MackCLEAVE (McCleave)


Thomas, Nov.10,1835, a.76.CR2 [Mackerell, "a Native of London," Oct.20, a.78y.3m.PR62]


John of New Bedford, Feb.28,1836, a.75y.4m., in New Bedford.PR62

MackLIN (Meeklin)

MACY (Maxcy, Maxey, Maxy)

Abigail, see Abigail Clark.

Ann Maria, d.Josiah and Lydia (Hussey),末蔓末, 末末, young.PR38

Ann Maria, d.Thomas W. and Lydia B. (Townsend),末蔓末, 末末, a.20m.PR38

Augustus, s.John R. (s.Robert and Anna),末蔓末, 末末, "young. "PR38

Benjamin Franklin, see Franklin.

Bethiah, ch.John and Judith,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [ch.John Jr. and Judith (Worth),末蔓末,1729.PR38]

Caleb, s.John Jr. and Judith (Worth),末蔓末, 末末, "young. "PR38

Charles, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock),末蔓末, 末末, "young. "PR38

Carissa, see 末末邦acy.

Deborah, second w.Jethro,末蔓末, 末末, "abroad."CR4 [second w.Jethro (s.Silvanus and Dinah), d.James Gorham and Parnal (Gardner)末蔓末,1828, in Ohio.PR38]

Edmund F., see 末末 Macy.

Eliza S., see Eliza.

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth, see Eliza.

Elizabeth, see Eliza.

Emeline, see Emeline Clasby.

Emma, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock),末蔓末, 末末, "young. "PR38

Emma F., see 末末 Macy.

Eunice, ch.John and Eunice,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [d.John 3d and Eunice (Coleman), "young. "PR38]

Eunice, ch.Robert and Abigail,末蔓末, 末末.CR4 [d.Robert and Abigail (Barnard).PR38]

Eunice C., see Eunice.

Hannah Macreal, see Hannah.

Hannah Mitchell, see Hannah M.

Hepzibah, see 末末 Macy.

John, h.Eunice (d.Elihu Coleman and Jemima), s.John Jr. and Judith (Worth),末蔓末, 末末, in New Garden.PR38

Louisa, see Eliza S.

Lydia, d.Francis Jr. and Hannah Macreal,末蔓末, 末末 [? 1790], in Walshamtown, Eng.PR38

Margaret, see Peggy.

Mary M., see Mary A. and Mary B.

Mercy, see M.

Polly, see Mary.

Rowland see 末末邦acy.

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah Sigourney, see Sarah.

Seth, ch.Stephen and Mercy,末蔓末, 末末, "abroad."CR4 [single, s.Stephen and Mercy (Allen), 末:4m:1802.PR38; 4:4m:1802.PR63]

Stephen,末蔓末, 末末 [news arrived Feb.5,1775].

Susan, see 末末 Macy.

Susan S., see Susan

Susanna, see 末末邦acy.

William, s.John R. (s.Robert and Anna),末蔓末, 末末, "young. "PR38

William, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock),末蔓末, 末末, "young. "PR38

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah Hopcot,末蔓末, "1645 or 1646," in Salisbury.PR38

Francis, s.Thomas and Sarah Hopcot,末蔓末,1658, "young," in Salisbury.PR38

Thomas Jr., Dec.3,1675. [s.Thomas and Sarah Hopcot "young. "PR38]

Thomas [dup. Macey], Mr., Apr.19,1682. [Macy, h.Sarah Hopcot, 19:4m:, a.74.PR38 Macy, 19:3m:PR63]

John, Oct.14,1691 [John 1st, h.Deborah (d.Richard Gardner 1st and Sarah), s.Thomas and Sarah Hopcot, 14:10m:, a.36.PR38; John 1st, 14:10m:, a.36.PR63]

Sarah Hopcot, wid.Thomas,末蔓末,1706, a.94.PR38

Silvanus, ch.John and Judith, 6:9m:1709.CR4 [s.John Jr. and Judith (Worth), 6:9m:1719, a.10.PR38]

Lydia, inf.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), 末:4m:1713, a.11m.PR38

Eliab, ch.John and Judith, 末:4m:1723.CR4 [s.John Jr. and Judith (Worth), 末:4m:, a."between 10 & 11. 箱PR38]

Thomas, ch.Thomas and Deborah,末蔓末,1725.CR4 [s.Thomas and Deborah (Coffin), "young. "PR38]

Hannah, ch.Richard and Deborah, 18:11m:1726.CR4 [d.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), a.abt. 14m.PR38]

末末, ch.Jabez, 5:12m:1727.PR63

末末, ch.Jabez, 19:5m:1730.PR63

末末, w.Samuel, 末:1m:1732.PR63

末末, (Maxey), d.Samuel, 13:2m:1733.PR63

Richard, ch.Richard and Deborah, 20:4m:1736.CR4 [Richard Jr., s.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), "drowned at the North Shore," a."almost" 9.PR38]

George, ch.Jabez and Sarah, 末:9m:1742.CR4 [single, s.Jabez and Sarah (Starbuck), 9:12m:.PR38; 末:12m:.PR63]

Priscilla, ch.Richard and Deborah, 11:3m:1746.CR4 [d.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), a."nearly" 17.PR38]

末末, ch.Francis, 21:5m:1746.PR63

Abraham [dup. h.Anna], ch.Richard and Deborah, 4:7m:1746.CR4 [h.Anna (Worth), s.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), 3:7m:, a."near" 31.PR38; "Senior," s.Richard 1st, 4:7m:.PR63]

Miriam, ch.Jonathan and Lois, 末:12m:1748.CR4 [d.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham).PR38]

Sarah, ch.William and Mary, 14:6m:1749.CR4 [inf.William and Mary (Barney), 4:8m:PR38]

Eliab, inf.John 3d and Eunice (Coleman), 15:8m:1749.PR38

末末, ch.Zaccheus, 15:5m:1750.PR63

John, h.Judith, 28:11m:1751.CR4 [John Jr., h.Judith (d.John Worth and Miriam), s.John 1st and Deborah (Gardner).PR38; John Sr.PR63]

Kezia, ch.Caleb and Judith, 30:6m:1752.CR4 [inf.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner).PR38; 30:8m:PR63]

Deborah, ch.Nathaniel and Abigail, 30:8m:1752.CR4 [d.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham).PR38]

末末, (Maxey), ch.Samuel, 末:11m:1752.PR63

Elizabeth (Maxey), w.Samuel, 27:1m:1753.PR63

William, h.Mary, ch.John and Judith, 6:2m:1753.CR4 [h.Mary (d.Benjamin Barney and Lydia), s.John Jr. and Judith (Worth).PR38; William Sr.PR63]

David, s.Zaccheus and Hepzibah (Gardner),末蔓末,1754.PR38

Benjamin, ch.Robert and Abigail, lost at sea,末蔓末,1755.CR4 [s.Robert and Abigail (Barnard).PR38]

Silvanus, ch.Richard and Deborah, lost at sea,末蔓末,1755.CR4 [single, s.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), 5:9m:, a."nearly" 21.PR38]

Solomon, ch.Jonathan and Lois, 末:7m:1755.CR4 [s.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham).PR38]

末末, ch.Caleb and Judith, 2:9m:1755.CR4 [d.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner), 22:9m:, a.4 hrs.PR38]

末末, ch.Zaccheus, 27:7m:1757.PR63

Susannah, ch.Jonathan and Lois, 15:8m:1757.CR4 [d.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham).PR38]

Abigail, w.Matthew, [dup. ch.Benjamin Coffin and Jedidah] 31:8m:1758.CR4 [first w.Matthew (s.Jabez and Sarah), d.Benjamin Coffin and Jedidah (Hussey), in NS.PR38]

末末, ch.Robert, 30:9m:1758.PR63

Thomas, h.Deborah, 20:3m:1759.CR4 [h.Deborah (d.John Coffin and Deborah), s.John 1st and Deborah (Gardner).PR38]

Eunice, d.John 3d and Eunice (Coleman), 4:7m:1759, "in early childhood."PR38 [9:7m:.PR63]

末末, ch.David, 15:9m:1759.PR63

Deborah, w.Thomas, 23:9m:1760.CR4 [w.Thomas (s.John and Deborah (Gardner)), d.John Coffin and Deborah (Austin).PR38; wid.Thomas.PR63]

末末, ch.David, 30:7m:1761.PR63

Samuel, ch.Jonathan and Lois, 16:8m:1761.CR4 [s.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham).PR38]

末末, ch.Richard Jr., 18:12m:1761.PR63

末末, ch.Nathaniel, 6:9m:1762.PR63

Thomas 2d, 19:4m:1763.CR4 [Thomas Jr.PR63]

Abigail, ch.John and Judith, 25:11m:1763.CR4 [d.John Jr. and Judith (Worth).PR38]

Simeon, ch.Abraham and Anna,末蔓末,1764.CR4 [s.Abraham and Anna (Worth), lost at sea, 22:11m:1784 [sic], 殿 young man," in Bay of Biscay.PR38; 22:11m:1754 [sic].PR63]

Abigail, inf.John 3d and Eunice (Coleman), 5:1m:1764.PR38

末末, ch.Richard, 17:8m:1765.PR63

Jabez [dup. h.Rachel], s.Jabez and Sarah, lost at sea, 末:9m:1767.CR4 [Jabez Jr., h.Rachel (Cartwright), s.Jabez and Sarah (Starbuck), 18:9m:, a.28.PR38; Jabez Jr., 14:9m:.PR63]

Judith, w.John, 8:11m:1767.CR4 [w.John Jr. (s.John and Deborah), d.John Worth and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.).PR38; w.John Sr.PR63]

Deborah, w.Richard.13:12m:1767.CR4 [first w.Richard (s.John and Deborah), d.Richard Pinkham 1st and Mary (Coffin), 10:12m:, a.72‡ [dup. "nearly" 73].PR38; 13:12m:.PR63]

Seth, ch.Francis and Judith, lost at sea,末蔓末,1768.CR4 [s.Francis and Judith (Coffin).PR38]

Dorcas, ch.Jabez and Sarah, 29:2m:1768.CR4 [d.Jabez and Sarah (Starbuck).PR38; 29:[sic] 2m:1767.PR63]

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Abigail, 8:7m:1768.CR4 [s.Daniel and Abigail (Swain).PR38; 6:8m:.PR63]

Seth, ch.Jonathan and Lois, 末:8m:1768.CR4 [s.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham).PR38; 9:8m:PR63]

末末, ch.Tristram, 1:10m:1768.PR63

Eunice, w.John, [dup. ch.Elihu Coleman and Jemima] 28:12m:1768.CR4 [w.John 3d (s.John Jr. and Judith), d.Elihu Coleman and Jemima (Barnard).PR38]

Hepzibah, ch.David and Dinah.28:12m:1768.CR4 [d.David and Dinah (Gardner).PR38; Hepsibeth.PR63]

Kezia, ch.Caleb and Judith, 7:4m:1770.CR4 [d.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth [Macy, w.末末望, d.Samuel Bunker and Priscilla, 22:10m:1770.CR4 [Macy, first w.Reuben (s.Abraham and Anna), d.Samuel Bunker and Priscilla (Coleman), 25:10m:.PR38; Macy, 25:10m:.PR63]

末末, ch.Matthew, 16:7m:1771.PR63

Samuel, 18:10m:1771.PR63

Robert [dup. h.Abigail], ch.Thomas and Deborah, 23:11m:1771.CR4. [h.Abigail (d.Benjamin Barnard and Judith), s.Thomas and Deborah (Coffin).PR38]

Joseph, ch.Thomas and Deborah, 28:2m:1772.CR4 [Joseph, h.Hannah (d.Benjamin Hobbs), s.Thomas and Deborah (Coffin).PR38; 20:6m:.PR63]

末末, ch.Richard, 10:6m:1772.PR63

Lydia, ch.Nathaniel and Hepzibah, 23:2m:1773.CR4 [d.Nathaniel and Hepzabeth (Macy), "in early Childhood."PR38]

Elizabeth, d.Abraham Jr. and Priscilla (Bunker), 末:7m:1773, "young. "PR38

George [dup. h.Margaret], ch.Nathaniel and Abigail, 25:10m:1773.CR4 [h.Margaret (d.Paul Paddack and Ann), s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham).PR38]

Thaddeus, ch.Enoch and Anna (Macy), 26:10m:1773 妬n Childhood, in Guilford Co., NC.PR38

末末, ch.Tristram, 2:11m:1773.PR63

Mary, ch.William and Anna [inf.William Jr. and Anna (Hussey) (first w.).PR38], Feb.21,1775.

末末, ch.William, 1:7m:1775.PR63

Paul, ch.William and Anna [inf.William Jr. and Anna (Hussey) (first w.).PR38], 22:7m:1775.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary (Starbuck), 3:12m:1775, 土oung [? in NC].PR38

Rachel (Cartwright), w.Jabez Jr., 3:7m:1776.CR4 [w.Jabez Jr. (s.Jabez and Sarah (Starbuck)), d.Hezediah Cartwright and Abigail (Brown).PR38]

Jabez, 6:8m:1776.CR4 [h.Sarah (Starbuck), s.John 1st and Deborah (Gardner), 7:8m:.PR38; 6:8m:.PR63]

Mary, w.William, [dup. ch.Benjamin Barney and Lydia] 11:7m:1777.CR4 [w.William (s.John and Judith), d.Benjamin Barney and Lydia (Starbuck).PR38; wid.William.PR63]

Ruth (Maxey), w.Isaiah, d.Joseph Bunker and Phebe (Pinkham), Jan.22,1778.PR38 [Macy.PR63]

Anna, w.Reuben, [dup. d.Robert Barnard and Hepsibah] 末:4m:1779.CR4 [first w.Reuben (s.Francis and Judith), d.Robert Barnard and Hepsibeth (Coffin), in Hudson, NY.PR38; Apr.18,1778.PR68]

Richard, ch.Richard and Miriam,末蔓末,1779.CR4 [s.Richard and Miriam (Coffin), in the West Indies.PR38]

Richard, h.Deborah, 25:12m:1779.CR4 [h.Deborah (Pinkham), h.Alice (Paddack), s.John 1st and Deborah (Gardner), a.90y.22d.PR38; a.91y.22d.PR63]

Elizabeth, d.Jethro, and Hepzibah (Worth),末蔓末,1780, in New Garden, NC.PR38

Jonathan, ch.Jonathan and Rose, 5:3m:1780.CR4 [s.Jonathan Jr. and Rose (Pinkham), 22:4m:1781.PR38]

Benjamin, ch.Richard and Deborah, 14:7m:1780.CR4 [h.Abigail (Brown), s.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), 14:[16 written above 14], 6m:.PR38; 14:8m:.PR63]

Tristram [dup. h.Miriam], ch.Nathaniel and Abigail,末蔓末,1781.CR4 [h.Miriam (d.William Barnard and Mary), s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham), in Charleston, SC.PR38; in Charleston.PR63]

Judith, d.Abraham Jr. and Priscilla (Bunker), 末:2m:1782, in Quaker Hill, NY.PR38

末末, w.Jethro, Oct.1,1782PR64

Peggy, ch.Peter and Sarah, 5:10m:1782.CR4 [Margaret, d.Peter and Sarah (Folger), in Halifax.PR38; a."little above" 1.PR64]

Susanna (Wilcox) Macy, 23:1m:1783.CR4 [Macy w.Jethro (s.Jethro and Hepsabeth), d.John Wilcox and Hannah.PR38; Macy, w.Jethro.PR63]

Nathaniel [dup. h.Abigail], ch.Thomas and Deborah, 22:3m:1783.CR4 [h.Abigail (d.Shubael Pinkham), s.Thomas and Deborah (Coffin).PR38; Mar.21.PR64]

Alice, second w.Richard (s.John 1st and Deborah (Gardner)), d.Joseph Paddack, 末:4m:1783, a.76.PR38

Abigail, inf.Enoch and Anna (Macy), 20:8m:1783, in Guilford Co., NC.PR38

Elizabeth, ch.William and Anna, 24:8m:1783. [inf.William Jr. and Anna (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

末末, ch.John and Bethiah (Cartwright) (first w.), still born, 15:11m:1783.PR38

Benjamin, single, s.Nathaniel and Hepzabeth (Macy), 26:3m:1784.PR38

Daniel [dup. h.Abigail], ch.Jabez and Sarah, 28:3m:1785.CR4 [h.Abigail (Swain), s.Jabez and Sarah (Starbuck).PR38; s.Jabez Sr., 25:3m:.PR63]

