Nathan, h.Margaret (Gardner) (afterward w.Isaac Mayo), s.Jacob of M[artha's] Vineyard,末蔓末,1756.PR38 [lost at sea.PR60]

Nathaniel, 3:12m:1756.PR63

Jacob, 24:2m:1760.PR60 [Dagget.PR63]

Timothy, s.Nathan, 11:7m:1764.PR60 [Dagget.PR63]

Mercy, 末:7m:1771.PR60 [Dagget, 11:7m:PR63]

末末, ch.Jedidah, 27:12m:1772.PR60PR63

Hannah, w.Jacob of M[artha's] Vineyard, d.James Skiff and Sarah (Barnard),末蔓末,1773, a.86.PR38 [末:5m:PR60; 28:5m:PR63]

Mary M., d.Samuel, Feb.4,1821, a.21.PR63

末末, ch.James and Bridgett, still born, Aug.31,1848.


John, colored, small pox, Apr.19,1842, a.26.


Moses, h.Rachel, 12:4m:1811.CR4 [h.Rachael (d.Obed Mitchell and Lydia), 13:4m:PR38; a.27.PR63]

Anna, ch.Moses and Rachel, 18:8m:1812.CR4 [d.Moses and Rachael (Mitchell).PR38]


Seth, m., s.John and Sarah (Hussey), killed by a horse,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

末末, ch.John, 7:4m:1770.PR63

末末, ch.John, 2:8m:1790.PR63

Charles, h.Susanna (d.Ephraim Coffin), yellow fever, 末:4m:1810, in Jamaicai.PR38 [6:4m:PR63]

DAUGLASS (Douglass)

DAVENPORT (Devenport)

Thomas (Devenport), carpenter, billious cholic, Mar.10,1842, a.56. [Davenport, a.59.GR4; Davenport, h.Hannah (d.Benjamin Ellis (s.Freeman) and Phebe).PR38]

Hannah (Devenport), abscess, Dec.11,1842, a.52. [Davenport, w.Thomas, Dec.12.GR4 Davenport, w.Thomas, "No chn.," d.Benjamin Ellis (s.Freeman) and Phebe (Long) [dup. 12:12m:].PR38]


末末, ch.John, 13:4m:1736.PR63

末末, ch.Thomas, 8:8m:1756.PR63

Joseph, 15:12m:1765.PR63

末末, ch.Joseph, 18:9m:1805.PR63

末末, twin ch.Chartes, 15:8m:1808.PR63

末末, ch.CharIes, 末:10m:1814.PR63

Joseph 2d., h.Jemima (d.Simon Glover and Lydia (Fitch)), 末:12m:1815, a.45, in Canada.PR38 [30:12m:PR63]

Sylvia, 25:10m:1816, a.30.PR63

Hannah, w.Charles, d.Elijah Gardner and Helena (Huntley), 13:8m:1817.PR38 [a.37y.10m.PR63]

末末, ch.Charles, Aug.29,1817.PR63

Zadoc, Dec.20,1818, a.30y.1m.PR63

John, "an Englishman," h.Susanna (d.Seth Russell and Abigail), 末:5m:1819, a.48, at sea.PR38 [May27, a.48y.1m.PR63]

Charles,末蔓末,1820, at sea.CR3

Charles, h.Hannah (d.Elijah Gardner and Helena), 末:3m:1821, in the West Indies.PR38 [Feb.20,1821, a.43y.6m.PR63]

Susanna, w.John ("an Englishman"), d.Seth Russell and Abigail (Meader), 11:4m:1826.PR38

Joseph, h.Thankful (d.James Baker and Elizabeth), Jan.31,1834, in Worcester Asylum.PR38

Hannah, w.Walter of Falmouth, Mar.26,1835, a.61y.3m.PR62

David, "formerly of Nantucket," May18,1835, a.55y.6m., in Barnstable.PR62

Elisha T., Sept.30,1835, a.28y.4m.GR2 [Elishai F., h.Mary (Drew), s.Joseph and Thankful (Baker), lost at sea,末蔓末,1836.PR38; Elisha T., chief mate of the Ship John Wells, of Newbury, s.Joseph dec壇, killed by a whale, 末蔓,1836, a.27y.6m., round Cape Horn.PR62]

