John, h.Hepzibah (d.Micajah Swain and Eunice), s.Robert and Anna (Beard) (Gardner), 24:6m:1772.PR38


Caroline Barclay, see Caroline M.

Edmond F.A., see Edmund Frederick Augustus.

Kezia, w.William Fanning (s.William and Nancy (Simmons) (of New London, CT)), d.Robert B. and Phebe (Swain),末蔓末, 末末 [in Poughkeepsie].PR38

Mary Abby, d.Edmond F.A. and Sophia A. (Hodges),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Mehitable, see Mahitabel.

Rebecca, d.Robert B. [q.v.] and Phebe (Swain),末蔓末, 末末 [in Poughkeepsie].PR38

William Wallace, see Wallace.

John C., h.Nancy (Coffin), May28,1778.PR18 [first h.Ann [Nancy written above Ann] (Coffin), s.Phineas (s.Col. Phineas of L.I.) and Kezia (Coffin)PR38; John Coffin FanningPR64]

William, h.Nancy (Simmons) of New London, CT, s.Phineas (s.Col. Phineas of L.I.) and Kezia (Coffin),末蔓末,1780.PR38 [Apr.25PR64]

Mahitabel, w.Daniel Wood (s.Israel), d.Phineas (s.Col. Phineas of L.I.) and Kezia (Coffin), 12:7m:1782.PR38 [HittyPR64]

Caroline M., w.Jeremiah Wood (s.Israel), d.Phineas (s.Col. Phineas of L.I.) and Kezia (Coffin), 9:6m:1785.PR38 [Caroline Barclay Fanning, June9,1784PR64]

Edmond, h.Abigail (Giles), s.Barclay (s.Col. Phineas of L.I.) and Caroline Henson (Orne), 17:7m:1785.PR38

Thomas, s.Phineas (s.Col. Phineas of L.I.) and Kezia (Coffin), 12:8m:1786.PR38

Harriett O., w.Asa Reed, d.Barclay and Caroline H., 29:12m:1786.PR38

Edmond, ch.Phineas and Kezia, Oct.19,1790.CR3 [Capt., h.末末 Lewis of NY, s.Phineas (s.Col. Phineas of L.I.) and Kezia (Coffin)PR38]

Robert B., ch.Phineas and Kezia, Feb.10,1793.CR3 [h.Phebe (Swain) [q.v.], s.Phineas (s.Col. Phineas of L.I.) and Kezia (Coffin), 10:2m:1791PR38; Feb.10,1793PR64]

Phineas Wines, ch.Phineas and Kezia, Mar.10,1799.CR3 [s.Phineas (s.Col. Phineas of L.I.) and Kezia (Coffin), 10:3m:1797PR38; s.Phineas dec'd and Kezia, Mar.10,1799PR64]

Adeline, June11,1805.GR3 [d.John C. and Nancy (Coffin)PR18; d.John C. and Ann [Nancy written above Ann] (Coffin)PR38; d.NancyPR64]

John Coffin, s.Caroline, Sept.5,1809 in NY.PR64

Barclay, ch.Nabby, bp. Apr.19,1818.CR2 [first h.Sarah A. (d.Jesse Ellis and Lydia), s.Edmond and Abigail (Giles), b. 28:9m:1814PR38; b. Sept.28,1814PR64]

Edmund Frederick Augustus, ch.Nabby, bp. Apr.19,1818.CR2 [Edmond F.A., h.Sophia A. (Hodges), s.Edmond and Abigail (Giles), b. 27:12m:1809 [dup. 28:12m:1808]PR38; s.Nabby, b. Dec.8,1808PR64]

Louisa A., w.Charles R. Cary (s.Edward Jr. and Abigail), d.Edmond and Abigail (Giles), 27:3m:1819.PR38

John B., s.Edmond F.A. and Sophia A. (Hodges), 14:1m:1832.PR38

Silvester Hodges, s.Edmond F.A. and Sophia A. (Hodges), 16:7m:1836 [? in Novia Scotia].PR38

Edmund F.A., s.Edmond F.A. and Sophia A. (Hodges), Sept.11,1838 [sic], on Oak Is., N.S.PR38

Caroline H., w.William or Nathaniel Gruber (s.Joshua), d.Barclay and Sarah A. (Ellis), 28:8m:1842 [1 written above 2].PR38

Edmund B., s.Barclay, boat builder, and Sarah, Aug.29,1843. [h.Martha A. (d.Vinal Lyon of Campello), s.Barclay and Sarah A. (Ellis)PR38]

Wallace, s.Edmund F.A., mariner, and Sophia, Nov.23,1843. [William Wallace Fanning, s.Edmond F.A. and Sophia A. (Hodges), 12:11m:1833 on Oak Is., N.S.PR38]

Alexander C.W., s.Barclay, wheelwright, and Sarah, Dec.8,1845. [h.Rebecca M.J. (Davenport) of Campello, s.Barclay and Sarah A. (Ellis)PR38]

Lucy S., d.Barclay, wheelwright, and Sarah, Feb.15,1848.

FARNHAM (Farnum)

William H., h.Emmeline Dunn of Boston, h.Lydia (d.Jonathan Parker), s.William and Sally (d.Isaac Myrick), 末:9m:1806 [5 written above 6].PR38

H. Maria Farnham, w.Capt. Charles E. Allen, Nov.17,1830.GR3 [Hannah Maria Farnham, w.Charles E. Allen (s.Walter and Rebecca (Fisher)), d.William H. and Emmeline Dunn (first w., of Boston), 12:11m:PR38]

Charles Hayden, s.William H. and Emmeline Dunn (first w., of Boston), 31:1m:1833.PR38

Roland Myrick, s.William H. and Emmeline Dunn (first w., of Boston), 9:1m:1835.PR38

Henry Clay, h.Helen M. (d.David Patterson and Nancy), s.William H. and Lydia (Parker) (second w.), 31:7m:1838 [7 written above 8].PR38

George W., m., s.William H. [q.v.] and Lydia (Parker) (second w.), 6:11m:1841 [1839 written above 1841, see William H.]PR38

William H., s.William H. and Lydia (Parker) (second w.), 29:4m:1842 [see George W.]PR38

Emeline H. (Farnum), d.William H., blockmaker, and Lydia H., July21,1844. [Emmeline H. Farnham, d.William H. and Lydia (Parker) (second w.), 21:7m:1845PR38]

Daniel W., s.William H., block maker, and Lydia H., Nov.4,1846. [h.Ella M. (d.Martin Hiscox Esq.), s.William H. [q.v.] and Lydia (Parker) (second w.), 4:11m:1847PR38]

Joseph E.C., s.William H., block maker, and Lydia (Parker), Jan.18,1849. [Corrected entry, by deposition.] [h.Laura S. Greene of Providence, s.William H. and Lydia (Parker) (second w.), 8:1m:PR38]

FARRELL (Ferrill)

FARRIS (Phariss)

Abigail (Phariss), d.Morris, 8:2m:1709. [Farris, d.Morris and Orange (wid.Nicholas Cartwright)PR38]

Aseneth [? m.], 30:1m:1772.PR38

Eliza Lawrence Farris, w.James H. Barnard, May19,1804.GR3 [Farris, w.William Marshall, w.James Henry Barnard (s.Henry and Love), d.ThomasPR38]

Sarah L., w.John Chadwick, d.Thomas and Aseneth [dup. Phebe (Folger)], 末:8m:1806.PR38


Polly, second w.Albert Coffin (s.William and Hepsabeth), d.James, 12:4m:1770.PR38


Elisha Pope, M.D., of Falmouth, h.Mary Ann (Lincoln), 11:10m:1786 [? in Falmouth].PR38


James W., h.Ann (Folger), 末:3m:1821.PR38

James, s.James W. and Ann (Folger),末蔓末,1846.PR38


Edward J., s.Edward of Providence, RI, and Eliza,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Martha W., w.Joseph C. Palmer (s.Lot and Ruth), d.Edward of Providence, RI, and Eliza,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Benjamin,末蔓末,1774, in Providence RI.GR3

Sarah, mother of Benjamin of Providence, RI,末蔓末,1778.PR38

Henry, h.Susan (d.Francis Folger and Susan), s.William ("an Englishman"),末蔓末,178.PR38

Edward of Providence, RI, h.Eliza, s.Benjamin and Sarah, 23:8m:1801 [1800 written above 1801, ? in Providence, RI].PR38

Eliza, w.Edward of Providence, RI, 7:2m:1802.PR38

Benjamin of Providence, RI, h.Charlotte (Coffin), s.Benjamin and Sarah, 25:1m:1811 [? in Providence, RI].PR38

Thomas B., h.Lydia C. (Folger), s.Henry and Susan (Folger), 30:6m:1813.PR38

Francis, h.Sarah Ross of PA, s.Henry and Susan (Folger), 27:4m:1815.PR38

Caleb W., June7,1815, in Providence RI.GR3

Albert J., s.Edward of Providence and Eliza,末蔓末,1830.PR38

Eliza Jane, w.Zenas Coffin (s.Charles G. and Eliza McArthur), w.William M. Barrett (s.John W. and Lydia), d.Edward of Providence, RI, and Eliza Jepson, 16:3m:1831.PR38

Sarah J., w.Albert H. Manchester of Providence, RI, d.Edward of Providence, RI, and Eliza, 31:5m:1835.PR38

Elizabeth G., d.Caleb of Providence, RI (s.Benjamin and Sarah), and Elizabeth (Gardner), 1:8m:1837.PR38

Mary E., w.Robert Goldbert, d.Caleb of Providence, RI (s.Benjamin and Sarah), and Elizabeth (Gardner), 1:1m:1840.PR38

Charles A., s.Thomas B, and Lydia C. (Folger), 24:1m:1842.PR38

Emily J., w.Edmund Burr of Milford, d.Caleb of Providence, RI (s.Benjamin and Sarah), and Elizabeth (Gardner), 19:5m:1842.PR38

Abby C., d.Caleb W., coppersmith, and Elizabeth M., Dec.1,1843.

William F., s.Thomas B., boat builder, and Lydia C., Jan.13,1844. [h.Emma L. Stevens of Springfield (divorced), s.Thomas B. and Lydia C. (Folger)PR38]

Lucy F., d.Thomas B., boat builder, and Lydia C., Apr.9,1845. [w.George W. Scott (s.George of Pittsburg, PA), d.Thomas B. and Lydia C. (Folger)PR38]

Thomas M., s.Caleb W., brass founder, and Elizabeth M., [Caleb of Providence, RI (s.Benjamin and Sarah), and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]; Nov.4,1845.

Charles F., s.Caleb W., brass founder, and Elizabeth M., Feb.11,1847. [s.Caleb of Providence, RI (s.Benjamin and Sarah), and Elizabeth (Gardner), 17:2m:PR38]

Francis A., s.Thomas B., boat builder, and Lydia, Sept.4,1847.

Alfred G., s.Caleb W., brass founder, and Elizabeth, May21,1848.


Meshak, h.Sally, 5:1m:1791.PR38

Sally, w.Meshak, 28:8m:1797.PR38

Israel Brayton, s.Meshak and Sally, 13:8m:1820.PR38


Charles W., s.Rev. Daniel and Susan,末蔓末, 末末 [? in N.]PR38

Clara, w.Robert B. Swain, d.Rev. Daniel and Susan,末蔓末, 末末 [? in N.]PR38

Susan Pamela, ch.[Rev.PR38] Daniel and Susan F., Aug.30,1825.

George Hedding, ch.Daniel and Susan F., Apr.4,1827. [h.Sarah G. Bunker, s.Rev. Daniel and SusanPR38]


Catharine, d.Thomas, laborer, and Mary, Dec.7,1844.

FISH (Fisher)

Artemas, h.末末 Reese, s.Benjamin and Priscilla (Arthur),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Elihu, s.Benjamin and Priscilla (Arthur),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Elishai, h.Sarah Sisson, s.Benjamin and Priscilla (Arthur),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Gardner, h.Alice, s.Benjamin and Priscilla (Arthur),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lydia P., see Mary.

Mary C., d.Zenas and Lydia,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Peace, ch.Benjamin and Priscilla (Arthur),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Rhoda, w.Richard Peckham, d.Benjamin and Priscilla (Arthur),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Sarah, second w.Peleg Coggeshall (s.Caleb and Mercy), d.Benjamin and Priscilla (Arthur),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Silas, h.Anna Sisson, s.Benjamin and Priscilla (Arthur),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

David, h.Jemima (Tallman), 10:4m:1710.PR38

Benjamin, h.Priscilla (Arthur), s.Preserved and Ruth of England 14:2m:1716.PR38

Stephen, h.Ruth (Coggeshall), s.Benjamin and Priscilla (Arthur),末蔓末,1745.PR38

Patience, w.Jeremiah Austin (s.Jeremiah and Margaret (Congdon)), d.David and Jemima (Tallman), 13:4m:1753.PR38

Rachel, ch.Stephen and Ruth, 25:12m:1770.CR4 [d.Stephen and Ruth (Coggeshall)PR38]

Rachel, ch.Stephen and Ruth, 28:12m:1771.CR4 [w.Jonathan SwainPR20; w.Jonathan Swain (s.Jonathan and Margaret), d.Stephen and Ruth (Coggeshall)PR38]

Alice, ch.Stephen and Ruth, 13:9m:1774.CR4 [w.Thomas Freeborn [q.v.], d.Stephen and Ruth (Coggeshall)PR38]

Leah or Lydia, ch.Stephen and Ruth, 2:4m:1776.CR4 [Lydia, w.Hezekiah Swain (s.Jonathan and Margaret), d.Stephen and Ruth (Coggeshall)PR38]

Isaac, ch.Stephen and Ruth, 10:6m:1778.CR4

Stephen, ch.Stephen and Ruth, 末:5m:1779.CR4 [s.Stephen and Ruth (Coggeshall)PR38]

Stephen, ch.Stephen and Ruth, 20:12m:1780.CR4 [h.Lydia (Worth), s.Stephen and Ruth (Coggeshall)PR38]

Zenas [h.Lydia Nye],末蔓末,1786.GR2 [末:3m:PR38]

Theodore, h.Polly (d.Joseph Coffin and Elizabeth), 末:10m:1789 [88 written above 89].PR38

Nathan (Fish or Fisher), h.Martha (Crocker) of Barnstable, 末:2m:1793.PR38

Lydia Nye [w.Zenas],末蔓末,1795.GR2 [末:10m:1796PR38]

Mary [Fish, w.末末望 Rawson, July22,1798.GR2 [Fish, w.Asa Rawson (s.Wilson and Ursula), sister of Reuben of Fairhaven [? in Edgartown]PR38]

Benjamin, ch.Stephen and Lydia, 14:7m:1802.CR4 [h.Ann, s.Stephen and Lydia (Worth)PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Stephen and Lydia, 5:11m:1805.CR4 [w.James Delano, d.Stephen and Lydia (Worth) [dup.末蔓末,1806]PR38]

Sarah B., d.Theodore and Polly (Coffin), 11:7m:1813.PR38

Eliza, d.Theodore and Polly (Coffin), 11:11m:1814.PR38

Herman C. (Fish or Fisher), h.Clarissa (Jones) of Cape Cod, s.Nathan and Martha (Crocker) (of Barnstable), 末:2m:1815.PR38

Mary [Lydia P. written above Mary], w.William Reynolds, d.Theodore and Polly (Coffin), 14:11m:1816.PR38

Phineas of Cape Cod, h.Lydia B. (d.John Gorham and Susan),末蔓末,1820.PR38

Joseph C., h.Caroline M. (Baldwin), s.Theodore and Polly (Coffin), 4:2m:1820.PR38

Betsey (Fish or Fisher) [dup. Betsy C. Fisher], w.Samuel Crocker, d.Nathan and Martha (Crocker) (of Barnstable), 末:11m:1820 [dup.末蔓末,1821].PR38

Martha Coleman, ch.Nathan and Martha, bp. Aug.10, [dup. Aug.17], 1828.CR1 [w.John Williams, b.末蔓末,1821GR2; Fish or Fisher, w.John Williams ("a Portuguese of Fayal"), d.Nathan and Martha (Crocker) (of Barnstable), b. 末:2m:1823PR38]

William H., s.Rev. Phineas of Marshpee (s.Jonathan; s.Silas) and Phebe (Gardner),末蔓末,1821.PR38

George G., h.Judith Jones (d.Thomas Derrick and Anna Glazier), s.Rev. Phineas of Marshpee (s.Jonathan; s.Silas) and Phebe,末蔓末,1822.PR38

Lydia Crocker [Fish, w.末末望 Holway,末蔓末,1825.GR3 [Fish, w.William Holway (s.William and Polly), d.Zenas and Lydia,末蔓末,1827PR38]

Phebe Ann, ch.Nathan and Martha, bp. Aug.10 [dup. Aug.17], 1828.CR1 [Fish or Fisher, w.Joseph Silvara ("a Portuguese of Fayal"), d.Nathan and Martha (Crocker) (of Barnstable), b. 末:1m:1825PR38]

John Otis, ch.Nathan and Martha, bp. Aug.10 [dup. Aug.17], 1828.CR1 [John C. Fish or Fisher, h.Mary (d.John Orpins), s.Nathan and Martha (Crocker) (of Barnstable), b. 末:4m:1827PR38]

Osmand B., twin s.Zenas and Lydia,末蔓末,1828.PR38

Oliver B., Feb.27,1828.GR2 [twin s.Zenas and LydiaPR38]

Sarah M., "non compos," d.Rev. Phineas of Marshpee (s.Jonathan; s.Silas) and Phebe (Gardner),末蔓末,1829.PR38

Cordelia W., w.末末 Crocker, d.Zenas and Lydia, 末:7m:1830.PR38

James Gurney, ch.Nathan and w., bp. Dec.5,1830.CR1 [Fish or Fisher, h.Adaline (Crocker) of Sandwich (sister of Samuel), s.Nathan and Martha (Crocker) (of Barnstable), b. 18:9m:PR38]

Frederick Sanford, s.Nathan and w., bp. Mar.23 1834.CR1 [Frederic S. Fish or Fisher, s.Nathan and Martha (Crocker) (of Barnstable), b. 末:9m:1833PR38]

Andrew D. (Fish or Fisher), h.Eliza J. Carr of Edgartown, s.Nathan and Martha (Crocker) (of Barnstable), 末:4m:1837 [6 written above 7].PR38

Caroline R., w.Stephen Crocker of W. Barnstable, d.Zenas and Lydia, 末:12m:1837 [6 written above 7].PR38

Nathan F. (Fisher), h.Ellen Lefford, s.Herman C. [q.v.] and Clarissa (Jones),末蔓末,1842.PR38

Ann C. (Fisher), d.Joseph C., carpenter, and Caroline, Aug.13,1843. [Fish, d.Joseph C. and Caroline (Baldwin)PR38]

Tyrza R., d.Herman C., laborer, and Clarissa, Apr.20,1845.

Elizabeth C., d.Joseph C. and Caroline (Baldwin), 20:10m:1845.PR38

Mary C., d.Joseph C., carpenter, and Caroline, Mar.20,1846. [w.Benjamin Gibbs (s.Thomas), d.Joseph C. and Caroline (Baldwin)PR38]

Isaac Newton, s.Herman C., laborer, and Clarissa, Sept.25,1846. [Fisher, s.Herman C. and Clarissa (Jones),末蔓末,1847PR38]

末末 (Fisher), s.Herman C., laborer, and Clarissa, May21,1848.

Sarah B., d.Joseph C. and Caroline (Baldwin), 20:1m:1849.PR38


Adelia J., see Delia Jane.

Alfred, see Glenville.

Algeana, ch.Simeon and Mary (wid.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Ann C., d.Simeon and Mary (wid.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Arvin H., see Orrin H.

Beriah P., s.Simeon and Mary (wid.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

David Warren, s.Warren and Phebe Bourne of Falmouth,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Desire [Fish or Fisher], w.Charles Parker (s.Jonathan), d.Lemuel and Martha,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Edwin Drew, s.Elishai H. and Louisa (Drew),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Eliza, d.Lemuel and Martha,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Emily Ella, see Emily C.

Emma Addie, see Adelaide.

Harriett R., d.Simeon and Mary (wid.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

John B. of Martha's Vineyard, h.Mary (d.Isaac Thompson), s.Abraham,末蔓末, 末末 [? in Martha's Vineyard].PR38

Maria L., see Ann Maria.

Phebe, w.Apollus Macomber, d.Henry and Jenny (Dunham),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Polly, first w.George Dunham (s.Ebenezer and Huldah), d.Henry and Jenny (Dunham),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Robert Coffin, h.Polly (Rand), s.Amaziah and Lurania (Whippey),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Samantha, see Semanthe.

Sarah, w.David Harps (s.John and Eunice), d.Simeon and Mary (wid.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Sarah J., see Mary J.

