ABBA (Alba)

ABBEY (Alba)


Laura Sallucia, inf. –––––, bp. Dec. 3, 1843. CR1

ABRAHMS (Abrahams)

Elizabeth, d. William Jr. of Charlestown and Elizabeth (d. John Renuff and Bethia), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, s. William and Mary (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William H. (Abrahams), s. George and Eliza (Hosier), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Woodward, ch. William Jr. of Charlestown and Elizabeth (d. John Renuff and Bethia), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, h. Mary (Coffin), h. Mary (Folger), s. William Jr. of Charlestown and Elizabeth (d. John Renuff and Bethia), 22: 4m: 1751. PR38

William, h. Aseneth (d. Bartlett Holmes), s. William and Mary (Coffin), 24: 11m: 1786. PR38

Eunice, w. Charles S. Lawrence (s. George), second, w. Zaccheus Barnard (s. Thomas and Ruth), d. William and Mary (Coffin), 22: [dup. 25th] 5m: 1789. PR38

George, h. Eliza (Hosier), s. William and Mary (Coffin), 28: [dup. 25th] 8m: 1792. PR38

Charles, h. Elizabeth (d. Jonathan Barnard), s. William and Mary (Coffin), 27: 10m: 1795. PR38

Sarah B., w. James Yeaton of Charlestown, d. Charles and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––: 2m: 1827. PR38

Aseneth W. (Abrahams), w. John Conley of Providence, RI, d. George and Eliza (Hosier), 26: 1m: 1829. PR38

Amelia R., d. Charles and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––: 10m: 1829. PR38

Mary C. (Abrahams), w. Frederick Fuller, d. George and Eliza (Hosier), 21: 1m: 1830. PR38

Charles B., s. Charles and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––: 4m: 1836. PR38


Enoch, h. Charlotte C. (d. Alexander Swain and Eunice), s. Myron of Hudson, NY, ––– ––, 1818 [1818 written in pencil]. PR38

Seth M. (Acly), s. Enoch, mariner, and Charlotte, Oct. 13, 1845. [Seth Mitchell Ackley, Rear Admiral U.S.N., Oct. 13, 1846. GR3; Seth Mitchell Ackely, Rear Admiral U.S.N., s. Enoch and Charlotte C. (Swain), ––– ––, 1846. PR38]

Ellen (Acly), d. Enoch, mariner, and Charlotte, Apr. 15, 1849.


George H., s. Orison and Cynthia (Prescott), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hannah M., d. Zenas L. and Sarah C. Hinckley (of Cape Cod), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Herbert, s. James H. and Phebe Ann (Bunker), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Howard Folger, s. Zenas L. and Sarah C. Hinckley (of Cape Cod), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, s. James H. and Phebe Ann (Bunker), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Orison, s. Orison and Cynthia (Prescott), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Walter, s. Zenas L. and Sarah C. Hinckley (of Cape Cod), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamen, h. Lydia (d. William Raymond), ––– ––, 1776. PR38

Edmund, h. Rebecca (Staples), 2: 4m: 1784. PR38

Susan, w. Alexander H. Robinson (s. William), d. Benjamin and Lydia (Raymond), 21: 8m: 1798. PR38

Orison, h. Cynthia (Prescott), ––– ––, 1809. PR38

Zenas L., h. Sarah C. Hinckley of Cape Cod, s. Alpheus and Abigail (Wing), ––– ––, 1810. PR38

Freeman E., July 26, 1811. GR3 [h. Eunice H. (Nickerson) of Cape Cod, s. Alpheus of Cotuit Port. PR38]

Alden, h. Electra (Hinckley) of Cape Cod, s. Alpheus and Abigail, 13: 4m: 1812. PR38

Sarah C. Hinckley of Cape Cod, w. Zenas L. (s. Alpheus and Abigail (Wing)), 30: 4m: 1813. PR38

Alexander, s. Alexander and Eunice (Merry), ––– ––, 1817. PR38

James H., May 14, 1822. GR2 [h. Phebe Ann (Bunker), s. Alpheus and Abigail. PR38]

Lewis L., h. Mary Jane (d. Obed Coleman and Ruth), s. Alpheus and Abigail, 18: 7m: 1824. PR38

Ann B., d. Edmund and Rebecca (Staples), ––: 9m: 1825. PR38

Charlotte, d. Edmund and Rebecca (Staples), ––: 3m: 1827. PR38

Rebecca, d. Edmund and Rebecca (Staples), ––: 3m: 1829. PR38

Sarah S., d. Edmund and Rebecca (Staples), ––: 6m: 1831. PR38

Charles Henry, s. Zenas L. and Sarah C. Hinckley (of Cape Cod), 30: 4m: 1833 [sic, see mar. of Zenas L.]. PR38

Harriet C., w. John C. Davis, d. Orison and Cynthia (Prescott), 5: 4m: 1835. PR38

Orrin F., Oct. 10, 1835. GR3 [h. Eliza Jane (d. James H. Barnard), s. Freeman and Eunice H. (Nickerson). PR38]

John Q., s. Edmund and Rebecca (Staples), ––: 6m: 1836. PR38

Horatio W., h. Martha C. (d. Edward McCleave), s. Freeman and Eunice H. (Nickerson), 9: 5m: [dup. 5: 9m: ] 1837. PR38

William, s. Edmund and Rebecca (Staples), ––: 3m: 1838. PR38

Harrison C., s. Orison and Cynthia (Prescott), ––: 10m: 1838. PR38

Zenas, h. Rose Chase of Cotuit Port, s. Zenas L. and Sarah C. Hinckley (of Cape Cod), 2: 7m: 1839. PR38

Warren P., s. Orison and Cynthia (Prescott), ––– ––, 1840. PR38

Melvin, s. Orison and Cynthia (Prescott), ––– ––, 1842. PR38

Virginia S., d. Freeman and Eunice H. (Nickerson), 11: 3m: 1843. PR38

Alexander M., s. Alexander, carpenter, and Sarah, Apr. 26, 1845.

Mary F., d. James H., merchant, and Phebe Ann, Aug. 27, 1846. [Mary Fosdick Adams, d. James H. and Phebe Ann (Bunker). PR38]

Horace Mann, s. Alden and Electra (Hinckley), 19: 5m: 1847. PR38

Genevra Abbott, ch. Alden and Electra (Hinckley), 2: 9m: 1849. PR38


Archibald, h. Polly (d. Nathaniel Meader and Lucy), 25: 12m: 1781. PR38

William, s. Archibald and Polly (Meader), 8: 7m: 1805. PR38


John, h. Lydia (d. Joseph Myrick), s. James, 18: 2m: 1766. PR38

Nancy [dup. Addlington], w. Prince Pease (s. Elijah and Phebe (Russell)), d. John and Lydia (Myrick), 21: 4m: 1789 [dup. 1788]. PR38

Joseph M., s. John and Lydia (Myrick), 30: 1m: 1791. PR38

Sarah, w. Peleg Folger (s. Charles and Lydia), d. John and Lydia (Myrick), 28: 2m: 1792. PR38

John, h. Anna (d. David Gardner), s. John and Lydia (Myrick), 11: 3m: 1794. PR38

Lydia [dup. Addlington], w. Daniel Coomby [dup. Coombs] of L.I., d. John and Lydia (Myrick), 18: 5m: 1799. PR38

George W., h. Mary M. Carr, s. John and Lydia (Myrick), 29: 2m: 1804. PR38

Seth M., s. John and Lydia (Myrick), 8: 10m: 1805. PR38

George G., s. John and Anna (Gardner), 15: 11m: 1820. PR38

David M., h. Sarah C. (d. George Rule), s. John and Anna (Gardner), 24: 8m: 1822. PR38

Mary J., w. Daniel F. Easton (s. Frederick and Lydia), d. John and Anna (Gardner), 30: 10m: 1824. PR38

Sarah Ann, w. Reuben J. Clark (s. William and Deborah), d. John and Anna (Gardner), 1: 3m: 1827. PR38

Ann G., w. Benjamin B. Gardner (s. Benjamin), d. John and Anna (Gardner), 11: 5m: 1830. PR38

Francis G., s. John and Anna (Gardner), 14: 8m: 1832. PR38

Joseph, s. John and Anna (Gardner), 29: 1m: 1835. PR38

Elizabeth E., d. John and Anna (Gardner), 15: 1m: 1836. PR38

Emeline G., divorced, w. Charles H. Macy (s. George and Eliza), d. John and Anna (Gardner), 6: 3m: 1838. PR38

Caroline, d. David and Sarah (Rule), 20: 11m: 1849. PR38


Reuben [h. Hannah], 1: 12m: 1763; moved to CT in 1810. PR38

Hannah [w. Reuben], 13: 5m: 1768. PR38

Joseph [s. Reuben and Hannah], 17: 10m: 1793. PR38

Reuben [s. Reuben and Hannah], 22: 12m: 1800. PR38

William [s. Reuben and Hannah], 21: 12m: 1806. PR38

Emeline [d. Reuben and Hannah], 30: 5m: 1808. PR38

Hannah [d. Reuben and Hannah], 2: 7m: 1810. PR38


Lindsey [s. Samuel C. and Mary (d. Nathaniel Whippey)], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary [d. Samuel C. and Mary (d. Nathaniel Whippey)], ––– ––, ––––. PR38


Obed, h. Mary (d. Joshua Bunker), s. Ichabod and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sophia, w. Joseph Gardner (s. Timothy), w. Pearson Baldwin, d. Obed and Mary (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ichabod, h. Elizabeth (d. Abel Gardner), 22: 5m: 1733. PR38

Hepsibeth, w. Thomas Clark (s. William), second, w. Peleg Gardner (s. John and Kezia (Coffin)), d. Ichabod and Elizabeth (Gardner), 21: 1m: [dup. 21: 7m: ] 1759. PR38 [Hephzibah, July 22. PR56]

Ichabod, h. Abigail (d. Joshua Bunker), s. Ichabod and Elizabeth (Gardner), 7: 9m: 1768. PR38

Mary, w. Reuben Chadwick (s. Nathaniel), w. Joseph Gardner Young, d. Ichabod and Abigail (Bunker), 3: 1m: 1794. PR38

Margaret, w. Thomas Belcher of Baltimore, d. Obed and Mary (Bunker), 28: 9m: 1796. PR38

Elizabeth [dup. Betsey Aldridge], w. David Elkins (s. John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo)), d. Obed and Mary [dup. Polly] (Bunker), 24: 4m: 1798. PR38

Valentine, h. Mary (d. Solon Worth and Phebe), s. Ichabod and Abigail (Bunker), 17: 9m: 1803. PR38

Mary B., w. John Morris (s. Charles and Mary), d. Valentine and Mary (Worth), ––– ––, 1831. PR38


Susan T., d. John, mariner, and Elizabeth, Apr. 18, 1844.