Hannah, d.Enoch and Anna (Macy), 20:4m:1785 [? in NC].PR38

John, h.Rhoda (d.Stephen Gardner and Jemima), s.John 3d and Eunice (Coleman), 30:11m:1785.PR38

Francis Jr., s.Francis Jr. and Hannah Macreal,末蔓末,1786, in Dunkirk, French Flanders.PR38

William, ch.William and Anna, 4:1m:1786. [inf.William Jr. and Anna (Hussey)(first w.).PR38 3:1m:PR63]

Enoch Jr., d.Enoch and Anna (Macy), 6:2m:1786, in Guilford Co., NC.PR38

末末, ch.Latham, 18:5m:1786.PR63

Jethro, ch.Jethro and Hepzibah,末蔓末,1787, in NC.CR4 [Jethro Jr. h.Susanna (Wilcox), s.Jethro and Hepzibah (Worth.), in New Garden.PR38]

Sarah, ch.Peter and Sarah, 31:3m:1787.CR4 [d.Peter and Sarah (Folger), in Halifax, NS.PR38]

Jane (Maxey), w.Samuel, formerly w.Nathaniel Swain, d.Thomas Smith and Sarah Harwood, 5:10m:1787.PR38 [Macy, wid.Samuel, 17:10.PR63]

Robert, ch.Reuben and Anna, abt. 1788, in Hudson.CR4

Sarah, first w.Henry (s.Joseph and Hannah), d.Caleb Swain and Margaret (Paddack), 28:10m:1788.PR38

Abigail, w.Daniel, [dup. ch.Caleb Swain and Margaret] 2:11m:1788.CR4 [w.Daniel (s.Jabez and Sarah (Starbuck)), d.Caleb Swain and Margaret (Paddack).PR38; 1:11m:PR63]

Judith, ch.Caleb and Judith, 14:3m:1789.CR4 [aunt of Thomas Macy.PR21; d.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Jonathan and Rose, 1:6m:1789.CR4 [d.Jonathan Jr. and Rose (Pinkham).PR38]

Barzillai [dup. h.Elizabeth], ch.Caleb and Judith, 1:8m:1789.CR4 [h.Elizabeth (d.Nathaniel Macy and Abigail), s.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner).PR38]

末末, ch.Barnabas, 24:10m:1789.PR63

Sarah, w.Jabez, [dup. d.Jethro Starbuck and Dorcas] 28:[dup. 27:] 10m:1789.CR4 [w.Jabez (s.John and Deborah), d.Jethro Starbuck and Dorcas (Gayer), 28:10m:PR38]

Seth, ch.John and Judith, 6:7m:1790.CR4 [single, "old chaunt," s.John Jr. and Judith (Worth), a.79.PR38]

Deborah, ch.Francis and Judith, 26:8m:1790.CR4 [d.Francis and Judith (Coffin).PR38; 25:8m:.PR63]

Robert, s.Reuben and Anna (Barnard) (first w.),末蔓末,1791, in Hudson, NY.PR38

Barzillai, s.Barzillai and Elizabeth, 4:8m:1791.CR4 [s.Barzilla and Elizabeth (Macy), 4:8m:1794.PR38; 4:8m:1791.PR63]

Lydia, ch.Silvanus and Anna, 26:10m:1791.CR4

Silvanus, second ch.Lydia, 26:10m:1791.PR63

Mary, ch.Obed and Abigail, 8:12m:1791.CR4

末末, s.John and Bethiah (Cartwright) (first w.), still born, 末:1m:1793.PR38

Bethiah, first w.John (s.Robert and Abigail), d.Hezediah Cartwright and Abigail (Brown), 10:1m:1793.PR38

Francis [dup. h.Judith], ch.Thomas and Deborah, 21:5m:1793.CR4 [h.Judith (d.Richard Coffin and Ruth), s.Thomas and Deborah (Coffin).PR38]

Latham, h.Lydia (d.John Russell and Ruth), s.Zaccheus and Hepzibah (Gardner), 27:5m:1793.PR38 [a.34y.4m.PR63]

Lydia, ch.Daniel and Abigail, 13:7m:1793.CR4 [d.Daniel and Abigail (Swain).PR38]

Isaiah, h.Phebe (d.Silas Bunker and Deborah), s.John and Bethiah (Cartwright) (first w.), 2:8m:1793.PR38

Reuben (Maxey), s.Reuben, 16:8m:1793.PR63 [Maxcy, "consumption a long time. "PR64]

James Gorham, ch.Jonathan and Rose, 20:2m:1794.CR4

Aaron, h.Phebe (d.Reuben Barnard), s.Abraham Jr. and Priscilla (Bunker), 2:5m:1794, in Ghent, NY.PR38

Mary, ch.Peter and Sarah, 15:5m:1796.CR4 [d.Peter and Sarah (Folger),末蔓末,1795.PR38; 15:5m:1796.PR63]

Hepsibah [dup. Hepzibah], w.Zaccheus, d.Samuel Gardner and Patience, 27:6m:1795 [dup. 7:6m:1775, sic].CR4 [Hepzibah, w.Zaccheus Macy (s.Richard), d.Samuel Gardner and Patience (Swain) (second w.), 26:6m:1795.PR38; Hepsibeth, wid.[sic] Zaccheus, 26:6m:1795.PR63; w.Zaccheus, June27.PR64]

末末, ch.Barnabas, 29:8m:1795.PR63

Deborah, first w.Seth G. (s.Reuben and Anna), d.Benjamin Jenkins and Deborah (Burnell), 15:10m:1795.PR38

Sarah, 27:2m:1796.PR63

Franklin, ch.Silvanus and Anna, 17:4m:1796.CR4 [24:4m:.PR63]

Elisabeth, ch.Obed and Abigail, 4:5m:1796.CR4 [Elizabeth, 5:5m:, a.13.PR63]

Uriel, s.Robert Jr. and Anna (Jones), 12:5m:1796, in West Indies.PR38 [Urial, 14:7m:PR63]

Dinah, w.Silvanus, ch.Paul Bunker and Hannah, 10:7m:1796.CR4 [w.Silvanus (s.Daniel and Abigail), d.Paul Bunker and Hannah (Gardner), 11:7m:1791 [dup. 11:7m:1796].PR38; first w.Silvanus, 11:7m:1796.PR63; child bed, July10,1796.PR64]

末末, [see Abraham], ch.Silvanus, 11:7m:1796.PR63

Abraham, ch.Silvanus and Dinah, 27:7m:1796.CR4

Rachel, ch.Solomon and Lydia, 20:8m:1796.CR4

Thomas, 29:8m:1796.PR63

Aaron, s.John and Phebe (Macy) (second w.), 8:9m:1796, a.14m.PR38

Oliver, ch.Uriah and Eunice, 16:11m:1796.CR4

Hannah, w.Francis, 9:12m:1796.CR4 [Hannah Macreal Macy, w.Francis (s.Francis and Judith (Coffin)), 9:8m:.PR38; Hannah, 9:12m:.PR63; "an English woman," Dec.9.PR64]

Lucretia, w.Simeon (s.Abraham Jr. and Priscilla), d.Reuben Barnard and Phebe (Coleman.),末蔓末,1797, in NY.PR38

Miriam, ch.Stephen and Mercy, 2:7m:1797.CR4 [d.Stephen and Mercy (Allen).PR38; Meriam.PR63]

末末, twin ch.Peter, 24:8m:1797.PR63

末末, ch.Nathaniel, 28:8m:1797.PR63

Anna, w.Robert Jr. (s.Robert and Abigail), d.Silas Jones and Anna (Heath), 31:8m:1797.PR38

末末, ch.Nathaniel, 31:8m:1797.PR63

Lydia, w.Reuben, 15:9m:1797.PR63

Zaccheus [dup. h.Hepsibah], ch.Richard and Deborah, 27:10m:1797.CR4 [h.Hepzibah (Gardner), s.Richard and Deborah (Pinkham), 27:8m:[dup. 10:], a.83.PR38; 27:8m:[dup. 10m:], a.88y.9m.PR63]

Jonathan [dup. h.Lois], ch.John and Judith, 17:6m:1798.CR4 [h.Lois (d.Stephen Gorham and Elizabeth), s.John Jr. and Judith (Worth).PR38; 18:6m:.PR63]

Caleb, h.Judith, ch.Richard and Deborah, 18:[dup. 19:] 6m:1798.CR4 [h.Judith (Folger) Gardner, s.Richard and Deborah.(Pinkham), 20:6m:, a.78y.6m.PR38; 18:6m:, a.79.PR63;18:6m:.PR64]

Elizabeth, ch.Richard and Miriam, 18:7m:1798.CR4 [s.Richard and Miriam (Coffin), 9:7m:.PR38; 18:7m:.PR63]

Franklin, ch.Silvanus and Anna, 21:7m:1798.CR4 [Benjamin Franklin Macy, 20:6m:.PR63]

Elizabeth, first w.Nathaniel Jr. (s.Nathaniel and Abigail), d.William Brock and Elizabeth (Calef), 4:11m:[dup. 10m:] 1798.PR38 [4:10m:.PR63]

末末, ch.Nathaniel, 4:11m:1798.PR63

Shubael Jr., h.Sally (d.John Darling and Sarah), s.Shubael and Eunice (Gardner), 13:11m:1798.PR38

Dinah, ch.Stephen and Mercy, 28:11m:1798.CR4 [d.Stephen and Mercy (Allen).PR38; 29:11m:.PR63]

Daniel Folger, s.Silvanus and Anna, 6:3m:1799.CR4PR63

Judith, w.Francis, [dup. ch.Richard Coffin and Ruth] 15:5m:1799.CR4 [w.Francis (s.Thomas and Deborah), d.Richard Coffin and Ruth (Bunker).PR38; wid.Francis, a.80.PR63]

Judith, ch.Jonathan and Lois, 10:12m:1799.CR4 [d.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham), 11:12m:.PR38; 24:12m:.PR63]

Timothy, ch.Peter and Sarah, lost at sea, 12:9m:1800.CR4 [s.Peter and Sarah (Folger), 27:9m:PR38; 27:9m:PR63]

末末, ch.Abishai, 25:9m:1800.PR63

Sarah, ch.Jabez and Sarah, 17:11m:1800.CR4 [d.Jabez and Sarah (Starback).PR38]

Edward, ch.Edmund and Susanna, 30:11m:1800.CR4 [s.Edmund and Susanna (Coleman).PR38]

Benjamin, ch.Samuel and Lydia, 8:1m:1801.CR4PR63

Charles, ch.Barnabas and Abial, 16:8m:1801.CR4 [s.Barnabas and Abial (Clasby).PR38]

Anna, d.Simeon and Lydia (White) (second w.), 16:11m:1801 [? in NY].PR38

Jared, ch.Solomon and Lydia, 20:2m:1802.CR4

Lydia, ch.Edmund [dup. Edmond] and Susanna, 26:4m:1802.CR4 [d.Edmond and Susanna (Coleman).PR38]

Barnabas [dup. h.Abial], ch.Jonathan and Lois [dup. lost at sea], 30:4m:1802.CR4 [Barnabas, h.Abial (Clasby), s.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham), lost at sea, 末:6m:.PR38; Barnabas, 6:5m:.PR63]

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Lydia, 23:8m:1803.CR4 [s.Samuel and Lydia (Folger) (first w.), 末:10m:, a.16.PR38 a."17 or 18. "PR63]

Benjamin, ch.Samuel and Lydia, 3:10m:1803.CR4 [s.Samuel and Lydia (Folger) (first w.), 末:8m:, "young. "PR38]

Lois, w.Jonathan, 10:3m:1804.CR4 [w.Jonathan (s.John Jr. and Judith), d.Stephen Gorham and Elizabeth (Gardner), 11:3m:, in Saratoga.PR38; wid.John, 11:3m:.PR63]

Lydia, ch.Edmund [dup. Edmond] and Susanna, 28:8m:1804.CR4

Phebe, w.Stephen, 17:11m:1804.CR4 [w.Stephen (s.Stephen and Mercy), d.David Swain and Martha (Hussey), 16:11m:PR38; 16:11m:PR63]

Samuel (Maxcy), s.Reuben, "on Board Brig Leo. Jared Gardner master,"末蔓末,1805, in the West Indies.CR4 [15:11m:PR63]

Anna, w.William, 29:12m:1804 [dup. 末:1m:1805].CR4 [w.William Jr. (s.William and Mary (Barney)), d.Paul Hussey and Hannah Varney of Maine, 29:12m:1804.PR38; 29:12m:1804.PR63]

Anna, w.Enoch (s.Joseph and Hannah), d.David Macy and Dinah (Gardner), 27:2m:1806 [? in NC].PR38

Elishai [dup. Elisha, h.Phebe], ch.Caleb and Judith, 2:4m:1806.CR4 [Elisha, h.Phebe (Gardner), s.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner), 3:4m:.PR38; Elisha, schoolmaster, 3:4m:, a."nearly" 53.PR63]

Eliza [dup. Elizabeth], ch.Stephen [dup. Jr.] and Phebe, 16:5m:1806.CR4 [Eliza, d.Stephen and Phebe (Swain).PR38; Elizabeth.PR63]

Frederick, s.Reuben and Anna (Barnard) (first w.),末蔓末,1807, in East Indies.PR38

末末, w.Andrew, 末:1m:1807.CR4 [Hepzibah, d.Abraham Long and Mary (Marshall) (second w.), 19:1m:PR38; Hepsibeth, 19:1m:PR63]

末末, ch.David, 28:1m:1807.PR63

末末, w.David, 末:3m:1807.CR4 [Susan, first w.David (s.Stephen and Mercy), d.James Stubbs and Rebecca (Ellis), 1:3m:PR38; Susanna, 1:3m:PR63]

末末, w.George, 末:6m:1807.CR4 [Clarissa, d.Eliakim Coffin and Judith (Starbuck), 13:6m:, in Hudson, NY.PR38; Clarissa, 13:5m:PR63]

Anna, d.Joseph and Mary (Starbuck),末蔓末,1808, in Randolph Co., NC.PR38

Hepzibah, w.Nathaniel (s.Robert and Abigail), d.Zaccheus Macy and Hepzibah (Gardner), 21:1m:1808.PR38

Charles R., h.Abigail (d.Tristram Bunker and Anna), s.Robert Jr. and Anna (Jones), lost at sea, 末:3m:1808.PR38

Eunice, ch.Obed 2d and Lydia, 18:7m:1808.CR4 [15:7m:.PR63]

Albert, ch.Paul and Dinah, 6:9m:1808.CR4 [inf.Paul and Dinah (Macy).PR38 4:9m:PR63]

Anna H., ch.William W. and Phebe, 30:11m:1807.CR4 [inf.William W. and Phebe (Starbuck) (first w.),末蔓末,1809.PR38; 30:11m:1807.PR63]

Eunice, w.Shubael, ch.Robert Gardner and Jedidah, 23:2m:1809.CR4 [w.Shubael (s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham)), d.Robert Gardner and Jedidah (Folger) (first w.), 23:2m:1808.PR38; 23:2m:1809.PR63]

Ann, ch.Edmund and Susanna, 25:7m:1809.CR4 [18:7m:.PR63]

Charles G., ch.Job and Deborah, 20:9m:1809.CR4 [s.Job and Deborah (Gardner).PR38; 19:9m:.PR63]

Louisa, ch.Thomas and Eliza, 24:9m:1809.CR4 [d.Thomas and Elisabeth (Swain).PR21; d.Thomas and Eliza (Swain) (first w.).PR38; 25:9m:.PR63]

Joseph, h.Mary (d.William Way and Abigail (Osborn)), s.Henry and Sarah (Swain), 14:11m:1809.PR38

Edmond [dup. Edmund, h.Susanna], ch.Stephen and Mercy, 24:11m:1809, at sea.CR4 [Edmund, h.Susanna (d.Seth Coleman and Deborah), s.Stephen and Mercy (Allen), lost at sea.PR38; Edmund, 23:11m:.PR63]

Abishai, 末:12m:1809.CR4 [h.Phebe (d.Andrew Worth and Judith), s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham), Dec.1.PR38; 1:12m:.PR63]

Lucinda, w.Beriah (s.John and Ruth), d.Benjamin Barnard and Eunice (Fitch), 5:4m:1810.PR38

Reuben, h.Anna (Barnard), h.Judith (Jenkins) Myrick, s.Francis and Judith (Coffin), 7:6m:1810, in Hudson, NY.PR38