Abial, w.Benjamin of Kennebec, formerly w.Silas Grew, d.Benjamin Clark and Abigail (Moores), 21:2m:1844, at Quaise fire.PR38

Benjamin of Kennebec, h.Abial (wid.Silas Grew, d.Benjamin Clark), 21:2m:1844.PR38

Wealthy, ch.Benjamin and Abial (Clark) (Grew), Feb.21,1844, a.53, at Quaise fire.PR38

末末, s.William and Lydia, Apr.11,1846, a.3m.


Beulah, w.Joseph (s.Ambrose and Mahitabel), d.Charles Stewart and Margaret of Martha's Vineyard, 11:7m:1765.PR38 [10:7m:PR63]

Joseph, h.Beulah (d.Charles Stewart of M[artha's] Vineyard), s.Ambrose Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner), 菟erished on the ice," Dec.15,1765.PR38

Mary, second w.Ambrose Jr., Feb.1,1768, a.89.PR38


末末, ch.William, Oct.2,1817.PR63

末末, ch.William, Oct.31,1819, a.2m.PR63

Love, Oct.3,1839.CR3 [w.William, d.William Perkins and Eunice (Ellis), 4:10m:PR38; w.William, d.William Perkins, Oct.4, a.47y.1m.PR62]


Jane, w.Nathaniel F., consumption, June25,1843, a.19. [Jane M., June23, a.18.PR38]


Charles, see Samuel.

末末, ch.Nehemiah, 3:1m:1817, a.4m.PR63

Samuel or Charles, s.Nehemiah and Peggy (Silvary), Aug.12,1822.PR38

Peggy, first w.Nehemiah (s.Silas and Hannah), d.末末 Silvary of New York, 10:6m:1833.PR38

William, m., mariner, ch.Nehemiah and Margaret, cholera, Sept.4,1846, a.32. [William H., a.34, in NY.GRI; William, h.Abby (Hussey), s.Nehemiah and Peggy (Silvary).PR38]

DEAN (Deane)

Josiah, Oct.14,1818, a.70.PR63

Silas (Deane), Sept.19,1819, a.63.PR63

Lydia, first w.William of Lynn., d.William Rotch Jr. and Elizabeth (Barney), 10:3m:1822, a.47 [or 49].PR38


George, Sept.9,1819, a.69.PR63


Elizabeth (Coffin), Apr.26,1829.CR2 [Defriez, w.Capt. Henry I., d.Thaddeus Coffin and Ann, Apr.27, a.30y.7m.GR3; Defrieze, w.Henry I. of England (s.Richard and Elizabeth), d.Thaddeus Coffin and Ann (Parker), 26:4m:PR38]

末末, (Defriez), inf.d.Capt. Henry I., Nov.15,1838.PR62

Henry, single, merchant [merchant written in pencil above mariner crossed out in pencil], ch.Henry I. and Elizabeth C., consumption, Apr.11,1846, a.26. [Henry Coffin Defreese, Apr.10, in Boston.GR3; Henry Defrieze Jr,. s.Henry I. and Betsey (Coffin).PR38]


Geoffrey, see Jeffry.

末末, ch.Thomas, 23:6m:1768.PR63

末末, ch.Thomas, 8:12m:1785.PR63 ["oldest" ch.Thomas Jr., hooping cough, Dec.9, a.3y.6m.PR64]

Elizabeth [dup. Betsey], w.Thomas (s.Thomas and Elizabeth), d.Obed Hussey and Mary (Calef) (second w.), 12:[12 written above 18] 2m:1792.PR38 [w.Thomas Jr., 18:2m:PR63; Betsey, 18:2m:PR64]

末末, ch.Geoffrey, 28:12m:1794.PR63

Thomas Sr., h.Elizabeth (d.Stephen Swain and Eleanor), s.Harrie and Mary (Peckham), 10:11m:1799, a.67.PR38 ["after a long languishing illness," 23:10m:PR61; 18:10m:PR63; Capt., bur. Oct.25.PR64]

