* Intentions NOT recorded
Eliza M. and James M. Richards, int. Mar. 23, 1833.

KEITH (see Kieth)
Harriot of Walpole and Benjamin Rhoads, int. Jan. 10, 1817.
Mary and Zebulun Kinsley of Easton, int. Dec. 13, 1783.

Jane and Charles Woodcock, Nov. 27, 1823. CR1
Nancy and Lewis Freeman, int. May 7, 1825.

Thomas and Ruth Waters of Sutton, July 8, 1784. At Sutton.*

Eunice of Stoughton and Nathaniel Starns, int. May 13, 1769.
Lois of Stoughton and Jeremiah Hixson, June 2, 1788. At Stoughton.

Martha (int. Martha Martin) and Otis Johnson, Nov. 26, 1837.

KIETH (see Keith)
David 2d of Easton and Susannah Kingman, int. June 19, 1770.
Ezekiel of Easton and Mary Drake (int. Jr.), Aug. 18, 1771.

Andrew of Easton and Rachel Drake, int. Jan. 18, 1793.

Almira of Bradford and Leanord Everett, int. Apr. 22, 1815.
Mary of Bradford and Rev. Jonathan Whitaker, Apr. 22, 1799. At Bradford.
Nathaniel of Goffstown, NH and Susanne Everet (int. Susanna Everett 2d), Apr. 18, 1813.

William of Easton and Susanna Tisdale, int. Apr. 5, 1841.
William B., s. Benjamin, a. 30, of Mansfield and Angeline Howard, d. George, a. 27, Nov. 27, 1845.

Eunice (d. wd. Kingman. PR1) and David Wetherby (int. Weatherbee) of Lunenburg, Feb. 23, 1778.
Hilliard E. of Mansfield and Hannah Drake, May 8, 1836.
Mace of Easton and Lucy Johnson, Aug. 29, 1827.
Mary and Ephraim Carey of Bridgewater, int. Apr. 29, 1784.
Rebecca and George Drake, Mar. 3, 1799.
Susanah and David Kieth 2d of Easton, int. June 19, 1770.

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Ann Elizabeth of Foxborough and Joseph Billings, int. Jan. 18, 1834.
Hannah and Enoch Hewins (int. Jr.), Apr. 24, 1792.
Moses of Dedham and Cynthe Rhoads, int. Feb. 27, 1801.
Sibbel (int. Sibel) and Joseph Billing, Apr. 26, 1796.
Susanna and Ephriam Rider of Orrington, int. Sept. 21, 1811.

Zebulun of Easton and Mary Keith, int. Dec. 13, 1783.

KNAPP, see Nap.

Elbridge G. of Norton and Elizabeth Drake, Nov. 30, 1837.

KOLLICK (see Kollock)
Hannah and Aaron Richards, int. June 5, 1802.
Esther (int. Kollock) and Amasa Hewins, July 25, 1791.

KOLLOCK (see Kollick)
Elizabeth and Nathaniell Goould, July 23, 1792.
Mary and Benjamin Ide, Oct. 27, 1785.
Royall and Mary Randall, June 3, 1751. PR1*
Sarah of Canton and Francis Batchelder of Cambridge, May 18, 1826. CR1*
Thomas and Abagail (int. Abigail), Fairbanks, July 2, 1795.
Zebiah and Nathaniel Adams of Franklin, Oct. 20, 1790.
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