Mary, w.Alexander, 末:8m:1810.CR4 [w.Capt. Alexander, Aug.3, in 22d y.GR1; Polly, w.Alexander (s.Peter and Sarah (Folger)), d.John Coffin and Hepzibah, 13:8m:PR38; Mary, 13:8m:PR63]

末末, ch.David, 13:8m:1810.PR63

Abigail, wid.Nathaniel, 1:9m:1810.CR4 [wid.Nathaniel (s.Thomas and Deborah), d.Shubael Pinkham and Abigail (Bunker), a.88.PR38; a.88.PR63]

Bethiah, w.Paul (s.Joseph and Hannah), d.John Macy 3d and Eunice (Coleman), 29:9m:1810 [in New Garden, NC].PR38

Valentine, ch.Stephen and Phebe, 22:11m:1810, at sea.CR4 [single, s.Stephen and Phebe (Swain), lost at sea, 23:11m:1809.PR38; s.Stephen Jr., 23:11m:1809.PR63]

Aaron, ch.Samuel and Lydia, 22:6m:1811.CR4 [a.1.PR63]

Lydia, w.Solomon, 20:7m:1811.CR4 [w.Solomon (s.Stephen and Mercy), d.Nathaniel Coleman and Hepsabeth (Hussey), 21:7m:.PR38; 21:7m:, a.43y.7m.PR63]

Hezekiah, s.Silvanus and Dinah (Bunker), 9:12m:1811, in Athens, NY.PR38

Shubael, h.Eunice (d.Robert Gardner and Jedidah), s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham), 22:2m:1812.PR38 [28:2m:, a.59y.10m.[sic].PR63]

Abigail [Macy, w.末末望, ch.George Brown and Abigail, 18:7m:1812.CR4 [w.Benjamin Macy (s.Richard), d.George Brown and Abigail (Trott) (second w.).PR38; wid.Benjamin, a.81y.9m.PR63]

Shubael, ch.Obed 2d and Lydia, 20:8m:1812.CR4 [s.Obed and Lydia (Coffin), 20:6m:PR38; 20:6m:, a.2y.2m.PR63]

Alexander, h.Polly (d.John Coffin and Hepzibah), s.Peter and Sarah (Folger), 9:12m:1812, "lost overboard near Vineyard."PR38 [a.27.PR63]

Judith (Maxcy), w.Isaiah, Dec.28,1812, a.61y.11m.3d.GR4 [Maxey, w.Isaiah (s.Samuel), formerly w.Henry Hood, d.James Cottle and Thankful Norton, 27:12m:.PR38; Maxcey, 27:12m:, a.67y.10m.PR63]

Miriam, w.Richard, [dup. ch.Zepheniah Coffin and Abigail (second w.)] 12:2m:1813.CR4 [w.Richard (s.Zaccheus and Hepzibah (Gardner)), d.Zephaniah Coffin and Abigail (Coleman) (second w.).PR38; Meriam, 13:2m:, a.74.PR63]

David Allen, s.Shubael, 13:2m:1813.PR63

Simeon, h.Lucretia (Barnard), h.Lydia (White), s.Abraham Jr. and Priscilla (Bunker), 24:5m:1813, in Ghent.PR38

Silvanus, h.Dinah (Bunker), h.Mary (Swain) Foster, s.Daniel and Abigail (Swain), 27:5m:1813, in Athens.PR38

George, h.Matilda (d.Reuben Folger and Dinah), s.Matthew and Abigail, 末:8m:1813, a.55 [sic, ? in NC].PR38

Isaac, s.Thomas and Elisabeth (Swain), 26:8m:1813, in Polpis.PR21 [inf.Thomas and Eliza (Swain) (first w.).PR38; 27:8m:.PR63]

Matilda, w.George (s.Matthew and Abigail), d.Reuben Folger and Dinah (Hussey) (first w.), 26:8m:1813, a.57 [in NC].PR38

Mary, ch.Samuel and Lydia, 18:9m:1813.CR4 [19:9m:PR63]

Avis, ch.Paul and Dinah, 1:1m:1814.CR4 [inf.Paul and Dinah (Macy).PR38]

Zaccheus, h.Judith (d.Christopher Starbuck and Mary), s.Richard and Miriam (Coffin), 30:4m:1814.PR38

Sarah, ch.William and Jedida (second w.), 7:7m:1814.CR4 [Sarah Sigourney Macy, a.2ス [sic].PR63]

Richard, h.Miriam (d.Zephaniah Coffin and Abigail), s.Zaccheus and Hepaibah (Gardner), 23:7m:1814.PR38 [a.72y.6m.PR63]

William, h.Anna, h.Jedida, s.William and Mary, 17:[dup. 16:] 8m:1814.CR4 [William Jr., h.Anna (d.Paul Hussey and Hannah), h.Jedidah (d.Robert Barker and Sarah), s.William and Mary (Barney), 16:8m:PR38; 16:8m:, a.64y.10m.PR63; Aug.17.PR64]

Thaddeus, h.Catherine (d.Isaac White and Catherine (Stanton)), s.Enoch and Anna (Macy), 3:10m:1814 [? in NC or IN].PR38

William B., s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Brock), drowned, 23:9m:1815, in New Bedford.PR38 [William Brock Macy, a.31y.6m.PR63]

Joseph, ch.Barnebas and Abial, 26:9m:1815, in NH.CR4 [single, s.Barnabas and Abial (Clasby), Sept.23.PR38; s.Barnabas, 23:9m:, a.30y.10m.PR63]

George Jr., Capt., "was taken prisoner in the war with England was exchanged before peace," h.Elizabeth (d.Thomas Barnard and Ruth), s.George and Margaret (Paddack), 4:10m:1815, in Cincinnati Ohio.PR38 [a.34y.9m.[sic].PR63]

Mary, second w.Silvanus (s.Daniel and Abigail (Swain)), formerly w.John Foster, d.Francis Swain and Mary (Paddack), 15:11m:1815.PR38 [wid.Silvanus, a.58.PR63; 25:11m:PR67]

Nathaniel R., h.Elizabeth (d.Benjamin Clasby and Rachel), s.Robert Jr. and Anna (Jones.), Nov.17,1815, in the West Indies.PR38

Henry, h.Sarah (d.Caleb Swain), h.Elizabeth (Hussey) Coffin, s.Joseph and Hannah (Hobbs), 13:4m:1816.PR38

M., May23,1816.CR2 [Mercy, second w.Nathaniel Jr. (s.Nathaniel and Abigail), d.Jethro Dunham and Mercy of [Martha's] Vineyard.PR38; Mercy, w.Nathaniel, a.52.PR63; Mercy, w.Nathaniel.PR64]

Jonathan [dup. h.Rose], ch.Jonathan and Lois, 18:6m:1816.CR4 [Jonathan Jr., h.Rose (Pinkham), s.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham).PR38; a.66y.5m.PR63]

George, July13,1817, a.40y.9m.PR63

Albert, ch.Paul and Dinah, 19:7m:1817.CR4 [inf.Paul and Dinah (Mary).PR38; July13, a.2w.PR63]

William S., ch.John W. and Sally, 22:7m:1817.CR4 [ch.John Wendal Macy, July13.PR63]

Francis, Jr., h.Hannah Macreal of Pool, Eng., h.Elizabeth (d.Joseph Brown), s.Francis and Judith (Coffin.), 19:[dup. 21:] 12m:1817.PR38 [Dec.21, a.67y.10m.PR63]

Gorham, s.Jonathan Jr. and Rose (Pinkham), 1:1m:1818, in Lima, Peru.PR38 [June1, a.23.PR63]

Reuben, h.Elizabeth (Bunker), h.Ruth Howard of Dutchess Co., NY, s.Abraham and Anna (Worth), 1:4m:1818, in Hudson, NY.PR38

Oliver, ch.Peter 2d and Ann, 18:5m:1818.CR4 [May9, a.3m.PR63]

Sarah, second w.David (s.Stephen and Mercy), d.James Stubbs and Rebecca (Ellis), 16:6m:1818.PR38 [a.30y.4m.PR63]

Uriah, h.Eunice, 26:6m:1818.CR4 [h.Eunice (Barney), s.Daniel and Abigail (Swain), 1:7m:, in Maine.PR38 June29, a.54y.4m.PR63]

末末, ch.David, July3,1818.PR63

Silvanus, ch.Paul and Dinah, 3:10m:1818.CR4 [inf.Paul and Dinah (Macy).PR38]

Lydia, w.Jethro, [dup. d.David Ray Jr. and Anna] 11:11m:1818.CR4 [first w.Jethro (s.Silvanus.and Dinah), d.David Ray 2d and Anna (Coggeshall), 10:11m:.PR38; Nov.11, a.23y.3m.PR63]

Reuben (Maxey), Nov.14,1818, a.72y.6m.PR63

Eliza, w.Edward, 15:1m:1819.CR4 [first w.Edward (s.Peleg and Sarah), d.Thomas H. Swain and Deborah (Cartwright), a.22y.11m.PR38; d.Thomas Swain, a.22y.11m.PR63]

Priscilla, w.Abraham Jr. (s.Abraham and Anna), d.Samuel Bunker and Priscilla (Coleman), 27:7m:1819 [? in NY].PR38 [July25, a.71, sic.PR63]

Catherine, d.James and Eliza (Inott), 30:7m:1819.PR38

Judith, 13:8m:1819.CR4 [w.Caleb (s.Richard and Deborah), wid.James Gardner ("No chn. "), d.Daniel Folger and Abigail (Folger).PR38; wid.Caleb, Aug.19, a.90y.5m.PR63; Aug.13, a.90.PR64]

Elizabeth, w.Henry (s.Joseph and Hannah), formerly w.Benjamin Coffin Jr. (s.Benjamin and Jedidah), d.Daniel Hussey and Sarah (Gorharn),末蔓末,1820 [dup. 2:5m:1819, in Guilford Co., NC].PR38 [wid.Henry, "1817 - 1820. "PR63]

Mary S., d.William W. and Phebe (Starbuck) (first w.), May20,1820 [9 written above 0].PR38

Elizabeth, w.Francis Jr. (s.Francis and Judith), d.Joseph Brown and Mary (Ellis), 24:5m:1820.PR38 [wid.Francis, a.59y.9m.13d.PR63; wid.Francis.PR64]

Abraham Jr., h.Priscilla (Bunker), s.Abraham and Anna (Worth), 30:6m:1820, in NY.PR38 [July1, a.81y.2m.PR63]

Mary A., ch.Job and Deborah, 29:8m:1820.CR4 [Mary M., inf.Job and Deborah (Gardner), 30:8m:PR38]

Lydia, ch.William and Mary, 27:3m:1821.CR4 [d.William and Mary (Barney), numb palsey, a.71y.6m.PR38; Mar.27 "1819 or 21," a.71y.6m.PR63]

Francis H., s.Josiah and Lydia (Hussey), July3,1821.PR38

Sarah C., ch.William W. and Phebe, 30:7m:1821.CR4

末末, ch.Francis, Sept.5,1821.PR63

Peter, 10:9m:1821, a.64y.7m.PR35 [h.Sarah (d.Timothy Folger Esq. and Abial), s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham).PR38]

Almira, d.Daniel and Rebecca Smith, 末:10m:1821, "in childhood."PR38

Nathaniel Jr., h.Elizabeth (Brock), h.Mercy (Dunham), s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham), 末:10m:1821.PR38

Eliza, ch.Edward and Eliza, 11:8m:1821.CR4 [Eliza S., d.Edward and Eliza (Swain) (first w.).PR38]

Thomas B., inf.Frederick C. and Lydia (Macy) (Bunker),末蔓末,1822.PR38

Elizabeth, Apr.2,1822.CR2 [d.Job and Anna (Way), consumption, a.20y.10m.PR38]

Harriet, d.John and Eliza (Myrick) (Barnard) [in birth rec. of Harriet read Eliza (Myrick) (Barnard)], fits, 15:5m:1822.PR38

Lydia S., ch.Thomas and Eliza, 27:7m:1822.CR4 [d.Thomas and Elisabeth (Swain).PR21; inf.Thomas and Eliza (Swain).PR38]

Eunice A., inf.Edward and Eunice A. (Hallett) (second w.), 9:8m:1822.PR38

Mary, ch.Obed and Abigail, 30:8m:1822.CR4 [d.Obed and Abigail (Pinkham), 31:8m:PR38]

James, s.Thomas W. and Lydia B. (Townsend), 21:11m:1822.PR38

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Lydia, 17:3m:1823, at sea.CR4 [s.Samuel and Lydia (Folger) (first w.), "fell from aloft of Ship Boston & was drowned," 23:8m:PR38]

Phebe, w.Abisha (s.Nathaniel and Abigail), d.Andrew Worth and Judith (Coleman), 3:6m:1823.PR38

Eliza [dup. Elizabeth], w.Thomas, ch.Tristram Swain and Rachel, 11:8m:1823.CR4 [Elisabeth (Swain).PR21; Eliza, first w.Thomas, (s.Obed and Abigail), d.Tristram Swain and Rachel (Bunker), consumption.PR38]

Sarah C., ch.William W. and Phebe, 11:11m:1823.CR4

Benjamin, h.Lydia (d.Silas Bunker and Deborah), s.John and Bethiah (Cartwright) (first w.), 27:2m:1824, in NY.PR38

Sally, w.John W., 12:3m:1824.CR4 [Sarah, w.John Wendall Macy (s.Peleg and Sarah), d.Thomas H. Swain and Deborah (Cartwright), 13:3m:PR38]

Anna, w.Job (s.Richard and Miriam), d.Seth Way and Deborah (Chadwick), 18:5m:1824.PR38

Martha, ch.Peleg and Lucretia, Aug.14,1824.CR4

Jedida, d.Shubael and Eunice(Gardner), Sept.10,1824.PR38

Harriot, ch.Paul and Dinah, 20:9m:1824.CR4 [Harriett, d.Paul and Dinah (Macy), Sept.26.PR38]

Isaiah (Maxcy), Dea., Dec.15,1824, a.70.CR1 [Dec.14, a.70y.9m.9d.GR4]

Stephen [dup. h.Mercy], ch.David and Dinah, 8:2m:1822.CR4 [h.Mercy (d.Nathaniel Allen), s.David and Dinah (Gardrier) [second dup.末蔓末,1825].PR38]

Stephen, h.Phebe (d.David Swain and Martha), s.Stephen and Mercy (Allen),末蔓末,1825.PR38

Henry, ch.Jonathan and Rose, 末:1m:1825, "lost on the coast of England."CR4 ["Captain of Ship Diamond," h.Caroline (d.Benjamin Macy and Lydia), s.Jonathan Jr. and Rose (Pinkham), "lost in Cardigan Bay."PR38]

Phebe C., w.William Geyer, 5:1m:1825.CR4 [first w.William Gayer (s.Silvanus and Dinah), d.Lot Clasby and Elizabeth (Coffin), 5:2m:PR38]

Mercy, w.Stephen, 29:3m:1825.CR4 [w.Stephen (s.David and Dinah), d.Nathaniel Allen and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin).PR38]

Phebe, ch.Richard and Miriam, 12:4m:1825.CR4 [Richard and Miriam (Coffin).PR38]

Sarah, w.Peter, ch.Timothy Folger and Abiai, 6:7m:1825, a.67y.2m.CR4 [5:7m:PR35; w.Peter (s.Nathaniel and Abigail), d.Timothy Folger Esq. and Abial (Coleman), 6:7m:PR38]

John L. (Maxcy), s.Capt. John and Nabby, Aug.9,1825, a.1y.12d.GR4

Margaret, ch.Peter 2d and Ann, 22:8m:1825.CR4 [d.Peter and Ann (Swain) (first w.), lung fever, "in Childhood.箱PR38]

Caroline, w.Henry (s.Jonathan Jr. and Rose), d.Benjamin Macy and Lydia (Bunker), 7:12m:1825, in Hudson, NY.PR38

Edward R., s.John B. and Mary (Russell), 15:3m:1826.PR38

Ann Maria, inf.Alexander and Maria (Pinkham), 24:6m:1826.PR38

Margaret, ch.Peter 2d and Ann, 18:8m:1826.CR4

Joseph, h.Susan H., ch.Job and Deborah, 30:9m:1826, at sea.CR4 [h.Susan (Hussey), s.Job 2d and Deborah (Gardner), 30:7m:.PR38]

Elizabeth Easton, ch.George 3d and Eunice, 19:11m:1826.CR4 [d.Capt. George and Eunice (Easton), 19:10m:, a.2ス.PR38]