–––––, twin s. John, mariner, and Elizabeth, Nov. 12, 1847.

–––––, twin s. John, mariner, and Elizabeth, Nov. 12, 1847.

ALLEN (Allin)

Ann (Allin), ch. Silvanus and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Allen, w. Elnathan Eldredge of Dartmouth, d. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck). "This family lived in Fairhaven. ". PR38]

David M., s. David and Mary (Moores) (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Silvanus and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Allen, w. Isaker Sampson, w. Eglat Hitch, d. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck) [? in Fairhaven]. PR38]

Eunice, w. Jethro Doane, d. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), ––– ––, –––– [? in Fairhaven]. PR38

Huldah, w. James Coffin Esq. (s. Enoch and Jane of Martha's Vineyard), d. Robert and Desire, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, s. Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jemima (Allin), ch. Silvanus and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Allen, w. Robert Clasby (s. William), d. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), ––– ––, 1730 [? in Fairhaven]. PR38]

Jethro (Allin), ch. Silvanus and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Allen, h. Eunice Taber, s. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck) [? in Fairhaven]. PR38]

John, s. George and Kezia (Wilbur), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Josiah, s. Shubael and Abigail (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lucretia, d. Ebenezar and Mary Wing, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia (Allin), ch. Silvanus and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Allen, w. Samuel Hitch of Dartmouth, d. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck) [? in Fairhaven]. PR38]

Mary (Allin), d. Silvanus and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Allen, w. Reuben Worth (s. Joseph), d. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck) [? in Fairhaven]. PR38]

Nancy, d. John N. and Eunice (Fitch), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, deaf and dumb, d. Betsey (d. John Allen and Rachel), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, d. Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Silvanus (Allin), ch. Silvanus and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Allen, h. Abigail (d. Stephen Kidder), h. Sarah Russell, s. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck) [? in Fairhaven]. PR38]

Susan, ch. Joseph and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Edward J. Gardner (s. Albert), w. Charles Mitchell (s. Christopher), d. Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), 29: 9m: 1798. PR38]

Tristram, s. John N. and Eunice (Fitch), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Tristram C., s. David and Mary (Moores) (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, s. David and Susan (Meader), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Winifred, d. Tristram and Polly (Nobles), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

[David W., s. William and Charlotte Wright, 13: 4m: ––––. PR38]

Joseph (Allin), s. Edward, Oct. 10, 1695 [Allen, s. Edward and Ann (Coleman), 10: 10m: 1695. PR38]

Benjamine (Allin), s. Edward, Mar. 22, 1697. [Benjamin Allen, s. Edward and Ann (Coleman), 22: 3m: ––––. PR38]

Mary (Allin), d. Edward, Aug. 25, 1698. [Allen, w. Paul Coffin (s. Stephen and Mary), w. Clothier Pierce (s. John of Newport), d. Edward and Ann (Coleman), 25: 8m. PR38]

Nathaniel (Allin), s. Edward, Feb. 24, 1700. [Nathaniel Allen, h. Provided (d. Samuel Gaskill and Provided (Southwick)), h. Mercy (wid. Prince Coffin), s. Edward 1st and Ann (Coleman), 24: 2m. PR38]

Daniel (Allin), s. Edward, 23: 2m: 1704. [Allen, h. Elizabeth (d. Peleg Bunker and Susanna), s. Edward 1st and Ann (Coleman). PR38]

Silvanus (Allin), s. Edward, 6: 3m: 1706; [Allen, h. Jemima (d. Jethro Starbuck), s. Edward and Ann (Coleman). PR38]

Rachel (Allin), d. Edward, 31: [sic] 12m: 1709; [Allen, w. Thomas Starbuck (s. Jethro), d. Edward and Ann (Coleman), 3: 12m. PR38]

Sarah (Allin), d. Edward, 4: 6m: 1713; [Allen, w. Joseph Hovey, d. Edward and Ann (Coleman). PR38]

Elizabeth (Allin), d. Edward, 2: 5m: 1716; [Allen, w. William Brewer, d. Edward and Ann (Coleman) [dup. 16: 2m: ]. PR38]

Ebenezer (Allin), s. Edward, 26: 12m: 1718-19; [Allen, h. Christian (d. Edmund Heath), s. Edward and Ann (Coleman), 26: 12m: 1718. PR38]

Edmund (Allin), ch. Nathaniel and Provided (Gaskill), ––: 10m: 1726. CR4 [Allen. PR38]

Provided (Allin), ch. Nathaniel and Provided [dup. (Gaskill)], ––: 9m: 1728. CR4 [Allen, w. Daniel Gardner (s. Samuel and Patience), 7: 12m. PR38]

John, "from England", h. Rachel (d. Joseph Hovey), h. Eunice (wid. Benjamin Bunker, d. Ebenezer Swain), 31: 3m: 1729. PR38

Rachel (Allin), ch. Silvanus and Jemima, 13: 7m: 1732. CR4 [Allen, w. Silvanus Worth (s. Joseph), d. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), 24: 9m: [? in Fairhaven]. PR38]

Abigail, d. Nathaniel and Mercy, Apr. 10, 1733. [ch. Mercy (once Coffin). CR1, w. Jonathan Mooers (s. Jonathan), d. Nathaniel and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin), 1: 4m: ––––. PR38]

Susanna, d. Nathaniel and Mercy, Mar. 2, 1735 [ch. Mercy (once Coffin). CR1; d. Nathaniel and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin), 2: 3m. PR38]

Joseph, s. Nathaniel and Mercy, Apr. 1, 1737 [h. Hepsibeth (d. Robert Coffin and Susan), s. Nathaniel and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin), 1: 4m. PR38]

Hephzibah, d. Daniel and Elizabeth, Dec. 10, 1738. [Hepsibeth, w. Abishai Bunker (s. Samuel), w. Hezekiah Russell (s. Jonathan), d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Bunker), 10: 12m: ––––. PR38]

Benjamin, h. Abigail (d. Benjamin Trott and Elizabeth), s. Nathaniel and Mercy (Skiff) Coffin, 1: 1m: 1740. PR38

Caleb, s. Daniel and Elizabeth, Nov. 8, 1740. [s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Bunker), 11: 8m: 1740. PR38]

Edward, ch. Ebenezer and Christian, Jan. 30, 1741. [h. Anna (d. Abraham Macy), s. Ebenezer and Christian (Heath), 30: 1m. PR38]

Mercy, ch. Mercy, bp. Oct. 31, 1742. CR1 [w. Stephen Macy (s. David and Dinah (Gardner)), d. Nathaniel and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin), b. 19: 4m. PR38]

Anna, ch. Ebenezer and Christian, May 31, 1742. [w. Alexander Gardner (s. Thomas), d. Ebenezer and Christian (Heath), 31: 5m: ––––. PR38]

Tristram, ch. Ebenezer and Christian, Apr. 15, 1744 [s. Ebenezer and Christian (Heath), 15: 4m. PR38]

Judith, ch. Ebenezer and Christian, May 31, 1747; [w. Oliver Spencer of RI, d. Ebenezer and Christian (Heath), 31: 5m. PR38]

Mary Wing, w. Ebenezar (s. Ebenezar), 12: 2m: 1749. PR38

Ebenezer, ch. Ebenezer and Christian, Mar. 10, 1749; [h. Mary Wing, s. Ebenezer and Christian (Heath), 10: 3m: [dup. 10: 3m: 1748]. PR38]

Abigail, ch. Ebenezer and Christian, June 30, 1751. [w. Gideon Delano, d. Ebenezer and Christian (Heath), 30: 6m: ––––. PR38]

Sarah, w. Thomas Neal, d. John and Rachel (Hovey), 25: 8m: 1751. PR38

Hepsibeth, first, w. Peleg Gardner (s. John and Kezia), d. Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), 29: 3m: 1754. PR38 [Hephzibah. PR56]

John, h. Amy (d. Stephen Swain Jr.), s. John and Rachel (Hovey), 20: 6m: 1754. PR38

Daniel, h. Phebe (wid. John Hillman, d. Seth Folger), s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Bunker), 21: 7m: 1756. PR38

Rachel, w. Nicholas Meader (s. John), d. John and Rachel (Hovey), 31: 10m: 1756. PR38

Margaret, w. Nathan Brooks, d. Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), 31: 8m: 1758. PR38

Phebe, w. Obed Swain (s. William), d. John and Rachel (Hovey), 11: 7m: 1759. PR38

Clothier, h. Rebecca (d. Ebenezar Rogers), s. John and Rachel (Hovey), 1: 8m: 1761. PR38

David (Allin), ch. Edward and Anna, 14: 10m: 1762. CR4 [Allen, h. Susan (d. Benjamin Meader), h. Hepsibeth (wid. Benjamin Starbuck, d. Elihu Coffin), s. Edward 2d and Anna (Macy). PR38]

Betsey, w. Benjamin Brown (s. James), d. Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), 3: 11m: 1762. PR38

Joseph, h. Lucretia Smead, s. Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), ––– ––, 1764. PR38

Shubael (Allin), ch. Edward and Anna, 16: 6m: 1766. CR4 [Allen, h. Abigail (d. Stephen Gardner), s. Edward 2d and Anna (Mercy). PR38]

Elizabeth, w. Silas Coleman (s. Francis and Abigail), d. Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), 19: 9m: 1766 [dup. 9: 9m: 1776]. PR38

Robert, h. Rhoda Cady, s. Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), 15: 10m: 1767. PR38

Tamar Allen, w. Capt. Simeon Starbuck, Aug. 5, 1768. GR3 [Tamer Allen, w. Seth Myrick, second, w. Simeon Starbuck, d. Benjamin and Abigail (Trott). PR38]

Reuben, h. Jerusha (Taylor), s. John and Rachel (Hovey), 23: 12m: 1769. PR38

Joseph, h. Abigail (d. Solomon Coffin), s. Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), 13: [dup. 3: ] 7m: 1773. PR38