Elizabeth, w.Thomas Sr. (s.Harrie and Mary (Peckham)), d.Stephen Swain and Eleanor (Ellis) (first w.), 末:5m:1811, a.82.PR38

Eunice, d.Jeffry and Sarah (Kidder), 12:9m:1813, a.17.PR38

Thomas, h.Elizabeth (Hussey), h.Susanna Tallman, s.Thomas Sr. and Elizabeth (Swain), "Drowned off a fishing from NB," 末:2m:1821, a.67.PR38

Jeffry, h.Sarah (d.Stephen Kidder and Eunice), "fell in a Ships Hold & killed himself," 23:4m:1821, a.54y.6m.PR38 ["Jeffery (Geoffrey). "PR63]

James, ch.James and Elizabeth, 24:3m:1832.CR4

Sarah, w.Jeffry, d.Stephen Kidder and Eunice, 2:9m:1836, in Asylum.PR38

末末, Capt., "of the Packet Ship." Mar.末,1837, a.40y.9m., "on his passage from New York for Liverpool."PR62


Thomas, Capt., of Barnstable, s.James and Mary, "Cast ashore. & perished in ye Snowstorm," Dec.6,1771, a.26y.7m.11d.GR1


George, Jan.22,1841.CR3

DENISON (Dennison)


George, h.Elizabeth (d.Seth Coffin and Susanna), s.Augustus of Halifax, Dec.末,1819, "on the coast of CA. "PR38


Joseph M., Aug.25,1817.PR63

Abial, w.Shadrack, d.Jonathan Hussey and Hepzibah (Starbuck), 13:5m:1838, a.91, in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY.PR38 [wid.Shadrach, May11, a.92y.6m.PR62]

Eliza Ann, w.William H., Sept.2,1840, a.26.GR3 [w.William H. of Wareham, d.Charles Shute and Lydia (Luce) (first w.).PR38]

DENNISON (Denison, Denniston)

末末, (Denniston), w.Joseph, 21:10m:1771.PR63

Reuben S. (Denison), s.James W. and Sarah, Dec.26,1831, a.2y.9m.17d.GR6

Sarah Ann (Denison), d.James W. and Sarah, Oct.4,1834, a.1.GR6 [Dennison, canker rash, a.1y.1m.PR62]

John, ch.James and Mary, dysentary.Sept.3,1847, a.2.


Abigail, Indian, Dec.21,1817.PR63

Mary, d.John and Elizabeth (Perkins), 11:8m:1818.PR38 [a.21y.3m.PR63]

John, h.Elizabeth (d.John Perkins), Aug.末,1824.PR38

Joseph, s.John and Elizabeth (Perkins), Mar.2,1825.PR38

Elizabeth, w.John, d.John Perkins and Mercy (Johnson), 24:2m:1827.PR38

Judith, first w.Thomas of the West Indies, d.Barzillai Jones and Sally (Gardner), 7:8m:[8 written above 6, dup. 6m:] 1828.PR38 [June7.PR57]

Judith J., d.Thomas and Anna G., Oct.16,1833, a.3y.9m.24d.GR1 [d.Thomas and Anna (Chase) (second w), 18:10m:PR38]

Thomas J., s.Thomas and Judith (Jones),末蔓末,1847.PR38 [Apr.17.PR57]

DEVENPORT (Davenport)

DEVENS (Devon)

Samuel, 28:4m:1775.PR63

DEVON (Devens)

Judith, w.William of Boston, d.Jonathan Upham and Ruth (Pease) (first w.),末蔓末,1775.PR38


Rebecca, w.末末, d.William Coffin and Ann (Holmes), July26,1763.PR38

Samuel, 4:5m:1816, a.55.PR63

Martha, wid., mother of Abigail Boardman, May28,1837, a.87y.8m.PR62

William Leander of Mansfield, Windham Co., CT, May6,1839, a.30.PR62


DIHON (Dixon)