Seth, ch.Peleg and Sarah, 23:11m:1826, at sea.CR4 [s.Peleg and Sarah (Wendell) (Starbuck), 25:11m:1837.PR38]

Eliza S., ch.Thomas and Eliza, 29:11m:1826.CR4 [Louisa ("Louisa's name was changed to Eliza S. 9 mo. 1825"), d.Thomas and Elisabeth (Swain), a.15y.7m.PR21; Louisa or Eliza S., d.Thomas and Eliza (Swain) (first w.), consumption.PR38]

Caroline, d.Samuel H. and Sarah (Gardner), 25:3m:1827, in New York.PR38

Alfred, ch.Abraham and Sylvia, 末:4m:1827.CR4 [s.Abraham and Silvia (Carpenter), 26:3m:, a.16m., in Hudson, NY.PR38]

Sarah, first w.Samuel H. (s.Francis Jr. and Hannah), d.Gideon Gardner and Hepzibah (Joy) (second w.), 11:4m:1827 [in New York].PR38

Ann, w.Peter 2d, 18:9m:1827.CR4 [first w.Peter (s.Obed and Abigail), d.Gilbert Swain and Margaret (Barnard) (Swain) (first w.), a.29y.4m.PR38]

Ann F., first w.Paul B. (s.Thomas), d.Paul Barnard and Mary (Bocot), 28:9m:1827.PR38

Prince, ch.Job and Deborah, drowned, 30:9m:1827.CR4 [Prince G., s.Job and Deborah (Gardner), 末:6m:, in Tombar Bar, Pacific Ocean.PR38]

Elizabeth, w.Edmund William, 28:11m:1827.CR4 [w.Edmund W. (s.Edmond and Susanna), d.Obed Macy and Abigail (Pinkham).PR38; a.30y.9m.PR45]

Edward, ch.Solomon and Lydia, 31:12m:1827, at sea.CR4

Robert, h.Mary B. (Coffin), s.Jonathan Jr. and Rose (Pinkham), lost at sea, 28:1m:1828.PR38

Robert, h.Anna (d.Silas Jones and Anna), h.Phebe (d.Joseph Jenkins), s.Robert and Abigail (Barnard), 28:9m:[dup. 10:4m:] 1828, in Ghent, NY.PR38

Zenas C., ch.Thomas and Eunice (second w.), 9:10m:1828.CR4 [s.Thomas and Eunice (Coffin) (second w.), 8:10m:PR21; Zenas Coffin Macy, inf.Thomas and Eunice (Coffin) (second w.), 28:10m:PR38]

Elizabeth, w.Barzillai, 14:1m:1829.CR4 [w.Barzillai (s.Caleb and Judith), d.Nathaniel Macy and Abigail (Pinkham).PR38]

Paulina, d.Thomas (s.John. and Bethiah), 1:2m:1829, in Hudson, NY.PR38

Alexander B., s.Gorham and Lucretia (Clark), 6:9m:1829.PR38

Henry Burdick, ch.George 3d and Eunice, 3:9m:1829CR4 [s.Capt. George and Eunice (Easton), 9:3m:, a."a few weeks."PR38]

Benjamin C., ch.Peleg and Lucretia, 26:11m:1829.CR4 [s.Peleg Jr. and Lucretia (Folger) (first w.).PR38]

Susan, ch.Thomas and Eliza, 4:7m:1830.CR4 [d.Thomas and Elisabeth (Swain).PR21 Susan S., d.Thomas and Eliza (Swain) (first w.), a.16.PR38]

Priscilla, d.Abraham Jr. and Priscilla (Bunker), 22:7m:1830, in Quaker Hill, NY.PR38

Abial, w.Barnebas, 17:1m:1831.CR4 [w.Barnebas (s.Jonathan and Lois), d.Joseph Clasby and Lydia (Starbuck), 16:1m:PR38]

John Wendal [dup. h.Sally], ch.Peleg and Sarah, 12:2m:1831, in Cuba.CR4 [John Wendall Macy, h.Sarah (d.Thomas H. Swain and Deborah), s.Peleg and Sarah (Wendall) (Starbuck).PR38]

Judith, ch.Obed and Abigail, 1:3m:1831.CR4 [d.Obed and Abigail (Pinkham).PR38]

Phebe, w.William W. (s.William Jr. and Anna), d.Edward Starbuck Jr. and Lydia (Macy), 25:4m:1831.PR38

Lydia, w.Samuel, 21:8m:1831.CR4 [d.Walter Folger and Elizabeth (Starbuck), 22:8m:, a.64y.4m.10d.PR14; first w.Samuel (s.Jonathan and Lois), d.Walter Folger and Elizabeth (Starbuck), 22:8m:, a.64y.4m.PR38]

Seth, h.Margaret (Haight), s.Abraham Jr. and Priscilla (Bunker), 9:9m:1831, in Rochester, NY.PR38

Jedida, second w.William, [dup. d.Sarah Barker] 11:12m:1831.CR4 [Jedidah, second w.William Jr. (s.William and Mary (Barney)), d.Robert Barker and Sarah (Folger) (Gardner) (second w.).PR38]

Hannah, d.Uriah and Eunice (Barney),末蔓末,1832, a.29y.6m., in New Bedford.PR38

Paul, h.Bethiah (d.John Macy 3d and Eunice), h.Deborah (d.Job Coggeshall and Deborah), s.Joseph and Hannah (Hobbs), 1:1m:1832 [? in Ohio].PR38

Mary Jane, d.John B. and Mary (Russell), 26:4m:1832, in Buffalo, NY.PR38

Alexander, s.Gorham and Lucretia (Clark), 1:5m:1832.PR38

Alanson C., s.Thomas (s.John and Bethiah), 末:9m:1832, in Hudson, NY.PR38

Lucretia, w.Peleg, 19:9m:1832.CR4 [first w.Peleg Jr. (s.Peleg and Sarah), d.Tristram Folger and Rhoda (Hussey) (first w.), 22:9m:.PR38]

Chester C., ch.Abraham and Sylvia, 14:2m:1833.CR4 [s.Abraham and Silvia (Carpenter), "in early childhood."PR38]

Anna, w.Silvanus (s.Caleb and Judith), d.Daniel Pinkham and Eunice (Jenkins), 19:2m:1833 [dup. 1834].PR38

James F., twin ch.Alexander and Maria (Pinkham), Feb.28,1833, "in childhood.PR38

Charles H. inf.Paul B. and Mary Ann (Macy) (second w.), 10:8m:1833.PR38

Silvanus, h.Anna (d.Daniel Pinkham and Eunice), s.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner), 20:9m:1833.PR38

Zaccheus 3d, s.Capt. Zaccheus Jr. and Sarah (Stanton), 9:10m:1833.PR38

Susanna, w.Edmund, 12:11m:1833.CR4 [w.Edmond (s.Stephen and Mercy), d.Seth Coleman and Deborah (Swain).PR38]

Calvin K., s.Daniel and Rebecca Smith,末蔓末,1834, "at Sea off Valparaiso. "PR38

Charles H., inf.Paul B. and Mary Ann (Macy) (second w.), 19:3m:1834.PR38

Judith (Maxcy), d.John and Nabby, July26,1834, a.2y.8m.5d.GR4

Caleb, ch.Caleb and Judith, 18:8m:1834.CR4 [single, s.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner).PR38]

Paul, h.Dinah (d.Silvanus Macy and Dinah), s.Silvanus and Anna (Pinkham), 28:8m:1834.PR38

Alexander C., s.Gorham and Lucretia (Clark), Apr.16,1835.PR38 [Alexander Clark Macy, whooping cough, Apr.16,1837 [sic], a.2.PR62]

Mary, d.Robert and Abigail (Barnard), Apr.19,1835, in Hudson.PR38

Thomas, h.Phebe (Bunker), h.Hannah (Eberts) [dup. (Everett)] Chapin, s.John and Bethiah (Cartwright) (first w.), 23:4m:1835 [in Hudson].PR38

末末, ch.John R., violent fever, June13,1835, a.18m.PR62

末末, ch.Samuel Henry (formerly h.Sally (d.Gideon Gardner)) and 末末 (second w., of Buffalow), Sept.3,1835, a.10m.PR62

Abigail, w.Charles R. (s.Robert Jr. and Anna), d.Tristram Bunker and Anna (Bunker), 22:3m:1836.PR38

Hannah M., ch.Reuben and Hannah, 1:7m:1836.CR4 [d.Dr. Reuben and Hannah (Mitchell), 6:1m:.PR38; Hannah Mitchell Macy, measles, Jan.6.PR62]

Robert, ship master, s.Seth, grand s.Reuben, consumption, Sept.10,1836, a.40, in Hudson.PR62

Susan, w.Charles Worth, d.John Narbeth, Sept.20,1836, a.26y.4m.PR62

Judith (Maxcy), d.John and Nabby, July20,1837, a.2y.10m.5d.GR4

末末, ch.Edmund and Elizabeth Wyer, Oct.20,1837, a.2d.PR62

Benjamin F., s.Edward and Eunice A. (Hallett) (second w.), Nov.3,1837.PR38 [inf.Edward, fever and fits, 1:11m:.PR62]

William G., inf.Paul B. and Mary Ann (Macy) (second w.), 8:11m:1837.PR38 [ch.Paul Barnard, grand ch.Paul Macy, violent fever, 7:11m:, a.4m.PR62]

Phebe, w.Elisha, 3:2m:1838.CR4 [w.Elishai (s.Caleb and Judith), d.Jonathan Gardner and Miriam (Worth) (first w.).PR38; wid.Elisha, consumption, a.84y.6m.PR62]

Samuel, h.Lydia, h.Mary, 13:2m:1838.CR4 [h.Lydia (Folger), h.Mary (Clisby), s.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham), a.73.PR38; "An. Elder in the Friends Society," quick consumption.PR62]

William W., h.Phebe (d.Edward Starbuck Jr. and Lydia), h.Miriam P.H. (d.Abel Wharton and Sarah), s.William Jr. and Anna (Hussey) (first w.), 21:2m:1838.PR38 [consumption, Feb.20, a.51y.1m., in NY.PR62]

Lydia S., d.Capt. Zaccheus Jr. and Sarah (Stanton), 18:4m:1838.PR38 [violent fever, a.18m.PR62]

Phebe, second w.Robert (s.Robert), formerly w.Silas Jones, d.Joseph Jenkins and Ruth (Barnard) (Clark) (second w.), 末:5m:1838.PR38

Thomas M., h.Mary B. (d.Gilbert Coffin and Phebe), s.Francis Jr. and Hannah Macreal, 29:5m:1838, a.42.PR38 [Thomas Mackerel Macy, suddenly, May25, a.42y.2m., in NY.PR62]

Francis J., inf.Charles and Mary (Jenkins), 8:8m:1838.PR38PR67

Peleg, h.Sarah, 4:10m:1838.CR4 [h.Sarah (Wendell) Starbuck, s.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham), 7:10m:PR38; Oct.1, a.77y.11m.PR62]

Miriam P., wid.William W., Jan.25,1839, a.29. [Miriam P.H., second w.William W. (s.William Jr. and Anna), d.Abel Wharton and Sarah.PR38 d.Abel Haughton of Lynn, Essex Co., consumption, Jan.26, a.29y.6m.PR62]

Andrew, h.Hepsibeth (d.Abraham Long and Mary), s.Nathaniel Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock), 10:3m:1839.PR38 [Andrew Brock Macy, cancer in his mouth and upper lip, May10, a.61.PR62]

Sally, first w.John R. (s.Robert Jr. and Anna), d.Shubael Haskins, 31:3m:1839 [sic].PR38

Daniel P., h.Alice (d.Hezekiah Swain and Lydia), s.Obed and Abigail (Pinkham), 6:5m:1839, a.37y.10m., in New Orleans.PR38

Josiah, s.Edward and Eunice A. (Hallett) (second w.), Sept.5,1839.PR38 [Josiah Wendell Macy, consumption, a.9m.PR62]

Benjamin B., s.Thomas W. and Lydia B. (Townsend), 21:9m:1839, a.11.PR38 [Aug.25, a.10y.10m.PR62]

Ann Maria, inf.Thomas W. and Lydia B. (Townsend), 23:10m:1839.PR38 [ch.Thomas Worth Macy (s.William), dysentery, Oct.28, a.1y.1m.PR62]

John, h.Bethiah (d.Hezediah Cartwright), h.Phebe (d.Abraham Macy), s.Robert and Abigail (Barnard), 23:11m:1838 [dup. 1839 written above 1838], a.90y.8m.PR38; ["formerly of Nantucket," "he had 19 Children, 54 Grand Children, and 59 Great Grand Children, of whom were living at the time of his Death 11 Children, 37 Grand Children and 47 Great Grand Children," s.Robert dec'd, Nov.23,1839, a.91y.9m., in Ghent.PR62]

Samuel B., h.Angeline (d.John Morris and Esther), s.Simeon and Lydia (White) (second w.) of Ghent, 25:1m:1840 [? in NY].PR38

Judith, w.Zaccheus, 19:7m:1840.CR4 [w.Zaccheus (s.Richard and Miriam), d.Christopher Starbuck and Mary (Barnard).PR38]

Franklin, Aug.14,1840, a.35, in Boston.GR3 [h.Julia Ann (Brayton), s.Paul and Dinah (Macy), 13:8m:.PR38]

Amelia, d.Charles B. and Rebecca C., Sept.2,1840, a.2y.2m.3d.GR3

Sarah, wid.Peleg, old age, May3,1841, a.79. [wid.Peleg (s.Jonathan and Lois), wid.Zaccheus Starbuck (s.Christopher), d.John H. Wendall of Boston, in Petersham.PR38]

Lydia H., inf.Isaac and Ann Eliza (Macy), 30:5m:1841.PR38

末末, (Maxey), d.William, June8,1841, a.9y.5m.

末末, ch.Edmond, June26,1841. [Edmund F., s.Edmund and Elizabeth W. (Chase), 20:6m:PR38]

末末, (Maxey), ch.William, July27,1841, a.2m.

末末, ch.Paul B., Sept.9,1841. [Rowland inf.Paul B. and Mary Ann (Macy) (second w.), 3:10m:PR38]

Rebecca C., w.Charles B., billious cholic, Jan.27,1842, a.27. [a.25.GR3; first w.Charles B., d.Seth Mitchell and Lydia.PR38]

Eunice, w.George, apoplexy, Feb.1,1842, a.54. [w.Capt. George (s.Barnabas and Abial), d.Peleg Easton and Eunice (Hussey).PR38]

Howard, s.Charles B. and Rebecca C., Aug.24,1842, a.1y.6m.18d.GR3

末末, d.Charles B., Aug.31,1842, a.2y.6m.

Edward B., blacksmith, consumption, Sept.1,1842, a.32. [h.Ann Maria (d.Thomas Gray and Ann), s.Thomas and Phebe (Bunker), Sept.2.PR38]

Francis, s.Thomas M. and Mary B. (Coffin), 26:9m:1842, at sea, "on board ship Peuvian, Brooks of St. Johns.箱PR38

Abigail, consumption, Oct.23,1842, a.78. [w.Obed, a.77y.10m.16d.GR3 w.Obed (s.Caleb and Judith), d.Daniel Pinkham and Eunice (Jenkins), a.77y.10m.PR38]

Eunice, w.Thomas, cancer, June13,1843, a.55. [Eunice C., June12, a.55y.3m.GR3 Eunice (Coffin), 12:6m:, a.55y.3m.PR21; Eunice, second w.Thomas (s.Obed and Abigail), d.Zenas Coffin and Abial (Gardner), 12:6m:.PR38]

Henry M., h.Rachel (Armfield), h.Lydia (Worth), s.Enoch and Anna (Macy), 20:10m:1843 [? in NC].PR38

James (Maxy), sudden, Oct.23,1843, a.40.

Richard Jr., s.Capt. Richard and Catherine (Alley), 9:11m:1843, in E. Vassalboro, ME.PR38

Zaccheus, h.Sarah Huddlestone, s.Nathaniel and Hepzabeth (Macy),末蔓末,1844 [? in NC].PR38

William Gayer, h.Phebe (Clasby), h.Emeline (Chase) Clasby, s.Silvanus and Dinah (Bunker) of New Harmony, IN, 27:1m:1844, a.50.PR38

末末, ch.Edmund, Apr.12,1844, a.2m.

