James [int.Cakanahoo] and Ruth Samson [int.Sampson], Mar.25,1755. [Cacanahoo and Ruth Samson.NCR]


Joseph and Priscilla Hunt, wid.Jabez, d.Matthew Coffin and Hannah Mendenhall,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Rhoda and Robert Allen, s.Joseph and Hepsibeth (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Asahel of NY, and Eliza Parker, int.Apr.25,1841.

CAESAR (Cesar)


Ann [int.Cahoone] and William Prichard, Oct.28 [int.Dec.23], 1820.

CAIN (Keen)

CAKANAHOO (Cacanahoo)

CALDER (Cilder)

Mary H., d.Samuel and Eliza Ann (Harris), and Samuel Blush of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Robert (Cilder) [int.Calder] and Margaret Pinkham,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.May19,1827]; [Calder, s.Robert and Lydia (Brock), and Margaret [dup. Peggy] Pinkham, d.Hezekiah and Eunice (Barrett),末蔓末,1827.PR38]

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), and Nancy Ellery,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, see Sally.

Thomas and Rebecca W. Snow, int.July12,1817. [Thomas, s.Robert and Lydia (Brock), and Rebecca Snow of Mattapoisett, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Samuel and Ruth Coffin, Jan.30,1752. [Samuel, "a Scotchman," and Ruth Coffin, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Hannah and Jonathan Moors, Aug.30,1775. [Hannah, d.Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), and Jonathan Moores Jr.PR38]

Robert and Lydia Brock, int.Dec.21,1782. [Robert, s.Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), and Lydia Brock, d.John and Ann (Bunker), m.12:12m:1782.PR38]

Josiah and Merab Folger, Dec.14,1783.* [Josiah, s.Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), and Merab Folger, d.John and Love (Gabriel) (first w.), 14:12m:1782.PR38]

Andrew and Lydia Coffin, Dec.19,1799. [Andrew, s.Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), and Lydia Coffin, d.Elijah and Abigail (Folger).PR38]

John and Eliza Allen, July9,1812. [John, s.Robert and Lydia (Brock), and Eliza Allen, d.Daniel Jr. and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman).PR38]

Josiah Jr. and Mary Swain, July5,1814. [Josiah, s.Josiah and Merib (Folger), and Mary Swain, d.Timothy Jr. and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

William, s.Robert and Lydia (Brock), and Eliza Thain of Smithfield, RI, 7:11m:1815.*PR38

Sally and George Coffin, Mar.28,1816. [[dup. Sarah] d.Josiah and Merib (Folger), and George Coffin, s.John and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

William and Sally Wyer, wid.Timothy [wid.Timothy written in pencil], Feb.7,1819. [William, s.Robert and Lydia (Brock), and Sally Wyer, wid.Timothy, d.Simeon Coffin.PR38]

Samuel and Eliza Ann Harris, Mar.30,1819. [ElizannCR2; Samuel, s.Josiah and Merib (Folger), and Eliza Ann [dup. Betsey] Haris, d.Davis and Miriam (Perry).PR38]

Charles and Miss Aseaneth [int.Aseneath] Farris, Dec.末 [int.Dec.4], 1819. [Charles, s.Robert and Lydia (Brock), and Aseneth Farris, d.Thomas and Aseneth [dup. Cynthia].PR38]

Samuel and Desiar [dup. Desior, int.Desire] H. Snow, Jan.27,1825. [Samuel, s.Robert and Lydia (Brock), and Desire H. Snow.PR38]

Betsey C. and Thomas A. Hallet [int.Hallett], Feb.10,1825. [Betsey C., d.Andrew and Lydia (Coffin), and Thomas A. Hallet.PR38]

Desire H. and George Munro, Aug.9,1835.

Nancy B. and George Allen, Dec.27,1835. [Nancy (second w.), d.Robert and George Allen, s.Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman).PR38]

Sarah F. and Edward C. Morris, Apr.11,1837. [Sarah F., d.John and Eliza (Allen), and Edward C. Morris, s.Charles and Eunice.PR38]

Eliza Ann and William O. Tucker of Boston, Apr.30,1841.

Timothy W., single, 23, merchant, s.William and Sally, and Harriet G. Pinkham, 19, d.Reuben R. and Harriet [int.Lydia] G., Apr.14,1846. [Timothy W., s.William and Sally (Coffin) (Wyer), and Harriet G. Pinkham, d.Lt. Reuben and Lydia (Glover).PR38]


George B. and Eliza M. Coffin, d.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James C. of Cincinnati, OH, and Rebecca B. Bunker, d.Alexander D. and Rebecca (Baxter),末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

CALEF (Calfe)

Betsey, d.Robert and Sally (Coffin), and Benjamin Yarnal,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ebenezer and Elizabeth Coffin, int.Oct.29,1791. [Ebenezar Califf [dup. Calef], s.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Enoch and Love, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Sally and John Chester,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ebenezer (Calfe) and Elizabeth Fitch, 8:4m:1722.* [Ebenezer Califf [dup. Calif, "1st of Nantucket"] and Elizabeth Fitch, d.Jedediah and Abigail (Coffin).PR38]

Peter and Abigail Woodbury, Aug.6,1744.* [[dup. Calif] s.Ebenezar (Califf) and Elizabeth (Fitch), and Abigail Woodbury, d.Nathaniel.PR38]

Mary and Obed Hussey, Aug.23,1748.* [Califf [dup. Calef] (second w.), d.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), and Obed Hussey, s.Silvanus and (Abial Browne) (first w.).PR38]

Abigail and John Starbuck, Oct.2,1750. [Calif, wid.Peter, d.Nathaniel Woodbury, and John Starbuck, s.Paul and Ann (Tibbetts) (first w.).PR38]

Elizabeth and William Brock, Dec.27,1753. [Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer Esq. and Elizabeth (Fitch), and William Brock, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner).PR38]

Pernal [int.Parnal] and Edward Coffin, Sept.26,1754. [Parnal, d.Dr. Peter and Sarah of Boston [dup. Charlestown], and Edward Coffin, s.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Robert and Sarah Coffin, July29,1758. [Robert, s.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), and Sarah [dup. Sally] Coffin, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin),末蔓末,1756.PR38]

Margaret and Joseph Cook, May29,1769. [Califf, d.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch).PR38]

Josiah of Saco and Susan Hussey, May14,1812. [Susan, d.Zaccheus and Lydia (Folger).PR38]


Christina of Philadelphia, PA, and Moses Barnard, s.Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

CALFE (Calef)

CALIF (Calef)

CALIFF (Calef)


Elizabeth and Edmund Dougherty, Dec.19,1847.†

CALLAWAY (Calliway)

Robert [int.Cillaway] and Anna Holmes, Mar.31,1807. [Calloway and Anna Holmes, d.William and Lydia (Burrage).PR38]

Alexander (Calliway) and Eliza Coffin, Nov.17,1831.


Samuel N. [dup. omits N.] and Nancy Russell, May25,1826. [Samuel N. and Nancy Russell, d.Sylvanus and Susan (Rand).PR38]

CALLIWAY (Callaway)


Stephen and Abigail Rider, Apr.8,1770.

CALLOWAY (Callaway)


Adaline and Henry C. Bunker, int.Sept.11,1831. [Adeline Carlot, wid.Lewis, d.Elijah Swift, and Henry C. Bunker, s.Abel and Betsey [dup. Elizabeth (Morris)], m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]


John G., see John G. Clasby.


Daniel and Elizabeth Ann Williams, int.Aug.21,1842.

CAMMETT (Cammet, Cammit)

Thomas (Cammit) and Margret Hallowel, June28,1720.* [Commet and Margrett Hallowell.PR68]

Mary (Cammet) [int.Cammes] and Samuell Perry, Apr.4,1773. [CammetNCR; Cammett, "a stranger."PR38]

Mary B. and Stephen B. Tallman, July4,1847.†


Catherine and Alexander M. Coffin, s.Albert and Polly (Fay) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George of Pittsfield and Matilda Jenkins, d.John F. and Eliza (Pepoon), Sept.29,1836.*PR38


Malinda [int.Melindia Candricks] and Alexander Hunter,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.July22,1820]. [Malindia Candrick, Aug.9,1820CR2; Malinda Candish [dup. Hendricks of Chatham] and Alexander Hunter, s.John Jr. and Nancy (James).PR38]


Ezekiel and Eunice Coffin, int.Apr.1,1770.

CANNAN (Cannon)


Joseph or John and Sarah Austin, d.Thomas and Ann,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


George, Rev. [int.Cannun, omits Rev.], and Sally Plumb,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Mar.23,1799]. [Cannon, s.David and Hepsabeth, and Sally Plumb, d.Samuel Sr. and Eunice (of Hartford).PR38]

Humphrey [int.Humphry] and Polly Hillar, July21,1803. [Humphrey and Mary Hillar, d.Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith).PR38]

Harriot [int.Harriet] and Lothrop Davis, Nov.3,1819.

Humphrey [int.Cannan] and Abigail N. [dup. omits N., int.Abagail N.] Davis, Dec.25,1823.

Eliza C. and Joseph B. Frobisher [int.Forbisher], Oct.22,1828.

George Jr. and Mary C. Ellis, Dec.12,1830. [Mary, d.Reuben and Eunice (Swain).PR38]

Sarah and George Sturtevant, Jan.9,1831. [Sarah, d.George.PR38]

Eveline and Stillman G. Priest, May13,1832. [Eveline, d.George and Sally, and Stillman G. Priest of Boston.PR38]

Rebecca H. and Edward Simmons, Sept.29,1833.

Elisha and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Mary Ann Clark, Sept.8,1836. [Mary Ann Wing Clark of Barnstable, wid.Obed.PR38]

Thomas H. and Abby L. Allen, Mar.21,1837.

CAPEE (Capey)


Christopher and Miss Lydia Coffin, Aug.2,1835. [Christopher of Dorchester and Lydia Coffin, d.Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger.PR38]


Leonard and Tamar Swain, both of Sherborn, Nov.12,1790. [Capron and Tamar Swain, d.William and Mary (Mooers) (Ellis).PR38]

CAPEY (Capee, Capy)

Elizabeth (Capee) and Simon Burden,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.29,1798].

Margera (Capy) and Joseph Painter, Apr.5,1804.

John and Polly Swift, Sept.22,1808.

Hannah S. (Capy [int.Hannah T. Capey] and Charles F. Boston [int.colourd], Nov.30,1830. [Hannah T. Capey, black.CR2]

Mary and Joseph Wilson, May6,1849.†

CAPRON (Capering)

CAPY (Capey)

CAREY (Cary)

CARLOT (Calott)


Jane, d.Morris and Laban Coleman, s.Charles and Catherine (Hussey),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Nathaniel and Sally Coffin, d.Elias and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

CARNES (Carns)

Thomas [int.Cranes] and Eliza Coleman, Jan.11,1821. [Carnes, s.Thomas and Eliza [? accuracy], and Eliza Coleman, d.Job and Phebe (Coleman).PR38]

Mary (Carns) [int.Carnes] and Andrew W. Reed, Apr.24,1845.†

Ann Maria (Carns) and Thomas Ellis, Sept.25,1845.†

CARPENTER (Carpender)

Comfort, s.Daniel of RI, and Susanna Austin, d.Bejamin and Susan (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Diadamia, d.Dr. Amos, and David Bunker, s.Richard and Eunice (Mitchell),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nathaniel (Carpender) and Salley Gorden [int.Sally Gardner],末蔓末 [int.Apr.20], 1811.

Silvia, d.Dr. Amos and Anna, and Abraham Macy, s.Samuel and Lydia, Apr.3,1822, in Hudson, NY.*PR38

Joseph and Mary Ann Macy, July24,1831. [Joseph of VT. and Mary Ann Macy, d.Simeon and Phebe (Allen).PR38

Channey, s.Amos and Bethia, and Deborah C. Worth, d.Walter F. and Abigail (Macy), Sept.2,1840.*PR38

Joseph and Deborah Marden, int.Feb.27,1842.

Caroline (first w.), d.Henry M. and Abby Jane (Bulkley), and John H. Macy, s.Josiah and Lydia (Hussey), 20:10m:1846 in NY.*PR38

Mary Ann and George Shaw, July19,1848.†


Abba [int.Abbey C.] and Obed S. Carr,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Aug.25,1827]. [Abby, d.Eseck of Westport, and Obed S. Carr, s.Moses and Nancy (Swain).PR38]

Mary Abby, d.Moses and Mary (Earl), and Benjamin F. Thompson of Middleboro,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Nancy and Shubael Barnard, s.Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末 in France.*PR38

Obed S. and Abba [int.Abbey C.] Carr,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Aug.25,1827]. [Obed S., s.Moses and Nancy (Swain), and Abby Carr, d.Eseck of Westport.PR38]

Parnal E., see Parnel Earl.

Thomas and Martha Grindy, Apr.28,1718.* [17:4m:1717.PR38; Grindey, Apr.28,1718.PR64PR68]

Thomas and Mary Bunker, Jan.7,1750. [Mary, wid.Obed, d.Peggy Duanna [dup. Duanne], 7:[dup. 27:], 1m:PR38

Robert and Jedidah Swain, Apr.10,1769. [Jedida, d.Peleg and Mary (Hussey) (first w.).PR38

Mary and Samuel Coffin, 29:11m:1770.CR4

Jedidah and John Gardner Esq. [int.omits Esq.], July18,1790. [Jedida, wid.Robert, d.Peleg Swain and Mary (Hussey) (first w.), and John Gardner Jr., sheriff, s.John 3d and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38]

Mary and Obed Swain, Mar.12,1795. [Mary, d.Robert and Jedida (Swain), and Obed Swain, s.William and Mary (Mooers) (Ellis).PR38]

Moses [int.Car] and Nancy Swain, June29,1802. [Carr, s.Robert and Jedida (Swain), and Nancy Swain, d.Obed and Phebe (Allen) (first w.).PR38]

Moses and Mary Earl, May15,1814. [Moses, s.Robert and Jedida (Swain), and Mary Earl [dup. Earle] (second w.), d.Joseph and Parnal (Paddack).PR38]

Fally [int.Falley] and John Burklin [int.Burklen], Sept.11,1817. [Falley and John Bucklen.CR2]

Mary M. [int.W.] and George Adlington [int.Adlinton], Jan.3,1830. [George W. Adlington, s.John and Lydia (Myrick).PR38]

Lydia B. [int.omits B.] and John Case, May14,1837.

John G. and Anna B. Coffin, Oct.21,1841. [John G., s.Moses and Mary (Earl), and Anna B. Coffin, d.Edward C. and Elizabeth (Bunker).PR38]

Lydia P. and William Hammond, Sept.15,1844.†


Phillip [int.Philip] and Harriet Dyer, Dec.25,1817. [PhilipCR2]


P. Dean and Elizabeth Coleman, d.David and Avis (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


末末 and Anna Coffin, d.Gayer and Rebecca Parker,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Tom and Betzy Peters, int.July19,1789.

Mary and David Rice, Sept.10,1792.

John and Darcas [int.Dorcas] Fare, May18,1806.

John and Nancy Lights, coloured [], Dec.10,1830.


Nathan P. and Susan Coffin, May26,1836. [Nathan P. of Maine and Susan C. Coffin, d.Edward C. and Elizabeth (Bunker).PR38]


Abigail and Barnabas Gardner, int.Feb.9,1760. [Abigail, d.Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), and Barnabas Gardner, s.Jonathan and Patience (Bunker), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Alexander J., s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), and Hester Burlock of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alice, see Alce.

Ann Maria, d.Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), and Dr. Leonard R. Sheldon of VT,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), and Mary Grose of Cape Cod,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edward, s.Edward and Ruth (West), and Jane Magee,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edward and Elizabeth Trott, sister of John,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth and Peleg Swain, int.Dec.12,1761. [Elizabeth (second w.), d.Samuel and Anna (Swain), and Peleg Swain Jr., s.Peleg and Mary (Hussey) (first w.), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Eliza, see Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Frederick [int.Fredrick] and Eliza Riddell,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Apr.15,1820]. [Frederick, Apr.27,1820CR2; Frederick, s.Benjamin and Abigail (Paddack) (Gardner), and Eliza Riddell, d.William and Betsey (Hussey).PR38]

James and Ruth Gardner, int.Feb.13,1757. [James, s.Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), and Ruth Gardner (first w.), d.Uriah and Ruth (Bunker) (first w.), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Joseph and Priscilla Brown, int.Apr.5,1794. [Joseph, s.James and Love (Macy), and Priscilla Brown, d.Joseph and Mary (Ellis), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Lydia [and] Frederick Hussey,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.1,1803, int.Jan.30,1803]. [Lydia, d.John and Mary (Starbuck), and Frederick Hussey, s.Zaccheus and Lydia (Folger), Feb.10.PR38]

Lydia, d.Nicholas and Orange (Rogers), and John Deshan,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sally, see Sarah.

Seth, s.Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), and Polly 末末,末蔓末, 末末 in VA.*PR38

Susan B., see Susan P.

Susana and William Streetton, 16:12m:1706-7.* [Susanna, d.Edward and Mary, and William Stretton.PR38]

Orange and Morris Pharis, 18:3m:1708.* [Orange, wid.Nicholas, d.William Rogers and Martha (Barnard), and Morris Pharis [dup. Farris, 18:1m:].PR38]

Hope and Thomas Crook, Mar.24,1720.* [Hope, d.Nicholas and Orange (Rogers), and Thomas Cook or Crook.PR38; Crook, Mar.24,1719-20.PR68]

Alice and David Gwinn, Oct.13,1722.* [Alice, d.Sampson and Bethia (Pratt), and David Gwinn of Salem.PR38]

Hasadiah and Abigail Brown, Mar.7,1731-2.* [Hazadiah, s.Sampson and Bethia (Pratt), and Abigail Brown, d.Dr. Joseph and Tabitha.PR38]

Bryant, s.Edward and Ruth (West), and Elizabeth Weeks, 末:10m:1732.*PR38

Samuel and Anna Swain, Nov.9,1742.* [Samuel, s.Edward Jr. and Ruth (West), and Anna Swain, d.John ("called England") and Patience (Skiff), 9:11m:PR38]

James, s.Hasadiah and Abigail, and Love Macy, d.Francis and Judith, 8:2m:"called February," 1759.CR4 [James, s.Hezediah and Abigail (Brown), and Love Macy, d.Francis and Judith (Coffin), 末:12m:1758.PR38]

Mary and Ebenezer Coffin, 1:3m:1759.CR4

Rachel and Jabez Macy, 26:2m:"called February" 1767.CR4

Phebe and Nason Meder, May29,1767. [Phebe, d.Samuel and Ana (Swain), and Nason Meader, s.John.PR38]

Bethia and John Macy, 3:3m:"called March," 1768.CR4

Jonathan, s.Hesadia and Abigail, and Deborah Macy, d.Robert and Abigail, 28:12m:"called December," 1769.CR4 [Jonathan, s.Hezediah and Abigail (Brown), and Deborah Macy, d.Robert and Abigail (Barnard).PR38]

Benjamin and Rebekah [int.Rebecca] Luce, Apr.9,1770. [RebekahNCR; jBenjamin, s.Samuel and Anna (Swain), and Rebecca Luce of Martha's Vineyard.PR38]

Benjamin and Elizabeth Bunker, Oct.29,1772. [Benjamin, s.Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), and Elizabeth Bunker, d.David and Elizabeth (Gorham).PR38]

John and Mary Starbuck, Nov.16,1776. [John, s.Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), and Mary Starbuck, d.Edward and Damaris (Worth) (first w.).PR38]

Lydia and Peleg Mitchell, 30:12m:1779.CR4

Phebe and David Starbuck, 28:9m:1786.CR4

Benjamin and Abigail Gardner, Apr.24,1788. [CartwriteNCR; CartwrightPR13; Cartwright, s.Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), and Abigail Gardner, wid.Peter, d.Jonathan Paddack.PR38]

Deborah and Thomas Swain, 26:2m:1789.CR4

Anna and Obed Joy, Oct.15,1789. [Anna, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), and Obed Joy, s.David Jr. and Phebe (Coffin).PR38]

Lois and Richard Bunker, Mar.14,1793. [Lois, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Richard Bunker, s.Richard and Eunice (Mitchell).PR38]

Love and Henry Barnard, 4:7m:1793.CR4

Ruth and Job Thurston, 29:5m:1794.CR4

Elizabeth and Reuben Glover, Oct.1,1795. [Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), and Reuben Glover, s.Simon and Lydia (Fitch).PR38]

Phebe and John McCord, Mar.1,1798. [Phebe, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce).PR38]

Thomas and Elizabeth Gardner, Sept.27,1798. [Thomas, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Elizabeth Gardner, d.Shubael and Deborah (Ellis).PR38]

Eunice, d.Benjamin, and James Procter [int.omits Procter] Myrick, Aug.21,1800. [Eunice, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), and James P. Myrick, s.Jonathan.PR38]

Hepzibah [int.Hepzabeth] and Matthew Jones, Oct.26,1801. [Hepsibeth, d.John and Mary (Starbuck), and Matthew Jones, s.Silas Jr. and Judith (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth and Seth Swain, Aug.30,1804. [Eliza (first w.), d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Seth Swain, s.Francis and Lydia (Barker).PR38]

Sarah [int.Sally] and Matthew Clark, Sept.6,1807. [Sally, d.John and Mary (Starbuck), and Matthew Clark of Boston, 10:9m:1806.PR38]

Mary and John G. Whippy, Aug.16,1810. [Mary, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Paddack) (Gardner), and John Whippey, s.Coffin.PR38]

Charles W. and Susan Haden [int.Hayden], Oct.10,1811. [Charles W., s.John and Mary (Starbuck), and Susan Hayden, d.Abishai and Merab (Pinkham).PR38]

George B. and Elizabeth Hussey, Aug.末 [int.Aug.19], 1815. [George B., s.John and Mary (Starbuck), and Elizabeth Hussey, d.Zaccheus and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Alexander and Phebe Joy, Dec.3,1816. [Alexander, s.Benjamin and Abigail (Paddack) (Gardner), and Phebe Joy, d.William and Jedidah (Meader).PR38]

Eliza and Thaddeus Coffin Jr., Dec.18,1816. [Eliza, d.John and Mary (Starbuck), and Thaddeus Coffin, s.Thaddeus and Anna [dup. Ann (Parker)].PR38]

Lydia and John Foster Coffin, Mar.3,1818. [Lydia, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Paddack) (Gardner), and John Foster Coffin, s.Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain).PR38]

Eunice and Peter F. Ewer [int.Peter Folger Ewers], Nov.2,1820. [Peter Folger EwersCR2; Eunice, d.John and Mary (Starbuck), and Peter Ewer, s.Sylvanus and Peggy (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

David G. and Elizabeth Ceely, Aug.26,1824. [David G., s.Thomas and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Elizabeth Ceeley, d.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck).PR38]

Joseph Brown and Emmaline Barnard, Feb.24,1825. [Joseph B. Jr., s.Joseph and Priscilla (Brown), and Emeline Barnard, d.Libni and Lydia (Paddack).PR38]

Mary and Peter F. Ewer [int.Ewers], May19,1825. [EwerCR2; Mary, d.John and Mary (Starbuck), and Peter F. Ewer, s.Sylvanus and Peggy (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

George C. and Eliza Brown, Oct.25,1827. [George C., s.Joseph and Priscilla (Brown), and Eliza Brown, d.John and Deborah (Ellis).PR38]

Emmaline, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and George W. Coffin, Jan.3,1830. [Emeline, wid.Joseph B. Jr., d.Libni Barnard and Lydia (Paddack), and George W. Coffin, s.Robert and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

John W., s.Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), and Ellen M. Weld, d.James, 5:4m:1832.*PR38

Eliza and John C. Bull, July22,1832. [Eliza, wid.George, d.John Brown and Deborah (Ellis).PR38]

Edward S., s.Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), and Laura Wallace, 30:11m:1842 [dup.末蔓末,1843].PR38

Susan H., d.Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), and John G. Newell, 13:1m:1843.*PR38

Abby S. and Oliver F. [int.S.] James, Aug.17,1845.†

Susan P. [int.B.] and Thomas B. Paddack, Aug.19,1845.‡


Sarah and David Clark Jr., int.Nov.23,1771.

CARY (Carey)

Harriet, see Lydia H.

James and Betsey Swain,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Dec.15,1798]. [James, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), and Betsey Swain, d.Uriah and Elizabeth (Pinkham)PR38; Betsy, Jan.3,1799.PR64]

Robert and Lydia Cushman Wood, int.Nov.27,1813. [Robert, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), and Lydia Wood of Fairhaven, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Edward and Lydia Barnard, Nov.12,1770. [Edward of Charlestown and Lydia Barnard, wid.Hezekiah, d.Christopher Hussey and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Cato and Hannah Pauchamy [int.Panchame], Oct.7,1781. [PancharmeeNCR]

Edward [int.Carey] Jr. and Abigail Russell of Charlestown, Sept.24,1793, in Charlestown. [Cary, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard).PR38]

Samuel and Nancy Coffin, Oct.2,1794. [Samuel, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), and Nancy Coffin, d.Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper).PR38]

Richard and Peggy Coffin, Nov.24,1796. [Richard, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), and Margaret [dup. Peggy] Coffin, d.Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper).PR38]

Samuel and Wineford [int.Winifred] Tupper, May14,1807. [Samuel, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), and Winnifred Tupper (second w.), wid.Benjamin Jr., d.Reuben Gardner and Elizabeth Vail.PR38]

Thomas and Eliza Coffin, Nov.19,1807. [Thomas, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), and Eliza Coffin, d.Joshua and Jeanette (Gardner).PR38]

Lydia and James Athearn [int.Atharn], Nov.26,1807. [Lydia, d.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), and James Athearn [dup. Athaern], s.George and Hepsibeth (Hussey), 26:5m:PR38]

Mary and Martin T. Morton, Sept.15,1808. [Mary, d.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), and Dr. Martin T. Morton.PR38]

Charles and Lydia Swain, Oct.27,1814. [Charles, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), and Lydia Swain, d.Uriah and Elizabeth (Pinkham).PR38]

Nathaniel [int.adds C.] and Ann L. Folger, Feb.2,1826. [Nathaniel, s.Samuel and Nancy (Coffin), and Ann Louisa Folger, d.Seth and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Betsey [int.Carey] and William Baxter, Aug.19,1830. [CaryCR2; Cary, d.James and Betsey (Swain), and William Baxter, s.Reuben and Love (Briggs).PR38]

Harriet Ann and Peleg Ray, Nov.7,1830. [Harriet Ann (second w.), d.Edward Jr. and Abigail (Russell), and Peleg Ray, s.David 2d and Anna (Coggleshell).PR38]

James and Margaret Hussey, Mar.12,1833; [Mar.12,1832CR2; James S., s.James and Betsey (Swain), and Margaret C. Hussey, d.Cyrus and Lydia (Gardner) (second w.).PR38]

Charles R. and Louisa A. Fanning [int.Louisa A. Faning], Nov.7,1835. [Charles R., s.Edward and Abigail (Russell), and Louisa A. Fanning, d.Edmond and Abigail (Giles).PR38]

Eliza and Benjamin Worth, Mar.28,1837. [Eliza, wid.Thomas, d.Joshua Coffin and Jeanette (Gardner), and Benjamin Worth, s.Francis and Phebe (Coleman).PR38]

Lydia Athearn and William Nathaniel Marcus [int.of NY], Jan.1,1838. [Lydia A., d.Charles and Lydia (Swain), and William N. Marcus, s.Moses.PR38]

William S. (Carey) [int.Cary] and Ann Fish of Darian, GA, Jan.1,1843. [CareyCR1; Cary and Ann Fish, wid.Benjamin, in New Bedford.PR38]

Mary M. [int.Carey] and Charles G. Bunker, Feb.5,1845.‡

Lydia H., 48, d.Edward and Abigail, and William G. [int.Gear] Coffin, widr., 55, carman, s.Paul and Ruth, Sept.26,1846. [ Sept.30CR1; Lydia H. [dup. Harriet, omits Lydia, adds (fifth w.)], d.Edward and Abigail (Russell), and William Gayer Coffin, s.Paul and Ruth (Pinkham), Sept.30.PR38]


Betsey, d.Israel and Charles Clark, s.Obed and Sally (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末, in New York.*PR38

Mary and Alexander Coleman, s.Paul and Eunice (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William of Edgartown and Mary Pease,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John and Phebe Ewer, Sept.5 [int.Sept.9], 1820. [Phebe (first w.), d.David and Polly (Pease), Sept.15.PR38]

John and Lydia B. [int.omits B.] Carr, May14,1837.

Mary E. and James Maguire of New Bedford, int.May17,1840. [m.May末,1841.PR42]

Harriet G. and John H. Barker, Dec.27,1849.‡


Betsey, see Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, see Betsey.

Jenny and Job Swain, int.Sept.4,1773. [Jane (Godfrey) 末末 (first w.), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Judith and John Smith, int.May27,1838. [Judith, wid.Obed, d.Paul Ames and Judith (Marshall), and Jean Forgerie, "alias John Smith," m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Lydia and Alfred Smith, int.Mar.12,1825. [Lydia, d.Elijah and Eunice (Long), and Alfred Smith, s.John of M[artha's] Vineyard, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Reuben and Deborah Perry,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.23,1799]. [Reuben, s.William and Mary (Johnson), and Deborah Perry, d.James Jr. and Susan (Gorham).PR38]

Sarah G. and Edwin James,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Aug.4,1827]. [Sarah G., d.Elijah and Phebe (Briggs) (Paul), and Edwin James, s.Francis.PR38]

Sophia, see Zopha.

Zopha and Thomas Fuller,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Sept.4,1819]; [ Sept.19,1819CR2; Sophia, d.William [sic, dup. Reuben, sic] and Phebe (Bunker).PR38]

William and Mary Johnson, May25,1761. [Mary, d.John and Sarah (Clark).PR38]

Samuell and Phebe Cathcart, May9,1771.

Thankful [int.Thankfull] of Yarmouth and Coggeshall Rathbun [int.Cogsweil Rathbone], Sept.22,1774 in Yarmouth.

Hannah and Dutee Gerrald, int.Sept.16,1786.

Elizabeth and Benjamin Manter, May31,1787. [Betsey, d.William and Mary (Johnson), and Benjamin Manter, s.Joseph.PR38]

William and Phebe Bunker, Oct.25,1787. [William Jr., s.William and Mary (Johnson), and Phebe Bunker, d.Simeon and Mary (Swain).PR38]

Phebe and William Con, Nov.13,1787. [Phebe, d.William and Mary (Johnson), and William Coon.PR38]

Lurana [int.Lucinda] and Thomas Varny [int.omits Varny] Macleve, Oct.5,1789. [Lurana and Thomas Varney MacleveNCR; Lurania, d.William and Mary (Johnson), and Thomas V. McCleave, s.Robert and Hannah.PR38]

Deborah and Edward Creasy, Dec.10,1789. [Deborah, d.William and Mary (Johnson).PR38]

Elijah and Eunice Long, Jan.16,1794. [Elijah, s.William and Mary (Johnson), and Eunice Long, d.Paul and Susan (Cleaveland).PR38]

Obed and Eunice Swain, May17,1803. [Obed, s.William and Mary (Johnson), and Eunice Swain, wid.Howes, d.William Moores,末蔓末,1797.PR38]

Phebe and Reuben Cash, Oct.6,1805. [Phebe, wid.William Jr., d.Simeon Bunker and Mary (Swain), and Reuben Cash, s.William and Mary (Johnson).PR38]

Reuben and Phebe Cash, Oct.6,1805. [Reuben, s.William and Mary (Johnson), and Phebe Cash, wid.William Jr., d.Simeon Bunker and Mary (Swain).PR38]

Elijah and Phebe Paul, Dec.23,1806.

Obed and Judith Ames, Feb.5,1809. [Obed, s.William and Mary (Johnson), and Judith Ames, d.Paul and Judith (Marshall)PR38]

Betsey and Jared Fuller, June12,1811. [BetsyCR2; Elizabeth [dup. Betsey], d.William and Phebe (Bunker), and Jared Fuller, s.Joseph of W. Barnstable.PR38]

Alexander and Hannah Higgins, Sept.12,1813. [Alexander, s.William Jr. and Phebe (Bunker), and Hannah Higgins, d.Isaac and Sabara (Whippey) (Burrage).PR38]

Eunice and Richard L. Soden, Oct.14,1818. [Eunice, d.Elijah and Eunice (Long).PR38]

Macy [dup. and int.Mary] and William Longton [dup. Langlon, int.Langton], Aug.26,1821. [Mary and William LongtonCR2; Mary, d.William and Phebe (Bunker), and William Langton, "Englishman."PR38]

Eliza and Peranus Eldredge [dup. and int.Veranus Eldridge], Sept.15,1822. [Veranus EldredgeCR2]

Lydia and David F. Gerald, int.May31,1823.

William B. and Jane B. [int.adds B.] Wing, July5,1829. [William B., s.Reuben and Phebe Cash, and Jane B. Wing [dup. July6].PR38]

Deborah B. [and] Reuben Cleavland [int.Cleveland], Feb.19,1832. [ClevelandCR2; Deborah B., d.Reuben and Phebe (Bunker) (Cash), and Reuben Cleaveland.PR38]

Mary G. and William Gammons, Sept.4,1833.* [William Jr.CR2; Mary G., d.Alexander and Hannah (Higgins).PR38]

William and Miss Azubah Handy of Barnstable, July9,1839 [? in Barnstable]. [William, s.Alexander and Hannah (Higgins), and Azubah Handy, d.Bethuel.PR38]

Susan B. and Thomas H. Coleman, Sept.4,1839. [Susan B., d.Alexander and Hannah (Higgins), and Thomas H. Coleman, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris).PR38]

George H., single, 25, mariner, s.Alexander and Hannah, and Emeline Churbuck, 24, d.Silas [int.Chabbuck] and Mchetable [int.Mahetable], Apr.30,1848. [George H., s.Alexander and Hannah (Higigns), and Emeline [dup. Emmeline] Chubbuck, d.Silas and Mahitabel (Hathaway) (Apply), 1:5mPR38]


Roxana, 27, of Charlestown, and John Winn, 32, int.Apr.14,1844.

CASTLE (Caswell)


Joseph, single, 28, mariner, b. Payta, and Miss Levina W. Draper, 28, int.Apr.13,1845.

CASWELL (Castle)

Lydia W. and William Sayer,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.May27,1820.] [June15,1820CR2; Lydia, d.Levi and Phebe, and William Sayer, s.Joshua and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

William H. and Elizabeth B. Starbuck, int.Aug.4,1839. [William H., s.John R. and Eliza, and Elizabeth Starbuck, d.Josiah and Nancy (Barnard), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Joseph (Castle) and Mary Perry [int.Derry], May23,1762. [PerryNCR; Perry, d.James and Miriam (Stretton).PR38]

Levi (Castle) and Phebe Russell, Oct.26,1786. [Caswell and Phebe Russell, d.Daniel and Hepsabeth (Meader).PR38]

John R. and Eliza Barnard, Jan.4,1810. [John R., s.Levi and Phebe, and Eliza Barnard, d.Libni and Lydia (Paddack).PR38]

Mary Ann and Edward F. Easton, Nov.8,1840. [Mary Ann, d.John R. and Eliza, and Edward F. Easton, s.Peleg and Mary (Barnard) (second w.).PR38]


Mary and John Fortune, Jan.2,1750.*

CATHCART (Kithcart)

Anna and Greenleaf Marshall, int.Aug.20,1757. [Anna, d.Hugh, and Greenleaf Marshall, s.James and Patience Rider, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Ariel and Eliza Chase, int.June7,1817. [Ariel, s.Gershom, and Eliza Chase, d.Judah and Phebe (Meader), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

David and Lydia FitzGerald [int.Gareld, omits Fitz],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Jan.20,1821]. [Fitzgerald, Feb.1,1821CR2; David, s.Joseph and Susan (Cleaveland), and Lydia FitzGerald, d.James and Elizabeth (Luce) (first w.).PR38]

Gershom and Hepzibah Ellis, int.Oct.26,1765. [Gershom, s.Hugh and Dinah, and Hepsabeth Ellis (first w.), d.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Gershom Jr. and Deborah Waldron [int.Walden],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Sept.20,1800.] [Gershom, and Deborah Waldron, d.Nathan and Patience (Russell) (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Gershom of "the Vineyard" and Phebe Coleman, d.John and Joanna (Folger),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James F., s.David and Lydia, and Charlotte M. Coon, d.William and Catharine (Marsh),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary and William Hammatt Esq., int.Nov.21,1801. [Mary, wid., of Boston, and William Hammett,末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Polley [int.Polly] and Theodore Sayward,末蔓末, 末末 [int.May11], 1811. [Polly, wid.Robert, d.David Swain and Hannah (Swain), and Theodore Sayward.PR38]

Prudence and Sylvanus Allen, int.Nov.10,1833. [Prudence (second w.), d.Hugh and Silvanus Allen,末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Sarah, wid.William, d.Joseph Davis and Thankful (Baker), and Thomas Mitchell, s.Seth and Hannah,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hugh and Dinah Swain, Aug.12,1730.* [Dinah, d.John and Patience (Skiff).PR38]

Susanna and Elijah Swain, July23,1735.* [Susanna, d.Gershom and Phebe, and Elijah Swain, s.John and Mary (Swett).PR38]

Abigail and Edward Wier, int.Feb.3,1753.

Phebe and Samuell Cash, May9,1771.

John and Mary Swain, Nov.16,1772. [John, s.Hugh, and Mary Swain, d.Jethro and Dorcas Ryder.PR38]

Joseph and Susanna Meder [int.Meader], Nov.16,1772. [MederNCR; Joseph, s.Hugh and Dinah, and Susan Meader, formerly w.Benjamin, d.Jethro Swain and Dorcas Ryder.PR38]

Susanna and Thomas Moors, Jan.9,1775. [MooresNCR]

Joseph and Susanna Long, Dec.4,1783. [Joseph, s.Hugh, and Susanna Long, wid.Paul, d.Ebenezar Cleaveland and Susanna (Folger).PR38]

Gershom and Charity Bocot, Dec.11,1783. [Gershom, s.Hugh and Charity Bocott, wid.James, d.Ebenezer Swain and Lydia (Giles).PR38]

Mary and Benjamin Harthaway, Dec.16,1787. [Mary, wid.John, d.Jethro Swain and Dorcas Ryder, and Benjamin Hathaway.PR38]

Jonathan and Peggy Gaul, June10,1790.

Robert and Polly Swain, Sept.9,1794. [Robert, s.Gershom and Hepsabeth, and Polly Swain, d.David and Hannah (Swain).PR38]

Ann [int.Anna] and Franklin [int.Frankling] Swain, Aug.15,1795. [Anna, d.Joseph and Susan and Franklin Swain, s.Reuben and Hannah (Macy) (second w.).PR38]

Hepzibah (Kithcart) [int.Cathcart] and William Coffin 3d, Feb.16,1804. [Cathcart, d.Gersham, and William Coffin, s.Elihu and Eunice (Folger).PR38]

Susanna and Daniel Bunker, May末 [int.May4], 1805. [Susanna, d.John, and Daniel Bunker, s.Ebenezar and Mary (Maxey).PR38]

Seth and Anna Swain, July22,1806. [Seth, s.Joseph and Susan, and Anna Swain, d.Grafton and Elizabeth (Riddell).PR38]

Zimri [int.Chathcart] and Eunice Swain, Apr.22,1813. [Cathcart, s.Gershom and Charity, and Eunice Swain, d.Benjamin and Phebe (Meader).PR38]

Obed and Sarah McCleve, Jan.27,1814. [Obed, s.Joseph and Sally McCleave, d.Thomas V. and Lurania (Cash).PR38]

Susan and Benjamin Sanford, Mar.21,1822. [SandfordCR2; Susan, d.Gershom and Charity, and Benjamin Sandford, s.Samuel and Lydia (Wyer).PR38]

Robert and Eunice Adams [int.Addams], May1,1823. [Cathcart and Eunice Adams.CR2]

Alexander and Louisa Pollard [dup. Lousia Pallord], May28,1826. [Louisa PollardCR2; Alexander, s.Robert and Polly, and Louisa Pollard, d.Rowland and Sally (Clasby).PR38]

George G. and Susen [int.Susan H.] Jenkins, Jan.1,1829. [George G., s.Seth, and Susan Jenkins, d.William Esq. and Ssuan (Jenkins).PR38]

Jonathan and Merib B. [int.omits B.] Spooner, May14,1837.

Avis R. and James S. Trevet of Wicasset, ME, July2,1837.

William S. and Sarah Davis, Aug.6,1837. [William, s.Seth and Anna, and Sarah Davis, d.Joseph and Thankful (Baker).PR38]

John S. and Cynthia B. Lovel of Oysterville, int.Apr.28,1839. [Lovell of Oyster Ville.CR4]

Edward H., single, 25, merchant, s.Seth and Anna, and Ann Swain, 24, d.Uriah and Judith [int.Anna], Nov.13,1845. [Ann, d.Uriah and Judith (Pinkham).PR38]

William C., single, 26, carpenter, s.Zimri and Eunice, and Martha S. Luce, 20, d.Obed J. [int.Jr., omits J.] and Nancy, Dec.7,1845. [Martha S., d.Obed and Nancy (Smallwood).PR38]

John S., widr., 31, mariner, s.Zimri and Eunice, and Elizabeth Hudson, wid., 26 [int.Marstons Mills, wid.James M.], d.James Perry and Susan [see mar. of John M. Hudson], Dec.5,1847.

Zimri, widr., 58, farmer, s.Gersham [int.Gershorn] and Charity, and Almira M. Jones, 41, b. Barnstable, d.Allen G. and Rebecca of Barnstable, June10,1848.

Benjamin S., single, 24, painter, s.Zimri and Eunice, and Emily F. Cornish, 19, d.Bailey [int.Baily] and Rachael, July5,1848. [Emily F., d.Brailey and Rachael C.PR38]

Charles S., single, 22, merchant, s.Seth and Anna, and Mary Abby Clark, 19, d.Shubael and Margaret, July23,1848. [Mary Abby, d.Shubael and Margaret (Rawson).PR38]

CATONE (Catone)

Anthony (Catone) and Sally M. Kelton, Apr.17,1836. [Antone Caton and Sally Kelton, formerly w.Ebenezer of Charlestown, d.George A. Stockman and Hepsabeth (Coffin) (Barney).PR38]

Sally M. and George Enas of Floris, Feb.20,1842. [Sally, formerly w.Antone, formerly w.Ebenezer Kelton, d.George A. Stockman and Hepsabeth (Coffin) (Barney), and George Enos, "a Portuguese," "of the Western Islands."PR38]


John of Norfolk, VA, and Mary B. Coffin, d.Eliakim and Mary (Barnard),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Samuell and Sarah Titus, int.Oct.19,1771.


Micheal and Bridget Curran, both of Ireland int.Mar.12,1843.

CAWN (Coon)

CEASOR (Cesar)

CEELY (Ceeley)

Elias and Dinah Starbuck,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.June22,1799]. [Ceeley, "an Englishaman," and Dinah Starbuck, d.Thomas Jr. and Dinah (Trott).PR38]

Lavinia (Ceeley) and Seth Bunker, s.Timothy and Dinah (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia and Timothy R. Coffin, int.Feb.8,1835. [m.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. betwen Feb.4 and Mar.4], 1835CR2; Ceeley, d.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), and Capt. Timothy R. Coffin, s.Francis and Ruth (Upham), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Mary, ??Miss, and Philander Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1824 and Apr.2,1825, int.June12,1824]. [Ceeley, d.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), and Philander Coffin, s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), July1,1824.PR38]

Elizabeth and David G. Cartwright, Aug.26,1824. [Ceeley, d.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), and David G. Cartwright, s.Thomas and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

William P. (Celey) [int.Ceely] and Mary F. Bunker, Dec.16,1832. [Ceeley, s.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), and Mary F. Bunker, d.Thaddeus and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Rachel S. [int.Celey, omits S.] and Benjamin F. Coffin, Feb.12,1839. [Rachel CeleyCR4; Rachel S. Ceeley [dup. Ceely], d.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), and Benjamin Coffin, s.Barzillai and Rebecca (Coffin).PR38]

Susan [int.Ceeley] and Peter Gardner, Apr.25,1843. [CeelyCR1; Ceeley, d.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), and Peter Gardner, s.Henry and Hannah (Bunker).PR38]


Edward H. and Charlottee Smith, Sept.30,1813. [CharlotteCR2; Charlotte (second w.), d.Matthew and Susanna (Swain).PR38]

Edward H. and Margaret Williams, June28,1835. [Edmund H.CR2]

CESAR (Ceasor)

Molly and George Wyax, int.Apr.6,1793.

Lois (Ceasor) [int.Asher] and Jack Freeman, May23,1793.

CHABUCK (Chubbuck)

CHACE (Chase)


John Word of Stonington and Deborah C. Marden, int.Nov.26,1837.


Ann and George G. Clark,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Sept.8,1827]. [Ann, d.Reuben and Betsey (Slade) of E. Vassalboro, ME, and George G. Clark, s.Albert and Margaret (Gardner).PR38]

Anna and Francis Ellis, int.Oct.13,1810. [Anna, s.Anthony of Martha's Vineyard, and Francis Ellis, s.Simeon and Charity (Clark), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Benjamin and Cyntha Howland int.Feb.11,1804. [Benjamin, s.Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, and Cynthia Howland m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Charles and Margaret Smith,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Feb.5,1820]. [Mar.5,1820CR2; Charles, s.Barnabas and Margaret Smith of Barnstable.PR38]

David [int.2d] and Polly Drew,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.July14,1798]. [David, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), and Mary Drew, d.Gershom and Mary (Cobb).PR38]

Deborah and Andrew Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800], int.Nov.23,1799. [Deborah, d.Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, and Andrew Coffin, s.Elijah and Abigail (Folger).PR38]

Eliza, d.Thaddeus and Hepsibeth (Gardner), and Joseph Bonsell, s.Isaac of Philadelphia, PA,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth H., d.Charles and Margaret Smith, and Peleg West Morgan, s.Dudley and Anna,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Eunice, d.Thaddeus and Hepsibeth (Gardner), and Stephen Nye of Falmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James S. and Eunice B. Harding of Chatham, int.Nov.29,1840. [m.Dec.13CR2; James S., s.Charles and Margaret Smith, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Jemima and Peleg Pinkham, int.Mar.18,1758. [Jemima, d.Daniel and Hannah (Meader), and Peleg Pinkham Jr., s.Peleg and Elizabeth (Swain), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Louisa [int.Luisa] and William B. Mitchell,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Sept.8,1827]. [Louisa, d.John and Lydia (Barnard), and William B. Mitchell, s.Seth and Hannah.PR38]

Margaret, see Peggy.

Mary, see Polly.

Mary, d.Anthony and Polly (Perkins), and Barzillai Luce Hanna,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nathaniell and Margaret Baxter, int.Aug.28,1773. [Nathaniel, s.Richard and Deborah (Swain), and Margaret Baxter, d.Christopher and Mary (Worth), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Phebe, d.Richard and Rhoda (Clasby), and William Paddack, s.Benjamin and Jemima,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Priscilla and Charles Hilbourn, int.Aug.19,1797. [Priscilla, d.Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, and Charles Hillborn [dup. Hilburn], m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Rebecca and Freeman Ellis, int.Feb.3,1753. [Rebecca, d.Daniel and Hannah (Meader), and Freeman Ellis, s.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Reuben and Eliza Randall, int.Dec.9,1838. [m.Dec.23CR2; Reuben, s.William Jr. and Betsey, and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza] Randall, d.William and Susan (Gardner), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Seth and Nancy Sandford, int.Dec.31,1803. [Seth, s.Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, and Nancy Sandford, d.William of Woods Hole, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Wickliff and Priscilla Hamblin, int.Dec.15,1770. [Wickliffe [dup. Wickliff], s.Richard and Deborah (Swain), and Priscilla Hammond of Bass River, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

John and Patience Meder, Apr.21,1726.*

Daniel and Hannah Meder, Mar.23,1731.* [Daniel, s.William, and Hannah Meader, d.Joseph, May23,1721 [sic].PR38]

Richard and Deborah Swain, May7,1731.* [Deborah, d.John, "called England" and Patience (Skiff).PR38]

Mercy and Isaac Chace [int.Chase], Nov.23,1752. [ChaceNCR; Mercy, d.Richard and Deborah (Swain), and Isaac Chase, s.Nathaniel and Parnell [dup. Parnal (Long)].PR38]

Deborah and Seth Way [int.Wey], Dec.18,1755. [WayNCR; Deborah, d.Richard and Deborah (Swain), and Seth Way, s.John.PR38]

Isaiah and Abigail Smith, Feb.5,1756.

Rachel and Peleg Swain, Jan.7,1759. [Rachel (first w.), d.Richard and Deborah (Swain), and Peleg Swain Jr., s.Peleg and Mary (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Richard, s.Richard and Deborah, and Rebekah Gardner, d.Robert and Jedidah, dec'd, 10:1m:1760.CR4 [Richard Jr., s.Richard and Deborah (Swain), and Rebecca Gardner, d.Robert and Jedidah (Folger) (first w.).PR38]

John and Lydia Joy, Dec.5,1765. [John, s.Daniel and Hannah (Meader), and Lydia Joy, d.Ebenezer of Martha's Vineyard and Elizabeth (Covill).PR38]

William and Mary Long, Nov.13,1766. [William, s.Daniel and Hannah (Meader), and Mary Long, d.Daniel and Thankful (Jones).PR38]

David and Elizabeth Baker, Oct.9,1782.* [David, s.Richard and Deborah (Swain), and Elizabeth Baker of Cape Cod.PR38]

Hephzibah and Timothy Folger, July16,1785. [Hepsibeth, d.Richard and Rebecca (Gardner), and Timothy Folger, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), "moved to Ohio in 1812."PR38]

Rebeckah and Benjamin Paddack, 11:5m:1786.CR4‡‡

Polly [int.Mary] and Thomas Bunker, July29,1788. [PollyNCR; Mary, d.William and Mary (Long), and Thomas Bunker, s.Thomas and Anna (Swain), 28:7m:PR38]

Richard, s.Richard, dec'd, and Rebecca, and Rhoda Clasby, d.John and Ruth, 1:9m:1791.CR4 [Richard, s.Richard and Rebecca (Gardner), and Rhoda Clasby, d.John and Tuth (Gardner).PR38]

Rachel and Joseph Clasby, 29:11m:1792.CR4‡‡

John and Mary Kidder, Oct.16,1794. [John of Falmouth and Mary Kidder, d.Stephen Jr. and Eunice Knowles.PR38]

Mary and David Worth, Dec.1,1794. [Mary (first w.), d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), and David Worth, s.John and Abigail (Swain).PR38]

Hannah and Prince Gifford, Aug.7,1796. [Hannah, d.John and Lydia, and Prince Gifford of Falmouth.PR38]

Thaddeus, s.Richard, dec'd, and Rebecca, and Hephzibah Gardner, d.Joseph and Abigail, 7:9m:1797.CR4 [Thaddeus, s.Richard and Rebecca (Gardner), and Hepsibeth Gardner, d.Joseph and Abigail (Clark).PR38]

David and Mary Fosdick, Feb.4,1798. [David, s.Richard and Deborah (Swain), and Mary Fosdick, d.John and Elizabeth Norton.PR38]

Susanna and Ambores Whitehouse, int.Nov.21,1801.

William Jr. and Deborah Brown, June24,1802. [William, s.William and Mary (Long), and Deborah Brown, d.George and Parnal (Chase).PR38]

Polly and Job Coffin, Aug.5,1802. [Mary, wid.David, d.Gershom Drew and Mary (Cobb), and Job Coffin, s.Jethro and Eunice (Pinkham).PR38]

Avis and Obed Chadwick, Dec.23,1802. [Avis, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), and Obed Chadwick, s.William and Mary (Long).PR38]

Obed and Avis Chadwick, Dec.23,1802. [Obed, s.William and Mary (Long), and Avis Chadwick, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter).PR38]

Eunice and John Harps, Feb.9,1804. [Eunice, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), and John Harps of WI.PR38]

Hepzabah [int.Hepzibah] and Ralph Kilburn [int.Kilborn], Mar.15,1804. [Hepsibeth, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), and Ralph Kilburn of Colchester.PR38]

Reuben and Betsey Slade, Jan.29,1805. [Reuben, s.William and Mary (Long), and Betsey Slade, d.Benjamin and Rhoda (Coleman).PR38]

John and Avis Coffin, May16,1805. [John, s.David and Elizabeth (Baker), and Avis Coffin, d.Alpheus and Love (Pitts).PR38]

Lydia and Seth Paddack, Oct.10,1805. [Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), and Seth Paddack, s.Abishai and Miriam.PR38]

Mary and Charles James Hilbourn, Apr.3,1806. [Mary, d.Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, and Charles J. Hillborn [dup. Hilburn].PR38]

Antonia [int.Antana] and Polly Perkins, Aug.31,1806. [Anthony, "from the Vineyard," and Polly Perkins, d.William and Eunice (Ellis).PR38]

John and Lydia Barnard, Jan.27,1807. [John, s.David, and Lydia Barnard, d.Benjamin and Lydia.PR38]

Peggy [int.Peggey] and Francis Hussey, Mar.16,1809. [Margaret, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), and Francis Hussey, s.David and Lydia (Swain).PR38]

Priscilla and Isaac Blackhouse, June11,1809. [Backus, 11:7m:PR38]

Rebecca and John M. Beebe, Dec.7,1809. [Rebecca, d.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), and John Murray Beebe, s.Nathan and Elizabeth.PR38]

Sally and Jonathan Briggs, Nov.17,1811. [Sally, d.Wickliffe and Priscilla Hammond, and Jonathan Briggs of CT.PR38]

Reuben and Polly Aldrige, Feb.11,1812.‡‡ [Reuben, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), and Mary [dup. Polly] Aldrich, d.Ichabod Jr. and Abigail (Bunker).PR38]

Betsey and William Chadwick, Aug.9,1812. [Betsey, wid.Reuben, and William Chadwick, s.William and Mary (Long).PR38]

William and Betsey Chadwick, Aug.9,1812. [William, s.William and Mary (Long), and Betsey Chadwick, wid.Reuben.PR38]

Oliver and Sarah [int.Sally] Coffin, Sept.7,1815. [Oliver, s.Micajah and Sarah of Falmouth, and Sally G. Coffin, d.Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker).PR38]

Elizabeth and Stephen B. Pinkham, Dec.12,1816. [Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], d.David and Elizabeth (Baker), and Stephen Pinkham, s.Shubael and Hepsabeth (Barnard).PR38]

David [int.Jr.] and Lydia Coffin, Dec.2,1817. [David, s.David and Elizabeth (Baker), and Lydia Coffin, d.William and Sarah [dup. Sally] (Gardner).PR38]

Micajah and Jane [int.adds G.] Fisher, Sept.30,1821.

John and Sarah L. Farris, Nov.25,1827. [Sarah L., d.Thomas and Aseneth [dup. Phebe (Folger)].PR38]

Albert and Miss Susan Hilman, July23,1829. [Albert, s.William and Susan Hilman, d.John and Phebe (Clark).PR38]

Charles S. and Emeline Baker, Nov.10,1831. [Charles S., s.Seth and Nancy (Sanford), and Emeline Baker, d.Jonathan C. and Hannah (Smith).PR38]

Mary Ann and Joseph Gardner, May26,1833. [May26,1832CR2; Mary Ann, d.Seth and Nancy (Sanford), and Joseph Gardner, s.Ammial and Elizabeth (Kelley).PR38]

Charles B. and Lydia C. Marshall, July21,1833. [July21,1832CR2; Charles B., s.John and Lydia (Barnard), and Lydia C. Marshall, d.Obed and Eunice (Macy).PR38]

Irean S. and John Fish, Sept.6,1835. [Irene, d.Seth and Nancy (Sanford), and John Fisher, brother of Nathan.PR38]

Mary and Joseph G. Young, Oct.15,1835. [Mary, wid.Reuben, d.Ichabod Aldrich and Abigail (Bunker), and Joseph Gardner Young.PR38]

Eunice and Owen Chase, Apr.5,1836. [Eunice (third w.), d.William, and Owen Chase, s.Judah and Phebe (Meader).PR38]

Jane H. and Stephen B. Fisher, July29,1838. [Jane B. [dup. H.], d.Oliver and Sally [dup. Sarah] (Coffin), and Stephen B. Fisher, s.Joseph and Rosanna (King).PR38]

Alexander and Belinda J. Fisher of Falmouth, Aug.26,1838.* [Alexander, s.Anthony, and Belinda J. Fisher, d.Benjamin of Falmouth.PR38]

Alexander and Deborah P. Coleman, Mar.10,1840. [Alexander, s.William and Betsey, and Deborah P. Coleman, d.Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick).PR38]

Almira and William Bosworth, July1,1840.‡‡

William S. and Eliza A. [int.Ann] Coffin, Nov.22,1840. [William S., s.Seth and Nancy (Sanford), and Eliza Ann Coffin, d.Asa and Phebe (Morselander).PR38]

Priscilla and William Nixon of NY, Feb.28,1841. [Priscilla, d.Seth and Nancy (Sanford).PR38]

Ann M. and Andrew B. Raymond, Apr.10,1842. [Ann Maria, d.Reuben and Polly (Aldrich), and Andrew B. Raymond, "a Frenchman," s.John and Susanna (Kelley) (Covil).PR38]

Harriet P. and Barzillai Luce, Apr.13,1842. [Harriet P., d.Anthony and Polly (Perkins), and Barzillai Luce Jr., s.Barzilla and Charlotte (Bruff) (Luce).PR38]

Lydia and William B. Coffin, July3,1842. [Lydia, wid.John, d.Benjamin Barnard and Lydia (Swain), and William Barnard Coffin, s.Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard).PR38]

William, Capt. [int.omits Capt.], and Sarah [int.Sally] Bunker, Oct.8,1843. [William, s.William, and Sally Bunker, d.Uriah and Abigail (Gardner), 8:11m:PR38]

Elizabeth B. and Rev. Azariah B. Wheeler of Lyme [int.E. Haddam], CT, Oct.15,1843. [Elizabeth B., d.John and Lydia (Barnard), and Azariah B. Wheeler of E. Haddam, CT.PR38]

Hepzabeth [int.adds S.] and Edward Snuock, July13,1845.‡‡

Eunice P. and Jesse E. Yetman, Oct.4,1847.‡‡

Sarah H. and John W. Bailey, Nov.15,1847.‡‡

Charles C., single, 25, mariner, s.Oliver and Sarah, and Judith C. Morris, 23, d.Charles and Lydia, Mar.8,1849. [Charles C., s.Oliver and Sally (Coffin), and Judith Morris, d.Charles C. and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Mary S. and William H. Phinney, May29,1849.‡‡

Alexander, widr., 32, cooper, s.Anthony and Mary, and Laura Ann Cushman, 22, d.Jabez and Cynthea [int.Cyntha], Dec.2,1849. [Alexander, s.Antonie and Polly.PR38]

CHALENDER (Chandler)

CHALINDER (Chandler)


Edward [int.Cholmondley] and Sarah Whittemore, May1,1777. [Cholmondley.NCR]


Ichabod of Cleveland Ohio, and Lucretia Coffin, d.Amial and Mary (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rhoda of CT and Edward Coffin, s.John and Susanna (Clark),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


John and Gracy Simons, int.May23,1812.

