) (second w.).PR38]

Hepsibeth F., d.Abner and Maria (Crowell), and 末末 Kelley,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hepzibah [int.Hepzabeth] and Henry Traycy [int.Traysy], Jan.9,1806. [Hepsibeth (dup. Hepsabeth), d.Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham) of Falmouth, and Henry Tracy, s.Henry and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Huldah of Yarmouth and Isaac Mayo of Sherborn [in N.], Apr.2,1776, in Yarmouth.

Isaiah F. s.Charles and Betsey (Crowell), and Emeline Hallett, d.Joseph of Yarmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James of Chatham, Cape Cod, and Elizabeth Nickerson,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James Jr., and Ruth Maxey [int.Maxcey], Feb.8,1798. [James, s.James and Elizabeth Nickerson, and Ruth Maxey, d.Isaiah.PR38]

James and Mary Dunham, Apr.26,1817. [Mary, wid.Gersham, d.Henry Clark and Elizabeth (Bailey).PR38]

James and Mary Ray, Aug.13,1837. [James s.James and Elizabeth Nickerson and Mary Ray, d.William and Elizabeth (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

Jane and Abner Goodwin, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Aug.31,1791.

Jessa and Deborah Shaw, Dec.8,1814. [Jesse.CR2 Jesse, s.James and Elizabeth Nickerson and Deborah Shaw, d.John H. Sr., and Deborah (Coleman).PR38]

John and Martha Swain. Sept.20,1751. [Martha, d.Peleg and Mary (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Jonathan C. [int.omits C.] and Hannah Smith, Dec.16,1806. [Jonathan C. s.Amos and Amy (Coleman), and Hannah Smith, d.Silvanus and Jane Roberts.PR38]

Josiah, and Mary B. Austin, Nov.11,1832. [Josiah Jr. and Mary N. Austin, wid.George F. d.Cromwell Barnard and Sarah (Barnard).PR38]

Judith M. and Alexander D. Coffin, both of N., int.Oct.21 1838. [Judith M., d.Prince and (Maxcy) (Coleman), and Alexander (Drew) Coffin, s.Job and Mary (Drew) (Chadwick), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Lemuel and Abiel Pinkham, Oct.27,1785. [Lemuel, s.Silas and Rachel, and Abial Pinkham, d.Benjamin and Hepsabeth (Swain).PR38]

Lucindia and William Willson, int.Oct.21,1820.

Mary and Edward Dixon, int.Dec.3,1814 [Mary, wid., m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Mary M. of Dennis and Capt. Edwin Coffin, s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Polly and George Gardner, June5,1817. [Polly, d.Lemuel of Cape Cod, and George E. Gardner, s.Ansel and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Newman).PR38]

Mary and Benjamin Winslow Jr., Aug.5,1832. [Mary M., d.Tames and Ruth (Maxey), and Benjamin Winslow, s.Benjamin.PR38]

Mary Ann and Albert S. Coffin, both of N., Apr.11,1843. [Mary Ann, d.David and Avis (Barnard), and Albert S. Coffin, s.Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker).PR38] Mary M. (see Mary).

Nancy and Thomas B. Ray, both of N., int.May15,1842. [Nancy, formerly w.Benjamin, wid.Valentine Long, d.Obed Luce and Desire (Crosby), and Thomas Ray, s.Nathaniel and Merab (Bunker), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Obed, s.Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham), and Phebe Norris, d.Thomas,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Paul and Elizabeth Pinkham, July26,1784. [Paul of Hyannis and Elizabeth Pinkham, d.Peleg Jr. and Jemima (Chadwick).PR38]

Prince and Mary Coleman, June6,1805.

Rebekah and John Folger, 13:10m:"called December," 1733.CR4

Rebecca [int.Rebekah] and James Swain, June10,1784. [Rebekah.NCR Rebecca of Cape Cod and James Swain. s.Daniel and Rebecca Osborne of Cape Cod.PR38]

Sarah and Henry A. Kingsley, int.Oct.30,1831. [Sarah of Cape Cod and Henry A. Kingsley, s, Mason and Betsy of Bristol, RI, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Thankful [int.Thankfull] of Yarmouth and Reuben Swain of N., Nov.15,1768, in Yarmouth.[Thankful sister of 末末 (w.David Chadwick), and Reuben Swain. s.Jethro and Dorcas Ryder.PR38]

Thankful and Joseph Davis, Feb.1,1798. [Thankful, d.James and Elizabeth Nickerson.PR38]

Theodate, see Datey.

Datey [int.Daty] and Henry Starbuck, Oct.29,1812. [Date.CR2 Theodate, d.James and Elizabeth Nickerson, and Henry Starbuck, s.Reuben and Anna (Folger) (second w.)PR38]

Theodore and Priscilla Pinkham, Nov.24,1808. [George Theodore of Dedham and Priscilla Pinkham, d.Francis and Abial (Hussey).PR38]

Valina and Henry Winslow, Oct.30,1814. [Valina, d.Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham), and Henry Winslow, s.James.PR38]

William G., s.George Theodore and Priscilla (Pinkham), and Sarah Hobbs of Waltham,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William and Elizabeth Jones, Oct.28,1824. [Eliza, d, Benjamin and Amy (Skinner).PR38]

William and Sophronia Jenkins, Nov.8,1829. [William, s.James anti Ruth (Maxey), and Sophronia Jenkins, d.John Jr. and Amelia (Stubbs).PR38]


Eli C., brother of Simeon of VT, and Adeline Coffin, d.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Enas B. and Emeline H. Robinson [int.Emmeline A. Roberson], Aug.17,1825. [Rev. Enas B. and Emmeline Robinson, d.William and Sally (Hayden).PR38]

Simeon and Sophronia [int.Soptrania] C. Coffin, Oct.6,1823. [Simeon of VT and Sophronia C. Coffin, d.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), 末:9m:PR38]


Caroline M. and Joseph C. Fish [int.Fisher], both of N. Sept.25,1842. [Caroline M., d.Elijah and Bathsheba (Chandler), and Joseph C. Fish, s.Theodore and Polly (Coffin).PR38]

Edwin, s.Elijah and Bathsheba (Chandler). and Persis Sturgiss,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Elijah [int.Boldin] and Barshaba [int.Basha] Chandler, Mar.1,1807, in N.

George C. s.Elijah and Bathsheba (Chandler), and Mary E. Handy of New Bedford,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Israel and Phebe Bunker, d.Solomon and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jemima and Abraham Bunker, s.Silas and Deborah (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末. in NY.*PR38

Pearson and Sophia Gardner, wid.Joseph, d.Obed Aldrich and Mary (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末*PR38

William, single, 28, mariner, b. N., S. Elijah and Bethsheba [int.Bathsheba], and Sarah B. Swain, 22, b. N., d.Gideon and Sarah, all of N., Jan.16,1848, in N., Jan. [William H. s.Elijah and Bathsheba (Chandler), and Sarah B. Swain, d.Gideon and Sally Doolittle.PR38]

BALISOM (Bailasom)

BALLINGER (Billinger)

BANE (Besse)


Abijah and Rebekah Myrick, Nov.15,1763.


John W. and Sally M. Borden, Apr.3,1829. [Sally M., black.CR2]


John R, single, 26, mariner, of N., b. NJ, s.Richard [int.adds L] and Mary of NJ, and Deborah [int.Susan C.] Holmes, 20, of N., b. Barnstable [int.N.], d.Robert and Deborah of N., June29,1845, in N. [Banter and Susan C. [dup. Deborah] Holmes, d.Robert and Deborah (Perry).PR38]

BANTING (Bunting)


Ralph and Sally Coffin, d.Capt. Uriah and Mary (Jenkins),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Varnum [int.Vernum] and Polly Alley,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Sept.20,1800]. [Varmun of New London CN and Polly Alley, d.Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

BARDEN (Burden)


Mary M. and William M. Clement, Sept.17,1845.†

Robert of London, Eng., and Mary [int.adds M.] Rice of N., Feb.21,1841.


末末, and Desire Lovel, int.Sept.2, 末末.

Abraham, s.Robert and Sarah (Folger) (Gardner) (second w.), and Priscilla Hopkins of Baltimore, MD,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Abraham, s.Jacob and Elizabeth (Hazard), and Sally Wharton, d.William,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alexander, s.Joshua and Betsey (Holmes), and Elizabeth G. Murphey, d.George,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Amy A., d.Matthew and Ruth Almy, and Edward Winslow of Fall River,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Anna H., d.Jacob and Elizabeth (Hazard), and Samuel C. Ward, S. Thomas B. of Boston,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Anna and George Gill Folger, 8:10m:1807.CR4

Anna N. and John W. Coleman, Jan.28,1846.†

Ann, C. and William Clark, Mar.19,1848.

Benjamin, s.James and Sarah dec'd of N., and Elizabeth Coleman Jr., d.Obed dec'd and Elizabeth of N., 6:11m:1816, in N.CR4 [Benjamin, s.James and Sarah (Coffin), and Eliza Coleman, d.Obed and Elizabeth (Swain).PR38]

Deborah and Jonathan Burnel, Aug.15,1738.* [Deborah, d.Samuel and Deborah (Wing), and Jonathan Burnell, 15:8m:PR38]

Edward H. and Lydia C. Athearn, Nov.13,1833. [Edward H., s.Robert and Lucretia (Hussey), and Lydia C. Athearn, d.James and Lydia (Cary).PR38]

Eliza, see Elizabeth C.

Eliza R. and Thomas C. Pinkham, Nov.24,1825. [Eliza R., d.Samuel and Rebecca (Parker), and Thomas C. Pinkham, s.Bethuel and Lydia (Ramsdell) (Bunker).PR38]

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Baily, int.May24,1776. [Elizabeth, ct. Samuel and Christian (Coffin), and Ebenezar Bailey Jr., m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Elizabeth (Hazard), and Badiven Brower,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth and Benjamin Rotch, 29:3m:1787.CR4

Elizabeth C., Miss., and Paul Barney, Mar.10,1826. [Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], wid.Benjamin, d.Obed Coleman and Elizabeth (Swain), and Paul Barnet, s.Peter and Sally (Coleman), 26:3m:PR38]

Eunice and Peleg Coffin, 28:3m:1778.CR4

Francis and Deborah Russel, June4 [sic. int.June17], 1786. [June4,1786.NCR Francis, S. Robert and Jedidah (Chase), and Deborah Russell d.Sylvanus and Anna (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

George 3d, see George Parker 3d.

George F. of Newbedford and Elizabeth Barnard of N., int.Mar.24,1839. [George T., m.Apr.7.CR2 George F. of Newbedford.CR4 George, s.Abraham of New Bedford, and Elizabeth Barnard.d Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

George F. and Nancy Coffin, d.Isaiah and Mary (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George T., see George F.

Hephzibah and William Hammet, May24,1774, [Hepsabeth, d.Josiah and Elizabeth (Mitchell), and William Hammett of Boston.PR38]

Isaac of Duxbury and Judith Prence, d.Gov. Thomas and Mary (Collier), 28:12m:1665.*PR38

Isaac and Sally M. Andrews, both of N., June23,1839. [Isaac, s.James and Sarah (Coffin), and Sally [dup. Sarah] Andrews, d.David and Phebe (Smith).PR38]

Jacob, s.Robert and Sarah (Folger) (Gardner) (second w.), and Eliza [dup. Elizabeth] Hazard, d.Thomas of Newport, RI, and Anna, Aug.27,1801.*PR38

James of Sherbourn in N., s.Robert and Jedidah both dec'd of Pawnalborough, Lincoln Co., and Sarah Coffin of Sherbourn in N., d.William and Hephzibah dec'd of Saratoga, NY, 2:2m:1786, in Sherbourn in N.CR4 [James, s.Robert and Jedidah (Chase), and Sarah Coffin, d.William and Hepsabeth [dup. Hepzibah (Barney)], 末:12m:1785.PR38]

James of N., s.Robert and Jedidah both dec'd of Pownalborough, Lincoln Co., and Lydia Gardner, d.Prince and Deborah dec'd of N., 9:4m:1807, in N.CR4 [James, s.Robert and Jedidah (Chase), and Lydia Gardner (second w.), d.Prince and Deborah (Barnard) (first w.) [dup. 末:2m:].PR38]

James H. and Mary C. Barney of N., int.Sept.30,1838. [m.Oct.17.CR2 James H., s.Robert and Lucretia (Hussey), and Mary C. Barney, d.Joseph and Mary (Coleman), m.末蔓末,1838 [dup.末蔓末,1839].PR38]

Jedidah and William Macy, 9:7m:1807.CR4

John H., single, 27. mariner, b. N., s.Joshua and Betsey [int.Betsy], and Harriet G. Case, 18, b. N., d.John and Phebe, all of N., Dec.27,1849, in N.

Joshua and Betsey Holmes [int.Betsay Homes], June11,1820. [Joshua of Newport, RI, and Betsey Holmes, d.William and Lydia (Burrage).PR38]

Josiah, s.Josiah and Elizabeth (Folger), and Ellen末蔓末, 末末, in Brattleboro, VT.*PR38

Josiah and Elizabeth Mitchel, int.Sept.7,1754. [Josiah, s.Samuel and Bethia (Folger), and Elizabeth Mitchell, d.Richard.m.20:3m:1752.PR38]

Josiah, s.Samuel dec'd and Bethiah of Sherborn in N., and Elisabeth Coffin, d.George Hussey and Elisabeth of Sherborn in N. 17:11m:"called November," 1763, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Josiah, s.Samuel and Bethia (Folger), and Elizabeth Coffin, wid.Peleg, d.George Hussey and Elizabeth (Starbuck).PR38]

Josiah, s.Josiah and Elizabeth of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Folger, d.William and Ruth of Sherborn in N., 30:11m:1786, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Josiah Esq., s.Josiah and Elizabeth (Hussey) (Coffin) (second w.), and Elizabeth Folger, d.William and Ruth (Coffin), 末:10m:PR38]

Judith and Shubael Gardner, 4:2m:"called February," 1762.CR4

Latham and Sarah Palmer, Jan.6,1782. [Latham, s.Samuel and Christian (Coffin), and Sally Palmer, wid.Samuel, d.Peter Fitch and Rachael (Chase).PR38]

Lydia and Francis Swain, 29:1m:"called January," 1767.CR4

Lydia Jr. and Heman Crocker, 3:8m:1843.†

Margaret and Paul Hussey, 3:2m:"called February," 1765.CR4

Mary Ann, d.Josiah and Elizabeth (Folger), and Richard Howland末蔓末, 末末. in VT.*PR38

Mary B., see Mary.

Mary and Walter Allen, 8:4m:1813.CR4

Mary and Henry Bigelow, Aug.9,1832. [Mary B., d.Robert and Lucretia (Hussey), and Henry Bigelow, s.Maj. James and Anna.PR38]

Mary G. and David C. Swain, 11:8m:1836.CR4

Peleg, s.Samuel and Christian (Coffin), and Sally Slocum of England末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Phebe and Jonathan Wheeler, Mar.18,1770, [Phebe, d.Samuel and Christian (Coffin).PR38]

Robert and Jedidiah Chase:Feb.16,1744.* [Robert, s.Samuel and Bethia (Folger), and Jedidah Chase, d.James, 16:2m:PR38]

Robert and Sarah Gardner, int.Apr.9,1763. [Robert, s.Samuel and Bethiah (Folger), and Sarah Gardner, wid.Hezekiah, d.Abishai Folger and Dinah Starbuck (wid., second w.), m.17:4m:PR38]

Robert and Lucretia Hussey, Mar.19,1807. [Robert, s.James and Sarah (Coffin), and Lucretia Hussey:d.James and Eunice (Swain).PR38]

Samuel, see Samuel Bunker.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rebecca (Parker), and Mary C. Fletcher of Dartmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Samuel of Newport, RI and Bethia Folger of N., d, John and Mary, 21:11m:"called January," 1718, in N.CR4 [Samuel of Duxbury, s.Isaac and Judith, and Bethiah Folger (second w.), d.John and Mary (Barnard), 末:9m:1718.PR38]

Samuel and Christian Coffin, Dec.10,1747. [Samuel, s.Samuel and Bethia (Folger), and Christian Coffin, d.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 10:12m:PR38]

Sally and Andrew Sigourney, int.May11,1794. [Sarah, d.Robert and Sarah (Folger) (Gardner) (second w.), and Andrew Sigourney of Boston, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah, d.Jacob and Elizabeth (Hazard). and John Harrison.末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Susan and Abraham Wood,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Nov.24,1820]. [Dec.14,1820.CR2 Susan, d.Samuel and Rebecca (Parker), and Abraham Wood of New Bedford.PR38]

Thomas, s.Francis and Deborah (Russell), and Ann G. Morgan of PA,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William, s.Jacob and Elizabeth (Hazard), and Jeanette James, d.William B. of Albany, NY,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

William C., s.James and Sarah (Coffin), and Harriet Jessup of CN,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Almira, d.Levi and Maria (Rogers), and William Winslow, s.Joseph,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Ann and William Retch, int.Aug.24,1734. Anna and Richard Hall, int.Dec.19,1801.

Cato [int.Barlo] and Phillis Goulding [int.Golin] [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801. int.Aug.2,1800].

Betsey and Jery Peters, June13,1811.

Emeline and Leander Ames, Aug.22,1847.†

Harriet and Owen Tristram Coffin, s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley),末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1830].*PR38

Henry and Sarah Elisha [int.both of N.], Nov.9,1837. Isaac and Annis Corrington [int.Corrinton], Dec.1,1803. Isaac and Parnelia Gardner, cotord, both of N., int.Aug.7,1842.

Levi and Maria Rogert [int.Rages], Apr.17,1821. [Maria Rogers, d.Henry and Rhoda (Cahoon) of Cape Cod.PR38]

Louisa and Obed Long, both of N., int.Apr.26,1840. [Ling, m.May14.CR2 Louisa Maria, d.Levi and Maria (Rogers), and Obed B. Long, s.Reuben and Avis (Kelley), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Moses and Tamesin [int.Tamsie] Nicholson, Nov.24,1785. [Thamesin.NCR]

Myra and Hezekiah R Coffin, s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), 1:3m:1832.*PR38

Sally and John Tomson, int.Oct.29,1808.

Sally and Isaac Coffin 2d [int.omits 2d], June14,1811. Sally and John Vincent [int.coloured], Apr.9,1835. Sally Maria and Stephen Daniels, May29 1844†

Sophronia [and] Partrick Morey [int.Moor, colourd], Nov.20,1831. [Sophronia, black, and Patrick Moore.CR2]

BARMOUR (Barnard)

Jane Amanda [dup. Barnard] of Poughkeepsie, NY, and George C. Hoeg, s.Frederick and Eunice (Coffin), July31,1848 [? in N.]*PR38


Elizabeth and Peter Isaac, Oct.28,1751.

BARNARD (Barmour)

Abigail and Robert Macy, 3:11m:"called January," 1731.CR4

Abigail and Christopher Folger, June6,1733. [Abigail, d.MattheW and Mary (Tibbits), and Christopher Folger, 5. Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman).PR38]

Abigail and William Coleman. 31:5m:"called May," 1770.CR4

Abigail and Abraham Coleman, 4:5m:1809.CR4

Abishai, s.Abishai and Phebe (Swain), and Mary Wilson of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Abishai, s.Benjamin dec'd and Judith of Sherborn in N., and Hannah Coffin, d.Peter and Hope of Sherborn in N. 15:10m:1743, in N.CR4 [Abishai, S. Benjamin and Judith (Gardner), and Hannah Coffin, d.Peter "(Nope)" and Hope (Gardner), 末:8m:PR38]

Abishai, s.Abishai and Hannah of Sherborn in N., and Phebe Swain d.Tristram and Anna of Sherborn in N., 5:9m:1776, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Abishai, s.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin), and Phebe Swain, d.Tristram and Anna (Worth) (Macy) (second w.).PR38]

Abishal, s.Robert dec'd and Hephzibah of Sherborn in N. and Susanna Paddack, d.Stephen and Eunice of Sherborn in N. 3:4m:1772, in:Sherborn in N.CR4† [Abishai, s.Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin). 末:2m:PR38]

Alexander C., s.Obed and Susannah (Hussey), and Sarah Ellison,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alexander and Phebe Ann Chase, Apr.29,1834. [Alexander, s.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner), and Phebe Ann Chase, d.Job and Ruth (Macy).PR38]

Ammiel, s.Nathaniel and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Almira末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Andrew and Deborah Giles.both of Sherborn. Nantucket Co., July2,1789. [Andrew, s.Jonathan and Mary (Coffin), and Deborah Giles, d.Reuben and Mary (Upham) (first w.).PR38]

Anna and Reuben Macy, 28:5m:"called May," 1767.CR4

Anna and Alexander Bunker, Oct.28,1773. [Anna, d.Francis and Elizabeth (Macy), and Alexander Bunker, s.David and Elizabeth (Gorham).PR38]

Anna and Thomas Hussey, 27:11m:1788.CR4† Anna and Hezekiah Barnard, 31:7m:1794.CR4

Anna, d.Reuben and Phebe (Coleman), and Robert F, Macy, s.Robert and Anna, Apr.29,1802, in Hudson, NY.*PR38

Anna and Andrew F. Swain, 7:6m:1821.CR4

Ann and Joseph Nichols, 24:3m:"called March." 1757.CR4

Ann F., Miss, and Paul B. Macy, Dec.29,1825. [Ann F., d.Paul and Mary (Bocot), and Paul P. Macy, s.Thomas and Phebe (Bunker), Dec.18.PR38]

Asa, s.Tristram and Margaret, and Huldah Macy, d.Jethro and Hepzibah (Worth), Nov.15,1792 [? in New Garden. NC].PR38

Avis, wid.Matthew, wid.Silvanus Folger, d.John Slocum.and John Alsop of Hudson, NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Avis, d.John and Mary (Russell), and Hezekiah Steele,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Avis and David Baker, Mar.18,1812 [sic. int.Feb.27,1813]. [Avis, d.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack), and David Baker, s.James and Elizabeth Nickerson, 18:3m:1812.PR38]

Benjamin, s.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard), and Elizabeth Huntington (second w.) of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Benjamin, S. Nathaniell of N., and Judith Gardner, d.Nathaniell of N., 3:11m:田alled January," 1711.CR4 [Benjamin, s, Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard), and Judith Gardner, d.Nathaniel and Abigail (Coffin), 末:9m:PR38]

Benjamin, s.Matthew and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Judith Folger, d.Barzillai and Phebe of Sherborn in N., 2:12m:"called February," 1748, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Benjamin, s.Matthew and Mary (Tibbits), and Judith Folger, d.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman) [dup. 末:10m:].PR38]

Benjamin, s.Timothy and Mary dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Eunice Fitch, d.Beriah and Deborah of Sherborn in N., 9:1m:1755, in Sherborn in No.CR4 [Benjamin, s.Timothy and Mary (Bunker), and Eunice Fitch, d.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham) [dup. 末:11m:1754], "Moved to NC, 1773,"PR38]

Benjamin and Mary Barnard, Feb.6,1766. [Benjamin, s.Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Mary Barnard, d.Timothy and Mary (Banker).PR38]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Judith of Sherborn in N., and Lydia Swain, d.Tristram and Phebe dec'd of Sherborn in N., 7:2m:"called February," 1771, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Judith (Folger), Lydia Swain, d.Tristram and Phebe (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

Benjamin and Anna Folger, May21,1801. [Benjamin, s.Thomas and Ruth, and Anna Folger, n. Seth and Anna (Ramsdell).PR38]

Benjamin and Elizabith [int.Elizabeth] Perry, July6,1802. [Benjamin, S. Benjamin and Lydia (Swain), and Elizabeth Perry (first w.), d.Samuel and Mary Cammett (first w).PR38]

Benjamin of N., s.Cromwell and Sarah of N., and Mary Paddack, d.Peter and Judith of N., 6:11m:1823, in N.CR4 [Benjamin, s.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard) [dup. 末:9m:].PR38]

Charles and Miss Mary G. Ray,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1824 and Apr.2,1825, int.Sept.13,1824]. [Charles, s.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack). and Mary G. Ray, d.Seth and Eunice (Paddack), 8:11m:1824.PR38]

Charles A. and Eliza Ann Gardner, both of N., int.Oct.24,1841. [m.Nov.7.CR2 Charles H., S. Charles H. and Lydia (Wyer), and Eliza Ann Gardner, d.Benjamin F. and Mary C. (Gwinn), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Charles E., s.Abishai and Susanna (Paddack), and Laurinda Osborne of Cooperstown, NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles H., see Charles A.

Charles and Susanna Gardner, July10,1796. [Charles, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Swain), and Susanna Gardner, d.Stephen and Christian (Swain).PR38]

Charles H. and Lydia Wyer:Aug.17,1815. [Charles H., s.Obed and Susannah (Hussey), and Lydia Wyer, d.Hugh and Lurandia [sic. ? Elizabeth]PR38]

Charles G. and Lucy Brown, May8,1823. [Charles G., s.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner), and Lucy Brown, d.William and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Christopher, s.Peter and Anna of Sherborn in N., and Judith Swain, d.Caleb and Margaret of Sherborn in N., 28:1m:"called January," 1762, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Christopher, s.Peter and Anna (Starbuck), and Judith Swain, d.Caleb and Margaret (Paddack), 末:12m:1761.PR38]

Christopher and Eliza Coleman, Apr.26,1796. [Christopher, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Swain), and Eliza Coleman, d.Reuben and Deborah.PR38]

Delia Maria, d.Obed and Susannah (Hussey), and Edward Hyatt, s.James,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Delia M. and Thomas M. Folger, Dec.19,1837. [Delia Maria [dup. Delia Ann], d.Charles H. and Lydia (Wyer), and Thomas M. Folger, s.Aaron and Mary (Thompson).PR38]

Cromwell, s.Jonathan dec'd and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Sarah Barnard, d.Jonathan and Sarah dec'd of Sherborn in N., 1:10m:1794, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Cromwell, s.Jonathan and Mary (Coffin), and Sarah Barnard, d.Jonathan and Sarah (Joy).PR38]

Cromwell Jr. and Susan W. Riddell, Oct.4,1832. [Cromwell, s.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard), and Susan W. Riddell, d.Henry and Hepsibeth (Wyer) (Coleman) (second w.).PR38]

Daniel, s.Francis and Lois (Reynolds), and 末末,末蔓末, 末末, in Chatham, NY.*PR38

David and Abigail Starbuck, Nov.1,1771. [David, s.Peter and Anna (Starbuck), and Abigail Starbuck (first w.), d.Silvanus and Mary (Howes).PR38]

David and Hepzibah [int.Hephzibah] Starbuck, July11,1789. [David, s.Peter and Anna (Starbuck), and Hepsibeth Starbuck (second w.), d.Silvanus and Mary (Howes).PR38]

David and Charlotte S. Coffin, July7,1834. [David C., s.Libni and Lydia (Paddack), and Charlotte Coffin, d.Zebdial and Hepsibeth (Swain).PR38]

Deborah and Prince Gardner, 11:6m:"called June," 1767.CR4

Deborah and Aaron Paddack, 10:3m:1808.CR4

Diadama and Benjamin Franklin Folger, Apr.28,1799. [Diadema, d.Jethro (s.Stephen) and Cynthia Sheldon, and Benjamin F. Folger, s.Timothy and Abial (Coleman).PR38]

Dinah, d.Tristram, and Zimri Chase, s.Stephen and Dinah (Folger),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Dorcas and Jacob Barney, 28:7m:"called September," 1726.†

Ebenezer and Mary Worth, 24:3m:1722.* [Ebenezar, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard), and Mary Worth, wid.Jonathan, d.Stephen Hussey and.Martha (Bunker).PR38]

Edward, s.James and Hepsibeth (Colesworthy) (Bunker), and Susan Meader, d.William and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edward, merchant, of Boston. and Caroline M. [sic. O.] Fanning, Aug.8,1811 [? in Boston].PR64

Edward S., s.Paul and Mary (Bocot), and Lucy Hatch, Echvin and Emma Coffin, Jan.9,1828. [Edwin, s.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner). and Emma Coffin, d.Ariel and Priscilla (Fosdick).PR38]

Elenor [dup. Eloner] and Ebenezer Coffin, Dec.12,1700.* [Eleanor, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard), and Ebenezer Coffin Esq. s.James and Mary (Severance).PR38]

Elisha, s.Benjamin and Eunice (Fitch), and Anna Gardner, d.William and Susanna,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elisha and Lydia Starbuck, Oct.1,1775. [Elisha, s.Peter and Anna (Starbuck), and Lydia Starbuck, d.Silvanus and Mary (Howes).PR38]

Eliza, see Elizabeth.

Eliza and John R. Caswell, Jan.4,1810. [Eliza, d.Libni and Lydia (Paddack), and John R Caswell, s.Levi and Phebe.PR38]

Eliza and Charles R. Starbuck, Feb.3,1825. [Eliza, d.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner). and Charles R. Starbuck, s.Levi and Elizabeth (Ramsdell).PR38]

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth and James Mitchel, int.Dec.12,1778. [Elizabeth, d.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin), and James Mitchell, s, Richard, m,末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth,

Elizabeth and Peter Coffin Myrick,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799. int.May26,1798]. [Elizabeth, d.Reuben and Phebe (Coleman) [dup. William and Hepsibeth (Gardner)] and Peter C. Myrick, s.Andrew and Elizabeth.PR38 Coffin Myrick, June7,1798.PR64]

Elizabeth of N. and George F. Barker of Newbedford, int.Mar.24,1839. [George T., m.Apr.7.CR2 George F. of K ewbedford.CR4 Elizabeth, d.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard), and George Barker, s.Abraham of New Bedford, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Elizabeth, d.Matthew and Elizabeth (Swain), and Samuel Matt of New York,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.William and Elizabeth (Inot). and Caleb Powell,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.Zaccheus and Eunice (Abrahms) (Lawrence) (second w.), and William Squires,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth M. and Robert P. Pitman, both of N., int.Aug.11,1839. [m.Aug.11.CR2 Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Anna (Folger), and Robert P. Pitman, s.Robert and Elizabeth (Hall) (Pitman) (first w.)" m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Elizabeth and Barnabas Coleman, 3:11m:"called January, 1728.CR4

Elizabeth and Alexander Ray, 8:12m:"called December," 1757.CR4

Elisabeth and Sheffield Coffin, 10:1m:"called January." 1765.CR4

Elizabeth and Valentine Bunker, Jan.20,1781, [Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Judith (Folger), and Valentine Bunker, s, Joshua and Margaret (Brock).PR38]

Elisabeth and George Macy, 3:1m:1793.CR4

Elizabeth and Zebulon Coffin, Sept.20,1807. [Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], d.Matthew and Deborah (Coffin), and Zebulon Coffin, s.John and Susanna (Clark).PR38]

Elizabeth and John Macy, Aug.7,1808. [Eliza, wid.Thomas, d.Andrew Myrick, and John Macy, s.Silvanus and Anna (Pinkham).PR38]

Elizabeth and Charles Abraham, Dec.11,1822. [Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack), and Charles Abrahms, s.William and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Emmaline and Joseph Brown Cartwright, Feb.24,1825. [Emeline, d.Libni and Lydia (Paddack), and Joseph B. Cartwright Jr., s.Joseph and Priscilla (Brown).PR38]

Emeline and Hiram B. Andrews, both of N., Aug.21,1842. [Emeline, d.Josiah and Rhoda (Peckham), and Hiram B. Andrews, s.David and Phebe (Smith).PR38]

Eunice, d.Reuben and.Phebe (Coleman), and Elijah Cornell of Providence, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eunice and Jonathan Coffin, 14:11m:"called January," 1747.CR4

Eunice and Nathaniel Starbuck, 31:10m:"called October," 1765.CR4

Eunice and George Russell, 1:1m:"called January," 1767.CR4

Eunice and William Swain, Dec.30,1773. [Eunice (first w.), d.William and Mary (Coffin), and William Swain, s.John and Lydia† (Bunker).PR38 Eunies.PR68] Eunice and Jared Coffin, 30:4m:1778.CR4

Eunice and David Giles, Aug.22,1785. [Eunice, d.Stephen and Phebe (Swain) (second w.), and David Giles, s.Beriah and Mary (Wyer).PR38]

Eunice S. [dup. T.] of K. and George Hayden, Nov.7,1822. [Haden.PR3 Eunice S., d.Tristram and Phebe (Swain). and George Hayden, s, Zophar and Elizabeth (Myrick).PR38]

Eunice G. and George H. Riddell, Sept.2,1833. [Eunice, d.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner), and George Riddell, s.William and Betsey (Hussey), "Removed to CA. "PR38]

Eunice H. and Benjamin D. Chase, both of N., Oct.8,1843. [Eunice H., d.George and Merib (Smith), and Benjamin D. Chase, s.Benjamin [dup. George and Deborah].PR38]

Francis, s.Benjamin dec'd and Judith of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Macy, d.Thomas and Deborah of Sherborn in N, 14:11m:1741, in N.CR4 [Francis, s.Benjamin and Judith (Gardner), and Elizabeth Macy, d.Thomas and Deborah (Coffin), 末:10m:PR38]

Francis, s.Francis and Elisabeth decd of Sherborn in N., and Katharine Osborne, d.James and Anna of Shrewsberry, E. Jersey, 16:3m:"called March," 1769, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Francis, s.Francis and Elizabeth (Macy), and Catharine Osborn of NJ, 末:末:1762.PR38]

Frederick, s.William and Elizabeth (Inot), and Margaret Allen, d.Thomas of Milford Haven,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Frederick, s.Benjamin and Eunice (Fitch), and Judith Gardner, d.Barzillai,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Frederick H. and Lucy Turner, int.June6,1818. [Frederick H., s.Libni and Lydia (Paddack), and Lucy Turner, d.Baker and Susan (Pinkham), m.14:4m:PR38]

Frederick and Deborah S. Folger, both of N., int.Aug.4,1839.

George, s.Thomas and Alice (Freeborn), and Lydia Taber, d.Frances,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George B., see George.