–––––, ch. John, [Apr. ––,] 1775. PR64

Tristram (Allin), ch. Edward and Anna, 4: 9m: 1775. CR4 [Allen, h. Polly (d. John Nobles), s. Edward and Anna (Macy). PR38]

Betsey, d. John and Rachel (Hovey), 25: 4m: 1776. PR38

Anna, w. Reuben Clasby (s. John and Ruth (Gardner)), d. Ebenezar and Mary (Wing), 21: [dup. 26: ] 7m: 1776. PR38

Rachael, w. Zebulon Morselander, w. Peter V. Veeder, d. John and Amy (Swain), 9: 8m: 1776. PR38

Content, d. Ebenezar and Mary Wing, 15: 9m: 1777. PR38

Lydia, w. Silas Swain (s. Tristram), d. Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), 19: 10m: 1777. PR38

John, h. Dolly, s. John and Amy (Swain), ––– ––, 1778. PR38

Francis T., "a stranger," h. Sally (d. Uriah Pinkham), 31: 5m: 1778. PR38

William, s. Ebenezar and Mary Wing, 23: 4m: 1780. PR38

Silvanus, h. Catharine (d. Joseph Athearn), h. Prudence (d. Hugh Cathcart), ––: 8m: 1780. PR38

Caleb, h. Love (d. Thomas Clark and Hepsabeth), s. Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), 9: 8m: 1780. PR38

Daniel, s. Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), 21: 1m: 1782. PR38

Polly [dup. Mary], w. Uriah Ray (s. William Jr.), w. Paul Starbuck (s. Jethro and Anna), w. Thomas Holmes (s. William), d. Ebenezar and Mary Wing, 27: [dup. 22: ] 5m: 1782. PR38

Mary, see Polly.

David, h. Mary Ann Hunt, s. John and Amy (Swain), 10: 6m: 1782. PR38

Sally, w. John Peters [dup. Petus], d. John [dup. John Jr.] and Amy (Swain), 27: 11m: 1781 [dup. 13: 9m: 1782]. PR38

Phebe, w. Simeon Macy (s. Latham and Lydia), d. Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), 25: 12m: 1783. PR38

Abigail, w. George B. Coffin (s. Noah and Lydia), d. Ebenezar and Mary (Wing), 19: 3m: 1784. PR38

Susan, w. Francis Mulligan Young of Newport, RI, second, w. David Worth (s. John), d. David and Susan (Meader), 18: 6m: 1784. PR38

Eliza, w. John Calder (s. Robert and Lydia (Brock)), d. Daniel Jr. and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), 18: 4m: 1786. PR38

Judith, w. Edward Brown (s. Joseph), d. Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), 14: 6m: 1787. PR38

Christian, d. Ebenezar and Mary Wing, 16: 10m: 1787. PR38

George, h. Deborah (d. Peter Fosdick), h. Nancy (d. Robert Calder), s. Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), 21: 3m: 1788 [dup. 1783]. PR38

Eliza, w. Charles Starbuck (s. Reuben), d. David and Susan (Meader), 12: 2m: 1789. PR38

Abigail, w. William Hurlburt of CT (s. William), d. John and Amy (Swain), ––: 11m: 1789 [dup. 27: 11m: 1788]. PR38

Thomas, h. Nancy (d. John Marshall and Lydia), s. Reuben and Jerusha (Taylor), 15: 4m: 1790. PR38

Mary, d. Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), 31: 12m: 1790. PR38

David, h. Mary (wid. Tristram Coffin, d. William Moores), s. David and Susan (Meader), 12: 4m: 1791. PR38

Charles, "m'd in England", s. John and Amy (Swain), 10: 6m: 1791. PR38

Hepsibeth, first, w. Elisha Folger Jr. (s. Elishai and Deborah), d. Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), 21: 7m: 1791 [sic, dup. 1771]. PR 38

Susan, w. Reuben Weeks (s. Joseph and Content), d. Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), 7: 1m: 1792. PR38

Phebe, d. Reuben and Jerusha (Taylor), 20: 5m: 1792. PR38

Lucretia, w. Walter Cure, d. Shubael and Abigail (Gardner), 1: 6m: 1792. PR38

Edward, s. David and Susan (Meader), 18: 7m: 1793. PR38

Reuben, h. Jemima (d. Abraham Clasby), s. Reuben and Jerusha (Taylor), 5: 9m: 1793. PR38

Deborah, w. Robert Swain (s. Obed), d. John and Amy (Swain), 27: 11m: [dup. 7: 12m: ] 1793. PR38

Lydia, w. Benjamin Barney (s. Jonathan and Abiel), d. Daniel Jr. and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), 20: 4m: 1795. PR38

Shubael, h. Mary (d. Kimbal Starbuck), s. David and Susan (Meader), 24: [dup. 14], 7m: 1795. PR38

John N., h. Eunice (d. John Fitch and Rebecca), s. Tristram and Polly (Nobles), 7: 3m: 1796. PR38

Eunice, d. Joseph and Abigail, Mar. 30, 1796.

George, Capt., h. Keziah, Dec. 13, 1796. GR4 [h. Keziah (d. John Wilbur and Mercy), s. John and Amy (Swain), 11: 12m: [dup. 21: 9m: ]. PR38]

Walter, Mar. 24, 1797. GR3 [h. Rebecca D. (d. Henry D. Fisher and Jane), s. Eleazar and Susan, 25: 3m. PR38]

Mary [dup. Polly], w. Thomas Griffith, third, w. Henry Coleman (s. Sylvanus and Huldah), d. Reuben and Jerusha (Taylor), 27: 8m: 1797 [dup. 28: 8: 1796]. PR38

Nancy, w. ––––– Godfrey of Providence, d. Tristram and Polly (Nobles), 25: 4m: 1798. PR38

Benjamin, h. Ann Lewis of Martha's Vineyard, s. David and Susan (Meader), 7: 1m: 1799. PR38

William of Barnstable, h. Charlotte Wright, ––: 10m: 1799 [? in Barnstable]. PR38

Lucy, w. Ezra Beebe (s. Nathan and Patience [sic, Elizabeth]), d. Tristram and Polly (Nobles), 9: 7m: 1800. PR38

Phebe B. Allen, w. Frederick B. Chace, Oct. 12, 1800. GR3 [Allen, w. Frederick B. Chase of Freetown, d. David and Susan (Meader), 14: 10m. PR38]

Hepzibeth, ch. Josep and Abigail, Oct. 11, 1801.

Tristram, h. Lucinda Journey of Ohio [dup. Journay of NY], s. David and Susan (Meader), 25: 1m: 1803. PR38

Susan, w. Frederick Raymond (s. Benjamin and Elizabeth), d. John and Amy (Swain), 24: 10m: 1803. PR38

Benjamin, ch. Josep and Abigail [Joseph and Abigail (Coffin). PR22], Nov. 6, 1804 [see Eunice].

Lavinia, d. Silvanus and Catharine (Athearn), ––– ––, 1805. PR38

Temperance, w. Jesse Crosby (s. Jesse and Susan), d. David and Temperance, ––– ––, 1805. PR38

Frederick, s. David and Susan (Meader), 10: 9m: 1806. PR38

Uriah P., s. Francis T. and Sally (Pinkham), 8: 4m: 1807. PR38

Charlotte Wright, w. William of Barnstable, ––: 6m: 1807. PR38

Eunice, w. William E. Sherman (s. Nathaniel), [? twin], d. Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), 6: 11m: 1804 [sic dup. 6: 3m: 1808, see Abigail]. PR38

Abigail, "the Name of. Abigail Allen. is now Changed. and She is Called Hepzabeth Allen which was the Name of her Elder Sister who Departed this life October 1808," [? twin], d. Joseph and Abigail, Mar. 10, 1808 [see Eunice]. [Hepsabeth, w. Reuben Swain 3d, Oct. 11, 1801. GR3 Hepsibeth, w. Reuben Swain (s. Abishai), d. Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), 11: 10m: 1801. PR38]

Hephzibah, see Abigail.

Salome, ch. Francis T. and Sally (Pinkham), 8: 11m: 1808. PR38

Catharine, d. Silvanus and Catharine (Athearn), ––– ––, 1810. PR38

Mary, w. Frederic C. Sandford, d. William of Maine, 16: 2m: 1810 [? in Maine]. PR38

Joseph, s. Joseph and Abigail, Feb. 5, 1811 [h. Lydia M. (d. Eliakim Coffin), s. Joseph and Abigail (Coffin) [dup. ––: 2m: 1812]. PR38]

Avery T., h. Lydia (d. Dr. Martin T. Morton), s. Job and Naomi of New Bedford, ––: 8m: 1812. PR38

Lydia, see Lydia S. Alley.

Silvanus, s. Silvanus and Catharine (Athearn), ––– ––, 1814. PR38

Mary, ch. Joseph and Abigail, 15: 1m: 1814. CR4 [w. Uriah G. Tuck. GR3; w. Uriah Gardner Tuck (s. Samuel Jr.), d. Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), 15: 12m: [dup. 2m: ]. PR38]

Eben W., h. Clarissa (d. John Wilson of Newport, RI), s. Job of New Bedford, 4: 8m: 1815. PR38

Lydia, w. Charles C. Butts of Providence, RI, d. Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), 8: 12m: 1815. PR38

Sally M., ch. Joseph and Abigail, 26: 12m: 1816. CR4 [Sarah Myrick Starbuck [on stone with William Starbuck]. GR3 Sarah M. Allen (s. Joseph), d. Joseph and Abigail (Coffin). PR38]

Sarah Jane, w. George W. Turner ("an orphan from Boston"), d. Caleb and Love (Clark), ––– ––, 1817. PR38

William, s. Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), 8: 10m: 1817. PR38

William Starbuck, ––– ––, 1819. GR3 [William S., h. Nancy J. (d. Gardner Lamb), s. Shubael and Mary (Starbuck), 20: 3m. PR38]

Reuben M., h. Ann M. (d. Uriah Gardner and Lavinia), s. Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), 27: 11m: 1819. PR38

Peter F., s. George and Deborah (Fosdick), 6: 12m: 1819. PR38

George C., h. Maria A. (d. Levi Kelley of Barnstable), s. George and Kezia (Wilbur), 14: 3m: 1820. PR38

