Ephraim Jr. and Marcy Ford, Jan. 10, 1770.

Ephraim Jr. and Lydia Moor, Mar. 31, 1774.


Ephraim Jr. and Sarah Parker, Mar. 4, 1776.


James and Isabella Oliver, Jan. 15, 1751.


Anna of Petersham and Phinehas Robbins, Apr. 18, 1793. In Petersham.


Dolly F. (d. Joseph and Lydia Farnum [Farmer?], a 35, wid.) and Charles H. Stevens of Manchester, NH, Sept. 7, 1846.


Ephraim and Sarah Fairbank, May 18, 1784.

Ephraim and Lucy Garfield, Nov. 22, 1792.

Gilbert of Barre and Milley Adams, int. Feb. 7, 1818.

Sally and James Kelton, Apr. 27, 1788.


Thomas and Abigail Sawtell, both of Templeton, Aug. 16, 1783.*


Thankful B. of Swansey, NH, and Elbridge Foskett, int. May 12, 1836.


Mary and Thaddeus Marsh, May 5, 1819.


Sally and Thomas Lewis Jr. of Harvard, Oct. 14, 1823.


Jacob and Arathusa Young, Nov. 28, 1816.


Amos and Anna Raymond, Dec. 17, 1807.

Jemima of Gerry and Jabez Sawyer of Wendell, Feb. 23, 1798.*

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Mehitable of Dana and Joseph Sprague, int. Aug. 20, 1819.

Ruth of Dana and Barnabas Wendell, int. June 26, 1819.

Sophia and Alanson Rice of Greenwich, Jan. 7, 1817.

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Priscilla E. of New Salem and Lysander Fay, int. May 8, 1830.

CHANY (Cheney)

Joanna and David Pike, Oct. 26, 1786.


Ebeneser, Dr., and Abigail Ellenwood, May 2, 1820.


Abba of Cornish, NH and Meriam Chase of Keene, NH, Nov. 13, 1838.*

Charles of Keene, NH and Hannah Chase, June 7, 1832.

Clarissa and Lysander F. Townsend, int. Oct. 24, 1829.

David of Royalston and Sarah Raymond, Nov. 29, 1786. In Royalston.

Deborah of Petersham and Seth Rider, int. Mar. 22, 1776.

Dulcenia and Daniel Ellenwood, Oct. 6, 1835.

Betsey P. and William Sawyer of Stoneham, Oct. 27, 1841. In Royalston.

Freeman and Adaline Pierce of Chesterfield, NH, int. May 9, 1833.

Hannah and Charles Chase of Keene, NH, June 7, 1832.

Harriet S. of Gill and Samuel Bancroft, int. Feb. 26, 1830.

Henry of Nichewaug and Abigail Stratton of Pequioge, Dec. 29, 1746. In Petersham.

Meriam of Keene, NH and Abba Chase of Cornish, NH, Nov. 13, 1838.*

Moses and Meriam Twichel, June 6, 1797.

Rebecca of Keene, NH and Joel Kendell Jr., int. Oct. 11, 1828.

Sylvia and David Cole of Mt. Holly, VT, Apr. 8, 1840.

CHENEY (Chany)

Amos and Elvira Mallard of Gill, int. Nov. 13, 1825.

Amos L. and Lucy Fish, Oct. 31, 1843.

Betsey (d. Phillip and Lorinda, a 21) and Josiah Holden, both of Orange, Mar. 31, 1846.

Matthew (s. Mark and Sally, a 24) and Susan G. Horr, May 24, 1846.

Nathan Jr. and Rhoda Holbrook of Swansey, NH, int. Oct. 28, 1826.

Samuel F. and Laurinda Battle of Orange, int. Dec. 30, 1824.


Sabrina and Welcome Mason, Dec. 14, 1809.


Ebenezer M. of Salem (s. R[ichard] M. and Elizabeth (Gray), a 34) and Abigail M. Mansfield of Bath, ME, Feb. 24, 1846.


Patience and Samuel Duncan, both of Warwick, Apr. 13, 1779.*


Silence and Samuel Hasay, Oct. 12, 1775.


Andrew S. of Phillipston and Harriet Hoar of Westminster, Aug. 29, 1843.


Artemas of Templeton and Wid. Mehitable Young, int. Apr. 5, 1832. [Married May 2. CR].*

Unice and Uriah Rice, Sept. 7, 1780.*

Mercy and Roswell Davis of Waterford, VT, Feb. 17, 1812.

Paul and Esther Hasy, June 16, 1774.

Paul and Mehitable Marsh of Barre, Jan. 18, 1797.

Phebe and Oliver Cutting of Concord, VT, Jan. 18, 1801.

Sally and Elijah Nichols, Nov. 29, 1797.


Elvira P. and James I. Goulding, Feb. 10, 1841.

Nancy Angelia (d. Samuel and Nancy (Bancroft), a. 20) and Sumner J. Lincoln of Brookfield, Aug. 4, 1846.

Samuel Jr. and Nancy Bancroft, both of Petersham, May 6, 1819.*


Aurelia of Wendell and John Dike, int. Apr. 2, 1828.

Edson and Lepha Fuller, both of Royalston, May 31, 1805.*

Elon of New Salem and Calista Giles, int. May 14, 1821.