CHANDLER (Chalender)

Mary and Ambrose Dawes, July8,1714.*PR38

Charles (Chalender) [int.Chalinder] and Jerusha Francis, Dec.14,1795.

Barshaba [int.Basha] and Elijah Baldwin [int.Boldin], Mar.1,1807.

Sally and James Salsbury, Sept.末 [int.Sept.5], 1807.

Samuel V. and Sarah Shearman [int.Sherman], Mar.23,1809. [Samuel V., s.Jacob and Sally Sherman, d.John and Margaret (Ellis).PR38]

CHAPELL (Chapel)

John B. [int.Chappell], house carpenter, "now Residing at Nantucket," and Elizabeth Chase, d.John Barnard Orpin, dec'd, cooper, July29,1833.

Elizabeth (Chapel) and Isaac Phinney, int.Dec.4,1836.


Reuben and Eunice Andrews, d.David and Phebe (Smith),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Charity and Caleb Stratton, Feb.3,1767. [Charity of RI and Caleb Stratton Jr., s.Caleb and Lois (Odar) (first w.).PR38]

William and Lydia Hooton, Apr.21,1771. [Hooten, d.Joseph and Patience Hews.PR38]

Reuben of E. Haddam, CT, and Sarah Coffin, May29,1822.

Harriet E. and Oliver C. Gardner Jr., Dec.29,1847.‡‡

CHAPPELL (Chapell)

CHASE (Chace)

Abigail, d.Thomas of Boston or Newport, RI, and Ralph Coffin, s.Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Ann, see Eliza Ana.

Anna (Chace) and Joseph Hovey, int.Apr.14,1764. [Chase, d.Nathan and Parnal (Long), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Anna and Seth Clark, s.Asa of Freetown,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Benjamin Coffin, see Benjamin C.

Betsey and Obed Chase,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Jan.16,1802]. [Betsey, d.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Obed Chase, s.Francis and Naomi (Gardner).PR38]

Betsey and Reuben Hillman, int.Dec.5,1821. [Reuben Jr., s.Reuben and Elizabeth (Beard), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Caroline, d.Borden and Ruth (Bunker), and Job Stratton,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edward, s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Ann Maria Roland of NY,末蔓末, 末末*PR38

Eliza W., see Elizabeth W.

Elizabeth, wid.Thomas, d.Thomas Philbrick and Anna (Knapp), and John Garland末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Emmaline and Thomas Clasby,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1822 and Apr.4,1823, int.Dec.7,1822]. [Emeline, d.William and Merab (Gardner), and Thomas Clasby, s.Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Georg [int.George] C. and Abigail J. Barney,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Feb.24,1821]. [George C., Mar.15,1821.CR2; George C. Chase, s.Peter, and Abigail Barney, d.Jonathan J. and Mary (Folger).PR38]

George Brown, see George B.

George C., see Georg C.

George H., see Gorge H.

George W. and Lydia B. Long, int.May9,1818. [George W., s.Nathan and Sally (Nobles), and Lydia Long, d.Obed and Eunice (Myrick), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Gorge [int.George] H. and Rebecca Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Apr.8,1820]. [George H., Apr.27,1820CR2; George H., s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Rebecca Coffin, d.Gideon and Mary, 27:4m:1820.PR38]

Harriet Amanda, d.Joseph and Winifred (Bocot), and Albert W. Allen, s.James,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Hepsibeth M. [dup. omits M., int.Hepsabeth M.] and William Dillingham,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1826 and Apr.6,1827, int.Sept.9,1826]. [Hepsibeth, d.James and Mary (Long), and William Dillingham, s.Charles.PR38]

Isaac, Lt., s.Thomas and Elizabeth (Philbrick), and Mary Perkins, d.Isaac and Susanna of Hampton,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James and Mary Folger, int.Jan.5,1760. [James, s.James and Anna, and Mary Folger, d.Peter and Christian (Swain), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

James F. and Eliza Folger, int.May27,1809. [James F., s.James and Mary, and Eliza Folger, d.Joseph and Judith (Inott), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Joseph Jr. and Polly Coffin,末蔓末, 末末. [between Apr.21. 1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.15,1798]. [Joseph, s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Polly Coffin, d.Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper),末蔓末,1798.PR38]

Lauria, see Louisa.

Leonard, s.Levi and 末末 Pike, and 末末 Bodfish,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Marcy, see Mercy.

Margaret, see Pegga.

Mary, see Mercy.

Mary and Paul Chase,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Sept.23,1820.] [Mary, d.Job and Ruth (Macy), and Paul Chase s.Stephen and Peggy [dup Margaret] (Barnard).PR38]

Mary and Benjamin Ray,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1822 and Apr.4,1823, int.Apr.27,1822.] [Mary, d.William and Merab (Gardner), and Benjamin Ray, s.Seth and Eunice (Paddack).PR38]

Mary, d.Nathan and Parnal (Long), and Thomas Smith of Martha's Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary C., see Mary.

Nabby, see Abigail.

Nathan and Judith S. Hosier,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Mar.31,1827.] [Nathan, s.Nathan and Sally (Nobles), and Judith Hosier, d.William and Elizabeth (Spencer), 18:4m:1827.PR38]

Obed and Betsey Chase,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Jan.16,1802] [Obed, s.Francis and Naomi (Gardner), and Betsey Chase, d.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger).PR38]

Parnal, see Pernal.

Paul and Mary Chase,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Sept.23,1820.] [Paul, s.Stephen and Peggy [dup Margaret] (Barnard), and Mary Chase, d.Job and Ruth (Macy).PR38]

Paul, s.Francis and Naomi (Gardner), and Rose Ann Tylee of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Peggy, see Margaret.

Peter G., see Peter.

Polly and Freeman Sherman [int.Shearman],末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Feb.20,1802]. [Mary (first w.), d.Reuben and Judith (Gardner), and Freeman Sherman, s.John and Margaret (Ellis).PR38]

Priscilla, see Prissilla.

Priscilla and William W. [int.Wilkes] Morris,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Aug.29,1801]. [Priscilla, d.Isaac and Eunice (Brown), and William W. Morris, s.Jonathan, 9:9m:1801.PR38]

Priscilla M., d.Franklin and Nancy (Ellis), and Tillinghast Almy of Providence, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rachel and Reuben Bunker,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Sept.7,1799.]

Rebecca, d.Stephen and Patience (Marshall), and 末末 Handy, of Hudson, NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, Miss, and Peleg Ray,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1824, int.May10,1823]. [Sarah (first w.), d.Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), and Peleg Ray, s.David 2d and Anna (Coggeshall).PR38]

Sarah, d.Ariel and Jane (Tripp), and 末末 Slocum,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah A., see Susan A.

Shubael, s.Nathan and Parnal (Long), and Sarah Manter, d.George of M[artha's] Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Susan, see Susanna.

Thomas, s.Nathan and Parnal (Long), and Sarah Claghorn of M[artha's] Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas, s.Nathan and Parnal (Long), and Anna Smith of Martha's Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas, s.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, and Jean Smith, d.Benjamin,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Winifred, wid.Joseph, d.James Bocot Jr., and Ezra Battey,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850], in NY.*PR38

Winifred, d.Daniel and Anna, and Rufus Coffin, s.Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Zimri, s.Stephen and Dinah (Folger), and Dinah Barnard, d.Tristram,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph, s.Thomas and Elizabeth (Philbrick), and Rachel Partridge, d.William, 31:1m:1672.*PR38

James, s.Thomas and Elizabeth (Philbrick), and Elizabeth Green, 2:9m:1675.*PR38

Isaac, Lt., s.Thomas and Elizabeth (Philbrick), and Mary Tilton of Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, 5:10m:1675.*PR38

Rachel, d.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, and Samuel Knight, 19:7m:1700.*PR38

Isaac, s.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, and Mary Pease, d.James and Elizabeth of Martha's Vineyard, 3:4m:1702, "removed to Martha's Vineyard."*PR38

Mary, d.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, and Benjamin Weeks,末蔓末,1704.*PR38

James, s.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, and Rachel Brown, d.John and Rachel [Gardner,末蔓末,1707.*PR38]

Hannah (Chace) and Nathan Peas, 31:10m:1712.* [Chase, d.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, and Nathan Pease, s.Stephen and Deborah (Gardner) (Macy) (first w.).PR38]

Joseph and Lydiah [dup. Lydia] Coffin, 16:7m:1714.* [Joseph, s.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, and Lydia Coffin, d.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer).PR38]

Sarah, d.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, and Samuel Cobb, 27:7m:1716.*PR38

Prissilla (Chace) and Nathaniell Folger, Nov.18,1718.* [Priscilla Chase, d.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, and Nathaniel Folger, s.John (s.Peter and Mary) and Mary (Barnard), 18:11m:.PR38; Prisilla Chase and Nathaniel Folger, Nov.18.PR68]

Nathan and Parnal Long 24:8m:1723.* [Nathan, s.Isaac Jr. and Mary Pease, and Parnal Long, d.Robert and Sarah (Skiff).PR38]

Rachel and Peter Fitch, Feb.18,1730-1.* [Rachael, d.James and Rachael, and Peter Fitch, s.Jedediah and Abigail (Coffin).PR38]

Stephen and Patience Marshall, Sept.7,1730.* [Stephen, s.Isaac Jr. and Mary Pease, and Patience Marshall, d.Joseph and Mary or Mercy (Short) [dup. Nov.末, second dup. Sept.27].PR38]

Mary, d.Abraham and Abigail (Barnard) [of Martha's Vineyard [Dup Tisbury], and Reuben Bunker, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Paddack), 23:9m:1731.*PR38]

Ann and Timothy Folger, Dec.5,1733.* [Anna, d.James and Rachael of "the Vineyard," and Timothy Folger, s.Nathan and Sarah (Church).PR38]

Benjamin and Margaret Gardner, Dec.12,1734.* [Benjamin, s.James and Rachael, and Margaret Gardner, d.Joseph and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Isaac and Mary Coffin, Feb.24,1736-7.* [Isaac of M[artha's] Vineyard and Mary Coffin, d.Joseph and Bethia (Macy).PR38]

Joseph, s.Isaac dec'd and Mary of Chilmark, Dukes Co., and Miriam Coffin, d.Joseph dec'd and Bethiah of Sherborn in N., 26:10m:1737.CR4; [Joseph, s.Isaac Jr. and Mary (Pease), and Miriam Coffin, d.Joseph and Bethia (Macy).PR38]

James and Anna Gardner, Dec.15,1737.* [James, s.James and Rachael (Brown), and Anna Gardner, d.Ebenezer and Judith (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Elizabeth and George Gardner, Jan.18,1738-9.* [Elizabeth, d.James and Rachel, and George Gardner, s.Judge Jeremiah and Sarah (Coffin).PR38]

Prissilla of Edgartown, d.Joseph of Edgartown, and Henry Smith of Sherbourn [in N.], Mar.17,1740-1, in Edgartown.* [Priscilla, d.Joseph and Lydia of Martha's Vineyard, and Henry Smith Sr.PR38]

Stephen and Dinah Folger, Jan.3,1742.* [Stephen, s.Isaac Jr. and Mary Pease, and Dinah Folger, d.Jonathan and Margaret (Gardner), 3:1m:.PR38]

Jedidah and Robert Barker, Feb.16,1744.* [Jedidah, d.James, and Robert Barker, s.Samuel and Bethia (Folger), 16:2m:.PR38]

末末, (Chase) [and] 末末 末末, int.June4,1748.

Isaac (Chace) [int.Chase] and Mercy Chadwick, Nov.23,1752. [Chace.NCR; Chase, s.Nathaniel and Parnell [dup. Parnal (Long)], and Mercy Chadwick, d.Richard and Deborah (Swain).PR38]

Jedidah and Elijah Dagget, int.Mar.5,1757.

Abigail and Jethro Gardner, 31:1m:1760.CR4‡‡

Francis, s.Joseph and Miriam dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Naomi Gardner, d.Reuben and Theodate of Sherborn in N., 05:1m:"called January," 1764, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Francis, s.Joseph and Miriam (Coffin), and Naomi Gardner, d.Reuben and Theodate (Gorham) (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Miriam (Chace) and Benjamin Ray, Oct.30,1765. [Chase.NCR; Chase, d.Stephen and Dinah (Folger), and Benjamin Ray, s.Samuel and Mary Fullington, "Went to Hudson."PR38]

Philip, s.Philip and Hannah of Swanzey, Taunton Co., and Rachel Gardner, d.Peleg dec'd and Eunice of Sherborn in N., 4:12m:"called December," 1766, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Rachel, d.Peleg and Eunice (Gorham).PR38]

Benjamin (Chace) and Elizabeth Brock, Feb.27,1768. [Benjamin, s.Abel, and Elizabeth Brock, d.Thomas and Patience (Gardner).PR38]

Margaret (Chace) and Crispus Gardner [int.Gardiner], Dec.8,1768. [Gardner.NCR; Chase, d.Stephen and Dinah (Folger), and Crispus Gardner of L.I. [see death].PR38]

Mercy (Chace) and Benjamin Pitts, July2,1769. [Mary [dup. Mercy] Chase (second w.), wid.Isaac, d.Richard Chadwick and Deborah (Swain), and Benjamin Pitts, s.Jonathan and Jedidah (Stewart).PR38]

Rachel (Chace) and Thomas Gwinn [int.Gwin], July9,1769. [GwinnNCR; Rachael Chase, d.Joseph and Lydia, and Thomas Gwinn, s.David and Alice (Cartwright).PR38]

Margaret (Chace) and Isaac Ross, Mar.21,1771. [Peggy Chase, d.Benjamin and Margaret, and Isaac Ross of CT.PR38]

Susanna (Chace) and Paul Swain, Mar.28,1771. [Chase of Cape Code and Paul Swain, s.Peleg and Mary (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Deborah (Chace) and John Morris, Jan.9,1772. [Chase, d.Stephen and Dinah (Folger), and John Morris Jr.PR38]

Desire of Yarmouth and Bachelor Swain, July30,1772, in Yarmouth.* [Desire (second w.) and Batchelder Swain, s.Peleg and Mary (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Hephzibah (Chace) and Ethan Toppan, July5,1774. [Hepsibeth Chase, d.Charles and Jane (Coleman), and Ethan Tappan of L.I.PR38]

Charles (Chace) [int.Chase] and Jane Coleman, Jan.30,1775. [Chase, s.Stephen and Patience (Marshall), and Jane [dup. Jennette] Coleman, d.Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis).PR38]

James, [int.Chace] of N. and Marey Godfree [int.Mercy Godfrey] of Yarmouth, Aug.14,1775, in Yarmouth.[Chase, s.Thomas and Anna Smith, and Mercy Godfrey, d.Caleb and Mary of Barnstable.PR38]

Joseph (Chace) and Rebecca Folger, Feb.15,1778. [Chase, s.Stephen and Dinah (Folger), and Rebecca Folger, d.Reuben and Dinah (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Isaac (Chace) and Eunice Brown, Feb.22,1778. [Chase, s.Isaac and Mercy (Chadwick), and Eunice Brown, d.Francis and Eunice (Coffin).PR38]

Pernal (Chace) and George Brown, Mar.21,1779. [ChaseNCR; Parnal Chase, d.Shubael and Sarah (Manter), and George Brown, S. Francis and Eunice (Coffin).PR38]

Jonathan (Chace) and Mary Smith, Mar.9,1783. [Chase, s.Isaac and Mercy (Chadwick), and Mary Smith, d.Job and Phebe (Baxter) (second w.).PR38]

Reuben (Chace) and Judith Gardner, June19,1783. [Chase, s.Stephen and Dinah (Folger), and Judith Gardner, d.Peleg and Anna (Ramsdell), 9:6m:.PR38]

Elizabeth (Chace) and John MacDaniel [int.McDaniel], Aug.7,1783. [MacDaniel.NCR].

Elizabeth (Chace) [int.Chase] and Asa Gardner, Mar.9,1784. [Chace.NCR; Elizabeth Chase d.Francis and Naomi (Gardner), and Capt. Asa Gardner, s.Alexander and Anna (Allen).PR38]

Judah (Chace) and Phebe Meder, Jan.31,1787. [Chase, s.Desire (later w.Batchelder Swain), and Phebe Meader, d.Benjamin.PR38]

Jesse (Chace) and Elizabeth Joy, May26,1787. [Chase of Swanzey and Elizabeth Joy, d.David Jr. and Phebe (Coffin).PR38]

Anna (Chace) [int.Chase] and Latham Hussey, June21,1792. [Chase, d.James and Mary, and Latham Hussey, s.Stephen and Elizabeth (Swain),末蔓末,1788.PR38]

George (Chace) and Rebekah [int.Rebecca] Coffin, July17,1788. [Rebekah.NCR; Chase, s.Shubael and Sarah (Manter), and Rebecca Coffin, d.Barnabas and Abigail (Folger).PR38; Rebecca.PR64]

Charles (Chace) and Eunice Coffin, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Apr.16,1789. [Chase, d.Charles and Jane (Coleman), and Eunice Coffin, d.Barnabas and Abigail (Folger), 6:4m:PR38]

Peter (Chace) and Elizabeth Hussey, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July18,1789. [Chase, s.James, and Elizabeth Hussey, d.Bachelder and Anna (Coffin).PR38]

William (Chace) and Merab Gardner, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Aug.13,1789. [Chase, s.Charles and Jane (Coleman), and Merib Gardner, d.Joseph and Abigail (Clark)PR38; Chace, s.Charles, and Merrib Gardner, d.Joseph.PR64]

Miriam and Timothy Parker, 3:9m:1789.‡CR4

Abraham [int.Abram] and Jerusha Heath, Nov.4,1790. [Abraham and Jeresha HeathNCR; Abraham, s.Thomas and Anna Smith, and Jerusha Heath, d.Joseph and Catharine (Matthews).PR38]

Mercy [int.Marcy] and Seth Brown, both of Sherbourn, Nantucket Co., Aug.31,1791.

Gilbert, s.Peter dec'd and Hephzibah of Middletown, RI, and Mary Folger, d.Jonathan and Lydia of Sherburn in N., 01:12m:1791, in Sherburn in N.CR4; [Gilbert of Newport, RI, and Mary Folger, d.Jonathan Jr. and Lydia (Barnard), 03:12m:.PR38]

Lydia (Chace) [int.Chase] and Nathanial Clark, Aug.21,1792. [Chase, d.Thomas and Anna Smith, and Nathaniel Clark, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning).PR38]

Stephen [int.Chace] and Margret [int.Margaret] Barnard, June25,1793. [Chase, s.Charles and Jane (Coleman), and Margaret [dup. Peggy] Barnard, d.Robert and Margaret (Whitney), 25:6m:1795.PR38]

Lydia and George Gorham Hussey, 29:1m:1794.CR4

Mary [int.Chace] and Edward Wyer, Mar.6,1794.

Ariel and Jenny Tripp, int.Feb.7,1795. [Ariel, s.James and Mary, and Jane Tripp, d.Job, m.末蔓末,1795.PR38]

Naomi and Seth Hussey, 1:1m:1795.‡CR4

Sally and Joseph McCleave, Dec.8,1795. [Sally, d.James and Mercy (Godfrey), and Joseph McCleave, s.Robert and Hannah.PR38]

Job of N., s.Benjamin and Martha of E. Hooswick Adams town, and Ruth Macy, d.Caleb and Judith of N., 9:11m:1796.CR4; [Job, s.Benjamin and Martha of Dartmouth, and Ruth Macy, d.Caleb and Judith (Folger) (Gardner), 末:9m:.PR38]

Nathan and Sally Nobles, July5,1798. [Nathan, s.James and Mercy (Godfrey), and Sally Nobles, d.John and Eunice.PR38]

Judith and Richard Gardner Swain, 4:4m:1799.CR4

Phebe and Thaddeus Hussey, May20,1800. [Phebe (second w.), d.James and Mary, and Thaddeus Hussey, s.Obed Jr. and Priscilla (Russell).PR38]

Eunice and Zebulon Coffin, July29,1802. [Eunice, d.Isaac and Eunice (Brown), and Zebulon Coffin, s.John and Susanna (Clark).PR38]

Borden and Sarah Folger, 8:12m:1802.CR4‡‡

Francis and Anna Gardner, June14,1803. [Francis, s.Francis and Naomi (Gardner), and Anna Gardner (first w.), d.Micajah and Anna (Glazier).PR38]

James 2d and Mary Long, Sept.1,1803. [James, s.James and Mercy (Godfrey), and Mary Long, d.Abraham and Mary (Marshall) (second w.).PR38]

Anna and Nathaniel Rand May29,1804. [Anna (first w.), d.Reuben and Judith (Gardner), and Nathaniel Rand s.Ebenezer and Hannah Waters.PR38]

Pegga [int.Peggey] and Alfred Coffin, May5,1805. [Peggy [dup Margaret], d.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Alfred Coffin, s.Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Sophia [int.Sopha] and John Crosby, Feb.25,1806. [Sophia Chace, d.James and Mercy, and John Crosby, s.Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall).PR38]

Susanna [int.Suky] and John Bunker 2d, July3,1806. [Susan, d.James and Mary [dup. Mercy (Godfrey)], and John Bunker, s.George of Fairhaven and Phebe (Barnard).PR38]

Phebe and George Mitchell, 7:5m:1807.CR4

George Brown and Elizabeth Ramsdill, Oct.22,1807. [George Brown Chase, s.Isaac and Eunice (Brown), and Elizabeth Ramsdell, d.James and Jedidah (Folger) (first w.).PR38]

Phebe and Nathan Swain, Mar.10,1808. [Phebe, d.Jonathan and Mary, and Nathan Swain, s.Elisha and Margaret (Gardner).PR38]

Obed and Elizabeth Coffin, July1,1808. [Obed, s.Francis and Naomi (Gardner), and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Judah and Ruth Coffin, Aug.25,1808. [Judah, s.Desire, and Ruth Coffin, wid.Elial, d.John Beard and Ruth (Russell).PR38]

Eunice and Alexander Swain, Oct.20,1808. [Eunice, d.Francis and Naomi (Gardner), and Alexander Swain, s.Uriah and Elizabeth (Pinkham).PR38]

Parnal [int.Parnel] and Tristram Swain 2d, Oct.25,1808. [Parnal, d.George and Rebecca (Coffin), and Tristram Swain, s.David and Phebe (Coleman) (first w.).PR38]

Peter 2d and Lurana [int.Lurany] Wyer, June29,1809. [Peter G., s.Reuben and Judith (Gardner), and Lurania Wyer, d.Hugh and Susan, 25:6m:PR38]

Borden, s.Holder and Freeborn [dup. adds Dennis] of Portsmouth, RI, and Ruth Bunker, d.Zachariah, dec'd, and Judith, 8:3m:1810.CR4 [Ruth, d.Zacheriah and Judith (Folger).PR38]

Shubael and Hepzabah [int.Hepzabeth] Swain, June13,1811. [Shubael, s.George and Rebecca (Coffin), and Hepsabeth Swain, d.Timothy Jr. and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

Susan and Obed Alley [int.Ally], Aug.22,1811. [Susan, d.Reuben and Judith (Gardner), and Obed Alley, s.Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick).PR38]

Benjamin and Deborah Gerald [int.Gerrald], Apr.16,1812. [Benjamin, s.James and Mercy (Godfrey), and Deborah FitzGerald, d.James and Elizabeth (Luce) (first w.).PR38]

George C. and Winnefred [int.Winnafred] Swain, Dec.9,1813. [Winnefred.CR2 George C., s.Peter and Elizabeth, and Winnifred Swain (first w.), d.Uriah and Elizabeth (Pinkham).PR38]

John and Deborah Pitts, June13,1815. [John of Swansea and Deborah Pitts, d.Obed and Ruth (Long).PR38]

Franklin and Nancy Ellis, Jan.31,1816. [Franklin, s.Isaac and Eunice (Brown), and Nancy Ellis, d.Simeon and Deborah (Long), 31:1m:1815.PR38]

Sally and Gardner Coleman, Oct.31,1816. [Sally, wid.James, d.John Noble, and Gardner Coleman, s.Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner).PR38]

Lydia and Leonard Fisher, Mar.27,1817. [Lydia, d.Abraham and Jerusha, and Leonard Fisher, s.Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck).PR38]

Eliza and Ariel Cathcart, int.June7,1817. [Eliza, d.Judah and Phebe (Meader), and Ariel Cathcart, s.Gershom, m.末末.PR38]

Isaac and Sally Ellis, June17,1817. [Isaac, s.Isaac and Eunice (Brown), and Sally [dup. Sarah] Ellis, d.Simeon and Deborah (Long).PR38]

William and Lydia Gardner, June25,1817 [William, s.Judah and Phebe (Meader), and Lydia Gardner, d.George and Judith (Gardner) (Smith).PR38]

Moses and Eliza [int.Elizabeth] Joy, July24,1817. [Moses, s.Charles and Eunice (Coffin), and Eliza W. Joy, d.Reuben and Mary (Swain).PR38]

Nancy and Charles C. [int.Coffin] Myrick, Dec.4,1817. [Charles Coffin Myrick.CR2; Nancy, d.Charles and Eunice (Coffin), and Charles C. Myrick, s.George.PR38]

Benjamin W. and Ann Swain, Dec.11,1817. [Benjamin, s.Peter and Elizabeth, and Ann Swain (first w.), d.John and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth and Alexander Swain 2d, Feb.12,1818. [Alexander.CR2; Elizabeth, d.George and Rebecca (Coffin), and Alexander Swain Jr., s.Alexander and Rachel (Starbuck).PR38]

Mary and George Harris, May28,1818. [Mary C., d.Joseph Jr. and Polly (Coffin), and George Harris, s.David and Miriam (Perry).PR38]

Ann and William Austin, Aug.20,1818. [Ann, d.Joseph and Polly (Coffin), and William Austin, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Lydia and Richard Hussey, Nov.24,1818. [Lydia, d.Job and Ruth (Macy), and Richard Hussey, s.Robert and Miriam (Coffin).PR38]

Daniel C. and Anna Bunker, Dec.27,1818. [Daniel, s.Peter, and Anna Bunker, d.Latham and Susanna (Barnard).PR38]

Owen and Pegga Gardner, Apr.28,1819. [Peggy.CR2; Owen, s.Judah and Phebe (Meader), and Margaret [dup. Peggy] Gardner (first w.), d.George and Judith (Gardner) (Smith).PR38]

Abigail [int.Nabby] and John Sherman 2d [int.Shearman, omits 2d], Aug.29,1819. [Abigail, d.Charles and Jane (Coleman), and John Sherman of New Bedford.PR38]

Benjamin C. and Eunice Paddack, July3,1820. [Benjamin Coffin Chase, s.George and Rebecca (Coffin), and Eunice Paddack, d.Peter and Judith.PR38]

Joseph 3d [int.2d] and Elizabeth Gifford, Jan.7,1821.

Reuben Jr. and Eliza Bissel of N., Apr.10,1821. [Reuben, s.Reuben and Judith (Gardner), and Eliza Bizzle [dup. Elizabeth Bissel, second dup. Elizabeth Bizzel], d.William and Abigail (Swain), 19:4m:.PR38]

David F. and Nancy Barnard, Dec.11,1821. [Dec.13.CR2; David, s.Peter, and Nancy Barnard, d.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

Susan and Edward [dup. William, int.Edward D.] Gorham, Jan.29,1823. [Susan d.Judah and Phebe (Meader) and Edward Gorham, s.Jonathan and Mary (Davis).PR38]

Peter F. and Eliza Bunker, Mar.20,1823. [Peter F., s.George and Rebecca (Coffin), and Eliza Bunker, d.Moses and Mary (Wyer).PR38]

Susan G. and William Rawson [dup. Rowsan], July5,1824. [Susan G., d.Francis and Anna (Gardner) (first w.), and William Rawson, s.Stephen and Abigail (Heath).PR38]

Joseph M. and Wennifred Bocott [dup. Winifred Bocatt, int.Winafred Bocatt], Sept.2,1824. [Winnifred Bocott.CR2; Joseph M., s.Judah and Phebe (Meader), and Winifred Bocot, d.James Jr. and Elizabeth (Brown).PR38]

Judith and Elnathan Gibbs, Oct.28,1824. [Judith, d.Job and Ruth (Macy), and Elnathan Gibbs of Wareham.PR38]

Frederick B. and Phebe B. Allen, Nov.14,1824. [Nov.16.CR2; Frederick B. of Freetown and Phebe Allen, d.David and Susan (Meader).PR38]

George B. [int.Brown] and Rebeca [dup. and int.Rebecca] Beebe, Jan.23,1825. [Rebecca.CR2; George Brown Chase, s.Isaac and Eunice (Brown), and Rebecca Beebe, divorced w.John M., d.Nathaniel Chadwick and Margaret (Baxter).PR38]

Shubael and Mary F. Macy, int.Feb.26,1825. [Shubael, s.George and Rebecca, and Mary F. Macy, d.Peter and Sarah (Folger), m.Feb.27.PR38]

Henry and Miss Mary Parker, May18,1825.

Owen and Nancy Joy, June15,1825. [Owen, s.Judah and Phebe (Meader), and Nancy Joy, wid.Matthew, d.Benjamin Slade.PR38]

Robert B. and Hepsabeth [int.Hephsabeth] Macy, June19,1825. [HepsabethCR2; Robert Barnard Chase, s.Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), and Hepsibeth Macy, d.Job and Deborah (Gardner), June14.PR38]

Obed and Miss Susan H. Barnard [dup. Susan F. Bernard], June23,1825. [Obed, s.Reuben and Judith (Gardner), and Susan H. Barnard, d.Paul and Mary (Bocot), 22:6m:.PR38]

George G. and Rebecca Brown, Mar.19,1826. [George G., s.Judah and Phebe (Meader), and Rebecca Brown, d.James and Priscilla (Swain).PR38]

Louisa [dup Lauria] and Charles C. Russell, Mar.26,1826. [Louisa, d.Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), and Charles C. Russell Jr., s.Charles and Hepsabeth (Coffin) (first w.), "Moved to Ohio."PR38]

Eliza Ana [int.Ann] and Edward G. Barney, Oct.4,1826. [Eliza AnnCR2; Eliza Ann, d.Peter, and Edward G. Barney, s.Jonathan J. and Mary (Folger).PR38]

Frederick [int.Frederic] A. and Mary Ann Myrick, Jan.31,1828. [Frederick A.CR2; Frederick A., s.Peter, and Mary Ann Myrick, d.Matthew and Abigail.PR38]

Susan and Henry Paddack, 10:9m:1828.CR4

Charles W. and Eliza Brown, Sept.11,1828. [Charles W., s.Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza] Brown, d.William and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

William F. and Asenath W. Abrahams, Dec.4,1828. [William F., s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Aseneth Abrahms, wid.William Jr., d.Bartlett Holmes, 12:4m:.PR38]

Anna G. and Thomas Derrick [int.Darrick], Mar.19,1829. [Anna Glazier Chase, d.Francis and Anna (Gardner), and Thomas Derrick of the West IndiesPR38; Derrick.PR57]

Benjamin C. and Miss Phebe Coffin, May14,1829. [Benjamin C., s.George and Rebecca (Coffin), and Phebe Coffin, d.Zimri and Abigail (Paddack).PR38]

Eliza Ann and Robert McCleve [int.McCleave], June21,1829. [McCleave.CR2; Eliza Ann, d.Job and Ruth (Macy), and Robert McCleave, s.Joseph and Sally (Chase), Jan.21.PR38]

John G. and Miss Lydia Clark, July16,1829. [John G., s.Francis and Anna (Gardner), and Lydia Clark, d.Obed and Anna (Coffin).PR38]

Deborah G. and Jacob Hagadorn, Aug.27,1829. [Deborah, wid.Benjamin, d.James FitzGerald and Elizabeth (Luce) (first w.), and Jacob Hagadarn [dup. Hagadon]PR38]

Charlotte C. and Timothy W. [int.N.] Riddell, Apr.8,1830. [Timothy W.CR2; Charlotte, d.Joseph Jr. and Polly (Coffin), and Timothy W. Riddell, s.Henry and Hepsabeth (Wyer) (Coleman) (second w.).PR38]

Charlotte Jane and Peter Smith, May30,1830. [Charlotte J., d.Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), and Peter G. Smith, s.Solomon and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Eliza and Charles C. Myrick, Dec.5,1830. [Eliza, d.Charles and Eunice (Coffin), and Charles C. Myrick, s.George.PR38]

Alexander [int.adds M.] and Emebine Kilburn [int.Emmeline E. Kilborn], June26,1831. [Alexander, s.Judah and Phebe (Meader), and Emeline Kilburn, d.Ralph and Hepsabeth (Chadwick).PR38]

Eliza B. and Charles C. Fowler [int.Towler], both of New York City, "now residing at Nantucket," Aug.1,1831. [Eliza B., d.Borden and Sally (Folger) and Charles B. Fowler of NY.PR38]

Maria and Henry B. Fisher, Jan.19,1832. [Maria, d.Judah and Ruth, and Henry B. Fisher, s.Henry and Jenny [dup. Jane] (Dunham).PR38]

Eliza B. and Obed Holmes, Aug.16,1832. [Eliza B., "a stranger," and Obed Holmes, s.Robert and Deborah (Perry).PR38]

Charles F. and Deborah A. Russell, Sept.2,1832. [Charles F., s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Deborah A. Russell, wid.Alexander, d.Barzillai Worth and Mary (Pinkham).PR38]

Obed and Sarah B. Coffin, Oct.28,1832. [Obed, s.Reuben and Judith (Gardner), and Sarah B. Coffin, d.David and Phebe (Barnard).PR38]

Elizabeth W. and Alexander A. [int.E.] Gardner, Jan.20,1833. [Eliza W., wid.Moses, d.Reuben Joy and Mary (Swain), and Alexander E. Gardner, s.Ansel and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Newman).PR38]

Benjamin of Newbedford and Susan Pitts, July16,1833. [Benjamin of Fall River and Susan Pitts, d.Obed and Rhoda (Long).PR38]

Elizabeth, d.John Barnard Orpin dec'd, cooper, and John B. Chapell [int.Chappell], house carpenter, "now Residing at Nantucket," July29,1833.

Nancy M. and Ebenezer M. Hinkley [int.Hinckley], Aug.19,1833. [Eben M. Hinckley.CR2; Nancy M., d.James F., and Eben May Hinckley, s.Elisha May and Lucinda (Swain).PR38]

Eliza and Francis Sylva [int.Francis F. Sylvia], Sept.8,1833.

George H. and Judith M. Riddle [int.Riddell], Nov.10,1833. [George H., s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Judith Riddell, wid.Samuel, formerly wid.Willard Robinson, d.Zaccheus Macy and Judith (Starbuck).PR38]

Joseph T., s.Ariel and Jane (Tripp), and Hannah Hawes,末蔓末,1834.*PR38

Eliza Ann, d.George Brown and Elizabeth (Ramsdell), and George Sanderson, 10:4m:1834, in Auburn.*PR38

Phebe Ann and Alexander Barnard, Apr.29,1834. [Phebe Ann, d.Job and Ruth (Macy), and Alexander Barnard, s.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

Joseph C. and Peggy Brock, May11,1834. [Joseph, s.Stephen and Peggy (Barnard)], and Margaret [dup. Peggy] P. Brock, [d.Peter and Waite Pease (second w.).PR38]

Charlotte M. and Prince Fisher, Sept.23,1834. [Charlotte, d.James and Mary (Long).PR38]

Roland B. and Lydia Davis, June3,1835. [Rowland B., s.Peter and Lurania (Wyer), and Lydia Davis, d.Charles and Hannah (Gardner).PR38]

Owen and Eunice Chadwick, Apr.25,1836. [Owen, s.Judah and Phebe (Meader), and Eunice Chadwick (third w.), d.William.PR38]

Sophronia B. and Nathaniel W. Jenkins, Jan.1,1837. [Sophronia, d.Arnold, and Nathaniel W. Jenkins, s.Daniel and Susan of Falmouth.PR38]

Elizabeth I. and Reuben B. Gardiner [int.Gardner], Jan.17,1837. [Elizabeth F., d.James F. and Eliza, and Reuben B. Gardner, s.Benjamin and Judith (Coffin).PR38; Elizabeth I. and Reuben B. Gardner.PR56]

William S. and Betsey P. Smith, Apr.13,1837. [William S., s.Stephen and Peggy [dup Margaret] (Barnard), and Betsey P. Smith, d.Moses and Susan (Pollard).PR38]

Elizabeth W. and Edmund Macy, Oct.19,1837. [Elizabeth W., d.Peter G. and Lurania (Wyer), and Edmund Macy, s.Job and Deborah (Gardner).PR38]

Phebe A. [int.Ann] and Gardner Coffin [int.both of N.], Nov.28,1837. [Phebe Ann, d.Owen and Margaret (Gardner), and Gardner Coffin Jr., s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin).PR38]

Edward and Susan U. Parker, Dec.21,1837.* [Edward, s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Susan Parker, d.Joseph.PR38]

William H. and Eliza Ann Tuck [int.both of N.], Jan.28,1838. [William H., s.Peter and Elizabeth, and Eliza Ann Tuck, d.Samuel J. and Judith (Gardner), 2:1m:.PR38]

Judith F. and Samuel G. Davis, Nov.4,1838. [Judith F., d.Franklin [dup. James F.] and Eliza, and Samuel G. Davis, s.Charles and Hannah (Gardner).PR38]

Reuben and Rebecca R. Cleveland Dec.25,1838. [Reuben, s.Jonathan and Mary, and Rebecca Cleaveland wid.Davis, d.Seth Russell and Abigail (Meader).PR38]

Nathaniel G. and Martha R. Hathaway, int.Sept.8,1839. [Nathaniel G. [dup C.], s.Francis and Anna (Gardner), and Martha R. Hathaway, d.Charles and Lucretia (Remson), m.末蔓末,1839.PR38]

George R., s.George B. and Elizabeth (Ramsdell), and Pauline [dup. Paulina] McKinney [dup. of Mo.], 19:2m:1839, in Auburn.*PR38

Peter G. and Susan C. Swain, int.July7,1839. [Peter G., s.Peter and Lurania (Wyer), and Susan C. Swain, d.Abraham and Anna (Coleman), m.末末.PR38]

Mary S. of N. and John B. Jewit of ME, Nov.27,1839. [Mary, d.Shubael and Hepsibeth (Swain), and John B. Jewett.PR38]

Lydia G. of N. and William H. Tice of NY, int.Mar.15,1840. [Lydia G., d.Owen and Margaret (Gardner), and William H. Tice of Albany, m.末蔓末,1840.PR38]

Joseph [int.2d] and Nancy Weston, June28,1840. [Joseph, "a Portuguese," and Nancy Weston, formerly w.William H. Jr., d.James Harper and Mary (Hunter).PR38]

Owen and Susan Gwinn [int.both of N.], Sept.13,1840. [Owen, s.Judah and Phebe (Meader), and Susan Quinn [dup. Gwinn], wid.James Jr., d.Jesse Coffin and Phebe (Rawson).PR38]

Lucreatia [int.of N.] and Thomas D. King of Falmouth, VA, Nov.13,1840. [Lucretia, d.Shubael and Hepsibeth (Swain).PR38]

Charles G., s.Peter and Lurania (Wyer), and Charlotte Fulton of Ohio [dup. Felton of NY],末蔓末,1841.*PR38

Daniel B., 20, s.Arnold and Pamelia (Butler), and Mercy Burse, 20, b. Falmouth, d.Stephen and Mercy (Green), Aug.8,1841. [Corrected entry, by deposition] [Int. Daniel B. and Mercy Burse of Falmouth.]

Charlotte and Barzillai Coffin, Nov.20,1842. [Charlotte, d.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), and Barzillai Coffin, s.Benjamin and Judith (Macy).PR38]

James F. 2d and Phebe A. Macy, Nov.24,1842. [James F.CR1 James F., s.Franklin and Nancy (Ellis), and Phebe A. Macy, d.Simeon and Phebe (Allen), Nov.25,1848, in CA.PR38]

Judith P. and Peter C. Pinkham, June1,1843.‡

Benjamin D. and Eunice H. Barnard, Oct.8,1843. [Benjamin D., s.Benjamin [dup. George and Deborah], and Eunice H. Barnard, d.George and Merib (Smith).PR38]

William I. and Mary E. Pitts, Nov.19,1843. [William J., s.George C. and Abby, and Mary Pitts, d.Jonathan and Lucy (Tobey).PR38]

Frederick C., single, 23, manufacturer [int.tin man], s.Franklin and Eliza, and Delia M. Coleman, 18, d.Zenas and Mary, all of N., June4,1844. [Frederick C., s.Franklin and Nancy (Ellis), and Delia Maria Coleman, d.Zenas and Luna Sears.PR38]

Nathaniel of W. Harwich and Mary Coon of N., int.Oct.20,1844.

Obed G., s.Obed and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Ann [dup. Amy] W. Sherman, d.Nicholas of Chataqua, NY, 1:1m:1845.*PR38

Francis, widr.[int.omits widr.], 64, yeoman, s.Francis and Naomi [int.Marian], and Abigail G. Gerrish, wid., 58. [int.Boston], b. Boston, Jan.2,1845. [Francis and Abigail G. Gerrish of Boston.CR1]

Fanny B. and Alfred T. Rexford, Apr.15,1845.‡

Anna B. and Frederick W. Mitchell, Apr.30,1845.‡‡

Sarah C. and Oliver C. Swain, June1,1845.‡

Susan A. and James S. Kelley, Nov.26,1845.‡

Susan [int.Sarah] A. and Isaac Spooner, Nov.27,1845.‡

Hepzabeth Ann and George W. Wing, int.Jan.31,1847.‡

Elizabeth B. and Asa B. Hutchinson, Apr.26,1847.‡

Hepzabeth Ann and Roland Folger Jr., May16,1847.‡

William H., single, 23, mariner, s.Owen and Margaret, and Mary J. Morris, 19 [int.22], d.William and Lucinda, all of N., May23,1847. [William Henry Chase, s.Owen and Margaret (Gardner), and Mary Jane Morris, d.William W. and Lucinda.PR38]

Peter H., single, 30, mariner, s.George and Abby, and Susan S. Gorham, 23, d.John and Susan, all of N., Nov.14,1847. [Susan, d.John of Barnstable and Susan (Gorham).PR38]

Benjamin W., widr., 54, cooper, s.Peter and Elizabeth, and Sarah Barney, wid., 52, [int.wid.Thomas], d.Joseph Folger and Judith, Apr.18,1848. [Sarah, wid.Thomas, d.Joseph Folger and Judith (Inott).PR38]

Alexander S., single, 30, cooper, s.Benjamin and Ann, and Elizabeth C. Hussey, 20 [int.22], d.Frederick and Lydia, Nov.19,1848.

Phebe H. and Edgar H. Lovell, Jan.1,1849.‡

Joseph B. single, 26, marriner, s.George and Rebecca, and Sarah B. Ray, 20, d.Edward and Lydia, all of N., Aug.7,1849. [Joseph B., s.George H. and Rebecca (Coffin), and Sarah B. Ray, d.Edward S. and Lydia B. (Coleman).PR38]

CHATHCART (Cathcart)


John and Sally Calef,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

CHEVALIER (Shevaleer)

CHILDS (Chiles)

Isabella and John Coffin, s.William and Ann (Holmes),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Susan of Falmouth and George H. Barney, s.Jacob and Anna (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William (Chiles) and Eliza Gardner, int.Jan.23,1813.*

Eliza and William A. Morrice, int.June26,1824.

Braddock of Falmouth and Mary Coffin of N., int.July28,1839. [Mary, d.Elihu and Sarah (Austin), m.末末.PR38]

William C. and Miss Mary Ann L'Hommedieu, June18,1841. [William C., s.William and Mary Ann L'Hommedieu, d.Benjamin and Amelia (Perry) (second w.).PR38]

Elizabeth C. and David Crocker, Aug.21,1844.‡

Harriet N. and John B. Coleman, Nov.24,1845.‡

Rebecca of Fall River and Oliver Snow, s.Gideon and Lucinda (Fisher),末蔓末,1848.*PR38

Esther Ann of Falmouth and Roland [dup. Rowland] G. Coleman, s.Alexander and Mary (Gardner), 2:12m:1849.*PR38


Abigail, sister of Hannah, and James Coffin, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield),末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Hannah of Barnstable and James Gardner of N., June末 [int.June6], 1778, in Barnstable. [James, s.James and Susanna (Gardner).PR38]

CHOLMONDLEY (Chalmondley)


David, see William.

Samuel and Lucinda S. Davis,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.July26,1828]. [Samuel, s.Peter, and Lucinda Davis, d.John and Susanna (Russell).PR38]

Peter and Cathrine Ellis, Jan.20,1795. [Catharine, d.Francis and Sarah (Mooers).PR38]

William and Eliza Perkins, int.Mar.26,1825. [David [sic], s.Peter and Katy, and Eliza Perkins, d.Gilbert and Miriam (Manter), m.末末.PR38]

David and Eliza Ann Bennett, Apr.27,1828. [David, s.Peter and Eliza Ann Bennett, d.William and Phebe (Swain).PR38]

George and Adeline W. James, June16,1835. [Adeline W., d.Thomas and Elizabeth (Winslow).PR38]

Lucinda and Freeman Atkins, June11,1844.‡

Sarah P. [int.B.] and Charles Sylvia, Dec.17,1844.‡

George, widr.[int.single], 32, mariner, s.Peter and Catharine, and Mary Ann holmes, 19, d.Robert and Deborah, all of N., Jan.4,1846 in N. [Mary Ann, d.Robert and Deborah (Perry).PR38]

William, widr., 50, laborer, s.Peter and Catharine, and Lucretia Boyer, wid.48, d.William Bennett and Phebe, all of N., July30,1848 in N. [Lucretia, wid.Peter, formerly wid.Henry Folger and Jonathan Huntoon, d.William Bennett and Phebe (Swain).PR38]


Julia Ann of New York City and Barzilla Hussey, s.Benjamin and Anna (Coffin), 20:12m:1843, at Fort Brock.*PR38

CHUBBUCK (Chabuck, Churbuck)

Silas (Chabuck) [int.Chubbuck] and Mehitable Apply [int.Mahittable Applay],末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Sept.4,1819]. [Chubbuck and Mehitable Applay, Sept.13,1819.CR2; Chubbuck and Mehitable Appley, wid.John of Ponegansett.PR38]

Susanna and William Thorn, Apr.8,1770.

Emeline (Churbuck) and George H. Cash, Apr.30,1848.‡


末末 of Fairhaven and Lucretia Barnard, d.Shubael and Lucretia (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah [dup. Churche] and Nathan Folger, Dec.29,1699.* [Church, d.John and Abigail, and Nathan Folger, s.Eleazer and Sarah (Gardner).PR38]

Mary and Thomas Clark, Dec.13,1700.* [Mary, d.John and Abigail of Cocheco, and Thomas Clark, s.John, 13:12m:1700.PR38]

Phebe and William Cobb, Dec.3,1812.

Parnell B. Thomas Marchant, int.Oct.28,1832.


William [dup. and int.Churchill] and Mary M. Haden [dup. Hayden], Apr.29,1824. [Churchill and Mary M. HadenCR2;PR3; Churchill of NY and Mary Hayden, d.Zophar and Elizabeth (Myrick).PR38]

CILDER (Calder)


Sarah of M[artha's] Vinyard and Thomas Chase, s.Nathan and Parnal (Long),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Grace and William Beebe, int.Sept.25,1802.

CLAOSS (Claus)


Joseph and Anna Coleman, d.John and Anna (Davis),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Henry (Clap) and Rebecca Coffin, Jan.21,1813. [ClappCR2; Clapp and Rebecca Coffin, d.William and Deborah (Pinkham).PR38]

Timothy G. and Eliza H. [int.W.] Plasket, Apr.24,1824. [Timothy W. and Eliza Plaskett, d.Joseph and Persis (d.Susan Colesworth).PR38]

Rebecca and Augustus Morse, int.Sept.8,1839. [m.Sept.22.CR2]

Emily and George G. Coffin, Oct.16,1842. [Emily, d.Henry and Rebecca, and George G. Coffin, s.Hezekiah and Nancy (Bunker).PR38]

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

Albert, s.Elisha and Eliza (Worth), and Eliza Ann Worth, d.John and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Anna, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), and Tilley Kingsbury,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Anna, d.Edmund and Rachel (Coffin), and Peter Pray,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Betsey, see Elizabeth.

Betsey, d.Joseph and Anna (Coffin), and Jonathan Parkhurst,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles, s.Obed and Sally (Bunker), and Betsey Case, d.Israel,末蔓末, 末末, in New York.*PR38

Charles A. (Clerk) [int.Clark] and Lydia B. Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Aug.19,1820]. [Clark, Sept.6,1820.CR2; Clark, s.Thaddeus and Elizabeth (Cottle), and Lydia B. Coffin, d.Laban and Abigail ("Tobey or Talman").PR38]

Ephraim, s.Church and Hannah (Long), and Rebecca Brewer,末蔓末, 末末, in Kennebec.*PR38

Eunice and Joseph Gifford,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Jan.5,1799]. [Eunice, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), and Joseph Gifford of Falmouth,末蔓末,1798 [sic].PR38]

Eunice, sister of Anna, and Simon Clark of CT,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eunice, d.Obed and Anna (Coffin), and Alexander Hamilton Howard of Hallowell, ME,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eveline, d.Elisha and Eliza (Worth), and Warren Stewart, s.Joseph,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Francis and Adeline Coffin, d.Ralph and Abigail (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George, s.Lot and Lydia (Folger), and Lucretia Crosby, d.Samuel and Catharine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George, s.Church and Hannah (Long), and Ruth Russell, d.William of New Bedford,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George G. and Ann Chadwick,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Sept.8,1827]. [George G., s.Albert and Margaret (Gardner), and Ann Chadwick, d.Reuben and Betsey (Slade) of E. Vassalboro, ME.PR38]

Harriet, d.Alexander and Mary (Hussey), and John K. Lawrence of Falmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Harriet B., d.William J. and Martin Coffin, s.Thomas and Sarah,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].PR38

Henry of RI and Elizabeth Bailey, d.Thomas and Mary (Fitch).末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hepzibah [int.Love] and Caleb Allen,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Mar.16,1799]. [Love, d.Thomas and Hepsabeth (Aldrich), and Caleb Allen, s.Daniel and Phebe (Folger) (Hillman).PR38]

Jedidah, d.Lot and Lydia (Folger), and William Swift of New Bedford,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jerusha, d.Jonathan and Miriam (Worth), and George 末末,末蔓末, 末末, in Kennebec.*PR38

John M., s.Daniel and Eleanor (Swain), and Hepsibeth Paddack, d.Daniel,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Love, see Hepzibah.

Love and David Giles,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Feb.13,1802]. [Love, wid.Isaiah, d.Uriah Bunker and Susan (Giles), and David Giles, s.Beriah and Mary (Wyer).PR38]

Lusinda, see Lucinda.

Lydia, d.William and Hepsibeth (Ray), and William Adams of M[artha's] Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), and Nathan Parkhurst,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Marietta, d.Elisha and Eliza (Worth), and Charles Bragg,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, see Mercy.

Mary (Clarke) and Joseph Toone,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.28,1810, int.Oct.21,1809]. [Clark, d.Henry and Betsey, and Joseph Toon,末蔓末,1810.PR38]

Mary, d.William and Hepsibeth (Ray), and Samuel Mayhew of Martha's Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Merab, see Meribah.

Nancy, d.Reuben and Susanna (Gardner), and Reuben Morton, Jr.末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Phebe and John Hilman,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.30,1802, int.June6,1801]. [Phebe, d.Prince and Rachel (Gardner), and John Hillman, s.John and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

Randall, s.Edmund and Rachel (Coffin), and Phebe Bassett of Maine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Reuben and Nancy R. [dup. B.] Howard,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1822 and Apr.4,1823, int.Jan.18,1823]. [Nancy, wid.Frederick A., d.Elisha Raymond and Sarah (sister of Cassandra Smith).PR38]

Sarah, d.Albert and Margaret (Gardner), and 末末 Paige of Maine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Seth, s.Asa of Freetown, and Anna Chase,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Shubael, s.George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), and Eliza Shives, wid.Henry, d.Henry Fisher of Falmouth,末蔓末, 末末 [?before 1850].*PR38

Simon of CT and Eunice Clark, sister of Anna,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sophronia, d.William and Hepsibeth (Ray), and William Mayhew of M[artha's] Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Susan, see Susanna.

Thomas M. and Eliza G. Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.July19,1828]. [Eliza G., d.Owen and Jedidah (Hall).PR38]

Thomas and Mary Church, Dec.13,1700.* [Thomas, s.John and Mary Church, d.John and Abigail of Cocheco, 13:12m:1700.PR38]

Jerusha and Shuball Folger, 10:12m:"called February," 1720-1.CR4

Thomas and Elizabeth Bunker, wid.Jonathan, 30:11m:"called January," 1723-4.CR4; [Thomas, s.John and Elizabeth Bunker, wid.Jonathan, d.Hon. James Coffin and Mary (Severance), 30:11m:1734.PR38]

David and Ruth Marshall, Nov.22,1726. [David, s.Thomas and Mary (church), and Ruth Marshall, d.Joseph and Mary or Mercy (Short), 22:11m:1726.PR38]

Nathaniel and Peninnah Smith, Sept.25,1727.* [Nathaniel, s.John and Hannah (Challing), and Penina Smith.PR38]

Jonathan and Miriam Worth, Dec.5,1728.* [Jonathan, s.Thomas and Mary (Church), and Miriam Worth, d.Jonathan and Mary (Hussey), 5:12m:.PR38]

Sarah and John Johnson, Mar.15,1731-2.* [Sarah, d.John and Hannah (Challing),末蔓末,1731.PR38]

Amos and Mary Cranston, Nov.11,1734.* [Amos, s.Thomas and Mary (Church), 11:11m:.PR38]

Josiah and Ruth Lovewell, Nov.28,1734.* [Josiah, s.Thomas and Mary (Church), and Ruth Lovell, d.James and Abigail, 22:11m:.PR38]

Peter, s.Thomas and Mary dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Ruth Barnard, d.Benjamin dec'd and Judith of Sherborn in N., 30:11m:"called January," 1734-5.CR4; [Peter, s.Thomas and Mary (Church), and Ruth Barnard, d.Benjamin and Judith (Gardner).PR38]

Nathaniel and Sarah Coleman, July9,1735.* [Nathaniel, s.John and Hannah (Challing), and Sarah Coleman, wid.Ebenezer.PR38]

Abigail and Cornelius Moslander, Apr.20,1738.* [Abigail, d.John and Mary (Calling), and Cornelius Morselander.PR38]

Mercy and Francis Backhouse, Apr.20,1741.* [Mary [dup. Mercy], d.John and Mary (Challing), and Francis Backus, 20:4m:.PR38]

William and Zilpah Rich, Jan.1,1746-7.* [William, s.David and Ruth (Marshall), and Zilpha Rich of Cape Code, 4:1m:1746.PR38]

Ichabod and Deborah Bunker, Mar.6,1746. [Ichabod, s.John and Mary (Challing), and Deborah Bunker, d.Daniel and Priscilla (Swain).PR38]

Eleazer [int.Eleaz] and Johanna Coleman, Mar.9,1750. [Eleazar and Joanna Coleman, d.Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt).PR38]

Benjamin [末末殆orn, Benjamin Clark] and Abigail Moores, int.Apr.28,1750. [Benjamin Clark, s.Benjamin, and Abigail Mooers [dup. Moores], d.Jonathan, m.末末.PR38]

Hannah [and] Jethro Hach, int.Apr.13,1751. [Hannah, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers) [sic, see mar. of parents], and Jethro Hatch, m.末末.PR38]

Lydia and Moses Haskell, June30,1751.* [Lydia, d.John and Mary (Challing), and Moses Haskel.PR38]

Thankfull and Caleb Gardner, Jan.31,1754. [Thankful, d.John and Mary (Challing), and Caleb Gardner, s.Joseph and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Church and Hannah Long, Dec.12,1754. [Church, s.Jonathan and Miriam (Worth), and Hannah Long, d.John and Jance Luce.PR38]

Ruth and Nathaniel Grenill, int.Sept.11,1756.