Jane F., w. George G. Nickerson, d. Walter and Rebecca D. (Fisher), 19: 9m: 1820. PR38

Thomas, h. Eunice (d. Edward Hussey and Eunice), s. Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), 18: 3m: 1821. PR38

Charles E., h. Hannah Maria (d. William Farnham), s. Walter and Rebecca D. (Fisher), 13: 1m: 1822. PR38

Daniel J., s. George and Deborah (Fosdick), 1: 1m: 1823. PR38

Edward C., h. Ann Maria (d. Benjamin Allen and Ann), s. Shubael and Mary (Starbuck), 11: 2m: 1823. PR38

Mary R., w. Lot Crockett of RI, d. Thomas and Nancy (Marshall), ––: 6m: 1824. PR38

Frederick B., ––– ––, 1825. GR5 [h. Ellen Davis of NY, s. Shubael and Mary (Starbuck), 2: 2m: ––––. PR38]

Charles, h. Mary F. Robinson of N.B., s. George and Kezia (Wilbur), ––: 1m: 1825. PR38

Susan M., w. Joseph W. Fisher of N. Falmouth, d. Walter and Rebecca D. (Fisher), 19: 7m: 1825 [dup. 1826]. PR38

James Drew, s. George and Deborah (Fosdick), ––: 10m: 1825. PR38

Ann Maria, w. Horace Wheeler of Providence, d. Thomas and Nancy (Marshall), ––: 1m: 1826. PR38

George W., Capt., ––– ––, 1827. GR3 [h. Eliza [dup. Elizabeth] Jones of Oswego, NY, h. Lucy Daly [dup. Daley] of PA, h. Emily A. (wid. Alexander Grew [dup. Emma, wid. Alexander Drew], d. Obed Clark), s. Walter and Rebecca D. (Fisher), 22: 12m: 1827. PR38]

George W., s. George and Deborah (Fosdick), ––: 12m: 1827. PR38

Sarah S., w. Elisha A. Durfee of Providence, w. –––––, w. James Wilson of Providence, d. Thomas and Nancy (Marshall), ––: 4m: 1828. PR38

Mary Ann, d. Avery T. and Lydia (Morton), 25: 8m: 1828 [sic, ? 1838, see mar. of Avery T.]. PR38

Ann Maria, w. Edward C. Allen (s. Shubael), d. Benjamin and Ann Lewis, ––– ––, 1829. PR38

Charles H., h. Julia (d. Nathan Gibbs and Roby), s. Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), 27: 3m: 1829. PR38

Benjamin F., h. Caroline Battey ("m'd in Iowa"), s. Shubael and Mary (Starbuck), 20: 8m: 1829. PR38

William H., s. Walter and Rebecca D. (Fisher), 15: 4m: 1830. PR38

Lydia, twin d. George and Deborah (Fosdick), ––– ––, 1831. PR38

Phebe Folger, twin d. George and Deborah (Fosdick), ––– ––, 1831. PR38

William Wallace, h. Mary P. (d. James Eldredge), s. William and Charlotte Wright, ––: 7m: 1831. PR38

Emeline R., w. Leonard S. Hovey of Providence, d. Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), 2: 12m: 1831. PR38

Lydia Hitch, only ch. Joseph and Lydia, Mar. 28, 1832. GR3

Tristram C., h. Lavinia E. Taylor of TN [dup. Tecumsah, MI], s. David and Mary (Moores) (Coffin), 10: 12m: 1832. PR38

Susan M., w. Thomas S. Mitchell (s. Thomas and Lucy), d. Shubael and Mary (Starbuck), 11: 8m: 1833. PR38

Mary G., w. Reuben M. Gardner (s. Reuben), d. George and Kezia (Wilbur), ––– ––, 1834. PR38

Ann Eliza, w. William C. Dunham (s. George), d. Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), 29: 7m: 1834. PR38

Mary Abby, w. Charles Staples (s. James), d. William and Charlotte Wright, ––: 8m: 1835. PR38

Lydia M., w. Robert Mitchell (s. Samuel), d. David and Mary (Moores) (Coffin), 5: 11m: 1835. PR38

Mary C., d. Shubael and Mary (Starbuck), 5: 2m: 1836. PR38

Benjamin, s. Joseph and Lydia M. Coffin, 1: 5m: 1836. PR38

Caleb, h. Harriet P. (d. Samuel Christian), s. George and Nancy (Calder) (second w.), 7: 5m: 1836. PR38

Deborah G., w. George W. Hartford of S. Boston, d. George and Nancy (Calder) (second w.), 16: 9m: 1838. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Asa Gifford of Cape Cod, d. David and Mary (Moores) (Coffin), 5: 10m: 1838. PR38

Emily Lovell, w. Stephen S. Chipman of Sandwich, d. William and Charlotte Wright, 30: 8m: 1839. PR38

Martin M., s. Avery T. and Lydia (Morton), ––: 11m: 1839. PR38

Benjamin B., s. George and Nancy (Calder) (second w.), ––: 12m: 1839. PR38

William H., s. George and Nancy (Calder) (second w.), 2: 11m: 1840. PR38

Susan M., w. John Reed of Philadelphia, d. Thomas and Nancy (Marshall), 3: 1m: 1841. PR38

Sarah Catharine, d. Eben W. and Clarissa (Wilson), 1: 3m: 1841. PR38

Catharine S., d. Shubael and Mary (Starbuck), 3: 5m: 1841. PR38

Maria B., w. Charles H. Latham of Sandwich, d. William and Charlotte Wright, 2: 6m: 1842. PR38

John Wilbur, s. George and Maria A. (Kelley), 30: 8m: 1842. PR38

Francis G., s. Reuben M., laborer, and Ann M., May 11, 1843. [s. Reuben M. and Ann M. (Gardner), 11: 5m: 1842. PR38]

Samuel C., s. George, farmer, and Nancy, June 17, 1843. [h. Ella M. (d. Albert Easton and Mary), s. George and Nancy (Calder) (second w.). PR38]

Charles P. [sic Charlotte P.], s. George C., cordwainer, and Maria A., Feb. 4, 1844. [Charlotte Plasket Allen, d. George C. and Maria A. (Kelley). PR38]

Charlotte Plasket, see Charles P.

David A., s. William, carman, and Charlotte, Apr. 15, 1844.

David W., see David A.

Clara G., w. George F. Ewers (s. Benjamin), w. Henry T. Knight, d. Avery T. and Lydia (Morton), 15: 12m: 1844. PR38

Amelia, d. Reuben M., carman, and Ann M., Mar. 26, 1845. [Amelia D., w. George M. Beard; d. Reuben M. and Ann M. (Gardner). PR38]

Susan M., d. Eben W., taylor, and Clarissa, Oct. 4, 1845. [Susan Macy Allen, d. Eben W. and Clarissa (Wilson). PR38]

Charles R., s. George C., cordwainer, and Maria A., Oct. 15, 1845. [Charles Ray Allen, h. Etta H. Converse of Ohio, s. George C. and Maria A. (Kelley). PR38]

George W., s. George, yeoman, and Nancy, Nov. 24, 1845, [h. Lillian E., s. George and Nancy (Calder) (second w.), 2: 11m: ––––. PR38]

Susan C., d. Avery T., tailor, and Lydia A., Sept. 2, 1847. [w. Walter M. Lincoln, d. Avery T. and Lydia (Morton). PR38]

Edgar Lovell, see Frederick W.

Frederick W., s. George C., sailmaker, and Maria, Apr. 15, 1848. [Edgar Lovell Allen, s. George C. and Maria A. (Kelley). PR38]

Susan W., d. Reuben M. and Ann M. (Gardner), ––– ––, 1849. PR38


Benjamin, h. Merab (d. John Coffin and Elizabeth), s. Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Brailey, s. Moses and Lucy (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Gorham, h. Betsey (d. John House and Lydia), s. Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph Henry, h. Sarah Parker, s. Benjamin and Sarah (Lawrence), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lucy, w. Rev. Robert Samuel ("an Englishman"), d. Moses and Lucy (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Martha, d. Benjamin and Sarah (Lawrence), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary E., d. Benjamin F. and Hepsibeth (Holmes), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Perez, s. Moses and Lucy (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Polly, w. Varnum Barber of New London, d. Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, h. Sarah [dup. Susan, sic] (d. Peleg Gardner), s. Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick), 18: 12m: 1706. PR38

Jacob, h. Eunice (d. Douglas Black and Percis), s. Solomon "(probably) from Lynn," ––: 4m: 1741. PR38

Richard, h. Martha (d. Jacob Alley), s. Eleazar and Tabitha of Lynn, 15: 7m: 1751. PR38

Martha, d. Jacob and Eunice, Dec. 16, 1761. CR3 [w. Richard Alley ("her cousin"), d. Jacob and Eunice (Black). PR38]

Reuben, h. Katharine [dup. Catharine] (d. John Fosdick), h. Susan (d. Brown Coffin), s. Jacob and Eunice (Black), 22: 12m: 1764. PR38

Eunice, d. Richard and Martha, Mar. 11, 1770. CR3 [w. Abel Coffin (s. Jonathan), d. Richard and Martha (Alley). PR38]

William, h. Sylvia (d. John Coffin and Elizabeth (Gardner)), s. Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), 8: 4m: 1773. PR38

Betsey, w. Jesse Gardner (s. Silvanus and Anna), d. Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), 4: 2m: 1780. PR38

Rebecca, d. Richard and Martha, Apr. 4, 1781. CR3 [d. Richard and Martha (Alley). PR38]

John, h. Martha (d. Thomas Fisher of Chilmark), s. Richard and Martha (Alley), 3: 1m: 1783. PR38

Charles, h. Sally (d. Reuben Starbuck), s. Richard and Martha (Alley), 30: 9m: 1784. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Richard and Martha, Feb. 25, 1787. CR3 [second w. Samuel Dunham (s. Jethro), d. Richard and Martha (Alley). PR38]

Alfred, h. Love (d. Robert Coffin), s. Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick), 10: 4m: 1789. PR38

Abigail, w. Malatiah Fisher (s. Thomas), d. Richard and Martha (Alley), 30: 4m: [dup. 15: 8m: ] 1789. PR38

James, h. Mary Cochran of Martha's Vineyard, s. Richard and Martha (Alley), 5: 6m: 1791. PR38

Obed, h. Susan (d. Reuben Chase and Judith), s. Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick), 23: 6m: 1791 [dup. 1790]. PR38