George C. and Mary F. Russell, int.May27,1826. [George C. [dup. E.], S. Shubael Jr. and Lucretia (Coffin), and Mary F. Russell, d.Shubael and Betsey (Morris) (Bunker), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

George and Meribah Smith, May16,1815. [May10.CR2 George B., s.Tristram and Phebe (Swain), and Merab Smith, d.Solomon and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Hannah, d.Robert and Joanna Harvey, and John Stevens, s.John,末蔓末, 末末,1662.*PR38

Hannah and Gideon Gardner, 31:5m:1781.CR4

Harriet and Joseph F. Barrett, Jan.30,1847.†

Henry, s.Stephen and Phebe of Sherburn in N., and Love Cartwright, d.James and Love of Sherborn in N., 4:7m:1793, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Henry, s.Stephen and Phebe (Swain) (second w.), and Love Cartwright, d.James and Love (Macy).PR38]

Hephzibah and Richard Mitchell, 16:1m:1755.CR4

Hephzibah and Daniel Paddack, 23:9m:1773.CR4

Hephzibah and Charles West, Oct.13,1774. [Hepsibeth, wid.Stephen, d.Paul Paddack and Ann, and Charles Worth [sic. West].PR38 Hephzibah and Charles West.PR68]

Hephzibah and Shubael [int.Shubal] Pinkham, Oct.14,1787. [Shubal.NCR Hepsibeth, d.Stephen and Hepsibeth (Paddack), and Shubael Pinkham, s.Benjamin and Hepsabeth (Swain).PR38]

Hezekiah and Lydia Hussey, int.Mar.30,1763. [Hezekiah, s.Peter and Anna (Starbuck), and Lydia Hussey, d.Christopher and Mary (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Hezekiah, s.Nathaniel and Margaret of Sherborn in N., and Anna Barnard, d.Shubael and Ruth of Sherborn in N. 31:7m:1794, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Hezekiah, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Swain), and Anna Barnard, d.Shubael and Ruth (Bunker) (Myrick) (second w.), 末:6m:PR38]

Hezekiah, s.Nathaniel and Margaret of N., and Mary Macy, d.William and Anna or K., 10:12m:1801, in N.CR4 [Hezekiah, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Swain), and Mary.Macy, d.William and Anna (Hussey) (first w.), 末:10m:PR38]

James and Hepzibah Bunker,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Feb.9,1799J. James, s.Shubael and Ruth (Bunker) (Myrick) (second w.), and Hepsibeth Bunker, Wid.Noah, d.Jonathan W. Colesworthy Jr.PR38]

James Henry and Eliza L. Marshall, int.July21,1827. [James Henry, s.Henry and Love (Cartwright), and Eliza Marshall, wid.William, d.Thomas Farris, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Jemima and Elihue Coleman, 6:10m:1720.CR4† Jemima and Tristram Coffin, 8:1m:1743-4.CR4

Jethro, s.Stephen and Eunice (Starbuck), and Cynthia Sheldon,末蔓末, 末末.*.PR38

John, s.John and Sarah (Jones) (Harker) (second w.), and 末末 Brown,末蔓末, 末末, in NY.*PR38

John and Bethiah Folger, Feb.26,1668.* [John, s.Robert 1st and Joanna Harvey, and Bethia Folger, d.Peter 1st and Mary Morrell.PR38]

John and Mary Ellis, July20,1744.* [John, s.Benjamin and Judith (Gardner), and Mary Ellis, d.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain).PR38]

John, s.Mathew and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Mary Russell, d.William and Mary of Sherborn in N., 1:1m:"called January," 1767, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [John, s.Matthew and Mary (Tibbits), and Mary Russell, d.William and Mary (Coleman) (second w.), 末:11m:1766, Moved to Hudson. "PR38]

John and Sarah Clark, int.Mar.23,1776.

John P. and Sophia W. Parker, Dec.25,1831. [John P., s.Libni and Lydia (Paddack), and Sophia W. Parker, d.Joseph.PR38]

Jonathan, s.Robert and Hephzibah of Sherborn in N., and Mary Coffin, d.Tristram dec'd and Mary of Edgartown, Dukes Co., 8:1m:"called January," 1756, in Sherbornin, N.CR4 [Jonathan, s.Robert and Hepsabeth (Coffin), and Mary Coffin, d.Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 末:11m:1755.PR38]

Jonathan, s.Abishai and Hannah of Sherborn in N., and Sarah Joy, d.David and Sarah of Sherborn in N., 1:2m:"called February," 1770, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Jonathan, s.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin), and Sarah Joy, d.David and Sarah (Gardner) (second w.), 末:12m:1769.PR38]

Jonathan and Anna Paddack, June4,1782. [Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary (Coffin), and Ann Paddack, d.Silas and Hepsibeth.PR38]

Jonathan 2d and Lydia C. Smith, Dec.22,1833. [Jonathan, s.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard).PR38]

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary (Gardner), and Eunice Myrick, d.Jethro,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph s.and Mary L. Anthony, int.Aug.19,1826. [Joseph S., s.Timothy and Eunice (Starbuck), and Mary Anthony of Fall River, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Joseph and Mary Gardner, Apr.15,1752. [Joseph, s.Matthew and Mary (Tibbits), and Mary Gardner, d.Grafton Esq. [dup. Sr.] and Abigail (Coffin), "Removed to Hudson, NY. "PR38]

Joseph S., s.Timothy and Eunice (Starbuck), and Ann B. Brown, d.Samuel and Maria (Hussey), 末:末m:1844.*PR38

Josiah and Rhoda Pecham [int.Peckham], Oct.22,1807. [Josiah, s.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack), and Rhoda Peckham, d, William and Elizabeth.PR38]

Josiah and Eliza Brown, Sept.21,1815. [Josiah, s.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack), and Elizabeth Brown (second w.), wid.Chandler, d.Ebenezer Gardner and Susanna (Jackson) (first w.).PR38]

Judith and Stephen Wilcock, 31:6m:"called August," 1722.CR4

Judith and Benjamin Folger, 5:12m:"called December," 1754.CR4

Judith and Thomas Worth, 9:7m:1772.CR4

Judith and Tristram Russel, Oct.29,1772. [Judith, d.Thomas and Sarah (Hoeg), and Tristram Russell, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Gardner), "Moved near Hudson. "PR38] Judith and Job Myrick, Oct.24,1773. [Judith, d.Benjamin and Judith (Folger), and Job Myrick, s.Andrew.PR38]

Judith and Paul Swain, Jan.27,1774 [Judith, d.Francis and Elizabeth (Macy), and Paul Swain, s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Folger) (first w.).PR38]

Judith and Jonathan Barney, 9:12m:1779.CR4

Judith and Charles Coffin 2:June19,1808. [Judith, d."William and Elizabeth (Inot), and Charles M. Coffin, s.Seth and Lydia (Myrick).PR38]

Laban and Lydia Hussey, June30,1793. [Laban, s.David and Abigail (Starbuck), and Lydia Hussey, d.Stephen and Elizabeth (Swain).PR38]

Libni and Lydia Paddack, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July31,1788. [Libni, s.Jonathan and Mary (Coffin) Lydia Paddack, d.Silas and Hepsibeth.PR38]

Libni of Guilford Co., NC, s.Benjamin and Eunice both dec'd of N. and Eunice Coffin, d.Paul and Ruth dec'd of N., 28:9m:1820, in N.CR4 [Libni, s Benjamin of NC, and Eunice (Fitch), and Eunice Coffin, d.Paul and Ruth (Pinkham).PR38]

Love C. and George Winslow,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829. int.May31,1828]. [Love C., d.Henry and Love (Cartwright), and George Winslow, s.James and Martha (Payne).PR38]

Lucinda, d.Benjamin and Eunice (Fitch). and Beriah Macy, s.John and Ruth.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lucinda and Andrew Gardner, Sept.16,1784.* [Lucinda, d.Hezekiah Sr. and Lydia (Hussey), and Andrew Gardner, s.Timothy and Mary (Myrick), "removed to Baltimore. "PR38]

Lucretia, d.Shubael and Lucretia (Coffin), and 末末, Church of Fairhaven,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lucretia and George Kent, June3,1844.†

Lurania, d.Andrew and Deborah (Giles), and John Whiting,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Eunice (Fitch) of New Garden, NC, and Matthew Macy Jr., s.Matthew and Abigail (Coffin) (first w.),末蔓末, 末末, in New Garden, Guilford Co. NC.*PR38

Lydia, d.John and Mary (Russell), and Oliver Whittaker,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lydia G., d.Andrew and Deborah (Giles), and Harrison Whiting,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia and Jonathan Folger, 20:10m:"called December," 1750.CR4

Lydia and Seth Coffin. 3:12m:"called December," 1767.CR4

Lydia and Abishai Swain, 1:3m:"called March," 1770.CR4

Lydia and Edward Cary, Nov.12,1770. [Lydia, Wid.Hezekiah, d.Christopher Hussey and Mary (Coffin), and Edward Cary of Charlestown.PR38]

Lydia and Albertus Swain, Mar.15,1776. [Lydia, d.Francis and Elizabeth (Macy), and Albertus Swam, s.Jonathan and Margaret (Folger) (second w.), "resided in Hudson. "PR38]

Lydia and John Hussey, 2:10m:1783.CR4

Lydia and Valentine Hussey, 4:6m:1806.CR4

Lydia and George Gorham Gardner, Jan.1,1807. [Lydia, d.William and Elizabeth (Inot), and George Gorham Gardner, s.Asa and Elizabeth (Chase).PR38]

Lydia and John Chadwick, Jan.27,1807. [Lydia, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Swain), and John Chadwick, s.David.PR38]

Lydia C. and Joseph W. Webb, Aug.2,1835. [Lydia (second w.), d.Shubael and Lucretia (Coffin).PR38]

Margret [int.Margaret] and Stephen Chase [int.Chace], June25,1793. [Margaret [dup. Peggy] d.Robert and Margaret (Whitney), and Stephen Chase, s.Charles and Jane (Coleman), 25:6m:1795.PR38]

Margaret and David Swain, 8:1m:1795.CR4

Maria and Hezekiah Paddack,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Feb.12,1820]. [Feb.29,1820.CR2 Maria, d.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack), and Hezekiah Paddack, s.Abishai.PR38]

Martha, d.Robert and Joanna Harvey, and William Rogers of Martha's Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Martha and Avery T. Harris [int.both of N.], Apr.19,1838. [Martha, d.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard).PR38]

Martha W. and Henry Colesworthy, June30,1844.†

Mary, d.John and Mary (Russell), and Robert Moores, s.Alexander and Eunice,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Zaccheus and Eunice (Abrahms) (Lawrence) (second w.), and William Morrill,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Benjamin and Eunice (Fitch), and Elisha Smith,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary B., see Mary.

Mary and Christopher Starbuck, 12:10m:"called December," 1751.CR4

Mary and Jethro Folger, 4:12m:"called December," 1753.CR4

Mary and Thomas Jenkins, 3:12m:"called December," 1761.CR4

Mary and Benjamin Barnard, Feb.6,1766. [Mary, d.Timothy and Mary (Bunker), and Benjamin Barnard, s.Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin).PR38]

Mary, d.William and Mary (Coffin) of New Garden, NC, and Aaron Coffin, s.Benjamin Jr. and Elizabeth (Hussey), 15:1m:1783.PR38

Mary and Valentine Swain, 28:9m:1786.CR4

Mary, d.Tristram and Margaret (Folger), and William Macy, s.Joseph and Mary (Starbuck),末蔓末,1799.*PR38

Mary and William Ramsdil Jr., Sept.28,1802. [Mary, d.Paul and Phebe (Macy), and William Ramsdell Jr., s.William and Ruth (Gardner).PR38]

Mary [Barnard, sic. int.Folger] and William Whiteous [int.Whitehus] Jan.29,1807.

Mary and Eliakim Coffin, Sept.12,1812. [Mary, d, William and Elizabeth (Inot), and Eliakim Coffin, s.Seth and Lydia (Myrick).PR38]

Mary B. [int.omits B.] and Peleg Easton, Mar.15,1814. [Mary (second w.) d.Matthew and Deborah (Coffin). and Peleg Easton, s.John and Mary (Easton) of RI.PR38]

Mary and Benjamin C. Joy, Aug.27,1817. [Mary, d.Libni and Lydia (Paddack), and Benjamin C. Joy, s.Obed and Anna (Cartwright).PR38]

Mary and George F. Austin, June5,1827. [Mary B., d.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard), and George F. Austin, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Matilda, d.Benjamin and Eunice (Fitch), and Henry Kennedy,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Matthew, see Mathew.

Mathew, s.John and Sarah of Sherborn in N., and Mary Tebbets, d.Ephraim and Rosse of Dover, 29:10m:田alled December," 1726. in N.CR4 [Matthew, s.John and Sarah (Macy), and Mary Tibbetts, d.Ephraim and Rose (Austin) of Dover, NH, 29:11m:1726.PR38]

Mathew, S. Robert dec'd and Hephzibah of Sherborn in N. and Deborah Coffin, d.David and Mary dec'd of Edgartown, Dukes Co., 2:1m:"called January," 1766, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Matthew, s.Robert and Hepsibeth [dup. Hepsabeth] (Coffin), and Deborah Coffin, d.David (哲ope") and Mary Lumbert, 末:11m:1765.PR38]

Matthew, s.Matthew and Mary or Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Swain, d.Reuben and Elizabeth dec'd of Sherborn in N., 30:8m:1774, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Matthew, s.Matthew and Mary (Tibbits), and Elizabeth Swain, d.Reuben and Elizabeth (Howland) (first w.), 末:7m:PR38]

Matthew, s.Matthew and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Avis Folger, d.John Slocomb and Martha of Newport, RI, 2:4m:1783, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Matthew, s.Matthew and Mary (Tibbits), and Avis Folger, wid.Silvanus, d.John Slocum.PR38]

Matthew and Mary Macy, both of N., Sept.5,1841. [Matthew, s.Thomas and Alice (Freeborn), and Mary Macy, d.Dr. Reuben and Hannah (Mitchell).PR38]

Miriam and Tristram Macy, 31:10m:"called October," 1765.CR4

Moses, s.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard), and Christina Calend of Philadelphia, PA,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Moses, s.David and Abigail (Starbuck), and Lydia Kelley, d.Benjamin,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Moses, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Joy), and Francis [sic] Mackey Colwell [dup. Mackay, omits Colwell] of Billerica,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Moses S., single, 27, mariner, b. N., s.George and Merab [int.Mirab], and Louisa J. Hilburn, 19. b. K., d.Thomas and Mary, all of N., Nov.23,1845, in N. [Moses, s.George and Merib (Smith), and Louisa Hillman [dup. Hilburn], d.Thomas and Mary (Barney).PR38]

Nancy and Josiah Starbuck, July7,1814. [Nancy, d.William and Elizabeth (Inot), and Josiah Starbuck, s.Simeon and Judith (Folger) (first w.)PR38]

Nancy and David F. Chase, Dec.11,1821. [Dec.13.CR2 Nancy, d.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner), and David Chase, s.Peter.PR38]

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard), and Dorcas Manning, d.Dennis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nathaniell Jr. and Judith Folger, 1:12m:"called February," 1709.CR4 [Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard), and Judith Folger, wid.Peter 2d.Stephen Coffin and Mary (Bunker).PR38]

Nathaniel, s.Peter and Anna of Sherborn in N., and Margaret Swain, d.Caleb and Margaret of Sherborn in N., 6:12m:"called December," 1764, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Nathaniel, s.Peter and Anna (Starbuck), and Margaret Swain, d.Caleb and Margaret (Paddack), 末:10m:.PR38]

Nathaniell and Hephzibah Coffin, Oct.13,1774. [Nathaniel, s.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin), and Hepsibeth Coffin, d.Enoch and Love (Gardner).PR38]

Obed, s.William and Mary (Coffin), and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Benjamin Jr. and Elizabeth (Hussey):末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Obed and Susanna Hussey, July23,1786. [Obed, s.Benjamin and Judith (Folger), and Susanna [dup. Susan] Hussey, d.Bachelor and.Anna (Coffin).PR38]

Obed and Anna Bocott, Aug.4,1808. [Obed, s.David and Abigail (Starbuck), and Anna Bocot, d.James and Charity (Swain).PR38]

Paul, s.William and Mary both dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Phebe Macy, d.Nathaniel and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 9:7m:1778, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Paul, s.William and Mary (Coffin)" and Phebe Macy, d.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham), 末:末m:PR38]

Paul and Mary Bowcot [int.Bocott], May19,1803. [Paul, s.Elisha and Lydia (Starbuck), and Mary Bocot, d.Anna.PR38]

Peter, s.Peter and Anna (Starbuck), and Rebecca Hussey (first w.), d.Jonathan and Hepsibeth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Peter, s.Peter and Anna (Starbuck), and Hannah Jenkins (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Peter, s.Nathaniel dec'd and Judith of Sherborn in N., and Anna Starbuck, d.Nathaniel and Dinah of Sherborn in N, 10:11m:"called January," 1733-4, in N.CR4[Peter, s.Nathaniel and Judith (Coffin) (Folger) (third w.). and Anna Starbuck, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Dinah (Cofin), 末:10m:1733.PR38]

Phebe, d.John and Mary (Russell), and Jacob Bosworth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe C., see Phebe.

Phebe F. and Henry Coffin 3d both of N., int.June23,1839. [Phebe and-Henry Coffin 4:m.July9.CR2 Phebe F. and Henry Coffin 3dCR4 Phebe F., d.Benjamin and Anna (Folger), and Henry S. Coffin, s.Alexander and Lucinda (Week,), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Phebe and George Bunker, Jan.4,1763. [Phebe, d.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin), and George Bunker, s.John and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Phebe and Daniel Killey [int.Killy], July13,1774. [Killey.NCR Phebe, d.Benjamin and Judith (Folger). and Daniel Kelley from VA.PR38]

Phebe, and Gilbert Coffin, 30:11m:1780.CR4

Phebe and Paul Worth, 9:9m:1790.CR4

Phebe and David Coffin Jr. [int.omits Jr.], [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799. int.Sept.15,1798]. [Phebe, d.David and Abigail (Starbuck), and David Coffin, s.Seth and Susanna (Barnard).PR38]

Phebe Ann and George Coffin, 14:4m:1825.CR4

Phebe [int.adds C.] and John Crimblish, Sept.16,1832. [Phebe C., d.Shubael and Lucretia (Coffin).PR38]

Phebe Ann and Joseph Vincent, Dec.14,1834. [Phebe Ann, d.George and Meribah (Smith), and Joseph Vincent of M[artha's] Vineyard.PR38]

Rebecca, d.Peter and Rebecca (Hussey), and William McKinstrey, s.John,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rebecca [int.Rebekah] and Benjamin Worth, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept.9,1788. [Rebecca.NCR Rebecca, d.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin), and Benjamin Worth, s.Francis and Phebe (Coleman), Sept.7.PR38]

Rebecca and Benjamin F. Hussey, int.May9,1818. [Rebecca, d.Andrew and Deborah (Giles), and Benjamin Franklin Hussey, s.Christopher Jr. and Abial (Coffin) (second w.), m.May28.PR38]

Reuben and Phebe Coleman, Dec.4,1767. [Reuben, s.Francis and Elizabeth (Macy), and Phebe Coleman, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Moores). 迭emoved 1778,"PR38 both of Sherborn on N.PR68]

Rhoda and Joseph Russel, Oct.1,1775. [Rhoda, d.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin), and Joseph Russell, s.John and Ruth (Starbuck).PR38]

Robert A., s.Abishai and Susanna (Paddack), and Anna Burokstead of PA,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Robert, s.John and Sarah of Sherborn in N., and Hepsibah Coffin, d.Stephen dec'd and Experience of Sherborn in N, 31:6m:"called August," 1726.CR4 [Robert, s.John and Sarah (Macy), and Hepsibeth Coffin, d.Stephen and Experience (Look), 末:5m:.PR38]

Robert and Margaret Whitney, Dec.18,1766. [Robert, s.Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Margaret Whitney, d.Dr. John and Margaret.PR38]

Robert A. and Eliza Bruff Whippy, Mar.8,1821. [Robert, s.Shubael and Nancy Carr, and Eliza Bruff Whippey, d.Zebulon.PR38]

Rowland C., see Roland.

Roland and Lydia W. Sayer, Apr.17,1831. [Rowland C., s.Libni and Lydia (Paddack), and Lydia Sayer, Wid.William, d.Levi Caswell and Phebe, 17:3m:.PR38] Rosanna G. (see Rosanna McDonald).

Rose and Stephen Hussey, 2:12m:"called December," 1756.CR4

Rose and Mathew Starbuck, 10:12m:1772.CR4

Ruth and Peter Clark, 30:11m:"called January," 1734-5.CR4

Sarah, d.Robert and Joanna Harvey, and James Skiff of Martha's Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, d.Nathaniel of N., and Thomas Currier Jr. of Amesbury, Sept.19,1700, in Amesbury.* [Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard).PR38]

Sarah and William Ellis, 3:5m:1781.CR4

Sarah and Cromwell Barnard, 1:10m:1794.CR4†Sarah and Solomon Coffin, 4:2m:1796.CR4

Sarah A. and George B. Worth, Aug.6 [dup. Sept.6, int.Aug.18], 1821. [ Sept.6.CR2 Sarah, d.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard), and George B. Worth, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Barnard).PR38]

Sarah, Miss.and John Stetson, Mar.23,1826. [Sarah (first w.), d.James and Hepsibeth (Colesworthy) (Bunker), and John Stetson, s.Barzillai and Naomi (Paddack) (second w.).PR38]

Sarah and Charles Murphy [int.Murphey], Aug.10,1826. [Sarah, d.Libni and Lydia (Paddack), and Charles Murphey, s.James and Sally.PR38]

Sarah and Edwin Myrick, both of N., May22,1838, in N. [Sarah, d.Benjamin and Anna (Folger), and Edwin Myrick, s.Charles G.PR38]

Shubael Jr. [and] Lucretia Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.1,1803. int.Jan.8]. [Shubael, s.Shubael and Ruth (Bunker) (Myrick) (second w.), and Lucretia Coffin, d.Reuben of Halifax and Parnal (Gardner).PR38]

Shubael, s.Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Nancy Carr,末蔓末, 末末, in France.*PR38

Shubael, s.Matthew and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Susanna Gardner, d.Ebenezer and Judith of Sherborn in N., 2:1m:"called March," 1748-9, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Shubael, s.Matthew and Mary (Tibbits), and Susanna Gardner (first w,), d.Ebenezer and Judith (Coffin) (second w.), 末:12m:1748.PR38]

Shubael, s.Mathew and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Ruth Myrick, d.James Bunker and Bethiah dec'd of Sherborn in N., 28:11m:"called November," 1765, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Shubael, s.Matthew and Mary (Tibbits), and Ruth Myrick, wid.John, d.James Bunker and Bethia (Jenkins), 末:10m:PR38]

Shubael Jr. and Eliza A. [int.Ann] Cleveland May15,1836. [Shubael, s.Shubael and Lucretia (Coffin), and Eliza A. Cleaveland d, Davis and Rebecca (Russell).PR38]

Steven, s.Robert and Joanna Harvey, and Rebecca Howe,末蔓末,1668 [8 over 1].*PR38

Stephen, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard), and Hopcot Gardner, 25:3m:1708.*PR38

Stephen, s.Ebenezer and Mary of Sherbourn in N., and Eunice Starbuck, d.William and Anna of Sherbourn in N., 3:11m:"called January," 1744.CR4 [Stephen, s.Ebenezer and Mary (Hussey) (Worth), and Eunice Starbuck, d.William and Anna (Folger) (first w.), 末:9m:PR38]

Stephen, s.Ebenezer and Mary of Sherborn in N. and Phebe Swain, d.George and Love of Sherborn in N., 25:2m:"called February," 1754, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Stephen, s.Ebenezer and Mary, (Hussey) (Worth), and Phebe Swain (second w.), d.George and Love (Paddack).PR38]

Stephen, s.Thomas and Sarah of Sherborn in N., and Hephzibah Paddack, d.Paul and Anna of Sherborn in N., 31:12m:"called December," 1761, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Stephen, s.Thomas and Sarah (Hoeg), and Hepsibeth Paddack, d.Paul and Ann.PR38]

Susan F., see Susan H.

Susan and George Mitchell, 9:10m:1814.CR4

Susan and Reuben F. Coffin, July30,1817. [Susan, d.William and Elizabeth (Inot), and Reuben F. Coffin, s.Samuel and Eunice (Folger).PR38]

Susan H, [dup. Susan F, Bernard], Miss, and Obed Chase, June23,1825. [Susan H, Barnard, d.Paul and Mary (Bocot), and Obed Chase, s.Reuben and Judith (Gardner), 22:6m:.PR38]

Susan F. and George W. Coleman 2d, May27,1849.†

Susanna and Seth Coffin, 3:12m:"called December," 1767.CR4

Susanna and Latham Bunker, 28:8m:1788.CR4

Thomas F. s.Benjamin and Anna (Folger), and Joanna Phinney, d.Gershom,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38 [see preceding entry.]

Thomas, s.Stephen and Hapcott of Sherborn in N., and Sarah Hoeg, d.Benjamin and Sarah dec'd of Almsbury, Essex Co., 2:10m:"called December," 1735.CR4, [Thomas, s.Stephen and Hopcot Gardner, 末:8m:PR38]

Thomas and Elisabeth Coker, int.June26,1762.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Sarah of Sherborn in N., and Ruth Macy, d.Zaccheus and Hepzibah of Sherborn in N., 1:12m:"called December," 1768, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Thomas, s, Thomas nud Sarah (Hoeg), and Ruth Macy, d.Zaccheus and Hepzibah (Gardner), 末:4m:.PR38]

Thomas and Eunice Gardner, Aug.9,1796. [Thomas, s, Jonathan and Mary (Coffin), and Eunice Gardner, d.Barnabas and Abigail (Cartwright), 9:9m:PR38]

Thomas, s.Shubael and Ruth of N" and Alice Freeborn, d.George and Susanna of N., 4:4m:1799, in N.CR4 [Thomas, s.Shubael and Ruth (Bunker) (Myrick) (second w.), and Alice Freeborn, d.George of RI, and Susanna (Paddack) (Gardner), 末:2m:PR38]

Thomas [int.3d] and Eliza Myrick, May28,1807.

Thomas and Miss Caroline H. Morris, Apr.16,1829. [Thomas, s.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack), and Caroline H. Morris, d.Jacob.PR38]

Thomas G. and Mary Smith, Mar.13,1833. [Mar.13,1832.CR2 Thomas G., s.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner), and Mary Smith, d.Thomas 2d and Cassandra (Hatch),末蔓末,1833.PR38]

Thomas and Ann S. Phinney of N., int.Aug.1,1841. [m.Aug.15.CR2]

Timothy, s.Abishai and Phebe (Swain), and Mary Paddack, d.Daniel,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Timothy, s.Benjamin dec'd and Judith of Sherborn in N. and Mary Bunker, d.Peleg dec'd and Susanna of Sherborn in N., 2:1m:"called March," 1731-2, in N.CR4 [Timothy, s.Benjamin and Judith (Gardner), and Mary Bunker, d.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin) [dup. 末:11m:1731].PR38]

Timothy, s.Timothy and Mary dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Love Swain, d.George and Love of Sherborn in N., 8:2m:"called February," 1759, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Timothy, s.Timothy and Mary (Bunker), and Love Swain, d.George and Love (Paddack), 末:10m:1758, "Removed to NC. 9. 23. 1773. 箱PR38]

Timothy, s.Matthew and Deborah dec'd of N., and Eunice Starbuck, d.Nathaniel and Eunice dec'd of N., 10:12m:1795.CR4 [Timothy, s.Matthew and Deborah (Coffin), and Eunice Starbuck, d.Nathaniel and Eunice (Barnard), 末:10m:PR38]

Tristram and Plebe [int.Phebe] Swain, June20,1793. [Tristram, s.Jonathan and Mary (Coffin), and Phebe Swain, d.William and Eunice (Barnard) (first w.).PR38] Tristram, s.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin), and Betsey Mackey,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Tristram, s.William, and Judith Swain, wid.Paul, d.Francis Barnard and Elizabeth (Macy),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Tristram, s.William and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Margaret Folger, d.Reuben and Dinah dec'd of Sherborn in N., 2:1m:"called January," 1766, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Tristram, s.William and Mary (Coffin) of New Garden, NC, and Margaret Folger, d.Reuben and Dinah (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Uriah, s.Timothy, and Elizabeth Macy, d.Joseph and Mary (Starbuck), Feb.21,1782 [in New Garden, NC].*PR38

Valentine, s.Thomas and Sarah of Sherborn in N., and Anna Coffin, d.Peleg and Hephzibah dec'd of Barrington, N.S., 28:12m:"called December," 1770 [? 1769, rec. between mar. records each, 28:12m:1769], in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Valentine, s.Thomas and Sarah (Hoeg), and Anna Coffin, d.Peleg and Hepsibeth (Coffin), 末:12m:1770, "This family moved to Hudson in 1778. "PR38]

William, S. Asa and Hannah, and Mary Coffin, d.Aaron and Mary (Barnard),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William, s.Ebenezer and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Mary Coffin, d.Samuel and Miriam of Sherborn in N., 5:11m:1743, in N.CR4 [William, s.Ebenezar and Mary (Hussey) (Worth), and Mary Coffin, d.Samuel and Miriam (Gardner), 末:10m:PR38]

William, s, Timothy and Mary dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Hepzibah Gardner, d.Charles and Anna of Sherborn in N., 4:6m:1772, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [William, s.Timothy and Mary (Bunker), and Hepsabeth Gardner, d.Charles and Anna (Pinkham).PR38]

William and Elizabeth Inott [int.Inot], Sept.7,1780. [Inot.NCR William, s.Jonathan and Mary (Coffin), and Elizabeth Inott, d.Joseph (Inot) and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

William and Almira [int.Elmira] Whiteus, June19,1828. [Almira.CR2]

William S. and Caroline J. Gardner, both of N., Apr.2,1840. [William S. s.Libni and Lydia (Paddack), and Caroline J. Gardner, d.Charles and Jane Harley.PR38]

Zaccheus, s.Thomas and Ruth and Eunice Lawrence, wid.Charles, d.William Abrahms,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Zaccheus and Lucretia Gardner, July24,1806. [Zaccheus, s.Thomas and Ruth, and Lucretia Gardner, d.Alexander and Lydia (Fitch) (first w.).PR38]

BARNES (Barns)

Andrew, single, 24, laborer, of N. [dup., b. Ireland], s.Andrew and Bridget [int.of Ireland], and Miss Martha Collins of N. [dup. Ireland int.of N., b. Ireland], July24,1847.

Elizabeth, d.Henry Esq., and Nathaniel Coffin, s.William and Ann (Holmes).末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Betty (Barns) and Samuell Kettie, int.Oct.2,1784. Edward and Phebe Macumber, Dec.3,1829.

Eunice (Barns) and Michael Dennis Bei [int.Mitchel Bihe].末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Jan.10,1801].

Sally and Silas Gardner, Feb.7,1821. [Sally (second w.), wid.William, d.Nathaniel Macy Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock), and Silas Gardner, s.Daniel and Provided (Allen).PR38]

William (Barns) and Elizabeth Dunphy, int.Oct.29,1774. William [int.Barns] and Sally Macy, Feb.6,1800. [Barnes and Sally Macy, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock).PR38]


Abigail and Georg [int.George] C. Chase,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Feb.24,1821]. [George C, Mar.15,1821.CR2 Abigail, d.Jonathan J. and Mary (Folger), and George C. Chase, S. Peter.PR38]

Abigail and Samuel Starbuck, 1:12m:"called February," 1749.CR4

Abigail and Laban Swain, 3:8m:1808.CR4

Abigail and Francis F. Hussey, Nov.18,1830. [Abigail, d.Matthew and Abigail (Macy), and Francis F. Hussey, s.Zaccheus and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Ann G. and Joseph T. Upham, May2j, 1845t Anthony [int.Antona] and Lucy Dyer, July12,1804.

