EARLE (Earl)

Benjamin (Earl) of Swanzey and Mary Austin, d.Benjamin and Susan (Chase),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Betsey Ann, d.Joseph Jr. and Betsey (Coleman), and John Titus,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John (Earl) of Newport, RI, and Dorcas Barney, d.Jacob and Dorcas (Barnard),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John Morris, s.Joseph Jr. and Betsey (Coleman), and Janette Rainor,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph (Earl) Jr. and Betsey Coleman,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.1,1803, int.Jan.22,1803]. [Earle Jr., s.Joseph and Hannah (Morris) (first w.), and Betsey Coelman, d.Ebenezer [dup. Eber] and Eunice (Clark), Feb.10.PR38]

Seth Clark, s.Joseph Jr. and Betsey (Coleman), and Deborah Lathrop, d.Gerdon and Betsey,末蔓末, 末末.PR38

William Grinnell, s.Joseph Jr. and Betsey (Coleman), and Eliza Frye,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph (Earl) and Hannah Morris, Aug.21,1774. [Earle and Hannah Morris (first w.), d.Jacob and Judith.PR38]

Joseph (Earl) and Pernal Paddack, Oct.16,1790.

Nathaniel (Earl) and Phebe Fish [int.Fisher], Feb.10,1797, in Edgartown. [Earle, s.Joseph and Hannah (Morris) (first w.), and Phebe Fisher of "the Vineyard."PR38]

Hannah (Earl) and John Barret [int.Barrett] Beard, Sept.27,1804. [[dup. Earle] d.Joseph and Hannah (Morris) (first w.), and John Barrett Beard, s.John and Ruth (Russell).PR38

Joseph (Earl) and Susanna Coffin, July21,1808. [Susan, d.Peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner).PR38]

Mary (Earl) and Moses Carr, May15,1814. [Earl [dup. Earle] (second w.), d.Joseph and Parnal (Paddack), and Moses Carr, s.Tobert and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

Sally (Earl) and Thomas Brock Jr., Feb.7,1815. [Sarah Earle, d.Joseph and Parnal (Paddack) (second w.), and Thomas Brock, s.Thomas and Judith (Coffin).PR38]

Lydia (Earl) and Joseph F. Pease, Jan.26,1818. [Earle, d.Joseph and Parnal (second w., d.Joseph Paddack), and Joseph Pease, s.Matthew and Betsey.PR38]

Thomas of Philadelphia, s.Pliny and Patience of Leicester, Worcester Co., and Mary Hussey, d.Urial, dec., and Phebe, 13:7m:1820.CR4; [Mary, d.Uriel and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

John Milton of Worcester, Worcester Co., and Sarah Hussey, d.Tristram and Sarah, 6:6m:1821.CR4; [Sarah, d.Tristram and Sarah (Folger).PR38

Hannah (Earl) and Daniel Norton, Sept.24,1823. [Earle, d.Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher), and Daniel Norton of "the Vineyard."PR38

Harriett Charlotte, d.Joseph Jr. and Betsey (Coleman), and Stephen Cornell, Sept.28,1823.*PR38

Mary Ann [int.omits Ann] (Earl) and William Snow, Nov.30,1826. [Mary Ann Earle, d.Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher), and Willam C. Snow of Barnstable, s.Chipman and Polly of Barnstable.PR38]

Charles W. (Earl) and Love B. Eldrige [int.Eldridge], July4,1830. [Earle, s.Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher), and Chloe or Love B. Eldridge.PR38

Phebe and Solomon Lombard, Nov.7,1830. [Phebe F., d.Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher), and Solomon Lumbert.PR38]

Parnel (Earl) and Jonas Knights [int.Nights], Aug.18,1831. [Parnal E. Carr, d.Moses and Mary (Earl), and Jonas Knight.PR38]

Sarah C. [int.O.] (Earl) and Albert Coffin, Sept.26,1833. [Sarah Earl [dup. Earle], d.Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher), and Albert Coffin of "the Vineyard," s.Jethro and Sophia Whitefield.PR38]

Lydia (Earl) and William F. Barton of Medford, May12,1840. [Earle, d.Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher).PR38]

Judith P. (Earl) and Samuel Kelley, Dec.23,1849.†


Mary and John Narbeth, Feb.15,1798.[Possibly Mary Skinner, d.Stephen and Mary (Joy)]

EASTES (Easte)

Benjamin [dup. Estes] of Sherborn, s.Richard (Estes) and Elizabeth of Lynn, and Elizabeth Long of Sherborn, d.Robert and Sarah, 11:9m:1719.CR4 [Elizabeth, d.Robert and Sarah (Skiff).PR38]

John (Easte) and Mary Skinner, int.June4,1796.

EASTON (Eston)

Anna, d.Peleg of RI, (s.Peleg) and first w., and Oliver Spencer,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Stephen, s.Nicholas of Providence, RI, brother of James, and Phebe S. Andrews, d.David and Phebe (Smith),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

William Jr., s.William and Phebe (Joy), and Sarah Ann JeTroye, "French lady,"末蔓末, 末末, in New York City.*PR38

John, s.John and Patience (Redwood) of RI, and Mary Easton, d.Peleg of RI, (s.Peleg) and Mary (second w., d.William Frye),末蔓末,1777.*PR38

Mary and John Easton,末蔓末,1777.*PR38

Peleg, s.Peleg dec'd and Mary of Newport, RI, and Eunice Hussey, d.George and Deborah of Sherborn in N., 2:7m:1778, in Sherborn in N.CR4 [Peleg, s.Peleg of RI and Mary (Frye), and Eunice Hussey, d.George and Deborah (Paddack), 末:5m.PR38]

William and Phebe Joy, Jan.17,1784. [William, s.Peleg and Mary of RI, and Phebe Joy, d.Francis and Phebe (Folger).PR38]

Peter and Mary Coffin, Sept.18,1794. [Dr. Peter of RI, and Mary Coffin, d.Peleg and Eunice (Barker).PR38]

Peleg and Phebe Folger, Oct.17,1805. [Peleg, s.John and Mary (Easton) of RI, and Phebe Folger, d.Obadiah and Ruth (Macy).PR38]

Peter and Eunice Hussey, May5,1808. [Peter, s.Peleg and Eunice (Hussey), and Eunice Hussey, d.Ebenezer and Mahitabel (Smith).PR38]

Peter 2d and Rachel Russel, Nov.17,1808. [Peter, s.John and Mary (Easton), and Rachel Russell, d.John and Hepsabeth.PR38]

George, s.Peleg and Eunice, and Sarah Macy, d.Peleg and Sarah, 8:3m:1810.CR4 [George, s.Peleg and Eunice (Hussey), and Sarah Macy, d.Peleg and Sarah (Wendell) (Starbuck).PR38]

Lucy and Martin [int.Martees] Morris, May10,1812.

