ABBEY (Abby)

ABBOTT (Abbot)

Joseph, Capt., of N.B.," and Ann Coleman, d.Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Stephen (Abbot) of Maine and Catharine Coffin, d.Robert and Anna (Black),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles E. [int.Charles Edwards Abbotts] of Boston and Mary E. [int.Elizabeth] Spalding, Nov.25,1841. [Charles E. Abbott of Boston and Mary E. Spaulding.CR1]

ABBY (Alley)

Samuell and Mary Whippe [int.Whippy], Sept.19,1776. [Whippe.NCR; Samuel C. Alba and Mary Whippey, d.Nathaniel.PR38]


Benjamin [int.Ben] and Mary Tassor [int.Taster], Dec.14,1770. [Benjamin and Mary Taster.NCR]

Mary and Mike Nocrus, Nov.29,1781.

ABRAHAMS (Abraham, Abrahms, Abrams)

Elizabeth S. (Abrahms), wid.Charles, d.Jonathan Barnard and Ann (Paddack), and Benjamin Snow,末蔓末, 末末. [? before 1850].*PR38

William Jr. (Abrahms) of Charlestown and Elizabeth Renuff, d.John and Bethia,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William (Abrams) and Mary Coffin, July27,1775. [Abrahms, s.William Jr. of Charlestown and Elizabeth (Renuff), and Mary Coffin, d.Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham).PR38; Abrams.PR68]

William and Mary Folger, July11,1801. [Abrams [dup. Abrahms], s.William Jr. of Charlestown and Elizabeth (Renuff), and Mary Folger (second w.), d.Frederic and Mary (Trott).PR38]

Eunice and Charles Spencer [int.omits Spencer] Lawrence, Oct.9,1808. [Eunice, d.William and Mary (Coffin), and Charles S. Lawrence, s.George and Judith (Spencer).PR38]

William (Abraham) and Asenath [int.adds W.] Holmes, June17,1821. [Asenath.CR2; Abrahms, s.William and Mary (Coffin), and Aseneth Holmes, d.Bartlett.PR38]

George and Eliza Hosier,末蔓末, 末末 [bet. Apr.25,1822 and Apr.4,1823; int.Oct.12,1822.] [Abrahms [dup. Abrahams], s.William and Mary (Coffin), and Eliza Hosier, d.William and Elizabeth (Spencer), 17:5m:1821.PR38]

Charles (Abraham) and Elizabeth Barnard, Dec.11,1822. [Abrahms, s.William and Mary (Coffin), and Elizabeth Barnard, d.Jonathan and Ann (Paddack).PR38]

Asenath W. and William F. Chase, Dec.4,1828. [Aseneth Abrahms, wid.William Jr., d.Bartlett Holmes, and William F. Chase, s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), 12:4m.PR38]

Eluhe, see Sophia.

Sophia [int.Eluhe] and Peter Vandyke [], July7,1829. [Sophia, black.CR2]

Elizabeth S. (Abrams) and Valentine C. Long, July29,1846.†


Enoch [int.Acly], single, 27, mariner, of Hudson, NY, b. Hudson, and Charlotte C. Swain, 22, d.Alexander Jan.12,1845. [Enock Ackly of Hudson.CR1; Enoch Ackley, s.Myron of Hudson, NY, and Charlotte C. Swain, d.Alexander and Eunice (Chase).PR38]

ADAMS (Addams, Adoms)

Alexander and Mary Coffin, d.Peter and Joan,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William of Martha's Vineyard and Lydia Clark, d.William and Hepsibeth (Ray),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sanford [int.Sautfull] and Sarah Nichols, Oct.17,1771. [Sanford Addams.NCR]

Matthew (Addams) and Dorcas Baker, int.Oct.22,1774.

Benjamin and Lydia Raymond, Feb.8,1798. [Benjamen and Lydia Raymond, d.William and Lydia (Weeks).PR38]

Lydia [int.Addams] and Amos Bowles, Mar.6,1808. [Adams, wid.Benjamin, d.William Raymond and Lydia (Weeks).PR38]

Susan (Adoms) [int.Addams] and Alexander Robinson, Dec.29,1814. [Adams, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Raymond), and Alexander H. Robinson, s.William and Sally (Hayden).PR38]

Alexander [int.Addams] and Eunice Merry, July11,1816. [Adams and Eunice Merry, d.Zacheriah and Eunice.PR38]

Eunice [int.Addams] and Robert Cathcart, May1,1823. [Adams and Robert Cathcart.CR2]

Edmund and Miss [dup. and int.omit Miss] Rebecca [int.Rebeca] Staples, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1824, int.Mar.20,1824]. [Rebecca, wid.Eliphalet, d.末末 Rogers and Peggy (sister of Benjamin Rogers),末蔓末,1824.PR38]

Orson and Cynthia Prescot [int.Prescott], July27,1834. [Prescott, sister of Owen.PR38]

Zenas L. and Sarah C. Hinkley, Jan.18,1835. [Zenas L., s.Alpheus and Abigail (Wing), and Sarah C. Hinckley of Cape Cod.PR38]

Alexander M. and Sarah Hinkley, both of Barnstable, int.June30,1839.

Alden H., single, 26, mariner, b. Barnstable, s.Alpheus of Barnstable, and Electra M. Hinckley, 18, b. Barnstable, d.Heman of Barnstable, Dec.26,1844. [Electa M.CR1; Alden, s.Alpheus and Abigail, and Electra Hinckley of Cape Cod.PR38]

James H., single, 23, merchant, b. Barnstable, s.Alpheus and Abigail of Barnstable, and Phebe Ann Bunker, 23, d.Owen and Phebe Mar.15,1846. [Phebe Ann, d.Owen and Phebe (Gardner).PR38]


Hannah and Stephen G. Coleman, s.Walter and Polly Frieze,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Archibald (Adderson) and Polly Meador, Dec.9,1804. [Addison and Polly Meader, d.Nathaniel and Lucy.PR38]


John and Lydia Myrick, int.June1,1788. [John, s.James, and Lydia Myrick, d.Joseph, m.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38]

Nancy and Prince Pease, Mar.6,1808. [Addlington [dup. Adlington], d.John and Lydia (Myrick), and Prince Pease, s.Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.).PR38]

Sally and Peleg Folger, Jan.17,1811. [Sarah Addlington [dup. Adlington], d.John and Lydia (Myrick), and Peleg Folger, s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

John (Adlengton) [int.Adlington] Jr. and Anna Gardner, Dec.2,1819. [Adlington, s.John and Lydia (Myrick), and Anna Gardner, d.David and Zaruiah (Huntley).PR38]

George [int.Adlinton] and Mary M. [int.W.] Carr, Jan.3,1830. [George W. Adlington, s.John and Lydia (Myrick).PR38]

Mary J. [int.Jane] and Daniel H. Easton, Jan.2,1848.†

David M., single, 26, carpenter, s.John and Ann, and Sarah C. Rule, 19, d.George and Sarah, all, Oct.22,1848. [David M., s.John and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

ADOMS (Adams)


Hannah and Daniel Womly, int.Nov.8,1774.

AIKINS (Akins, Atkins)

末末 and Sarah Coffin, d.Laban and Abigail (Tobey or Tolman),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Polly (Akins) and Asher Ward, Feb.28,1806. [Mary "Akins or Atkins,".PR38]

Elizabeth (Akins) and Jonathan Warren Brown, Oct.3,1808.

AILLN (Allen)

AINSLEY (Ensley)

AKINS (Aikins)

ALBA (Abby)


David and Elizabeth Coggeshall, d.John and Elizabeth (Freeborn),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rodman W. and Susan Harps, Feb.23,1834.* [Susan, d.John and Eunice (Chadwick).PR38]


Jonathan and Sarah Bartlett, d.John and Susanna (Southworth),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, wid.Jonathan, d.John Bartlett and Susanna (Southworth), and Hezikiah N. Woodruff,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Deborah and Caleb Coffin, int.Dec.27,1766. [Deborah of Duxbury and Caleb Coffin, s.Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

ALDRICH (Aldrick, Aldridge, Aldrige)

Margaret, d.Obed and Mary (Bunker), and Thomas Belcher of Baltimore, MD,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William (Aldridge) and Abigail Pinkham, Nov.22,1740.* [Aldrich and Abigail Pinkham, wid.John, d.Jonathan Bunker and Elizabeth (Coffin), 22d, 11 mo.PR38 Oldridge, both of Sherborn in N., Nov.22,1741.PR68]

Ichabod (Aldrige) [int.Aldridge] and Elizabeth Gardner, Dec.13,1753 [Aldrige.NCR Aldrich and Elizabeth Gardner, d.Abel and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38]