Abraham 3d, h.Elizabeth (d.Elihu Coleman and Elizabeth), s.Abraharn Jr. and Priscilla (Bunker), 29:8m:1844 [? in NY].PR38

Obed, m., merchant, s.Caleb and Judith, old age, Dec.26,1844, a.82y.11m.[Dec.24.GR3 h.Abigail (Pinkham), s.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner), 24:12m:, a.82y.11m.6d.PR38]

Peter C., s.Edmund and Elizabeth, consumption, May19,1845, a.7. [s.Edmund and Elizabeth W. (Chase), 18:5m:, a.6y.4m.7d.PR38]

John E., single, s.Capt. George and Eunice (Easton), 21:7m:1845, in Brooklyn, NY.PR38

Simeon, s.George W. and Lydia, Feb.16,1846, a.2m.[inf.George W. and Lydia (Earl) (Barton), 14:2m:PR38]

Charles G. (Maxy), ch.William and Susan, lung fever, Mar.13,1846, a.1y.2m.4d.

Henry, h.Mary (d.Thomas Jenkins and Martha), s.Henry and Sarah (Swain), 30:3m:1846.PR38

Seth George, h.Deborah (Jenkins), h.Sarah (Hussey), s.Reuben and Anna (Barnard) (first w.), 14:5m:1846, a.78 [in Hudson, NY].PR38

Alexander, single, merchant, ch.Peleg and Lucretia, drowned, May20,1846, a.25. [Alexander 2d.CR4GR3 s.Peleg Jr. and Lucretia (Folger) (first w.), 5:5m:, "at the Cliff. "PR38]

Peter, m., merchant, ch.Obed and Abigail, consumption, May1,1846, a.53y.6m.[Apr.30.GR3 h.Ann (Swain), h.Elizabeth (Gardner), s.Obed and Abigail (Pinkham), Apr.30, a.53y.6m.PR38]

Eliza, w.John Coffin (s.Alexander and Polly), d.James Proctor Myrick and Eunice, 21:6m:1846.PR38

Ann, w.Benjamin C. (s.Nathaniel R. and Elizabeth), d.Samuel Marriot and Ann (Thompson), Dec.21,1846, in Hudson, NY.PR38

Rebecca Smith of Boston, w.Daniel (s.Silvanus and Dinah),末蔓末,1847.PR38

Sarah, w.Seth George (s.Reuben and Anna), d.Paul Hussey and Margaret (Barker), 26:1m:1847, a.71 [? in Hudson].PR38

Elizabeth, w.Nathaniel R. (s.Robert Jr. and Anna), d.Benjamin Clasby and Rachel (Way), 17:4m:1847.PR38

Albert, h.Nancy (d.John Wall and Elizabeth (Scarborough)), s.Joseph and Mary (Starbuck), 10:5m:1847 [? in IN].PR38

Clarkson, ch.Charles B. and Martha, dysentary, Aug.4,1847, a.6m.

George, widr., mariner, s.Barnabas and Abial, consumption, Aug.14,1847, a.60. [George 3d, h.Eunice, 15:8m:.CR4 Capt. George, h.Eunice (Easton), s.Barnabas and Abial (Clasby), 15:8m:.PR38]

Mary B., w.Joseph B., consumption, Sept.3,1847, a.22. [Mary M., w.Joseph B. (s.George and Eunice), d.George Myrick and Eliza (Mitchell).PR38]

Lydia, wid.Latham, old age, Sept.10,1847, a.86. [wid.Latham (s.Zaccheus and Hepsabeth), d.John Russell and Ruth (Starbuck), 9:9m:, a.86y.10m.PR38]

Daniel, h.Rebecca Smith of Boston, s.Silvanus and Dinah (Bunker), 末:10m:1847.PR38

Sarah C., ch.Robert I. and Lucy, Oct.1,1847, a.2d.[sic] [ch.Robert F. and Lucy H. (Hamblin), a.1m.PR38]

Lydia B., ch.Daniel F. and Mary, dysentary, Oct.9,1847, a.5. [d.Daniel F. and Mary (Brown), 6:10m:, a.7y.7m.PR38]

Robert R., h.Anna (d.Reuben Barnard and Phebe), s.Robert and Anna (Jones), 30:10m:1847, in MI.PR38 Rowland ch.Paul and Dinah, 17:11m:1840.CR4 [s.Paul and Dinah (Macy), 16:1m:PR38]

末末, d.Isaac and Ann Eliza, croup, Nov.27,1847, a.21d.[Emma F., inf.Isaac and Ann Eliza (Macy), 26:11m:PR38]

Dinah, w.Paul (s.Silvanus and Anna), d.Silvanus Macy and Dinah (Bunker), 29:12m:1847, a.63y.5m., in Fall River.PR38

Obed, h.Lydia (d.Nathaniel Coffin Jr. and Priscilla), s.Shubael and Eunice (Gardner). 10:1m:1848.PR38

Timothy, h.Merab (d.John Macy and Eunice), s.Jethro and Hepzibah (Worth), 15:10m:1848 [? in New Garden, NC].PR38

John, m., mariner, ch.Sylvanus and Anna, consumption, Apr.11,1849, a.60 [sic]. [h.Eliza (Myrick) Barnard, s.Silvanus and Anna (Pinkham), 9:4m:.PR38]

Phebe, second w.John (s.Robert and Abigail), d.Abraham Macy Jr. and Priscilla (Bunker), 4:6m:1849 [dup. 1848], a.85y.5m., in Ghent.PR38

Rowland s.Paul B. and Mary Ann (Macy) (second w.), 1:7m:1849, in New York.PR38

Simeon, m., farmer, ch.Latham and Lydia, consumption Aug.25,1849, a.70. [h.Phebe (d.Daniel Allen), s.Latham and Lydia (Russell), 27:8m:PR38]

Mary E., d.Charles and Margrett, consumption, Sept.13,1849, a.1y.1m.[Mary Elizabeth, d.Charles G. and Margaret B., Aug.11, a.13m.11d.GR2 Mary Elizabeth, inf.Charles G. and Margaret B. (Swain), Sept.11.PR38]

Sarah, ch.William and Anna, 26:8m:1893.CR4 [inf.William Jr. and Anna (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

MALONEY (Melony)


Benjamin, 14:4m:1720.PR63

William, 20:5m:1730.PR63

David, lost at sea,末蔓末,1755.PR63

末末, ch.Isaac, 25:7m:1768.PR63

末末, ch.Isaac, 5:2m:1776.PR63

Hannah, Dec.2,1819, a.65.PR63


Bethany, see Bethania Pease.

Elizabeth, see Betsy.

末末, ch.Joseph, 28:9m:1765.PR63

Joseph, suddenly, 末:3m:1805.CR4 [15:3m:PR63]

Betsy, w.Benjamin. 末:7m:1805.CR4 [Elizabeth, 30:7m:PR63]

末末, ch.Benjamin, 23:9m:1811, a.2.PR63

Benjamin, Feb.6,1820.PR63

William, July11,1820, a.59y.8m.PR63

末末, ch.George 2d, Sept.26,1820.PR63

Jerusha, w.Joseph, d.Samuel Long and Lydia (Coffin), 28:12m:1820.PR38 [wid.Joseph, Dec.21, a.88y.4m.PR63]

Elizabeth, w.Samuel, d.Thomas Holmes, Oct.31,1834, a.22.PR62

Susan S., d.Owen and Susan, Sept.22,1836, a.5y.5m.6d.GR4 [violent fever.PR62]

George, s.Joseph dec'd, violent fever, Sept.26,1836, a.63y.2m.PR62

末末, ch.Uriah, Sept.末,1838.PR62

Lydia, w.George (s.Joseph and Jerusha), d.Paul Swain and Susanna Chase, 29:8m:1839.PR38 [wid.George, d.Paul Swain, de'cd, a.66y.7m.PR62]

Molley B., old age, July24,1841, a.77.

Eliza, d.Uriah and Margaret, consumption, Oct.10,1843, a.1y.6m.

Benjamin, widr., laborer, fever, Mar.29,1844, a.79.

Betsey, w.George, consumption, Feb.2,1846, a.66.

Benjamin, m., mariner, ch.Benjamin, brain fever, May10,1847, a.33.

Henry A., ch.Uriah and Lucy, dysentary, Aug.8,1847, a.8 [sic].

MARCHANT (Merchant)


Lucy, wid., 13:11m:1812, a.65y.3m.PR63

Hannah C., Mrs., of Boston, Apr.20,1829, a.74.GR3

Charlotte FittzGerreld, d.John B.M. and Deborah FittzGerreld, malignant scarlet fever, July11,1835, a.10y.3m.PR62

末末, ch.John, "grand child of Avis Sears, Zacchariah Coffin," Oct.11,1839, a.11m.PR62


Abigail, d.Samuel and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38 [Nabby, Aug.11,1803.PR64]

Abigail, d.Joseph Jr. and Phebe (Folger),末蔓末, 末末, "young. "PR38

Hawkins, s.Joseph and Mary or Mercy (Short),末蔓末, 末末, at sea.PR38

Love, d.Samuel and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.PR38 [15:6m:1790.PR63]

Nabby, see Abigail.

Patience, d.Joseph and Mary or Mercy (Short),末蔓末, 末末, "young. "PR38

Joseph, 24:4m:1748.CR4 [h.Mary or Mercy (d.Clement Short and Thankful Monte or Munt), h.Abigail (wid.Thomas Howes, d.Stephen Hussey and Martha), s.James and Ruth Hawkins.PR38]

John, h.Mary (d.John Harris and Abigail), s.James and Patience Rider, lost,末蔓末,1756.PR38 [3:12m:PR63]

Anna, twin ch.Joseph and Phebe, 6:10m:1756.CR4 [twin d.Joseph and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

Elizabeth, ch.Joseph and Phebe, 15:6m:1762.CR4 [d.Joseph and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

Ruth, ch.Benjamin and Mary, 3:9m:1762.CR4 [4:9m:PR63]

Abigail, second w.Joseph (s.James), wid.Thomas Howes, d.Stephen Hussey and Martha (Bunker), 26:4m:1763.PR38

Shubael, ch.Joseph and Phebe, 18:7m:1763.CR4 [s.Joseph and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

Mary, w.Benjamin, [dup. d.Richard Macy and Deborah] 7:6m:1764.CR4 [d.Richard Macy and Deborah (Pinkham).PR38 17:5m:PR63]

Mary, ch.Joseph and Phebe, 11:6m:1765.CR4 [d.Joseph and Phebe (Folger).PR38 10:6m:PR63]

末末, ch.Obed, 31:5m:1768.PR63

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin and Mary, 8:10m:1768.CR4 [Benjamin Jr., s.Benjamin and Mary (Macy).PR38; 15:10m:PR63]

James, h.Patience Rider of Yarmouth, 9:7m:1777, 殿ged."PR38

末末, ch.Samuel, 5:11m:1778.PR63

末末, s.Samuel, 6:5m:1785. a.10y.6m.PR63

Patience Rider of Yarrnouth, w.James, 13:12m:1787.PR38 [a.80.PR63; "found lying. across the road breathless."PR64]

Ruth, w.Thomas, [dup. d.Henry Dowe and Abigail] 24:8m:1797.CR4 [w.Thomas, (s.Obed), d.Henry Dow and Abigail (Chase) (Gardner).PR38; 25:8m:PR63]

Benjamin [dup. h.Mary], 26:3m:1793.CR4 [h.Mary (Macy), h.Jedida (Gardner), s.Joseph and Mary or Mercy (Short), 15:2m:1798.PR38; Benjamin Sr., 25:3m:1793.PR63]

Jedidah [Marshall, w.末末望, ch.Barnebas Gardner and Mary, 15:2m:1798.CR4 [Jedida Marshall, second w.Benjamin (s.Joseph and Mary), d.Barnabas Gardner and Mary Wheeler.PR38; Jedidah Marshall, wid.Benjamin.PR63]

Phebe, w.Joseph, [dup. d.Shubael Folger and Jerusha] 25:2m:1802.CR4 [w.Joseph (s.Joseph and Abigail), d.Shubael Folger and Jerusha (Clark) (Ramsdell) [? accuracy].PR38]

Joseph, h.Phebe, 8:4m:1802.CR4 [Joseph Jr., h.Phebe (Folger), s.Joseph and Abigail (Hussey) (Howes) (second w.), 9:4m:, a."nearly" 82.PR38; 9:4m:, a.82.PR63]

Hiram, ch.Obed, "kill'd by a fall from off Foretopsail yard on Board Ship.," 29:3m:1805, at sea.CR4 [s.Obed and Susan (Burnell), "fell from mast head round Cape Horn," 3:1m:1806.PR38; 3:1m:1806.PR63]

Lydia, w.David, 末:5m:1809.CR4 [4:5m:PR63]

James, h.Abigail (d.Jonathan Long and Sarah), s.Samuel and Abigail (Coffin), "lost, 末:4m:1810, 堵oing to W. Indies."PR38 6:4m:PR63

Eliza, w.Josiah (s.James), wid.Jeremiah Lamb (s.James and Patience), d.David Manning, 1:4m:1812.PR38 [a.59y.1m.PR63]

Thomas [dup. h.Ruth, h.Lydia], s.Obed, 1:11m:1801.CR4 [h.Ruth (Dow), h.Lydia (Gardner), s.Obed and Susan (Bumell), lost at sea, 末:2m:1813 [sic].PR38; 1:11m:1801.PR63]

Thomas, s.Josiah, 13:2m:1813, a.30.PR63

Susanna, w.Obed (s.Joseph Jr.), d.Jonathan Burnell and Deborah (Barker), 20:12m:1814.PR38

Greenleaf, h.Anna (d.Hugh Cathcart), s.James and Patience Rider, 8:9m:1816.PR38 [Greenlief, a.80.PR63]

Obed, ch.Joseph and Phebe, 8:8m:1817.CR4 [h.Susan (Burnell), s.Joseph Jr. and Phebe (Folger), a.73y.7m.PR38; a.73y.6m.PR63]

William, h.Lydia.(d.Freeman Swain), s.Samuel and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末,1818, in Ohio.PR38 [Oct.18,1817.PR63]

Abigail, w.James (s.Samuel and Abigail), d.Jonathan Long and Sarah (Brown) (first w.), 10:2m:1818.PR38 [wid.James, 17:12m:1814, a.46y.5m.PR63]

Samuel, h.Abigail (d.Abner Coffin and Phebe), s.James and Patience Rider, 10:2m:1818, a.73y.7m.PR38 [Feb. "9-10. "PR63]

Nathaniel, h.Lucinda (d.Sarah Clark), h.Phebe (wid.John Woff, d.Caleb Godfrey), s.Greenleaf and Anna (Cathcart), 6:7m:1819.PR38 [a.46y.11m.PR63]

Anna, w.Greenleaf (s.James), d.Hugh Cathcart, 24:6m:1823, a.86.PR38

Abigail, w.Samuel (s.James), d.Abner Coffin and Phebe (Butler), 28:4m:1826.PR38

Edward Macy, ch.Obed and Eunice, 9:9m:1826CR4

Olive, first w.Thomas (s.Thomas and Lydia), d.Bartlett Holmes of Barnstable, 7:9m:1829.PR38

Lydia, ch.Benjamin and Mary, 24:8m:1830.CR4

Josiah, h.Eliza (wid.Jeremiah Lamb, d.David Manning), h.Anna (wid.Stephen Rice, d.John Wyer), s.James and Patience Rider, 31:1m:1831.PR38

Elihu, s.Obed and Susan (Burnell), 20:2m:1833.PR38

Phebe, w.Willet (s.Justus of Ghent, Columbia Co., NY), d.Samuel Coleman and Phebe (Folger), 18:10m:1833.PR38

Lucinda, w.Nathaniel (s.Greenleaf and Ann), d.Sarah Clark (d.Nathaniel and Penina), 26:3m:1834.PR38

Obed, Dr. of Charlestown, s.Thomas, grand s.Capt. Josiah of N., "drowned in the Mississippi River," 20:5m:1838, a.42 [see birth].PR38

Phebe, w.Nathaniel, formerly w.John Wolf, d.Caleb Godfrey and Mary (Pinkham), 28:7m:1839.PR38 [d.Caleb Godfrey dec壇, a.78y.9m., at the asylum.PR62]

Phebe P., w.Capt. Joseph (s.Obed), d.Joseph Whippey, 16:11m:1841.PR38

Obed, cooper, ch.Obed and Susanna, dysentary, June26,1848, a.60. [h.Eunice.CR4 Obed Jr., h.Eunice (Macy), s.Obed and Susan (Burnell), May26 [dup. June25].PR38]


Ruth, June2,1820, a.70.PR63


Sarah, w.Oliver, wid.Isaiah Coffin, d.Christopher Folger and Abigail (Barnard) (first w.), 14:9m:1822.PR38


Alva S., ch.George and 末末, whooping cough [whooping cough written in pencil over drowing crossed out in pencil], June6,1846, a.1y.2m.