James and Sarah Hussey, Nov.25,1813. [James, s.William and Phebe (Joy), and Sarah Hussey, d.Ammial and Eunice.PR38]

Peleg and Mary B. [int.omits B.] Barnard, Mar.15,1814. [Peleg, s.John and Mary (Easton) of RI, and Mary Barnard (second w.), d.Matthew and Deborah (Coffin).PR38]

David, s.Peleg and Eunice both dec'd, and Sally Marshall, d.Thomas and Ruth both dec'd, 4:5m:1815.CR4 [David, s.Peleg (s.Peleg and Mary (Frye)) and Eunice (d.George Hussey and Deborah), and Sally Marshall, d.Thomas and Ruth (Dow).PR38]

Eunice and George Macy, 10:5m:1815.CR4

Elisabeth, d.Peleg and Eunice both dec'd, and George Starbuck, s.David and Phebe, 6:3m:1816.CR4 [Eliza (first w.) and George Starbuck, s.David and Phebe (Cartwright).PR38]

Lydia and Henry Burdick, 10:7m:1816.CR4

Anna and Isaac Austin, Nov.20,1816. [Ann, d.Peleg and Eunice (Hussey), and Isaac Austin, s.Jeremiah and Patience (Fish).PR38]

Mary and John Gifford, 19:3m:1817.CR4

Fredrick and Lydia Starbuck, Dec.11,1817. [Frederic, s.William and Phebe (Joy), and Lydia Starbuck, d.Reuben and Elizabeth (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Charles and Rachel S. Swain, Oct.8,1818. [Charles, s.William and Phebe (Joy), and Rachel Swain, d.Alexander and Rachael (Starbuck).PR38]

Isaac (Eston) [int.Etton of New Port] and Sophia Wormsley, June28,1821.

Nicholas and Mary G. Davis, Jan.17,1822. [Nicolas.CR2; Nicholas, s.Nicholas and Mary of RI, brother of William R., and Mary Davis, d.Charles and Hannah (Gardner).PR38]

William R. and Eliza Baxter, Sept.27,1827. [William R., s.Nicholas and Mary of RI, and Eliza Baxter, d.Reuben and Love (Briggs).PR38]

James 2d [int.omits 2d] and Sarah C. Wyer, Oct.25,1831. [James 2d.CR2; James of RI, s.Nicholas, and Sarah C. Wyer, d.Christopher and Priscilla, Oct.22.PR38]

Mary Ann [and] Edward H. Starbuck, Dec.29,1831. [Mary Ann, d.William and Phebe (Joy), and Edward H. Starbuck, s.Reuben and Elizabeth (Hussey) (first w.).PR38]

Susan and George B. Elkins, Feb.25,1833. [Susan, d.George and Sarah (Macy), and George B. Elkins, s.Ammial and Susan (Burnell).PR38]

Phebe F. and Joseph Cowen, Dec.23,1834. [Phebe, d.Peleg and Mary (Barnard) (second w.), and Joseph Cowan, "an Englishman who went away and left her."PR38]

Martha and Benjamin G. Smith, June13,1836. [Martha, d.George and Sarah (Macy), and Benjamin Smith, s.Thomas 2d and Cassandra (Hatch).PR38]

Mary and Andrew J. Folger, int.May5,1839. [m.May19.CR2; Mary, d.George and Sarah (Macy), and Andrew J. Folger, s.Thomas A. and Judith (Morris) (first w.), m.末蔓末, "Live in Detroit."PR38]

Edward F. and Mary Ann Caswell, Nov.8,1840. [Edward F., s.Peleg and Mary (Barnard) (second w.), and Mary Ann Caswell, d.John R. and Eliza.PR38]

Oliver W. and Susan D. Edwards, int.Aug.8,1841. [Oliver W., s.George and Sarah (Macy), and Susan D. Edwards, d.Joseph and Lydia (Gates), m.末蔓末.PR38]

Edward H. and Anna Gardner, Jan.13,1842. [Edward H., s.James (s.William and Phebe) and Sarah (d.Ammial Hussey and Eunice), and Anna Gardner, d.Freeman and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

William A., single, 28, mariner, s.William and Susan, and Lucretia McDonald [dup. and int.McDonnall], 20, d.Thomas and Nancy, July4,1843. [William Andrew Eston, s.William Jr. and Sarah Ann JeTroye ("French lady"), and Lucretia MacDonald, d.Daniel and Polly Waters.PR38]

Ann and Charles F. Coleman, Aug.15, [1844].†

Albert, 21, single, cooper, s.George and Sarah, and Mary C. Dow, 24, d.Alexander and Charlotte, Nov.2,1845. [Albert, s.George and Sarah (Macy), and Mary C. Dow, d.Alexander and Charlotte (Cobb).PR38]

Francis J., single, 25, mariner, s.James and Sarah, and Emeline Hussey, 24, d.Shubael and Phebe, June22,1847. [Francis J., s.James and Sarah (Hussey), and Emeline Hussey, d.Capt. Shubael and Phebe (Fitzgerald).PR38]

Daniel H., single, 27, mariner, s.Frederick and Lydia, and Mary J. [int.Jane] Adlington, 23, d.John and Anna, Jan.2,1848. [Daniel F. and Mary Jane Addlington, d.John and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Eunice and Charles B. Swain, May29,1848. †

Isaac, widr., 54, mariner, b. New Port, RI, s.Somerset and Jane of Somerset [int.New Port], and Jemima Henry [int.Jemimah, wid.], 50, b. VA. [int.b. Tissbury], June14,1848.

Catharine [int.Eaton], 25, d.Benjamin N. and Betsey, and Alexander Raymond 2d, single, 26, meriner, s.Charles and Emma, July2,1849. [Eaton and Alexander Raymond, s.Charles and Amey (Perkins).PR38]


Catharine, see Catharine Easton.

EAVENS (Evans)


Caleb and Mary Derby, Feb.24,1757.

EDDY (Eddry)

Beulah of Martha's Vineyard and Enoch Coffin, s.John and Deborah (Austin),末蔓末,1700.*PR38

Thomas (Eddry), 25, mariner, and Elizabeth Backus, 16, d.Thomas and May, int.Oct.6,1844.


Edward Jr., single, 25, blacksmith.[int.Providence], b. Providence, RI, s.Edward and Mary of Providence, RI, and Harriet A. Handy, 20, d.Micajah and Aurelia, Mar.5,1848.

EDMUNDS (Edmonds)

Mary and Thomas Arthur, Feb.17,1735-6.* [Thomas, s.John and Mary (Folger), 17:2m:1736.PR38]

Sue (Edmonds) and Toby Trip, int.Aug.28,1773.


Abigail, d.Asa, and Thomas Davis,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Asa Jr. and Louisa Robenson, int.July9,1825. [Asa, s.Asa of Falmouth, and Louisa Robinson, d.James and Phebe (Long) (Ellis) (second w.), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Catherine of Fall River and Charles H. Edwards, s.Jospeh G. and Mary (Carr) (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Charles H., s.Joseph G. and Mary (Carr) (Swain), and Catherine Edwards of Fall River,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Christian, wid.John, d.Nathaniel Coffin and Damaris (Gayer), and Timothy Williams of Barnstable,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John of Hartford, CT, and Christian Coffin, d.Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Joseph and Lydia Geach, May1,1806. [Joseph, s.Asa and Mary (Nye), and Lydia Gates, d.William of England and Ursula (Gwinn).PR38]

Lewis of NY, and Eliza Ann Barney, wid.Daniel, d.Peleg Slocum Folger and Ann (Macy),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Louis of Washington and Sally Perry, d.Samuel and Mary Cammett (first w.),末蔓末, 末末.* "No chn."PR38

Martha and William Russell, s.Timothy and Sarah (Swain) (first w.),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Nancy S., see Nancy.