Mary (Aldrige) and James Folger, int.July19,1755. [Aldridge, sister of Ichabod Sr., and James Folger, s.Zaccheus and Abigail (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Hephzibah and Thomas Clark, int.July26,1777. [Hepsibeth [dup. Aldridge], d.Ichabod and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Thomas Clark, s.William and Zilpha Rich, m.末末.PR38]

Obed (Aldrick) [int.Aldridge] and Polly Bunker, Aug.11,1785. [Aldrich.NCR Aldrich [dup. Aldridge], s.Ichabod and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Mary [dup. Polly] Bunker, d.Joshua and Margaret (Brock).PR38]

Ichabod (Aldridge) [int.Icabod Aldrige] and Abigail Bunker, July24,1791. [Ichabod Aldrich [dup. Aldridge], s.Ichabod and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Abigail Bunker, d.Joshua and Margaret (Brock).PR38]

Eliza (Aldridge) and David Elkins, Mar.26,1807. [Elizabeth Aldrich [dup. Betsey Aldridge], d.Obed and Mary [dup. Polly] (Bunker), and David Elkins, s.John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo).PR38]

Polly (Aldrige) and Reuben Chadwick. Feb.11,1812 [sic, ? 1813, int.Jan.23,1813]. [Mary [dup. Polly] Aldrich, d.Ichabod Jr. and Abigail (Bunker), and Reuben Chadwick, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter).PR38]

Valentine B. [int.Bunker] (Aldridge) and Mary Worth, June18,1829. [Valentine Aldrich, s.Ichabod and Abigail (Bunker), and Mary Worth, d.Solon and Phebe (Bunker).PR38]


John of New York and Miss Elizabeth Folger, June27,1841. [Elizabeth, d.Edward and Mary Ann (Andrews).PR38]

John, widr., 25, mariner, b. NY, s.John and Mary of NY, and Mary P. Raymond, 20, d.William H., Mar.9,1848. [Mary P., d.William H. and Mary Ann (James).PR38]


Eunice, wid.Roy, d.Zeno Worth and Abigail, and William Coffin, s.Samuel and Mary (Carr),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

ALLCY (Alley)

ALLEN (Allin)

Abigail, d.Ebenezer and Christian (Heath), and Gideon Delano,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Albert W., s.James, and Harriet Amanda Chase, d.Joseph and Winifred (Bocot)末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].PR38

Burgess P. and Lydia M. Allen, wid.Joseph, d.Eliakim Coffin and Mary (Barnard),末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].PR38

David, s.John and Amy (Swain), and Mary Ann Hunt,末蔓末, 末末.*, in New York.PR38

Deborah of "the Vineyard," d.Jonathan and Deborah, and James Tupper, s.Dr. Benjamin and Elizabeth Ellis (first w.)末蔓末, 末末, "Went to South Carolina.".PR38.*

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezar and Christian (Heath), and Mary Wing,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eliza and George Newell, s.Polly,末蔓末, 末末.* [? before 1850].PR38

Elizabeth, d.silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), and Isaker Sampson,末蔓末, 末末.* [? in Fairhaven].PR38

Eunice, d.Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), and Jethro Doane,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Frederick B., s.Shubael and Mary (Starbuck), and Ellen Davis of NY,末蔓末, 末末.* [? before 1850].PR38

Horatio G. of Kennebec, ME, and Avis Coleman, d.Seth and Deborah (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jethro, s.Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), and Eunice Taber,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John, s.John and Amy (Swain), and Dolly 末末,末蔓末, 末末.* in Wilmington.PR38

Jonathan and Deborah Gardner, d.Tristram and Deborah (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Lucretia Smead,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), and Samuel Hitch of Dartmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia M., wid.Joseph, d.Eliakim Coffin and Mary (Barnard), and Burgess P. Allen,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Margaret, d.Thomas of Milford Haven, and Frederick Barnard, s.William and Elizabeth (Inot),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Maragert, d.Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Nathan Brooks,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Martha of Hudson, NY, d.Ebenezer and Mary, and William Henry Coffin, s.Alexander and Eunice (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Thomas of Milford Haven, and Uriel Bunker, s.Silvanus and Hepsibeth (Swain),末蔓末, 末末, in England.*PR38

Nancy, d.Tristram and Polly (Nobles), and 末末 Godfrey of Providence [RI],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Robert, s.Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Rhoda Cady,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Silvanus, s.Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), and Sarah Russell,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Temperance, d.David and Temperance of Cape Cod, and Jesse Crosby, s.Jesse and Susan (Lumbert),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Tristram, s.David and Susan (Meader), and Lucinda Journey of Ohio [dup. Journay of NY],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William of Kennebec and Rebecca Coleman, d.Seth and Deborah (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mercy and Stephen Macy, 4:12m:1700.CR4

Nathaniel (Allin), s.Edward and Ann, and Provided Gaskil, d.Sammuel and Bethiah of Salim, 2:1m:"called March," 1725.CR4 [Allen, s.Edward 1st and Ann (Coleman), and Provided Gaskill, d.Samuel and Provided (Southwick).PR38]

John (Ailln) and Elizabeth Sibley, May24,1726. [Allen, 24:5.PR38 Willn and Elezabath Sibley, May24.PR68]

Rachel and Thomas Starbuck, 2:10m:"called December," 1726.CR4

Silvanus (Allin), S. Edward and Ann of Sherborne in N., and Jemima Starbuck, d.Jethro and Dorcas of Sherborne in N., 31:8m:"called October," 1728.CR4 [Sylvanus Allen, s.Edward and Ann (Coleman), and Jemima Starbuck, d.Jethro and Dorcas (Gayer), 末:7m.PR38]

Mary, d.Edward and Ann (Coleman), and Paul Coffin, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker),末蔓末,1729 [sic, ? 1719],.*PR38

Sarah and Joseph Hovey, Oct.19,1731.* [Sarah, d.Edward and Ann (Coleman), and Joseph Hovey, blacksmith.PR38]

Nathaniel and Mercy Coffin, May2,1732.* [Nathaniel, s.Edward 1st and Ann (Coleman), and Mercy Coffin, wid.Prince, d.Nathan Skiff, 2:5m:.PR38]

Daniel and Elizabeth Bunker, Jan.26,1737-8.* [Daniel, s.Edward 1st and Ann (Coleman), and Elizabeth Bunker, d.Peleg and Susanna (Coffin).PR38 Allin and Elezabath Bunker.PR68]

Ebenezer and Christian Heath, Aug.15,1740.* [Ebenezer, s.Edward and Ann (Coleman), and Christian Heath, d.Edmond and Catharine Sillevan, 15:8.PR38]

Elizabeth and William Brewer, Oct.6,1743.* [Elizabeth, d.Edward and Ann (Coleman).PR38]

Susanna and Peleg Pinkham, Jan.2,1744. [Susanna (second w.) and Peleg Pinkham, s.Richard 1st and Mary (Coffin). 末:1m.PR38]

Samuel and Hannah Jones, June25,1744.* [Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah Butler.PR38]

Provided (Allin) and Daniel Gardner, 17:1m:"called March," 1747.CR4

Rachel and Silvanus Worth, 16:9m:"called November," 1749.CR4

Mary and Reuben Worth, 30:9m:"called November," 1749.CR4

John and Rachel Hovey, Apr.12,1751. [John, "from England" and Rachel Hovey, d.Joseph and Sarah (Allen), 12:4.PR38]

Joseph and Hephzibah Coffin, Dec.4,1753. [Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin), and Hepsibeth Coffin, d.Robert and Susan [dup. Susanna (Coffin)].PR38]

Hannah and Zaccheus Lumber, int.Dec.22,1753. [Hannah, formerly w.Samuel, d.Thomas Jones and Hannah Butler, and Zaccheus Lumbert, m.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38]

Silvanus and Abigail Kidder, int.Jan.8,1757. [Silvanus, s.Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), and Abigail Kidder, d.Stephen, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Hephzibah and Abisha Bunker, 8:12m:"called December," 1757.CR4

Jemima and Robert Clasby, 4:1m:"called January," 1759.CR4

Anna and Alexander Gardner, 7:2m:1760.CR4

Edward, s.Ebenezar dec'd and Christian of Sherborn in N., and Anna Macy, d.Abraham dec'd and Anna of Sherborn in N., 10:12m:"called December," 1761, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Edward, s.Ebenezer and Christian (Heath), and Anna Macy, d.Abraham and Anna (Worth), 末,10 mo., "removed 1772,".PR38]

Christian and David Coffin, 3:1m:"called January," 1765.CR4

Benjamin and Abigail Trot, int.Dec.14,1765. [Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin), and Abigail Trott, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Norton), m.末末末.PR38]

Sarah and Thomas Neals [int.Niels], Dec.9,1767. [Neals.NCR Sarah, d.John and Rachel (Hovey), and Thomas Neal.PR38]