Moses, h. Lucy (d. Brailey Jenkins and Eunice), s. Richard and Martha (Alley), 10: 9m: 1793. PR38

Mary, w. George Smith (s. Armstrong), d. Richard and Martha (Alley), 27: 9m: 1795. PR38

Hannah, third, w. William Burdett (s. Edward), d. Richard and Martha (Alley), 31: [dup. 30: ] 8m: 1797. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick), 17: 12m: 1798 [sic, see Catherine]. PR38

Catherine [dup. Katharine], w. Richard Macy (s. Capt. Zaccheus Jr. and Judith (Starbuck)), d. Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick), 8: 1m: 1799 [sic, see Elizabeth]. PR38

Merab, w. David Smith (s. Armstrong), d. Richard and Martha (Alley), 9: 7m: 1799. PR38

Benjamin, h. Sarah (d. Joseph Lawrence of Osterville), s. Richard and Martha (Alley), 11: 5m: 1801. PR38

Barzillai, s. Reuben and Susan (Coffin) (second w.), 22: 10m: 1802. PR38

George Gorham, s. Gorham and Betsey (House), 20: 4m: 1804. PR38

Mary, w. Reuben G. Worth (s. Shubael), d. Charles and Sally (Starbuck), 20: 11m: 1805 [sic]. PR38

John House, s. Betsey (wid. Gorham Alley, d. John House and Lydia), 15: 5m: 1806. PR38

Reuben, s. Reuben and Susan (Coffin) (second w.), 2: 6m: 1806. PR38

Lucretia, w. Benjamin Franklin Russell (s. Reuben), d. Richard and Martha (Alley), 4: 5m: 1808. PR38

Charles H., s. Charles and Sally (Starbuck), 6: 9m: 1808. PR38

Susan, w. William C. Dorman, d. Reuben and Susan (Coffin) (second w.), 4: 7m: 1809 [dup. ––: 10m: 1808]. PR38

William Henry, s. John and Martha, Feb. 7, 1812. CR3

Lydia S., [dup. Lydia Allen], w. Benjamin [dup. adds C.] Starbuck (s. Benjamin), d. Charles and Sally (Starbuck), 4: 2m: 1813. PR38

Edward, s. Susanna (wid. Reuben, d. Brown Coffin), 10: 5m: 1813. PR38

Lydia, ch. Capt. Obed and Susan, bp. May 30, 1820. CR1 [Lydia P., w. William H. Palmer (s. Lot), d. Obed and Susan (Chase), 31: 3m: 1814. P38]

Sarah, d. John and Martha (Fisher), 11: 4m: 1814. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Edward Wyer (s. Obed and Anna), d. Charles and Sally (Starbuck), 31: 7m: 1815. PR38

George F., s. Charles and Sally (Starbuck), 31: 3m: 1817. PR38

Benjamin H. [dup. F.], h. Hepsibeth (d. Benjamin Holmes), s. John and Martha (Fisher), 13: 3m: 1816 [dup. 4: 1m: 1819, sic]. PR38

Elijah Hedding, h. Mary F. (d. Christopher Burdick and Lydia), s. Benjamin and Abigail of Lynn, ––: 5m: 1819. PR38

Charles W., h. Mary Ann (d. Edward Gorham), s. John and Martha (Fisher), 5: 10m: 1819. PR38

Sarah Maria, d. Benjamin and Sarah (Lawrence), ––– ––, 1820 [sic]. PR38

Charles Chase, ch. Capt. Obed and Susan, bp. May 30, 1820. CR1 [h. Charlotte (d. David Wood), s. Obed and Susan (Chase), b. 11: 10m: 1815 [dup. 10: 11m: 1816]. PR38]

Sarah S., m., d. Charles and Sally (Starbuck), ––: 7m: 1821. PR38

Mary Jane, ch. Obed and Susan, bp. Sept. 30, 1821. CR1 [w. Frederick W. Coffin (s. William), d. Obed and Susan (Chase), 10: 11m: 1821 [sic, dup. 1820]. PR38]

Charles Frederick, h. Abby Gorham of Cape Cod, s. Charles and Sally (Starbuck), 22: 1m: 1824. PR38

Lydia M., w. Frederick H. Raymond (s. Elisha), w. James R. Mansfield, d. George and Sarah (Gardner), 22: 3m: 1824. PR38

Obed F., h. Phebe Ray (d. Asa G. Bunker), s. Obed and Susan (Chase), 4: 6m: 1824. PR38

Emeline F., w. George E. Bowls of Springfield, d. John and Martha (Fisher), ––: 3m: 1825. PR38

Alfred C. [dup. G.], h. Eliza P. (d. Benjamin Lawrence and Eliza), s. Obed and Susan (Chase), 22: 9m: 1827 [dup. 1820, sic]. PR38

Edward F., s. John and Martha (Fisher), ––: 3m: 1828. PR38

James H., h. Lucy Johnson of E. Vassalboro, ME, s. James and Mary Cochran of Martha's Vineyard, 16: 1m: 1829. PR38

Henry Lee, s. Obed and Susan (Chase), 6: 10m: 1830. PR38

George F., s. George and Sarah (Gardner), 28: 5m: 1832. PR38

Margaret, w. Thomas McCann of Elseworth, ME, d. John and Martha (Fisher), 3: 3m: 1833 [sic, ? 1823]. PR38

Leander F., h. Mary E. (d. Shubael Winslow), s. Obed and Susan (Chase), 19: [dup. 2: ] 3m: 1833. PR38

Martha F., Mar. 3, 1835. GR3 [Martha Frances, d. George and Sarah (Gardner), 3: 3m: 1834. PR38]

Oscar F., s. George and Sarah (Gardner), 28: 12m: 1837. PR38

Charles, m., s. Charles C. and Charlotte C. (Wood), 9: 4m: 1839 [4 written in pencil above 9]. PR38

Thomas F., s. Benjamin F. and Hepsibeth (Holmes), 22: 6m: 1840. PR38

Charles F., s. Benjamin F. and Hepsibeth (Holmes), 29: 3m: 1843. PR38

Frederick C., s. Charles C., mariner, and Charlotte E., June 13, 1843. [s. Charles C. and Charlotte C. (Wood), 18: 6m. PR38]

Ferdinand s. George, mariner, and Sarah [(Gardner). PR38], Aug. 9, 1844.

Benjamin, s. Benjamin F. and Hepsibeth (Holmes), ––– ––, 1845 [see John H.]. PR38

John H., s. Benjamin H., laborer, and Hepzibeth, Nov. 3, 1845. [s. Benjamin F. and Hepsibeth (Holmes), 3: 11m: 1844 [see Benjamin]. PR38]

–––––, ch. Benjamin and Hepzibeth, Feb. 14, 1848.

Catharine, d. Charles C., mariner, and Charlotte C., Mar. 11, 1848. [Catharine Richmond Alley, d. Charles C. and Charlotte C. (Wood), 10: 3m. PR38]

Edward G., s. Charles W. and Mary Ann (Gorham), 25: 5m: 1849 [sic, see Charles E.]. PR38

Charles E., s. Charles W. and Mary Ann (Gorham), 25: 6m: 1849 [sic, see Edward G.]. PR38

Frederick A., s. Benjamin F. and Hepsibeth (Holmes), 22: 7m: 1849. PR38


Jonathan James [s. Francis and Sally James], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nabby James [d. Francis and Sally James], ––– ––, ––––. PR38


Agnes, d. Lot, mariner, and Lydia F., Apr. 7, 1844.


Nancy, w. John W. Ellis (s. Raymond and Judith), d. Whitfield, 2: 10m: 1801 [? in New Bedford]. PR38


Charles H., s. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Benjamin and Sally (Brock), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ellen G., d. Cephas J. and Rhoda Nickerson, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

John, s. Benjamin and Anna (Ellis), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Judith, w. Obed Cash, w. Jean Forgerie "alias John Smith," d. Paul and Judith (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul, h. Judith (d. Benjamin Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah L., d. Allen and Clarissa (Eldredge) (Morey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, h. Sally (d. Thomas Brock), s. Benjamin and Anna (Ellis), 14: 7m: 1768. PR38

Mary, w. Thomas Hull (s. Thomas), d. Paul and Judith (Marshall), 22: 9m: 1776. PR38

Dinah, w. Henry Daggett of M[artha's] V[ineyard] (s. Nathan and Anna), d. Benjamin and Sally (Brock), 12: 4m: 1791. PR38

Ann, see Nancy.

Nancy [dup. Ann], w. Israel Bump, w. Joseph Stevens, d. Benjamin and Sally (Brock), 4: 6m: 1793. PR38

Samuel H., h. Rosanna (Eldredge), h. Charlotte (wid. Gurden Pitcher, d. James Bigelow), s. Thomas and Abigail of Barnstable, ––: 2m: 1794 [? in Barnstable]. PR38

Allen, h. Clarissa (divorced, w. Asa Morey, d. ––––– Eldredge), s. Thomas and Abigail of Barnstable, 17: 12m: 1796. PR38

Sally, w. Isaac Richardson, d. Benjamin and Sally (Brock), 7: 10m: 1807. PR38

Cephas J. of Barnstable, h. Rhoda Nickerson, ––: 11m: 1811. PR38

Alexander, s. Dinah (d. Benjamin and Sally), ––– ––, 1814. PR38

Rhoda Nickerson –––––, w. Cephas J. of Barnstable, ––: 5m: 1815. PR38

Abby, w. Oliver Butman, d. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), 3: 2m: 1821. PR38

Charles A., s. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), ––: 4m: 1822. PR38

Leander F., s. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), 22: 5m: 1825. PR38

Emily M., d. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), 25: 7m: 1827. PR38

Franklin A., s. Allen and Clarissa (Eldredge) (Morey), ––: 2m: 1829. PR38

Samuel H., s. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), 25: 5m: 1829. PR38

William H., h. Mahala (d. Watson Homes and Mary), s. Allen and Clarissa (Eldredge) (Morey), 16: 4m: 1830. PR38

Delia, w. Otis W. Blount, d. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), 27: 7m: 1832. PR38

Adeline F., d. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), 27: 6m: 1833. PR38

Thomas S., h. Elizabeth Ann (d. Charles Wyer), s. Allen and Clarissa (Eldredge) (Morey), ––: 6m: [dup. 14: 7m: ] 1834. PR38

Eliza B., w. Richard Gibbs, d. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), ––: 11m: 1835. PR38

Daniel Round, s. Allen and Clarissa (Eldredge) (Morey), ––: 9m: 1839. PR38

Lauriston, ch. Cephas J. and Rhoda Nickerson, ––: 9m: 1839. PR38

Lydia C., d. Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge), 11: 11m: 1839. PR38

–––––, s. Leander, shipwright, and Emma [Emeline (Barlow)], Nov. 22, 1847.


