* Intentions NOT recorded
Rebecca of Blackstone, and Calvin Ayres, int. Sept. 5, 1848.

Rufus, farmer, of Natick, and Lucretia Mann, 25, d. James and Clarissa, Dec. 5, 1844.

Lucy of Dedham, and Dea. Ephraim Wilson, int. Apr. 18, 1823. [m. May 22. PR19]
Nathaniel and [int. adds. Mrs.] Olive Battle, Apr. 23, 1835.
Roxa of Dedham, and Leonard Chickering, int. Nov. 22, 1828.

Stukely of Dedham, and Mary B. Bullen, Jan. 1, 1826.*

Anne and Aaron F. Miller, Sept. 6, 1821.*
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Joseph and Hannah E. Alden, int. Apr. 17, 1831.
Pamela and Leonard S. [int. omits S.] Maring [int. Marring], Sept. 12, 1824.

Seth of Dedham, and Mrs. Ruby Fisher, int. Aug. 10, 1823.

Anna H. and Adam Morse Jr., Aug. 31, 1826.
Calvin and Olive Holbrook of Sherburne, int. Mar. 3, 1805.
Hannah and Isaac Wells [int. Weld], Nov. 25, 1802.
John and Hannah Adams of Newton [int. Newton], Nov. 26, 1789, in Newton.
Mary and Stephen Temple of Augusta, ME, Feb. 17, 1841.
Olive and Daniel Brewer, Apr. 1, 1824.
Polly and John Allen, June 13, 1805.
Simon and Nabby Wight, Apr. 18, 1805.

Abagail [int. Abigail] R. and Manning Thayer of Bellingham, Apr. 24, 1822.
Almira and Samuel B. [int. Birt] Scott of Woburn, Oct. 26, 1825.
Caroline F. [int. Frances], 20, d. Daniel and Orpha, and Leonard Draper, 23, mechanic, s. Moses and Maria, Oct. 13, 1846.
Daniel and Caroline Clark, Nov. 22, 1810.* PR7
Daniel and Orpah Burbank, Apr. 28, 1819.* PR7
David and Sarah Plimpton of Medfield, Mar. 5 [int. Mar. 25 [sic]], 1793.
Dorcas Ann, 21, d. George and Hannah, and Abiathar R. Tuck, mechanic, of Natick, Nov. 30, 1848. Abiather Richmand Tuck of Farmington, ME. PR16
George and Hannah Guild of Walple int. Oct. 29, 1826. [m. Nov. 30, in Walpole. PR16]
Hartshorn and Mary Smith of Medfield, int. Mar. 10, 1805.
James and Phebe A. Thompson of Wales, int. Apr. 11, 1844. [Phebe Ann, m. May 7, in Wales. PR8]
Jesse and Dorcas [int. Darcus] Smith of Medfield, Sept. 14, 1791, in Medfield.
John Jr. and Abigail Wilson, Mar. 28, 1799.
Leonard and Roxa Capen of Dedham, int. Nov. 22, 1828.
Mary of Medfield, and Phinehas Gay, int. Mar. 16, 1817.
Mary W., and Eliab Wight Jr. of Bellingham, May, 29, 1827.

Betsey and Aaron Draper, int. Oct. 12, 1814.

CLAP (see Clapp)
Offey of Chester, and John Reed Jr., int. Feb. 21, 1808.

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CLAPP (see Clap)
James [int. Clap] of Medfield, and Elizabeth Herring, Aug. 12, 1795, in Medfield.

Caroline and Daniel Chickering, Nov. 22, 1810.* PR7
David Jr. and Theda F. Tisdale, Apr. 27, 1837.
Hannah of Sherborn [int. Sherburn], and Enoch Draper, June 12, 1788, in Sherborn.
William of Needham, and Ann Smith, June 4, 1835.*

Angenette of Medfield, and Henry Otis Noyes, int. Feb. 26, 1848.
David and Mrs. Keziah Allen of Medfield, int. Jan. 31, 1808.
George and Hannah Battle, Apr. 7, 1808.
Ira of Hopkinton, and Hitte [int. Hittey] Battle, Apr. 8, 1801.
Kezia, Mrs., of Medfield, and Maj. Gen. Elijah Crane of Canton, Nov. 9, 1826.*
Pamela and Jesse Newell [int. Jr.,] Feb. 23, 1824.
Patty and Henry Adams of Natick, Mar. 20, 1814.
Polly and Jonathan Jones of Orange, Dec. 3, 1818.
Rachel and Elijah Legge [int. Legg] of Milford, Nov. 29, 1815.

Oliver and Elizabeth Mason of Medfield, int. Aug. 25, 1838.

Hannah [int. Coffy] of Medway, and Thomas Wilbur, June 5, 1798, in Medway.
Nathan and Mrs. Lois Greene of Sherburne, int. Sept. 11, 1842.

George B. of Sherburne, and Elizabeth Holbrook of Sherburne, Apr. 1, 1830.*

Amos of Dedham, and Clarissa Sawin, Nov. 24, 1842.
Danforth and Claressa [int. Clarissa] Coolidge, Aug. 27, 1806.
Elizabeth P. and Ezra Keyes, Apr. 1, 1830.
Ellis of Dedham, and Selia Baker of Dedham, Dec. 25, 1810.*
Joseph of Needham, and Olive Richards, Dec. 19, 1799.
Mehitable [int. Mehetable] of Needham, and William Whiting [int. Jr.], Dec. 20, 1786, in Needham.

Danforth B. [int. Comins] of Grafton, and Penelope Tisdale, Sept. 11, 1833.

Susan, 22, of Groton, d. Susan and George Sargent, 25, painter, of Dorchester, s. Noah and Lucinda, Mar. 11, 1849.*

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CONVERS (see Converse)
Adolphus B. [int. Converse] of Thompson [int. Thompson], CT, and Pamela Day, Mar. 18, 1821.
Benjamin of Boston, and Adeline Battelle, July 30, 1821.*

CONVERSE (see Convers)
Joseph of Boston, and Betsey Day, Apr. 24, 1820.

Claressa [int. Clarissa] and Danforth Colburn, Aug. 27, 1806.

Mary F. and Daniel Mann 2nd, Apr. 17, 1838.

Elijah, Maj. Gen., of Canton, and Mrs. Kezia Cleaveland of Medfield, Nov. 9, 1826.*

Edmend [int. Edmund] and Rachel A. Newell, Apr. 3, 1828.

CUMMINGS, see Commins.

Bradford and Nancy Hamstead of Medfield, int. Apr. 29, 1833.
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