DILLERO (Dilroe)


Dinah, w.Paul, d.James Clark and Rachel (Trott), Apr.18,1835.PR38 [wid.Paul, suddenly, Apr.13 [dup. 17] a.76y.2m.PR62]


William of Maine, h.Love (d.David Swain and Hannah), "Fell from mast head and was killed," July末,1796, at sea.PR38 [Dillero, 14:7m:PR63]

DIMMOCK (Dimmick)

Ansel (Dimmick), 10:1m:1815.PR63

Celia, w.Braddock Esq., consumption, Dec.28,1834, a.67y.6m., in Falmouth.PR62

Sarah, w.Hon. Braddock, Feb.28,1836, a.53y.3m.PR62


Joseph, mariner, b. Sandwich Island consumption, June26,1843, a.26.

DIXON (Dixon)

Sibel (Dihan). w.Edward, Dec.30,1813, in 66th y.GR1 [Sybil Dixon, 末:12m:1814.PR38; Sybil Dickson, 22:12m:1813, a.71y.11m.PR63]

末末, Mr., bur. Jan.1,1814, a."old."PR64

Eliza, d.Robert, Feb.2,1820, a.15.CR1 [d.Robert and Phebe (Hussey), 17:2m:PR38 Feb.17, a.15y.5m.PR63]

Robert, h.Phebe (d.David Hussey and Lydia), s.Edward and Sybil, May28,1824.PR38

Edward, May末,1828.CR1 [Apr.29, in 77th y.GR1 h.Sybil, h.Mary Baker (wid.), Apr.29.PR38]

James, sailor, scurvy,末蔓末,1834, a.23, "on the off shore ground."PR62


Entice, w.Jethro, d.Silvanus Allen and Jemima (Starbuck),末蔓末,1805.PR38

末末, ch.John, 26:3m:1810.PR63

Elizabeth G., d.Elisha and Nancy, brain fever, Nov.1,1843, a.11y.6m.[Elizabeth Green Doane, Oct.29, a.11y.6m.15d.GR2; Elizabeth G., d.Elishai of Falmouth and Nancy (Coffin), 29:10m:PR38]


末末, ch.Newel, 29:7m:1768.PR63

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.16,1822, a.9m.6d.GR3

Joseph Havens, s.Joseph and Sarah, June7,1828, a.15m.20d.GR3

Charles Tyler, s.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.23,1833, a.21m.21d.GR3

Joseph, m., merchant, consumption, Nov.21,1846, a.56. [Nov.17, a.59.GR3]

DOHARTY (Dougherty)

DOLAN (Dowlin)

末末, s.Patrick and Mary, croup, Nov.1,1847, a.28d.


William Jr., ch.William and Susan, whooping cough, July23,1846, a.8m.[William R., s.William C. and Susan C., July22,1840 [sic].GR1]

DOTA (Dougherty, Doughty)




Theodore L. (Doughty), Apr.末,1844, in Charleston, SC.CR3

DOUGHERTY (Doharty, Dota)

Charles (Doharty), s.Charles and Mary, consumption, Feb.20,1846, a.1.

末末, d.James and Mary, Apr.19,1846, a.3m.

Dorothea, wid., b. Ireland old age, Sept.7,1846, a.71.

末末, ch.Charles and Mary, stillborn, July18,1848.

DOUGLASS (Dauglass)

Mary (Dauglass), w.Mikel, July4,1834, a.66.GR6

Michael, "a Cape di Verde Portuguese Negro," drowned, Mar.16,1836, a.70y.10m.PR62

DOW (Dowe)

Abigail (Dowe), w.Henry, 4:3m:1785.CR4 [Dow, w.Henry (s.Samuel), wid.Jethro Gardner, d.Stephen Chase and Patience (Marshall), 4:4m:[dup. 3m:] 1786.PR38; Dow, 21:3m:1786.PR63]

Huldah, second w.Henry, wid.Jonathan Pitts (s.Jonathan and Jedida), d.Jonathan Coleman and Mahitable (Davis), 25:9m:1789.PR38