Antony and Betsey Swain, int.Aug.25,1810. [Antone and Betsey Swain:wid.Absalom, formerly w.David Russell, d.Thomas Shadwell and Hepsabeth (Clark), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Benjamin Griffin, s.Edward G. and Eliza Ann (Chase), and Clementina Stevens, d.John,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850]*PR38

Benjamin of Newport, RI, and Lydia Starbuck, d.Jethro and Dorcas, 31:1m:"called March," 1722.CR4 [Benjamin of RI, s.Jonathan of RI, and Lydia Starbuck, d.Jethro and Dorcas (Gayer).PR38]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Lydia dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Jemima Jenkins, d.Peter and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 4:12m:"called December," 1753, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Starbuck), and Jemima Jenkins, d.Peter and Abigail (Gardner), 末:10m:PR38]

Benjamin, s.Jonathan dec'd and Sarah of Newport, RI, and Huldah Bunker, d.Batchelor Hussey and Abigail of Biddeford, York Co., 6:12m:"called December," 1753, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Huldah, wid.Simeon, d.Bachelor Hussey and Abigail (Hall).PR38]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Lydia dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Lois Long, d.David Bunker and Elisabeth both dec'd of Sherborn in N., 10:4m:1777, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Starbuck), and Lois Long, wid.William, d.David Bunker and Elizabeth (Gorham), 末:2m:PR38]

Benjamin and Lydia Allen, Aug.31,1813. [Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Abial (Coffin), and Lydia Allen, d.Daniel Jr. and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman).PR38]

Benjamin, Capt. [int.omits Capt.], master mariner, of N., and Sarah Mitchell, residing at N., May18,1834. [Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Abial (Coffin), and Sarah Mitchell of RI, sister of David.PR38]

Benjamin A., single, 22. cooper, b. N., s.Benjamin and Lydia, and Lydia H. Swain, 19, b. N., d.William C. and Mary, all of N., June5,1847, in N. [Benjamin A., s.Benjamin and Lydia (Allen), and Lydia H. Swain, d.William C. and Mary (Starbuck).PR38]

Charles G., s.Charles and Avis (Macy), and Mary Walker,末蔓末, 末末, in VA.*PR38

Charles of N., s.Daniel and Lydia of N., and Avis Macy of N., d.Jonathan and Rose, 2:4m:1812, in N.CR4 [Charles, s.Daniel and Lydia (Coffin), and Avis Macy, d.Jonathan Jr. and Rose (Pinkham) [dup. 末:2m:].PR38]

Charles J. and Content [int.adds P.] Landers, Nov.12,1835. [Charles Joy Barney, s.William and Sarah (Joy), and Content Landers of Martha's Vineyard.PR38]

Daniel of Sherbourn in N., s.Benjamin and Jemima dec'd of Sherbourn in N., and Lydia Coffin of Sherbourn in N., d.Richard and Mary of London, 1:12m:1785, in Sherbourn in N.CR4 [Daniel, s.Benjamin and Jemima (Jenkins), and Lydia Coffin, d.Richard and Mary (Starbuck). 末:10m:PR38]

Daniel Jr. of N., s.Daniel and Lydia of N., and Eliza Ann Folger, d.Peleg S. and Ann dec'd or N., 8:8m:1827. in N.CR4 [Daniel, Daniel and Lydia (Coffin), and Eliza Ann Folger, d.Peleg Slocum and Ann (Macy).PR38]

David, s.Jonathan and Abial (Coffin), and Ann Mathias of Milford Haven, Eng.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

David, s.Jonathan and Abial (Coffin), and Elizabeth Stone of England Apr.6,1826, in England.*PR38

Dorcas, d.Jacob and Dorcas (Barnard), and John Earl of Newport, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Dorcas and William Brown, 6:9m:田alled September," 1770.CR4

Edward G. and Eliza Ana [int.Ann] Chase, Oct.4,1826. Eliza Ann.CR2 Edward G. s.Jonathan J. and Mary (Folger), and [Eliza Ann Chase, d.Peter.PR38]

Eliza Ann. wid.Daniel, d.Peleg Slocum Folger and Ann (Macy). and Lewis Edwards of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Betsey, see Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Dorcas (Barnard), and John Hadwin of England s.John,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth and.William Rotch, 31:10m:"called October," 1754.CR4

Elizabeth and Latham Coffin, July13,1823:[Betsey, formerly w.Antone, wid.Absalom Swain, formerly w.David Russell, d.Thomas Shadwell and Hepsabeth (Clark), and Latham Coffin, s.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick).PR38]

Elizabeth C. and Andrew G. Hussey, Jan.16,1845.† Eunice and Uriah Macy, 27:9m:1787.CR4

Eunice and Seth G. Myrick,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Dec.16,1820]. [Jan.4,1821.CR2 Eunice, d.Jonathan and Abial (Coffin), and Seth Myrick, s.Peter.PR38]

Eunice and Benjamin Mitchel, 10:1m:1799.CR4

George, s.Peter and Sally (Coleman), and Susan Russell, d.Abraham,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George H., s.Jacob and Anna (Gardner), and Susan Childs of Falmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George F., single, 34, accountant [dup. int.crossed out, merchant], b. N., s.Jonathan and Mary [dup. int.crossed out, Judith], and Phebe Fitzgerald, 30 [dup. int.crossed out, 32], b. N., d.William and Elizabeth, all of N., Mar.5,1845, in N. [George F., s.Jonathan J. and Polly, and Phebe FitzGerald, d.William and Elizabeth (Brock), 6:3m:PR38]

Griffen, s.Jonathan and Abigail dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Hephsibah Coffin, d.Tristram Jr. and Mary of Sherborn in N., 27:8m:1794, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Griffin, s.Jonathan and Abigail (Jenkins), and Hepsabeth Coffin, d.Tristram and Mary (Pinkham).PR38]

Hepsibeth, wid.Joel, d.Francis Coffin and Hepsibeth (Swain), and George A. Stockman,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hephzibah and William Coffin, 7:2m:"called February. 1754.CR4

Jacob and Love Paddack,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Oct.20,1827]. [Jacob, s.Robert and Huldah (Marshall), and Love Paddack, wid.Elisha, d.Paul Paddack Jr., 4:11m:1827.PR38]

Jacob of Newport, RI, and Dorcas Barnard of N., d.Nathaniel and Dorcas dec'd, 28:7m:"called September. " 1726, in N. [Dorcas, d.Nathaniell and Dorcas dec'd.CR4 Jacob, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Griffen) of RI, and Dorcas Barnard, d.Nathaniel and Dorcas (Manning). 28:9m:PR38]

Jacob, s.Robert and Huldah of N., and Anna Gardner, d.Joseph dec'd and Abigail of N., 7:7m:1803, in N.CR4 [Jacob, s.Robert and Huldah (Marshall), and Anna Gardner (first w.), d.Joseph and Abigail (Clark). 末:6m:.PR38]

James S. of Middleborough and Emily B. [dup. H.] Doane, d.John and Phebe F. (Folger),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jane and Reuben P. Folger, Dec.2,1846.†

Joanna [int.Joan] and Stephen Tapp, Aug.10,1828.

Joel and Hepsibeth Coffin, d.Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jonathan, s.Jonathan dec'd and Mary of Newport, Newport Co., RI, and Abigail Jenkins, d.Peter and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 3:2m:"called February," 1763, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Abigail, d.Peter and Abigail (Gardner), 末:12m:1762.PR38]

Jonathan, s.Jonathan dec'd and Mary of Newport, RI and Judith Barnard, d.Peter dec'd and Anna of Sherborn in N., 9:12m:1779, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Judith, d, Peter and Anna (Starbuck) [dup. 末:10m:].PR38]

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Huldah of Sherborn in N., and Abiel Coffin, d.Barnabas dec'd and Abigail of Sherborn in N. 1:3m:1781, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Huldah (末 末, 末末) (Bunker) (second w.), and Abial Coffin, d.Barnabas and Abigail (Folger). 末:1m:PR38]

Jonathan Jr. and Mary Folger, int.末:May7,1791. [Jonathan J., s.Jonathan and Abigail (Jenkins). and Mary Folger, d.Barzilla Jr. and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.), m.末:5m:1791.PR38]

Joseph and Mary Coleman, Jan.19,1812. [Joseph, s.Robert and Huldah (Marshall), and Mary Coleman, d.David and Elizabeth (Russell).PR38]

Joseph and Susan Coleman, Feb.15,1816. [Joseph, s.Robert and Huldah (Marshall). and Susan Coleman, d.David and Elizabeth (Russell).PR38]

Joseph S., single, 21, merchant. b. N., s, Nathaniel and Eliza, and Malinda Swain, 20. b. N., d.Obed B, and Eunice, all of N., July6,1848, in N. [Joseph S., s.Nathaniel and Eliza (Starbuck), and Malinda Swain, d.Obed B. and Eunice (Carpenter) (first w.).PR38]

Josiah G., s'. Charles an~ Avis (::\facy). and Susan Owen,末蔓末, 末末, in the South.*PR38

Judith B. and Barker Burnell, Nov.5,1818. [Judith B., d, Jonathan J. and Mary (Folger), and Barker Burnell, s.Jonathan and Polly.PR38]

Lucy and George Gorden, July24,1816. [Lucy (black) and George Gordon.CR2]

Lydia and Matthew Starbuck, 28:11m:1776.CR4

Lydia and William P. Smith, Feb.19,1833. [Lydia (first w.), d.Daniel and Lydia (Coffin), and William P. Smith, s.Thomas 2d and Cassandra.(Hatch).PR38]

Mary C. of N. and James E. Barker, int.Sept.30,1838. [m.Oct.17.CR2 Mary C., d.Joseph and Mary (Coleman), aria James H. Barker, s.Robert and Lucretia (Hussey), m.末蔓末, 末末,1838 [dup.末蔓末, 末末,1839].PR38]

Mary and William Macy, 13:9m:"called November," 1746.CR4

Mary and Paul Worth, June12,1806. [Mary (second w.), d.Jonathan and Abigail (Jenkins), and Paul Worth, s.John arid Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Mary and Thomas Hilborn [dup. Hillburn, int.Hillborn], May7 [int.May26], 1821. [Hilborn, June7.CR2 Mary, d.Daniel and Lydia (Coffin), and Thomas Hillman [dup. Hilburn], S. Charles J. and Priscilla (Chadwick).PR38]

Mary and George Wilson, int.Nov.4,1826.

Mary and Seth Russell, int.May19,1827.

Mary and William J. Jorden, Oct.5,1829.

Mary F. and Franklin Myrick, Aug.13,1833. [Mary F., d.William and Sarah (Joy), and Franklin Myrick, s.Isaac.PR38]

Mary P. and Benjamin Swain, both of N., Oct.31,1837. [Mary P., d.Jacob and Anna (Gardner), and Benjamin F. Swain, s.Owen and Abigail (Swain).PR38]

Matthew, s.Benjamin and Jemima dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Abigail Macy, d.Daniel and Abigail both dec'd of Sherborn in N., 28:4m:1791, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Mathew, s.Benjamin Jr. and Jemima (Jenkins), and Abigail Macy, d.Daniel and Abigail (Swain), 末:3m:.PR38]

Matthew, s.Benjamin and Jemima dec'd of N., and Parnell Gorham, d.Solomon Gardner dec'd and Mary of N., 7:10m:1801, in N.CR4 [Matthew, s.Benjamin and Jemima (Jenkins), and Parnal Gorham, wid.James.PR38]

Matthew, s.Benjamin and Jemima dec'd, and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Jonathan Pitts and Huldah both dec'd, 16:7m:1806.CR4 [Matthew, s.Benjamin and Jemima (Jenkins), and Elizabeth Coffin. wid.Eber, formerly w.James Lawrence, d.Jonathan Pitts and Huldah (Coleman).PR38]

Matthew, s.William and Sarah of N., and Sally Mitchell, d.William and Lydia C., 4:10m:1838.CR4 [Matthew, s.William and Sarah (Joy).PR38]

Marcy [int.Mercy] Ann and Hinny [int.Harrey] Francis,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1819, m.Nov.6,1819]. [Mercy Ann and Harry Francis, Nov.18,1819.CR2]

Mercy Ann, see Marcy Ann.

Mercy and Moses Felt [int.Fellt], May19,1771. [Felt.NCR]

Nathaniel and Eliza Starbuck,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Apr.29,1820]. [May18,1820.CR2 Nathaniel, s, Jonathan and Abial (Coffin), and Eliza Starbuck, d.Joseph and Sally (Gardner). 18:5m:1820.PR38 Eliza, d.Joseph, May18. r820.PR64]

Nathaniel, s.Jacob and Dorcas (Barnard), and Amy Proud, 12:11m:1773, in Albany NY.*PR38

Obed and Lavinia Coffin, Jan.15,1832. [Obed, s.Jonathan and Abial (Coffin), and Lavinia [dup. Lavina] Coffin, d.Hon. Isaac Esq. and Margaret (Swain).PR38]

Paul, s.Peter and Sarah, and Mary C. Coffin, d.David and Sarah (Coleman),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Paul and Miss Elizabeth C. Barker, Mar.19,1826. [Paul, s.Peter and Sally (Coleman), and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza] Barker, wid.Benjamin, d.Obed Coleman and Elizabeth (Swain). 26:3m:PR38]

Peter, s.Benjamin Jr. and Jemima (Jenkins), and Eliza Howland wid Allen of New Bedford, d.William Macy Jr. and Anna (Hussey) (first w.),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Peter, s.Benjamin Jr. and Jemima dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Sarah Coleman, d.Nathaniel and Hepzibah of Sherborn in N. 30:11m:1780, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Peter, s.Benjamin Jr. and Jemima (Jenkins). and Sally [dup. Sarah] Coleman, d.Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Hussey), 末:8m:PR38]

Peter, s.Benjamin and Jemima dec壇 of N., and Anna Hussey, d.William dec'd and Abigail of N., 9:10m:1805, in N.CR4 [Peter, s.Benjamin and Jemima (Jenkins), and Ann Hussey, d.William.and Abigail (Starbuck).PR38]

Phebe and Joseph Swain, 6:1m:1774.CR4

Reuben and Miss Mary S. Coffin, Apr.14,1830. [Reuben, s.William and Sarah (Joy), and Mary S. Coffin, d.Thaddeus and Jemima (Folger).PR38]

Robert, s.Jacob and Dorcas dec'd of Newport, RI, and Huldah Marshall, d.Joseph and Phebe of Sherborn in N., 10:3m:1774, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Robert, s.Jacob and Dorcas (Barnard), and Huldah Marshall, d.Joseph and Phebe (Folger), 末:1m:.PR38]

Samuel, s, Jonathan and Abial (Coffin), and Eliza Dennamon [dup. Dennamon], d.George and Elizabeth (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, d.Jacob and Dorcas (Barnard), and 末末 Lawton,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah and James R. Hassard, 10:6m:1819.CR4

Sarah and Benjamin Vi. Chase, Apr.18,1848.†

Thomas and Sarah Folger, May11,1828. [Thomas, s.Daniel and Lydia (Coffin), and Sarah Folger, d.Joseph and Judith (Inott).PR38]

William H., s.Charles and Avis (Macy), and Mary Corliss, 0. Benjamin of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William, s.Jonathan and Abigail dec'd of N., and Sarah Joy, d.Reuben dec'd and Anna of N., r6:12m:1795 [dup.末蔓末,1796], in N.CR4 [William, s.Jonathan and Abigail (Jenkins), and Sarah Joy, d.Reuben and Anna (Way), 末:10m:1795.PR38]

William Jr. and Mary Sprague, June2,1825. [William, s.William and Sarah (Joy), and Mary Sprague, d.John and Mary (Bocott).PR38]

William C. and Mary B. Macy, both of N., May3,1842. [William C., s.Joseph and Susan (Coleman) (second w.), and Mary B. Macy, d.Thomas Vi. and Lydia B. (Townsend).PR38]

BARNFIELD (Barnfeild)

Jane [int.Barnfeild] and Stephen Hazard, Mar.末,1805.

John (Barnfeild) and Jane Roberts, May2,1804.

BARNS (Barnes)

BARRETT (Barret)

Alexander of N. and Mary A. Lunbart [int.Lumbard] of Boston, Aug.5,1838. [Alexander, S. John and Judith (Coffin), and Mary Lumbert, d.Joseph.PR38]

Eliza [int.Elizabeth] and Oliver Cromwell Bartlet, Oct.13,1796. [Elizabeth, d.Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning, and Oliver Cromwell Bartlett, s.John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.).PR38]

Eliza T. and John M. Bovey, Sept.21,1847.†

Elizabeth, see Eliza.

Eunice and Hezekiah Pinkham, int.Aug.24,1799. [Eunice, d.Nathaniel and Eunice (Gardner), and Hezekiah Pinkham, s.Tristram and Lydia (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Francis (Barret) and Rebekah [int.Rebecca] Wendell, Dec.2,1783. [Rebecca.NCR Barrett, s.Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning, and Rebecca Wendall d.John Hunt of Boston.PR38]

Francis and Abigail Gardner, Sept.15,1793. [Francis, s.Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning, and Abigail Gardner, wid.Reuben, d.John Wendall.PR38]

Francis M. [int.omits rd.], single, 27, merchant, b. N., s.John W. and Lydia.and Susan P. Coffin, 24, b. N., d.Edward and Mary, all of N. Aug.10,1848, in N. [Francis M., s.John W. and Lydia (Mitchell), and Susan P. Coffin, d.Edward W. and Mary (Plasket).PR38]

George of N. and Rebecca M. Vincent of Edgartown, int.May23,1841. [George, s.John and Judith (Coffin), and Rebecca Vincent, d.Peter of Edgartown. m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

George and Mary Crosby, int.May2,1795. [George, s.Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning, and Mary Crosby, d.Samuel and Mary [sic. Sarah] (Marshall). m.5:8m:PR38]

George Sophia Robbins, June1,1815. [Bassett.CR2 Barrett, s.Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning. and Sophia Robbins, wid.Timothy, d.James Chase and Mercy (Godfrey).PR38]

George W. and Lydia R. Bartlett, both of N., July11,1837. [George W., s.George and Sophia (Chase) (Robbins) (second w.). and Lydia R. Bartlett, d.William and Lydia (Macy).PR38]

Jethro and Sally Forsdick, June1,1817. [Jethro, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Brock) (Coffin) (second w.). and Sarah Fosdick, d.Peter and Ruhamah (Gardner).PR38]

John and Judith Coffin, June27,1805. [John, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Brock) (Coffin) (second w.), and Judith Coffin, d.Elihu and Eunice (Folger).PR38]

John W. [int.Barret] and Lydia Mitchell, Oct.31,1816. [Barrett.CR2 John Wendall Barrett, s.Francis and Abigail (Wendall) (Gardner) (second w.), and Lydia Mitchell, d.Christopher.PR38]

Joseph F., single, 27, mariner, b. N., s.Samuel and Judith, and Harriet Barnard, 25, b. N., d.Frederick H. and Lucy, all of N., Jan.30,1847, in N. [Joseph F., s.Samuel and Judith (Fitch), and Harriet Barnard, d.Frederick H. and Lucy (Turner).PR38]

Lydia G. and Henry W. Bearse, May23,1847.†

Margaret, see Peggy.

Peggy and David Myrick, May10,1804. [Margaret, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Brock) (Coffin) (second w.), and David Myrick, s.Andrew.PR38]

Mary of Boston and Charles Coffin, s.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 12:7m:1722.*PR38

Mary C. and John Spicer Jr., June12,1845.†

Mary H. and Frederick 13. Pinkham, May13,1847.†

Nathaniell [int.Barret] and Eunice Gardner, May12,1774. [Barret.NCR Nathaniel Barrett and Eunice Gardner, d.Grafton Esq. [dup. Sr.] and Abigail (Coffin).PR38] Nathaniell (Barret) and Margaret Coffin, June3,1779. [Nathaniel Barrett and Margaret Coffin, wid.Jethro, d.John Brock and Anna (Bunker).PR38]

Peter, s.Peter and Lucretia (Gardner), and Hannah H. Haskell,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850], in Salem.*PR38

Peter and Lucretia Gardner, Aug.1,1816. [Peter, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Brock) (Coffin) (second w.), and Lucretia Gardner, d.Gideon and Merab (Bunker).PR38]

Priscilla and Peleg Swain, June3,1802. [Priscilla, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Brock) (Coffin) (second w.), and Peleg Swain 3d, s.Peleg and Elizabeth (Cartwright) (second w.).PR38]

Rebecca and John Fitch, Dec.31,1795. [Rebecca, d.Nathaniel and Eunice (Gardner), and John G. Fitch, s.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner).PR38]

Rebecca and Hezekiah B. Gardner, Dec.29,1807. [Rebecca, d.Francis and Rebecca (Wendall), and Hezekiah B. Gardner, s.Gidion and Hannah (Barnard) (first w.), "Removed to Buffalo. "PR38]

Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning,末蔓末,1763 [? in Boston].*PR38

Samuell (Barret) and Sally Coffin, Oct.23,1784. [Samuel, s.Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning, and Sally Coffin, d.Simeon and Jedidah (Coffin).PR38]

Samuel and Sarah Gardner, Nov.21,1797. [Samuel, widr., of Boston, and Sally Gardner, wid.Uriah, Wid.John Hunt Wendal, d.Joseph Tilden of Boston.PR38]

Samuel and Judith Fitch, Feb.25,1817. [Samuel, S. Nathaniel and Margaret (Brock) (Coffin) (second w.), and Judith Fitch, d.Joseph and Judith (Brock).PR38]

Sally, see Sarah.

Sally and Jonathan Coffin Briggs, int.Jan.11,1794. [Sally, wid.Samuel, d.Simeon Coffin and Jedidah (Coffin), and Jonathan C. Briggs.S. Abner and Deborah (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Sarah M. and Reuben Hallett, both of N., int.Oct.20,1839. [m.Nov.6.CR2 Sarah M., d.John W. and Lydia (Mitchell). and Reuben Hallett. S. Isaac and Rebecca of Barnstable. m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Sarah and Jared Gardner, Sept.12 [int.Sept.14], 1793, [Sally, d.Samuel or Boston and Sarah Manning, and Jared Gardner, s.Capt. Shubael and Judith (Barker).PR38]

Susan Y, and James G. Coffin 2d, May23,1878.†

BARROWS (Borrows)

Abisha and Eliza Bunker, Sept.末,1822. [Abishai and Betsey Bunker, d.John and Betsey (Gelston).PR38]

James Davis [int.Burblotted] [and] Deborah [int.Deborough] Francis, Jan.5,1832.

Samuel S., single, 24 [int.19]. mariner, of N., b. Middlebury, CN, s.Samuel S. of Middlebury, CN, and Desire H. Doane, 25 [int.30]. of N., b. Chatham, d.Joseph D. and Bethia of Chatham, Sept.13,1846, in N.

Silvester (Borrows) and Eunice Bunker, d.Richard and Eunice (Mitchell),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

BARRY (Berry)

BARSSELL (Burssell)

BARTHOLOMEW (Bartholomue)

Hannah, d.Henry, and James Brown, S. John and Sarah Walker, 5:9m:1664.*PR38

Jemima [int Bartlomy] and Joseph Thomas, July3,1774. [Bartholomew.NCR Jemima Bartholomew, d.Thomas and Beulah (Skiff).PR38]

Sarah and Michael. Mooor [int.Moore], Aug.11,1766. [Moor.NCR Sarah, d.Thomas and Beulah (Skiff). and Michael More.PR38]

Thomas (Bartholomue) and Beula Skiffe, both of N., July15,1724.* [Bartholomew [dup. Bartlemy] and Beulah Skiff, d.James and Sarah (Barnard), 15:7m:PR38]

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Aurora (Bartlet) [int.Bartlett] of N. and William Freeman of Pitston, ME,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.28,1810, int.July22,1809], in N. [Bartlett, d.John, M.D., and Lucretia Stewart (second w.),末蔓末, 末末,1810.PR38]

Catharine Macauly (Bartlet) and Sarnuell Crosby, Jan.7,1790. [Catharine Macauley Bartlet.NCR Catharine Macauley Bartlett, d.John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Samuel Crosby Jr., s.Samuel and Mary [sic. Sarah] (Marshall).PR38]

Charles Frederick, s.John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Betsey 末末,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charlottee [int.Charlotte] (Bartlet) and Samuel [int.Samuell] Hussey, June21,1789. [Charlotte and Samuell Hussey.NCR Charlotte Bartlett, d.Dr. John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Samuel Hussey, S. Obed and Mary (Calef) (second w.).PR38 Charlotte Bartlett and Samuel Hussey.PR64]

Charlette (Bartlet) [int.Charlotte Bartlett] and Dr. [int.omits Dr.] Nathaniel Ruggles, Nov.29,1829. [Charlotte Bartlett (second w.), d.Dr. Oliver C. and Elizabeth (Barrett), and Nathaniel Ruggles.PR38]

Emma [int.Emmeline Bartlet] and Josiah Hallet, Oct.13,1821. [Emma, d.Telemechus and Lydia (Coffin), and Josiah Hallett, s.Isaac and Rebecca of Barnstable.PR38]

Emeline E. and Luther Hinckley, Nov.17,1844.†

I.H. Jr., single, 25, merchant. of New Bedford, b. New Bedford, s.I.H. and Betsey of New Bedford, and Mary L.F. Gibbs, 21, of N., b. N., d.Joseph and Joanna of Falmouth, Oct.31,1848, in N.

John, s.John and Susanna (Southworth), and Lucy Libby of CN,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John S. and Eunice M. Hussey, int.May3,1823. [John S., s.Oliver C. and Elizabeth (Barrett), and Eunice Hussey, d.Paul and Judith (Gardner), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

John and Susanna Southworth of Duxbury, 22:12m:1753.*PR38

John and Lucretia Stewart of Amherst, CN, 18:3m:1761, in Stonington, CN.*PR38

Leander, s.John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Betsey 末末,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Leonora B. and George P. Whippey, Dec.20,1846.†

Lucretia (Bartlet) and Arthur [int.Aurthur] Matthews, Oct.12,1796. [Bartlett, d.John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Arthur Matthews.PR38 Bartlett, d.Dr. 末末, and Arthur Matthews "who came here last spring & sot up his trade of soap boiling. "PR64]

Lucretia and Barzilla [int.Barzillai] Russell, Nov.30,1818. [Lucretia (first w.), d.Dr. Oliver C. and Elizabeth (Barrett), and Barzillai Russell, s.Charles and Hepsabeth (Coffin) (first W.).PR38 Oct.27.PR64]

Lydia R. and George W. Barrett, both of N., July11,1837. [Lydia R., d.William and Lydia (Macy), and George W. Barrett, s.George and Sophia (Chase) (Robbins) (second w.).PR38]

Oliver Cromwell (Bartlet) and Eliza [int.Elizabeth] Barret, Oct.13,1796. [Bartlett, S. John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Elizabeth Barrett, d.Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning.PR38]

Oliver C. [int.Bartlet, Dr.] and Fanny, Lamson, Apr.9,1820. [Oliver Cromwell Bartlett, s.Dr. John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Francis [sic. dup. Fanny] Lampson of Boston.PR38 Dr. 末末 Bartlett and Fanny Lamson of Boston.PR64]

Paschal Paoli and Jenny Dagget, int.Sept.29,1792. [Pascal Paoli Bartlett, s.John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Jane Daggett of M[artha's] Vineyard, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Samuel R. (Bartlet) [int.Samuel Roads Bartlett] and Lucy Jenkins, Sept.9,1816. [Samuel R. Bartlett of Lynn and Lucy Jenkins, d.John and Susan Holmes.PR38]

Samuel R. (Bartlet) [int.Bartlett] and Mary Gardner, both of N., Oct.4,1840.

Sally, see Sarah.

Sarah, d.John and Susanna (Southworth), and Jonathan Alden,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Sarah [int.Bartlet] and Allen Gibbs, May18,1815. [Bartlett, d.Dr. Oliver C. and Elizabeth (Barrett), and Allen Gibbs of Wareham, S. Caleb.PR38 Sally Bartlett, May14.PR64]

Telemacus (Bartlet) [int.Telemachus] and Lydia Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Jan.16,1802]. [Telemechus Bartlett, s.Dr. John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Lydia Coffin, d.Seth.PR38 Telemachus Bartlett, Feb.4,1802.PR64]

William [int.Bartlet] and Emeline [int.Emmeline] P. Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末:1821, int.Dec.16,1820]. [Bartlett and Emeline P. Coffin, Dec.21,1820.CR2 Bartlett and Emeline P. Coffin, d.Thaddeus and Ann (Parker), 20:12m:PR38]

William (Bartlet) [int.Bartlett] and Lydia Macy, Dec.5,1816. [Bartlett.CR2 Bartlett of Marblehead, s.Thomas, and Lydia Macy, d.Solomon and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]


Lydia and George W. Macy, Sept.24,1844.†

William F. of Medford and Lydia Earl of N., May12,1840. [Earle, d.Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher).PR38]


David [int.Bechard] and Eliz abet h Hussey, Nov.22,1755. [Baschard.NCR Baschard [dup. Bichaud], inn keeper, and Elizabeth Hussey, wid.Reuben, d.Nathaniel Woodbury and Abigail, 7:10m:PR38]

Elizabeth [int.Buschard] and Gideon Hawley, Oct.7,1778.†

BASSE (Besse)

BASSETT (Basset)

Elizabeth (Basset) and Manuel Swazy, int.Oct.3,1795.

George, see George Barrett.

Hannah (Basset) and John Dyer, int.Mar.29,1777. James N. and Rebecca Freeman, int.July7,1827.

James N. of N. and Sarah F. Freeman of Sandwich, int.Aug.25,1839. [m.Sept.1.CR2]

Mary Ann (Basset) [int.Bassett] and William Henry Gardner 2:May10,1832.

Phebe of Maine and Randall Clark, s.Edmund and Rachel (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Sarah (Basset) and Edward Loyd Whittemore, int.July5,1777

William C. and Mary Ann Whiteus, June28,1827.

BASSEY (Besse)


Asa F. [int.T.] and Miss Eliza Ann Winslow, May17,1832.

Eliza and Robert Gillespie, Dec.22,1833. [Eliza, wid.Gamalial, d.Elias Coffin and Abigail (Coffin), and Robert Gillespie, s.John and Elizabeth of Tyrone Co., Ire.PR38]

Gamalial and Eliza Coffin, d.Elias and Abigail (Coffin) [? parentage],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph W., single, 27, fanner, of Sandwich, b. Sandwich, s.Isaac and Azenith of Sandwich, and Eliza C. Rawson, 20, of N., b. N., d.Asa and Mary of N., Nov.30,1848, in N. [Eliza C, d.Asa and Mary (Fish).PR38]

Richard S., single, 25, shipwright, of N., b. E. Hadden [int.E. Haddam], and Emily Fitzgerald, 22, of N., b. N., d.William and Elizabeth of N., Sept.29,1845, in N. [Richard S. of E. Haddam, CN, and Emily FitzGerald, d.William and Elizabeth (Brock).PR38]

Stephen and Ann Mooers [int.Moores],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末:1821, int.Mar.3,1821]. [Mooers, Mar.22,1821.CR2 Rev. Stephen and Anna Moores, d.William Jr., 末:4m:1820.PR38]

William M., single, 24, merchant, b. N., s.Stephen and Ann, and Ann C. Gelston, 23, b. N., d.Samuel and Sarah, all of N., May25,1846, in N. [William M., s.Rev. Stephen and Anna (Moores), and Ann Colten Gelston, d.Samuel and Sally (Cartwright) (Clark) (second w.).PR38]


Ezra and Winifred Chase, wid.Joseph, d.James Bocot Jr.,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850], in NY.*PR38


Benjamin and Lydia Burnal, July19,1787. [Benjamin, s.Christopher and Mary (Worth), and Lydia Burnell, d.Jonathan and Jemima (Marshall).PR38]

Christopher and Mary Worth, June30,1754 [Christopher, s.William and Margaret Cook, and Mary Worth, d.Richard and Lydia (Swain), 20:6m:PR38]

David and Rachel Folger,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Dec.21,1799]. [David, s.Christopher and Mary (Worth), and Rachael Folger, d.Owen and Eunice (Smith).PR38]

David and Deborah FitzGerrald [int.Gerrald], Mar.22,1791. [FitzGerald.NCR David, s.Benjamin of Bass River. and Deborah FitzGerald, d.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman).PR38]

David C., single, 31, mariner, b. N., s.Reuben and Love, and Mary J. Hussey, 24, b. N., d.Frederick and Lydia, all of N., Sept.1,1845, in N. [David c., s.Reuben and Love (Briggs).PR38]

Deborah and Jonathan Moors [int.Moores], Feb.18,1781. [Moors.NCR Deborah, d.William and Margaret Cook, and Jonathan Moores, s.Jonathan.PR38]

Deborah and Job Smith, May15,1794. [Deborah, d.Christopher and Mary ('Worth), and Job Smith Jr., s.Job and Mary (Johnson) (first w.).PR38]

Eliza and William R. Easton, Sept.27,1827. [Eliza, d.Reuben and Love (Briggs), and William R. Easton, s.Nicholas and Mary of RI.PR38]

Eunice and Jeremiah Lawrence, May28,1795. [Eunice, d.Christopher and Mary (Worth), and Jeremiah Lawrence of Hudson NY.PR38]

Ezekiel and Catharine Bearse, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Oct.20,1789.*

Francis and Lydia Baxter, Jan.7,1802. [Francis, s.Christopher and Mary (Worth), and Lydia Baxter, wid.Benjamin, d.Jonathan Burnell and Jemima (Marshall), 1801.PR38]

John of VT, and Sarah F. Coffin, d.Jared and Hepzibah (Swain),末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Lydia and Reuben Giles, int.June29,1776. [Lydia, d.Christopher and Mary (Worth), and Reuben Giles, s.Beriah and Mary (Wyer), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Lydia and Francis Baxter, Jan.7,1802. [Lydia, wid.Benjamin, d.Jonathan Burnell and Jemima (Marshall), and Francis Baxter, s.Christopher and Mary (Worth),末蔓末,1801.PR38]

Margaret and Nathaniell Chadwick, int.Aug.28,1773. [Margaret, d.Christopher and Mary (Worth), and Nathaniel Chadwick, s.Richard and Deborah (Swain), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Mary and Francis Colburn, Nov.4,1830. [Mary, d.Reuben and Love (Briggs).PR38]

Phebe and Job Smith, int.Dec.12,1761. [Phebe (second w.), d.William and Margaret Cook, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38] Phebe and Thomas Townsend, May23,1797. [Phebe, d; Christopher and Mary (Worth), and Thomas Townsend, s.James and Jennette (Brock).PR38]

Rebecca and Alexander D. Bunker, Apr.24,1817. [Rebecca, d.William and Hannah, and Alexander D. Bunker, s.Absolem and Love (Downs).PR38]

Reuben and Love Briggs, Feb.23,1796. [Reuben, s.Christopher and Mary (Worth), and Love Briggs, d.Abner and Deborah (Coffin).PR38]

Richard and Mary Coffin, Nov.2,1775. [Richard, s.Christopher and Mary (Worth).PR38 Richard of Yarmouth and Molly Coffin.PR64]

Richard and Amanda Wrightington, int.Jan.19,1818.

Shubael and Eliza Swain, Oct.1,1812. [Shubael of Cape Cod and Eliza Swain, d.Samuel and Polly (Cook) (first w.).PR38]

William, s.Christopher and Mary (Worth), and Hannah Groves of Beverley,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William and Margret Cook, both of N., Aug.11,1720, in N.* [William of Scotland and Margaret Cook.PR38 Margret.PR68]

William and Betsey Cary [int.Carey], Aug.19,1830. [Cary.CR2 William, s.Reuben and Love (Briggs), and Betsey Cary, d.James and Betsey (Swain).PR38]

BAYLEY (Bailey)

BAYLY (Bailey)


Harriet and David Owens, July17,1849.†

BEACHAM (Beauchamp)


Erastus and Naoma Cook, int.Jan.22,1803.

