* Intentions also recorded
John F., b. in Belfast, ME, s. Henry and Martha, a. 23 y., and Priscilla H. Grant of E. Thomaston, ME, b. in E. Thomaston, ME, d. David and Priscilla, a. 18 y., int. Dec. 4, 1849.

CHAMBERLAIN (see Chamberlin)
David C. of Boston, s. Freeman and Almira, a. 30 y., and Mary Bates, d. John dec. and Martha, a. 26 y., Mar. 29, 1846.*

CHAMBERLIN (see Chamberlain)
Lydia and James Lawson, Sept. 24, 1739. CR1

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William G. and Louisa C. Burnham, both of Boston, Dec. 10, 1837. CR1

Sarah Ann, wid., a. 42 y., and John C. Koop of Boston, a foreigner, a. 40 y., May 21, 1848 (May 31 dup. and CR1).*

Christopher and Abigail Beal, Mar. 27, 1801.

CHUSHING (see Cushing)
E. of Boston, and Meriam Willcut, Apr. 29, 1810.

Franklin B. of Scituate, and Clarrisa Powers, Dec. 5, 1833.
Seth S. and Nancy Brown of Hingham, June 24, 1838. CR2

Bathsheba and Benjamin Perry of Scituate, Oct. 3, 1744. CR1
John Jr., b. in Isle of Jersey, Eng., s. John and Jane, a. 30 y., and Mary Thomas, wid., b. in Ireland, d. John and Mary Murphy, a. 24 y., Nov. 22, 1849.*
Marah and Jacob Bates, Nov. 19, 1730. CR1
Martha and Isaac Bate, Dec. 28, 1732. CR1
Rebecca and Israel Nichols, June 24, 1725. CR1
Submit and William Bailey, Nov. 9, 1758.

Catherine of Scituate, b. in Scituate, a. 21 y., and Loring Bates, s. Phineas dec. and Mary, a. 23 y., Jan. 29, 1846.

Dorithy and Isaac Gross, Sept. 9, 1725. CR1
Edward of Boston, b. in Boston, s. Allen H., a. 27 y., and Harriet Killgove, b. in Boston, d. Anclorus (Andrew, int.), a. 19 y., Oct. 19, 1847.*
Esther and John Tower, Jan. 2, 1722-3. CR1

William and Priscilla J. Marble, July 16, 1835.

Enoch of Scituate, and Alice Stephenson, Feb. 7, 1790.
Patience D. of Hanover, and Dea. Job Pratt, Apr. 6, 1834.

Betsy and James Barrell of Hanover, Aug. 26, 1838. CR1
Christopher of Scituate, s. James of Scituate, and Sarah, a. 28 y., and Hepzibah L. Bates, d. Job T. dec. and Sarah, a. 26 y., Nov. 28, 1847.*
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Elizabeth and Alaxander Williams of Boston, Mar. 6, 1844.
Henry (Capt., int.), s. James of Scituate, and Sarah, a. 31 y., and Susan L. Willcutt, d. James and Priscilla, a. 23 y., Dec. 9, 1849.*
James of Scituate, and Sally Lincoln, Apr. 25, 1802.
James, s. James and Sarah, a. 31 y., and Joanna N. Bates of Boston, d. Samuel dec. and Joanna, a. 25 y., July 6, 1845.
Sarah and Samuel Bates, Jr., June 23, 1833.

John of Hingham, and Anna Beal, Apr. 16, 1798.

Ruth T. and Charles Souther of Hingham, July 1, 1821.

COUSENS (see Cousins)
Lydia N., d. George W. and Joanna, a. 21 y., and Martin N. Bates, s. Newcomb and Lydia, a. 36 y., Apr. 16, 1848.*

COUSINS (see Cousens)
George W. and Joanna Nichols, Jan. 1, 1826.

John and Sarah Neal, Feb. 21, 1818. CR1
Martha J. (Martha Jane. CR1), wid., b. in Montville, ME, d. Benjamin and Emily Harris (of Montville, ME, int.), a. 24 y., and Lewis Bates, widr., s. Jaazaniah and Phebe, a. 42 y., June 25, 1846.*
Sarah and Samuel Porter, both of Randolph, Apr. 3, 1842.

Caroline, d. John and Priscilla, a. 21 y., and Justin K. Wilson, s. John and Hepsibah, a. 24 y., Jan. 1, 1847.*
James and Roxanna Pratt, Aug. 19, 1838.
John and Olive Joy, Aug. 12, 1789.
Olive J. and Charles Studley of Scituate, Nov. 23, 1842.
Priscilla V., d. John, a. 21 y., and Alexander T. Prouty of Scituate, b. in Scituate, s. Caleb, a. 29 y., Dec. 22, 1844.
William V., s. John and Priscilla, a. 27 y., and Sarah Jane Kent, d. Isaac and Sarah, a. 19 y., Jan. 14, 1846.

Josiah of Hingham and Jane Morse, Dec. 5, 1825.

Betsy and Ray Sutton of Scituate, May 30, 1801.
Huldah and Benjamin Bates, Dec. 8, 1757.
Joseph and Elizebeth Souther, Mar. 9, 1775.

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Mary of Freeport, ME, b. in Maine, and William W. Wilson, widr., s. John and Hepsibah, a. 30 y., int. Dec. 1, 1849.
Rachel Briggs of Hingham, and John Stodder, in Hingham, Jan. 18, 1796.

CUSHING (see Chushing)
Abigail and Isaac Wheeler of Charlestown, Sept. 27, 1819. CR1
Charles, s. Job and Elizabeth, a. 27 y., and Susan Staples of Boston, b. in (Wells, int.) Maine, d. James dec. and Susan, a. 22 y., Jan. 1, 1849.*
Ebed of Hingham, and Betsey Amos, in Hingham, Dec. 11, 1793.
Elizabeth and Elias Nichols, Jan. 4, 1818.
Jael of Hingham, and Amasa Bailey of Scituate, Sept. 29, 1763.
James Jr. of Scituate, and Maria Souther, Jan. 21, 1738-9. CR1
James Jr. of Scituate, and Sarah Tower, Dec. 8, 1763.
Job, Capt., and Martha Nichols, Nov. 21, 1781.
Job Esq. and Abigail Pierce of Scituate, in Scituate, Apr. 27, 1784.
Job and Elizabeth Lincoln, Nov. 26, 1819.
Joseph of Hingham, and Deborah Beal, Jan. 26, 1779.
Lucy and Joseph Nash of Weymouth, Nov. 20, 1777.
Lydia and Gideon Hayward, both of Hingham, Jan. 31, 1759.
Martha and Lazarus Bowker of Boston, Oct. 18, 1807.
Rebecca and Jesse Tower, May 1, 1786.
Ruth, wid., and John Wheelwright, Oct. 25, 1781.
Sally and Perez Gill of Boston, Nov. 27, 1800.
Sarah and Matthew Prince of Scituate, Apr. 24, 1777.
William B. and Celia Stoddard of Marshfield, Apr. 3, 1845.

George, Dr., of Charlestown, s. James and Nancy, a. 29 y., and Ann Maria Smith, d. Thomas and Maria, a. 25 y., Nov. 26, 1846.*

Clark of Boston, and Elizabeth Lothrop, Nov. 26, 1840.
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