Florella of Wendell and Job Fry Jr., int. May 23, 1830.

Levi B. of Boston and Eleanor Peirce, Nov. 24, 1822.

Mary of Medfield and Jacob Hutchson, int. Nov. 7, 1778.

Samuel and Luseba Ward, May 2, 1821.

Samuel (s. Samuel and Huldah, a 55, married) and Polly Young, Apr. 23, 1846.

CLEAVELAND (Cleveland)

Delight of Walpole and Artemas Fay, Feb. 29, 1797. In Walpole.


James Jr. [Clemmon int.] of Petersham and Mary Moore, May 27, 1772. In Petersham.


Jonathan of Richfield, NY and Betsy Smith, Aug. 7, 1806.


Lydia and Samuel Stearns, Sept. 7, 1796.

CLEVELAND (Cleaveland)

Charles R. of Hardwick and Eunice S. Thayer, Sept. 21, 1842.

Persis of Hardwick and Aaron Cooley, int. July 28, 1783.


John Jr. [Colman int.] and Susa Shute of Templeton, Mar. 18, 1784.


Miles of Hardwick and Lucretia Totman of Petersham, Jan. 31, 1827.*

Rodolphus and Caroline Thompson, int. Jan. 4, 1836.

Samuell and Dolly Stratton, Sept. 9, 1835.


Susannah of Blanford and James Nutt, ––– ––, 1770. In Blandford.

COLE (Coles)

David of Mt. Holly, VT and Sylvia Chase, Apr. 8, 1840.

Kimball of New Market, NH and Mary Stockwell, Mar. 17, 1842.


Judith [Coats int.] and Reuben Morton, Mar. 27, 1777.


Lucy of Orange and Lysander F. Townsend, June 23, 1839.


John of Malden and Joanna Brooks, May 1, 1797.


George D., Dr., (s. Josiah, a. 27) and Harriet N. Stevens, May 23, 1849.


Elizebeth and Isaac Train, Sept. 17, 1779.

Elizebeth and Elijah Flagg, both of Templeton, Apr. 26, 1781.*


Joseph Jr. and Hannah Bride of Westminster, int. June 25, 1775.


Hannah [Comings int.] and Isaac Ball Jr., May 3, 1778.


Sally and Edward Loud of Fitzwilliam, NH, Feb. 15, 1825.


Abigail and William Mann of New Salem, in year ending Apr. 1, 1834.

Benjamin Jr. and Betsey Stratton, May 29, 1828. Dup.

Esther and Isaac Z. Brock, Sept. 29, 1841.

Ruth and Joshua Wyatt, both of Petersham, June 13, 1833.*

Somantha and David Marshall Twichell of Warwick, Mar. 9, 1842.

Salina and Frederick Rich, Nov. 13, 1839.


Mary and Eli B. Davis, both of Orange, Feb. 8, 1838.*


Aaron and Persis Cleveland of Hardwick, int. July 28, 1783.


Elisabeth and Eleazor Burbank, int. Nov. 28, 1786.


Charles A. of Ashburnham (s. Asahel and Polly (Conant), a. 22) and Elizabeth L. Barry, July 13, 1848.


Lois [Cutting Petersham. VR] and Samuel Young, int. Nov. 21, 1778.


Chester and Hannah Stratton, Apr. ––, 1837.

Daniel and Laura Adams, Nov. 4, 1841. In New Salem.

CROSBEY (Crosby)

Hannah and Josiah Twichel, June 9, 1789.

Josey and Rhody Fairbank, Oct. 2, 1788.

CROSBY (Crosbey)

Anna, wid., and Joel Kendall, Dec. 31, 1822.

Charles and Hannah L. Young, Apr. 21, 1819.

Elizabeth and Elijah Ballard, July 21, 1814.

John and Sinda Kendall, Oct. 1, 1794.

John and Betsy Morse of Ashby, int. Aug. 27, 1808.

Nancy and George Fitts, Jan. 5, 1815.

Nancy of Putney, VT and Joseph Fish, int. Oct. 8, 1818.

Reliance Crocker and Josiah Richardson of Leominster, int. Mar. 1, 1808.


Huldah and Clark Fisk of Orange, Mar. 19, 1839.

Lydia H. (d. Daniel and Amy (Eaton)) and Joseph O. Spear, Mar. 21, 1844.


Almira, Mrs., and Daniel E. Morrison of Orange, Nov. 2, 1840.


Betsy and Nathan G. Briggs, of Orange, Dec. 11, 1838.

Laura A. (d. Jonathan B. and Polly (Crowl), a. 18) and William Richards, Oct. 27, 1846.

Lucy A. and Levi Morse, May 31, 1843.


Betsy and Stephen Gleason, both of Petersham, Jan. 20, 1808.*


Lucy of Pembroke and Rev. Joseph Estrebrooks, Sept. 3, 1788. In Pembroke.

Mehitable of Hanson and Gen. Nathaniel C. Estabrook, int. Jan. 25, 1823.


Earl, Dr., of Orwell, VT and Lucy R. Young, Sept. 11, 1834.


Dolly and Jonathan Kelton, Sept. 10, 1789.

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