Judith and Oliver Spencer, Oct.30,1768. [Judith, d.Ebenezer and Christian (Heath), and Oliver Spencer of RI.PR38]

Hephzibah and Peleg Gardner, Feb.21,1771. [Hepsibeth, d.Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Peleg Gardner, s.John and Kezia (Coffin).PR38]

Huldah, d.Robert and Desire, and James Coffin Esq., s.Enoch Esq. and Jane Claghorn of Martha's Vineyard, "Ju" 末[dup. Sept.9], 1773.*PR38

Rachel and Nicholas Meder, Mar.14,1776. [Rachel, d.John and Rachel (Hovey), and Nicholas Meader, s.John.PR38]

John and Anna [int.Almy] Swain, May12,1776. [Anna.NCR John, s.John and Rachel (Hovey), and Amy [dup. Anna] Swain, d.Stephen Jr. and Jane Gibbs.PR38]

Phebe and Obed Swain, Mar.29,1778. [Phebe (first w.), d.John and Rachel (Hovey), and Obed Swain, s.William and Mary (Mooers) (Ellis).PR38]

Daniel and Phebe Hilmont, int.Sept.26,1778. [Daniel, s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Phebe Hillman, wid.John, d.Seth Folger and Phebe (Coleman), m.末末.PR38]

Elizabeth and Benjamin Brown, Dec.3,1780. [Betsey, d.Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Benjamin Brown, s.James and Mehitable (Dawes).PR38]

David and Susanna Meder, Nov.6,1783. [David, s.Edward 2d and Anna (Macy), and Susan Meader, d.Benjamin, 16:11.PR38 Juda Meader.PR64]

Abigail and Jonathan Moors, May5,1785. [Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin), and Jonathan Mooers, s.Jonathan.PR38]

Clother and Rebekah Rogers, July12,1786. [Clothier, s.John and Rachel (Hovey), and Rebecca Rogers, d.Ebenezar.PR38]

Shubael [int.Shubal] and Abigail Gardner, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec.27,1786. [Shubael.NCR Shubael. s.Edward 2d and Anna (Macy), and Abigail Gardner, d.Stephen and Christian (Swain).PR38]

Martha of Chilmark and William Worth, s.John Esq. and Dorcas (third w.), Apr.5,1788.†.PR38

Anstros and Daniel Gardner, July27,1788. [Anstrus.PR38]

Howard of Hudson, NY, and Lydia Hussey, d.Paul and Margaret (Barker), Oct.21,1788 [? in Hudson],.*PR38

Charlottee [int.Charlotte] and James Dyer, Nov.15,1789. [Charlotte.NCR]

John and Eunice Bunker, int.Jan.16,1790. [John, "from England" and Eunice Bunker, wid.Benjamin, d.Ebenezer Swain and Lydia (Giles), m.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38]

Tamar and Seth Myrick, int.Mar.27,1790. [Tamer, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), and Seth Myrick, S. Joseph, ill.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Reuben and Jerusha Talor [int.Taylor], July7,1791. [Reuben, s.John and Rachel (Hovey), and Jerusha Taylor, 7:7m:1792.PR38]

Patience and Prince Stafford, int.Oct.8,1791.

Patience and Sampson Dyer, Apr.12,1792.

Hepzabeth and Elisha Folger, June5,1792. [Hepsibeth, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), and Elisha Folger Jr., s.Elisha and Deborah (Swain).PR38]

Elizabeth and Silas Coleman, Sept.6,1792. [Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), and Silas Coleman, s.Francis and Abigail (Bunker).PR38]

Joseph and Abigail Coffin, July15,1795. [Joseph, s.Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), and Abigail Coffin, d.Solomon and Eunice (Macy).PR38]

Tristram and Polly Nobels [int.Nobles], Nov.14,1795. [Tristram.s.Edward 2d and Anna (Macy), and Polly Noble, d.John and Eunice.PR38]

Caleb and Hepzibah [int.Love] Clark,末蔓末, 末末 [bet. Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Mar.16,1799]. [Caleb, s.Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), and Love Clark, d.Thomas and Hepsabeth (Aldrich).PR38]

Rachel and Zebulon Morslander,末蔓末, 末末 [bet. Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Dec.22,1798]. [Rachel, d.John and Amy (Swain), and Zebulon Morselander.PR38]

Phebe and Simeon Macy,末蔓末, 末末 [bet. Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Oct.12,1799.] [Phebe, d.Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), and Simeon Macy, s.Latham and Lydia (Russell), 末:10m:1799.PR38]

Lydia and Silas Swain, int.June22,1799. [Lydia, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), and Silas Swain, s.Tristram and Rachel (Bunker), m.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38]

Susanna and Francis Mulligan Young, May2,1802. [Susan, d.David and Susan (Meader), and Francis Mulligan Young of Newport, RI.PR38]

Anna and Reuben Clasby, Aug.10,1802. [Anna, d.Ebenezar and Mary Wing, and Reuben Clasby, s.John and Ruth (Gardner).PR38]

Nabby and George Bunker Coffin, May11,1803. [Abigail, d.Ebenezar and Mary Wing, and Capt. George B. Coffin, s.Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker).PR38]

Polly and Benjamin Gardner 3d, Apr.14,1805. [Polly, wid.Tristram, d.John Nobles, and Benjamin Gardner, s.Sylvanus and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Francis T. and Sally Pinkham, May11,1806. [Francis F. and Sally Pinkham, d.Uriah and Saloma (Gardner) (first w.), "Moved away in 1811,".PR38]

Christina [int.Cristina] and Parchaal D. Gross [int.Pascol DeGross], May22,1806.

Olive and Francis Joseph, int.May24,1806.

Polly and Uriah Ray, June12,1806. [Polly [dup. Mary], d.Ebenezer and Mary Wing, and Uriah Ray, s.William Jr. and Elizabeth (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

John 4th [int.omits 4th] and Lydia Clasby, Oct.21,1806. [John, "an Englishman," and Lydia Clasby, d.Joseph and Miriam (Coffin).PR38]

Judith (Allin) [int.Allen] and Edward Brown, Sept.24,1807. [Allen, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Trott), and Edward Brown, s.Joseph and Susan (Coleman).PR38]

George and Sally Sutton, int.Oct.17,1807.

Sally and John Peters, Oct.18,1807. [Sally, d.John Jr. and Amy (Swain), and John Petus [dup. Peters].PR38]

Nabby and William Hurlburt, Dec.15,1807. [Abigail, d.John and Amy (Swain), and William Hurburt of CT, s.William.PR38]

Eliza and Charles Starbuck, July20,1809. [Eliza, d.David and Susan (Meader), and Charles Starbuck, s.Reuben and Anna (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

Susan and Reuben Weeks, Mar.7,1811. [Susan, d.Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), and Reuben Weeks, s.Joseph and Content.PR38]

Lucretia and Walter Cure, Nov.10,1811. [Lucretia, d.Shubael and Abigail (Gardner).PR38]

Eliza and John Calder, July9,1812. [Eliza, d.Daniel Jr. and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), and John Calder, s.Robert and Lydia (Brock).PR38]

Walter of Smithfield, Providence Co., RI, and Mary Barker, d.Robert dec'd and Sarah, 8:4m:1813.CR4 [Mary, d.Robert and Sarah (Folger) (Gardner) (second w.).PR38]

Lydia and Benjamin Barney, Aug.31,1813. [Lydia, d.Daniel Jr. and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), and Benjamin Barney, s.Jonathan and Abial (Coffin).PR38]

Polly [int.Mary] and Thomas Griffins [ing. Griffices], Aug.28,1814. [Polly, d.Reuben and Jerusha (Taylor), and Thomas Griffith [dup. Griffiths].PR38]

Reuben and Jemima Clasby, Feb.8,1815. [Reuben, s.Reuben and Jerusha (Taylor), and Jemima Clasby, d.Abraham and Sarah (Ray).PR38]

Susan and Edward J. Gardner, Jan.25,1816. [Susan, d.Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), and Edward J. Gardner, s.Albert and Judith (Joy).PR38]

John [int.2d] and Eunice Fitch, Sept.2,1817. [John N., s.Tristram and Polly (Nobles), and Eunice Fitch, d.John G. and Rebecca (Barrett).PR38]

George and Deborah Forsdick, Dec.7,1817. [George, s.Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), and Deborah Fosdick, d.Peter and Ruhamah (Gardner).PR38]

Shubael and Mary F. Starbuck, Jan.5,1818. [Shubael, s.David and Susan (Meader), and Mary Starbuck, d.Kimbal and Mary (Coffin) (Starbuck).PR38]

George 2d [int.omits 2d] and Kezia [int.Keziah] Wilbur, Mar.25,1819. [George, s.John and Amy (Swain), and Keziah Wilbur, d.John and Mercy.PR38]

