Josiah, Mar.9,1786, a.84.
Ruth, "ms," 末蔓末,1767, in Dedham. PR1

RICHARD (see Richards)
John, Mr., 末蔓末,1773, in Dedham. PR1
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RICHARDS (see Richard)
Abigail, w.William, May3,1832, a.76. GR
Calvin, Oct.15,1836, a.54. [[h. Lucinda] Oct. 18 GR]
Daniel Leland, ch. Calvin and Lucinda, Dec.16,1826. GR
Ebenezer, Aug.11,1784, a.40y.3d., "the first death since Dover was incorporated. "
Edward, Lt., 末蔓末,1771, in Dedham. PR1
Edward, ch. Lt. Lemuel and Rebecca, Feb.14,1776, a.6. GR
Emily Ann, d.Luther and Mary, Sept.28,1821. a.4.
Enoch, Mr., 末蔓末,1776, in Dedham. PR1
Hannah, "ms.," 末蔓末,1770, in Dedham PR1
Hannah, ch. Lt. Lemuel and Rebecca, July22,1788, a.1. GR
Hannah, Feb.末,1825, a.66.
Hannah Bird, d.Calvin and Lucinda, Jan.9,1817, a.6m.16d.
Jabez, ch. Lt. Lemuel and Rebecca, Mar.26,1776, a.1 GR
John, Mr., Mar.末,1763, in Dedham. PR1
Josiah, Oct.24,1771, in 59th y. GR
Josiah, Mr., Oct.末,1771, in Dedham. PR1
Lemuel, ch. Lt. Lemuel and Rebecca, Oct.15,1782, a.3. GR
Lemuel, Lt., Feb.6,1821, a.83. GR
Lois, Mrs., May7,1826, a.88. [w. Nathaniel GR]
Luther, July15,1830, a.44. [Capt. Luther [h. Mary] GR]
Luther C., s.Luther and Elizabeth F., lung complaint, Dec.9,1849, a.5m.15d.
Lydia, "ms," Jan.16,1774, in Dedham. PR1
Martha, "ms," 末蔓末,1763, in Dedham. PR1
Martha, d.William and Mary, Dec.12,1836, a.1 yr. 5m. GR
Mary, "ms," 末蔓末,1779, in Dedham. PR1
Mary, wid., erisypulus, Feb.26,1847, a.59. [w. Capt. Luther GR]
Mary Dana, d.William and Mary, Mar.4,1836, a.4y.6m. GR
Nabby, ch. Lt. Lemuel and Rebecca, Feb.20,1776, a.4. GR
Olive, w.William 2nd, June15,1826, a.29 GR
Rebeca, "ms.," 末蔓末,1779, in Dedham. PR1
Rebecca, wid. Lt. Lemuel, Dec.30,1838, a.92.
Richard, Aug. 末 末, 末末, a.77.
Samuel, Mr., 末蔓末,1764, in Dedham. PR1
Sarah, "ms.," 末蔓末,1775, in Dedham. PR1
Thomas, Mar.8,1791, a.72.
William [h. Abigail], Dec.26,1835, a.89. GR
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