Thomas, ch.George, drowning, July29,1846, a.5


Tabitha, Indian, "See May6,1820," a.60.PR63


Phebe, w.Rev. Stephen, Sept.28,1839, in MI.PR62


Jerusha, w.John, d.Peter Coffin and Hope (Gardner), 22:2m:1762.PR38 [22:12m:PR63]

MAXCY (Macy)

MAXEY (Macy)

MAXY (Macy)


末末, ch.Matthew, 末:8m:1753.PR63

Mary, w.末末 of Plymouth, d.John Crosby and Sarah,末蔓末,1824.PR38

Mary Elizabeth, ch.Charles and Rebecca, May16,1840, a.8m.GR4

Elizabeth Abby, ch.Charles and Rebecca, May19,1846, a.17m.GR4

William, s.Charles and Rebecca, measles, May19,1846, a.4.

MAYO (Mayhew)

Margaret, w.Isaac of Cape Cod, formerly w.Nathan Daggett (s.Jacob of Martha's Vineyard), d.Ebenezer Gardner and Judith (Coffin) (second w.), 13:10m:1769 [? on Cape Cod].PR38

Seth, 19:7m:1783.PR63

Sarah, Mrs., Feb.27,1796, a.74y.8m.GR1

Obed, July17,1820, a.43y.6m.PR63

Rachael, w.Seth (s.Joseph and Sarah), d.George Gardner and Elizabeth (Chase), 12:3m:1836.PR38 [Rachel, wid.Seth, consumption, a.83y.3m.PR62]


Elizabeth, w.Arthur of Hudson, d.Abishai Folger Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman), 2:6m:1845 [? in Hudson, NY].PR38

McCLEAVE (MackCleave, McCleve, McLeave)

Obed, see Josiah.

Thomas, see McCleave.

Lurana (McLeave), w.Thomas, 末:7m:1805.CR4 [McCleave, 1:7m:PR63]

Joseph Jr., s.Joseph and Sally, May4,1809, in 7th y.GR1 [a.9.PR63]

末末, ch.Joseph, 1:12m:1809.PR63

末末, s.Thomas V., July30,1810, a.3.CR2 [Thomas McCleve, s.Thomas V. and Rebecca, Aug.末, a.2y.6m.GR1; McCleave, 13:8m:.PR63]

末末, ch.Thomas, 22:12m:1813.PR63

末末, ch.Thomas, 3:9m:1814.PR63

末末, ch.Joseph, 23:5m:1816.PR63

Rebecca, second w.Thomas V. (s.Robert and Hannah), wid.Thomas Gardner (s.Thomas and Anna), d.James Stubbs and Rebecca (Ellis), 25:1m:1818.PR38

Josiah or Obed [see following entry], s.Benjamin and Mary (Smith), 30:1m:182.PR38

Benjamin, h.Mary (d.Armstrong Smith and Eunice), s.Thomas V. and Lurania (Cash), 22:9m:182.PR38

Nancy W., ch.Robert and Eliza Ann, Dec.12,1834, a.2.GR2 [Dec.11.PR48; MackCleave, Nov.11.PR62]

Thomas B., Aug.29,1837, a.67.CR2 [Capt. Thomas V. McCleave.GR1; Thomas V. McCleave, h.Lurania (Cash), h.Rebecca (Stubbs) Gardner, h.Hope (Howes), s.Robert and Hannah, 末:9m:.PR38; Thomas Varney MackCleave, consumption, Aug.29, a.68y.9m.PR62]

Josiah (MackCleave), s.Benjamin, violent fever, May20,1839, a.16y.6m.PR62

Hope (MackCleave), wid.Thomas Varney, Aug.16,1839, a.47y.4m., in Yarmouth.PR62

Alexander B., ch.Robert and Eliza Ann, Nov.28,1839, a.1.GR2 [s.Robert and Eliza Ann (Chase).PR38]

Joseph (McCleve), Capt., Jan.31,1841, a.66.GR1 [McCleave, h.Sally (Chase), s.Robert and Hannah.PR38; McCleave, a.67.PR48]

Sally, wid.Joseph, consumption, Jan.14,1842, a.62. [McCleve, wid.Capt. Joseph.GR1 McCleave, w.Joseph, d.James Chase and Mercy (Godfrey).PR38; McCleave.PR48]

William (McCleve), m., laborer, palsy, May18,1843, a.22y.8m.[William W., May17.GR1 William W. McCleave, h.Sarah C. (Paddock), s.Joseph and Sally (Chase), 16:5m:.PR38; McCleave, May17.PR48]

Sarah J. (McCleve), d.Joseph and Mary, dysentary, Aug.15,1843, a.4m.[Sarah Jane McCleave, d.Joseph and Mary Ann (Fisher), 14:8m:.PR38]

Benjamin Jr., m., s.Benjamin and Mary (Smith), "whaling on board ship," 26:8m:1844.PR38

Ann L. (McCleve), ch.Thomas and Sarah, dysentary, Sept.29,1847, a.2. [Ann Louisa McCleave, d.Thomas and Sarah (O' Niel), 1:10m:, a.2y.9m.PR38]

Edward (McCleve), s.Edward and Martha, lung fever, June13,1849, a.1. [McCleave Jr., June12.GR3]


John, 25:9m:1800.PR63


末末, d.John and Mary, Jan.19,1847, a.10d.

McDANIEL (McDonald)

末末, ch.John Jr., 末:5m:1784.PR63

Kezia, w.John, d.Peleg Gardner and Eunice (Gorham),末蔓末,1793, in Hudson, NY.PR38

Polly (McDonald) [dup. MacDaniel], w.Daniel, formerly w.James Folger (s.Henry and Elizabeth), formerly wid.末末 Waters, d.Richard Green, 12:4m:1831.PR38


Elizabeth, Miss, b. Ireland consumption, July28,1845, a.60.

Cupples, single, mariner, b. Ireland drowned, Mar.16,1846, a.24.

McLEAVE (McCleave)


末末, ch.Nicholas, 末:11m:1752.PR63

末末, ch.Nicholas, 29:5m:1754.PR63

Nicholas, lost at sea,末蔓末,1755.PR63

Elizabeth, w.Nason, 16:5m:1765.PR63

Jedida, w.Robert, d.Micah Coffin and Dorcas (Coleman), 25:10m:1770.PR38 [Jedidah.PR63]

末末, ch.Robert, 1:11m:1774.PR63

末末, ch.Robert, 2:5m:1778.PR63

Reuben, s.Nicholas, apoplectic fit, Feb.7,1794, a.17.PR64

末末, ch.Nathaniel, 27:12m:1794.PR63

John, Apr.5,1797, "old."PR64

Hannah, w.John (s.Joseph and Charity), d.Charles Stewart of Martha's Vineyard, 22:10m:1798.PR38 [28:9m:PR63]

Phebe, d.John Ekins, Nov.18,1801, in 19th y.GR1 [w.George (s.Nicholas and Rachel) ("No chn. "), d.John Elkins ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo), 16:11m:PR38; w.George, 17:11m:PR63]

Nathaniel, 10:6m:1802.PR63

Abigail, w.George (s.Nicholas and Rachael), d.John Elkins ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo), 21:9m:1813.PR38 [a.27y.1m.PR63]

Robert, 7:1m:1815, a.71y.7m.PR63

Lydia, w.Nathaniel (s.Nathaniel and Susan), d.Elijah Luce and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.), 末:12m:1818, a.34, in Ohio.PR63 [Dec.11, a.34y.6m.PR63]

John, s.Nathaniel, Sept.14,1819, a.23y.5m.PR63

Thomas, h.Deborah, Dec.17,1829.GR4

George, June4,1836, a.54.CR2 [s.Nicholas, lingering consumption and dropsy, a.55y.7m.PR62]

Nicholas, Capt., Dec.21,1836, a.82y.4m.4d.GR4 [rheumatism and consumption.PR62]

William H., s.Samuel, insane, Apr.22,1837, a.16y.7m.PR62

Rachel, old age, Nov.21,1842, a.86. [w.Capt. Nicholas, a.86y.21d.GR4 w.Nicholas (s.John), d.John Allen and Rachel (Hovey), 22:11m:1822 [sic].PR38]

Celia, w.Moses K., consumption, Aug.27,1846, a.23. [Celia F.GR1; Celia Jr., w.Moses H. (s.Nathan and Sally), d.Alexander Pinkham and Celia (first w.).PR38]


Thomas, s.Thomas and Lucretia, violent fever, Oct.4 [dup. 11], 1838, a.17m.PR62


Abel, colored, Jan.24,1821, a.31y.10m.PR63


Charlotte P. (Meiggs), d.Asa and Abby B., Apr.20,1840, a.3y.11m.7d.GR1

Abby (Meggs.), w.Asa, July26,1841, a.32. [Abby B. Meiggs, July24, a.30.GR1]

末末 (Meggs), ch.Asa, Sept.8,1841, a.7w.[Meiggs, d.Asa and Abby B., Sept.7.GR1]

William, s.Asa and Caroline, measles, Jan.3,1847, a.6m.[sic, see Caroline A., b. Sept.3,1846].

Mary, d.Asa and Caroline, measles, Jan.7,1847, a.2y.6m.[sic].


Susan, w.Joseph P., d.James Josiah Coffin and Susanna (Pinkham), 28:7m:1825.PR38


Sarah, w.James, d.Shubael Hilmam and Judith (Whippey), 23:7m:1795.PR38


Sarah, w.Stephen, d.Enoch Macy and Anna (Macy), 20:9m:1815, in Guilford Co., NC.PR38


末末, d.John, 10:5m:1750.PR63

MERCHANT (Marchant)

Abigail, w.Benjamin, d.Nathan Daggett and Margaret (Gardner), 12:1m:1765.PR38 [w.Benjamin Jr.PR63]

Benjamin (Marchant), 3:5m:1777.PR63

Rebecca (Marchant), w.Benjamin Sr., d.Nathaniel Folger and Priscilla (Chase), 10:5m:1778.PR38 [Merchant, wid.Benjamin, 5:10m:PR63; Merchant, bur. Oct.6.PR64]

Deborah, w.Benjamin, 1:4m:1812, a.70y.11m.PR63

Francis Asbury, s.Frederick and Elizabeth, June10,1837, a.3m.PR62

末末, d.Frederick, organic disease of heart, Mar.24,1842, a.10m.

末末 (Marchant), ch.Joseph and Charlotte, still born, Aug.31,1848.


末末, ch.末末, 28:5m:1773 [see 末末 Myrick, same date].PR63


Zacchariah, farmer, debility, July30,1835, a.76y.11m.PR62

Polly, palsey, Nov.12,1842.

Eunice, wid.Samuel, consumption, Jan.16,1847, a.65.


Peter, "Native Indian," 24:3m:1801.PR63


James, colored, Oct.28,1819, a.40.PR63


末末, ch.John, 23:10m:1810.PR63

末末, ch.Wealthy, 17:9m:1815, a.49y.8m.PR63


Sarah, b. NY, asthma, Oct.10,1845, a.40y.3m.


末末, ch.John, Mar.31,1821.PR63

Edward of New London, "lost overboard from the Ship Milton," Dec.19,1834, a.25y.6m.PR62


James, 6:4m:1810.PR63

Charles Haden [ch.John Belden and Amelia Brown (Haden)], Apr.21,1842, in Frankfort, Herkimer Co., NY.PR3

Samuel Haden [ch.John Belden and Amelia Brown (Haden)], July12,1846, in Williamburgh, Can.PR3


Sarah, wid.Capt. Rojer of Montgomery, Orange Co., NY, July3,1836, in 70th y.GR1 [Millspaugh wid.Capt. Peter of Montgomery, Orange Co. NY, mother of Jemima (w.Valentine Coffin), a.70y.1m.PR62]


William, Mar.末,1835.CR3 [second h.Eunice (formerly w.Isaac Hoag, d.Stephen Arthur), "no childr," 22; 4m:1835.PR38; d.Stephen Arthur Sr., consumption, Apr.20, 49y.2m.PR62]


Elizabeth, colored, Jan.22,1818.PR63


末末, ch.William, 末:10m:1778.PR63

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Charles B., see 末末 Mitchell.

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth, ch.Richard and Mary,末蔓末, 末末, "young. "CR4

Fanny Lincoln, see Francis.

Joseph, see 末末 Mitchell.

Peleg, see 末末 Mitchell.

Sarah, see Sally.

Sidney, see Sydney.

Daniel (Mitchel), ch.Jethro and Rachel, 23:11m:1760.CR4 [Mitchell, 24:11m:PR63]

Mary, w.Joseph (s.Richard and Mary), d.Richard Swain and Elizabeth (Gardner), 30:5m:1768.PR38

Benjamin, ch.Richard and Mary, lost at sea,末蔓末,1771.CR4 ["Spring 1771. "PR63]

Elihu (Mitchel), ch.Jethro and Rachel, 末:5m:1772.CR4

Silvanus (Mitchel), ch.Jethro and Rachel, 末:5m:1773.CR4 [Mitchell, 28:5m:PR63]

David (Mitchel), ch.Jethro and Rachel, 4:8m:1773.CR4

末末, ch.William, 末:8m:1774.PR63

Mary, w.Richard, [dup. d.Jethro Starbuck and Dorcas] 24:10m:1780.CR4 [w.Richard of RI, d.Jethro Starbuck and Dorcas (Gayer).PR38]

George (Mitchel), ch.Peleg and Lydia, 20:4m:1781.CR4 [Mitchell.PR63]

Joseph, 26:9m:1786, Buckingham.PR63

Richard (Mitchel) [dup. h.Mary], 5:10m:1787.CR4 [Richard Sr.PR64]

James, s.Richard Sr., 28:5m:1788.PR63 [May29.PR64]

末末, ch.Christopher, 19:9m:1791.PR63

末末, ch.Laban, 27:10m:1792.PR63

末末, ch.Wilson, 17:6m:1793.PR63

Thomas (Mitchel), ch.Obed and Lydia, 23:6m:1793.CR4 [Mitchell, 29:6m:PR63]

Elizabeth, ch.Laban and Elizabeth, 15:1m:1795.CR4

Lucretia (Mitchel), w.Benjamin, ch.Oliver Spencer, 21:2m:1797.CR4 [Mitchell, d.Oliver Spencer and Judith (Allen).PR38; Mitchell.PR64]

Robert, ch.Laban and Elizabeth, 11:4m:1797.CR4

Dorcas, ch.Obed and Lydia, 26:8m:1797.CR4 [27:8m:PR63]

Sally (Mitchel), ch.Benjamin and Lucretia, 26:8m:1797.CR4 [Mitchell, 27:8m:PR63]

末末, ch.Aaron, 21:10m:1797.PR63

Mary [dup. Mitchel], ch.Moses and Anna, 15:3m:1798.CR4 [Mitchell, 7:3m:PR63]

Robert, ch.Laban and Elizabeth, 26:9m:1798.CR4

Hephzibah, ch.Paul and Merab, 18:4m:1800.CR4 [Hepzabeth, d.Paul, consumption, 17:4m:, a.13.PR61; Hepsibeth, 17:5m:, a.13.PR63]

Elizabeth, ch.Paul and Merab, 1:2m:1801.CR4

Elizabeth (Mitchel), ch.Benjamin and Eunice (second w.), 27:4m:1803.CR4

Moses [dup. Mitchel], h.Anna, 9:6m:1803.CR4 [Mitchell, 6:6m:PR63]

Sarah [Mitchell, w.末末望, formerly w.Seth Hussey, d.Matthew Jenkins and Mary, 15:10m:1803.CR4 [Mitchell, w.Richard, wid.Seth Hussey, d.Matthew Jenkins and Mary (Gardner), 16:10m:PR38; Mitchell, wid.Richard, 16:10m:PR63]

Joseph (Mitchel), ch.Peleg and Lydia, drowned, 9:1m:1805.CR4 [末:6m:PR63]

Sally (Mitchel), ch.Peleg and Lydia, 2:10m:1805.CR4 [Sarah Mitchell.PR63]

Love [dup. Lovey] (Mitchel), ch.Peleg and Lydia, 16:10m:1805.CR4 [Love, 15:10m:PR63]

