Hezakiah [Earle.], s.Stephen and Mary, Feb.15,1784.

Lydia, d.Stephen and Mary, June2,1786.


Ann, d.Maltiah, bp. Sept.17,1780.CR


Huldah, d.Maltiah, bp. July11,1784.CR

Sophia, w.Otis, Apr.14,1837.GR2


George P., Dec.末,1839.GR2

ELLENWOOD (Ellinwood)

Cynthia, d.James and Rebecca, Mar.末,1809. At Eden, ME.

Daniel, s.James and Rebecca, Sept.13,1814.

Daniel W., s.Daniel and Dulcina(Chase), Feb.21,1847.

Edwin Otis, s.James and Rebecca, Feb.28,1817.

Edwin, s.Daniel and Dulcinea(Chase), Mar.30,1845.

Eliza Crombie, d.James and Rebecca, Nov.21,1812. At Boston.

Elvira, d.James and Rebecca, Sept.3,1807. At Eden, ME.

Frederick T., s.Thomas and Persis S.(Ball), May31,1827.

Lucy Ann, d.James and Rebecca, Oct.16,1838.

Lusaby, d.James and Rebecca, June17,1819.

Nelson, s.James and Rebecca, Aug.27,1810.


Tilden Bradley, s.James and Rebecca, Oct.31,1821.

ELLINWOOD (Ellenwood)

Abigail, d.Daniel and Lucy, June11,1789.

Abigail Fay, d.Daniel and Dorothy(Fay), Apr.13,1812.

Alfred Clarence, s.Benjamin and Almena, Aug.14,1842.

Alphonso, s.Benjamin and Almena, Nov.14,1843. Dup.

Austin, s.Daniel and Dorothy(Fay), Nov.10,1814.


Austin Farnsworth, s.Austin and Eliza Farnsworth, May5,1842.

Austin F.,末蔓末,1848.GR5

Belinda, d.Daniel and Dorothy(Fay), Nov.9,1804.

Benjamin, s.Daniel and Dorothy(Fay), May2,1819.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Lucy, May11,1776.

Daniel Austin, s.Daniel and Dorothy(Fay), Dec.6,1816.

Eliza Maria, d.Daniel Austin and Priscilla, June16,1849.

Emily A. Homer, w.Laroy, Mar.24,1843.GR2

Harriet (Hannah dup.) Maria, d.Daniel and Dulcena(Chase), July31,1843. At Springfield.

James, s.Daniel and Lucy, Oct.23,1781.

Justus [Justin.CR], s.Daniel and Lucy, Feb.25,1784.

Laroy, Dec.4,1840.GR2

Lucy, d.Daniel and Lucy, Apr.12,1786.

Maria, d.Daniel and Dorothy(Fay), July2,1802.

Priscilla A. (Mann?),末蔓末,1826.GR5

Rhoena, d.Daniel and Dorothy(Fay), Apr.13,1807.

S. Maria, w.Daniel, June8,1823.GR2

Senaca, s.Daniel and Lucy, Jan.18,1779.

Thomas, s.Daniel and Dorothy(Fay), Sept.13,1800.


末末, s.Clark and Mary Ann(Twichell), June8,1844.

末末, d.Seth C. and Louisa, Nov.24,1849.

Chester, s.Clark and Mary Ann(Twichell), Aug.29,1842.

F. Maria, w.Seth C.,末蔓末,1819.GR2

George G.,末蔓末,1844.GR2 [Probably s.Clark and Mary Ann.]

Louisa F., w.Seth C.,末蔓末,1829.GR2

Maria L., d.Seth C. and Louisa F.,末蔓末,1848.GR2

Seth C.,末蔓末,1814.GR2

ESTABROOK (Esterbrook)

Joseph, Rev., Mar.4,1759.GR2

Lucia [Estabrook?], a child under the care of Joseph and Lucy, bp. July2,1815.CR

Lucy Cushing, w.Rev. Joseph, June23,1764.GR2

Nathaniel C., s.Nathaniel C. and Mehitable(Cushing), Nov.28,1824.

ESTERBROOK (Estabrook)

Benjamin, s.Rev. Joseph and Lucy(Cushing), Nov.23,1803.

Fidelia, d.Rev. Joseph and Lucy(Cushing), May8,1801.

Joseph Hubbard, s.Rev. Joseph and Lucy(Cushing), Oct.15,1797.

Lucy, d.Rev. Joseph and Lucy(Cushing), Jan.19,1793.

Marcia, d.Rev. Joseph and Lucy(Cushing), May8,1799.

Nathaniel Cushing, s.Rev. Joseph and Lucy(Cushing), Apr.9,1795.

Turner, s.Rev. Joseph and Lucy(Cushing), Apr.18,1790.

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