Susan D. and Oliver W. Easton, int.Aug.8,1841. [Susan D., d.Joseph and Lydia (Gates), and Oliver W. Easton, s.George and Sarah (Macy), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Asa and Betsey [int.Betsy] Swain, July29,1800. [Asa of Cape Cod and Betsey Swain, d.Batchelder and Desire Chase (second w.).PR38]

Gideon and Betsey Dunham, Oct.14,1804. [Betsey, d.Ebenezer and Huldah (Fisher).PR38]

Joseph 2d [int.omits 2d] and Mary Swain, July13,1806. [Joseph G., Calker, and Mary Swain, wid.Obed, d.Robert Carr and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

Susanna and Nathaniel Perry, Sept.29,1811.*

Betsey and Lowrin [int.Lawrin] Averill, Nov.8,1812, [Betsey, wid.Gideon, d.Ebenezer Dunham and Huldah (Fisher), and Loring Averell.PR38]

Sarah and Alexander Drew, Aug.14,1821. [Alexander, s.Gershom and Mary (Cobb).PR38]

David N. and Hepsabeth [dup. Hepsibeth] A. Gardner, Apr.26,1825. [David N., s.Asa (s.Jonathan and Sarah of Rochester) and Mary (d.Ichabod Nye and Remember of Falmouth), and Hepsabeth A. Gardner, d.Benjamin and Judith (Coffin).PR38;Hepsabeth A.PR56]

Macy [int.Mary] H. and David Randall, Oct.6,1825. [Mary H.CR2; Mary H., d.Joseph G. and Mary (Carr) (Swain), and David Randall Jr., s.David and Lydia (Gardner).PR38]

Mary H., see Macy H.

Mary N. and Tristram [dup. Tristam] P. Swain, May24,1826. [Tristram P.CR2; Mary, d.Asa (s.Jonathan of Rochester and Sarah) and Mary (d.Ichabod Nye and Remember of Falmouth), and Tristram Swain, s.Uriah and Judith (Pinkham).PR38]

Mercy and Edward Smith, June14,1827. [Mercy, d.Asa and Mary (Nye), and Edward Smith, s.Job Jr. and Deborah (Baxter).PR38]

Eliza Ann and William Wood, Sept.11,1828. [Eliza Ann (first w.), d.Joseph G. and Mary (Carr) (Swain), and William Wood of the WI.PR38]

Sophronia N. and Albert C. Gardiner, May20,1830. [Sophronia G., d.Joseph and Lydia (Gates), and Albert C. Gardner, s.Albert W. and Sarah Howland of RI.PR38]

Thomas and Ann Trott [int.Trot], Oct.17,1830.

William G. and Emeline Coffin, Oct.31,1831. [William G., s.Joseph and Lydia (Gates), and Emeline Coffin, d.Jethro and Sophia Whitefield [dup. Aug.31].PR38]

Nancy [int.adds S.] and George C. Hoeg, Aug.26,1832. [Nancy S.CR2; Nancy S., d.Joseph G. and Mary (Carr) (Swain), and George C. Hoag, s.Frederick and Eunice (Coffin).PR38]

Nancy H. and Thomas Montgomery, Nov.12,1835. [Nancy H., d.Gideon and Betsey (Dunham).PR38]

Mary G. and Alexander Coffin Jr., Dec.20,1836. [Mary G., d.Joseph and Lydia (Gates), and Alexander Coffin Jr., s.Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks).PR38]

Joseph, widr., 60, carpenter, b. Falmouth, s.Asa and Mary of Falmouth, and Miss Corrella C. King, 50, of Rochester, b. Rochester, int.Oct.31,1847. [Dea.Joseph, widr., and Corrella King, d.Jonathan of Rochester, m.末蔓末,1847.PR38]

Phebe Ann and Levi Newcomb, Mar.7,1847. †

Lydia F. and Jonathan K. Peckham, Nov.22,1848. †


James and Sarah Coleman, d.Seth and Deborah (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah and Latham Paddack, June27,1830. [Sarah, wid.James, d.Seth Coleman and Deborah (Swain), and Latham Paddack, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth.PR38]


Rebecca and Thomas Pearce, colourd, int.Jan.6,1833.

ELDRIDGE (Eldredge, Eldrege, Eldrid, Eldrige)

John (Eldrid) and Mary Colman, int.Mar.17,1759. [Eldridge and Mary Coleman, d.Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

James Taber and Deborah Pinkham, July14,1808. [James T., s.Amos of Cape Cod and Mercy Cook, and Deborah Pinkham, d.Jethro and Susanna (Coffin).PR38]

Joshua (Eldrige) [int.Eldridge jr.] and Eliza Folger, Jan.2,1812. [Eldridge.CR2]

Rosannah and Samuel Ames, Sept.10,1818. [Rosanna.CR2; Rosanna Eldredge and Samuel H. Ames, s.Thomas and Abigail of Barnstable.PR38]

Salley and Enos [int.Eanus] Covel, Dec.7,1818. [Sally and Enos Covil.PR38]

Clerissa [int.Clarissa] and Asa Morey [int.Moora],末蔓末, 末末 [between May1,1819 and May1,1820, int.July24,1819]. [Clarissa and Asa Morey, Sept.22,1819.CR2]

Stillman and Lydia Hussey, Oct.17,1819. [Lydia, d.David and Lydia (Swain).PR38]

Peranus (Eldredge) [dup. and int.Veranus Eldridge] and Eliza Cash, Sept.15,1822. [Veranus Eldredge.CR2]

Veranus, see Peranus.

Lucenda [int.Lucinda] and Jethro Gardner, Feb.24,1828. [Lucinda N. Eldredge.CR2; Lucinda N. Eldridge (second w.and Jethro Gardner, s.Jesse and Betsey (Alley), "moved to Westborough."PR38]

Betsey (Eldrige) [int.Eldridge] and Albert Swain, July9,1829. [Eldredge.CR2; Betsey C. Eldridge, d.Polly, and Albert Swain, s.Owen and Abigail (Swain).PR38]

Betsey (Eldrige) [int.Eldridge] and Albert Swain, July9,1829. [Eldredge.CR2; Betsey C. Eldridge, d.Polly, and Albert Swain, s.Owen and Abigail (Swain).PR38]

Chloe, see Love B.

Love B. (Eldrige) [int.Eldridge] and Charles W. Earl, July4,1830. [Chloe or Love B. Eldridge and Charles W. Earle, s.Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher).Pr38]

Amos [int.Eldrige] [and] Susan Coffin, Dec.22,1831. [Eldridge.CR2; Eldredge, s.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham), and Susan Coffin, d.Gideon and Elizabeth (Ellis).PR38]

Susan P. and William B. [int.P.] Bunker, May9,1832. [William B.CR2; Susan P., d.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham), and William Bunker, s.Gorham and Phebe.PR38]

Nancy [int.Eldrige] and Obed Smith, Nov.22,1835. [Eldridge, d.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham), and Obed G. Smith, s.Solomon and Anna (Gardner).PR38]

Amos and Lydia M. Coleman, Jan.24,1836. [Amos, s.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham), and Lydia M Pinkham (second w.), d.James and Lydia W. (Macy).PR38]

Mary P. (Eldrige) of Barnstable and Alonzo F. Pearce of Rehoboth, int.Aug.6,1837.