Anna [?, d. William M. and Rebecca E. (Swain)], ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Benjamin M. [?, s. William M. and Rebecca E. (Swain)], ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Charles, s. Thomas and Ann E. (Russell) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles A., s. George and Nancy (Austin), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Elizabeth M., d. George and Nancy (Austin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ellen, d. William M. and Rebecca E. (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George L., h. Caroline Smith of Brooklyn, NY, s. David and Phebe (Smith), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry B. [?, s. William M. and Rebecca E. (Swain)], ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

James H., s. William H. and Rebecca (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James H., s. Hiram and Emeline (Barnard), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Martha W., d. Hiram and Emeline (Barnard), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Reuben, s. Hiram and Emeline (Barnard), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Roland R., s. Thomas and Jane (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William C., s. George and Nancy (Austin), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

William D., s. Silvanus and Mary B. (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William M., h. Rebecca E. (d. Lewis Swain), s. David and Phebe (Smith), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jacob, h. Mary (d. Silvanus Gardner and Anna), s. Abraham and Mary, 10: 9m: 1760. PR38

David, h. Phebe (d. Thomas Smith), s. Abraham and Mary, 20: 2m: 1787. PR38

Abraham, ch. Jacob, bp. Aug. 24, 1794. CR3 [s. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), ––– ––, 1795. PR38]

Charles G., h. Eunice (d. Jesse Gardner), s. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), 26: 11m: 1798. PR38

Silvanus G., h. Mary B. (d. Jesse Gardner), s. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), 26: 12m: [dup. 10m: ] 1803. PR38

Sally, w. Isaac Barker (s. James), w. George Bowen (s. Reuben and Sally), d. David and Phebe (Smith), 4: 12m: 1805. PR38

Mary Ann, w. Edward Folger (s. Henry Sr. and Elizabeth), d. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), 1: 4m: 1807. PR38

Eunice, w. Reuben Chapin, w. George S. Smith, d. David and Phebe (Smith), 10: 3m: 1808. PR38

Phebe S., w. Stephen Easton [q.v.], d. David and Phebe (Smith), 15: 8m: 1809. PR38

Isaac, s. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), 11: 10m: 1809. PR38

William H., h. Rebecca (d. Henry Folger Jr. and Sarah [sic, ? Polly]), h. Sarah Ann (d. Daniel McDonald and Polly), s. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), 26: 11m: [dup. 1: 5m: ] 1812. PR38

Thomas S., h. Jane F. and Ann E. (daughters of Charles Russell and Love), s. David and Phebe (Smith), 17: 4m: 1813. PR38

George, h. Nancy (d. Daniel Austin), s. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), 25: 6m: 1815. PR38

Reuben C., h. Charlotte (d. Jesse Coffin and Mary (Bunker)), s. David and Phebe (Smith), 17: 3m: 1817 [dup. 1807, sic]. PR38

Judith, w. David J. Bailey, w. Asa Seymour, d. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), 4: 2m: 1819. PR38

Hiram B., h. Emeline (d. Josiah Barnard), h. Sarah B. (wid. ––––– Knapp, d. Isaac Coffin), s. David and Phebe (Smith), 14: 6m: 1820. PR38

Almira H., w. Reuben Fuller [q.v.], d. Sally (d. David and Phebe), 7: 1m: 1824. PR38

Lucy Ann, w. Alexander [dup. adds B.] Coffin (s. Jesse and Mary), d. David and Phebe (Smith), ––: 3m: 1828. PR38

Ann G., w. ––––– Cornwell, d. Silvanus and Mary B. (Gardner), ––: 5m: 1831. PR38

Charles G., h. Charlotte (Raymond), s. Charles G. and Eunice (Gardner), 12: 10m: 1831. PR38

Eliza C., w. William Galligher, d. Silvanus and Mary B. (Gardner), 3: 11m: 1833. PR38

Elizabeth Jane, w. Joseph H. Howard of NY, d. William M. and Rebecca E. (Swain), ––– ––, 1834. PR38

Gorham G., h. Adaline (d. George Christian), s. Charles G. and Eunice (Gardner), 16: 1m: 1834. PR38

Frederick W., s. Silvanus and Mary B. (Gardner), 22: 4m: 1836. PR38

Elizabeth A., d. William H. and Rebecca (Folger), 31: 5m: 1838. PR38

David B., h. Almira S. (d. Stephen Easton and Phebe), s. Charles G. and Eunice (Gardner), 15: 8m: 1838. PR38

Lucretia S., w. Obed M. Hoxie of Columbus, OH, d. Silvanus and Mary B. (Gardner), 18: 12m: 1838. PR38

George F., s. William H. and Rebecca (Folger), 1: 9m: 1840. PR38

Mary Harriet, d. Silvanus and Mary B. (Gardner), 26: 12m: 1842. PR38

William, s. Thomas and Ann E. (Russell) (second w.), ––– ––, 1845. PR38

Eunice A., d. George, mariner, and Nancy, May 25, 1845 [dup. 1844]. [w. Benjamin Chadwick, d. George and Nancy (Austin), 25: 6m: 1845. PR38]

Alba S., see Alva S.

Alva S., s. Sylvanus G., laborer, and Mary, Mar. 4, 1846. [Alba Southard Andrews, ch. Silvanus and Mary B. (Gardner). PR38]

Isaac G., s. William, laborer, and Sarah, [William H. and Sarah Ann (McDonald) (second w.). PR38], Aug. 28, 1846.

Emily Jane, d. George, mariner, and Nancy, Sept. 27, 1846. [d. George and Nancy (Austin), 27: 1m: 1847. PR38]

Mary C., d. William, laborer, and Sarah, Sept. 3, 1848; [Mary Catharine, d. William and Sarah Ann (McDonald) (second w.). PR38]

George E., s. George, mariner, and Nancy, Apr. 19, 1849 [George Edward, s. George and Nancy (Austin), 11: 4m. PR38]


Abigail, d. John and Eunice (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38


–––––, ch. Parney, Apr. 15, 1790. PR38


Lydia, d. Joseph and Elizabeth (Dunham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Ann, d. Joseph and Elizabeth (Dunham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38


Oliver, h. Susan (Silvia), 26: 10m: 1797. PR38

John S., h. Eliza B., June 6, 1818. GR3 [h. Elizabeth B. (d. Nehemiah Dayton and Margaret), s. Oliver and Susan (Silvia). PR38]

Elizabeth, d. Oliver and Susan (Silvia), 20: 5m: 1820. PR38

Harriet E., d. John C. [sic, S.], mariner, and Eliza, Dec. 13, 1843. [Harriet F. Murray. GR3; Harriet E. Appleton, w. John Murray, d. John S. and Elizabeth B. (Dayton). PR38]

Oliver, s. John, rope maker, and Eliza, Apr. 22, 1846. [Oliver D., "Father," Apr. 20. GR3; Oliver D., h. Susan Swain (d. Alexander Hull), s. John S. and Elizabeth B. (Dayton), 23: 4m. PR38]

Marian C., d. John, carman, and Eliza, Dec. 10, 1849; [Marion C. Crocker, Dec. 10, 1848. GR3; Marian C. Appleton, w. Frederick F. Crocker (s. Samuel), d. John S. and Elizabeth B. (Dayton), 10: 12m: 1848. PR38]


Hannah Sherman [Appley, w. –––––] Luce, Dec. 21, 1808. CR2 [Appley, w. John Luce, d. John and Mehitable. PR38]


John House, see John House Alley.

James, h. Sarah (d. George Higgens), h. Mary C. (d. David Ray), s. William, ––– ––, 1810. PR38

Emeline C., w. ––––– Peckham of Fairhaven, d. James and Sarah (Higgens), ––: 12m: 1831. PR38

Rebecca C., w. Joshua Hamblin (s. Joseph), d. James and Sarah (Higgens), ––: 7m: 1835. PR38

James Henry, s. James and Sarah (Higgens), ––– ––, 1839. PR38

George A., s. James and Sarah (Higgens), ––: 11m: 1840. PR38


Jabez, h. Margaret (d. George Coffin), 3: 12m: 1750. PR38

Olive, w. William Main, d. Jabez and Margaret (Coffin), 15: 8m: 1785. PR38


Mary, d. William [William and Bathsheba Pelham. PR38] 21: 5m: 1710.

William, s. William [William and Bathsheba Pelham. PR38] 6: 9m: 1711.


Andrew, h. Judith (d. Elisha Coffin), s. Thomas and Mary Edmunds, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Eliakim Swain (s. John Jr.), d. John and Priscilla (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth H., ch. Stephen and Sarah B. Coffin, ––– ––, –––– [before Aug. 16, 1841]. [6: 6m: 1841. PR38]

Eunice, w. Andrew Brock (s. Thomas), d. Thomas and Mary Edmunds, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Mary (d. Eleazer Folger), s. John and Priscilla (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Judith (d. Ebenezar Gardner and Judith), s. Thomas and Mary Edmunds, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, s. John and Priscilla (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Margaret, w. Wilson Rawson, w. Jonathan Pinkham (s. Richard 1st), d. John and Priscilla (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Prince Coffin (s. Elias), d. Thomas and Mary Edmunds, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Stephen, s. William M. and Elizabeth (Clisby), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Eunice, d. John, 29: 6m: 1706 [dup. ––– ––, 1705, see Ketturah]; [d. John and Mary (Folger), 4: 11m: 1705. PR38]

Ketturah [Arthur], d. John, 29: 6m: 1706; [Keturah Arthur, w. Richard Peckham of Portsmouth, RI, d. John and Mary (Folger). PR38]

Rhoda, d. John [John and Mary (Folger). PR38], 26: 9m: 1708.