Seth, s.Amaziah and Lurania (Whippey),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Simeon Jr., h.Nancy (d.Thomas Phinney), s.Simeon and Mary (wid.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Nathaniel, h.Naomi (Dunham) of Tuckernuck, 11:3m:1745.PR38

Simeon, h.Mary (wid.),末蔓末,1760.PR38

Samuel, 5:6m:1762.PR38

Huldah, w.Ebenezer Dunham, d.Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), 16:6m:1763.PR38

Amaziah, h.Lurania (Whippey), s.Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck),末蔓末,1768.PR38

Henry, h.Jenny (Dunham), 3:4m:1772.PR38

Betsey, w.Clovis Black (s.Daniel and Betsey), d.Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), 1:7m:1775.PR38

Rhoda, w.Isaac Orpin, d.Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), 27:6m:1778.PR38

Phebe of the Vineyard, w.Nathaniel Earle (s.Joseph and Hannah), 25:7m:1778 [? in the Vineyard].PR38

Freeborn, h.Polly (Nichols), s.Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), 11:8m:1779.PR38

Joseph, h.Rosanna (King), s.Joseph, 9:11m:1780.PR38

Mary [末末望, w.Simeon, former w.末末, 27:11m:1781.PR38

Lucinda, w.Gideon Snow, d.Amaziah and Lurania (Whippey), 23:2m:1785.PR38

Polly, w.William Holway, 14:12m:1787.PR38

Zebediah, h.Hannah (Luce), s.Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), 18:12m:1787.PR38

Martha, w.John Alley (s.Richard), d.Thomas, 8:1m:1788.PR38

John, h.Abial (d.Gideon Coffin and Mary), 10:7m:1789.PR38

Persis, w.Benjamin Holmes (s.William), d.Joseph and Thankful, 17:10m:1789.PR38

Maltiah, h.Abigail (Alley), s.Thomas of Martha's Vineyard, 10:9m:1790.PR38

Leonard, h.Lydia (Chase), h.Eliza (wid.John B. Nicholson, d.Silvanus Coffin), s.Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), 23:2m:1791.PR38

Lemuel, h.Martha, 2:4m:1792.PR38

Jane, second w.George Dow (s.Samuel and Lydia), d.Abraham "of the Vineyard," 26:6m:1797.PR38

Rebecca D., w.Walter Allen (s.Eleazar and Susan), d.Henry and Jane [dup. Jenny (Dunham)], 26:2m:1798.PR38

Martha [末末望, w.Lemuel, 11:8m:1798 [5 written above 8].PR38

Henry of Falmouth, h.Dorothy (Fisher) Crocker, s.Lemuel and Lettis,末蔓末,1800.PR38

Dorothy, w.Theophilas Crocker, w.Henry Fisher of Falmouth, d.Rufus and Olive of Falmouth, 2:5m:1800.PR38

Sophronia, w.George A. Lord of CT,末蔓末,1802.PR38

Hannah, d.Freeborn and Mary, May24,1802.CR3 [Hannah, w.S. Gardner Trafton, w.末末 Goodrich, d.Freeborn and Polly (Nichols)PR38]

Clement, s.Henry and Jenny (Dunham),末蔓末,1803 [sic, see Clarissa].PR38

Clarissa, d.Henry and Jenny (Dunham), 21:11m:1803 [sic, see Clement].PR38

Mary Ann, w.Seth M. Swain (s.Silas and Lydia), d.Freeborn and Polly (Nichols), 7:4m:1804.PR38

Eliza, w.Charles Whippey (s.Coffin and Lucinda), 22:12m:1804.PR38

Philander "from Sandwich," h.Mahala (d.Prince Fisher), 末:8m:1805 [? in Sandwich].PR38

Henry B., h.Maria, Nov.24,1806.GR4 [h.Maria (Chase), s.Henry and Jenny [dup. Jane] (Dunham)PR38]

Elisha H., Capt., "Father," h.Louisa (Drew),末蔓末,1807.GR3 [Elishai H., s.Freeborn and Polly (Nichols), 5:3m:PR38]

Eliza, w.Cornelius Brill from VA [dup. MD], d.Joseph and Rosanna (King),末蔓末,1807 [dup. 1:1m:1808, 6 written above 8].PR38

Isaac C. [dup. O.], h.Alice (d.Marcenas Jones and Mercy), s.Amaziah and Lurania (Whippey),末蔓末,1807.PR38

Mahala, w.Philander Fisher "from Sandwich," d.Prince, 26:4m:1807.PR38

Charles R., h.Eliza S. (d.Moses Keene and Anna), s.Robert Coffin and Polly (Rand), 1:5m:1807.PR38

Clarinda, w.William Ramsdell (s.John and Phebe), d.Joseph and Rosanna (King),末蔓末,1808 [dup.末蔓末,1809].PR38

Paulina, w.Alexander Whippey (s.Coffin and Lucinda), d.Simeon and Mary (wid.),末蔓末,1808.PR38

Jeremiah, h.Phebe S. Thurston of Sandwich ("sister of J.H. Brigg's wife"), s.Henry and Jenny (Dunham), 7:11m:1808.PR38

James H., h.Eliza, 末:12m:1809.PR38

Mercy, first w.Charles Ramsdell (s.John and Phebe), d.Joseph and Rosanna (King),末蔓末,1810 [dup.末蔓末,1811].PR38

Prince, h.Charlotte (Chase) (first w.), h.Abby (second w.),末蔓末,1810.PR38

Nehemiah, h.Susan C. (Folger), s.Amaziah and Lurania (Whippey), 14:5m:1810 [11 written above 10].PR38

John, h.Irene (Chadwick), brother of Nathan, 20:10m:1810.PR38

Elishai D., h.Charlotte S. (Dunham), s.Henry and Jenny [dup. Jane] (Dunham), 18:9m:1812 [dup. 1813].PR38

Eliza [末末望, w.James H. (s.Simeon),末蔓末,1813.PR38

Mary R., w.James Lawrence (s.James and Jedida), d.Amaziah and Lurania (Whippey),末蔓末,1813.PR38

Warren, h.Phebe Bourne of Falmouth, s.Joseph and Rosanna (King), 末:5m:1813.PR38

Mary C., w.George C. Collins, w.Robinson Smith, d.John and Abial (Coffin), 9:11m:1813.PR38

Mary Ann, w.Joseph McCleave Jr. (s.Joseph), d.Simeon and Mary (wid.),末蔓末,1814 [dup. 28:9m:1813].PR38

Charles H., h.Louisa (d.Mary Codd), s.Zebediah and Hannah (Luce), 6:6m:1814.PR38

Abby, second w.Prince,末蔓末,1815.PR38

Fanny B., w.Edward C. Swain (s.Micajah and Mary), d.Robert Coffin and Polly (Rand),末蔓末,1815.PR38

Samuel, h.Hepsabeth (d.Joseph Brown of England), 末:1m:1815.PR38

Mary Ann, w.Benjamin C. Clark (s.Lemuel and Jerusha of Martha's Vineyard), d.Maltiah and Abigail (Alley), Mar.23,1815 [dup. Mar.16,1814].PR38

Joseph H., h.Charlotte (d.John Harps and Eunice), 末:8m:1815 [12 written above 15].PR38

William, h.Ellen H. (d.Joshua Gruber and Eleanor), 6:8m:1815.PR38

Susan, w.Thomas Sandsbury (s.James and Anna), w.George Prior, d.Joseph and Rosanna (King), 末:10m:1815 [sic, see William R.]PR38

William R., h.Nancy K. (d.Ebenezer Dunham), s.Joseph and Rosanna (King), 末:11m:1815 [sic, see Susan].PR38

Alvan N., h.Sarah (Averill) 2d, 1:4m:1816.PR38

Sarah Ann, w.Francis Riley of Martha's Vineyard, d.Zebediah and Hannah (Luce), 7:[dup. 22:] 6m:1816.PR38

George A., s.Maltiah and Abigail (Alley), 16:9m:1816.PR38

Peter, h.Deborah,末蔓末,1817 [? in Sandwich].PR38

Lot D., h.Martha B. Hinckley of Barnstable, 5:7m:1817.PR38

Belinda J., w.Alexander Chadwick (s.Anthony), d.Benjamin of Falmouth, 末:9m:1817.PR38

Martha B. Hinckley [末末望 of Barnstable, w.Lot D., 28:11m:1817.PR38

Mary C., w.William Getchell of Maine, d.Leonard and Lydia (Chase), 16:12m:1817.PR38

Almira H., w.Frederic Ray (s.David), d.末末 of Cape Cod,末蔓末,1819.PR38

Hiram, h.Harriett C. (d.John Holmes and Deborah), s.Maltiah and Abigail (Alley), 16:1m:1819.PR38

Stephen B., h.Jane H. (d.Oliver Chadwick and Sally [dup. Sarah]), s.Joseph and Rosanna (King), 1:3m:1819 [dup. 1817].PR38

Charlotte, w.Zadoc Buxton ("a stranger"), d.Zebediah and Hannah (Luce), 末:6m:1819.PR38

Lydia, w.Capt. Augustus Hale [dup. Hail] of Maine, d.Leonard and Lydia (Chase), 29:9m:[dup. 7m:] 1819.PR38

Deborah [末末望, w.Peter, 23:9m:1819.PR38

Zenas, h.Lydia (Dunham), brother of Alvan, 12:11m:1819.PR38

Timothy, h.Nancy (Clisby), s.Leonard and Lydia (Chase), 12:8m:1821.PR38

Cyrus, h.Ann B. (Thompson), s.Jonathan of Martha's Vineyard,末蔓末,1822.PR38

Maltiah, h.Azubah (Eldredge) of Chatham, s.Maltiah and Abigail (Alley), 末:3m:[2 written above 3] 1823.PR38

James L., h.Phebe Ann (d.Daniel Russell and Eliza), s.Leonard and Lydia (Chase), 7:9m:1824.PR38

Joseph W., h.Susan M. (d.Walter Allen and Rebecca D.),末蔓末,1825.PR38

Cordelia, w.John L. Whelden of Martha's Vineyard, d.Maltiah and Abigail (Alley), 25:2m:1825.PR38

Ann G. [Fish or Fisher], w.Stephen Gibbs (s.Stephen and Deborah), d.Lemuel and Martha, 末:6m:[dup. 11m:] 1825.PR38

Maria C., w.末末 Fisher (cousin), w.William Alexander, d.Leonard and Lydia (Chase), 7:9m:1825.PR38

Nancy L., w.Edward Gormley ("a stranger"), d.Zebediah and Hannah (Luce), 7:6m:1827 [dup. 1826].PR38

Harriott H. [Fish or Fisher], w.Matthew Pease, w.Gershom Phinney, d.Lemuel and Martha, 2d [30 written above 2], 8m:1827.PR38

Joseph, h.Sarah H. (d.Oliver Chadwick and Sally), s.Joseph and Rosanna (King), 12:9m:1827.PR38

Eleazer, h.Harriett,末蔓末,1828.PR38

Moses, h.Mary A. (d.Joseph Coffin and Lucy),末蔓末,1828.PR38

Abner G. [Fish or Fisher], h.Martha W. (d.Charles A. Burgess and Mary C.), s.Lemuel and Martha, 10:4m:1829.PR38

Charles F., s.Charles R. and Eliza S. (Keene), 8:5m:1829.PR38

Harriett [末末望, w.Eleazer,末蔓末,1830.PR38

Mary J., w.William C. Folger 2d (s.Mark and Nancy), d.Charles R. and Eliza S. (Keene), 22:5m:1831.PR38

William H. [Fish or Fisher], s.Lemuel and Martha, 19:5m:1832 [30 written above 32].PR38

Eliza J. [Fish or Fisher], w.Edward Turner, w.Edward Bunker (s.Obed and Eliza), d.Lemuel and Martha, 末:7m:1833.PR38

George H., h.Eunice A. Manter, s.Henry B. and Maria (Chase), 末:8m:1833.PR38

Obed F., s.Philander "from Sandwich" and Martha (Fisher), 12:2m:1834.PR38

Philinda, w.Seth Pinkham (s.Seth and Mary), d.Leonard and Lydia (Chase), 8:11m:1834 [3 written above 4].PR38

Martha M. [Fish or Fisher], w.Edward G. Bunker (s.Obed and Eliza), d.Lemuel and Martha,末蔓末,1835.PR38

Lydia, w.Samuel Crawford of Maine, d.Henry B. and Maria (Chase), 6:1m:1835.PR38

Hepsabeth B., w.Edward Hickman of CA, d.Samuel and Hepsabeth (Brown), 末:10m:1835.PR38

Alexander C., s.Henry B. and Maria (Chase), 24:7m:1837.PR38

Thomas A. [Fish or Fisher], s.Lemuel and Martha, 1:10m:1837.PR38

Martha S., d.John and Irene (Chadwick), 10:12m:1837 [5 written above 7].PR38

Sarah B., d.Leonard and Lydia (Chase), 31:12m:1837.PR38

Nancy C., d.John and Irene (Chadwick), 1:2m:1838.PR38

Edward J. [Irving written above J.], s.Charles R. and Eliza S. (Keene), 4:7m:1838.PR38

Martha Covell, w.Malcom Morent, d.Leonard and Lydia (Chase), 4:8m:1838.PR38

Eunice Ann [末末望, w.George H., Sept.19,1838.GR4

Elizabeth H., w.M. Bird of Stockton, CA, d.Alvan N., 11:11m:1838.PR38

William W., s.Philander "from Sandwich" and Mahala (Fisher), 29:1m:1839.PR38

Charlotte A., w.Peter J. Myrick (s.Isaac), d.Elishai D. and Charlotte S. (Dunham), 1:12m:1839 [7 written above 9].PR38

Helen F., w.James Coffin (s.Edward and Maria), d.Lot D. and Martha B. Hinckley (of Barnstable), 5:1m:1840.PR38

Frederic M., s.Alvan N., 13:3m:1840.PR38

George W., s.Nehemiah and Susan C. (Folger), 28:3m:1840.PR38

Benjamin M., h.Mary E. Conwell, s.Henry B. and Maria (Chase), 24:4m:1840.PR38

Elishai Jr., h.Charlotte (d.George C. Gardner 2d and Charlotte), s.Elishai H. and Louisa (Drew),末蔓末,1843.PR38

Charles C., s.Henry B. and Maria (Chase), 30:5m:1843.PR38

Ann Maria, d.Hiram, mariner, and Harriet, June15,1843. [Maria L., w.Francis L. Yates of Edgartown, d.Hiram and Harriet C. (Holmes), 10:6m:PR38]

Hepsabeth C., w.Prince Gardner (s.Charles and Lurania), d.John and Irene (Chadwick), 21:9m:1843 [2 written above 3].PR38

Delia Jane, d.Elisha D., blacksmith, and Charlotte, Nov.13,1843. [Adelia J., d.Elishai D. and Charlotte S. (Dunham), 13:11m:1844 [3 written above 4]PR38]

Eugene, s.Lot D. and Martha B. Hinckley (of Barnstable), 27:11m:1843.PR38

Mary Jane, w.Robert B. Coleman (d.Zenas and Lydia), d.Stephen B. and Jane H. (Chadwick), 26:1m:1844.PR38

Albert P., s.Joseph, mariner, and Charlotte H., Feb.19,1844. [h.Ella W. (colored, d.Thomas Snow and Lucretia (Tweedy)), s.Joseph H. and Charlotte (Harps)PR38]

Washington Irving, h.Gustena W. Baker of Dennis, s.William R. and Nancy K. (Dunham), 30:5m:1844.PR38

Susan E., d.Zenas, carpenter, and Lydia [(Dunham)PR38], June1,1844.

Henry F., s.John, laborer, and Irene, Oct.25,1844. [h.Mary Lizzie (d.James F. Cathcart), s.John and Irene (Chadwick)PR38]

Melissa A., d.Samuel, carpenter, and Hepzibah, Jan.15,1845.

Frederick W., s.Warren, cooper, and Phebe E., Jan.27,1845.

Semanthe, d.Philander, carpenter, and Mahala, Mar.24,1845. [Samantha, d.Philander "from Sandwich" and Mahala (Fisher), 27:3m:PR38]

William R., s.Henry B., laborer, and Maria [(Chase)PR38], Sept.16,1845.

Mary C., d.Cyrus, mariner, and Ann B., Dec.29,1845. [Mary Cannon Fisher, d.Cyrus and Ann B. (d.Isaac Thompson), 29:12m:1846PR38]

Almira W., d.Hiram, mariner, and Harriet, Jan.26,1846. [w.John Wilcomb, d.Hiram and Harriet C. (Holmes)PR38]

Augustus H., s.Charles, laborer, and Eliza, Feb.22,1846. [Augustus Hall Fisher, s.Charles R. and Eliza S. (Keene), 21:2m:PR38]

Charles A., s.Miltiah, carpenter, and Ezuba, June4,1846. [Charles H., s.Maltiah and Azuba (Edredge) (of Cape Cod)PR38]

Louis A., s.Joseph W. and Susan M. (Allen),末蔓末,1847 [sic, see Charles E.]PR38

Joseph G., s.John, laborer, and Irene, Jan.11,1847. [h.Hannah (Morton) Hussey, s.John and Irene (Chadwick), 11:1m:1848PR38]

Mary C., d.Amaziah, cooper, and Susan M. [(Hart)PR38], Jan.21,1847.

Clarance, s.Philander, merchant, and Mahala, Feb.15,1847. [Clarence, s.Philander ("from Sandwich") and Mahala (Fisher)PR38]

Susan, d.Joseph H., mariner, and Charlotte F., Mar.14,1847. [Susan Emma, w.Isaac Hamblin (s.Joseph), d.Joseph H. and Charlotte (Harps), 7:3m:PR38]

Charles E., s.Joseph W., a carpenter, and Susan M., Mar.28,1847 [sic, see Louis A.]

Adelaide, d.Samuel, carpenter, and Hepzabeth, July22,1847. [Emma Addie, d.Samuel and Hepsabeth (Brown)PR38]

Emily D., d.Elisha D., blacksmith, and Charlotte S. [Elishai D. and Charlotte S. (Dunham)PR38], Sept.5,1847.

Henry G., s.Warren, laborer, and Phebe [Warren and Phebe Bourne (of Falmouth)PR38], Oct.7,1847.

Laurette, d.Alvan N.,末蔓末,1848.PR38

Francis H., s.Henry B., laborer, and Maria, Jan.1,1848. [Francis Howard Fisher, h.Almira (d.Joseph Patterson), s.Henry B. and Maria (Chase)PR38]

Charles H., s.Hiram, mariner, and Harriet C., Feb.1,1848. [s.Hiram and Harriet C. (Holmes), 2:2m:PR38]

Salome S., d.Lot D. and Martha B. Hinckley (of Barnstable), 17:2m:1848.PR38

Emily C., d.Charles R., mariner, and Eliza, Apr.12,1848. [Emily Ella, d.Charles R. and Eliza S. (Keene)PR38]

Edward B., s.Amaziah, laborer, and Susan M. [(Hart)PR38], May24,1848.

末末, [? twin] d.Nehemiah, mariner, and Susan, Aug.22,1848.

Orrin H., s.Zenas, carpenter, and Lydia, Oct.31,1848. [Arvin H., s.Zenas and Lydia (Dunham)PR38]

Glenville, ch.Peters, merchant, and Deborah, Mar.30,1849. [Alfred, s.Peter and DeborahPR38]

George S., s.John, laborer, and Irene [(Chadwick)PR38], Apr.14,1849.

Mary J., d.William B., farmer, and Nancy, Apr.16,1849. [Sarah J., d.William R. and Nancy K. (Dunham), 末:7m:PR38]

William G., s.William and Ellen H. (Gruber), 6:5m:1849.PR38

Charles Frederick, s.Charles H. and Louisa (Codd), 15:6m:1849.PR38


Isaac, 15:3m:1791.CR4

Annia [? m.], 5:7m:1808.CR4


Abigail, second w.Thomas Gwinn (s.David and Alice), d.Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Ariel, s.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Benjamin, h.Anna Osborn of Martha's Vineyard, s.Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Coffin, s.Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Ebenezer, h.Abigail (Gardner), s.Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Eliza, w.Jonathan Hubbard of NH, d.Beriah and Sally (Delano),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Elizabeth, w.Ebenezer Calif ("1st of Nantucket"), d.Jedediah ("1st of Nantucket, From Norwich, Conn") and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Frederic, h.Lucinda (d.Daniel Fitch and Ann), s.Beriah and Sally (Delano),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Henry, s.Beriah and Sally (Delano),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

James, h.Judith (d.Reuben Bunker and Mary), s.Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Joseph, h.Judith (d.Thomas Brock and Judith), s.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lucinda, w.Frederic Fitch (s.Beriah and Sally), d.Daniel (s.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth) and Ann Burgoyne,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lydia, w.Enoch H. West, d.Beriah and Sally (Delano),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Maria, w.Edward Weeks (s.Reuben and Susan), d.John G. and Rebecca (Barrett),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Mary, see Polly.

Parnell, see Pernal.

Peggy, w.Reuben Fosdick (s.Benjamin Jr. and Mary), d.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Polly [Mary written above Polly], d.James and Judith (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Puella, w.Benjamin Pierce, w.John Newcomb, d.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Rachael, w.Joseph Glazier of Newburyport, d.Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Robert, s.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Seth, s.Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Peter, h.Rachael (Chase), s.Jedediah ("1st of Nantucket, From Norwich, Conn. ") and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末,1706.PR38

Mary, d.Jedediah, 22:6m:1708. [w.Thomas Bailey, d.Jedediah ("1st of Nantucket, From Norwich, CT") and Abigail (Coffin)PR38]

Beriah, s.Jedediah, 30:8m:1713. [h.Deborah (Gorham), s.Jedediah ("1st of Nantucket, From Norwich, CT ") and Abigail (Coffin)PR38]

Eunice, ch.Beriah and Deborah, Sept.12,1736. [w.Benjamin Barnard (s.Timothy and Mary), d.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), 12:9m:PR38]

Lydiah, ch.Beriah and Deborah, Nov.13,1738. [Lydia, w.Simon Glover, d.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), 13:11m:PR38]

Jonathan Gorham, ch.Beriah and Deborah, Sept.3,1740. [h.Elizabeth (Coffin), h.Eunice (Bunker), s.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), 14:[3 written above 14] 9m:PR38]

Peter, h.Anna (Gardner), s.Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase), 7:7m:1741.PR38

Pernal, ch.Beriah and Deborah, May17,1742. [Parnal, w.Samuel Whippey (s.James and Susanna), d.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), 2:[17 written above 2] 5m:PR38]

Phebe, ch.Beriah and Deborah, June8,1744. [w.Thomas Turner, w.John Burns, d.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), 8:6m:PR38]

Lucinda, ch.Beriah and Deborah, Sept.19,1746. [w.John Squires (brother of David of L.I.), d.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), 19:9m:PR38]

Beriah, s.Beriah and Deborah, Aug.17,1748. [Beriah Jr., s.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), 14:10m:[? 7:8m:].PR38]

Reuben, h.Margaret (d.John Ramsdell and Rachael), s.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham),末蔓末,1750 [sic, see Shubal].PR38

Shubal, s.Beriah and Deborah, June21,1750 [sic, see Reuben].

Sally, w.Samuel [sic] Osbourne, w.Samuel Palmer, w.Latham Barker (s.Samuel), d.Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase), 21:9m:1750.PR38

Deborah, w.William Wheeler, w.Dr. James Torrey of Weymouth, d.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), 末:10m:1755.PR38

Hephzibah, ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth, 18:9m:1762.CR4 [Hepzibah, first w.Eber Coffin (s.Stephen and Mary of Hudson, NY), d.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

Jedediah, h.Lydia (d.Richard Coffin (s.John of Mendon) and Abigail), s.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), 2:10m:1762.PR38

Timothy, ch.Peter and Anna, 25:6m:1763.CR4 [s.Peter and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Lydia, ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth, 1:8m:1764.CR4 [w.Alexander Gardner Jr. (s.Alexander), d.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

Francis, ch.Peter and Anna, 3:2m:1765.CR4 [s.Peter and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Shubael, ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth, 10:6m:1767.CR4 [s.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

Obed, ch.Peter and Anna, 8:7m:1767.CR4 [h.Miriam (Gardner), h.Eunice (Russell) Hussey, s.Peter and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Lucinda, ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth, 8:8m:1769.CR4 [d.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

George, ch.Peter and Anna, 16:9m:1769.CR4 [first h.Eunice (Bunker), s.Peter and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Betsey, w.Matthew Pease (s.Elijah and Phebe), d.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner), 1:12m:1769.PR38

Beriah, ch.Jonatham Gorham and Elizabeth, 27:11m:1771.CR4 [h.Sally (d.Thomas Delano Sr.), s.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

John G., h.Rebecca (d.Nathaniel Barrett and Eunice), s.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner), 20:9m:1773.PR38

Peter, ch.Peter and Anna, 16:4m:1774.CR4 [s.Peter and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth, 11:6m:1774.CR4

末末, ch.Ebenezer and Nabby, Sept.2,1775.PR64

Gorham, ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth, 28:7m:1776.CR4 [h.Sarah Cove of England s.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

Hannah Browne, ch.Timothy and Eunice, bp. May25,1777.CR3

Peter, ch.Peter and Anna, 26:11m:1777.CR4 [s.Peter and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Daniel, ch.Jonatham Gorham and Elizabeth, 21:1m:1779.CR4 [h.Ann Burgoyne of Baltimore, s.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

Tristram, ch.Peter and Anna, 13:11m:1780.CR4 [s.Peter and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Frederick, ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth, 20:1m:1782 [2 written over 3].CR4 [s.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

Nancy, July15,1785.PR9 [w.Seth Clark (s.Asa of Freetown), w.Abner Jones, d.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner)PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth, 1:6m:1786.CR4 [second w.Charles Gardner (s.Thomas), d.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

Coffin, s.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner), 25:8m:1787.PR38

Eunice, ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth, 24:3m:1789.CR4 [ch.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin)PR38]

Judith, w.Samuel Barrett (s.Nathaniel and Margaret), d.Joseph and Judith (Brock), 8:[dup. 28:] 7m:1795.PR38

Eunice, w.John N. Allen (s.Tristram), second w.Shubael Hussey (s.Ebenezer and Mahitabel), d.John G. and Rebecca (Barrett), 10:4m:1797.PR38

Anna, ch.Obed and Meriam, 25:1m:1798.CR4

Josiah B., s.Joseph and Judith (Brock), 26:2m:1798.PR38

George, ch.Obed and Eunice [sic, dup. Meriam, second dup. Mariam], 末末 [dup. and second dup. 1:1m:1800].CR4 [h.Eliza (Hussey), s.Obed and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.), 1:1m:1800PR38]

Anna, ch.George and Eunice, 29:10m:1804.CR4 [first w.Francis F. Hussey, d.George and Eunice (Bunker)PR38]

Reuben, h.Phebe (d.James Winslow and Martha), s.John G. and Rebecca (Barrett), 6:5m:1805.PR38

Charles Henry, ch.George and Eunice, 29:9m:1806.CR4 [s.George and Eunice (Bunker)PR38]

Sally, w.Shubael Wyer (s.David and Ruth), d.John G. and Rebecca (Barrett), 6:3m:1808.PR38

George, ch.George and Eunice, 5:10m:1809.CR4 [s.George and Eunice (Bunker)PR38]

Brown G., h.Lydia C. (d.Charles Jenkins, afterward w.James Codd), s.John G. and Rebecca (Barrett), 23:10m:1813.PR38