Benjamin C. (Eldrege) and Mary Macy, int.Apr.7,1839. [Eldridge, m.Apr.23.CR2; Eldrege, m.Apr.末.CR4; Eldridge, s.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham), and Mary Macy, d.Peleg Jr. and Lucretia (Folger) (first w.), m.末蔓末.PR38]

Olive G. of Hyanis and Edward C. Coffin, Aug.18,1839. [Eldredge, d.David and Mary of Barnstable, and Edward C. Coffin, s.Andrew and Deborah (Chadwick).PR38]

Mary P. of Barnstable and Albert C. Macy, Oct.6,1839. [Mary P., d.David and Mary (Haskell), and Albert C. Macy, s.Edmund W. and Elizabeth (Macy).PR38]

Adelia of Falmouth and Joseph O. Bodfish of Barnstable, Aug.2,1840. [Delia, d.Thomas of Waquoit, Cape Cod, and Hannah C.PR38]

Delia, see Adelia.

Azuba (Eldredge) and Meletiah Fisher Jr., July25,1843. †

Amos (Elredge) [int.Eldrige], widr.[dup. and int.omit widr.], 32, mariner, s.Jesse and Deborah, and Ann Maria Macy, wid., 28 [dup. and int.of Hudson, NY], Nov.15,1843. [Eldridge, widr., s.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham), and Ann Macy, wid.Edward (s.Thomas).PR38]

David P. (Eldredge) [int.28] and Phebe Ann Macy [int.20], Apr.24,1844. [Eldridge, s.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham), and Phebe Ann Macy, d.Frederic and Lydia.PR38]

Nancy P. (Eldredge) and William H. Coffin, int.Nov.3,1844.†

Sarah W. (Eldredge) and Charles P. Worth, Aug.27,1845.†

James T. (Eldredge), single, 24, mariner, s.James and Deborah, and mary H. Macy, 20, d.Frederick C. and Lydia, May13,1846. [Eldridge Jr., s.James T. and Deborah (Pinkham), and Mary H. Macy, d.Frederick C. and Lydia (Macy) (Bunker).PR38]

Salina J. (Eldredge) and George C. Coffin, Aug.3,1847.†

Selina J., see Salina J.

ELIOT (Elliot, Elliott, Ellit)

Jane (Elliott), wid.Stephen, d.Stephen Collins, and Alexander Coleman, s.Seth and Deborah (Swain),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Jonathan (Elliot), s.Jonathan and Amey, and Ann Coleman, d.John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Elizabeth (Ellit) and Manuel, Aug.18,1720.* [Elizabath.PR68]

Diedama [int.Diadama] and Isaac Tomson, July19,1811. [Deidamia Elliott (second w.) and Isaac Thompson.PR38]

Thomas D. and Frances L. Brock, int.Oct.19,1834. [Francis [sic] L., m.Nov.3.CR2; Thomas Dawes Elliot of New Bedford and Frances Lincoln Brock, d.John and Merab (Mitchell), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Edward [int.Elliot of Norfolk] and Paulina B. Bearce [int.Bearse], July3,1842.


Sarah and Henry Barlow, Nov.9,1837.

ELKINS (Ellkins)

John, "from England," and Sarah Mayo, d.Joseph and Sarah of Cape Cod,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

John [int.Ellkins] and Sarah Anderson, Oct.25,1772. [Elkins.NCR]

Sally (Ellkins) [int.Elkins] and Reuben Bennet,末蔓末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.June16,1798]. [[dup. Sarah] Elkins, d.John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo) and Reuben Bennett, s.Samuel and Ruth (Perry),末蔓末,1798.PR38]

Joseph (Ellkins) and Mary Hern [int.Hearn], 末末 [between Apr.21,1798 and Apr.21,1799, int.Feb.2,1799]. [Elkins, s.John and Sarah, and Mary Hearn, d.Daniel ("a Revolutionary Soldier") and Elizabeth (Ray).PR38; Elkins and Polly Hern, Feb.21,1799.PR64]

Phebe and George Meador, Feb.5,1801. [Phebe, d.John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo), and George Meader, s.Nicholas and Rachael.PR38]

Ammiel and Susan Burnell [int.Susanna Burnel], 末末 (between Mar.30,1801 and Mar.30,1802, int.Mar.13,1802]. [Ammiel, s.John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo), and Susan Burnell, d.Jonathan Jr. and Jemima (Marshall).PR38]

Abigail, see Nabby.

Nabby (Ellkins) [int.Elkins] and George Meador [int.Meader], July2,1802. [Abigail Elkins, d.John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo), and George Meader, s.Nicholas and Rachael.PR38]

David and Eliza Aldridge, Mar.26,1807. [David, s.John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo), and Elizabeth Aldrich [dup. Betsey Aldridge], d.Obed and Mary [dup. Polly] (Bunker). PR38]

Daniel and Eunice Hillar, Nov.20,1814. [Daniel, s.John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo), and Eunice Hillar, d.Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith). PR38]

Phebe (Ellkins) and Abraham B. Holmes [int.Homer], Dec.3,1821. [Elkins, d.Joseph and Mary (Hearn), and Abraham B. Homer.PR38]

Sophia A. [int.Ellkins] and George C. Ray, June17,1830. [Elkins, d.David and Betsey (Aldridge), and George C. Ray, s.Reuben Sr. and Lettis (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

Charlotte and Simon Parkhurst, Oct.27,1831. [Charlotte, d.David and Betsey (Aldridge).PR38]

John and Emeline Gardner, May27,1832. [John, s.Ammial and Susan (Burnell), and Emmeline Gardner, d.Libni and Martha (Wood).PR38]

Mary [int.Ellkins] and George F. Worth, July19,1832. [Elkins, d.David and Betsey (Aldridge), and George F. Worth, s.Frederick and Elizabeth (Pinkham). PR38]

George B. and Susan Easton, Feb.25,1833. [George B., s.Ammial and Susan (Burnell), and Susan Easton, d.George and Sarah (Macy).PR38]

Eunice, Mrs.[int.adds H., omits Mrs.] and William Whippey, Oct.31,1836. [Eunice, wid.Daniel, d.Capt. Thomas Hillar and Elizabeth (Smith), and William Whippey, s.Benjamin.PR38]

Harriet A. and Hiram Webb of Fairhaven, Dec.5,1836. [Harriet Ann, d.Daniel and Eunice (Hillar), and Hiram Webb of "N.B.," s.Daniel (of CT) and Elizabeth Williams (of NH).PR38]

Sarah and George C. Rule, int.Sept.9,1838. [Sarah C., d.David and Betsey (Aldridge), and George G. Rule Jr., s.George ("from Scotland") and Rebecca (Gardner) (first w.), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Charles, single, 37, yeoman, s.Amial and Susan, and Rebecca B. Pitman, wid., 25, [int.wid.Samuel], d.James Swain and Betsey, Nov.4,1845. [Charles, s.Ammial and Susan (Burnell), and Rebecca B/ Pitman, wid.Samuel, d.James Swain and Betsey (Bruff).PR38]


Ludia [dup. Ellinwood] of Yarmouth, N.S., and Hezekiah Bunker, s.Paul and Hannah Gardner),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38


Nancy and Samuel Calder, s.Samuel and Ruth (Coffin),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

ELLES (Ellis)


Rachel and Samuel Bunker, s.William and Mary (Russell),末蔓末, 末末, in Phiadelphia.*PR38

ELLINWOOD (Ellenwood)

ELLIOT (Eliot)



Dinah and Jethro Gardner, int.Dec.29,1753. [Dinah, d.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams), and Jethro Gardner, s.Jethro and Kezia (Folger), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Eliza, see Elizabeth M., Elizabeth Maria.

