Herbert Willard, s. Joseph, laborer (b. Mansfield), and Adaline M. (b. Willington, Tolland Co., CT), Nov. 13, 1848.

Olive, w. David Wyman, Nov. 29, 1823. GR4
Susan Frances, colored, d. Charles H., bricklayer (b. Wilmington, NC), and Eliza A. (b. Boston), Feb. 14, 1849.

Albert Temple, ch. Benjamin and Eliza, Jan. 24, 1829.
Alfred Warren, s. Francis Jr. and Maria, Sept. 3, 1829.
Benjamin, ch. Francis and Issabel [dup. s. Francies and Iseabel], Mar. 17, 1794.
Benjamin Austin, ch. Benjamin and Eliza, Mar. 7, 1826.
Cyntha [dup. Syntha], d. Francis and Issabel [dup. d. Francies and Iseabel], Mar. 18, 1790.
Cynthia Susan, d. Martin, farmer, and Susan, Sept. 13, 1845, in S. Foxboro.
Edward Francis, s. Francis Jr. and Maria, Oct. 30, 1824, in Mansfield.
Edward Francis Jr., s. Edward Francis, carpenter, and Elizabeth W. (b. Taunton), June 29, 1848.
Ella Frances, d. John G., electrician, and Harriet, Oct. 21, 1846.
Emily M., d. Francis, housewright, and Maria, July 20, 1843, in southerly part.
Francis [dup. Francies, second dup. Jr.], ch. Francis and Issabel [dup. s. Francies and Isabel, second dup. [h. Maria (Belcher)]], July 24, 1798.
George Seneca, ch. John G. and Harriet, June 13, 1840, in Newton.
Harriet Eliza, d. John G., elecrician, and Harriet, Oct. 4, 1844.
Harriet Maria, d. Benjamin and Maria (third w.), July 26, 1840.
John Francis, s. John G. and Harriet P., bp. [July 7] 1839. CR1
John Gilmore [dup. Gilmor], s. Francis and Issabella [dup. Issabel], Aug. 3, 1811.
Leonora, ch. Francis and Issabel [dup. d. Francies and Iseabel], Aug. 12, 1791. [w. Isaac Winslow. PR19]
Lydia [? m.], sister of Mrs. D.B. Robinson, ––– ––, 1816. PR3
Martin, ch. Francis and Issabel [dup. s. Francies and Isabel], July 23, 1796.
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Mary Eliza, ch. Benjamin and Eliza, Dec. 27, 1823.
Samuel Gardner, s. Francis Jr. and Maria, Nov. 23, 1826.
Sarah Reed, d. Francis and Isabel [dup. Issabel], July 27, 1803.
Sophia Isabel, ch. John G. and Harriet, Aug. 21, 1841.
William Henry, s. Francis Jr. and Maria, May 18, 1834.
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