JAAMES (James)

William of Holland, and Esther Dill,末蔓末,1808.*


Nathanil and Marcy Whitman, Oct.22,1713.*

JAMES (Jaames)

Catherine and Gideon Mathes, Sept.17,1840.*

Esther and Nicholas Servich, June24,1827.*


Sarah, Mrs.and Dr. Richard Hirons of the Nancy, Mar.16,1766. [Mar.30,1766.CR]

William and Sarah Doson, Nov.11,1754.*CR

JOHNS (Jones)

Mary and Efraham Bosworth, May4,1710.*

Marah and Samuel Bosworth,末蔓末,1715.*

JONES (Johns, Jons, Jounes, Jouns, Juns)

Benjamin and Sarah Gibson, Nov.28,1721.*

Benjamin Jr. and Elisabeth Smith, Nov.13,1755.*CR

David and Rebeckah Jones, Jan.9,1754.*CR

Dearin and Rebekah Benson, Jan.14,1729-30.*

Eliza C. and Charles Hersey of Hingham, Aug.末,1823. [int.July27,1823]

Elezabeth and David Lincoln, Nov.25,1753.CR

Francis and Mary Sayrl, Dec.30,1758.*CR

Hannah and John Biney, Oct.21,1726.*

Hannah and Benjamin Bass of Braintree, Dec.6,1764.*CR

Joseph and Mary Vickre, Oct.20,1720.*

Leah and Jonthon Ginkins of Boston, Mar.15,1750.*

Mary and Moses Bracket of Braintree, Sept.14,1758.*CR

Mary, wid.and John Hayden, resident at Long Island, July19,1761.*CR

Molley and Spencer Binney, Oct.7,1789.*

Rachel and John Rugels, Dec.1,1720.*

Rebeckah and David Jones, Jan.9,1754.*CR

Samuell and Susanah Colyer, Apr.5,1719.*

Sarah and John Ruggles, Dec.25,1729.*

Solomon and Mary Winsor, Nov.17,1720.*

Thomas and Jain Binney, Jan.6,1763.*CR

Thomas Jr. and Elizabeth Loring, Dec.25,1797.*

JONS (Jones)

Barshabey and Joseph Melten, Nov.18,1707

Ephraiam and Mery Sothery, Oct.31,1751.*

JOUNES (Jones)

Iseec and Rachel Jouns, Feb.5,1746-7.*

JOUNS (Jones)

Abraham and Elizabeth Lobdell, Sept.14,1744.*

Rachel and Iseec Jounes, Feb.5,1746-7.*

JUNS (Jones)

Sery and Moses Braced, Nov.10,1747.*

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