Elizabeth, see Eliza.

Francis and Anna Chadwick, int.Oct.13,1810. [Francis, s.Simeon and Charity (Clark), and Anna Chadwick, d.Anthony of Martha's Vineyard, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Jonathan, s.Nathaniel and Joanna Blackwell (of Sandwich), and Hannah Swain, d.Reuben and Hannah (Macy) (second w.),末蔓末, 末末, "moved to Rochester in 1811."*PR38

Mary, d.Elishai Jr. and Anna (Swain), and 末末 Lewis of OH,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Phebe of New Bedford and Thomas Marshall, s.Joseph Jr. and Phebe (Folger),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Rebecca, d.Nathaniel and Joanna Blackwell (of Sandwich), and Thomas Wright,末蔓末, 末末.*PR38

Sarah, see Sally.

Susan, see Susannah.

Sylvanus, see Silvanus.

Thomas and Experience Coleman, 15:1m:1717.*

Elizabeth and Peter Swaine, Jan.16,1719.* [Swain, s.Joseph and Mary Sibley.PR38; Elizabeth and Peter Swain, Dec.16.PR68]

Ebenezer and Charity Swaine, Feb.10,1719-20.* [Ebenezer, "from Dartmouth," and Charity Swain, d.Joseph and Mary Sibley.PR38; Ebinezer and Charity Swain.PR64]

Humphery and Mary Hamilton, Dec.1,1721.* [Humphrey and Mary Hamilton.PR38; Humphrey and Mary Hamlington.PR68]

Mordecai and Margaret Swain, Mar.19,1722.* [Margaret, d.joseph and Mary Sibley.PR38; Mardecai and Margret Swain.PR68]

Elenor and Stephen Swaine, Nov.24,1723.* [Eleanor and Stephen Swain, s.John Jr. and Experience (Folger).PR38; Ellener and Stephen Swain.PR68]

John and Dinah Williams, Sept.14,1731.* [John, "a stranger," and Dinah Williams, wid.James, formerly wid.Elisha Coffin, d.Peleg Bunker Sr. and Susannah (Coffin).PR38PR68]

Mordecai, s.John, and Sarah Otis, Sept.末,1739.*PR38

Christian and Daniel Rider, Oct.17,1743.* [Christian, d.Ebenezer ("from Dartmouth") and Charity (Swain).PR38]

Mary and John Barnard, July20,1744.* [Mary, d.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), and John Barnard, s.Benjamin and Judith (Gardner).PR38]

Elisha and Christian Long, Oct.11,1744. [Elisha, s.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), and Christian Long, d.Samuel and Lydia (Coffin).PR38]

Simeon and Mary Moores, Dec.10,1747.* [Simeon, s.Ebenezer ("from Dartmouth") and Charity (Swain), and Mary Mooers, d.Jonathan.PR38]

Elizabeth and David Manning, Aug.27,1748.* [Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer ("from Dartmouth") and Charity (Swain), and David Manning, s.William and Hannah.PR38]

Matthew and Sarah Lawson, Feb.22,1749-50.* [Matthew, s.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), and Sarah Lawson, wid.David.PR38]

Jedidah and Daniel Johnson, Oct.26,1749. [Jedidah, d.Ebenezer ("from Dartmouth") and Charity (Swain), and Daniel Johnson, s.John and Sarah (Clark).PR38]

Mary and William Swain, Oct.15,1752. [Mary, wid.Simeon (s.Ebenezer and Charity), d.Jonathan Mooers, and William Swain, s.Peter and Elizabeth Ellis.PR38]

Freeman and Rebecca Chadwick, int.Feb.3,1753. [Freeman, s.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), and Rebecca Chadwick, d.Daniel and Hannah (Meader), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Mary and Joseph Brown, Nov.9,1755. [Mary, d.Humphrey and Mary (Hamilton), and Joseph Brown, s.George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.).PR38]

Anna and Benjamin Ames, May29,1758. [Elles.NCR; Ellis, d.Humphrey and Mary (Hamilton), and Benjamin Ames Sr., 29:3m:1756.PR38]

Francis and Sarah Moors, int.Feb.19,1757. [Francis, s.Ebenezer ("from Dartmouth") and Charity (Swain), and Sarah Mooers, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

William, s.John and Dinah of Sherborn, and Elisabeth Trot, d.Benjamin dec'd and Elisabeth of Sherborn, 28:1m:, "called January," 1761 [sic,? 1762], in Sherborn in N.,CR4; [William, s.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams), and Elizabeth Trott (first w.), d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Norton).PR38]

Margaret and Silvanus Ellis, Jan.29,1761. [Elles and Silvanus Elles.NCR; Ellis, d.Ebenezer ("from Dartmouth") and Charity (Swain), and Sylvanus Ellis, s.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain).PR38]

Silvanus and Margaret Ellis, Jan.29,1761. [Elles and Margaret Elles.NCR; Sylvanus Ellis, s.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), and Margaret Ellis, d.Ebenezer ("from Dartmouth") and Charity (Swain).PR38]

Hepzibah and Gershom Cathcart, int.Oct.26,1765. [Hepsabeth (first w.), d.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams), and Gershom Cathcart, s.Hugh and Dinah, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Lydia and Ebenezer Swain, int.Oct.25,1766. [Lydia, d.Elishai and Christian (Long), and Ebenezer Swain Jr., s.Ebenezer and Lydia (Giles), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Susanna and Samuel Emmes Foy, int.Oct.25,1766. [Susan, d.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams), and Samuel Foy, s.Samuel "from Scotland," brother of Joseph, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Mary and Robert Ellis, Feb.26,1768. [Mary, d.Simeon and Mary (Mooers), and Robert Ellis, s.John and Rachael (Folger).PR38]

Robert and Mary Ellis, Feb.26,1768. [Robert, s.John and Rachael (Folger), and Mary Ellis, d.Simeon and Mary (Mooers).PR38]

Ebenezer and Hannah Harris, Nov.30,1769.

Rebecca and James Stubbs, Mar.11,1770. [Rebecca, d.Freeman (s.Mordecai), and James Stubbs, s.Benjamin and Joanna (Coffin) (first w.).PR38]

Margaret [int.Marget] and John Sherman, Nov.8,1772. [Margaret.NCR; Margaret, d.Freeman (s.Mordecai), and John Sherman of New Bedford.PR38]

John and Rachel Folger, Mar.6,1774.* [John, s.Humphrey and Mary (Hamilton), and Rachael Folger, d.Richard and Sarah (Pease).PR38]

Thankfull and Jacob Morris, June26,1774.

