* Intentions NOT recorded
Albert, 23, clerk in a store, s. Arza and Marcia, and Charlotte Pearce, 20, d. Stephen and w. Attleboro, Apr. 1, 1847.
Amos, widr. [int. omits widr.], 49, farmer, of Norton, s. Seth and Anna, and Abigail Comey, 48, d. John and Betty, June 10, 1845.
Julia Ann and Thomas Burnam, int. June 2, 1832.
Lucy Ann and Joseph Copeland, s. Oakes, Mar. 3, 1844.
Susanna (second w.) and Elias Nason Esq., Dec. 3, 1824.

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Elisabeth, Mrs., and Benjamin Witherell of Mansfield, int. June 8, 1842.
Thomas, Rev., "1786 Settled Resigned 1800," and Ruthe Waters, ––– ––, ––––.*

Catherine E., d. William, and Erastus P. Carpenter of Richmond, VA, s. Daniels, Feb. 4, 1844. [Erastus P., s. Daniels and Abigail (Payson). PR17]
Julia A., 23, d. William and Hannah, and J.D. Temple Hersey, s. Jacob and w., Jan. 11, 1846.
William and Hannah Hall, ––– ––, ––––.*

Almira and Lewis T. Belcher, Dec. 2, 1824.

Elijah of Dorchester, and Diana Lyon of Dorchester, Aug. 13, 1784.*

Emily of Norton, and Marcus S. Carpenter, int. Feb. 27, 1846.
Fanny W. of Mansfield, and Silas S. Ripley, int. May 17, 1848.
Seth and Mrs. Levina Brentnell of Mansfield, July 20, 1786.*

Abigail C., 21, d. Martin and Phebe, and Elisha K. Collins, 25, merchant, of Boston, s. Jesse and Rachel, Jan. 4, 1848.
Josiah W. of N. Bridgewater, and Margaret Dunlap, Feb. 26, 1835.

Addison and Louisa [int. Loiza] Comey, June 1, 1836.
Ann Elizabeth and Joseph Billings of Sharon, Feb. 20, 1834.
Joseph [dup. Kingsbry, int. Kingbry, dup. and int. of Walpole] and Sally Robbins, Aug. 24, 1794.
Nathan and Azubah –––––, ––– ––, ––––.*
Seth R. and Caroline Curtis of Boston, int. Apr. 20, 1839.

KNIGHT (see Knights)
Benjamin of Wrentham, and Polly Wight [int. Wright], May 27, 1798.
Benjamin of Newton [int. Newtown], and Patty [dup. and int. Martha] Morse [dup. twin d. Amos and Mary], Mar. 2, 1806.

KNIGHTS (see Knight)
Sultana F. and Addason Belcher, June 6, 1836.
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