Augusta Mariam, d.Erastus and Hannah(Newhall), bp. Sept.24,1816.CR

Erastes, s.John and Hannah, Dec.10,1791. At Clarendon, VT.

Hara, s.John and Hannah, July25,1797.

John, s.John and Hannah, Apr.11,1799.

Royal, s.John and Hannah, Dec.1,1802.

Salla, d.John and Hannah, July15,1795. At Whitehall, NY.

Sophrona, d.John and Hannah, June17,1793. At Clarendon, VT.

Silvester, s.John and Hannah, Apr.6,1801.


Louisa Richardson, d.Wheeler and Sybil(Thayer), July13,1828.


Abner B.,末蔓末,1827.GR4

Sereno R., s.David B. and Martha R.(Baldwin), June1,1845.

Maria N.(Stevens), w.Otis P.,末蔓末,1824.GR2

Otis P.,末蔓末,1820.GR2


末末, inf.Ezekiel G. and Lydia(Kendall), Jan.10,1842.

Ann Susanna, d.Ezekiel G. and Lydia(Kendall), Aug.15,1828.

Azor Sadock, s.Ezekiel G. and Lydia(Kendall), Sept.26,1830.

Cynthia Ann, d.Norris and Lucy Ann(Howard), July4,1837.

Eliza Rogers, d.Ezekiel G. and Lydia(Kendall), Dec.31,1832.

Ellen Maria, d.Ezekiel Jr. and Lydia(Kendall), Mar.18,1835.

Erastus Andrew, s.Norris and Lucy Ann(Howard), Nov.25,1832.

Ezekiel Gardner, s.Ezekiel G. and Lydia L.(Kendall), Jan.16,1844.

Fanny Zebiah, d.Ezekiel G. and Lydia(Kendall), Mar.7,1837.

Jenett Josephine, d.Ezekiel G. and Lydia(Kendall), Jan.29,1841.

Lydia E., d.Ezekiel G. and Lydia S.(Kendall), Aug.29,1849.

Philetus Ansbury, s.Norris and Lucy Ann(Howard), May25,1835.

Sally, d.Roswell and Marcy(Church), Feb.5,1813.

Thenais Bertha, d.Daniel and Lura W.(Stratton), Feb.12,1843.


Rachel, d.Jeremiah and Abagail, bp. Sept.19,1779.CR


Aaron Mors, s.Jotham and Mercy(Pratt), Feb.28,1765.

Ann, d.Jotham and Mercy(Pratt), Oct.26,1757.

Benjamin, s.Jotham and Mercy(Pratt), Dec.23,1751.

Hannah, d.Jotham and Mercy(Pratt), Mar.10,1754.

Jotham, s.Jotham and Mercy(Pratt), Apr.7,1760.

Lusinda, d.Jotham and Mercy(Pratt), Mar.17,1762.

Martha, d.Jotham and Mercy(Pratt), Feb.5,1756.


Cynthia, d.George and Louisa, Mar.25,1842.


Louisa, w.George,末蔓末,1816.GR6

Mary, d.George and Louisa, Aug.1,1846.


Harriot, d.Abraham and Demarious(Derby), Nov.3,1807.

Loisa, d.Abraham and Demarious(Derby), Aug.28,1805.


Abigail, d.Ichabod and Abigail(Smith), bp. Mar.10,1765.CR

Benjamin Wilkes, s.Ichabod and Abigail(Smith), bp. Apr.16,1775.CR

Caleb, s.Joseph and Martha(Smith), bp. Oct.4,1761.CR

Clark, s.Ichabod and Abagail(Smith), bp. May10,1772.CR

Ephraim, s.Joseph and Martha(Smith), bp. May21,1769.CR

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Hannah(Stone), bp. June28,1772.CR

Lemuel, s.Joseph and Martha(Smith), bp. May2,1763.CR

Lucy, d.Ichabod and Abigail(Smith), bp. Aug.1,1762.CR

Lydia, d.Joseph and Martha(Smith), bp. Apr.21,1765.CR

Mariam, d.Jehabod and Abigail(Smith), bp. Sept.28,1760.CR

Rhoda, d.Ichabod and Abagail(Smith), bp. May14,1769.CR

Samuel, s.Ichabod and Abigail(Smith), bp. Mar.1,1767.CR

Simeon, s.Benjamin and Hannah(Stone), bp. Dec.13,1772.CR

Zenas, s.Joseph and Martha(Smith), bp. Aug.14,1768.CR


Aurilla Susannah, d.John and Aurilla(Clark), Nov.3,1830.

Cosive?, d.Saml. and Hannah(Young), bp. Nov.17,1805.CR

Edward, s.John and 末末, bp. Dec.6,1795.CR

George L., s.David and Patty(Ward), Mar.12,1808.

John, s.David and Susanna(Brown), Sept.26,1799.

John, s.David and Patty(Ward), bp. Sept.20,1801.CR

John Wood, s.Edward and Susanna(Wood), Nov.15,1803.

John Loren, s.John and Aurilla(Clark), Aug.4,1829. At. Wendell.

Lucetta, d.Saml. and Hannah(Young), bp. Nov.17,1805.CR

Lucind R., d.David and Patty(Ward), Feb.2,1804.

Patty H., d.David and Patty(Ward), Mar.13,1806.

Mary, d.David and Patty(Ward), Sept.29,1810.

Nancy, d.David and Susanna(Brown), May23,1796.

Nancy, d.David and Patty(Ward), bp. Sept.20,1801.CR

Rachel, d.David and Patty(Ward), Mar.4,1802.

Sarah, d.David and Susanna(Brown), Sept.15,1797.