Rebecca (Dowe), ch.Henry and Abigail, 8:9m:1795.CR4 [Dow, d.Henry and Abigail (Chase) (Gardner).PR38; Dow, w.[sic, d.] Henry, 7:9m.PR63; Dow, Sept.8.PR64]

末末, ch.Samuel, 18:7m:1799.PR63

Henry, h.Abigail (wid.Jethro Gardner, d.Stephen Chase), h.Huldah (wid.Jonathan Pitts, d.Jonathan Coleman and Mahitabel), h.Molly (wid.Lenza Wharton), s.Samuel of Salisbury, 5:11m:1802, a.61.PR38

末末, ch.Samuel, 13:8m:1810.PR63

Nancy, w.George (s.Samuel and Lydia), d.Nathan Long and Mary (Folger), 10:12m:1818, a.20.PR38 [Dec.8.PR63]

末末, ch.George, July26,1819.PR63

Reuben (Dowe) [dup. h.Elisabeth], ch.Henry and Abigail, 18:2m:1822.CR4; [Dow, h.Elizabeth (Bunker), s.Henry and Abigail (Chase) (Gardner), Feb.16.PR38]

DOWLIN (Dolan)

Anthony, single, laborer, b. Europe [Ireland written in pencil above Europe], consumption, Nov.7,1845, a.82. [Dowling, colored, of Alexandria, DC.PR38]


Deborah, w.Nathaniel, d.Jonathan Russell and Patience (Swain), 19:12m:1776.PR38 [19:12m:1766.PR63]

Lydia, wid.Capt. Jonathan, Nov.17,1829, a.77.GR1 [d.Enoch Coffin and Love, 12:10m.PR38]


Charles M., teething, May15,1842, a.1y.4m.


Lydia, w.Abijah of Boston, d.Hezekiah Swain and Lydia (Fish),末蔓末,1846.PR38


末末, ch.Gershom, 5:10m:1778.PR63

George G., s.Gershom and Abigail (Gardner), Aug.末,1808.PR38

George, h.Sally Anvers of New Bedford, s.Gershom and Mary (Cobb), 5:8m:1808.PR38

Gershom, 末:9m:1809.CR4 [ Sept.16, in 60th y.GR1; h.Mary (Cobb), 17:9m:PR38; Gersham, 17:9m:PR63]

Polly, wid.Gersham, 末:11m:1809.CR4 [Mary, Nov.17, in 58th y.GR1; Mary, d.末末 Cobb of Duxbury, Nov.17, a.57y.11m.23d.PR38; Mary, l7:11m:PR63]

Deborah C., d.James and Hannah (Coffin), Feb.25,1811 [sic].PR38

Edwin, s.Gershom and Abigail (Gardner), drowned, 20:10m:1812, in NY.PR38 [10:10m:, a.12y.9m.PR63]

Ebenezer, June末,1815.CR1 [June18, in 68th y.GR1; h.Hannah, brother of Gershom, 18:6m.PR38; 18:6m:, a.67y.4m.PR63]

Hannah, w.James (s.Gershom and Mary), d.Brown Coffin and Deborah (Coleman), 11:3m:1816.PR38 [a.23y.2m.PR63]

末末, ch.James, 23:5m:1816, a.abt. 1.PR63

末末, ch.Gorham, Sept.21,1819, a.6m.PR63

Priscilla, w.Capt. Alexander, Feb.18,1820, a.30y.9m.11d.GR1 [w.Alexander (s.Gershom), d.Uriah Bunker and Margaret (Clark).PR38; Feb.17, a.30y.9m.PR63]

末末, ch.James, Feb.25,1821, a.81y.10m.PR63

Della Maria, d.Charles and Phebe, Oct.25,1822, a.5y.1m.GR1 [Della Maria, d.Charles and Phebe (Sandford), Oct.27.PR38]

Charles Henry, s.Ebenezer and Rebecca (Folger), Mar.30,1826.PR38

Gershom Jr., h.Abigail (d.George Gardner and Rebecca), s.Gershom and Mary (Cobb), yellow fever, 末:8m:1826, in Port au Prince.PR38