BEAK (Beek)

BEARCE (Bearse)


Anna and Nathaniel Gardner, 7:9m:"called November," 1751.CR4

Deborah and Zachariah Coffin, int.Oct.28,1769. [Deborah of Dartmouth and Zaccheus Cotten of Shearburn (N.), m.Nov.16, in Dartmouth.BCM Deborah, d.John and Deborah (Pease), and Zacheriah Coffin, s.Joseph and Judith (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Deborah and Reuben Starbuck, Sept.21,1815. [Deborah (third w.), d.Matthew and Elizabeth (Myrick), and Reuben Starbuck, s.Matthew and Rose (Barnard) (first w.).PR38]

Elizabeth and Reuben Hilman,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.15,1798]. [Elizabeth, d.Matthew and Elizabeth (Myrick), and Reuben Hillman, s.John and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

Elizabeth and John Waterman, 25:10m:"called October," 1756.CR4

Eunice and Jonathan Gifford, 8:1m:1767.CR4

John "late of Old England" s.Richard and Dorothy of "the Citty of Exeter in Devonshire," and Deborah Peas, d.Nathan and Hannah of Sherborn in N., 2:9m:"called November," 1731, in N.CR4 [John, s.John of Teignmouth, Eng., and Deborah Pease, d.Nathan and Hannah (Chase).PR38]

John, s.John and Deborah of Sherborn in N., and Ruth Russell, d.William (Russel) and Mary of Sherborn in N., 5:1m:"called January," 1764, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [John, s.John and Deborah (Pease), and Ruth Russell, d.William and Mary (Coleman) (second w.).PR38]

John Barret [int.Barrett] and Hannah Earl, Sept.27,1804. [John Barrett Beard, s.John and Ruth (Russell), and Hannah Earl [dup. Earle], d.Joseph and Hannah (Morris) (first w.).PR38]

John R. and Maria R. Toye [int.Foye], July25,1830. [John R, s.John Barrett and Hannah (Earl), and Maria Foy, d.Obed and Hannah (Russell).PR38]

Mary E. and Lewis R. Lavers, Nov.23,1847.†

Matthew and Elizabeth Myrick, Nov.28,1771. [Matthew, s.John and Deborah (Pease), and Elizabeth Myrick, d.Isaac.PR38]

Phebe, d.John and Deborah (Pease), and Isaac Nichelson [? Isaiah Nickerson],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Richard, s.Richard and Dorothy dec'd of Exeter, Devonshire, Eng., and Eunice Macy, d.Jabez and Sarah of Sherborn in N., 4:9m:1742, in N.CR4 [Eunice, d.Jabez and Sarah (Starbuck), "Removed 21. 5. 1772. "PR38]

Ruth and Ebenezer Gardner, Nov.21,1751. [Ruth, d.John and Deborah (Pease), and Ebenezer Gardner Jr., s.Ebenezer and Judith (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Ruth and Eliel Coffin, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec.29,1789. [Ruth, d.John and Ruth (Russell), and Elial Coffin, s.Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Ruth R. and Stephen Modley, both of N., Dec.29,1842. [Bearce.CR1 Ruth Beard, d.John Barrett and Hannah (Earl), and Stephen Modley, s.Thomas.PR38]

Sally and Joseph Gardner, July8,1796. [Sally, d.Matthew and Elizabeth (Myrick), and Joseph Gardner, s.Shubael and Hepsibeth (Gardner).PR38]

Sarah and Charles Smith, July16,1829. [Sarah, d.John Barrett and Hannah (Earl), and Charles Smith, s.Solomon and Anna (Gardner).PR38]


Joseph A, and Charlotte P. Macy, d.Francis G. and Phebe H. (Hussey), Dec.4,1845.*PR38

BEARSE (Bearce, Beares, Bears, Beears, Beers, Burse)

Adeline (Bears) and Manson Morris, colored, int.Oct.2,1836.

Braddack (Beares) and Margret Gardner, colored, int.July24,1836.

Braddock S., single, 30, mariner, b. N., s.Henry and Flora, and Miss Eliza Ann Duriee, 23, b. Middleborough, all of N., Sept.6,1845, in N.

Caroline and Jacob Bearse, s.Solomon and Hannah Green,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Catharine and Ezekiel Baxter, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Oct.20,1789.*

Clarissa and William K. Googins, Mar.30,1845.†

Flora (Bearce) [int.Bears] [and] Francis W. Martin [int.colourd], Sept.25,1831. [Beers, black.CR2] Hannah and Paul W. Clisby, Mar.10,1844.†

Hannah L., Miss, and Edward F. Joy, Mar.12,1844.†

Henry (Beers) [int.Becras] and Floro Summons, Nov.23,1813

Henry W., single, 24, mariner, of Barnstable [int.b. Barnstable], s.Solomon and Hannah of Barnstable, and Lydia G. Barrett, 21, of N., b. N., d.Samuel and Judith of N., May23,1847, in N. [Henry, s.Solomon and Hannah Green, and Lydia Barrett, d.Samuel and Judith (Fitch).PR38]

Isaac G. (Bearce) and Mary M. Gardner, Nov.17,1831. [Bearse, s.Solomon and Hannah Green, and Mary Ann Miller, d.John and Mary (末末) (Marshall) (later w.John Gardner).PR38]

Jacob, s.Solomon and Hannah Green, and Caroline Bearse,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John (Beers) and Olive Francis, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept.7,1788.

John, single, 23, mariner, of Harwich, b. Harwich, s.William and Catharine of Harwich, and Mary Ann Patterson, 18, of N., b. N., d.William and Olive of N., Dec.21,1848, in N.

Lydia and Theophilus C. Backus, both of Falmouth, Dec.19,1839. [Theophilas.PR38]

Mary and William Sands, Sept.8 [int.Oct.16], 1773. [ Sept.8.NCR]

Mercy (Burse) and Daniel B. Chase, Aug.8,1841.†

Olive (Beers) and Nimrod Quommino [int.Quomeno],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.May19,1798].

Olive (Beers) and Lewis Farmer, int.Oct.26,1793.

Olive (Bearce) and William Dyer, int.Apr.22,1832.

Olive F. (Beears) and Andrew Anton, colourd, int.July12,1835

Olive (Bears) and Henry Wilson, coloured, both of N., int.Dec.6,1840.

Paulina B. (Bearce) [int.Bearse of N.] and Edward Eliot [int.Elliot of Norfolk], July3,1842

Ruth R., see Ruth R. Beard.

Solomon of Cotuit, Cape Cod, and Hannah Green,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Tirza, see Tirzah.

Tirzah and Seth S. Gibbs, int.Nov.6,1836. [Tirza, d.Solomon and Hannah Green, and Seth S. Gibbs, s.Samuel and Mercy (Nye), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Tirza F. (Bearce) of Barnstable and Charles H. Rogers [int.Rodgers] of N., Jan.27,1842. [Tirza Gibbs (first w.) of Cape Cod, wid.[sic] Seth, d.Solomon Bearse and Hannah Green, and Charles H. Rogers, S. Henry and Rhoda (Cahoon) of Cape Cod.PR38]


William and Fanny Russel, July7,1801. [Beacham and Fanny Russell, formerly W. Abram, d.Ebenezer Rand and Hannah Waters.PR38 Beauchamp, June30, "July7 again recorded."PR64]

BECHARD (Baschard)

BECK (Beck)

Mary and Obadiah Pendall, June29,1788.

BECKUS (Backus)

BEE (Bei)

James and Mary Cook, May15,1804

BEEARS (Bearse)

BEEBE (Beebee)

Ezra S. (Beebee) [int.Beebe, omits S.] and Lucy Allen, June7,1821. [Ezra Beebe, s.Nathan and Patience [sic. Elizabeth], and Lucy Allen, d.Tristram and Polly (Nobles).PR38]

Hannah and Giles E. Stanton, Apr.末,1805. [Hannah, d.Nathan and Elizabeth.PR38]

John M. and Rebecca Chadwick, Dec.7,1809. [John Murray Beebe, s.Nathan and Elizabeth, and Rebecca Chadwick, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter).PR38]

John M. and Miss Patience Allen, Jan.22,1826. [John Murray Beebe, s.Nathan and Elizabeth.PR38]

Rebeca [dup. and int.Rebecca] and George B. [int.Brown] Chase, Jan.23,1825. [Rebecca.CR2 Rebecca, divorced W. John M., d.Nathaniel Chadwick and Margaret (Baxter), and George Brown Chase, s.Isaac and Eunice (Brown).PR38]

Sarah and Isaiah Nicherson [int.Nickerson], Apr.14,1811. [Sarah, d.Nathan and Elizabeth, and Isaiah Nicholson Jr.PR38]

William and Grace Claghorn, int.Sept.25,1802.

BEEK (Beak, Beck)

Diah [int.Dinah] and George Davis, Sept.6,1807.

Moses (Beak) [int.Bcek] and Dinah Isaac, Oct.23,1804.


John and Maria [int.Mary, Ann] Holmes, Aug.14,1831. [Mary Ann, d.Benjamin and Persis (Fisher).PR38]


John [int.Beercroft] and Elizabeth Morris, both of Sherbourn, Nantucket Co., Aug.20,1791.

BEERS (Bearse)


John and Harriet F. [int.Harriot Z.] Brown, Oct.11,1832. [Harriet Z.CR2]

Thomas and Phebe Giles, Dec.29,1762. [John [sic. ? Thomas] of Martha's Vineyard and Phebe Giles, d.Beriah and Mary (Wyer).PR38]

Thomas and Eliza Ray, Aug.25,1833. [Thomas of Martha's Vineyard, s.John, and Eliza Ray, d.Uriah and Mary (Allen).PR38]

BEGALOW (Bigelow)


John and Mary Rice, Dec.15,1807. [Begon of Hudson, NY, and Polly Rice, d.Randall and Elizabeth (Russell).PR38]

BEI (Bee)

Michael Dennis [int.Mitchell Bihe] and Eunice Barns,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Jan.10,1801].


Thomas of Baltimore, MD, and Margaret Aldrich, d.Obed and Mary (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Anna and Lemuel Turner, int.Sept.16,1775. Hannah and Matthew Coleman, int.Feb.24,1776.

John and Catharine [int.Katharine] Robinson, Oct.25,1756. [Catharine.NCR]

Lewis [int.of London] and Charlotte [int.adds C.] Hull, Aug.7,1836.

Ross and Hannah Meder, June6,1768.

Sarah of Westchester, NY, and Alexander Brown, s.Benjamin and Betsey (Allen),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Susan A. and James W. Pompey, Oct.30,1844†

BENNETT (Bennet, Bennit)

Ann and Richard Bailey, May5,1833 [Cynthia [dup. omits Cynthia] Ann, d.Charles C. and Celia, and Richard Bailey Jr. of New Bedford [dup.末蔓末,1835].PR38]

Christina (Bennet) and Samuell Russel, int.Oct.19,1771. [Bennett (third w.) and Samuel Russell Jr., s.Samuel and Huldah (Odar) (first w.), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Cordelia of N. and Joshua Merritt of Bath, ME, int.Oct.21,1838. [m.Oct.31.CR2 Cordelia, d.Charles C. and Celia (Merry), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Cynthia, d.William and Phebe (Raymond), and Zeno Crocker of Barnstable,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Cynthia Ann, see Ann.

Daniel (Bennet) [int.Bennett] and Eliza Baker, June16,1828. [Bennett and Eliza Baker, wid.William, d.Benjamin Jones and Amy (Skinner).PR38]

Edward H. and Amelia Coleman, both of N., Mar.10,1839. [Edward Hyde Bennett, s.William and Phebe (Raymond), and Pamelia Coleman, d.Robert and Deborah (Morselander), 12:3m:PR38]

Eliza Ann and David Christian, Apr.27,1828. [Eliza Ann, d.William and Phebe (Swain), and David Christian, s.Peter.PR38]

Emily R, d.Charles C. and Celia (Merry), and Joseph R. Mitchell,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hannah G. and Amos H. Wood,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末:1828, int.June9,1827]. [Hannah, d.William and Phebe (Raymond), and Amos H. Wood, s.Amos, 1:7m:1827.PR38]

Harriet A. [int.Harriet Augusta Bennet] and George Litchfieid Jr., Nov.18,1844.†

Hirram (Bennet) [int.Hiram] and Susan Maxey [int.Maxcy], June10,1832. [Hiram Bennett and Susan Maxy.CR2 Hiram Bennett, s.William and Phebe (Raymond), and Susan Maxey, d.Reuben.PR38]

Jane, d.William and Phebe (Raymond), and George Gove,末蔓末, 末末. in Maine.*PR38

Jane (Bennet) and Barnabas Wilson, int.May24,1776.

John (Bennit) and Mercy Francis, int.Aug.15,1818.

John of Charlestown and Eliza Ann Dunham of N., Dec.25,1839

Joseph (Bennet) [int.Bennit] and Olive Quimany, Feb.末 [int.Feb.2], 1811.

Lucretia [int.Bennet] and Jonathan Huntoon, Dec.4,1821. [Bennett, d.William and Phebe (Swain).PR38]

Lucy Ann [int.Bennet] [and] John Johnson,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.Apr.12,1828]. [Mrs.Lucy A. Bennett and John Johnson, colored, May1,1828.PR38]

Lucy G. and Reuben L. Whippy, July7,1833. [Whippey, July7,1832.CR2 Lucy, d.Charles C. and Celia (Merry), and Reuben L. Whippey.PR38]

Lydia S, (Bennet) and Charles H. Coleman, June26,1831. [Bennett.CR2 Bennett, d.William and Phebe (Swain), and Charles H. Coleman, S. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris).PR38]

Maria G. and William Hatch of Falmouth, int.Aug.5,1838. [Maria [dup. Mercy or Maria], d.Charles C. and Celia (Merry). and William Hatch.Barnstable, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Nancy [int.Bennet] and James Breed, Apr.23,1822. [Bennett, d.Reuben and Sarah (Elkins), and James Breed of Lynn.PR38]

Nancy [int.adds T., of N.] and William Russell [int.Benjamin W. of Augusta], May2,1838. [Nancy, d.William and Phebe (Raymond), and Benjamin Russell.PR38]

Phebe Ann and Charles Lovelace, int.Mar.22,1828. [Phebe Ann, d.William and Phebe (Swain), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Reuben (Bennet) and Sally Ellkins [int.Elkins],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.June16,1798]. [Reuben, s.Samuel and Ruth (Perry). and Sally [dup. Sarah] Elkins, d.John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo),末蔓末, 末末,1798.PR38]

Robert (Bennet) and Mary Pease,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.6,1822, int.Jan.26,1822]. [Bennett and Mary Pease, d.Bethania.PR38]

Ruth (Bennet) [int.Bennit] and Freeman Ellis, Dec.26,1802. [Bennett (third w.), wid.Samuel, d.James Perry and Miriam (Stretton), and Freeman Ellis, s.Mordecai.PR38]

Samuell (Bennet) [int.Samuel] and Ruth Perry, Mar.15,1767. [Samuell.NCR Samuel Bennett and Ruth Perry, d.James and Miriam (Stretton).PR38]

Sarah, see Sally.

Sally (Bennet) [int.Bennett] and Stephen Remson [int.Remsen]. May15,1794. [Bennett, d.Samuel and Ruth (Perry), and Stephen Remson.PR38]

Sally [int.Bennitt] and David Joy Jr., Sept.3,1809. [Sarah Bennett, wid.Reuben, d.John Elkins (from England) and Sarah (Mayo), and David Joy, s.David Jr. and Phebe (Coffin).PR38]

Stephen [int.Bennet] and Sarah B. Crosby, June2,1835. [Bennett, s.William and Phebe (Raymond), and Sarah Crosby, d.Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), 6:6m:PR38]

Susan M., d.Reuben and Sarah (Elkins), and John P. Tem plet [dup. Tamplet],末蔓末,1824 [dup. in SC].*PR38

William Jr. (Bennit) and Polly Young, int.Aug.8,1818. [Bennett, s.William and Phebe (Swain), and Polly Young of Wareham, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

William (Bennet) and Phebe Swain, Aug.11,1791. [Bennett Sr., 殿n Englishman," and Phebe Swain, d.Freeman and Rebecca (Lewis).PR38]

William, s.Stephen of Sandwich, and Phebe Raymond, d.Ebenezer and 末末, Chadwick (second w.), 末:3m:1802.*PR38

William 2d [int.Bennet, omits 2d] and Betsey Lewis, Mar.16,1834. [William, s.Stephen of Sandwich, and Betsey Lewis, wid.Freeman.PR38]

William E., single, 32, mariner, b. N., s.William and Phebe, and Sarah D. Morse, 19, b. N., d.Arnold and Maria, all of N., June23,1847, in N. [William Hammond Bennett, S. William and Phebe (Raymond), and Sarah Day Morse, d.Arnold and Maria (Morey).PR38]

Zeruiah [int.adds H.] and M. [int.omits M.] Watson Burgess, Sept.2 [int.Sept.7], 1828. [Zeruiah, d.William and Phebe (Raymond), and Watson Burgess of Sandwich, 2:9m:PR38]


Desire and Abner Coffin, Dec.24,1775. [[dup. Benthal] wid.Eber, d.Zacheriah Bunker and Desire (Gorham), and Abner Coffin Jr., S. Abner and Phebe (Butler).PR38 Benthall.PR68]

John and Desire Bunker, May1,1766. [Eber Benthal [dup. Benthall] and Desire Bunker, d.Zacheriah and Desire (Gorham).PR38]

BERNARD (Barnard)

BERNS (Burns)

BERRY (Barry, Berrey)

Eric [int.Erie] (Barry) and Susan Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.24,1819, int.June6,1818].

Hannah, 24, of Dennis, and Frederick H. Gardner, 30, of N., int.Mar.9,1844. [Hannah of Harwich and Frederick H. Gardner, S. Albert and Judith (Joy), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Julia S. of Gardiner, ME, d.Arthur anti Harriet (Stackpole), and Josiah G. Macy, s.Josiah and Lydia, July1,1846, in Gardiner, ME.*PR38

Lewis and Eliza Boston [], July8,1830, Susan and Samuel Emery, Oct.2,1832.

Westley (Berrey) and Mary Marsh, coloured, int.Nov.8,1835

BESSE (Basse, Bassey, Bessey)

Cyntha (Basse), Miss, and Jabez Cushman,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1824, int.Apr.12,1823]. [Cynthia Bassy and Jabez Cushman, s.Isaac and Esther of Plymouth.PR38]

Elizabeth (Bessey) of Waine, ME, and Benjamin F. Coffin of N., May7,1839. [Besse of Rochester and Benjamin Franklin Coffin, s.Benjamin and Mary (Paddack).PR38]

Joshua and Nancy Nichols, int.Nov.18,1832.

Silvia (Bassey) and Caleb Cushman, Dec.18,1825. [Silvea Bessey and Caleb Cushman, s.Isaac.PR38]

BIAR (Byer)

BICHAUD (Baschard)


James and Phillis Thomas, int.Aug.27,1785.

BIGELOW (Begalow, Biglow)

Caroline and Henry Morgan, int.Apr.20,1834. [Biglow, m.Apr.20.CR2 Bigelow, d.Maj. James and Anna, and Henry Morgan of Spring. field.PR38]

Charlotte, d.Maj. James and Anna, and Gurden Pitcher of Norwich, CN,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Daniel C, single, 25, merchant [int.mariner], b. N., s.James and Anna, and Susan Starbuck, 19, b. N., d.Charles R. and Eliza, all of N., Nov.19,1845, in N. [Daniel C., s.Maj. James and Anna, and Susan Starbuck, d.Charles R. and Eliza (Barnard).PR38]

Emily and Peter G. Fosdick, Aug.6 [int.Aug.25, dup. Sept.6], 1821. [ Sept.6.CR2 Emily, d.Maj. James and Anna, and Peter G. Fosdick, s.Peter and Ruhamah (Gardner), Sept.6.PR38]

Henry and Mary Barker, Aug.9,1832. [Henry, s.Maj. James and Anna, and Mary B. Barker, d.Robert and Lucretia (Hussey).PR38]

Maria and Robert G. Tenny [int.Tenney], Nov.1,1835. [Maria, d.Maj. James and Anna, and Robert G. Tenny Jr. of Charlestown.PR38]

Samuel (Biglow) [int.Bigelow] and Naomi Gardner,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.May25,1799]. [Bigelow and Naomi Gardner, wid.Aaron, d.Reuben Gardner and Elizabeth Vail,末蔓末,1799.PR38]

William H. (Begalow) [int.Bigelow] and Loiza [int.Luisa] Bunker, July13,1828. [Bigelow, printer, and Louisa Bunker, d.Rowland and Rebecca (Hayden).PR38]


Hannah [dup. Ballinger], d.John and Catherine, and Joseph Coffin, s.Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Lydia and Samuel Long, int.Nov.16,1765. [Lydia of Easton and Samuel Long, S. Samuel and Lydia (Coffin), m.Dec.12.PR38]


Christopher and Sarah Leaggin, int.Nov.11,1769.


末末 and Mary Dame, d.Moses and Rachael (Mitchell),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

BIRE (Bei)


Ezra, single, 22, mason [int.of Fairhaven], b. Fair Haven, and Abby B. Goodman, 18, of N., b. N., d.John and Eliza of N., June6,1847, in N. [Abby B., d.John and Lydia (Gardner).PR38]


Elizabeth of Baltimore, MD, and Thomas Brock, s.William and Elizabeth (Calef),末蔓末, 末末*PR38


Eliza (Bissel) of N. and Reuben Chase Jr., Apr.10,1821. [Eliza Bizzle [dup. Elizabeth Bissel, second dup. Elizabeth Bizzel] d.William and Abigail (Swain), and Reuben Chase, s.Reuben and Judith (Gardner), 19:4m:PR38]

William [int.Bissel] and Abigail Swain,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Nov.10,1798]. [Bizzle [dup. Bissel] of RI, and Abigail Swain (second w.), d.Bachelder and Desire Chase (second w.),末蔓末, 末末,1798.PR38]

William (Bissel) [int.Bissell] and Elizabeth Swain, Mar.18,1794. [Bissell of RI, and Elizabeth Swain (first w.), d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Johnson).PR38]


Alexander, S. Douglas and Percis (Arthur), and Lydia White of Yarmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Anna and Robert Coffin, June14,1807. [Anna, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Robert Coffin, s.Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin).PR38]

Anna and Nehemiah Dayton, int.Dec.11,1836, 套 Malindia Hinkley appeared and forbid the Banns of the above. "

Clovis, s.Daniel, and Elizabeth Blackwell, d.Rowland and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Clovous and Betsy Fisher, int.Jan.31,1795. [Clovis, s.Daniel and Elizabeth [dup. Betsey] (Coffin), and Betsey Fisher, d.Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Daniel and Elizabeth Coffin, int.May11,1765. [Daniel, s.Douglas and Percis (Arthur), and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Abner and Phebe (Butler), m,末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Daniel, s.Douglas and Percis (Arthur), and Patience Sherman, wid.Richard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Dowglass and Persis Arthur, Nov.20,1734.* [Douglas and Percis Arthur, d.John and Mary (Folger), 26:2m:[dup. 20:6m:].PR38]

Dugal [int.Douglass] and Desire Wheelden, Jan.23,1757. [Dugal.NCR Douglas and Desire Wheldon of Cape Cod, 25:1m:PR38]

Eunice and Benjamin Flag [int.Flagg],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Nov.15,1800]. [Eunice, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Eunice and Jacob Ally, Aug.30,1761. [Eunice, d.Douglas and Percis (Arthur), and Jacob Alley, s.Solomon.PR38]

Lovey and Robert Coffin, July26,1787. [Love, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Robert Coffin, s.Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), 27:7m:PR38]

Patty [int.Patta] and Uriah Bunker, Sept.30,1802. [Martha, d.Douglas and Percis (Arthur) [sic, see death of Percis].PR38]

Sarah and George A. Potter, coulard, int.Apr.10,1831.

William, s.Dugal and Persis dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Mary Folger, d.Eleazar dec'd and Mary of Sherborn in, N., 29:1m:田alled January, 1761, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [William, s.Douglas and Percis (Arthur), and Mary Folger, d.Eleazar Jr. and Mary (Marshall) (second w.).PR38]


John and Eliza Coleman, d.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Erastus and Lydia M. Bailey, Sept.7,1834. [Lydia M., d.Samuel and Eunice (Clark).PR38]

Lydia and Leander B. Hathaway, Aug.25,1844.†


Benjamin and Betsay [int.Betsey] Fuller,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.May1,1820]. [Betsey, June6,1819.CR2] Benjamin (Blackwill) [int.Blackwell] and Hannah C. Small, Aug.16,1821. [Blackwell and Hannah Catherine Small.CR2]

Benjamin and Sally Freeman, Mar.21,1824.

Elizabeth, d.Rowland and Mary, and Clovis Black, s.Daniel,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John and Hannah Ellis, Nov.14,1811. [Hannah, wid.Jonathan, d.Reuben Swain and Hannah (Macy) (second w.), "went to the Vineyard."PR38]

Samuel, s.Samuel, and Martha Mayhew, d.Abner of Chilmark, M.V.,末蔓末, 末末, [in Chilmark].*PR38

BLAGDEN (Blandon)

Daniel, single, 24, yeoman, of Anson, ME, b. Anson. ME, s.Joseph and Jane of Anson, ME, and Mary P. Orpin, 16, of N., b. N., d.John and Mary of N., Aug.10,1845, in N.

James (Blandon) [int.of ME] and Deborah Modley [int.of N.] Mar.1,1839. [Blagden and Deborah Modley, d.Thomas and Rebecca.PR38]


Ann of N. and Dennis Mullen of N. [dup. int.late of Ireland]. Feb.12,1843.

BLISH (Blush)

Abraham and Susanna Knowles, Feb.27,1825 [Susan, wid.John, d.William Hull and Lydia (Whiteus), 27:7m:PR38]


Caroline L.L. and Abraham B. Lovell, both of N.,. int.Aug.8,1841. [Caroline L.S., d.Joseph and Sarah (Orne). and Abraham Lovell of Cotuit, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Joseph of NH, and Sarah Orne, d.Erick Blakely,末蔓末,1814.*PR38

Lucian B. of Mobile and Sarah M. Folger of N., Sept.17,1837. [Lucien Bonaparte Bliss and Sally [dup. Sarah] Maria Folger, d.Peleg Slocum and Ann (Macy).PR38]

Sarah M. and Charles F. Meader, both of N., int.Dec.6,1840. [Sarah Maria.d.Joseph and Sarah (Orne), and Charles F. Meader, s.Reuben and Sarah, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Sarah H. and David B. Swain, Feb.12,1822. [Sarah, wid.Joseph, d.Erick Blackley Orne and Sally, and David B. Swain, s.Valentine and Mary (Barnard).PR38]


Catharine and Obed Raymond.May25,1845.†

Sylvester D. of Chatham and Betsey H. Jones,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

BLUSH (Blish)

Samuel of NY, and Mary H. Calder, d.Samuel and Eliza Ann (Harris),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Sophronia and Zepheniah Lyles, June14,1835.


John of Troy, NY, and Clarinda Starbuck, d.William,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

BOATELS (Bottles)

BOAZ (Boose)


Anna (Bowcot) [int.Bocot] and Elihu Folger, Jan.20,1805. [[dup. Bowcott] d.John and Sarah (Swain), and Elihu Folger, s.Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.).PR38]

Anna (Bocott) and Obed Barnard, Aug.4,1808. [Bocot, d.James and Charity (Swain), and Obed Barnard, s.David and Abigail (Starbuck).PR38]

Anna (Bowcot) [dup. Bowcot, dup. int.crossed out, Bowcott] and Southward Jenkins, Jan.4,1825. [Bocot (second w.), wid.John, d.Nathaniel Bunker, and Southard Jenkins, s.Joseph and Bethiah.PR38]

Charity and Gershom Cathcart, Dec.11,1783. [Bocott, wid.James, d.Ebenezer Swain and Lydia (Giles), and Gershom Cathcart, s.Hugh.PR38]

Elizabeth and Banister [int.Bannister] Keen, Nov.10,1770. [Banister.NCR Elizabeth Bowcot, d.Thomas and Mercy, and Banister Keen.PR38]

James and Charity Swain, Nov.27,1768. [Bocott and Charity Swain, d.Ebenezer and Lydia (Giles).PR38]

James (Bowcot) and Elizabeth Brown, Oct.16,1803. [Bocot, s.James and Charity (Swain), and Elizabeth Brown, d.James.PR38]

John and Sarah Swain, int.Sept.27,1755. [John, brother of James 1st and Sarah Swain, d.Ebenezer and Lydia (Giles), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

John and Anna Bunker, int.Feb.14,1801. [John, s.James and Charity (Swain), and Anna Bunker, d.Nathaniel, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38 m.Mar.1.PR64]

John, s.John and Sarah (Swain), and Mercy [dup. Percy] Doane of New Bedford,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, see Mary

Mary and John Sprague, Aug.23,1787. [[dup. Bocott] d.John and Sarah (Swain), and John Sprague of Newfoundland 23:5m:PR38]

Mary (Bocott) [int.Lydia Bocot] and Laban [int.Labon] Coleman, Mar.9,1797. [Lydia Bocot, d.John and Sarah (Swain), and Laban Coleman, s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Myer).PR38]

Mary (Bowcot) [int.Bocott] and Paul Barnard, May19,1803. [Bocot, d.Anna, and Paul Barnard, s.Elisha and Lydia (Starbuck).PR38]

Sarah (Bowcot) and David Losson, June11,1744.* ["Lesson or Lawson," in N.PR38]

Susanna and Stephen Coleman, Aug.11,1789. [Susan Bocott, d.John and Sarah (Swain), and Stephen Coleman, s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer).PR38]

Thomas (Bowcot) and Mercy 末末,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Wennifred (Bocott) [dup. Winifred Bocatt, int.Winafred Bocatt] and Joseph M. Chase, Sept.2,1824. [Winnifred Becott.CR2 Winifred Bocot, d.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Brown), and Joseph M. Chase, s.Judah and Phebe (Meader).PR38]

BODEN (Borden)


末末, and Leonard Chase, s.Levi and 末末 Pike,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hannah and Levi Kelley, s.Levi and Nabby of Osterville, May1,1800.*PR38

Joseph O. of Barnstable and Adelia Eldridge of Falmouth, Aug.2,1840. [Delia, d.Hannah C.PR38]

Russell and Sarah J. Coffin, Apr.24,1828. [Sarah, d.Silvanus Jr. and Judith (Macy).PR38]


Francis and Sally Moores [int.Moors], Aug.31,1802. [Moores, d.Francis and Mercy.PR38]

Nancy M. of N. and Elijah P. Smith of Edgartown, Apr.10,1827. [Nancy, d.Francis and Sally (Moores).PR38]

BOILES (Bowles)

BOLDIN (Baldwin)

BOLES (Bowles)

BOLLES (Bowles)


Phebe Ann and Alvin S. Coffin, s.Cyrus and Abigail (Butler),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Francis [dup. Rand int.Bound] and Remembrance Cuff, colored [dup. black], Aug.21,1821. [Bown.CR2]

Paris A., single, 22, farmer, b. [int.Lewiston] Maine, and Delia Morey, 20, b. N., d.Joseph and Rebecca, all of N., Sept.26,1847, in N.

Pronissa [int.Phronissa] and George W. Wing, Nov.14,1847-8.


Joseph, s.Isaac of Philadelphia, PA, and Eliza Chadwick, d.Thaddeus and Hepsibeth (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Marton and Luisa Veals, int.Apr.29,1815.

BOOSE (Boaz, Boots)

Farraba (Boaz) [int.Boose] and Martin Harris, Jan.7,1812.

George and Elizabeth Freeborn, Apr.23,1815. Seth (Boots) and Heppy Toby, int.Mar.12,1757.

BORDEN (Boden)

Abigail G. (Boden) and Henry Starbuck, both of N., Apr.4,1830. [Abigail [dup. Abby G. Bourden], d.Henry and Abigail Guild, and Henry J. Starbuck, "a Portuguese. "PR38]

Edward (Boden) of N. and Miss Mary Jane Howe [int.How] of Wareham, Sept.27,1840. [Edward, s.Henry and Abigail Guild, and Mary Jane Howe, d.Martin of Wareham.PR38]

Eunice and Manul Enas, June25,1826.* [Boden, s.Henry and Abigail Guild, and Manuel Enos."a Portuguese of Floris."PR38]

Nathaniel A. and Deborah Cook, Oct.19,1834.

Sally M. and John W. Banks.Apr.3,1829. [Sally M., black.CR2]

William and Lucreatia [int Lauriett] Cufffin coulard.Aug.16,1835.


末末, and Martha Coffin, wid.William, d.Ebenezer Allen and Mary of Hudson, NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

BORROWS (Barrows)


末貌r and Tabitha Coffin, int.Dec.30,1769.

Absalom and Mary Spywood, Jan.7,1808.

Absalom and Phebe Spriggins, Jan.9,1814. [Phebe, black.CR2]

Absolom F. and Hannah Cook, int.Aug.25,1827.

Benajah [int.Benasah] and Ann Martin [int.colourd], Sept.23,1832. [Benajah and Ann Martin, colored.CR2]

Benajah C. and Lydia H. Pompey, colored, int.Apr.30,1837.

Carline and Rodolphus Harden, int.May14,1796.

Caroline D. and James Claws [int.Clow], both colored and residents of N., July18,1839. [Claw.CR4]

Charles F. and Hannah S. Capy [int.Hannah T. Capey, coloured] Nov.4,1830. [Hannah T. Capey, black.CR2]

Charlotte and Phillip Winsow, June29,1797.

Charlotte [int.Charlot] and Charles L. Groves, Dec.27,1827. [Charlotte, black.CR2]

Eliza and Lewis Berry [], July8,1830. Essex and Tabitha Cuff, Jan.14,1770.*

Essex and Amy Gardner, colored,末蔓末, 末末.*CR1

Essex and Sable [int.Sabel] Littlefield, Dec.29,1803. Essex and Amy [int.Ama] Hazard.June9,1811.

Fal and Silas Boston, int.Mar.3,1781.

Freeborn and Mary Summons, Oct.7,1804.

Hannah and Thomas Dunn [int.blacks], both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept.16,1790.

Jane and Benjamin Roberts, June23,1793. John and Sally Way, Dec.3,1795.

Lettice and Charles Weeden,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.15,1798].

Mahala [int.Mahalah] and William Collins, Aug.25,1825. [Mahala, blackCR2]

Maria [int.omits Boston] and Pompey [int.negroes], May9,1771. [Maria Boston.NCR]

Mary and Samuell Johnson, int.Sept.6,1788.

Mary and Cesar Simmons [int.Summons], Aug.9,1789. [Summons.NCR]

Mary and Machael Duglass [int.Mike Guglas], Mar.28,1811.

Mary Ann and David Jackson, Aug.25,1825. [Mary Ann, black.CR2]

Patience and Prince Limus, Nov.5,1772.