Ann Eliza, ch.George and Eliza, 3:3m:1826.CR4 [w.Isaiah C. Woods of New Bedford, d.George and Eliza (Hussey)PR38]

Robert Joy, ch.George and Eliza, 20:7m:1828.CR4 [h.Mary F. Hitchings of Cape Cod, s.George and Eliza (Hussey)PR38]

George, ch.George and Eliza, 17:9m:1831.CR4 [George Jr., h.Charlotte E. (末末) Somerby of Boston, s.George and Eliza (Hussey), 19:9m:PR38]

Nathan Edward of Groton, CT, third h.Eliza Jane (Gorham) (Thomas) Gray,末蔓末,1833 [? in Groton, CT].PR38

Charles J., ch.George and Eliza, 12:9m:1833.CR4 [s.George and Eliza (Hussey)PR38]

FITZGERALD (Fitsgerrald, Fitzgerrald)

Edward, s.William and Elizabeth (Brock),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Emily, w.William Wallace of Manchester, w.William McNulty of CA, d.Timothy and Lydia (Whippey),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

George Henry, s.Nathaniel and Eunice (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lydia W., d.Timothy and Lydia (Whippey),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lydia W., w.George Mitchell (s.Daniel and Eliza), d.Timothy and Lydia (Whippey),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Mary, w.Alexander Joy (s.Reuben and Mary), d.Timothy and Lydia (Whippey),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Timothy C., s.Nathaniel and Eunice (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

James (Fitsgerrald), s.Henry and Deborah, Apr.25,1748. [FitzGerald, s.Henry Sr. and Deborah (Upham), 25:4m:PR38]

Jonathan (Fitzgerrald), s.Henry and Deborah, Feb.5,1750. [FitzGerald, h.Hepsabeth (Coleman), s.Henry Sr. and Deborah (Upham), 5:4m:PR38]

David (Fitzgerrald), s.Henry and Deborah, Oct.9,1752. [FitzGerald, s.Henry Sr. and Deborah (Upham)PR38]

Henry (FitzGerrald), s.Henry and Deborah, Mar.1,1755. [FitzGerald Jr., h.Lydia (Wyer), s.Henry Sr. and Deborah (Upham)PR38]

Deborah, w.David Baxter (s.Benjamin of Bass River), d.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), 17:6m:1771.PR38

James, h.Elizabeth (Luce), h.Hannah (d.Nathaniel Whippey), s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), 7:7m:1773.PR38

Henry, s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), 12:6m:1775.PR38

Judith, w.Josiah Cotton of Plymouth, d.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), 20:8m:1780.PR38

Nancy, w.J. Calef Coggeshall (s.Paul and Margaret), d.Henry Jr. and Lydia (Wyer), 18:2m:1782.PR38

William, h.Elizabeth (d.Thomas Brock and Judith), s.Henry Jr. and Lydia (Wyer), 22:2m:1784.PR38

Phebe, first w.Shubael Hussey (s.Ebenezer and Hitty), d.Henry Jr. and Lydia (Wyer), 23:4m:1786.PR38

Susan, first w.Henry Young Sr., d.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), 9:4m:1788 [?1783].PR38

Timothy, h.Lydia (Whippey), s.Henry Jr. and Lydia (Wyer), 8:3m:1789.PR38

David, h.Eliza (d.William House and Jennette), h.Deborah (d.Daniel Nicher and Avis), s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), 15:11m:1789.PR38

Deborah, w.Benjamin Chase (s.James and Mercy), w.Jacob Hagadarin, d.James and Elizabeth (Luce) (first w.), 5:4m:1794.PR38

Nathaniel (Fitzgerald), Capt., May4,1796.GR3 [FitzGerald, h.Eunice (Swain), s.Henry Jr. and Lydia (Wyer)PR38]

Lydia (FitzGerald), w.David Cathcart, Aug.20,1800.GR4 [FitzGerald, w.David Cathcart (s.Joseph and Susan), d.James and Elizabeth (Luce) (first w.), 21:[22 written above 21] 8m:1798 [9 written above 8]PR38]

Henry, s.James and Elizabeth (Luce) (first w.), 2:[11 written above 2] 4m:1805.PR38

Eliza, d.Timothy and Lydia (Whippey), 12:7m:1810.PR38

Henry, h.Sarah (Swain), s.Timothy and Lydia (Whippey), 5:4m:1813.PR38

Nancy B. FitzGerald, w.Nathaniel C. Cary, June13,1813.GR2 [FitzGerald, second w.Nathaniel Cary (s.Samuel and Nancy), d.William and Betsey [dup. Elizabeth (Brock)]PR38]

Eliza (FitzGerald), w.James Codd, Oct.21,1814.GR2 [FitzGerald, third w.James Codd (s.Nicholas and Margaret), d.William and Elizabeth (Brock), 2:10m:PR38]

Phebe FitzGerald, w.George F. Barney, Oct.21,1814.GR2 [FitzGerald, w.George F. Barney (s.Jonathan J. and Polly), twin d.William and Elizabeth (Brock), 2:10m:PR38]

Charlotte, w.Frederic A. Hussey (s.Peter and Mary), d.Timothy and Lydia (Whippey),末蔓末,1815.PR38

William (Fitzgerald), Oct.21,1817.GR3 [FitzGerald, h.Charlotte (Brown), s.William and Elizabeth (Brock) [dup. 末:12m:]PR38]

Emily, w.Richard S. Bates of E. Haddam, CT, d.William and Elizabeth (Brock),末蔓末,1824.PR38

Amelia C., w.George W. Ayres of Manchester, NH, d.Nathaniel and Eunice (Swain), 23:11m:1829.PR38

William, h.Ann B. (d.Henry Goodrich and Nancy), s.Nathaniel and Eunice (Swain), 23:11m:1832.PR38

Sarah Francis, w.William Ellery of Newport, RI, d.Henry and Sarah S. (Swain), 4:12m:1835.PR38

Hannah M., w.Allen B. Fuller (s.Allen and Phebe), w.Obed R. Chase (s.Obed and Susan), d.Nathaniel and Eunice (Swain), 16:7m:1836.PR38

Timothy W., s.Henry and Sarah S. (Swain), 5:2m:1840.PR38

Edward S., h.Emily B. (d.B.F. Coffin and Elizabeth), s.Nathaniel and Eunice (Swain), 12:11m:1841.PR38

Allen, s.William, mariner, and Charlotte, July1,1843 [see Ellen].

Ellen (Fitzgerald), d.末末, July5,1843 [see Allen]. [FitzGerald, w.Charles Baker (s.Arvin and Jerusha), d.William and Charlotte (Brown), 1:7m:PR38]

Emily (Fitzgerald), d.William, mariner, and Charlotte, July7,1845. [Emily B. FitzGerald, w.Wiliam McCleave (s.William and Sarah), d.William and Charlotte (Brown), 4:7m:PR38]


Benjamin, h.Eunice (d.Daniel Black and Betsey),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Eunice (Black),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Betsey, d.Benjamin and Eunice (Black),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Eunice, d.Benjamin and Eunice (Black),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

George, m., brother of William J.,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

James, s.Benjamin and Eunice (Black),末蔓末, 末末.PR38


John, s.Charles, laborer, and Bridget, July2,1845.


Artemas Ross, see Artemas Ross.

Ann M., d.George, laborer, and Bridget, Jan.8,1844.


Abigail, w.Elijah Coffin (s.Hezekiah and Lydia), d.Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Abishai, ch.Abishai and Dinah,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after ch.b. 16:8m:1739].CR4 [Abishai Jr., h.Elizabeth (d.Barnabas Coleman and Rachael), s.Abishai and Dinah Starbuck (wid., second w.), 17:10m:1743 [dup.末蔓末,1742]PR38]

Abraham, s.David and Anna (Pitts),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Adaline, d.Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Alanson, s.Robert M. and Susan (Folger),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Albert S., s.Frederic W. and Phebe (Long),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Alexander, s.Gilbert and Anna (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Alexander, see 末末 Folger.

Alexander, h.Eleonora Heffley, s.Elihu and Elizabeth Howland (fourth w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Ammiel, ch.Abishai and Elizabeth,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [Amiel, s.Abishai and Elizabeth, 7:4m:1777PR34; Ammial, s.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman), 7:4m:1777PR38]

Amy, see Almy.

Andrew, s.Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Andrew, s.James and Mary (Aldridge),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Andrew, s.Frederic and Peggy (Macy),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Ann Eliza, w.末末 Keep, d.Alexander M. and Rebecca (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Ann Louisa, d.Seth and Elizabeth,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [w.Nathaniel C. Cary (s.Samuel), twin d.Seth and Elizabeth (Gardner), 27:3m:1807PR38]

Anna, ch.Benjamin and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [w.Cotton Gelston (s.Dr. Samuel and Anna), d.Benjamin and Phebe (Worth), 14:8m:1763PR38]

Anna, second w.Silas Rand (s.Caleb of Hudson), d.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Barnabas, see Barnebas.

Barzillai, see Berzillai.

Bathshua, see Bethshua.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [Benjamin Jr., s.Benjamin and Phebe (Worth)PR38]

Benjamin F. Jr., s.Benjamin Franklin and Deiadamia (Barnard) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Bethiah, w.John Barnard (s.Robert 1st and Joanna), d.Peter [q.v.] and Mary Morrell,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Bethshua, w.Joseph Pope, d.Peter [q.v.] and Mary Morrell,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Charles F., s.Benjamin and Hannah (Gibbs) (third w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Charlotte Ann, w.James G. Hayne, d.Benjamin and Hannah (Gibbs) (third w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Cromwell, s.David and Anna (Pitts),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Daniel Jr., m., s.Daniel and Judith (Worth),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Dinah, ch.Abishai and Dinah,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. before ch.b.末蔓末,1764].CR4 [w.Seth Jenkins (s.Thomas and Judith), d.Abishai and Dinah Starbuck (wid., second w.), 9:6m:1745PR38]

Dinah, w.Aaron Rogers (cousin of Deliverance), d.Daniel and Judith (Worth),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Dorcas, w.Joseph Pratt, d.Peter [q.v.] and Mary Morrell,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Edward, s.Thomas and Hannah (Gateskill),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Edward Everett, s.Benjamin and Hannah (Gibbs) (third w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Elishai, s.Owen and Eunice (Smith),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Eliza, see Betsy.

Eliza, ch.Tristram and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [w.Henry Clark of CT, d.Tristram 2d and Mary (Folger), 30:5m:1799PR38]

Elizabeth, w.Edward Clark (s.Joseph and Anna), d.Thomas and Jedida (Pinkham),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Elizabeth, ch.Abishai and Elizabeth,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [Abishia and Elizabeth, 11:2m:1775PR34; w.Arthur McArthur of Hudson, d.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman), 11:2m:1775PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Benjamin and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [w.Robert Folger (s.Abishai and Dinah), d.Benjamin and Phebe (Worth)PR38]

Elizabeth, w.James D. Ladd of Ohio, d.Mayhew and Mary (Joy),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Elizabeth, d.Jethro and Margaret (Macy),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Eunice, w.Paul Bunker (s.Peleg and Lydia), d.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Eunice, ch.Tristram and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [d.Tristram 2d and Mary (Folger), 5:8m:1797PR38]

Experience, w.John Swain (s.John and Mary), d.Peter [q.v.] and Mary Morrell,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Frederic, s.Jethro and Margaret (Macy),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Frederic, s.Robert M. and Susan (Folger),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

George, s.Jethro and Margaret (Macy),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

George H., see Philip H.

George L., s.Benjamin Franklin and Mary (Lawrence) (first w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Harriet, w.Merrick W. Chapin of Hartford, CT, d.Benjamin Franklin and Deiadamia (Barnard) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Harriet Ann, d.Frederic W. and Phebe (Long),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Henry Jr., h.Betsey Parker of London, Eng., s.Henry and Betsey (Coffin) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Henry Clay, h.Eliza J. (d.Lewis M. Clark of NY), s.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Henry E., see Henery E.

Hephsibah, ch.Abishai and Dinah,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [Hepsibeth, w.Daniel Hussey (s.Daniel and Sarah), d.Abishai and Dinah Starbuck (wid., second w.)PR38]

Hepsabeth, d.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Hiram, s.Brown and Mary (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

James A., h.Ellen Laughram of San Francisco, s.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

James Sheldon, h.Maria Allyn of Hartford, CT, s.Benjamin Franklin and Deiadamia (Barnard) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Jane, d.Eliphaz and Priscilla (Gorham),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Jared, ch.Tristram and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [s.Tristram 2d and Mary (Folger)PR38]

Jedidah, w.William Coffin (s.Francis and Theodate), w.Simeon Coffin, d.John and Rebecca (Baker) of Cape Cod,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Joanna, w.John Coleman (s.Thomas 1st), d.Peter [q.v.] and Mary Morrell,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

John, ch.Abishai and Elizabeth,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [s.Abishia and Elizabeth, 26:10m:1782PR34; h.Maria Van Loan of NY, s.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman), 26:9m:1782PR38]

John B., s.Alexander M. and Rebecca (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

John S., s.Richard and Mary (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Josiah, s.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Judith, ch.Christopher and Abigail,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [w.Christopher Worth (s.Christopher and Dinah), second w.Benjamin Folger (s.Timothy and Anna), d.Christopher and Abigail (Barnard) (first w.)PR38]

Kimbal, s.Brown and Mary (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Laban, ch.Benjamin and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [h.Mary Leaonard of Boston (d.Elijah M. Mayhew of Newburyport), s.Benjamin and Phebe (Worth)PR38]

Lucretia, d.Benjamin Franklin and Deiadamia (Barnard) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lydia, w.Joseph W. Hartshorn, d.Solomon and Lydia (Russell),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lydia, ch.Benjamin and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [w.John Field, d.Benjamin and Phebe (Worth)PR38]

Lydia S., see Lydia.

Margaret, ch.Abishai and Elizabeth,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [d.Abishia and Elizabeth, 11:1m:1784.PR34; w.Russell Wilkinson, d.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman), 11:1m:1784PR38]

Maria, ch.William Jr. and Susanna,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [d.William Jr. and Susan (Swain), 19:11m:1799PR38]

Marietta, w.Prosper Hosmer Osborn, d.Benjamin Franklin and Deiadamia (Barnard) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Mary, w.Nathan Long (s.Nathan and Lydia), w.John Dotey of Saratoga, d.Brown and Mary (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Mary, see Polly.

Mary, d.Charles and Lydia (Coleman),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Mary, ch.Tristram and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [Mary S., d.Tristram and Mary (Folger), 14:4m:1803PR38]

Mary, d.Elihu and Elizabeth Howland (fourth w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Mary F., w.Levi Rawson of Mendon, d.Mayhew and Mary (Joy),末蔓末, 末末 [? in Ohio].PR38

Mary F., see Mary.

Mary S., see Mary.

Mayhew, see Mahew.

Merab, w.Josiah Calder (s.Samuel and Ruth), d.John and Love (Gabriel) (first w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Moses, ch.Abishai and Elizabeth,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [s.Abishia and Elizabeth, 26:10m:1773PR34; s.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman)PR38]

Nathaniel, first h.Mary (d.Timothy Wyer and Mary), s.Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Nathaniel, s.Paul and Catharine (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Nathaniel, h.Betsey (d.Samuel Crosby and Mary), s.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Betsey (Crosby),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Obed B., s.Richard and Mary (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Patience, w.Ebenezer Harker, w.James Gardner (s.Richard 1st), d.Peter [q.v.] and Mary Morrell,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Peggy, see Margaret.

Phebe, w.Thomas Hull, d.James and Mary (Aldridge),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Phebe, ch.Benjamin and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [w.Reuben Folger (s.Abishai and Dinah), d.Benjamin and Phebe (Worth)PR38]

Phebe, d.Timothy and Hepsabeth (Chadwick),末蔓末, 末末.PR#8

Phebe, ch.Aaron and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [Phebe C., w.William Mooers Hussey (s.Peter and Mary), d.Aaron and Mary (Thompson), 26:5m:1806PR38]

Phebe C., see Phebe.

Reuben, h.Hannah (d.Jethro Coffin and Hannah), s.Peter 3d and Christian (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Reuben, s.Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Reuben, s.James and Mary (Aldridge),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Reuben, s.Henry and Elizabeth (Baker),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Richard R., s.Richard and Mary (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Robert H., s.Mayhew and Mary (Joy),末蔓末, 末末 [?in Ohio].PR38

Ruth, d.Eleazer and Sarah (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Sarah, w.Uzziel Weeks of Cape Cod, d.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Shubael, s.Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Shubael, h.Lydia (d.John Russell and Hepsabeth), s.Seth and Anna (Ramsdell),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Sophia, w.末末 Niude, d.Frederic and Isabel Emmett,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Susanna, d.David and Anna (Pitts),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Thaddeus, ch.John and Rebecca Baker (of Cape Cod),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Thaddeus, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Thomas, ch.John and Rebecca Baker (of Cape Cod),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Thomas, h.Betsey (d.Josiah Gorham and Eunice), s.Daniel and Judith (Worth),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Thomas, s.Elihu and Elizabeth Howland (fourth w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Thomas B., s.Moses and Eliza (Morris),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Thomas S., s.Barnabas and Elizabeth (Wyer),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Timothy, s.Henry and Betsey (Coffin) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Timothy R., h.Cordelia Henry of Charleston, SC, s.Benjamin Franklin and Deiadamia (Barnard) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

William, s.Henry and Elizabeth (Baker),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Zaccheus, s.Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Peter, "Came to Nant. in 1663," h.Mary Morrell, s.John "came from the city Norwich in England in 1638,"末蔓末,1618 [in England].PR38

Eleazer, h.Sarah (d.Richard Gardner 1st and Sarah), s.Peter [q.v.] and Mary Morrell,末蔓末,1648.PR38

John, h.Mary (Barnard), s.Peter [q.v.] and Mary Morrell,末蔓末,1659.PR38

Abiah, d.Peter, Aug.15,1667. [w.Josias Franklin of Boston ("The parents of Dr. Franklin"), d.Peter [q.v.] and Mary Morrell, 5:8m:PR38]

Eleazer, s.Eleazer, July2,1672. [Eleazer Jr., h.Bethiah (Gardner), h.Mary (Marshall), s.Eleazer and Sarah (Gardner), 2:7m:PR38]

Peter, s.Eleazer, Aug.28,1674. [first h.Judith (d.Stephen Coffin and Mary), s.Eleazer and Sarah (Gardner), 28:8m:PR38]

Sarah, d.Eliezer, Aug.24,1676. [w.Anthony Odar (s.Nicholas of the Isle of Wight), d.Eleazer and Sarah (Gardner), 24:8m.PR38]

Nathan, h.Sarah (d.John Church and Abigail), s.Eleazer and Sarah (Gardner),末蔓末,1678.PR38

Mary, d.Eleasor, Feb.14,1684. [w.John Arthur (s.John and Priscilla), d.Eleazer and Sarah (Gardner), 14:2m:PR38]

Jethro, s.John and Mary, 17:8m:1689. [h.Mary (Starbuck), s.John and Mary (Barnard)PR38]

Bethiah, d.John and Mary, 24:11m:1692. [second w.Samuel Barker of Duxbury (s.Isaac and Judith), d.John and Mary (Barnard)PR38]

Nathaniell, s.John and Mary, 18:12m:1694. [Nathaniel, h.Priscilla (d.Isaac Chase of the Vineyard), s.John and Mary (Barnard)PR38]

Jonathan, s.John and Mary, 10:2m:1696. [h.Margaret (Gardner), h.Deborah (Paddack) Bunker, h.Susannah (Gorham) Paddack, s.John and Mary (Barnard)PR38]

Richard, s.John and Mary, 14:5m:1698. [h.Sarah (d.Matthew Pease of the Vineyard and Elizabeth), s.John and Mary (Barnard).PR38]

Keziah, d.Peter, 23:12m:1699. [Kezia, w.Jethro Gardner (s.James and Mary), w.Paul Starbuck (s.Nathaniel Jr. and Dinah), d.Peter and Judith (Coffin), 23:2m:PR38]

Shubal, s.John and Mary, 25:8m:1700. [Shubael, h.Jerusha (Clark), 8:10m.PR28; Shubael, h.Jerusha (Clark) Ramsdell, s.John and Mary (Barnard).PR38]

Abisha, s.Nathan, Sept.27,1700. [Abishai, h.Sarah (Mayhew) of the Vineyard, h.Dinah (Coffin) Starbuck, s.Nathan and Sarah (Church), 27:9m:PR38]

Daniel, s.Peter, 13:11m:1701. [first h.Abigail (d.John Folger and Mary), s.Peter and Judith (Coffin), 23:3m:PR38]

Leah, d.Nathan, Dec.14,1701. [w.Richard Gardner 3d (s.Richard and Mary), w.Seth Paddack (s.Joseph), d.Nathan and Sarah (Church)PR38]

Anna, d.Peter, 25:3m:1703. [first w.William Starbuck (s.Jethro and Dorcas), d.Peter and Judith (Coffin), 25:5m:PR38]

Abigail, d.John and Mary, 8:4m:1703. [w.Daniel Folger (s.Peter), second w.Daniel Pinkham (s.Richard 1st and Mary (Coffin)), d.John and Mary (Barnard)PR38]

Esther, d.Nathan [Nathan and Sarah (Church)PR38], Nov.3,1704.

Mary, d.Peter, 10:6m:1705. [w.Nathaniel Gardner] (s.Nathaniel and Abigail), w.Nathaniel Coleman (s.John and Priscilla), d.Peter and Judith (Coffin), 10:9m:PR38

Zacheus, s.John and Mary, 14:6m:1706. [Zaccheus, h.Abigail (d.John Coffin and Hope), s.John and Mary (Barnard).PR38]

Timothy, s.Nathan, Sept.24,1706. [h.Anna (d.James Chase of the Vineyard and Rachael), s.Nathan and Sarah (Church).PR38]

Peter, s.Nathan, 24:4m:1708. [first h.Christian (Swain), s.Nathan and Sarah (Church)PR38]

Hannah, d.John and Mary, 20:7m:1708. [an idiot, d.John and Mary (Barnard)PR38]

Gideon, s.Eleazer and Bethiah [(Gardner)PR38], May1,1709.

Urian, s.Eleazer and Bethiah, Mar.11,1710-11. [h.Jedidah (wid.Jonathan Pitts), s.Eleazer and Bethiah (Gardner).PR38]

Berzillai (Forger), s.Nathan, 4:11m:1710. [Barzillai Folger, h.Phebe (Coleman), s.Nathan and Sarah (Church)PR38]

Jedidah, ch.Jethro and Mary, 22:5m:1711.CR4 [first w.Robert Gardner (s.Benjamin and Hannah), d.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck)PR38]

Judith, d.Nathan, Dec.18,1712. [w.Thomas Jenkins (s.Matthew and Mary), d.Nathan and Sarah (Church), 18:12m:PR38]

Eliphaz, s.Eleazer and Bethia, June26,1713. [h.Priscilla (Gorham), s.Eleazer Jr. and Bethia (Gardner)PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Jethro and Mary, 18:11m:1713.CR4 [d.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck)PR38]

John, ch.Jethro and Mary, 28:1m:1715.CR4 [h.Rebecca (Baker) of Barnstable, s.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck), 28:1m:1714PR38]

Benjamin, ch.Jethro and Mary, 6:4m:1716.CR4 [s.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck)PR38]

Charles, s.Eleazer and Mary [(Marshall) (second w.)PR38], 20:4m:1718.

Ruth, d.Jonathan [Jonathan and Margaret.CR4; Jonathan and Margaret (Gardner).PR38], 10:4m:1718.

Oliver, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 1:12m:1719.CR4

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel and Priscilla, Dec.20,1719. [w.Paul Pease, d.Nathaniel [q.v.] and Priscilla (Chase)PR38]

Deborah, d.Eleazer and Mary, 5:6m:1719. [w.Benjamin Frost (s.John), d.Eleazer and Mary (Marshall) (second w.),末蔓末,1720PR38]

Ruth, d.Eleazer and Mary, 3:1m:1720-1.