Mary and Peter Norris, June30,1774.

Deborah and Shubael [int.Shubal] Gardner, Apr.2,1775. [Shubael.NCR; Deborah, d.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams), and Shubael Gardner, s.Abel and Priscilla (Coffin).PR38; Shubael.PR68]

Mercy and Samuel Johnson, Aug.31,1775. [Mercy (second w.), d.Matthew and Sarah Lawson (wid.), and Samuel Johnson.PR38]

Elisha and Anna Swain, Sept.7,1775. [Elishai Jr., s.Elishai and Christian (Long), and Anna Swain, d.Timothy and Mary (Coleman) (first w.).PR38; Elisha.PR68]

Sarah and Gilbert Warner, Oct.29,1775. [Sarah, d.Matthew and Sarah Lawson (wid.).PR38]

Silvanus and Elizabeth Meader, int.Dec.14,1776. [Sylvanus, s.Mordecai, s.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), and Elizabeth Meader, wid.Jonathan, d.Daniel Russell Jr., m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Simeon and Deborah Long, int.Sept.18,1779. [Simeon, s.Matthew and Sarah, and Deborah Long, d.Peter and Christian (Coffin), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Abigail and Silvanus Bunker, Mar.11,1781. [Abigail (second w.), d.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams), and Silvanus Bunker Esq., s.Daniel.PR38]

William, s.John and Dinah both dec'd of Sherborn in N., and Sarah Barnard, d.Robert dec'd and Hepzibah of Sherborn in N., 3:5m:1781, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [William, widr., s.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams), and Sarah Barnard, d.Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin).PR38]

Parnel [int.Pernal] and Stephen Innis [int.Inniss], Dec.11,1785. [Pernal and Stephen Innis.NCR; Parnal (first w.), d.Freeman (s.Mordecai), and Stephen Innis.PR38]

Simeon and Charity Clark, Dec.28,1786. [Simeon, s.Francis and Sarah (Mooers), and Charity Clark, d.Benjamin 2d and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning).PR38]

Elizabeth and Constant Randall, July26,1787. [Elizabeth, d.William and Elizabeth (Trott) (first w.).PR38]

Eunice and William Perkins, Aug.11,1787. [Eunice (first w.), d.Francis and Sarah (Mooers), and William Perkins, s.John ("1st of Nant.") and Mercy (Johnson).PR38]

Sarah and Samuell Long, Dec.13,1787. [Sarah (second w.), d.John and Rachael (Folger), and Samuel Long Jr., s.Samuel and Lydia (Coffin). PR38]

Elizabeth and Thomas Churchman Newman, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec.31,1788. [Elizabeth, d.Freeman (s.Mordecai).PR38]

John and Hephzibah Coffin, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July2,1789. [John, "an Englishman," and Hepsibeth Coffin, d.Ephraim and Sarah.PR38]

Raymond and Judith Whippy, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Oct.22,1789. [Raymond, s.Francis and Sarah (Mooers), and Judith Whippey, d.Nathaniel and Susan.PR38]

Benjamin and Phebe Long, July11,1790. [Benjamin, s.Freeman (s.Mordecai), and Phebe Long, d.Jonathan and Sarah (Brown).PR38]

Eunice and Ellis Tupper, Dec.27,1793. [Eunice, d.Nathaniel and Joanna Blackwell (of Sandwich), and Ellis Tupper of Sandwich.PR38]

David and Phebe Marshel, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Aug.1,1794. [David, s.Francis and Sarah (Mooers), and Phebe Marshall, d.Greenleaf and Anna (Cathcart).PR38]

Cathrine and Peter Christian, Jan.20,1795. [Catharine, d.Francis and Sarah (Mooers).PR38]

Jonathan and Hannah Swain, June12,1796. [Jonathan, s.Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), and Hannah Swain, wid.David.PR38]

William and Lurana Coffin, Mar.4,1798. [William, widr., s.John and Dinah (Bunker) (末末) (Williams), and Lurania Coffin, wid.Zebdial, d.Benjamin Coffin.PR38]

Deborah and John Brown,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.21,1799 and Apr.25,1800, int.June1,1799]. [Deboran, d.Freeman (s.Mordecai), and John Brown of Salem, s.John,末蔓末,1799.PR38]

Phebe and John Ramsdil,末蔓末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr 25,1801, int.Nov.8,1800]. [Phebe, wid.David, d.Greenleaf Marshall and Anna (Cathcart), and John Ramsdell Jr., s.John and Rachel (Swain), m.末蔓末,1800.PR38]

Moses and Betsey Stubs [int.Stubbs], Aug.5,1800. [Moses of Falmouth, brother of Sally (w.Benjamin Stubbs), and Betsey Stubbs, d.James and Rebecca (Ellis).PR38]

Henry and Rebecca Tweedy [int.Twedy], Oct.8,1801. [Henry, s.末末 of England, and Rebecca Tweedy, wid.Thomas, d.Thomas James and Heart Bird of Newport, RI.PR38]

Sally and Benjamin Stubbs, May13,1802. [Sally of Falmouth and Benjamin Stubbs, s.James and Rebecca (Ellis).PR38]

Simeon and Rosanna [int.Rozanna] Bunker, Aug.22,1802. [Simeon, s.Francis and Sarah (Mooers), and Rose Ann Bunker, d.Joshua, grand d.Joshua and Margaret.PR38]

Phebe and James Robbinson [int.Robbison], Dec.21,1802. [Phebe (second w.), wid.Benjamin, d.Jonathan Long and Sarah (Brown), and James Robinson.PR38]

Freeman and Ruth Bennet [int.Bennit], Dec.26,1802. [Freeman, s.Mordecai, and Ruth Bennett (third w.), wid.Samuel, d.James Perry and Miriam (Stretton).PR38]

Lydia and Reuben Burdett, Mar.6,1804. [Lydia, d.Simeon and Deborah (Long), and Reuben Burdett, s.Edward and Parnell (Russell).PR38]

Ebenezer and Hannah Whippy, Mar.15,1804. [Ebenezer, s.Francis and Sarah (Mooers), and Hannah Whippey, d.Nathaniel and Susan.PR38]

Reuben and Eunice Swain, June28,1804. [Reuben, s.Phebe (d.Elishai), and Eunice Swain, d.Abishai and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

Elizabeth and Robert Wilds, int.May17,1806.

Elizabeth and James Grant, June15,1806. [Elizabeth, d.John ("an Englishman") and Hepsabeth (Coffin), and James Grant, "a Scotchman."PR38]

Tempa and James McKey, int.Aug.2,1806.

