Theodosed [Theodosia] and Paul Baxter, June6,1751.*


Elisabath and John Bosworth, Sept.22,1707.*

Jane and John Oldredg, Jan.12,1719-20.*


Nathaniell of Scituate, and Judah Bosworth, Jan.7,1696-7.


John M., a.30y., and Mary R. Mitchell, a.28y., Apr.27,1843.

James T. of Quincy, a.29y., and Hannah L. Mitchell, a.26y., July27,1843.


Joseph and Elizabeth Turner, May22,1832.*


Susanah and Caleb Loring, Jan.15,1718-9.*

COLER (Colier, Coller, Collier, Colyer)

Gershom and Elisabeth Pool, Jan.25,1696-7.

COLIER (Coler, Coller, Collier, Colyer)

Jude and Cromwell Lobdell, July8,1726.*

COLLER (Coler, Colier, Collier, Colyer)

Jonathan and Judith Goold, Nov.25,1742.*

COLLIER (Coler, Colier, Collier, Colyer)

Jane and Paul Baxter, Aug.5,1731.*

Moses and Susannah Foster, Aug.2,1752.

Elisebeth and Gershom Copland of Braintree, Apr.22,1764.CR*

Thomas and Jemima Pope of Dorchester, Dec.10,1767.SR*

COLYER (Coler, Colier, Coller, Collier)

Elisabeth and John Loring, Feb.10,1708-9.*

Experience and Matthew Lorin, Dec.23,1714.*

Jane and Samuell Loring, Apr.19,1716.*

Susanah and Samuell Jones, Apr.5,1719.*

Mary and Joseph Spear, Dec.12,1720.*

Thomas and Bridget Southworth, Apr.20,1734.*

COOM (Cooms, Crooms)

Mary and Benjaman Vicrey, July7,1709.*

COOMS (Coom, Crooms)

John and Experance Benson, Nov.末,1718.*


Gershom of Braintree, and Elisebeth Collier, Apr.22,1764.CR*


James and Sarah Webber, Nov.28,1742.*

CROOMS (Coom, Cooms)

John of Barbadoes, W.I., and Elanar Englesby, Nov.14,1758.CR*


Content and Capt. Thomas Knox,末蔓末,1810.*

Mary and Robert Cushing of Scituate,末蔓末,1810.*

Robert of Scituate and Mary Cushing,末蔓末,1810.*

Peggy and Peter Newcomb of Boston, Dec.末,1818.*

Thomas and Sally Shaw of Dorchester, Aug.23,1829.*

Olive G. and Moses B. Tower, June10,1838.*

David, s.Pyam and Olive(Lovell), a.30y., and Elisabeth H. Torrey of Hingham, d.William, a.22y., in Hingham, Oct.13,1844.*

Emily, d.Pyam and Olive(Lovell), a.26y., and Edward Wilder of Hingham, s.Edward, a.26y., Jan.19,1845.*

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