Dinah, d.Jonathan, 24:4m:1720. [d.Jonathan and MargaretCR4; second w.Stephen Chase Sr., d.Jonathan and Margaret (Gardner)PR38]

Anna, ch.Jethro and Mary, 6:11m:1720.CR4 [first w.James Mitchell of RI, d.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck)PR38]

Rebecah, d.Nathaniel and Priscilla, Sept.10,1721. [Rebecca, w.Benjamin Merchant Sr., d.Nathaniel [q.v.] and Priscilla (Chase)PR38]

Elisha, ch.Daniel and Abigail [(Folger)PR38], 3:12m:1721--2.

Lydia, ch.Jethro and Mary, 25:2m:1722.CR4 [w.Hezekiah Coffin (s.Joseph and Bethiah), d.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck), 6:5m:[dup. 22:2m:]PR38]

Reuben, s.Jonathan, 10:6m:1722. [s.Jonathan and MargaretCR4; h.Dinah (Hussey), h.Mary (Ramsdell) Pinkham, s.Jonathan and Margaret (Gardner)PR38]

Bethiah, d.Eleazer and Mary, 8:9m:1722. [second w.James Pinkham (s.Richard 1st and Mary), d.Eleazer Jr. and Mary (Marshall) (second w.), 7:11m:PR38]

Kezia, ch.Daniel and Abigail, 9:10m:1723. [w.John Coffin (s.Samuel and Miriam), d.Daniel and Abigail (Folger)PR38]

Eunice, ch.Jethro and Mary, 25:4m:1724.CR4 [first w.George Coleman (s.Solomon and Deliverance), d.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck)PR38]

Susanna, ch.Richard and Sarah, 18:5m:1724. [w.Ebenezar Cleaveland of Martha's Vineyard, d.Richard and Sarah (Pease), 29:8m.PR38]

Abigaile, d.Jonathan, 27:5m:1724. [Abigail, second w.David Coffin (s.Tristram and Mary), d.Jonathan and Margaret (Gardner)PR38]

Phebe, ch.Shubael and Jerusha, 2:11m:1724.CR4 [2:1m:PR28; w.Joseph Marshall (s.Joseph and Abigail), d.Shubael and Jerusha (Clark) (Ramsdell), 2:3m:PR38]

Frederick, s.Eleazer and Mary, 17:12m:1724--5. [Frederic, h.Mary (Trott), s.Eleazer Jr. and Mary (Marshall) (second w.)PR38]

Peter, ch.Daniel and Abigail [(Folger)PR38], 17:2m:1726.

Rachel, ch.Richard and Sarah, 13:4m:1726. [w.John Ellis (s.Humphrey), d.Richard and Sarah (Pease)PR38]

Judith, d.Nathaniel and Priscilla, June13,1726. [first w.Edmond Heath Jr., d.Nathaniel [q.v.] and Priscilla (Chase)PR38]

Seth, ch.Shubael and Jerusha, 8:8m:1726.CR4 [8:10m.PR28; Oct.19.PR36; h.Phebe (Coleman), s.Shubael and Jerusha (Clark) (Ramsdell).PR38]

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, 7:5m:1727. [s.Jonathan and MargaretCR4; h.Lydia (Barnard), s.Jonathan and Margaret (Gardner) [dup. 18:7m:]PR38]

Stephen, s.Eleazer and Mary, 19:7m:1727. [h.Jane Cook, s.Eleazer and Mary (Marshall) (second w.)PR38]

Tristram, ch.Jethro and Mary, 10:8m:1727.CR4 [h.Mary (d.Prince Coffin and Mercy), h.Mary (Wyer) Folger, s.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck).PR38

Judith, ch.Daniel and Abigail, 15:1m:1728--9. [w.Caleb MacyCR4; (s.Richard and Deborah), d.Daniel and Abigail (Folger), 26:3m:1729 "N.S. "PR38]

Silvanus, ch.Richard and Sarah, 11:4m:1728.

William, h.Ruth (d.Richard Coffin and Ruth), s.Abishaie and Sarah (Mayhew), 24:7m:1728.PR38

Mary, ch.Shubael and Jerusha, 20:10m:1728.CR4 [20:12m:PR28; w.Benjamin Worth (s.Richard and Lydia), w.Peleg Coleman (s.Solomon and Deliverance), d.Shubael and Jerusha (Clark) (Ramsdell), 31:12m:PR38]

Hephzibah, ch.Jethro and Mary, 15:6m:1729.CR4 [Hepsabeth, first w.Jonathan Swain (s.Richard), d.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck)PR38]

Paul, s.Nathaniel and Priscilla, Nov.5,1729. [h.Catharine (d.Robert Coffin and Susanna), s.Nathaniel [q.v.] and Priscilla (Chase)PR38]

Margaret, d.Eleazer and Mary, Dec.2,1729. [second w.Jonathan Swain (s.Richard), d.Eleazer and Mary (Marshall) (second w.), 13:12m:PR38]

George, h.Sarah (d.Barnabas Coleman and Rachael), h.Rebecca (Tucker) Shove of RI, s.Abishai and Sarah (Mayhew), 24:5m:1730.PR38

Mary, d.Zacheus and Abagail [Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin)PR38], June3,1730.

David, ch.Richard and Sarah, 3:7m:1730. [h.Anna (Pitts), h.Susanna (Ellis) Foy, s.Richard and Sarah (Pease), 3:9m:PR38]

Judith, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 15:3m:1731.CR4 [w.Benjamin Barnard (s.Matthew and Mary), d.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman), 26:3m:PR38]

Abigail, ch.Daniel and Abigail, 25:4m:1731. [w.Barnabas Coffin (s.Richard and Ruth), d.Daniel and Abigail (Folger)PR38]

James, s.Zacheus and Abigail, June13,1731. [h.Mary (sister of Ichabod Aldridge Sr.), s.Zaccheus and Abigail (d.John Coffin and Hope)PR38]

Benjamin, ch.Shubael and Jerusha, 8:8m:1731.CR4 [8:10m:PR28; h.Judith (Barnard), s.Shubael and Jerusha (Clark) (Ramsdell), 19:10m:PR38]

Jethro, ch.Jethro and Mary, 22:9m:1731.CR4 [Jethro Jr., h.Mary (d.Thomas Barnard and Sarah), h.Anna (d.John Swain 3d and Mary), s.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck)PR38]

Timothy, h.Abial (d.Barnabas Colemand and Rachael), s.Abishai and Sarah (Mayhew),末蔓末,1732.PR38

Ruth, ch.Richard and Sarah, 30:9m:1732. [w.Christopher Pinkham (s.John and Abigail), d.Richard and Sarah (Pease).PR38]

Christopher, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 28:12m:1732.CR4 [h.Abigail (Barnard), h.Anna (Joy), h.Susanna (wid.Thaddeus Gardner), s.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman)PR38]

Mary, ch.Daniel and Abigail, 4:7m:1733. [6:7m:CR4; w.William Starbuck (s.Thomas and Rachael), d.Daniel and Abigail (Folger), 4:7m:[dup. 15:9m:]PR38]

John, s.Zacheus and Abigail, July30,1733. [h.Love (d.Manuel Gabriel), h.Lydia (d.Robert Gardner), s.Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin), 末:8m:PR38]

Anna, ch.Peter and Christian, Sept.17,1733. [first w.Eliphalet Gardner (s.James and Susanna), d.Peter and Christian (Swain), 28:9m:PR38]

Peleg, s.Eleazer and Mary, Oct.13,1733. [s.Eleazer and Mary (Marshall) (second w.),末蔓末,1734PR38]

Jemima, ch.Shubael and Jerusha, 9:11m:1734.CR4 [9:1m:PR28; w.Solomon Gardner (s.Andrew and Mary), d.Shubael and Jerusha (Clark) (Ramsdell)PR38]

Nathaniel, ch.Jethro and Mary, 13:7m:1734.CR4 [s.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck)PR38]

Henry, s.Timothy and Anna, Nov.8,1734. [h.Abigail (d.Andrew Myrick and Jedida), h.Betsey (d.Henry Coffin and Mary), s.Timothy and Anna (Chase), 8:11m:1734PR38]

Mary, d.Eleazer and Mary, Jan.1,1735--6. [w.William Black (s.Douglas and Percis), d.Eleazer Jr. and Mary (Marshall) (second w.), 12:1m:1736PR38]

Solomon, ch.Richard and Sarah, 13:1m:1735. [h.Lydia (d.Benjamin Russell and Rebecca), s.Richard and Sarah (Pease), 23:1m:1734.PR38]

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Abigail, 14:1m:1735--6. [h.Judith (d.Christopher Worth and Dinah), h.Elizabeth (wid.George Williams, d.Nicholas Meader), s.Daniel and Abigail (Folger)PR38]

Walter, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 18:1m:1735.CR4 [h.Elizabeth (Starbuck), 30:9m.PR14; h.Elizabeth (d.Thomas Starbuck and Rachael), s.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman), 29:[18 written below 29] 1m.PR38]

Owen, ch.Peter and Christian, Feb.4,1735--6. [h.Eunice (d.Daniel Smith and Abigail), s.Peter and Christian (Swain), 15:12m:1736PR38]

Anna, d.Timothy and Anna, Aug.31,1736. [first w.Peleg Coggeshall (s.Caleb), d.Timothy and Anna (Chase)PR38]

Martha, ch.Richard and Sarah, 25:3m:1737. [w.Obadiah Gardner (s.Logan and Hannah), d.Richard and Sarah (Pease)PR38]

Nathan, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 26:3m:1737.CR4 [h.Elizabeth (d.Christopher Worth and Dinah), s.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman)PR38]

Shubael, ch.Shubael and Jerusha, 24:5m:1737.CR4 [24:7m.PR28; first h.Lydia (d.George Bunker and Abigail), s.Shubael and Jerusha (Clark) (Ramsdell).PR38]

Peter, ch.Peter and Christian, Oct.4,1737. [Peter 4th, h.Judith (d.Jonathan Burnell and Deborah), h.Patience Russell (wid.from New Bedford), s.Peter and Christian (Swain), 15:[dup. 4:] 12m:PR38]

Sarah, see Sarah Butler.

Mary, ch.Peter and Christian, Mar.9,1739--40. [w.James Chase (s.James and Anna), d.Peter and Christian (Swain), 末:9m:PR38]

Eunice, d.Eliphaz and Priscilla, May6,1739. [ch.Eliphaz and Priscilla, 6:5m:CR4; second w.Jacob Alley (s.Solomon), d.Eliphaz and Priscilla (Gorham), 6:[dup. 17:] 5m:PR38]

Abigail, ch.Shubael and Jerusha, 2:8m:1739.CR4 [2:10m:PR28; w.Benjamin Gardner (s.James and Susanna), d.Shubael and Jerusha (Clark) (Ramsdell), 2:12m:1738PR38]

Sarah, ch.Abishai and Dinah, 16:8m:1739.CR4 [w.Hezekiah Gardner (s.David and Mary), second w.Robert Barker (s.Samuel and Bethiah), d.Abishai and Dinah Starbuck (wid., second w.), 16:[dup. 27:] 10m.PR38]

Phebe, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 26:11m:1739.CR4 [first w.Francis Joy (s.David and Sarah), d.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman)PR38]

Benjamin, s.Timothy and Anna, Mar.12,1740. [h.Phebe (d.Christopher Worth and Dinah), h.Judith (wid.Christopher Worth Jr., d.Christopher Folger), s.Timothy and Anna (Chase), 12:3m:PR38]

Paul, ch.Eliphaz and Priscilla, May20,1741. [ch.Eliphaz and Priscilla, 20:5m:CR4; h.Margaret Dodson, s.Eliphaz and Priscilla (Gorham), 20:5m:PR38]

Barzillai, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 9:5m:1742.CR4 [h.Miriam (d.Stephen Gardner and Jemima), h.Miriam (wid.Solomon Gardner Jr., d.John Worth), s.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman), 20:5m:PR38]

Ruth, ch.Peter and Christian, Jan.31,1742-3. [w.William Worth (s.Joseph and Lydia), d.Peter and Christian (Swain), 31:1m:1743 "N.S."PR38]

Phebe, ch.Seth and Phebe, 8:7m:1753.CR4PR36 [w.John Hillman (s.Shubael and Judith), w.Daniel Allen (s.Daniel and Elizabeth), d.Seth and Phebe (Coleman) [dup. 8:6m:1743, sic]PR38]

Elisha, ch.Eliphaz and Priscilla, Dec.2,1743. [ch.Eliphaz and Prissilla, 2:11m:CR4; s.Eliphaz and Priscilla (Gorham), 2:11m:PR38]

Hepzibah, d.Richard and Sarah, Dec.24,1743. [Hepsibeth, w.William Mooers (s.Thomas), w.John Hall, d.Richard and Sarah (Pease)PR38]

Brown, s.Timothy and Anna, June21,1744. [h.Mary (d.Henry Coffin and Mary), s.Timothy and Anna (Chase)PR38]

Anna, second w.Christopher Swain (s.Richard and Elizabeth), d.Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin), 4:7m:1744.PR38

Gilbert, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 5:12m:1744.CR4 [h.Anna (d.Charles Gardner and Anna), s.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman), 15:12m:PR38]

Lydia, ch.Peter and Christian, June24,1745. [w.Benjamin Russell (s.Jonathan and Patience), d.Peter and Christian (Swain)PR38]

John, ch.Abishai and Dinah,末蔓末,1746.CR4 [s.Abishai and Dinah Starbuck (wid., second w.)PR38]

Rachel, ch.Eliphaz and Priscilla, July25,1746. [ch.Eliphaz and Prissilla, 25:7m:CR4; d.Eliphaz and Priscilla (Gorham), 25:7m:PR38]

Kimbal, s.Timothy and Anna [(Chase)PR38]. July30,1746.

Elisha, s.Richard and Sarah, Sept.16,1746. [h.Deborah (d.Caleb Swain and Margaret), s.Richard and Sarah (Pease), 27:9m:PR38]

Thomas, ch.Seth and Phebe, 24:10m:1746.CR4 [Oct.21.PR36; h.Jedidah (d.Zephaniah Pinkham and Sarah), s.Seth and Phebe (Coleman), 21:12m.PR38]

Charles, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 13:4m:1747.CR4 [s.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman)PR38]

Margaret, ch.Reuben and Dinah, 27:4m:1747.CR4 [w.Tristram Barnard (s.William and Mary of N. Garden), d.Reuben and Dinah (Hussey) (first w.)PR38]

Rachel, ch.Peter and Christian, Dec.30,1747. [w.Gayer Starbuck (s.Thomas and Rachael), d.Peter and Christian (Swain)PR38]

Robert, ch.Abishai and Dinah,末蔓末,1748.CR4 [h.Elizabeth (Folger), s.Abishai and Dinah Starbuck (wid., second w.)PR38]

Stephen, ch.Eliphaz and Prissilla, 18:12m:1748.CR4 [h.Judith (d.Benjamin Clark and Elizabeth), s.Eliphaz and Priscilla (Gorham).PR38]

Seth, ch.Seth and Phebe, 1:1m:1749.CR4 [Jan.1.PR36; Seth Jr., h.Anna (d.Jonathan Ramsdell Jr. and Priscilla), s.Seth and Phebe (Coleman), 1:1m.PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 3:7m:1749.CR4 [d.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman), 14:[3 written below 14] 7m:PR38]

Latham, ch.Reuben and Dinah, 5:10m:1749.CR4 [h.Matilda (d.Joseph Worth and Judith of New Garden), s.Reuben and Dinah (Hussey) (first w.)PR38]

Judith, ch.William and Ruth, 16:7m:1750.CR4 [w.Zacheriah Bunker (s.Zacheriah and Desire), d.William and Ruth (Coffin)PR38]

Benjamin, ch.Seth and Phebe, 18:8m:1750.CR4 [Aug.18PR36; s.Seth and Phebe (Coleman), 18:8m:PR38]

Eunice, w.Samuel Coffin (s.Nathaniel and Mary), d.Peter and Christian (Swain), 24:6m:1751.PR38

Tristram, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 8:8m:1751.CR4 [h.Reuben Joy Jr.), s.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman), 22:[8 writte below 22] 8m.PR38]

Tristram, ch.Tristram and Mary, 18:4m:1752.CR4 [s.Tristram and Mary (Coffin) (first wo.).PR38]

Ruth, d.Frederick and Mary [(Trott).PR38], Oct.4,1752.

Elizabeth, w.Jonathan Wharton, w.Abihu Coffin (s.Hezekiah), d.John and Love (Gabriel) (first w.),末蔓末,1753.PR38

Lydia, ch.William and Ruth, 30:6m:1753.CR4 [d.William and Ruth (Coffin)PR38]

Mahew, ch.George and Sarah, 9:10m:1753.CR4 [s.George and Sarah (Coleman)PR38]

Gorham, ch.Eliphaz and Prissila, 25:12m:1753.CR4 [s.Eliphaz and Priscilla (Gorham)PR38]

Charles, s.Frederick and Mary, Dec.26,1753. [h.Lydia (d.Enoch Coleman and Mary), s.Frederic and Mary (Trott)PR38]

Rhoda, ch.Reuben and Dinah, 末:2m:1754.CR4 [d.Reuben and Dinah (Hussey) (first w.), 8:1m.PR38]

Peregrine, ch.Jonathan and Lydia, 21:6m:1754.CR4 [h.Rachael (d.Nathaniel Hussey and Judith), s.Jonathan and Lydia (Barnard)PR38]

Sarah, ch.Jethro and Mary, 17:9m:1754.CR4 [w.William Gardner (s.Nathaniel and Anna), d.Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.)PR38]

Hephzibah, ch.Tristram and Mary, 16:10m:1754.CR4 [Hepsibeth, ch.Tristram and Mary (Coffin) (first w.)PR38]

Silvanus, ch.Timothy and Abial, 28:10m:1754.CR4 [h.Avis Slocum of New Bedford, s.Timothy and Abial (Coleman).PR38]

William, ch.William and Ruth, 10:11m:1754.CR4 [William Jr., h.Susan (d.Peter Swain and Sarah), s.William and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Hepsibah, ch.Benjamin and Judith, 23:9m:1755.CR4 [Hepzibah, d.Benjamin and Judith (Barnard)PR38]

Priscilla, w.Cornelius Briggs, d.Paul and Catharine (Coffin), 12:10m:1755.PR38

Reuben, ch.Abishai and Dinah, 末:11m:1755.CR4 [h.Phebe (d.Benjamin Folger and Phebe), s.Abishai and Dinah Starbuck (wid., second w.), 末:11m:1754PR38]

Frederick, s.Frederick and Mary, Nov.5,1755. [Frederic, h.Isabel Emmett of Baltimore, s.Frederic and Mary (Trott)PR38]

Obadiah, ch.Barzillai and Phebe, 10:12m:1755.CR4 [h.Ruth (d.Francis Macy and Judith), s.Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman)PR38]

Obed, ch.Jonathan and Lydia, 21:2m:1756.CR4 [h.Nancy Lacky [dup. Lackey] (wid., "a Scotchwoman"), s.Jonathan and Lydia (Barnard) [dup. 末:8m:1751]PR38]

Benjamin, ch.Seth and Phebe, 29:3m:1756.CR4PR36 [s.Seth and Phebe (Coleman)PR38]

Matilda, ch.Reuben and Dinah, 20:4m:1756.CR4 [w.George Macy (s.Matthew and Abigail of N.G.), d.Reuben and Dinah (Hussey) (first w.), 30:[dup. 20:] 4m:PR38]

George, ch.George and Sarah, 16:6m:1756.CR4 [George Jr., h.Rebecca (d.Peleg Slocum of Dartmouth [dup. of RI]), s.George and Sarah (Coleman)PR38]

Anna, ch.Jethro and Mary, 6:9m:1756.CR4 [w.Sylvanus Gardner (s.Ebenezer and Ruth), d.Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.), 6:9m:PR38]

Eunice, ch.Benjamin and Judith, 14:11m:1756.CR4 [w.Elihu Coffin (s.David and Ruth), d.Benjamin and Judith (Barnard)PR38]

Libbeus, ch.Tristram and Mary, 22:11m:1756.CR4 [Lebbeus, s.Tristram and Mary (Coffin) (first w.)PR38]

Abial, ch.Timothy and Abial, 4:1m:1757.CR4 [w.Barnabas Swain (s.Francis and Mary), d.Timothy and Abial (Coleman)PR38]

Sarah, ch.William and Ruth, 24:3m:1757.CR4 [w.Tristram Hussey (s.Batchelor and Anna), d.William and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Phebe, d.Frederick and Mary [(Trott)PR38], Sept.14,1757.

Timothy, ch.Seth and Phebe, 12:12:1757.CR4PR36 [s.Seth and Phebe (Coleman).PR38]

Lydia, ch.Shubael and Lydia, 9:5m:1758.CR4 [d.Shubael and Lydia (Bunker)PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 31:5m:1758.CR4 [d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR14; w.Richard Worth (s.Richard and Anna), d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR38]

Rebecca, ch.Reuben and Dinah, 3:6m:1758.CR4 [w.Joseph Chase (s.Stephen and Dinah), d.Reuben and Dinah (Hussey) (first w.)PR38]

Samuel, h.Deborah (Coffin), s.Owen and Eunice (Smith), 27:7m:1758.PR38

Merab, ch.Jonathan and Lydia, 30:7m:1758.CR4 [s.Jonathan and Lydia (Barnard)PR38]

Robert, h.Anna (d.Daniel Smith and Abigail), s.Paul and Catharine (Coffin), 18:8m:1758.PR38

Rebecca, ch.George and Sarah, 25:8m:1758.CR4 [[w.末末望 BunkerPR31; w.Benjamin Bunker (s.William and Mary), d.George and Sarah (Coleman)PR38]

Jemima, ch.Benjamin and Judith, 16:9m:1758.CR4 [w.Laban Coffin (s.Hezekiah and Lydia), d.Benjamin and Judith (Barnard)PR38]

Jedidah, ch.Jethro and Mary, 29:1m:1759.CR4 [first w.James Ramsdell (s.John and Rachael), d.Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.)PR38]

David, h.Peggy (d.Beriah Giles and Mary), h.Anna (wid.Noah Pease), h.Elizabeth (wid.Francis Mooers, d.Solomon Folger), s.David and Anna (Pitts), 22:3m:1759.PR38

Lydia, ch.William and Ruth, 20:4m:1759.CR4 [w.Zaccheus Hussey (s.Batchelder and Anna), d.William and Ruth (Coffin)PR38]

Abraham, ch.Tristram and Mary, 11:6m:1759.CR4 [h.Anna (d.Peleg Bunker and Lydia of Hudson), s.Tristram and Mary (Coffin) (first w.)PR38]

Mary, d.Frederick and Mary, Aug.15,1759. [second w.William Abrahms [dup. Abrams (s.William and Elizabeth)], d.Frederic and Mary (Trott)PR38]

Timothy, h.Hepsabeth (d.Richard Chadwick and Rebecca), s.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), 25:11m:1759.PR38

Sylvanus, h.Jemima (d.Thomas Bartlemy and Beulah), h.Abigail (d.Joseph Manter and Jerusha), s.James and Mary (Aldridge),末蔓末,1760.PR38

Sarah, ch.Timothy and Abial, 27:4m:1760.CR4 [w.Peter Macy, 5:5m:1758.PR35; Sally, w.Peter Macy (s.Nathaniel and Abigail), d.Timothy Esq. and Abial (Coleman), Apr.27,1760.PR38]

Ebenezer, ch.Jonathan and Lydia, 21:6m:1760.CR4 [s.Jonathan and Lydia (Barnard)PR38]

Hepsibah, ch.Shubael and Lydia, 30:6m:1760.CR4 [Hepsabeth, w.John Smith of NY, w.Abraham Chase of Ohio, d.Shubael and Lydia (Bunker)PR38]

Elisha, ch.Daniel and Judith, Aug.14,1760. [Elishai, h.Hepsabeth (d.William Coffin and Hepsabeth), s.Daniel and Judith (Worth)PR38]

Hepsibah, ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 28:8m:1760.CR4 [Hephzibah, d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR14PR38]

Asa, ch.Reuben and Dinah, 30:8m:1760.CR4 [s.Reuben and Dinah (Hussey) (first w.)PR38]

Mayhew, ch.George and Sarah, 9:9m:1760.CR4 [s.George and Sarah (Coleman)PR38]

Job, ch.Benjamin and Judith, 3:10m:1760.CR4 [s.Benjamin and Judith (Barnard)PR38]

Anna, second w.Reuben Starbuck (s.Thomas and Dinah), d.Owen and Eunice (Smith), 9:11m:1760.PR38

Deborah, first w.Reuben Starbuck (s.Thomas and Dinah), d.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell),末蔓末,1761.PR38

Susanna, d.Paul and Catharine (Coffin), 31:1m:1761.PR38

Lydia, ch.Jethro and Mary, 21:6m:1761.CR4 [w.Lot Clark (s.Church and Hannah), d.Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.)PR38]

Sarah, ch.Christopher and Abigail, 28:6m:1761.CR4 [Sally, w.Isaiah Coffin (s.Micajah and Abigail), w.Oliver Martin, d.Christopher and Abigail (Barnard) (first w.)PR38]

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), 6:8m:1761.PR38

Joseph, ch.Tristram and Mary, 7:9m:1761.CR4 [h.Judith (d.Joseph Inott and Elizabeth), s.Tristram and Mary (Coffin) (first w.), 7:9m:[dup. 10m:] 1760PR38]

Obed, h.Susan and Sarah (daughters of Jonathan Coffin and Priscilla), h.Rebecca (d.Thaddeus Waterman), s.John and Love (Gabriel) (first w.), 19:1m:1762.PR38

Miriam, d.Frederick and Mary [(Trott)PR38], Mar.28,1762.