Hepza and Reuben Swain,末蔓末, 末末.* [bet. May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Nov.13,1819]. [Nov.21,1819.CR2 Hepsibeth, d.Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), and Reuben Swain, s.Abishai and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

William R.C., and Eliza Y. Swain, Mar.6,1821. [Eliza Y., wid.James, d.末蔓末, 末末 Snow of Mattapoisett.PR38]

Lucy and Ezra S. Beebee [int.Beebe, omits S.], June7,1821. [Lucy, d.Tristram and Polly (Nobles), and Ezra Beebe, s.Nathan and Patience [sic, Elizabeth].PR38]

Jerusha and Samuel Ray, Aug.25,1821. [Jerusha, wid.Reuben, d.末末 Taylor, and Samuel Ray, s.John and Judith (Marshall) (Ames) (second w.).PR38]

Deborah and Robert Swain, Mar.24,1822. [Deborah, d.John and Amy (Swain), and Robert Swain, s.Obed and Mary (Carr) (second w.).PR38]

Thomas and Nancy S. [dup. C., int.omits S.] Marshall, Oct.14,1823. [Nancy S.CR2 Thomas, s.Reuben and Jerusha (Taylor), and Nancy Marshall, d.John and Lydia (Coleman) of Providence, RI.PR38]

Phebe B. and Frederick B. Chase, Nov.14,1824. [Nov.16.CR2; Phebe, d.David and Susan (Meader), and Frederick B. Chase of Freetown.PR38]

Benjamin and Ann Lewis, int.Jan.22,1825. [Benjamin, s.David and Susan (Meader), and Ann Lewis of Martha's Vineyard, m.末末.PR38]

Eliza Y. and Arthur B. Welsh [int.Welch], Oct.27,1825.

Susan and Thomas Raymond, s.Samuel and Mary (Folger) (second w.),末蔓末,1826.*PR38

Patience, Miss, and John M. Beebe, Jan.22,1826. [John Murray Beebe, s.Nathan and Elizabeth.PR38]

Susan and Frederick Raymond, Sept.20,1826. [Susan, d.John and Amy (Swain), and Frederick Raymond, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Kidder) (first w.).PR38]

Eunice F. and Shubael Hussey, Oct.11,1826. [Eunice (second w.), wid.John, d.John G. Fitch and Rebecca (Barrett), and Capt. Shubael Hussey, s.Ebenezer and Mehitable (Smith).PR38]

David Esq. and Hepsibeth [int.Hepzabeth] Starbuck,末蔓末, 末末 [bet. Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.June16,1827]. [David, s.Edward 2d and Anna (Macy), and Hepsibeth Starbuck, wid.Benjamin, d.Elihu Coffin and Eunice (Folger),末蔓末,1827.PR38]

David Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Mary [int.adds F.] Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [bet. Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Dec.22,1827]. [David, s.David and Susan (Meader), and Mary Coffin, wid.Tristram, d.William Moores.PR38 Mary F. Coffin, d.William Mooers.PR45]

Patience S. and Frederck [int.Frederick] H. Quoin, May22,1827. [Patience S., black, and Frederick H. Quoin.CR2]

Eliza Y. and Silvanus E. Soule [int.Sowle], Aug.3,1828.

Joseph and Lydia Clasby, June28,1829. [Joseph of Fairhaven and Lydia Clasby, d.Abraham and Sarah (Ray).PR38]

Mary C. and Frederick C. Sanford, Oct.7,1831. [Sandford.CR2 Mary, d.William and Rebecca of Maine, and Frederick C. Sandford, s.Giles and Peggy (Coleman), "Moved to IN in 1837.".PR38]

Eunice and William E. Sherman [int.shearman], July29,1832. [Eunice, d.Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), and William Edwin Sherman, s.Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Worth).PR38]

Sarah Jane, and George W. Turner, Mar.5,1833.* [Sarah Jane, d.Caleb and Love (Clark), and George W. Turner, "an orphan from Boston.".PR38]

Mary and Uriah G. Tuck, int.Nov.3,1833. [Mary, d.Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), and Uriah Gardner Tuck, s.Samuel J. [dup. Jones] and Judith (Gardner), m.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38]

Sylvanus and Prudence Cathcart, int.Nov.10,1833. [Silvanus and Prudence Cathcart (second w.), d.Hugh, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Eben W., s.Job of New Bedford, and Clarissa Wilson, d.John of Newport, RI, 4:1m:1834.*PR38

Joseph Jr. and Lydia M. Coffin, Apr.22,1835. [Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), and Lydia M. Coffin, d.Eliakim and Mary (Barnard).PR38]

George and Nancy B. Calder, Dec.27,1835. [George, s.Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman), and Nancy Calder (second w.), d.Robert.PR38]

Sarah M., and William Starbuck, Jan.27,1836. [Sarah, d.Joseph and Abigail (Coffin), and William Starbuck, s.Joseph and Sally (Gardner), 17:1m.PR38]

Avery T. and Lydia A. Morton, Oct.25,1836. [Avery T., s.Job and Naomi of "N.B.", and Lydia Morton, d.Dr. Martin T.PR38]

Abby L. and Thomas H. Cannon, Mar.21,1837.

Cyrus W., Rev. [int.omits Rev.], of Norton, and Miss Mary Folger, June6,1837. [C.W., s.John of Norton, and Mary F. Folger, d.Gideon and Eunice (Macy).PR38]

Mary R. and Lot Crocket of Gorham, ME, June4,1840. [Mary R., d.Thomas and Nancy (Marshall), and Lot Crocket of RI, "lived in W. Virginia.".PR38]

Lydia C. and Charles B. Butts of Providence, RI, July19,1840. [Lydia, d.Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), and Charles C. Butts of Providence, RI.PR38]

George C. and Maria A. Kelley of Barnstable, July20,1842. [George C., s.George and Kezia (Wilbur), and Maria A. Kelley, d.Levi and Sally Welden (second w.).PR38]

Reuben M. and Ann Maria Gardner, Feb.12,1843. [Reuben M., s.Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), and Ann M. Gardner, d.Uriah and Lavinia [dup. Lurania (Bunker) (second w.)].PR38]

Jane F., see Sarah F.

Sarah [dup. and int.Jane] F. and George G. Nixon, Apr.21,1844.†

Ann Maria, see Maria.

Maria [int.Ann Maria] and Horace C. Wheeler, May21,1844.†

Mary and Alfred Folger, Jan.19,1845.†

Thomas, single, 22 [int.mariner], s.Reuben and Jemima [int.Jemimah], and Eunice S. Hussey, 18, d.Edward and Eunice, June15,1845. [Thomas, s.Reuben and Jemima (Clasby), and Eunice S. Hussey, d.Edward B. and Eunice (Smith).PR38]

Susan M., and Joseph W. Fisher, June14,1846.†

Mary B. and Moses Farnum, Jan.9,1848.*†

ALLEY (Ally)

Enos of L.I. and Lydia Stretton, d.Benjamin and Judith (Macy),末蔓末, 末末 [? in NY].*PR38

Jacob (Ally) and Eunice Black, Aug.30,1761. [Alley, s.Solomon, and Eunice Black, d.Douglas and Percis (Arthur).PR38]

Jacob (Ally) and Eunice Folger, Sept.14,1768. [Alley.NCR Alley, s.Solomon and Eunice Folger (second w.), d.Eliphaz and Priscilla (Gorham).PR38]

Martha (Ally) and Richard Ally, int.May2,1778. [Alley, d.Jacob and Eunice (Black), and Richard Alley, "her consin." s.Eleazar and Tabitha of Lynn, m.Sept.6.PR38]

Richard (Ally) and Martha Ally, int.May2,1778. [Alley, "her cousin," s.Eleazar and Tabitha of Lynn, and Martha Alley, d.Jacob and Eunice (Black). m.Sept.6.PR38]

Reuben (Ally) and Catharine Fosdick, Sept.12,1786. [Alley, s.Jacob and Eunice (Black), and Catharine Fosdick, d.John and Elizabeth Norton, Sept.11.PR38]

Jabez and Judith Whippy, int.Feb.24,1787.