Elizabeth and Gideon Coffin 2d, Oct.14,1806. [Elizabeth, d.Simeon and Deborah (Long), and Gideon Coffin, s.Seth and Susanna (Barnard).PR38]

Hannah and Thomas [int.adds T.] Devenport, Mar.12,1807 [Hannah, d.Benjamin (s.Freeman) and Phebe (Long), and Thomas Davenport.PR38]

Elizabeth and Jeremiah Gardner, Feb.末 [int.Feb.6], 1808. [Elizabeth (second w.), d.Nathaniel and Joanna Blackwell (of Sandwich), and Jeremiah Gardner Jr., s.Jeremiah and Apphia (Sherman).PR38]

Phebe and David Swain 2d, Feb.11,1808. [Phebe (first w.), d.Elishai jr. and Anna (Swain), and David Swain, s.Abishai and Jedida (Swain).PR38]

Susannah [int.Susan] and Uriah Butler, Oct.末 [int.Oct.6], 1810.

Heman and Sarah Buckley, Sept.1,1811. [Heman, s.末末 (brother of Moses), and Sally Buckley, wid.John, d.Jonathan Long and Rebecca (Kelley) (second w.).PR38]

Hannah and John Blackwell, Nov.14,1811. [Hannah, wid.Jonathan, d.Reuben Swain and Hannah (Macy) (second w.), "went to the Vineyard."PR38]

Rebecca and Samuel Hatch, int.Apr.1,1815. [Rebecca, wid.Henry, formerly wid.Thomas Tweedy, d.Thomas James and Heart Bird of Newport, RI, m.末末 [?accuracy, see record of Ellis chn.].PR38]

Nancy and Franklin Chase, Jan.31,1816. [Nancy, d.Simeon and Deborah (Long), and Franklin Chase, s.Isaac and Eunice (Brown), 31:1m:1815.PR38]

Hannah and James F. Gerrald, Nov.3,1816.

Sally and Isaac Chase, June17,1817. [[dup. Sarah] d.Simeon and Deborah (Long), and Isaac Chase, s.Isaac and Eunice (Brown).PR38]

Jessa and Lydia Gardner,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.末,1821, int.Dec.9,1820]. [Jesse, Dec.10,1820.CR2; Jesse and Lydia Gardner, d.Calvin (s.Crispus) and Esther Allen, dec. 10,1820.PR38]

David and Sally Swain, Aug.18,1822. [David, s.Simeon and Charity (Clark), and Sarah [dup. Sally] Swain, wid.Roland, d.William Johnson and Polly.PR38]

Eliza and George Bowen, int.Aug.16,1823. [Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], d.Henry and Rebecca (James) (Tweedy), and George Bowen, s.Reuben and Sally (Folger), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

David and Lydia House, Mar.5,1826. [David, widr., s.Simeon and Charity (Clark), and Lydia House, d.John and Lydia (Daggett).PR38]

Sally, see Sarah W.

Sarah W. and Edward R. Hussey, int.Oct.21,1826. [Sally, d.Jonathan and Hannah (Swain), and Edward R. [dup. B.] Hussey, s.Thaddeus and Phebe (Chase) (second w.), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Elizabeth M. and Thomas S. Russell, int.May10,1828. [Eliza, d.Simeon and Rose Ann (Bunker) (second w.), and Thomas Russell, s.David and Betsey (Shadwell), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Sally and Robert Coffin, July4,1828. [Sally, wid.Heman, d.Jonathan Long and Rebecca (Kelley) (second w.), and Robert Coffin, s.Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin).PR38]

Pamela H. and Charles L. Ellis, int.June16,1839. [Pamelia, m.June30.CR2; Pamela H., m.末末.CR4; Pamela (Pendleton) Ellis of ME, wid.William, and Charles Ellis, s.Reuben and Eunice (Swain), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Susan and Owen Manter, July22,1830. [Susan, d.Henry and Rebecca (James) (Tweedy), and Owen Manter, s.George and Lydia.PR38]

Lydia and John McGill, Nov.11,1830. [Lydia, d.Simeon and Rose Ann (Bunker) (second w.).PR38]

Mary C. and George Cannon Jr., Dec.12,1830. [Mary, d.Reuben and Eunice (Swain).PR38]

Sarah and Ambrose Whiteus, July25,1831. [Sarah, d.Francis and Anna (Chadwick) (first w.).PR38]

Susan and David H. Bryant, int.Dec.18,1831.

Lucy and Uriah Manter, Jan.19,1832. [Lucy, d.Henry and Rebecca (James) (Tweedy), and Uriah S. Manter, s.George and Lydia.PR38]

Francis and Elizabeth G. [int.omits G.] Phillips, Oct.18,1832. [Elizabeth G.CR2; Francis, widr., s.Simeon and Charity (Clark), and Elizabeth (Gardner) (Hillar) (Swazey) Phillips, wid.William.PR38]

Benjamin R. and Elizabeth S. Hussey, Apr.14,1833. [Benjamin R. of Cape Cod and Elizabeth S. Hussey, d.Albert and Elizabeth (Starbuck).PR38]

Susan and George A. Hayns [int.Haynes], May19,1833. [Susan, d.Heman and Sally (Long) (Buckley) (second w.), and George Haynes.PR38]

Moses P. and Eliza Marshall, July14,1833. [Moses P., s.Heman and Catherine (first w.), and Eliza Marshall, d.John and Mary.PR38]

Leander D. and Jane Martin, Jan.19,1834.

William S. and Pemelia [int.Pamelia] H. Pendleton, Aug.10,1834. [William, s.Reuben and Eunice (Swain), and Pamela Pendleton.PR38]

Susan and James H. Fosset [int.Fossett], Feb.8,1835. [Susan, d.Francis and Anna (Chadwick) (first w.), and James Fawcett.PR38]

Elizabeth Maria, d.Francis, laborer, and Henry May, mariner, "now Resding at Nantucket," Apr.25,1835. [Eliza, d.Francis and Anna (Chadwick) (first w.), and Henry May, "stranger."PR38]

Mary Ann and Samuel Sherman, Nov.11,1838. [Mary Ann (second w.), d.Henry and Rebecca (James) (Tweedy), and Samuel Sherman, s.John and Margaret (Ellis).PR38]

Tristram and Miriam Hawes of Chatham, Apr.1,1839.

Charles L. and Pamela H. Ellis, int.June16,1839. [Pamelia, m.June30.CR2; Pamela H., m.末蔓末, 末末.CR4; Charles, s.Reuben and Eunice (Swain), and Pamela (Pendleton) Ellis of ME, wid.William, m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Henry and Nancy C. Wright of W. Barnstable, int.July7,1839.

Hannah of Harwich and Samuel H. Winslow, int.Oct.13,1839. [m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38]

Timothy of Mattapoisett and Miss Eliza Coffin, July26,1840. [Eliza, d.Job C. and Phebe (Grew).PR38]

Sarah A. and Barclay Fanning, Nov.29,1840. [Sarah A., d.Jesse and Lydia (Gardner), and Barclay Fanning, s.Edmond and Nabby [dup. Abigail (Giles)].PR38]

Mary of Sandwich and Meltiah Nye, int.Dec.13,1840.

Charles and Sarah S. Bailey, Aug.22,1841. [Charles H. [dup. George], s.Henry and Rebecca (James) (Tweedy), and Sarah Bayley [dup. Bailey], d.Samuel and Eunice (Swain) (Glidden) (third w.).PR38]

George, see Charles.