Persis, d. John, 17: 9m: 1710 [Percis, w. Douglas Black, d. John and Mary (Folger), 17: 9m: 1715 [sic, dup. 1710]. PR38]

Thomas, s. John, 8: 9m: 1712 [h. Mary Edmunds, h. Priscilla (d. Benjamin Trott), s. John and Mary (Folger), 14: 2m. PR38]

Stephen, s. John, 2: 12m: 1714-15 [s. John and Mary (Folger), ––– ––, 1714. PR38]

Priscilla, d. John and Mary, Nov. 2, 1718 [w. Benjamin Fish, d. John and Mary (Folger), 2: 11m: 1716 [sic, dup. ––– ––, 1718]. PR38]

Lydia, d. Thomas and Mary Edmunds, ––: 9m: 1742. PR38

Stephen, h. Phebe (d. Richard Pinkham and Miriam), h. Eunice (wid. Jethro Coffin, d. Shubael Pinkham and Eunice), s. Thomas and Mary Edmunds, 6: 7m: 1745. PR38

Rhoda, d. John and Judith (Gardner), 7: 7m: 1758. PR38

Lydia, ch. Stephen and Phebe, 15: 1m: 1772. CR4

Mary, ch. Stephen and Phebe, 17: 8m: 1776. CR4 [w. Simeon Coleman. PR29; w. Simeon Coleman (s. Simeon), d. Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham). PR38]

Stephen, ch. Stephen and Phebe, 11: 1m: 1779. CR4

Eliza [Arthur], w. ––––– Jones, Mar. 28, 1779. GR3 [Elizabeth [dup. Eliza] Arthur, second, w. Daniel Jones (s. Silas Jr. and Judith), d. Andrew and Judith (Coffin), 27: 3m: 1778 [dup. 1758, sic]. PR38]

Elizabeth, see Eliza.

Phebe, ch. Stephen and Phebe, 11: 2m: 1781. CR4 [w. Dennis Stevens, w. Reuben Russell (s. Benjamin), d. Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham). PR38]

Eunice, ch. Stephen and Phebe, 27: 7m: 1783. CR4 [w. Isaac Hoag (s. Abraham), w. William Milton, d. Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham). PR38]

Stephen, ch. Stephen and Phebe, 24: 3m: 1786. CR4 [h. Avis (d. James Stubbs and Rebecca), h. Sarah (d. Peter Macy and Sally), s. Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham). PR38]

Frederick, ch. Stephen and Phebe, 3: 2m: 1789. CR4 [h. Mary (David Gardner), s. Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham). PR38]

John, ch. Stephen and Phebe, 31: 8m: 1791. CR4 [s. Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham). PR38]

Andrew E., h. Delia M. (d. Timothy Upham), s. Stephen Jr. and Avis (Stubbs), 20: 7m: 1807. PR38

Phebe, d. Stephen and Avis (Stubbs), 18: 4m: 1809. PR38

Eliza, w. James Shaw ("an Englishman"), w. Roland Burdett, w. Henry McLean, d. Stephen and Avis (Stubbs), 13: 4m: 1811 [dup. ––– ––, 1812]. PR38

Mary, w. Cornell Farris of NY, d. Stephen and Avis (Stubbs), 23: 1m: 1813. PR38

William S., ch. Frederick and Mary, 17: 8m: 1814. CR4 [William M. [dup. S.], h. Elizabeth (d. Seth Clisby), s. Frederick and Mary (Gardner). PR38]

Lydia, ch. Frederick and Mary, 26: 6m: 1816. CR4

Charles, ch. Frederick and Mary, 9: 8m: 1818. CR4 [Charles G., s. Frederick and Mary (Gardner). PR38]

Stephen, ch. Frederick and Mary, 2: 3m: 1821. CR4 [h. Sarah B. (d. Reuben F. Coffin), s. Frederick and Mary (Gardner). PR38]

Mary Ann, ch. Frederick and Mary, 25: 12m: 1823. CR4 [w. James Watson (s. William), d. Frederick and Mary (Gardner). PR38]

Lydia Maria, twin ch. Frederick and Mary, 15: 8m: 1826. CR4 [w. Reuben Jenkins (s. Reuben and Lydia), twin d. Frederick and Mary (Gardner). PR38]

Sarah G., twin ch. Frederick and Mary, 15: 8m: 1826. CR4 [Sarah G., w. Thomas H. Swain (s. Thomas), twin d. Frederick and Mary (Gardner). PR38]

Rebecca Ann, w. Frederick G. Coffin (s. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur)), d. Andrew E. and Delia M. (Upham), 27: 3m: 1830. PR38

Elizabeth Jones, ch. Frederick and Mary, 13: 2m: 1831. CR4 [d. Frederick and Mary (Gardner), 2: 2m. PR38]

Caroline, ch. Frederick and Mary, 27: 1m: 1833. CR4 [w. Dr. Clarkson Worth of Wilmington, NC, w. Aaron Hall of Philadelphia, d. Frederick and Mary (Gardner). PR38]

Frederick, ch. Frederick and Mary, 11: 11m: 1834. CR4 [h. Lina Dora Talmage of NY, s. Frederick and Mary (Gardner), 12: 11m. PR8]

Mary Ferris, w. Henry Fowle of Boston, d. Andrew E. and Delia M. (Upham), 25: 8m: 1838. PR38

William C., s. Stephen, mariner, and Sarah B., Apr. 14, 1844. [s. Stephen and Sarah B. (Coffin), 4: 4m. PR38]

William S. Jr., s. William S., cooper, and Elizabeth, Feb. 14, 1847.

Sarah C., d. Stephen, mariner, and Sarah B., Feb. 24, 1847. [Sarah Coffin Arthur, d. Stephen and Sarah B. (Coffin). PR38]

Frederick V., s. William S., cooper, and Elizabeth, Jan. 27, 1849.


Catharine, w. Silvanus Allen, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, h. Lydia (d. Edward Cary), s. George of Martha's Vineyard and Hepsibeth (d. Christopher Hussey), 19: 8m: 1784. PR38

Harriet, w. Thomas H. Webb, M.D., d. James and Lydia (Cary), 8: 5m: 1809. PR38

James F., h. Lydia R. (d. Levi Starbuck), twin s. James and Lydia (Cary), 28: 11m: 1810. PR38

Lydia C., w. Edward H. Barker (s. Robert and Lucretia), twin d. James and Lydia (Cary), 28: 11m: 1810 [dup. 1811]. PR38

Charlotte, w. Charles F. Hussey (s. Valentine and Eunice), d. James and Lydia (Cary), 9: [dup. 19: ] 6m: 1816. PR38

James A., h. Anna Burgess of Boston, s. James F. and Lydia A. (Starbuck), 23: 10m: 1834. PR38

Harriet Webb, d. James F. and Lydia A. (Starbuck), 4: 10m: 1839. PR38

Frederick W., s. James F. and Lydia A. (Starbuck), 26: 6m: 1842. PR38

Susan F., d. James F., merchant, and Lydia R., Aug. 31, 1845. [Susan Folger Athearn, d. James F. and Lydia A. (Starbuck). PR38]

Levi S., s. James F. and Lydia A. (Starbuck), 8: 7m: 1848. PR38


Henry G. [G. written in pencil], s. Freeman and Temperance Gibbs, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, d. Freeman and Lucinda (Davis) (Christian) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Freeman, h. Temperance Gibbs, 24: 8m: 1802 [1802 written in pencil]. PR38

Temperance Gibbs, w. Freeman, 11: 3m: 1806. PR38

Emeline S., second w. Samuel H. Macy (s. Francis Jr. and Hannah Macreal), d. Asail [Asahel?] and Mary (Enos), 4: 11m: 1812. PR38

Lydia R., w. George W. Galvin of Fayal, w. Caleb W. Allen (s. George), d. Freeman, ––– ––, 1843. PR38

Melissa M., d. Freeman, farmer, and Mary, Sept. 11, 1843.

Hannah Maria, d. Freeman and Lucinda (Davis) (Christian) (second w.), ––– ––, 1846. PR38


Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Elizabeth (Parker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathaniel, h. Mary (d. John Wyer and Hepsibeth) [sic], 28: 10m: 1782. PR38

George, h. Hannah (d. John Holmes), s. Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), 6: 7m: 1811. PR38

Eliza, d. Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), 25: 3m: 1817. PR38

Mary G., w. William H. Perry (s. Henry and Phebe), d. Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), 21: 2m: 1819 [dup. ––– ––, 1818]. PR38

Catharine G., d. George and Hannah (Holmes), 3: 12m: 1836. PR38

Lydia G., d. George and Hannah (Holmes), ––: 4m: 1838. PR38

Mary Ann, d. George and Hannah (Holmes), 16: 3m: 1840. PR38

Sarah D., w. Edward P. Hamblin (s. Thomas), w. George S. Long (s. Obed B.), d. George and Hannah (Holmes), 3: 3m: 1842. PR38

George R., s. George, blacksmith, and Hannah, Mar. 10, 1846.