Peter and Rhoda Jolly, Nov.5,1795. Peter and Phillis Gilbert, Oct.25,1798.

Phebe Cesar Godfrey, June9,1793.

Phillis and Thomas Munrow, Nov.19,1801.

Priscilla and William Pompey [int.Pompy], Aug.28,1785. [Pompey.NCR]

Priscilla and John Williams, int.July1,1797

Priscilla and John Tommas, Feb.12,1818. [Priscilla, black, and John Thomas.CR2]

Reuben of N. and Zilpha Harrington [int.Zilpah Hanngton] of Falmouth, Dec.10,1795, in Falmouth.

Seneca and Thankfull Micah, Jan.4,1770.

Silas and Fal Boston, int.Mar.3,1781.


Jacob and Phebe Barnard, d.John and Mary (Russell).末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jacob and Lydia Whittaker, wid.Oliver, d.John Barnard and Mary (Russell),末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

William, single, 23, carpenter, of New Bedford, b. New Bedford, s.Darius and Ruby of Fair Haven, and Almira Chadwick, 23, of N., b. N., d.Anthony and Mary of N., July1,1849, in N. [William, s.Darius of New Bedford, and Almira Chadwick, d.Anthony and Polly (Perkins).PR38]


Sophia [int.Boatels] and Samuel Womsley, Aug.27,1806.


Henriette of Barnstable and Oliver C. Coffin of N., int.June24,1838. [Henrietta of Osterville and Capt. Oliver C. Coffin, s.Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Isabella D., d.Charles W. of Marston's Mills, and Nathan Coleman of Cape Cod, 末:1m:1849.*PR38

Martha A. and Oliver C. Coffin, July20,1845.†

BOURAGE (Burrage)


James and Hannah Swinborn [int.Swhinburn], Jan.18,1776. [Swhinborn.NCR]


Barnabas E. of Falmouth and Lydia B. Long of N., Aug.4,1839. [Lydia B., d.Ahraham and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Phebe E. of E. Falmouth and Warren Fisher of N., int.Oct.8,1837. [Warren, s.Joseph and Rosanna (King), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]


John M., single, 26, trader, of New Bedford, b. Hallowel [int.Hallome, ME], s.John and Amelia M. [int.omits M.] of Hallowell [int.Bath], and Eliza T. [int.Tilden] Barrett, 21, of N., b. N., d.John W. and Lydia M. [int.omits M.] of N., Sept.21,1847, in N. [Eliza T., d.John W. and Lydia (Mitchell).PR38]

BOWCOT (Bocot)

BOWEN (Bowens)

Clarissa and Dea.Nathan Davis of Somerset, 1:1m:1826.*PR38

George and Eliza Ellis, int.Aug.16,1823. [George, s.Reuben and Sally (Folger), and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza] Ellis, d.Henry and Rebecca (James) (Tweedy), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

James F. and Lydia Folger, Sept.17,1833. [James, s.Reuben and Sally, and Lydia Folger, d.Henry and Polly Hazell.PR38]

Nancy W. (Bowens) of N. and Leander B. Hathaway of Wareham, int.May20,1838.

Reuben and Sally Folger, int.Mar.8,1800. [Reuben of Rehoboth, RI, and Sally Folger, d.Henry and Elizabeth (Baker), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Susan and Emanuel Wood, June30,1831.

BOWES (Bows)

Elizabeth [int.Bows] and Godfrey Coddington, Aug.17,1786. [Bowes.NCR]

Freeborn (Bows) and Elizabeth [int.Betsey] Fortune. Dec.5,1775, [Elizabeth.NCR]

James (Bows) and Bathsheba Hannet, May19,1775.

BOWLES (Bailes, Bales)

Amos and Lydia Adams [int.Addams] Mar.6,1808. [Lydia Adams, wid.Benjamin, d.William Raymond and Lydia (Weeks).PR38]

Ann (Bailes) and Morgan Nowlan, int.Nov.9,1754.

George W. (Boles) and Sarah H. Swain, Dec.19,1832. [Bowles [dup. Bolles], s.Amos and Lydia (Raymond) (Adams). and Sally H. [dup. Sarah] Swain, d.Alexander and Eunice (Chase).PR38]

Jesse M. of NY, and Martha Coffin, d.Uriah and Elizabeth (Hiller).末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

BOWMAN (Boaman)

BOWN (Bond)

BOWS (Bowes)

BOYER (Byer)

BOYLE (Boyles)

Barnabas and Eleanor Gordon, Jan.29,1733-4.*

Mary (Boyles) and Patrick Denny, Feb.10,1764. [Boyls and Patrick Denney.NCR]

BRACK (Brock)


John W. of Boston and Lucretia C. Manter of N., int.July12,1840.


George and Lydia B. Hussey, Sept.29,1836. [Lydia B. (first w.), d.Valentine and Eunice (Bunker) (Fitch) (second w.).PR38]


Wyman of Charlestown and Elizabeth M. Starbuck of N., int.Apr.28,1839. [Elizabeth Ann.CR4 Wyman, s.Charles and Mary, and Elizabeth Ann Starbuck, d.Thomas and Susan (Macy), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]


Rebecca (Braddford) [int.Bradford] and Joseph Morey, Nov.15,1818.

Woodbury, single, 24, printer, of N., b. Chester, VT, s.Andrew and Nancy of Chester [int.adds VT], and Susan C. Osborn, 20, of N., b. N., d.David and Hepzibah of N., June17,1847, in N.


Desire [int.Kezia] and Samuel Jourden,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.June21,1800].

Ellen, Miss, and Patrick Downay, May10,1846.†

Hannah and Christopher Worth, July17,1828. [Bradlee of Wareham and Christopher Worth, s.Uriah and Elizabeth (Mayo).PR38]

Kezia, see Desire.

Richard and Desire Pompey [int.Sampson]. both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Nov.12,1790. [Dezire Pompy.NCR]


Charles and Marietta Clark, d.Elisha and Eliza (Worth),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Nancy A. [dup. omits A., int.Bromley] and Rescum [int.Rescom] Taber, Aug.30 [dup. Sept.6], 1821. [Nancy A. Bromely and Rescom Taber, Aug.30.CR2 Nancy A. Bramley (second w.) and Rescom Taber, "Removed to Norwich, CN. "PR38]


Elizabeth and Nathan Coffin, s.William and Elizabeth Vestal (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

BRAYTON (Braton)

Alexander and Julia Ann Nye, May17,1826. [Alexander, s.Israel and Merab (Coleman), and Julia Ann Nye, d.Maltiah.PR38]

David and Eliza Folger. July23,1811, [David, nephew of Robert, and Eliza Folger, d.Shubael and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth, d.Robert and Deborah (Hussey), and William Almy of Dartmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth Ann, d.George and Hepsibeth (Mitchell), and John C. Mitchell, s.James,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George, s.Robert and Deborah, all of New Bedford, Bristol Co., and Hepza Mitchell, d.Paul and Merab of N. 2:[dup. 1:], 10m:1822 [second dup. Oct.2,1820], in N.CR4 [George, s.Robert and Deborah (Hussey), and Hepsibeth Mitchell, d.Paul.PR38]

Isaac, s.Israel and Elizabeth both dec'd of Newport, RI, and Sarah Hussey, d.Paul and Hannah of Biddeford.York Co., 5:10m:1797.CR4 [Isaac of Newport and Sarah Hussey, d.Paul and Hannah Varney, 末:8m:PR38]

Isaac, s.Isaac dec'd and Sarah, and Love Mitchell, d.Peleg and Lydia, 16:6m:1825.CR4 [Isaac, s.Isaac and Sarah (Hussey).PR38]

Israel, s.Robert and Deborah (Hussey), and Judith Haskel.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Israel (Braton) [int.Bratin] and Mereb [int.Mareb] Coleman. Dec.6,1802. [Brayton of RI, and Merab Cole man, d.Barnabas Jr. and Abial (Clark).PR38]

John C., s.David and Eliza (Folger), and Patience R. Tobey Bedford,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Julia Ann, see Julia Emma.

Julia Ann, wid.Alexander, d.Maltiah Nye, and Capt. Charles Coleman,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Julia Emma and Franklin Macy, Mar.31 [dup. Mar.30], 1825. [Julia Ann, d.Israel and Merab (Coleman), and Franklin Macy, s.Paul and Dinah (Macy), July:1832.PR38]

Mary, d.Robert and Deborah (Hussey), and John H.W. Paige Esq.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Merab [int.Mareb Bratin] and Loren Lewis, July9,1815. [Merib Brayton and Loring Lewis.CR2]

Rebecca, d.David and Eliza (Folger), and Thomas Tobey, s.Luke and Keziah,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Robert, s.Israel and Elizabeth both dec'd of Newport, RI, and Deborah Hussey, d.George and Deborah of N., 9:9m:1795, in N.CR4 [Deborah, d.George and Deborah (Paddack), 末:7m:.PR38]

Shubael F. of New Bedford and Mary M. Bunker of N., Aug.14,1842. [Shubael F., s.David and Eliza (Folger), and Mary 11. [dup. P.] Bunker, d.Joshua and Margaret (Perry).PR38]

William and Mary C Hoeg, int.May24,1828. [William F., s.Isaac and Sarah (Hussey), and Mary C. Hoeg, d.Frederick and Eunice (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]


James and Nancy Bennett [int.Bennet], Apr.23,1822. [James of Lynn and Nancy Bennett, d.Reuben and Sarah (Elkins).PR38]

Nathaniel and Nancy Shearman [dup. and int.Shennan], Oct.23,1822. [Sheannan.CR2 Sherman, d.Freeman and Polly (Chase) (first w.).PR38]


Rebecca and Ephraim Clark, s.Church and Hannah (Long),末蔓末, 末末. in Kennebec.*PR38

Simeon and Eunice Macy, Nov.25,1804. [Simeon of Providence, RI, and Eunice Macy, d.Peleg and Sarah (Wendell) (Starbuck).PR38]

William and Elizabeth Allen, Oct.6,1743.* [Elizabeth, d.Edward and Ann (Coleman).PR38]


Nancy W. of Wayne Co. VA, and Christopher Coffin, s.Edward and Parnal (Calef),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

BRIGGS (Brigg, Brigs)

Abner and Deborah Coffin, Nov.19,1764. [Deborah, d.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker).PR38] Abner and Pernal Whippy, int.Jan.4,1806. [This entry crossed out.]

Abner and Mary Dow, Feb.12,1807, in N.

Barnabas and Elizabeth Riddle, Nov.9,1769. [Barnabas of Cape Cod and Elizabeth Riddell, wid.(brother of Samuel), wid.Robert Rider, d.Zacheriah Bunker and Desire (Gorham).PR38]

Barny (Brigs) [int.Briggs] and Phebe Miller [int.Millar], Oct.16,1783. [Briggs and Phebe Miller.NCR]

Caleb and Rebecca Bunker, d.Silvanus and Hepsibeth (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Cornelius and Priscilla Folger, Aug.24,1775. [Priscilla, d.Paul and Catharine (Coffin).PR38]

James H. of N and Catharine Thurston of E. Bridgewater, int.Oct.28,1838. [Catherine, m.Nov.4.CR2 Catharine of Cape Cod, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Jededial [int.Jedediah] and Eunice Long, Mar.9,1803 [Jedidiah of Wareham and Eunice Long, wid.abed, d.Job Myrick.PR38]

Job and Sarah Davis, int.Oct.7,1832. [Sarah, d.Job of Barnstable, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Jonathan Coffin and Sally Barrett, int.Jan.11,1794. [Jonathan C, s.Abner and Deborah (Coffin), and Sally Barrett, wid.Samuel, d.Simeon Coffin and Jedidah (Coffin). m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Jonathan and Sally Chadwick, Nov.17,1811. [Jonathan of CN, and Sally Chadwick, d.Wickliffe and Priscilla Hammond.PR38]

Love and Reuben Baxter, Feb.23,1796. [Love, d.Abner and Deborah (Coffin), and Reuben Baxter, s.Christopher and Mary (Worth).PR38]

Lydia and Abel Rawson, Oct.27,1784. [Lydia, d.Abner and Deborah (Coffin), and Abel Rawson, s.Paul and Phebe (Gardner), "Moved to NY,"PR38]

Phebe and Joseph Paul, both of Sherburn, Nantucket Co. Dec.9,1790. [Phibe.NCR]

Stephen, s.Abner and Deborah (Coffin). and Nancy Coffin, d.Nathan.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Stephen and Phebe Swain, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Aug.20,1789. [Stephen, s.Abner and Deborah (Coffin), and Phebe Swain, d.Timothy and Mary (Coleman) (first w.).PR38]

William C. (Brigg) [int.Briggs] and Mary W. Jenks [int.Jinks],末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Nov.20,1819], [Briggs and Mary W. Jenks, Dec.9,1819.CR2 Briggs, s.Jonathan C. and Sally (Coffin) (Barrett), and Mary W. Jenks, d.Samuel and Mary (Way).PR38]


Israel [int.Jr.] and Sally Dow, Aug.18,1803. [Israel and Sally Dow, d.Henry and Huldah (Coleman) (Pitts).PR38 Sally, 15.PR64]

Johnson of Dartmouth and Anne More of N., July18,1782, in Dartmouth.*

Sally, Mrs.[dup. and int.omit Mrs], and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] Thomas Paddack,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1824, int.Mar.29,1823]. [Sally, wid.Israel, d.Henry Dow and Huldah (Coleman) (Pitts), and Thomas Paddack, s.Abishai.PR38]

BRIGS (Briggs)


Cornelius [int.Cornelas] and Miss Elizabeth Fisher,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1824 and Apr.2,1825, int.Nov.13,1824]. [Cornelius "from Virginia" [dup. MD] and Eliza Fisher, d.Joseph and Rosanna (King).PR38]


Love and Isaac Day, coulard, int.Apr.10,1831.

BRISTOW (Brister)

Prince (Brister) and Betty Job, May28,1775

Sally and Walter Coffin, int.Sept.24,1774.

BROCK (Brack)

Andrew and Eunice Arthur, Apr.24,1765. [Andrew, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), and Eunice Arthur, d.Thomas and Mary Edmunds.PR38 both of Sherborn on N.PR68]

Andrew and Abigail Hussey, July13,1794. [Andrew, s.John and Parnal Coffin (third w.), and Abigail Hussey, d.Ebenezer and Mehitable (Smith).PR38]

Andrew 2d [int.omits 2d] and Eunice Brooks, July17,1804. [Andrew, s.John and Parnal Coffin (third w.), and Eunice Brooks, d.William and Elizabeth (Clark).PR38]

Anna and Francis Brown, int.Sept.25,1779. [Ann d.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), and Francis Brown Jr., s.Francis and Eunice (Coffin).PR38]

Anna and Timothy Long, Nov.19,1795. [Anna, d.Thomas and Judith (Coffin), and Timothy Long, s.Nathan and Lydia (Pinkham).PR38]

Charles H, and Lydia Wood, Nov.7,1819. [Charles H., s.Andrew and Abigail (Hussey), and Lydia Wood, d.Obadiah [dup. 11:5m:].PR38]

Eliza and John R. Mitchell, Nov.18,1824. [Brack.CR2 Eliza B. Brock, d.John and Merab (Mitchell), and John R. Mitchell, s.David.PR38]

Elizabeth and Benjamin Chace, Feb.27,1768. [Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), and Benjamin Chase, s.Abel.PR38]

Elizabeth and Nathaniell Macy, Nov.10,1774. [Elizabeth (first w.), d.William and Elizabeth (Calef), and Nathaniel Macy Jr., s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham).PR38]

Elizabeth (Brack) [int.Brock] and Josiah Coffin Esq., Dec.27,1800. [Brock, wid.William, d.Ebenezer Caleff, and Josiah Coffin Esq., s.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Elizabeth and William F. Gerrald, Dec.20,1810. [Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Judith (Coffin), and William FitzGerald, s.Henry Jr. and Lydia (Wyer).PR38]

Eunice B. and George H. Coon, Oct.7,1849.†

Frances L. and Thomas D. Eliot, int.Oct.19,1834. [Francis [sic] L., m.Nov.3.CR2 Frances Lincoln Brock, d.John and Merab (Mitchell), and Thomas Dawes Elliot of New Bedford, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

George and Susan [int.adds P.] Plasket [dup. Plaskett], Aug.6,1823. [George, s.Andrew and Abigail (Hussey) and Susan Plaskett, d.Joseph W. and Persis (d.Susan Colesworthy).PR38]

George H., single, 21, manufacturer [int.machinest], of Fall River, b. N., s.George and Susan of N., and Charlotte A. Coleman, 19. of N., b. N., d.Thomas and Emma [int.Eunice] of N., May18,1847, in N. [George Henry of Fall River.CR1 George H., s.George and Susan (Plasket), and Charlotte A. Coleman, d.Thomas and Emma (Paddack).PR38]

Janet [int.Jannet] and James Townsend, Nov.8,1766. [Jannet.NCR Jeannet, d.Thomas and Patience (Gardner).PR38]

Jethro Coffin and Sally Hussey, Jan.21,1801, [Jethro, s.John and Parnal (Calef) (Coffin) (third w.), and Sally Hussey, d.William and Sally (Burnell).PR38]

Jethro Coffin and Lydia Folger, June1,1806. [Jethro, s.John and Parnal (Calef) (Coffin) (third w.), and Lydia Folger, wid.Shubael, d.John Russell and Hepsabeth.PR38]

John and Elizabeth Coffin, int.Sept.25,1779. [d.Jonathan and Priscilla, m.末蔓末, 末末.CR1 John, s.John and Ann (Bunker), and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

John and Anna Bunker, Mar.13,1746. [John, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), and Anna [dup. Ann] Bunker, d.Caleb Esq. and Priscilla (Bunker) (Coffin).PR38]

John and Pernal [int.Parnal] Paddack, Jan.6,1765. [Pernal.NCR John, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), and Parnal Paddack, wid.Joseph, d.John Coffin and Lydia (Gardner).PR38]

John and Pernal Coffin, June16,1771. [John, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), and Parnal Coffin, wid.Edward, d.Dr. Peter Calef of Charlestown.PR38]

John 2d [int.omits 2d] and Mereb [int.Merab] Mitchel. Jan.23,1800. [John, s.John and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Merab Mitchell, d.Paul and Merab.PR38]

John C. and Charlotte M. Coffin, both of N., Aug.26,1838. [John C, s.Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), and Charlotte M. Coffin, d.Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Judith C. and Frederick W. Cobb, both of N., int.Apr.28,1839. [m.May14.CR2 Judith C., d.Thomas and Sarah (Earl), and Frederick Cobb, s.George, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Judith and Joseph Fitch, Mar.27,1794. [Judith, d.Thomas and Judith (Coffin), and Joseph Fitch, s.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner).PR38]

Lydia and Robert Calder, int.Dec.21,1782. [Lydia, d.John and Ann (Bunker), and Robert Calder, s.Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), m.12:12m:1782.PR38]

Lydia and Jonathan Pollard, Mar.16,1797. [Lydia, d.Walter and Judith (Pinkham), and Jonathan Pollard Jr., s.Jonathan and Hannah (Kelley).PR38]

Lydia C. and John C. Macy, Oct.9,1848.†

Margaret, see Peggy.

Margaret P., see Peggy.

Margaret and Joshua Bunker, Jan.17,1750.* [Margaret, d.Thomas and Patience (Gardner). and Joshua Bunker, s.John and.Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Margaret and Jethro Coffin, Oct.30,1769, [Margaret, d.John and Ann (Bunker), and Jethro Coffin, s.Robert and Susanna (Coffin).PR38 both of Sherborn on N.PR68]

Peggy and Lynzey [int.Linzey] Riddell, Feb.28,1799. [Margaret [dup. Peggy], d.Walter and Judith (Pinkham), and Lindsey Riddell, S. Samuel and Judith (Coleman).PR38]

Peggy and Joseph C. Chase, May11,1834, in N. [Margaret [dup. Peggy] P., d.Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), and Joseph Chase, s.Stephen and Peggy (Barnard).PR38]

Mary and Benjamin Fosdick, Dec.14,1769. [Mary, wid.Thomas Jr., d.Cromwell Coffin and Ruth (Coffin), and Benjamin Fosdick Jr.PR38]

Mary and Thaddeus Starbuck, Feb.19,1776. [Mary, d.William and Elizabeth (Calef), and Thaddeus Starbuck, s.Benjamin and Hepsabeth (Bunker) (first w.).PR38 Polly, Feb.18.PR64]

Peleg and Lydia Gardner, June10,1817. [June10,1817.PR24 Peleg, s.Thomas and Judith (Coffin), and Lydia Gardner (first w.), d.Amaziah and Betsey (Coffin).PR38]

Peleg and Sarah Joy, both of N., Nov.20,1838, in N. [Nov.18.PR24]

Peter and Watey Pease, int.Oct.21,1797. [Peter, s.John and Parnal (Coffin) (Paddack) (second w.), and Waity Pease of Martha's Vineyard, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Peter and Margret [int.Margaret] Gardner, Aug.26,1789. [Peter, s.John and Parnal (Coffin) (Paddack) (second w.), and Margaret Gardner (first w.), d.Francis and Anna (Paddack) (first w.).PR38]

Peter C. and Eliza Spencer, Feb.末,1833. [Peter C, s.Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), and Eliza Spencer, d.Tristram and Priscilla (Brock) (Coffin).PR38]

Phillis and James Phony, int.Oct.29,1768.

Priam [dup. Piram, int.Priam P.] and Ann Brooks, Sept.4,1825. [Priam, s.Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), and Ann Brooks, d.William and Ruth (Brock).PR38]

Priscilla and Abijah Coffin, July24,1800. [Priscilla, d.Thomas and Judith (Coffin), and Abijah Coffin, s.Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright).PR38]

Ruth and William Brooks, Dec.19,1793. [Ruth, d.John and Parnal (Calef) (Coffin) (third w.), and William Brooks Jr., s.William and Elizabeth (Clark).PR38]

Sally and Benjamin Ames Jr. [int.omits Jr.], both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept.1,1789. [Benjamin Jr.NCR Sally, d.Thomas [dup. Sarah, d.William and Elizabeth (Calef)], and Benjamin Ames, s.Benjamin and Anna (Ellis).PR38]

Shubael F. and Elizabeth M. Prince, June13,1830. [Shubael F., s.Jethro and Lydia (Russell) (Folger) (second w.), and Elizabeth M. Prince, d.George and Miriam (Macy).PR38]

Susan E. and Daniel Russell Jr. [int.both of N.], May31,1840. [Susan E. (first w.), d.Thomas and Sarah (Earl), and Daniel Russell Jr., s.Daniel and Eliza (Winslow).PR38]

Thomas, s.William and Elizabeth (Calef), and Elizabeth Biscoe of Baltimore, MD,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas and Patience Gardner, Feb.4,1724-5.* [Thomas, s.Thomas and Margaret, and Patience Gardner, d.Joseph and Ruth (Coffin), 4:2m:1724.PR38]

Thomas and Mary Coffin, Nov.28,1765. [Thomas, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), and Mary Coffin, d.Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Thomas and Judith Coffin, Feb.28,1771. [Thomas, s.John and Ann (Bunker), and Judith Coffin, d.Josiah and Judith (Coffin).PR38]

Thomas 2d and Eunice Worth, Jan.16,1800. [Thomas, s.William and Elizabeth (Calef), and Eunice Worth, d.Francis and Phebe (Coleman).PR38]

Thomas Jr. and Sally Earl, Feb.7,1815. [Thomas, s.Thomas and Judith (Coffin), and Sarah Earle, d.Joseph and Parnal (Paddack) (second w.).PR38]

Walter and Judith Pinkham, Aug.29,1774. [Walter, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), and Judith Pinkham, wid.Hezekiah, d.Solomon Pinkham and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

William and Rebecca Gardner, int.Jan.23,1790. [William, s.William and Elizabeth (Calef), and Rebecca Gardner, d.George and Rebecca (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38] William H. and Lydia Coffin, Feb.16,1834. [William H., s.Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), and.Lydia Coffin, d.Jethro and Sophia Whitefield.PR38]

William and Elizabeth Calef, Dec.27,1753. [William, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), and Elizabeth Calef, d.Ebenezer Esq. and Elizabeth (Fitch).PR38]


Dennis and Love Lee, Jan.2,1812.


John D., single, 28, merchant. of N. b. NJ, s.William and Laynaw of NJ, and Lydia S. Morrow, 21, of N., b. N., d.John and Mary of N., Aug.12,1847, in N.

BROMLEY (Bramley)

BRONSON (Branson)


末末, and Elizabeth Cottle, d.James and Thankfull Norton,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Andrew B. and Lucreatia [int.Lucretia] Coffin, both of N., Mar.26,1837. [Andrew E., s.William and Ruth (Brock), and Lucretia Coffin, d.Zimri and Abigail (Paddack).PR38]

Ann and Priam [dup. Piram, int.Priam P.] Brock, Sept.4,1825. [Ann, d.William and Ruth (Brock), and Priam Brock, s.Peter and Waite Pease (second w.).PR38]

Elizabeth and Thomas Green, Jan.24,1822. [Elizabeth [dup. Betsey] d.William and Ruth (Brock), and Thomas Green, S. John and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Eunice and Andrew Brock 2d [int.omits 2d], July17,1804. [Eunice, d.William and Elizabeth (Clark), and Andrew Brock, s.John and Parnal Coffin (third w.).PR38]

Hanson of Baltimore MD and Elizabeth Williams of N., colored, int.July21,1839.

Jethro B. and Winefred Coffin, June3,1833. [Jethro B., s."William and Ruth (Brock), and 'Winifred Coffin, d.Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), 31:5m:PR38]

Nathan and Margaret Allen, d.Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William and Elizabeth Clark. int.May4, I763. [Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers) [? parentage]. m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

William Jr. and Eunice [int.Emmaline] Wyer,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Mar.4,1820]. [Emaline, Mar.23,1820.CR2 William, s.William Jr. and Ruth (Brock), and Emeline Wyer, d.Timothy.23:3m:1819.PR38]

William and Ruth Brock, Dec.19,1793. [William Jr., S. William and Elizabeth (Clark), and Ruth Brock, d.John and Parnal (Calef) (Coffin) (third w.).PR38]

William of N. and Susanna [int.Susannah Freeman] Grenough of Yarmouth, Dec.7,1795, in Yarmouth.


Badiven and Elizabeth Barker, d.Jacob and Elizabeth (Hazard),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, wid.Badiven, d.Jacob Barker and Elizabeth (Hazard), and William Van Zandt,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

BROWN (Browne)

末末 and John Barnard, s.John and Sarah (Jones) (Harker) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末. in NY.*PR38

末末 (Browne) of Anderson Co., SC, and Lydia L. Coffin, d.Abraham and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Abial and Silvanus Hussey, 7:12m:1711-12.* [Browne, d.John and Rachel (Gardner), and Silvanus Hussey, s.Stephen and Martha (Bunker).PR38]

Abiel and Reuben Whippy, Nov.19,1789.

Abigail and Benjamin Macy, int.Nov.1,1760. [Abigail, d.George and Abigail (Trott), and Benjamin Macy, s.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Abigail and Hasadiah Cartwright, Mar.7,1731-2.* [Abigail, d.Dr. Joseph and Tabitha, and Hazadiah Cartwright, s.Sampson and Bethia (Pratt).PR38]

Abraham and Lucy Wamp, int.July19,1817.

Abraham and Lucy Wayam [int.Wayman], Aug.19,1818. [Wagane, black.CR2]

Adaline, d.Uriah and M'ary, and William H. Perry, S. Jonathan and Mahitabel (Robinson),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alexander, s.Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), and Sarah Bell of Westchester, NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alexander S. and Lydia C. Pinkham, int.May24,1835. [Lydia C, d.John C. and Avis (Folger), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Alexander G., s.Benjamin and Nancy (Gardner), and Phebe M. Gardner, d.Charles B. and Avis (Macy),末蔓末,1844.*PR38

Almira and George W. [int.Washington] Gardner [int.2d], Oct.2,1827.

Amy and Kimbal Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.June10,1820]. [Amy Pauls [sic, see mar. of John Brown 3d], wid.Jeremiah, d.John Perkins and Mercy (Johnson), and Kimbal Coffin, s.Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman).PR38]

Andrew [and] Eunice Winslow,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.July28,1798].

Andrew and Penellope [int.Penalope] Jackson, Jan.21,1803.

Andrew and Silva Poans, int.Jan.11,1806.

Andrew and Sally Homes, int.Apr.19,1806.

Ann B., d.Samuel and Maria (Hussey), and Joseph S. Barnard, s.Timothy and Eunce (Starbuck),末蔓末, 末末,1844.*PR38

Ann [int.of NY] and Randolph Cooper [int.of Boston], both colored and residents of N., July23,1839.

Avis and Isaac Myrick, Jan.23,1806. [Avis, d.Joseph and Susan (Coleman), and Isaac Myrick, s.Peter.PR38] Benjamin and Elizabeth Allen, Dec.3,1780. [Benjamin, s.James and Mehitable (Dawes), and Betsey Allen, d.Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin).PR38]

Benjamin and Nancy Gardner,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.July10,1819]. [July25,1819.CR2 Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), and Nancy Gardner, d.Alexander Jr. and Elizabeth (Gardner) Myrick (second w.).PR38]

Benjamin and Debarah [int.Deborah] Gardner, Mar.5,1809 [Benjamin, s.James and Mehitable (Dawes), and Deborah Gardner, d.Caleb and Thankful (Clark) (second w.).PR38]

Chandler and Elizabeth Gardner, May11,1806. [Chandler, "a stranger," and Elizabeth Gardner, d.Ebenezer and Susanna (Jackson) (first w.).PR38]

Charlotte and William Fitzgerald, both of N. July31,1842. [Charlotte, d.George and Lydia (Folger), and William FitzGerald, s.William and Elizabeth (Brock).PR38]

Charlotte D. and William W. Morris 2d, Mar.22,1846, in N.†

Clarissa H. and Reuben C. Hussey, both of N., int.Aug.9,1840. [m.Aug.23.CR2 Clarissa of L.I. and Reuben Hussey, s.Benjamin and Anna (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Coffin, see Timothy C.

Daniel P., s.John and Deborah (Myrick), and Araminta Lines,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Deborah and William Chadwick Jr., June24,1802. [Deborah, d.George and Parnal (Chase), and William Chadwick, s.William and Mary (Long).PR38]

Dedrick and Lydia Hobbs, Sept.23,1833.

Dorcas, see Darcas,

Darcas and Pompy Gardner, May27,1817.

Edward and Judith Allin [int.Allen], Sept.24,1807. [Edward, s.Joseph and Susan (Coleman), and Judith Allen, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Trott).PR38]

Eliza, d.John and Deborah (Myrick), and Herman Gardner, s.Resolved,末蔓末, 末末 [? in NY].*PR38

Eliza and Josiah Barnard, Sept.21,1815. [Elizabeth (second w.), wid.Chandler, d.Ebenezer Gardner and Susanna (Jackson) (first w.), and Josiah Barnard, s.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack).PR38]

Eliza and Thomas Huxford, Dec.14,1823. [Eliza, d.Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), and Thomas Huxford of M[artha's] Vineyard.PR38]

Eliza and George C. Cartwright, Oct.25,1827. [Eliza, d.John and Deborah (Ellis), and George C. Cartwright, s.Joseph and Priscilla (Brown).PR38]

Eliza and Charles W. Chase, Sept.11,1828. [Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], d.William and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Charles W. Chase, s.Stephen and Peggy (Barnard).PR38]

Eliza F. and Joseph R. Gorham, July30,1844.†

Eliza and William Muhlig, Sept.12,1844.†

Elizabeth and Francis Macy,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799. int.June9,1798]. Elizabeth (second w.), d.Joseph and Mary (Ellis), and Francis Macy, s.Francis and Judith (Coffin), June末,1798.PR38

Elizabeth, see Eliza.

Elizabeth, d.John and Sarah Walker, and Joseph Grafton Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth and James Bowcot, Oct.16,1803. [Elizabeth, d.James, and James Bocot, s.James and Charity (Swain).PR38]

Elizabeth A. and Frederick P. Starbuck, Aug.31,1843.†

Eunice and Isaac Chace, Feb.22,1778. [Eunice, d.Francis and Eunice (Coffin), and Isaac Chase, s.Isaac and Mercy (Chadwick).PR38]

Francis and Deborah Clark, June8,1777. [Francis, s.George and Sarah (Cartwright), and Deborah Clark, wid.Ichabod, d.Daniel Bunker and Priscilla (Swain).PR38] Francis and' Anna Brock, int.Sept.25,1779. [Francis Jr., s.Francis and Eunice:(Coffin), and Ann Brock, d.Thomas and Patience (Gardner), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Francis and Eunice Coffin, Mar.6,1740.* [Francis, s.George and Sarah (Cartwright), and Eunice Coffin, d.George and Ruth (Swain).PR38]

Francis and Anna Pinkham, Oct.17,1765. [Francis Jr., s.Francis and Eunice (Coffin), and Anna Pinkham, d.Zephaniah and Sarah (Maxey).PR38]

Francis 2d and Mary Sandford, Feb.18,1813. [Sanford.CR2]

Francis R., single, 24, tin worker, of N. [int.New Bedford], b. N., s.George F. and Judith of N., and Elizabeth Ann Coffin, 22, of N., b. N., d.Asa and Hannah of N., Apr.29,1849, in N. [Francis H., s.George F. and Judith (Hussey), and Elizabeth Ann Coffin, d.Asa and Hannah (Gardner).PR38]

Frederick W., single, 26 [int.25], mariner, b. N., s.Shubael and Avis, and Sarah B. Russell, 19, b. N., d.Peter and Lydia, all of N., Dec.4,1844, in N. [Frederick W., s.Shubael and Avis (Coleman), and Sarah Russell, d.Peter and Lydia (Brown).PR38]

George F. and Miss Judith Hussey,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1824, int.Oct.4,1823]. [George Franklin Brown, s.William and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Judith Hussey, d.John and Lydia (Barnard).PR38]

George and Abigail Trott, 28:2m:"called Aprill. " 1720.CR4 [George, sailmaker, and Abigail Trott (second w.), d.John and Ann, 末:1m:.PR38]

George and Pernal Chace, Mar.21,1779. [Chase.NCR George, s.Francis and Eunice (Coffin), and Parnal Chase, d.Shubael and Sarah (Manter).PR38]

George F. and Elizabeth Gardner. int.Mar.30,1799.