James and Rachel Trot [int.Trott], Feb.3,1757. [Trot.NCR; James, s.John and Mary (Challing), and Rachel Trott, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Norton).PR38]

Reuben and Mary Whippe, Feb.24,1757. [Reuben, s.Josiah and Ruth (Lovell), and Mary Whippey, d.James and Patience.PR38]

Ruth and Joseph Jenkins, 28:3m:"called March," 1758.CR4

Benjamin and Elisabeth Manning, int.Nov.25,1758. [Benjamin, s.Benjamin, and Elizabeth Manning, wid.David, d.Ebenezer Ellis ("irom Dartmouth") and Charity (Swain), m.末末.PR38]

Abigail and Joseph Gardner, 1:3m:1759.CR4

Joseph and Anna Coffin, Oct.4,1759. [Joseph, s.David and Ruth (Marshall), and Anna Coffin, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Thomas, s.David and Ruth of Sherborn in N., and Hepzibah Gardner, d.Barnabas and Mary of Sherborn in N., 26:2m:"called February," 1761, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Thomas, s.David and Ruth (Marshall), and Hepsibeth Gardner, d.Barnabas and Mary Wheeler, 21:2m:.PR38]

Benjamin and Lydia Harris, Mar.12,1761. [Benjamin, s.David and Ruth (Marshall), and Lydia Harris, d.John and Abigail (Giles).PR38]

Susanna and Thomas Nye, Nov.30,1764. [Susanna, d.Amos and Mary Cranston.PR38]

Anna [int.Clarke] and Simon Clark, Mar.26,1765. [Clark.NCR; Clark, d.David and Ruth (Marshall), and Simeon [dup. Simon] Clark of CT.PR38]

Simon and Anna Clark [int.Clarke], Mar.26,1765. [Clark.NCR; Simeon [dup Simon] of CT and Anna Clark, d.David and Ruth (Marshall).PR38]

Elizabeth and William Brooks, int.May4,1765. [Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers) [? parentage], m.末末.PR38]

Seth, s.Peter dec'd and Ruth of Sherborn in N., and Lucretia Paddack, d.Paul and Anna of Sherborn in N., 30:1m:"called January," 1766, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Seth, s.Peter and Ruth (Barnard).PR38]

John and Judith Russel, int.Nov.14,1767

Daniel and Eleanor Swain, Dec.3,1767. [Daniel, s.Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), and Eleanor Swain, d.Stephen and Jane Gibbs.PR38]

Phebe and Zachariah Gardner, Apr.6,1769. [Phebe, d.William and Zilpha Rich, and Zacheriah Gardner, s.Andrew and Mary (Gorham).PR38]

Francis, s.Peter dec'd and Ruth of Sherborn in N., and Mary Gardner, d.Jonathan and Patience of Sherborn in N., 30:11m:"called November," 1769, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Francis, s.Peter and Ruth (Barnard), and Mary Gardner, d.Jonathan and Patience (Bunker).PR38]

Eunice and Josiah Gardner, int.Feb.24,1770. [Eunice, d.Thomas Jr., and Josiah Gardner, s.Andrew and Mary (Gorham), m.末末.PR38]

David Jr. and Sarah Carver, int.Nov.23,1771.

George and Abigail Swain, Oct.18,1772. [George, s.Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), and Abigail Swain, d.Stephen and Jane Gibbs.PR38]

Seth and Jane Anderson, int.July23,1774.

Henry and Mary Pinkham, Sept.4,1774. [Henry of RI and Mary Pinkham (second w.), d.Theophilus and Deborah (Paddack).PR38]

Susanna and John Coffin, int.Nov.25,1774. [Susan, d.Reuben and Mary (Whippey), and John Coffin Jr., s.John and Anna (Coleman), m.末末.PR38]

Hepzibah [int.Heppy] and Thomas Shadwell, June22,1775. [Heppzibah.NCR; Hepsibeth, d.Sarah.PR38]

Abigail and Jeremiah Driskill, July13,1775. [Abigail, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers), and Jeremiah Driskill.PR38]

Mary and Edmond Heath, July20,1775. [Mary, d.David and Ruth (Marshall), and Edmond Heath Jr., S. Edmond and Catharine Sillevan.PR38]

Benjamin and Lydia Clark, Nov.23,1775. [Benjamin Jr. and Lydia Clark, d.Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker).PR38]

Lydia and Benjamin Clark, Nov.23,1775. [Lydia, d.Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), and Benjamin Clark Jr.PR38]

Sarah and John Barnard, int.Mar.23,1776.

Abiel and Barnabas Coleman, Sept.7,1776. [Abial, d.Church and Hannah (Long), and Barnabas Coleman Jr., s.Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.).PR38; Abiel.PR68]

Reuben and Susanna Gardner, Dec.26,1776. [Reuben Jr., s.Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), and Susanna Gardner, d.Zaccheus and Jemima (Coffin).PR38]

Deborah and Francis Brown, June8,1777. [Deborah, wid.Ichabod, d.Danial Bunker and Priscilla (Swain), and Francis Brown, s.George and Sarah (Cartwright).PR38]

Abiel and William Woodhouse, int.July26,1777.

Thomas and Hephzibah Aldrich, int.July26,1777. [Thomas, s.William and Zilpha Rich, and Hepsibeth Aldrich [dup. Aldridge], d.Ichabod and Elizabeth (Gardner), m.末末.PR38]

Prince and Rachel Gardner, int.Aug.8,1778. [Prince, s.William and Zilpha Rich, and Rachel Gardner, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Folger), m.末末.PR38]

Mehetable and John Baily, int.Oct.3,1778.

Reuben and Deborah Luce, Sept.16,1780. [Reuben, s.Josiah and Ruth, and Deborah Luce, wid.Barzillai, d.Reuben Bunker and Mary (Chase).PR38]

Priscilla and Ichabod Paddack, May11,1781. [May11,1782.NCR; Priscilla, d.Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), and Ichabod Paccack, s.Stephen and Eunice.PR38]

Deborah and Abraham [int.Abram] Myrick, Nov.11,1781. [Deborah, d.Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), and Abraham Myrick, s.Andrew and Hannah.PR38]

Margaret and Uriah Bunker, Feb.21,1782. [Margaret, d.William and Zilpah [dup. Zilpha Rich], and Uriah Bunker, s.Caleb Jr. and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

Judith and Stephen Folger, Oct.11,1783. [Judith, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning), and Stephen Folger, s.Eliphaz and Priscilla (Gorham).PR38]

Polly and Benjamin Womsly [int.Womsley], Feb.5,1784. [Womsley.NCR]

Jane and Edward Coffin, Aug.26,1784. [Jeanette [dup. Janet], d.Reuben and Mary (Whippey), and Edward Coffin Jr., s.Edward and Parnal (Calef).PR38]

Mary and Gershom Denham, June4,1780. [Mary, d.Henry and Elizabeth (Bailey), and Gershom Dunham,末蔓末,1786.PR38]

Lot and Lydia Folger, July4,1786. [Lot, s.Church and Hannah (Long), and Lydia Folger, d.Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.).PR38]

Charity and Simeon Ellis, Dec.28,1786. [Charity, d.Benjamin 2d and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning), and Simeon Ellis, s.Francis and Sarah (Mooers).PR38]

Henry and Elizabeth Swain, Sept.20,1787. [Henry, s.Henry and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Swain, d.David and Hannah (Swain).PR38]

Dinah and Paul Dillingham, May15,1788. [Desire, d.James and Rachel (Trott).PR38]

William and Hephzibah Ray, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., June11,1788. [William, s.William and Zilpha Rich, and Hepsibeth Ray, d.John and Mary (Macy) (first w.).PR38]

Isaiah and Lovey Bunker, June24,1788. [Isaiah, s.Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner), and Love Bunker, d.Uriah and Susan (Giles).PR38]

Desire and Peter Pinkham, July10,1788. [Desire, d.Henry and Elizabeth (Bailey), and Peter Pinkham, s.Jonathan and Jemima (Swain) (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Hephzibah and Peleg Gardner, July17,1788. [Hepsibeth, wid.Thomas, d.Ichabod Aldrich and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Peleg Gardner, s.John and Kezia (Coffin) [dup. July13].PR38]

Abiel and Andrew Myrick, June16,1789. [Abial, d.Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner), and Andrew Myrick, s.Andrew and Hannah.PR38]

Reuben and Susanna Gardner, Sept.15,1789. [Reuben, s.Reuben and Mary (Whippey), and susannah Gardner, d.Thaddeus and Susanna (Hussey).PR38]

Phebe and William clark, Oct.11,1789. [Phebe, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning), and William Clark, s.Sarah.PR38]

William and Phebe Clark, Oct.11,1789. [William, s.Sarah, and Phebe Clark, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning).PR38]

Edward and Elizabeth Folger, June21,1790. [Edward, s.Joseph and Anna (Coffin), and Elizabeth Folger, d.Thomas and Jedida (Pinkham).PR38]

Elizabeth and Eliakim Willis, May1,1791. [Elizabeth, d.Henry and Elizabeth (Bailey).PR38; Betsy.PR64]

Meribah and Peter Gardner, Oct.13,1791. [Merab, d.Henry and Elizabeth (Bailey), and Peter Gardner, s.Francis and Anna (Paddack) (first w.).PR38]

James and Eunice Ramsdil [int.Ramsdell], Nov.24,1791. [James, s.James and Rachel (Trott), and Eunice Ramsdell, d.John and Rachel (Swain).PR38]

Lucinda [int.Lusinda] and Nathaniel Marshall [int.Marshel], Aug.16,1792. [Lucinda, d.Sarah, and Nathaniel Marshall, s.Greenleaf and Anna (Cathcart).PR38]

Nathaniel and Lydia Chace [int.Chase], Aug.21,1792. [Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning), and Lydia Chase, d.Thomas and Anna Smith.PR38]

Thaddeus and Elizabeth Cottle, Aug.21,1792. [Thaddeus, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), and Elizabeth Cottle, d.Lot and Ruth (Coleman).PR38]

Eber (Clarke) [int.Clark] and Cathrine [int.Catharine] Coffin, Nov.16,1793. [Clark, s.Church and Hannah (Long), and Catharine Coffin, d.Silvanus and Elizabeth (Hussey).PR38; Kata.PR64]

Obed and Eunice Coffin, Aug.11,1795. [Obed, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), and Eunice Coffin, d.Samuel and Eunice (Folger).PR38]

Susanna and Arnold [int.Arnel] Remson, June7,1796. [Susanna, d.Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner), and Arnold Remson.PR38]

Uriah and Judith Smith, int.Feb.11,1797. [Uriah, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), and Judith Smith, d.George and Mary (Cottle), m.末末.PR38]

William and Phebe Russell, June1,1797. [William, s.Sarah, and Phebe Russell (second w.), d.Hezekiah and Hepsibeth (Allen) (Bunker).PR38]

Obed and Anna Coffin, Feb.4,1798. [Obed, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), and Anna Coffin, d.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), 2:8m:.PR38]

George and Phebe Tubbs, Dec.12,1799. [George, s.Church and Hannah (Long), and Phebe Tubbs, wid.Charles, d.Benjamin Stubbs and Eunice Daggett (second w.).PR38]

Albert and Peggy Gardner, Nov.13,1800. [Albert, s.Thomas and Hepsibeth (Aldrich), and Margaret Gardner, d.Grindall and Judith (Winpenny) (first w.).PR38]

Deborah and Benjamin Packer, Sept.21,1802. [Deborah, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), and Benjamin Packard.PR38]

Elisha and Judith Folger, Aug.9,1804. [Elisha, s.Joseph and Anna (Coffin), and Judith Folger, d.Elisha and Deborah (Swain).PR38]

Eunice and Samuel Bayley [int.Baley], Feb.10,1805. [Eunice, d.Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner), and Samuel Bailey, s.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Barker).PR38]

Matthew and Sarah [int.Sally] Cartwright, Sept.6,1807. [Matthew of Boston and Sally Cartright, d.John and Mary (Starbuck), 10:9m:1806.PR38]

Susanna and Richard L. Coleman, Nov.29,1807. [Susanna, wid.Reuben, d.Thaddeus Gardner and Susanna (Hussey), and Richard Lake Coleman, s.Sylvanus and Mary (Swift).PR38]

William 4th [int.3rd] and Deborah Jenkins, Aug.15,1811. [William, s.William and Hepsibeth (Ray), and Deborah Jenkins, d.Tristram and Anna (Macy).PR38]

Abigail and Reuben Walden, Dec.1,1811. [Abigail, d.Simon and Anna (Clark), and Reuben Waldron, s.Nathan and Patience (Russell) (Coffin) (second w.), "moved to Ohio in 1814."PR38]

Mary and Leonard Fisher, int.Nov.6,1813.

Lucretia and Gorham Macy, Dec.9,1813. [Lucretia, d.Isaiah and Love (Bunker), and Gorham Macy, s.Peleg and Sarah (Wendell) (Starbuck).PR38]

Benjamin and Lydia Gardner, int.May16,1818. [Benjamin of M[artha's] Vineyard and Lydia Gardner, d.Francis and Lydia (Comstock), m.末末.PR38]

Sarah and Samuel Gilston, June25,1818. [Gelston.CR2; Sally [dup. Sarah], wid.Matthew, d.John Cartwright and Mary (Starbuck), and Samuel Gelston, s.Dr. Roland and Love (Pinkham).PR38]

Peter and Clarissa Coleman, int.Aug.12,1818.

Alexander and Mary Hussey, Nov.19,1818. [Alexander, s.Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), and Mary Hussey, d.Seth Jenkins and Elizabeth (Ray).PR38]

Job [int.adds C.] and Lydia Lawrence [int.Lawrance] of N., May15,1821. [Job C., s.Seth and Anna Chase, and Lydia Lawrence, d.James C. and Jedidah (Swain).PR38]

Alexander B. and Mary L. Raymond, int.June30,1821. [Alexander, s.Isaiah and Love (Bunker), and Mary S. Raymond of NY, m.末末.PR38]

Harriot of N. and Daniel Valintine [int.Valentine], Dec.11,1821.

Seth and Nancy Fitch, Mar.16,1823. [Seth, s.Asa of Freetown, and Nancy Fitch, d.Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner).PR38]

Benjamin F. and Mary Marshall, Sept.21 [dup Aug.21], 1823. [Benjamin F., s.Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), and Mary Marshall, d.Margaret, grand d.Obed Sr.PR38]

Shubael and Peggy Rawson [int.Rowson], Apr.8,1824. [Shubael, s.George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), and Margaret [dup. Peggy] Rawson, d.Stephen and Abagail (Heath) [dup. 4:8M, in Assonet].PR38]

Obed and Mariann Wing, int.July3,1824. [Obed, s.Thaddeus and Elizabeth (Cottle), and Mary Ann Wing of Barnstable, m.末末.PR38]

Eliza and Andrew Bunker, int.Mar.26,1825. [Eliza, d.Lemuel and Jerusha Norton of [Martha's] Vineyard, and Andrew Bunker, s.Nathaniel, m.末末.PR38]

Deobrah [dup. and int.Deborah] and Isaac Myrick, Apr.24,1825. [Deborah (Jenkins) Clark, wid., sister of Hannah Jenkins.PR7; Deborah, wid.William, d.Tristram Jenkins and Anna (Macy), and Isaac Myrick, s.Peter.PR38]

Lydia and Benjamin Ray, June9,1825. [Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), and Benjamin Ray, s.Seth and Eunice (Paddack).PR38]

Uriah [int.adds C.] and Nancy Swain, Apr.16,1828. [Uriah, s.Uriah and Judith (Smith), and Nancy Swain, d.Owen and Abigail (Swain).PR38]

Mary Ann and William Horsefield [int.Horsfield], June29,1828. [Mary Ann, d.Obed and Anna (Coffin), and William Horsefield, s.Timothy and Amey (Hussey).PR38]

Lydia, Miss, and John G. Chase, July16,1829. [Lydia, d.Obed and Anna (Coffin), and John G. Chase, s.Francis and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Edward F. and Miss Rebecca Hussey, July23,1829. [Edward F., s.Elisha and Judith (Folger), and Rebecca Hussey, d.John and Lydia (Barnard).PR38]

Nancy R. and Theophilas [int.Theophiles] Somerby, Apr.14,1830. [Theophilous.CR2]

Charles A. and Miss Sarah Gardner, May13,1830. [12:5m:.PR34; Charles A., s.Thaddeus and Elizabeth (Cottle), and Sarah Gardner, d.Benjamin and Rachel (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

Susan and William Strange, July4,1830.

John C. and Betsey B. Wing, Oct.7,1830.

Benjamin C. [and] Mary Ann Fisher, Sept.27,1831. [Benjamin C., s.Lemuel and Jerusha Norton of Martha's Vineyard, and Mary Ann Fisher, d.Maltiah and Abigail (Alley).PR38]

Maria and Ezra K. Young, Nov.13,1831.

George M. and Mary Gardner, Apr.21,1833. [George M., s.Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), and Mary [dup. Avis, "Avis changed to Mary"] Gardner, d.Freeman and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Obed C. and Mary Davis, May18,1834. [Obed C., s.Obed and Anna (Coffin), and Mary Davis, d.Joseph and Thankful (Baker).PR38]

Charles H. and Lydia M. Coffin, Nov.20,1834. [Charles H., s.Lemuel and Jerusha of the Vineyard, and Lydia M. Coffin, d.Alexander and Lydia (Myrick).PR38]

Mary Ann, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Elisha Cannon, Sept.8,1836. [Mary ann Wing (Clark) of Barnstable, wid.Obed.PR38]

Phebe Ann and Frederick W. [int.M.] Folger [int.of N.], Mar.1,1838. [Frederick w.CR2; Phebe Ann, d.George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), and Frederick W. Folger, s.Seth and Betsey.PR38]

Reuben J. and Jane Folger, Jan.8,1839. [Reuben J., s.William and Deborah (Jenkins), and Jane Folger, d.Peleg and Sally (Addlington).PR38]

George S. and Harriet F. Swain, int.May5,1839. [Harriett, formerly w.William, d.Benjamin Snow and Huldah (Dunham) (first w.), m.末末.PR38]

Susan B. [and] William F. Sherman, int.July28,1839. [Susan B., d.Obed and Anna (Coffin), and William F. Sherman, s.Freeman and Polly (Chase) (first w.), m.末末.PR38]

Charles H. of Edgartown and Mary Coffin of N., int.Apr.19,1840. [Charles H., s.Lemuel and Jerusha, and Mary Coffin, d.Barzillai and Rebecca, m.末末.PR38]

Edward G. and Avis Macy, Dec.13,1840. [Edward G., s.Obed and Anna (Coffin), and Avis Macy, d.William Gayer and Phebe (Clasby).PR38]

Charles G. and Harriet M. Gruber, Mar.17,1841. [Charles G. of Martha's Vineyard and Harriet M. Gruber, d.Dea.Joshua and Ellen (Cummings).PR38]

Almira M. and Reuben F. Clark, Apr.28,1842. [Almira M., d.Benjamin and Mary, and Reuben F. Clark, s.Obed and Anna (Coffin).PR38]

Reuben F. and Almira M. Clark, Apr.28,1842. [reuben F., s.Obed and Anna (Coffin), and Almira M. Clark, d.Benjamin and Mary.PR38]

William, single, 29, cordwainer, s.Uriah and Judith, and Ann C. Barker, 23, d.Joshua and Betsey, all of N., Mar.19,1848. [William, s.Uriah and Judith (Smith), and Ann c. Barker, d.Joshua and Betsey (Holmes).PR38]

Mary Abby and Charles S. Cathcart, July23,1848.‡

George S., single, 25 [int.24], mariner, s.Shubael and Margaret of N., and Adaline R. Thompson, 22, d.Isaac and Diadama, June17,1849, in. N. [George S., s.Shubael and Margaret (Rawson), and Adaline Thompson, d.Isaac and Deidamia Elliott (second w.).PR38]

Ann C. and Joseph A. Huxford, Aug.13,1849.‡

William F., single, 22, merchant, of New Bedford, b. New Bedford, s.Peleg and Adelia [int.Ardelia] of New Bedford, and Adeline [int.Adaline] Meader, 20, d.George and Sarah [int.of N.], Sept.17,1849.

CLASBY (Clisby)

Elizabeth and Nathaniel R. Macy,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.23,1799]. [Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Rachel (Way), and Nathaniel R. Macy, s.Robert and Anna (Jones) of Hudson, NY, Nov.24,1799.PR38]

George and Eliza Swain,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1826 and Apr.6,1827, int.Nov.18,1826]. [George, s.Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Eliza Swain, d.Richard G. and Judith (Chase).PR38]

Thomas and Emmaline Chase,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1822 and Apr.4,1823, int.Dec.7,1822]. [Thomas, s.Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Emeline Chase, d.William and Merab (Gardner).PR38]

William of Ringwood, Eng., and Abiel Gardner, d.Joseph and Bethiah, 20:8m:1719.CR4; [Abial, d.Joseph and Bethiah (Macy), 末:6m:.PR38]

Mary and William Ray, 4:10m:"called December," 1746.CR4

William, s.William and Abial of Sherborn in N., and Phebe Bunker, d.Samuel and Priscilla of Sherborn in N., 1:12m:"called February," 1749, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [William, s.William and Abiel (Gardner), and Phebe Bunker, d.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman).PR38]

William, s.William and Abial of Sherborn in N., and Judith Macy, d.John dec'd and Judith of Sherborn in N., 1:3m:1753, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [William Jr., s.William and Abiel (Gardner), and Judith Macy (second w.), d.John Jr. and Judith (Worth).PR38]

John, s.William and Abiel of Sherborn in N., and Ruth Gardner, d.Jonathan and Patience of Sherborn in N., 6:12m:"called December," 1753, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [John, s.William and Abiel (Gardner), and Ruth Gardner, d.Jonathan and Patience (Bunker), 末:10m.PR38]

Joseph and Lydia Starbuck, int.June18,1757. [Joseph, s.William and Abiel (Gardner), and Lydia Starbuck, d.Tristram and Deborah (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Robert, s.William and Abiel dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Jemima Allen, d.Silvanus and Jemima of Sherborn in N., 4:1m:"called January," 1759, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Robert, s.William and Abiel (Gardner), and Jemima Allen, d.Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck).PR38]

Charles, s.William and Abiel dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Ann Coffin, d.Benjamin and Jedidah dec'd of Sherborn in N., 6:1m:"called January," 1763, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Charles, s.William and Abiel (Gardner), and Anna Coffin, d.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), 末:1m:1762.PR38]

Lydia, d.Tristram Startuck and Deborah of Sherborn in N., and Eliphalet Gardner, s.James and Susanna of Sherborn in N., 6:8m:1772, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Lydia (second w.), wid.Joseph, d.Tristram Starbuck and Deborah (Coffin), and Eliphalet Gardner, s.James and Susanna (Gardner).PR38]

Elizabeth and David Coffin, 5:1m:1775.CR4

Benjamin and Rachel Way, int.Dec.2,1775. [Benjamin, s.John and Ruth (Gardner), and Rachel Way, d.Seth and Deborah, m.末末.PR38]

Joseph, s.John and Ruth of Sherborn in N., and Miriam Coffin, d.Stephen and Mary of Sherborn in N., 7:11m:1782, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Joseph, s.John and Ruth (Gardner), and Miriam Coffin, d.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), 7:7m:.PR38]

Abiel and Barnabas Macy, 26:2m:1784.CR4

Abraham, s.Robert and Jemima of Sherborn in N., and Sarah Ray, d Alexander and Elizabeth of Sherborn in N., 3:1m:1788, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Abraham, s.Robert and Jemima (Allen), and Sarah Ray, d.Alexander and Elizabeth (Barnard), 末:3m:.PR38]

Robert, s.William and Abiel both dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Eunice Coffin, d.Daniel Paddack and Susanna both dec'd of Sherborn in N., 2:12m:1790, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Robert, s.William and Abiel Gardner, and Eunice Coffin, wid.Joseph, d.Daniel Paddack.PR38]

Lot, s.John and Ruth of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Stephen and Mary of Sherborn in N., 1:9m:1791 in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Lot, s.John and Ruth (Gardner), and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), 末:6m:.PR38]

Rhoda and Richard Chadwick, 1:9m:1791.CR4

Joseph, s.John and Ruth of Sherborn in N., and Rachel Chadwick, d.Richard dec'd and Rebecca of Sherburn in N., 29:11m:1792, in Sherburn in N.CR4; [Joseph, s.John and Ruth (Gardner), and Rachel Chadwick, d.Richard and Rebecca (Gardner).PR38]

Charles, s.John and Ruth, and Elizabeth Hussey, d.Stephen dec'd and Elizabeth, 3:8m:1796.CR4; [Charles, s.John and Ruth (Gardner), and Elizabeth Hussey, d.Stephen and Elizabeth (Swain).PR38]

Joseph and Elizabeth Paddack,末蔓末. 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.2,1799]. [Joseph, s.John and Ruth (Gardner), and Elizabeth Paddack, d.Eliphalet and Dinah.PR38]

Reuben and Anna Allen, Aug.10,1802. [Reuben, s.John and Ruth (Gardner), and Anna Allen, d.Ebenezar and Mary Wing.PR38]

Mary and Obed Bunker 3d [int.omits 3d], Feb.4,1806. [Mary, d.Joseph and Miriam (Coffin), and Obed Bunker, s.Nathaniel.PR38]

Lydia and John Allen 4th [int.omits 4th], Oct.21,1806. [Lydia, d.Joseph and Miriam (Coffin), and John Allen, "an Englishman."PR38]

Ruth and Lot Palmer, Dec.9,1806. [Ruth, d.John and Ruth (Gardner).PR38]

Sally and Rowland Pollard, June29,1808. [Sarah, d.Abraham and Sarah (Ray), and Rowland Pollard, s.Jonathan and Hanney (Kelley).PR38]

Jemima and Reuben Allen, Feb.8,1815. [Jemima, d.Abraham and Sarah (Ray), and Reuben Allen, s.Reuben and Jerusha (Taylor).PR38]

Phebe and William Geyer Macy, 5:2m:1818.CR4

William and Nancy Lamb, July16,1820. [William, s.Abraham and Sarah (Ray), and Nancy Lamb, d.Abel and Deborah (Gardner).PR38]

Lydia G. and James Mitchel, 2:11m:1820.CR4

Sarah and Reuben Ray, 4:10m:1821.CR4

Benjamin and Margaret [Int. Margarett C.] Meader, July25,1823. [Benjamin, s.Abraham and Sarah (Ray), and Margaret Meader, d.Nathaniel.PR38]

Lydia and Joseph Allen, June28,1829. [Lydia, d.Abraham and Sarah (Ray), and Joseph Allen of Fairhaven.PR38]

John G. [int.Calsbay] and Mary West, July26,1832. [ClasbyCR2; Clasby, s.John and Sarah (Green), and Mary West, d.Stephen and Lydia.PR38]

Ann M. of N. and Thomas Jernagan of Edgartown, int.Nov.11,1838. [Jernegan, m.Nov.29.CR2; Ann Maria, d.Reuben and Anna (Allen), and Thomas Jernegan of Edgartown, m.9:11m:.PR38]

Charlotte of N. and Edward M. Gardner, Apr.20,1839. [Charlotte, d.Reuben and Anna (Allen), and Edward M. Gardner, s.Rowland [dup Roland] and Susan (Mooers).PR38]

Susan A. and Thomas Rand June16,1844.‡

Charlotte P. and Joseph N. Warren, Apr.17,1847.‡

CLAUS (Clows)

Enoch [int.Closs] and Rebekah [int.Beck] Halfday, Oct.31,1771. [Claoss and Rebecca Halfday.NCR]

James (Clows) [int Clow] and Caroline D. Boston, both colored and residents of N., July18,1839. [ClawCR4]


Ebenezer [int.Cleverly] and Phebe Rogers, Sept.13,1816. [Cleverly and Peggy Rogers, wid.末末 of Cape Cod, sister of Benjamin Rogers.PR38]

CLEAVLAND (Cleveland)


William M. [int.Clements], single, 25, mariner, b. England s.William and Catharine of England and Mary M. Bardwell, wid., 23, b. N. [int.wid.Robert Burdwell], d.John Goodman and Lydia of N., Sept.17,1845 in N.

CLERK (Clark)

CLEVELAND (Cleveland)

Betsey, see Elizabeth.

Hannah (Cleaveland) and Solomon Folger Jr.,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Jan.19,1799]. [Hannah, wid.Henry, d.Ebenezer Rand Sr. and Hannah, and Solomon Folger, s.Solomon and Lydia (Russell).PR38]

Henry (Cleaveland), s.Reuben and Elizabeth Foster, and Margaret Poffit,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Love (Cleaveland), d.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), and Elijah Luce,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Oliver S. (Cleaveland), s.Zimri and Sally Seabury, and Alma Ricketson of Dartmouth,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

末末 (Cleaveland) of M[artha's] Vineyard and Roswell Coon, s.William and Catharine (Marsh),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ebenezer (Cleaveland) and Susanna Folger, Mar.21,1743.* [Ebenezar of Martha痴 Vineyard, s.Ebenezar and Mary, and Susanna Folger, d.Richard and Sarah (Pease), 21:3m:.PR38]

Aaron (Cleaveland) and Charity Meder, July2,1765. [CleavlandNCR; Cleaveland s.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), and Charity Meader, d.John and Hannah (Stewart).PR38]

Lydia (Cleavland) and Elijah Luce, Mar.23,1769. [Cleaveland d.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger).PR38]

Susanna (Cleavland) and Paul Long, Jan.10,1771. [Cleaveland.NCR; Cleaveland d.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), and Paul Long, s.James and Eleanor (Chase).PR38]

Zebdiel (Cleavland) and Abigail Luce, int.Dec.5,1772. [Zebdial Cleaveland s.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), and Abigail Luce of Martha's Vineyard, m.末末.PR38]

John (Cleaveland) and Catharine Look, int.Aug.27,1774. [John, s.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), and Catharine Look of Martha's Vineyard, m.末:8m:1775.PR38]

Abigail (Cleaveland) and John Jackson, int.Oct.21,1775. [Abigail, d.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), m.末蔓末,1775.PR38]

David (Cleavland) and Lydia Cottle, May8,1783. [Cleaveland s.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), and Lydia Cottle, wid.James Jr., d.Greenleaf Marshall and Anna (Cathcart).PR38]

Seth (Cleavland) and Mary Jones, Sept.28,1786. [Cleaveland s.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), and Mary Jones, d.Ebenezer of Falmouth and Delight Davis.PR8]

Henry (Cleveland) and Hannah Rand int.Dec.13,1794. [Henry, s.Aaron and Charity (Meader), and Hannah Rand d.Ebenezer and Hannah Waters, m.末末.PR38]

Lydia and John Starbuck, Jan.2,1806. [Cleaveland (first w.), d.David and Lydia (Marshall) (Cottle), and John Starbuck, s.Reuben and Deborah (Folger), "Moved to Ohio in 1812."PR38]

Love and Waterman Coffin, Jan.28,1806. [Cleaveland d.Seth and Mary (Jones), and Waterman Coffin, s.Zechariah [dup. Zacheriah and Deborah (Beard)].PR38]

Anna and James Sandsbury, Oct.27,1808. [Cleaveland d.David and Lydia (Marshall) (Cottle).PR38]

Sally and John Killey, int.Apr.21,1810. [Cleaveland of M[artha's] Vineyard and John Kelley, s.John and Abigail Kelley, m.末末.PR38]

Elizabeth and Jonathan Swayzey, Mar.14,1811. [Betsey Cleaveland d.David and Lydia (Marshall) (Cottle), and Jonathan Swazey, s.Anthony and Jerusha.PR38]

Zimri and Sarah Seabury, June7,1812. [Cleaveland s.Seth and Mary (Jones), and Sally Seabury of Westport, 7:6m:1820.PR38]

Davis [int.Cleaveland] and Rebecca Russell [int.Russel], Aug.15,1816. [Cleaveland s.Seth and Mary (Jones) and Rebecca Russell, d.Seth and Abigail (Meader).PR38]

Mary [int.Cleavland] of N. and Roland Coleman, Dec.23,1821. [Cleaveland d.Seth and Mary (Jones), and Roland Coleman, s.Barzillai and Abigail (Way).PR38]

Henry and Rebecca C. Russell, Apr.16,1829. [Cleaveland s.Seth and Mary (Jones), and Rebecca Russell, d.Jedediah and Tamer (Coffin).PR38]

Reuben (Cleavland) [int.Cleveland] [and] Deborah B. Cash, Feb.19,1832. [ClevelandCR2; Cleaveland and Deborah B. Cash, d.Reuben and Phebe (Bunker) (Cash).PR38]

Phebe C. (Cleaveland) [int.Cleveland omits C.] and Henry S. Coffin, Aug.16,1835. [Phebe C. Cleaveland d.Zimri and Sally Seabury, and Henry S. Coffin, s.David and Phebe (Barnard), 6:8m:.PR38]

Eliza A. [int.Ann] and Shubael Barnard Jr., May15,1836. [Eliza A. Cleaveland d.Davis and Rebecca (Russell), and Shubael Barnard, s.Shubael and Lucretia (Coffin).PR38]

Rebecca R. and Reuben chase, Dec.25,1838. [Cleaveland wid.Davis, d.Seth Russell and Abigail (Meader), and Reuben chase, s.Jonathan and Mary.PR38]

Elizabeth H. and Thomas Hussey, Jan.31,1839. [Cleaveland d.Zimri and Sally Seabury, and Thomas S. Hussey, s.Albert and Elizabeth (Starbuck).PR38]

George S. and Harriet B. Huntington, Feb.2,1841. [Cleveland s.Zimri and Sally Seabury, and Harriet B. Huntington, d.David and Sarah G. (Bunker).PR38]

Zimri, widr., 58, mariner, s.Seth and Mary, and Lucretia H. Gardner, wid., 37, d.Paul Starbuck and Ann, all of N., Nov.6,1847 in N. [Cleaveland s.Seth and Mary (Jones), and Lucretia Gardner (second w.), wid.Gorham, d.Paul Starbuck and Ann Patten (first w.).PR38]

CLEVERLY (Cleaverly)

CLISBY (Clasb)

Seth and Sarah Hallett,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Jan.26,1828]. [Seth, s.William and Hepsibeth (Coleman), and Sarah Hallett of Barnstable, Cape Code, 10:2m:1828.PR38]

William and Hephzibah Coleman, June27,1779. [Hepsibeth [dup. Hepsabeth], d.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett).PR38]

John and Betsey Crosby, Jan.23,1806. [John, s.William and Hepsibeth (Coleman), and Betsey Crosby, d.Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease).PR38]

Seth and Elizabeth Worth, Aug.19,1813. [Seth, s.William and Hepsibeth (Coleman), and Elizabeth Worth, d.Paul and Phebe (Macy) (Barnard).PR38]

Mary and Samuel Macy, 7:3m:1833.CR4

William 2d and Mary Folger, May7,1837. [William, s.John and Betsey, and Mary Folger, d.Nathaniel and Betsey.PR38]

William of N. and Lydia S. Doolittle of Hudson, NY, Oct.27,1839. [William, s.William and Hepsibeth (Coleman), and Lydia Doolittle, d.Rufus of Hudson.PR38]

Elizabeth of N. and William S. Arthur [int.of N.], Jan.27,1841. [Elizabeth, d.Seth and Elizabeth (Worth), and William S. [dup M.] Arthur, s.Frederick and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Phebe W. of N. and Fredric Vinton [int.Frederick Vintin] of Boston, Sept.13,1843. [Frederic Vinton of BostonCR1; Phebe W., d.Seth and Elizabeth (Worth), and Rev. Edward [dup Frederic] Vinton, 18:9m:.PR38]

Paul W., single, 24 [int 21], carpenter, s.Seth and Phebe of N., and Miss Hannah Bearse, 21 [int.19, of Barnstable], Mar.10,1844. [Paul W., s.Seth and Elizabeth (Worth), and Hannah Bearse, d.Solomon and Hannah Green.PR38]

John P., single, 21, yeoman, s.Seth and Eliza, and Ann Maria Swain, 19, d.David and Phebe, all of N., Dec.19,1844. [John P., s.Seth and Elizabeth (Worth), and Ann M. Swain, d.David and Phebe (Ellis) (first w.), 7:12m:.PR38]

CLOSS (Claus)


James and Catharine Montgomery, Aug.5,1841.

CLOW (Claus)

CLOWS (Claus)


Samuel and Deborah Gardner, wid.Tristram, d.Enoch Coffin and Beulah of "the Vineyard,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Samuel and Sarah Chase, d.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 27:7m:1716.*PR38

William and Charlotte [int.Charlottee] Coffin, both of Serborn, Nantucket Co., Apr.3,1788. [CharlotteNCR; Charlotte, d.Joshua and Catherine (Coffin).PR38]

Mercy and Paul Pinkham Jr. [int.omits Jr], Dec.18,1796. [Mercy (first w.), d.Ebenezer, and Paul Pinkham Jr., s.Paul and Jemima (Gardner).PR38]

William Jr. and Lucretia Haden, May2,1811. [William, s.William and Charlotte, and Lucretia Hayden, d.Abisha and Merab (Pinkham).PR38]

William and Phebe Church, Dec.3,1812.

George and Susan Wyer, Jan.18,1814.

William and Levina Nye, int.Sept.14,1816.

Mary and Jethro Coffin, Nov.19,1816. [Mary, d.William, and Jethro Coffin, s.Brown and Deborah (Coleman).PR38]

Charlett [int.Charlott] and Alexander Dow, Feb.13,1821. [Charlotte, d.William and Charlotte, and Alexander Dow, s.Samuel and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Susan H. and Edward Hammond, Nov.14,1830. [Susan H., d.William and Lucretia, and Edward Hammond of Matapoisett.PR38]

Edward W. and Susan Burdett [int.Burditt], Jan.3,1837. [Edward W., s.George, and Susan Burdett, d.Barzillai and Eunice (Robinson).PR38]

Frederick W. and Judith C. Brock, int.Apr.28,1839. [m.May14.CR2; Frederick, s.George, and Judith C. Brock, d.Thomas and Sarah (Earl), m.末末.PR38]

William C. [int.of N.] and Charlotte C. Gardner [int.of N.], d.Charles dec'd, Sept.1,1839. [William, s.William and Lucretia, and Charlotte Gardner, d.Charles and Jane Harly.PR38]

Mary R. [int.of N.], d.William Jr., and William H. Russell of N., Apr.5,1840. [Mary (first w.), d.William and Lucretia, and William H. Russell, s.Obed and Judith (Myrick).PR38]

Frederick W., widr., 26, merchant, s.George and Susan, and Elizabeth S. Russell, 24, d.George and Elizabeth, all of N., Feb.22,1844. [Elizabeth, d.George and Elizabeth (Swain).PR38]

Edward W., widr.[int.omits widr.], 31, accountant [int.merchant], s.George and Susan of N., and Elizabeth W. Folger, 21 [int.of N.] d.Charles M. and Nancy of N., Jan.23,1845. [Edward W., s.George and Mary, and Elizabeth W. Folger (second w.), d.Charles M. and Nancy (Worth).PR38]

Samuel M., single, 26, mariner, s.William and Lucretia, and Lydia C. Folger, 22, d.Moses and Eliza, all of N., int.Dec.23,1849. [Lydia C., d.Moses and Eliza (Morris), m.末末.PR38]

COCHRAN (Corchrane)


Nicholas and Margaret Coffin, d.Elias and Abigail (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John and Eliza Ann Thomas, Feb.11,1835.

James and Rebecca A. Coffin, May10,1835. [James, s.Nicholas, and Rebecca Coffin, d.Abel and Eunice (Alley).PR38]

Louisa and Charles H. Fisher, Nov.22,1836. [Louisa, d.Mary, and Charles H. Fisher, s.Zebediah and Hannah (Luce).PR38]


Godfrey and Elizabeth Bowes [int.Bows], Aug.17,1786. [BowesNCR]


Mary [int.Coddoodee] and Pero James, July2,1760. [CoddudaNCR]


Abigail, see Deborah.

Abigail, d.Elias and Abigail (Coffin), and James J. Pollock,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Abigail, d.Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard), and Jonathan Purington of Hudson,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Abigail, d.Jethro and Mary (Gardner), and Nathaniel Woodbury,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38 [See Mendon Vital Records.]

Abner, s.Peter and Hope (Gardner), and Phebe Butler,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Abraham, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Hannah Gaskill末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Achsah, d.William and Elizabeth Vestal, and Joseph Hubbard,末蔓末, 末末 [? in NC].*PR38

Adeline, d.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and Eli C. Balch, brother of Simeon of VT,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Adeline, d.Ralph and Abigail (Chase), and Francis Clark,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Adeline, d.Barnabas and Mary (Starbuck), and Oliver Couse,末蔓末, 末末, in Otsego Co., NY.*PR38

Albert and Elizabeth Coleman,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.9,1799.] [Albert, s.Brown and Deborah (Coleman), and Elizabeth Coleman, wid.Job, d.John Fosdick and Elizabeth Norton.PR38]

Albert, s.Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), and Anstrus Varney, d.Pelatiah,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alexander H., s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Jane Vincent,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alexander M., s.Albert and Polly (Fay) (second w.), and Catherine Campbell,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alfred, s.Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), and Lilian [dup. Lillias] Marcus, d.Moses of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alvin S., s.Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), and Phebe Ann Bolton,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Andrew and Deborah Chadwick,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.23,1799.] [Andrew, s.Elijah and Abigail (Folger), and Deborah Chadwick, d.Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond.PR38]

Andrew, s.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), and Francis Saunders,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ann, see Nancy.

Ann, d.Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), and Archibald Craig,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ann, d.William and Ann (Holmes), and Gilbert, Deblois,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ann, d.Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck), and Zachariah Hyatt,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Anna, see Ann.

Anna, d.Gayer and Rebecca Parker, and 末末 Carruthers,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Anna, d.Aaron and Mary (Barnard), and 末末 Leonard, s.Joseph and second w.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ariel and Judith Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1822 and Apr.4,1823, int.Dec.28,1822.] [Ariel, s.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), and Judith Coffin, d.Benjamin and Judith (Mary), 末:1m:1823.PR38]

Arthur, s.Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), and 末末 末末 "a Spanish woman,"末蔓末, 末末 [?before 1850], in CA.*PR38

Avis and Daniel Nicker,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Jan.10,1801.] [Avis, d.Zacheriah and Deborah (Beard).PR38]

Barnabas Jr., s.Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), and Sarah Wheeler, d.John,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Barret and Hannah Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Oct.3,1801.] [Barrett, s.James and Rhoda (Gardner), and Hannah Coffin, wid.Henry Jr., d.David Swain and Hannah (Swain).PR38]

Barzillai and Rebecca Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Mar.15,1800.] [Bazillai, s.Benjamin and Judith (Macy), and Rebecca Coffin, d.Samuel and Eunice (Folger).PR38]

Benjamin, s.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), and Catharine Saunders,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Benjamin F., see Benjamin.

Benjamin F. and Sarah Herris [int.Harris],末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Nov.27,1819.] [Harris, Nov.28,1819.CR2; Benjamin Franklin Coffin, s.Seth and Lydia (Myrick), and Saran [dup Sally] Harris, d.David and Miriam (Perry).PR38]

Benjamin Franklin, see Benjamin F.

Bethuel, s.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Hannah Dicks,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Bethuel, s.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Catherine Macy, wid.Thaddeus,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Betsey, see Betzey and Elisabeth.

Betsey and Elisha Starbuck,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.30,1802, int.May9,1801]. [Betsey, d.William and Deborah (Pinkham), and Elisha Starbuck, s.William and Mary (Folger).PR38]

Betsey, see Elizabeth.

Caleb, s.Shubael and Mary (Swain), and Ruth Greene,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Catharine, see Cathrine and Katharine.

Catharine, d.Robert and Anna (Black), and Stephen Abbot of Maine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Catharine, d.Gayer and Rebecca Parker, and Joshua Gardner,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Catherine, d.Adam and Jemima (Barnard), and John Hunt, s.John,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Catherine, wid.Charles, and Capt. 末末 Harris,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles, s.Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), and Charlotte Hunt of New York,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles, s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Harriet [dup. Hannah] Lyon,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles, s.Charles and Mary Barrett, and Susanna Stoodly of Portsmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles F., s.Alpheus and Love (Pitts), and Mary Folson [dup. Fulson], d.James of NH,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles G., s.Asa and Hannah (Gardner), and Angeline White of CT,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles Gorham, s.Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker), and Theodosia Van Orden of Nova Scotia,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles Griffin, s.Albert and Polly (Fay), and Mary Ann Hughes,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles H., s.Stephen and Eunice (Coffin), and Lydia Joy, d.Levi and Margaret (Pinkham),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles M., see Charles.

Charlotte, see Charlottee.

Christian, d.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), and John Edwards of Hartford, CT,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Christopher, s.Edward and Parnal (Calef), and Nancy W. Bridger of Wayne Co., VA,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Clarissa, d.Eliakim and Judith (Starbuck), and George Macy, s.Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Daniel and Merab [int.Mareb] Macy,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Apr.11,1801]. [Daniel, s.Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner), and Merab Macy, d.Shubael and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

David Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Phebe Barnard,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.15,1798]. [David, s.Seth and Susanna (Barnard), and Phebe Barnard, d.David and Abigail (Starbuck).PR38]

David, s.Tristram and Mary (Bunker), and Mary Lumbert,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

David, s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Caroline Worth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Deborah, see Deborah Macy.

Deborah, d.Paul and Susanna (Bunker), and Pardon Macomber of Westport,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Deborah, d.Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, and Henry Wilson,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Delia M., d.George G. and Sally (Nixon), and Henry A. Ten Broack,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Dinah, see Dionis.

Dionis, d.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Jacob Norton of M[artha's] Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Dorcas, d.Gayer and Rebecca Parker, and Joshua Gardner,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Dorcas, d.Benjamin and Mary (Brown), and Nathal Rolfe,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eddy, see Edy.

Edmond B. s.William and Phebe (Congdon), and Barbara Young, d.William,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edward, s.John and Susanna (Clark), and Rhoda Champion of CT,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edward Bunker, s.Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), and Mary Green of VT or RI [dup. RI],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edward W. and Mary W. Plasket,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.Aug.2,1828.] [Edward W., s.Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, and Mary Plaskett, d.Joseph W. and Persis.PR38]

Edwin, Capt., s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and Mary M. Baker of Dennis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elial, see Eliel.

Elihu, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Jemima Pease,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elihu, s.William and Esther Hunt, and Jane Starbuck, d.William and Jane,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elijah, s.Uriah and Mary, and Mary Rose,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eliphalet, s.Paul and Susanna (Bunker), and 末末 Sherman,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elisha Folger, s.Albert and Polly (Fay), and Pamela Brown,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elishai Jr., s.Elishai and Mary (Gardner), and Betsey Lacey,末蔓末, 末末, in London.*PR38

Eliza, d.Elias and Abigail (Coffin) [? parentage], and Gamaiel Bates,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eliza, d.Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), and Henry Douglass,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eliza, d.Isaiah and Sarah (Folger), and Thomas F. Foster,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eliza G. and Thomas M. Clark,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.July19,1828.] [Eliza G., d.Owen and Jedidah (Hall).PR38]

Eliza M., d.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and George B. Caldwell,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth and John Brock, int.Sept.25,1779. [d.Jonathan and Priscilla, m.末蔓末, 末末CR1; Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), and John Brock, s.John and Ann (Bunker), m.末蔓末, 末蔓PR38]

Elizabeth and Henry I. Deirees [int.of Boston],末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Aug.7,1819]. [Aug.10,1819CR2; Elizabeth, d.Thaddeus and Ann (Parker), and Henry I. Defrieze of England s.Richard and Elizabeth.PR38; Betsy, d.Thaddeus, and Capt. Henry Defriez, Aug.10,1819.PR64]

Elizabeth, see Eliza.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin Jr. and Elizabeth (Hussey), and Obed Barnard, s.William and Mary (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, and William Hacket, s.Joseph,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.Jared and Eunice (Barnard), and William J. Hubbell of Hudson, NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), and Stephanus Hunt,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.Adam and Jemima (Barnard), and John Stanton, s.James and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.Peleg and Eunice (Barker), and Andrew Symms,末蔓末, 末末, in Boston.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard), and Matthew Van Borgan,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Anna (Folger), and Benjamin H. Yarnall of Philadelphia, s.Ellis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth C., d.Charles M. and Judith (Barnard), and Alfred Thomas Esq.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elsie, see Alice.

Emeline [int.Emmeline] P. and William Bartlett [int.Bartlet],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Dec.16,1820]. [Emmeline P. and William Bartlett, Dec.21,1820CR2; Emeline P., d.Thaddeus and Ann (Parker), and William Bartlett, Dec.20,1820.PR38]

Emily, see Emeily.

Emma, see Emeline.

Emmeline P., see Emeline P.

Esther, d.William and Esther Hunt, and William Starbuck, s.William and Jane,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eunice, d.Eliab and Mary (Jenkins), and Timothy W. Bunker, s.Tristram and Anna,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eunice, d.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), and John Morey,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eunice, d.Isaiah and Mary (Coffin), and George Smith, s.Alexander and Sally,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Fanny, d.Caleb and Deborah Alden, and Phineas Jean,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Francis, s.Adam and Jemima (Barnard), ans Susan Stanton, d.James and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Frederick and Sally Comstock,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.8,1798]. [Frederick, s.Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), and Sarah [dup. Sally] Comstock, d.John and Lydia (Gardner).PR38]

Frederick Joseph, s.Jared and Eunice (Barnard), and Charlotte Green,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Gayer, s.Sheffield and Elizabeth Barnard, and Nancy Fellows,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Gayer, s.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), and Rebecca Parker of RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George B. [dup. C.], s.Alpheus and Love (Pitts), and Sarah [dup. Susan] Sanborn of Maine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George C., see George B.

George Fox, s.Aaron and Mary (Barnard), and Lydia Jessup,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George G., s.Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), and Sarah Nickerson [dup. Sally Nixon] of Hudson [dup. d.James],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George P., see George.

George S., see George F.

George W., see George.

George W., s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Helen [dup. Ellen] and M. Howland末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George Washington, s.Peleg and Eunice Barker, and Mary W. Spooner,末蔓末, 末末, in Boston.*PR38

Gideon, s.William and Lydia (Gardner) (second w.), and Elizabeth Mooers, d.Alexander and Elzabeth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Grace C., d.Allen and Deborah G. (Coffin), and Dr. Daniel Fisher,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Grafton and Lydia Maxcy,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1822 and Apr.4,1823, int.Nov.30,1822]. [Grafton, s.Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), and Lydia Maxey, d.Reuben.PR38]

Hannah and Barret Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Oct.3,1801.] [Hannah, wid.Henry Jr., d.David Swain and Hannah (Swain), and Barrett Coffin, s.James and Rhoda (Gardner).PR38]

Hannah, d.Aaron and Mary (Barnard), and Benjamin Osborn, s.William and Anna,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Harriet, d.Daniel and Mary (Gardner), and Prince Lewis,末蔓末, 末末, in Kenebec.*PR38

Harriet G., see Harriot G.

Henry Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Hannah Swain,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.oct. 20,1798.] [Henry, s.Henry and Lydia (Fosdick), and Hannah Swain, d.David and Hannah (Swain).PR38]

Henry, s.Salmon and Anna (Mitchell), and 末末 Phinney, d.Dr. Phinney,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Henry A., s.Allen and Deborah G. (Coffin), and Susan Lyman Osborn,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Henry P., see Henry B.

Henry S., see Henry.

Henry Swain, s.William Barnard and Deborah (Swain), and Harriet King of Ravenna, OH,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hepsibeth, see Hephzibah and Hepzibah.

Hepsibeth, d.Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), and Joel Barney,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hepzabeth, see Hepzibah.

Hepzibah, see Hephzibah.

Hepzibah, d.Benjamin Franklin and Hepzibah (Paddack) and 末末 Montgomery,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hezediah, see Hazadiah.

Hezekiah and Nancy Bunker,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Feb.9,1799]. [Hezekiah Jr., s.Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman), and Nancy Bunker, d.Uriah and Susan (Giles).PR38]

Hezekiah, s.Uriah and Mary, and Mary Marsh,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Huldah, d.Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), and Jesse Stanley,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ichabod [int.Ichabud] and Nancy Brown,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Apr.25,1801]. [Ichabod, s.Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman), and Nancy Brown, d.Franics and Anna (Brock) (second w.).PR38]

Jacob, s.William and Hepzibah (Barney), and Eliza Norton,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

James, s.Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), and Caroline Burbank, d.Eleazer,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Abigail Chipman, sister of Hannah,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James s.Charles and Mary Barrett, and Rachel Young of Boston,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James B., s.Albert and Polly (Fay), and Phebe Taber,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James Gorham, see James G.

James H., s.Prince and Judith (Hussey), and Amy Ann Sherman of New Bedford,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James Josiah, see James.

James M., see James F.

Jane, d.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Caleb Morgan,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jane P., d.Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker), and Gamaliel Lincoln,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jeanette, see Janet and Jenett G.

Jemima, d.Abishai and Sarah (Long), and John Ryder,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jemima, d.Adam and Jemima (Barnard), and Samuel Stanton, s.William and Catherine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jesse [int.Jessa] and Phebe Rawson,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Oct.31,1801]. [Jesse, s.Obed and Phebe (Gardner), and Phebe Rawson, d.William and Ursula (Gardner) (first w.),末蔓末,1801.PR38]

Jethro, s.William and Lydia (Coleman), and Lydia Cottle, d.Shubael and Drusilla,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jethro, s.William and Lydia (Coleman), and Drusilla Delano, d.Richard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joanna, see Johanna.

John s.William and Ann (Holmes), and Isabella Childs,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John, s.Peter and Lucretia, and Anna Martin,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John A., s.Prince and Eliza (Austin), and Martha McDonald of Providence, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John Avery, s.Ralph and Abigail (Chase), and Mary B. Gourgas [dup. Gourges],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John C. and Sarah Ray,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.July19,1828]. [John C., s.George and Keziah (Comstock), and Sarah Ray, d.Paul and Priscilla (Macy) (first w.), 31:7m:1828.PR38]

John F., s.George and Sarah (Calder), and Martha Meader, d.Samuel,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John G. and Rebecca Joy,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Sept.2,1820]. [John Gayer Coffin, s.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), and Rebecca L. Joy, d.Obed and Anna (Cartwright).PR38]

John P., s.Thomas and Sarah, and Polly Ann Green,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph, painter, s.Joseph and Abigail (Pilsbury) of Newbury, and Elizabeth Jillings, d.Thomas,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38 [See Newbury Vital Records.]

Joseph and Lucy Grew,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Sept.16,1820]. [Oct.12,1820CR2; Joseph, s.Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman), and Lucy Grew, d.Samuel and Hepzibah (Clark) (Shadwell).PR38]

Joseph, s.Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), and Hannah Billinger [dup. Ballinger], d.John and Catherine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph, s.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), and Bebe Mackey,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Judith and Benjamin Gardner,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Oct.19,1799]. [Judith, d.Josiah and Eunice (Gardner), and Benjamin Gardner, s.Peleg and Hepsabeth (Allen) (first w.).PR38; Nov.7,1799PR56]

Judith and George W. Nye,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.6,1822, int.June30,1821]. [Judith, d.Cromwell and Mary (Coffin) and George Warren Nye, s.Maltiah.PR38]

Judith and Ariel Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1822, int.Apr.4,1832, int.Dec.28,1822]. [Judith, d.Benjamin and Judith (Macy), and Ariel Coffin, s.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), 末:1m:1823.PR38]

Judith, d.Paul and Susanna (Bunker), and Adam Gould,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Judith, d.Peleg and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Charles West,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Kimbal and Amy Brown,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.June10,1820]. [Kimbal, s.Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman), and Amy Pauls [sic, see mar. of John Brown 3d], wid.Jeremiah, d.John Perkins and Mercy (Johnson).PR38]

Kimbal, s.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), and Elizabeth McEwen,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Laban, s.Philander and Mary (Ceely), and Sarah B. Lyon, d.Lemuel of Roxbury,末蔓末, 末末 [?before 1850].*PR38

Laura, d.Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), and 末末 Pickrell, s.Jessie,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Levi Jr., s.Levi and Prudence, and Catherine White, d.Stanton,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Levi, s.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Prudence Williams, of NC,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Louisa, d.Charles and Catherine Hardwick, and 末末 Young,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lucretia [and] Shubael Barnard, Jr.,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.1,1803, int.Jan.8]. [Lucretia, d.Reuben of Halifax and Parnal (Gardner), and Shubael Barnard, s.Shubael and Ruth (Bunker) (Myrick) (second w.).PR38]

Lucretia, d.Amial and Mary (Coffin), and Ichabod Champion of Cleveland OH,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lucretia, d.Thomas and Anna (Folger), and James Mott of Philadelphia, s.Adam,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lucretia F., d.John and Anna Martin, and Samuel J. May, philanthropist,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lucy P. [int.Pinkham] and William Drew,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Nov.14,1801]. [Lucy, d.James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), and William Drew, s.Gershom and Mary (Cobb).PR38]

Lurana, see Laurana.