Jemima, ch.Seth and Phebe, 31:3m:1762.CR4PR36 [w.Christopher Mitchell (s.Richard and Hepsabeth), d.Seth and Phebe (Coleman)PR38]

Lucretia, ch.Timothy and Abial, 28:4m:1762.CR4 [w.Samuel Starbuck Jr., d.Timothy and Abial (Coleman)PR38]

Francis, ch.William and Ruth, 12:7m:1762.CR4 [s.William and Ruth (Coffin), 7:12m:PR38]

Simeon, ch.Shubael and Lydia, 23:7m:1762.CR4 [h.Phebe (d.William Wyer and Abigail), s.Shubael and Lydia Bunker).PR38]

Hephzibah, ch.George and Sarah, 28:7m:1762.CR4 [Hepsabeth, d.George and Sarah (Coleman)PR38]

Henry, h.Elizabeth (d.Seth Baker of Cape Cod), s.James and Mary (Aldridge), 5:8m:1762.PR38

Sylvanus, h.Margaret (d.Daniel Russell and Hepsabeth), s.Solomon and Lydia (Russell), 9:8m:1762.PR38

Clarinda, ch.Daniel and Judith [(Worth)PR38], Aug.20,1762.

Susannah, ch.Benjamin and Judith, 13:9m:1762.CR4 [w.Silas Gardner (s.Daniel and Provided), d.Benjamin and Judith (Barnard).PR38]

Phebe, ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 11:11m:1762.CR4 [d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR14PR38]

Thaddeus, h.Margaret (d.Peter Gardner and Deborah), h.Anna (d.William Worth and Ruth), s.Owen and Eunice (Smith), 14:11m:1762.PR38

Judith, first w.Simeon Starbuck (s.Thomas and Dinah), d.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell),末蔓末,1763.PR38

Elihu, ch.Jethro and Mary, 2:10m:1763.CR4 [h.Mary (d.Seth Way and Deborah), h.Mary (wid.William Bunker, d.Jonathan [sic, ? Benjamin] Pitts), h.Anna (d.John Bocott and Sarah), h.Elizabeth Howland s.Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.)PR38]

Shubael, ch.Seth and Phebe, 11:11m:1763.CR4 [h.Mary.PR36; h.Mary (d.Caleb Gardner and Abigail [sic, Thankful), s.Seth and Phebe (Coleman).PR38]

Francis, s.Frederick and Mary, Jan.21,1764. [h.Susan (d.Peter Folger and Judith), s.Frederic and Mary (Trott)PR38]

Lydia, ch.Jonathan and Lydia, 14:10m:1764.CR4 [w.Andrew Coleman (s.Enoch and Mary), d.Jonathan and Lydia (Barnard), 14:4m:PR38]

Margaret, ch.Timothy and Abial, 4:6m:1764.CR4 [Peggy, w.David Graves of Providence, d.Timothy and Abial (Coleman)PR38]

Judith, w.Robert Inott (s.Joseph and Elizabeth), d.Paul and Catharine (Coffin), 8:7m:1764.PR38

Almy, ch.Tristram and Mary, 15:7m:1764.CR4 [Amey, w.Joseph Paddack (s.Benjamin and Elizabeth), d.Tristram and Mary (Coffin) (first w.)PR38]

Susannah, ch.George and Sarah, 6:8m:1764.CR4 [Susanna, d.George and Sarah (Coleman).PR38]

Owen, s.Owen and Eunice (Smith), 4:1m:1765.PR38

Susanna [dup. Susan], w.Francis Folger (s.Frederic and Mary), d.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell), 10:1m:[dup. 1:10m:] 1765.PR38

Isaiah, ch.Shubael and Lydia, 29:5m:1765.CR4 [h.Rachel (d.Sylvanus Worth and Rachel), s.Shubael and Lydia (Bunker)PR38]

Walter, ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 12:6m:1765.CR4 [s.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck).PR14; Walter Jr., h.Anna (d.Alexander Ray and Elizabeth), s.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck).PR38]

Mary, ch.Benjamin and Judith, 11:9m:1765.CR4 [w.William Fosdick (s.John and Elizabeth), d.Benjamin and Judith (Barnard)PR38]

Abigail, ch.Christopher and Anna (second w.), 23:9m:1765.CR4 [w.Elijah Bunker (s.Benjamin and Abigail), d.Christopher and Anna (Joy) (second w.)PR38]

Silas, s.Frederick and Mary, Oct.11,1765. [h.Susanna (wid.Reuben Maxcy, d.Samuel Foy), s.Frederic and Mary (Trott).PR38]

Dinah, ch.Reuben and Mary (second w.), 18:11m:17656.CR4 [d.Reuben and Mary (Ramsdell) (second w.)PR38]

Mary, ch.Jethro and Mary, 4:1m:1766.CR4 [second w.Samuel Raymond (s.William and Lydia), d.Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.)PR38]

Dinah, ch.George and Sarah, 22:6m:1766.CR4 [d.George and Sarah (Coleman)PR38]

Phebe, w.Thomas Farris, w.Wilson Rawson, d.Solomon and Lydia (Russell), 1:7m:1766.PR38

Abigail, ch.Daniel and Judith, Sept.5,1766. [w.Thomas Folger (s.Thomas and Mary (Rant) of Norfolk, Eng.), d.Daniel and Judith (Worth)PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.William and Ruth, 8:9m:1766.CR4 [w.Josiah Barker (s.Josiah and Elizabeth), d.William and Ruth (Coffin)PR38]

Jared, ch.Tristram and Mary, 13:10m:1766.CR4 [s.Tristram and Mary (Coffin) (first w.)PR38]

Hezekiah, ch.Jonathan and Lydia, 30:10m:1766.CR4 [h.Lucinda (d.Benjamin Whippey and Eunice), s.Jonathan and Lydia (Barnard)PR38]

Franklin, ch.Reuben and Mary (second w.), 14:2m:1767.CR4 [s.Reuben and Mary (Ramsdell) (second w.)PR38]

Seth, h.Elizabeth (d.Reuben Gardner and Elizabeth), s.Owen and Eunice (Smith), 14:3m:1767 [dup. 1766].PR38

Lydia, m., ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 12:4m:1767.CR4 [d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR14; w.Samuel Macy (s.Jonathan and Lois), d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR38]

George, ch.Shubael and Lydia, 31:5m:1767.CR4 [s.Shubael and Lydia (Bunker)PR38]

Timothy, ch.Benjamin and Judith, 9:7m:1767.CR4 [s.Benjamin and Judith (Barnard).PR38]

Mary, ch.Barzilla and Miriam, 11:7m:1767.CR4 [w.Jonathan J. Barney (s.Jonathan and Abigail), d.Barzillai Jr. and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.)PR38]

Hepsabeth, w.John Coffin (s.Jethro and Hannah), d.Paul and Catharine (Coffin), 1:8m:1767.PR38

Dinah, d.Frederick and Mary, June19,1768. [w.Christopher Bunker (s.Christopher and Abigail), d.Frederic and Mary (Trott), 19:6m:1769 [dup. 1768]PR38]

Peter, s.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell), 21:7m:1768.PR38

Anna, ch.Christopher and Anna (second w.), 17:8m:1768.CR4 [d.Christopher and Anna (Joy) (second w.)PR38]

Barnebas, ch.George and Sarah, 4:9m:1768.CR4 [Barnabas, h.Elizabeth (d.John Wyer and Hepsabeth), s.George and Sarah (Coleman)PR38]

Judith, d.Thomas and Jedida (Pinkham), 16:9m:1768.PR38

Hepsabeth, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), 26:9m:1768.PR38

Elizabeth, w.Francis Mooers, w.David Folger Jr. (s.David and Anna (Pitts)), d.Solomon and Lydia (Russell), 13:11m:1768.PR38

Judith, ch.Daniel and Judith, Nov.26,1768. [Judith Jr., w.Deliverance Rogers, d.Daniel and Judith (Worth)PR38]

Timothy, ch.Timothy and Abial, 2:12m:1768.CR4 [Timothy Jr., h.Sarah (d.Francis Joy and Phebe), s.Timothy and Abial (Coleman).PR38]

Lydia, w.Benjamin Austin, ch.Shubael and Lydia, 27:12m:1768.CR4 [w.Benjamin Austin (s.Benjamin), d.Shubael and Lydia (Bunker)PR38]

Mary, ch.Reuben and Mary (second w.), 25:1m:1769.CR4 [d.Reuben and Mary (Ramsdell) (second w.)PR38]

Benjamin Franklin, ch.Timothy and Abial, 25:2m:1769.CR4 [h.Mary (d.George Lawrence and Judith), h.Deidamia (d.Jethro Barnard) (s.Stephen), s.Timothy and Abial (Coleman)PR38]

Ezekiel, ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 20:3m:1769.CR4 [s.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR14PR38]

Richard, ch.William and Ruth, 12:6m:1769.CR4 [s.William and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Elijah, ch.Tristram and Mary, 9:8m:1769.CR4 [s.Tristram and Mary (Coffin) (first w.)PR38]

Phebe, ch.William and Ruth, 21:9m:1768.CR4 [Phebe Hussey, Sept.21,1769.GR5; Folger, w.Uriah Hussey (s.George and Deborah), d.William and Ruth (Coffin), 21:9m:1768PR38]

Clement, ch.George and Sarah, 26:1m:1770.CR4 [h.Sally [dup. Sarah] (d.Jeremiah Gardner and Aphia), s.George and Sarah (Coleman)PR38]

Barnard, ch.Jonathan and Lydia, 16:4m:1770.CR4 [s.Jonathan and Lydia (Barnard)PR38]

Solomon, h.Hannah (wid.Henry Cleaveland, d.Ebenezer Rand Sr. and Hannah), h.Mary [dup. Polly] (wid.Robert C. Fisher, d.Ebenezer Rand Sr. and Hannah), s.Solomon and Lydia (Russell), 26:8m:1770.PR38

Jemima, ch.Barzilla and Miriam, 16:9m:1770.CR4 [w.Thaddeus Coffin (s.Tristram and Mary), d.Barzillai Jr. and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.)PR38]

Sally, w.Reuben Holmes (s.William), d.David and Anna (Pitts), 24:9m:1770.PR38

Peggy, second w.Sylvanus Ewer (s.Seth of Cape Cod), d.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell), 25:9m:1770.PR38

Elisha, s.Elisha and Deborah, Nov.8,1770. [Elisha Jr., h.Hepsabeth (d.Benjamin Allen and Abigail), h.Judith (d.Edward Starbuck Jr. and Lydia), s.Elisha and Deborah (Swain)PR38]

Albert, h.Susanna (d.Noah Pease and Anna), s.Seth and Anna (Ramsdell), 3:12m:1770.PR38

Anna, ch.William and Ruth, 25:3m:1771.CR4 [w.Thomas Coffin (s.Benjamin and Deborah), d.William and Ruth (Coffin)PR38]

Kezia, d.Frederick and Mary, July7,1771. [w.Hamilton Darling (s.John and Sarah), d.Frederic and Mary (Trott)PR38]

Rachael, w.David Baxter (s.Christopher and Mary), d.Owen and Eunice (Smith), 11:7m:1771.PR38

Christopher, s.Christopher and Susanna, Aug.29,1771. [ch.Christopher and Susanna (third w.)CR4; Christopher Jr., h.Rachael (d.Ebenezer Coleman and Mary), s.Christopher and Susanna (末末) (Gardner) (third w.)PR38]

Sally, ch.Shubael and Lydia, 9:11m:1771.CR4 [w.Sylvanus Pitts (s.Jonathan and Huldah), d.Shubael and Lydia (Bunker).PR38]

Phebe, m., ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 10:11m:1771.CR4 [d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR14; w.Samuel Coleman (s.Elihu and Elizabeth), d.Walter andElizabeth (Starbuck)PR38]

Mary, ch.Reuben and Mary (second w.), 18:11m:1771.CR4 [d.Reuben and Mary (Ramsdell) (second w.)PR38]

Mary, ch.Jonathan and Lydia, 10:5m:1772.CR4 [w.Gilbert Chase of Newport, RI, d.Jonathan Jr. and Lydia (Barnard)PR38]

Mary, w.Absalom Coffin (s.Obed and Phebe), d.Paul and Catharine (Coffin), 12:7m:1772.PR38

Moses, ch.Daniel and Judith, Sept.19,1772. [14:9m:CR4; s.Daniel and Judith (Worth)PR38]

Tristram, ch.Tristram and Mary, 25:10m:1772.CR4 [Tristram jr. [dup. 2d], h.Mary (d.Nathaniel Folger and Mary), s.Tristram and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Cleona, ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 10:1m:1773.CR4 [d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR14PR38]

Judith, ch.Barzilla and Miriam, 5:7m:1773.CR4 [w.Thaddeus Joy (s.Francis and Phebe), d.Barzillai and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.)PR38]

Isaac, s.Frederick and Mary, Aug.17,1773. [h.Love (d.Jethro Pinkham and Susanna), s.Frederic and Mary (Trott)PR38]

Mary, w.Tristram Folger 2d (s.Tristram and Mary), d.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), 19:12m:1773.PR38

Alexander, ch.George and Sarah, 22:12m:1773.CR4 [h.Rebecca (d.Walter Folger and Elizabeth), s.George and Sarah (Coleman)PR38]

Eunice, w.Jesse Bunker (s.Christopher and Abigail), d.Owen and Eunice (Smith), 25:12m:1773.PR38

Abigail, ch.Gilbert and Anna, 22:3m:1774.CR4 [w.Matthew Myrick (s.Joseph and Abigail), d.Gilbert and Anna (Gardner), 22:2m:PR38]

Mayhew, ch.William and Ruth, 9:3m:1774.CR4 [h.Mary (d.Francis Joy and Phebe), s.William and Ruth (Coffin)PR38]

Mary, d.Thomas and Jedida (Pinkham), 9:6m:1774.PR38

Elizabeth, ch.Jonathan and Lydia, 21:9m:1774.CR4 [d.Jonathan and Lydia (Barnard)PR38]

Aaron, ch.Daniel and Judith, Nov.13,1774. [h.Lydia (wid.Alexander Mooers, d.William Coffin), s.Daniel and Judith (Worth)PR38]

Richard, h.Mary (d.Peleg Bunker and Lydia (third w.)), s.Solomon and Lydia (Russell), 7:4m:1775.PR38

Deborah, second w.George Ray (s.John and Mary), d.Elisha and Deborah (Swain), 12:6m:1775.PR38

Charles, s.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell),末蔓末,1776.PR38

Aaron, ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 27:2m:1776.CR4 [s.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR14; h.Mary (d.Richard Thompson and Esther), s.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR38]

Mary, first w.David Cottle (s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman)), d.Owen and Eunice (Smith), 12:[dup. 10:] 6m:1776.PR38

Nancy, w.Charles Hatch (s.Moses of Falmouth), w.David White, d.Henry and Betsey (Coffin) (second w.), 15:8m:1776.PR38

Shubael, ch.Gilbert and Anna, 3:9m:1776.CR4 [s.Gilbert and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Deborah, ch.Tristram and Rhoda, 7:10m:1776.CR4 [w.Peleg CoggeshallPR5; w.Peleg Coggeshall Jr. (s.Peleg and Sarah), d.Tristram and Rhoda (Hussey)PR38]

Benjamin Franklin, ch.Barzilla and Miriam, 11:4m:1777.CR4 [s.Barzillai and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.)PR38]

Franklin, Apr.11,1777 [on slip of paper inserted in Bible].PR5

末末, s.Elizabeth, May14,1777.PR64

Thomas, h.Hannah (d.Joseph Gateskill of England), s.Thomas and Jedida (Pinkham),末蔓末,1778.PR38

Arnold, ch.George and Sarah, 2:3m:1778.CR4 [Mar.4PR38]

Rebecca, ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 23:3m:1778.CR4 [Rebeccah, w.Alexander Folger, d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR14; Rebecca, w.Alexander Folger (s.George and Sarah), d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck)PR38]

Abigail, ch.Reuben and Mary (second w.), 17:4m:1778.CR4 [divorced w.John Gurrell, second w.Benjamin Bailey (s.Jonathan), d.Reuben and Mary (Ramsdell) (second w.)PR38]

Benjamin, h.Hepsabeth (d.Shubael Gardner and Hepsabeth), h.Ruth (d.William Bunker and Abigail), h.Hannah Gibbs, s.Solomon and Lydia (Russell), 27:4m:1778.PR38

Obed, ch.Gilbert and Anna, 9:6m:1778.CR4 [h.Jane (d.Joseph Gateskill of London), s.Gilbert and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Daniel, h.Mary (d.Joseph Brown and Susanna), s.Elisha and Deborah (Swain), 1:7m:1778.PR38

Uriah, h.Anna (d.Latham Gardner and Priscilla), s.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell), 6:12m:1778.PR38

Charles, ch.Charles and Lydia, Feb.12,1779. [h.Judith (d.Robert Coffin and Lydia), h.Judith (wid.Valentine Coffin, d.Ebenezer Coffin and Mary), s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman), 12:2m:1780PR38]

Silvanus, ch.Silvanus and Avis, 28:3m:1779.CR4 [Sylvanus, s.Sylvanus and Avis (Slocum).PR38]

Peleg Slocum, ch.George Jr. and Rebecca, 21:7m:1779.CR4 [h.Ann (d.Jonathan Macy and Rose), h.Nancy (wid.John Fanning, d.Thaddeus Coffin and Ann), s.George and Rebecca (Slocum), 21:8m:PR38]

Susannah, ch.Abishai and Elizabeth,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [d.Abishia and Elizabeth, 18:8m:1779.PR34; Susan, w.Stephen Bailey [dup. Bayley] of Hudson, NY, d.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman), 18:8m:1779.PR38]

Lydia, ch.Tristram and Rhoda, 20:10m:1779.CR4 [d.Tristram and Rhoda (Hussey) (first w.)PR38]

Frederick, ch.Charles and Lydia, June16,1780. [h.Peggy (d.Shubael Macy and Eunice), s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman), 16:6m:1781PR38]

Phebe, ch.Gilbert and Anna, 21:8m:1780.CR4 [w.Jethro Fosdick (s.John and Elizabeth), w.Abraham Pollard (s.Jonathan and Hannah), d.Gilbert and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Sally, w.Ephraim Gurney, d.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell), 18:11m:1780.PR38

Gideon, ch.Walter and Elizabeth, 20:4m:1781.CR4 [s.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck), 20:4m:1780PR14; h.Eunice (d.Sylvanus Macy and Anna), s.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck), 20:4m:1780PR38]

Phebe, ch.Peregrine and Rachel, 30:8m:1781.CR4 [d.Peregrine and Rachael (Hussey)PR38]

Ruth, d.Elisha and Deborah (Swain), 18:9m:1781.PR38

Peleg, ch.Tristram and Rhoda, 26:9m:1781.CR4 [s.Tristram and Rhoda (Hussey) (first w.)PR38]

Phebe, w.Peleg Easton 2d (s.John and Mary of RI), d.Obadiah and Ruth (Macy), 19:7m:[2 written above 7] 1782.PR38

Hiram, ch.Charles and Lydia, June2,1782. [h.Avis (d.Bartlett Coffin and Sarah), s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman)PR38]

Sarah, ch.George Jr. and Rebecca, 13:6m:1782.CR4 [Sally, first w.Borden Chase, d.George Jr. and Rebecca (Slocum).PR38; June12.PR64]

Rowland, ch.Gilbert and Anna, 23:6m:1782.CR4 [s.Gilbert and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Anna, w.Benjamin Barnard (s.Thomas and Ruth), d.Seth and Anna (Ramsdell), 27:6m:1782.PR38

Sarah, ch.Benjamin and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [Sally, w.Abraham Reynolds of Hudson, d.Benjamin and Phebe (Worth),末蔓末,1783.PR38]

Judith, w.Elisha Clark (s.Joseph and Anna), d.Elisha and Deborah (Swain), 10:2m:1783.PR38

Susanna, ch.Tristram and Rhoda, 5:7m:1783.CR4 [d.Tristram and Rhoda (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Sally, w.Reuben Bowen of Rehoboth, RI, d.Henry and Elizabeth (Baker), 15:8m:1783.PR38

John, ch.Charles and Lydia, Mar.24,1784. [h.Lydia (d.Albertus Swain and Lydia), h.Phebe (d.Benjamin Coffin and Judith), s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman)PR38]

Eliza, w.James F. Chase (s.James and Mary), d.Joseph and Judith (Inott), 27:3m:1784 [sic].PR38

Susannah [dup. Susanna], ch.George Jr. and Rebecca, 28:4m:1784.CR4 [Susan, w.Benjamin Pell of NY, d.George and Rebecca (Slocum).PR38]

Deborah, d.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell), 18:5m:1784.PR38

Uriah, s.Elisha and Deborah (Swain), 27:12m:1784.PR38

Rebecca, w.Ebenezer Drew Jr. (s.Gershom and Mary), d.Seth and Anna (Ramsdell), 1:5m:1785.PR38

Giles, s.David and Peggy (Giles) (first w.), 29:7m:1785.PR38

William, ch.Charles and Lydia, Nov.7,1785. [h.Lucy (d.Thaddeus Folger and Margaret), h.Eliza (wid.Paul Bunker, d.Albert Coffin), s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Sally, d.Abishia and Elizabeth, 12:1m:1786, in Hudson, NY.PR34 [w.William Johnson of Hudson, d.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman).PR38]

Zaccheus, h.Betsey (d.Peter Ross and Love), s.Timothy and Hepsabeth (Chadwick), 9:4m:1786.PR38

Phebe, ch.Tristram and Rhoda, 15:7m:1786.CR4 [w.John Doane, d.Tristram and Rhoda (Hussey) (first w.), 15:9m:PR38; July17.PR64]

Walter, ch.Walter and Anna, 12:11m:1786.CR4 [h.Mary (d.Simeon Folger and Phebe), s.Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray).PR38]

Henry, h.Polly Hazell, h.Lucretia (Bennett) Huntoon, s.Henry and Elizabeth (Baker), 27:3m:1787.PR38

Eunice, ch.Peregrine and Rachel, 5:4m:1787.CR4 [d.Peregrine and Rachael (Hussey)PR38]

George Gill, ch.George Jr. and Rebecca, 18:4m:1787.CR4 [George G., h.Anna (d.Francis Barker and Deborah), s.George and Rebecca (Slocum), 18:4m:1788PR38]

Joshua, m., s.Obed and Susan (Coffin) (first w.), 13:5m:1787.PR38

Love, second w.Charles Russell (s.Reuben and Ruth), d.Gilbert and Anna (Gardner), 15:5m:1787.PR38