Abiathar, ch. Benjamin and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Abigail, ch. Benjamin and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Jonathan Coffin (s. Tristram and Elizabeth), d. [dup. Susanna] (Chase), 19: 12m: 1758. PR38]

Abishai, s. Benjamin and Susan (Chase), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, s. Joseph of Hampton and Dover, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Daniel, h. Rachel G., ch. Jeremiah and Patience, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Rachel G. (d. Zenas Gardner), s. Jeremiah and Patience (Fish), 21: 3m: 1784. PR38]

Deborah, w. John Coffin (s. Tristram), d. Joseph of Hampton and Dover, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward, s. Daniel [q.v.] and Eunice (Sessions), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Benjamin and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [d. Benjamin and Susan (Chase), 3: 9m: 1766. PR38]

Jacob, s. Jacob [q.v.] and Betsey French, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, s. Jeremiah and Patience (Fish), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jemima, ch. Jeremiah and Patience, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [d. Jeremiah and Patience (Fish). PR38]

Mary, w. Richard Gardner Jr., d. Joseph of Hampton and Dover, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, ch. Benjamin and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Benjamin Earl of Swanzey, d. Benjamin and Susan (Chase). PR38]

Nathan, ch. Benjamin and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. Benjamin and Susan (Chase). PR38]

Nathaniel, m., s. Joseph of Hampton and Dover ["1st wfs. child" written in pencil], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, w. Jacob Wetherly of Norton, d. Jacob [q.v.] and Betsey French, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, ch. Benjamin and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [d. Benjamin and Susan (Chase), 24: 4m: 1760. PR38]

Seth, m., "lived in Taunton," s. Jacob [q.v.] and Betsey French, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susanna, w. Comfort Carpenter (s. Daniel of RI), d. Benjamin and Susan (Chase), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, h. Ann, s. Joseph of Hampton and Dover and Sarah (Starbuck) (Storer) (second w.) [sic, ? accuracy of wife's names], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, ch. Benjamin and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. Benjamin and Susan (Chase). PR38]

Rose, w. Ephraim Tibbets, d. Thomas and Ann, 3: 2m: 1678. PR38

Sarah, w. Joseph or John Canney, d. Thomas and Ann, 1: 1m: 1682. PR38

Nathaniel, h. Catharine Neal, s. Thomas and Ann, 2: 1m: 1687. PR38

Thomas, s. Thomas and Ann, 5: 4m: 1689. PR38

Joseph, s. Thomas and Ann, 30: 4m: 1692. PR38

Ann, twin d. Thomas and Ann, 20: 6m: 1695. PR38

Nicholas, twin s. Thomas and Ann, 20: 6m: 1695. PR38

Samuel, h. Abigail Pinkham, s. Thomas and Ann, 22: 8m: 1698. PR38

Jacob, "a descendent of Jonas of Plymouth," h. Betsey French, 23: 7m: 1703. PR38

Benjamin, s. Thomas and Ann, 31: 5m: 1704. PR38

Benjamin, h. Susan (d. Isaac Chase of Swanzey), s. Jacob [q.v.] and Betsey French, 13: 7m: 1733. PR38

Jeremiah Jr., h. Patience, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Patience (d. David Fish and Jemima (Tallman)), s. Jeremiah and Margaret (Congdon), ––– ––, 1758. PR38]

Benjamin, h. Lydia [dup. ch. Benjamin and Susanna] 19: 7m: 1764. CR4 [h. Lydia (Folger). PR28, h. Lydia (d. Shubael Folger), s. Benjamin and Susan (Chase). PR38]

Alice, d. John, "a stranger," and Rhoda (Marchant), 9: 4m: 1777. PR38

Daniel, "an alien from St. Eustatia, W.I.," h. Eunice (d. Joseph Sessions), 19: 11m: 1780. PR38

Isaac, ––– ––, 1785. GR3 [h. Ann (d. Peleg Easton), s. Jeremiah and Patience (Fish), 19: 8m. PR38]

Joseph, h. Rachel (d. George Hussey), s. Jeremiah and Patience (Fish), 13: 11m: 1786. PR38

George, June ––, 1788. GR4 [h. Susan (d. Edward Creasy), s. John, "a stranger," and Rhoda (Marchant), 21: [dup. 24: ] 6m: 1787. PR38]

Lydia, w. Richard Hosier, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 22: 10m: 1788. CR4 [d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger). PR38, w. Richard Hosier (s. Giles and Elizabeth), d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger). PR38]

David, h. Anna (d. Edward Dexter and Mary), s. Jeremiah and Patience (Fish), 20: 2m: 1789. PR38

Sally [dup., w. Elihu Coffin], ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 7: 5m: 1793. CR4 [d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger), 7: 5m: 1792. PR28; Sarah, w. Elihu Coffin (s. Nathaniel), d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger), 7: 5m: 1792. PR38; Sarah, 7: 5m: 1792. PR53; May 7, 1792. PR64]

William, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 26: 3m: 1794. CR4 [s. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger). PR28; h. Ann (d. Joseph Chase), s. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger). PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 24: 6m: 1796. CR4 [Eliza, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger). PR38; Eliza, w. Prince Coffin (s. Solomon and Phebe), d. Benjamin Jr. and Lydia (Folger). PR38]

George Folger, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 24: 7m: 1798. CR4 [s. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger). PR38; h. Mary B. (d. Cromwell Barnard), s. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger), 27: 7m. PR38]

Mary, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 23: 9m: 1800. CR4

Mary, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 15: 11m: 1801. CR4 [d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger). PR28, w. Charles H. Coleman (s. Simeon and Mary). PR29, w. Charles H. Coleman, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger). PR38]

Susanna, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 10: 1m: 1805. CR4 [Susan, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger), 15: 1m. PR28; Susan, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger), 10: 11m. PR38]

Timothy W., h. Eliza (d. James Folger), s. Daniel [q.v.] and Eunice (Sessions), 23: 12m: 1805. PR38

Benjamin, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 19: 11m: 1806. CR4

Mary, w. William Grant (s. James and Elizabeth), d. Daniel [q.v.] and Eunice (Sessions), 10: 2m: 1808. PR38

James, ch. Joseph and Rachel, 20: 9m: 1809. CR4 [h. Mary (d. John Folger), s. Joseph and Rachel (Hussey). PR38]

Edward C., h. Phebe (d. Joshua Parker), s. George and Susan (Creasy), 5: 8m: 1811. PR38

Sarah, ch. Joseph and Rachel, 18: 6m: 1812. CR4 [w. Charles Stubbs, w. John Paddack (s. Abishai), d. Joseph and Rachel (Hussey). PR38]

William, s. George and Susan (Creasy), ––– ––, 1813. PR38

Joseph S., s. Daniel [q.v.] and Eunice (Sessions), 23: 6m: 1813. PR38

Catharine, d. Joseph and Rachel (Hussey), 2: 4m: 1814. PR38

Caroline, second, w. Welcome Green of New Bedford (brother of Thomas of Providence, RI), d. David and Rachel (Gardner), 24: 5m: 1815. PR38

Samuel, h. Elizabeth Hansome [dup. Hanson] (d. John Osborne and Eliza), s. Joseph and Rachel (Hussey), 15: 6m: 1816. PR38

Susan C. Austin, w. Charles A. Veeder, Aug. 8, 1816. CR4 [Austin, w. Charles A. Veeder (s. Peter V.), d. George and Susan (Creasy), 18: 8m. PR38]

Charlotte (Austin) [w. –––––] Joy, Oct. ––, 1817. GR3 [Austin, w. David Joy (s. Moses), d. Isaac and Ann (Easton), 30: 12m. PR38]

Nancy, w. George Andrews (s. Jacob), d. Daniel [q.v.] and Eunice (Sessions), 4: 3m: 1818. PR38

Elizabeth, w. David G. Hussey (s. David G. and Nancy), d. Joseph and Rachel (Hussey), 17: 4m: 1818. PR38

Albert, s. Isaac and Ann (Easton), ––– ––, 1819. PR38

Elizabeth W., w. Nathan E. Long of Harwich, d. Daniel [q.v.] and Eunice (Sessions), 12: 5m: 1820. PR38

Elizabeth, see E`[lizabeth] A. Taber.

George, s. Daniel [q.v.] and Eunice (Sessions), 8: 11m: 1821. PR38

Phebe, w. Charles Adams, d. Daniel [q.v.] and Eunice (Sessions), 17: 1m: 1823. PR38

Jeremiah, ––– ––, 1824. GR3 [h. Charlotte (d. David Green an Hannah), s. Isaac and Ann (Easton), 14: 8m. PR38]

Eliza C., w. Clement Foster of New Bedford, d. George and Susan (Creasy), 25: 5m: 1826. PR38

Albert, ––– ––, 1827. GR3 ["m'd in California," h. Abby Taylor, twin s. Isaac and Ann (Easton). PR38]

Isaac Jr., ––– ––, 1827. GR3 twin s. Isaac and Ann (Easton), 26: 5m. PR38

Edward W., h. Rhoda (d. Levi Barlow), s. Timothy W. and Eliza (Folger), 24: 3m: 1830. PR38

Joseph, ch. James and Mary, 2: 9m: 1834. CR4 [h. Caroline (d. Thomas S. Sayer), s. James and Mary (Folger) [dup. 3: 9m: ]. PR38]

Minnie F. [? m], ––– ––, 1836, [in lot with Isaac and Anna, Isaac Jr. and Jeremiah, see Jemima F.]. GR3

Jemima F., w. Dr. Ambrose Blatchley, d. Isaac and Ann (Easton), ––: 5m: 1836. PR38

Elizabeth Ann, w. John B. Marvin (s. George), d. Timothy W. and Eliza (Folger), 7: 5m: 1836. PR38

Lydia B., w. Arthur W. Laughflin, d. Timothy W. and Eliza (Folger), 22: 12m: 1837. PR38

–––––, ch. James and Mary, 7: 8m: 1838. CR4

Charles G. Stubbs, ch. James and Mary, 27: 10m: 1839. CR4 [h. Mary Eliza (d. John Codd), h. Caroline D. Tomkins, h. Mary Jane (wid. ––––– Myrick, d. Frederick Gardner), s. James and Mary (Folger). PR38]

John Folger, ch. James and Mary, 30: 7m: 1844. CR4

Mary G. (Austen), d. Timothy W., rope maker, and Eliza, Aug. 5, 1844. [Austin, d. Timothy W. and Eliza (Folger). PR38]

Catharine R., d. Samuel and Elizabeth Hanson (Osborne), 25: 9m: 1844. PR38

Joseph S., s. Timothy W. and Eliza (Folger), 19: 8m: 1846. PR38

Mary Louisa, d. Samuel and Elizabeth Hanson (Osborne), 14: 1m: 1847. PR38

James H., s. Timothy M., rope maker, and Elizabeth, Apr. 2, 1849. [James Henry, s. Timothy W. and Eliza (Folger). PR38]

John Osborne, s. Samuel and Elizabeth Hanson (Osborne), 28: 12m: 1849. PR38


Eliza F., d. Isaac and Rebecca, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas H., s. Loring and Betsey (Dunham) (Edwards), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Isaac, h. Rebecca, 26: 2m: 1791. PR38

Rebecca, w. Isaac, 15: 8m: 1792. PR38

Loring, h. Betsey (wid. Gideon Edwards, d. Ebenezer Dunham), 8: 11m: 1793. PR38

Ebenezar, s. Isaac and Rebecca, 12: 12m: 1813. PR38

Sophia A., d. Loring and Betsey (Dunham) (Edwards), 18: 7m: 1816. PR38

Sarah, d. Isaac and Rebecca, 24: 6m: 1818. PR38

Sarah, w. Alvin Fisher of Cape Cod, d. Loring and Betsey (Dunham) (Edwards), 3: 7m: 1818. PR38

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