Lydia, see Lydiah.

Lydia and George W. Gardner,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Feb.13,1802]. [Lydia, d.Jethro and Eunice (Pinkham), and George W. Gardner, s.Solomon Jr. and Miriam (Worth).PR38]

Lydia and Telemacus [int.Telemachus] Bartlet,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Jan.16,1802]. [Lydia, d.Seth, and Telemechus Bartlett, s.Dr. John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.).PR38; Telemachus Bartlett, Feb.4,1802.PR64]

Lydia, d.Elihu and Jemima, and Uriah Coffin Jr., s.Capt. Uriah and Mary (Jenkins) of Athens, NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Samuel and Mary (Carr), and 末末 Davis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker), and Benjamin Fuller of West Port [dup. of NH],末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Lydia, d.Elias and Abigail (Coffin), and John Hurley,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.John and Deborah (Austin), and Robert Logan,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.William and Lydia (Gardner), and Alexander Mooers, s.Alexander,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Uriah and Mary, and Henry Perkins,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Charles and Mary Barrett, and Thomas Tileston, schoolmaster,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), and Edward B. Wyman of Charleston, SC,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia B. and Charles A. Clerk [int.Clark],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Aug.19,1820]. [Clark, Sept.6,1820CR2; Lydia B., d.Laban and Abigail ("Tobey or Talman"), and Charles A. Clark, s.Thaddeus and Elizabeth (Cottle).PR38]

Lydia D., see Lydia G.

Lydia L., d.Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), and 末末 Browne of Anderson Co., SC,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lysander W., s.William and Valina, and Elise Fleurot, 末:9m:1848.*PR38 M. Francis, d.William B. and Mary Reynolds, and Henry E. Collins,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Margaret, see Pegga, Peggey, and Peggy.

Margaret, d.Elias and Abigail (Coffin), and Nicholas Codd,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Margaret, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and John Whitney, M.D. of Boston.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Maria, d.Alexander and Lydia (Hussey), and David B. Craig of Freehold, NJ,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Marmaduke, s.Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, and Mary Nixon,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Martha, wid.William, d.Ebenezer Allen and Mary of Hudson, NY, and 末末 Borland末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Martha, d.Uriah and Elizabeth (Hiller), and Jesse M. Bowles of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Martha, d.Thomas and Anna (Folger), and Capt. Peter Pelham,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Martha W., see Martha R.

Martin, s.Thomas and Sarah, and Harriet b. Clark, d.William J.,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Martin, s.Thomas and Sarah, and Mary Sherwood,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, see Mercy.

Mary and Benjamin Kidder,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.May5,1798]. [Mary, d.Peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner), and Capt. Benjamin Kidder, s.Stephen and Eunice Knowles, m."between 1797 or 8."PR38]

Mary and Ruel Rowsan [int.Reuel Rawson],末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Aug.21,1819]. [Ruel Rawson, Sept.9,1819CR2; Mary (first w.), d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), and Ruel Rawson, s.Wilson and Ursula (Gardner) (first w.).PR38]

Mary, see Polly.

Mary [int.adds F.] and David Allen Jr. [int.omits Jr.],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Dec.22,1827]. [Mary, wid.Tristram, d.William Moores, and David Allen, s.David and Susan (Meader)PR38 Mary F. Coffin, d.William MooersPR45]

Mary, d.Peter and Joan and Alexander Adams,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Aaron and Mary (Barnard), and William Barnard, s.Asa and Hannah,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Alpheus and Love (Pitts), and Silvanus Covil, s.Silvanus of NH,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.George B. and Abigail (Allen), and Oscar Dorning, brother of William,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Elias and Abigail (Coffin), and Peter Duffey,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Paul and Nancy (Barnard) (Ramsdell) (second w.), and 末末 Fitch,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Laban and Abigail ("Tobey or Talman"), and Robert Ingraham of New Bedford.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Stephen and Magdelen Maxwell, and Samuel Jenkins, s.John W.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.John and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Stephen T. Mace of Baltimore, MD,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Gayer and Rebecca Parker, and John Magro,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Alexander Jr. and Mary (Dayton) (Gelston) (second w.), and Edward B. Pease of Hudson,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Uriah and Mary, and Nathaniel Sand.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary (Macy), and Gideon Stevens,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Thomas and Anna (Folger), and Solomon Underhill of Philadelphia,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary Ann, d.Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), and James Mitchell, s.Thomas and Lucy,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary Ann, d.Ralph and Abigail (Chase), and Christopher Whaley, MD,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary B., d.Eliakim and Mary (Barnard), and John Caulk of Norfolk, VA,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary B. d.Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), and 末末 Pickrell, s.Jessie,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary C., d.David and Sarah (Coleman), and Paul Barney, s.Peter and Sarah,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary C., d.Capt. William Henry and Lurania (Gardner), and James Thompson, teacher,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary F., see Mary.

Mary F., d.Moses and Judith (Smith), and John F. Stanisbury of Ohio,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Matthew, see Mathew.

Matthew, s.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Hannah Macy, wid.Daniel [dup. wid.David, d.Isaac White],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Matthew, s.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Hannah Mendenhall of Chester Co., PA,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Matthew B., s.Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), and Emily Stewart,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mehitable, d.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Armstrong Smith, s.George and Jane,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Merab, see Mereb.

Moses, s.David and Phebe (Barnard), and Caroline Hatch,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Moses, s.Aaron and Mary (Barnard), and Phebe Leonard, d.Joseph and Phebe,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nancy and George C. Colesworthy [int.George C. Colsworthy],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.July1,1820]. [George C. Colesworthy, Aug.9,1820CR2; Nancy, d.Abijah and Priscilla (Brock), and George C. Colesworthy, s.Jonathan W. and Polly (Coffin).PR38]

Nancy and John P. Swain,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.June21,1828]. [Nancy, d.Asa and Phebe (Morselander), and John P. Swain, s.Uriah and Judith (Pinkham).PR38]

Nancy, wid.Eddy, d.William Drew and Lucy P. (Coffin), and 末末 Athern,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nancy, d.Isaiah and Mary (Coffin), and George F. Barker,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nancy, d.Nathan, and Stephen Briggs, s.Abner and Deborah (Coffin).末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nathan, s.William and Elizabeth Vestal (second w.), and Elizabeth Branson,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), and Mary Sheffield of Newport, RI, d.James,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38; [Feb.26,1735, in RI.PR53]

Nathaniel, s.William and Ann (Holmes), and Elizabeth Barnes, d.Henry Esq.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nathaniel, s.Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck), and Lydia Bunker, d.Reuben and Judith,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Obadiah, see Obediah.

Obed M., s.George and Nancy (Stubbs), and Caroline Mareschall of Baltimore, MD,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Obediah, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Mary Rogers of Cape Cod,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Owen and Jedidah Hall,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Dec.21,1799]. [Owen, s.Miriam, and Jedidah Hall, d.john and Elizabeth (Gardner) (first w.).PR38]

Owen Tristram, s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Harriet Barlow,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Owen Tristram, s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Belinda Maison,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Parnel, see Pernal.

Paul, s.Paul and Mary (Allen), and Jerusha Tuell of Newport, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Peggy, see Margaret.

Paul, s.Paul and Mary (Allen), and Jerusha Tuell of Newport, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Peggy, see Margaret.

Phebe, second w., d.Benjamin Jr. and Elizabeth (Hussey), and Jonathan Anthony, s.James of New Garden, NC,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe, d.Reuben and Parnal (Gardner), and Stephen Collins of Nova Scotia,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe, d.Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker), and Ellery Corey of Westport,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe, d.Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), and Jonathan Hunt, s.John,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe, d.Laban and Abigail ("Tobey or Talman"), and Robert Ingraham,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe, d.Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner), and 末末 Small,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe G., d.George B. and Abigail (Allen), and William Dorning.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Philander and Miss Mary Ceely,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1824 and Apr.2,1825, int.June12,1824]. [Philander, s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and Mary Ceeley, d.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), July1,1824.PR38]

Polly and Joseph Chase Jr.,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.15,1798]. [Polly, d.Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper), and Joseph Chase, s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger),末蔓末,1798.PR38]

Polly, see Mary.

Presbury, see Prisbury.

Prince, s.Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard), and Mary Skiffe [dup. Mercy Skiff], d.Nathan,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Priscilla, d.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Asa Hunt of NC,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Priscilla, d.Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall and Jabez Hunt,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Priscilla, d.Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), and Imelius Mendenhall, s.James and Miriam,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rachel, d.James Alexander and Adeline (Stevens), and John Buck of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rachel, d.Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman), and David Palmer.末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ralph, s.Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman), and Abigail Chase, d.Thomas of Boston or Newport, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rebecca, see Rebekah.

Rebecca and Barzillai Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Mar.25,1800]. [Rebecca, d.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), and Barzillai Coffin, s.Benjamin and Judith (Macy).PR38]

Rebecca and Gorge [int.George] H. Chase,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Apr.8,1820]. [George H., Apr.27,1820CR2; Rebecca, d.Gideon and Mary and George H. Chase, s.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), 27:4m:1820.PR38]

Rebecca, d.Gayer and Rebecca Parker, and Samuel Conant of Charlestown,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rebecca, d.William and Ann Holmes, and 末末 Dexter,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rebecca, d.Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Charles Jacobs,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Reuben, s.Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker), and Phebe Todd,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Richard, s.Tristram and Mary (Bunker), and Mary Cooke,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Richard, s.Uriah and Mary, and Anna Westlake,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Robert and Ruth Gardner,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Sept.25,1819]. [Oct.10,1819CR2; Robert, s.Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), and Ruth Gardner (third w.), d.Ebenezer and Ruth (Beard).PR38]

Robert, s.Salmon and Anna (Mitchell), and Lydia Bunker, d.Timothy and Eunice,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Robert G., s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Eliza Sachett,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rowland G., s.Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), and Emily Matchett,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Rufus, s.Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker), and Winifred Chase, d.Daniel and Anna,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ruth and Jonathan Parker,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.15,1798]. [Ruth, d.Elihu and Eunice (Folger), and Jonathan Park, s.Nathan.PR38]

Ruth (third w.), d.Benjamin Jr. and Elizabeth (Hussey), and Jonathan Anthony, s.James of New Garden, NC,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sally, see Sarah.

Sally, see Sarah and Sarah B.

Sally, d.Capt. Uriah and Mary (Jenkins), and Ralph Barber,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sally, d.Elias and Abigail (Coffin), and Nathaniel Carnah,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sally, wid.Isaiah, d.Christopher Folger and Abigail (Barnard) (first w.), and Oliver Martin,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sally, d.Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), and Asher Taylor of New York,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sally Calif, see Sally.

Sally G., see Sarah.

Samuel, s.John and Deborah (Austin), and Miriam Gardner, d.Richard Jr. [dup. 2d] and Mary (Austin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Samuel, see Samuell.

Samuel, s.Elihu and Eunice (Folger), and 末末 Warren,末蔓末, 末末, in Ohio.*PR38

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah and Benjamin A. Gardner,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.6,1822, int.Dec.15,1821]. [Sarah, d.Jonathan and Abigail (Austin), and Capt. Benjamin A. Gardner, s.Gideon and Merab (Bunker), "moved to Brooklyn."PR38]

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah, d.Laban and Abigail (Tobey or Talman), and 末末 Aikins,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, d.Enoch Jr. and Jane Claghorn, and Thomas Coffin, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, d.Abishai and Sarah (Long), and Peter Kipp,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, d.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Henry M. Swift,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah F., d.Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), and John Baxter of VT,末蔓末, 末末 [? Before 1850].*PR38

Shubael, s.Jethro and Lydia (Cottle), and Elizabeth James,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Shubael, s.Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), and Sarah Olney of Providence, RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Shubael, s.Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), and Lucretia Struse,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Simeon and Anna Fish,末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.Sept.4,1819]. [ Sept.19,1819CR2; Simeon, s.Simeon and Jedidah (Coffin), and Anna Fish, wid.(second w.), d.James Coleman of Cotuit, Cape Cod.PR38]

Stephen, s.Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), and Rachel Hunt, d.John,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Stephen, s.Isaiah and Mary (Coffin), and Sarah Macy, d.Richard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Susan, see Susanna.

Susan and Eric [int.Erie] Barry,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.24,1819, int.June6,1818].

Susan and John B. Coleman,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.May10,1828]. [Susan, d.William Barnard and Deborah (Swain), and John B. Coleman, s.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin), 6:1m:1818.PR38]

Susanna and Reuben Alley,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Jan.23,1802]. [Susan, d.Brown and Deborah (Coleman), and Reuben Alley, s.Jacob and Eunice (Black).PR38]

Sylvia, see Silvia.

Tabitha, d.Gayer and Rebecca Parker, and Dr. 末末 Tobey,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Telemachus B., s.Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), and Bridget Kiernan,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Theodate and Charles Whealer [int.Whealor],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.30,1802, int.Nov.7,1801]. [Theodate, d.Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), and Charles Wheeler.PR38]

Thomas, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Sarah Coffin, d.Enoch Jr. and Jan. Claghorn,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas, s.Albert, and Sally Pettis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas, s.Samuel and Mary (Macy), and Miriam Worth, d.Zeno and Abigail,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Tristram and Eunice Mitchel,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.1,1803, int.July3,1802]. [Tristram 4th, s.Tristram 3d and Mary (Pinkham), and Eunice Mitchell, d.Paul and Merab,末蔓末,1803.PR38]

Tristram, 70, s.Abishai and Sarah (Long), and Jane Ann Tallman,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Uriah Jr., s.Capt. Uriah and Mary (Jenkins) of Athens, NY, and Lydia Coffin, d.Elihu and Jemima,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ursula, d.Gayer and Rebecca Parker, and Clark James Wells,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Valentine, s.Brown and Deborah (Coleman), and Jemima Archibald of Orange Co., NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Vestal, s.William and Elizabeth Vestal of NC, and Aletha Fluke,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Walter, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Polly Gardner,末蔓末, 末末, in Newport, RI.*PR38

William, s.Samuel and Mary (Carr), and Eunice Alford, wid.Roy, d.Zeno Worth and Abigail,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William, s.William and Ann (Holmes), and Mary Ashton, d.Thomas,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William, s.Aaron and Mary (Barnard), and Anna Swain, d.Joseph and Jedida,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William B., s.Matthew Jr. and Anna (Bunker), and Mary Reynolds,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William Barnard, see William B.

William Gayer, see William G.

William H., s.Apheus and Love (Pitts), and Betsey Currier of Maine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William H., s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Jane Mabbitt,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William Henry, see William H.

William Henry, s.Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), and Martha Allen of Hudson, NY, d.Ebenezer and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William M., see William.

Winifred, d.Josiah P. and Mary (Gelston), and Henry L. Day of Ohio,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Winifred, d.Capt. William Henry and Lurania (Gardner), and Frederick Lawrence, organist,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Zabdiel, see Zebdiel.

Zaccheus, see Zachariah and Zacheus.

Zachariah, s.Marmaduke, and Caroline Armfield,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Tristram, s.Peter of Brixton, Co. Devon, Eng., and Joan Thumber [sic], and Dionis Stevens, d.Robert of Brixton, Co. Devon, Eng.,末蔓末,1630, in England.*PR38

James, s.Tristram and Dionis (Stevens), and Mary Severance, d.John and Abigail of Salisbury, 3:12m:1663, in Salisbury.*PR38

Stephen, s.Tristram 1st and Dionis (Stevens), and Mary Bunker, d.George and Jane Godfrey,末蔓末,1669.*PR38

Dinah, d.James, and Nathaniell Starbuck, s.Nathaniell, Nov.20,1690.* [Dinah, d.James and Mary (Severance), and Nathaniel Starbuck Jr., s.Nathaniel and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

John, s.Tristram and Dionis (Stevens), and Deborah Austin, d.Joseph and Sarah (Starbuck),末蔓末,1692.*PR38

John, s.James and Mary (Severance), and Hope Gardner, d.Richard 1st and Sarah (Shattuck),末蔓末,1692.*PR38

James Jr. and Ruth Gardner, 19:3m:1692.* [James, s.James and Mary (Severance), and Ruth Gardner (second w.), 15y 3m 19d, d.John and Priscilla (Grafton).PR38]

Nathaniell and Damariss Gayer, 17:8m:1692.* [Nathaniel, s.James and Mary (Severance), and Damaris Gayer, d.William and Dorcas (Starbuck) (first w.).PR38]

Stephen Jr. and Eperience [int.Experience] Look, 21:9m:1693.* [Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Experience Look, d.Thomas Jr. and Elizabeth (Bunker).PR38]

Deborah and George Bunker [dup. Buncker] 10:8m:1695.* [Deborah, d.James Esq. and Mary (Severance), and George Bunker Esq., s.William and Mary (Macy).PR38]

Enoch, s.John and Deborah (Austin), and Beulah Eddy of Martha's Vineyard,末蔓末,1700.*PR38

Susana [dup. Susana] and Peleg Bunker, Jan.9,1700.* [Susanna [dup. Susannah], d.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Peleg Bunker, s.William and Mary (Macy), 9:1m:.PR38]

Ebenezer and Elenor [dup. Eloner] Barnard, Dec.12,1700.* [Ebenezer Esq., s.James and Mary (Severance), and Eleanor Barnard, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard).PR38]

Abigail, Mrs., resident of Newbury, and Jedediah Fitch of Norwich, resident in Newbury, Sept.13,1701, in Newbury.* [Abigail, d.Peter and Elizabeth (Starbuck), and Jedediah Fitch, "1st of Nantucket, From Norwich, CT." 13:9m:.PR38]

Hepsibeth, d.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Samuel Gardner, s.James and Mary (Starbuck) (first w.), Sept.4,1707.*PR38

Deborah, d.John of Edgartown, and Thomas Macy of Sherbourn in N., June18,1708, in Edgartown.* [Deborah, d.John 1st and Deborah (Austin), and Thomas Macy, s.John 1st and Deborah (Gardner).PR38]

Eunice and Ebenezer Gardner, 29:10m:"called December," 1709.CR4; [Eunice, d.Peter and Elizabeth (Starbuck), and Ebenezer Gardner, s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Coffin).PR38]

Sarah and Jeremiah Gardner, 8:8m:1711.* [Sarah, d.James and Ruth (Gardner), and Judge Jeremiah Gardner, s.John and Susanna Greene.PR38]

Jonathan and Hephzibah Harker, 24:11m:1711.* [Jonathan, s.James and Mary (Severance), and Hepsibeth Harker, d.Ebenezer and Patience (Folger) of NC.PR38]

Tristram and Mary Bunker, 29:2m:1714.* [Tristram, s.Lt. John [of Martha痴] Vineyard and Deborah (Austin), and Mary Bunker, d.William and Mary (Macy).PR38]

Lydiah [dup. Lydia] and Joseph Chase, 16:7m:1714.* [Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), and Joseph Chase, s.Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton.PR38]

Nathan and Lydia Bunker, Mar.5,1717.* [Nathan, s.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner), and Lydia Bunker, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38; Cofin.PR68]

Lydiah and Samuel Long, Mar.14,1717.* [Lydia, d.Peter and Christian (Conde), and Samuel Long, s.Robert and Sarah (Skiff)PR38; Lydia.PR68]

Shubeal, s.Stephen Jr., and Pricilla Starbuck, d.Nathaniel Jr., 6:10m:1717.CR4; [Shubael, s.Stephen and Experience (Look), and Priscilla Starbuck, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Dinah (Coffin), 末:11m:.PR38]

George and Ruth Swaine, Nov.4,1717.* [George, s.James and Ruth (Gardner), and Ruth Swain, d.John Jr. and Experience (Folger), 4:11m:PR38; Swain, Nov.14PR68]

Bartlet and Judith Bunker, Jan.1,1718-19.* [Bartlett, s.Peter "(Nope)" and Christian (Conde), and Judith Bunker, d.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin) [dup. 1:1m:1718].PR38; Barttlet and Judeth Bunker, Jan.1,1718.PR68]

Richard and Ruth Bunker, Nov.20,1718.* [Richard, s.John Esq. and Hope (Gardner), and Ruth Bunker, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), 20:11m:.PR38; Nov.20PR68]

Judith and Ebenezer Gardner, Feb.28,1719-20.* [Judith, d.John and Hope (Gardner), and Ebenezer Gardner, s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Coffin).PR38; Judeth and Ebinezer Gardner, Jan.27,1719-20.PR68]

Elizabeth and Josiah Coffin, Oct.5,1720.* [Elizabeth, d.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner), and Maj. Josiah Coffin, s.Jethro and Mary (Gardner) [dup 5:10m:]PR38; Elizibath, Oct.5PR68]

Josiah and Elizabeth Coffin, Oct.5,1720.* [Maj. Josiah, s.Jethro and Mary (Gardner), and Elizabeth Coffin, d.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner) [dup. 5:10m:]PR38; Elizibath, Oct.5.PR68]

Joshua and Prissilla Bunker, 3:2m:1721.* [Joshua, s.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner), and Priscilla Bunker, d.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin).PR38]

Elisha and Dinah Bunker, Apr.3,1721.* [Elisha, s.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner), and Dinah Bunker, d.Peleg Sr. and Susannah (Coffin).PR38]

David, s.David and Ruth dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Swain, d.Charles and Elisabeth of Sherborn in N., 9:1m:1722, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [David Jr., s.David and Ruth (Coleman), and Elizabeth Swain, d.Charles and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Charles, s.Nathaniel and Demaris (Gayer), and Mary Barrett of Boston, 12:7m:1722.*PR38

William, s.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), and Ann Holmes, d.Ebenezar of Boston, 23:9m:1722.*PR38

Prissiller and Abel Gardner, 18:9m:1723.* [Priscilla, d.James and Ruth (Gardner), and Abel Gardner, s.Nathaniel and Abigail (Coffin).PR38]

Bethiah and John Renooff, Feb.25,1724-5.* [Bethiah, wid.Joseph Esq., d.John Macy 1st and Deborah (Gardner), and John Renouff.PR38]

Mary and John Bunker, Feb.13,1725-6. [Mary, d.James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner), and John Bunker, s.George and Deborah (Coffin), 13:2m:1725PR38; Feb.13,1725-6PR68]

Zephaniah, s.Stephen Jr. dec壇 and Experience of Sherborn, and Miriam Macy, d.John and Judith of Sherborn, 10:9m:"called November," 1725.CR4; [Zephaniah, s.Stephen Jr. and Experience (Look), and Miriam Macy, d.John Jr. and Judith (Worth), 末:7m:[dup. 9:10m:second dup. 末:5m:].PR38]

Prissilla [dup. And int.Priscilla] and Calib Bunker, Oct.3,1725.‡

Margret and John Davis, Nov.18,1725.* [Margaret, d.Peter and Hope (Gardner).PR38]

Benjamin, s.Nathaniell dec'd and Damaris of N., and Jedidah Hussey, d.Batchelor and Abigail of N., 5:2m:"called April," 1726.CR4; [Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), and Jedidah Hussey, d.Bachelder and Abigail (Hall), 末:12m:1725.PR38]

Hepsibah and Robert Barnard, 31:6m:"called August," 1726.CR4

Micah and Dorcas [dup. Dorcus] Coleman, Sept.23,1726.* [Micah, s.Joseph and Bethia (Macy), and Dorcus Coleman, d.Thomas and Jane, 23:9m:.PR38]

Eunice and Andrew Newel, Nov.6,1726. [Eunice, d.Joseph and Bethia (Macy), and Andrew Newell, 6:11m:PR38; Newell, Nov.6.PR68]

Jemima and William Swain, 29:1m:"called March," 1727.CR4

Francis and Theodata Gorham, Nov.2,1727.* [Francis, s.John and Hope (Gardner), and Theodate Gorham, d.Shuhael (s.Capt. John of Barnstable and Desire (Howland)) and Puella (Hussey) [dup. 2:11m:1727].PR38]

Elias and Love Coffin, Jan.15,1728-9.* [Elias, s.John and Hope (Gardner), and Love Coffin, d.Ebenezar and Elinor,末蔓末,1728.PR38]

Love and Elias Coffin, Jan.15,1728-9.* [Love, d.Ebenezar and Elinor, and Elias Coffin, s.John and Hope (Gardner),末蔓末,1728.PR38]

Jane and William Bunker, Jan.15,1728-9.* [Jane, d.Ebenezer Esq. and Eleanor (Barnard), and William Bunker, s.Peleg and Susannah (Coffin), 15:1m:1728.PR38]

Robert and Susanna Coffin, Aug.30,1728. [Robert, s.Jethro and Mary (Gardner), and Susanna Coffin, d.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker).PR38]

Susanna and Robert Coffin, Aug.30,1728.* [Susanna, d.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), and Robert Coffin, s.Jethro and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Ruth and Jonathan Upham, Oct.21,1728.* [Ruth (second w.), wid.George, d.John Swain Jr. and Experience (Folger).PR38]

Abigail and Zaccheus Folger, Nov.20,1728.* [Abigail, d.John and Hope (Gardner), and Zaccheus Folger, s.John (s.Peter and Mary) and Mary (Barndard).PR38]

Paul, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Mary Allen, d.Edward and Ann (Coleman),末蔓末,1729 [sic, ? 1719].PR38

Paul, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Mary Allen, d.Edward and Ann (Coleman),末蔓末,1729 [sic, ? 1719].PR38

Deborah and Tristram Startuck, 10:12m:"called February," 1729.CR4

Dinah and Benjamin Starbuck, 31:10m:"Called December," 1730.CR4

Jerusha and John Matthews, Oct.11,1731. [Jerusha, d.Peter and Hope (Gardner).PR38]

Zacheus, s.Joseph dec壇 and Bethiah of Sherborn, and Mary Pinkham, d.Shubeal and Abigail of Sherborn, 4:9m:"called November," 1731.CR4; [Zaccheus, s.Joseph and Bethia (Macy), and Mary Pinkham, d.Shubael and Abigail (Bunker), 末:7m:.PR38]

Cromwell and Ruth Coffin, Nov.25,1731.* [Cromwell, s.Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard), and Ruth Coffin, d.James and Ruth (Gardner).PR38]

Ruth and Cromwell Coffin, Nov.25,1731.* [Ruth, d.James and Ruth (Gardner), and Cromwell Coffin, s.Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard).PR38]

Mary and Clothier Pierce, Nov.29,1731.* [Mary (first w.), wid.Paul, d.Edward Allen and Ann (Coleman), and Clothier Pierce, s.John of Newport.PR38]

Mercy and Nathaniel Allen, May2,1732.* [Mercy, wid.Prince, d.Nathan Skiff, and Nathaniel Allen, s.Edward 1st and Ann (Coleman), 2:5m:.PR38]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin 2d and Rebecca dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Judith Macy, d.Francis and Judith of Sherborn in N., 4:2m:1733, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and Judith Macy, d.Francis and Judith (Coffin), 末:12m;.PR38]

James and Priscilla Rawson, Jan.16,1734-5.* [James, s.James and Ruth (Gardner), and Priscilla Rawson, d.Wilson, 16:1m:1734.PR38]

Deborah of Edgartown and Tristram Gardner of N., Jan.24,1734-5, in Edgartown.* [Deborah, d.Enoch and Beulah Eddy ("of the Vineyard"), and Tristram Gardner, s.Ebenezer and Eunice (Coffin).PR38]

Jedidah and John Hussey, 4:12m:"called February," 1733-4.CR4

Sarah and Samuel Stanton, 14:12m:"called February," 1733-4.CR4

Dinah and James Williams, Dec.31,1734. [Dinah, wid.Elisah, d.Peleg Bunker and Susannah (Coffin).PR38]

Katharine and Bethuel Gardner, Jan.8,1735-6.* [Catharine, d.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), and Bethuel Gardner, and s.Joseph and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Theodate, wid.Francis, d.Shubael Goreham and Puella of Barnstable, and Reuben Gardner, s.Solomon and Anna of Sherborn, 4:10m:"called December," 1735.CR4; [Theodate, wid.Francis, d.Shubael Gorham and Puella (Hussey), and Reuben Gardner, s.Solomon and Anna (Coffin).PR38]

Mary and Isaac Chase, Feb.24,1736-7.* [Mary, d.Joseph and Bethia (Macy), and Isaac Chase of M[artha's] Vineyard.PR38]

Alexander and Judith Bunker, Jan.12,1737-8.* [Alexander, s.Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard), and Judith Bunker, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth (Coffin), 12:1m:1737.PR38]

Zephaniah, s.Stephen dec'd and Experience of Sherborn, and Abigail Coleman, d.Solomon and Mary dec'd of Sherborn. 6:8m:1737.CR4; [Zephaniah, s.Stephen Jr. and Experience (Look), and Abigail Coleman, d.Solomon and Mary (Macy) 8:6m:.PR38]

Miriam and Joseph Chase, 26:10m:1737.CR4

Abigail and Daniel Smith, Dec.27,1737.* [Abigail, d.George and Ruth (Swain), and Daniel Smith, s.Armstrong and Hitty (Coffin), 末:12m:.PR38]

Daniel and Elizabeth Stretton, Dec.28,1737.* [Daniel of Boston and Elizabeth Stretton (second w.), d.William and Susanna (Cartwright).PR38]

Henry and Mary Woodbury, Feb.15,1738-9.* [Henry, s.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), and Mary Woodbury, d.Nathaniel and Abigail.PR38]

Benjamin and Rebecca Coffin, Mar.22,1738-9.* [Benjamin, s.James and Ruth (Gardner), and Rebecca Coffin, d.Bartlett and Judith (Bunder) [dup. 22:3m:1738].PR38]

Rebecca and Benjamin Coffin, Mar.22,1738-9.* [Rebecca, d.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), and Benjamin Coffin, s.James and Ruth (Gardner) [dup. 22:3m:1738].PR38]

Judith and Francis Macy, 30:5m:1738.CR4

Judith and Joseph Coffin Jan.8,1740-1.* [Judith d.Elisha and Dinah (Bunker), and Joseph Coffin, s.Ebenezer and Eleanor (Barnard),末蔓末,1740.PR38]

Joseph and Judith Coffin, Jan.8,1740-1.* [Joseph, s.Ebenezer and Eleanor (Barnard), and Judith Coffin, d.Elisha and Dinah (Bunker),末蔓末,1740.PR38]

Eunice and Francis Brown, Mar.6,1740.* [Eunice, d.George and Ruth (Swain), and Francis Brown, s.George and Sarah (Cartwright).PR38]

Ann and Paul Paddack, July24,1740.* [Anna, d.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), and Paul Paddack, s.Nathaniel.PR38]

John, s.Samuel and Miriam of Sherborn in N., and Kezia Folger, d.Daniel and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 4:10m:1740.CR4; [John, s.Samuel and Miriam (Gardner), and Kezia Folger, d.Daniel and Abigail (Folger), 末:8m:.PR38]

Elizabeth and Charles Swain, Nov.6,1740.* [Elizabeth, d.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), and Charles Swain, s.Eliakim and Elizabeth (Arthur) (first w.).PR38]

Hepzibah and Peleg Coffin, Dec.25,1740.* [Hepsibeth, d.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), and Peleg Coffin, s.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 25:12m:.PR38]

Peleg and Hepzibah Coffin, Dec.25,1740.* [Peleg, s.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), and Hepsibeth Coffin, d.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), 25:12m:.PR38]

Peleg and Hepzibah Coffin, Dec.25,1740.* [Peleg, s.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), and Hepsibeth Coffin, d.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), 25:12m:.PR38]

Mary, d.Paul and Mary (Allen), and John Thurston Sr. of Newport, RI,末蔓末,1741.*PR38

David, s.Samuel and Miriam of Sherborn in N., and Ruth Coleman, d.Elihu and Jemima of Sherborn in N., 4:12m:1741.CR4; [David, s.Samuel and Miriam (Gardner), and Ruth Coleman, d.Elihu and Jemima (Barnard), 4:10m:.PR38]

William, s.Samuel and Miriam of Sherborn, and Pricilla Paddack, d.Nathaniel and Ann of Sherborn. 4:10m:1740.CR4; [William, s.Samuel and Miriam (Gardner),末蔓末,1742 [dup. 11:6m:1740].PR38]

Hezekiah, s.Joseph and Bethiah dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Lydia Folger, d.Jethro and Mary of Sherborn in N., 3:1m:1742.CR4; [Hezekiah, s.Joseph and Bethiah (Macy), and Lydia Folger, d.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck).PR38]

Miriam and Richard Pinkham, 13:11m:1742.CR4

Tristram, s.Peter and Hope of Sherborn, and Jemima Barnard, d.Ebenezer and Mary of Sherborn. 8:1m:1743-4.CR4; [Tristram, s.Peter ("Nope") and Hope (Gardner), and Jemima Barnard, d.Ebenezer and Mary (Hussey) (Worth), 末:11m:1743.PR38]

Jonathan and Priscilla Coffin, June2,1743.* [Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), and Priscilla Coffin, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Priscilla and Jonathan Coffin, June2,1743.* [Priscilla, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Jonathan Coffin, s.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker).PR38]

Phebe and Tristram Swain, 6:8m:1743.CR4

Mary and Christopher Hussey, Aug.11,1743.* [Mary, d.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), and Christopher Hussey, s.Silvanus and Hephzibah (Starbuck) (second w.).PR38]

Johanna and Benjamin Stubs, Sept.1,1743.* [Joanna (first w.), d.Robert and Parnal (Coffin), and Benjamin Stubbs, s.William and Dinah (Manning) (first w.).PR38]

Jemima and Zaccheus Gardner, 8:10m:1743.CR4

Hannah and Abishai Barnard, 15:10m:1743.CR4

Mary and William Barnard, 5:11m:1743.CR4

Stephen, s.Zephaniah and Miriam dec壇 of Sherborn, and Mary Bunker, d.Samuel and Priscilla of Sherborn, 30:11m:"called January," 1751-2, in Sherborn.CR4; [Stephen, s.Zephaniah and Miriam (Macy) and Mary Bunker, d.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman), 7:1m:1744 [sic].PR38]

Robert, s.Peter and Hope of Sherbourn, and Jemima Gardner, d.Samuel and Patience of Sherbourn, 17:11m:"called January," 1744.CR4; [Robert, s.Peter and Hope (Gardner), and Jemima Gardner, d.Samuel and Patience (Swain) (second w.).PR38]

Hephzibah and Tristram Coffin, 7:1m:"called March," 1744-5.CR4

Samuel, s.Tristram and Mary of Edgartown, Dukes Co., and Elizabeth Gardner, d.Jonathan and Patience of Sherbourn, 6:7m:"called September," 1744.CR4; [Samuel, s.Tristram and Mary (Bunker), and Elizabeth Gardner, d.Jonathan and Patience (Bunker).PR38]

Elisha, s, Nathan and Lydia of Sherborn in N., and Rachel Gardner, d.James and Susanna of Sherborn in N., 9:11m:"called January," 1745.CR4; [Rachel, d.James and Susanna (Gardner).PR38]

Mary and John Gardner, Jan.24,1745. [Mary, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and John Gardner, s.John 3d and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38]

Kezia and John Gardner, Feb.28,1745. [Keziah, d.John and Lydia (Gardner), and John ("called Lonker") Gardner, s.Peleg and Hepsabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Tristram, s.Tristram and Mary of Edgar Town, Dukes Co., and Hephzibah Coffin, d.Zephaniah and Miriam dec壇 of Sherborn, 7:1m:"called March," 1744-5.CR4; [Tristram, s.Tristram and Mary (Bunker), and Hepzibah Coffin, d.Zephaniah and Miriam (Macy), 末末,1744.PR38]

Enoch and Love Gardner, May10 [int.May20], 1745. [Enoch, s.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), and Love Gardner, d.Peter and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Jethro and Hannah Pinkham, Dec.11,1746. [Jethro, s.John and Lydia (Mendom), and Hannah Pinkham, d.Jonathan and Hannah (Brown) (Coffin).PR38]

Reuben, s.Benjamin and Jedidah of Sherborn, and Mary Joy, d.David and Mary dec壇 of Sherborn, 10:1m:"called March," 1747, in Sherborn.CR4; [Reuben, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Mary Joy, d.David and Mary Taber.PR38]

Jonathan, s.Tristram and Mary of Edgartown, Dukes Co., and Eunice Barnard, d.Robert and Hephzibah of Sherborn in N., 14:11m:"called January," 1747.CR4; [Jonathan, s.Tristram and Mary (Bunker), and Eunice Barnard, d.Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin), Nov. [sic] 14.PR38]

Elisha, s, Nathan and Lydia of Sherborn in N., and Mary Gardner, d.Nathaniel dec'd and Mary of Sherborn in N., 10:1m:"called March," 1747.CR4; [Elisha, s.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), and Mary Gardner, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Mary (Folger).PR38]

Christian and Samuel Barker, Dec.10,1747. [Christian, d.Barlett and Judith (Bunker), and Samuel Barker, s.Samuel and Bethia (Folger), 10:12m:.PR38]

Priscilla and Christopher Coleman, 9:12m:"called February," 1748.CR4

Christian and Peter Long, Mar.3,1748. [Christian, d.Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), and Peter Long, s.Samuel and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Lydia and Benjamin Fosdick, Apr.21,1748.* [Lydia, d.John and Lydia (Gardner), and Benjamin Fosdick Sr., s.Jonathan and Sarah (Sprague).PR38]

Hannah and John Wilcocks, Dec.22,1748.* [Hannah, d.Prince and Mary (Skiff), and John Wilcox, s.Stephen and Judith.PR38]

Anna and Batchelor Hussey, 29:10m:"called December," 1748.CR4

Susanna and James Whippe, Jan.4,1749. [Susannah, d.Robert and Susanna (Coffin), and James Whippey Jr.PR38]

Katharine [int.Catherine] and Paul Folger, Feb.8,1749-50. [Catharine, d.Robert and Susanna (Coffin), and Paul Folger, s.Nathaniel and Priscilla (Chase).PR38]

John, s.Tristram and Mary of Edgartown, Dukes Co., and Anna Coleman, d.Elihu and Jemima of Sherborn in N., 12:8m:"called October," 1749, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [John, s.Tristram and Mary (Bunker), and Anna Coleman, d.Elihu and Jemima (Barnard), Aug.12.PR38]

Barnabas, s.Richard and Ruth of Sherborn in N., and Abigail Folger, d.Daniel dec'd and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 1:1m:"called March," 1749-50, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Barnabas, s.Richard and Ruth (Bunker), and Abigail Folger, d.Daniel and Abigail (Folger), 末:11m:1749.PR38]

Ruth and William Folger, 7:10m:"called December," 1749.CR4

Mary and Tristram Folger, 10:11m:"called January," 1750.CR4

George and Abigail Bunker, Feb.19,1750. [George, s.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), and Abigail Bunker, d.John and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Sarah, d.Charles and Mary Barrett, and John Leach, 末:7m:1750.*PR38

Abigail and Seth Swain, 8:9m:1750.CR4

Tristram, s.Tristram and Mary of Edgartown, Dukes Co., and Elizabeth Starbuck, d.Paul and Ann dec壇 of Sherborn, 29:9m:"called November," 1750, in Sherborn.CR4; [Tristram, s.Tristram and Mary (Bunker) and Elizabeth Starbuck (second w.), d.Paul and Ann (Tibbitts) (first w.), 末:8m:.PR38]

Judith and Nathaniel Hussey, 6:10m:"called December," 1750.CR4

Josiah and Judith Coffin, Dec.13,1750.* [Josiah Jr. and Judith Coffin, d.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 13:12m:1750.PR38; Dec.14.PR56]

Judith and Josiah Coffin, Dec.13,1750.* [Judith, d.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), and Josiah Coffin Jr., 13:12m:1750.PR38; Dec.14.PR56]

Elizabeth and Paul Starbuck, 28:8m:"called October," 1751.CR4

Eunice and Stephen Paddack, Oct.31,1751. [Eunice, d.Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), and Stephen Paddack, s.Daniel.PR38]

William, s.Benjamin and Jedidah of Sherborn, and Hephzibah Barney, d.Benjamin and Lydia dec壇 of Sherborn, 7:2m:"called February," 1754, in Sherborn.CR4; [William, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Hepsibeth Barney, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Starbuck),末蔓末,1752.PR38]

Ruth and Samuel Calder, Jan.30,1752. [Ruth, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Samuel Calder, "a Scotchman."PR38]

James and Jemima Swain, Feb.6,1752. [James, s.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), and Jemima Swain, d.John 3d and Mary (Swett).PR38]

Abigail and James Gardner, Feb.13,1752. [Abigail, d.Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), and James Gardner, s.Abel and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38]

John and Mary Davis, Mar.16,1752. [John, s.John and Lydia (Gardner), and Mary Davis, d.John and Margaret.PR38]

Elizabeth and Nathaniell [int.Nathaniel] Woodbury, Mar.30,1752. [Elizabeth, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Nathaniel Woodbury Jr.PR38]

Nathaniell [int.Nathaniel] and Abiel Hussey, Nov.16,1752. [Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Abiel Hussey, d.Obed and Margaret (Wilson).PR38]

Dinah and Abishai Bunker, 29:10m:"Called October," 1753.CR4

Deborah and Jonathan Myrick, Nov.2,1753. [Deborah, d.John and Lydia (Gardner), and Jonathan Myrick, s.Isaac and Deborah.PR38]

Richard, s.Richard and Ruth of Sherborn, and Mary Starbuck, d.Paul and Ann dec壇 of Sherborn, 8:11m:"called November," 1753, in Sherborn.CR4; [Richard, s.Richard and Ruth (Bunker), and Mary Starbuck, d.Paul and Ann (Tibbetts) (first w.), 末:9m:PR38]

Hephzibah and Joseph Allen, Dec.4,1753. [Hepsibeth, d.Robert and Susan [dup. Susanna (Coffin)], and Joseph Allen, s.Nathaniel and Mercy (Skiff) (Coffin).PR38]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Jedidah of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Hussey, d.Daniel and Sarah both dec'd of Sherborn in N., 7:2m:"called February," 1754, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Elizabeth Hussey, d.Daniel and Sarah (Gorham), 末:1m:.PR38]

William, s.Francis dec壇 and Theodate of Sherborn, and Jedidah Folger, d.John and Rebekah dec壇 of Sherborn, 28:2m:"Called February," 1754, in Sherborn.CR4; [William, s.Francis and Theodate (Gorham), and Jedidah Folger, d.John and Rebecca Baker of Cape Cod, 末:1m:.PR38]

Edward and Pernal [int.Parnal] Calef, Sept.26,1754. [Edward, s.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Parnal Calef, d.Dr. Peter and Sarah of Boston [dup. Charlestown].PR38]

Joshua and Beulah Gardner, Dec.18,1754. [Joshua, s.Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), and Beulah Gardner, d.Peter and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Shubael, s.Zephaniah and Miriam dec壇 of Sherborn, and Abigail Paddack, d.Eliphalet and Naomi of Sherborn, 9:1m:1755, in Sherborn.CR4; [Shubael, s.Zephaniah and Miriam (Macy), 末:11m:1754.PR38]

Abiail and Matthew Macy, 27:2m:1755.CR4

Bartlet and Lydia Myrick, Sept.29,1755. [Bartlett, s.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), and Lydia Myrick, d.Isaac.PR38]

Merab and John Woodbury, Nov.20,1755. [Merab, d.Elias and Love (Coffin).PR38]

Sarah and Robert Calef, July29,1758. [[dup. Sally] d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Robert Calef, s.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch),末蔓末,1756.PR38]

Mary and Jonathan Barnard, 8:1m:"called January," 1756.CR4

Thomas, s.Micah and Dorcas of Sherborn, and Abigail Russell, d.John and Ruth of Sherborn in N, 29:1m:"called January," 1756, in Sherborn.CR4; [Thomas, s.Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), and Abigail Russell, d.John and Ruth (Starbuck).PR38]

Joseph, s.Zaccheus and Mary of Sherborn, and Eunice Paddack, d.Daniel dec'd and Susanna of Sherborn, 5:2m:"Called February," 1756, in Sherborn.CR4; [Joseph, s.Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham).PR38]

Micajah, s.Benjamin and Jedidah of Sherborn, and Abigail Coleman, d.Elihu and Jemima of Sherborn, 6:1m:"called January," 1757, in Sherborn.CR4; [Micajah, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Abigail Coleman, d.Elihu and Jemima (Barnard).PR38]

Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Jedidah of Sherborn, and Rebekah Coleman, d.Barnabas and Rachel of Sherborn, 6:1m:"called January," 1757, in Sherborn.CR4; [Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Rebecca Coleman, d.Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey).PR38]

Anna and Silvanus Russell, 20:1m:"called January," 1757.CR4

Susanna and John Pinkham, May10,1757. [Susan (first w.), d.James and Priscilla (Rawson), and John Pinkham, s.Solomon and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

David, s.Tristram dec'd and Mary of Edgartown, Dukes Co., and Abigail Folger, d.Jonathan and Margaret dec'd of Sherborn in N., 29:8m:"called August," 1757, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [David, s.Tristram and Mary (Bunker), and Abigail Folger, d.Jonathan and Margaret (Gardner).PR38]

Joshua and Katharine Coffin, int.Dec.10,1757. [Joshua, s.James and Priscilla (Rawson), and Catharine Coffin, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), m.末末.PR38]

Katharine and Joshua Coffin, int.Dec.10,1757. [Catharine, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Joshua Coffin, s.James and Priscilla (Rawson), m.末末.PR38]

Nathan and Eunice Bunker, Jan.1,1758. [Nathan Jr., s.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), and Eunice Bunker, d.William and Jane (Coffin).PR38]

Jonathan and Margaret Coffin, int.Jan.28,1758. [Jonathan, s.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), and Peggy Coffin, d.Robert and Susanna (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Margaret and Jonathan Coffin, int.Jan.28,1758. [Peggy, d.Robert and Susanna (Coffin) and Jonathan Coffin, s.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), m.末末.*PR38]

Jedidah and Simeon Coffin, Sept.21,1758. [Jedida, wid.William, d.John Folger and Rebecca Baker of Cape Cod, and Simeon Coffin, s.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker).PR38]

Simeon and Jedidah Coffin, Sept.21,1758. [Simeon, s.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), and Jedida Coffin, wid.William, d.John Folger and Rebecca Baker of Cape Cod.PR38]

Ebenezer, s.Alexander dec'd and Judith of Sherborn in N., and Mary Cartwright, d.Hasadiah and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 1:3m:1759, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Ebenezar, s.Alexander and Judith (Bunker), and Mary Cartwright, d.Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown).PR38]

Anna and Joseph Clark, Oct.4,1759. [Anna, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Joseph Clar, s.David and Ruth (Marshall).PR38]

Miriam and Richard Macy, 4:10m:1759.CR4

Love and Jeremiah Prior [int.Jeremy Pryor], Oct.12,1759. [Jeremiah PrierNCR; Love (first w.), d.Elias and Love (Coffin), and Jeremiah Prior.PR38]

Jemima and Jonathan Pinkham, int.Oct.13,1759. [Jemima (second w.), wid.James, d.John Swain and Mary (Swett), and Jonathan Pinkham, s.John and Abigail (Bunker), m.末末.*PR38]

Dorcas and Christopher Swain, int.Nov.24,1759. [Dorcas (first w.), d.Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), and Christopher Swain, s.Richard and Elizabeth (Gardner), m.末末.PR38]

Eunice and Joseph Coleman, Jan.24,1760. [Eunice, d.Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), and Joseph Coleman, s.Joseph and Rachel (Norton).PR38]

Richard and Abigail Gardner, int.Feb.2,1760. [Richard 3d, s.John and Lydia (Gardner), and Abigail Gardner, d.Andrew and Mary (Gorham), m.末末.PR38]

Mary and George Lawrence, int.Mar.8,1760. [Mary, d.Peter and Deborah, and George Lawrence of Alexandria, VA, m.末末.PR38]

Uriah and Hephzibah Bunker, May13,1760. [Uriah, s.Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), and Hepsibeth Bunker, d.Uriah and Zaruiah (Pinkham).PR38]

Eunice and Samuel Ray, 10:7m:1760.CR4

Mary and Coggeshall Rothbun, int.Nov.29,1760. [Mary, d.Robert and Susanna (Coffin), and Coggeshall Rathbone, m.末末. "Moved to Ohio in 1812."PR38]

Mary and Charles Bunker, 11:12m:1760.CR4

Elisha and Eunice Myrick, Jan.22,1761. [Elisha, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and Eunice Myrick, d.Andrew.PR38]

Lydia and Benoni Hopkins, Mar.7,1761.

Elisabeth and Henry Folger, int.Sept.26,1761. [Betsey, d.Henry and Mary (Woodbury), and Henry Folger, s.Timothy and Anna (Chase), m.末末.PR38]

Alexander and Eunice Bunker, int.Oct.17,1761. [Alexander Jr., s.Alexander and Judith (Bunker), and Eunice Bunker, d.David and Elizabeth (Gorman), m.末末.PR38]

Deborah and Abel Gardner, int.Nov.7,1761. [Deborah, d.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Abel Gardner Jr., s.Abel and Pricilla (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Phebe and David Joy, 31:12m:"called December," 1761.CR4

Elisabeth and Jonathan Goreham Fitch, 4:2m:"called Feburary," 1762.CR4

Hezekiah, s.Zaccheus and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Abigail Coleman, d.Daniel and Elisabeth of Sherborn in N., 4:2m:"called February," 1762, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Hezekiah, s.Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), and Abigail Coleman, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers).PR38]

Abigail and Elias Coffin, Mar.4,1762. [Abigail, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Elias Coffin Jr., s.Elias and Love (Coffin).]CR4

Elias and Abigail Coffin, Mar.4,1762. [Elias Jr., s.Elias and Love (Coffin), and Abigail Coffin, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Benjamin, s.Nathaniel dec'd and Damaris of N., and Deborah Macy, d.Thomas and Deborah dec'd of Sherborn in N., 29:4m:1762, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), and Deborah Macy (second w.), d.Thomas and Deborah (Coffin).PR38]

Rebekah and George Gardner, int.May22,1762. [Rebecca, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and George Gardner, s.Grafton Sr. and Abigail (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Lydia and James Anthony, int.July10,1762. [Lydia, d.Richard and Ruth (Bunker), and James Anthony, s.James of NC, m.末末.PR38]

Shubael, s.Zaccheus and Mary of Sherborn, and Mary Mitchel, d.Richard and Mary of Sherborn, 6:1m:"called January," 1763, in Sherborn.CR4; [Shubael, s.Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), and Mary Mitchell, d.Richard and Mary (Starbuck), 末:11m:1762.PR38]

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Mary of Sherborn, and Phebe Coffin, d.Tristram and Jemima dec'd of Sherborn, 10:2m:"called February," 1763, in Sherborn.CR4; [Nathaniel 3d [dup Jr.], s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Phebe Coffin, d.Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), 末:12m:1762.PR38]

Anna and Charles Clasby, 6:1m:"called January," 1763.CR4

Phebe and Nathaniel Coffin, 10:2m:"called February," 1763.CR4

Hephzibah and Timothy Jackson, int.Feb.12,1763. [Hepzibah, d.Robert, m.末末.PR38]

Elizabeth and Josiah Barker, 17:11m:"called November," 1763.CR4

Elizabeth and Andrew Myrick, int.Dec.末,1763.

Paul, s.Zephaniah and Abigail of Sherborn, and Susanna Bunker, d.Jonathan and Judith of Sherborn, 8:12m:"called December," 1763, in Sherborn.CR4; [Paul, s.Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman) (second w.), and Susanna Bunker, d.Jonathan and Judith (Macy).PR38]

Paul, s.Zephaniah and Abigail of Sherborn, and Susanna Bunker, d.Jonathan and Judith of Sherborn, 8:12m:"called December," 1763, in Sherborn.CR4; [Paul, s.Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman) (second w.) and Susanna Bunker, d.Jonathan and Judith (Macy).PR38]

Sheffield, s.Nathaniel and Mary of Sherborn, and Elisabeth Barnard, d.Mathew and Mary of Sherborn, 10:1m:"called January," 1765, in Sherborn.CR4; [Sheffield, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Elizabeth Barnard, d.Matthew and Mary (Tibbits),末蔓末,1764, "removed in 1785."PR38]

Bethiah and Mathew Bunder, 5:1m:"called January," 1764.CR4

Prince and Mary Arthur, int.Oct.13,1764. [Prince, s.Elias and Love, and Mary Arthur, d.Thomas and Mary Edmunds, m.末末.PR38]

Shubael, s.Zephaniah and Miriam dec壇 of Sherborn, and Mary Swain, d.Caleb and Margaret of Sherborn, 8:11m:"called November," 1764, in Sherborn.CR4; [Shubael, s.Zephaniah and Miriam (Macy), and Mary Swain, d.Caleb and Margaret (Paddack).PR38]

Deborah and Abner Briggs, Nov.19,1764. [Deborah, d.Nathan and Lydia (Bunker).PR38]

Anna and Jonathan Gardner, 29:11m:"called November," 1764.CR4

Elizabeth, d.William and Ann (Holmes), and Thomas Amory,末蔓末,1765.*PR38

David, s.Samuel and Miriam dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Christian Allen, d.Edmond Heath dec'd and Katharine of Sherborn in N., 3:1m:"called January," 1765, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [David, s.Samuel and Miriam (Gardner), and Christian Allen, wid.Ebenezer, d.Edmund Heath and Catharine Sillevan.PR38]

Anna and George Pinkham, Jan.8,1765. [Anna (second w.), d.Elias and Love (Coffin), and George Pinkham, s.Barnabas and Priscilla (Gardner).PR38]

Abigail and Samuel Marshall, int.Feb.16,1765. [Abigail, d.Abner and Phebe (Butler), and Samuel Marshall, s.James and Patience Rider, m.末末.]CR4

Abner and Patience Russel, int.Apr.18,1765. [Abner s.Abner and Phebe (Butler), and Patience Russell (first w.), d.Jonathan and Patience (Swain), m.末末.PR38]

Elizabeth and Daniel Black, int.May11,1765. [Elizabeth, d.Abner and Phebe (Butler), and Daniel Black, s.Douglas and Percis (Arthur), m.末末.PR38]

Susanna and Jethro Pinkham, Oct.8,1765.* [Susanna, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and Jethro Pinkham, s.Theophilas and Deborah (Paddack).PR38]

Judith and George Lawrence, 28:11m:"called November," 1765.CR4

Mary and Thomas Brock, Nov.28,1765. [Mary, d.Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), and Thomas Brock, s.Thomas and Patience (Gardner).PR38]

Deborah and Mathew Barnard, 2:1m:"called January," 1766.CR4

James and Sarah Whitney, Feb.27,1766. [James, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Sarah Whitney, d.Dr. John and Peggy.PR38]

Benjamin, s.James and Ruth dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Hannah Bunker, d.Jabez dec'd and Hannah of Sherborn in N., 3:4m:"called April," 1766, in sherborn in N.CR4; [Benjamin, s.James and Ruth (Gardner), and Hannah Bunker, d.Jabez and Hannah (Gardner).PR38]

Margaret and Jethro Hussey, Oct.16,1766. [Margaret, d.James and Priscilla (Rawson), and Jethro Hussey, s.George and Elizabeth (Starbuck).PR38]

Laurana [int.Lurana] and Zebdiel Coffin, Oct.30,1766. [LauranaNCR; Lurania, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and Zebdial Coffin, s.Peleg and Hepsibeth (Coffin).PR38]

Zebdiel and Laurana [int.Lurana] Coffin, Oct.30,1766. [LauranaNCR; Zebdial, s.Peleg and Hepsibeth (Coffin) and Lurania Coffin, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin).PR38]

Caleb and Deborah Alden, int.Dec.27,1766. [Caleb, s.Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), and Deborah Alden of Duxbury, m.末末.PR38]

Josiah Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Priscilla Gardner, Jan.4,1767. [Josiah Jr.NCR; Josiah Esq., s.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Priscilla Gardner, wid.Christopher, d.Nathaniel Woodbury and Abigail.PR38]

Hephzibah and Joshua Coffin, Jan.15,1767. [Hepsibeth, d.Jonathan and Eunice (Barnard), and Joshua Coffin, s.Jonathan Jr. and Pricilla (Coffin).PR38]

Joshua and Hephzibah Coffin, Jan.15,1767. [Joshua, s.Jonathan Jr. and Priscilla (Coffin), and Hepsibeth Coffin, d.Jonathan and Eunice (Barnard).PR38]

Libni, s.William and Priscilla of Sherborn, and Hephzibah Starbuck, d.Joseph and Ruth dec'd of Sherborn, 20:1m:"called January," 1767 in Sherborn.CR4; [Libni, s.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Hephzibah Starbuck, d.Joseph and Ruth (Macy).PR38]

Lydia and Tristram Pinkham, Jan.29,1767. [Lydia, d.Peter and Susanna (Bunker), and Tristram Pinkham, s.Solomon and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

Obed and Phebe Gardner, Jan.29,1767. [Obed, s.Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), and Phebe Gardner, d.Caleb and Abigail (Gardner) (first w.).PR38]

末末, [and] 末末 末末, int.Feb.6,1767.