George 2d [int.omits 2d] and Lydia Folger, Feb.14,1811. [George, s.Joseph Jr. and Susan [dup. Susanna] (Coleman), and Lydia Folger, d.Joseph and Judith (Inott).PR38]

George F., widr., 46, merchant, s:William and Elizabeth, and Rebecca Weeks, wid., 30, d.Peter Russell and Lydia, Nov.14 [int.Nov.30], 1845. [George Franklin Brown, s.William and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Rebecca Weeks, wid.Jonathan R., d.Peter Russell and Lydia (Brown).PR38]

Harriet F. [int.Harriot Z.] and John Beetle, Oct.11,1832. [Harriet Z.CR2]

Henry G. and Lydia Hodges, Apr.26,1827. [Henry G. s.Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), and Lydia Hodges, d.Capt. Isaac and Lydia Crocker.PR38]

Hepsabeth and Samuel Fisher, Nov.17,1833. [Hepsabeth, d.Joseph of England Nov.17,1834.PR38]

James, s.John and Sarah Walker, and Hannah Bartholomew, d.Henry, 5:9m:1664.*PR38

James and Mehetabel [int.Mehetable] Daws, Aug.12,1751. [James, s.George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.), and Mehitable Dawes, d.Joseph and Beulah (Stewart), Aug.12,1756.PR38]

James and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Pinkham, Feb.6,1763. [Elizabeth.NCR James, S. George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.), and Elizabeth Pinkham, d.Jonathan and Hannah (Brown) (Coffin).PR38]

James and Priscilla Swain, Oct.27,1782. [James, s.Francis and Eunice (Coffin), and Priscilla Swain, d.Charles and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Jeremiah and Charlotte Johnson [int.coullard], Oct.3,1830. John, s.John and Sarah Walker, and Hannah Hobart, d.Rev. Peter, 2:6m:1658 [? in Salem].*PR38

John and Deborah Ellis,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.June1,1799]. [John of Salem, S. John,. and Deborah Ellis, d.Freeman (s.Mordecai), 末:1799.PR38]

John, s.John and Hannah (Hobart), and Rachel Gardner, d.Capt. John and Priscilla (Grafton), 末:8m:1686.*PR38

John and Deborah Myrick, Aug.4,1789. [John, s.Francis and Eunice (Coffin), and Deborah Myrick, d.Jonathan.PR38]

John 3d and Amy Pauls [int.Paul], Sept.10,1804.

John A. and Ruth Folger, Dec.6,1826. [John A., s.William and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Ruth Folger, d.Isaac and Love (Pinkham).PR38]

John Jr. and Mary B. Crosby, Feb.22,1835. [John, s.John and Deborah (Ellis), and Mary B. Crosby, d.Marshall and Nancy (Bunker).PR38]

John and Lydia Persons, Nov.1,1835.

Jonathan, s.John and Sarah Walker, and Abial Burr, d.Rev. John of Dorchester,末蔓末,1664.*PR38

Jonathan Warren and Elizabeth Akins, Oct.3,1808.

Joseph B. and Lydia Jenkins, int.Aug.12,1832. [Lydia, d.Perez and Sarah Blossom.m.末蔓末, 末末. "live in Worcester. "PR38]

Joseph and Mary Ellis, Nov.9,1755. [Joseph, S. George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.), and Mary Ellis, d.Humphrey and Mary (Hamilton).PR38]

Joseph and Susanna Coleman, Feb.18,1781. [Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary (Ellis). and Susan Coleman, d.Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner).PR38]

Joseph and Hepzabath [int.Hepzabeth] Dunham, Aug.8,1811. [Joseph, "a Dane," and Hepsabeth Dunham, d.Ebenezer and Huldah (Fisher).PR38]

Joseph and Hannah B. Mitchell, July23,1835. [Joseph, s.Edward and Judith (Allen), and Hannah Mitchell, d.Seth.PR38]

Judith and Benjamin Ray, Dec.6,1832. [Judith (third w.), d.Edward and Judith (Allen), and Benjamin Ray, s.Seth and Eunice (Paddack).PR38]

Julia Ann and Levi Freeman, "culered man," int.July9,1825. Lucy and Charles G. Barnard, May8,1823. [Lucy, d.William and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Charles G. Barnard, S. Thomas and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

Lydia Goold, d.Samuel and Maria (Hussey), and Nathaniel H. Randall,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Lydia of N. and Francis Sylvia Pease of Fayal, int.Aug.5,1838.

Mary and Amos Wesley [int.Weslin]. Aug.4,1774. [Wesly.NCR]

Mary and Daniel Folger, June末, [int.June2], 1804. [Mary, d.Joseph and Susan (Coleman), and Daniel Folger, s.Elisha and Deborah (Swain), "moved to Kennebec. "PR38]

Mary and Seth Pinkham, May18,1809. [Mary, d.William and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Seth Pinkham, s.Jethro and Susanna (Coffin).PR38]

Mary F. and Daniel T. [int.R.] Macy, June16,1831. [Daniel P.CR2 Mary F., d.George and Lydia (Folger), and Daniel F. Macy, s.Peleg† Jr. and Lucretia (Folger) (first w.).PR38]

Mary B. and Thormas Brown, both of N., Jan.16,1842. [Mary B., wid.John. and Thomas W. Brown, s.John and Deborah (Ellis).PR38]

Mary A. and Franklin B. Murphy, June20,1848.†

Moses and Lydia B. [int.R] Weeks, Sept.8,1824. [Lydia R.CR2 Moses, s.George and Parnal (Chase), and Lydia R. Weeks, d.Joseph and Mary.PR38]

Nancy and Ichabod [int.Ichabud] Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Apr.25,1801]. [Nancy, d.Francis and Anna (Brock) (second w.), and Ichabod Coffin, s.Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman).PR38]

Oliver A., single, 末:22, mariner, of N., b. Baltimore [int.N.], s.Almira of Baltimore [int.N.], and Caroline McFarlane [int.McFarland], 21, of N. [int.Philadelphia], b. Baltimore, d.William and Susan of Baltimore, June11,1846, in N.

Pamela and Elisha Folger Collin, s.Albert and Polly (Fay),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe, d.Joseph and Mary dec'd of N., and Silvanus Coleman, s.Barnabas and Rachel both dec'd of N., 6:2m:1799, in N.CR4 [Phebe, d.Joseph and Mary (Ellis), and Sylvanus Coleman, s.Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey).PR38]

Priscilla and Joseph Cartwright, int.Apr.5,1794. [Priscilla, d.Joseph and Mary (Ellis), and Joseph Cartwright, s.James and Love (Macy), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Priscilla and Jonathan Myrick, Apr.13,1784.* [Priscilla, d.Francis and Eunice (Coffin), and Jonathan Myrick Jr.PR38]

Priscilla and Joseph Huxford, Mar.31,1808. [Priscilla, d.Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), and Joseph Huxford of M[artha's] Vineyard.PR38]

Rachel, d.John and Rachel (Gardner), and James Chase, s.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 末:末m:1707.*PR38

Rebecca and George Bruff, July31,1806. [Rebecca, d.George and Parnal (Chase), and George Bruff, s.Samuel and Jane (Whippey).PR38]

Rebecca and George G. Chase, Mar.19,1826. [Rebecca, d.James and Priscilla (Swain), and George G. Chase, s.Judah and Phebe (Meader).PR38]

Rosanna and George Thompson, June29,1797.

Ruth and Graftin Baker, Feb.5,1807. [Ruth, d.Francis and Anna (Brock) (second w.), and Grafton Baker, s.James and Elizabeth Nickerson.PR38]

Samuel, s.Smith and Lydia dec'd of Pembroke, Plymouth Co., and Maria Hussey, d.Gorham dec'd and Lydia of N., 6:3m:1816, in N.CR4 [Samuel, s.Smith and Lydia of Providence, RI, and Maria Hussey, d.George Gorham and Lydia (Chase), 末:12m:.PR38]

Samuel B. [int.omits B.] and Rebeccah [int.Rebecca] Folger, Apr.14,1822. [Samuel, s.John and Deborah (Ellis), and Rebecca Folger, d.Obed and Susan (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

Sarah, d.John and Deborah (Myrick), and Daniel Hurd of Hudson,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah and Jonathan Long, Feb.8,1759. [Sarah, d.Francis and Eunice (Coffin), and Jonathan Long, s.John and Jane Luce.PR38]

Sally and Annanias Cooper, Aug.22,1793. [Sally, d.Francis and Anna (Pinkham).PR38]

Sarah and James Ross [int.Rosse] Jr. [int.colourd], June3,1831. [Ross Jr.CR2]

Seth and Mercy [int.Marcy] Chase, both of Sherbourn, Nantucket Co., Aug.31,1791.

Shubael and Avis Coleman, Aug.14,1806. [Shubael, s.George and Parnal (Chase), and Avis Coleman, d.Lydia [see birth records of both Avis and Shubael].PR38]

Shubael and Lucy S. Hallett, Aug.10,1834, in N. [Shubael, s.Shubael and Avis (Coleman), and Lucy Hallett of Barnstable.PR38]

Susan and Elihu Marshall, s.Joseph and Phebe (Folger),末蔓末, 末末. in NY.*PR38

Thomas and Nancy Marshall, d.Elihu and Susan Brown,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas and Eliza [int.Elizabeth] Folger, Jan.11,1826. [Elizabeth.CR2 Thomas, s.William and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Elizabeth Folger, d.Isaac and Love (Pinkham).PR38]

Thomas and Mary B. Brown, both of N., Jan.16,1842. [Thomas W., s.John and Deborah (Ellis), and Mary B. Brown, wid.John.PR38]

Timothy C. and Eliza F. Coleman,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Apr.1,1820]. [Timothy [dup. omits Timothy] Coffin Brown, S. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Eliza F. Coleman, d.Andrew and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Uriah and Polly Perry.Dec.3,1805. [Mary, d.Samuel and Mary Cammett (first w.).PR38]

William of New York and Eliza Foster, wid.Thomas F., d.Isaiah Coffin and Sarah (Folger),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William, s.Ebenezer dec'd and Elizabeth of Newtown, Gloucester Co., NJ, and Dorcas Barney, d.Benjamin and Lydia dec'd of Sherborn in N., 6:9m:田alled September," 1770. in Sherborn in N.CR4 [William of Philadelphia, PA, and Dorcas Barney, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Starbuck).PR38]

William and Elizabeth Coffin, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Aug.25,1790. [William, s.Francis and Eunice (Coffin), and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman).PR38]

William and Sophia A. Raymond, Oct.5,1826. [William, s.John and Deborah (Ellis.), and Sophia A. Raymond, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Kidder) (first w.).PR38]

William F. and Mary W. Cushman, May24,1832. [William F., s.William and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Mary W. Cushman, d.David and Kezia (Bunker) (Whippey).PR38] William H. (Brown) [int.William Henry Brown] and Rosalinda Morse, June6,1832. [William Henry Brown.CR2]

William J., single, 21, mariner, b. N., s.William and Sophia, and Sarah P. Gardner, 26, b. N., d.Reuben and Eliza, all of N. Nov.2,1848, in N. [William J., s.William and Sophia A. (Raymond), and Sarah P. Gardner, d.Reuben and Eliza M. (Marshall).PR38]


Charlottee [int.Charlotte] and Reuben Luce, July17,1803. [Charlotte, d.Samuel and Jane (Whippey), and Reuben Luce, s.Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.).PR38]

Eliza and James Swain Jr., Aug.18,1807. [Betsey, d.Samuel and Jane (Whippey) [? Parentage], and James Swain Jr., s.James and Rebecca Baker.PR38]

Betsey, see Eliza.

George and Rebecca Brown, July31,1806. [George, s.Samuel and Jane (Whippey), and Rebecca Brown, d.George and Parnal (Chase).PR38]

Samuel [int.Samuell] and Jane Whippe, Feb.29,1776. [Samuel.NCR]


David H. and Susan Ellis, int.Dec.18,1831. Lewis of MI, and Betsey Ann Hatch, d.Charles and Nancy (Folger),末蔓末, 末末,1826 [? in N.]PR38


John of NY and Rachel Coffin, d.James Alexander and Adeline (Stevens),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Spensa and Andrew Folger, July22,1810.

BUCKLEN (Burklin)


Eliza W. of N. and Jonathan Sweet of RI, int.Aug.29,1841.

Eliza W. of N. and Robert Meguinaty [int.Maguinaty] of Plymouth, Eng., Sept.12,1841. [Eliza, formerly w.Joseph, d.James P. Robinson and Judith (West), and Robert McGuinity.PR38]

John and Sally Long,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Sept.19,1801]. [Sally, d.Jonathan and Rebecca (Kelley) (second w.).PR38]

John and Christiana [int.Christianna] E. Gibbs, Feb.7,1820.

Joseph and Eliza W. Robinson [int.Robenson]. May21,1826. [Joseph, s.John and Sally (Long), and Eliza Robinson, d.James P., and Judith (West).PR38]

Sarah and Heman Ellis, Sept.1,1811. [Sally, wid.John, d.Jonathan Long and Rebecca (Kelley) (second w.), and Heman Ellis, s.末蔓末, 末末 (brother of Moses).PR38]

William and Olive C. Jenkins, Apr.16,1826. [William, s.John and Sally (Long), and Olive C. Jenkins, d.Lemuel of Barnstable.PR38]


John C. and Eliza Cartwright, July22,1832. [Eliza, wid.George, d.John Brown and Deborah (Ellis).PR38]


Alden (Bumps) [dup. Bumpus] of Wareham and Eliza L. Coleman of N., int.Mar.11,1839. [Bumpus of Wareham.CR4 Bump, S. Israel and Ann (Ames), and Eliza Coleman (first w.), d.Bethuel and Mary (Lamb), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Anne [dup. Anna, int.Ann] (Bumpus) and Joseph Stevens [int.Stephens], Feb.3,1821. [Nancy [dup. Ann] Bump, wid.Israel, d.Benjamin Ames and Sally (Brock), and Joseph Stevens, s.Henry and Nancy of England.PR38]

Eliza Ann and Thomas S. James, Nov.11,1831. [Eliza Ann, d.Israel and Nancy [dup. Ann] (Ames), and Thomas S. James Jr., s.Thomas and Elizabeth (Winslow).PR38]

Israel and Nancy Ames, Aug.11,1811. [Nancy [dup. Ann], d.Benjamin and Sally (Brock).PR38]

Nancy, see Anne.

Patience and Samuel Draper, Oct.20,1735.*

Ruth C. and Isaiah [int.Isaih] S. Jones, Oct.25,1835. [Ruth C. [dup. Ruth S. Bumpus], d.Israel and Nancy [dup. Ann] (Ames), and Isaiah Jones, s.William and Mary Macarty or Riley, 15:10m:PR38]

William B. (Bumpus) [dup. Pumpus, single, 30, mariner], of N. [dup. b. N., s.Israel and Nancy of N.], and Harriet N. Holway [dup. 22], of N. [dup, d.William and Harriet of N.], June8,1843, in N. [Bumpus of Wareham and Harriet N. Holway, d.William and Harriet Trask (second w.), June4.PR38]


Abial and Abishai Pinkham, 1:1m:1778.CR4

Abigail, d.Reuben and Mary (Chase), and 末末 Tappan of L.I.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Abigail and Shubael Pinkham, 9:9m:1712.* [Abigail, d.William and Mary (Macy), and Shubael Pinkham, s.Richard 1st and Mary (Coffin), Nov.2.PR38]

Abigail and Benjamin Bunker, 9:12m:1743.CR4

Abigail and George Coffin, Feb.19,1750. [Abigail, d.John and Mary (Coffin), and George Coffin, s.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker).PR38]

Abigail and Francis Coleman, 7:2m:1760.CR4

Abigail and Simeon Hussey, Aug.19,1784. [Abigail, d.Tristram and Abigail, and Simeon Hussey, s.Obed Jr. and Priscilla (Russell).PR38]

Abigail and Ichabod Aldridge [int.Icabod Aldrige], July24,1791. [Abigail, d.Joshua and Margaret (Brock), and Ichabod Aldrich [dup. Aldridge], s.Ichabod and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Abishai, s.Samuel and Priscilla of Sherborn in N., and Dinah Coffin, d.Zephaniah and Miriam dec'd of Sherborn in N., 29:10m:"called October," 1753, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Abishai [second dup. Abisha], s.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman), and Dinah Coffin, d.Zephaniah and Miriam (Macy), 末:9m:PR38]

Abisha, s.Samuel and Priscilla of Sherborn in N., and Hephzibah Allen, d.Daniel and Elizabeth of Sherborn in N. 8:12m:"called December," 1757, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Hepsibeth, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Bunker), 末:10m:PR38]

Abishai, s.Abishai and Dinah dec'd of Sherborn in N. and Meriab Swain, d.David and Martha of Sherborn in N., 5:1m:1775, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Abishai, s.Abishai and Dinah (Coffin), and Merib Swain, d.David and Martha (Hussey).PR38 Merib.PR64]

Abraham, s.Silas and Deborah (Bunker), and Jemima Baldwin,末蔓末, 末末, in NY.PR38

Absolom [int.Absalom] and Lovey Downs, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July21,1789. [Absalom.NCR Absolem, s.Uriah and Susan (Giles), and Love Downs, d.Jonathan and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Alexander and Mary Bursley, int.May15,1825. [Alexander, s.Jesse and Eunice (Folger), and Mary Bursley [dup. Bursely], d.Samuel of Barnstable, m.末蔓末, 末末,1823.PR38]

Alexander, s.Solomon and Abigail (Coffin), and Almira Bushnell,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alexander and Anna Barnard, Oct.28,1773. [Alexander, s.David and Elizabeth (Gorham), and Anna Barnard, d.Francis and Elizabeth (Macy).PR38]

Alexander D. and Rebecca Baxter, Apr.24,1817. [Alexander D., s.Absolem and Love (Downs), and Rebecca Baxter, d.William and Hannah.PR38]

Alexander and Lydia J. [int.S.] Rose, July11,1830 [sic, int.July3,1831]. [Alexander, s.Valentine and Lydia (Higgins), and Lydia Rose, d.Joseph and Mary (Jones).PR38]

Andrew and Eliza Clark, int.Mar.26,1825. [Andrew, s.Nathaniel, and Eliza Clark, d.Lemuel and Jerusha Norton of [Martha's] Vineyard.m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Andrew, s.Nathaniel, and Lydia Morselander, d.Cornelius Jr.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Andrew, s.Joshua and Margaret (Brock), and 末末 末末,末蔓末, 末末, in Surinam.*PR38

Andrew and Nancy Colesworthy, Nov.16,1809. [Andrew, s.Uriah and Margaret (Clark), and Nancy Colesworthy, d.Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Anna and Nathan Gardner, int.Oct.26,1765. [Anna, d.William and Mary (Russell), and Nathan Gardner, s.Abel and Priscilla (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Anna and John Bocot, int.Feb.14,1801. [Anna, d.Nathaniel, and John Bocot, S. James and Charity (Swain), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38 m.Mar.1.PR64]

Anna and John Brock, Mar.13,1746. [Anna [dup. Ann], d.Caleb Esq. and Priscilla (Bunker) (Coffin). and John Brock, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner).PR38]

Anna and Tristram Bunker, 28:2m:"called February," 1765.CR4

Anna and Christopher Gardner, 9:11m:1775.CR4

Anna and Thaddeus Hussey, May27,1792. [Anna (first w.), d.Tristram and Abigail [dup. Anna], and Thaddeus.Hussey, s.Obed Jr. and Priscilla (Russell).PR38]

Anna and Obed Forsdick, Oct.22,1801. [Anna, d.Uriah and Margaret (Clark), and Obed Fosdick, s.Benjamin Jr. and Mary (Coffin) (Brock).PR38]

Anna [int.Nancy] and Marshall Crosby, Feb.11,1802. [Nancy, d.Richard, and Marshall Crosby, s.Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall).PR38]

Anna and Mathew [int.Matthew] Coffin, Feb.12,1802. [Anna, d.William and Mary (Pitts), and Matthew Coffin Jr., s.Matthew and Matilda (Coffin).PR38]

Anna and Charles Macy, 7:10m:1813.CR4

Anna and William Gayer Coffin, May30,1816. [Anna (first w.), d.Thomas Jr. and Mary (Chadwick), and William Gayer Coffin, s.Paul and Ruth (Pinkham).PR38]

Anna and Daniel C. Chase, Dec.27,1818. [Anna, d.Latham and Susanna (Barnard), and Daniel Chase, s.Peter.PR38]

Ann, d.Timothy and Dinah (Coffin). and Thomas Stitts,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ann and Nathaniell Paddack, 15:10m:1706.* [Ann, d.William and Mary (Macy), and Nathaniel Paddack, brother of Zackery.PR38]

Avis R. and William H. Cathcart, int.Sept.1,1827.

Barnabas, s.Samuel and Priscilla of Sherborn in N., and Lydia Gardner, d.Peter and Deborah of Sherborn in N., 2:1m:1777, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Barnabas, s.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman), and Lydia Gardner, d.Peter and Deborah (Pinkham), 末:11m:1776.PR38]

Barzillai, s.Benjamin and Abigail of Sherborn in N., and Lydia Pinkham, d.Daniel and Eunice of Sherborn in N., 2:1m:1777, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Barzillai, s.Benjamin and Abigail (Worth) (Bunker), and Lydia Pinkham, d.Daniel and Eunice (Jenkins), 末:11m:1776.PR38]

Batchelder, see Bachelor.

Bachelor and Bethiah Hussey, Feb.11,1759. [Bacheler.NCR Batchelder, s.Simeon and Huldah (Hussey), and Bethia Hussey, d.John and Jedidah (Coffin).PR38] Bachelor and Abigail Hussey, Aug.22,1773. [Batchelder, s.Simeon and Huldah (Hussey), and Abigail Hussey, d.Paul and Hannah Varney.PR38 Bachelor.PR68]

Benjamin and Eunice Swain, int.Jan.28,1758. [Benjamin, s.Reuben and Mary (Chase), and Eunice Swain, d.Ebenezer and Lydia (Giles), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Benjamin, s.Elijah and Abigail (Folger), and Jane Holmes,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Benjamin, s.Elijah and Abigail (Folger), and Eunice Jennings,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Benjamin and Deborah Paddack, 3:8m:1709, in Yarmouth.* [Benjamin, s.William and Mary (Macy), and Deborah Paddack, d.Zackery Jr.PR38]

Benjamin, s.Jabez and Hannah of Sherborn in N., and Abigail Bunker, d.Joseph Worth and Lydia or Sherborn in N., 9:12m:1743, in N.CR4 [Benjamin, s.Jabez and Hannah (Gardner), and Abigail Bunker, wid.George, d.Joseph Worth and Lydia (Gorham).PR38]

Benjamin and Rebekah Folger, Sept.2,1775. [Benjamin, s.William and Mary (Russell)]. and Rebecca Folger, [d.George and Sarah (Coleman).PR38] Rebecca, d.George.PR62[Rebekah.PR68]

Bethuel, s.Elihu S. and Jemima (Jenkins), and Catharine Sale of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Calib [dup, and int, Calep] and Prissilla [dup. and int.Priscilla] Coffin, both of Sherborn on N., Oct.3,1725, [Caleb Esq., s.George and Deborah (Coffin), and Priscilla Coffin, wid.Joshua, d.Peleg Bunker, 3:10m:PR38 Calib and Prissilla Coffin, Oct.3,1725 1726.PR68]

Caleb and Eunice Gardner. Dec.18,1755. [Caleb, s.Caleb and Priscilla (Bunker) (Coffin), and Eunice Gardner, d.Abel and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38]

Calvin and Lydia Myrick. Jan.7, I813, [Calvin, s.Uriah and Susan (Giles), and Lydia Myrick, d.Andrew Jr. and Elizabeth.PR38]

Caroline E. and Charles W. Rexford, both of N., int.Sept.8,1839. [m.末:1839.CR2 Caroline E., d.William and Parnal (Morris), and Charles H. [dup. W.] Rexford, s.Rev. Jordan, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Catharine, see Katharine.

Charles, s.Samuel and Priscilla of Sherborn in N. and Mary Coffin, d.Zephaniah and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 11:12m:1760, in Sherborn in N.CR4, [Charles, s.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman), and Mary Coffin, d.Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman) (second w.).PR38]

Charles Jr., s.Charles and Mary Of N., and Mary Worth, d.Benjamin and Phebe of N., 4:1m:1797, in N.CR4† [Charles, s.Charles and Mary (Coffin), and Mary Worth, d.Benjamin and Phebe (Coffin) [dup. 末:11m:1796, sic].PR38]

Charles and Judith Folger, Feb.15,1826. [Charles, s.Reuben R. and Rachael, and Judith Folger, d.Uriah and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Charles S. and Miss Eliza M. Horsfield [int.Horsefield], both of N., Dec.23,1841, in Barnstable. [Charles, s.George F., and Eliza M. Horsefield, d.Timothy Jr. and Eliza (Doane).PR38]

Charles G., single, 27, mariner, b. N., s.Owen and Phebe, and Mary M. Cary [int.Carey], 21, b. N., d.Charles (Carey) and Lydia, all of N., Feb.5,1845, in N. [Carey.CR1 Charles G., s.Owen and Phebe (Gardner), and Mary Morton Cary, d.Charles and Lydia (Swain).PR38]

Charles R., single, 22, machinest, of Springfield, b. Springfield, s.Henry L. and Hannah of Springfield, and Phebe Rawson, 18, of N., b. N., d.Asa and Mary of N., Nov.22,1849, in N. [Charles R., s.Henry S. and Hannah (Nickerson) (Bunker), and Phebe Ann Rawson, d.Asa and Mary (Fish).PR38]

Christopher and Abigail Worth, Jan.3,1765. [Christopher, s.John and Mary (Coffin), and Abigail Worth, d.John and Mary (Gardner).PR38 both of Sherborn on N.PR68]

Christopher and Dinah Folger, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July17,1788. [Christopher, s.Christopher and Abigail (Worth), and Dinah Folger, d.Frederic and Mary (Trott).PR38]

Christopher and Susanna Gardner, Dec.6,1821. [Christopher, s.Christopher and Abigail (Worth), and Susan Gardner (second w.), d.Benjamin and Abigail (Folger).PR38]

Cromwell and Lydia Ramsdell, both of Sherborn. Nantucket Co., Sept.4,1788. [Cromwell, s.George and Phebe (Barnard), and Lydia Ramsdell, d.Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38]

Cromwell and Eliza A. [int.Ann] Hussey, Jan.10,1836. [Cromwell, s.Owen and Phebe (Gardner), and Eliza Ann Hussey, d.Capt. Shubael and Phebe (Fitzgerrald).PR38]

Cyrus, s.Elijah and Abigail (Folger), and Catharine Holmes,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Daniel and Prissilla Swaine, both of N., Nov.14,1717.* [Daniel, s.George and Deborah (Coffin), and Priscilla Swain, d.John Jr. and Experience (Folger), 14:11m:PR38 Prissilla Swain, both of N., Nov.14.PR68]

Daniel and Margaret Davis, June29,1741.* [Daniel, s.George and Deborah (Coffin), and Margaret Davis, wid.John, d.Peter Coffin ("Nope") and Hope (Gardner).PR38 Margret Davice, both of N.PR68]

Daniel and Susanna Cathcart, May末 [int.May4], 1805. [Daniel, s.Ebenezar and Mary (Maxey), and Susanna Cathcart, d.John.PR38]

David 2d and Sarah F. Wood, both of N., int.Mar.8,1840, [David, s.Daniel and Susan (Cathcart), and Sarah F. Wood, d.David and Sally, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

David, s.Richard and Eunice (Mitchell), and Diadamia Carpenter, d.Dr. Amos,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

David, s.Benjamin dec'd and Deborah of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Goreham, d.Stephen and Elizabeth of Barnstable, 14:6m:1740, in N.CR4 [David, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Paddack), and Elizabeth Gorham, d.Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

David and Miriam Gardner, Oct.11,1770. [David, s.David and Elizabeth (Gorham) and Miriam Gardner, d.Robert and Jedidah (Folger) (first w.).PR38]

David and Lydia Pinkham, Feb.21,1811. [David, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, and Lydia Pinkham, d.Shubael and Anna (Long).PR38]

David and Polly Newell, Aug.24,1817. [David, s.Nathaniel, and Polly Newell, wid.Nathan, d.William Johnson and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

David M. and Sarah [int.adds R.] Nye, May15,1821.

David P. and Hepsabeth C. Russell, both of N., July5,1842. [David P., s.David and Lydia (Pinkham), and Hepsabeth C. Russell, d.Alexander and Maria (Coffin).PR38] Deborah and Jonathan Folger, 29:6m:田alled August," 1728.CR4

Deborah and Ichabod Clark, Mar.6,1746. [Deborah, d.Daniel and Priscilla (Swain), and Ichabod Clark S. John and Mary (Challing).PR38]

Deborah and Barzillai Luce, Dec.4,1755. [Barzillah,.NCR Deborah, d.Reuben and Mary (Chase), and Barzillai Luce of Tisbury, 18:12m:PR38]

Deborah and Silas Bunker, 8:12m:"called December," 1763.CR4

Deborah and Eliphalet Smith, Jan.19,1769. [Deborah, d.Thomas and Anna (Swain), and Eliphalet Smith, s.Daniel and Abigail (Coffin).PR38 both of Sherborn on N.PR68]

Deborah and Andrew Pinkham, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July15,1790. [Deborah, d.Tristram and Abigail, and Andrew Pinkham, s.Jethro and Susanna (Coffin), "Removed to Ohio about 1812. "PR38]

Deborah of N. and Uriah Jenkins of Hudson, NY, June19,1807. [Deborah, d.Peleg and Lydia.PR38]

Desire and John Benthall, May1,1766. [Desire, d.Zacheriah and Desire (Gorham), and Eber Benthal [dup. Benthall].PR38]

Dinah and Elisha Coffin, Apr.3,1721.* [Dinah, d.Peleg Sr. and Susannah (Coffin), and Elisha Coffin, s.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner).PR38]

Dinah and Silvanus Macy, 30:5m:1782.CR4

Ebenezer and Mary Maxy, Sept.7,1775. [Ebenezar, s.Joseph and Phebe (Pinkham), and Mary Maxey, d.Samuel.PR38 Ebenezer and Mary Maxy.PR68]

Edward, s.Valentine and Lydia (Higgins), and Esther Holmes, sister of Cornelius,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elihu, s.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman), and Abigail Farris,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elihu S., s.Silas, and Jemima Jenkins, d.Francis and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elihu, s.Samuel and Priscilla of Sherborn in N., and Phebe Starbuck, d.Joseph and Ruth dec'd of Sherborn in N., 31:12m:田alled December," 1768, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Elihu, s.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman), and Phebe Starbuck, d.Joseph and Ruth (Macy), 末:9m:.PR38]

Elijah and Abigail Folger, June20,1785. [Elijah, s.Benjamin and Abigail (Worth) (Bunker), and Abigail Folger, d.Christopher and Anna (Joy) (second w.).PR38]

Elisha and Margaret Gardner, Dec.20,1770. [Elisha, s.John and Mary (Coffin), and Margaret Gardner, d.Caleb and Abigail (Gardner) (first w.).PR38 Garner, both of Sherborn on N.PR68]

Elisha and Sarah Pinkham, Jan.9,1834. [Elisha G., s.Hezikiah and Lydia (Gardner), and Sarah Pinkham, d.Hezikiah and Eunice (Barrett) [in birth record of Sarah for (Bartlett) read (Barrett)], 末:9m:PR38]

Eliza, d.Timothy W. and Eunice Macy, and George Coleman, s.Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eliza Ann and Nahum Gurney [int.Nahum Gerney],末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Aug.21,1819]. [Nahum Gurney, Sept.9,1819.CR2 Eliza, d.Jesse and Eunice (Folger), and Nahum Gurney, s.Rev. James.PR38]

Eliza and Abisha Barrows, Sept.22,1822. [Betsey, d.John and Betsey (Gelston), and Abishai Barrows.PR38]

Eliza and Peter F, Chase, Mar.20,1823. [Eliza, d.Moses and Mary (Wyer), and Peter F. Chase, s.George and Rebecca (Coffin).PR38]

Eliza M. [and] William Gammons Jr., int.Aug.18,1833. Eliza M. and David Swain 2:Sept.1,1833. [Elizabeth [dup. Eliza] (second w.), d.Abel and Elizabeth [dup. Betsey] (Morris), and David Swain, s.Abishai and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

Betsey, see Eliza and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth and Hugh Wyer, int.July19,1794. [Elizabeth, d.Obed and Hepsibeth (Giles), and Hugh Wyer, s.Edward, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Elizabeth and Robert Gardner 3:30:6m:1796.CR4†Elizabeth and Stephen Parr,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Jan.19,1799]. [Betsey, d.Ebenezar and Mary (Maxey), and Stephen Parr Jr., s.Stephen and Sarah (Merchant).PR38]

Elizabeth, see Eliza M.