Delia Maria, d.Charles and Phoebe, Mar.13,1829, a.5.GR1

Delia Maria, d.Charles and Phoebe, Apr.24,1829, a.11d.GR1

Charles, May30,1829, a.39.GR1 [h.Phebe (Sandford), s.Gershom and Mary (Cobb), [June30 written above May.28].PR38]

James B., s.Alexander and Priscilla (Bunker), lost at sea, Oct.5,1833.PR38

Ebenezer, h.Rebecca (d.Seth Folger and Anna), s.Gershom and Mary (Cobb), Nov.20,1833.PR38

James B., second ch.Alexander and Sarah, measles, Jan.18,1836, a.1y.10m.PR62

Alexander, h.Valina (wid.John P. Drew, d.Robert Dixon and Phebe), s.William and Lucy P. (Coffin), Dec.末,1836.PR38 [Alexander C., s.William dec壇, suddenly, a.29y.7m., in New York State.PR62]

Hannah, w.Ebenezer,末蔓末,1841.CR1

Edwin, canker rash, Mar.6,1843, a.2y.6m.[see Edwin Drew Fisher]

DUNHAM (Dunnerman)

Margaret, see Mary.

Nancy, see Ann.

末末, "An Elderly woman," Apr.末,1810, [see Mercy].CR4

Mercy, 9:4m:1810.PR63

Jacob, s.Ebenezer and Huldah (Fisher), 末:9m:1810, a.21.PR38 [27:9m:PR63]

Thankful, first w.Samuel (s.Jethro and Lydia), d.末末 Higgins, 末:4m:1812.PR38

Hepsey,末蔓末,1814.CR3 [See Hepsabeth Brown.]

Jethro of Tuckernuck, h.Lydia (Tilton), burned in house, 6:12m:1820.PR38 [a.69y.6m.PR63]

Mary, Sept.末,1821.CR3 [Mary Baker, second w.James, formerly wid.Gershom Dunham, d.Henry Clark and Elizabeth (Bailey), 20:9m:PR38]

末末, "eldest" s.Daniel and Dorcas, Dec.30,1821.PR46

Polly, first w.George (s.Ebenezer and Huldah), d.Henry Fisher Sr, 29:8m:1822.PR38

Lydia,末蔓末,1825.CR3 [w.Jethro of Tuckernuck, d.末末 Tilton, Dec.24.PR38]

Huldah, w.Ebenezer, d.Nathaniel Fisher and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), 21:10m:1827.PR38

Mary or Margaret, w.Ebenezer (s.Jethro and Lydia), d.Robert King and Mary, 17:12m:1828.PR38

William, h.Phebe (d.Gilbert Perkins and Miriam), s.Ebenezer and Huldah (Fisher), 29:1m:1830.PR38

末末, ch.George, Dec.27,1834, a.9m.PR62

Edward B., s.George, measles, Jan.4,1835, a.1y.6m.PR62

Ebenezer, h.Huldah (d.Nathaniel Fisher and Naomi), Dec.7,1837, at Quaise farm.PR38 [consumption, a.79y.7m., at the asylum.PR62]

Samuel Jr., h.Jane Higgins, s.Samuel and Thankful (Higgins), 3:7m:1840.PR38

Ann, w.H.G.O., Sept.14,1841, a.41. [Ann M., Sept.13.GR2; [dup. Nancy] w.Harrison G.O., d.John Wyer and Elizabeth (Myrick), 13:9m:PR38; Ann M., d.John Wyer and Elizabeth (Myrick), Sept.13.PR44]

末末, d.H.G.O. and Sophronia, Aug.9,1846, a.10d.in N.


George, Sept.7,1820.PR63


末末, s.Orlander, billious fever, July11,1842, a.3y.6m.


Thomas, June17,1818, a.63.PR63


Job of Yarmouth, 13:1m:1779.PR63

Mary, w.William of Maine, d.Owen Colerman and Aseneth (Worth),末蔓末,1813.PR38

James, 7:1m:1815.PR63

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