Benjamin, and Merab Coffin; Aug.29,1793. [Benjamin, s.Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), and Merab Coffin, d.John and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

William and Silva [int.Silvia] Coffin, Dec.31,1793. [William, s.Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), and Sylvia Coffin, d.John and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Polly and Varnum [int.Venum] Barber,末蔓末, 末末, [bet. Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Sept.20,1800]. [Polly, d.Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), and Varnum Barber of New London, CT.PR38]

Reuben and Susanna Coffin,末蔓末, 末末, [bet. Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Jan.23,1802]. [Reuben, s.Jacob and Eunice (Black), and Susan Coffin, d.Brown and Deborah (Coleman).PR38]

Betsey and Jessa Gardner, Nov.18,1801. [Betsey, d.Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), and Jesse Gardner, s.Silvanus and Anna (Folger).PR38]

Merab and Jeremiah Spooner, Jan.21,1802. [Merab, wid.Benjamin, d.John Coffin, and Jeremiah Spooner, s.Isaac and Ruth (Gardner).PR38]

Gorham and Betsey House, Aug.4,1803. [Gorham, s.Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), and Betsey House, d.John and Lydia (Daggett).PR38]

Betsey and William Archer, Jan.28,1806. [Betsey, wid.Gorham, d.John House and Lydia (Daggett).PR38]

John and Martha Fisher, int.July26,1806. [John, s.Richard and Martha (Alley), and Martha Fisher, d.Thomas of Chilmark. m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Charles and Sally Starbuck, June18,1807. [Charles, s.Richard and Martha (Alley), and Sally Starbuck, d.Reuben and Anna (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

Eunice and Abel Coffin, Dec.27,1807. [Eunice, d.Richard and Martha (Alley), and Abel Coffin, s.Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin).PR38]

Alfred and Love, Coffin, Mar.11,1810. [Alfred, s.Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick), and Love Coffin, d.Robert and Love (Black), in E. Vassalboro, ME.PR38]

Obed [int.Ally] and Susan Chase, Aug.22,1811. [Alley, s.Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick), and Susan Chase, d.Reuben and Judith (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth and Samuel Dunham, Jan.9,1814. [Elizabeth, d.Richard and Martha (Alley), and Samuel Dunham, s.Jethro and Lydia (Tilton).PR38]

Nabby and Maltire Fisher, Mar.10,1814. [Abigail, d.Richard and Martha (Alley), and Maltiah Fisher, s.Thomas of Martha's Vineyard.PR38]

Mary and George Smith, May2,1816. [Mary, d.Richard and Martha (Alley), and George Smith, s.Armstrong and Eunice (Marshall) (first w.).PR38]

Catherine [int.Cathrine] and Richard Macy, June18,1817. [Catherine [dup. Katharine], d.Reuben and Catherine (Fosdick), and Capt. Richard Macy, s.Capt. Zaccheus Jr. and Judith (Starbuck), June17.PR38]

Mases [int.Moses] and Lucy Jenkins,末蔓末, 末末, [bet. May1,1819 and May1,1820. int.Dec.4,1819]. [Moses, Dec.6. 1819.CR2 Moses, s.Richard and Martha (Alley), and Lucy Jenkins, d.Brailey and Eunice (Hopkins),末蔓末,1819.PR38]

Moses, see Mases.

James and Mary Corchrane, int.Aug.19,1820. [James, s.Richard and Martha (Alley), and Mary Cochran of Martha's Vineyard, m.23:8m.PR38]

Marie, see Merab.

Merab [dup. Meral, int.Marie] and David Smith, Oct.27,1822. [Merab, d.Richard and Martha (Alley), and David Smith, s.Armstrong and Eunice (Marshall) (first w.).PR38]

George and Sarah Gardner, July8,1823. [George, s.Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick), and Sarah [dup. Sally] Gardner. d.Peleg and Sarah (Pollard).PR38]

Martha Ann [Abbey written in pencil after Alley, int.Abbey] and Obed Morslander, June11,1826.

Benjamin, and Sarah B. Lawrence [int.Lawrance], Aug.31,1828. [Benjamin, s.Richard and Martha (Alley), and Sarah Lawrence, d.Joseph of Osterville.PR38]

Leucreatia [int.Lucretia] and Benjamin F. Russell, Apr.15,1830. [Lucretia, d.Richard and Martha (Alley) and Benjamin Franklin Russell, s.Reuben and Hannah (Myrick).PR38]

Susan and William C. Dorman, May25,1830. [Susan, d.Reuben End Susan (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Lidia P. and William H. Palmer, May13,1832. [Lydia P., d.Obed and Susan (Chase), and William H. Palmer, s.Lot.PR38]

Lydia S. and Benjamin C. Starbuck, Apr.9,1833. [Lydia S., d.Charles and Mary (Starbuck), and Benjamin C. Starbuck, s.Benjamin and Hepsabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Charles C., and Charlotte C. [int.omits C.] Wood, June28,1838. [Charles c., S. Obed and Susan (Chase), and Charlotte C. Wood, d.David, 24:4m:1833.PR38]

Mary and Reuben G. Worth, Sept.15,1833. [Mary, d.Charles and Sally (Starbuck), and Reuben G. Worth, s.Shubael and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth and Edward Wyer, Oct.28,1838. [Elizabeth.d.Charles and Sally (Starbuck), and Edward Wyer, s.Obed and Anna.PR38]

Benjamin H. and Hepsabeth B. Holmes, Feb.5,1839. [Benjamin R., s.John and Martha (Fisher), and Hepsibeth Holmes, d.Benjamin and Persis (Fisher).PR38]

Mary Jane and Frederick W. Coffin, Feb.17,1841. [Mary Jane, d.Obed and Susan, and Frederick W. Coffin, s.William Barnard and Deborah (Swain).PR38]

Margeret N. [int.Margaret M.] and Thomas McCan of Bangor. ME, June27,1841. [Margaret, d.John and Martha (Fisher), and Thomas McCann of Elseworth, ME.PR38]

Lydia M. and Frederick H. Raymond, May5,1845.†

Elijah H., single, 26, merchant, [int.b. Lynn], s.Benjamin and Mary F. [int.of Lynn], and Mary F. Bufdick, 24, d.Christopher and Lydia, Aug.24,1845. [Mary F., d.Christopher and Lydia (Easton).PR38]

Susan and Samuel Mitchell, Apr.28,1846.†

Hannah and William Burdett, Apr.4,1847.†

Charles F., single, 28, mariner, s.John and Martha, and Mary Ann Gorham, 20, d.Edward and Susan, Aug.27,1848, in N, [Charles W., s.John and Martha (Fisher), and Mary Ann Gorham, d Edward and Susan (Chase).PR38]

ALLIN (Allen)

ALLISON (Ellison)

ALLY (Alley)


Tillinghast of Providence, RI, and Priscilla M. Chase, d.Franklin and Nancy (Ellis),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38 William of Dartmouth and Elizabeth Brayton. d.Robert and Deborah (Hussey),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


John of Hudson, NY, and Avis Barnard, wid.Matthew, wid.Silvanus Folger, d.John Slocum,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

AMES (Amos)

Cephas J. of Barnstable and Rhoda Nickerson,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Benjamin and Anna Ellis, May29,1758. [Elles.NCR Benjamin Sr. and Anna Ellis, d.Humphrey and Mary (Hamilton). 29:3m:1756.PR38]

Paul, see Thomas.

Thomas and Judith Marshall, int.Nov.25,1774. ["Paul or Thomas" and Judith Marshall, d.Benjamin and Mary (Macy), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Judith and John Ray, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Jan.17,1788. [Judith (second w.), wid."Paul or Thomas," d.Benjamin Marshall and Mary (Macy), and John Ray, s.Samuel and Mary Fullington.PR38]

Benjamin Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Sally Brock, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept.1,1789. [Benjamin Jr.NCR Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Anna (Ellis), and Sally Brock, d.Thomas [dup. Sarah Brock, d.William and Elizabeth (Calef)].PR38]

Mary and Thomas Hull, Nov.20,1800. [Mary, d.Paul and Judith (Marshall), and Thomas Hull, s.Thomas and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

Judith and Obed Cash, Feb.5,1809. [Judith, d.Paul and Judith (Marshall), and Obed Cash, s.William and Mary (Johnson).PR38]

Ann, see Nancy.

Nancy and Israel Bump, Aug.11,1811. [Nancy [dup. Ann], d.Benjamin and Sally (Brock).PR38]

Dinah and Henry Dagget [int.Daggett], Mar.29,1818. [Dinah, d.Benjamin and Sally (Brock), and Henry Daggett of Martha's Vineyard.PR38]

Samuel and Rosannah Eldridge, Sept.10,1818. [Rosanna.CR2 Samuel H., s.Thomas and Abigail of Barnstable, and Rosanna Eldredge.PR38]

Sally B., and William Russell, May29,1825.