Sally, d.David and Patty(Ward), bp. Sept.20,1801.CR


Benjamin C., s.Austin and Hannah V., Sept.20,1848.

Hannah, d.Harden and Aurelia(Witt), Dec.27,1820.


Augusta, w.Moses,末蔓末,1831.GR2



George A., s.Bradley B. and Harriet(Harris), Dec.15,1846.

DREWRY (Drury)

Jonathan, s.Edward and Experience(Goodell), July8,1780.

Olive, d.Edward and Experience(Goodell), June2,1778.

Susanna, d.Edward and Experience(Goodell), June26,1783.

DRURY (Drewry)

末末, s.David and 末末, Aug.31,1844.

Amasa, s.David and Lois(Young), Nov.13,1808.

Amos, s.Samuel and Polly, Jan.19,1808.

Angelina M., July19,1836.GR2

Asa, s.John and Lydia(Smith), Dec.7,1765.

Asa, s.Joel and Ruth(Hill), July26,1801.

Asenath, d.Joel and Ruth(Hill), Aug.29,1797.

Damaris, d.Edward and Experience(Goodell), Mar.7,1774.

David, s.John and Lydia(Smith), Jan.6,1778.

David, s.David and Lois(Young), Jan.30,1821.

Dolly, d.Joel and Ruth(Hill), Dec.8,1793.


Elbridge A., July3,1826.GR5

Electa, d.John and Lydia(Smith), Nov.21,1770.

Electta, d.John and Lydia(Smith), May25,1784.

Elizabeth(Townsend), w.Edward,末蔓末,1807.GR5

Eric, s.David and Lois(Young), June7,1810.

Frances Mary Elizabeth, d.George Washington and Sally(Stockwell), Mar.12,1829.

George Washington, s.Joel and Ruth(Hill), July30,1799.

George W., s.George Washington, Sept.7,1832.

George Winthrop, s.Edward and Elizabeth(Townsend), Oct.14,1839.

Henrietta, d.David Jr. and Betsey, May25,1849.

Joel [Joel Scot.CR], s.John and Lydia(Smith), Mar.1,1768.

Joel, s.Joel and Ruth(Hill), July3,1806.

Joel Reed, s.Errick and Judith(Reed), Aug.17,1840.

John, s.John and Lydia(Smith), bp. June9,1776.CR

John, s.John and Lydia(Smith), Mar.22,1780.

John Smith, s.Joel and Ruth(Hill), Feb.1,1811.

John Sanderson, s.David and Lois(Young), May1,1817.

Lois Young, d.David and Lois(Young), July22,1824.

Luse, d.John and Lydia(Smith), Mar.28,1773. ["The first child that was baptized in the New Meeting house by me James Humfrey."CR]

Lucy Luan, d.Joel and Ruth(Hill), Nov.17,1821.

Lucy Emily Sherwin, d.George Washington and Sally(Stockwell), Jan.25,1835.

Lydia, d.John and Lydia(Smith), Dec.28,1788.

Lydia, d.Joel and Ruth(Hill), Nov.10,1795.

Marietta, d.David Jr. and Betsy, May19,1847.


Rhoda, d.John and Lydia(Smith), Nov.26,1790.

Rhoda, d.David and Lois(Young), July26,1812.

Ruth, d.Joel and Ruth(Hill), June9,1808.

Ruth Dorathy, d.George Washington and Sally(Stockwell), Feb.23,1840.

Samuel, s.Edward and Experience(Goodell), Apr.2,1776.

Samuel Young, s.David and Lois(Young), May10,1815.

Samuel T.,末蔓末,1828.GR2

Sally, d.Joel and Ruth(Hill), Nov.8,1803.

Sarah Amelia, d.George Washington and Sally(Stockwell), July2,1831.

Simeon Stockwell, s.George Washington and Sally(Stockwell), Jan.18,1837.

Willard Blucher, s.Joel and Ruth(Hill), Aug.17,1817.


Eliza, d.Silvanus and Jaine, Sept.14,1806.

Eliza, d.Silvenus and Jane, Apr.10,1809.

Ezra, s.Silvenus and Jaine, Apr.26,1804.

Lucy, d.Silvenus and Jane, Apr.19,1811.


Naba [Naby.CR], d.Ebenzer and Abbigail(Allard), Aug.18,1771.

Hannah, w.Ebenezer, bp. Nov.1,1778.CR

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. July2,1781.CR

John Cummings, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, bp. Oct.5,1783.CR

Nehemiah, s.Joseph and Abigail, bp June9,1771.CR

Nehemiah, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Mar.28,1779.

Rebekah, d.Ebenezer and Abbigail, Mar.末,1773.


Abigail, d.Shebna and Mary(Dyer), Dec.3,1783.

Ambrose, s.Shebna and Mary(Dyer), Dec.1,1782.

Eames Humphreys, s.James and Polly, May28,1819.

Emeline, d.James and Polly, Sept.30,1825.

Hannah, d.James and Polly, July31,1820.

Horatio Nelson, s.James and Polly, Apr.13,1817.

James Franklin, s.James and Polly, Feb.21,1815.

Loisa, d.James and Polly, Aug.16,1808.

Mariam Blanchard, d.Molly, Jan.20,1802.

Marcy, d.James and Polly, Nov.15,1830.

Olly, d.Shebna and Mary(Dyer), June23,1787.

Sarah, s.Shebna and Mary(Dyer), Apr.25,1786.

Theodore Jones, s.James and Polly, July3,1822.

Thomas, s.Shebna and Mary(Dyer), Apr.6,1791.

William Holt, s.James and Polly, Feb.25,1811.

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