Thomas, widr., 47, mariner [int.laborer], s.John and Hepzibeth [int.Hepzibah], and Ann Maria Carns, 20, d.Thomas and Eliza, Sept.25,1845, [Thomas, widr., s.John ("an Englishman") and Hepsabeth (Coffin), and Ann Maria Carnes, d.Thomas and Eliza (Coleman).PR38]

Judith W. and Frederick Daube, July16,1848.†

Timothy, widr., 40, ropemaker, and Mary S. Nightingale, 28 [int.25], b. Sandwich, d.Ellis and Hannah of Sandwich, Nov.14,1848.


Sarah and Alexander C. Barnard, s.Obed and Susannah (Hussey),末蔓末, 末末.*PR38]

Francis and Sally James, July5,1804. [Allison.PR38]

Sarah and Moses Montcalm, Jan.4,1821.

ELLIT (Eliot)

ELLKINS (Elkins)


Samuel and Susan Berry, Oct.2,1832.

EMMETT (Emmet)

Edward Tillitt, s.John, dec., and Hannah of Boston, Suffolk Co., and Elisabeth Mitchel, d.Richard Jr. and Hephzibah of Sherborn, 20:1m:1774, in Sherborn in N.CR4; [Edward Tillett Emmett, s.Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Mitchell, d.Richard and Hepsabeth, 末:11m:1773.PR38]

Hannah (Emmet) and James Mitchel Hosier, 9:8m:1798.CR4

John (Emmet) [int.Emmit] and Lydia Pollard,末蔓末, 末末 [between Apr.25,1800 and Apr.25,1801, int.Apr.26,1800]. [Emmett, s.Edward Tillett and Elizabeth (Mitchell), and Lydia Pollard, d.Jonathan and Hannah (Kelley).PR38]

Elizabeth, d.Edward Tillit, dec., and Elizabeth, and Nathan Comstock, s.Samuel and Lucy of Gloucester, Providence Co., RI, 10:12m:1801.CR4; [Elizabeth (first w.), d.Edward Tillett and Elizabeth (Mitchell), and Nathan Comstock of NY.PR38]


Ira and Abigail Dunham, Oct.21,1833. [Abigail, d.Ebenezer and Huldah (Fisher).PR38]

Daniel of NY, and Caroline A. Jenkins, int.May31,1840.

Abby and Benjamin Coffin, Aug.14,1842. [Abigail [dup. Abba], wid.Ira, d.Ebenezer Dunham and Huldah (Fisher), and Benjamin Coffin, s.John and Susanna (Clark).PR38]

EMORY (Emery)


Manul and Eunice Borden, June25,1826.* [Manuel Enos, "a Portuguese of Floris," and Eunice Boden, d.Henry and Abigail Guild.PR38]

George of Floris and Sally M. Caton Feb.20,1842. [Enos, "a Portuguese" "of the Western Islands," and Sally Caton, formerly w.Antone, formerly w.Ebenezer Kelton, d.George A. Stockman and Hepsabeth (Coffin) (Barney).PR38]


Hannah of Barnstable and Hiran Smith, Feb.18,1838. [Ainsley and Hiram Smith, s.Solomon and Anna (Gardner).PR38]


Isaac and Sarah Titus, Oct.29,1772.

James and Rachel Tompson, int.July2,1774.

Dorcas [int.Essop] and Isaac Freeman [dup. int.blacks], May17,1792.

ESTES (Eastes)

ESTON (Easton)

ESTY (Eastes)


Isaac, see Isaac Eston.

EURES (Ewer)

EVANS (Eavens, Evens)

Thomas [int.Evens] and Sally James, July16,1807. [Evans, "an Englishman." PR38]

Elizabeth (Eavens) and Charles S. Manter, Jan.20,1839. [Evans, d.Thomas ("an Englishman") and Sally (James), and Charles S. Manter, s.George and Lydia.PR38]

Charles K. [int.H.] (Evens) and Caroline G. Jones of Barnstable, Oct.18,1849. [Charles Evans, s.Thomas ("an Englishman") and Sally (James), and Caroline S. Jones.PR38]


Jane B., Miss, and Laban Cottle, Oct.2,1836. [Laban, s.Lot and Ruth.PR38]

EWER (Eures, Ewers)

Silvanus (Ewers) and Anna Crosby, Mar.17,1796. [Sylvanus Ewer, s.Seth of Cape Cod, and Anna Crosby (first w.), d.Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease).PR38]

Isaac (Ewers) and Polly Butler, Dec.4,1796, in Edgartown.* [Ewer.PR38]

Silvanus (Eures) and Peggy Folger, July9 [sic, int.July21], 1798. [Sylvanus Ewer, s.Seth of Cape Cod, and Peggy Folger (second w.), d.Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell).PR38]

David (Ewers) and Mary Pease [int.Peas], Mar.末 [int.Mar.7,1801. [Ewer, s.Seth of Cape Cod, and Polly [dup. Mary] Pease, d.Dr. Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.).PR38]

Silvanus [int.Ewers] and Phebe Nye, Apr.12,1807. [Sylvanus Ewer, s.Seth of Cape Cod, and Phebe Nye (third w.), d.Elijah Pease and Phebe (Russell) (first w.).PR38]

Ebenezer and Mary Macarta, Nov.7,1811.

Phebe and John Case, Sept.5 [sic, int.Sept.9], 1820. [Phebe (first w.), d.David and Polly (Pease), Sept.15.PR38]

Peter F. [int.Peter Folger Ewers] and Eunice Cartwright, Nov.2,1820. [Peter Folger Ewers.CR2; Peter Ewer, s.Sylvanus and Peggy (Folger) (second w.), and Eunice Cartwright, d.John and Mary (Starbuck).PR38]

Silvanus [second dup. Ewyer] and Eunice Hussey, Sept.22,1822. [Sylvanus Ewer, s.Seth of Cape Cod, and Eunice Hussey (fourth w.), d.Stephen and Rose (Barnard).PR38]

Peter F. [int.Ewers] and Mary Cartwright, May19,1825. [Ewer.CR2; Ewer, s.Sylvanus and Peggy (Folger) (second w.), and Mary Cartwright, d.John and Mary (Starbuck0.PR38]

George W. and Margaret Coggshall [int.Margarett Coggeshall], June [dup. Jan.] 20,1826. [Margaret Coggeshall.CR1; George W., s.Alvin of Barnstable, and Margaret Coggeshall, d Robert and Betsey.PR38]

Eliza Ann and Barzilla Morselander [int.Barzillai Morslander], Sept.24,1830. [Eliza Ann, d.David and Polly (Pease) and Barzillai Morselander, s.Cornelius Jr.PR38; Morslander, Sept.23.PR42]

Prince W. and Eliza M. [int.W.] Swain, June15,1837, [Prince William, s.David and Polly (Pease), and Eliza W. Swain, d.Laban and Abigail (Barney).PR38; Eliza W.PR42]

George W. and Martha Derby of Weston, int.Oct.15,1837.

Abraham and Sophia W. Perry of Sandwich, int.Apr.12,1840. [Abraham, s.David and Polly (Pease), and Sophia Perry, d.James and Susan (Jones), m.末蔓末, 末末.PR38; m.May末,1841.PR42]

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