Allen and Claressa [int.Clarissa] Morey, Sept.18,1826. [Allen, S. Thomas and Abigail of Barnstable, and Clarissa Morey, divorced w.Asa, d.末末 Eldredge.PR38]

Rebecca and Charles Allen Hoxie, Nov.10,1831. [Rebecca, d.Dinah (d.Benjamin and Sally).PR38]

Betsey and James A. Roberts [int.colourd], July28,1833. [Amos.CR2]

Zenas and Betsey Crocker, Sept.22,1833.*

Abby N. and Oliver Butman of Salem, July29,1838. [Abby, d.Samuel H. and Rosanna (Eldredge).PR38]

Almira and Richard C. Gibbs, int.Feb.23,1840. [Almira, d.Anna, sister of Samuel, and Richard C. Gibbs, S. Stephen and Deborah (Swift), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Samuel R., widr.[int.omits wid.], 50, carpenter, b. Barnstable, and Charlotte Pitcher, wid.[int.omits wid.], 45, d.James Bigelow July14,1844. [Charlotte, wid.Gurden, d.Maj. James Bigelow and Anna.PR38]

Josiah, single, 40, carpenter, [int.Osterville], b. Barnstable, s.Thomas and Sarah of Barnstable, and Harriet C. Crosby, wid., 28, [int.wid.Cyrus F.], d.Cromwell Coffin and Mary, July6,1845. [Harriet, wid.Cyrus H., d.Cromwell Coffin and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Leander, single, 22, shipwright, s.Samuel H. and Roseana, and Emeline Barlow, 22, d.Levi and Maria, Aug.22,1847. [Emeline, d.Levi and Mary (Rogers).PR38]


Nancy and Thomas Jackson, Apr.23,1816.


Thomas and Elizabeth Coffin, d.William and Ann (Holmes),末蔓末,1765.*PR38

AMOS (Ames)

Priscilla and Joseph Painter, Aug.25,1774.*

Daniel [int.of NY] and Phillis [int.Philis] Papins, Mar.28,1805. Phillis and Robert Jackson, Jan.3,1811.


Hugh and Sarah Mayo, Mar.14,1765.

Sarah and John Elkins [int.Ellkins], Oct.25,1772. [Elkins.NCR]

Jane and Seth Clark, int.July23,1774.

ANDREWS (Andross)

Eunice, d.David and Phebe (Smith), and Reuben Chapin,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe S. d.David and Phebe (Smith), and Stephen Easton, s.Nicholas of Providence, RI, brother of James,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Thomas and Mary Burrage [int.Burrige], July6,1766. [Burrage.NCR Andreus, "residant on Nantucket," and Mary Burrige.PR68]

Jacob and Mary Gardner, Sept.6,1793. [Jacob, s.Abraham and Mary, and Mary Gardner, d.Silvanus and Anna (Folger).PR38]

David and Phebe Smith, May21,1805. [David, S. Abraham and Man, and Phebe Smith, d.Thomas and Eunice (Bunker) (Swain).PR38]

Mary Ann and Edward Folger, Nov.27,1822. [Mary Ann. d.Jacob and Mary (Gardner), and Edward Folger, s.Henry Sr., and Elizabeth (Baker).PR38]

Charles G., and Eunice Gardner, June6,1827. [Charles G., s.Jacob and Mary (Gardner), and Eunice Gardner, d.Jesse and Betsey (Alley), 30:5m.PR38]

Silvanus G., and Mary Gardner, Apr.22,1830. [Silvanus G., s.Jacob and Mary (Gardner), and Mary B. Gardner, d.Jesse and Betsey (Alley).PR38]

WilIiam M., and Rebecca E. Swain, Oct.9,1832. [William M., s.David and Phebe (Smith), and Rebecca E. Swain, d.Lewis and Hepsabeth (Swan) (Fairweather).PR38]

William H. [int.Henry] and Rebecca Folger, Dec.7,1833. [William H., s.Jacob and Mary (Gardner), and Rebecca Folger, d.Henry Jr., and Polly Hazell.PR38]

Judith and Daniel J. Bailey [int.of CN], Dec.10,1837. [Judith, n. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), and David J. Bailey.PR38]

Thomas S., and Jane F. Russell, Jan.1,1839. [Thomas S., s.David and Phebe (Smith), and Jane F. Russell, d.Charles and Love (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

Sally M., and Isaac Barker, June23,1839. [Sally [dup. Sarah], d.David and Phebe (Smith), and Isaac Barker, s.James and Sarah (Coffin).PR38]

Hiram B., and Emeline Barnard, Aug.21,1842. [Hiram B., s.David and Phebe (Smith), and Emeline Barnard, d.Josiah and Rhoda (Peckham).PR38]

George, single. 28, s.Jacob and Mary, and Nancy Austin, 26, d.Daniel and Phebe, Sept.3,1843. [George, S. Jacob and Mary (Gardner), and Nancy Austin, d.Daniel and Eunice (Sessions).PR38]

Lucy Ann and Alexander B. Coffin, Apr.20,1845.†

Reuben C. single, 27, mariner, s.David and Phebe [int.Phibe], and Charlotte Coffin, 23, d.Jesse and Mary, Nov.16,1845. [Reuben C., s.David and Phebe (Smith), and Charlotte, Coffin, d.Jesse and Mary (Bunker).PR38]

William H., widr., 34, mariner [int.laborer], b.:N., s.Jacob and:Mary, and Sarah McDonald, 20, d.Daniel and Polly, Apr.20,1846. [Sarah Ann, d.Daniel and Polly Waters.PR38]

Ann G., and Duryea Cornwell, Nov.5,1848.†

Almira H., and Reuben Fuller, int.Dec.23,1849.†

ANDROSS (Andrews)

Hannah and John Smith, int.Sept.10,1774.


Stephen F., and Susan G. [int.I.] Gardner, July7,1831. [Susan, d.Joshua and Eliza (Paul).PR38]


Isaac and Eunice Swain, int.Mar.27,1762. [John [dup. Annabel] and Eunice Swain, d.Elijah and Susanna (Cathcart), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

ANTHONY (Antona Anton)

Jonathan, s.James of New Garden, NC, and Phebe Coffin (second w.), d.Benjamin Jr., and Elizabeth (Hussey),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jonathan, s, James of New Garden, NC, and Ruth Coffin (third w.), d.Benjamin Jr., and Elizabeth (Hussey),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James and Lydia Coffin, int.July10,1762. [James, s.James of NC, and Lydia Coffin, d.Richard and Ruth (Bunker), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

James and Mary Way, wid.Paul, d.Joseph Macy and Hannah (Hobbs), Dec.26,1776.*PR38

Obed, s.James and Lydia, and Sarah Macy, d.Henry and Sarah (Swain), Jan.22,1789 [in New Garden, NC].*PR38

Michael (Antona) and Lucy Painter, Mar.29,1804.

Joseph (Antona) [int.Anthony] and Elizabeth Dunham, May21,1815. [Anthony.CR2; Anthony [dup. Antonia] and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza] Dunham, d.Jethro and Lydia (Tilton),末蔓末,1825.PR38]

Mary L., and Joseph S. Barnard, int.Aug.19,1826. [Mary of Fall River and Joseph S. Barnard, s.Timothy and Eunice (Starbuck), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]


Andrew and Olive F. Beears, colourd, int.July12,1835.

ANTONA (Anthony)

APPELTON (Appleton)

APPLAY (Appley)

APPLETON (Appelton)

Oliver [int.Jr.] and Susan Silver [int.Silvia], Nov.3,1816. [Susan Silvea [dup. Silvia], d, John and Susan (Coffin).PR38]

Susan (Appelton) and Abner N. Taylor, Sept.13,1829. [Appleton.CR2 Appleton, wid.Oliver, d.John Silvea and Susan (Coffin).PR38]

John S, and Eliza B. Dayton, int.Feb.16,1840, [John Silvea Appleton. s.Oliver and Susan (Silvia), and Elizabeth B. Dayton, d.Nehemiah and Margaret [dup. Peggy (Silvary)]:m.末:3m.PR38]


John of Ponegansett and Mehitable Hathaway of Hyannis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mehitable (Apply) [int.Mahittable Applay] and Silas Chabuck [int.Chubbuck],末蔓末, 末末 [bet. May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Sept.4,1819]. [Mehitable Applay and Silas Chubbuck, Sept.13,1819.CR2 Mehitable Appley, wid.John of Ponegansett, and Silas Chubbuck.PR38]

Hannah S., and John Luce, May6 [int.June14], 1828, [Hannah S., d, John and Mehitable, and John Luce, s.Elijah and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.), May6.PR38]

ARCHEBOLD (Archibald)


Thomas and Jane Hilmont, int.Oct.30,1773.

