NEWEL (see Newell)
Elizabeth A. [w. Benjamin], Apr.13,1818. GR

NEWELL (se Newel)
Amy, d.Jesse and Hittee, May19,1799. [May 18. PR13]
Ann Rebeccah, d.Jesse Jr. and Pamela, Mar.31,1833.
Anna, ch. Theodore and Anna, Nov.6,1782.
Benjamin, s.Josiah and Betsey, Mar.16,1818. [Newel [h. Elizabeth A.]. GR]
Betsey, d.Jesse and Hittee, Jan.8,1807.
Betsey, d.Josiah and Betsey, Apr.22,1808.
Betsey Ella, d.Jesse, farmer, and Lydia, Oct. 30 1848.
Calvin [h. Dorcas], 末蔓末,1782. GR
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Caroline A., w.John A., 末蔓末,1807. GR
Charles s. Jesse and Hittee, May7,1794.
Denzil Montgomery, s.Jesse, farmer, and Lydia M. [dup. omits M.], Oct.25,1843.
Dolla, d.Ruben and Sarah, Sept.18,1789.
Dolly, d.Jesse and Hittee, Oct.19,1801.
Dorcas, w.Calvin, 末蔓末,1776. GR
Eleazer Allen, s.Jesse Jr. and Pamela, Nov.12,1827.
Elizabeth, d.Josiah and Betsey, Apr.3,1810.
Emma Pamela, d.Jesse, farmer, and Lydia M., May1,1845.
Enoch Davenport, s.Elijah and Priscilla, Dec.8,1803.
Francis Ebenezer, s.Jesse Jr. and Pamela, Jan.27,1836.
George D. [h. Lydia], May22,1842. GR
Hannah, ch. Theodore and Anna, June20,1785.
Harriet, d.John A. and Caroline, Jan.8,1840.
Hittee, d.Jesse and Hittee, Oct.7,1795 [Hitty. PR13]
Hitty, w.Jesse, 末蔓末,1774. GR
Horatio, Mar.1,1805. GR
Isaac Newton, s.Josiah and Betsey, Aug.末,1812.
James Montgomery, s.Josiah and Betsey, Mar.14,1821.
Jesse [h. Hitty (Allen)], Sept.13,1762. PR13
Jesse, s.Jesse and Hittee, Aug.13,1797. [[h. Pamela] GR]
Jesse Amory, s.Jesse Jr. and Pamela, May18,1830.
John Allen, s.Jesse and Hittee, June29,1803. [[h. Caroline A.] GR]
John Allen, s.John A. and Caroline, Oct.28,1835.
Josiah [h. Betsey], 末蔓末,1775. GR
Josiah s. Josiah and Betsy, May7,1802.
Josiah, s.Josiah and Betey, May12,1804.
Julia A., June20,1807. GR
Lucy Maria, d.Jesse Jr. and Pamela, Jan.31,1826.
Luther, s.Ebenezer and Rachel, July19,1788.
Martha, d.Josiah and Betsey, May22,1815.
Nabby, d.Ebenezer and Rachel, Aug.5,1784.
Prudence, d.Reuben and Sarah, May31,1786.
Rachel, d.Ebenezer and Rachel, June25,1786.
Rebecca [dup. Rebeckah], d.Jesse and Hittee [dup. Mehetable], Oct.18,1792. [Rebecca.PR13]
Ruben, s.Ruben and Sarah, Feb.24,1792.
Samuel, s.Josiah and Betsey, Feb.12,1806.
Sarah, d.Jesse and Hittee, Han. 9, 1810.
Willard, s.Ebenezer and Rachel, Nov.5,1790.
William, s.John A., farmer, and Caroline [Caroline A. GR], May9,1847.

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Julia A., w.Thomas S. [Jan.末,1815]. GR
T. Cooley [July末,1846]. GR
Thomas S., Rev. [h. Julia A.], 末蔓末,1814. GR
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