Rachel, w.Jethro, 3:4m:1808.CR4 [w.Jethro (s.Richard), d.Daniel Hussey and Sarah (Gorham), 2:4m:PR38]

Ann, ch.Laban and Elizabeth, 21:10m:1809.CR4

Laban (Mitchel), h.Elizabeth, 9:1m:1810.CR4 [Mitchell, a.40.PR63]

Mary [dup. Mitchel, "a worthy minster among the People called quakers"], 25:6m:1810.CR4 [Mitchell, wid.Joseph, 29:6m:PR63]

David, h.Eunice, 19:7m:1811.CR4 [s.Richard, 20:7m:, a.37y.3m.PR63]

Hannah, w.Seth (s.Christopher), d.Hezekiah Bunker and Lydia Ellinwood, (second w.), 5:4m:1812.PR38 [a.26y.6m.PR63]

Elizabeth, ch.Obed and Lydia, 3:5m:1812.CR4 [4:5m:, a.22.PR63]

Elizabeth, ch.Samuel and Hephzibah, 17:9m:1813.CR4 [12:9m:PR63]

Sarah, ch.Samuel and Hephzibah, 21:9m:1813.CR4

Hannah, w.Williaml,末蔓末,1814.PR63

Elisabeth, ch.Jethro Jr. and Mercy, 9:4m:1816.CR4 [8:4m:PR63]

George F., ch.Daniel and Elizabeth, 15:1m:1817.CR4 [19:1m:a.1y.2m.PR63]

Jethro, h.Rachel, 5:4m:1817.CR4 [4:5m:, a.78y.2m.PR63]

Richard, h.Hephzbah, 21:1m:1819.CR4 [Jan.24, a.84y.4m.PR63]

David J., ch.Samuel and Hephzibah, 29:7m:1820.CR4 [July30, a.9.PR63]

Samuel G. (Mitchel), ch.Seth and Lydia B. 19:8m:1820.CR4

George, ch.Obed and Lydia, 12:9m:1820.CR4 [Feb.9, a.17y.5m.PR63]

Thomas, s.Obed, Oct.15,1820, a.26y.6m.PR63

Lydia, w.Obed, 23:11m:1820.CR4 [w.Obed (s.Jethro and Rachael), d.Paul Gardner and Rachael (Starbuck).PR38; a.57y.4m.PR63]

末末, ch.Aaron, Mar.31,1821.PR63

Obed, h.Lydia, 1:7m:1821.CR4

Hephzibah, w.Richard, 11:2m:1822.CR4 [Hepsibeth, w.Richard Jr., d.Robert Barnard and Hepsibeth (Coffin), 10:2m:PR38]

Mary B. (Mitchel), ch.Seth and Lydia B., 17:12m:1822.CR4

James (Mitchel), ch.George and Phebe, 28:7m:1824.CR4

David, ch.Samuel and Hephzibah, 23:2m:1825.CR4

Phebe (Mitchel), w.George, 7:7m:1826.CR4 [Mitchell, d.Francis Chase and Naomi (Gardner).PR38]

Ann, ch.Samuel and Hephzibah, 29:12m:1826.CR4

Sarah, first w.Alexander C. (s.Paul and Merab), d.Barnabas Swain and Abial (Folger), 末:5m:1827.PR38

Sarah H., ch.Smith (Mitchel) and Lydia B., 15:2m:1830.CR4

Caroline, ch.Samuel and Hephzibah, 10:2m:1831.CR4

Phebe, w.Charles (s.Christopher and Jemima), d.Solomon Coffin and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner) (second w.), 19:8m:1831.PR38

George G., Oct.7,1831, in 31st y.[on stone beside that of Caroline Rich Mitchell].GR3

Lydia S., w.Isaac, 8:10m:1831.CR4

Peleg [dup. h.Lydia], ch.Richard and Mary, 2:11m:1831.CR4

Caroline Rich, d.George G. and Mary M., Jan.8,1832, a.3m.GR3

Lydia (Mitchel), w.Peleg, 11:2m:1833.CR4 [Mitchell, d.James Cartwright and Love (Macy).PR38]

Eliza (Mitchel), twin ch.William and Lydia., 4:5m:1833.CR4

Eunice, first. David of RI, d.Obed Macy and Abigail (Pinkham), 12:5m:1833.PR38

Amelia, ch.Obed and Phebe H., 22:11m:1833.CR4

Henry Marriot, ch.Obed and Phebe H., 27:11m:1833.CR4

George (Mitchel), h.Phebe, h.Susan, 31:12m:1835.CR4 [Mitchell, s.Peleg, consumption of the nerves, 28:12m:, a.52y.3m.PR62]

Mary Ann, w.Peleg Jr., 12:2m:1836.CR4 [d.George Whippey (s.Benjamin), consumption, Feb.11, a.33y.8m.PR62]

James M., ch.David and Eunice, 23:9m:1836.CR4 [James N., dysentery and fever, Sept.22, a.11y.1m.PR62]

Oliver, ch.Isaac and Elizabeth (second w.), 19:10m:1836.CR4 [violent fever, a.2y.4m.PR62]

Susan, Mrs., Oct.4,1836, a.36.CR2 [Susan A., w.Charles, a.38.GR3; Susan, w.Charles (s.Christopher), wid.Edward J. Gardner (s.Albert), d.Joseph Allen and Abigail (Coffin), 10:5m:PR38]

末末, inf.Charles and Susan A., Oct.4,1836.GR3 [still born, Sept.22.PR62]

Jemima, w.Christopher (s.Richard and Hepsabeth), d.Seth Folger and Phebe (Coleman), 29:9m:1837.PR38 [rheumatism and consumption, a.75y.5m.PR62]

Thomas, 殿n Irish Man," cooper and boatsteerer, Mar.末,1838, a.32y.4m., "in the Ship Zenas Coffin, Hiram Bailey, Master, was carried overboard with a Whaleline at Sea Round Cape Horn. "PR62

Sydney, s.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.9,1838, a.4.CR2 [Sidney, s.Joseph and Sally, a.4y.6d.GR3; Sidney, suddenly, a.abt. 4y.2m.PR62]

Elizabeth Coggeshall, "only" ch.David, Aug.13,1838, a.1y.10m.1d.PR62

Francis, ch.末末, Sept.末,1838.PR62

Isaac, ch.末末, Sept.末,1838.PR62

Thomas Freeborn, ch.Isaac and Elizabeth (second w.), 4:9m:1838.CR4 [warm weather complaint and fever, Aug.21, a.1y.4m.PR62]

末末, d.Richard, fever,末蔓末,1839, a.13.PR62

Laban, "Chiefe Mate of the Ship White Oak of New York he was Carried away by a towline," s.Daniel, Apr.末,1839.PR62

Francis [sic] L., ch.Richard and Francis [sic], June27,1839, a.9.CR2 [Frances L.GR3; Fanny Lincoln Mitchell, 26:6m:PR38]

Christopher, Oct.16,1839. [merchant, gravel and fever, Oct.17, a.79y.1m.PR62]

Joseph Avery, s.Joseph and Sally, Mar.6,1840, a.3.CR2 [a.3y.11m.22d.GR3]

Elizabeth, second w.Isaac (s.Laban and Elizabeth), d.Oliver C. Gardner and Hannah (Macy), 21:7m:1840.CR4

Mary, second w.Peleg (s.Peleg), d.Barnabas Russell and Mary (Swain),末蔓末,1841 [sic].PR38

Love C., w.Charles B., puerperal fever, Feb.20,1842, a.29. [a.28.GR3]

末末, s.Charles B., marasmus, Feb.26,1842, a.2w.[Charles B., inf.Charles B. and Love C., Feb.27.GR3]

末末, s.William H., July31,1842, a.5m.

Phebe, consumption, Aug.25,1842, a.34. [second w.David (s.James of RI), d.Edward C. Hussey and Mary (Mitchell).PR38]

末末, s.William H. and Ann, sudden, Oct.26,1843, a.2d.

Eunice, w.Frederick William, 16:12m:1843.CR4 [first w.Frederic W. (s.Paul and Merab), d.George Russell and Rachel (Gardner) (second w).PR38]

Eunice, w.Benjamin (s.Ricard), d.Robert Barney and Huldah (Marshall), 27:2m:1844.PR38

末末, s.Peleg, Apr.13,1844, a.10m.[Peleg, ch.Peleg and Mary S.PR38]

Ann L., b. Falmouth, w.William, H., consumption, Sept.8,1844, a.26y.6m.[w.William Henry, Sept.5.CR1 Sept.5.GR3]

Hepzabeth, w.Samuel, consumption, Feb.2,1845, a.57. [Hephzibah, 4:2m:CR4 Hepzibah, d.Francis Joy and Jedidah (Coffin), 3:2m:PR38]

Ellen O., m., b. Boston, w.David, dropsy, May3,1845, a.32. a.[Ellen Maria.GR1]

Ellen 0., d.David and Ellen, diarhea, Aug.28,1845, a.5m.[Ellen Odiorne Mitchell, d.David and Ellen M., a.5m.5d.GR1]

末末, s.Richard Jr. and Charlotte, croup, Nov.18,1845, a.10m.[Joseph.GR3]

Paul, merchant, s.Richard and Hepzibeth, old age, Dec.3,1845, a.87. [h.Merab, Dec.5.CR4]

Merab, wid.Paul, old age, May1,1846, a.83. [2:5m:CR4 w.Paul (s.Richard), d.Alexander Coffin and Eunice (Bunker), May2.PR38]

A.J.M., ch.Richard Jr. and Charlotte, croup, Dec.20,1847, a.8m.[A.J. Morton Mitchell, Dec.17.GR3]

末末, s.Charles B. and Lydia, consumption, Aug.12,1848, a.1m.14d.


Thomas Jr., Aug.10,1818, a.15y.7m.PR63 [Modly.PR64]

Rebecca, wid.Stephen, old age, Oct.19,1847, a.67.


James S., adopted s.Thomas Snow, July13,1844, a.3y.8m.28d.GR4


Sally, w.Moses 2d, d.Thomas James and Heart Bird of Newport, RI, 5:2m:1839.PR38 [Sarah or Sally, wid.Moses, consumption, a.66.PR62]


末末, d.Samuel and Sarah, diarhea, Sept.21,1844, a.21d.

MOOERS (Moore, Moores, Mores)

Jonathan (Moores), Apr.8,1740. ["Moore (Morse). 箱PR63]

William (Moores), s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, May12,1740. ["Moore (Morse). "PR63]

Thomas ("Moore (Morse)"), 26:4m:1749.PR63

末末 ("Moore (Morse)"), ch.Thomas, 5:5m:1759.PR63

Rebecca ("Moore (Morse)"), d.Thomas, 10:2m:1760.PR63

末末, ch.William 4:1m:1771.PR63

Thomas, 末:9m:1772.PR63

Alexander [dup. h.Elizabeth], 6:11m:1772.CR4 [10:5m:, in New York.PR63]

Mary, first w.Jonathan Jr., d.Robert Watson and Jane (Bunker),末蔓末,1780.PR38 [6:1m:.PR63]

Mary (Moores), w.Thomas, d.William Stretton and Susannna (Cartwright),末蔓末,1781.PR38 [Mooers, 末:3m:PR63]

末末, ch.Jonathan, 7:7m:1782.PR63

Deborah (Moores), w.Jonathan (s.Jonathan), d.William Baxter and Margaret Cook, 27:11m:1782.PR38 [Mooers.PR63]

Eliza (Mores), d.Francis (Moores), May4,1783, a.14.PR64

Elizabeth, 22:4m:1784, a.80y.9m.PR63

Charity, w.William, 2:5m:1784.PR63 [More.PR64]

末末, ch.William, 8:4m:1785.PR63

Mercy, w.Francis, d.James Cottle and Thankful Norton,末蔓末,1787.PR38

Samuel, 8:6m:1789.PR63

Francis Jr., 12:6m:1791.PR63

末末, ch.Francis, 31:1m:1792.PR63

William Jr., Jan.末,1801, a.27, in New York.GR4 [s.William, 8:1m:PR63]

Jonathan Jr., s.Jonathan and Hannah, Aug.22,1802, a.22y.5m.17d.GR1 [23:8m:.PR63]

末末 (Moore), ch.Benjamin, 22:10m:1804.PR63

末末, ch.Benjamin, 20:9m:1805.PR63

Nancy (Moores), d.Jonathan, 末:5m:1806.CR4 [d.Jonathan and Hannah, May2, a.20y.20d.GR1]

Anna, w.Joseph, 2:5m:1806.PR63

末末 (Moore), ch.Samuel, 30:10m:1811.PR63

Sarah D.B., d.Benjamin, 7:10m:1813, a.4.PR63 [hooping cough.PR64]

Jonathan, 6:6m:1815, a.61.PR63

Charles C., s.William and Lydia (Coffin), July18,1815, a.1m.9d.PR45

Abigail, w.Jonathan (s.Jonathan), d.Nathaniel Allen and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin), 4:2m:1817.PR38 [wid.Jonathan, 2:2m:, a.83y.9m.PR63]

George, s.William and Lydia (Coffin), Oct.3,1817.PR45

Robert, s.Alexander, Oct.4,1818.PR63

William, June5,1819, a.73.PR63

William C., s.William and Lydia (Coffin), drowned, Dec.30,1820, a.15y.[sic] 6m.PR45

Jonathan, May18,1835, a.84.GR1 [debility, blindness, consumption, May19.PR62]

Lydia, w.William (s.William and Hepsabeth), d.Miriam (d.Tristram Coffin and Jemima), 1:4m:1837.PR38 [a.55y.8m.PR45; a.54y.6m.PR62]

Hepsabeth, w.Reuben (s.Alexander and Elizabeth), d.Paul Hussey and Margaret (Barker), 末:6m:1837 [? in Hudson].PR38 [Hephzibah, d.Paul Hussey of Hudson, a.66y.9m.PR62]

Mary, w.Robert (s.Jonathan and Mary), d.Timothy Swain and Mary (Coleman) (first w.), 11:8m:1837.PR38 [d.Timothy Swain Sr., a.75y.11m.PR62]

Hannah (Moores), w.Jonathan, Aug.8,1738.CR1 [Moores, Aug.6, a.83.GR1; Moores, d.Samuel Calder and Ruth (Coffin),末蔓末,1839.PR38; Mooers, wid.Jonathan, d.Samuel Calder, Aug.8,1837, a.82y.10m.PR62]

Shubael, h.Phebe (Swain) Coffin, s.Anna (d.Thomas), 18:10m:1839.PR38 [consumption, spleen, jaundice and fever, a.75y.9m.PR62]


Rachael, wid.Sanford, consumption, Nov.11,1848, a.78. [Rachel, formerly w.David Palmer, d.Nathaniel Coffin and Rebecca (Coleman).PR38]

MOORE (Mooers)

MOORES (Mooers)

MORES (Mooers)

MORETON (Morton)


Remember, w.Lemuel, 9:2m:1813, a.47y.2m.PR63

末末, ch.Nancy, Feb.20,1818, a.23y.9m.PR63

末末, ch.James, Sept.25,1819.PR63

Silvanus, farmer, Mar.2,1844, a.73. [Feb.29, a.74.GR1]

Lydia, wid.Charles, consumption, June23,1844, a.35. [Lydia C., June20, a.44y.4m.20d.GR6]

Lydia, wid.Sylvanus, consumption, Feb.10,1848, a.61. [w.Silvanus, Feb.11, a.72.GR1]

MORRILL (Morrell)

末末 (Morrell), bur. May8,1784, "old."PR64

Mary, 21:1m:1817, a.21y.9m.PR63


Hannah, w.John Sr., 15:12m:1762.PR63

末末, w.Jacob, 29:1m:1774.PR63

Thankful, 19:9m:1776.PR63

John Sr., 7:5m:1784.PR63

末末, ch.John, 7:6m:1788.PR63

Phebe, d.Francis, 4:8m:1791.PR63

末末, ch.Jonathan, 4:9m:1793.PR63

末末, ch.Jacob, 8:5m:1796.PR63

末末, ch.John, 8:9m:1798.PR63

末末, ch.John, 9:3m:1800.PR63

末末, ch.Charles, 3:9m:1804.PR63

Mary, wid., 末:12m:1805, "an Aged Woman. "CR4 [wid.John, 15:12m:.PR63]

末末, ch.William, 21:12m:1813, a.1y.6m.PR63

Jonathan, 5:6m:1816, a.65y.9m.PR63

Priscilla, w.William W. (s.Jonathan), d.Isaac Chase and Eunice (Brown), 末:5m:1817.PR38 [May9,1818.PR63]

Deborah, w.John Jr., d.Stephen Chase and Dinah (Folger), Oct.29,1818.PR38 [wid.John, Oct.28, a.68y.6m.PR63]

Eunice B., w.Charles C., July20,1820, a.29y.4m.GR1 [w.Charles C., (s.John), d.Hezekiah Bunker and Lydia Effinwood, 20:7m:1829 [sic].PR38; July20,1820, a.29y.7m.PR63]

末末, ch.Charles C., Aug.20,1820, a.1ス m.PR63

Sally, w.John, Sept.27,1825, a.62.CR1 [Sally Calif, a.63.GR1; Sally C., w.John (s.Jacob and Judith), d.Edward Coffin and Parnal (Calef).PR38]

Mary, w.Jonathan, 9:6m:1831.CR4

Benjamin C., s.Francis, croop, Jan.27,1838, a.1y.9m.PR62

Emeline, d.Francis, croop, Jan.29,1838, a.8m.PR62

Mehetabel, 13:4m:1838.CR4 [w.Jacob (s.Jacob and Judith), d.George Pollard and Lydia (Pinkham).PR38; Mehitable, wid.Jacob, Apr.12, a.64y.6m.PR62]

Eujenia, Marion, d.Thomas D. and Elizabeth C., June15,1838, a.8m.GR3 [Eugina, d.Thomas D., painter and glazier.PR62]

Charles C., Jan.12,1839.PR33

末末, s.Thomas D., July31,1842, a.4m.

