Lidiah and Matthew Loring, Feb.5,1718-9.*


Nathaniel F. of Hingham, and Martha G. Reed, Jan.4,1824.


John and Hannah Vickere,末蔓末, 末末.*


Charlotte, d.Winslow and Charlotte, a.18y., and Elisha Turner, s.Elisha and Betsey, a.28y., Aug.22,1847.*

LINCOLN (Linghorn)

Martha of Hingham, and Moses Lincoln, Dec.12,1717.*

Moses and Martha Lincoln of Hingham, Dec.12,1717.*

David and Elizabeth Jones, Nov.25,1753.CR

Molley and Robart Goold, Feb.4,1783.

LINGHORN (Lincoln)

Abnezear and Sary Loring, June6,1751.*

LOBDELL (Lobden)

Joseph and Elisibeth Fippenny, Apr.5,1719.*

Cromwell and Jude Colier, July8,1726.*

Elizabeth and John Loring, Sept.18,1729.*

Rebeckah and Caleb Loring, Jan.6,1731-2.*

Elizabeth and Abraham Jouns, Sept.14,1744.*

Judith and Daniel Sowter of Hingham or elsewhere, Apr.24,1759.*CR

LOBDEN (Lobdell)

Elizabath and Thomas Reed, June13,1742.*

LORIN (Loring)

Callob and Elizabeth Baker, June24,1714.*

Matthew and Experience Colyer, Dec.23,1714.*

LORING (Lorin)

John Binney and Caroline Elisabeth Denneson of Mystic Conn.末蔓末,末末.*

John and Rachell Bockland, Sept.22,1679.*

Rachell and Calipe Huberd, Sept.23,1700.*

Benjaman and Anna Vicrey, Oct.8,1702.*

John and Jane Baker, Dec.2,1703.*

Mary and James Goold, Feb.8,1704-5.*

Jacob and Sarah Hirse of Hingham, Feb.9,1708-9.*

John and Elisabeth Colyer, Feb.10,1708-9.*

Israll and Mary Heman, May25,1709.*

Caleb and Elizabeth Backer, Aug.末,1714.*

Samuell and Jane Colyer, Apr.19,1716.*

Caleb and Susannah Cocks, Jan.15,1718-9.*

Matthew and Lidiah Landell, Feb.5,1718-9.*

Jane and Matthew Loring, Nov.17,1720.*

Matthew and Jane Loring, Nov.17,1720.*

Anna and Thomas Bailey, June29,1726.*

Jane and Ephraim Andrewes, Apr.3,1729.*

Benjamin and Elizabeth Goold, July24,1729.*

John and Elizabeth Lobdell, Sept.18,1729.*

Caleb and Rebeckah Lobdell, Jan.6,1731-2.*

Rebekah and Amos Binney, Mar.2,1731-2.*

David and Hannah Vickery, Dec.20,1733.*

Mary and Thomas Wardwell, Aug.29,1734.*

Elizabeth and Elkanah Binney, Feb.10,1736-7.*

Sarah and Thomas White, Nov.30,1738.*

Rachel and John White, May24,1739.*

Susana and Benjamen Whit, Feb.18,1741-2.*

Experience and Elisha Goold, Mar.1,1744.*

James and Martha Milton, Jan.18,1746.*

Samuall and Jane Goold, Nov.16,1749.*

Sary and Abnezear Linghoru, June6,1751.*

Hannah and James Marsh Jr. [of Gloucester, int.], Jan.17,1754.CR

Jean and John Goold, Feb.16,1755.*CR

Rebekah and William Poor, May8,1755.*CR

Mary and William Tidmarsh, Feb.7,1756.*CR

Hannah and Edward Burbeck of Boston or elsewhere, Dec.14,1760.*CR

Mary and Joseph Sprague of Hingham, June29,1761.*CR

Anna and Joseph Sergant, May4,1766.*CR

Elisabeth and Oliver Nucomb of Braintree, int.Oct.16,1780.

Mary and Giddien Turriel of Weymouth, int.Jan.14,1782.

Jonathen and Lydia Goold, Dec.11,1783.

Samuel Jr. and Huldia Goold, int.Dec.11,1783.

Matthew and Agnas E. Floiad of Boston, Jan.1,1786.

Elizabeth and Thomas Jones Jr., Dec.25,1797.*

Jno and Mehittable Goold, Dec.27,1801.*

Lydia and Jonathan Bruce,末蔓末,1812.*

Samuel Jr. and Lucy Pratt of Weymouth,末蔓末,1814.*

Rebecca and Robert Goold Jr. Sept.29,1816.*

Sarah J., d.Samuel and Lucy, a.20y.and Rev. Samuel Beedle of Nantucket, widr., a 32y., Aug.23,1844.*


Josa and Mary Swain, Dec.27,1801.*

Caleb and Jane Dill,末蔓末,1813.*

Jane and Joseph Pope Jr. Feb.26,1832.*

Elizabeth Torry and John Luciche of Trieste, Austria, Mar.3,1836.*

Caleb G. and Fanny H. Eldridge, Dec.12,1837.*

Henriett Swett and Nicholas Mitchell, Dec.25,1837.*


John of Trieste, Austria and Elizabeth Torry Lovell, Mar.3,1836.*


Thomas and Elisibeth Vickre, Apr.4,1720.*

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