Zephaniah, s.Zephaniah and Abigail of Sherborn, and Hephzibah Bunker, d.Jonathan and Judith of Sherborn, 7:1m:., "called January," 1768, in Sherborn.CR4; [Zephaniah Jr., s.Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman), and Hepsibeth Bunker, d.Jonathan and Judith (Macy), 末:11m:1767.PR38]

Seth, s.Benjamin and Jedidah dec壇 of Sherborn, and Lydia Barnard, d.William and Lydia of Sherborn, 3:12m:"called December," 1767, in Sherborn.CR4; [Seth, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Lydia Barnard, d.William and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Seth, s.David and Ruth dec壇 of Sherborn, and Susanna Barnard, d.Timothy and Mary dec壇 of Sherborn, 3:12m:"called December," 1767, in Sherborn.CR4; [Seth, s.David and Ruth (Coleman), and Susanna Barnard, d.Timothy and Mary (Bunker).PR38]

Mary and James Lane, int.Dec.12,1767.

Silvanus, s.Richard and Ruth of Sherborn, and Elisabeth Hussey, d.William and Abigail of Sherborn. 31:12m:"called December," 1767, in Sherborn.CR4; [Silvanus, s.Richard and Ruth (Bunker), and Elizabeth Hussey, d.William and Abigail (Starbuck).PR38]

Ephraim and Sarah Butler, Jan.21,1768. [Ephraim, s.Robert and Susanna (Coffin), and Sarah Folger [sic], d.Susannah (d.Richard).PR38]

Mary and Paul Starbuck, 4:2m:"called February," 1768.CR4

Tristram, s.Tristram and Hephzibah dec壇 of Sherborn, and Mary Pinkham, d.Richard and Miriam of Sherborn, 3:3m:"called March," 1768, in Sherborn.CR4; [Tristram, s.Tristram Jr. and Hepzibah (Coffin), and Mary Pinkham, d.Richard and Miriam (Coffin).PR38]

Charles and Dinah Colman, int.Sept.10,1768. [Charles, s.Nathan and Lydia and Dinah Coleman, d.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), m.末末.*PR38]

James and Janet Coffin, Nov.24,1768. [James, s.James and Priscilla (Rawson), and Jeanette Coffin, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Janet and James Coffin, Nov.24,1768. [Jeanette, d.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and James Coffin, s.James and Priscilla (Rawson).PR38]

Susanna and Simeon Swain, int.Dec.17,1768. [Susanna, d.Abner and Phebe (Butler), and Simeon Swain, s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Wyer), m.末末.PR38]

William, s.David and Mary dec壇 of Edgartown, Dukes Co., and Lydia Coleman, d.Jethro and Lydia dec壇 of Sherborn, 29:12m:"called December," 1768, in Sherborn.CR4; [William, s.David and Mary Lumbert and Lydia Coleman, d.Jethro and Lydia (Paddack), 末:11m:[dup. 末:11m:1769].PR38]

Elisabeth and William Ray, 2:2m:"called February," 1769.CR4

Hephzibah and Thaddeus Waterman, Feb.22,1769. [Hepsibeth, d.Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38]

Abisha and Sarah long, int.Oct.14,1769. [Abishai, s.Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), and Sarah Long, d.John and Jane Luce, m.末末.PR38]

Lydia and Jonathan Downs, Oct.17,1769. [Lydia, d.Enoch and Love (Gardner), and Jonathan Downs, s.Nathaniel and Deborah.PR38]

Zachariah and Deborah Beard, int.Oct.28,1769. [Zaccheus Coffen of Shearburn (N.) and Deborah Beard of Dartmouth, m.Nov.16, in DartmouthBCM; Zacheriah Coffin, s.Joseph and Judith (Coffin), and Deborah Beard, d.John and Deborah (Pease), m.末末.PR38]

Jethro and Margaret Brock, Oct.30,1769. [Jethro, s.Robert and Susanna (Coffin), and Margaret Brock, d.John and Ann (Bunker).PR38; both of Sherborn on N.PR68]

Henry and Lydia Fosdick, Nov.30,1769. [Henry, s.Henry and Mary (Woodbury), and Lydia Fosdick, d.Benjamin and Priscilla [dup. Lydia (Coffin) (second w.)].PR38]

Phebe and Benjamin Worth, 30:11m:"called November," 1769.CR4

Paul, s.Benjamin and Jedidah of Sherborn, and Ruth Pinkham, d.Shubael and Eunice dec'd of Sherborn, 1:2m:"called February," 1770, in Sherborn.CR4; [Paul, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Ruth Pinkham, d.Shubael and Eunice (Gardner) (first w.), 末:12m:1769.PR38]

Paul, s.Benjamin and Jedidah of Sherborn, and Ruth Pinkham, d.Shubael and Eunice dec'd of Sherborn, 1:2m:"called February," 1770, in Sherborn.CR4; [Paul, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Ruth Pinkham, d.Shubael and Eunice (Gardner) (first w.), 末:12m:1769.PR38]

Tabitha and illegibleer Boston, int.Dec.30,1769.

Lydia and Richard Russel, int.Jan.7,1770. [Lydia, d.Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), and Richard Russell, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Gardner), m.末末. "Moved to Maine."PR38]

Jedidah and Robert Meder, Jan.11,1770. [Jedida, d.Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), and Robert Meader.PR38]

Zaccheus and Thankfull Joy, Mar.22,1770. [Zaccheus, s.Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), and Thankful Joy, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Covill)PR38; both of Sherborn.PR68]

Eunice and Ezekiel Canfield, int.Apr.1,1770.

Mary and Zephaniah Pinkham, Apr.8,1770. [Mary, d.James and Jemima (Swain), and Zephaniah Pinkham Jr., s.Zephaniah and Sarah (Maxey).PR38]

Ann and Jethro Starbuck, 7:6m:1770.CR4

Elijah and Abigail Folger, June10,1770. [Elijah, s.Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger), and Abigail Folger, d.Zaccheus and Abigail.PR38]

Jonathan and Sarah Fosdick, Oct.18,1770. [Jonathan, s.Robert and Susanna (Coffin), and Sarah [dup. Sally] Fosdick, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Samuel, s.William and Priscilla of Sherborn, and Mary Carr, d.Thomas dec壇 and Mary of Sherborn, 29:11m:1770, in Sherborn.CR4; [Samuel, s.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Mary Carr, d.Thomas and Mary (Duanne) (Bunker), 末:12m:.PR38]

Jethro and Eunice Pinkham, Dec.13,1770. [Jethro, s.Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham) and Eunice Pinkham, d.Shubael and Eunice (Gardner) (first w.).PR38]

Jonathan, s.David and Mary dec'd of Edgartown, Dukes Co., and Phebe Coffin, d.Richard and Mary of Sherborn in N., 20:12m:1770, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Dec.22PR4; Jonathan, s.David and Mary Lumbert, and Phebe Coffin, d.Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck).PR38]

Phebe and Jonathan Coffin, 20:12m:1770.CR4

Anna and Valentine Barnard, 28:12m:"called December," 1770.CR4

Judith and Thomas Brock, Feb.28,1771. [Judith, d.Josiah and Judith (Coffin), and Thomas Brock, s.John and Ann (Bunker).PR38]

Mary and Brown Folger, Mar.7,1771. [Mary, d.Henry and Mary (Woodbury), and Brown Folger, s.Timothy and Anna (Chase).PR38]

John and Elizabeth Gardner, June30,1771. [John, s.Elias and Love (Coffin), and Elizabeth Gardner, d.George and Elizabeth (Chase).PR38]

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Mary of Sherborn, and Priscillai Gardner, d.Thomas and Hannah of Sherborn, 10:10m:1771, in Sherborn.CR4; [Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Mary (Sheffield), and Priscilla Gardner, d.Thomas and Hannah (Swain).PR38]

Uriah and Mary Jenkins, Oct.15,1771. [Uriah, s.Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), and Mary Jenkins, d.Peter and Abigail (Gardner).PR38]

Abigail and Solomon Bunker, Oct.27,1771. [Abigail, d.Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman), and Solomon Bunker, s.David and Elizabeth (Gorham).PR38; both of Sherborn in N.PR68]

Solomon and Eunice Macy, Dec.5,1771. [Solomon, s.Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman), and Eunice Macy, d.Nathaniel and Abigail (Pinkham)PR38; Soloman and Eunies Macy, both of Sherborn.PR68]

Mary and John Cox, Oct.29,1772. [Mary, d.Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Jemima and Robert Russel, Nov.12,1772. [Jemima, d.Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), and Robert Russell, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Gardner).PR38]

Barnabas, s.William and Priscillai of Sherborn in N., and Phebe Marshall, d.Joseph and Phebe of Sherborn in N, 7:1m:1773, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Barnabas, s.William and Priscilla (Paddack), and Phebe Marshall, d.Joseph Jr. and Phebe (Folger), 末:11m:1772, "removed 1773."PR38]

James Esq., s.Enoch Esq. and Jane Claghorn of M[artha's] Vineyard, and Huldah Allen, d.Robert and Desire, "Ju" 末, [dup. Sept.9], 1773.*PR38

Anna and Jonathan Upham, Sept.26,1773. [Anna, d.John and Anna (Coleman), and Jonathan Upham Jr., s.Jonathan and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Peter and Miriam Perry, Oct.18,1773. [Peter, s.Peter ("Nope") and Hope (Gardner), and Miriam Perry (second w.), d.James and Miriam (Stretton), "Removed to New Garden 8. 30. 1784."PR38; MarriamPR68]

Bartlet and Margaret [int.Margret] Tupper, Oct.21,1773. [MaryNCR; Bartlett, s.Peleg and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Peggy Tupper, wid.Benjamin, d.Barnabas Pinkham.PR38]

Eunice and Stephen Coffin, 13:1m:1774.CR4

Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary of Sherborn, and Eunice Coffin, d.Jonathan dec壇 and Eunice of Sherborn, 13:1m:1774, in Sherborn.CR4; [Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Eunice Coffin, d.Jonathan and Eunice (Barnard).PR38]

Reuben, s.Tristram and Elisabeth of Sherborn, and Pernal Gardner, d.Daniel and Provided of Sherborn, 3:2m:1774, in Sherborn.CR4; [Reuben, s.Tristram and Elizabeth (Starbuck), and Parnal Gardner, d.Daniel and Provided (Allen), 末:12m:1773.PR38]

Samuell and Eunice Folger, int.Mar.8,1774. [Samuel, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Eunice Folger, d.Peter and Christian (Swain), m.末末.PR38]

Miriam and Charles Hubbs, May1,1774. [Miriam, d.David and Ruth (Coleman), and Charles Hobbs.PR38]

Merab and William Myrick, int.June11,1774. [Merab, d.Joseph and Judith (Coffin), and William Myrick, s.Isaac, m.末末.PR38]

Josiah and Eunice Gardner, int.June25,1774. [Josiah, s.Josiah and Judith (Coffin), and Eunice Gardner, d.Uriah and Judith (Bunker) (Coffin) (second w.), m.末末.PR38]

Eunice and Manuel Joseph, July7,1774. [Eunice, d.Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), and Manual Joseph, "Portuguese,"PR38; EuniesPR8]

Susanna, d.Joseph and Eunice of Sherborn, and Abishai Swain, s.Tristram and Phebe dec壇 of Sherborn, 4:8m:1774, in Sherborn.CR4; [Susan (second w.), d.Joseph and Eunice (Paddack), and Abishai Swain, s.Tristram and Phebe (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

Hannah and Reuben Folger, Sept.8,1774. [Hannah, d.Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), and Reuben Folger, s.Peter 3d and Christian (Swain), "removed to Hudson."PR38]

Walter and Sally Bristow, int.Sept.24,1774.

Hephzibah and Nathaniell Barnard, Oct.13,1774. [Hepsibeth, d.Enoch and Love (Gardner), and Nathaniel Barnard, s.Abishai and Hannah (Coffin).PR38]

John and Susanna Clark, int.Nov.25,1774. [John Jr., s.John and Anna (Coleman), and Susan Clark, d.Reuben and Mary (Whippey), m.末末.PR38]

Patience and Nathan Waldron, Feb.22,1776. [Patience, wid.Abner, d.Jonathan Russell and Patience (Swain),末蔓末,1775.PR38; both of Sherborn.PR68]

David, s.Samuel and Miriam dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Clasby, d.William and Abiel dec'd of Sherborn in N., 5:1m:1775, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [David, s.Samuel and Miriam (Gardner), and Elizabeth [dup Eliza] Clasby, d.William and Abiel (Gardner)PR38; ElizabethPR64]

Francis and Hephzibah [int.Heppyzibah] Swain, July3,1775. [HephzibahNCR; Francis, s.Peleg and Elizabeth (Hussey), and Hepsibeth Swain, d.Reuben and Hannah (Macy) (second w.).PR38]

Mary and William Abrams, July27,1775. [Mary, d.Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), and William Abrahms, s.William Jr. of Charlestown and Elizabeth (Renuff)PR38; AbramsPR68]

Patience and Elihu Millar [int.Miller], Aug.3,1775. [MillerNCR;PR68]

Brown and Deborah Coleman, Aug.20,1775. [Brown, s.Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), and Deborah Coleman, d.Solomon and Mehitable (Gardner).PR38]

Seth and Lydia Myrick, Oct.8,1775. [Seth, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and Lydia Myrick, d.Jonathan.PR38]

Mary and Richard Baxter, Nov.2,1775. [Richard, s.Christopher and Mary (Worth)PR38; Molly and Richard Baxter of Yarmouth.PR68]

Abner 3d and Elizabeth Gardner, Nov.16,1775. [Abner, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Elizabeth Gardner, d.Peleg and Eunice (Gorham).PR38]

Abner and Desire Benthall, Dec.24,1775. [Abner Jr., s.Abner and Phebe (Butler), and Desire Benthall [dup. Benthal], wid.Eber. d.Zacheriah Bunker and Desire (Gorham).PR38; BenthallPR68]

Tabitha and Uriel Rea [int.Ray], May5,1776. [ReaNCR; Tabby and Uriel Rea.PR64]

Elihu and Eunice Folger, int.June1,1776. [Elihu, s.David and Ruth (Coleman), and Eunice Folger, d.Benjamin and Judith (Barnard), m.末末.*PR38]

Silas and Anna (int.Nanna) Pain, June26,1776. [AnnaNCR; Silas, s.Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), and Anna Paine.PR38]

Matilda and Matthew Coffin, int.Oct.12,1776. [Matilda, d.Joseph and Judith (Coffin), and Matthew Coffin, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), m.末末.PR38]

Matthew and Matilda Coffin, int.Oct.12,1776. [Matthew, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Matilda Coffin, d.Joseph and Judith (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

James and Rhoda Gardner, int.Nov.23,1776. [James, s.James and Jemima (Swain) and Rhoda Gardner, d.Nathaniel and Anna (Beard), m.末末.PR38]

Abel and Deborah Russel, Dec.29,1776. [Abel, s.James and Priscilla (Rawson), and Deborah Russell, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Gardner).PR38]

Kezia and Phinehas Fanning, Apr.5,1777. [Kezia, d.John and Kezia (Folger) and Phineas Fanning, s.Col. Phineas of LI.PR38; PhineasPR65]

Jonathan, s.Tristram and Elizabeth of Sherborn in N., and Abigail Austin, d.Benjamin and Susanna of Sherborn in N., 2:10m:1777, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Jonathan, s.Tristram and Elizabeth (Starbuck), and Abigail Austin, d.Benjamin and Susan [dup. Susanna] (Chase), 末:8m:.PR38]

Elijah and Ruth Coffin, int.Jan.3,1778. [Elijah, s.David of M[artha's] Vineyard and Mary Lumbert, and Ruth Coffin, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Ruth and Elijah Coffin, int.Jan.3,1778. [Ruth, d.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and Elijah Coffin, s.David of M[artha痴] Vineyard and Mary Lumbert, m.末末.PR38]

Jared, s.Peleg dec'd and Elizabeth of Sherborn in N., and Eunice Barnard, d.Joseph and Mary of Sherborn in N., 30:4m:1778, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Jared, s.Peleg and Elizabeth (Hussey), and Eunice Barnard, d.Joseph and Mary (Gardner). 末:3m:.PR38]

Judith and Andrew Arthur, int.July4,1778. [Judith, d.Elisha and Mary (Gardner), and Andrew Arthur, s.Thomas and Mary Edmunds, m.末末.PR38]

Hepzibah, d.Nathan and Eunice (Bunker), and Charles Marshall, s.Benjamin and Mary (Macy), June7,1786, "removed 31:5m:1779. "*PR38

Margaret and Nathaniell Barret, June3,1779. [Margaret, wid.Jethro, d.John Brock and Anna (Bunker), and Nathaniel Barrett.PR38]

Mary and William Johnson, July8,1779. [Mary, d.Timothy and Priscilla (Cook).PR38; PollyPR68]

Merab and Paul Mitchel, 30:12m:1779.CR4

Isaiah, s.Micajah and Abigail of Sherborn in N., and Sarah Folger, d.Christopher and Abigail both dec'd of Sherborn, in N, 2:3m:1780, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Isaiah, s.Micajah and Abigail (Coleman), and Sally [dup. Sarah] Folger, d.Christopher and Abigail (Barnard) (first w.).PR38]

Parnel and Silas Rand Aug.17,1780. [Parnal (first w.), d.Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), and Silas Rand s.Caleb and Catharine, "Lived in Hudson."PR38]

Gideon, s.Micajah and Abigail of Sherborn in N., and Phebe Barnard, d.William and Mary both dec'd of Sherborn in N., 30:11m:1780, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Gilbert, s.Micajah and Abigail (Coleman), and Phebe Barnard, d.William and Mary (Coffin), 末:10m:.PR38]

Abial and Jonathan Barney, 1:3m:1781.CR4

Bartlet, s.Benjamin and Rebecca dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Sarah Coffin, d.Richard and Mary of Sherborn in N., 1:11m:1781, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Bartlett, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and Sarah Coffin, d.Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck).PR38]

Sarah and Bartlet Coffin, 1:11m:1781.CR4

Eliakim, s.Benjamin and Rebecca dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Judith Starbuck, d.William and Mary of Sherborn in N., 29:11m:1781, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Eliakim, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and Judith Starbuck, d.William and Mary (Folger).PR38]

Margaret and Jabez Arey [int.Ary], Dec.20,1781. [AreyNCR; Margaret, d.George and Abigail (Bunker), and Jabez Arey [dup. Airey].PR38]

William and Deborah Pinkham, Dec.29,1781. [Dec.30GR3; William, s.William and Jedida (Folger), and Deborah Pinkham, d.Jonathan and Jemima (Swain) (Coffin) (second w.), Dec.29.PR38]

Obed, s.Samuel and Elizabeth late of Martins Vineyard, "now Resident at or near pleasant River," and Deborah Coleman, d.Jethro and Lydia of Nine Partners, NY, 3:1m:1782, in Sherborn.CR4; [Obed, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Deborah Coleman, d.Jethro and Lydia (Macy).PR38]

William and Sarah Gardner, Jan.17,1782. [William, s.Timothy and Priscilla, and Sarah [dup. Sally] Gardner, d.Thaddeus and Susanna (Hussey).PR38]

Huldah and Moses Atkins [int.Akin], Dec.5,1782. [AkinsNCR; Huldah, d.Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), and Moses Akin, in New York.PR38]

Deborah and Jethro Coleman Jr.,末蔓末,1783.PR38

Aaron, s.Benjamin Jr. and Elizabeth (Hussey), and Mary Barnard, d.William and Mary (Coffin) of New Garden, NC, 15:1m:1783.*PR38

Lettice and Reuben Ray, 30:1m:1783.CR4

Abihu and Elizabeth Wotton, Mar.15,1783. [Abihu, s.Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger), and Elizabeth Wharton, wid.Jonathan, d.John Folger and Love (Gabriel) (first w.).PR38]

Abigail and Silvanus Russel, Apr.12,1783. [Abigail (Second w.), w.Hezekiah, d.Daniel Colemand and Elizabeth, and Silvanus Russell, s.Jonathan and Patience (Swain).PR38]

James [int.3d] and Hannah Gardner, Aug.10,1783. [JamesNCR; James, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Hannah Gardner, wid.James Jr., d.末末 Chipman.PR38]

Robert and Lydia Coleman, Nov.20,1783. [Robert, s.Robert and Jemima, and Lydia Coleman, d.Reuben and Lydia (Swain).PR38]

Abial and Christopher Hussey, int.Dec.6,1783. [Abial, d.Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman), and Christopher Hussey Jr., s.Christopher and Mary (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Daniel and Elizabeth Gardner, Dec.14,1783. [Daniel, s.Jonathan 2d and Priscilla (Coffin), and Elizabeth Gardner, d.Joshua and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Deborah and Samuell Folger, Dec.25,1783. [Deborah, d.Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), and Samuel Folger, s.Owen and Eunice (Smith).PR38]

Deborah and George Pinkham, Jan.27,1784. [AbigailNCR; Deborah, d.Simeon and Jedidah (Coffin), and George Pinkham, s.William and Phebe (Wyer).PR38]

Jedidah and Francis Joy, 29:1m:1784.CR4

Alexander Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Lydia Hussey, Apr.15,1784. [Alexander Jr.NCR; Alexander Jr., s.Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), and Lydia Hussey, d.Bachelor and Anna (Coffin) [dup. Apr.5].PR38]

Edward and Jane Clark, Aug.26,1784. [Edward Jr., s.Edward and Parnal (Calef), and Jeanette [dup. Janet] Clark, d.Reuben and Mary (Whippey).PR38]

Daniel, s.Barnabas dec'd and Abigail of Sherborn in N., and Huldah Bunker, d.Bachelor and Bethiah dec'd of Beddeford, York Co., 2:9m:1784, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Daniel, s.Barnabas and Abigail (Folger), and Huldah Bunker, d.Batchelder and Bethia (Hussey), 末:7m:.PR38]

Christopher and Abigail Coleman, Oct.16,1784. [Christopher, s.Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck), and Abigail Coleman, d.Enoch and Mary (Myrick).PR38]

Solomon and Phebe Gardner, Oct.18,1784. [Solomon, s.Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman), and Phebe Gardner, wid.Zacheriah, d.William Clark and Zilpha Rich.PR38]

Sally and Samuell Barret, Oct.23,1784. [Sally, d.Simeon and Jedidah (Coffin), and Samuel Barrett, s.Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning.PR38]

Deborah and Henry Perry, Oct.28,1784. [Deborah, d.Thomas and Abigail (Russell), and Henry Perry, s.James and Miriam (Stretton).PR38]

Joseph and Betsey Palmer, int.Nov.6,1784. [Joseph, painter, s.Joseph and Abigail (Pilsbury) of Newbury, and Betsey Palmer, d.Samuel, m.末末.PR38]

James and Susanna Pinkham, Nov.18,1784. [James Josiah, s.Josiah and Judith (Coffin), and Susan [dup. Susanna] Pinkham, d.John and Susan [dup. Susanna] (Coffin).PR38]

Simeon [int.Jr.] and Polly Whippy [int.Whippe], Nov.20,1784. [Simeon and Polly WhippeNCR; Simeon, s.Simeon and Jedidah (Coffin), and Mary Whippey, d.Samuel and Parnal.PR38]

Patience and Nathan Waldron, Apr.7,1785.

Lydia and Jedidiah Fitch, May26,1785. [Lydia, d.Richard and Abigail (Gardner), and Jedediah Fitch, s.Beriah and Deborah (Gorham).PR38]

Joshua and Jennet Gardner, June11,1785. [Jenet.NCR; Joshua, s.Joshua and Beulah (Gardner) [dup. Jonathan and Hepsabeth, sic], and Jeanette Gardner, d.Joshua and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

John and Hephzibah Folger, June19,1785. [Johns, s.Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), and Hepsibeth Folger, d.Paul and Catharine (Coffin).PR38]

Philip and Hannah Wharton, June26,1785. [Philip, s.Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), and Hannah Wharton, d.Lindsey.PR38]

Job and Mary Ray, Aug.1,1785. [Job, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Mary Ray, d.Samuel and Eunice (Barnard) (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Peter and Anna Myrick, Oct.9,1785. [Peter, s.Paul and Mary (Allen), and Anna Myrick, d.Andrew and Jedida.PR38]

Lydia and Daniel Barney, 1:12m:1785.CR4

Sarah and James Barker, 2:2m:1786.CR4

Laban of Sherbourn, s.Richard and Mary of London, and Phebe Bunker, d.Charles and Mary of Sherbourn, 27:4m:1786, in Sherbourn.CR4; [Laban, s.Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck), and Phebe Bunker, d.Charles and Mary (Coffin) 末:3m:.PR38]

Susanna and Obed Folger, Aug.9,1786. [Susanna, d.Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), and Obed Folger, s.John and Love (Gabriel) (first w.).PR38]

Zenas, s.Micajah and Abigail of Sherbourn, and Abiel Gardner, d.Daniel dec壇 and Provided of Sherbourn, 28:9m:1786, in Sherbourn.CR4; [Zenas, s.Micajah and Abigail (Coleman), and Abial Gardner, d.Daniel and Provided (Allen).PR38]

Sally and John Morris, Feb.8,1787. [Sally Calif CoffinGRI; Sally C., d.Edward and Parnal (Calef), and John Morris, s.Jacob and Judith.PR38]

Latham and Elizabeth Coleman, Mar.1,1787. [Latham, s.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), and Elizabeth Coleman, d.Enoch and Mary (Myrick).PR38]

Jonathan and Mary Woodbury, June12,1787. [Jonathan, s.Abner and Patience (Russell), and 末末 Woodbury, d.John.PR38]

Robert and Lovey Black, July26,1787. [Robert, s.Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), and Love Black, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin), 27:7m:.PR38]

Alpheus and Lovey Pitts, Aug.7,1787. [Alpheus, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker), and Love Pitts, d.Jonathan and Huldah (Coleman).PR38]

Bartlet, S. Thomas and Abigail of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Bunker, d.Charles and Mary of Sherborn in N., 29:11m:1787, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Bartlett, s.Thomas and Abigail (Russell), and Elizabeth Bunker, d.Charles and Mary (Coffin) [dup. 末:10m].PR38]

Charlotte [int.Charlottee] and William Cobb, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Apr.2,1788. [CharlotteNCR; Charlotte, d.Joshua and Catherine (Coffin).PR38]

Rebekah [int.Rebecca] and George Chace, July17,1788. [RebekahNCR; Rebecca, d.Barnabas and Abigail (Folger), and George Chase, s.Shubael and Sarah (Manter).PR38; Rebecca.PR64]

Sally and Daniel Whitney, Sept.30,1788. [Sarah, d.Timothy and Priscilla, and Daniel Whitney of Boston.PR38; Sally, d.Timothy, and Daniel Whitney of Boston.PR64]

Betzey [int.Betsy] and Amaziah Gardner, Dec.25,1788. [BetsyNCR; Betsey, d.Peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner) of Tuckernuck, and Amaziah Gardner, s.John and Kezia (Coffin).PR38]

Sally and Henry Riddle, Apr.14,1789. [RiddellPR17; Sally (first w.), d.Joshua and Catherine (Coffin), and Henry Riddell, s.Samuel and Judith (Coleman)PR38; RiddlePR64]

Eunice and Charles Chace, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Apr.16,1789. [Eunice, d.Barnabas and Abigail (Folger) and Charles Chase, s.Charles and Jane (Coleman), 6:4m:.PR38]

Hephzibah and John Ellis, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July2,1789. [Hepsibeth, d.Ephraim and Sarah, and John Ellis, "an Englishman."PR38]

Sarah and Peleg Long, Aug.23,1789. [Sarah, d.Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), and Peleg Long, s.Robert and Sarah (Gardner).PR38]

Silvanus and Lydia Long, Sept.17,1789. [Silvanus, s.Ephraim and Sarah, and Lydia Long, d.Jonathan and Sarah (Brown) (first w.).PR38]

Elizabeth and William Ray, Oct.5,1789. [Elizabeth (second w.), wid.David, d.Charles Swain and Elizabeth (Coffin), and William Ray Jr., s.William and Mary (Clasby).PR38]

Hephzibah and Charles Russel, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec.1,1789. [RussellNCR; Hepzibah (first w.), d.Francis and Ann (Hussey), and Charles Russell, s.Reuben and Ruth (Swain).PR38; Hepza and Charles RussellPR64]

Jemima and Enoch Gardner, Dec.10,1789. [Jemima, d.Nathaniel and Phebe (Coffin), and Enoch Gardner, s.Peter and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Sally and Jonathan Pinkham, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec.12,1789. [Sarah, d.Joshua and Hepsibeth (Coffin), and Jonathan Pinkham, s.Peleg Jr. and Jemima (Chadwick).PR38]

Eliel and Ruth Beard, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec.29,1789. [Elial, s.Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger), and Ruth Beard, d.John and Ruth (Russell).PR38]

Thomas, s.Benjamin dec壇 and Deborah of Sherborn, and Anna Folger, d.William and Ruth of Sherborn, 28:1m:1790, in Sherborn.CR4; [Thomas, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Macy), and Anna Folger, d.William and Ruth (Coffin), 末:12m:1789.PR38]

Jerusha and Gideon [int.Gidean] Randall, July23,1790. [Gideon RandalNCR; Jerusha, d.Robert and Jemima, and Gideon Randall, brother of Constant, "moved to New Bedford."PR38]

Elizabeth and William Brown, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Aug.25,1790. [Elizabeth, d.Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman), and William Brown, s.Francis and Eunice (Coffin).PR38]

Mary and Judah Starbuck, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept.16,1790. [Mary, d.Seth and Susanna (Barnard), and Judah Starbuck, s.Thomas and Dinah (Trott).PR38]

Clement and Phebe Swain, Oct.10,1790. [Clement, s.Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman), and Phebe Swain, d.Charles and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Jonathan and Priscilla Pinkham, Nov.11,1790. [Jonathan, s.Abner 2d and Patience (Russell), and Priscilla Pinkham (second w.), d.William and Phebe (Wyer).PR38]

Eunice and Robert Clasby, 2:12m:1790.CR4

Zebdiel and Hepzibeth [int.Hepzibah] Swain, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec.23,1790. [Hephzibah.NCR; Zabdial, s.Zebdial and Lurania (Coffin), and Hepsibeth Swain, d.Timothy and Mary (Coleman) (first w.) 9:12m:.PR38]

Eber, s.Stephen and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Hepsibah Fitch, d.Jonathan Gorham and Elisabeth of Sherborn in N., 3:2m:1791, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Eber, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker) of Hudson, NY, and Hepzibah Fitch, d.Jonathan Gorham and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Margaret and Joseph Wyer [int.Wier], Feb.6,1791. [WyerNCR]

Abihu and Elizabeth Long, Mar.3,1791. [Abihu, s.Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger), and Elizabeth Long, d.John and Jane Luce.PR38]

Elizabeth (second w.), wid.Benjamin Jr., d.Daniel Hussey and Sarah (Gorham), and Henry Macy, s.Joseph and Hannah (Hobbs), Mar.24,1791, [? in New Garden, NC].*PR38

Bethiah and Jeremiah Gardner Jr., both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Mar.31,1791. [Bethiah, d.Zaccheus and Thankful (Joy), and Jeremiah Gardner Jr., s.Jeremiah and Apphia (Sherman).PR38]

Abigail and Uriah Pinkham, both of Sherbourn, Nantucket Co., June25,1791. [Abigail (second w.), wid.Christopher, d.Enoch Coleman and Mary (Myrick), and Uriah Pinkham, s.Peleg Jr. and Jemima (Chadwick).PR38]

Elizabeth and Lot Clasby, 1:9m:1791.CR4

Lurania and Asa Dotey [int.Doty], both of Sherbourn, Nantucket Co., Sept.11,1791.

Judith and Bartlet Coffin, Sept.15,1791. [Judith, wid.Eliakim, d.William Starbuck and Mary (Folger), and Bartlett Coffin, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin).PR38]

Bartlet and Judith Coffin, Sept.25,1791. [Bartlett, s.Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), and Judith Coffin, wid.Eliakim, d.William Starbuck and Mary (Folger).PR38]

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Calef, int.Oct.29,1791. [Elizabeth, d.Enoch and Love, and Ebenezar Califf [dup Calef], s.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), m.末末.PR38]

Jemima and William Morton, int.Dec.31,1791. [Jemima, d.David and Ruth (Coleman), and William Morton, s.Tabor, m.末末.PR38]

Isaac and Margret Swain, Feb.11,1792, in Dartmouth, Halifax Co., NS.* [Hon. Isaac, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Macy), and Margaret Swain, d.Francis Jr. and Lydia (Barker).PR38]

Elihu and Deborah Myrick, int.Feb.18,1792. [Elihu of Sherburn and Deborah Peckum of Dartmouth, m.May.26, in DartmouthBCM; Elihu, s.David and Ruth (Coleman), and Deborah Myrick, wid.Benjamin, d.末末 Peckam, m.末末.PR38]

Lydia Coffin and John Greene, Mar.1,1792, in Halifax.*PR4; [Coffin, d.Jonathan and Phebe (Coffin), and John Green, s.Thomas and Mercy Cook.PR38]

Labon and Abigail Tobey, int.Sept.9,1792. [Laban of Sherborn and Abigail Tobey of New Bedford, m.Sept.23, in New BedfordBCM; Laban, s.Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck), and Abigail "Tobey or Talman," d.Dr. "Talman or Tobey" of New Bedford, m.末末.PR38]

Hepsabeth, d.Capt. Eddy and Sarah Vincent, and Abisha H. Lumbert, Oct.16,1792.*PR38

Charles, s.Richard dec'd and Mary of Sherborn in N., and Miriam Parker, d.Francis Chase and Naomi of Sherburn in N., 29:11m:1792, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Charles, s.Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck), and Miriam Parker, wid.Timothy, d.Francis Chase and Naomi.PR38]

Polly and Jonathan (Colesworthy), Nov.29,1792. [Polly, d.Obed and Phebe (Gardner), and Jonathan W. Colesworthy Jr., s.Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Lydia and Samuel Dow, May30,1793. [Lydia, d.Paul and Ruth (Pinkham), and Samuel Dow, s.Henry and Abigail (Chase) (Gardner).PR38]

Benjamin and Anna Stubbs, July10,1793. [Benjamin F., s.Jonathan and Sally (Fosdick), and Ann Stubbs, d.Benjamin and Eunice Daggett (second w.).PR38]

Francis and Ruth Upham, July18,1793. [Francis, s.Thomas and Aigal (Russell), and Ruth Upham, d.Jonathan and Anna (Coffin).PR38]

Merab and Benjamin Alley, Aug.29,1793. [Merab, d.John and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Benjamin Alley, s.Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

Cathrine [int.Catharine] and Eber Clarke [int.Clark], Nov.16,1793. [Catharine, d.Silvanus and Elizabeth (Hussey), and Eber Clark, s.Church and Hannah (Long).PR38; KataPR64]

Elizabeth and John Brown Coleman, 19:12m:1793.CR4

Silva [int.Silvia] [and] William Alley, Dec.31,1793. [Sylvia, d.John and Elizabeth (Gardner), and William Alley, s.Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

Zephaniah, s.Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), and Deborah Macy, d.John and Bethiah (Cartwright) (first w.),末蔓末,1794.*PR38

Absalom and Mary Folger, Jan.23,1794. [Absalom, s.Obed and Phebe (Gardner), and Mary Folger, d.Paul and Catharine (Coffin).PR38]

Eber and Judith Coleman, Feb.20,1794. [Eber, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker) of Hudson, NY, and Judith Coleman, d.George and Eunice (Folger).PR38]

Elizabeth and Grindal Gardner, Apr.24,1794. [Elizabeth, d.George and Abigail (Bunker), and Grindall Gardner, s.Caleb.PR38]

Asa and Judith Coleman, int.June1,1794. [Asa, s.Hezekiah and Abigail, and Judith Coleman, d.Reuben and Lydia (Swain), m.末末.PR38]

James and Elizabeth Hinckley, int.Aug.2,1794.

Hephsibah and Griffen Barney, 27:8m:1794.CR4

Mary and Peter Easton, Sept.18,1794. [Mary, d.Peleg and Eunice (Barker), and Dr. Peter Easton of RI.PR38]

Nancy and Samuel Cary, Oct.2,1794. [Nancy, d.Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper), and Samuel Cary, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard).PR38]

Gardner and Mary Jackson Goodwin of Plymouth, Oct.23,1794, in Plymouth.* [Gardner, s.Joshua and Beulah (Gardner), and Mary Jackson Goodwin, d.Nathaniel and Lydia of Plymouth.PR38]

Alice [int.Alce] and Antipus Tabor, Apr.2,1795. [Alice, d.Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), and Antipas Taber of New Bedford.PR38]

Abigail and Joseph Allen, July15,1795. [Abigail, d.Solomon and Eunice (Macy), and Joseph Allen, s.Benjamin and Abigail (Trott).PR38]

Eunice and Obed Clark, Aug.11,1795. [Eunice, d.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), and Obed Clark, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Harris).PR38]

Elizabeth and George Dennamon [int.Dinnamon], Aug.27,1795. [Elizabeth, d.Seth and Susanna (Barnard), and George Deniman, s.Augustus of Halifax.PR38]

Elizabeth and Reuben Paddack [int.Paddock], Sept.4,1795. [Elizabeth, d.Zebdial and Lurania (Coffin), and Reuben Paddack, s.Eliphalet.PR38]

Phebe and Luthan [int.Luthar] Gifford, Sept.4,1795. [Phebe, d.Seth and Susanna (Barnard), and Luther Gifford, s.Christopher.PR38]

Solomon, s.Solomon and Eunice dec壇 of N., and Sarah Barnard, d.Thomas dec壇 and Ruth, 4:2m:1796.CR4; [Solomon, s.Solomon and Eunice (Macy).PR38]

Susanna and John Silver, July8,1796. [Susan, d.Ephraim and Sarah, and John Silvea Sr.PR38]

Hiram and Betsey Mooers [int.Betsy Moors], July12,1796. [Hiram, s.Zebdial and Lurania (Coffin), and Betsey Moores, d.Jonathan.PR38]

Peggy and Richard Cary, Nov.24,1796. [Margaret [dup. Peggy], d.Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper), and Richard Cary, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard).PR38]

Peggy and Richard Cary, Nov.24,1796. [Margaret [dup. Peggy], d.Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper), and Richard Cary, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard).PR38]

Albert, s.James and Jeanette (Coffin), and Martha Gibbs, 18:12m:1796, in Philadelphia, PA.*PR38

Phillip [dup. Philip] and Caty Thompson [int.Catharine Tomson], Jan.17,1797. [Philip, s.Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), and Catharine Thompson, d.Richard and Esther (Morris).PR38]

Miriam [int.Mariam] and Robert Hussey, Feb.7,1797. [Miriam, d.Seth and Susanna (Barnard), and Robert Hussey, s.Robert and Elizabeth (Wing) (second w.).PR38]

Laban, s.Hezekiah dec'd and Lydia, and Jemima Folger, d.Benjamin and Judith, 9:2m:1797.CR4; [Laban, s.Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger), and Jemima Folger, wid.Jonathan, d.John [sic, dup Benjamin] Folger and Judith (Barnard).PR38]

Hepzibah [int.Hepzabeth] and Benjamin Starbuck, Feb.23,1797. [Hepzibah, d.Elihu and Eunice (Folger), and Benjamin Starbuck, s.Thomas and Dinah (Trott).PR38]

Sally and Reuben Jones, Apr.27,1797. [Sally, d.Silvanus and Elizabeth (Hussey), and Reuben Jones, s.Silas Jr. and Judith (Gardner).PR38]

Eber and Elizabeth Lawrence, June10,1797. [Eber, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker) of Hudson, NY, and Elizabeth Lawrence, wid.James, d.Jonathan Pitts and Huldah (Coleman).PR38]

Obed and Phebe Joy, int.July21,1797. [Obed, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Phebe Joy, wid.Peter, d.Christopher Coleman and Priscilla (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Hannah and George Swain, Aug.23,1797. [Hannah, d.Seth and Lydia (Myrick), and George Swain, s.William and Eunice (Barnard) (first w.).PR38]

Ariel and Priscilla Fosdick, Sept.10,1797. [Ariel, s.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), and Priscilla Fosdick, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary (Coffin) (Brock).PR38]

Elizabeth and Abraham Long, Oct.26,1797. [Elizabeth, d.James Esq. and Jeanette (Coffin), and Abraham Long, s.Samuel and Lydia Billings.PR38]

Lydia and Obed Macy, Nov.3,1797. [Lydia, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Priscilla (Gardner), and Obed Macy, s.Shubael and Eunice (Gardner), Nov.2.PR38]

Francis and Lydia Gardner, Jan.18,1798. [Francis, s.Francis and Ann (Hussey), and Lydia Gardner, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Folger).PR38]

Anna and Obed Clark, Feb.4,1798. [Anna, d.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), and Obed Clark, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), 2:8m:.PR38]

Lurana and William Ellis, Mar.4,1798. [Lurania, wid.Zebdial, d.Benjamin Coffin, and William Ellis, widr., s.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams).PR38]

James and Merab Coleman, Mar.11,1798. [James, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), and Merab Coleman, wid.Benjamin, d.Solomon Gardner and Jemima (Folger).PR38]

Eunice, d.Solomon and Eunice dec'd of N., and Jared Gardner, s.Crispus and Margaret of N., 5:4m:1798.CR4; [Eunice, d.Solomon and Eunice (Macy), and Jared Gardner, s.Crispus and Margaret (Chase).PR38]

Shubael 2d [int.omits 2d] and Peggy Pinkham, Apr.8,1798. [Shubael, s.Henry and Mary (Woodbury), and Margaret Pinkham, d.Paul and Jemima (Gardner).PR38]

Kezia and David Joy [int.Jr.], May10,1798. [Keziah, d.Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), and David Joy, s.David Jr. and Phebe (Coffin).PR38]

Asa [and] Eunice Colesworthy, int.Nov.3,1798. [Asa, s.Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman), and Eunice Colesworthy, wid.Newcomb, d.Johathan Long, m.末末末.PR38]

David of Edgarton, Dukes Co., s.William and Lydia of Edgarton, and Sarah Coleman, d.Silvanus and Mary dec'd of N., 5:12m:1798.CR4; [David, s.William and Lydia (Coleman), and Sarah Coleman, d.Sylvanus and Mary (Swift), 末:10m:.PR38]

Lydia and Andrew Calder, Dec.19,1799. [Lydia, d.Elijah and Abigail (Folger), and Andrew Calder, s.Samuel and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Mary and Robert Coffin, 10:4m:1800.CR4

Robert, s.Nathaniel and Priscilla, and Mary Coffin, d.Jonathan and Abigail of Nantucket Co., 10:4m:1800.CR4; [Robert, s.Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner), and Mary Coffin, d.Jonathan and Abigail (Austin), 末:2m:.PR38]

Mary, wid.Richard, d.Paul Starbuck and Ann (Tibbetts) (first w.), and Isaac Kelley of Saratoga, NY, July6,1800.*PR38

Crumwell and Mary Coffin, July17,1800. [Cromwell, s.Obed and Phebe (Gardner), and Mary Coffin, d.Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright).PR38]

Mary and Crumwell Coffin, July17,1800. [Mary, d.Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright), and Cromwell Coffin, s.Obed and Phebe (Gardner).PR38]

Abijah and Priscilla Brock, July24,1800. [Abijah, s.Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright), and Priscilla Brock, d.Thomas and Judith (Coffin).PR38]

Paul 2d and Mary Bunker, Sept.4,1800. [Paul, s.Jonathan and Phebe, and Mary Bunker, d.George and Phebe (Barnard).PR38]

Paul 2d and Mary Bunker, Sept.4,1800. [Paul s, Jonathan and Phebe, and Mary Bunker, d.George and Phebe (Barnard).PR38]

Josiah Esq., and Elizabeth Brack [int.Brock], Dec.27,1800. [Josiah Esq., s.Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Elizabeth Brock, wid.William, d.Ebenezer Caleff.PR38]

Ann and Frederick Swain, 9:4m:1801.CR4

Patty and Paul Littlefield, Oct.25,1801.

Patty and Paul Littlefield, Oct.25,1801.

Cyrus and Abigail Butler, May17,1802. [Cyrus, s.Isaiah and Sarah (Folger), and Abigail Butler, d.Rev. Zebulon and Nancy [dup. Anna] (Starbuck), in Cincinnati, OH.PR38]

Zebulon and Eunice Chase, July29,1802. [Zebulon, s.John and Susanna (Clark), and Eunice chase, d.Isaac and Eunice (Brown).PR38]

Job and Polly Chadwick, Aug.5,1802. [Job, s.Jethro and Eunice (Pinkham), and Mary Chadwick, wid.David, d.Gershorn Drew and Mary (Cobb).PR38]

Lydia and William Mooers [int.Moores], Aug.12,1802. [Lydia, d.Miriam (d.Tristram and Jemima), and William Mooers, s.William and HepsabethPR38; MooersPR45]

Mary and Amaziah Washburn, Aug.19,1802. [Mary, d.Ephraim and Sarah.PR38]

Nancy and John [int.adds C.] Fanning, Sept.26,1802. [Ann [Nancy written above Ann], d.Thaddeus and Ann, and John C. Fanning, s.Phineas and Kezia (Coffin).PR38]

Shubael 2d and Priscilla Bunker, Oct.5,1802. [Shubael, s.Henry and Mary (Woodbury), and Pricilla Bunker, d.William and Mary (Russell).PR38]

Sally and David Hall, Nov.11,1802. [Sarah, d.Charles, and David Hall, s.John and Elizabeth (Gardner) (first w.).PR38]

Betsey [int.Betsy] and Robert Coggshall [int.Coggeshall], Dec.21,1802. [Betsey, d.Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), and Robert Coggeshall, s.Paul and Margaret (Calif) (Cook), in Boston.PR38]

Abial and Paul Coleman, Dec.30,1802. [Abial, d.Christopher and Abigail (Coleman), and Paul Coleman, s.Matthew and Hannah (Meader).PR38]

George and Kezia Cumstork [int.Comstork], Mar.24,1803. [George, s.Solomon and Eunice (Macy), and Keziah [int.Kezia] Comstock, d.John and Lydia (Gardner).PR38]

George Bunker and Nabby Allen, May11,1803. [Capt. Geoerge B., s.Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker), and Abigail Allen, d.Ebenezar and Mary Wing.PR38]

Anna and Eliakim Swain, July28,1803. [Anna, d.John and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Eliakim Swain, s.Timothy and Dinah (Ellis) (Gardner) (second w.).PR38]

Obadiah and Lucretia Paddack, Oct.6,1803. [Obadiah, s.Seth and Susanna (Barnard), and Lucretia Paddack, d.Nathaniel and Deborah.PR38]

Judith and Charles Folger Jr., Dec.15,1803. [Judith, d.Robert and Lydia (Coleman), and Charles Folger, s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Phebe and Charles Mitchel, Dec.22,1803. [Phebe, d.Solomon and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner), and Charles Mitchell, s.Christopher and Jemima.PR38]

Bartlet and Anna Worth, Jan.11,1804. [Bartlett, s.Thomas and Abigail (Russell), and Anna Worth, d.Benjamin and Phebe (Coffin).PR38]

William 3d and Hepzabah Kithcart [int.Cathcart], Feb.16,1804. [William, s.Elihu and Eunice (Folger), and Hepzibah Cathcart, d.Gersham.PR38]

Thaddeus, s.Tristram dec壇 and Mary, and Jemima Folger, d.Barzillai and Miriam, 7:3m:1804.CR4; [Thaddeus, s.Tristram 3d and Mary (Pinkham), and Jemima Folger, d.Barzillai and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.).PR38]

William Barnard, s.Gilbert and Phebe, and Deborah Swain, d.John and Mary 4:4m:1804.CR4; [William Barnard Coffin, s.Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard), and Deborah Swain, d.John and Mary (Gardner), 末:2m:.PR38]

Elizabeth and Joseph Shane, June10,1804. [Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38; "Mr. O'hame (?)" of Baltimore.PR64]

Alfred and Pegga [int.Peggey] Chase, May5,1805. [Alfred, s.Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Peggy [dup. Margaret] Chase, d.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger).PR38]

Avis and John Chadwick, May16,1805. [Avis, d.Alpheus and Love (Pitts), and John Chadwick, s.David and Elizabeth (Baker).PR38]

Judith and John Barrett, June27,1805. [Judith, d.Elihu and Eunice (Folger), and John Barrett, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Brock) (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Silvanus 2d and Judith Macy, int.June29,1805. [Silvanus Jr., s.Silvanus and Elizabeth (Hussey), and Judith Macy, d.Barzilla and Elizabeth (Macy), m.末末.PR38]

Avis and Hiram Folger, Nov.21,1805. [Avis, d.Bartlett and Sarah (Coffin), and Hiram Folger, s.Charles and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Zimri and Abigail Paddack, Dec.5,1805. [Zimri, s.Seth and Susanna (Barnard), and Abigail Paddack, d.Eliphalet.PR38]

Caleb and Anna West, Dec.26,1805. [Caleb, s.Obed and Phebe (Gardner), and Anna West, d.Charles and Hepsibeth.PR38]

Waterman and Love Cleveland Jan.28,1806. [Waterman, s.Zechariah [dup. Zacheriah and Deborah (Beard)], and Love Cleaveland d.Seth and Mary (Jones).PR38]

Ammiel [int.Ammial] and Polly Bunker, Feb.4,1806. [Ammiel [dup. Amial], s.John and Susanna (Clark), and Mary Bunker, d.William and Abigail (Gardner).PR38]

Polly and Samuel Loofbourow, Mar.13,1806. [Mary, d.Philip and Hannah (Wharton), and Samuel Lofborough, schoolmaster, "moved to Ohio 1812."PR38]

Alexander and Lucinda [int.Lusinda] Weeks, Apr.10,1806. [Alexander, s.James Jr. and Rhoda (Gardner), and Lucinda Weeks, d.Joseph and Content.PR38]

Eunice and Fredrick Hoage, Apr.15,1806. [Eunice, d.Daniel and Huldah (Bunker), and Frederick Hoeg [dup. Hoag], s.Abraham and Sarah Denham.PR38]

Jethro and Sophia Whitfield, Apr.24,1806. [Jethro, s.Brown and Deborah (Coleman), and Sophia Whitefield.PR38]

Eunice and Stephen Arthur, May5,1806. [Eunice (second w.), wid.Jethro, d.Shubael Pinkham and Eunice (Gardner) (first w.), and Stephen Arthur, s.Thomas and Mary Edmunds.PR38]

Abel 2d and Anna Russel, May6,1806. [Abel, s.James and Jeanette (Coffin), and Anna Russell, d.Sylvanus and Abigail (Coleman) (Coffin) (Second w.).PR38]

Paul 3d and Priscilla Gardner, May29,1806. [Paul, s.Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard), and Priscilla Gardner, d.Nathan and Anna (Bunker) [dup. see birth of Priscilla Johnston].PR38]

Paul 3d and Priscilla Gardner, May29,1806. [Paul, s.Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard), and Priscilla Gardner, d.Nathan and Anna (Bunker) [dup. see birth of Priscilla Johnston].PR38]

Bartlet and Eunice Williams, July12,1806. [Bartlett, s.Thomas and Abigail (Russell).PR38]

Elizabeth and Matthew Barney, 16:7m:1806.CR4

Jenny [int.Jenney] [and] William Simmons, Aug.14,1806.

Pegga and Peter F. Coffin, Oct.1,1806. [margaret, d.Joshua and Jeanette (Gardner), and Peter F. Coffin, s.Henry and Lydia (Fosdick).PR38]

Pegga and Peter F. Coffin, Oct.1,1806. [Margaret, d.Joshua and Jeanette (Gardner), and Peter F. Coffin, s.Henry and Lydia (Fosdick).PR38]

Peter F. and Pegga Coffin, Oct.1,1806. [Peter F., s.Henry and Lydia (Fosdick), and Margaret Coffin, d.Joshua and Jeanette (Gardner).PR38]

Gideon 2d and Elizabeth Ellis, Oct.14,1806. [Gideon, s.Seth and Susanna (Barnard), and Elizabeth Ellis, d.Simeon and Deborah (Long).PR38]

Eunice and Barzillai Hussey, Oct.19,1806. [Eunice (second w.), wid.Tristram, d.Paul Mitchell and Merab, and Barzillai Hussey, s.Benjamin and Phebe (Macy).PR38]

Homes and Lydia Russel, Oct.19,1806. [Holmes, s.John and Mary Wass, and Lydia Russell, d.Hezekiah and Hepsabeth (Allen) (Bunker).PR38]

Jethro and Mary Cobb, Nov.19,1806. [Jethro, s.Brown and Deborarh (Coleman), and Mary Cobb, d.William.PR38]

Paul and Mary Coleman, Nov.23,1806. [Paul, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Mary Coleman, wid.Tristram, d.Edward Wyer and Abigail.PR38]

Paul and Mary Coleman, Nov.23,1806. [Paul, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Mary Coleman, wid.Tristram, d.Edward Wyer and Abigail.PR38]

Abraham and Lydia Bunker, Dec.11,1806. [Abraham, s.Matthew and Matilda (Coffin), and Lydia Bunker, d.Nathaniel and Lydia.PR38]

Tamor and Jedediah Russel [int.Jeddediah Russell], Dec.18,1806. [Tamar, d.Obed and Phebe (Gardner), and Jedidiah Russell, s.Seth and Abigail (Meader).PR38]

Asa and Phebe Morslander, Jan.22,1807. [Asa, s.Obed and Phebe (Gardner), and Phebe Morselander, d.Cornelius Jr.PR38]

Sally and Timothy Wyer, May19,1807. [Sally, d.Simeon and Mary (Whippey), and Timothy Wyer, s.John.PR38]

Linzey and Nabby Finney, int.May23,1807. [Lindsey, s.Philip and Hannah (Wharton), and Abigail Phinney, m.末末.PR38]

Robert and Anna Black, June14,1807. [Robert, s.Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), and Anna Black, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Francis, s.Peleg and Elizabeth both dec'd in N., and Lydia Bunker, d.Uriah Gardner and Judith both dec'd of N., 6:8m:1807.CR4; [Lydia, wid.Peleg, d.Uriah Gardner.PR38]

Zebulon and Elizabeth Barnard, Sept.20,1807. [Zebulon, s.John and Susanna (Clark), and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza] Barnard, d.Matthew and Deborah (Coffin).PR38]

Jared and Hephzibah [int.Hepzabeth] Swain, Oct.8,1807. [Jared, s.Isaiah and Sarah (Folger), and Hepzibah Swain, d.Abisha and Jedidah (Swain).PR38]

Eliza and Thomas Cary, Nov.19,1807. [Eliza, d.Joshua and Jeanette (Gardner), and Thomas Cary, s.Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard).PR38]

Lucy and Robert Swain, Nov.19,1807. [Lucy, d.William and Deborah (Pinkham), and Robert Swain, s.Francis and Lydia (Barker), Nov.20.PR38]

Priscilla and Tristram Spencer, Dec.3,1807. [Priscilla, wid.Abijah, d.Thomas Brock and Judith (Coffin), and Tristram Spencer, s.Oliver and Judith (Allen).PR38]

Abel and Eunice Alley, Dec.27,1807. [Abel, s.Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), and Eunice Alley, d.Richard and Martha (Alley).PR38]

Valentine and Dianna Merchant, Feb.23,1808. [Valentine, s.Obed and Phebe (Gardner), and Diana Marchant.PR38]

Mary and Alexander Macy, May26,1808. [Polly, d.John (s.Jethro) and Hepzibah, and Alexander Macy, s.Peter and Sarah (Folger),PR38]

Charles 2d and Judith Barnard, June19,1808. [Charles M., s.Seth and Lydia (Myrick), and Judith Barnard, d.William and Elizabeth (Inot).PR38]

Hazadiah, s.Ebenezer and Mary of N., and Sarah Russell, d.John and Hepzibah of N., 13:7m:1808.CR4; [Hazadiah [dup. Hezediah], s.Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright).PR38]

Elizabeth and Obed Chase, July17,1808. [Elizabeth, d.Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Obed Chase, s.Francis and Naomi (Gardner).PR38]

Susanna and Joseph Earl, July21,1808. [Susan, d.peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner).PR38]

David 3d [int 2d] and Mahala Coggeshall, Aug.4,1808. [David, s.Jonathan and Abigail (Austin), and Mahala Coggeshall, d.Paul and Margaret (Calif) (Cook).PR38]

Gorham and Rebecca Mitchel, Aug.25,1808. [Gorham, s.Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Rebecca Mitchell, d.Christopher and Jemima.PR38]

Ruth and Judah Chase, Aug.25,1808. [Ruth, wid.Elial, d.John Beard and Ruth (Russell), and Judah Chase, s.Desire.PR38]

Tristram and Deborah Swain, Sept.8,1808. [Tristram, s.Tristram and Abigail of M[artha痴] Vineyard, and Deborah Swain, d.George and Deborah (Pinkham).PR38]

Fanny and Fitch Hall [int.Jr.], Oct.11,1808. [Frances, d.William and Deborah (Pinkham), and Fitch Hall of Medford.PR38]

Charles, s.Obed and Deborah dec'd of Tisbury, Dukes Co., and Mary Macy, d.Uriah and Eunice of N., 9:11m:1808 in N.CR4; [Charles, s.Obed and Deborah (Coleman) "of the Vineyard," and Mary Macy, d.Uriah and Eunice (Barney).PR38]

Micajah, s.Benjamin and Jedidah both dec'd of N., and Priscillai Ray, d.Zaccheus Macy and Hepzibah dec'd of N., 8:12m:1808.CR4; [Micajah, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), and Priscilla Ray, wid.Enoch, d.Zaccheus Macy and Hepzibah (Gardner).PR38]

Mathew [int.Matthew] and Anna Bunker, Feb.12,1809. [Matthew Jr., s.Matthew and Matilda (Coffin), and Anna Bunker, d.William and Mary (Pitts).PR38]

Eliza and Samuel Harris, Mar.16,1809. [Eliza, d.Silvanus and Lydia (Long), and Samuel Harris, s.Obed and Rhoda (Way).PR38]

George 2d and Nancy Stubbs, June27,1809. [George, s.John and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Nancy Stubbs (first w.), d.James and Rebecca (Ellis).PR38]

William, s.Albert, and Valina Wheldon, d.Jabez Jr., 末:9m:1809.*PR38

Lydia and Reuben Swain, 4:1m:1810.CR4

Susan and Edward Wood, Feb.15,1810. [Susan, d.William and Sarah (Gardner), and Edward Wood, "an Englishman."PR38]

Love and Alfred Alley, Mar.11,1810. [Love, d.Robert and Love (Black), and Alfred Alley, s.Reuben and Catharine (Fosdick), in E. Vassalboro, ME.PR38]

Ammial and Mary Coffin, June末,1810. [Amial, s.John and Susanna (Clark), and Mary Coffin, d.Elijah and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Mary and Ammial Coffin, June末,1810. [Mary, d.Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), and Amial Coffin, s.John and Susanna (Clark).PR38]

Phebe and Shubael Moores [int.Mooers], June末 [int.June9], 1810. [Phebe, wid.Clement, d.Charles Swain and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Shubael Mooers, s.Anna.PR38]

Kezia and Josiah Sheffield, June14,1810. [Kezia (second w.), wid.George, d.John Comstock and Lydia (Gardner), and Josiah Sheffield of RI.PR38]

Job Coleman and Phebe Grew, June24,1810. [Job. C., s.Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman), and Phebe Grew, d.Silas and Abial (Clark).PR38]

Timothy and Deborah Pearse [int.Perse], Aug.末,1810. [Timothy, s.Miriam, and Deborah Pierce [dup. Pease], d.Henry of Cape Cod.PR38]

Benjamin Franklin, s.Isaiah and Sarah of N., and Hepzibah Paddack, d.Joseph and Amy of N., 9:8m:1810.CR4; [Benjamin Franklin Coffin, s.Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) of Cincinnati, OH, 末:6m:.PR38]

Charles and Susan Rawson, Oct.10,1810. [Charles, s.Nathan and Eunice, and Susan Rawson, d.Abel and Lydia (Briggs).PR38]

Valentine 3d [int.2d] and Anna Wilson, Nov.11,1810. [Valentine, s.Brown and Deborah (Coleman), and Anna Wilson, d."William or John."PR38]

Christopher 2d and Rebecca Swain, Nov.22,1810. [Christopher, s.Barlett and Sarah (Coffin), and Rebecca Swain, d.Reuben and Thankful (Baker).PR38]

Alice and Jared Plumb, May10,1811. [Alice, d.Philip and Hannah (Wharton), and Jared Plumb of Hudson, s.Samuel Sr. and Eunice (of Hartford).PR38]

Hanna and James Drew, May30,1811. [Hannah, d.Brown and Deborah (Coleman), and James Drew, s.Gershom and Mary (Cobb).PR38]

Isaac 2d [int.omits 2d] and Sally Barlow, June14,1811.