Elizabeth, d.Simeon and Mary (Swain), and John Getchell Jr. of Kennebeck,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, wid.Silas, and William Jenks,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth C. and Thomas D. Morris, int.Oct.26,1834. [m.Nov.17.CR2 Elizabeth, d.Calvin and Lydia (Myrick), and Thomas D. Morris of NC, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Elizabeth and Thomas Clark, 30:11m:"called January," 1723-4.CR4t

Elizabeth and Daniel Allen, Jan.26,1737-8.* [Elizabeth, d.Peleg and Susanna (Coffin), and Daniel Allen, s.Edward 1st and Ann (Coleman).PR38 Elizabeth and Daniel Allin, both of N.PR68]

Elizabeth and Robert Rider, July25,1756. [Elizabeth, d.Zacheriah and Desire (Gorham).PR38]

Elisabeth and Reuben Macy, 31:12m:"called December," 1767.CR4

Elisabeth and William Russell, 6:10m:"called October, 1768.CR4

Elizabeth and Benjamin Cartwright, Oct.29,1172. [Elizabeth, d.David and Elizabeth (Gorham), and Benjamin Cartwright, S. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown).PR38] Elizabeth and Bartlet Coffin, 29:11m:1787.CR4

Elizabeth and Peleg West, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Oct.25,1789. [Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Anna (Swain), and Peleg West, s.Charles.PR38]

Elizabeth and Reuben Dow, 8:5m:1800.CR4

Elizabeth and Francis Joy, 7:1m:1807.CR4

Elizabeth E. and Reuben Coffin 2d, Jan.17,1815. [Elizabeth, d.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood, and Reuben Coffin, s.Robert Jr. and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Elizabeth and Edward C. Coffin, Sept.19,1816. [Elizabeth, d.Thomas Jr. and Mary (Chadwick), and Edward C. Coffin, s.Edward Jr. and Janet (Clark).PR38]

Emeline [dup. Emiline, int.Emmaline] and Charles W. Riddell, Aug. [dup. Sept.] 25,1821. [Emeline, Sept.25.CR2 Emeline, d.Moses and Mary (Myer), and Charles W. Riddell, s.William and Betsey (Hussey).PR38]

Eunice and Alexander Coffin, int.Oct.17,1761. [Eunice, d.David and Elizabeth (Gorham), and Alexander Coffin Jr., s.Alexander and Judith (Bunker), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Eunice and John Allen, int.Jan.16,1790. [Eunice, wid.Benjamin, d.Ebenezer Swain and Lydia (Giles), and John Allen "from England" m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Eunice, d.Richard and Eunice (Mitchell), and Silvester Borrows,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eunice and Nathan Coffin, Jan.1,1758. [Eunice, d.William and Jane (Coffin), and Nathan Coffin Jr., S. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker).PR38]

Eunice and Micajah Swain, Apr.2,1769. [Eunice, d.Uriah and Zaruiah (Pinkham), and Micajah Swain, s.Peleg and Mary (Hussey) (first w.).PR38 Eunies, both of Sherborn on N.PR68]

Eunice and Jonathan Gorham Fitch, 5:4m:1798.CR4

Eunice, d.Barzillai and Lydia (Pinkham), and William R. Macy, s.Robert Jr. and Anna (Jones). Feb.13,1800, in Hudson, NY.*PR38

Eunice and George Fitch, 7:4m:1803.CR4

Eunice and Ebenezer Rand Aug.21,1804. [Eunice, d.Obed and Hepsibeth (Giles), and Ebenezer Rand Jr., s.Ebenezer and Hannah Waters.PR38]

Eunice and Charles C. [int.Coffin] Morris, Nov.28,1811. [Eunice, d.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood, and Charles C. Morris, s.John.PR38]

Eunice and Obadiah Ray, 31:5m:1821.CR4

Eunice G. and Charles Wood, Sept.18,1831.

Eunice and Theodore Sampson, Oct.16,1836. [Eunice (first w.), d.Valentine and Lydia (Higgins).PR38]

Frederick, s.Tristram and Anna (Bunker), and Ann Paddack, d.Stephen,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Frederick, s.Elihu S. and Jemima (Jenkins), and Julia Watson of NY.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Frederick F. and.Hepzebeth [dup. Hepzabeth, int.Hepsabeth] Fosdick, Mar.12,1824. [Hepzibeth, Mar.18.CR2 Frederick F., s.Christopher Jr. and Dinah (Folger), and Hepsibeth Fosdick, d.Philip and Hepsibeth (Gardner).PR38]

George, s.William and Mary (Russell), and Margaret Nelson,末蔓末, 末末. in NY.*PR38

George F. and Sarah E. Macy, both of N., int.Aug.9,1840. [George F. 2d, m.Aug.25.CR2 George F., s.Timothy C. and Nancy, and Sarah C. Macy, d.Peleg Jr. and Lucretia (Folger) (first w.), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

George [dup. Bunckcr] and Deborah Coffin, 10:8m:1695.* [Bunker Esq., s.William and Mary (Macy), and Deborah Coffin, d.James Esq. and Mary (Severance).PR38]

George, s.Jonathan dec'd and Elizabeth of Sherborn in N., and Abigail Worth, d.Joseph and Lydia of Sherborn in N., 1:4m:1738. in N.CR4 [George, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Abigail Worth, d.Joseph and Lydia (Gorham), 末:3m:PR38]

George and Phebe Barnard, Jan.4,1763. [George, s.John and Mary (Coffin), and Phebe Barnard, d.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin).PR38]

George Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Mary Gardner, Oct.4,1795. [George, s.George and Phebe (Barnard), and Mary Gardner, d.Shubael and Mary (Gardner).PR38] George 4th and Hannah Nicherson [int.Nichorson], Dec.9,1817.

George F. and Mary Starbuck, Jan.18,1816. [George. F., s.Benjamin and Rebecca, and Mary Starbuck, d.Tristram and Miriam (Joy).PR38]

George M. and Abby Holmes, Nov.25,1821. [George M., s.James and Susan (Marshall), and Abby Holmes, d.Bartlett of Barnstable.PR38]

George 3d [int.omits 3d] and Eliza Arieams [int.Ariems], May10,1832.

Gorham and Phebe Burdet [int.Burdett], Apr.10,1804. [Gorham, s.Simeon and Mary (Swain), and Phebe Burdett, d.Edward and Parnal (Russell).PR38]

Hannah and Benjamin Coffin, 3:4m:"called April," 1766.CR4

Hannah and Seth Mitchel, Mar.29,1804. [Hannah, d.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood (second w.), and Seth Mitchell, S. Christopher and Jemima.PR38]

Hannah and Henry Gardner, 10:9m:1807.CR4

Hannah and Henry L. [dup. F.] Bunker, Oct.14,1824.

Hannah M. and Alexander B. Robinson, int.Apr.6,1845.†

Hannah and George B. Worth, Sept.18,1845.*PR38

Harriet R. and Clement Randell Jr., int.Oct.30,1836. [Harriet, d.Samuel and Sarah (Russell), and Clement Randall of Mattapoisett, s.末末, of Fairhaven, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Harvey, S. Elijah and Abigail (Folger), and Catharine Paddack,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Henry C. and Adaline Calott, int.Sept.11,1831. [Henry C., s.Abel and Betsey [dup. Elizabeth (Morris)]. and Adeline Carlot, wid.Lewis, d.Elijah Swift, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Henry C. and Huldah Ann Sell [int.Sill], Apr.29,1819. [Henry C, s.Abel and Betsey [dup. Elizabeth (Morris)], and Huldah Ann Sill, d.William.PR38]

Henry L. [dup. F.] and Hannah Bunker, Oct.14,1824. Hephzibah and Eliphalet Smith, Oct.3,1726. [Hepsabeth, d.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin), and Eliphalet Smith, S. Armstrong and Mahitabel (Coffin), Dec.3.PR38 Hephzihath and Eliphelit Smith, both of N., Oct.3.PR68]

Hephzibah and Benjamin Starbuck, int.Dec.21,1754. [Hepsabeth (first w.), d.William and Jane (Coffin), and Benjamin Starbuck Jr., s.Benjamin and Dinah (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末. "Settled in Hudson. "PR38]

Hepzibah and James Barnard,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Feb.9,1799]. [Hepbeth, wid.Noah, d.Jonathan W. Colesworthy Jr., and James Barnard, s.Shubael and Ruth (Bunker) (Myrick) (second w.).PR38]

Hepzibah and Jonathan Swain 4th [int.omits 4th],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21, I799, int.Feb.16,1799]. [Hepsibeth (first w.), d.Obed and Hepsibeth (Giles), and Jonathan Swain, s.Abishai and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

Hephzibah and Uriah Coffin, May13,1760. [Hepsibeth, d.Uriah and Zaruiah (Pinkham), and Uriah Coffin, s.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker).PR38]

Hephzibah and Hezekiah Russel [int.Russell], Mar.25,1762. [Russel.NCR Hepsibeth, wid.Abishal, d.Daniel Allen and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Hezekiah Russell, s.Jonathan and Patience (Swain).PR38]

Hephzibah and Zephaniah Coffin, 7:1m:1768.CR4

Hepzibah and Joseph Harris, 28:10m:1779.CR4

Hephzibah and Wadsworth Crocker, Aug.30,1789. [Heppy.PR64]

Hepzibah [dup. Hepsibeth, int.Hephzibah] and Charles Lawrence, Aug.30,1821. [Hepsa.CR2 Hepsibeth, d.Moses and Mary (Wyer), and Charles Lawrence, s.Jeremiah and Eunice (Baxter).PR38]

Hezekiah and Margaret FitzGerrald, int.Feb.23,1765. [Hezekiah, s.Paul and Hannah (Gardner), and Margaret Fitzgerald, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Hezekiah, s.Paul and Hannah (Gardner), and Lydia Ellenwood [dup. Ellinwood] of Yarmouth, N.S.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hezekiah 2d and Lydia Gardner, May13,1802. [Hezikiah, s.Matthew and Bethiah (Coffin), and Lydia Gardner, d.Capt, Asa and Elizabeth (Chase).PR38]

Huldah and Benjamin Barney, 6:12m:"called December," 1753.CR4

Huldah and Daniel Coffin, 2:9m:1784.CR4

Jabez, s.William and Mary (Macy), and Hannah Gardner, d.Nathaniel 1st and Abigail (Coffin), Jan.19 [dup. Sept.19], 1706.*PR38

James W., see James M.

James, s.Jonathan dec'd and Elizabeth of Sherbourn in N., and Bethiah Jenkins, d.Matthew and Mary of Sherborn in N., 30:3m:1737, inCR4 [James, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Bethiah Jenkins, d.Matthew and Mary (Gardner), 末:1m:PR38]

James of Sherburn, Nantucket Co., and Hannah Shurtleff [int.Shirtlief] of Plymouth, Jan.6,1757, in Plymouth.[James, s.Zacheriah and Desire (Gorham), and Hannah Shurtleff.PR38]

James, s.Matthew and Bethia of Sherborn in N., and Susanna Marshall, d.Obed and Susanna of Sherborn in N., 3:4m:1794, in Sherborn in N.CR4PR2 [James, s.Matthew and Bethia (Coffin), and Susan Marshall, d.Obed and Susan (Burnell).PR38]

James M. and Sarah West, Sept.23,1835. [James W.CR2]

James G. of N. and Joanna E. Sprague of Bath, ME, July6,1840. [Joanna H., sister of Nathaniel A.PR38]

James M. 2d single, 30, cooper, b. N., s.William and Parnal [int.Parnell], and Sarah G. Folger, 24, b. N., d.Moses and Sarah [sic], all of N., Feb.10,1848, in N. [James M., s.William and Parnal [dup. Parnell] (Morris), and Sarah G. Folger, d.Moses and Eliza (Morris).PR38]

James H., single, 25, mariner, b. N., s.Timothy and Nancy, and Ann M. Coleman, 19, b. N., d.Charles [int.2d] and Mary, all of N. Aug.27,1848, in N. [Ann M., d.Charles H. and Mary A. (Austin).PR38]

Jane, wid.George, and Richard Swain,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jane and Robert Watson, Mar.21,1717.* [Jane, d.William and Mary (Macy), 21:3m:PR38 Roberd Wotson, both of N., Mar.21.PR68]

Jane and Jonathan Ramsdell [int.Ramsdale], Oct.7,1753. [Ramsdale.NCR Jane (second w.), wid.William, d.Ebenezar Coffin Esq. and Eleanor (Barnard), and Jonathan Ramsdell.PR38]

Jessee [int.Jesse] and Eunice Folger,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1199 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.9,1799]. [Jesse, s.Christopher and Abigail (Worth), and Eunice Folger, d.Owen and Eunice (Smith).PR38]

Job and Hepbzibah Hussey, Nov.25,1767. [Job, s.Obed and Mary (Duanna), and Hepsibeth Hussey, d.Jonathan and Hepzibab (Starbuck).PR38]

John and Elizabeth Peirce [int.Pearce], June30,1818. [John, S. George of Fairhaven and Phebe (Barnard), and Elizabeth Pierce, wid.John [dup. Tyler], d.Tuba末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

John, s.Nathaniel, and Sarah Mall,末蔓末, 末末. in England.*PR38

John and Mary Coffin, both of N., Feb.13,1725-6. [John, s.George and Deborah (Coffin), and Mary Coffin, d.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner), 13:2m:1725.PR38 Feb.13,1725-6.PR68]

John and Betzy Gelston, Sept.29,1785. [Betsy.NCR John, s.Stephen and Elizabeth, and Betsey Gelston, d.Dr. Samuel and Anna (Cotton).PR38 Betsy.PR64]

John 2d and Susanna [int.Suky] Chase, July3,1806. [John, s.George of Fairhaven and Phebe (Barnard), and Susan Chase, d.James and Mary [dup. Mercy (Godfrey)].PR38]

Jonathan and Jerusha Pease, int.Apr.13,1754. [Jonathan, s.Zacheriah and Desire (Gorham), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38] Jonathan, s.Simeon and Mary (Swain), and Mary Smith, 2:4m:1792.*PR38

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Judith (Macy), and Comfort Smith, d.David "at Nine Partners, NY,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jonathan, s.Zacheriah and Desire (Gorham), and Experience Studley,末蔓末, 末末 [see mar. of Simeon Bunker].*PR38

Jonathan, s.Peleg and Susannah dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Judith Macy, d.Richard and Deborah of Sherborn in N., 6:11m:1742, in N.CR4 [Jonathan, s.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin), and Judith Macy, d.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), 末:11m:in Hudson, NY.PR38]

Joseph, s.Daniel and Priscilla dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Phebe Pinkham, d.Shubael and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 4:12m:"called February," 1747, in N.CR4 [Joseph, s.Daniel and Priscilla (Swain), and Phebe Pinkham, d.Shubael and Abigail (Bunker).PR38]

Joseph F. and Ellenor W. Twedey, coloured, both of N., int.Jan.7,1838.

Joshua and Margret [int.Margaret] Perry,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.July3,1819]. [Margarett, July22,1819.CR2 Joshua, s.Joshua and Pamal Myrick, and Margaret [dup. Peggy] Perry, d.Jonathan and Susanna (Gardner) (second w.).PR38]

Joshua and Margaret Brock, Jan.17,1750.* [Joshua, s.John and Mary (Coffin), and Margaret Brock, d.Thomas and Patience (Gardner).PR38]

Joshua and Parnel [dup. Parnal] Myrick, Oct.22,1775. [Joshua and Pernal Myrick.NCR Joshua, S. Joshua and Margaret (Brock), and Parnal Myrick, d.Jonathan.PR38]

Joshua of N. and Susan Taber of Fair Haven, int.Dec.13,1840.

Judith and James Fitch, int.June21,1760. [Judith, d.Reuben and Mary (Chase), and James Fitch, s.Peter and Rachael (Chase), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Judith, d.Jonathan and Judith (Macy), and Jedidiah Irish,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Judith and Bartlet Coffin, both of N., Jan.1,1718-19.* [Judith, d.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin). and Bartlett Coffin, s.Peter "(Nope)" and Christian (Conde) [dup. 1:Im:1718].PR38 Judeth and Barttlet Coffin, Jan.1,1718.PR68]

Judith and Alexander Coffin, Jan.12,1737-8.* [Judith, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Alexander Coffin, s.Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard), 12:1m:1737.PR38]

Judith and Benjamin Glover, Nov.9,1788. [Judith, d.Tristram and Abigail, and Benjamin Glover, S. Simon and Lydia (Fitch).PR38]

Judith, d.Peleg and Lydia of N., and Peter Paddack, s.Eliphalet and Dinah of N., 6:4m:1797, in N.CR4

Katharine [int.Kate] and Benjamin Pinkham, Dec.24,1772. [Katharine.NCR Catharine, d.Reuben and Mary (Chase), and Benjamin Pinkham Jr., s.Benjamin and Hepsabeth (Swain).PR38]

Kezia, d.Peter and Judith dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Peleg Bunker, s.Jonathan and Judith of Sherborn in N., 7:1m:田alled January," 1768, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Keziah, d.Peter and Judith (Gardner), and Peleg Bunker, s.Jonathan and Judith (Macy).PR38]

Kezia and David Whippy, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec.11,1788.

Latham of Hudson, Columbia Co., NY, s.Peleg and Lydia dec'd of Hudson, Columbia Co., NY, and Susanna Barnard of Hudson, Columbia Co., NY, d.Shubael and Susanna dec'd, 28:8m:1788, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Susanna, d.Shubael and Susanna (Gardner), 末:7m:PR38]

Lois and William Long, Feb.19,1761. [Lois, d.David and Elizabeth (Gorham), and William Long, s.John and Jane Luce.PR38]

Lois and Paul Ray, Feb.9,1812. [Lois (second w.), wid.Richard Jr., d.Benjamin Cartwright and Elizabeth (Dunker), and Paul Ray, s.John and Mary (Macy) (first w.).PR38]

Loiza [int.Luisa] and William H. Begalow [int.Bigelow], July13,1828. [Louisa, d.Rowland and Rebecca (Hayden), and William H. Bigelow, printer.PR38]

Love and Benjamin Worth, int.June13,1807. [Love, wid.Absalom, d.Jonathan Downs and Lydia (Coffin), and Benjamin Worth, s.Francis and Phebe (Coleman), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Lovey and Isaiah Clark, June24,1788. [Love, d.Uriah and Susan (Giles), and Isaiah Clark, s.Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner).PR38]

Lucinda and Edward Hallet, Dec.27,1787. [Lucinda, d.Nathaniel, and Edward Hallett.PR38]

Lurana and Hugh Wyer, June19,1788. [Lurania, d.Obed and Hepsibeth (Giles), and Hugh Wyer, s.Edward.PR38]

Lurania [int Lurana] and Uriah Gardner, Oct.10,1814. [Lurana.CR2 Lurania, d.Noah and Hepsibeth (Colesworthy), and "Uriah Gardner, s.Francis and Anna (Paddack) (first w.), "They separated."PR38]

Lydia, d.Reuben and Judith, and Nathaniel Coffin, s.Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Timothy W. and Eunice, and Robert Coffin, s.Salmon and Anna (Mitchell),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.David and Miriam (Gardner), and Stephen Jennings,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Zacheriah and Judith (Folger), and Stephen Waterman, s.Perez,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia Downs and David T. Warren, both of N., int.Sept.1,1839. [m.Sept.19.CR2 Lydia Downes Bunker, d.Alexander D. and Rebecca (Baxter), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Lydia S. and Charles R Paddack, both of N., int.Dec.1,1839. Maria, d.Barzzillai and Lydia (Pinkham), and Alexander Joy,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia and Nathan Coffin, Mar.5,1717.* [Lydia, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Nathan Coffin, s.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner).PR38 Cofin, both of N.PR68]

Lydia and John Swain, Jan.19,1750. [Lydia, d.William and Jane (Coffin), and John Swain, s.William and Jemima (Coffin), 18:6m:PR38]

Lydia and Shubael Folger, 5:1m:"called January," 1757.CR4

Lydia and Goddard Glazier, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Oct.11,1789. [Lydia, d.Richard and Eunice (Mitchell), and Goddard Glazier of RI.PR38]

Lydia and Bethuel Pinkham, Dec.22,1793. [Lydia, wid.Cromwell, d.Jonathan Ramsdell and Priscilla (Coffin), and Bethuel Pinkham, s.Jonathan and Jemima (Swain) (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Lydia, d.Silas and Deborah (Bunker), and Benjamin Macy, s.John and Bethiah (Cartwright) (first w.), Feb.末,1800, in Hudson, KY.*PR38

Lydia and Samuel Gardner, June6,1805. [Lydia, d.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood, and Samuel Gardner, s.Elijah and Helena (Huntley).PR38]

Lydia and Abraham Coffin, Dec.11,1806, in N. [Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Lydia, and Abraham Coffin, s.Matthew and Matilda (Coffin).PR38]

Lydia and Francis Coffin, 6:8m:1807.CR4

Lydia and David Sprague, Feb.6,1812. [Lydia, d.Peleg and Lydia, and David Sprague, s.John and Mary (Bocott).PR38]

Lydia and Alfred Folger, Oct.17,1816. [Lydia, d.Abel and Elizabeth (Morris), and Alfred Folger, s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Lydia M. and Frederick C. Macy, Jan.22,1822. [Lydia, wid.Robert, d.Silvanus Macy and Anna (Pinkham), and Frederick C. Macy, s.Thomas (s.John of Ghent) and "Hannah or Phebe. "PR38]

Maria, d.Timothy and Dinah (Coffin), and Lewis Raymond,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Martha and Stephen Hussey, Oct.8,1616.* [Martha, d.George and Jane Godfrey, and Stephen Hussey, s.Capt Christopher and Theodate (Bachelder).PR38]

Mary, see Polly.

Mary and Richard Folger,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Mar.8,1800]. [Mary, d.Peleg and Lydia (third w.), and Richard Folger, s.Solomon and Lydia (Russell), "Went to Ohio in 1812. "PR38]

Mary, see Polly.

Mary and Josiah Coleman,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int June19,1819]. [July8.CR2 Mary, d.Moses and Mary (Wyer), and Josiah Coleman, s.Obed and Elizabeth (Swain).PR38]

Mary, d.Reuben and Abigail (Barnard), and John Loines, s.Stephen and Sybil of NY.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary Abby, d.George M. and Abby (Holmes), and Dr. P.S. Learning,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary R. and Edward Folger,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1 1826 and Apr.6,1827, int.Apr.15,1826]. [Mary, d.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood, and Edward Folger, s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Mary, d.George and Jane Godfrey, and Stephen Coffin, s.Tristram 1st and Dionis (Stevens),末蔓末,1669.*PR38

Mary and Tristram Coffin, 29:2m:1714.* [Mary, d.William and Mary (Macy), and Tristram Coffin, s.Lt. John [of Martha's] Vineyard and Deborah (Austin).PR38]

Mary and Timothy Barnard, 2:1m:"called March," 1731-2.CR4

Mary and Thomas Carr, Jan.7,1750. [Mary, wid.Obed, d.Peggy Duanna [dup. Duanne], 7:[dup. 27:] 1m:PR38]

Mary and Stephen Coffin, 30:11m:"called January," 1751-2.CR4

Mary and Timothy Coleman, Feb.17,1763. [Mary, d.John and Mary (Coffin), and Timothy Coleman, s.Joseph and Rachael (Norton).PR38]

Mary and David Squires, Nov.25,1765. [Mary, d.Reuben and Mary (Chase).PR38]

Polly and Obed Aldrick [int.Aldridge], Aug.11,1785. [Aldrich.NCR; Mary [dup. Polly], d.Joshua and Margaret (Brock), and Obed Aldrich [dup. Aldridge], s.Ichabod and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Mary and Francis Paddack, 27:10m:1795.CR4

Mary and Paul Coffin 2d, Sept.4,1800. [Mary, d.George and Phebe (Barnard), and Paul Coffin, s.Jonathan and Phebe.PR38]

Mary and Francis Paddack, July30,1801.

Mary and Micajah Swain, June24,1802. [Mary (first w.), d.Ebenezar and Mary (Maxey), and Micajah Swain, s.Peleg Jr. and Elizabeth (Cartwright) (second w.).PR38]

Mary and Elihu Folger, Mar.13,1803. [Mary, wid.William, d.Benjamin Pitts and Mercy (Chadwick) (Chase) (second w.), and Elihu Folger, s.Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.).PR38]

Polly and Ammiel [int.Ammial] Coffin, Feb.4,1806. [Mary, d.William and Abigail (Gardner), and Ammiel [dup. Amial] Coffin, s.John and Susanna (Clark).PR38]

Polly and Jonathan Swain 2d, Dec.26,1813. [[dup. Mary] (second w.), wid.Moses, d.William Wyer, and Jonathan Swain, s.Abishai and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

Mary B. [int.omits B.] and John H. Peas [int.Pease], Mar.21,1816. [Mary B. and John H. Pease.CR2 Mary, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, and John H. Pease.PR38]

Mary and Jesse [int.Jessa] Coffin [int.2d], Apr.4,1823. [Mary, d.James and Susan (Marshall), and Jesse Coffin, s.Robert and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Mary and Robert F. Fosdick, May28,1828. [Mary, d.Owen and Phebe (Gardner), and Robert F. Fosdick, s.Reuben and Peggy (Fitch).PR38]

Mary F. and William P. Celey [int.Ceely], Dec.16,1832. [Mary F., d.Thaddeus and Lydia (Folger), and William P. Ceeley, s.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck).PR38]

Mary M. of N. and Shubael F. Brayton of New Bedford, Aug.14,1842. [Mary M. [dup. P.], d.Joshua and Margaret (Perry), and Shubael F. Brayton, s.David and Eliza (Folger).PR38]

Matilda, d.David R. and Deidamis of Hudson, and Oliver Coleman, s.John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy), 19:10m:1846.*PR38

Matthew, see Mathew.

Mathew, s.James and Bethiah dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Bethiah Coffin, d.Zaccheus and Mary of Sherborn in N., 5:1m:"called January," 1764, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Matthew, s.James and Bethia (Jenkins), and Bethia Coffin, d.Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), 末:11m:1763.PR38]

Merib, d.David and Miriam (Gardner), and Nathaniel Starbuck, S. Benjamin,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Merab and Gideon Gardner, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co. Oct.30,1789. [Merab, d.Christopher and Abigail (Worth), and Gideon Gardner, S. Benjamin and Abigail (Folger).PR38]

Merab and Nathaniel Ray, 8:10m:1795.CR4

Merab and John Pinkham 3:July23,1812. [Merab, d.Christopher and Dinah (Folger), and John Pinkham 3d, s.Tristram and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Miriam and William Bunker, 9:12m:1773.CR4

Moses and Polly Wyer, Aug.6,1795. [Moses, s.Obed and Hepzibeth (Giles), and Mary [dup. Polly] Wyer, d.Wiliam.PR38]

Nancy and Hezekiah Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Feb.9,1799]. [Nancy, d.Uriah and Susan (Giles), and Hezekiah Coffin Jr., s.Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman).PR38]

Nancy, see Anna.

Nancy C. and Zepheniah [int.Zephaniah] Wood, Oct.23,1831.

Nancy and Nathaniel Rand Apr.15,1838. [Nancy (second w.), d.Uriah and Abigail (Gardner), and Nathaniel Rand (s.Ebenezer and Hannah (Waters)).PR38]

Naomi, d.Shubael and Lydia (Paddack), and Reuben Mooers, s.Alexander,末蔓末, 末末*.PR38

Naomy and Eliphelet Paddack, 9:9m:"called November," 1726.CR4

Nathaniell and Anna Swain, June24,1766. [Nathaniel, s.Reuben and Mary (Chase), and Anna Swain, d.Jethro and Dorcas Ryder.PR38]

Nathaniell and Lydia Lewis, July13,1779. [Nathaniel, s.Reuben and Mary (Chase), and Lydia Lewis of Barnstable.PR38]

Noah and Hephzibah ColesWorthy [int.Hepzibah Colesworthy], June19,1791. [Noah, s.Obed and Hepsabeth (Giles), and Hepsibeth Colesworthy, d.Jonathan W. Jr. and Hepsabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Obed and Eliza A. Macy,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.June22,1827]; [Obed, s.Uriah and Margaret (Clark), and Eliza A. Macy, d.Simeon and Phebe (Allen), July15,1827.PR38]

Obed and Mary Duanna, Oct.19,1738*. [Obed, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Paddack), and Mary Duanna, d.Peggy, 17:10m:PR38]

Obed and Hephzibah [int.Hepzibah] Giles, Dec.16,1762. [HephzibahNCR; Obed, s.Obed and Mary (Duanna), and Hepsabeth Giles, d.Thomas and Susan (Jones) [dup. 20:12m:1769].PR38]

Obed and Ruth Russell [int.Russell], Dec.29,1796. [Obed, s.Peleg and Lydia, and Ruth Russell, d.Joseph and Rhoda (Barnard).PR38]

Obed 3d [int.omits 3d] and Mary Clasby, Feb.4,1806. [Obed, s.Nathaniel and Mary Clasby, d.Joseph and Miriam (Coffin).PR38]

Obed R., single, 32, mariner, s.Owen and Phebe, and Emily A. Morton, 27, d.Martin T. and Mary, May6,1847. [Obed R., s.Owen and Phebe (Gardner), and Emily Morton, d.Dr. Martin T.PR38]

Oliver C., s.Calvin and Lydia (Myrick), and Elizabeth Sumner of Boston,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Owen and Phebe Gardner.末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.July7,1798.]; [Owen, s.George and Phebe (Barnard), and Phebe Gardner, d.Stephen and Christian (Swain).PR38]

Owen, s.Simeon and Mary (Swain), and Mary Fenn,末蔓末, 末末, in London*.PR38

Patience and Jonathan Gardner, 14:8m:1723.* [Patience, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Jonathan Gardner, s.James and Mary (Starbuck) (first w.).PR38]

Paul, s.Jabez and Hannah of Sherborn, and Hannah Gardner, d.Samuel and Patience of Sherborn, 3:1m:1736.CR4; [Paul, s.Jabez and Hannah (Gardner), and Hannah Gardner, d.Samuel and Patience (Swain) (second w.), 末:11m:PR38]

Paul and Eunice Folger, both of Sherborn, Oct.31,1789. [Paul, s.Peleg and Lydia (Worth), and Eunice Folger, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer).PR38]

Paul, s.Jabez and Hannah, dec'd, of Sherborn, and Rachel Coleman, d.Silvanus Hussey and Abiel, dec'd, of Sherborn, 25:2m:1790, in Sherborn.CR4; [Paul, s.Jabez and Hannah (Gardner), and Rachel Coleman, wid.Barnabas, d.Silvanus Hussey and Abial (Browne) (first w.), 末:1m:PR38]

Paul and Eliza Coffin, Dec.16,1824. [Paul, s.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood, and Eliza [dup. Elizabeth] Coffin, d.Albert and Elizabeth (Fosdick) (Coleman).PR38]

Peleg and Susanna [dup. Susana] Coffin, Jan.9,1700*. [Peleg, s.William and Mary (Macy), and Susanna [dup. Susannah] Coffin, d.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), 9:1m:PR38]

Peleg, s.Jabez and Hannah of Sherborn, and Lydia Worth, d.Joseph and Lydia of Sherborn, 8:12m:"called February," 1749 in Sherborn.CR4; [Peleg, s.Jabez and Hannah (Gardner), and Lydia Worth, d.Joseph and Lydia (Gorham), 末:10m:PR38]

Peleg, s.Jonathan and Judith of Sherborn, and Kezia Bunker, d.Peter and Judith, dec'd, of Sherborn, 7:1m:"called January," 1768 in Sherborn.CR4; [Peleg, s.Jonathan and Judith (Macy), and Keziah Bunker, d.Peter and Judith (Gardner).PR38]

Peleg and Deborah Gorham, Jan.16,1772. [Peleg, s.Jonathan and Judith (Macy), and Deborah Gorham, d.Joseph of Cape Cod and Abigail LovellPR38; both of Sherborn.PR68]

Peleg and Lydia Gardner, Sept.19,1773. [Peleg, s.Jonathan and Judith (Macy), and Lydia Gardner, d.Uriah and Judith (Bunker) (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Persis and Henry Worth, Aug.27,1795. [Persis, d.Christopher and Abigail (Worth), and Henry Worth, s.Andrew and Judith (Coleman).PR38]

Peter, s.Jabez and Hannah of Sherborn, and Judith Gardner, d.Jethro, dec'd, and Kezia of Sherborn, 9:1m:"called March," 1748-9 in Sherborn.CR4 [Judith, d.Jethro and Kezia (Folger), 末:10m:1748.PR38]

Phebe, d.Solomon and Abigail (Coffin), and Israel Baldwin,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe, d.Reuben and Abigail (Barnard), and James Martin,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe and William Casby, 1:12m:"called February," 1749.CR4

Phebe and Reuben Hussey, Dec.27,1772. [Phebe, d.Paul and Hannah (Gardner) and Reuben Hussey, s.Christopher and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Phebe and Laban Coffin, 27:4m:1786.CR4

Phebe and William Cash, Oct.25,1787. [Phebe, d.Simeon and Mary (Swain) and William Cash Jr., s.William and Mary (Johnson).PR38]

Phebe (first w.), d.Elihu and Phebe (Starbuck), and Thomas Macy, s.John and Bethiah (Cartwright) (first w.), 末:12m:1799, in Hudson, NY.*PR38

Phebe and Joseph Gorham Coleman, 9:1m:1806.CR4

Phebe and Solan Worth, July17,1806. [Phebe, d.George and Phebe (Barnard), and Solon Worth, s.Gideon and Phebe (Taber).PR38]

Phebe Ann and James H. Adams, Mar.15,1846.†

Prissila and Joshua Coffin, 3:2m:1721.* [Priscilla, d.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin), and Joshua Coffin, s.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner).PR38]

Priscilla and Abraham Macy, 3:12m:"called December," 1761.CR4

Priscilla and Edward Lloyd Whittemore, Nov.8,1772. [Priscilla, d.Joseph and Phebe (Pinkham)PR38; Prissilla, both of Sherborn.PR38]

Priscilla and Shubael Coffin 2d, Oct.5,1802. [Priscilla, d.William and Mary (Russell), and Shubael Coffin, s.Henry and Mary (Woodbury).PR38]

Priscilla and Alexander Drew, Feb.18,1808. [Priscilla, d.Uriah and Peggy, and Alexander Drew, s.Gershom and Mary (Cobb).PR38]

Puella, d.Shubael and Lydia (Paddack), and Abraham Taber,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rachel and Tristram Swain, 28:12m:"called December," 1769.CR4

Rachel and Jonathan Paddack, 28:7m:1791.CR4

Rebecca, d.Silvanus and Hepsibeth (Swain), and Caleb Briggs,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rebecca, d.David and Miriam (Gardner), and William Nash,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rebecca, d.Zacheriah and Judith (Folger), and Daniel Neale of Philadelphia, PA,末蔓末, 末末 in Aurora NY.*PR38

Rebecca B., d.Alexander D. and Rebecca (Baxter), and James C. Caldwell of Cincinnati, OH,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Rebecca and Caleb Gibbs, both of Sherborn, July8,1790.

Rebecca and Samuel Mooers, Mar.21,1811. [Rebecca, wid.Roland d.Abishai Hayden and Merab (Pinkham), and Samuel Mooers, s.Jonathan and Hannah.PR38]

Rebecca and William Moors, July20,1837. [Rebecca, d.Barnabas and Lydia (Gardner), and William Mooers Jr.PR38; Mooers.PR45]

Reuben and Rachel Chase,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Sept.7,1799.]