Lydia, ch.Charles and Lydia, Sept.17,1787. [w.Thaddeus Bunker (s.Charles and Mary), d.Charles and Lydia (Coleman)PR38]

Avis, w.John C. Pinkham (s.Matthew and Judith), d.Sylvanus and Margaret (Russell), 17:4m:1788.PR38

Sally [Folger], w.David Wood, May5,1788.GR3 [Folger, w.David Wood (s.Obadiah and Martha), d.Simeon and Phebe (Wyer), 5:7m.PR38]

Benjamin, s.Shubael and Mary, May30,1788.PR36 [h.Elizabeth and Sally (daughters of Benjamin Whippey and Eunice), s.Shubael and Mary (Gardner)PR38]

Susan, w.Henry Field, d.Francis and Susan (Folger), 9:6m:1788.PR38

Mary, w.William and Reuben Whiteus (sons of James Jr. and Anna), second w.Winslow Waldron, d.David and Susanna (Ellis) (Foy) (second w.), 19:6m:1788.PR38

Andrew, h.Cynthia or Percy (Buck), h.Experience, s.Henry and Elizabeth (Baker), 15:9m:1788.PR38

Robert, ch.Walter and Anna, 28:11m:1788.CR4 [h.Mary (d.Grafton Gardner and Abigail), s.Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray).PR38]

Lucy, w.William Folger (s.Charles and Lydia), d.Thaddeus and Margaret (Gardner) (first w.), 23:2m:1789.PR38

Charles, s.Seth and Anna (Ramsdell), 21:3m:1789.PR38

Lucretia, ch.Tristram and Rhoda, 13:4m:1789.CR4 [first w.Peleg Macy Jr. (s.Peleg and Sarah), d.Tristram and Rhoda (Hussey) (first w.)PR38]

Rebecca, w.John Paddack (s.Silas and Hepsabeth), d.Timothy and Hepsabeth (Chadwick), 15:5m:1789.PR38

Rachel, w.Benjamin Gardner (s.Prince and Deborah), d.Abishia and Elizabeth, 8:6m:1789 in Hudson, NYPR34 [d.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman)PR38]

Robert, ch.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, June27,1789.CR3 [s.Nathaniel and Betsey (Crosby).PR38]

Peleg, ch.Charles and Lydia, July13,1789. [h.Sally (d.John Addlington and Lydia), s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman)PR38]

Rebecca Slocum, ch.George Jr. and Rebecca, 3:9m:1789.CR4 [Rebecca Slocumb Folger, d.George and Rebecca (Slocum)PR38]

Polly [dup. Mary], w.Walter Folger (s.Walter and Anna), d.Simeon and Phebe (Wyer), 22:2m:1790.PR38

Reuben G., h.Nancy (d.Samuel Riddell and Judith), h.Eliza Ann (wid.Nahun Gurney, d.Jesse Bunker and Eunice), s.Seth and Elizabeth (Gardner), 16:5m:1790.PR38

Betsy, d.Shubael and Mary, Aug.5,1790.PR36 [Eliza, w.David Brayton (nephew of Robert), d.Shubael and Mary (Gardner)PR38]

Lydia, w.George Brown (s.Joseph and Susanna), d.Joseph and Judith (Inott), 8:8m:1790.PR38

Rebecca, w.Timothy Upham (s.Jonathan and Anna), d.Thaddeus and Margaret (Gardner) (first w.), 26:8m:1790.PR38

Sarah, d.Timothy and Sarah (Joy), 3:10m:1790.PR38

Thomas A., h.Judith and Sally (daughters of John Morris and Sally), s.Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray), 13:10m:1790.PR38

William, s.Elisha and Deborah (Swain),末蔓末,1791.PR38

Elizabeth, d.Charles and Lydia, Mar.14,1791. [first w.Edward Coffin (s.John and Susanna), d.Charles and Lydia (Coleman), 4:3m:PR38]

Susannah, ch.Peregrine and Rachel, 22:5m:1791.CR4 [d.Peregrine and Rachael (Hussey).PR38]

Betsey, ch.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Aug.19,1791.CR3 [second w.Armstrong Smith (s.George and Mary), d.Nathaniel and Betsey (Crosby)PR38]

Isabel, w.John Ridgeley, d.Frederic and Isabel Emmett, 7:9m:1791.PR38

Robert C., s.Abishia and Elizabeth, 26:9m:1791, in Hudson, NY.PR34 [h.Susan (d.Robert Macy and Anna), s.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman).PR38]

Phillip [dup. Philip] Howland ch.George Jr. and Rebecca, 7:3m:1792.CR4 [Philip H., h.Sarah (d.Edmond Macy and Susanna), h.Susan (d.Levi Starbuck and Elizabeth), h.Sarah and Anna (daughters of Zacheus Hussey and Lydia), s.George and Rebecca (Slocum)PR38]

James, h.Polly (wid.末末 Waters, d.Richard Green), h.Deborah Rogers, s.Henry and Elizabeth (Baker), 25:5m:1792.PR38

Shubael, s.Simeon and Phebe (Wyer), 15:7m:1792.PR38

Sally, w.Charles Nichols (s.William and Desire), d.Elisha and Deborah (Swain), 16:7m:1792.PR38

Avis, ch.Benjamin Franklin and Mary, 25:8m:1792.CR4

John, h.Emma (d.Solomon Swain and Eunice), h.Martha Hubbell (grand d.Jared Coffin of Hudson, NY), s.Elihu and Mary (Way) (first w.), 29:8m:1792.PR38

Sylvanus, s.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy), 31:10m:1792.PR38

Alfred, s.Charles and Lydia, Apr.10,1793. [h.Lydia (d.Abel Bunker and Betsey), h.Mary (Mooers) (Coffin) Allen, s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman), 4:4m:PR38]

Lucretia, d.Shubael and Mary, Apr.22,1793.PR36

Betsey, w.David Jenkins (s.Tristram and Anna), d.Thaddeus and Margaret (Gardner) (first w.), 12:5m:1793.PR38

Lydia, w.John Hunt (widr.of Ohio, formerly of Salem), d.Timothy and Hepsabeth (Chadwick), 23:5m:1793.PR38

Moses, ch.Peregrine and Rachel, 18:7m:1793.CR4 [h.Eliza (d.Jacob Morris and Mahitabel), s.Peregrine and Rachael (Hussey)PR38]

Phebe, w.Isaac Weiderhold (s.John), d.Sylvanus and Margaret (Russell), 17:1m:1794.PR38

Phebe, d.Abishia and Elizabeth, 1:2m:1794, in Hudson, NY.PR34 [w.Esborn Westcott, d.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman)PR38]

Alexander M., h.Rebecca (d.Grafton Gardner and Abigail), s.Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray), 22:3m:1794.PR38

Eliza, w.George Demandez of Flores, w.Benjamin Small of Cape Cod, d.Obed and Susan (Coffin) (first w.), 17:7m:1794.PR38

Frederic W., h.Hepsabeth (d.Benjamin Macy and Lydia of Hudson), s.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy), 1:8m:1794.PR38

Lucretia, d.Charles and Lydia, Dec.8,1794. [w.Frederic F. Swain (s.Alburtus and Lydia), d.Charles and Lydia (Coleman)PR38]

Jethro, h.Margaret (d.George Macy and Elizabeth), s.Elihu and Mary (Way) (first w.), 20:2m:1795.PR38

Isaiah, h.Sarah (d.Kimbal Starbuck and Mary), s.Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray), 11:5m:1795.PR38

Valina, w.Alexander Perry (s.Jonathan and Susanna), d.Francis and Susan (Folger), 10:7m:1795.PR38

Betsey, w.末末 Eldridge, d.William and Susan (Swain), 末:8m:1795 [see mar. of parents].PR38

Lydia, ch.Tristram and Rhoda, 3:8m:1795.CR4 [w.Reuben Jenkins (s.Tristram and Anna), second w.Peleg Macy Jr. (s.Peleg and Sarah), d.Tristram and Rhoda (Hussey) (first w.)PR38]

Tristram C., ch.Tristram and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [h.Nancy (d.Isaac Sisson and Elizabeth), s.Tristram 2d and Mary (Folger), 28:9m:1795.PR38]

Samuel Brown, ch.George Jr. and Rebecca, 21:11m:1795.CR4 [h.Nancy (d.Thomas Hillar and Elizabeth), s.George and Rebecca (Slocum), 21:10m.PR38]

Mary Ann, d.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy), 28:12m:1795.PR38

Noah, s.Albert and Susanna (Pease), 27:2m:1796.PR38

William, h.Rebecca, s.Obed and Susan (Coffin) (first w.), 15:3m:1796.PR38

Mark, s.Charles and Lydia, Aug.7,1796. [h.Nancy (d.Noah Swain and Polly), s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman)PR38]

Mary, ch.Peregrine and Rachel, 12:8m:1796.CR4 [d.Peregrine and Rachael (Hussey)PR38]

Thomas I., h.Lydia (d.William Wyer and Lydia of Beverly), s.Joseph and Judith (Inott), 8:11m:1796.PR38

Phebe, d.Seth and Anna (Ramsdell), 7:12m:1796.PR38

Eliza Ann, d.David and third w.(d.Solomon Folger), 23:3m:1797.PR38

Lydia, d.Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray), 24:8m:1797.PR38

Edward, s.Shubael and Mary, Sept.8,1797.PR36

Seth J., s.Abishia and Elizabeth, 1:11m:1797, in Hudson, NY.PR34 [h.Eliza B. (d.William Coffin (s.Stephen)), s.Abishai Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman).PR38]

Seth W., h.Lydia (d.Charles Clasby and Elizabeth), s.Elihu and Mary (Way) (first w.), 13:11m:1797.PR38

Reuben, h.Puella (d.Solomon Stuart of Marth's Vineyard), s.Henry and Elizabeth (Baker), 15:10m:1798 [dup. 1797].PR38

Elizabeth, w.Peter Bogart, d.Sylvanus and Margaret (Russell), 27:10m:1798.PR38

Lydia, d.Thaddeus and Anna (Worth), (second w.), 1:11m:1798.PR38

Albert, s.Albert and Susanna (Pease),末蔓末,1799.PR38

Edward J., s.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy), 16:2m:1799.PR38

Judith, ch.Peregrine and Rachel, 17:5m:1799.CR4 [w.Edward Hussey (s.Urial and Phebe), d.Peregrine and Rachel (Hussey)PR38]

Betsey, d.Hepsabeth (d.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer)), 30:5m:1799.PR38

Francis Jay, ch.Mayhew and w., 2:6m:1799.CR4 [s.Mayhew and Mary (Joy)PR38]

Francis, h.Rebecca (d.Reuben Dow and Elizabeth), s.Francis and Susan (Folger), 23:8m:1799.PR38

Elizabeth, w.Benjamin Hazleton of Hebron, NH, d.Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray), 23:9m:1799.PR38

Moses, h.Phebe (d.Stephen Remson and Sally), s.Isaac and Love (Pinkham), 30:9m:1799.PR38

Mary Ann, d.David and third w.(s.Solomon Folger), 24:1m:1800.PR38

Sarah, w.Thomas Barney (s.Daniel and Lydia), second w.Benjamin Chase (s.Peter and Elizabeth), d.Joseph and Judith (Inott), 10:2m:1800.PR38

Lucretia, d.Shubael and Mary, Mar.24,1800.PR36 [d.Shubael and Mary (Gardner)PR38]

Edward, h.Mary (d.Hezekiah Bunker and Lydia), s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman), 24:8m:1800.PR38

Rebecca, w.Samuel Brown (s.John and Deborah), d.Obed and Susan (Coffin) (first w.), 29:8m:1800.PR38

Charles M., h.Nancy (Obed Worth and Jennette), s.Aaron and Mary (Thompson), 3:12m:1800.PR38

Edward, h.Mary Ann (d.Jacob Andrews and Mary), s.Henry and Elizabeth (Baker),末蔓末,1801.PR38

Charles A., s.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy), 8:3m:1801.PR38

Caleb G., Mar.29,1801.GR3 [Caleb Gardner Folger, s.Shubael and MaryPR36; h.Mary (d.Job Macy and Anna), s.Shubael and Mary (Gardner)PR38]

Phebe, w.John Pitman (s.Samuel and Elizabeth), d.Isaac and Love (Pinkham), 8:5m:1801.PR38

William, ch.William Jr. and Susanna,末蔓末, 末末.Cr4 [William A., h.Phebe Dennison of L.I., s.William Jr. and Susan (Swian), 10:5m:1801.PR38]

Benjamin F., h.Hannah (d.Elishai M. Hinckley), h.Sarah (wid.Peleg Swain, d.Samuel Jenks), s.Thaddeus and Anna (Worth) (second w.), 25:6m:1801.PR38

末末, ch.Alexander and Rebecca, 27:6m:1801.CR4 [Alexander, s.Alexander and Rebecca (Folger).PR15PR38]

Robert I., h.Lydia (d.George Prince and Miriam), s.Joseph and Judith (Inott), 末:10m:1801.PR38

George Macy, ch.Peleg Slocum and Ann, 11:7m:1802.CR4

Judith, d.Shubael and Mary, Oct.15,1802.PR36 [d.Shubael and Mary (Gardner)PR38]

Obed, h.Sarah Halsey of L.I., s.Obed and Susan (Coffin) (first w.), 16:10m:1802.PR38

Sarah, ch.Aaron and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [w.Capt. Edwin Coffin (s.Gardner and Mary), d.Aaron and Mary (Thompson), 23:12m:1802.PR38]

Shubael, s.Albert and Susanna (Pease),末蔓末,1803.PR38

Elizabeth, ch.Mayhew and Mary, 7:2m:1803.CR4

Lydia, w.Gardner Swain (s.Timothy and Eunice), d.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy), 18:3m:1803.PR38

Rowland, h.Eliza Ann (d.Obed Luce and Desire), s.Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray), 13:4m:1803.PR38

John W., h.Caroline (d.Tristram Tobey and Clarissa), s.Barnabas and Elizabeth (Wyer), 29:7m:1803.PR38

Frederick W., Aug.23,1803 in Havre, De Grace, France.GR3 [h.Phebe Ann (d.George Clark and Phebe), s.Seth and Elizabeth [dup. Betsey] (Gardner)PR38]

Benjamin, s.Elihu and Mary (Pitts) (Bunker) (second w.), 27:8m:1803.PR38

Elizabeth, w.Thomas Brown (s.William and Elizabeth), d.Isaac and Love (Pinkham), 17:1m:1804.PR38

Judith [Folger, w.末末望 Bunker, Feb.8,1804.GR3 [Folger, w.Charles Bunker (s.Reuben R. and Rachael), d.Uriah and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Eliza Ann, ch.Peleg Slocum and Ann, 17:2m:1804.CR4 [w.Daniel Barney (s.Daniel and Lydia), w.Lewis Edwards of NY, d.Peleg Slocum and Ann (Macy)PR38]

Shubael G., s.Benjamin and Hepsabeth (Gardner) (first w.) 23:3m:1804.PR38

William Mayhew [dup. Mahew], ch.Mayhew [dup. Mahew] and Mary, 8:4m:1804.CR4 [h.Julia Ann, s.Mayhew and Mary (Joy).PR38]

George B., s.Richard and Mary (Bunker), 12:6m:1804.PR38

Alexander G., s.Clement and Sarah (Gardner), 29:9m:1804.PR38

Clarissa Folger, w.Capt. Charles B. Ray, Oct.18,1804.GR3 [Folger, w.Charles B. Ray (s.Obed and Lurania), d.Charles and Judith (Coffin) (first w.)PR38]

William H., s.Thaddeus and Anna (Worth) (second w.), 11:3m:1805.PR38

Susan P., w.John M. Russell (s.Shubael), w.John T. Burrill, d.Albert and Susanna (Pease), 17:3m:1805 [dup.末蔓末,1806].PR38

Seth Gardner, s.Shubael and Mary, Mar.20,1805.PR36

William S., s.Elishai Jr. and Hepsabeth (Allen) (first w.), 21:10m:1805.PR38

Ruth, w.John A. Brown (s.William and Elizabeth), d.Isaac and Love (Pinkham), 25:[dup. 24:] 10m:1805.PR38

Robert M., h.Susan (d.Peleg Folger and Sally), s.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy), 1:11m:1805.PR38

Frederic W., h.Phebe (d.Richard Long and Elizabeth), s.Frederic and Peggy (Macy), 22:12m:1805.PR38

William C., ch.Alexander and Rebecca, 8:1m:1806.CR4 [s.Alexander and Rebecca (Folger).PR15; h.Jane L. Middleton of RI, s.Alexander and Rebecca (Folger).PR38]

Walter, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 19:1m:1806.CR4

Mary Ann, ch.Peleg Slocum and Ann, 24:1m:1806.CR4 [w.Henry Phelon, w.Dr. Edward C. Ufford of Hadley, d.Peleg Slocum and Ann (Macy)PR38]

Edward R., Feb.20,1806.GR2 [h.Mary Ann (d.John Folger of Hudson), s.Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray), 26:2m:PR38]

Charles, s.Barnabas and Elizabeth (Wyer), 3:3m:1806.PR38

Thomas G., Oct.13,1806.GR3 [Thomas Gardner Folger, s.Shubael and Mary.PR36; h.Susan S. (Paddack), h.Ann W.PR37; h.Susan (d.David Paddack and Mary), h.Ann W. (wid.Frederic Gardner, d.Job Macy and Anna), s.Shubael and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Eliza, first w.Edward C. Swain (s.Silas and Lydia), d.Charles and Judith (Coffin) (first w.), 25:12m:1806.PR38

Mary, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 2:1m:1807.CR4

Andrew L., twin s.Seth and Elizabeth (Gardner), 27:3m:1807.PR38

Anne [Folger, w.末末望 Swain, Sept.6,1807.CR2 [w.Capt. Samuel B. SwainGR3; Ann Folger, w.Samuel B. Swain (s.Gilbert and Margaret), d.Uriah and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Edward S., m., s.Clement and Sarah (Gardner), 29:9m:1807.PR38

Barzillai, h.Harriet G. (d.Gardner Coffin and Mary), s.Aaron and Mary (Thompson), 4:2m:1808.PR38

Albert, ch.Alexander and Rebecca, 6:2m:1808.CR4 [s.Alexander and Rebecca (Folger)PR15]

Susan, w.Reuben Macy (s.Robert 3d of Hudson), second w.Charles G. Coffin (s.Zenas and Abial), d.John and Maria Van Loan, 19:4m:1808, in Hudson, NY.PR38

George Barckley, ch.Peleg Slocum and Ann, 26:4m:1808.CR4 [s.Peleg Slocum and Ann (Macy)PR38]

Uriah, h.Mary (d.John Pinkham), s.Elishai Jr. and Hepsabeth (Allen) (first w.), 31:5m:1808.PR38

Sarah, ch.Tristram and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [Sally, w.末末 Crane, d.Tristram 2d and Mary (Folger), 11:7m:1808.PR38]

Mary, w.末末, d.Richard and Mary (Bunker), 26:8m:1808.PR38

William R., h.Phebe (wid.Charles Lovelace, d.William Bennett and PHebe), s.Albert and Susanna (Pease), 29:10m:1808.PR38

Eliza, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 17:2m:1809.CR4

Charles A., h.Mary (d.Barzillai Burdett and Eunice), s.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.), 29:4m:1809.PR38

William B., h.Deborah (d.Stephen Gibbs and Deborah), s.Benjamin 2d and Ruth (Bunker) (second w.), 6:7m:1809.PR38

Susan B., w.Isaac Stockman of Newport, w.Isaac Hodges Jr., d.Daniel and Mary (Brown), 1:8m:1809.PR38

Eunice, w.末末 Davis, d.Frederic and Peggy (Macy), 11:8m:1809 [sic, see ch.d.1812, a.3, and mar. of Eunice].PR38

Sarah, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 4:11m:1809.CR4

Hannah M., w.末末 Ernst of NY, d.Thomas and Hannah (Gateskill),末蔓末,1810.PR38

Mary, w.Frederic Myrick (s.David and Peggy), d.Isaac and Love (Pinkham),末蔓末,1810.PR38

Sarah, d.Thaddeus and Anna (Worth) (second w.), 1:1m:1810.PR38

Sally [Folger], w.Joseph Mitchell, Jan.5,1810.GR3 [Folger, w.Joseph Mitchell (s.Laban and Elizabeth), d.Uriah and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Robert, h.Laura Ann (d.Aaron Snow), s.Charles and Judith (Coffin) (first w.), 6:1m:1810.PR38

Charles, h.Elizabeth Clayton, s.Elihu and Elizabeth Howland (fourth w.), 19:2m:1810.PR38

Peter B., m., s.Richard and Mary (Bunker), 19:3m:1810.PR38

George W., s.Walter Jr. and Mary (Folger), 4:7m:1810.PR38

Sarah, ch.George G. and Anna, 21:9m:1810.CR4 [w.Jonathan Prescott, w.Edmond Willitts of NY, d.George G. and Anna (Barker).PR38]

Josiah, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 13:10m:1810.CR4 [h.Mary (d.Micajah Swain and Priscilla), s.Gideon and Eunice (Macy)PR38]

Daniel, ch.Alexander and Rebecca, 27:10m:1810.CR4 [s.Alexander and Rebecca (Folger)PR15PR38]

George B., h.Lydia W. (d.Alexander Swift and Susan), s.Daniel and Mary (Brown),末蔓末,1811.PR38

Mary Ann, w.Edward R. Folger (s.Walter and Anna), d.John and Maria Van Loan of Hudson,末蔓末,1811 [dup. 23:3m:1810] in Hudson.PR38

Susan, w.Robert M. Folger (s.Timothy), d.Peleg and Sally (Addlington),末蔓末,1811.PR38

Margaret G. Folger, w.William Upham, Feb.16,1811.GR3 [Folger, w.William Upham (s.David and Elizabeth), d.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.)PR38]

Eliza, w.Charles Gifford (s.Robert C. and Ruth), d.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy),末蔓末,1812.PR38

Joseph W., h.Phebe Ann (d.James Thompson and Dianna), s.Walter Jr. and Mary (Folger),末蔓末,1812.PR38

Lydia B., w.William Dennis of Ohio, d.Richard and Mary (Bunker),末蔓末,1812.PR38

Shubael M., h.Joanna (d.Lemuel Clark and Jerushai of Martha's Vineyard), s.Frederic and Peggy (Macy),末蔓末,1812.PR38

Eliza, w.Timothy W. Austin (s.Daniel and Eunice), d.James and Polly (Green) (Waters) (first w.), 12:1m:1812.PR38

Hepsibeth Folger, w.Nathaniel Sprague, May14,1812.GR2 [Hepsabeth B. Folger, w.Nathaniel A. Sprague, d.Benjamin and Ruth (Bunker) (second w.)PR38]

Mary, ch.John and Lydia, 26:12m:1816.CR4 [w.James Austin (s.Joseph and Rachael), d.John and Lydia (Swain) (first w.), 7:7m:1812PR38]

Susan C., w.Nehemiah Fisher (s.Amazial and Lurania), d.Obed and Rebecca (Waterman) (third w.), 3:[8 written above 3], 8m:1812 [dup.末蔓末,1811].PR38

Paul M., ch.Gideon and Eunice, 8:8m:1812.CR4 [Dea.PaulGR2; Paul, h.Susan (d.Frederic Swain and Susan), s.Gideon and Eunice (Macy)PR38]

Peter, Sept.23,1812.GR3 [h.Mary Seaman (d.Charles F. Hussey and Sally), s.Uriah and Anna (Gardner)PR38]

Lydia M., w.Dr. Moses Frost of Maine, d.Elishai and Judith (Starbuck) (second w.), 1:11m:1812.PR38

Mary, w.William Clisby (s.John and Betsey), d.Nathaniel and Betsey, 22:11m:1812.PR38

George, h.Ann H. (d.Jesse Crosby and Susan), s.Obed and Rebecca (Waterman) (third w.),末蔓末,1813.PR38

Lydia C. [Folger, w.末末望 Field,末蔓末,1813.GR3 [Folger, w.Thomas B. Field (s.Henry and Susan), d.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.), 6:4m:PR38]