Benjamin 4th [int.omits 4th] and Susanna Darling, June30,1811. [Benjamin of M[artha's] Vineyard and Susanna Darling, wid.Charles, d.Ephraim Coffin.PR38]

Mary and Whitcom Rider, Aug.25,1811. [Mary Ann, d.Waterman and Love (Cleaveland), and Whitcomb Rider.PR38]

Thomas and Peggy [int.Pegga] Paddack, Aug.29,1811. [Thomas, s.Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard), and Margaret Paddock, d.Nathaniel.PR38]

Reuben and Hepzabah [int.Hepzabar] Gardner, Sept.1,1811. [Reuben, s.John and Susanna (Clark), and Hepzibah Gardner, d.Ebenezer and Susanna (Jackson) (first w.).PR38]

Ruth and Reuben Starbuck, 5:9m:1811.CR4

Elihue, s.Nathaniel and Priscilla of N., and Sarah Austin, d.Benjamin and Lydia of N., 2:10m:1811.CR4; [Elihu, s.Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner), and Sarah Austin, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Valentine C. and Sarah F. Nye, int.Oct.26,1811. [Valentine, s.William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), and Sarah Nye, d.Samuel and Polly, m.末末.PR38]

Alexander 3d [int.2d] and Lydia Myrick, Nov.3,1811. [Alexander, s.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), and Lydia Myrick, d.Peter and Merab (Gardner).PR38]

Mary (second w.), d.Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard), and Jared Macy, s.Reuben and Ruth Howard of Dutchess Co., NY, Dec.11,1811.*PR38

Barnabas and Mary Starbuck, May21,1812. [Barnabas, s.Daniel and Huldah (Bunker), and Mary Starbuck, d.David and Phebe (Cartwright).PR38]

Mary and Samuel Gilston, June12,1812. [GelstonCR2; Mary, d.Thaddeus and Ann (Parker), and Samuel Gelston, s.Dr. Rowland and Love (Pinkham).PR38]

Aaron, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Sarah Hussey, d.John of NC, 末:7m:1812.*PR38

Eliakim and Mary Barnard, Sept.12,1812. [Eliakim, s.Seth and Lydia (Myrick), and Mary Barnard, d.William and Elizabeth (Inot).PR38]

Polly and Theodore Fish, Oct.5,1812. [Polly, d.Joseph and Elizabeth.PR38]

Anna and Benjamin Hussey, Oct.8,1812. [Anna, d.John and Susanna (Clark), and Benjamin Hussey, s.John and Lydia (Barnard).PR38]

Mereb and Benjamin Taber Jr., 29:10m:1812.CR4

George M. of N., s.Mark and Judith of Clinton, NY, and Sarah Mitchell, d.Obed and Lydia of N., 4:11m:1812.CR4; [George M., s.Mark and Judith (Hussey).PR38]

Peter [int.2d] and Charlottee Mooers, Dec.3,1812. [Peter, s.Edward Jr. and Janet (Clark), and Charlotte Mooers, d.Robert and Mary.PR38]

Rebecca and Henry Clap, Jan.21,1813. [ClappCR2; Rebecca, d.William and Deborah (Pinkham) and Henry Clapp.PR38]

Lydia and Matthew Crosby, Feb.4,1813. [Lydia, d.Zenas and Abial (Gardner), and Matthew Crosby, s.Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease).PR38]

George Gorham and Lydia Gardner, Mar.9,1813. [George G., s.Simeon and Mary (Whippey), and Lydia Gardner, d.Silas and Susanna (Folger) (first w.), "moved to Baltimore."PR38]

Uriah and Eliza Hiller, May20,1813. [Uriah, s.Joshua and Beulah (Gardner), and Elizabeth Hiller, d.Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith).PR38]

Abial and John Fisher, Sept.21,1813. [Abial, d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), and John Fisher, "an Englishman."PR38]

Eunice and Tristram Coleman, Sept.23,1813. [Eunice, d.Elihu and Eunice (Folger), and Tristram Coleman, s.Matthew and Hannah (Meader).PR38]

Moses 2d [int.omits 2d] and Judith Smith, Mar.27,1814. [Moses, s.Isaiah and Sarah (Folger), and Judith Smith, d.John and Hepsibeth (Folger), in Cleveland.PR38]

Jedidah and Briggs Wilber, Oct.16,1814. [Jedida, d.Simeon and Mary (Whippey), and Briggs Wilbur.PR38]

William H. and Lydia Coleman, Dec.29,1814. [Dec.20CR2; Capt. William Henry Coffin, s.Solomon and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner) (second w.), and Lydia Coleman, d.David and Elizabeth (Russell).PR38]

Reuben 2d and Elizabeth E. Bunker, Jan.17,1815. [Reuben, s.Robert Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), and Elizabeth Bunker, d.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood.PR38]

William 3d and Mary Burdett, Apr.11,1815. [William M., s.Joseph of Newbury and Elizabeth, and Mary Burdett, d.Edward and Parnal (Russell).PR38]

Barna and Susan Gardner, June13,1815. [dup. Barnabas] s.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), and Susan Gardner, d.George and Judith (Gardner) (Smith).PR38

Seth Jr. and Lydia Coleman, Aug.27,1815. [Capt. Seth Jr., s.Seth and Lydia (Myrick), and Lydia Coleman, d.Gardner and Hepsabeth (Ray).PR38]

Prince and Eliza Austin, Sept.5,1815. [Prince, s.Solomon and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner), and Eliza Austin, d.Benjamin Jr. and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Sarah [int.Sally] and Oliver Chadwick, Sept.7,1815. [Sally G., d.Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker), and Oliver Chadwick, s.Micajah and Sarah of Falmouth.PR38]

Susan and Anson Raymond, Oct.5,1815. [Susan, d.John and Hepsabeth, and Anson Raymond, s.Elishai and Sarah (sister of Cassandra Smith).PR38]

Sarah, d.Peter of Martha痴 Vineyard, and George Luce, s.Elijah and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.), Dec.7,1815.*PR38

David 2d [int omits 2d] and Susan Swain, Dec.24,1815. [David 3d, s.Jonathan and Abigail (Austin), and Susan Swain, d.Franklin and Anna (Cathcart).PR38]

Daniel G. and Polly Gardner, Feb.1,1816. [Daniel G., s.John and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Mary Gardner, d.Peleg and Hepsabeth (Aldredge) (Clark) (second w.).PR38]

George and Sally Calder, Mar.28,1816. [George, s.John and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Sally [dup. Sarah] Calder, d.Josiah and Merib (Folger).PR38]

Harriet and Cyrus Peirce [int.Pearce], Apr.1,1816. [PeirceCR2; Harriet, d.William and Deborah (Pinkham), and Cyrus Peirce of Waltham.PR38]

William Gayer and Anna Bunker, May30,1816. [William Gayer Coffin, s.Paul and Ruth (Pinkham), and Anna Bunker (first w.), d.Thomas Jr. and Mary (Chadwick).PR38]

Edward C. and Elizabeth Bunker, Sept.19,1816. [Edward C., s.Edward Jr. and Janet (Clark), and Elizabeth Bunker, d.Thomas Jr. and Mary (Chadwick).PR38]

Thaddeus Jr. and Eliza Cartwright, Dec.18,1816. [Thaddeus, s.Thaddeus and Anna [dup. Ann (Parker)], and Eliza Cartwright, d.John and Mary (Starbuck).PR38]

Edward and Elizabeth Folger, Feb.27,1817. [Edward, s.John and Susanna (Clark), and Elizabeth Folger, d.Charles and Lydia (Coleman).PR38]

Charlottee and Reuben Myrick, Apr.30,1817. [CharlotteCR2; Charlotte, d.Thaddeus and Ann Parker, and Reuben Myrick, s.George and Lydia.PR38; Charlotte, Apr.29PR64]

Benjamin and Polly McCleve, May21,1817. [Benjamin s.John jr. and Susanna (Clark), and Mary McCleave, d.Thomas V. and Lurania (Cash).PR38]

Mary and Henry Swift, June5,1817. [Mary, d.Zenas and Abial (Gardner), and Henry Swift of Boston, s.Henry.PR38]

William R. and Mary Robbins, July9,1817. [William R., s.Elial and Ruth (Beard), and Mary Robbins (first w.), d.John and Elizabeth (Meader).PR38]

John and Mary Green, July17,1817. [John, s.Brown and Deborah, and Mary Green of Newport, RI.PR38]

Reuben F. and Susan Barnard, July30,1817. [Reuben F., s.Samuel and Eunice (Folger), and Susan Barnard, d.William and Elizabeth (Inot).PR38]

Crumwell 2d and Pegga Swain, Aug.3,1817. [Cromwell 2d and Peggy SwainCR2; Cromwell, s.Philip and Catherine (Thompson), and Margaret Swain, d.Margaret, grand d.Simeon Swain and Susan (Coffin).PR38]

Elijah and Eunice Ramsdil, Aug.6,1817. [RamsdaleCR2; Elijah, s.Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), and Eunice Ramsdell, d.William and Silvia (Coleman).PR38]

Lydia and David Chadwick [int.Jr.], Dec.2,1817. [Lydia, d.William and Sarah [dup. Sally] (Gardner), and David Chadwick, s.David and Elizabeth (Baker).PR38]

Maria and Alexander Russell, Dec.2,1817. [Maria, d.Simeon and Mary (Whippey), and Alexander Russell, s.Charles and Hepsabeth (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

William H. and Lurana [int.Lurany] Gardner, Dec.23,1817. [Capt. William Henry Coffin, s.Solomon and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner) (second w.), and Lurania Gardner, d.Capt. Grafton and Abigail (Myrick).PR38]

Mary B. and Thomas M. Macy, Feb.19,1818. [Mary B., d.Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard), and Thomas M. Macy, s.Francis Jr. and Hannah Macreal.PR38]

John Foster and Lydia Cartwright, Mar.3,1818. [John Foster Coffin, s.Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), and Lydia Cartwright, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Paddack) (Gardner).PR38]

Obed and Ann W. Swift, Apr.15,1818. [Obed, s.Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard), and Ann Swift, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Swain).PR38]

Josiah P. and Mary Gilston, Sept.2,1818. [GelstonCR2; Josiah P., s.James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), and Mary Gelston, d.Dr. Roland and Love (Pinkham).PR38]

Sarah m.and Smith Upton, 2:9m:1818.CR4

Mary J., 19y.4m., d.Gardner and Mary, and James Cook Swain, Sept.29,1818. [Mary J., d.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and James C. Swain, s.Samuel and Polly (Cook) (first w.).PR38]

Lydia and Fredrick Brown Coleman, Nov.5,1818. [Lydia, d.Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), and Frederick Brown Coleman, s.Barnabas Jr. and Abial (Clark), 末:11m:1817.PR38]

Winnefred [int.Winnafred] and Elisha Starbuck, Nov.8,1818. [WinnifredCR2; Winifred (second w.), d.William and Deborah (Pinkham), and Elisha Starbuck, s.William and Mary (Folger).PR38]

Eliza and Joseph [int.adds W.] Hussey, Dec.6,1818. [Elizabeth, d.Robert and Lydia (Coleman), and Joseph Hussey, s.Albert and Rebecca (Shove).PR38]

William Gayer and Lucretia Hoseir [int.Hosier], May6,1819. [William Gayer Coffin, s.Paul and Ruth (Pinkham), and Lucretia Hosier (second w.), d.William and Elizabeth (Spencer).PR38]

Reuben 4th and Polly [int.Polley] Swain, Jan.27,1820. [Reuben, s.Isaiah and Sarah (Folger), and Mary [dup. Polly] Swain, d.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Bunker) (first w.) in Indiana.PR38]

Eunice and Libni Barnard, 28:9m:1820.CR4

Joshua 2d and Delia Maria Baker, June28,1821. [Capt. Joshua, s.Philip and Hannah (Wharton), and Delia Baker, d.Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham), May28.PR38]

John P. and Polly Meigs, July15,1821.

Edwin and Sarah Folger,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.6,1822, int.June30,1821]. [Edwin, s Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and Sarah Folger, d.Aaron and Mary (Thompson) July18,1821.PR38]

Love B. and John L. Coggswell [dup. John F. Coggshall, int.Cogswell], Oct.13,1821. [John L. Cogswell, Oct.31CR2; Love, d.Uriah and Sarah Butler, and John L. Coggswell.PR38]

Susan P. and Joseph C. Melcher, Nov.1,1821. [Susan, d.James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), and Joseph P. Melcher.PR38]

Mary B. and Robert Macy, Dec.16,1821. [Mary B., d.Shubael and Priscilla (Bunker), and Robert Macy, s.Jonathan Jr. and Rose (Pinkham).PR38]

William Jr., and Elizabeth C. Hussey, Jan.1,1822. [William, s.William and Deborah (Pinkham), and Elizabeth C. Hussey, d.Peter and Mary (Mooers).PR38]

Eunice and Robert W. Jenks, Oct.27,1822. [Eunice, d.Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), and Robert Way Jenks, s.Samuel and Mary (Way).PR38]

Prisbury [dup. Presbury] and Sally Hussey [dup. Heney], Oct.27,1822. [Presbury, s.Uriah of M[artha痴] Vineyard and Sarah Butler, and Sally [dup. Sarah] Hussey, d.Seth and Naomi (Chase).PR38]

Martha W. and Samuel H. Jenks, Jan.1,1823. [Martha W., d.William and Deborah (Pinkham), and Samuel H. Jenks, s.Samuel and Mary (Way).PR38]

Jesse [int.Jessa 2d] and Mary Bunker, Apr.4,1823. [Jesse, s.Robert and Lydia (Coleman), and Mary Bunker, d.James and Susan (Marshall).PR38]

Anna and Joshua Patten, Apr.22,1823. [Anna, formerly w.Benjamin, d.Benjamin Stubbs and Eunice Daggett (second w.), and Joshua Patten of Maine.PR38]

Asa 2d [ind.omits 2d] and Hannah Gardner, May11,1823. [Asa 2dCR2; Asa, s.Ichabod and Nancy (Brown), and Hannah Gardner, d.Ebenezer 3d and Rachael (Jackson) (second w.).PR38]

Eliza and John M. Gardner, May13,1823. [Elisa, d.Jesse and Phebe (Rawson), and John M. Gardner, s.Capt. Grafton and Abigail (Myrick).PR38]

David 2d and Maria Hussey, May15,1823. [David 3d, s.Jonathan and Abigail (Austin), and Maria Hussey, d.James and Eunice (Swain).PR38]

Phebe and Samuel Sanford Jr., int.June7,1823. [Phebe (first w.), d.Andrew and Deborah (Chadwick), and Samuel Sanford Jr., s.Samuel and Lydia (Wyer), m.末末.PR38]

Latham and Elizabeth Barney, July13,1823. [Latham, s.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), and Betsey Barney, formerly w.Antone, wid.Absalom Swain, formerly w.David Russell, d.Thomas Shadwell and Hepsabeth (Clark).PR38]

Sarah B. and Thomas Hiller Jr., July13,1823. [Hillar Jr.CR2; Sally [dup. Sarah B.], d.Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, and Thomas Hillar [dup. Hiller], s.Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith).PR38]

Lydia and William [int.adds C.] Wyer, Aug.2,1823. [Lydia, d.Owen and Jedidah (Hall), and William Wyer, s.Owen and Mary.PR38]

Moses and Nancy G. Gardner, Sept.7,1823. [Moses, s.David and Phebe (Barnard), and Nancy Gardner, d.Ebenezer and Rachel (Jackson) (second w.).PR38]

Charles Griffin, s.Albert and Polly (Fay), and Miranda Hastings, adopted d.Simeon Tubbs, Oct.末,1823.*PR38

Hannah and Reuben Fish, Oct.9,1823. [Hannah, d.Philip and Catherin (Thompson) (second w.).PR38]

Sophonia [int.Soptrania] C. and Simeon Balch, Oct.6,1823. [Sophronia C., d.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and Simeon Balch of VT, 末:9m:.PR38]

Charles G. and Eliza McArther [dup. and int.McArthur], Jan.22,1824. [Charles G., s.Zenas and Abial (Gardner), and Eliza McArthur, d.Arthur.PR38]

Nancy and Eben W. Tallant, Apr.18,1824. [Nancy, d.William and Deborah (Pinkham), and Ebenezer W. Tallant of Pelham, NH.PR38]

Prince 2d and Judith Hussey, June10,1824. [Prince, s.Francis and Ruth (Upham), and Judith Hussey, d.Peleg and Temperance (Swain).PR38]

John 3d and Susan or Sarah Archebold [dup. Archibald, int.Sarah Archebald], Sept.5,1824. [John, s.Brown and Deborah (Coleman), and Susan [dup. Sarah] Archibald, d.John of NY.PR38]

Eunice and Thomas Macy, 9:9m:1824.CR4

Eliza and Paul Bunker, Dec.16,1824. [Eliza [dup. Elizabeth], d.Albert and Elizabeth (Fosdick) (Coleman), and Paul Bunker, s.Hezekiah and Lydia Ellinwood.PR38]

Edy and Nancy C. Drew, int.Mar.19,1825. [Eddy of "the Vineyard" and Nancy Drew, d.William and Lucy P. (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Lydia G. and Charles P. Swain, Mar.24,1825. [Lydia G., d.Shubael and Priscilla (Bunker) (second w.), and Charles P. Swain, s.Uriah and Elizabeth (Pinkham).PR38]

George of N., s.Robert and Mary of N., and Phebe Ann Barnard, d.Henry and Love of N., 14:4m:1825.CR4; [George W., s.Robert and Mary (Coffin), and Phebe Ann Barnard, d.Henry and Love (Cartwright).PR38]

Eunice C., Miss, and Barzillai Swain, May29 [dup. May19], 1825. [Eunice, d.Zebulon and Eunice (Chase), and Barzilla Swain, s.George and Hannah (Coffin).PR38]

Tristram [dup. Tristam] M. and Miss Mary F. Moors [int.Moores], June2,1825. [Tristram M., s.Tristram and Eunice (Mitchell), and Mary F. Mooers, d.William.PR38; MooersPR45]

Polly and Silvanus Swain, Sept.29,1825. [Mary, d.Asa and Phebe (Morselander), and Silvanus [dup. Sylvanus] Swain, s.Uriah and Judith (Pinkham).PR38]

George F. and Mary Fisher, int.Jan.14,1826. [George S., s.Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker), and Mary Fisher of "the Vineyard," m.末末.PR38]

Emeline and Nathan B. Gardner, Apr.2,1826. [Emma [dup. Emmeline], d.Simeon and Mary [dup. Polly] (Whippey), and Nathan B. Gardner, s.Eliakim and Pamela (Gardner).PR38]

Charles N. and Elizabeth Ann Gardner, Aug.6,1826. [Charles N., s.Simeon and Mary (Whippey), and Elizabeth Ann Gardner, d.Samuel and Elizabeth (Morin), "Removed to NC"PR38]

Eunice F. and William Pitman, Feb.14,1827. [Eunice F., d.Ariel and Priscilla (Fosdick), and William Pitman, s.Charles and Susanna (Mooers).PR38]

Job and Sarah Arthur, Feb.15,1827. [Job, s.Jethro and Eunice, and Sarah Arthur, wid.Stephen, d.Peter Macy and Sarah (Folger).PR38]

Charles B. and Eliza A. Parker, Apr.18,1827. [Charles Bunker Coffin, s.Barlett and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Eliza A. Parker, d.Jonathan.PR38]

Adeline G. [int.Adaline, omits G.] and David N. [dup. M., int.U.] Coffin, Apr.26,1827. [Adeline G. and David U. Coffin.CR2; Adeline, d.Barrett and Hannah (Coffin), and David Upham Coffin, s.Francis and Ruth (Upham).PR38]

David N. [dup. M., int.U.] and Adeline G. [int.Adaline, omits G.] Coffin, Apr.26,1827. [David U. and Adeline G. CoffinCR2; David Upham Coffin, s.Francis and Ruth (Upham), and Adeline Coffin, d.Barrett and Hannah (Coffin).PR38]

Nancy and George Creasy, June10,1827. [Nancy, d.Gideon and Elizabeth (Ellis), and George Creasy, s.Edward and Deborah (Cash).PR38]

Francis C., twin s.John [twin s.John written in pencil], and Emmeline [int.Emmaline] Wyer, Sept.9,1827. [EmmelineCR2; Francis C., s.Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker), and Emeline Wyer, d.Timothy and Sally.PR38]

Susan and James Gwinn, Nov.29,1827. [Susan, d.Jesse and Phebe (Rawson), and James Gwinn, s.James and Polly (Murphy).PR38]

Emma and Edwin Barnard, Jan.9,1828. [Emma, d.Ariel and Priscilla (Fosdick), and Edwin Barnard, s.Thomas and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

Edward G. and Phebe B. Swain, Jan.10,1828. [Edward G., s.Barrett and Hannah (Coffin), and Phebe Swain, d.Micajah and Mary (Bunker) (first w.).PR38]

Sarah J. and Russell Bodfish, Apr.24,1828. [Sarah, d.Silvanus Jr. and Judith (Macy).PR38]

Ruth M. and William R. Coffin, May18,1828. [Ruth, d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), and William R. Coffin, s.Elial and Ruth (Beard).PR38]

William R. and Ruth M. Coffin, May18,1828. [William R., s.Elial and Ruth (Beard), and Ruth Coffin, d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble").PR38]

Aaron and Rebecca R. Burdett [int.Burditt], May27,1828. [Aaron, s.Barzillai and Rebecca (Coffin), and Rebecca R. Burdett, d.Barzillai and Eunice (Robinson).PR38]

Robert and Sally Ellis, July4,1828. [Robert, s.Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), and Sally Ellis, wid.Heman, d.Jonathan Long and Rebecca (Kelley) (second w.).PR38]

Deborah, d.Charles H. and Lydia (Joy), and Edward Macy, s.Jared and Sarah, 3:2m:1829.PR38

James G. and Miss Phebe Coffin, May14,1829. [James Gorham Coffin, s.Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), and Phebe Coffin, d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble").PR38]

Phebe, Miss, and Benjamin C. Chase, May14,1829. [Phebe, d.Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), and Benjamin C. Chase, s.George and Rebecca (Coffin).PR38]

Phebe, Miss, and James G. Coffin, May14,1829. [Phebe, d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), and James Gorham Coffin, s.Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks).PR38]

Mary, d.Christopher and Nancy W. Bridge, and Charles B. Hatch of New York,末蔓末,183.*PR38

George W. and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Emmaline Cartwright, Jan.3,1830. [George W., s.Robert and Mary (Coffin), and Emeline Cartwright, wid.Joseph B. Jr., d.Libni Barnard and Lydia (Paddack).PR38]

Edward H. and Lydia L. Law, Jan.24,1830. [Edward H., s.Owen and Jedidah (Hall), and Lydia Law, d.James and Lydia (Coleman) (Marshall).PR38]

Mary S., Miss, and Reuben Barney, Apr.14,1830. [Mary S., d.Thaddeus and Jemima (Folger), and Reuben Barney, s.William and Sarah (Joy).PR38]

Susan and Reuben P. Folger, May12,1830. [Susan, d.Zebulon and Eliza [dup. Elizabeth] (Barnard) (second w.), and Reuben P. Folger, s.Isaac and Love (Pinkham).PR38]

Louisa F. [and] Isaac H. Parker, June6,1830. [Louisa F., d.Valentine and Sarah (Nye), and Isaac Parker Jr.PR38]

Lydia and Nathaniel F. Coffin, Aug.1,1830. [Lydia, d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), and Nathaniel B. [dup. F.] Coffin, s.Absalom and Mary (Folger).PR38]

Nathaniel F. and Lydia Coffin, Aug.1,1830. [Nathaniel B. [dup F.], s.Absalom and Mary (Folger), and Lydia Coffin, d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble").PR38]

John B. and Phebe Gardner, Nov.25,1830. [John Bridger Coffin, s.Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, and Phebe Gardner, d.Benjamin Esq. and Judith (Coffin).PR38]

Rebecca S. and William S. French, Jan.6,1831. [Rebecca, d.Jared and Hepzibah (Swain).PR38]

Thomas 2d and Velina G. Swain, Apr.24,1831. [Valina G.CR2; Thomas, s.Francis and Ruth (Upham), and Velina [dup. Valina G.] Swain, d.Owen and Abigail (Swain).PR38]

Lydia G. and Benjamin F. [F. written in pencil, int.Franklin] Riddell, June20,1831. [Benjamin Franklin RiddellCR2; Lydia D., d.Job and Mary (Drew) (Chadwick), and Franklin Riddell, s.Henry and Hepsabeth (Wyer) (Coleman) (second w.).PR38]

Nancy W. and Elisha Doane [int.Done], July10,1831. [Nancy, d.Christopher and Nancy w.Bridger, and Elisha Doane of Barnstable [dup. Falmouth].PR38]

Lydia and Charles C. [int.Coffin] Morris, Aug.9,1831. [Lydia, d.Robert and Lydia (Coleman), and Charles C. Morris, s.John.PR38]

Frederick W., s.Albert and Polly (Fay) (second w.), and Mary Waters, d.Elisah, 末:9m:1831.*PR38

Edward P. and Lydia B. Gardner, Sept.11,1831. [Edward P. s.Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack), and Lydia B. Gardner, d.Henry and Hannah (Bunker).PR38]

Hannah of Ohio, wid.Benjamin, d.James Stanton, and Roland Coleman, s.Barnabas and Abial (Clark), 12:10m:1831.*PR38

Charles Gorham [and] Susan H. Millwood, Oct.20,1831. [Charles G., s.Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), and Susan Millwood, wid.Joseph, d.David Hall and Sarah (Coffin).PR38]

Emeline and William G. Edwards, Oct.31,1831. [Emeline, d.Jethro and Sophia Whitefield, and William G. Edwards, s.Joseph and Lydia (Gates) [dup. Aug.31].PR38]

Eliza and Alexander Calliway, Nov.17,1831.

Susan [and] Amos Eldridge [int.Eldrige], Dec.22,1831. [EldridgeCR2; Susan, d.Gideon and Elizabeth (Ellis) and Amos Eldredge, s.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham).PR38]

Lavinia and Obed Barney, Jan.15,1832. [[dup. Lavina] d.Hon. Isaac Esq. and Margaret (Swain), and Obed Barney, s.Jonathan and Abial (Coffin).PR38]

Hezekiah R., s.Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), and Myra Barlow, 1:3m:1832.*PR38

Abner and Esther G. Northrop, Apr.26,1832. [Abner, s.Philip and Catherine (Thompson), and Esther Godfrey Northrop.PR38]

Seth B. and Hepsabeth Moores, May18,1832. [Seth B., s.David and Phebe (Barnard), and Hepsabeth [dup. Hepzibah F.] Mooers, d.William and Lydia.PR38; Hepsabeth Mooers, May21,1831.PR45]

Judith and Valentine Coffin, June10,1832. [Judith, d.Ebenezar and May (Cartwright), and Valentine Coffin, s.Obed and Phebe (Gardner).PR38]

Valentine and Judith Coffin, June10,1832. [Valentine, s.Obed and Phebe (Gardner), and Judith Coffin, d.Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright).PR38]

Eliza M. and Samuel B. Romaine, Sept.30,1832. [Eliza, d.Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), "moved to Texas."PR38]

Sarah B. and Obed Chase, Oct.28,1832. [Sarah B., d.David and Phebe (Barnard), and Obed Chase, s.Reuben and Judith (Gardner).PR38]

James F. [int.M., adds 2d] and Ann J. Swain, Nov.15,1832. [James M., s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and Anna J. Swain, d.Abraham and Anna (Coleman).PR38]

Charles West, s.Caleb and Anna (West), and Sophia F. Sherman, d.Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Worth), 9:2m:1833.*PR38

Charlotte B. and Benjamin Field, Apr.7,1833. [Charlotte, d.Elihu and Sarah (Austin), and Benjamin Field of Providence, RI, s.Benjamin and Sarah.PR38]

Sarah and Reuben Chapman of E. Haddam, CT, May29,1822. Sarah and Samuel B. Coleman, Apr.28,1833. [Sarah, d.Obadiah and Lucretia, and Samuel B. Coleman, s.Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker), 29:4m:.PR38]

Betsey M. and Allen H. Gifford, May27,1833. [Betsey M., d.Hiram and Betsey (Mooers), and Allen H. Gifford, s.Luther and Phebe (Coffin).PR38]

Winefred and Jethro B. Brooks, June3,1833. [Winifred, d.Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), and Jethro B. Brooks, s.William and Ruth (Brock), 31:5m:.PR38]

Alexander and Eliza Burditt [int.Elizaann Burdett], Aug.15,1833. [Alexander, s.James Jr. and Rhoda (Gardner), and Eliza Ann Burdett, d.Reuben and Lydia (Ellis).PR38]

Albert and Sarah C. [int.O.] Earl, Sept.26,1833. [Albert of the Vineyard, s.Jethro and Sophia Whitefield, and Sarah Earl [dup. Earle], d.Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher).PR38]

Lathem [int.Latham] and Anna Mitchell, Oct.13,1833. [Latham, s.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), and Anna Mitchell, wid.James, d.James 末末 and Mercy.PR38]

Alexander H. and Eliza Ann Worth, Nov.5,1833. [Alexander H., s.Owen and Jedidah (Hall), and Eliza Ann Worth, d.Thaddeus and Love (Macy).PR38]

Henry and Eliza Starbuck, Nov.14,1833. [Henry, s.Zenas and Abial (Gardner), and Eliza Starbuck, d.Levi and Elizabeth (Ramsdell).PR38]

Charlotte G. and Edward H. Swain, Feb.6,1834. [Charlotte G., d.Peter F. and Margaret (Coffin), and Edward Swain, s.Gilbert and Margaret (Barnard) (Swain) (first w.).PR38]

Lydia and William H. Brock, Feb.16,1834. [Lydia, d.Jethro and Sophia Whitefield, and William H. Brock, s.Peter and Waite Pease (second w.).PR38]

Harriet and Samuel S. Salisbury, int.May11,1834. [m.May29CR2; Harriet, d.Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), m.末末.PR38]

Jenett G. [int.Jennett, omits G.] and Edward H. Morton, May15,1834. [Jeannet, d.Peter F. and Margaret (Coffin), and Edward H. Morton, s.Martin T.PR38]

Henry F. and Judith C. Gardner, May29,1834. [Capt. Henry F., s.Peter F. and Margaret (Coffin), and Judith Gardner, d.Benjamin Esq. and Judith (Coffin).PR38]

Lydia and William B. Gardner, June25,1834. [Lydia, d.George and Nancy (Stubbs), and William B. Gardner, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Morin).PR38]

Charlotte S. and David Barnard, July7,1834. [Charlotte, d.Zebdial and Hepsibeth (Swain), and David C. Barnard, s.Libni and Lydia (Paddack).PR38]

Lydia [int.adds A.], Miss, and Valentine [int.Valenetine] O. Holmes, July29,1834. [Lydia, d.Elihu and Sarah (Austin), and Valentine O. Holmes, s.Bartlett and Abigail of Barnstable.PR38]

Lydia M. and Charles H. Clark, Nov.20,1834. [Lydia M., d.Alexander and Lydia (Myrick), and Charles H. Clark, s.Lemuel and Jerusha of the Vineyard.PR38]

George D. and Mary F. Joy, int.Nov.23,1834. [m.Dec.7CR2; George Drew Coffin, s.Job and Mary (Drew) (Chadwick), and Mary F. Joy, d.Thaddeus and Judith (Folger), m.末末.PR38]

Benjamin F. and Mary C. Crosby, int.Jan.18,1835. [m.Feb.4CR2; Benjamin F., s.Jared and Hepsabeth (Swain), and Mary Crosby, d.Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), m.末蔓末,1835.PR38]

Mary, wid.Josiah P., d.Dr. Roland Gelston and Love, and George Latimer of OH, Feb.末,1835.*PR38

Timothy R. and Lydia Ceely, int.Feb.8,1835. [m.末末 [rec. between Feb.4 and Mar.4], 1835CR2; Capt. Timothy R., s.Francis and Ruth (Upham), and Lydia Ceeley, d.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), m.末末.PR38]

Lydia M. and Joseph Allen Jr., Apr.22,1835. [Lydia M., d.Eliakim and Mary (Barnard), and Joseph Allen, s.Joseph and Abigail (Coffin).PR38]

Rebecca A. and James Codd, May10,1835. [Rebecca, d.Abel and Eunice (Alley), and James Codd, s.Nicholas.PR38]

Sarah and George Washington Gardner, June18,1835. [Sarah, formerly w.Job, formerly w.Stephen Arthur, d.Peter Macy and Sarah (Folger), and George W. Gardner, s.Solomon and Miriam (Worth).PR38]

Lydia, Miss, and Christopher Capen, Aug.2,1835, [dup. in N.] [Lydia, d.Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, and Christopher Capen of Dorchester.PR38]

Rebecca [dup. Mrs.] and Joseph H. Nicholson [dup. Both of N], Aug.2,1835. [Rebecca wid.John Gayer Coffin, d.Obed Joy and Anna (Cartwright), and Capt. Joseph Nickerson.PR38]

Henry S. and Phebe C. Cleaveland [int.Cleveland omits C.], Aug.16,1835. [Henry S., s.David and Phebe (Barnard), and Phebe C. Cleavland d.Zimri and Sally Seabury, 6:8m:.PR38]

Harriot [int.Harriet] G. and Capt. Barzilla [int.Barzillai T., omits Capt.] Folger, Sept.3 [int.Sept.13], 1835. [Harriet, d.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and Barzillai T. Folger, s.Aaron and Mary (Thompson).PR38]

Henry B. [int.P.] of NY and Susan M. Sherman, Sept.24,1835. [Henry P., s.Timothy and Deborah (Pease) [sic, ? Pierce], and Susan M. Sherman, d.Freeman and Polly (Chase) (first w.).PR38]

Ann and George F. Russell, Feb.21,1836. [Ann, d.David and Susan (Swain), and George F. Russell, "a Portuguese," "Moved to the West."PR38]

Susan and Nathan P. Cartland May26,1836. [Susan C., d.Edward C. and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Nathan P. Cartland of Maine.PR38]

Thomas J. and Lurana [int.Lurania] M. Fisher, June5,1836. [Thomas Jefferson Coffin, s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and Lurana M. Fisher.PR38]

Francis and Sally Coffin, Nov.20,1836. [Francis, s.Thomas and Abigail (Russell), and Sally [dup. Sarah] Coffin, d.James and Rhoda (Gardner).PR38]

Sally and Francis Coffin, Nov.20,1836. [[dup. Sarah] d.James and Rhoda (Gardner), and Francis Coffin, s.Thomas and Abigail (Russell).PR38]

Lydia M. and Thomas S. Mitchell, Nov.25,1836. [Nov.15CR2; Lydia M., d.Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), and James S. Mitchell, s.Thomas [sic ? accuracy].PR38]

Alexander Jr. and Mary G. Edwards, Dec.20,1836. [Alexander Jr., s.Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), and Mary G. Edwards, d.Joseph and Lydia (Gates).PR38]

Elizabeth, d.Vestal and Aletha Fluke, and John Henlcy, 1:1m:1837 [?in NC].*PR38

Harriet C., of N. and Cyrus F. Crosby of N. [int.NY], Jan.15,1837. [Harriet, d.Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), and Cyrus H. Crosby.PR38]

Benjamin and Lydia Fuller, Jan.16,1837. [Benjamin, s.John and Susanna (Clark), and Lydia Fuller, d.William and Elizabeth.PR38]

George late of Floris and Azubah [int.Zobey] G. Gould late of Chatham, "both now residing at Nantucket," Mar.21,1837. [George P., "a Portuguese," and Azuba G. Gould, d.Joseph and Polly of Chatham.‡PR38]

Edward G. and Miss Lydia G. Swain, Mar.26,1837. [Edward G., s.Reuben and Hepzibah (Gardner), and Lydia C. Swain, d.David and Sophia (Comstock) (first w.).PR38]

Harriet B. and William C. Hayden, Mar.26,1837. [Harriet, d.Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), and William C. Hayden, s.Prince Gorham and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38]

Lucreatia [int.Lucretia] and Andrew B. Brooks, Mar.26,1837. [Lucretia, d.Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), and Andrew B. Brooks, s.William and Ruth (Brock).PR38]

Deborah B., Miss., and Daniel V. Westgate, Apr.9,1837. [Deborah, d.Zebulon and Eliza (Barnard), and Daniel V. Westgate, s.James.PR38]

Mary and James Nichols, July16,1837. [Mary, d.Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), and James Nichols, s.Charles and Sally.PR38]

James B. and Mary Coffin, Sept.28,1837. [James B., s.William Barnard and Deborah (Swain), and Mary Coffin, d.Alexander and Lydia (Myrick).PR38]

Mary and James B. Coffin, Sept.28,1837. [Mary, d.Alexander and Lydia (Myrick), and James B. Coffin, s.William Barnard and Deborah (Swain).PR38]

Elizabeth R. and Charles H. Hussey, Oct.19,1837. [Elizabeth R., d.Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), and Charles H. Hussey, s.David Gorham and Nancy (Hussey).PR38]

Elizabeth G. and Samuel W. Harris, Oct.24,1837. [Elizabeth G., d.Barnabas and Susan (Gardner), and Samuel Harris, s.Moses and Parnal (Burdett).PR38]

Susan and Rufus P. Moses, Nov.26,1837. [Susan, d.Job C. and Phebe (Grew), and Rufus P. Moses of Montpelier, VT.PR38]

Gardner and Phebe A. [int.Ann] Chase [int.both of N.], Nov.28,1837. [Gardner Jr., s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), and Phebe Ann Chase, d.Owen and Margaret (Gardner).PR38]

Anna B. and Henry A. Kelley, int.Sept.30,1838. [Kelly, m.末蔓末,1838.CR2; Anna B., d.Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), and Henry A. Kelley, s.Allen and Mercy (Freeman) (first w.), m.末末.PR38]

Rebecca and William S. Hussey [int.both of N.], Jan.28,1838. [Rebecca, d.Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), and William S. Hussey, s.Albert and Elizabeth (Starbuck).PR38]

Charles D. and Charlotte C. Drew, int.Apr.22,1838. [m.May17CR2; Charles Drew Coffin, s.Job and Mary (Drew) (Chadwick), and Charlotte Drew, d.Alexander and Pricilla (Bunker).PR38]

Mary Ann and William Miller, May13,1838. [Mary Ann, d.Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), and William Millar, s.John and Avis.PR38]

Phebe Ann and David Baker 2d, June10,1838. [Phebe Ann, d.Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), and David Baker 2d, s.Prince and Mary (Maxey) (Coleman).PR38]

Obed G. and Sarah Coffin, June17,1838. [Obed G., s.Valentine and Diana Marchant, and Sarah Coffin, d.Cromwell and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Sarah and Obed G. Coffin, June17,1838. [Sarah, d.Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), and Obed G. Coffin, s.Valentine and Diana Marchant.PR38]

Oliver C. and Henriette Boult of Barnstable, int.June24,1838. [Capt. Oliver C., s.Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), and Henrietta Boult of Osterville, m.末末.PR38]

Reuben M. and Rebecca Hayden, int.July8,1838. [m.July24CR2; Reuben M., s.Asa and Phebe (Morselander), and Rebecca Hayden, d.Prince Gorham and Priscilla (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Charlotte M. and John C. Brock, Aug.26,1838. [Charlotte M., d.Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), and John C. Brock, s.Peter and Waite Pease (second w.).PR38]

Eliza S. of N. and David Nevans of Boston, int.Sept.30,1838. [Nevins, m.Oct.14CR2; Eliza S., d.Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), and David Nevins, m.末末.PR38]

Alexander D. and Judith M. Baker, int.Oct.21,1838. [Alexander Drew Coffin, s.Job and Mary (Drew) (Chadwick), and Judith M. Baker, d.Prince and Mary (Maxey) (Coleman), m.末末.PR38]

Susan and Henry Swain, Nov.11,1838. [Susan, d.Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker), and Henry Swain, s.Franklin and Anna (Cathcart), 12:11m:.PR38]

Samuel F. and Rebecca Pinkham, Nov.29,1838. [Samuel F., s.Barzillai and Rebecca (Coffin), and Rebecca Pinkham, d.John and Merab (Bunker).PR38]

George 2d [int.omits 2d] and Sarah M. Coffin, Dec.9,1838. [George, s.Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack), and Sarah Coffin, d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble").PR38]

Sarah m.and George Coffin 2d [int.omits 2d], Dec.9,1838. [Sarah, d.Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), and George Coffin, s.Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack).PR38]

Charlotte and William B. Gardner, Jan.22,1839. [Charlotte, d.George and Sarah (Calder), and William B. Gardner, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Morin).PR38]

Sarah L. and Benjamin L辿omidieu [int.L辿ommedieu] Jr., Jan.29,1839. [L辿ommedieuCR4; Sarah L., d.William m.and Mary (Burdett), and Benjamin L辿ommedieu Jr., s.Benjamin and Amelia (Perry) (second w.).PR38]

Benjamin F. and Rachel S. Ceely [int.Celey, omits S., adds both of N.], Feb.12,1839. [Rachel CeleyCR4; Benjamin, s.Barzillai and Rebecca (Coffin), and Rachel S. Ceeley [dup Ceely], d.Elias and Dinah (Starbuck).PR38]

Benjamin F., of N. and Elizabeth Bessey of Waine, ME, May7,1839. [Bejamin Frnaklin Coffin, s.Benjamin and Mary (Paddack), and Elizabeth Besse of Rochester.PR38]

George B. and Cordelia M. Dunham both of N., int.June9,1839. [George Black Coffin, s.Robert and Anna (Black) and Cordelia M. Dunham, d.Daniel and Dorcas (King), m.末末.PR38; m.June末.PR46]

Henry 3d and Phebe F. Barnard, int.June23,1839. [Henry 4th and Phebe Barnard, m.July9CR2; Henry 3d and Phebe F. BarnardCR4; Henry S., s.Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), and Phebe F. Barnard, d.Benjamin and Anna (Folger), m.末末.PR38]

Elizabeth E. and Henry Coleman 2d [int.omits 2d], July25,1839. [Elizabeth E., d.Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Henry Coleman, s.Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker).PR38]

Mary and Braddock Childs of Falmouth, int.July28,1839. [Mary, d.Elihu and Sarah (Austin), m.末末.PR38]

Stephen P. and Eliza S. Fisher of Falmouth, Aug.11,1839. [Stephen P., s.Valentine and Diana Marchant, and Mary Eliza Fish [dup. Eliza S. Fisher].PR38]

Edward C. of N. and Olive G. Eldridge of Hyanis, Aug.18,1839. [Edward C. s.Andrew and Deborah (Chadwick), and Olive Eldredge, d.David and Mary of Barnstable.PR38]

George A. and Mary Ann Morey, Oct.13,1839. [George A., s.Prince and Eliza (Austin), and Mary Ann Morey, d.Joseph and Rebecca.PR38]

Zebulon Butler, s.Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), and Catherine Elizabeth Justice, d.Jesse and Susan, 16:10m:1839.PR38

Peggey and Henry Riddell, int.Nov.3,1839. [Peggy, m.Nov.17CR2;PR17; Peggy (third w.), wid.Alfred, d.Joseph Chase and Rebecca (Folger), and Henry Riddell, S. Samuel and Judith (Coleman), m.末末.PR38]

Peggey and Henry Riddell, int.Nov.3,1839. [Peggy, m.Nov.17CR2;PR17; Peggy (third w.), wid.Alfred, d.Joseph Chase and Rebecca (Folger), and Henry Riddell, s.Samuel and Judith (Coleman), m.末末.PR38]

William G. and Phebe Hills, int.Jan.19,1840. [William Gayer Coffin, s.Paul and Ruth (Pinkham), and Phebe Hills (third w.), wid.Edward, d.Elial Coffin and Ruth (Beard), m.末末.PR38]

Lydia F. and Andrew M. Macy, int.Mar.29,1840. [m.Apr.5CR2; Lydia F., d.Peter F. and Margaret (Coffin), and Andrew M. Macy, s.John and Eliza (Myrick) (Barnard), m.Mar.29.PR38]

Mary and Charles H. Clark of Edgartown, int.Apr.19,1840. [Mary, d.Barzillai and Rebecca, and Charles H. Clark, s.Lemuel and Jerusha, m.末末.PR38]

Eliza, Miss, and Timothy Ellis of Mattapoisett, July26,1840. [Eliza, d.Job C. and Phebe (Grew).PR38]

Elizabeth S. and William C. Fuller, Aug.23,1840. [Elizabeth S., d.Prince and Eliza (Austin), and William C. Fuller, s.Jared and Betsey (Cash).PR38]

Thomas J. and Deborah C. Coleman, Nov.8,1840. [Thomas Jefferson Coffin, s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin).PR38]

George 3d of N. and Eliza A. [int.Ann] Greenbow of Vasselborough, ME, Nov.18,1840. [George, s.Asa and Phebe (Morselander), and Eliza Ann Greenlow of Vassalborough, d.Thomas of Kennebec and Mary (Paddack).PR38]

Eliza A. [int.Ann] and William s.Chadwick, Nov.22,1840. [Eliza Ann, d.Asa and Phebe (Morselander), and William s.Chadwick, s.Seth and Nancy (Sanford).PR38]

Emeily and Charles M. Myrick, int.Nov.29,1840. [Emily, m.Dec.16CR2; Emily, d.Elijah and Eunice (Ramsdell), and Charles Myrick, s.George Jr. and Eliza, m.末末.PR38]

Gilbert and Phebe Jenkins, int.Dec.6,1840. [Gilbert, s.Micajah and Abigail (Coleman), and Phebe Jenkins, wid.Charles, d.Barnabas Gardner and Abigail (Cartwright), m.末末.PR38]

Harriet P. and William Colesworth [int.Colesworthy], Jan.31,1841. [Harriet [dup. Harriett] P., d.Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), and William Colesworthy, s.John and Mary (Meader).PR38]

Lydia G. and Tristram Pinkham [int.of N.], Feb.21,1841. [Lydia G., d.Thaddeus and Jemima (Folger), and Tristram Pinkham, s.Hezekiah and Eunice (Barrett).PR38]

Sarah W. and Freeman Robins of Harwich, Mar.2,1841. [Sarah W., d.Philip and Catherine (Thompson), and Freeman Robbins of Norwich, CT.PR38]

Sarah S. and Charles W. Macy, Apr.8,1841. [Sarah S., d.Tristram and Deborah (Swain), and Charles W. Macy, s.Peleg Jr. and Lucretia (Folger) (first w.).PR38]

Hannah and Charles Taber, int.June6,1841. [m.Jan.20 [sic]CR2; Hannah, d.Valentine and Anna (Wilson), and Charles Taber, s.John and Lucretia (McCleave) (Swain), m.末末.PR38]

Sarah B. and Stephen Arthur, Aug.15,1841. [Sarah B. d.Reuben F. and Susan (Barnard), and Stephen Arthur, s.Frederick and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Anna B and John G. Carr, Oct.21,1841. [Anna B., d.Edward C. and Elizabeth (Bunker), and John G. Carr, s.Moses and Mary (Earl).PR38]

Alexander G. 2d and Caroline C. Turner, int.Jan.23,1842. [m.Feb.6CR2; Alexander G., s.Alexander and Lydia (Myrick), and Caroline C. Turner, d.Benjamin and Rhoda (Coggeshall), m.Feb.6.PR38]

Eliza H. and George F. Snow, Mar.20,1842. [Eliza H., d.William R. and Mary (Robbins) (first w.), and George Snow, s.Gideon and Lucinda (Fisher).PR38]

Samuel C. and Sarah B. Nye, Mar.24,1842. [Samuel C., s.George and Sarah (Calder), and Sarah B. Nye, d.George Warren.PR38]

James M. and Mrs.Eunice C. Swain, Apr.28,1842. [James M., s.Zebdial and Hepsibeth (Swain), and Eunice Swain, wid.Barzillai, d.Zebulon Coffin and Eunice (Chase).PR38]

Kimball [int.Kimbal] and Abigail M. Gay [int.Abigail McGay], May5,1842. [Kimball and Abigail GuyCRI; Kimbal, s.Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman) and Abigail Gay, wid.Richard, wid.Joseph C. Hubbard, d.Obed Foy and Hannah (Russell).PR38]

Mary B. and Charles S. Hussey, May19,1842. [Mary B., d.Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Charles S. Hussey, s.Thomas Jr. and Phebe (Paddack).PR38]

William B. and Lydia Chadwick, July3,1842. [William Barnard Coffin, s.Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard) and Lydia Chadwick, wid.John, d.Benjamin Barnard and Lydia (Swain).PR38]

Benjamin and Abby Emmons, Aug.14,1842. [Benjamin, s.John and Susanna (Clark), and Abigail [dup. Abba] Emmons, wid.Ira, d.Ebenezer Dunham and Huldah (Fisher).PR38]

Phebe F. and Julius A. Pratt, int.Aug.28,1842. [Phebe F., d.Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), and Julias A. Pratt, s.C.T. Hinckley, m.末末.PR38]

George G. and Emily clapp, Oct.16,1842. [George G. s.Hezekiah and Nancy (Bunker), and Emily Clapp, d.Henry and Rebecca.PR38]

Barzillai and Charlotte chase, Nov.20,1842. [Barzillai, s.Benjamin and Judith (Macy), and Charlotte Chase, d.Joseph and Rebecca (Folger).PR38]

Gorham and Susan Coleman, Dec.11,1842. [Gorham, s.Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Susan Coleman, wid.Job, wid.Edward Nichols, d.David Hussey and Lydia (Swain).PR38]

Benjamin J. and Elizabeth G. Paddock [int.Paddack] both of N., Mar.5,1843. [Benjamin Joy [dup. G.] Coffin, s.John Gayer and Rebecca (Joy), and Elizabeth Paddack, d.George and Lydia.PR38]

William Henry, s.William and Valina, and Elmina Howard, 末:4m:1843.*PR38

Albert S. and Mary Ann Baker, Apr.11,1843. [Albert S., s.Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Mary Ann Baker, d.David and Avis (Barnard).PR38]

Lydia C. and Christopher C. Hussey, Apr.16,1843. [Lydia C., d.William Barnard and Deborah (Swain), and Christopher C. Hussey, s.Albert and Elizabeth (Starbuck).PR38]

Charlotte and Rufus P. Moses, May29,1843. [Charlotte, d.Job C. and Phebe (Grew).PR38]

Mary, d.Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker), and Rev. Thomas G. Sater, "an Episcopal minister."末蔓末,1844.*PR38

William G. [dup. and int.Gear], widr., 54 [dup. And int.53, omit widr.], carman, s.Paul and Ruth, and Betsey Swain, 38 [int.47], d.Franklin and Mary, all of N, Mar.31,1844. [William Gayer Coffin, s.Paul and Ruth (Pinkham), and Betsey Swain (fourth w.), d.Franklin and Anna (Cathcart).PR38]

Martha S., and Silas B. Swain, Apr.14,1844.‡

Mary Elizabeth and James Mackie, June9,1844.‡

Anna N. and Lot Crocker Jr., July28,1844.‡

Lydia F. and Reuben Long Jr., Aug.11,1844.‡

Charlotte C. and Samuel C. Wyer, Aug.27,1844.‡

William H., 24, [s.] Prince and Eliza, and Nancy P. Eldredge, 21, of Chatham, [d.] Isaiah and Mary, int.Nov.3,1844. [William H., s.Prince and Eliza (Austin), m.末末.PR38]

Lydia and Dr. Clarkson T. Collins, Nov.6,1844.‡

Priscilla and Jonathan Ramsdale, Nov.22,1844. [Priscilla, d.George and Ruth (Swain), and Jonathan Ramsdell Jr., s.Jonathan and Anna (Fosdick) (first w.).PR38]

Sarah B and William S. Knapp, Nov.28,1844.‡

Eliza Ann and Cornelius Williams, Dec.29,1844.‡

Charles H., single, 24 [int.23], mariner, s.David and Maria [int.Susan], and Lydia H. Swain, 24, d.Gilbert and Sally [int.Sarah], all of N., Feb.13,1845 in N. [Charles H., s.David and Susan (Swain), and Lydia Swain, d.Gilbert and Sarah (Shaw) (second w.).PR38]

Charlotte, d.Hezediah and Sarah, and Charles B. L'Hommedieu, s.Benjamin and Amelia, 19:3m:1845, in Brooklyn, NY.*PR38

Zephaniah, s.Zephaniah and Hepzibah, and Sally Hatch, Apr.4,1845.*PR38

Obed, single, 28, yeoman, s.Obadiah and Lucretia, and Angeline M. Douglass [int.Douglas], 17, d.Henry (Douglas) and Eliza, Apr.13,1845. [Obed, s.Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack).PR38]

Alexander B., single, 21, cooper, s.Jesse and Mary, and Lucy Ann Andrews, 17, d.David and Phebe, all of N., Apr.20,1845. [Alexander B., s.Jesse and Mary (Bunker), and Lucy Ann Andrews, d.David and Phebe (Smith).PR38]

Robert G., single, 26, mariner, s.Reuben and Elizabeth [int.Mary], and Ann H. Meader, 23, d.Nathan and Sarah, May29,1845. [Robert G., s.Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker).PR38]

Martha R., 20, d.Elijah and Eunice [int.Eunic], and Reuben B. Spencer, single, 27, mariner, s.Tristram and Priscilla [int.Priscella], June19,1845, [Martha W., d.Elijah and Eunice (Ramsdell), and Reuben Spencer, s.Tristram and Priscilla (Brock) (Coffin).PR38]

Oliver C., widr.[int.single], 32, mariner [int.of N., b. N.], s.Cromwell and Mary, and Martha A. Boult, 27 [int.of N., b. Osterville], d.Charles and Rebecca [int.of Osterville], July20,1845. [Oliver C., s.Cromwell and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Charlotte and Reuben C. Andrews, Nov.16,1845.‡

Frederick S., s.James B. and Phebe, and 末末 末末 (first w.),末蔓末,1846.*PR38

Charles G. 2d, single, 25, cooper, s.Alexander and Lucinda, and Hannah S. Phinney, 18, d.Gersham [int.(Phinny)] and Martha, all of N., Feb.11,1846. [Charles G., s.Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), and Hannah Phinney, d.Gershom and Martha (Swift), 11:1m:.PR38]

William R., widr., 52, mariner, s.Elial and Ruth, and Eliza M. Swain, wid., 46, [int.wid.David 2d], d.Abel Bunker and Betsey, Mar.15,1846. [Elizabeth [dup. Eliza M.], wid.David, d.Abel Bunker and Elizabeth (Morris).PR38]

Esther G. and George C. Gardner 2d, May10,1846.‡

Hannah M. and John Porter, July23,1846.‡

Sarah J. and Alfred Folger Jr., Aug.20,1846.‡

William G. [int.Gear] and Lydia H. Cary, Sept.26,1846.‡

Hannah W., d.Capt. Joshua and Delia (Baker), and Maj. Moris M. Olmstead, Nov.8,1846.*PR38

Deborah and Calvin Swain, Dec.13,1846.‡

Alfred M., s.William and Valina, and Julia A. Shaw,末蔓末,1847.*PR38

Deborah and Isaac Hodges, June7,1847.‡

Phebe C. and Ainsworth Dexter, June15,1847.‡

George C., single, 29, mariner, s.Jethro and Mary of N., and Salina J. Eldredge, 22, b. Chatham, d.Isaiah and Jane of Chatham, Aug.3,1847. [George, s.Jethro and Mary (Cobb) and Selina Eldredge.PR38]

Elizabeth D. and Henry D. Robinson, Aug.22,1847.‡

Phebe and John Folger, Dec.9,1847.*‡

William H., single, 31, painter, s.William and Mary, and Emeline R. Burdett, 22, d.Barzillai and Eunice, Jan.13,1848. [William Henry Coffin, s.William M. and Mary Burdett, and Emeline R. Burdett, d.Barzillai and Eunice (Robinson).PR38]

Lydia G. and George S. Wilbur, Jan.23,1848.‡

Priscilla M., 19, d.John and Sarah, and David Cottle, 2d, single, 28, mariner, s.Laban and Eunice, Mar.19,1848. [Priscilla R. [dup. M.], d.John C. and Sarah (Ray), and David Cottle, s.Laban and Eunice (Colesworthy).PR38]

Mary Jackson and Barzillai Ray, May21,1848.‡

James G. 2d, single, 28, mariner, s.Job C. and Phebe, and Susan Y. Barrett, 26, d.John and Judith, all of N., May23,1848. [James G., s.Job C. and Phebe (Grew), and Susan Barrett, d.John and Judith (Coffin).PR38]

Alfred, s.Vestal and Aletha Fluke, and Mary E. Johnson, 15:6m:1848 [? in NC].*PR38

Susan P. and Francis m.Barrett, Aug.10,1848.‡

Caroline and Reuben Burdett 2d, Aug.20,1848.‡

Joseph 2d, single, 25, mariner, s.Job C. and Phebe, and Winnifred C. Bunker, 19, d.Obed and Eliza, Nov.9,1848, [Joseph, s.Job C. and Phebe (Grew), and Winifred Bunker, d.Obed and Eliza.PR38]

Mary Abby and George R. Simpson, Dec.10,1848.‡

Elizabeth Ann and Francis H. Brown, Apr.29,1849.‡

Rebecca M. and Joseph B. Mach, Aug.30,1849.‡

Frederick G., single, 22, cooper, s.Charles G. and Eliza, and Rebecca Ann Arthur, 20, d.Andrew E. and Delia M., all of N., Nov.21,1849. [Nov.20CR1; Frederick G., s.Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), and Rebecca Ann Arthur, d.Andrew E. and Delia M. (Upham) [dup. 21:11m:]PR38]

Phebe Ann and Joseph H. Hanaford, Dec.2,1849.‡

Priscilla and Prince G. Haden, Apr.2,1870. [Priscilla, d.Timothy and Priscilla, and Prince Gorham Hayden, s.Prince and Rebecca (Stubbs).PR38]

COGGESHALL (Coggshall, Coggswell, Cogshall)

Caleb and Mercy Mitchell,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Cornelius, s.John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), and Mahitabel [dup. Mehitable]末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), and David Albro,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38 Freeborn (Cogshall) [int.Cogswell] and Abigail Gwin, Oct.27,1774. [CogshallNCR; Coggeshall, s.John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), and Abigail Gwynn [dup. Gwinn], d.John and Eunice (Russell).PR38]

Hannah, d.John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), and Henry Hadley of RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John of RI and Mary Slocum,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Josiah Calif, see Joseph C.