Reuben, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Paddack), and Mary Chase, d.Abraham and Abigail (Barnard) [of Martha's] Vineyard [dup. Tisbury], 23:9m:1731.*PR38

Reuben, s.Reuben and Mary of Sherborn, and Judith Macy, d.John and Eunice of Sherborn, 31:12m:"called December," 1767 in Sherborn.CR4; [Reuben, s.Reuben and Mary (Chase), and Judith Macy, d.John 3d and Eunice (Coleman) [1762 written above 1707], "removed 27. 4. 1772. "PR38]

Richard, s.Thomas and Anna of Sherborn, and Eunice Mitchell, d.Richard and Mary of Sherborn, 13:12m:"called December," 1768 in Sherborn.CR4; [Richard, s.Thomas and Anna (Swain), and Eunice Mitchell, 末:10m:PR38]

Richard and Lois Cartwright, Mar.14,1793. [Richard, s.Richard and Eunice (Mitchell), and Lois Cartwright, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker).PR38]

Richard [and] Hephzibah McKinzey [int.Hepzabah McKenzey], Oct.30,1804. [Richard, s.Jonathan, and Hepsabeth McKensy, formerly w.Martin, d.Thaddeus Waterman and Hepsabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Robert, s.Timothy and Dinah (Coffin), and Rachel Folger,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Robert, s.Barnabas and Lydia (Gardner), and Lydia Macy, d.Sylvanus and Anna (Pinkham),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Robert, s.Elihu S. and Jemima (Jenkins), and Eliza Stagg of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rowland see Roland.

Roland [int.Rowlen] [and] Rebecca Haden, Jan.13,1807. [Rowland s.Uriah and Susan (Giles), and Rebecca Hayden, d.Abishai and Merab (Pinkham).PR38]

Roland R., single, 24, cooper, s.William and Parnell, and Julia A. Nye, 19, d.George W. and Judith, Aug.9,1846. [Roland R., s.William and Parnal (Morris), and Julia Ann Nye.PR38]

Rosanna [int.Rozanna] and Simeon Ellis, Aug.22,1802. [Rose Ann, d.Joshua, grand d.Joshua and Margaret, and Simeon Ellis, s.Francis and Sarah (Mooers).PR38]

Ruth, d.Elihu and Phebe (Starbuck), and David Ring,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ruth and Richard Coffin, Nov.20,1718.* [Ruth, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Richard Coffin, s.John Esq. and Hope (Gardner), 20:11m:PR38; Nov.20.PR68]

Ruth and Uriah Gardner, Apr.27,1738.* [Ruth, d.Daniel and Priscilla (Swain), and Uriah Gardner, s.Ebenezer and Eunice (Coffin).PR38; both of Sherborn.PR68]

Ruth and John Myrick, Feb.12,1761. [Ruth, d.James and Bethia (Jenkins), and John Myrick, s.Isaac.PR38]

Ruth and Isaiah Maxy, Mar.5,1775. [Ruth, d.Joseph and Phebe (Pinkham), and Isaiah Maxey.PR38]

Ruth and Benjamin Folger, May11,1806. [Ruth, d.William and Abigail (Gardner), and Benjamin Folger, s.Solomon and Lydia (Russell).PR38]

Ruth and Borden Chase, 8:3m:1810.CR4

Samuel, s.William and Mary (Russell), and Rachel Ellinworth,末蔓末, 末末, in Philadelphia.*PR38

Samuel, s.Jabez and Hannah of Sherborn, and Prissilla Coleman, d.John and Prissilla of Sherborn, 7:11m:"called January," 1731.CR4 [Samuel, s.Jabez and Hannah (Gardner), and Priscilla Coleman, d.John Jr. and Priscilla (Starbuck), 末:9m:PR38]

Samuel [Bunker, sic, int.Barker Jr.] and Rebecca Parker of Falmouth, June30,1791 in Falmouth.[Barker, s.Josiah and Elizabeth (Hussey) (Coffin) (second w.), and Rebecca Parker, d.Joseph of Woodshole [dup. Falmouth], 20:6m:1794.PR38]

Samuel and Sally Russel [int.Russell], July17,1808. [Samuel, s.Barnabas and Lydia (Gardner), and Sarah Russell, d.Elihu and Hepsabeth (Pinkham).PR38]

Samuel and Eunice Giles, June18,1824. [Samuel, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, and Eunice Giles, d.David and Love (Bunker) (Clark) (second w.).PR38]

Sally, see Sarah.

Sally, d.Elijah and Abigail (Folger), and Lewis Little,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah and Alexander Ray,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Aug.5,1820]. [Aug.13,1820.CR2; Sarah (second w.), wid.Samuel, d.Elihu Russell and Hepsabeth (Pinkham), and Alexander Ray, s.Reuben and Lettis (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

Sarah B., see Sarah.

Sarah F. and William T. Hight of Scarborough, ME, int.Nov.17,1839. [Sarah F., d.Timothy and Nancy, and William T. Hight of Maine, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Sally and David Pinkham, Jan.23,1800. [Sally, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, and David Pinkham, s.Shubael and Mary (Coleman) (second w.).PR38]

Sarah G. and David Huntington, Oct.8,1818. [Sarah G., d.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood, and David Huntington of Newport, RI.PR38]

Sarah and Josiah Coleman, June26,1828. [[dup. Sally], d.Latham and Susanna (Barnard), and Josiah Coleman, s.Obed and Elizabeth (Swain).PR38]

Sarah and William H. Gardner [int.2d], Dec.17,1834. [Sarah B., d.Owen and Phebe (Gardner), and William H. Gardner, s.Capt. George W. and Lydia (Coffin) (first w.), "Removed to N. Salem, NY. "PR38]

Sarah [int.Sally] and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] William Chadwick, Oct.8,1843. [Sally, d.Uriah and Abigail (Gardner), and William Chadwick, s.William, 8:11m:PR38]

Seth, s.Timothy and Dinah (Coffin), and Lavinia Ceeley,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Shubael, s.Zechariah and Desire of Sherborn, and Lydia Paddack, d.Daniel dec'd and Susanna of Sherborn, 7:12m:"called February," 1750, in Sherborn.CR4 [Shubael, s.Zacheriah and Desire (Gorham), 末:10m:PR38]

Silas, s.Jabez and Hannah (Gardner), and Eunice Mott of Newport, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Silas, s.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman), and Elizabeth Reynolds, d.Francis Swain,末蔓末, 末末 [? in NY].*PR38

Silas, s.Samuel and Priscilla of Sherborn, and Deborah Bunker, d.Jonathan and Judith of Sherborn, 8:12m:"called December," 1763, in Sherborn.CR4 [Silas, s.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman), and Deborah Bunker, d.Jonathan and Judith (Macy), 末:10m:PR38]

Silvanus and Hephzibah Swain, Oct.17,1754. [Silvanus Esq., s.Daniel and Priscilla (Swain), and Hepsibeth Swain, d.Stephen and Eleanor (Ellis) (first w.).PR38]

Silvanus and Abigail Ellis, Mar.11,1781. [Silvanus Esq., s.Daniel, and Abigail Ellis (second w.), d.John and Dinah (Bunker) (??末末) (Williams).PR38]

Simeon, s.Jonathan dec'd and Elizabeth of Sherborn, and Huldah Hussey, d.Batchelor and Abigail of Sherborn, 2:11m:"called January," 1734-5.CR4 [Simeon, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Huldah Hussey, d.Bachelor [dup. Bachelder] and Abigail (Hall).PR38]

Simeon and Mary Swain, Jan.27,1766. [Simeon, s.Zacheriah [dup. Zachery] and Desire (Gorham), and Mary Swain, d.Elijah and Susanna (Cathcart).PR38]

Simeon and Lydia Hussey, Jan.1,1769. [Simeon, s.Simeon and Huldah (Hussey), and Lydia Hussey, d.Paul and Hannah Varney.PR38]

Simeon and Experience Studley, Oct.28,1783.

Solomon and Abigail Coffin, Oct.27,1771. [Solomon, s.David and Elizabeth (Gorham), and Abigail Coffin, d.Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman).PR38 Both of Sherborn.PR68]

Stephen, s.Uriah and Zaruiah (Pinkham), and Elizabeth Cook of the Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Susan, see Susanna.

Susan and George S. Coleman,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Nov.24,1827]. [Susan, d.James and Susanna (Marshall), and George S. Coleman, s.John and Phebe (Swain), 13:12m:1827.PR38]

Susan, see Sussanna.

Susan, d.John and Susan (Chase) of Fairhaven, and John Foster of Rochester,末蔓末, 末末 [? in Fairhaven].*PR38

Susan W., see Sussanna.

Susanna and Benjamin Meador [int.Meader],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Oct.19,1799]. [Susan, d.Simeon and Mary (Swain), and Benjamin Meader, s.Nathaniel.PR38]

Susanna and Peter Coffin, Dec.3,1747.* [Susanna, d.William and Jane (Coffin), and Peter Coffin of Tuckernuck, s.John and Lydia (Gardner).PR38]

Susanna and Paul Coffin, 8:12m:"called December," 1763.CR4

Susanna [int.Susan] and William M. Keeting [int.William H. Keating], Oct.19,1831. [Susan W., d.Valentine and Lydia (Higgins), and William M. Keeting.PR38]

Tamar and George Pollard, Feb.9,1783. [Tamar, d.Uriah and Susan (Giles), and George Pollard Jr., s.George and Lydia (Pinkham).PR38]

Tamsen and William Thomas, colord, May19,1831.

Thaddeus and Lydia Folger, Oct.1,1807. [Thaddeus, s.Charles and Mary (Coffin), and Lydia Folger, d.Charles and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Thomas, s.William and Mary (Macy), and Priscilla Arthur,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas, s.Benjamin dec'd and Deborah of Sherborn, and Anna Swain, d.Richard and Elizabeth of Sherborn, 23:12m:1741.CR4 [Thomas, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Paddack), and Anna Swain, d.Richard and Elizabeth (Gardner), 末:10m:PR38]

Thomas and Polly [int.Mary] Chadwick, July29,1788. [Polly.NCR; Thomas, s.Thomas and Anna (Swain), and Mary Chadwick, d.William and Mary (Long), 28:7m:PR38]

Thomas and Winnafred [int.Winnifred] Gardner, Mar.1,1814. [Thomas, s.Uriah and Margaret (Clark), and Winifred Gardner, d.Capt. Grafton and Abigail (Myrick).PR38]

Timothy W., s.Tristram and Anna, and Eunice Coffin, d.Eliab and Mary (Jenkins),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Timothy and Avis Rawson, Sept.24,1807. [Timothy [s.Benjamin and Rebecca].PR31; Timothy C., s.Benjamin and Rebecca and Avis Rawson (first w.), d.Stephen and Abigail (Heath).PR38]

Timothy and Nancy Cooper, May16,1813. [Timothy [s.Benjamin and Rebecca].PR31]

Tristram and Abigail Ramsdale, Dec.4,1755. [Tristrum and Abigail Ramsdale.NCR; Tristram, s.Reuben and Mary (Chase), and Abigail Ramsdell, d.Jonathan and Anna (Fosdick) (first w.).PR38]

Tristram, s.Daniel dec'd and Margaret of Sherborn, and Anna Bunker, d.Benjamin and Abigail of Sherborn, 28:2m:"called February," 1765 in Sherborn.CR4 [Tristram, s.Daniel and Margaret (Coffin) (Davis), and Anna Bunker, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Worth) (Bunker), 末:1m:PR38]

Uriah and Zeruiah Pinkham, Oct.8,1735.* [Uriah, s.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin), and Zaruiah Pinkham, d.Jonathan and Hannah (Brown) (Coffin)PR38; Zerviah, Oct.28,1738.PR68]

Uriah and Susanna Giles, Nov.25,1759. [Uriah, s.Obed and Mary (Duanna), and Susan Giles, d.Thomas and Susan (Jones).PR38]

Uriah and Margaret Clark, Feb.21,1782. [Uriah, s.Caleb Jr. and Eunice (Gardner), and Margaret Clark, d.William and Zilpah [dup. Zilpha Rich].PR38]

Uriah and Abigail Gardner, July20,1790. [Uriah, s.Obed and Hepsabeth (Giles), and Abigail Gardner, d.Barnabas and Abigail (Cartwright).PR38]

Uriah and Patty [int.Patta] Black, Sept.30,1802. [Martha, d.Douglas and Percis (Arthur) [sic, see death of Percis].PR38]

Uriel, s.Silvanus and Hepsibeth (Swain), and Mary Allen, d.Thomas of Milford Haven,末蔓末, 末末, in England.*PR38

Valentine and Elizabeth Barnard, Jan.20,1781. [Valentine, s.Joshua and Margaret (Brock), and Elizabeth Barnard, d.Benjamin and Judith (Folger).PR38]

Valentine and Lydia Higgins, Nov.19,1807. [Valentine, s.Christopher and Dinah (Folger), and Lydia Higgins, d.Isaac and Sabara (Whippey) (Burrage).PR38]

William and Priscilla Gardner, int.Feb.22,1794. [William, s.William and Mary (Russell), and Priscilla Gardner, d.Joshua and Elizabeth (Gardner), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38; m.Mar.20.PR64]

William and Love Hammond, int.Mar.16,1799. [William, s.William and Abigail (Gardner), and Love Hammond, d.Amaziah and Lydia (Gardner), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

William J., s.Elihu S. and Jemima (Jenkins), and Ann Southwark of CT,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William P., see William B.

William and Mary Macy, Apr.11,1669.* [William, s.George and Jane Godfrey, and Mary Macy, d.Thomas and Sarah Hopcot [dup. 11:4m:].PR38]

William and Jane Coffin, Jan.15,1728-9.* [William, s.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin), and Jane Coffin, d.Ebenezer Esq. and Eleanor (Barnard), 13:1m:1728.PR38]

William and Mary Russell, Feb.20,1745-6. [William, s.Caleb and Priscilla (Bunker) (Coffin), and Mary Russell, d.Samuel and Huldah (Odar) (first w.), 20:2m:1745.PR38]

William and Abigail Gardner, June16,1771. [William, s.James and Bethia (Jenkins), and Abigail Gardner, d.Grafton Sr. and Abigail (Coffin)PR38; both of Sherborn.PR68]

William, s.Jonathan and Judith of Sherborn, and Miriam Bunker, d.Abishai and Dinah dec'd of Sherborn, 9:12m:1773, in Sherborn.CR4 [William, s.Jonathan and Judith (Macy), and Miriam Bunker, d.Abishai and Dinah (Coffin).PR38]

William and Mary Pitts, Apr.8,1790. [William, s.Nathaniel and Anna, and Mary Pitts, d.Benjamin and Mercy (Chadwick) (Chase) (second w.).PR38]

William and Parney C. [int.Calef] Morris, June20,1811. [William, s.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood, and Parnal Morris, d.John.PR38]

William C. and Eliza Miller, Sept.5,1830. [William C., s.Daniel and Susan (Cathcart), and Eliza Miller, d.John and Avis.PR38]

William B. [int.P.] and Susan P. Eldridge, May9,1832. [William B.CR2; William, s.Gorham and Phebe, and Susan P. Eldridge, d.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham).PR38]

William P. and Sarah Riddell, Feb.18,1835. [William P., s.Owen and Phebe (Gardner), and Sarah C. Riddell, d.Joshua and Nancy (Glover), 19:2m:PR38; Sarah C., Feb.19,1834.PR34]

Winnifred C. and Joseph Coffin, Nov.9,1848.†

Zachariah and Desire Gorham, Sept.2,1728.* [Zaccheriah, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Desire Gorham, d.Shubael (s.Capt. John of Barnstable and Desire (Howland)) and Puella (Hussey) [dup. 2:9m:].PR38]

Zachariah, s.Zachariah dec'd and Desire of Sherborn, and Judith Folger, d.William and Ruth of Sherborn, 1:1m:"called January," 1767.CR4 [Zacheriah, s.Zacheriah and Desire (Gorham), and Judith Folger, d.William and Ruth (Coffin) [dup. 末:11m:1766].PR38]


Francis H., single, 28, blacksmith, b. Philadelphia, s.Marmaduke and Deborah of Philadelphia, and Amanda Maria Burgess, 17, d.Watson and Mary, Aug.23,1846. [F. Banting and Amanda Maria Burgess, d.Watson and Zeruiah (Bennett).PR38]


Caroline, d.Eleazer, and James Coffin, s.Charles F. and Mary (Fulson),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Elizabeth N. and Loring Burnham, Oct.9,1842 [BurdickCR1].


Benjamin and Eliza Thomas [int.Tommas], Aug.8,1816.

Lydia C. and Demarcus Morey [int.Moora],末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.July17,1819]. [Barden, black, and Demarcus Morey, Aug.8,1819.CR2]

Simon and Elizabeth Capee,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.29,1798].

BURDETT (Burdet, Burdit, Burditt)

Barzillai [int.Burditt] and Eunice Robinson [int.Robbinson], Mar.29,1808. [Burdett, s.Edward and Parnal (Russell), and Eunice Robinson, d.Samuel and Rebecca (Weeks).PR38]

Barzillai R., and Charlotte Tobey, Nov.11,1841. [[dup. Burditt], s.Barzillai and Eunice (Robinson), and Charlotte Tobey, d.Tristram and Clarissa (Handy).PR38]

Buel of Falmouth and Anna Keen, Oct.29,1820. [Anna, formerly w.Moses, d.Benjamin Swain and Phebe (Meader).PR38]

Deborah and Benjamin E. Robinson, May29,1828. [Deborah, d.Reuben and Lydia (Ellis), and Benjamin Robinson, s.James and Lois (Long) (first w.).PR38]

Edward and Parnel Russell, int.May30,1772. [Edward of England and Parnal Russell, d.Daniel and Content (Norton), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Eliza (Burditt) [int.Elizaann Burdett] and Alexander Coffin, Aug.15,1833. [Eliza Ann Burdett, d.Reuben and Lydia (Ellis), and Alexander Coffin, s.James Jr. and Rhoda (Gardner).PR38]

Emeline R. and William H. Coffin, Jan.13,1848.†

Lydia (Burditt) [int.Burdett] and William M. Hallet [int.Hallett], Nov.10,1835. [Burdett, d.Reuben and Lydia (Ellis), and William M. Hallett, s.Isaac and Rebecca of Barnstable.PR38]

Mary and William Coffin 3d, Apr.11,1815. [Mary, d.Edward and Parnal (Russell), and William M. Coffin, s.Joseph of Newbury and Elizabeth.PR38]

Mary (Burditt) [int.Burdett] and Charles A. Folger, July26,1829. [Burdett, d.Barzillai and Eunice (Robinson), and Charles A. Folger, s.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.).PR38]

Nancy (Burditt) and James Davis,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1826 and Apr.6,1827, int.July15,1826]. [Burdett, d.Reuben and Lydia (Ellis), and James Davis of Truro.PR38]

Parnel (Burdit) and Moses Harris, Feb.27,1806. [Parnal Burdett, d.Edward and Parnal (Russell), and Moses Harris, s.Obed and Rhoda (Way).PR38]

Phebe (Burdet) [int.Burdett] and Gorham Bunker, Apr.10,1804. [Burdett, d.Edward and Parnal (Russell), and Gorham Bunker, s.Simeon and Mary (Swain).PR38]

Rebecca R. [int.Burditt] and Aaron Coffin, May27,1828. [Burdett, d.Barzillai and Eunice (Robinson), and Aaron Coffin, s.Barzillai and Rebecca (Coffin).PR38]

Reuben and Lydia Ellia, Mar.6,1804. [Reuben, s.Edward and Parnell (Russell), and Lydia Ellis, d.Simeon and Deborah (Long).PR38]

Reuben 2d, single, 25, mariner, s.Barzillai and Eunice and Caroline Coffin, 21, d.Philander and Mary, Aug.20,1848. [Reuben, s.Barzillai and Eunice (Robinson), and Caroline Coffin, d.Philander and Mary (Ceely).PR38]

Sarah (Burditt) and John K. Sears of Yarmouth, Mar.24,1839. [Burdett, d.Reuben and Lydia (Ellis), and John K. Sears of S. Yarmouth.PR38]

Susan [int.Burditt] and Edward W. Cobb, Jan.3,1837. [Susan, d.Barzillai and Eunice (Robinson), and Edward W. Cobb, s.George.PR38]

Thomas (Burditt) and Caroline E. Prescott of Portland ME, int.June28,1840. [m.July7CR2; Burdett, s.Barzillai and Eunice (Robinson), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

William and Polly Orpin, int.Aug.28,1824. [William, s.Edward and Parnal (Russell), and Polly Orpin, d.Isaac, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

William (Burditt) [int.Burdett] and Hannah Wilbur, Jan.12,1823. [Burdett, s.Edward and Parnal (Russell), and Hannah Wilbur, d.John.PR38]

William, widr., 54, mariner, s.Edward and Parnell, and Hannah Alley, 48, d.Richard (Ally) [int.Alley] and Margaret, Apr.4,1847. [William, s.Edward and Parnal (Russell), and Hannah Alley, d.Richard and Martha (Alley).PR38]


Christopher and Lydia E. Burdick, June29,1819. [Lydia, wid.Henry (brother of Christopher), d.Peleg Easton and Eunice (Hussey).PR38]

Elizabeth N., see Elizabeth N. Burbeck.

Eunice and Alonzo Matthews of Dartmouth, int.Feb.24,1839. [Eunice E., m.Feb.24CR2; Eunice, d.Henry and Lydia E. (Easton), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Henry, s.John and Susannah of Stonington, New London Co., CT, and Lydia Easton, d.Peleg and Eunice both dec'd, 10:7m:1816.CR4 [Lydia, d.Peleg and Eunice (Hussey).PR38]

Lydia E. and Christopher Burdick, June29,1819. [Lydia, wid.Henry (brother of Christopher), d.Peleg Easton and Eunice (Hussey).PR38]

Mary F. and Elijah H. Alley, Apr.24,1845.†

BURDIT (Burdett)

BURDITT (Burdett)

BURGESS (Burges)

Amanda and Francis H. Bunting, Aug.23,1846.†

Catharine L. and Ansel L. Snow, int.May31,1835. [Catharine L. (second w.), d.Nathaniel [in birth record of Catharine L. dele and Naomi of Barnstable], and Ansel L. Snow, s.Jonathan and Naomi of Barnstable, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Charles A. (Burges) [int.Burguss] and Mary C. Worth, Aug.9,1829. [BurgessCR2; Burgess and Mary C. Worth, d.David and Mary (Chadwick) (first w.).PR38]

Ebenezer (Burges) [int.Burgis] and Hepzibah Russel [int.Russell], June11,1799. [Burgess and Hepsabeth Russell, d.Hezekiah and Hepsabeth (Allen) (Bunker).PR38]

Joseph S. [int.omits S.] (Burges) and Eliza P. Crowell [int.Crowel], Apr.3,1817.

Lucinda (Burges) [int.Burgis] and Peter Byer, Sept.29,1811.

Lucy (Burges) and Tabor Morton, Feb.2,1732-3.*

M. [int.omits M.] Watson and Zeruiah [int.adds H.] Bennett, Sept.2 [int.Sept.7], [Watson Burgess of Sandwich and Zeruiah Bennett, d.William and Phebe (Raymond), 2:9m:PR38].

Ruth N. and Charles E. Hayden, Nov.12,1848.†

Watson, see M. Watson Burgess.

Watson (Burges) and Mary J. Parker, Nov.17,1833. [Mary J., d.Jesse.PR38]

Zipporah C. (Burges), Miss, of Harwich, and George W. Gibbs, Sept.4 [int.Sept.20], 1840. [George W., s.Samuel and Mercy (Nye).PR38]

BURKE (Bourke)


John [int.Burklen] and Fally [int.Falley] Carr, Sept.11,1817. [Bucklen and Falley Carr.CR2]


Hester of NY and Alexander J. Cartwright, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Barker and Judith B. Barney, Nov.5,1818. [Barker, s.Jonathan and Polly, and Judith B. Barney, d.Jonathan J. and Mary (Folger).PR38]

Barker Jr. and Lydia C. Crosby, Nov.18,1840. [Lydia, d.Matthew and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Deborah (Burnal) and Benjamin Jenkins, int.Oct.4,1760. [Burnell, d.Jonathan and Deborah (Barker), and Benjamin Jenkins, s.Thomas and Judith (Folger), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Deborah (Burnall) [int.Burnell] and Thomas Meader, Mar.末 [int.Mar.9], 1811. [Burnell, d.Jonathan and Jemima (Marshall), and Thomas Meader, s.Nicholas.PR38]

Eunice (Burnall) [int.Burnal] and George Ramsdell, May11,1773. [BarnalNCR; Burnell, d.Jonathan and Deborah (Barker), and George Ramsdell, s.Jonathan Jr. and Priscilla (Coffin), "Removed to Maine. "PR38]

Jonathan (Burnal) and Jemima Marshall, int.May5,1768. [Burnell, s.Jonathan and Deborah (Barker), and Jemima Marshall, d.Joseph and Phebe (Folger), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Jonathan (Burnel) and Deborah Barker, Aug.15,1738.* [Burnell and Deborah Barker, d.Samuel and Deborah (Wing), 15:8m:PR38]

Jonathan Jr. [int.Burnall, omits Jr.] and Polly Giles, Mar.12,1795. [Burnell, s.Jonathan and Jemima (Marshall), and Polly Giles, d.Reuben and Lydia (Baxter) (second w.).PR38]

Jonathan and Mary Myrick, Jan.6,1819. [Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Polly (Giles), and Mary Myrick, d.George.PR38]

Judith (Burnal) and Peter Folger, int.May17,1760. [Burnell, d.Jonathan and Deborah (Barker), and Peter Folger Jr. [dup. 4th], s.Peter and Christian (Swain), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Lydia (Burnal) and Benjamin Baxter, July19,1787. [Lydia Burnell, d.Jonathan and Jemima (Marshall), and Benjamin Baxter, Christopher and Mary (Worth).PR38]

Mary and John Cotton,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.May26,1827]. [Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, and John Cotton, s.Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald).PR38]

Samuel (Burnel) and Polly Colesworthy,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.June15,1799]; [Burnell, s.Jonathan and Jemima (Marshall), and Mary Colesworthy, d.Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Sarah and William Hussey, 1:2m:1770.CR4

Susan [int.Susanna Burnel] and Ammiel Elkins,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802] [int.Mar.13,1802]; [Susan Burnell, d.Jonathan Jr. and Jemima (Marshall), and Ammiel Elkins, s.John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo).PR38]

Susanna (Burnal) and Obed Marshall, Feb.12,1767. [Burnell, d.Jonathan and Deborah (Barker), and Obed Marshall, s.Joseph Jr. and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

BURNES (Burns)


Loring and Elizabeth N. Burbeck, Oct.9,1842. [Burdick.CR1]

BURNS (Berns, Burnes)

John and Phebe Turner, Nov.8,1774. [Phebe, wid.Thomas, d.Beriah Fitch and Deborah (Gorham).PR38]

Peter [int.Burnes] and Nancy Foy, Jan.10,1821. [Burns, "a stranger," and Nancy Foy, d.Obed and Hannah (Russell).PR38]

Thomas (Berns) [and] Margaret Green [int.colourd], Apr.25,1832.


Anna of PA and Robert A. Barnard, s.Abishai and Susanna (Paddack),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Abial, d.Rev. John of Dorchester, and Jonathan Brown, s.John and Sarah Walker,末蔓末,1664.*PR38

BURRAGE (Burridge)

Edward and Savory Whippe [int.Whippy], Jan.15,1782. [WhippyNCR]

Elizabeth (Burridge) and William Daily, int.Jan.1,1774.

Elizabeth (Burridge) and Thomas Mitchel, Apr.6,1775. [BurrageNCR]

James [int.Burridge] and Rebekah Godfrey, Aug.21,1768. [BurrageNCR; Jearnes Burrage.PR68]

James and Mary Gabriel, Mar.7,1774, [Mary, d.Manuel, cooper, and Elizabeth (Ellit).PR38]

Lydia and William Homes, Dec.7,1772. [HomerNCR; Lydia, d.James and Mary, and William Holmes.PR38; Bourage and William Homes.PR68]

Mary [int.Burrige] and Thomas Andrews, July6,1766. [BurrageNCR; Burrige and Thomas Andreus.PR68]

Mary [int.Burrige] and James Smallwood, Apr.25,1805. [Burrage [dup. Burridge], d.Edward and Sabara (Whippey).PR38]

Sabra (Burridge) and Isaac Higgins, Dec.2,1790. [BurrageNCR; Sabara Burrage, wid.Edward, d.Nathaniel Whippey.PR38]

BURRELL (Burrel)

James (Burrel) and Judith Morton, Apr.14,1766. [Burrell and Judith Morton, d.Tabor and Lucy (Burgess).PR38]

James (Burrel) and Anna Lock, Jan.14,1783. [Burrell.NCRPR38]

John T. and Susan P. Russell, Dec.10,1837. [BurrillCR3; Burrill and Susan P. Russell, wid.John M., d.Albert Folger and Susanna (Pease).PR38]

BURRIDGE (Burrage)

BURRIGE (Burrage)

BURRILL (Burrell)


John R. of NY and Charlotte Francis, Nov.22,1842.

Sarah and Lawrence Quackenbush of Albany, int.July23,1837.

William L. [int.Burroughs] and Lydia M. Jenks, Sept.7,1834. [Burroughs of New Bedford and Lydia M. Jenks, d.Samuel Haynes and Lydia G. (Williams).PR38]

BURSE (Bearse)


Mary and Alexander Bunker, int.May15,1825. [[dup. Bursely] d.Samuel of Barnstable, and Alexander Bunker, s.Jesse and Eunice (Folger), m.末蔓末,1825.PR38]


Elizabeth [int.Barssell] of Boston and William B. Peacock of New York, "residents of Nantucket," Aug.17,1836.

BURT (Burts)

Elnathan (Burts) and Judith Russel, Apr.7,1769. [Russell, d.Daniel and Content (Norton).PR38]

Enos [dup. Enas] and Winiford [dup. Winifred, int.Winniford] Luce, Feb.1,1824. [Enos S. of Taunton and Winifred Luce, d.Elijah and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.).PR38]

BUSCHARD (Baschard)


Almira and Alexander Bunker, s.Solomon and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Abigail and Cyrus Coffin, May17,1802. [Abigail, d.Rev. Zubulon and Nancy [dup. Anna] (Starbuck), and Cyrus Coffin, s.Isaiah and Sarah (Folger), in Cincinnati, OH.PR38]

Benjamin and Sally Luce [int.Lewis], June19,1808.

Darius and Polly Ross, Dec.12,1797. [Darius of Martha's Vineyard and Polly Ross, d.Isaac and Peggy (Chase).PR38]

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Mary, and Matthew Pease,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary of the Vineyard, sister of William and Matthew Pease Jr., s.Matthew and Elizabeth (Butler),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Thomas and Jemima of Martha's Vineyard, and William Worth, s.John and Miriam (Gardner), Oct.24,1717.*PR38

Polly and Isaac Ewers, Dec.4,1796, in Edgartown.* [EwerPR38]

Mary and Alexander Raymond, int.Nov.4,1820.

Nancy and Cyrus Hussey, Mar.19,1795. [Nancy, d.Zebulon and Anna (Starbuck), and Cyrus Hussey, s.Christopher and Lydia (Manchester).PR38]

Peter and Elizabeth Fitch, int.Oct.4,1760.

Phebe and Abner Coffin, s.Peter and Hope (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ruth and David Coleman, int.July5,1828. [Ruth of Falmouth, d.Rufus and Jane, and David Coleman, s.Robert and Deborah (Morselander), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Sarah and Ephraim Coffin, Jan.21,1768. [Sarah Folger [sic], d.Susannah (d.Richard), and Ephraim Coffin, s.Robert and Susanna (Coffin).PR38]

Shubal and Hepzibah Jones, Nov.10,1743.* [Shubael and Hepsibeth Jones, d.Thomas and Hannah Butler, Nov.19.PR38]

Sophronia W. and Alexander Raymond, Jan.10,1828. [Sophronia W. (second w.) of Falmouth and Alexander Raymond, s.Samuel and Mary (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

Uriah and Susannah [int.Susan] Ellis, Oct.末 [int.Oct.6], 1810.

William and Mary Jenkins, Dec.2,1747. [William of Martha's Vineyard and Mary Jenkins, d.Matthew and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Zebulon and Ann [int.Anna] Starbuck, Nov.18,1774. [Zebulun and Ann StarbuckNCR; Rev. Zebulon, schoolmaster, and Anna Starbuck, d.John and Abigail (Woodbury) (CA).PR38]

Zebulun [int.Zebulon] and Elizabeth Woodbury, Dec.21,1789. [Rev. Zebulon, schoolmaster, and Elizabeth Woodbury, d.Nathaniel.PR38]


Oliver of Salem and Abby N. Ames, July29,1838. [Abby, d.Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge).PR38]


Samuel and Nancy Russell, wid.Benjamin, d.William Bennett and Phebe (Raymond),末蔓末, 末末, in Maine.*PR38


James and Mary Spear,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Nov.27,1819]; [Jan 13,1820.CR2]


Charles B. of Providence, RI, and Lydia C. Allen, July19,1840. [Charles C. of Providence, RI, and Lydia Allen, d.Reuben and Jemima (Clasby).PR38]

Hannah and Samuel Merry, Jan.25,1816.

James P. Jr. of Providence, RI, and Almira Norton, int.Aug.16,1840.

Mary Ann and John Sutton, Aug.9,1816.


Zadoc [int.of Cumberland ME] and Charlotee [int.Charlotte] Augustes Fisher, May5,1835. [Zadoc, "a stranger," and Charlotte Fisher, d.Zebediah and Hannah (Luce).PR38]


Joseph and Mary B. Holmes, int.May22,1831.

BYER (Biar, Boyer)

Lucretia (Boyer) and William Christian, July30,1848.†

Peter and Lucinda Burges [int.Burgis], Sept.29,1811

Peter and Nancy Huddleston, May8,1828. [Boyer, "a Frenchman," and Nancy Huddleston, d.Henry and Anna (Quinn) (Dignan).PR38]

Peter (Biar) and Lucreatia Folger, Nov.6,1842.

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