Mary, w.Albert Ray (s.Obed and Lurania), d.Charles and Judith (Coffin) (first w.),末蔓末,1813.PR38

Thomas P., s.Thomas and Hannah (Gateskill),末蔓末,1813.PR38

Francis B., ch.George G. and Anna, 10:3m:1813.CR4 [h.Lucretia (d.John Coleman and Phebe), s.George G. and Anna (Barker)PR38]

Betsy, d.Andrew and [? Percy (Buck) or Experience], 23:3m:1813.PR38

Henry, ch.Alexander and Rebecca, 4:7m:1813.CR4 [s.Alexander and Rebecca (Folger)PR15PR38]

Edwin, h.Lydia (d.Obed Pinkham and Rebecca), s.Peleg and Sally (Addlington), 20:9m:1813.PR38

Caroline, w.William Smith ("a stranger"), d.Andrew and [? Percy (Buck) or Experience],末蔓末,1814 [dup. 1817].PR38

Henry, s.James and Polly (Green) (Waters) (first w.),末蔓末,1814.PR38

Rebecca, first w.William H. Andrews (s.Jacob and Mary), d.Henry and Polly Hazell,末蔓末,1814.PR38

Andrew, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 18:9m:1814.CR4 [Andrew J., s.Gideon and Eunice (Macy)PR38]

Phebe, w.Hiram Bailey [dup. Bagley] (s.Benjamin and Abigail), d.Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy), 21:11m:1814.PR38

Andrew J., h.Mary (d.George Easton and Sarah), s.Thomas A. and Judith (Morris) (first w.),末蔓末,1815.PR38

Henry G., s.Thomas and Hannah (Gateskill),末蔓末,1815.PR38

Lydia, w.James Bowen (s.Reuben and Sally), d.Henry and Polly Hazell,末蔓末,1815.PR38

Lydia B., second w.Aaron Coffin (s.Barzillai and Rebecca), d.Hezekiah and Lucinda (Whippey),末蔓末,1815.PR38

Mary B., w.Charles W. Rand (s.Nathaniel and Anna), d.Walter Jr. and Mary (Folger),末蔓末,1815.PR38

Sarah, w.Frederic R. Sherman (s.Nathaniel and Hepsabeth), d.Daniel and Mary (Brown),末蔓末,1815.PR38

Sarah Maria, w.Lucien B. Bliss, d.Peleg Slocum and Ann (Macy),末蔓末,1815 [sic, see birth and death of Sally Maria].PR38

Susan, w.George Shiverick, d.Uriah and Anna (Gardner),末蔓末,1815.PR38

Edward S., h.Harriett Bartlett of Maine, s.Elishai Jr. and Judith (Starbuck) (second w.), 12:1m:1815.PR38

Sally Maria, ch.Peleg Slocum and Ann, 末:末m:末末 [dup. 26:1m:1815].CR4

Joseph M., h.Sarah W. (sister of "Randall or Nathan" Kelley of Cape Cod), s.Peleg and Sally (Addlington), 2:10m:1815.PR38

Franklin, h.Mary M. (d.Timothy Gardner and Lydia), s.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.),末蔓末,1816.PR38

George H., h.Susan and Mary Ann (daughters of Richard Mitchell and Fanny), s.Philip H. and Susan (Starbuck) (second w.),末蔓末,1816.PR38

James, s.James and Polly (Green) (Waters) (first w.),末蔓末,1816.PR38

Judith G., w.Henry C. Burdick (s.Christopher and Lydia), d.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1816.PR38

Rebecca Ann, ch.George G. and Anna, 5:12m:1815.CR4 [d.George G. and Anna (Barker),末蔓末,1816PR38]

Sarah C., w.Capt. John N. Rogers (s.Benjamin and Priscilla), w.David C. Barnard (s.Libni and Lydia (Paddack)), d.Charles and Judith (Coffin) (first w.), 末:7m:[dup. 18:8m:] 1816.PR38

Mary, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 15:11m:1816.CR4 [Mary F., w.C.W. Allen (s.John of Norton), d.Gideon and Eunice (Macy)PR38]

Henry B., h.Sarah (d.Alexander Swain and Elizabeth), h.Lydia C. (wid.John Smith), s.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1817.PR38

James, h.Harriett S. (d.Joshua Parker and Deborah), s.Daniel and Mary (Brown),末蔓末,1817.PR38

Judith M., second w.Joseph Mitchell (s.Laban), d.Thomas A. and Judith (Morris) (first w.),末蔓末,1817.PR38

Lydia, w.William Davis, d.Frederic and Peggy (Macy),末蔓末,1817.PR38

Thomas M., h.Delia Ann (d.Charles H. Barnard and Lydia), s.Aaron and Mary (Thompson), 15:2m:1817.PR38

Ann Maria Folger, w.Henry C. Worth, Sept.1,1817.GR2 [Folger, d.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar)PR38]

Charles C., h.Mary N. (d.John Bayley of New Bedford), s.Charles and Judith (Coffin) (first w.),末蔓末,1818.PR38

Charles J., h.Susan (d.Isaac Selover and Susan of Auburn), s.Thomas and Hannah (Gateskill),末蔓末,1818.PR38

George B., h.Sarah (sister of Edward Hammond of Rochester), s.Benjamin and Ruth (Bunker) (second w.),末蔓末,1818.PR38

Hiram, s.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.),末蔓末,1818.PR38

John M., h.Eliza (d.David Upham and Elizabeth), s.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1818.PR38

Phebe Ann, d.Walter Jr. and Mary (Folger),末蔓末,1818.PR38

Jane, w.Reuben J. Clark (s.William and Deborah), d.Peleg and Sally (Addlington), 9:3m:1818.PR38

Hepsabeth, w.Alpheus S. Hayward of Maine, d.Elishai and Judith (Starbuck) (second w.), 16:8m:1818.PR38

Lydia, ch.John and Lydia, 29:9m:1818.CR4 [Lydia S., w.Joseph B. Swain (s.Laban and Abigail), d.John and Lydia (Swain) (first w.)PR38]

Eliza, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 11:10m:1818.CR4 [w.John C. Paine of Rehoboth, d.Gideon and Eunice (Macy)PR38]

Edward S., s.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1819.PR38

George, h.Isabel (MacDonald), s.Henry and Polly Hazell,末蔓末,1819.PR38

Phebe, m., d.Andrew and [? Percy (Buck) or Experience],末蔓末,1819.PR38

Samuel G., h.Agnes Sowers of Ohio, s.Robert and Mary (Gardner),末蔓末,1819.PR38

Benjamin F., ch.Aaron and Mary, 30:12m:1819.CR4 [h.Lucretia (d.Robert Hussey and Miriam), s.Aaron and Mary (Thompson)PR38]

Alfred Jr., h.Sarah J.,末蔓末,1820.GR3 [h.Sarah J. (d.Asa Coffin and Hannah), s.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker)PR38]

Benjamin G., s.Benjamin and Hannah (Gibbs) (third w.),末蔓末,1820.PR38

Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Mary (Brown),末蔓末,1820.PR38

Frederic, h.Lucy Lawrence, s.Uriah and Anna (Gardner),末蔓末,1820 [dup.末蔓末,1819].PR38

George F., s.Frederic and Peggy (Macy),末蔓末,1820.PR38

Lydia B., w.William Westgate (s.James), d.Walter Jr. and Mary (Folger),末蔓末,1820.PR38

Pamelia, d.Henry and Polly Hazell,末蔓末,1820.PR38

Sarah, w.Charles S. Swain (s.Elihu and Lucretia), d.Alexander M. and Rebecca (Gardner),末蔓末,1820.PR38

Sarah H., w.Henry H. Jones (s.Daniel and Eliza), d.Philip H. and Sarah (Hussey) (third w.),末蔓末,1820.PR38

William M., h.Hannah P. Ryder of Cape Cod, s.Moses and Eliza (Morris),末蔓末,1820.PR38

David, h.Lydia M. (d.Briggs Wilbur and Jedida), s.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.),末蔓末,1821.PR38

Jane G., d.Thomas and Hannah (Gateskill),末蔓末,1821.PR38

Phebe, d.Charles and Judith (Coffin) (first w.),末蔓末,1821.PR38

William C. 2d, Capt.,末蔓末,1821.GR5 [h.Mary J. (d.Charles Fisher), s.Mark and Nancy (Swain).PR38]

William C., s.Robert and Mary (Gardner),末蔓末,1821.PR38

Francis M., h.Eliza Eaton of Maine, s.Elishai and Judith (Starbuck) (second w.), 31:12m:1821.PR38

Benjamin, s.Andrew and [? Percy (Buck) or Experience],末蔓末,1822.PR38

Oliver C., h.Mary F. (d.Valentine Holmes and Lydia), s.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1822.PR38

Phebe R., d.Benjamin and Hannah (Gibbs) (third w.),末蔓末,1822.PR38

Roland C., s.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1822.PR38

Sarah G., w.James M. Bunker 2d (s.William and Parnell), d.Moses and Eliza (Morris),末蔓末,1822.PR38

Walter Jr., s.Walter Jr. and Mary (Folger),末蔓末,1822.PR38

Lydia, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 5:5m:1822.CR4 [w.L.N. Fowler of NY, d.Gideon and Eunice (Macy)PR38]

Oliver C., Nov.2,1822 [in lot with Alfred Jr.]GR3

Sarah, w.Arthur H. Morse (brother of Arnold of CT), d.Peleg and Sally (Addington), 25:11m:1822.PR38

Gorham, ch.John and Lydia, 5:12m:1822.CR4

Charlotte R., w.Charles W. Cook (s.John of Newburyport), d.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar),末蔓末,1823.PR38

Elizabeth, w.Henry C. Macy, d.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.), 4:8m:1821 [sic, see David, dup.末蔓末,1823].PR38

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Hannah (Gibbs) (third w.),末蔓末,1823.PR38

William H., s.P.S. and Nancy (Coffin) (Fanning), July11,1823.PR18 [s.Peleg Slocum and Nancy (Coffin) (Fanning) (second w.).PR38]

Albert C., h.Mary Ann (d.Theophilas Key of Cape Cod), s.Charles and Judith (Coffin) (first w.),末蔓末,1824.PR38

Edward G., s.Alexander M. and Rebecca (Gardner),末蔓末,1824.PR38

Elizabeth Worth Folger, w.Edward W. Cobb, Sept.27,1823.GR2 [Folger, second w.Edward W. Cobb (s.George and Mary), d.Charles M. and Nancy (Worth),末蔓末,1824PR38]

Mary, d.Andrew and [? Percy (Buck) or Experience],末蔓末,1824.PR38

Rowland, h.Hepsabeth Ann Chase of Cape Cod, s.Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce),末蔓末,1824.PR38

Sarah, w.Henry S. Prouty, d.Edward and Mary Ann (Andrews), 末:末m:1824 [dup. 25:3m:1825]PR38

George M., s.Peleg and Sally (Addlington), 21:12m:1824.PR38

Emmeline, d.Benjamin and Hannah (Gibbs) (third w.),末蔓末,1825.PR38

George R., h.Catharine F. (d.James Macy and Eliza), s.Solomon and Polly (Rand) (Fisher) (second w.),末蔓末,1825.PR38

Maria, w.Cornelius Holmes, d.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1825.PR38

Mary C., w.Alexander Ray (s.Alexander and Sarah), w.Israel B. Barnes, d.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1825.PR38

Samuel B., s.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar),末蔓末,1825.PR38

Seth, h.Rachael C. (d.Reuben Joy and Mary), s.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.),末蔓末,1825.PR38

Ann, w.James W. Ferrill, d.Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce), 末:3m:1827 [dup.末蔓末,1826].PR38

Elizabeth, w.John Alexander of NY, d.Edward and Mary Ann (Andrews),末蔓末,1826.PR38

Eunice, d.Andrew and [? Percy (Buck) or Experience],末蔓末,1826.PR38

Joseph G., s.Thomas and Hannah (Gateskill),末蔓末,1826.PR38

Reuben S., h.Elizabeth S. Wade, h.Lydia F. (d.Oliver Chadwick and Sally), s.Reuben and Puella (Stewart), 末:末m:1826.PR38

Ebenezer R., h.Mary E. (d.George Hodges and Maria), s.Solomon and Polly (Rand) (Fisher) (second w.),末蔓末,1827.PR38

Eliza, w.Charles H. Coffin (s.Zimri and Abigail), d.Robert and Mary (Gardner),末蔓末,1827.PR38

Francis M., h.Mary B. (d.David Sprague and Lydia), s.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1827.PR38

Lydia C., w.Samuel Cobb (s.William and Lucretia), d.Moses and Eliza (Morris),末蔓末,1827.PR38

Philip H., h.Susan (d.John Cartwright and Ellen), s.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar),末蔓末,1827.PR38

Thomas G., s.Benjamin and Hannah (Gibbs) (third w.),末蔓末,1827.PR38

Lucretia, ch.Caleb G. and Mary F., Mar.10,1827.GR3 [d.Caleb G. and Mary (Macy)PR38]

Allen, ch.Gideon and Eunice, 1:5m:1827.CR4 [h.Delia M. (d.Reuben Barney and Mary), s.Gideon and Eunice (Macy)PR38]

Ann A., w.David R. Coleman (s.Job and Lydia), d.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker), 末:8m:1827.PR38

Mary Ann, w.William H. Smith of New Bedford, d.Peleg and Sally (Addlington), 14:8m:1827.PR38

Charles G., h.Hannah M. (d.William Raymond), s.Edward and Mary Ann (Andrews),末蔓末,1828.PR38

Henry, h.Mary Augusta (d.Henry A. Hinckley), s.Henry and Polly Hazell,末蔓末,1828.PR38

Josiah, s.Francis and Rebecca (Dow),末蔓末,1828.PR38

Benjamin F., h.Martha L. Newman of Maine, s.Elishai and Judith (Starbuck) (second w.), 25:5m:1828 [? in Kennebec].PR38

Ann M., w.Horace P. Coffin (s.Thaddeus and Eliza), d.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.), 12:11m:1828.PR38

Adaline C., d.Charles A. and Mary (Burditt),末蔓末,1829.PR38

Avis, w.Sylvanus Morey (s.Ellis and Rebecca), d.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1829.PR38

Benjamin H., h.末末 Leonard, s.Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce),末蔓末,1829.PR38

Cornelia B., d.Andrew and [? Percy (Buck) or Experience],末蔓末,1829.PR38

Edward P., h.Sarah E. (d.Joseph Webb), s.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar),末蔓末,1829.PR38

Lydia R., d.Benjamin and Hannah (Gibbs) (third w.),末蔓末,1829.PR38

William A., h.Mary Jane (d.George Coffin and Emmeline), h.Phebe C. (d.George Barnard and Mary (Russell)), s.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1829.PR38

Lucy G., idiot, d.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.),末蔓末,1830.PR38

Timothy B., h.Charlotte M. (d.William Burditt and Polly), s.Reuben P. and Susan (Coffin) (first w.),末蔓末,1830.PR38

Winnifred B., w.Thomas J. Herring of Boston (s.Roger and Selina), d.Robert and Mary (Gardner), 末:1m:1830.PR38

Eliza B., w.William C. Folger (s.Henry and Polly), d.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1831 [dup. 1832].PR38

Elizabeth H., w.William M. Barrett (s.John W. and Lydia), d.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar), 11:1m:1831.PR38

William C. 3d, "Father," Feb.5,1831.GR3 [h.Eliza B. (d.Alfred Folger and Lydia), s.Henry and Polly Hazell,末蔓末,1830.PR38]

Ann M., d.Caleb G. and Mary (Macy),末蔓末,1832.PR38

Henry S., s.Robert and Mary (Gardner),末蔓末,1832.PR38

Rebecca U., d.William and Lucy (Folger) (first w.),末蔓末,1832.PR38

Elizabeth C., first w.Frederick A. Dunham (s.George and Dianna), d.Moses and Phebe (Remson) (first w.), 2:2m:1832.PR38

Mary H., w.Francis B. Chase (s.James F. and Eliza), d.Moses and Eliza M. (Morris), 4:10m:1832.PR38

Daniel W., h.Eunice H. (d.William C. Swain and Mary), s.Charles A. and Mary (Burditt),末蔓末,1833.PR38

George F., h.Mary G. (d.Moses P. Ellis and Eliza), s.Isaiah and Sarah (Starbuck),末蔓末,1833.PR38

John S., s.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1833.PR38

Simeon, s.Walter Jr. and Mary (Folger),末蔓末,1833.PR38

Edward, s.Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce),末蔓末,1834.PR38

Harriet S., w.Seth Myrick (s.George and Eliza), d.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1834.PR38

Sarah B., w.Franklin S. Barnard (s.George and Merab), d.Moses and Phebe (Remson) (first w.), 6:2m:1834.PR38

Charles F., h.Nancy E. (d.Charles Murphy), s.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1835.PR38

George C., s.Robert and Mary (Gardner),末蔓末,1835.PR38

Andrew M., Rev., Feb.19,1835.GR2 [s.Paul and Susan (Swain)PR38]

Thomas Clarkson, Mar.2,1835. [s.Edward and Mary (Bunker).PR38]

Alexander, h.Judith C. (d.Alexander Barrett), s.Benjamin F. and Hannah (Hinckley) (first w.),末蔓末,1836.PR38

Charles F., h.Mary Abby (d.Henry Chase and Mary), s.Reuben P. and Susan (Coffin) (first w.),末蔓末,1836.PR38

Obed L., s.Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce),末蔓末,1836.PR38

Phebe H., d.Moses and Eliza (Morris),末蔓末,1836.PR38

Susan R., w.Alexander Dunham (s.George and Dianna), d.Moses and Phebe (Remson) (first w.) 28:5m:1836.PR38

Nancy E. [末末望, w.Charles F., Dec.21,1836.GR3

Albert F., h.Sarah S. (d.Gershom Phinney and Martha), s.Benjamin F. and Hannah (Hinckley) (first w.),末蔓末,1837.PR38

Ellery C., s.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar),末蔓末,1837.PR38

James, h.Phebe H. (Folger), s.Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce),末蔓末,1837.PR38

John Brown, ch.E.R. and M.A., bp. Jan.5,1845.CR1 [h.Emily B. (d.David C. Swain and Mary), s.Edward R. and Mary Ann (Folger), b.末蔓末,1837PR38]

Rebecca C., d.Robert and Mary (Gardner),末蔓末,1837.PR38

Timothy W., s.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1837.PR38

Uriah, s.Peter and Mary Seaman (Hussey),末蔓末,1837.PR38

William S., s.Paul and Susan (Swain),末蔓末,1837.PR38

Mary G., ch.Caleb G. and Mary F., Feb.10,1837.GR3

Avis C., w.Thomas Shannon, d.Shubael M. and Joanna (Clark),末蔓末,1838 [? in CA].PR38

Charles C., m., s.John W. and Caroline (Tobey),末蔓末,1838.PR38

Mary E., Sept.5,1839.GR2 [d.Paul and Susan (Swain),末蔓末,1838PR38]

Delia, w.James P. Dunham (s.George and Dianna), d.Moses and Phebe (Remson) (first w.), 26:2m:1838.PR38

Sarah W., w.George Greenman, d.Walter Jr. and Mary (Folger), 31:5m:1838.PR38

Adeline, w.Robert B. Coffin (s.George W. and Emeline), d.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker), 5:9m:1838.PR38

David J., s.Benjamin F. and Hannah (Hinckley) (first w.),末蔓末,1839.PR38

George A., s.Edward and Mary Ann (Andrews),末蔓末,1839.PR38

Sarah J., d.Peter and Mary Seaman (Hussey),末蔓末,1839.PR38

Susan C., w.Harrison Gardner (s.George C. and Delia), d.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1839.PR38

Francis L., s.George H. and Susan (Mitchell) (first w.), 末:10m:1839.PR38

Thomas P., s.Frederic W. and Phebe Ann (Clark), 12:12m:1839.PR38

Charles G., s.Robert and Mary (Gardner),末蔓末,1840.PR38

Charles M., s.Barzillai and Harriet G. (Coffin),末蔓末,1840.PR38

Daniel, s.Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce),末蔓末,1840.PR38

Eliza B., d.Caleb G. and Mary (Macy),末蔓末,1840.PR38

Hiram, s.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1840.PR38

Hiram C., "Father," h.Sarah E.,末蔓末,1840.GR3

Mary E., d.Reuben P. and Susan (Coffin) (first w.),末蔓末,1840.PR38

Seth G., s.Reuben G. and Eliza (Bunker) (Gurney) (second w.),末蔓末,1840.PR38

Sarah M., July14,1840.GR5 [d.Andrew J. and Mary (Easton).PR38]

Francis, m., s.John W. and Caroline (Tobey),末蔓末,1841.PR38

Lydia F., d.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末,1841.PR38

Martha W., w.Jonas Holden, d.Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce),末蔓末,1841.PR38

Phebe H., w.James Folger (s.Roland and Eliza Ann), d.Benjamin and Lucretia (Hussey),末蔓末,1841.PR38

Charles F., ch.Caleb G. and Mary F., Jan.26,1841.GR3

Orestes Brownson, s.Frederic W. and Phebe Ann (Clark), 15:6m:1841.PR38

末末, ch.George B., Nov.19,1841.

Franklin Jr., s.Franklin and Mary M. (Gardner),末蔓末,1842.PR38

Mary S., w.William L. Frothingham of Boston, d.Peter and Mary Seaman (Hussey),末蔓末,1842.PR38

Peter, h.Ann L. (d.Elijah Parker and Sarah W.), s.Mark and Nancy (Swain),末蔓末,1842.PR38

Mary P., d.Thomas G. and Susan S. (Paddack) (first w.), Mar.1,1842.PR37PR38

Susan S., d.George H. and Susan L., Apr.22,1842.GR3

Reuben C., s.Reuben P. and Susan (Coffin) (first w.), 8:6m:1842.PR38

Ellen, w.J.S. Van Atstyne, d.Andrew J. and Mary (Easton),末蔓末,1843.PR38

Franklin Hallett, s.Sarah, bp.末蔓末,1843.CR1 [s.Joseph M. and Sarah W. (Kelly), b.末蔓末,1842PR38]

George P., Aug.4,1841.GR2 [s.Paul and Susan (Swain),末蔓末,1843PR38]

Sarah A., d.Benjamin F. and Hannah (Hinckley) (first w.),末蔓末,1843.PR38

Lydia Winslow, d.George B., blacksmith, and Sarah [(Hammond)PR38], June8,1843.

Willet Seaman, s.Frederick, merchant, and Lucy L., June28,1843.

Susan, d.Paul, merchant, and Susan, Sept.11,1843. [Susan Wilson Folger, ch.Paul and Susan W.CR1; Susan M., Nov.11,1844.GR2; Susan W., d.Paul and Susan (Swain),末蔓末,1845.PR38]

George E., s.Edwin and Lydia (Pinkham),末蔓末,1844 [? in CA].PR38

Isaac H., s.Peter, merchant, and Mary, July7,1843. [h.Millie E. (d.William Dodson), h.Deborah (d.John Starbuck), s.Peter and Mary Seaman (Hussey),末蔓末,1844PR38]

Mary Abby, d.Edward, rope maker, and Mary Ann, July8,1843. [w.William W. Hillicker, d.Edward and Mary Ann (Andrews),末蔓末,1844PR38]

Sarah E., "Mother," w.Hiram C.,末蔓末,1844.GR3

Amanda L., d.Thomas M. and Delia Ann (Barnard), 9:2m:1844.PR38

Philip H., twin s.George H., merchant, and Susan L., Apr.9,1844. [George H.GR3]

Richard M., twin s.George H., merchant, and Susan L., Apr.9,1844.

Lydia, d.Roland carpenter, and Eliza Ann [Rowland and Eliza Ann (Luce)PR38], July6,1844.

Nathaniel H., s.Benjamin F., cooper, and Hannah, July20,1844.

Charlotte M., d.William 2d, cooper, and Phebe, Oct.4,1844.