Peleg, s.Caleb and Mercy Mitchell, and Sarah Fish, d.Benjamin,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, d.Job and Deborah (Starbuck), and Peleg Gardner,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Job, s.Caleb and Mercy dec壇 of Newport, Newport Co., RI, and Deborah Starbuck, d.Tristram and Deborah of Sherborn, 10:11m:"called November," 1757, in Sherborn.CR4; [Job, s.Caleb and Mercy Mitchell, and Deborah Starbuck, d.Tristram and Deborah (Coffin).PR38]

Peleg, s.Caleb and Mercy dec壇 of Newport, Newport Co., RI, and Anna Folger, d.Timothy dec壇 and Anne of Sherborn, 2:2m:"called February," 1758, in Sherborn.CR4; [Peleg, s.Caleb and Mercy Mitchell, and Anna Folger, d.Timothy and Anna (Chase).PR38]

Sarah [int.Coxwell] and Prince Coleman, Apr.18,1784. [CoggeshallNCR; Coggeshall, wid.Benjamin, d.Judah Norton of "the Vineyard," and Prince Coleman, s.Shubael and Priscilla.PR38]

Anna, d.Peleg and Sarah of Nantucket Co., and David Ray, s.William of Sherborn, 3:10m:1793, in Sherborn.CR4; [Anna, d.Peleg and Sarah (Fish) (second w.) and David Ray 2d, s.William and Mary (Clasby).PR38]

Peleg Jr., s.Peleg and Sarah, and Deborah Folger, d.Tristram and Rhoda dec壇 of N., 5:10m:1796.CR4; [Peleg, s.Peleg and Sarah (Fish), and Deborah Folger, d.Tristram and Rhoda (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Robert (Coggshall) [int.Coggeshall] and Betsey [int.Betsy] Coffin, Dec.21,1802. [Coggeshall, s.Paul and Margaret (Calif) (Cook), and Betsey Coffin, d.Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), in Boston.PR38]

Joseph C. (Coggshall) [int.Coggeshall] and Nancy Gerrald [int.FitzGerrald], Feb.5,1803. [Josiah Calif [dup. Calef] Coggeshall, s.Paul and Margaret (Calif) (Cook), and Nancy FitzGerald, d.Henry Jr. and Lydia (Wyer).PR38]

Mahala and David Coffin 3d [int.2d], Aug.4,1808. [Mahala, d.Paul and Margaret (Calif) (Cook), and David Coffin, s.Jonathan and Abigail (Austin).PR38]

Deborah (second w.), d.Job and Deborah, and Paul Macy, s.Joseph and Hannah (Hobbs), Jan.26,1817, in New Garden, NC, " Ohio in 1818. "*PR38

Rhoda and Benjamin Turner, int.Oct.3,1818. [Rhoda, d.Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger), and Benjamin Turner, s.Baker and Susan (Pinkham), m.末蔓末,1818.PR38]

Anna and George J. Joy [int.Jay], Apr.25,1822. [JoyPR5; Anna, d.Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger), and George Joy, s.William and Jedidah (Meader).PR38]

Eliza P. (Coggshall) [int.Coggeshall] and Richard L. Lovell, Apr.25,1824. [Coggeshall, d.Robert and Betsey (Coffin), and Richard C. Lovell of Cape Cod.PR38]

Margaret (Coggshall) [int.Margarett Coggeshall] and George W. Ewer, June [dup. Jan.] 20,1826. [Margaret CoggeshallCRI; Margaret Coggeshall, d.Robert and Betsey, and George W. Ewer, s.Alvin of Barnstable.PR38]

Sarah (Coggshall) and Edward W. Gardner, int.Mar.1,1828. [Coggeshall, d.Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger), and Edward W. Gardner, s.Tristram and Kezia (Gardner,) m.末末.PR38]

Benjamin and Eunice C. [int.omits C.] Gardner, Mar.27,1828. [Benjamin, s.Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger), and Eunice Gardner, d.Benjamin and Judith (Coffin).PR38; Eunice C.PR56]

Giles H. and Elizabeth Mitchell, Aug.22,1830.

William B. (Coggshall) [int.and dup. Coggeshall] and Ann M. Jenkins, June24,1832. [CoggeshallCR2; Coggeshall, s.Robert and Betsey (Coffin), and Ann Maria Jenkins, d.Peter and Rose Patty or Nessetton.PR38]

Lydia and Farnham Spofford, Sept.19,1833. [Lydia, d.Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger), "Moved to North Andover."PR38]

George F. and Anna F. Gardner [int.Gardener], Feb.23,1836. [George Folger Coggeshall, s.Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger), and Anna F. Gardner, d.Henry and Hannah (Mooers) (second w.).PR38]

Elizabeth and Henry D. Gardiner of Gardiner, ME, int.Sept.29,1839. [Elizabeth Coggeshall Myrick and Henry D. Gardner, m.Oct.末.CR2; Elizabeth Coggeshall, d.Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger), and Capt. Henry D. Gardner, s.John and Phebe (Cartwright) (McCord) of Maine, m.末末.PR38]

Susan and George G. Bailey of Boston, Sept.20,1840. [Susan, d.Robert and Betsey (Coffin).PR38]

Nathaniel of Summersett and Eliza N. Pitts, Nov.28,1841. [Nathaniel G. and Eliza Pitts, d.Jonathan and Lucy (Tobey).PR38]

Mary Ann and Dr. Thomas P. Knox, Oct.30,1844.‡

COGGSWELL (Coggeshall, Coggwell)

Paul (Coggwell) [int.Cogswell] and Margaret Cook, Oct.15,1775. [CoggswellNCR; Coggeshall [dup. Coggshall], s.John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), and Margaret Cook, wid.Joseph, d.Ebenezar Califf [dup. Calif] and Elizabeth (Fitch).PR38; Coggeshall and Peggy Cook.PR64]

John L. [dup. John F. Coggshall, int.Cogswell] and Love B. Coffin, Oct.13,1821. [John L. Cogswell, Oct.31CR2; John L. Coggswell and Love Coffin, d.Uriah and Sarah Butler.PR38]

COGSHALL (Coggeshall)


John and Deborah Stretton, July31,1734.* [Deborah, d.William and Susanna (Cartwright).PR38]

Elizabeth and Thomas Barnard, int.June26,1762.

Mary and Burton Hathaway, Mar.12,1765. [Mary, d.John, "moved to Saratoga in 1812."PR38]

Deborah and Robert Meader, Dec.19,1772.


Samuel and Peggy H.W. [int.Hussey Wyer] Riddell, Jan.1,1823. [Margaret [dup. Peggy] Riddell, d.William and Betsey (Hussey).PR38]

Francis and Mary Baxter, Nov.4,1830. [Mary, d.Reuben and Love (Briggs).PR38]

Sarah H. and Josiah C. Swain, int.Feb.27,1842. [Sarah, d.Samuel and Peggy, and Josiah Swain, s.Frederick and Lucy (Coffin) (Drew) (second w.), m.末末. "Live in California."PR38]


Edwin of Maine and Rebecca Mayo of Eastham, int.July22,1838. "I, Rebecca Mayo of Eastham forbid a Certificate of marriage."

John H. of NY and Deborah R. Long, July29,1841. [John of New Bedford and Deborah R. Long, d.George and Nancy H. Maxfield.PR38]

COLEMAN (Colman)

Abigail, d.John and Joanna (Folger), and James Tisdale of Dighton, Bristol Co.,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Abraham B., s.Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), and Mary Elma Wood,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alexander, s.Paul and Eunice (Bunker), and Mary Case,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alexander, s.Seth and Deborah (Swain), and Jane Elliott, wid.Stephen, d.Stephen Collins,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Alvin, s.John and Love Fish, and Lydia Robbins [dup. Robins], "sister of Capt. Lot Phinney痴 wife,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Andrew J., s.John and Phebe (Swain), and Susan Sisson of "N.B.," wid.Charles, d.Perry Russell of "N.B.,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ann, d Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker), and Capt. Joseph Abbott of "N.B.,"末蔓末, 末末 [? Before 1850].*PR38

Ann, d.Laban, and Joseph R. Coleman, s.Jethro and Deborah (Russell) (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Ann, d.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Jonathan Elliot, s.Jonathan and Amey,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Anna, see Ann and Ann H.

Anna, d.John and Anna (Davis), and Joseph Clapp,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Anna, d.James of Barnstable, and 末末 Fish,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Avis, d.Seth and Deborah (Swain), and Horatio G. Allen of Kennebec, ME,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Avis, d.Frederick W. and Amelia (Worth), and 末末 Wooding,末蔓末, 末末, "at the West."PR38 Barnabas, s.John and Prissilla of Sherborn, and Elizabeth Barnard, d.Nathaniell dec壇 and Judith of Sherborn, 3:11m:"called January," 1728.CR4; [Barnabas, s.John and Priscilla (Starbuck), and Elizabeth Barnard, d.Nathaniel and Judith (Coffin) (Folger) (third w.), -9m:.PR38]

Benjamin and Elizabeth Harrox末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Mar.2,1799]. [Benjamin, s.Matthew and Hannah (Meader), and Elizabeth Harrox [dup. Harris], d.Thomas and Anna (Mooers).PR38]

Benjamin [int.adds M.] and Ann Macy,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1826 and Apr.6,1827, int.Oct.7,1826]. [Benjamin M., s.Silvanus Jr. and Mary (Myrick), and Anna Macy, d.Obed 2d and Lydia (Coffin), 末:10m:[dup. 8 mo.] 1826.PR38]

Benjamin, s.Jethro and Deborah (Russell) (Coffin), and Sarah Deane,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Benjamin A. [dup. omits A.] and Miss Eliza Parr [dup. Parrs],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1824 and Apr.2,1825, int.July17,1824]. [Benjamin A., s.Silas and Elizabeth (Allen) and Eliza Parr, d.Stephen and Betsey (Bunker), 8:5m:1824.PR38]

Benjamin M., see Benjamin.

Betsey and Joseph Earl Jr.,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.1,1803, int.Jan.22,1803]. [Betsey, d.Ebenezer [dup. Eber] and Eunice (Clark), and Joseph Earle Jr., s.Joseph and Hannah (Morris) (first w.), Feb.10.PR38]

Charles, Capt., and Julia Ann Brayton, wid.Alexander, d.Maltiah Nye,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles, s.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin), and 末末 Greene,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles, s.Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), and Sophia Yellott,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles H., see Charles.

Charles H. [dup. Colman] and Miss Mary Austin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1824 and Apr.2,1825, int.May1,1824]. [Coleman, May13,1824.PR29; Coleman, s.Simeon and Mary (Arthur), and Mary Austin, d.Benjamin and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Charles Howland See Charles.

Deborah, d.Reuben and Deborah (wid.Peter Gardner), and John Shaw,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Delia M. [int.omits M.] and George C. Gardner,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.Oct.4,1828]. [23:10m:1828PR34; Delia Maria, d.John and Phebe (Swain), and George C. Gardner, s.Benjamin and Sarah (Coleman) (first w.).PR38]

De Witt, see D. Witt Coleman.

Dinah, d.David and Avis (Bunker), and Alfred Taylor,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edmond, s.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Elizabeth Walker of Halifax,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edward s.James of Barnstable, and Anna Fish, d.Lemuel [dup. Samuel],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Edward B., s.Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), and Lucretia Marshall,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eliza, d.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin), and John Blacklock,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eliza F. and Timothy C. Brown,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Apr.1,1820]. [Eliza F., d.Andrew and Lydia (Folger), and Timothy [dup. Timothy] Coffin Brown, s.William and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth and Albert Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.9,1799]. [Elizabeth, wid.Job, d.John Fosdick and Elizabeth Norton, and Albert Coffin, s.Brown and Deborah (Coleman).PR38]

Elizabeth, d.David and Avis (Bunker), and P. Dean Carrique,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Eunice and George [int.Georg] Whippy,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Mar.22,1800]. [Eunice, d.Obed and Elizabeth (Swain), and George Whippey, s.Benjamin.PR38]

Ezra, s.John and Love Fish, and 末末 Fisher,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Frederick Brown, see Frederick Brown Coleman.

George, s.Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), and Eliza Bunker, d.Timothy W. and Eunice Macy,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George, s.David and Elizabeth (Russell), and Lucretia Paddack, d.Jonathan and Nancy,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George, s.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Ann Story,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George, s.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Jane Story,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

George S. and Susan Bunker,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Nov.24,1827]. [George S., s.John and Phebe (Swain), and Susan Bunker, d.James and Susanna (Marshall), 13:12m:1827.PR38]

Harriett, d.Tristram and Eunice (Coffin), and Joseph Simmons, "a Portuguese,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hepza and David Orsborn,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1819 and Apr.10,1820, int.Nov.13,1819]. [Hepsabeth, d.Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), and David Osborne.PR38]

Hezekiah, s.James of Barnstable, and Dorothy Fish,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Isaac, s.John and Joanna (Folger), and Ann Reynolds,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James, s.Edward and Anna (Fish), and Malinda Parker,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jeannette, see Jane and Jennet.

Jennet and William House,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Sept.20,1800]. [Jennette [dup. Jenet], d.Solomon, and William House, s.John and Lydia (Daggett).PR38]

Joanna, see Johanna.

John [int.Colemand 2d] and Phebe Swain,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Nov.1,1800]. [Coleman, s.Barnabas and Abial (Clark), and Phebe Swain, d.Joseph and Phebe (Barney), 20:11m:.PR38]

John of Maine and Sally Coleman, d.Owen and Aseneth (Worth),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John, s.Ebenezer and Lydia (Pinkham) (Long), and Julia Gardner of Baltimore, MD, wid.Shubael Jr. of Baltimore,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John, s.John and Joanna (Folger), and Priscilla Starbuck, d.Nathaniel and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John B. and Susan Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.May10,1828]. [John B., s.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Susan Coffin, d.William Barnard and Deborah (Swain), 6:1m:1828.PR38]

John Howland s.Simeon and Rebecca (Swain), and Sarah Walton, d.Matthias of London,末蔓末, 末末, in London.*PR38

John W. [int.Way] and Mary Maxcy,末蔓末, 末末 [between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Sept.12,1801]. [John Way Coleman, s.Barzillai and Abigail (Way), and Mary Maxey, d.Isaiah and Judith.PR38]

John Way, see John W.

Jonathan and Hephzibah Wier, int.Mar.11,1758. [Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), and Hepsabeth Wyer, d.Robert and Catharine, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Joseph and Charlotte [int.Cherlott] Paddack,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.Mar.24,1827]. [Joseph, s.Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), and Charlotte Paddack, d.Elishai and Love.PR38]

Joseph R., s.Jethro and Deborah (Russell) (Coffin), and Ann Coleman, d.Laban,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph R., s.Jethro and Deborah (Russell) (Coffin), and Ann Dean,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Laban, s.Charles and Catharine (Hussey), and Jane Carman, d.Morris,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Labon [int.Laban] and Sally Pinkham,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.6,1822, int.Nov.3,1821]. [Laban, s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), and Sally Pinkham, wid.David, d.Benjamin Bunker and Rebecca.PR38]

Lydia, d.Job and Phebe (Pinkham), and Thomas Hawes fo Maine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Seth and Deborah (Swain), and Latham Paddack, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia B. and Edward S. Ray,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.June21,1828]. [Lydia B., d.Laban and Lydia (Bocott), and Edward S. Ray, s.Obed and Lurania (Swain),末蔓末,1828.PR38]

Margaret, see Peggy.

Maria, d.David and Avis (Bunker), and Henry Van Enery [in birth record of Maria for Van Every read Van Enery],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary and John Pinkham,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.2,1799]. [Mary (second w.), wid.Timothy, d.John Bunker and Mary (Coffin), and John Pinkham, s.Solomon and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

Mary and George Turner,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.June7,1828]. [Mary, d.Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield), and George Turner, s.Baker and Susan (Pinkham).PR38]

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Lydia (Pinkham) (Long) (second w.) and Charles Baker of Baltimore, MD,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, d.Owen and Asenath (Worth), and William Dyer of Maine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Merab, see Mereb.

Merab, d.Owen and Aseneth (Worth), and Daniel Whitehouse,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Pamelia, see Amelia.

Patience, d.Edward and Anna (Fish), and Alvin Swift [dup. Smith],末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Paul Jr., s.Paul and Eunice (Bunker), and Esther Norton,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Paul Jr., s.Paul and Eunice (Bunker), and Elvira Tobey,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Peggy and Giles Sandford,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.30,1799]. [Peggy, d.Barnabas and Abial (Clark), and Giles Stanford of RI, s.Giles and Elizabeth Smith of Newport, RI, 末:12m:1799.PR38]

Phebe, d.John and Joanna (Folger), and Gershom Cathcart of "the Vineyard,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Polly, d.Eber and Eunice (Clark), and Horris Grinnell, brother of Peter of RI,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Polly, d.John and Anna (Davis), and Abraham hart of West Chester Co., NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rebecca, d.Seth and Deborah (Swain), and William Allen of Kennebec,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Robert and Deborah Morslander,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Jan.4,1800]. [Robert, s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), and Deborah Morselander, d.Cornelius and Hepsabeth.PR38]

Sally, d.Owen and Aseneth (Worth), and John Coleman of Maine,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sally, d.Walter and Polly Fireze, and Daniel McKinley,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Samuel, s.Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), and Mary Mattock,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, d.Seth and Deborah (Swain) and James Egan,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Silvanus 3d [int.omits 3d] and Mary Myrick,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.Nov.2,1799]. [Sylvanus, s.Sylvanus and Huldah (Gwinn), and Mary Myrick, d.Benjamin and Deborah.PR38]

Stephen G., s.Walter and Polly Frieze, and Hannah Addison,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Stephen G., s.Walter and Polly Frieze, and Maria Rhodes,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Susan, see Susannah.

Susan, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Alexander S. Swift,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.6,1822, int.May12,1821]. [Susan, d.Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield), and Alexander S. Swift, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Swain).PR38]

Sylvanus, see Silvanus.

Sylvia, see Silvia.

Thomas [int.Colman] and Emma Paddack,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1822 and Apr.4,1823, int.Nov.2,1822]. [Thomas, s.Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), and Emma Paddack, d.Elisha and Love.PR38]

Thomas of Newbury and Margery Rowley [dup. Rowell], wid.Thomas, formerly wid.Christopher Osgood, d.Peter Fowler,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas of Newbury and Susanna 末末,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Timothy C., see Timothy.

Walter, s.John and Anna (Davis) and Polly Friez [dup. Frieze] of Braintree,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William, s.Walter and Polly Frieze, and Harriet Davis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Zenas, s.Edward and Anna Fish of Cape Cod, and Luna Sears of Hartford, CT,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Zenas M., see Zenas.

Thomas of Newbury and Mary Johnson, wid.Edmund, 6:5m:1651.*PR38

Tobias, s.Thomas and Susanna, and Lydia 末末, Feb.26,1668, "settled in Rowley."*PR38

Margery, wid.Thomas of Newbury, formerly w.Thomas Rowley, "was a widow Osgood," and Rev. Thomas Asburn,末蔓末,1682.*PR38

Solomon and Mary Macy, 1:9m:"called November," 1711,CR4; [Solomon, s.John and Joanna (Folger), and Mary Macy (first w.), d.John and Deborah (Gardner).PR38]

Jeremiah and Sarah Pratt, 20:11m:1714-15.* [Jeremiah, s.John and Joanna (Folger), and Sarah Pratt, d.Joseph and Dorcas (Folger).PR38]

Experience and Thomas Ellis, 15:1m:1717.*

Solomon and Deliverance Swett 20:8m:1718,CR4; [Solomon, s.John and Joanna (Folger), and Deliverance Swett (second w.), d.Moses and Mary (Hussey) [dup 末:6m:].PR38]

Elihue, s.John, and Jemima Barnard, d.John, 6:10m:1720,CR4; [Elihu, s.John Jr. and Priscilla (Starbuck), and Jemima Barnard, d.John and Sarah (Mach).PR38]

Ebenezer and Sarah Smith Nov.30,1721.* [Ebenezer, s.Thomas and Jane Challenge.PR38; EbinezerPR68]

Dorcas [dup. Dorcus] and Micah Coffin, Sept.23,1726.* [Dorcas, d.Thomas and Jane, and Micah Coffin, s.Joseph and Bethia (Macy), 23:9m:.PR38]

Benjamin and Huldah Swet, Sept.28,1726.* [Benjamin, s.Thomas and Jane Challenge, and Huldah Swett, d.Moses and Mary (Hussey).PR38]

Nathaniel, s.John and Prissilla of Sherborn, and Mary Gardner, wid.Nathaniel, d.Peter Folger and Judith of Sherborn, 4:10m:"called December," 1729,CR4; [Nathaniel, s.John and Priscilla (Starbuck), and Mary Gardner, wid.Nathaniel, d.Peter Folger 2d and Judith (Coffin).PR38]

Phebe and Barzillai Folger, 3:10m:"called December," 1730.CR4

Jethro, s.John and Prissilla of Sherborn, and Lydia Paddack, d.Nathaniel and Ann of Sherborn, 6:11m:"called January," 1731,CR4; [Jethro, s.John 2d and Priscilla (Starbuck).PR38]

Prissilla and Samuel Bunker, 7:11m:"called January," 1731.CR4

Barnabas, s.John and Pricilla of Sherborn, and Rachel Hussey, d.Silvanus and Abial dec壇 of Sherborn, 8:9m:"called November," 1733.CR4; [Barnabas, s.John and Priscilla (Starbuck), and Rachel Hussey, d.Silvanus and Abial (Browne) (first w.), 8:10m:.PR38]

Jonathan of N. and Mahitable Davis of Falmouth, Oct.11,1734, in Falmouth.* [Jonathan, s.Thomas and Jane Challenge, and Mahitabel Davis.PR38]

Sarah and Nathaniel Clark, July9,1735.* [Sarah, wid.Ebenezer, and Nathaniel Clark, s.John and Hannah (Challing).PR38]

Abigail and Zephaniah Coffin, 6:8m:1737.CR4

John, s.John and Priscilla of Sherborn, and Ruth Pinkham, d.Shubael and Abigail of Sherborn, 9:9m:"called November," 1738,CR4; [John, s.John and Priscilla (Starbuck), and Ruth Pinkham, d.Shubael and Abigail (Bunker).PR38]

Sarah and John Renuff, Feb.7,1739-40.* [Sarah, wid.Jeremiah, d.Joseph Pratt and Dorcas (Folger).PR38]

Mary and William Russell, 2:10m:1741.CR4

Ruth and David Coffin, 4:12m:1741.CR4

Daniel and Elizabeth Moores, Dec.9,1741.* [Daniel, s.Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) (second w.), and Elizabeth Mooers, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth.PR38]

Eunice and John Macy, 13:8m:1743.CR4

Isaac and Jane Wadson, Sept.10,1744. [Isaac, s.John and Jane Watson, wid.Robert, d.William Bunker and Mary (Macy).PR38]

Phebe and Seth Folger, 14:9m:"called November," 1745.CR4

Elizabeth and Jonathan Gwinn, 9:8m:"called October," 1746.CR4

Lydia and Jonathan Upham, Dec.4,1746. [Lydia, d.Joseph and Rachael (Norton), and Jonathan Upham Jr., s.Jonathan and Ruth (Pease) (first w.).PR38]

Jethro, s.John and Priscilla of Sherborn, and Lydia Macy, d.Thomas and Deborah of Sherborn, 31:1m:"called March," 1748, in SherbornCR4; [Jethro, s.John 2d and Priscilla (Starbuck), and Lydia Macy (second w.), d.Thomas and Deborah (Coffin), 1:10m:1747, "rem'd 26. 7. 1779"PR38]

Enoch, s.Jeremiah dec'd and Sarah of Sherborn, and Mary Myrick, d.Andrew and Jedidah of Sherborn, 5:11m:"called January," 1748, in SherbornCR4;[Enoch, s.Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt), 末:8m:.PR38]

Christopher, s.Solomon and Deliverance of Sherborn, and Priscilla Coffin, d.Samuel and Miriam of Sherborn, 19:12m:"called February," 1748, in SherbornCR4; [Christopher, s.Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) (second w.), and Priscilla Coffin, d.Samuel and Miriam (Gardner).PR38]

Anna and John Coffin, 12:8m:"called October," 1749.CR4

Elizabeth and Samuel Ray, 16:9m:"called November," 1749.CR4

Nathaniel, s.Barnabas and Elizabeth dec'd of Sherborn, and Hephzibah Hussey, d.Silvanus and Hephzibah of Sherborn, 28:10m:"called December," 1749, in SherbornCR4; [Nathaniel, s.Barnabas and Elizabeth (Barnard), and Hepsabeth Hussey, d.Sylvanus and Hepsabeth (Starbuck) (second w.), 末:9m:.PR38]

George, s.Solomon and Deliverance of Sherborn, and Eunice Folger, d.Jethro and Mary of Sherborn, 10:11m:"called January," 1750, in SherbornCR4; [George, s.Solomon and Deliverance (Swett), and Eunice Folger, d.Jethro and Mary (Starbuck).PR38]

Johanna and Eleazer [int.Eleaz] Clark, Mar.9,1750. [Joanna, d.Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt). and Eleazar Clark.PR38]

Priscilla and Peter Coffin, 13:10m:"called December," 1750.CR4

Reuben and Lydia [int.Lydie] Swain, Dec.13,1750. [Reuben, s.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), and Lydia Swain, d.Eliakim and Elizabeth (Arthur) (first w.).PR38]

Peter and Susanna Upham, Dec.20,1750.* [Peter, s.Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt), and Susanna Upham, d.Jonathan and Ruth (Pease) (first w.).PR38]

Lydia and William Starbuck, 28:8m:"called October," 1751.CR4

Shubael and Priscilla Upham, Dec.3,1751.* [ShubalNCR; Shubael, s.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), and Priscilla Upham, wid.David, d.Richard Worth and Sarah Hoag [dup. Lydia (Swain)].PR38]

Peleg, s.Solomon and Deliverance of Sherborn, and Mary Worth, d.Shubael Folger and Jerusha of Sherborn, 12:10m:"called December," 1751, in SherbornCR4; [Peleg, s.Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) and Mary Worth, wid.Benjamin, d.Shubael Folger and Jerusha (Clark) (Ramsdell).PR38]

Sarah and George Folger, 7:12m:"called December," 1752.CR4

Abiel and Timothy Folger, 6:12m:"called December," 1753.CR4

John, s.Nathaniel and Mary of Sherborn, and Anna Davis, d.John dec'd and Margaret of Sherborn, 7:2m:"called February," 1754, in SherbornCR4; [John, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Folger) (Gardner), and Anna Davis, d.John and Margaret (Coffin), 末:1m:.PR38]

Mary [int.Colman] and Timothy Swain, Oct.30,1754. [ColemanNCR; Coleman, d.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), and Timothy Swain, s.Eliakim and Elizabeth (Arthur) (first w.).PR38]

Abigail and William Wier, int.Jan.18,1755. [Abigail, d.Joseph and Rachael (Norton), and William Wyer, s.Robert and Catharine, m.末末.PR38]

Jane and Charles Chace [int.Chase], Jan.30,1755, [[dup. Jennette] d.Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), and Charles Chase, s.Stephen and Patience (Marshall).PR38]

Solomon, s.Solomon and Deliverance of Sherborn, and Mehetabel Gardner, d.James and Susanna of Sherborn in N, 4:12m:"called December," 1755, in SherbornCR4; [Solomon, s.Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) and Mahitabel Gardner, d.James Jr. and Susanna (Gardner).PR38]

Jeremiah [int.Colman] and Anna Russel, Feb.12,1756. [ColemanNCR; Coleman, s.Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt), and Anna Russell, d.Jonathan and Patience (Swain).PR38]

Susanna and Nathaniell [int.Nathaniel] Whippe, Feb.26,1756. [NathaniellNCR; Susan, d.Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), and Nathaniel Whippey, s.James and Patience.PR38]

William, s.Elihu and Jemima of Sherborn, and Eunice Swain, d.John and Mary dec'd of Sherborn, 26:2m:1756, in SherbornCR4; [William, s.Elihu and Jemima (Barnard), and Eunice Swain, d.John and Mary (Swett).PR38]

Deborah [int.Colman] and Isaac Myrick, Dec.19,1756. [ColemanNCR; Coleman, d.Joseph and Rachael (Norton), and Isaac Myrick, s.Andrew and Jedida, Feb.19.PR38]

Abigail and Micajah Coffin, 6:1m:"called January," 1757.CR4

Rebekah and Nathaniel Coffin, 6:1m:"called January," 1757.CR4

Ebenezer and Marcy Gardner, int.Jan.29,1757. [Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Rachael (Norton), and Mary Gardner (first w.), d.Andrew and Mary Gorham, m.末末.PR38]

Mary (Colman) and John Eldrid, int.Mar.17,1759. [Coleman, d.Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), and John Eldridge, m.末末.PR38]

Mary and Shubael Pinkham, 3:1m:1760.CR4

Joseph and Eunice Coffin, Jan.24,1760. [Joseph, s.Joseph and Rachel (Norton), and Eunice Coffin, d.Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

Francis, s.Solomon and Deliverance of Sherborn, and Abigail Bunker, d.Samuel and Priscilla of Sherborn, 7:2m:1760, in SherbornCR4; [Francis, s.Solomon and Deliverance (Swett), and Abigail Bunker, d.Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman).PR38]

Benjamin and Judith Arther [int.Arthur], Jan.9,1761. [Judeth ArtharNCR; Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), and Judith Arthur, wid.John, d.Ebenezer Gardner and Judith (Coffin) (second w.).PR38]

Elihu, s.Jethro and Lydia dec'd of Sherborn, and Elisabeth Macy, d.Jonathan and Lois of Sherborn, 30:12m:"called December," 1762, in SherbornCR4; [Elihu, s.Jethro and Lydia (Paddack), and Elizabeth Macy, d.Jonathan and Lois (Gorham),末蔓末,1762 [dup. 末:11m:1762].PR38]

Judith and Andrew Worth, 9:2m:"called February," 1763.CR4

Timothy and Mary Bunker, Feb.17,1763. [Timothy, s.Joseph and Rachael (Norton), and Mary Bunker, d.John and Mary (Coffin).PR38]

Huldah and Seth Worth, int.Dec.17,1763. [Huldah, d.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), and Seth Worth, s.John and Mary (Gardner), m.末末, "lived on Long Island."PR38]

Abigail and Hezekiah Coffin, 4:2m:"called February," 1764.CR4

Kezia and Nathaniell [int.Nathaniel] Overton, July4,1764. [NathaniellNCR; Kezia, d.Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), and Daniel Overton of L.I.PR38]

Phebe and Francis Worth, int.Dec.1,1764. [Phebe, d.Joseph and Rachael (Norton), and Francis Worth, s.Benjamin and Mary (Folger), m.末末.PR38]

Huldah and Jonathan Pitts, Aug.30,1766. [Huldah, d.Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), and Jonathan Pitts, s.Jonathan and Jedida (Stewart).PR38]

Phebe and Reuben Barnard, Dec.4,1767. [Phebe, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Moores), and Reuben Barnard, s.Francis and Elizabeth (Macy), "removed 1778,"PR38; both of Sherborn.PR68]

Eunice and Christopher Gardner, 31:12m:"called December," 1767.CR4

Silvanus, s.Barnabas and Rachel of Sherborn, and Mary Swift, d.Benjamin and Wait of Falmouth, Barnstable Co., 2:6m:"called June," 1768, in SherbornCR4; [Sylanus, s.Barnabas and Rachel (Hussey).PR38]

Dinah (Colman) and Charles Coffin, int.Sept.10,1768. [Coleman, d.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), and Charles Coffin, s.Nathan and Lydia, m.末末.PR38]

Elisabeth and Ebenezer Pinkham, 22:12m:"called December," 1768.CR4

Lydia and William Coffin, 29:12m:"called December," 1768.CR4

Seth, s.Barnabas and Rachel of Sherborn, and Deborah Swain, d.Reuben and Elisabeth dec'd of Sherborn, 29:12m:"called December," 1768, in SherbornCR4; [Seth, s.Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.), and Deborah Swain, d.Reuben and Elizabeth (Howland) (first w.)PR38]

Judith and Samuel Riddle, Jan.19,1769. [Judith, d.Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), and Samuel Riddell, s.Samuel, 19:6m:.PR38]

Ruth and Lot Cottle, Jan.3,1770. [Ruth, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), and Lot Cottle, s.James and Thankful Norton.PR38; Colman, both of Sherborn.PR68]

William, s.Barnabas and Rachel of Sherborn, and Abigail Barnard, d.Joseph and Mary of Sherborn, 31:5m:"called May," 1770, in SherbornCR4; [William, s.Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey), and Abigail Barnard, d.Joseph and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Eunice and Benjamin Whippe, Nov.8,1770. [Eunice, d.Enoch and Mary (Myrick), and Benjamin Whippey, s.James and Patience.PR38; WhippeyPR62]

Hephzibah [int.Heppy] and Jonathan FitzGerald, Jan.31,1771. [HephzibahNCR; Hepsabeth, d.Joseph and Rachael (Norton), and Jonathan FitzGerald, s.Henry Sr. and Deborah (Upham).PR38]

Miriam and David Rand Apr.7,1771. [Miriam, d.Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin), and David Rand s.Caleb and Catharine.PR38]

Simeon and Rebekah Swain, Oct.27,1771. [Simeon, s.Jethro and Lydia (Macy), and Rebecca Swain, d.Reuben and Elizabeth (Howland) (first w.).PR38]

Charles, s.Jethro and Lydia of Sherborn, and Katharine Hussey, d.William and Abigail of Sherborn, 7:1m:1773, in SherbornCR4; [Charles, s.Jethro and Lydia (Macy) (second w.), and Catharine Hussey, d.William and Abigail (Starbuck).PR38]

Elisabeth and Abishai Folger, 7:1m:1773.CR4

Lydia and Stephen Douglass, Aug.29,1773. [Lydia, d.Peleg and Mary (Folger) (Worth), and Stephen Douglas.PR38]

Silvanus and Huldah Gwin, July31,1774. [Sylvanus, s.Enoch and Mary (Myrick), and Huldah Gwinn, d.John and Eunice (Russell).PR38]

Reuben and Deborah Gardner, Sept.4,1774. [Reuben, s.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), and Deborah Gardner, wid.Peter, d.John Pinkham.PR38]

Abigail and John Wilson May25,1775. [Abigail, d.Jeremiah and Anna (Russell), and John Wilson of England.PR38]

Deborah and Brown Coffin, Aug.20,1775. [Deborah, d.Solomon and Mehitable (Gardner), and Brown Coffin, s.Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham).PR38]

Matthew and Hannah Bell, int.Feb.24,1776.

Barnabas and Abiel Clark, Sept.7,1776. [Barnabas Jr., s.Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.), and Abial Clark, d.Church and Hannah (Long).PR38; AbielPR68]

Benjamin and Deborah Long, int.Sept.28,1776. [Benjamin Jr., s.Benjamin of Sag Harbor, and Deborah Long, d.Daniel and Thankful (Jones), m.末末.PR38]

Rhoda and Benjamin Slade, Nov.21,1776. [Rhoda, d.Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), and Benjamin Slade, brother of William.PR38]

Barzilla and Abigail Way, int.Aug.2,1777. [Barzillai, s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), and Abigail Way, d.John Jr. and Elizabeth, m.末末.PR38]

Hephzibah and John Russel, 30:10m:1777.CR4

Benjamin and Merab Gardner, int.Nov.16,1777. [Benjamin, s.John and Anna (Davis), and Merab Gardner, d.Solomon and Jemima (Folger), m.末末.PR38]

Lydia and Charles Folger, July19,1778. [Lydia, d.Enoch and Mary (Myrick), and Charles Folger, s.Frederic and Mary (Trott).PR38]

Silvanus and Elizabeth Way, Oct.4,1778.

Hephzibah and William Clisby, June27,1779. [Hepsibeth [dup. Hepsabeth], d.Benjamin and Huldah (Swett).PR38]

Ebenezer and Lydia Long, Nov.28,1780. [Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Rachael (Norton), and Lydia Long, wid.Nathan, d.Solomon Pinkham and Eunice (Gardner).PR38]

Obed, s.Barnabas and Rachel of Sherborn, and Elizabeth Swain, d.Joseph dec'd and Elizabeth of Sherborn, 30:11m:1780, in SherbornCR4; [Obed, s.Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey), and Elizabeth Swain, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Paddack).PR38]

Sarah and Peter Barney, 30:11m:1780.CR4

Susanna and Joseph Brown, Feb.18,1781. [Susan, d.Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner), and Joseph Brown, s.Joseph and Mary (Ellis).PR38]

John and Ann Trott, Mar.25,1781. [John, s.John and Priscilla (Starbuck), and Ann Trott, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Norton).PR38]

David, s.Christopher and Priscilla of Sherborn, and Elizabeth Russel, d.Reuben and Ruth of Sherborn, 29:5m:1781, in SherbornCR4; [David, s.Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin), and Elizabeth Russell, d.Reuben and Ruth (Swain).PR38]

Deborah and Obed Coffin, 3:1m:1782.CR4

Phebe and Peter Joy, 30:4m:1782.CR4

George and Mary Ramsdell, May2,1782. [George, s.George and Eunice (Folger), and Mary Ramsdell, d.Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38]

Tristram and Mary Wyer, July30,1782. [Tristram, s.Shubael and Priscilla (Worth) (Upham), and Mary Wyer, d.Edward and Abigail.PR38]

Jethro Jr., s.Jethro and Lydia (Macy) (second w.), and Deborah Coffin, wid.Abel, d.Benjamin Russell and Rebecca (Gardner),末蔓末,1783, at Nine Partners, NY.*PR38

Phebe and David Swain, Oct.18,1783. [Phebe (first w.), d.Shubael and Priscilla (Worth) (Upham), and David Swain, s.David and Hannah (Swain).PR38]

Lydia and Robert Coffin, Nov.20,1783. [Lydia, d.Reuben and Lydia (Swain), and Robert Coffin, s.Robert and Jemima.PR38]

Amy and Amos Baker, Dec.4,1783.* [Amy, d.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), and Amos Baker of Cape Cod.PR38]

George and Lydia Folger, Jan.3,1784. [George, s.Solomon and Deliverance (Swett), and Lydia Folger, wid.Shubael Jr., d.George Bunker and Abigail (Worth).PR38]

Prince and Sarah (Coggeshall) [int.Coxwell], Apr.18,1784. [CoggeshallNCR; Prince, s.Shubael and Priscilla, and Sarah Coggeshall, wid.Benjamin, d.Judah Norton of "the Vineyard."PR38]

Job and Phebe Pinkham, June19,1784. [Job, s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), and Phebe Pinkham, d.Shubael and Mary (Coleman) (second w.).PR38]

Abigail and Christopher Coffin, Oct.16,1784. [Abigail, d.Enoch and Mary (Myrick), and Christopher Coffin, s.Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck).PR38]

Owen and Asenath [int.Aseneth] Worth, Nov.2,1784. [AsenathNCR; Owen, s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), and Asenath Worth, d.John and Mary (Gardner).PR38]

Jemima and Benjamin Paddack, 2:12m:1784.CR4

Elizabeth and Latham Coffin, Mar.1,1787. [Elizabeth, d.Enoch and Mary (Myrick), and Latham Coffin, s.Elisha and Eunice (Myrick).PR38]

Rachel and Job Thurston, 31:5m:1787.CR4

David and Anna Jones [int.Janes], Aug.23,1787. [JonesNCR; David.s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), and Anna Jones (first w.), d.Ebenezer and Delight Davis, 25:7m:.PR38]

Stephen and Susanna Bocot, Aug.11,1789. [Stephen, s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), and Susan Bocott, d.John and Sarah (Swain).PR38]

Susanna and Edmund Macy, 1:1m:1790.CR4

Rachel (Colman) and Paul Bunker, 25:2m:1790.CR4

Silvia [int.Silva] and William Ramsdell Jr. [int.omits Jr.], both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Aug.3,1790. [Sylvia and William Ransdel Jr.NCR; Sylvia, d.Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner), and William Ransdell, s.John and Rachel (Swain).PR38]

Solomon Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Hepzibeth [int.Hepzibah] Wyer, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Aug.27,1790. [Solomon Jr. and Hepzibeth Wyer.NCR; Solomon, s.Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel, and Hepsabeth Wyer, d.William.PR38]

Job and Elizabeth Fosdick, Oct.28,1790. [Job. s, Enoch and Mary (Myrick), and Elizabeth Fosdick, d.John and Elizabeth Norton.PR38]

Gardner and Hepzibeth Ray, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Nov.9,1790. [Gardner, s.Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner), and Hepsabeth Ray, d.Alexander and Elizabeth (Barnard).PR38]

Lydia and Solomon Macy, 30:12m:1790.CR4

Ruth and Uriah Paddack, 3:3m:1791.CR4

Rachel and Christopher Folger, Sept.15,1791. [Rachael, d.Ebenezer and Mary (Gardner), and Christopher Folger Jr., s.Christopher and Susanna (末末) (Gardner) (third w.).PR38]

Andrew, s.Enoch and Mary of Sherborn, and Lydia Folger, d.Jonathan and Lydia of Sherborn, 3:11m:1791, in Sherborn.CR4; [Andrew, s.Enoch and Mary (Myrick), and Lydia Folger, d.Jonathan and Lydia (Barnard).PR38]

John, s.James of Barnstable, and Love Fish,末蔓末,1792.*PR38

Henry and Susanna [Int. Susannah] Harris, Aug.28,1792. [Henry, s.Ebenezer and Mary (Gardner), and Susan Harris, d.Jonathan and Susan (Whippey) of RI.PR38]

Silas and Elizabeth Allen, Sept.6,1792. [Silas, s.Francis and Abigail (Bunker), and Elizabeth Allen, d.Benjamin and Abigail (Trott).PR38]

David and Peggy Morslander [int.Moslander], July25,1793. [David, s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), and Margaret Morselander, wid Zenas, d.William Swain and Mary (Mooers) (Ellis).PR38]

John Brown, s.Seth and Deborah of Dartmouth, Halifax Co., N.S., and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Reuben and Pernal of Dartmouth, Halifax Co., N.S., 19:12m:1793, in Halifax Co., N.S.CR4; [John Brown Coleman, s.Seth and Deborah (Swain), and Elizabeth Coffin, d.Reuben and Parnal (Gardner).PR38]

Judith and Eber Coffin, Feb.20,1794. [Judith, d.George and Eunice (Folger), and Eber Coffin, s.Stephen and Mary (Bunker) of Hudson, NY.PR38]

Judith and Asa Coffin, int.June1,1794. [Judith, d.Reuben and Lydia (Swain), and Asa Coffin, s.Hezekiah and Abigail, m.末末.PR38]

Elizabeth and William Long, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept.4,1794. [Elizabeth, d.Barzillai and Abigail (Way), and William long, s.Samuel and Lydia Billings.PR38]

Abraham, s.Nathaniel and Hephzibah of Sherborn, and Hephzibah Macy, d.Stephen and Mercy of Sherborn, 4:12m:1794, in Sherborn.CR4; [Abraham, s.Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Hussey), and Hepzibah Macy, d.Stephen and Mercy (Allen), 末:10m:1794.PR38]

Richard Lake and Sally Hussey, int.June27,1795. [Richard Lake Coleman, s.Sylvanus and Mary (Swift), and Sally Hussey (first w.), d.Christopher Jr. and Lydia (Manchester), m.July11.PR38]

Lydia and John Marshall, July21,1795. [Lydia, d.Solomon and Mehitabel (Gardner), and John Marshall of Newport, RI.PR38]

Elizabeth and William Paddack, 5:11m:1795.CR4

Eliza and Christopher Barnard, Apr.26,1796. [Eliza, d.Reuben and Deborah, and Christopher Barnard, s.Nathaniel and Margaret (Swain).PR38]

Simeon and Mary Arthur, Oct.1,1796. [Simeon, s.Simeon and Rebecca (Swain), and Mary Arthur, d.Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham).PR38]

Laban [int.Labon] and Mary Bocott [int.Lydia Bocot], Mar.9,1797. [Laban, s.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), and Lydia Bocot, d.John and Sarah (Swain).PR38]

Merab and James Coffin, Mar.11,1798. [Merab, wid.Benjamin, d.Solomon Gardner and Jemima (Folger), and James Coffin, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield).PR38]

Albert, s.Nathaniel and Hephzibah, and Hephzibah Gardner, d.Robert and Mariam dec壇 of N., 4:7m:1798.CR4; [Albert, s.Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Hussey) and Hepsabeth Gardner, d.Robert and Miriam (Macy) (first w.).PR38]

Sarah and David Coffin, 5:12m:1798.CR4

Samuel, s.Elihu and Elisabeth of Dutches Co., NY, and Phebe Folger, d.Walter and Elisabeth, 6:12m:1798CR4; [Samuel, s.Elihu and Elizabeth (Macy), and Phebe Folger, d.Walter and Elizabeth (Starbuck).PR38]

Silvanus, s.Barnabas and Rachel both dec'd and Phebe Brown, d.Joseph and Mary dec'd 6:2m:1799,CR4; [Sylvanus, s.Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey), and Phebe Brown, d.Joseph and Mary (Ellis).PR38]

Hepzibah, wid.[dup. and int.omit wid.], and Henry Riddell [dup. and int.Riddle], Feb.10,1799. [Hepsibeth and Henry RiddellPR17; Hepsabeth (second w.), wid.Solomon, d.William Wyer and Abigail, and Henry Riddell, s.Samuel and Judith (Coleman).PR38]

Nathan, s.Elihu and Elizabeth (Macy), and Phebe Macy, wid.Isaiah, d.Silas Bunker and Deborah (Bunker), Dec.12,1799.*PR38

Eunice and Abishai Gardner, 8:5m:1800.CR4

Gardner and Lydia Whitfield, June11,1801. [Gardner, s.Solomon and Mahitabel (Gardner), and Lydia Whitefield, d.Joseph and Parnal.PR38]

Lydia and David Swain, Sept.28,1802. [Lydia (second w.), d.Shubael and Priscilla (Worth) (Upham), and David Swain, s.David and Hannah (Swain).PR38]

Mereb [int.Merab] and Israel Braton [int.Bratin], Dec.6,1802. [Merab, d.Barnabas Jr. and Abial (Clark), and Israel Brayton of RI.PR38]

Paul and Abial Coffin, Dec.30,1802. [Paul, s.Matthew and Hannah (Meader), and Abial Coffin, d.Christopher and Abigail (Coleman).PR38]

Mary and Prince Baker, June6,1805.

Frederick [int.Fredrick] William and Amelia [int.Amela] Worth, Nov.28,1805. [Frederic W., s.Sylvanus and Mary (Swift), and Amelia Worth, d.Gideon and Phebe (Taber).PR38]

Joseph Gorham, s.Obed dec'd and Elizabeth, and Phebe Bunker, d.Barnabas and Lydia, 9:1m:1806,CR4; [Joseph Gorham Coleman, s.Obed and Elizabeth (Swain), and Phebe Bunker, d.Barnabas and Lydia (Gardner), 19:1m:.PR38]

Sally and Benjamin Gardner, 15:1m:1806.CR4

Eunice and Jeremiah Lester, May20,1806. [Eunice d.Matthew and Hannah (Meader), "moved off in 1812."PR38]

Avis and Shubael Brown, Aug.14,1806. [Avis, d.Lydia [see birth records of both Avis and Shubael], and Shubael Brown, s.George and Parnal (Chase).PR38]

Mary and Paul Coffin, Nov.23,1806. [Mary, wid.Tristram, d.Edward Wyer and Abigail, and Paul Coffin, s.Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey).PR38]

Priscilla and Christopher Wyer, Mar.12,1807. [Priscilla, d.Prince and Sarah (Norton) (Coggeshall), and Christopher Wyer, s.Robert and Zilpha.PR38]

Henry and Clarissa Dagget [int.Daggett], July6,1807. [Henry, s.Sylvanus and Huldah (Gwinn), and Clarissa Daggett, d.Nathan and Anna.PR38]

Anna and Abraham Swain, Aug.16,1807. [Anna, d.Barzillai and Abigail (Way), and Abraham Swain, s.Simeon and Susan (coffin).PR38]

Charles and Nancy Gilston, Oct.4,1807. [Charles, s.David and Elizabeth (Russell), and Nancy Gelston, d.Dr. Roland and Love (Pinkham).PR38]

Richard L. and Susanna Clark, Nov.29,1807. [Richard Lake Coleman, s.Sylvanus and Mary (Swift), and Susanna Clark, wid.Reuben, d.Thaddeus Gardner and Susanna (Hussey).PR38]

Abraham, s.Nathaniel dec壇 and Hepzibah, and Abigail Barnard, d.Matthew and Deborah dec壇, 4:5m:1809.CR4; [Abraham, s.Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Hussey), and Abigail Barnard, d.Matthew and Deborah (Coffin).PR38]

Eunice and Peter Grinnall [int.Grinnal] of Providence, RI, June18,1809. [Eunice, wid.Eber, d.Seth Clark and Lucretia (Paddack), and Peter Grinnell Jr. of Newport, RI.PR38]

Lucretia and Samuel Paddack, 14:6m:1810.CR4

Elizabeth and John Gurrel, May23,1811. [Elizabeth (second w.), d.Francis and Abigail (Bunker), and John Gurrell.PR38]

Abial and Charles G. Myrick, July11,1811. [Abial, d.Gardner and Hepsabeth (Ray), and Charles Myrick, s.Peter and Merab.PR38]

John Franklin, s.Obed dec'd and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Macy, d.Samuel and Lydia, 8:8m:1811,CR4; [John Franklin Coleman, s.Obed and Elizabeth (Swain), and Eliza Macy, d.Samuel and Lydia (Folger) (first w.), 末:6m:.PR38]

Benjamin F. and Abby B. Handy, Sept.1,1811. [Benjamin F., s.Sylvanus and Mary (Swift), and Abigail B. Handy of RI.PR38]

Mary and Joseph Barney, Jan.19,1812. [Mary, d.David and Elizabeth (Russell), and Joseph Barney, s.Robert and Huldah (Marshall).PR38]

Charles and Mary Toone, int.Mar.28,1812. [Charles H., s.Simeon and Rebecca (Swain), and Mary Toon, wid.Joseph, d.Henry Clark Jr., m.末末.PR38]

Lydia and William Mitchel, 10:12m:1812.CR4

Phebe and Robert Jones, Feb.13,1813. [Phebe, d.Matthew and Hannah (Meader), and Robert Jones, "an Englishman."PR38]

Job 2d [int.omits 2d] and Susan Nichols, Apr.6,1813, [Job, s.Barzillai and Abigail (Way), and Susan Nichols, wid.Edward, d.David Hussey and Lydia (Swain).PR38]

Deborah and Samuel Paddack, 6:5m:1813.CR4

Tristram and Eunice Coffin, Sept.23,1813. [Tristram, s.Matthew and Hannah (Meader), and Eunice offin, d.Elihu and Eunice (Folger).PR38]

Charles Howland s.Seth and Deborah of Dartmouth, N.S., and Sally Swain, d.Francis and Lydia, 3:3m:1814CR4; [Charles H., s.Seth and Deborah (Swain), and Sally Swain, d.Francis and Lydia (Barker).PR38]

Bethuel and Mary Lamb, June8,1814. [Bethuel, s.Bethuel and Elizabeth (Skinner) (later w.Joel Watson) [sic. ? accuracy], and Mary Lamb, d.Abel and Deborah (Gardner).PR38]

Lydia and William H. Coffin, Dec.29,1814. [Dec.20.CR2; Lydia, d.David and Elizabeth (Russell), and Capt. William Henry Coffin, s.Solomon and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner) (second w.).PR38]

Lydia and Seth Coffin Jr., Aug.27,1815. [Lydia, d.Gardner and Hepsabeth (Ray), and Capt. Seth Coffin Jr., s.Seth and Lydia (Myrick).PR38]

Susan and Joseph Barney, Feb.15,1816. [Susan, d.David and Elizabeth (Russell), and Joseph Barney, s.Robert and Huldah (Marshall).PR38]

Charles and Sarah Swain, May1,1816. [Charles H.CR2; Charles, s.David and Elizabeth (Russell), and Sally Swain (second w.), d.Wyer and Rebecca (Hayden).PR38]

Ebenezer, s.James (s.Edward (s.James of Barnstable) and Ann) [? accuracy], and Aurelia C. Winslow 10:10m:1816.*PR38

Gardner and Sally Chase, Oct.31,1816. [Gardner, s.Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner), and Sally Chase, wid.James, d.John Noble.PR38]

James B. and Lydia W. Macy, Oct.31,1816. [James Brown Coleman, s.Obed and Elizabeth (Swain), and Lydia W. Macy, d.Job and Anna (Way).PR38]

Elizabeth Jr. and Benjamin Barker, 6:11m:1816.CR4

Hepzibah and Reuben Ray, 8:1m:1817.CR4

Barnabas and Sally Morse [int.Moss], May22,1817. [Barnabas Jr., s.Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey), and Sally Morse, wid.Stephen, d.Isaac Myrick and Jemima.PR38]

Ann and Obed Swain, May21,1818. [Anna, d.David and Margaret (Swain) (Morselander), and Obed Swain, s.Pelatiah and Lucinda (Russell) (second w.).PR38]

Polly and Henry Mitchel, int.Aug.1,1818.