William and Betsey Alley, Jan.28,1806. [Betsey, wid.Gorham, d.John House and Lydia (Daggett).PR38]

Betsey and George Manter 2d, Mar.7,1815. [Betsey, formerly w.William, wid.Gorham Alley, d.John House and Lydia (Daggett).PR38]

James and Sarah Higgins, Feb.3,1831. [James, s.William and Betsey, and Sarah Higgens (first w.), d.George and Mary (Hendrix).PR38]

ARCHIBALD (Archebold)

Jemima of Orange Co., NY, and Valentine Coffin, s.Brown and Deborah (Coleman),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Susan or Sarah (Archebold) [dup. Archibald, int.Sarah Archebald] and John Coffin 3d, Sept.5,1824. [Susan [dup. Sarah] Archibald, d.John of NY, and John Coffin, s.Brown and Deborah (Coleman).PR38]

AREY (Ary, Ayrey)

Cynthia (Ayrey) and Benjamin Marshall, s.Samuel and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末, "at the Vineyard."*PR38

Olive (Ary) and William Main, Jan.29,1805. [Arey, d.Jabez and Margaret (Coffin),末蔓末,1804.PR38]

Jabez [int.Ary] and Margaret Coffin, Dec.20,1781. [Arey.NCR [dup. Airey] and Margaret Coffin, d.George and Abigail (Bunker).PR38]


Eliza [int.Ariems] and George Bunker 3d [int.omits 3d], May10,1832.


Caroline and Zachariah Coffin, s.Marmaduke,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

ARNOLD (Arnald)

Henry and Ann Hopkins, int.June15,1814

James (Arnald) [int.Arnel] and Mary Mingo, Apr.25,1816. William, s."Will of Reding, and Bathsheba Pelham, 24:12m:1709-10.* [William, s.William of Reading, 24:5m:1809 [sic].PR38]

ARTHUR (Arther)

Keturah, d.John and Mary (Folger), and Richard Peckam of Portsmouth, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Stephen and Avis (Stubbs), and Cornell Farris of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Priscilla and Thomas Bunker, s.William and Mary (Macy),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John 1st and Priscilla Gardner, d.John Esq. and Priscilla (Grafton), 20:2m:1676.*PR38

John and Mary Folgcr, 27:12m:1704-5.* [John, s.John and Priscilla (Gardner), and Mary Folger. d.Eleazer and Sarah (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth and Eliakim Swaine, Apr.18,1717.* [Elizabeth (first w.), d.John and Priscilla (Gardner), and Eliakim Swain, s.John Jr., and Experience, (Folger).PR38 Elizabath Arther and Eliakim Swain.PR68]

Persis and Dowglass Black, Nov.20,1734.* [Percis, d.John and Mary (Folger), and Douglas Black, 26::2m:[dup. 20:6m:].PR38]

Thomas and Mary Edmunds, Feb.17,1735-6.* [Thomas, s, John and Mary (Folger), 17:2m:1736.PR38]

Priscilla and Benjamin Fish, 8:9m:1739.CR4

John and Judith Gardner, Oct.13,1757. [John, s.Thomas and Mary Edmunds, and Judith Gardner. d.Ebenezer and Judith (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Judith (Arther) [int.Arthur] and Benjamin Coleman, Jan.9,1761. [Judeth Arthar.NCR Judith.Arthur, wid.John, d.Ebenezer Gardner and Judith (Coffin) (second w.), and Benjamin Coleman, s.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett).PR38]

Mary and Prince Coffin, int.Oct.13,1764. [Mary, d.Thomas and Mary Edmunds, and Prince Coffin, s.Elias and Love, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Eunice and Andrew Brock, Apr.24,1765. [Eunice, d.Thomas and Mary Edmunds, and Andrew Brock, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner).PR38 both of Sherborn on N.PR68]

Stephen, s.Thomas and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Phebe Pinkham, d.Richard and Miriam of Sherborn in N., 9:6m:, "called June," 1768, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Stephen, s.Thomas and Mary Edmunds, and Phebe Pinkham, d.Richard and Miriam (Coffin), 末:12m:1767.PR38]

Andrew and Judith Coffin, int.July4,1778. [Andrew, s.Thomas and Mary Edmunds, and Judith Coffin, d.Elisha and Mary (Gardner), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Thomas and Priscilla Trott [int.Toot], Dec.5,1780. [Trott.NCR Thomas, John and Mary (Folger), and Priscilla Trott (second d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Norton)).PR38]

Mary and Simeon Coleman, Oct.1,1796. [Mary, d.Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham), and Simeon Coleman, s.Simeon and Rebecca (Swain).PR38]

Phebe and Dennis Stephens, Apr.10,1798. [Phebe, d.Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham).PR38]

Eunice and Isaac Hoage,末蔓末, 末末 [bet. Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801. int.Feb.14,1801]. [Eunice, d.Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham), and Isaac Hoag, s.Abraham and Sarah Denham.PR38]

Stephen and Eunice Coffin, May5,1806. [Stephen, s.Thomas and Mary Edmunds, and Eunice Coffin (second w.), wid.Jethro, d.Shubael Pinkham and Eunice (Gardner) (first w.).PR38]

Stephen Jr., and Avis Stubbs, Jan.15,1807. [Stephen, s.Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham), and Avis Stubbs, d.James and Rebecca (Ellis).PR38]

Elizabeth [int.Eliza] and Daniel Jones, May17,1807. [Eliza [dup. Elizabeth], d.Andrew and Judith (Coffin), and Daniel Jones, s.Silas Jr. and Judith (Gardner).PR38]

Frederick, s.Stephen and Phebe dec'd, and Mary Gardner, d.David and Zeresh dec'd, 4:11m:1813.CR4 [Frederick, S. Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham), and:Mary Gardner, d.David and Zaruiah (Huntley).PR38]

Stephen Jr., and Sarah Macy, June25,1818. [Stephen, s.Stephen, and Sarah Macy (second w.), d.Peter and Sarah (Folger), 14:2m.PR38]

Sarah and Job Coffin, Feb.15,1827, [Sarah, wid.Stephen, d.Peter Macy and Sarah (Folger), and Job Coffin, s.Jethro and Eunice.PR38]

Andrew G. [int.E.] and Miss Delia M. Upham, May7,1829 [Andrew E., s.Stephen Jr., and Avis (Stubbs), and Delia M. Upham, d.Timothy and Rebecca (Folger), 7:5m:1827.PR38]

Eliza and James F. [int.omits F.] Shaw, Jan.24,1830. [Eliza, d.Stephen and Avis (Stubbs), and James Shaw, "an Englishman.".PR38]

William S. and Elizabeth Clisby, Jan.27,1841. [William S. dup. M.], s.Frederick and [Mary (Gardner), and Elizabeth Clisby, d.Seth and Elizabeth (Worth).PR38]

Stephen and Sarah B. Coffin, Aug.15,1841. [Stephen, s.Frederick and.Mary (Gardner), and Sarah B. Coffin, d.Reuben F. and Susan (Barnard).PR38]

Mary Ann and James Watson, Feb.6,1845†

Rebecca Ann and Frederick G. Coffin, Nov.21,1849.†

ARY (Arey)


Thomas, Rev., and Margery Coleman, wid.Thomas of Newbury, formerly w.Thomas Rowley, "was a widow Osgood." 末:末:1682.*PR38


Lois, see Lois Ceasor.


Mary, d.Thomas, and William Coffin. s.William and Ann (Holmes),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

ATHEARN (Athern)

末末, d.Abijah, and John Rand.s.Caleb and Catharine, 末末, 末末.*PR38

末末, and Nancy Coffin, wid.Eddy, d.William Drew and Lucy P. (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah and John Worth Esq., s.John and Dorcas (Smith) (Hawes) (third w.), May26,1748.*PR38

George (Athern) and Hephzibah Hussey, int.Aug.22,1778, [Athearn of Martha's Vineyard and Hepsibeth Hussey, d.Christopher and Mary (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38; Athearn and Heppy Hussey, m.Sept.10.PR64]

James [int.Atharn] and Lydia Cary, Nov.26,1807. Athearn [dup. Athaern], s.George and Hepsibeth (Hussey), and Lydia Cary, d.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), 2:5m.PR38

James F., and Lydia R Starbuck, Oct.2,1833. [James F., s.James and Lydia (Cary), and Lydia R. [dup. A.] Starbuck. d.Levi and Elizabeth (Ramsdell).PR38]

Harriet [nt. Harriot] and Thomas H. Webb, Nov.13,1833. [Harriet, d.James aml Lydia (Cary), and Thomas H. Webb. M.D.PR38]

Lydia C., and Edward H. Darker, Nov.13,1833. [Lydia C, d.James and Lydia (Cary), and Edward H. Barker, s.Robert and Lucretia (Hussey).PR38]

Charlotte M. [int.F.PR308] and Charles F. Hussey, Apr.11,1837. [Charlotte M.CR2 Charlotte, d.James and Lydia (Cary), and Charles F. Hussey, s.Valentine and Eunice (Bunker) (Fitch) (second w.).PR38]

ATKINS (Aikins, Akins)

Freeman and Temperance Gibbs,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lucy and Toby Simons, Jan.16,1766.