末末, s.Francis, canker rash and scarlet fever, Jan.19,1843, a.2d.

Lucy, b. Bristol, ME, dropsy, Dec.7,1844, a.70.

Martha, w.Francis O. child bed, Mar.7,1845, a.35. [Mar.5.GR3]

William W., m.mariner, ch.Jonathan and 末末, dysentary, Sept.28,1847, a.68.

John, widr., mariner, old age, Oct.21,1848, a.86y.5m.19d.[h.Sally Calif [(Coffin)], Oct.19.GR1]

MORSE (Mooers)

Abby Stimson, see 末末 Morse.

Sally, see 末末 Morse.

Sally, ch.Stephen, 8:9m:1793.PR63

Stephen (Moss), 6:10m:1796.PR63

末末, w.William, 末:5m:1810.CR4 [Sally, 1:6m:.PR63]

末末, ch.William, 20:6m:1812.PR63

Lydia, w.James of Boston, d.Valentine Swain and Mary (Barnard), 7:8m:1824.PR38

William Pitt, s.Rev. William and Sophronia, June21,1826 a.2m.15d.GR3

Sarah, w.Arthur H. (brother of Arnold of CT), d.Peleg Folger and Sally (Addlington), 16:9m:1848.PR38 Sophronia Kneeland d.Rev. William and Sophronia, Apr.29,1828, a.7m.19d.GR3

William M., Nov.22,1831, a.37y.7m.GR1

Uriah, Jan.31,1835, a.63y.9m., in Edgartown.PR62

末末, inf.James and Abby, Jan.27,1836.CR2 [Abby Stimson Morse, d.James and Abby S., Jan.26, a.28m.GR3; Abby Stimson Morse, measles, Jan.26, a.2y.4m.PR62]

Lydia Maria, d.James and Abby, Mar.8,1839, a.8.CR2 [d.James and Abby S., Mar.9, a.7y.11m.GR3; suddenly, a.9y.1m.PR62]

James, Mar.12,1839, a.52.CR2 [a.50.GR3; dry goods merchant, of Boston, h.Lydia (d.Valentine Swain), h.末末 (d.Elisha May Hinckley), a.51y.6m.PR62]

末末, d.Edward, marasmus, Nov.24,1842, a.2w.

末末, d.Arnold and Maria, May25,1846, a.2m.2d.

MORSELANDER (Morslander)

Abigail, w.Cornelius, d.John Clark and Mary (Challing), 15:3m:1761.PR38 [wid., 19:4m:.PR63]

Abigail, 30:4m:1795.PR63

Zebulon, 10:2m:1800.PR63

Obed, 9:3m:1800.PR63

Reuben, 25:9m:1814, on prison ship.PR63

Hepsabeth, w.C., formerly w.William Stretton (s.Caleb and Lois), d.Daniel Russell, 15:5m:1823.PR38 Lindsay, 24:6m:1803.PR63

末末, ch.Cromwell, grand ch.Gideon Swain (ship carpenter), May9,1835, a.2y.2m.PR62

Obed, July末,1835, a.30y.4m., at sea.PR62

Barzillai (Morslander), h.Eliza Ann (Ewer), Sept.2,1839, a.35y.7m., in Pata.PR42

MORTON (Moreton)

Seth, 27:4m:1768.PR63

Tabor, 末:1m:1775.PR63

Seth, s.Reuben, 22:8m:1777.PR63

Lucy, wid.Taber, 30:9m:1786.PR63

Mary, 15:12m:1797.PR63

末末, ch.William, 6:9m:1798.PR63

William, 3:9m:1803.PR63

Sukey, w.Robert, 15:3m:1808.PR63


Ebenezer, s.Andrew Esq. of Boston, shipwrecked, Mar.末,1835, a.21y.3m., [off the coast of] Ireland.PR62

Charles Cary (Moreton) of N., s.Charles Cary, measles, Dec.23,1835, a.5m., in Barnstable.PR62

Perez (Moreton) Esq., attorney general, Oct.11,1837, a.87y.9m.PR62

末末, ch.Edward H., Dec.16,1838, a.1m.PR62

Marten T., Sept.27,1841, a.58. [Dr. Martin T., Sept.25.CR2]


末末, ch.William, Oct.9,1819, a.abt. 4.PR63

Caroline E., inf.Rufus and Susan C., Sept.21,1838.GR1 [ch.Rufus P., still born.PR62]

Susan C., w.Rufus P., Sept.25,1838, in 25th y.GR1 [w.Rufus P. of Montpelier, VT, d.Job C. Coffin and Phebe (Grew).PR38; Susan P., d.Job C. Coffin, a.26.PR62]


Philip, drowned "from the Revenue Cutter [Mack Lane] Captain Joseph Sturgis Master," Aug.30,1837, a.65y.1m., near Hadley, Elizabeth Islands.PR62

MOSS (Morse)


Rebecca, 2:12m:1729.PR63

Joseph, s.Rebecca, 11:12m:1729.PR63

Joseph, 末:10m:1743.PR63

Benjamin, lost at sea,末蔓末,1755.PR63

末末, d.Richard, 14:1m:1817, a.18.PR63


Mary Ann, w.Marshall, d.Laban Russell and Mary (Hayden),末蔓末,1827, in Rye, NY.PR38

MOWRY (Morey)


Cynthia, b. NJ, w.Cyrus, apoplexy, May14,1848, a.27.

MULICK (Muligh)

末末 (Muligh), s.William and Eliza Ann, Sept.1,1845, a.3m.

Hepsabeth P., d.William and Eliza, dysentary, Sept.15,1849, a.6d.

Thomas P., s.William and Eliza, consumption, Sept.25,1849, a.7d.


末末, d.Richard and Mary, diarhea, Sept.23,1844, a.1y.4m.

末末, ch.Dennis and Mary, Dec.3,1845, a.2m.


James,末蔓末,1816, a.55.PR63


Betsey, see Elizabeth.

James, 末:1m:1775.PR63

James, 29:8m:1775.PR63

Dinah, w.James, d.Benjamin Stubbs and Joanna (Coffin) (first w.) 末:4m:1776.PR38 [10:4m:.PR63]

Elizabeth, 10:1m:1786.PR63 [Betsy, a."upwards of" 20.PR64]


Jesse Westbury, 23:7m:1806.PR63


末末, ch.Andrew, 1:8m:1736.PR63

末末, ch.Andrew, 末:8m:1737.PR63

William, s.Andrew, 7:2m:1745.PR63

末末, ch.Isaac, 13:9m:1746.PR63

末末, ch.Andrew, 26:10m:1753.PR63

末末, ch.Andrew, Oct.26,1756.PR63

Deborah, w.Isaac, d.Jonathan Pinkham and Hannah (Brown) (Coffin), 16:10m:1758, a.47.PR38 [15:10m:.PR63]

Isaac, 22:5m:1759.PR63

John, 2:8m:1761.PR63

末末, ch.Joseph, 17:8m:1765.PR63

末末, ch.Isaac, 5:4m:1768.PR63

末末, ch.Job, 29:7m:1768.PR63

Love, w.Job (s.Andrew and Jedidah), d.Thomas Giles and Susan (Jones), 3:9m:1768.PR38

末末, ch.Jonathan, 12:9m:1769.PR63

Timothy, 11:9m:1771.PR63

末末, ch.Isaac, 28:5m:1773. [see 末末邦errick same date].PR63

末末, ch.Jethro, 12:2m:1774.PR63

Isaac 2d, 24:1m:1776, in London.PR63

Andrew, 25:2m:1777.PR63 [hung himself, Feb.26, "old.箱PR64]

末末, s.Isaac, 25:9m:1777.PR63

William, s.Isaac, 27:3m:1778, on prison ship.PR63


Job, 1:5m:1782.PR63 [Jan.1, "lost on the bar. "PR64]

末末, s.Jemima, drowned, July24,1782, a.12.PR64

Andrew, 3:12m:1782.PR63

Eliza, d.Andrew, Sept.12,1783, a."betwixt 20 and 30. "PR64

末末, ch.Joseph, 9:6m:1784.PR63

Abigail, 25:9m:1785.PR63

Elizabeth, w.Andrew, 27:4m:1788.PR63

Jedidah, w.Andrew, d.Jonathan Pinkham and Hannah (Brown) (Coffin), 26:11m:1789.PR38 [25:11m:.PR63]

Mary, d.Andrew Jr., 11:5m:1792.PR63

末末, s.Seth, 23:12m:1794.PR63

William, 22:3m:1796.PR63

末末, ch.George, 15:1m:1797.PR63

Charles, 5:12m:1800.PR63 ["lost at sea with Alexander Gardner and 末末 Folger," s.Elisha.PR64]

Sally, d.Seth dec壇, 末:10m:1805.CR4 [Sarah, 13:10m:.PR63]

末末, ch.George, 28:11m:1806.PR63

Abigail, wid.Joseph, [dup. d.Seth Hussey and Sarah] 末:6m:[dup. 23:7m:] 1807.CR4 [w.Joseph (s.Andrew and Jedidah), d.Seth Hussey and Sarah (Jenkins), 23:6m:.PR38; wid.Joseph, 23:5m:.PR63]

Jonathan, 末:9m:1809.CR4 [15:9m:.PR63]

Jemima, wid.Isaac, Aug.15,1812, a.72.GR1 [w.Isaac (s.Isaac), d.John Long and Jane Luce.PR38; a.72y.3m.PR63]

Hannah, wid.Andrew, Oct.25,1813, a.81y.3m.GR1

Phebe, w.Thomas, 27:7m:1815, a.43y.9m.PR63

Merab, w.William, Aug.6,1815, in 61st y.GR1 [w.William (s.Issac), d.Joseph Coffin and Judith (Coffin), 3:8m:.PR38; wid.William, 6:8m:, a.61y.5m.PR63]

末末, "oldest" d.John, 21:8m:1815.PR63

Deborah, w.Jonathan (s.Isaac and Deborah), d.John Coffin and Lydia (Gardner), 24:3m:1816.PR38 [wid.Jonathan, a.84y.5m.PR63]

Andrew, 末:4m:1816.PR63

Andrew, 3:10m:1816, a.76.PR63


末末, s.Charlotte (Coffin), Mar.12,1818.PR64

David, s.Andrew, May27,1819, a.41.PR63

John R., Sept.25,1819 a.36y.4m.PR63

Judith, w.Job (s.Andrew), d.Benjamin Barnard and Judith (Folger), 末:10m:1819.PR38 [wid.Job, Oct.31, a.65y.8m.PR63]

Ann, d.Reuben and Charlotte, Oct.17,1822, a.1y.4m.6d.GR3

Avis (Brown), w.Isaac, Feb.8,1824.PR7 [w.Isaac, (s.Peter), d.Joseph Brown and Susan (Coleman).PR38] Betsey, d.George, 1:2m:1815, a.23y.3m.PR63

Alexander C., Jan.9,1825, a.25.GR3

Reuben, July26,1825, a.32y.2m.2d.GR3

Nancy, w.Charles C. (s.George), d.Charles Chase and Eunice (Coffin), 15:10m:1826.PR38

Abial, w.Andrew (s.Andrew and Hannah), d.Thomas Clark and Hepsibeth (Gardner), 4:11m:1826.PR38

Sarah, Feb.末,1830.CR3 [w.William (s.Andrew and Jedida), d.John Ramsdell and Rachel (Swain), 14:2m:.PR38]

Priscilla, w.Jonathan Jr., d.Francis Brown and Eunice (Coffin), 19:11m:1831.PR38

Peter J., s.Isaac and Deborah [(Jenkins)] (Clark) (second w.), Sept.27,1833.PR7

Charles Barnard, s.Peter Coffin, "Sickened and Died Round the Cape of Good Hope in the Bark Reaper, J.T. Worth Master, Aug.20,1835, 22y.4m.PR62

Jonathan, s.Jonathan dec'd, Dec.1,1838, a.80y.5m., in Hudson.PR62

Eliza, w.John (s.John and Elizabeth), d.Obed Joy and Anna (Cartright), 8:11m:1839.PR38 [a.45y.3m., in Hudson.PR62]

John B., s.Isaac and Avis (Brown), May23,1944.PR7 [John Brown Myrick, s.Isaac, "he was Lame and Come home," Feb.末,1840, a.21y.10m.PR62]

Peter C., Apr.24,1840, a.65.CR2 [Peter Coffin Myrick, Apr.26.GR3]

Delia Maria, d.Frederick Macy, Sept.19,1840, a.2y.5m.GR2

Merab, w.Peter (s.Jonathan and Deborah), d.Peleg Gardner and Anna (Ramsdell), 19:5m:1841.PR38

Eliza, d.George Jr., consumption, July21,1841, a.18 [sic]. [Eliza M., d.George and Eliza M., July19.GR3]

Mary, old age, Aug.末,1842, a.71. [sister of Mrs.Parnell Bunker, Apr.8.CR1]

Lydia, dysentary, Aug.23,1842, a.74. [w.George, d.Alexander Ray and Elizabeth (Barnard).PR38]

Emily, consumption, Feb.25,1843 a.24y.8m.14d.[Mrs.Emily.CR2 w.Charles M.GR3; w.Charles, d.Elijah Coffin Jr. and Eunice (Ramsdell).PR38]

Sarah, w.Edwin, fever, May10,1843, a.27. [Sarah (Barnard), May8, a.27y.6m.CR1 w.Edwin (s.Charles G.), d.Benjamin Barnard and Anna (Folger), May10.PR38]

Peter, merchant, old age, Sept.10,1843, a.79.

Mary, old age, Nov.28,1843, a.82. [Nov.27.CR1GR1]

Franklin, m., s.Isaac, sudden, Dec.25,1843, a.31y.6m.[Dec.20, a.31y.4m.GR3 s.Isaac and Avis (Brown), Dec.20.PR7]

George, merchant, dropsy, Mar.21,1844, a.77.

Andrew, s.Charles M. and Emily, fever, May5,1844, a.2.

Eunice, w.James P. (s.Jonathan), d.Benjamin Cartright and Elizabeth (Bunker), 末:8m:1845.PR38

Sarah E., ch.Edwin and Sarah, lung fever, Mar.12,1846, a.3.

Lydia, w.Alexander, consumption, Apr.7,1846, a.24. [Lydia J., w.Alexander M., Apr.8, a.23.GR3 Lydia, w.Alexander M., d.George F. Joy and Anna (Coggeshall), Apr.8, a.23.PR5; Lydia, w.Alexander M. (s.George), d.George F. Joy and Anna (Coggeshall), 8:4m:, a.23y.2m.PR38]

Martha C., ch.Alexander and Lydia C., diarrhea, Aug.13,1846, a.8m.[ch.Alexander M. and Lydia J., Aug.8, a.7m.9d.GR3 d.Alexander M. and Lydia (Joy), Aug.13.PR5]

Waldo C., s.William and Mary, canker rash, Jan.7,1847, a.8m.

Charles B., s.Isaac and Avis (Brown), lost at sea, May13,1849.PR7

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