Clarissa and Peter Clark, int.Aug.12,1818.

Fredrick Brown and Lydia Coffin, Nov.5,1818. [Frederick Brown Coleman, s.Barnabas Jr. and Abial (Clark), and Lydia Coffin, d.Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), 末:11m:1817.PR38]

Elizabeth and James Staples, Dec.31,1818. [Elizabeth, d.David and Margaret (Swain) (Morseland).PR38]

Josiah and Mary Bunker,末蔓末. 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.June19,1819]. [July8CR2; Josiah, s.Obed and Elizabeth (Swain), and Mary Bunker, d.Moses and Mary (Wyer).PR38]

William 3d and Eliza Inot [int.Inott], July18,1819. [William, s.Seth and Deborah (Swain), and Eliza Inott, wid.Alexander, d.Benjamin Walcott.PR38]

Hannah and Abraham Freeman, int.Sept.23,1820.

Mary Ann, d.Walter and Polly Frieze, and Benjamin Davis,末蔓末,1821.*PR38

Eliza and Thomas Carnes [int.Cranes], Jan.11,1821. [Eliza, d.Job and Phebe (Pinkham), and Thomas Carnes, s.Thomas and Eliza [? accuracy].PR38]

Job 2d and Lydia Russell, July1,1821. [Job, s.Andrew and Lydia (Folger), and Lydia Russell, d.Uriah and Lydia (Swain).PR38]

Roland and Mary Cleveland [int.Cleavland], Dec.23,1821. [Roland s.Barzillai and Abigail (Way), and Mary Cleaveland d.Seth and Mary (Jones).PR38]

Mary and Timothy Goodspead [int.Goodspeed], Oct.17,1822. [Mary, wid.Charles, formerly w.Joseph Toon, d.Henry Clark Jr., and Timothy Goodspeed Jr.PR38]

Phebe, d.Samuel and Phebe, and Willet Marshall, s.Justus of Columbia Co., NY, Oct.28,1823.*PR38

Martha and Dan [int.adds S.] Pratt, Dec.11,1823. [Martha, d.Edward and Anna (Fish), and Daniel Pratt of Middleboro [dup. Middletown], CT.PR38]

Mary and Alfred Myrick, int.Sept.18,1824. [Mary, d.Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), and Alfred Myrick, s.Benjamin and Esther of CT, m.末末.PR38]

Ebenezer and Lydia Ray May10,1825. [Ebenezer, s.Henry and Susan (Harris), and Lydia Ray, d.George and Deborah (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

Ann H. and Benjamin B. Raymond, Sept.21,1826. [Anna, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), and Benjamin B. Raymond, s.Samuel and Mary (Folger) (second w.).PR38]

Zebulon and Eliza H. Creasey [int.Creasy], Nov.28,1826. [Zebulon, s.Robert and Deborah (Morselander), and Eliza Creasy, d.Edward and Deborah (Cash).PR38]

George R. and Love Coleman, int.July7,1827. [George, s.David and Elizabeth (Russell), and Love Coleman, d.Hezekiah of Cotuit, m.末末.PR38]

Love and George R. Coleman, int.July7,1827. [Love, d.Hezekiah of Cotuit, and George Coleman, s.David and Elizabeth (Russell), m.末末.PR38]

John W. and Eliza [int.adds M.] Munroe, Aug.8,1827. [Eliza M.CR2; John W., s.John Way and Mary (Maxey), and Eliza Monroe, d.John and Lydia, 9:8m:.PR38]

Josiah and Sarah Bunker, June26,1828. [Josiah, s.Obed and Elizabeth (Swain), and Sarah [dup. Sally] Bunker, d.Latham and Susanna (Barnard).PR38]

David and Ruth Butler, int.July5,1828. [David, s.Robert and Deborah (Morselander), and Ruth Butler of Falmouth, d.Rufus and Jane, m.末末.PR38]

Mercy M. and Charles G. Whippey, Mar.4,1830. [Mar.11CR2; Mercy, d.John and Love Fish, and Charles G. Whippey, s.Coffin and Lucinda.PR38]

William R. and Elizabeth M. Gibbs, June27,1830. [William R., s.Henry and Clarissa (Daggett), and Betsey Gibbs, d.Thomas Sr.PR38]

Eunice G. and Edward F. Pinkham, July22,1830. [Eunice G., d.Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), and Edward Pinkham, s.John C. and Avis.PR38]

Mary F. and Samuel D. Fisher, Oct.21,1830. [Mary F., d.John and Love Fish, and Samuel Drake Fisher.PR38]

Charles H. and Lydia S. Bennet, June26,1831. [BennettCR2; Charles H., s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), and Lydia S. Bennett, d.William and Phebe (Swain).PR38]

Roland s.Barnabas and Abial (Clark), and Hannah Coffin of Ohio, wid.Benjamin, d.James Stanton, 19:10m:1831.*PR38

Mary Ann and John B. Crosby, June3,1832. [Mary Ann, d.Bethuel and Mary, and John Crosby, s.Marshall and Nancy (Bunker).PR38]

Samuel B. and Sarah Coffin, Apr.28,1833. [Samuel B., s.Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker), and Sarah Coffin, d.Obadiah and Lucretia, 29:4m:.PR38]

Harriot and Joseph Seymore [int.Seymour], June20,1833.

Lydia and Ansel [int.Ansell] Thomas, Aug.25,1833. [Lydia (first w.), d.Tristram and Eunice (Coffin), and Ansel Thomas.PR38]

John B. and Emeline D. Horsfield [int.Horsefield, omits D.] Nov.3,1833. [John B., s.John and Phebe (Swain), and Emeline Horsefield, d.Timothy and Eliza (Doane).PR38]

Obed and Ruth Coleman, Dec.8,1833. [Obed, s.Robert and Deborah (Morselander), and Ruth Coleman, "wid.his bro. David," d.末末 Butler.PR38]

Ruth and Obed Coleman, Dec.8,1833. [Ruth, "wid.his bro. David," d.末末 Butler, and Obed Coleman, s.Robert and Deborah (Morselander).PR38]

Cordelia and William Henry Hall May25,1835 [? in New Bedford]. [Cordelia, d.John and Love Fish, and William H. Hall, s.David and Sarah (Coffin).PR38]

Lydia M., and Amos Eldridge, Jan.24,1836. [Lydia M. (second w.), d.James and Lydia W. (Macy), and Amos Eldridge, s.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham).PR38]

Mary Jane and Charles S. Wyer Mar.12,1837, [Mary Jane, d.John and Phebe (Swain), and Charles Wyer, s.Owen and Polly.PR38]

Zenas and Phebe [int.adds C.] Swain [int.both of N.], Feb.4,1838. [Zenas M., s.Robert and Deborah (Morselander), and Phebe S. Swain, d.David and Sophia (Comstock) (first w.).PR38]

Amelia and Edward H. Bennett, Mar.10,1839. [Pamelia, d.Robert and Deborah (Morselander), and Edward Hyde Bennett, s.William and Phebe (Raymond), 12:3m:.PR38]

Eliza L. and Alden Bumps [dup. Bumpus] of Wareham, int.Mar.17,1839. [Bumpus of WarehamCR4; Eliza (first w.), d.Bethuel and Mary (Lamb), and Alden Bump, s.Israel and Ann (Ames), m.末末.PR38]

Henry and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Mary Mansfield May19,1839. [Henry, s.Sylvanus and Huldah (Gwinn), and Mary Mansfield, formerly w.Lyman, formerly w.Josiah Dunham, formerly w.John B. Orpin Jr., d.Elijah Luce and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.).PR38]

Hepsabeth S. and Calvin F. Crocker June4,1839. [Hepsabeth S., d.Tristram and Eunice (Coffin), and Calvin F. Crocker, s.Theophilus and Dorothy.PR38]

William and Martha Jane Jones of [int.adds S.] Sandwich, July16,1839. [William, s.Robert and Deborah (Morselander).PR38]

Henry 2d [int.omits 2d] and Elizabeth E. Coffin July25,1839. [Henry, s.Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker), and Elizabeth E. Coffin, d.Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker).PR38]

Thomas H. and Susan B. Cash Sept.4,1839. [Thomas H., s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), and Susan B. Cash, d.Alexander and Hannah (Higgins).PR38]

Martha and Edward McCleve int.Jan.5,1840. [Martha C., d.James B. and Lydia W. (Macy) and Edward McCleave, s.Joseph and Sally (Chase), m.Jan.21.PR38]

Lydia S. and William H. [int.Henry] Gardner 4th Feb.23,1840. [Lydia, wid.Charles H., d.William Bennett and Phebe, and William H. Gardner, s.Joshua and Eliza (Paul).PR38]

Deborah P. and Alexander Chadwick Mar.10,1840. [Deborah P., d.Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), and Alexander Chadwick, s.William and Betsey.PR38]

Deborah C. and Thomas J. Coffin Nov.8,1840. [Thomas Jefferson Coffin, s.Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin).PR38]

George W. and Sarah F. Hussey int.Dec.12,1841. [m.Dec.12CR2; George W., s.Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield), and Sarah F. Hussey, d.Alexander S. and Eliza (Macy), m.末末.PR38]

Clarissa, d.David and Avis (Bunker), and Robert M. Folger, s.Robert C. and Susan,末蔓末,1842.*PR38

Elizabeth M. and Charles C. Myrick [int.Jr.] Jan.2,1842. [Elizabeth M., d.James B. and Lydia W. (Macy), and Charles C. Myrick Jr., s.Charles C. and Nancy.PR38]

Reuben and Catharine B. Seymour [int.Seymore, omits B.] of S. Yarmouth, Mar.3,1842. [Reuben, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), and Catharine B. Seymour of S. Yarmouth.PR38]

Edward and Emily C. Powell Sept.11,1842. [Edward, s.Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker).PR38]

Lucretia and Francis B. Folger Dec.1,1842. [Lucretia, d.John and Phebe (Swain) and Francis B. Folger, s.George G. and Anna (Barker).PR38]

Susan and Gorham Coffin Dec.11,1842. [Susan, wid.Job, wid.Edward Nichols, d.David Hussey and Lydia (Swain), and Gorham Coffin, s.Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner).PR38]

Mary C. and Joseph H. Starbuck, Oct.29,1843.‡

Delia M. and Frederick C. Chase, June4,1844.‡

Charles, F., single, 29, carpenter s.Alexander and Mary, and Ann Easton, 30 [int.29], d.James and Sarah H. [int.omits H.], Aug.15,1844, [Ann, d.James (s.William and Phebe) and Sarah (d.Ammial Hussey and Eunice).PR38]

Lucretia and William Hazell, May7,1845.‡

John B., widr.[int.omits widr.], 35, carpenter, s.John and Phebe [int.Phibe], and Harriet N. Childs, 23, b. Falmouth, d.Joseph and Anna of Falmouth, Nov.24,1845 [John B. and Harriet N. Childs of FalmouthCR1; John B., s.John and Phebe (Swain).PR38]

John W., single, 28, cooper, s.Gardner and Sally, and Miss Anna N. Barker, 23, [int.b. N.], Jan.28,1846, [John W., s.Gardner and Sally (Nobles) (Chase).PR38]

Henry, widr., 60, laborer, s.Sylvanus [int.Silvanus] and Huldah, and Polly Griffice, wid., 50, [int.wid.Thomas], d.Reuben Allen and Jerusha, Mar.22,1846, [Mary Griffith [dup. Griffiths], d.Reuben Allen and Jerusha (Taylor).PR38]

Eliza Ann and Gustavus Gifford, Aug.16,1846.‡

Oliver, s.John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy), and Matilda Bunker, d.David R. and Deidamis of Hudson, 19:10m:1846.*PR38

Andrew J., single, 36, laborer, s.Sylvanus [int.Silvanus Colemant] and Mary, and Fanny G. Cushman, 26, d.Jabez and Nancy, Nov.15,1846. [Andrew J., s.Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick).PR38]

Charlotte A. and George H. Brock, May18,1847.‡

Mary Ann and Charles H. Starbuck, int.Sept.12,1847.‡

Horace B., single, 25, carpenter, s.Frederick B. and Lydia, and Mary M. Russell, 19, d.Peter and Lydia, Nov.28,1847 [Horace B., s.Frederic Brown and Lydia (Coffin), and Mary Russell, d.Peter and Lydia (Brown).PR38]

David B., single, 19, saddler, s.David and Ruth, and Mary F. Crocker, 18, b. Barnstable, d.Zeno and Cynthia of Barnstable, Jan.16,1848, [David B., s.David and Ruth (Butler), and Mary F. Crocker [dup. Crooker], 15:1m:.PR38]

David R., single, 23, blacksmith, [int.Providence], s.Job and Lydia, and Ann A. Folger, 21, d.Alfred and Lydia, May4,1848 [David R., s.Job and Lydia (Russell), and Ann A. Folger, d.Alfred and Lydia (Bunker).PR38]

Ann M. and James H. Bunker, Aug.27,1848.‡

Lydia W. and Timothy Coleman, Sept.24,1848.‡

Timothy, single, 32, rigger, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Lydia W. Coleman, 31, d.Sylvanus and Eunice [sic], Sept.24,1848 [Timothy C., s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), and Lydia W. Coleman, d.Sylvanus and Mary (Myrck).PR38]

Elizabeth F. and Daniel R. Remson, Nov.26,1848.‡

D. Witt and Elizabeth 末末, niece of John B. Coleman,末蔓末,1849.*PR38

Nathan of Cape Code and Isabella D. Boult, d.Charles W. of Marston's Mills, 末:1m:1849.*PR38

George W. 2d, single, 29, mariner, s.John F. and Eliza, and Susan F. Barnard, 20, d.George and Mary, May27,1849 [George W., s.John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy), and Susan F. Barnard, d.George C. and Mary F. (Russell).PR38]

Roland [dup Rowland] G., s.Alexander and Mary (Gardner) and Esther Ann Childs of Falmouth, 2:12m:1849.*PR38

Alexander and Mary Gardner, Mar.16,1851. [Mar.10CR2; Alexander, s.Barnabas and Abial, and Mary Gardner, d.Freeman and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

COLESWORTHY (Colesworth)

Charles Newcomb, see Newcomb.

Charles Waldo, see Waldo.

George C. [int.Georg C. Colsworthy] and Nancy Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.July1,1820]. [George C. Colesworthy, Aug.9,1820CR2; George C. Colesworthy, s.Jonathan W. and Polly (Coffin), and Nancy Coffin, d.Abijah and Priscilla (Brock).PR38]

Hiram, s.Jonathan W. and Polly (Coffin), and Susan Reman of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, see Polly.

Polly and Samuel Burnel,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.June15,1799]. [Mary, d.Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Samuel Burnell, s.Jonathan and Jemima (Marshall).PR38]

Jonathan Waldo and Hephzibah Gardner, Oct.18,1770. [Jonathan W., ship carpenter, s.Jonathan of Boston, and Hepsabeth Gardner, d.John and Kezia (Coffin).PR38]

Newcomb [int.Coleworthy] and Eunice Long, Feb.1,1784. [ColesworthyNCR; Charles Newcomb Colesworthy and Eunice Long, d.Jonathan and Sarah (Brown) (first w.).PR38]

Hephzibah (ColesWorthy) [int.Hepsibeth Colesworthy] and Noah Bunker, June19,1791. [Hepsibeth Colesworthy, d.Jonathan W. Jr. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Noah Bunker, s.Obed and Hepsabeth (Giles).PR38]

Jonathan and Polly Coffin, Nov.29,1792. [Jonathan W. Jr., s.Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Polly Coffin, d.Obed and Phebe (Gardner).PR38]

Waldo and Anna Hussey, int.Sept.9,1797. [Charles Waldo Colesworthy, s.Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Anna Hussey, d.Ebenezer and Mehitabel (Smith), m.末末.PR38]

Eunice [and] Asa Coffin, int.Nov.3,1798. [Eunice, wid.Newcomb, d.Jonathan Long, and Asa Coffin, s.Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman), m.末末.PR38]

John and Mary Meador [int.Meader], June27,1805. [John, s.Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Mary Meader, d.Nicholas and Rachel.PR38]

Nancy and Andrew Bunker, Nov.16,1809. [Nancy, d.Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Andrew Bunker, s.Uriah and Margaret (Clark).PR38]

Eunice and Laban Cottle, Mar.28,1811. [Eunice, d.Charles Newcomb and Eunice (Long), and Laban Cottle, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman).PR38]

Mary W. [and] William C. Myrick, Oct.6,1831. [Mary W., d.John and Mary (Meader), and William C. Myrick, s.George and Lydia.PR38]

William (Colesworth) [int.Colesworthy] and Harriet P. Coffin Jan.31,1841. [Colesworthy, s.John and Mary (Meader), and Harriet [dup. Harriett] P. Coffin, d.Zimri and Abigail (Paddack).PR38]

Henry, single, 26, mariner, s.John and Mary, and Martha W. Barnard, 19, [int.20 written in pencil], d.Benjamin and Anna, June30,1844, [Henry H., s.John and Mary (Meader), and Martha W. Barnard, d.Benjamin and Anna (Folger).PR38]


Henry E. and M. Francis Coffin, d.William B. and Mary Reynolds,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

Stephen of Nova Scotial and Phebe Coffin, d.Reuben and Parnal (Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas B. and Diana [int.Diannah] Sharper, July2,1815. [Diana, blackCR2]

William and Mahala [int.Mahalah] Boston, Aug.25,1825. [Mahala, blackCR2]

George C. and Mary C. Fisher, Dec.9,1832.

Mary and Robinson L. Smith of Barnstable, int.May13,1838.

John and Hannah Connoway, both of Ireland int.Sept.26,1841.

Ann, Miss, of Boston, and William H. Winslow, Mar.20,1842.

Clarkson T., Dr. single, 24, of NY, b. NY, s.Job [int.John S.] and Ruth of Utica, NY and Lydia Coffin, 20, d.Charles G. and Eliza, Nov.6,1844, [Clarkson T., M.D., of NY, s.Job S., and Lydia Coffin, d.Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur).PR38]

Joseph and Mary B. Worth, d.Walter F. and Abigail (Macy), Nov.14,1844.*PR38

Samuel C., s.William, and Rachel M. Worth, d.Walter F. and Abigail (Macy), May29,1845.*PR38

Martha and Andrew Barnes, July24,1847.‡

Rosanna and John Gerow, Aug.18,1848.‡

Barnard, single, 21, laborer, b. Ireland [int.s.Barnard and Ann of Ireland], and [int.Miss] Rosanna Riley, 18, b. Ireland Aug.26,1848,

James, single, 26, farmer, b. Ireland s.Barnard and Mary of Ireland and Miss Reliance Gould, 18, b. Chatham, int.Feb.22,1849.

COLMAN (Coleman)


Sarah and 末末 末末 [worn], int.Feb.3,1749.


Francis [sic] Mackey [dup. Mackay, omits Colwell] of Billerica and Moses Barnard, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Joy),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

COMSTOCK (Comstork, Cumstork)

Nathan of NY and Ann Merritt, d.John and Phebe of NY,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sally and Frederick Coffin,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.8,1798]. [Sarah [dup. Sally], d.John and Lydia (Gardner) and Frederick Coffin, s.Elijah and Ruth (Coffin).PR38]

John and Lydia Gardner, Aug.24,1775. [Lydia, d.John and Kezia (Coffin).PR38]

Lydia and Francis Gardner Jr., Dec.8,1797. [Lydia, d.John and Lydia (Gardner), and Francis Gardner Jr., s.Francis and Anna (Paddack) (first w.).PR38]

Nathan, s.Samuel and Lucy of Glocester, Providence Co., RI, and Elizabeth Emmett, d.Edward Tillit dec'd and Elizabeth, 10:12m:1801,CR4; [Nathan of NY and Elizabeth Emmett (first w.), d.Edward Tillett and Elizabeth (Mitchell).PR38]

Kezia (Cumstork) [int.Comstork] and George Coffin, Mar.24,1803. [Keziah [dup. Kezia] Comstock, d.John and Lydia (Gardner), and George Coffin, s.Solomon and Eunice (Macy).PR38]

Betsey (Comstork) and Joseph Winslow, June19,1804. [Comstock, d.John and Lydia (Gardner), and Joseph Winslow, s.Joseph and Isabella.PR38]

Sophia (Comstork) [int.Cumstork] and David Swain 3d [int.Jr.], Sept.20,1808. [Comstock (first w.), d.John and Lydia (Gardner), and David Swain Jr., s.David and Phebe (Coleman) (first w.).PR38]

CON (Coon)

CONANT (Connant)

Mahitable (Connant) [int.Conant] and Lemual [int.Lamuel] Jones,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.Dec.14,1828]. [Mehitable Conant and Lemuel Jones, Jan.3,1829PR32; Mahitable Conant, d.Asa and Anna, and Lemuel Jones, s.Stephen and Abigail.PR38]

Samuel of Charlestown and Rebecca Coffin, d.Gayer and Rebecca Parker,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah and Charles Jones, 3:12m:1818.*PR32

CONGDON (Condon)

Patrick (Condon) and Sarah Stone, int.Oct.5,1771.

Joseph and Phebe F. Wood, June12,1831. [Joseph of Newport, RI, and Phebe F. Wood, d.David.PR38]

Robert R. [int.Newport, RI] and Keziah [int.Kezia] P. Dodge, Aug.7,1843. [Robert of RI and Kezia P. Dodge, d.Joseph and Sarah (Winslow).PR38]

James C. and Eliza R. Thain Jan.18,1844. [James C. of Newport, RI, and Eliza Thain, d.David and Mary (Russell) (first w.).PR38]


Bridge [int.Bridgett], Miss, 18, b. Ireland and John Tinsley, single, 24, mariner, b. Ireland [int.both of Ireland], July16,1843.

CONNANT (Conant)


John and Sarah Hope, June11,1772.

CONWAY (Connoway)

Hannah (Connoway) and John Collins, both of Ireland int.Sept.26,1841.

Mary, 20, and Patrick Heafy, single, 28, mariner, of Newfoundland b. Ireland Feb.10,1845,

CONWELL (Cornwell)

COOK (Cooke)

Elizabeth of "the Vineyard" and Stephen Bunker, s.Uriah and Zaruiah (Pinkham),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph A., single, 25, merchant, s.John and Susanna of Newburyport, and Marie L. Richter, 18, d.M. and H., int.June10,1849. [Maria, d.Dr. Richter, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Mary (Cooke) and Richard Coffin, s.Tristram and Mary (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Polly, see Mary.

Samuel and Mary Manter [int.Mantor],末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Nov.15,1800].

Thomas, see Thomas Crook.

Margret and William Baxter Aug.11,1720,* [Margaret and William Baxter of ScotlandPR38; MargretPR68]

Joseph and Margaret Calef, May29,1769. [Califf, d.Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch).PR38]

Margaret and Paul Coggwell [int.Cogswell], Oct.15,1775. [CoggswellNCR; Margaret, wid.Joseph, d.Ebenezar Califf [dup. Calif] and Elizabeth (Fitch), and Paul Coggeshall [dup. Coggshall], s.John and Elizabeth (Freeborn).PR38; Peggy and Paul CoggeshallPR64]

William and Naomi Crowell [int.Crowel], Apr.19,1787. [CrowellNCR]

Mary and Samuell [int.Samuel] Swain, July4,1789. [SamuellNCR; Polly (first w.), d.Hugh and Margaret (Calef), and Samuel Swain, s.Reuben and Hannah (Macy) (second w.), "Part of this family moved to Ohio in 1813. Several m'd on Cape Cod."PR38]

Naoma and Erastus Beacher, int.Jan.22,1803.

Mary and James Bee, May15,1804

John and Lydia Raymond, int.Aug.29,1807.

Zebedee Jr. and Sarah Coffin Whitney, int.Nov.30,1809.

Harry [int.Harvey] and Clarissa [dup. Clariss, int.Clairssa] Ward, Dec.12,1821. [Harvey and Clarissa WaidCR2]

Hannah and Absolom F. Boston, int.Aug.25,1827.

Mary and Stephen Rodney, June19,1834.

Deborah and Nathaniel A. Borden, Oct.19,1834.

Mary Ann of Newbery Port and Frederick W. Myrick, int.July14,1839.

Hellen of Newburyport and William Summerhays, int.Oct.4,1840. [Helen M. (second w.), d.John, sister of Joseph, and William H. Sumerhays, m.末蔓末,1840, in Newburyport.PR38]

Charles W. and Charlotte R. Folger Sept.15,1842. [Charles W., s.John of Newburyport, and Charlotte R. Folger, d.Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar).PR38]

Clarissa A. and John W. Hallett, Oct.5,1845.‡

Henry P., single, 20, baker, b. Newbury Port, s.Charles and Clarissa, and Laura Ann Gould, 20, d.Betsey, Dec.21,1845,

COON (Cawn, Con)

Charlotte M., d.William and Catharine (Marsh), and James F. Cathcart, s.David and Lydia,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James, s.William and Catharine (Marsh), and Mary Handy of Cape Cod,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rowell, s.William and Catharine (Marsh), and 末末 Cleaveland of M[artha's] Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William (Con) and Phebe Cash, Nov.13,1787. [Coon and Phebe Cash, d.William and Mary (Johnson).PR38]

Phebe (Cawn) and Job Swain, Apr.16,1797. [Coon (second w.), wid.William, d.William Cash and Mary (Johnson).PR38]

William and Catharine [int.Katharine] Marsh, Mar.19,1811. [William, s.William and Phebe, and Catharine Marsh, d.末末 (brother of Roswell).PR38; CatherinePR55]

Phebe [and] William A. Huburt [int.Hurlbert], Dec.22,1831. [HurlbertCR2; Phebe, d.William and Catharine (Marsh), and William Hurlburt, s.William and Abigail (Allen).PR38]

Mary and Nathaniel Chase of W. Harwich, int.Oct.20,1844.

George H., single, 27, mariner, s.William, and Eunice B. Brock, 26, d.Charles H. and Lydia [int.adds A.], Oct.7,1849, [George H., s.William and Catharine (Marsh), and Eunice B. [dup. P.] Brock, d.Charles H. [dup. F.] and Lydia (Wood).PR38]


Annanias and Sally Brown, Aug.22,1793. [Sally, d.Francis and Anna (Pinkham).PR38]

Sally and Job Halsey, Mar.22,1803. [Sally, wid.Annanias, d.Francis Brown and Anna (Pinkham).PR38]

Nancy and Timothy Bunker, May16,1813. [Timothy [s.Benjamin and Rebecca].PR31]

Arthur and Lucinda Gorden, Oct.9,1827.

John and Sophia Hart, int.Dec.6,1828.

John and Betsey [int.Elizabeth] Gordon, May8,1833.

Cyrus and Maria B. Pompey [int.coloured], May24,1837.

Eliza [int.adds Ann] and Thomas King, Dec.31,1837.

Randolph [int.of Boston] and Ann Brown [int.of NY], both colored and residents, July23,1839.

Nathan F. and Deborah Ann Stephens, both of Gay Head, int.Apr.12,1840.

Rufus of Martha's Vineyard and Patience A. Quion, int.May31,1840.

Robert, single, 33, mariner, s.Arthur and Lucy, and Janetta E. Miller, 22 [int.21], b. New Haven, d.Edward [int.Edwin] and Abigail of New Haven, Dec.23,1849,


James, [int.Copis] and Eliza Howland "people of Colour," Aug.2 [int.Aug.3], 1829.


Mary and James Alley, int.Aug.19,1820. [Cochran of M[artha's] Vineyard and James Alley, s.Richard and Martha (Alley), m.23:8m:.PR38]


Ellery of Westport and Phebe Coffin, d.Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

CORLISS (Corlis)

Mary, d.Benjamin of NY, and William H. Barney, s.Charles and Avis (Macy),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah L. (Corlis) [dup Corlies], d.Benjamin and Phebe (Ludlam) of NY, and Charles A. Macy, s.Josiah and Lydia (Hussey), Jan.12,1831 [? in NY].*PR38

CORNELL (Cornal, Cornwell)

Elijah of Providence, RI, and Eunice Barnard, d.Reuben and Phebe (Coleman),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jane (Cornal) and William Quenno, Jan.9,1730-1.*

William and Lydia Hussey, Jan.27,1799. [William of New Port [dup. Providence, RI] and Lydia Hussey, d.Christopher and Lydia (Manchester), "removed to Ohio in 1814."PR38]

Stephen and Harriett Charlotte Earle, d.Joseph Jr. and Betsey (Coleman), Sept.28,1823.*PR38

Abraham of Tivertown, RI, and Harriet Sylvia, Nov.19,1839.


Emily F. and Benjamin S. Cathcart, July5,1848.

CORNWELL (Cornell)

Duryea, single, 29, mariner, [ NY], b. NY, s.William and Phebe of NY, and Ann G. Andrews, 18, d.Sylvanus and Mary, Nov.5,1848, [Ann G., d.Silvanus and Mary B. (Gardner).PR38]

CORRINGTON (Corrinton)

Betsey (Corrinton) and Mordeca Warren, int.Apr.3,1802.

Elizabeth (Corrinton) and Mike Gudrige, int.June5,1802.

Annis [int.Corrinton] and Isaac Barlow, Dec.1,1803.

Lydia [int.Correnton] and Ezekiel Pompy, Feb.7,1811.


Charles and Susan M. Tweedy [int.Susan W. Twede, colurd, dup. int.Susan W. Twedey, colourd], May7,1834.


Sarah and Mike 末末, Mar.21,1788.*


David and Mary Folger,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Sept.8,1798]. [David, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Mary Folger, d.Owen and Eunice (Smith).PR38]

Elizabeth, d.James and Thankful Norton, and 末末 Brooks,末蔓末, 末末 [? before 1850].*PR38

James and Thankful Norton of "the Vineyard,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

James and Mercy Wheelden of Martha's Vineyard,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Lydia, d.Shubael and Drusilla, and Jethro Coffin, s.William and Lydia (Coleman),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Margaret, Miss, and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] Jonathan Swain 2d,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1824, int.May24,1823]. [Margaret (third w.), wid.Owen, d.Tristram Swain and Rachel (Bunker), and Jonathan Swain, s.Abishai and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

Owen S. and Susan [int.Sarah] Ray,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1828 and Apr.8,1829, int.Apr.19,1828]. [Owen S., s.Owen and Margaret (Swain), and Sarah Ray, d.David 2d and Anna (Coggeshall).PR38]

Phebe, d.Henry and Phebe (Pease), and James S. Murphy, s.George and Lydia,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mercy and Francis Moors, int.Sept.2,1758. [Mercy, d.James and Thankful Norton, and Francis Mooers, m.末末.*PR38]

Mary and George Smith, int.Oct.9,1762. [Mary, d.James and Thankful Norton, and George Smith, s.Daniel and Abigail (Coffin), m.末末.PR38]

Abishai and Catharine [int.Katharine] Wilkins, Oct.30,1765. [KatharineNCR]

Judith and Henry Hood, Mar.1,1767. [Judith, d.James and Thankful NortonPR38, both of Sherborn.PR68]

Lot and Ruth Coleman, Jan.3,1770. [Lot, s.James and Thankful Norton, and Ruth Coleman, d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers).PR38; Colman, both of Sherborn.PR68]

James and Lydia Marshall, int.Oct.3,1778. [James Jr., s.James and Thankful Norton, and Lydia Marshall, d.Greenleaf and Anna (Cathcart), m.末末.PR38]

Lydia and David Cleavland May8,1783. [Lydia, wid.James Jr., d.Greenleaf Marshall and Anna (Cathcart), and David Cleaveland s.Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger).PR38]

Thankful and Zephaniah Gardner, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept.16,1790. [ThankfullNCR; Thankful, d.James and Thankful Norton, and Zephaniah Gardner, s.Thomas and Hannah (Swain).PR38]

Elizabeth and Thaddeus Clark, Aug.21,1792. [Elizabeth, d.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Thaddeus Clark, s.Benjamin and Lydia (Harris).PR38]

Obed and Rebecca Russell [int.Russel], Aug.18,1796. [Obed, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Rebecca Russell, d.Nathaniel and Judith (Long).PR38]

Barzillai and Rachel Swain, Dec.15,1803. [Barzillai, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Rachael Swain, d.Tristram and Rachael (Bunker).PR38]

Owen and Margaret Swain, May12,1807. [Owen, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Margaret Swain, d.Tristram and Rachel (Bunker).PR38]

David and Rebecca Cottle, Apr.3,1808. [David, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Rebecca Cottle, wid.Obed, d.Nathaniel Russell and Judith (Long).PR38]

Rebecca and David Cottle, Apr.3,1808. [Rebecca, wid.Obed, d.Nathaniel Russell and Judith (Long), and David Cottle, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman).PR38]

Laban and Eunice Colesworthy, Mar.28,1811. [Laban, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Eunice colesworthy, d.Charles Newcomb and Eunice (Long).PR38]

Mary and Reuben Joy Jr., Feb.3,1814. [Mary, d.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Reuben Joy, s.Reuben and Mary (Swain).PR38]

Henry and Phebe Pease, Oct.10,1816. [Henry, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Phebe Pease, d.David and Sally (Fosdick).PR38]

Shubael and Rebecca Sawyer, Sept.4,1817. [Shubael, s.Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Rebecca Sayer, d.Joshua and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

Charles and Phebe B. Ramsdale [int.Ramsdell], June10,1830. [RamsdellCR2; Charles, s.David and Mary (first w.), and Phebe B. Ramsdell, d.William and Mary (Barnard).PR38]

Obed and Lydia C. Thurston, int.July24,1836. [Obed S., s.David and Rebecca, and Lydia Thurstain of Plymouth, m.末末.PR38]

Laban and Miss Jane B. Ewell, Oct.2,1836. [Laban, s.Lot and Ruth.PR38]

Sarah [int.of N.] and Charles L. Sprague of Bath, ME, May6,1838. [Sarah, wid.Owen, d.David Ray, and Charles L. Sprague, brother of Nathaniel.PR38]

Charles N. and Ann C. Staples, July22,1838. [Charles N., s.Laban and Eunice (Colesworthy), and Ann Staples, d.James and Elizabeth (Coleman).PR38]

Jane B. and Reuben Swain Jan.13,1842. [Jane (Ewell) Cottle (second w.), wid.Laban, and Reuben Swain Jr. of Polpis, s.Reuben and Thankful (Baker).PR38]

David 2d, single, 28, mariner, s.Laban and Eunice, and Priscilla M. Coffin, 19, d.John and Sarah, May19,1848 [David, s.Laban and Eunice (Colesworthy), and Priscilla R. [dup. M.] Coffin, d.John C. and Sarah (Ray).PR38]

Delia M. and Robert P. Wyer, Oct.12,1848.


Henry G., s.Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), and Almira Sears,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John and Mary Burnell,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1827 and Apr.末,1828, int.May26,1827]. [John, s.Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), and Mary Burnell, d.Samuel and Mary.PR38]

Sylvanus P., s.Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), and Lydia White of Yarmouth,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

Sylvanus P., s.Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), and Sarah White, d.Isaac of Yarmouth,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth and George Hiorns, int.Mar.23,1765.

Josiah and Judith FitzGennerald, int.Oct.7,1797. [Josiah of Plymouth and Judith FitzGerald, d.Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), m.末末.PR38]


Mary of NY and William Henry Dagget, Feb.13,1842. [Coultney of Ireland and William Henry Daggett, s.Henry and Dianah (Ames).PR38]


Oliver and Adeline Coffin, d.Barnabas and Mary (Starbuck),末蔓末, 末末, in Otsego Co., NY.*PR38

COVEL (Covell, Covil, Cowell)

Silvanus (Covil), s.Silvanus of NH, and Mary Coffin, d.Alpheus and Love (Pitts),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hannah and Alexander Cunningham, Feb.8,1732-3.*

Obadiah and Susanna Killey, Nov.24,1801. [Covill and Susanna Kelley, d.John and Abigail Kelley.PR38]

Hannah (Covell) and Obed Wood, int.Oct.20,1810.

Susan and John Raymond, Apr.11,1811. [Susanna Covil, wid.Obadiah, d.John Kelley, and John Raymond, "a stranger."PR38]

Lydia (Covil) [int.Covel] and Jervis Grew, Apr.30,1818. [CovilCR2; Jarvis, s.Samuel.PR38]

Enos [int.Eanus] and Salley Eldridge, Dec.7,1818. [Enos Covil and Sally Eldridge.PR38]

Mary (Covil) and James Wood, int.Mar.29,1823.

COWAN (Cowen)

COWELL (Covel)

Edward and Betsey [int.Bettsey] Nichols, Mar.12,1805. [Betsey, d.William and Deisre.PR38]


Joseph and Phebe F. Easton, Dec.23,1834. [Cowan, "an Englishman who went away and left her," and Phebe Easton, d.Peleg and Mary (Barnard) (second w.).PR38]

COWES (Couse)

COWET (Cowit)

Ruth and George T. Jones Stetson [int.George Jones], Mar.27,1808.

Sally (Cowit) [int.Cowet] and James Sichle, Dec.24,1817. [Cowit, black, and James Sickles.CR2]


John and Mary Coffin, Oct.29,1772. [Mary, d.Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger).PR38]

Gersham of Maine and Sarah Hussey, d.Obed and Mary (Calei) (second w.), Nov.10,1794.*PR38

Ann and James McDermod, both of Ireland int.Dec.25,1839.

COXWELL (Coggeshall)


Sylva [int.Silva] and William Davis, Oct.22,1807.

CRAGGE (Craigie)

CRAIG (Cragie)

Archibald and Ann Coffin, d.Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

David B. of Freehold, NJ, and Maria Coffin, d.Alexander and Lydia (Hussey),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

CRAIGIE (Cragge, Craig)

Andrew (Cragge) and Elizabeth Gardner, Dec.29,1737.* [Craggie and Elizabeth Gardner, d.John 3d and Priscilla (Coffin), Dec.28.PR38]

Andrew [int.Craige] of Cambridge and Elizabeth Shaw, Jan.10,1793, in Cambridge. [Craggie Jr., s.Andrew and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Elizabeth Shaw, d.Rev. BezaleelPR38; Craigie, Dr., of Charlestown, and Betsey Shaw.PR64]

CRAMMER (Cranmer)

CRANDALL (Crandal)

Thomas (Crandal) and Susanna Whippe, Nov.12,1772.*

Elizabeth W., d.James, and David R. Worth, s.Richard and Elizabeth of Deruyter, NY, 1:1m:1807 [? in NY].*PR38


Charles P., single, 35, manufacturer [int.30, machinist], of Canton, b. Canton, s.Simeon and Elizabeth of Canton, and Elizabeth M. Watson, 25 [int.28], d.William and Mary, June27,1846, [Charles P. of Boston and Elizabeth Watson, d.William and Mary (Macy).PR38]


Thomas, see Thomas Carnes.


Thomas [int.Crammer] and Mary Pease, Nov.7,1769. [CrammerNCR; Cranmer and Mary Pease, d.Paul and Elizabeth (Folger).PR38]


Mary and Amos Clark, Nov.11,1734.* [Amos, s.Thomas and Mary (Church), 11:11m:.PR38]

CREASY (Creasey, Cresa, Cresey)

Edward and Deborah Cash, Dec.10,1789. [Deborah, d.William and Mary (Johnson).PR38]

Reuben [int.Creasey] and Emiline [int.Emeline] Perry, July11,1820. [Creasy, s.Edward and Deborah (Cash), and Emmeline [dup. Emma] Perry, d.Samuel and Polly (Gardner) (second w.).PR38]

Charlotte W. (Cresey) [dup. Charlotte M. Creasey, int.Charlot M. Creasey] and William Keen, Jan.15,1822.‡

Eliza H. (Creasey) [int.Creasy] and Zebulon Coleman, Nov.28,1826. [Creasy, d.Edward and Deborah (Cash), and Zebulon Coleman, s.Robert and Deborah (Morselander).PR38]

George and Nancy Coffin, June10,1827. [George, s.Edward and Deborah (Cash), and Nancy Coffin, d.Gideon and Elizabeth (Ellis).PR38]

Emma, formerly w.Reuben, d.Samuel Perry and Polly (Gardner) (second w.), and Rev. Stephen Lovell,末蔓末,1848.*PR38


John and Phebe [int.adds C.] Barnard, Sept.16,1832. [Phebe C., d.Shubael and Lucretia (Coffin).PR38]


Hannah and Henry S. Crocker of Barnstalbe, "They were cousins,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Hannah, d.Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Barnabas Sears,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Henry S. of Barnstable and Hannah Crocker, "They were cousins,"末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John and Susan Weeks, d.Francis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Josiah, see Isaiah.

Zeno of Barnstable and Cynthia Bennett, d.William and Phebe (Raymond),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Wadsworth and Hephzibah Bunker, Aug.30,1789. [HeppyPR64]

Sukey and Rev. 末末 Lincoln, Feb.末,1790.*PR64

Edmond and Debby [int.Deborah] Rawson, Dec.2,1806. [Edmond of Barnstable and Deborah Rawson, d.Paul and Phebe (Gardner).PR38]

Nimphus and Experience Laha, int.Mar.26,1814.

Harvey and Lydia B. Gifford, May16,1821. [Lydia B., d.Luther and Phebe (Coffin).PR38]

George and Eliza H. Luce, int.Sept.24,1825. [George, s.Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Eliza H. Lewis, m.末末.PR38]

Luther and Chloe Hodges, May17,1827. [Cloe, d.Capt. Isaac and Lydia Crocker.PR38]

Betsey and Zenas Ames, Sept.22,1833.*

Isaiah of Barnstable and Elizabeth [int.adds B.] Holway, Sept.27,1835. [Josiah of Barnstable and Elizabeth Holway, d.William and Polly (Fisher).PR38]

Henrittee J. [Henrieta J. of Barnstable] and William J. [int.omits J.] Taylor [int.of N.], Oct.15,1837. [Henrietta of Cape Cod and William Taylor, s.Samuel and Avis (Pitman) (of Newport, RI).PR38]

Cloe B [int.Chloe B. of Barnsatble] and William D. Guild [int.Gild of Providence, RI], Mar.25,1838.

Samuel F. of Sandwich and Betsey C. Fisher of Falmouth, Oct.18,1838, ["Fish or Fisher," d.Nathan and Martha (Crocker) of Barnstable.PR38]

Sarah Ann of W. [int.omits W.] Barnstable and Oliver G. Merritt, Stonington, Oct.21,1838.

Calvin F. and Hepsabeth S. Coleman June4,1839. [Calvin F., s.Theophilus and Dorothy, and Hepsabeth S. Coleman, d.Tristram and Eunice (Coffin).PR38]

Warren P. of W. Barnstable and Mary Thurber Jones, int.Mar.28,1841. [Mary F., d.William J. and Mary (Worth), m.末末.*PR38]

Ezekiel of Barnstable and Miss Caroline Snow, Feb.1,1842. [Ezekiel of Weymouth and Caroline Snow, d.Benjamin and Huldah (Dunham) (first w.).PR38]

Heman [dup. widr.], 34, farmer, [dup. b. Barnstable], s.Alvin and Phebe of Barnstable, and Lydia Barker Jr., 34, [dup. b. N.], d.James and Lydia, 3:8m:1843,* [Heman, s.Alvin of Barnstable and Phebe dec'd, and Lydia Barker Jr., d.James dec'd, and LydiaCR4; Heman of Cotuit and Lydia Barker, d.James and Lydia (Garnder) (Second w.).PR38]

Lot Jr., single, 27 [int.25], mariner, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, s.Lot and Mary of Barnstable, and Anna N. Coffin, 19, d.Valentine C. [int.omits C.] [and] Sarah F. [int.omits F.], July28,1844, [Anna N., d.Valentine and Saray (Nye).PR38]

David, widr., 36 [int.37, omits widr.], mariner, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, s.末末 and Lydia of Barnstable, and Elizabeth C. Childs, 23, d.James and Elizabeth, Aug.21,1844,

Ervin H., single, 24, wheelwright, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, s.Barna and Joanna of Barnstable, and Mary N. Fish, 23, d.Zenas and Lydia, Nov.17,1844.*

Enoch, widr., 54, cordwainer, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, s.Joseph of Barnstable, and Eliza Sherman, 54, d.John and Margaret, int.Sept.28,1845.

Mary F. and David B. Coleman, Jan.16,1848.‡


Lot of Gorham, ME, and Mary R. Allen, June4,1840. [Crockett of RI and Mary R. Allen, d.Thomas and nancy (Marshall), "lived in W. Virginia."PR38]


Thomas and Hope Cartwright, Mar.24,1720.* [Thomas Cook or Crook and Hope Cartwright, d.Nicholas and Orange (Rogers)PR38; Crook, Mar.24,1719-20PR68]


Sirena Swasey and William Maiden, colord, int.Feb.21,1836.

CROSBY (Crosbe)

Ann H., d.Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and George Folger, s.Obed and Rebecca (Waterman) (third w.),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Betsey, see Elizabeth.

Jesse, s.Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and Temperance Allen, d.David and Temperance of Cape Cod,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Johnson and Mary Worth, d.John and Miriam,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38 [? Accuracy of this record.]

Lucretia, d.Samuel and Catharine, and George Clark, s.Lot and Lydia (Folger),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Mary, see Polly.

Matthew, Capt. [int.omits Capt.], and Mrs.[Mrs.written in pencil, dup. and int.omit Mrs.] Elizabeth Powell,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.1,1824 and Apr.2,1825, int.Oct.9,1824]. [Matthew and Elizabeth Powell [dup. Powel], wid.Caleb [dup. Cyrus], d.William Barnard and Elizabeth (Inot),末蔓末,1825.PR38]

Thomas (Crosbe) of Braintree and Mary Worth, d.John and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.), Nov.13,1717.*PR38

Samuell [int.Samuel] and Sarah Marshall, Mar.28,1765. [SamuellNCR; Samuel and Sarah Marshall, d.James and Patience Rider.PR38]

Mary and Thomas Mayo, May1,1773. [Mary, d.John and Sarah and 末末 Mayhew of Plymouth.PR38]

Elizabeth and Nathaniell [int.Nathaniel] Folger, Sept.27,1787. [NathaniellNCR; Betsey, d.Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Nathaniel Folger, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer).PR38]

Sally and Samuell Osborn, Oct.13,1789. [Sally, d.Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Samuel Osborn, s.Samuel and Sally.PR38]

Samuell and Catharine Macauly Bartlet, Jan.7,1790. [Catherine Macauley BartletNCR; Samuel Jr., s.Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Catharine Macauley Bartlett, d.John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.).PR38] Sarah and Zenas Hamblin, Feb.4,1829.

Desire and Obed Luce, Nov.4,1790. [Desire, d.Samuel and Mary [sic, dup. Sarah] (Marshall), and Obed Luce, s.Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.).PR38]

Hannah [int.Crosbey] and Henry Smith, Sept.27,1792. [Crosby (second w.) and Henry Smith Sr.PR38]

Mary and George Barrett, int.May2,1795. [Mary, d.Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and George Barrett, s.Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning, 5:8m:.PR38]

Anna and Silvanus Ewers Mar.17,1796. [Anna (first w.), d.Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and Sylvanus Ewer, s.Seth of Cape Cod.PR38]

Catherine Macauly and Simeon Long, July28,1796. [Catharine Macauley Crosby, wid.Samuel Jr., d.John Bartlett and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Simeon long, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Brown) (first w.).PR38]

Polly and Owen Wyer, Feb.7,1799. [Mary, d.Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and Owen Wyer, s.Robert and Zilpha.PR38]

Huldah and Benjamin Whippy Jr., Aug.31,1800. [Huldah, d.Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and Benjamin Whippey, s.Benjamin and Eunice.PR38]

Marshall and Anna [int.Nancy] Bunker, Feb.11,1802. [Marshall, s.Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Nancy Bunker, d.Richard.PR38]

Betsey and John Clisby, Jan.23,1806. [Betsey, d.Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and John Clisby, s.William and Hepsibeth (Coleman).PR38]

John and Sophia [int.Sopha] Chase, Feb.25,1806. [John, s.Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Sophia Chace, d.James and Mercy.PR38]

Susanna and Arthur Perry, Nov.3,1806.

Sophia and Timothhy [int.Timothy] Robbins, Aug.11,1808. [Sophia, wid.John, d.James Chase and Mercy (Godfrey), and Timothy Robbins, s.John and Elizabeth (Meader).PR38]

Matthew and Lydia Coffin, Feb.4,1813. [Matthew, s.Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and Lydia Coffin, d.Zenas and Abial (Gardner).PR38]

Abigail and Jessa [int.Jesse] Gifford, Aug.25,1818. [JesseCR2; Abigail, d.Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and Jesse Gifford.PR38]

Mary and Bartlet [int.Bartlett] Jenkins, Aug.25,1818. [Mary, d.Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and Bartlett Jenkins, s.John and Susanna [dup. Susan] Holmes.PR38]

Lucretia [int.Luecretia] and Isaac Hinkley [dup. Hinckley, int.Henckley], May10, [dup. June10, int.May12], 1821. [Lucretia and Isaac Hinkley, June10CR2; Lucretia, d.Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and Isaac Hinckley.PR38]

Susan B. [dup. Crossley] and Gardner Lamb, Feb.10,1824. [Crosby, d.Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), and Paul Gardner Lamb, s.Abel and Deborah (Gardner).PR38]

Alfred [and] Mary [int.Maria] Stubbs, July24,1831. [MariaCR2; Alfred, s.Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and "Mary or Maria" Stubbs, d.Benjamin and Sally (Ellis).PR38]

John B. and Mary Ann Coleman, June3,1832. [John, s.Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), and Mary Ann Coleman, d.Bethuel and Mary.PR38]

William H. and Elizabeth C. Pinkham, int.Dec.7,1834. [m.Dec.25CR2; William H., s.Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), and Elizabeth C. Pinkham, d.Seth and Mary (Brown), m.末末.PR38]

Mary C. and Benjamin F. Coffin, int.Jan.18,1835. [m.Feb.4CR2; Mary, d.Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), and Benjamin F. Coffin, s.Jared and Hepsabeth (Swain), m.末蔓末,1835.PR38]

Mary B. and John Brown Jr., Feb.22,1835. [Mary B., d.Marshall and Nancy (Bunker) and John Brown, s.John and Deborah (Ellis).PR38]

Sarah B. and Stephen Bennett [int.Bennet], June2,1835. [Sarah, d.Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), and Stephen Bennett, s.William and Phebe (Raymond), 6:6m:.PR38]

Cyrus F. [int.NY] and Harriet C. Coffin, Jan.15,1837, [Harriet, d.Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), and Cyrus H. Crosby.PR38]

Ann and George C. Macy int.Feb.3,1839. [m.Feb.20CR2; Ann C., d.Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), and George C. Macy, s.Gorham and Lucretia (Clark), m.Feb.20.PR38]

Linda C. and Barker Burnell Jr. [int.of N.], Nov.18,1840. [Lydia, d.Matthew and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Harriet C. and Josiah Ames, July6,1845.‡

Matthew Jr., single, 22, merchant, s.Matthew and Elizabeth, and Sarah C. Whitney, 22, d.Daniel and Eliza, Nov.14,1849, [Matthew, s.Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard).PR38]

CROSMAN (Crosmar)

Abigail (Crosmar) and Seth Russel Jr.,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.28,1810, int.Jan.13,1810], [Crossman of "the Vineyard" and Seth Russell Jr., s.Seth and Abigail (Meader).PR38]

William and Jane Norton Vincent, int.Oct.6,1810.


Thomas and Frances H. Starbuck, Feb.15,1834. [Frances, d.Elishai and Betsey (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]


CROSSMAN (Crosman)


Hannan, d.Ezekiel, and Frederick P. Baker, s.Charles and Betsey (Crowell),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Maria, d.Shubael, and Abner Baker, s.Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jane and Simeon Long, Aug.3,1784. [Simeon, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Brown).PR38]

Naomi [int.Crowel] and William Cook, Apr.19,1787. [CrowellNCR]

Eliza P. [int.Crowel] and Joseph S. [int.omits S.] Burges, Apr.3,1817.

John and Sarah Gardner, Oct.28,1834. [Sally, d.Capt. Benjamin and Susan (Gardner).PR38]

Julia A. and Benjamin Nye, int.Oct.18,1835.

Hallett and Sarah H. Macy, d.Capt. Richard and Catherine (Alley), Aug.19,1840, in E. Vassalborough ME.*PR38


Rose and Thomas Williams, int.May4,1845.

CUFF (Cuffs)

Tabitha and Essex Boston, Jan.14,1770.*

Remembrance and Francis Bond [dup. Rand int.Bound], colored [dup. black], Aug.26,1821. [BrownCR2].

Lucreatia [int.Lauriett] and William Borden [int.Coulard], Aug.16,1835.

Nancy (Cuffs) of West Port and Henry Green, int.Aug.4,1839.

CUMSTORK (Comstock)


Aexander and Hannah Covel, Feb.8,1732-3.*


Walter and Lucretia Allen, Nov.10,1811. [Lucretia, d.Shubael and Abigail (Gardner).PR38]

Mary, d.Walter and Lucretia Allen, and Benjamin Towne of Hudson, NY,末蔓末,1840.*PR38

CURRAN (Currin)

Bridget and Michael Cavanagh, both of Ireland int.Mar.12,1843.

Charles (Currin), single, 26, musician, b. Ireland s.Peter and Rose of Ireland and Bridget Rafters, 21, b. Ireland d.William (Rasters) and Bridget of Ireland int.Nov.25,1849.


Betsey of Maine and William H. Coffin, s.Alpheus and Love (Pitts),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Thomas Jr. of Amesbury and Sarah Barnard, d.Nathaniel, Sept.19,1700, in Amesbury.* [Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard).PR38]

CURRIN (Curran)

CURTIS (Custis)

Chloe of Stoughton and John Mathews, Nov.6,1796, in Stoughton.*


Eliphalet of New Bedford and Eliza Doane, d.John and Phebe F. (Folger),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jabez and Miss Cyntha Basse,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1824, int.Apr.12,1823]. [Jabez, s.Isaac and Esther of Plymouth and Cynthia Bassy.PR38]

Jabez, s.Isaac and Esther of Plymouth, and Nancy Gibbs,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

David and Kezia Whippy, Oct.4,1812 [dup. Nov.14,1813, int.Sept.19,1812]. [Whippey, wid.David, d.Peleg Bunker.PR38]

Caleb and Sally Green, June4,1817. [Caleb, s.Isaac, and Sally Green, d.John and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Caleb and Silvia Bassey, Dec.18,1825. [Caleb, s.Isaac, and Silvea Bessey.PR38]

Mary W. and William F. Brown, May24,1832. [Mary W., d.David and Kezia (Bunker) (Whippey), and William F. Brown, s.William and Elizabeth (Coffin).PR38]

Susan and James Irish Dec.29,1836. [Susan, d.Caleb and Sally (Green), and James Irish of RI.PR38]

Fanny G. and Andrew J. Coleman, Nov.15,1846.‡

Peter, single, 21, butcher, s.Jabez and Cynthia, and Miss Caroline Jordan, 18, b. Ireland int.Dec.5,1847. [Jordan, m.末末.PR38]

Laura Ann and Alexander Chadwick, Dec.2,1849.‡

CUSTIS (Curtis)

John [dup. Curtis] and Winnefred [dup. Winifred, int.Winafred] C. Swain, Dec.27,1826. [Custis and Winnefred C. SwainCR2; Custus and Winnifred Swain, d.Alexander and Eunice (Chase).PR38]


Emeline [int.of Kennebec] and John Swain [int.of N.], Apr.29,1838. [EmelineCR2; Emmeline Cipher and John Swain, s.Franklin and Anna (Cathcart).PR38]

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