Moses [int.Akin] and Huldah Coffin, Dec.5,1782. [Akins.NCR Akin and Huldah Coffin, d.Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), in New York.PR38]

George and Abigail James, Aug.18,1793. [Abigail, formerly w.Robert, d.William Swain and Mary (Mooers) (Ellis).PR38]

Emeline S. (second w.), b. Buffalo, NY, d.Asail and Mary (Enos), and Samuel H. Macy, s.Francis Jr., and Hannah Macreal, 18:4m:1834, in Buffalo. NY.*PR38

Freeman, widr.[dup., and int.omit widr.], 44, farmer, b. New Port, and Lucinda Christian, wid., 35, d.Samuel 末末 and Susan, June11,1844 [dup. 1843]. [Lucinda, wid.Samuel, d.John Davis and Susanna (Russell), 11:6m:1843.PR38]


Samuel and Elizabeth Parker, d.Elisha,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nathaniel and Mary Wyer, Feb.18,1806. [Mary, d.Hepsibeth (d.John) [? accuracy of Mary's birth record].PR38]

Isaac and Eunice Gibbs [int.Gibs], Feb.28,1819.

George and Hannah C Holmes, Oct.22,1835. [George, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), and Hannah C. Holmes, d.John and Deborah.PR38]

Mary G., and William H. Perry, int.Dec.2,1838. [m.Dec.18.CR2 Mary G., d.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), and William H. Perry, s.Henry and Phebe (Macy), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

AUSTIN (Austen, Austent, Oyson)

David, s.Jeremiah and Patience (Fish), and Anna Dexter, d.Edward and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jacob, "a descendent of Jonas of Plymouth," and Betsey French,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jeremiah, s.Isaac and Ann (Easton), and Charlotte Green, d.David and Hannah,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Mary, d.Benjamin and Susan (Chase), and Benjamin Earl of Swanzey,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nathaniel, s.Thomas and Ann, and Catharine Neal,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe, d.Jacob and Betsey French, and Jacob Wetherly of Norton.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rose, d.Thomas and Ann, and Ephraim Tibbets,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Samuel, s.Thomas and Ann, and Abigail Pinkham,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah d.Thomas and Ann, and Joseph or John Canney,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Susanna, d.Benjamin and Susan (Chase), and Comfort Carpenter, s.Daniel of RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Deborah, d.Joseph and Sarah (Starbuck), and John Coffin, s.Tristram and Dionis (Stevens),末蔓末,1668.*PR38

Mary (Austen) and Richard Gardner, May17,1674.* [Austin, d.Joseph and Sarah, and Richard Gardner Jr., s.Richard 1st and Sarah (Shattuck).PR38]

John (Oyson) and Rhoda Merchant, Oct.26,1775. [Austin, "a stranger," and Rhoda Marchant, d.Benjamin and Rebecca.PR38]

Abigail and Jonathan Coffin, 2:10m:1777.CR4

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Margaret (Congdon), and Patience Fish, d.David and Jemima (Tallman), 26:7m:1783.*PR38

Benjamin of Sherborn in N., s.Benjamin and Susanna of Swanzey, Bristol Co., and Lydia Folger, d.Shubael dec'd and Lydia of Sherborn in N., 31:1m:1788, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Susan (Chase), and Lydia Folger, d.Shubael and Lydia (Bunker).PR38]

Daniel (Austent) and Eunice Session; May30,1805. [Austin, ''a Creole," of St. Eustatia, WI, and Eunice Sessions, d.Joseph and Dinah (Wyer).PR38]

Joseph, s.Jeremiah and Patience of Farisburg, Addison Co., VT, and Rachel Hussey, d.George dec'd and Deborah, 7:12m:1808.CR4 [Joseph, s.Jeremiah and Patience (Fish), and Rachel Hussey, d.George and Deborah (Paddack).PR38]

Lydia and Richard Hosier, 4:10m:1809.CR4

George and Sukey Cresa, July17,1810. [George, s.John (殿 stranger) and Rhoda (Marchant), and Susan Creasy, d.Edward and Deborah (Cash).PR38]

Sarah and Elihue Coffin, 2:10m:1811.CR4

Daniel, s.Jeremiah and Patienc, and Rachel Gardner, d.Zenas and Susanna, 6:5m:1812.CR4 [Daniel, s.Jeremiah and Patience (Fish), and Rachel Gardner, d.Zenas and Susanna (Hussey).PR38]

Eliza and Prince Coffin, Sept.5,1815. [Eliza, d.Benjamin Jr., and Lydia (Folger), and Prince Coffin, s.and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner).PR38]

Isaac and Anna Easton, Nov.20,1816. [Isaac, s.Jeremiah and Patience (Fish), and Ann Easton, d.Peleg and Eunice (Hussey).PR38]

William and Ann Chase, Aug.20,1818. [William, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Folger), and Ann Chase, d.Joseph and Polly (Coffin)PR38]

Mary, Miss, and Charles H. Coleman [dup, Colman], [bet. Apr.1,1824 and Apr.2,1825, int.May1,1824]. [Coleman, May13,1824.PR29 Mary, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Folger), and Charles H. Coleman, s.Simeon and Mary (Arthur).PR38]

George F., and Mary Barnard, June5,1827. [George F., s.Benjamin and Lydia (Folger), and Mary B. Barnard.d.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard).PR38]

Timothy W., and Eliza Folger, June28,1829. [Timothy W. s.Daniel and Eunice (Sessions), and Eliza Folger, d.James and Polly (Green) (Waters) (first w.).PR38]

Mary and William Grant, July4,1830. [Mary, d.Daniel and Eunice (Sessions), and William Grant, s.James (殿 Scotchman") and Elizabeth (Ellis).PR38]

Mary B., and Josiah Baker, Nov.11,1832. [Mary, wid.George F., d.Cromwell Barnard and Sarah (Barnard), and Josiah Baker Jr.PR38]

James, s.Joseph dec'd and Rachel, and Mary Folger, d.John and Lydia, 5:9m:1833.CR4 [James, s.Joseph and Rachel (Hussey), and Mary Folger, d.John and Lydia (Swain) (first w.), 末:7m.PR38]

Susan C., and Charles A. Veader [int.Veder], Nov.28,1833. [Susan, d.George and Susan (Creasy), and Charles A. Veeder, s.Peter P. and Rachel (Allen) (Morselander).PR38]

Sarah and Charles G. Stubbs, 4:9m:1834.CR4

Edward C., and Phebe D. Parker, Aug.23,1835. [Edmund C.CR2 Edward C., s.George and Susan (Creasy), and Phebe Parker, d.Joshua.PR38]

Caroline and Welcome Arnold Green, 13:12m:1838.CR4

Charlotte and David Joy, July15,1842. [Charlotte, d.Isaac and Ann (Easton), and David Joy, s.Moses and Deborah (Macy).PR38]

Nancy and Charles Richards, int.Dec.4,1842. " I hereby forbid a Certificate. Nancy Austin."

Nancy and George Andrews, Sept.3,1843.†

Samuel s.Joseph and Rachel (Hussey), and Elizabeth Hansome [dup. Hanson] Osborne, d.John and Eliza, 12:10m:1843.*PR38

Eliza C., 18, d.George, and Clement C. Foster, 28, mariner, of New Bedford, int.May19,1844. [Eliza, d.George and Susan (Creasy), m.30:5m.PR38] Elizabeth and David G. Hussey.14:10m:1841.CR4

Elizabeth G., 21, d.Isaac, and John Patch, 25, lawyer, of Ipswich, int.June2,1844 展ithdrawn [Withdrawn written in pencil.]

Elizabeth W., and Nathan E. Long, Nov.22,1846.†

Elizabeth G., and George R. Taber, Sept.25,1847.†


Lowrin [int.Lawrin] and Betsey Edwards, Nov.8,1812, [Loring Averell and Betsey Edwards, wid.Gideon, d.Ebenezer Dunham and Huldah (Fisher).PR38]

Sarah and Alvin N. [int.M.] Fisher of Falmouth, Apr.28,1841. [Averell [dup. Averill 2d], d.Loring and Betsey (Dunham) (Edwards), and Alvin [dup. Alvan N.] Fisher of Cape Cod, 18:4m.PR38]

Sophia [int.Avereill], Miss, and Benjamin Jewett of Whitefield, ME, Apr.27,1842.


Francis [int.adds L.] and Margaret Plato, July3,1842.

AYER (Ayers)

Thomas [int.Ayres] and Lidea Handerson [int.Lydia Henderson], resident of Rochester, Nov.20,1769, in Rochester.

Sally (Ayers) and George Drew, int.Nov.21,1807. [Sally of New Bedford and George Drew, S. Gershom and Mary (Cobb), m,末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

AYREY (Arey)

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