Matthew and Elisabeth Prince, Oct.21,1720.*

Elezebeth and Joseph Estes, Feb.19,1746-7.*

DASON (Doson, Dosson)

Joseph and Mary Hill, Oct.28,1721.*


Caroline Elisabeth of Mystic, Conn., and John Binney Loring,末蔓末, 末末.*


Nathanael and Mary Goold, Dec.29,1743.*

Nathanell and Elesebeth Pray, June13,1748.*

Samuall and Elizabath Hulker, Oct.26,1749.*

Esther and William Jaames of Holland,末蔓末,1808.*

Elisabeth and Elisha Turner of Scituate,末蔓末,1812.*

Jane and Caleb Lovell,末蔓末,1813.*

Emma and John Reed Jr., Nov.--, 1818.*

Daniel and Sybil C. Hatch, May22,1828.*

Mary and William Pope, May29,1832.*


Mary and Benjaman Goold, int.Apr.16,1698.


John and Elizabeth 末末, Sept.10,1711.*


John, Esq. and Jane Baxter, July20,1732.*

DOSON (Dason, Dosson)

Sarah and William Jepson, Nov.11,1754.CR*

DOSSON (Dason, Doson)

Joseph Jr. and Jane Garner of Hingham, int.June9,1753.


Mary Ann of Boston, and John Hayden, Aug.末. 1834.*

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