Arthur, s.Andrew J., merchant, and Mary, Sept.11,1844. [s.Andrew J. and Mary (Easton),末蔓末,1845PR38]

Benjamin, s.Caleb G. and Mary (Macy),末蔓末,1845.PR38

Eugene, s.Charles A., blacksmith, and Mary, July13,1844. [s.Charles A. and Mary (Burditt),末蔓末,1845PR38]

Frederic Willetts, h.Carrie L. (d.Alpheus Stewart of Ohio), s.Frederic and Lucy Lawrence, adopted s.Samuel B. Swain and Ann (Folger),末蔓末,1845.PR38

Harriet C., d.Barzillai, mariner, and Harriet, July22,1844. [Harriet Coffin FolgerCR1; d.Barzillai and Harriet G. (Coffin),末蔓末,1845PR38]

Madison, s.Robert C., wheelwright, and Laura Ann, Apr.21 [dup. May21], 1845.

Edwin W., s.David, cooper, and Lydia M., June17,1845.

Eunice M., d.Josiah, merchant, and Mary S. [(Swain)PR38], July27,1845.

Elizabeth G., d.Frederick W., cabinet maker, and Phebe Ann, Nov.19,1845. [Elizabeth C.GR3; Elizabeth G., d.Frederic W. and Phebe Ann (Clark)PR38]

Roscius W., s.John W., mariner, and Caroline, Dec.25,1845. [s.John W. and Caroline (Tobey),末蔓末,1846.PR38]

Caroline L. [末末望, w.Frederick W.,末蔓末,1846.GR3

Elizabeth H., w.Charles C. Ray (s.Peleg and Sally), d.Walter Jr. and Mary (Folger),末蔓末,1846.PR38

Mary R., d.George B., blacksmith, and Sarah, Nov.6,1845. [d.George B. and Sarah (Hammond),末蔓末,1846PR38]

Edward P., s.Roland carpenter, and Eliza, Mar.15,1846.

Alexander S., s.Henry B., mariner, and Sarah (Swain)PR38; Mar.30,1846.

Arthur M., s.Joseph M., cooper, and Sarah W. [(Kelly)PR38], Apr.7,1846.

Lydia P., d.Thomas G. and Susan S. (Paddack) (first w.), July14,1846.PR37

Caroline A. [末末望, w.John B., Aug.15,1846.GR2

Charlotte M., d.William F., laborer, and Phebe, Dec.4,1846.

Augustus B., s.Thomas M., carpenter, and Delia, Dec.8,1846.

Mary E., d.Joseph, mariner, and Phebe Ann, Dec.10,1846.

Charles, s.Charles C., carpenter, and Mary A., Nov.26,1846. [h.Caroline (d.Asa Meiggs), s.Charles C. and Mary N. (Bayley),末蔓末,1847PR38]

Peter Jr., s.Peter, merchant, and Mary [Mary Seaman (Hussey).PR38], Jan.7,1847.

Lydia M., d.David, cooper, and Lydia M., Feb.4,1847. [Lydia M. Jr., d.David and Lydia M. (Wilbur)PR38]

Henery E., s.George, mariner, and Isabella [(MacDonald)PR38], Mar.19,1847.

David B., s.Caleb, mariner, and Mary [Caleb G. and Mary (Macy)PR38], Apr.13,1847.

Amelia, d.George H. and Mary Ann (Mitchell) (second w.), 10:5m:1847.PR38

Daniel, s.James, laborer, and Harriet, May13,1847.

Susan C., d.Reuben P., mariner, and Jane B., Sept.24,1847. [d.Reuben P. and Jane (Barney) (second w.),末蔓末,1848.PR38]

Lydia B., d.Alfred Jr., mariner, and Sarah [(Coffin)PR38], Nov.22,1847.

Sarah F., d.William M., laborer, and Hannah P., Dec.7,1847.

Mary C., d.Joseph W. and Phebe Ann (Thompson),末蔓末,1848.PR38

Mary G., w.George H. Cary (s.James and Margaret), d.Joseph M. and Sarah W. (Kelly),末蔓末,1848.PR38

末末, s.Roland, carpenter, and Eliza Ann, Apr.13,1848.

Mary L., d.Roland Jr., carpenter, and Hepzibeth [Hepsabeth Ann (Chase)PR38], Apr.29,1848.

Judith, d.Albert C., blacksmith, and Mary Ann, May19,1848.

Roland C., s.Alfred, merchant, and Mary A., Aug.24,1848. [s.Alfred and Mary (Mooers) (Allen) (second w.)末蔓末,1849.PR38]

Barzillai F., s.Barzillai T., mariner, and Harriet G., Apr.7,1848. [s.Barzillai and Harriet G. (Coffin),末蔓末,1849PR38]

Florence H., d.Ebenezer R. and Mary E. (Hodges),末蔓末,1849.PR38

James, twin s.David, laborer, and Lydia M., Feb.5,1849.

Rodney, twin s.David, laborer, and Lydia M., Feb.5,1849.

Sydney B., s.Alfred Jr., cooper, and Sarah J., Mar.14,1849.

Philip H., s.George H., merchant, and Mary Ann, Mar.19,1849.

John, h.Hepzibah (d.Micajah Swain and Eunice), s.Robert and Anna (Beard) (Gardner), 24:6m:1772.PR38

John, h.Hepzibah (d.Micajah Swain and Eunice), s.Robert and Anna (Beard) (Gardner), 24:6m:1772.PR38

John, h.Hepzibah (d.Micajah Swain and Eunice), s.Robert and Anna (Beard) (Gardner), 24:6m:1772.PR38


Joseph, h.Martha (d.Henry Rogers and Rhoda),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Joseph L., s.Joseph and Martha (Rogers),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

FORBUSH (Furbush)


Elizabeth, ch.Cuffy and Ruth, May26,1759.

Diana, ch.Cuffy and Ruth, June12,1761.

David, ch.Cuffy and Ruth, June20,1764.

Absalom, ch.Cuffy and Ruth, July6,1767.


Charles H., s.Peter ane Emily (Bigelow),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

James, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Coffin) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Jethro, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Coffin) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Jethro, h.Phebe (d.Gilbert Folger and Anna), s.John and Elizabeth Norton,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

John, s.John and Elizabeth Norton,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lydia, w.Henry Coffin (s.Henry and Mary), d.Benjamin and Priscilla [dup. Lydia (Coffin) (second w.)],末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Obed, h.Anna (d.Uriah Bunker), s.Benjamin Jr. and Mary (Coffin) (Brock),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Obed, s.Capt. Obed F. and Eliza (Pinkham) (first w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Anna, first w.Jonathan Ramsdell of Lynn, d.Jonathan and Sarah (Sprague), sister of Benjamin, 9:11m:1701.PR38

Benjamin, h.Priscilla (d.William Gardner and Hepsabeth), h.Lydia (d.John Coffin and Lydia), s.Jonathan and Sarah (Sprague), 20:12m:1713.PR38

Benjamin, h.Mary (wid.Thomas Brock Jr., d.Cromwell Coffin), s.Benjamin and Priscilla (Gardner) (first w.), 4:5m:1744.PR38

Sally, w.Jonathan Coffin (s.Robert and Susanna), d.Benjamin and Lydia (Coffin) (second w.), 26:10m:1752.PR38

Mary, second w.David Chadwick (s.Richard and Deborah), d.John and Elizabeth Norton, 12:11m:1754, sic, dup. 21:11m:1755].PR38

Jonathan, ch.John and Elizabeth [Elizabeth Norton.PR38], July4,1756.

Priscilla, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Coffin) (second w.), 13:7m:1756.PR38

Ann, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Coffin) (second w.), 3:8m:1758.PR38

William, ch.John and Elizabeth, July25,1760. [h.Mary (d.Benjamin Folger and Judith), s.John and Elizabeth Norton.PR38]

Peter, h.Ruhamah (d.Caleb Gardner and Abigail [sic, Thankful]), s.Benjamin and Lydia (Coffin) (second w.), 21:1m:1763.PR38

David, ch.John and Elizabeth, Mar.24,1762. [s.John and Elizabeth Norton, 24:3m:1763.PR38]

Phillisp, ch.John and Elizabeth, Sept.15,1764. [Philip, h.Hepsabeth (d.Francis Gardner and Anna), s.John and Elizabeth Norton.PR38]

Mary, first w.Jonathan C. Rathbone (s.Coggeshall), d.Benjamin and Lydia (Coffin) (second w.), 21:12m:1766.PR38

Catharine, w.Reuben Alley (s.Jacob and Eunice), d.John and Elizabeth Norton, 末:1m:1768.PR38

Elizabeth, w.Job Coleman (s.Enoch and Mary), w.Albert Coffin (s.Brown and Deborah), d.John and Elizabeth Norton, 21:7m:1771.PR38

Sally, w.David Pease (s.Elijah and Phebe), d.John and Betsey [dup. Elizabeth] Norton, 12:8m:1775.PR38

Reuben, h.Peggy (d.Ebenezer Fitch and Abigail), s.Benjamin Jr. and Mary (Coffin) (Brock), 12:10m:1778.PR38

Priscilla, first w.Ariel Coffin (s.Samuel and Eunice), d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary (Coffin) (Brock), 30:12m:1780 [see death of Priscilla also of Robert].PR38

Sally, w.Jethro Barrett (s.Nathaniel and Margaret), d.Peter and Ruhamah (Gardner), 29:3m:1788.PR38

Deborah, first w.George Allen (s.Daniel and Phebe), d.Peter and Ruhamah (Gardner), 8:3m:1790.PR38

Peter G., h.Emily (d.James Bigelow and Anna), s.Peter and Ruhamah (Gardner), 4:5m:1792.PR38

Frederic, s.Philip and Hepsabeth (Gardner), 10:12m:1792.PR38

Nancy, second w.James Drew (s.Gershom and Mary (Cobb)), d.Peter and Ruhamah (Gardner), 21:4m:1794.PR38

Lucretia, w.Peter Buckley, d.Philip and Hepsabeth (Gardner), 9:5m:1794.PR38

Eliza Ann, ch.Hepzibeth (wid.), bp. July24,1811.CR1 [w.George Sprague (s.John and Mary), w.Beriah Weeks of Maine, d.Philip and Hepsabeth (Gardner), b. 4:5m:1797.PR38]

John Philips, ch.Hepzibeth (wid.), bp. July24,1811.CR1 [s.Philip and Hepsabeth (Gardner), b. 7:6m:1799.PR38]

Obed, h.Eliza (d.Barzillai Pinkham and Deborah), h.Hannah (d.Oliver C. Gardner and Hannah), s.Jethro and Phebe (Folger), 28:11m:1801.PR38

Hepzabeth, ch.Hepzibeth (wid.), bp. July24,1811.CR1 [Hepsibeth, w.Frederick F. Bunker (s.Christopher Jr.), d.Philip and Hepsibeth (Gardner), 末:3m:1805 [dup. 1:3m:1806, sic, see Ann Gardner Fosdick].PR38]

George W., s.Reuben and Peggy (Fitch),末蔓末,1806.PR38

Ann Gardner, ch Hepzibeth (wid.), bp. July24,1811.CR1 [w.Isaac Gardner (s.Peleg and Hepsabeth), d.Philip and Hepsabeth (Gardner), b. 末:1m:1806 [dup. 9:1m:1805, sic. see Hepzabeth].PR38]

Charles, h.Martha S. (d.James Gibbs and Martha), s.Jethro and Phebe (Folger), 22:2m:1807.PR38

Robert F., h.Mary (d.Owen Bunker and Phebe), s.Reuben and Peggy (Fitch), 26:10m:1807.PR38

Charlotte Ann, Feb.9,1824.GR3 [d.Peter and Emily (Bigelow).PR38]

Caroline, d.Peter and Emily (Bigelow),末蔓末,1839.PR38

Martha J., w.Seth Addison Shurtleff of Carver, d.Charles and Martha S. (Gibbs), 1:1m:1840.PR38

Mary S., d.Charles, mariner, and Martha, Sept.1,1848. [w.James Hubert Adams, d.Charles and Martha S. (Gibbs), 1:9m:1849.PR38]

Maria J., d.Charels, mariner, and Martha, July12,1843. [w.末末 Ramsdell, d.Charles and Martha S. (Gibbs), 12:7m:1844.PR38]

John B.M., s.Obed F., mariner, and Hannah M. [(Gardner) (second w.).PR38], Aug.15,1847.

Oliver G., s.Obed and Hannah (Gardner) (second w.),末蔓末,1849.PR38


Thomas, ch.Thomas and Abigail, bp. Oct.26,1777.CR3


James, h.Lydia (d.Nathaniel Swain and Jane),末蔓末,1747.PR38

Phebe, w.Cornelius Morselander Jr., d.James and Lydia (Swain), 15:7m:1767.PR38

Betsey [dup. Elizabeth], w.Richard Long ("an Englishman"), d.James and Lydia (Swain), 11:8m:1770.PR38

Clement of New Bedford, h.Eliza C. (d.George Austin and Susan), 23:6m:1814.PR38

Edward A., s.Clement, mason, and Eliza [Eliza C. (Austin).PR38], Oct.9,1846.

Susan B., d.Clement, mariner, and Eliza C., July29,1848. [Susan G., w.William C. Gamons of Chicago, d.Clement and Eliza C. (Austin).PR38]


Charles, s.Obed and Love (Wolf),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Henry, s.Samuel (s.Samuel "from Scotland" and brother of Joseph) and Susan (Ellis),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Samuel Jr., s.Samuel (s.Samuel "from Scotland" and brother of Joseph) and Susan (Ellis,末蔓末,17末.PR38

Mary, second w.James Ramsdell (s.John and Rachel), d.Joseph and Abigail (Marshall), 26:9m:1762 [sic. dup. 1769].PR38

Obed, h.Hannah (d.Capt. Daniel Russell and Helpsabeth), s.Joseph and Abigail (Marshall), 30:11m:1766.PR38

Phebe, w.Reuben Wilcox ("They went to Ohio about 1812"), w.Thomas Myrick (s.Benjamin), d.Joseph and Abigail (Marshall),末蔓末,1770.PR38

Susan, second w.Reuben Maxey, w.Silas Folger (s.Frederic and Mary), d.Samuel (s.Samuel "from Scotland" and brothe rof Joseph) and Susan Ellis), 6:12m:1772.PR38

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail (Marshall),末蔓末,1773 [see Henry].PR38

Abigail, w.Joseph C. Hubbard, w.Richard Gay, second w.Kimbal Coffin, d.Obed and Hannah (Russell), 12:11m:1788.PR38

Henry, h.Ruth Baker of Cape Cod, twin s.Obed and Hannah (Russell), 25:1m:1791.PR38

Phebe, twin d.Obed and Hannah (Russell), 25:1m:1791.PR38

Joseph, h.Ruth Baker (wid.Henry Foy (brother of Joseph)), s.Obed and Hannah (Russell), 28:2m:1793.PR38

Charles, s.Obed and Hannah (Russell), 4:3m:1795.PR38

Obed, h.Love (d.John Wolf and Phebe), s.Obed and Hannah (Russell), 4:5m:1797.PR38

Lydia, w.Jefferson Wing (s.Scotter), d.Obed and Hannah (Russell), 30:10m:1799.PR38

Nancy, w.Peter Burns ("a stranger"), d.Obed and Hannah (Russell), 21:12m:末末[1802].PR38

Maria, w.John R. Beard (s.John Barrett and Hannah), d.Obed and Hannah (Russell), 21:3m:1805 [dup. 1804].PR38

Nancy B., w.Thomas Whelden of Martha's Vineyard, d.Obed and Love (Wolf),末蔓末,1823.PR38


Phebe, mother of Charlotte (w.John Burroughs of NY), d.Dennis and Phebe (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

George W., s.Joseph, laborer, and Lydia, Sept.9,1843.

Ann L., d.Joseph, laborer, and Lydia of N., May9,1847.


George, s.Benjamin and Jemima (Swain), 8:7m:1798.PR38


Ann P., d.Thomas and Alice (Fish),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Benjamin, s.Thomas and Alice (Fish),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Elizabeth, w.John Coggeshall of RI, d.Gideon,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

George, s.Thomas and Alice (Fish),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

John, s.Thomas and Alice (Fish),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Malcolm, s.Thomas and Alice (Fish),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Mary, w.Raymond Jones, d.Thomas and Alice (Fish),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Susan P., d.Thomas and Alice (Fish),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Thomas, s.Gideon and Eliza Anderson,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

William, h.Mary, s.Thomas and Alice (Fish),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

George of RI, h.Susanna (Paddack) Gardner, s.Gideon [sic, ? Thomas] of Portsmouth, RI, and Elizabeth Boomer, 25:11m:1740 [? in Portsmouth, RI].PR38

George, ch.George and Susanna, 15:1m:1769.CR4 [s.George of RI and Susanna (Paddack) (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.George and Susanna, 8:6m:1770.CR4 [w.Laban Mitchell (s.Richard and Hepsabeth), d.George of RI, and Susanna (Paddack) (Gardner).PR38]

Susannah, ch.George and Susanna, 25:2m:1772.CR4 [Susanna, first w.Barzillai Hussey (s.Benjamin and Phebe), d.George of RI and Susanna (Paddack) (Gardner).PR38]

Thomas, ch.George and Susanna, 14:8m:1774.CR4 [h.Alice (d.Stephen Fish and Ruth), s.George of RI and Susanna (Paddack) (Gardner).PR38]

Alice, ch.George and Susanna, 23:9m:1777.CR4 [w.Thomas Barnard (s.Shubael and Ruth), d.George of RI and Susanna (Paddack) (Gardner).PR38]

Gideon, ch.Thomas and Alice, 13:9m:1797.CR4 [h.Eliza Anderson, s.Thomas and Alice (Fish).PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Thomas and Alice, 14:12m:1798.CR4 [d.Thomas and Alice (Fish).PR38]


Edward, "an Englishman," h.Hepsabeth (Swain), 10:8m:1751[? 1750 0 written above 1].PR38

Charles B., h.Abigail (Haskel), h.Betsey (Haskell), 20:8m:1776.PR38

William of Pittston, ME, h.Aurora (Bartlett), 末:9m:1789.PR38

Sally, d.Charles B. and Abigail (Haskel) (first w.), 23:7m:1799.PR38

Jotham, formerly of Maine, h.Margaret, h.Nancy Montgomery (wid.), 13:10m:1800.PR38

Polly, d.Charles B. and Abigail (Haskel) (first w.), 16:3m:1801.PR38

Margaret, w.Jotham (formerly of Maine), 19:4m:1803.PR38

Abigail, d.Charles B. and Abigail (Haskel) (first w.), 29:6m:1803.PR38

Charles B., s.Charles B. and Abigail (Haskel) (first w.), 15:7m:1804.PR38

Eveline, d.Charles B. and Abigail (Haskel) (first w.), 24:12m:1806.PR38

Lucy, d.Charles B. and Abigail (Haskel) (first w.), 8:4m:1808.PR38

Job H., s.Charels B. and Abigail (Haskel) (first w.), 7:10m:1809.PR38



Anna Kelly, d.William S. of VT (s.Roger) and Rebecca (Coffin) (first w.),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Mary F., d.William S. of VT (s.Roger) and Rebecca (Coffin) (first w.), 末:9m:1831.PR38

Amelia H., w.Isaac C. Wilbour, d.William S. of VT (s.Roger) and Rebecca (Coffin) (first w.), 末:9m:1832.PR38

William Harrison, h.Jennie (d.Col. James H. Bowen), s.William S. of VT (s.Roger) and Rebecca (Coffin) (first w.), 末:8m:1838.PR38


William H., s.George (s.Belmont) and Eliza (Waldron), 14:12m:1838.PR38

George, h.Maria Salisbury, s.George (s.[sic] Belmont) and Eliza (Waldron), 末:2m:1841.PR38


Benjamin, h.Deborah (Folger), s.John and Tabitha (Trott),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

John Jr., s.John and Tabitha (Trott),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Rebecca, d.Benjamin (s.John) and Deborah (Folger),末蔓末, 末末. PR38

Mary, d.Benjamin and Deborah, Dec.21,1746. [w.James Williams, w.Nathan Parker, d.Benjamin (s.John) and Deborah (Folger), 1:1m:1746.PR38]

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Deborah, July28,1748. [d.Benjamin (s.John) and Deborah (Folger), 8:8m.PR38]

Deborah, d.Benjamin and Deborah, Nov.21,1750. [d.Benjamin (s.John) and Deborah (Folger), 2:12m:1750.PR38]

Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Deborah, Aug.26,1756. [s.Benjamin (s.John) and Deborah (Folger), 28:6m.PR38]


Benjamin B., ch.Isaac and Anna, 8:11m:1827.CR4


William, h.Elizabeth,末蔓末,1755.PR38

Elizabeth, w.William, 15:7m:1762.PR38

Jared, Mar.2,1786.GR4 [h.Betsey (Cash), s.Joseph, 2:3m:1788 [? 1789, 9 written above 8].PR38]

Allen, Capt., Oct.3,1786, in Barnstable.GR3 [h.Phebe (second w.), s.Zaccheus and Martha,末蔓末,1788.PR38]

Tirzah, see Tirzah Myrick.

Thomas, h.Sophia (Cash),末蔓末,1795.PR38

Ann C., w.Barzillai Grew (s.Samuel and Hepsabeth), d.William and Elizabeth, 末:6m:1800.PR38

Phebe, second w.Allen (s.Zaccheus and Martha), 27:11m:1801.PR38

Lydia, w.Benjamin Coffin (s.John and Susanna (Clark)), d.William and Elizabeth, 末:1m:1803.PR38

James G., s.Jared (s.Joseph) and Betsey (Cash), 2:12m:1815 [6 written above 5].PR38

Nancy, d.Allen and Phebe (second w.) [sic, see Catharine],末蔓末,1816.PR38

Catharine, d.Allen and first w.,末蔓末,1817.PR38

Andrew B., h.Mrs.Maria Tilton of Edgartown, s.Jared (s.Joseph) and Betsey (Cash), 5:4m:1819.PR38

Reuben, h.Almira H. (d.Sally (d.David Andrews and Phebe)), s.Thomas and Sophia (Cash), 27:7m:1820.PR38

William C., Capt., h.Elizabeth S. (Coffin), h.Mary B. (Coffin), s.Jared and Betsey (Cash), 末:11m:[dup. 10m] 1820.PR38

Phebe, d.Allen and Phebe (second w.),末蔓末,1823.PR38

Obed C., s.Jared (s.Joseph) and Betsey (Cash), 末:1m:1823.PR38

Charles N., twin s.Jared (s.Joseph) and Betsey (Cash), 末:1m:1825.PR38

Edwin, twin s.Jared (s.Joseph) and Betsey (Cash), 末:1m:1825.PR38

Caroline, d.Thomas and Sophia (Cash),末蔓末,1827.PR38

Pauline, w.John Nicholson (s.Isaiah and Sally), d.Allen and Phebe (second w.), 末:8m:1828.PR38

Mary B., w.末末 Egan, d.Jared (s.Joseph) and Betsey (Cash), 末:10m:1828.PR38

Allen B., h.Hannah M. (d.Nathaniel Fitzgerald and Eunice), s.Allena nd Phebe (second w.), 2:12m:1829.PR38

Alexander G., s.Jared (s.Joseph) and Betsey (Cash), 末:10m:1831.PR38

Emily, w.Paul Paddack (s.Jonathan andNancy), d.Jared (s.Joseph) and Betsey (Cash), 末:9m:1832.PR38

Henry G., s.Jared (s.Joseph) and Betsey (Cash), 末:9m:1836.PR38

Margaret J., d.William, mariner, and Mary, Mar.10,1845.

末末, s.Amasa, laborer, and Marian, Mar.10,1845.

Ann Eliza, d.William C., mariner, and Elizabeth S. [dup. omits S.], Feb.19,1846. [w.William H. Thomas (s.Ansel), d.William C. and Elizabeth (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]


Moses, h.Abby (d.Ellis Mowry), 16:5m:1813 [? in Green ME].PR38

Alice M., d.Moses and Abby (Mowry), 21:7m:1839.PR38


James, h.Priscilla (Hussey), 23:6m:1796.PR38

Thomas H., h.Harriet E. (d.Henry Ricketson Esq. of New Bedford), s.James and Priscilla (Hussey), 13:6m:1820.PR38

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