Franklin and Somantha Rice, of New Salem, Jan. 3, 1842. In New Salem.

John J. of Taunton and Phebe Ann Allen, June 19, 1833.

Laura and Daniel Crawford, Nov. 4, 1841. In New Salem.

Louisa M. of Orange and Adin H. Smith, Mar. 2, 1843.

Lucy of New Salem and Seth Fay, int. Apr. 10, 1819.

Polly and Paul Marble of Orange, Apr. 26, 1823.

Melvin and Mary Marble of Orange, int. Nov. 21, 1825.

Milley and Gilbert Capron of Barre, int. Feb. 7, 1818.

Olive of Winchendon and John Longley, June 15, 1820.

Sybil of New Salem and John Oldham, int. Dec. 2, 1818.


Abigail and Stephen Beal of Royalston, May 18, 1824.

Sarah of Greenfield, NH and Thomas Lewis, int. Jan. 16, 1816.


Mason of Barre and Ann Straton, Apr. ––, 1836.

Merrick E. and Susan H. Partridge, Apr. 28, 1842. Dup.

ALDEN (Allen)

Phinehas of Jameca, VT and Elizabeth Oliver, Feb. 18, 1796.


Dexter, s. Moses and Priscilla, a. 25, and Ursula Stone of Dana, Apr. 12, 1849.


Salma of Northfield and Rebecka Peck of Royalston, Dec. 1, 1808.*


Elijah of Halifax, VT, and Susanna Brown, Sept. 7, 1813.

Hiram H. of Amherst and Esther Humphreys, July 14, 1841.

John and Dolly Dalrymple, both of Northbredge, July 5, 1781.*

Julia of Orange and Jotham Lord, int. Mar. 18, 1806.

Mary W. and B. Ellsworth Smith of Amherst, May 5, 1841.

Phineus [Alden in marriage] of Jemecha, VT and Elisebeth Oliver, int. July 3, 1795.

Phebe Ann and John J. Adams of Taunton, June 19, 1833.

Sarah P. and Levi Willard of Decatur, GA, May ––, 1835.


Luscius of Conway and Lois Graves, May 25, 1801.


David and Rebeccah Peckham, b. of Petersham, Dec. 8, 1818.*


Collins and Hannah Twitchell, Oct. 1, 1827.

Thurston and Aminta Holmes of Winchester, NH, int. Nov. 25, 1821.


Polly and William Pierse [Rice in Royalston VR] of Royalston, Sept. 13, 1784. In Royalston.


Thomas and Anna Kindall, both of Gerry, Oct. 24, 1799.*


Anne of Sutton and Prince Tuzadrick [Fradrick?], Nov. 16, 1780. In Sutton.


Sarah L. of Milford, NH and Joseph P. Myrick, int. Aug. 30, 1834.


Tabatha and Elisha Whitmore of Royalston, Aug. 13, 1782. In Royalston.

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